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Monday May 14th, 2018


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Rolling hey welcome to our podcast for Monday may fourteenth and absolutely beautiful day here in Seattle. Matt McAllister the morning we'll pack it only rained and sunburn in all as those show. I don't think you don't walk currency over the summer today I don't think that I tell Emily at least every hour to the beach yesterday what beach to Madison park beach okay and it was she is jam packed with people wasn't really every inch or grasses covered and just everybody not everybody there's the well it's nice to live in a place where you have seasons and people get so excited for summary goes missing here because let's face it from October to now it's been pretty brutal I had an alien get their full experience next year. Can't cut the tail end may be a yeah and has its game experience much winter yeah I mean it's not the worst thing in the world but it's definitely come from Arizona it's sunny every day you just take for granted here it's like man must party to celebrate her not to drink a beer all the time well interestingly enough so I was recordings to beat the street yesterday on the beach. And attic a couple of girls I went FT one of them was lived in Phoenix she actually was the challenger today and they were she was visiting. And the other one lives here now that she used to live in Mesa, Arizona okay yeah they're just like I was like oh my gavel when and how how about the weather. Yeah narrow I go back there is well a hard thing about now and Arizona is that the sun is out that you can't be in now you have to find shade or air conditioning you just cannot enjoy it yet experts OJ go in the water. Now we're told still yes you called said the topography and yes it was freezing people were like I've asked so many votes out on the lake it was crazy well and you can tell me how these people swimming out Kent State beats every day it happened for months yet. They dispute the Limbaugh breeding techniques activity in the air from guys have been doing it since I came in February they still a year round apparently well I'm so excited and housing Kansas City all all weekend for a wedding and it was humid and so it was nice but it was investors are and it's the best thing you know like I haven't experienced abut. I was looking at the weather forecast for the next I don't know seven or eight days. Check this out. 8480. A little dip on Wednesday to them to 77474797974. That's all the way through to next Monday hand nice not one raindrops in the forecast that I can always change but right now as we can persuade we gotta we gotta make intermission and Hamlin or even trying. To find somebody with a boat. Oh yeah put that out there the boats were just like they were so many votes in the lottery out there were there water crafts and I was just like -- so much fine no boats are awesome especially when you don't own the vote early. The and our New Year's we don't have any friends so if you'd like to be our friend and you have a potent. You know even going across I -- the floating bridge all the votes and men public's view it was glorious yesterday all right couple things that we did have a chance to talk about a -- we have limited time on the show and we have things we got to do so. These 65000. Text woman was in the news again yesterday this time. They went to the jail. And interviewed her on Thursday and she's in jail in the Phoenix Arizona area speaking out. She's 31 year old Jacqueline Claire aids and she went on one date with a guy she met online and then proceeded to send him 65000. Text message and broke into his house by the yet and she's lives in Florida so yes and one day wherever I think maybe it was an Arizona that are currently she ever left. Well in Paradise Valley is where this guy lives and that's the richest part of Phoenix Arizona millionaire website write the dating outside they I don't know I would I would be verified millionaires are you can't live in Paradise Valley for runner millions channel some of the tech. And she said you know he's a senate okay. Why did you text him so much Rick what was going on she's that I felt like I met my soul mate and I thought we would just to everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine. After one day and during the interviews. Somebody says hey why did you send in so many text messages and I think too slow to you do the math it was like interviewing 500 today at least probably more if she slept. Okay she said because it made me find out all my information. Loving him selflessly brought me his information because everybody just wants to take. But he he just did and you don't stop giving you'll all of a sudden receive a lot I think yeah like jail time how. Oh my god police say some of the message included. Don't ever try to leave me I'll kill you I don't wanna be a murder. I hope you die you rotten filthy Jew unlike the new Hitler and ask the genius. I'd Wear your facie and the top of your skull. In your hands and feet casing out where you're skiing in your scalp that sounds very give and naturally you tell your soul yeah we you're giving a whole what I would do with your blood I wanna bathed and I think it's easily oh my god can you imagine I'm thinking this goes on and I. I it's helped in by yet she's like bat (%expletive) crazy part of the of the that's the only term is that. She was rambling during the interview she would go off on Einstein the Dead Sea the birth part of a chart of Jesus. The symbolism of the markings on a dollar bill like she is out there. You don't think you man okay you're the guy. A you've got like the greatest story ever is it worth the harassment in the scary missive had mr. breaking in your house not to have the story now. I don't know I. I think apple is not greatest like cocktail party story of Elian if she stays in jail and nothing like T terrible happened up to this point in my answers yet half that if she gets out. Because I'm always looking for contents I like a radio guy fusion having this story can you imagine your phone blowing up. Now that way and now see there's got to be some real fear to. Like what's gonna happen to hurt this fondly he says ledger if they keep her contained she's we locked up and a looney she she actually their minds and I told you about this earlier there's a great new documentary series on Netflix called evil genius. And this girl. And the girl who is pretty much the focus this documentary have a lot in common really it's OK great you analyze it yet she's really all over the place in the same sentence he says he's the meanest person I've ever met. And then she said literally in the next breath he's my Salma. I wanted to if his blood I gotta love ever ever on economist at our husbands like whoa oh man. Anyway parent entity and every she said to reporters I have to share the message of love everybody has to love each other. That's after she said she everywhere his skull as a hat. And wide in this NL so fast yeah is like the greatest story ever around San we didn't get to do an update OK so here's something that is split our show right down the middle. I've never had halo top ice cream. Emily loves it and I think a lot of women hello it's a low calorie options yes what is one container of Hilltop had like 200 count. Honey can go anywhere from Mike. 22 when he till like 380. Which isn't a lot I mean I hit the entire container if you know I weigh all my food and that's less than just a snack or really healthy snack. So I mean a Sabbath so delays and make it in a serving were you you're supposed to eat the whole container well you can't I mean it says on the side like one serving is whatever and it actually less calories but it says on top like this entire pint of ice cream is this me calories occasionally eat at all. I'm Jason Love all the data it's. So I show you rather have your calorie somewhere else could I realize there are more like 800 calories so you really sank and it's just that you do not like I went to this really optimistic at her all the stuff from Micah collect and goes goes gorge on the ice period. And Sophie are both playing god it was back when it was even hard to get like all this curfew stores that sell out of it. And neither of us I think I gave it like a second chance of his leg note this doesn't this is nothing she was out right away issues out immediately I think I gave it a second chance I was like that's pretty good. It's not a game I think just like it. Any different and I screen that's great I think you also don't like N out burger so you're such a halo effect so there is a lawsuit by the way we're gonna get through silent era. But OK so Emily Vick calories. Matter TU. Mike that's important mentally your factoring that in the taste like K I'm getting away with something here. Manipulate if it was Ben and Jerry's and it tasted the same would you be happy with your reading all that fat I don't accountable delicious they used to love the Medigap okay an assist as debt. All right sluggers are shaking his head in disbelief and I could not ask him now and I think it is as they don't have to ease some cash anyway the New York Post has a story this morning has the scoop. As it were and Josh Berger who bought a pint back in 2017. Under