The Morning Wolfpack - Monday May 21st, 2018

Monday, May 21st

Monday May 21st, 2018

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Rolling and welcome to our podcast for Monday may Tony first it's the morning wolfpack Matt McAllister here Emily reigns over there. The Olympic world sleeper you have that little area has slowed Joba there via the run and on the control source hey just a quick plug and we should probably do dispute to have local people that listen to the podcast. We are gonna be out tomorrow for another morning wolf pack mug club pit stop and we are company you Lacey so. We hope you come on visit. Yeah I will be there from needing to whine at me EC four is a keystroke. So like that I come out as it let's meet yet if you've got a 91 and join our mug club he could also bring. I'm you have to you now have to hang out and he's just gonna. I away my my way. Getting shut out anxiety is like all time Ira this line really well I think it's because this it is such a long drive for us. Then I just like act preemptively CU being mad at me to comply I have big you know I don't care of the things I think about I'm trying gonna sleep and come -- and anxiety can deny this is why you haven't -- it is yeah -- told her so well I don't care I mean I now have to go now and we're gonna Wear people that listen to show lived over which the farther we get away from Seattle the better we're gonna do to update you share reverse logic and until I era that aren't as it has so that the current DuPont area which is really close to JB Alam and Olympia we're going to be down now right in your neighborhoods over the comported senior as the cowboys I like to be any and on slow childish. Tiger will put your butcher anxiousness to. And only night and into a heated argument about whether or not chicken tenders are passionate right ash again. He said the colonel would be rolling in his grave revered golf fried chicken chicken tenders were not doing it into the I don't want to get in lies on the bank took Tacoma Tom for listening and sending in an email I'm sure so this Friday bank. Emily is right on a technicality that I agree with you completely and I'm right well she's she's our hiring a technicality and it is semantics and I believe if anybody order fried chicken and got a chicken McKnight it. There he. Fetish. Of course there would be an I don't know if I have time to get into this but. Vanessa over the weekend too by the way the whole Fam is going to be here starting on Friday or Saturday coming up. Some for the whole summer some pretty damn excited but she pointed out an agreement realize this that. You don't have accounts under story. There's a little thing that says like requests underneath it. And their all people that have commented on your story but maybe you don't necessarily followed them and then I had over fifty of those. So I finally started clicking on those I'm glad it's on mr. Graham. And there were all these nice comments and then notes and things about the show from your store or a nice story to tell from my story. So from the story there's a little played in now I can't even find it. But there's a place where it tells you when people comment on your story. Keep calm them so that you heard you are my point is not to tell you that my point is it's somebody and I was like I can't find it. And that and I can't find it anymore but I allies wanted to say there was really niceties of those in the podcast on this and every day I think fans and told. What I figure out how to I'd find men echoed those comments 08 more maybe they disappear like woody story I think eight. All good it is mentioned in this story written. I don't know. I'm sitting elected and if you're on released and I cannot I'll wait I think I got a yes say something Camelot in the sake not your phone clicking and bad etiquette tip I Datsyuk. I am but I don't know how to going hearings exactly fine like that comment. Oh here it is I found it. I don't know her name and it's no good guys doing it's our great ally in the I never just say it reminded me how infrequently ID stories I'm trying to get better sound as good as a tech geeks as you are slow do you really now they get a social media I don't I just don't you know I'm kind of a lottery. But I did not start it says I actually had stepped t.'s story when my mom was here I know a mood to sleeping all others sleeping gas I don't know that they were Joyce. Letting it back in my comment I would take it to your name I can't she just has had just wanted to let you know they'll listen to your podcast every day during my afternoon commute here and Arizona. I listen to another show but when they switch to commercials I was listen to you. I was bummed when they let you go I was what would happen in love that you ended up in Seattle I lived up there in high school anyway just wanted to let you know that somebody does listen to the podcasts are so it hasn't asked. Other than our military is that is beyond Georgia middle air moms listen to this crash I mean there are we US like. Techtag an eight minute detour to give a shadow. Hey I appreciate every single one I know you guys isn't there yet. All right so let's talk about some things that we didn't get to on the show today don't start with the fact that Washington State had a little piece of the pie when it comes to the royal wedding which you wouldn't really imagine in any thing right now America but it turns out the wedding was actually a match that it wasn't me getting to Atlanta. Act out so the winds are in the eats in breweries in Windsor England released there Windsor knot pale pale to commemorate the royal wedding so this is the official royal wedding beer with Sid. Either way pale and those are my favorite. Beer under your IPA guy now I peers I'd really like I like the strong house there too strong for me sadly I think two of those and I'm wasted sound like the Palin out it's a little that lasts less Al for what. Alcohol what beer you drinking to all the alcohol yet this jobs so anyway so the royal beer. I came from parole farms which the house is say the same call hops that was used in the brewing of that beer. And by the way Kate Middleton and Prince William also had a royal veers well. Throw so I mean that's one thing we probably have really in common with the royal family really well hey like fish and chips and beer so I came from the pearl farms in tow punish Washington. School you have to that was scraper all farms have been a customer for years so we're real excited when we discovered they were using same coach but they really wanted to. Work governor the president the movement anyway according to YCH tops the Yakima valley is the United States is largest producer of hops. Accounting for nearly 77%. Of the toll United States hop crop that I did not say encode the particular breed from this area that the brewer Ed Winter he selected. Also lends a quintessential Pacific northwest flavor and they earthy and fruity a perfect balance with the British hops and malt the security queens or farms him and so they're Harry and Megan's when they're not as the first royal grew to contain him co ops. We don't think that means Harry and Maggie and need to come does it. Washington damn straight they Sharon and by the way like a lot of things in the royal wedding. Like a you know that the black minister that was there just because Megan is half black and all the concessions they made for American Spain's. Did they did this beard just because she's American. This kind of additionally they got a hops from America because she's in co hops in honor of the brides Los Angeles roots. So local. I don't know enough about hops to tell you what sim co president with LA but I'm assuming that. Maybe it. The West Coast I think his photos Larry. Has probably gets so area that's the connection that we had local. In other news and I had two other things here we're gonna talk about the ruining beer got that. Starbucks does have a new policy by the way based on those two again. Not that every story here has to do about color between the two black guys got arrested Starbucks for apparently not doing anything he had earlier he had those in Philly manager called the cops who is two black guys are sitting in a store they hadn't ordered because there waiting for friend pretty common practice just held being polite yeah. So over the weekend Starbucks announced a new policy anybody is allowed to sit in a Starbucks or use their bat third muted they don't buy any thing. This is quote to create a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is welcome to premiered at bat manager get fired. I Hulk absolutely yeah they had to shut down all the Starbucks in America tablet or retraining. Data did. Which is you know it's funny and I noticed this is there random observation I was watching the warriors. Play them he's the rockets last night's crash. Got to see all acting normal commercials you know unless you're watching something alive you know release the like which I think sports is the only time you ever seen commercials anymore maybe award shows yes offense like package him in that there are always these these like just like. You know on demand commercials that are kind of the same -- electric current. Crop of commercials and I am I think. Almost all of whom were apology commercials. He's a major company and a new album was from Wells Fargo. For this big data breach yeah I had not to our neighbor overcharging people or something like that the other one was from FaceBook which actually I hear on yeah radios and I'm embarrassed because they had the big like you know did helping out data breach again is basically their apologizing for fake news I'll ask dot. And the third warmest from Lugar. And they're apologizing for you know whatever they've got something in their terms of service and people running back assaulted a sudden it's like it was just amazing he's probably cost fifty million dollars each to get everywhere. These likes the Super Bowl commercials you know NBA Western Conference finals and they're all apologies from these major major corporations yeah Starbucks probably that the far behind the price and now the big. In an apology. Campaign. Starbucks and of course there's large homeless population here in especially in Seattle and sat out almost people just chill struck her as our airline yet and you don't have to buy anything. Which about a business owner I think it sucks yeah. I mean I get this manager for the record but. I think you you pluck her out and say okay this this callous and attend the culture of the company and is the sensitivity training. But you'd and to your point coffee's not that expensive anyway right having to sit in a Starbucks and have two copies for an hour that's ten dollars which I know it's expensive coffee. But that's not make it sound like a restaurant. Return and over tables and you make it a hundred bucks a table or whatever it is. Yeah I mean that's I mean