the impression that it was regular rice came because of false deceptive and misleading labeling has now filed a lawsuit against Eden Kremer either parent company of the LO based Taylor atop. So he has this thing now in. In litigation. Berger noted accused Obama find out it was harder and less creamy than regular ice cream. It says that though on the that container that it's harder than normal ice cream Seattle and it's now chilling thought for like twenty and it's yea it's a they say everybody knows you need a microwave a full pipe to table top for sixty seconds before seeking your spoon in to get the full creamy texture I didn't know that. I do but it's at now. Al-Qaeda does on the container may amid though that's a long ass time but I will tell you to like in terms of chemicals whatever crap they're putting him to stop. We did something speaking of Arizona long time ago and I don't know why we did it I think we set up a web cam that we put out an ice cream sandwich just to see how long it feels now. And it never melted out there in 150 degree heat it never melted that tells you something but the ingredients of some of the stuff that change in April that you know like morphed into a ghost yeah but for our game and last but not least and I find this is ultimately super fascinating. Wasn't aware that today is. A huge day the majority of women cheat the day after Mother's Day what does this. Is the majority of women cheat or. And the majority of cheaters. Will cheat on the stand. Know there's a majority of sign up spiked by. Like Ashley Madison an intimate dating web sites are unmarried women got over 50% of women she is just a big day for day yes so this that is according to Ashley Madison their numbers as sign up spike. 400 in 42% the Monday after mother's yeah. Thanks to women searching online have an affair. They expect numbers to spike again by 500%. This year. And it's because of women. Who are fed up that every Mother's Day they don't get recognized by their husband. And there's like screw it man I'm that's the last straw I didn't get a Mother's Day present. Economists are looking for some to new Keener. I did that has seen. It's an do you really don't you I will not necessarily that they go to chi but I could see them like so many women are pissed off today yes. You have to take care of your mom and your wife who's a mother your kids and now all the you know my mom yelled at me last year because. I didn't realize issues like in the FaceBook and mr. Graham and all the stuff but she got mad at me because I put up a post that was just about my wife and I thank her for being a mom and use on a couple months old. And I got fired and it was all the pressure and so I really would out of my way to make a special like moms they pose for Vanessa. And my mom was so but her she let me know about I remember that too why is everybody else science aground hitting is pomo. Posting about their moms in you posted about your wife might she's you know my wife and say the same thing of their alma mater so this year put a picture both of minutes he did it I didn't like and letting anybody be mad at me that you're and a Manassas is rearing Kansas City for the wedding was convinced that I forgot about it and they didn't packing gift. Which I did and it was awesome and it was wrapped by me I wouldn't after wrapping paper I think. So I fail all of my test this year passed the law nobody's anatomy that nobody's mad immediately after mothers and I've I've star Isaiah failed yes. It's Monday I guess. I guess a filled last year but yet. Everybody I know I Emily your mom is here and esprit specially guys got celebrate together which is really cool we celebrated I ever again this morning so did you make her ring out of paper I did not a very tight out there that it. A unit at their place she Oster at a angle counterfeit but to replace it issue wearing. And and Joseph would you for your mom. The weeds that are card last week we Sophie did you have my behalf. And then we called yesterday as it has it you're so funny about that so Vanessa Lannan got my mom McCarty got my mom a gift and all that stuff she got to the edgy face roller rather did say the truth serum order your current events that at that. But it's so funny how my mom looked to me issues opener gifted she goes did you pick this sound like before she knew what it was he like they wanna know yet what economic now I'd hate for it but I can take it out. But moms so Tiki tekelec she wanted to know by Saturday rang with peeking out of my mom knows so battered does that I've never senator card until suffering and that yet the same thing I forget every year but I think these shoes is making a point to let me know that she still is aware that I'm not really called ammonium. I guess so did you think this betterment. Oman and as a lighter. Via email ma am I gonna forget it Jed face rule it. Also whatever I would pick you wouldn't want hey you like a scar for itself so you know be grateful. So anyway that's the Mother's Day. Rap on that apparently any no we actually had a guy call in Houston and we please dedicated song to my wife I forgot to get a positive that was his ma oh was it was asthma scumbag. Young guy it is yeah well you make those mistakes when you're young and you learn how to take five extra minutes be thoughtful when you get a little older and lean your case we're looking for a soul mate. Always older I mean the 3540. Ish. There anybody got anything else. Said mug club pit stop tomorrow we're going to be Sumner which is like north Puyallup Bonnie lake. Not that far away from the white river amphitheater actually just west of that. So we're gonna be there urban timber coffee would know about that place. That's critical this'll be are you ready it's probably all the coffee shops here than sit down copy shops have had to morph into the beer wine and hey because everybody's driving through espresso shots. It's so hard it really is the will be different in one buying your coffee bring the money going to be a mug club we can take you there and it's you know like good stuff. All right everybody Bassett are enjoyed the show we think you will we'll see you back tomorrow. He WS. Then he went well the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. All morning wolf thank acronym and they may fourteenth Matt McAllister here good morning Emily good morning good to see you and your sunburn this morning hello this letter poll. You know it's funny you brought that immunity because there's a story. About how middle. I can be really good sunburn remedies. We can get into that a little later. Well I know let's get if you like during your time himself works. You're herta sunblock. And I forgot all things and we lived in the shade but apparently able to late this is at the Huskies baseball game yes her Mother's Day at the well it's against the run. Yeah me and hurt so again these are exposed at the milk like on your skin yes is it like the vitamin. And this lactic acid actually helps with the settlement. Chicago. I guess though the morning so Jack there's low judging anybody here highlights of the day show going to be Bruce we're in now boards head. Great meet by the way. Force had meets at 610 into the mug global talk about a good stuff too in Sumner tomorrow also Chris Young tickets we are given those weighed seven Timothy the streets and share your salary. We're gonna get to find out how much Trevor the private investigator makes reliving. I aid. Let's say say it simply says that by this month yeah and I didn't so clueless about the size. And I don't think anybody's get a even with a minute questions is getting any closer and you don't lose like Millar films where is depriving the I don't sad and it. He is our friendly taco time made this guy listens Moriarty sent a text in a good morning match show and miss LA club did a great weekend and you have an awesome Erica lovesick guy. Aren't we need to lead off caller speaking of fellows in greetings and whatnot it's always a struggle on a Monday but if you're up in you're listening maybe you're headed to work give us a call right now. Help us get on base by being the lead off caller to a 6421 wolf of course bullets pick a song to. Adjusted it to come our unit anybody I'll do fairly well right fairly well is good enough against. Yeah what only fairly well just. It actually divert their cell lines. And I had no worker so I'm not a thrill. Didn't trap right now so. Happy birthday I felt I was kids were super excited to go Catholic school whenever they can everybody acknowledges you and then we need LD. I'm not gonna work on everything I know there's a weird yeah we feel like which birthday almost shouldn't have to go to work to. Has grown adults we all do which it's got to the numbers visit to start your birthday in traffic Justin sorry about that. Our. So dearly plans later. So. I don't plan later is. I have to wake up early every morning for I'll work it. One of those things where you know you're committed to work still got. Gotta make sure bet on and I'd just your dissent and my lifeless right now I'm home what is the value just in ninety thank c'mon man that little bit gonna take a lot road now have a beard. Point four. I have done it all parties. I've trained myself. I don't really anymore. So it's quite like the man. Not