I know they're not. You know. Begging for money here you this point they're they're doing fine but be interesting to see honestly out. Yet and that's that's a tricky situation because there are so many Starbucks downtown Erie islands saying like where all homeless people live. And I've noticed a few like we do our pit stops for good or copy shop amid some guys that are just like hanging out there and you know for being honest it's kind of makes the comfortable late. It makes some of the customs and come from the smell bad there like yelling Larry he does do is go viral for taking on a homeless person after all of this you know like. Well I'll let yeah in less they're trying to stir controversy iron wire. And it obviously this happens sometimes and it may be a thing that I have to address that probably. You have a hook the homeless people are here are usually pretty busy out there like panhandle where they're doing their drugs and attend. Like I don't know why they line you can't use the bathroom is our backs yeah. Without getting a receipts that he had this sure there are eight or more of the last note here on commercials before Iran so sometimes I'll listen to pandora and there's nothing worse. In van a big company and you're talking about who's trying to pander to millennial Brett are trying to speak that language I can't you should try pandora premium. Because hey it's live it's just like you and I and I and I get a say hey man it's tie it's tie 888. B I guess you might and we adhere to its is that it's like a middle aged woman turn things. It's an eighth the equivalent of what I say words that are a little too cool for me on the radio namely that do not they look at the effect but anyway I. It's is always funny or in big at the new one too it's like Diet Coke or something where they're like man. We just want you to be used I hate. I got out of plays all of her leg in the wake of the song. We know she's just like I Kenny nattering know he she is that she's like she she comes I take don't apologize for drinking Deco gas you use you know let him run a marathon that's on super duper hired an OK this like it's. And there's everywhere ads says this aside and OK one last thing we're gonna leave this for the showtime probably don't we give you a heads up. So we had a really a gruesome awful fatal cougar attack here in Washington State over the weekend. Where these two people were and I say people because there's these kind of confusing about that I think somebody if somebody in their family must assume these are IDs are transitioning. Men I believe meaning they are going to be Mensa their product called them guys yet but they're not guys that's probably buyer question I think if somebody's transitioning they'd prefer to be called wherever they identify in one of them lost their lives so whatever it may and happy you know again it's awful story but they were mountain biking and in north bend is it. Kind of close to where I live in Issaquah but there's so much nature's own trails and Paramount might stick and gotten pretty deep in the forest but a cougar. Attacked them. Killed one alone they had to euthanize the cougar when they tracked it down and all this and the animate so my mom is because I wrote on the cyclist but I only have a mountain bike yankees are right on the road. Yeah but all the at least the ones I saw articles didn't say not bikers sales likely cyclist so I had people put battle over my FaceBook page in. You know had to explain to these were my mom because he's my mom still doesn't get it but mom are on the road. I'm going to be hit by a car before getting hit by cougars you know that I don't care I want you to get it to razor. And my mom. Here's a deal it teaser would only anger cougar yeah I have to get within two feet of it that's not an ad you're that close had a better look wrestling a cougar to death. Anyway she she's so I'm gonna tell her today in a text later that yes mama I got a taser and I will carry with me or I go on strapped. Something to think about four Tamar show what was he was lied that you told your parents just to make them okay. So start thinking about that one is that going to be our lead topic tomorrow I think Catalan in my upper class act ad hominem idol idea about anything important but I occasionally we'll tell way I did just so they don't were sure in half the starting tell my mom Casey would spin out and you know worries again in useless work though via know something about you guys if you're gonna be a part of our show to morrow morning and enjoy the podcast to our show for today will see that. Yeah. He wants well to morning wolf Matt McAllister is not. Hundred point seven. All morning fullback Matt McAllister Emily raised good morning good morning slow Jones and out everybody's here. Monday may 21 in and ask you how you week as well as but I know those with both of you all weekend. Personally I'm an edited but the show is great staggered to catch up with Chris young and kaine brown and good to meet everybody out there thank you came by and said hello. Maybe before this deal luge. That was fine I don't know what it is that the code on the that plays weather wise is Kursk's it has everything goes plan everyday and I think it's at least everybody was blaming you for Jake sing it because we were sitting over there at the slow go brewing company. We got down to pretty early advice. Have a couple Beers it was sunny and hot I'm like man loses or greatly it's not raining or