during an outlets over relationships so we we do the best that we can make sure that. So where I went there that lets the other day. It's still stuff I say plague out of cupcake slowdown thing in having that alcohol. Justin happy birthday from all of us here in the morning wolf pack and everybody can play a song is a birthday present a price it would carry it. Okay will live here it is American Idol that happening tonight tomorrow and if you make it big comeback American and a lot of last night was that against. Just so happy birthday I hope you have a great day brother great talking to via and we appreciate you listening did you get a part of the show. You know to get mad at night coming next came brown revealed that he recently found out of fame seeker but it wasn't until he was nine years old. You're listening to the morning the Alistair. Carmine. The mail whenever I had. CNN and if so the story became brown recently opened up about his childhood which. We always been kind of tough I mean he's raised by a single mom at one point they were supportive living in a car. Gay no is given a props for doing the best she could in any way to read the actually say you know. I thought I was a white kids until I was nine years old. His mom never told them I guess. To figure this one out put. My mom ended up telling me and I was like what what he means are sort of learning all kinds of different new things. McCain has only met his father twice. But sound like he's good would it is our pretty hard feelings. Goes back to momma says. Citi raised to love people and to give back. But his dad I believe is part black part Cherokee. But I I don't know of why she wouldn't share that with a but she said she was trying to protect him from things well from feeling different from the other kids at school. You keep feeling different and they are race in the south so maybe him on and get picked on because there are as many mixed kids' college back and now he is lighter skin to sell it blue eyes and blew myself. If you weren't told that. I mean you wouldn't assume that your makes you would just a senior. Only what is the most shocking thing you figured out or discovered about your family when you got older. While I just found out not that long ago a couple months ago that my grandfather was shot in a bar fight. And the nurse that repairmen in the hospitals when he ended up me. So grateful as well the greatest stories ever does get her story she told EIU sludge though you had one recently had what we talked about on the air I recently found out that there was a Klansman and my family tree which is kind of shock and the but even more recently I found out that my dad rob the banquet well. Yeah. Your dad yeah. Rob the bank I had it like a gun I know there attic I think you'll if you read through you broke in after hours they get bored a hole through wall snacking and got got as Litton Ghana and never got no hate Erica. I think I think that's what we know about it. And when did you find this out literally I think it was last month. We're all legal scholars my prayers to get older like all the all the skeletons coming out of the ball well and I think it's a great thing about family secrets as you do find out when you get older people leave you enough of an adult or maybe you had been cocktails crack you find out stuff yeah for example I didn't know that my mom was married before she married my dad until I was high school yet decided not to mention that. China one of the few Israeli and if the story really you were married before and we got married. We couldn't have kids that we zadi divorced is both of his kids like what what and turns out I was friends with the guy's daughter for a little realize that our parents have been married it was weird that is I want our favor conversations here in the morning wolf back. What did you find out about your family when you've got a little bit older. 206421. Both or you can always Texas 46150. Share those family Sager do this right now. We are talking about came round actually and his mom right now because she didn't element was mixed until he was nine years old. They wait I thought I was a way to do this whole time. Not the case and easily meta data coupled time but he was black in Cherokee in deaths you know the roots came brown so. Our conversation this morning as what did you find out about your family you've gotten older. And right now because it's Monday and it's 539 in the game down and nobody wants to call or based texting in the which is fine for 6150. Forget a couple of text somebody said that they found out they had a higher in the family who was later caught her desire. Or fire so that's. Hundreds of years and have until you find out when you're older like that can't or won't they found out it's just tennis W finality Ancestry.Com. Well. I mean I invite out I was fifteen bit weird descendant of property eat. Move them. Truth yeah. We get that it takes my father is now retired and a tad bit intoxicated mentions in the last month he needs to go the attic and get our great applause Playboy's and rolls of 1942 needs and yeah I enjoy these luxuries like in the navy. Way way way back to slow down so grandpa who says drone. I gotta go to the attic he grabbed the old Playboy's. At his dad's death okay yet though like his father the person's grandfather. Suggesting he still finds great pleasure in those old magazines which weren't exactly. As. And we'll Luna look and poor place to eat her well. Yes I think it but now would nowadays you have way more material rag. Well he said it needs in the person that okay not a big deal right and you Graham calls in the navy. Then he said yeah add grant offer was frequently gone her stressed because he was in the naval FBI. Novels. Critical lectures seller second half. Dried on all right if you wanna check you with a 206421 wolf for you can send a text as well if you are feeling the Monday's 46150. Police say import love low Lisa what did you buy an enemy your family when you got older. In. Its youth and kind. Well. He booty hired I would tell you you don't know they hit it. You're those are O Alain. Marks the end I wouldn't want. So where. Do I. Really don't like and well yeah. Okay so do you have a relationship with your real bad now. It. Out. Didn't you Mary. He ended. Up with pilot who's that I'm a little bit if he error I was over and make it. It manually out and I really can't. Yeah actually divorced his wife. And you're back here live at my mom or hi. I'll must have felt good goalies that he clearly wanted to reconnect. Oh definitely yeah. Yeah. I got that you know I had it. Accurate. That is amazing did you ever give her give you reason. I'm not telling you. You know we'll carry. You are good position or you know going in for its. If you could easily be you or hurt not eat up you know. Yeah yeah actually did that come with kids do it all right knee and hope for the best. Tell. Me when that's a compared to a TV show but to compared to a TV show you what this is just I mean that is where most emotional things is because she kept that secret from Randall is alive because she thought it was the best move for him. So yeah I'm sure if you watch that show Lisa you're right there and Reynolds who like in my pissed in my mom or am I happy that he was trying to protect him I. Yeah I would definitely have it in and I'm glad it's finally. Yeah I was ready yet to experience my father so well at least it means a lot that you share your story with us thank you so much. Well yeah you guys travel but day ET don't take care laced guy. And I are. Coming up next Amazon dropped the Big Three stories of the day and Malia there's a country star who's gonna host each Q trivia tonight I'll tell you hit next and you don't HQ trivia is we'll explain that to them like the hottest new thing out. There he was 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three are bigger than a princess cat fight in their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. Did you play HQ that trivia you weren't bridge street tonight at you don't know when HD trivia is. It's a game after game. Where you have twelve different questions of trivia and night once you answer one incorrect you're out and they're basically they beat down theirs and as many as a million players each time. They're playing this and then you go when actual money like 250 dollars up to fifteen gray and tonight he could win fifty and the rain and and Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton are gonna be co hosting this HT trivia ask. Kind of cool and again we just heard about this last week former boss yeah he's really into it a bunch of his friends are really into it but how do you how did they hosted any of interaction with them so. There's are ready hosts named Seth and that they're going to be kind of coasting with him not only can even thinking green image can win a trip for you to Los Angeles to attended the NBC eat. Singing show the voice for its season finale. And I do very well when it is duly justified and how hard the questions are what's gonna be 8:30 PM tonight our time out donned dark. That's middle and I'd remain out. Yeah so but in my thousands of it and and tonight it's good to know what everybody else somebody that that's great news that I had to wait HT trivia Ari it's