windy here all able to Tacoma dome everybody is like the US that you'll stay there. Yeah Italy's RAF point in his hand I think that ethnic insisted that of course an hour later we bring Morgan's Evans out on the wolf stage and it starts pouring like yeah. Why did I say anything. Let's not get visas there are renovating that so we'll be down there for awhile we did go back and obese. All nice and shiny. Then an animated well the Tacoma dome well but the time has done it will be October in the we've got a nice chatting about access either so we're gonna miss all the good weather unfortunately but. It was day everything else is wonderful Drake thought oh they're great crowd evil is grades. I coming up today would do the normal stuff the mud club we're gonna less wary and rebuilding together south sound which should be interesting beat the street. We get timid fake tickets for at 710 in the shape your salary 810. We're gonna get to find out how much Tiffany. In the entire POWs that scene yes to heck activity would elicit he's now. Well which you said apparently she's the only damn tractor Favre driver emailed them to enter an area that's tournament that. Confession there's only one dumpster divers she didn't pay a lot to lot overtime and hit a. Carla weeded Alina collar somebody to get a sound base here that's you when you're up look at some Monday but we want you on the phone right now to a 6421 wolf yes what's your biggest off. They'd be Emily that we finally get a chance to say good morning in the lead off color is gonna be Howard from Tacoma. Who's jacket and a morning Howard. And I can you know every day the people that we don't let the leadoff caller I always say hey. You know big shout out to blank blank blank and Howard that's you most every day. Finally get that you've leadoff call. Yeah have I don't wanna meet various so I've been able. Look we get it today. How we appreciate that before you pick a song for us what do you do for a living how would keep Shia. Forget you aren't. All the short version are you in a union now we're not place Eldridge won enough. Yes I'm with the idea that here. Like I you make over a hundred or under a hundred. O'Connor gas craziness education and the electricians. Unions especially and you had to deal with like AC outlets have residential so the this very few hours. Good for you I know Mary how your family what your personal life like. Or actually. Jeanne I'm sorry yeah well. I've been taught that as well how long were you married before. Not such. Lou OK so that obviously was mistake. What happened near the rapidly summarize that in a nutshell. I just the wrong person. Oh you know just. Gave a false front you know I think. Thought I thought urban America and here. Well it's better that you BI announced that forty years from now. Oh yeah and look at the ball went between ourselves and that's a blessing so to be she married you for your money. I think so. That's kind of when I was putting together based on when he said. That's the most up or whatever. And you fidelity. Yeah auto parts booms already. Yeah. I'm not there. How mine. Yeah they're better Nat yeah hopefully Howard it'll be quick and painless and it's been a lot of money on attorneys but I have a feeling if she was in it for the money the first time she's gonna fight to get something in more than you like it. All right well I hope you get the best attorney remember you shoot death have well I don't know how far along you already have your attorney lock him. You're not okay which you wanna do we learned this through for free vice president. You wanna go around in interviews many attorneys you can because when you have a meeting with the attorney she cannot legally hire that attorneys to go find the best divorce attorneys in the area. And have a meeting will all of our club. And a boy all right Howard and after enough talks space for insulting. But I love because I love to get daddy eggs are being very open. Howard me neither allowed to have a beer we get some time we get an opportunity but in the meantime let's let's pick a song anyone here. I'm old school so much worse. How about giving away for you sure our. When I realize the power to. There's and again and and like Emily said yeah I think thanks for being realists I think you what are the best leadoff callers we've ever had it was worth the wait. Well appreciated her. It's our pleasure by the way I wanna say what's up to Stephen body Legg who also called in to be laid off and the Texas guy and it is Howard need a girlfriend. Given that give them a hot minute. Now let him into one. Romance first morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister has been brought. Though wolf Hasbro now annaly has successfully trademarked. A smell and I believe is the first time. I could be no way you. I don't even know I would try to guess that so warding off track. What smells. Would you want a trademark. Apparently you can do it Hasbro announced they've successfully trademarked the smell of played out. Which is pretty unmistakable that's a key player yeah hey that's interstate. Because they did describe how they thought it smelled go go on. To me it's just kind of a Smith I don't know. It's assists salty players now are you saying salty because you try to eat like everybody everybody played out. They describe it as sweet slightly muskie Vanilla like for acres with a slight overtones of cherry in the natural smell the salted wheat based duo. Which I get these cells that we based oh I don't get the suite at candidacy but adding 'cause I tasted. It. Whatever you say has program would go that go morning just in Tacoma happy Monday man how aria and doing very very we're doing good so we were talking a minute ago about how Hasbro has now trademarked the scent of Toledo which you know is unmistakable from my childhood that's Mel spies that they hadn't done already I know I've. I am too so if you get a trademark smelled just in which one would be. I have to say you know Clark now like a brand new card insists. So when you grow up and stepping. Your mom data or whatever get a new car wing when you become an adult you get into cart system one of those immaculate now that you're just like I'd never wanna get rid of. So you almost equated to success it's not just the new car smelled I'm able to afford a new car so I got new cars milk yeah yeah yeah but that's. It is account when you get new car smelled the car wash or is it got to be new car not saying it isn't the same. Not it's really it's really not the same. It's just don't know man immediately and you get like let there and that that that quality lesser thing Mel is open you are or. The fine Corinthian leather. Are they commercial or I think it was. Well. It was a guy from Fantasy Island I think it was like Lincoln may be deemed that fine coated in lead and a money on the U that you left for a I'm gonna YouTube it for the for those a little bit older than you ram he was the cause smoke. So like that doesn't act. Well just appreciate you checking in on the smell that you would trade market and his Laviolette agree with you and associated to more than just a snuff that. Amen to that. Got them a great great great day. Last note from beyond the cyclical from luxurious seats available even saw marine can name. And yet it was horrible about it this is the 1979. Commercial for the price that could dole Boston gonna start the month of if I'm going to let it and he was Matthew McConaughey came before Matthew McConaughey and. I think you're for that I coming up next 1 here for new morning wolfpack will go around the horn what's smell would you trade mark to a 6421 wolf right now and go. Good morning Gina in stylish are you today until good Harry were fantastic had a great weekend hope you did as well I get it jet skiing. We saw each other Casey came over the wolf tenth. Fantastic. Deal which won't we you refresh our brains. One innings so. It Lou yeah a lot of exploit that was bizarre wasn't it. Yeah so we're talking about the fact that Hasbro has finally trademarked the scent of played so bizarre I still need to figure out what took him 506070. Years but. If you gonna trade market smelled Gina what would it be fresh cut grass. I got as it did or she took my I have fresh cut grass of right there with Eugene I love that smell and I don't know why there might in my childhood. Maybe that's it is at least for a little little boys go mowed lawns heck I still do Islam that's Millen now and I'm out of my bike and I see you gotta sit down mull around the middle of nowhere it's all due to the clintons and the other one that I like is lumber. Our look at Chile. Yet when you drive by Yang unite and arrived by jobs citing smell that that brand new the two by fours as the would love it. Gina we got to get the same brain. All right dean lug a great to see Ian thanks so much for hanging out with us in the rain on Saturday again thanks. Not a hello friend in federal way so if you could trademark a smell which will would have been. Could be copy I can't stand it or I don't drink it out of this though. I love this copy to deal I'm not a big cocky and utterly commuter either now some elements. OK so what's better Fred the Deans or the actual coffee after its brute. Flawless flawless during its. It just felt really good I've ever as a kid mama get up early in a glorious if they copy of the smell but you don't drink it it. I can't get acetate. Well that's crazy by the way is a couple of fun facts about coffee a lot of marijuana dealers actually went where it's illegal and they stick it and can't coffee beans because the smell is so powerful. It mass marijuana. Great and the other guy is yeah I just did this in the day when you have something rotten in your refrigerator and your freighters smells like edit trash cans. Put some coffee beans in there in the refrigerator baking soda yeah I didn't have any it and I go to the store so through some coffee grounds Kawika. But you also when you go and you're trying different than like perfumes they have coffee grounds coffee beans Prius not the kind of clincher Al so it's not a coincidence Fred you're onto a strong smell everybody. Okay now rioting. But annaly what is the smell that you trade market could smell of rain on a hot summer day. And I was ahead in the bottom right now so I can remember it's not a big loans from I don't know why and it didn't. Rain at times and in my child did that for some reason our minds it like. Playing outdoors right after the rain the steam coming up off the street and yeah it's that rain in hot asphalt out all right I I. Cartels and against him up you know outlook to come up with the smell that's similar to played out so has rural Sunni personnel. According to do with that. Slow Joseph wrote quick Q and throwing them the smell you wish you could trademark yet easy access salt water diesel fuel mixed together. Waddle had to I guess sodium again just growing up around Harbour is. The fight