no secret that we don't get enough sleep. Deanna we don't take enough vacations since there isn't Hawaiian hotel that is combining that seal which I think is very equal this please. In New York City is offering packages. Do you get CU they have triple pane windows blackout curtains earplugs a pillow means hail. And you can count on to me and meditation I absolutely love this idea. Well OpenId to end two weeks ago would have cared them all in the sleep right now I heard this podcasts or read a book called why we sleep yes. This guy his got sleep tied to obesity autism cancer diabetes even PT EST yeah why sleeping is so important and he has great I'm. Energy tiger about this earlier I faced an on demand medication and Arizona. Meditation. And hotel due out there and head out west held offer also conversely packages in many other locations and cleaning heavenly bed. That's all credit late check out and a sleep well they menu which though late check out to mean yeah that's cute I hate getting up and how to get out of the 10 AM it's eleven. To get up at eleven. I think painful details you make sure you're getting seven hours of sleep and just make sure it's all some of the book and once and get at least seven hours I and I'm not gonna take one any indication. I didn't is if you are able asked me and standing or Brooklyn 99 Dan you know those few shows had been canceled but they have been picked back up to Tim Allen's. Ask me and CNN was canceled ABC and fox picked it up and then fox canceled Brooklyn 99 which I don't know if you solve. On social media but everybody feels bad about that NBC has quickly picked that one that kept. That's kind of cool it's nice to know that in this day and age with social media could have a voice you connect the impact Jerry for example. Emily voted on managing catch upcoming. And other manager and he's coming to you know it's it's now. You may shape you don't know world Emily congratulations this is the morning wolf pack without power stack 100 points and the world. Before we swear in new local business in the book club members talk about tomorrow it's in the month club pit stop that that's happening from noon to one will be out at. -- minute timber coffee and Sumner said you're around that area Bonnie lake north Puyallup area stopped I think hey. Or buy a cup of coffee and Nene and got a mud Glenn bring it to our markup assassin to join the Patrick. In fact that is exactly what happened last Tuesday maple valley which is why were swearing in and our newest best despite mile an air board made its. Hello Mary. He hates men and only calling from the morning wolfpack can't be Monday. Or you'll wake do we UHU. Gave Mary by the way it goes so kinda stop fire pit stop last week in maple valley she music horse head wraps that she delivers the meets got to have needs more of the needs by the way Mary. I told you when we met you and thank you for coming by. My wife exclusively. By as boards and I have to go out of my way to find this so. 00. Our family dines on the boards head cold cuts. Or. Thank you for listening thank you for taking the time to stop by and not only meet everybody but you also brought to. Pepperoni may ask me December. Senate today as. So so we wanted to make it official and slayer in Boris in the month club are you ready I'm OK Mary will without further ado please raise your right hand and repeat after me ice between. All all all all do hereby pledge my allegiance although it ought to. The morning wolf that. I walked off. I feel like in the middle of this post she's unloading and loading like trucks like trying to get this done working hard in my right about that Mary and I knew your work and we're taking your time okay let's get through it. And is a proud member of the month club. The ball well bulb go off. I pledge to break up the wolf every morning. All of it isn't there at the power vested in the identity is a member of the morning wolf thank my. You are allowed him we love you marry all right coming up I was. Kansas City over the weekend and I saw something really crazy go down all my flight to Casey on Friday common share would you have five minutes they let us. Yeah calloused as a progress. These guys got a free doughnuts. Happy Monday LB had an awesome week and you took care mama. Speaking of which I get to spend Mother's Day with my marks girl family wedding Kansas City about something we are on the flight happened. On the way there are so I flew from here to Salt Lake got an of the plain terms the Salt Lake to Kansas City flight to guide interest in for me anyway. And I got to thinking about whether or not flight attendants have the worst job in terms of dealing with people. A do you think there's another profession that deals with people's worsen that. Because of the guy next to me on the plane starts getting into the boos a little bit heavy yes and that's it means 5 o'clock on Friday again. But it was pretty painfully obvious that after one drink you started hitting on a flight attendant might think I don't know the move worries like. And making do you have one of these we feel like I'll buy you drink drag athletica. Do it I'm working I am I gonna have set out to have a Margarita with the you know or any after I guess persistence of the point where it got a little uncomfortable he didn't get and grabbing your hands here in the input from off the plane but. He was clearly got on the plane drunken and continued to sort of he was treating its fighters and lectures a bartender. I don't know it's so funny about this you know if you bring it up at the perfect time to read a story last night and said. Flight attendant said I think it was 65%. Of all flight attendants say they've been harassed by customers in that same manner yeah so that's I mean that is they have a huge majority. So clearly there they have some of the worst customers. Another with a popped into my head as I was thinking about that there's those few times that I think you know like in and a golf tournament. The beer cart girl yeah hole modcast crap you're like the only girl in within fifty miles of another female I wanted drunk dudes. I don't know how they do. This is here asking him as he worse custom yeah which profession has the worst customers and if you work in one of these professions. To a 64210446150. I think maybe in the DMD I knew people complain about right yeah. Until an art in a bad needed yup and then you're dealing a long lines I think our customers are pretty. Right ended. They don't make any of those rules now or policies they're just the messenger who gets yelled at after the fact yeah I to a 6421 Wall Street in Texas for 6150. Which profession do you think has the worst customers ticket right now morning wolf back. Right now we're talking about which profession you think has the worst customers I saw a flight attendant get harassed on Friday. It's like the guys thought you could pick who loved Lakeland flying or. 8:5 o'clock somewhere right but she handled it well professionally so right now to allow texas' dominant. Yes I'd Palin and governor said she works added in office and no one is happy being there and they told over and over every day how much people hate. Then why not just because there and I miss. Yeah that this is part of being a grown up to get this is teeth cleaned I now but it's hard to be someone that hated and no I think it's the same. So they're anxious and stressed out I would tell you to. The advances in technology for dental hygienist is amazing that they don't even use the metal scraper thing and that was the hardest part it's amazing how a lot of people are responding with first responders like firefighters cops I mean those. Yes tell. Listen all I know about when your police officer the customer is always wrong. The Orlando work where the customer is always room. But I'm always the guys listen I I I I do things pretty straight a more happy to see those people that when I see a police officer fireman it's it I'm grateful for but I guess the majority would not be. I'm down enough an investigator because you're tied to people about her that things that they probably done. And then we were gonna find out how much a private investigator makes it 82 ventures now I have this kind of medical billing has the worst customers they have a difficult time. Getting insurance you know I do feel bad tooth or the customer service rep and India. It's not their fault that their on the phone in India right and you try to figure out your iPhone iCloud or something and you can understand and I do feel bad. Service department at the dealership. And then a couple people saying retail is the worse. You know it's interesting and nobody has said bartender waitress easy one waitress round. But he had not been an epiphany in Ohio street the bartender like there's some kind of a god because they control how fast how strongly how good you know experiences. I was excuse me ma'am yeah we even cash for a long time and all the EG give those un relief. Customers I don't think the majority mind at least where were they have. To a 642 lone wolf or you can text just like everybody else right now 461 visor although he credited to call what profession do you think has the worst customers. Good morning Syrian tonight osu were talking about the professions that had the worst