and you marry he'd been maritime larger as a I have had a Big Three would tell you about next there's one country artist who was the big winner at last night's billboard awards are tell you who it isn't just green. This is the morning. Alastair on you 100 point 701. How big are the Big Three bigger than him princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. Well a lot happened this weekend including the royal wedding which audits you in just a minute but the build on these boards for last night and we had some big country winners. Actually watched a little bit of the background the first thing Kelly Clarkson posted by the Sudan hell's. I see a really good job and then she sang like a montage. Of some of her favorite songs in the first which do was near Morse gases cool does little bit to like you sit in little of the country. There was little bit country Chris Stapleton was the big winner he to come top country artist top male artist and country album of the year. Sam hunt a home cup top country song for body like background and his biggest handsome dude right. Mary Morris who was your female artist athletic or your language your dad duo and then with Brian nabbed top country tour so a few of your country artist. And I'm glad by the we're gonna play Luke Bryan and about a minister beer but I'm glad the Florida Georgia line has an awards show they can actually awards. That's good I'm sure they like that do yes. Okay this week gotta stop I Krispy Kreme and there's a donut that's available Jess today to the 28 now earlier in the year they did one of those competitions like picked the glaze winner. Lyndon line and they actually gave out women glazed donuts last. Month but they decided to go ahead and honored to second place which has blueberry blaze which was my pick actually only that they. They'll believe you had me with lemons you lost me with blueberry don't blueberry looked at regular. Don't let me just blueberry glazed no I'm unaware of what it is you can go try it just visited Lincoln said you had me with lemon I have well if you are interested available this week and of course the royal wedding this past weekend. The new duchess of such six mega Markel for a simple custom is you county down which. People aren't necessarily talking so much about her down because I think it was just simple way. Cocktails it was basic it was very basic so every time about what other people work. Did you know that Oprah almost caused an international and then she realize. Friday night and that her beige outfit was gonna come across as bright on camera which is a total now now I wouldn't you figure that out. Maybe they took some pictures and realize so that's why she ended up wearing the peach colored or replacement her team how to work through the night apparently. If we're to give her a peach color replacement. Mean yeah and a team just people who I think they're nursing and that there's now means coming out bit. A lot of people are comparing some of the outfits weren't you drinking cans like for instance a mall Clooney's bright yellow dress is being compared that Anheuser-Busch. Pineapple group that's. Can highs in Queen Elizabeth had that bright green and fumble on it reminded people Anheuser-Busch as winery that. And in the most comics and happens you have an American yeah and Mary into the the men and hot I mean we've been seeing with Pippen Middleton see her dress was really pretty until I saw. People comparing it the air's and a green T can't. And now apply to pick up by the way be side by side pictures. It's spot on Leno is there is no every Informix out of an orchestra handle that then yeah. Gas see that's what we do that's the funny part of it thank you ma'am. Ratio and a lot of guys stable as for ten minutes away from the nightclub and organist wherein a cool but people need rebuilding together south sounds. This is the morning wolfpack with the church after 100 points for the world. Club and Italy before we swearing and somebody else let's talk about their pit stop tomorrow. Different entity in the ACS currently chief horrors worst. Easterners and for the lazy poors and very fancy yet highbrow a barely old either from you know I didn't. We let me just thought I would buy a couple copying bringing in money we give you and join a club. Lacey DuPont Olympia were looking for you to farm and we love our kids stuff on city have a coffee would it. So we got a great carded a bug in the mail says hey Matt and crew we'd love to be apart of your mug club ensure the great work our volunteers do for their neighbors. Tennis from eighty point she is the executive director. An organization called rebuilding together. South sound. We need. And roots men in the moment from the morning wolf pack I think we woke you up. He did learn playlist are getting never colts. Whom had I had that too I think everybody's had that for at least a couple of things. It takes a while. Yeah eight hits you weren't and is this how went for you any hits you hard for the first couple and then it just takes forever to fully go into taking currently. When news of pleasure to get your card in the coffee mug thank you for one he be part of the month club on behalf of everybody rebuilding together. In the south sound your. We not a moment practice they and that is cool man and believe provide. A mechanics or low income. Homeowners who are elderly. Athletic disability or extremely in the house. Children so that you know to give them a hand up and a little less worried about the homer appears to needy and down. Be sure that they haven't even hopped onto it and. I love the fact he used the term hand up not handout because that's what I believe and I don't believe in giving people fish are believed to teach people how to fix had never heard that and I love that yeah it's the and it's nice and it's like a bridge. It's at to a better yet it's not hey man here's here's a freebie. It is it is indecency could keep yes they can't physically made repairs. Pour themselves they don't have the knowledge and they're not able to do it though iTunes that we can keep them. In their homes that it's the fastest and most economical place to be. Me and think sure is as safe and healthy and in the place where they wanna be. Let us know you could you want the morning look like come out there and swing some hammer start measuring some things. Build the roof you can get it done. Hardworking people I gotta I gotta Clinton to though they also got tool belt. Our litigious learning to make this official Lanny thank you so much please raise your right hand repeat after me I state your name. I mean legally do hereby pledge my allegiance. Is hereby pledge allegiance to the morning wolf pack. To the more rules and is a proud member. Benefits and other members of the mug club. I also looks club I pledged to crank up the wolf every morning. That's pledged to contemptible every morning congratulations by the power vested in me I don't see any official member of the morning wolf pack mug club you are Stanley we love what you do. Thank you so much have a great day out thank you. OK so coming up are the themes. The people in your life do they just don't make sense to you well coming up and about five minutes. Emily did something yesterday and it just cannot seem to get my head around that I can't wait for you to share its morning. Alex rate and these here and 100 points. Though wolf is a reminder to pay tickets coming up at seven Timothy Heath streak by Emily in the meantime let's talk about your day yesterday okay. And morning wolf back were comedy right after. The question is what is something other people do that you just don't get. So let's talk about your son Hank what did you do it. So I look up took my mom's the airport came home and what time. That was 9 o'clock but that's I got back about 94 doctor Bob you slipped away. 858. Feet since luck till now basically act OK got up to pretty good about. Well jumper twelve hours yes OK good at tech and menu at the airport tonight airport top draft got home and went back to bed and basically slept the entire day. Okay where you find so you don't drink I don't drink there was no hangover there's no hangover I wasn't sick you know on drugs not yet. He slept for twelve full hours ending got back into bed and slept. Were you tired. I mean I have a long week of my mommy hearing constantly like doing to your C stuff and having long days so I just see any day thing. I don't understand him were you able to sleep last night to ask. So until my well I know what time did you get back into bed. Yesterday morning yeah about ten. And you slept. All day pretty nice and I would wake up for maybe like thirty minutes like get up he gets on Monday drink or eat. They climb back into bed. I just don't understand I really don't get it. And I know there's a lot of things that I do that you guys don't get yeah that's me I don't I don't physically understand how that's possible. Like I actually like Joseph you're a world class Schiller yeah you do that. You know I've I've certainly done it before but not without. It being a consequence to whatever happened and I again like backing college and I hadn't seen like class by the hangover I would just not be able to get out of bed beds get my head was pounding and I was dehydrated it it may be impossible pattern now you go our single I don't think I've got twelve hours to like another twelve hours. I mean I didn't have anything else city yesterday and didn't I don't wanna give up and do something all right honey just sleeping. I want it to arrest of one another day and just like he. NM not taken on you I am just fascinated. But aimed at your brave little I knew that beating your body you can do that investment bad ones city. And there's not like well moves twelve hours I feel great yeah no I'm gonna go take enjoyment of each other rebuilt offense. I'm out of them pretty jealous like Italy and Canada that aren't you might as soon wasted days and not it and Dave Pratt is exactly how I won this in mind. What do you do you have kids may guess the biggest prize apparently I don't even understand what's like to sleep past 6 AM it kids will be without when it comes like that's the thing you can get away with it unless you're saying yeah of course not there. Nike said they're seven you'd Eli understand I don't I seen riding a bike for hours a day like I'm getting more doing that so start weighing your fruit that adds. Now we might say this only thing you do that I. I understand. What is something other people do that you just don't get to a 6421. Wolf or you can Texas 46150. Good morning Mary in Auburn how're you today I'm glad Matt Howard you know I'm fine I'm just mystified at emily's ability to consume what. 24 hours of sleep in one sitting it's just crazy and I'm not not because I can do the same thing seriously. Really yeah you can sleep for twelve hours and again bag and a bad I can't if you let me seriously. What is last time you were