customers. It's got to be at play here number itself. I he had Sherry and what is your biggest problem with the people that you encounter everyday all doubt Sierra. They don't care and they error about the law. Better stop or Rosa semi truck is gonna be coming your way right there's only one lane when you're out their flag my peers I'm gonna run into like some wet feet and yeah that. Play it working and I'd been with accounting for 23 years and I think it's gotten worse. Yet people. Think they are entitled that they have furious and go on these. And I know what kind I like to know what a turnaround but though significant thorn fear works sounds. They doubt and they don't care well. I I think this is as shoot the messenger type situation because I don't hear all the construction happening but. You're exactly they series and never giving you a tip or anything like other car to suit to appreciate you like your by hand your cold soda pop. Yeah they bring a water Ed and Mike did a lot of key I'll just dark triangle plot well they bring water. Or that turnaround that he had a cut the cost eight when it hold it to bring our staff. Coal and oil went that they know we're going to be there. What we call. It while you next week. Healthy we treat this morning you like hot coffee black PR and when it's really really hot wondering just Gatorade in such a modern form. I think that's amazing because I see guys out of mama my bike it's raining and they're out there all day at least I'm moving and generating some warmth these folks are dressed up like they're gone snowboarding. And yeah. Equally as hot today will be have a great day Sherri thanks so much. 8 PM I would out at Iowa profession is the worst customers to a 6421 wolf. AJ condemning it happy Monday tower anybody do all right. Just feel bad for the flight attendants on Friday on my flight to Kansas City issues getting harassed by the strong kind of thought he can get a phone number. What profession do you think has to deal the worst customers. I'd take gas station and it. Really by. All I used to do or I didn't get there. We get the bar crowd Alina are closed and he handled money and he put up that they're broader stock. Yeah I handled volume Monday. I've been dropped because I've been. You name it I've he would probably go about it yet. Astor I think that on the ship so I think that older and I frat guys maybe to restaurants have closed down and somebody wants to snag the company to beef jerky and Gatorade as. So Julia how scary was it only got robbed. I would bring it first I personally thought it was a jolt and you all week he pulled a knife. The go. And stay dead like well if they're QL it but they both do and did it after all are now that it broke down. And it locked it. Asked you got pretty scared after the fact I wonder why initially thought it was a joke like what's funny about the got fully had a nice and opened up a club that was a joke. I don't I don't talk to each of the shocked at all yeah I did it really apt. Greg or blood I've united that it thought the big bird that it that it yet that it like the little. Well but certainly felt. Duke will Jacque we're glad you did get her man thank you for sharing your story with us. Here is slim Jim intact Willis slim Jim which profession as a deal the worst customers near opinions. Of people who make a mess on the table and they don't need to sort of waitresses and name. Have to admit they've dropped it on the floor. Gather restaurant industry which Elise is nice to know when it comes to dating and stuff that's like one of the biggest red flags for women as your people to treat the wait staff poorly. Oh yeah and then it and they can emit and they get really Melky with a waitress or Telemar. Until the world I think that that one place for people where they're in control and they know they can beat Boston if they want to be okay. Pretty and attractive. Airlift you would have to guide picks the get Buffy in front of the girls and he thinks a few factors that Republicans have been like cattle are ahead think out right. There are things staying slim game we let anybody have a good day for you if you have a good luck. He's got a text at the medical field when patients are sick they get BC for renewed. I get that gas you know these versions of the family vacation yeah now I want answers and arrogant and very wrong that's your. Hospitality is pretty bad they guessed that don't like their rooms or they hit on them or they're not happy about traveling for work. Well and there's a whole bunch of people that make a living off complaining and getting upgrades out as a rare thing fashion art to a 6421 wolf if you wanna check in also 46150. On the tax which profession has the worst customers in your opinion and don't forget. Chris Young tickets at 710 with beat the street this morning. The morning. Oh I now. 100 points so wolf so I'm looking outside announcing it today analogy Davis for the next. Seven foreseeable days it's going to be about eighty degrees and beautiful Soros yes and I only you're the only one that's gonna show to work today and early. Fried bread like a lobster yes that's a lot of people on the lake and I or. Helping them only on well you know why is it's you've been gone from October to now and not having yet you sun screen and Nelson we get a couple of nice days on the weekend. And people probably just like took off all the clothes or run around like crazy people clearly what you did. Outlook I thought I. Washington and can't be as strong as to work just fine and I'm OK enjoy the sun. But I think it is the same net planet what I have well but I don't know what it's the same sun. Yeah and distance from us. Oh do you think that just never mind when I get a given this any way I act. Thought I'd be okay for like we NC AU dub baseball game and on and I did yesterday. And we sat in the senate I can that they are like instantly feel that it's not like Connie in sun screens ignited bring. We got it what did you innings and then into the shape and that apparently has one or two innings too many. I highly encourage you to check our little FaceBook video that we did today you'll see the only read such by the way it's funny that this happened because if your life you're listening to this in your like gambling and you overdid it a sign yesterday. They're now saying that if you put milk. On your skin it can help with a somber off the vitamin a in the vitamin. Then aloe it now and they even say method she would ever do this because you're not insane. But you can take yogurt you can spread you heard all of your skin like he was some kind of a lotion but I would say for the milk take a wash cloth soaked it in Milken and put directly understand. You may want to try it I staff and for some the release haven't gotten out. On the way our piano I guess that allele amendment is whether it is going to be continued on all week long me a lot to Seattle sunburns. Tech and others due to the skin test prep you know see how white yeah rides beat the street is coming up next this is morning welcome back with some. I. Laughs at the pavement has acted history hello Tina in Tacoma well again to beat the street how are you on this wonderful Monday. I'm great how are you there. Either you larger and easier you employees who fired up I don't I tell you guys are awesome and I love that leaves you every morning. Tina started pleased that what you like best about. After getting our let's get you these tickets Chris browns you meet Chris Young is coming in brown and Morgan Evans at the we're not giving away tickets to Chris Brown this week we promised. Arnold here really dig at us before we need to challenger who's looked at found at Madison park beach. Lets you be the same five questions we ask them you'll have thirty seconds to work your way through and Tina are you grading. I'm. Here we go thirty seconds on the clock and mark get set and double what was the name of Leo DiCaprio as character in Titanic. What does the DC in Washington DC stand for hipster Columbia. What is the name of homer Simpson's wife and my extent Seattle company using twin tailed terminated their logo. About to a sings the song losing sleep. Chris you know. Mean he Emily or have our listeners has the morning wolfpack just been so clearly it. Many teams at all right let's then meet the challenger and mercy how they did stacked up against duke we're turning away from embodied it. My name's Amy I'm actually from Phoenix Arizona I'm in Seattle visiting. And right now I am hostess at a restaurant although I'm back to school. OK she's visiting and got a job that is it okay middle class. All right here go the same five questions we'll find out how you need Tina and Steve you get when he's Chris Young tickets what was the name of Leo DiCaprio as character in the Ted Kennedy. Yeah it was the right answer unit net to team and so we're off to a 121 time a good job what does the DC in Washington DC stand our. It's another. We'll I don't know. That means our nation's capitol and all that and you got it right Tina of course District of Columbia as for the DC stands for. Question number three what is the name of homer Simpson's wife. I lost exercise and Mike Maddux or something like that and I don't know. Nancy was close but she didn't come up with a that you did that Tina Marge is of course Homer Simpson twice in just like that you have a 321 lead and Hayley from Phoenix the hostess so you are dominating once again which Seattle based company uses eight twin tailed mermaid as Canada. Starbucks starts with the right answers so funny everybody knows that it doesn't matter where your former only visiting. So we have afforded to gain looking good for you Tina ballistic glass question anyway who sings the country song losing sleep. I'm not a country. Alan either CFO Chris Brown's book and all that it on CNN and you win it's perfect five of my. A finance to go back and analyze the time because our new record was twenty seconds I think Tina might be isn't going to be closed the judges are gonna have to weigh in the team that might have been the best performers we've ever had to start a Monday here. Day here. And you'll see you at the beautiful Christian concerts which by the way is this Saturday night at the Tacoma dome are you ready I'm ready at about it. Geithner bear to have some fun city we'll see we Tacoma we love you thank you for listening. Good luck you guys can't think he had elk. I don't know what's in the water these past few days Bettina set a new. And the industry five for five error yet the bar has been raids. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf what did you find out about your family Niigata overcame brown as he's becoming a little more comfortable with the media and interviews are starting to open up a little bit about his childhood in which was pretty adverse and he grew up single mom. Georgia they were so horrible voice they live in a car he never knew was ever so I didn't know. Who he was really as a way to put it when he was nine years old his mom and I guess he says now that she was trying to protect him probably from some racism and right things like that that. He didn't know he was mixed until he was nine he thought he was a white kid like everybody else funny. You like in blue eyes and so if you. Don't just assume that your and other co Ed I noticing your right totally. And I guess dad is part black part Cherokee he's on and his dad I think twice. But he has no oil failings saying my mom thought she was doing the right thing. Very similar to perhaps I don't know like Randall misses us. But his mom adopted Marmara sleeve. Knew who his dad was but didn't talent issue trying to protect him because she thought he was a bad influence economic message that they thought pin Palestine as the only apparent early study is stuff I mean I think you think you're doing the right thing you try to do the right thing by your kid you gotta make some tough decisions sometimes. In and maybe it's later than you sort of like Letterman and the real truth or example Emily what did you find about your family got a little older when your parents or whoever thought you know and I think Emily can handle this now I'm gonna tell her the truth. Why don't evident this I mean to tell her that you I think it was just you know they let it slip but I was old enough now that they were talking about it I found out the my grandfather. Got shot a bar fight and he wins the hospital and the nurse that took care that he ended up marrying thing. Awesome Astoria clean air yeah. Has slowed joke for some reason has had like all these revelations is mom is letting some things out I had only they're not to be morbid but they're in the twilight of their lives she wants. Everything to be documented about our family and I just found out. My dad rocket banquets. Creed and wait did your dad and at least granddad hang out yeah they're they're all the same bike yeah. Yeah appears. Used to shoot up to my guys show here. Okay all right so the question do you morning wolf pack is what did you find out about your family you got a little bit older. 206421. Wolf for you can texted in 46150. Good morning Susie in Puyallup so what do you find out about your family when you battled. It was our planet but found out that it throw it out my camera. And it makes barking mad. All Wednesday and it is it ain't about art critics others. After market demand and are that could be it. It is Friday I thought African American effort by Obama did all this stuff out and document you know like everybody to an editor of a million now. Not that you're you're black gray. It did its part the and I believe it was enormously in the house and I don't well what did you think you are. Says. And Americans. Suspect yeah. He's not run so yeah. I do and try to take it now. That's pretty amazing and I can't imagine the look on his face when he's like I realized and home Monday that is in the life changing moment. I did like that relate to that story to tell her tiger beat bill like if they don't think about telling our kids back. Now just assume that they now death Susie I noticed you called him meet health correct. I'm part Mexican that's what my father and calls me because they're Mexican my wife is Mexican and so ever ready for your son Jeremy told us is as funny we did that worded it's sort of like I don't know Mets up to me anyway those very affectionate. You know that thought about it let's look at the very good at Carmelita I felt you know we don't eat. Noah I wouldn't of four years ago that says America into the Mexican plan now I do. Nigeria's damion grant all right Jeannie so what did you find out of your family got a little bit older. Well and background on third eye out but it's. Also how old were you when you found and now. Five ethnic that they were you old enough words kind of rocked your world were re really accepting of it was no big deal. Aunt and an economic data that aren't. But it. Got. Me here know how unsafe. Spoof well how did you find out you were adopt. My adoptive parents let me say that you know I wouldn't have got to Jamie but I have an older sisters so therefore I was told I was adopted yet every other day I hope we your adopted I wasn't so you know we did yes that was our revelation makes I'm really your kid. We'll look like it. Are those. So he's an opt. Bright. Young so Jeanine do you in your biological mom have a relationship announced. Got a little lucky I'm getting used to it at her actually. Fighting and actually getting like little girl happens to them. I mean that your relationship. At as I really like exactly alike. So crazy Jamie thank you so much for sharing your story with a sluggish economy that you got to stick around for Carl Lohren Air France. Her grandma's turned down a marriage proposals from some guy you ended up being a billion Hong air got that story next. Good morning Lauren and her answer retarded I came round a minute ago we didn't find out he was mixed until he was nine years old what did you find out about your family when you got older. I'm my grandmother. Actually it just work premiere rather pretty black owned it and and when you worked for him he took toaster. He didn't marry at the times he earned him down. Kia am very Q3. And I'd like to kick my amp opt. They divorced my grammar. Turn it he's still could not have four kids. That's still alive for the very happy light but. He turned now and see as I. About he did it where he thought no way in this house is doing and so no regrets on her and but a couple ordering. Then. He was suppose you buy him. Did you Graham costing me eerie aids to your grandfather or did they eventually connecting doors no. Still married and I'm now thinking about how he does anyway yeah. Well and a great free if you read it but there's a book about him and heard in it because he apparently that secretary it was great friends with my grandma. Time and time again. About his real love Eddie technical. Well Lori you know you sit in at a very happy. But for life together day you announce early it's like come on net you know am I trying to win at least we're gonna have a similar story it's not as as good as yours but if you go to the barrel pencil BE ROL and number two yellow pencil barrel. You're next time you see offense looked is that the name on it okay. So my grandmother married Kenneth barrel you have millions they're married for about 34 short years she divorced him he died right after which means. If she could I hung in there for another year we will hauled in millions come on grandma grandma I'll what are you doing you know he was sick and you know Latin love waited and you know seniors out whatever I gotta get. Grandma motion mode and some OK. I thought we love you that's on them thanks for being a part of this in 09 text messages Emily. Irate as somebody found that about ten years old Clint Eastwood was their cousin. That yes I didn't school when you reach down McCain. Kirk cousins yeah I'm July yeah there yeah ever unlike doesn't he's tough though I've read articles he won't even give his kids jobs yeah you make it on your own and health and anybody. Someone else that I thought it was always interesting that I grandparents were really close growing up come to find out the reason why they were so close throwing up because they were actually first cousin. OK and there's close and then there's related. Yeah. That the the other three said she found out that her step sister is actually her blood cousin and her mother had that air with threes uncle. Cool okay yeah and well love happens and yet. Yet he did you go over the story about the brother in the sister. Who they found it had an affair together I believe they may have. Had a child. But they fell in love watching the notebook together on the and somehow that and movie inspired their love for each other so hey I just a little tip from the morning wolf back. Don't watch a notebook was any relatives AS counter. There have been few the happy it's pretty powerful you would have marry your sister. Zagat are right we got more calls coming up also text messages what did you find out of your family got older to a 6421 a wolf morning. I sat with Matt McAllister. Product. Cell walls and welcome in again borders head into the month club was more minutes extend this morning Mary thank you so much for. Listening to the show floor being in the mug club for the Turkey pepperoni the brought this up last week. And now we are all you know landline I almost because the Monday forgot that they don't like it. You only get so happy when I play some really and not think Casey's a Bernard she's straight edge tomorrow it's a morning wolf pack mug club this stuff we're taking on the road. Yet we're gonna be in net some nurse and you're not area Bonnie lake bluff area we're going to be urgent it can hurt copied from the Angel and this stuff on I. We'll buy a cup of coffee in Naimi you have to have a mud here. Business harder travel plug or whatever you wanna join the club he could go ahead bring that. I can tell him. I think Mary from or send him one of the more creative things you ever seen show she went to pottery barn. And ambushed a little bit here Mary just silly Boris head doesn't have coffee mugs to you know they make the meets. She bought a pottery barn coffee month. With dubbed for a it. And then she wrote in ten Boris head over it. Mean even noticed that she hand Jimmy ray and his mug to look like a custom boards that mug look at a picture on Twitter instant or face I cannot tell the difference. I would never noticed has slow jam not really inspected it had. Not yet to your point Emily doesn't have to be right aimed logos Pacific coffee mug. We just wanna get your local business some love in fact urban timber media love as well because. These sit down coffee shop is quickly becoming a thing of the past here in the NW at Santa. We at this hour to find places that aren't a drive there is precious blood or Starbucks no no offense Arnold. Now local business the scope we let me just ya and you can also get is that what ever Wear the logo on it in the mail despite our attitude Seattle Stockton and Big Three next was up. Yet you make some big money on HD trivia tonight and there's going to be a guest so a host we'll talk about next. This is the morning. Alastair he was 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger than a princess cat fight in their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. Could you play HQ at trivia a year in its three or you're in for a treat tonight out you don't play HP trivia. It's basically and Neil app that you go on and play there's twelve questions. And if you get Iran then you're out of the game and you dwindling down till whoever is that the top can answer all twelve questions and he split the pot. It to be anywhere from like 252 nights in me fifty grain and can. By the way there are millions and millions and millions people who are hooked on us now is a thing. They say usually tracks one million players hurt game. Which Kelly Clarkson target team up to co host of the game tonight it happened at 830 our time. And like it and good but not I thousand dollars a trip for you to Los Angeles to attend the NBC. Finale of the weeks. Following an email from Tracy with a destructive she says hey man Blake posted on ID stories are pro tips for knowing the answers to the HQ quiz tonight. Also is watching the coincidence I thought you might find an interesting anyway so yeah are really looking for some kind of an ace check out Blake social. Yeah any you watch the boys apparently they're gonna give clues and I'll buries a lot of the boy that's what she meant the HD trivia that and you I mean it's worth the experience again I we know that we don't get enough sleep as Americans also don't take enough vacation. So there's one Talbots putting those two together and making fleet and vacations which I am all about. So it's called the Benjamin in New York City atop drink sleep packages. Where you get three pane windows black out curtains ear plugs the pillow menu and on. And to the hand that teach you for weeks ago I would talk to this is the silliest victory story ever even sillier than your hung complete. But I heard a podcast with this guy named Matthew Walker who's a neuroscientist and it's all about sleeps on reading his book right now yes. Life changing absolutely. It's why we sleep does the name of the book by it read it it will change your life sleep. I'm telling you is the remedy for all the nails including. PT SD. And I love that you finally coming around to realize that a big breather yeah I don't doesn't want I was dollar and when I thought you said on demand medication. Now diarrhea and Oakland are you and literally slow Joseph one of his many causes is trying to get doctors to stop prescribing news. Now if you don't feel like going all the way to New York City Westin hotels many of them offer sleep well packages that include heavenly bed. Stock credit late check out any sleep well didn't do it on the modeling and who their pizza. This could happen. Now the battle beyond that but I need you more upset that lasts me and scanning or Brooklyn 99 have been canceled you're actually and blocked. Tim Allen's last me and cleaning with canceled by ABC has been picked up I. But canceled a Brooklyn 99 which I don't know if you saw over social media people were. Lyndon about I mean even celebrities were tweeting about it it's now been picked up by Indians beat the only network show that I watch is this as a us. That is that I realized that when you were doing the story. I watch a lot of I know you heard at least least it used to have a dvd player I did and he's not a TV thing. Car ride that you heavily coming back to share your salary and a ten and if you ever. Wanna share salary and palladium us we'd love to have you tomorrow Wednesday anytime this week just calls out to a 6421. Wall. I think will happen with Matt McCallister 100 points and Hillary. How much because Space Needle window washer makes horrible article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to good and not supposed to ask someone how much money they make you may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we all know everybody else makes a living but it's never OK to ask until now everybody. Say hi to Trevor and wearing he is a private investigator you wanna talk about eight career or a profession that I don't know about you guys but I for one very curious is how much these guys have. This is going to be a firfer share your salary good morning drivers. Some aren't married are fantastic. Of course you get Emily and slow to tears well up before we all go around the morning guess what we think a private investigator makes. We got to put him in on the clock and ask you much questions that we have struggled a bit and disregard. So Trevor thank you for calling in and be willing to share your salary and everybody listening is curious and they're all gonna stick around. But first let's find out a little bit more Emily are you ready I'm ready here we go. Harry Trevor how I'm even getting this job. I don't know why it is PI for about eight years. Do you get contacted by its. People or agencies were both. We meaning legitimacy meaning corporations I contacted by almost anybody like we'll go ahead. Do you get paid hourly salary or for cakes. I've been allowed hourly and then an indication right so what all my hours that's when I make my paycheck. Okay see your like an attorney do you have a minimum that you'll take these for money wise. Yes we do have a minimum retainer at all depend on the case. The final give me the information not a UK based on my professional estimate that this is where I think it'll be. After that is due upon. How she plays you have. Three you know when I went agencies are talking about the police departments or the federal via. Oh no they we work with them but they don't ever hire us we're actually try to. More closer would amount troubled middle most want cases of missing persons cases but okay. He's state doctor Erica. I had elicited Trevor is long winded about what is reliving Mandy get you get which again and I think I have a little better idea is NASA had no idea. Joseph do you have any more questions before Milan you carry a firearm. I am Russian interior arm yes it's an investor. I had I don't know what that hasn't it was salaries low Jovan I was curious as I give us three minutes or come back we'll all guess what we think Trevor makes. A year and then he's gonna share his salary. And welcome back to share your salary on the phone this is Trevor in a warning he is a private investigator. All right before you share your salary what else do we know for anybody join the conversation about Trevor family. He's been Venus for eight years PS3 import employees. He gets paid hourly eat her case basically he's contacted by individuals and companies give license Kerry again and he is trying to work with the FBI and other agencies on the. Person's got to believe I won on Friday. I get to go first days ago I I have one correction it was it was most wanted case started I thought I was missing persons. If you think that nothing we I think we'll have a couple questions we after we figure out what you make for a living Trevor Solis go and get that out of the way. I am gonna go first and I am going to be on the high side of things just because. I feel like you got a pretty self business in the fact did you have a minimum retain or you're it's almost sounds like a legal fees to meet me I retaining a lawyer which god knows I was expensive. Trevor a little 150000. Dollars a year Emily your next Goodell hi Aaron go a 130 hired me yes. I thought it was going to be and I am okay sojo from ominous every five all right if you. Are there any driver noting a private investigator. Go ahead and share your salary plus find out who's gonna. So slow your reaction to our closest. I only got about 72000. A year now. Oh very nice and had about 46000. Per month minutes into the year I get a return based on how well my company days. Interest and so what kinds of things to you do most of the time is it like the movies where you gotta stakeout binoculars and pistachio nuts and in your fingers get red. There we're not that's actually probably about 30% of what we actually do. Most of the time we're doing corporate investigation employee relations. Corporate espionage weren't looking into the private. Cases such as real estate's. We're looking into other corporate cases such as business partners business mergers so well. Is that still a little more boring than we think in our minds like Hollywood portrays this yeah. You're catching cheating spouse is in this that the other gangsters. You know if I had a dollar for every time that somebody asked if I catch cheating spouses and I'd probably make it about an hour and here. Well the reviews we look forward. We look for actual fact based changes and here in Washington no fault state so don't have to change not just Douglas at. Bad news journal we appreciate you checking in per share your salary by the way if you want to share your salary that's tomorrow. 206421. Wolf right now we love the line you up and get ready to go travel and everybody 72 year. Yeah palace raid and these here and. So wolf so I sent this to my wife as soon as we got home lest we are in Kansas City for waiting so. For Mother's Day my wife got to be away from our wanted to have jokes on the weekend hush was the best gift of all I think I got as their Mother's Day with my mom which is great happy Mother's Day to all of you mama's. But this was really funny we talked about how some people actually enjoy their commute mostly who. Women who have kids in full time job right because that's their only need time yes they wanna get away yet so there was another article that came out and I sent it to. The NASA last night here's my dad I've done every single one of those things. How moms get creative when it comes to creating a little me time tank is even baby orchids he never give myself. You never regularly get an undated in a rough and shower. And so a couple of things that popped up on this list he's a really funny you know all of you mama's can relate. Hanging out in the bathroom. Yet the daily shower that's a distant memory for exhausted new parents but you can sometimes shut the door. To the commode. And leave the kids right there to like kind of shut the door like still hiding in the bathroom is one way. Spontaneous target runs. And that's to say if you've got somebody wants to kids for a minute after not ever get might have a thousand Pampers I'm going to target to get more threat. Locking themselves in the car. Heavier pulled into the driveway and on the just kind of stayed there. When you do need your favorite podcast catch up at the morning wolf pack tax a couple of via fast. A lot of moms fairly just closed the garage until get out of the car shouldn't all the way to the graduation daylight. Down the street. Because once the kids know you're there well that's an -- are gonna come knocking on the other side of the coin if I'm watching you and I your garage door on the yeah exactly. Hiding in the century. Taking your kids doesn't just leave you tired investments in time alone revolving days are gonna guard John Major probably something another couple gonna eat. So makes sense that 15% of new moms say they've hidden in their pantries to sneak a snack yes. So I'm Montague and add to this list how you carve out your little me time in other words where you hide the so that nobody else confided to a 6421 wolf ark La Tex the work till 46150. ID gets to meet time mama. And making it to come welcome back to the show a soul how do you carve out a little me time and your mom in other words were you hide from everybody. I am I I'm a single mom I don't necessarily get hired at home and have them and watch the kids but I my way home from work. I'm every now and then I looked up at like. You don't buys them for the kids love that. Yeah I did my myself I'm and they and I am I not gotten a semi yet Almonte the nickel I can. And in the parking lot and you can even an apartment complex so they don't know when I pulled it and I think that's the greatest OK so what happens dinnertime you like non B you make them Mac it's easy Gardena community. Yep exactly I have a thirteen year old daughter he'd like I might pull Hambrecht and. On that could tell us is and pretty much full of but usually okay and jelly sandwich day. Mickey and love actually love the honesty thanks for us here and that's awesome absolutely can't figure it looked healthy I need to mitigate. And about the creative way. That moms carve out a little bit of time for themselves in other words hide from the kids and hubby. Number one hang out of the map room spontaneous target runs locking themselves in the car this happens. And that's hiding in the pantry bonus mom you to eat the same time. Great and we before we get to some text messages I socialists say on behalf of Andrew Teresa he is sorry that he blew Mother's Day and didn't give you a gift. I'll do it that's the one thing. Do you do very test so for 6150 in the text. Mom how do you carve out a little Utah. What I'm delayed I didn't sessions a chance to our pre and she convinced her kids they only let kids in the gym one day a month. He will remember that I would say Vanessa and I mean. As a mom she relies on the day cares and yeah that is her sanctuary and got another Texas mom five that the best escape is always the cost of rent and the deal is either all seven people that they only have got together. Or exact its Edelman watched the kids and he doesn't have to get maligned and everything they usually in late August and yet look Mohammed is not even compares the it's. And hates shopping and everybody take political by herself as you can actually focus after. Heather from Olympia she lets her one year old clay pots and pans of water eat less and a spice and all over the course issue kid put in peace. Even though makes a bigger massively she gets you ready and so we new pots and pans is can talk for hours yeah but not the spice that's too big Macs I have a friend that would always tell her kids that she was doing laundry ironing. And written ironing she would just further close back in the dryer plant them straight out that way and even had a great time to bill. She studio month to sit here watching the driver. Go round and round ironing love it cornered. You 100 points. Wolf and it's time for us to get out of here ideally is coming next but just a couple of announcements first and foremost analysts tell everybody again we're going to be tomorrow for the mug club pitched we're in Sumner from the into one urban timber cost. It's up idol ice and copy and it happened Monday wanna add drama club and bring it up. And again we are buying because things don't come in violent coughing comes and I'll is that how it works all that you are now more and all that were there to meet you were there to buy you coffee so let us do that please. Okay check of the broadcast duties posted about 10 AM including fifty minutes of bonus content simply just didn't have a chance talked about on the showed rates including we have got aids incredible update on the 65000. Text girl. The girl in Arizona anyone she went on one day with a guy in sent him 65000. Text messages she's now saying for imprisoned some pretty shocking things. Also there's a do attitude Hilltop for not being real ice cream suing him. And I guess it's funny is W love him to other slow Joseph. It's there yet I still haven't tried OK and finally this is a shocking statistic that's very true. The majority of women will cheat the day after Mother's Day. There is an incredible spike that happens on online dating and Ashley Madison because moms wives get so disappointed with their husbands and how they. They start looking around for better options how it's crazy so we talking about that on the podcast which you can find. Seattle wolf dot com on our path and also an iTunes TV go ahead and find it subscribe it like it let it let your head back aren't boasted about five. Our turtle actually not a character. 45 and I feel 100 point seven the world.