able to do them. I'm not want to say now I mean if if I could offer support I mean it's just not imminent I didn't have to work coerced. Don't know I think all right so in other words you completely get what I'm saying. I completely. And completely understand what they have. So you didn't have to be anywhere and you had no other responsibilities may be your single gal like Emily your choice would be I would be in bed and I'd get up and aideed mega mega egg drop. We're suicide need to do to hang out for you both breathlessly I gonna happen. I. Losing is asleep when he I would now yeah I I asked I even did acting now here. I guess in the morning. Tape from current sleep that night. And it could be so I don't know it's an hour we're back to back out yet but praise and it. I am well. We appreciate you listing banks are reaching out to Mary reload you know. And indignation and do research project or something and you how does one how can somebody intensely I'm a little jealous actually. Yeah calloused as progress. Tell these guys got a free doughnuts. 100 points out. All right so we just talked about effective and I didn't get to bed all day on Sunday if there was one thing that happened over the weekend in and women to be little more help on this one news story that happened locally over the weekend. That. Would be posted all over my FaceBook page based on what you know about me. What would it day academy the biker in the cougar sorry absolutely. And I'm talking about all my friends that don't even live in Washington State is this is a really horrifying story. But if you didn't catch it the headline was site a list mauled and killed by a cougar in north bend which is right by where I live. It just so happens and again this is a really awful awful trying to make light of this now this scared me to. My core but this road cyclist I am now out by now migrant right now entering Paramount Mike but it just said psych illustrate. And one guy lost his life the other guys at Harbin medical center right now working through his injuries but they were a mountain bikes so I don't know. How far into the forest they were I. Yeah I. Yeah it's BI and I think they said the cougar was like and they seated so almost to the point of starving. He had had some to do it well when they came across the scene because 31 year old who survived called in when they got there at like the cougar was was. I don't uses DT are still there he was still there on her. So but they did euthanize the cougar but the question you know and I was talking to Vanessa about this last time because the one thing we do together is not right by expo we hike yeah. And I thought you know I don't know if Sarah mountain bikes they were probably really far back in June you can get. 101520. Miles back into the woods on a mountain bike pretty easily if further up by a right and hiking trails if you hike for miles you fight a long way it usually as you know heavily used in rattlesnake grants. And you usually pretty close to a main road and there's always a lot of people on the on the trails usually sold my eighty. Like he did to my dad I guess I deduced at the end of that conversation I don't know I don't think this happens very often I don't think with hikers. I hope not I don't know we've I haven't played I don't know our height here I would think we would have heard about it all they said it was extremely. Rare you have. But I guarantee you if you're like me and you liked the outdoors and you look to be out in the trees and that's what I live for and there's no better place in the world to do that than right here in the Pacific northwest. This is a scary story. Now. But January so. I answered a lot of FaceBook messages yesterday did yeah though I'm good. Thank you for reaching out and it is so sad though thoughts and prayers to both family. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister there's a very popular term with your generation Emily it's called adult thing. This is step one hand ray halo I have a couple of things and I honestly done yet Hamas and point seven. By the way the Florida Georgia line did manage last night to find an awards show where they can win some awards under the nose but they don't win alive when this. CMA is an HTC any. Steve all the sudden adults almost like Nashville's Lleyton and thinks so pray but in the billboard awards last night they did take home top country do are grouped. You guys are surprised and entice you said hey. A taxi had the billboard music awards on a background thousands of work on the computer and retiree here Kinect like verbatim Kyle pointed it completely. Yet there is the most random thing I've ever heard for the year. Negated here. Janet Jackson is performing on the billboard music awards right now showing these young thugs how to do it. Which I just like I I was so wow ideally you're a man of Janet Jackson to be I hate it took every. Veterans of even like in Hersh three for not to turn it off because I find those awards so ridiculously stupid. And all the artists alike in their twenties and now posturing everybody's. Doing them I just think it's silly to me the whole thing looks silly to me. So bold some Bruno Mars comes out and historical into these accolades of Janet Jackson I texted my wife to be she was huge Janet Jackson any eighty's reading it. Your girls about to perform she's going to imitate phenomenal what's that. But the point is he which is nice to see all of those younger artists like the Carty d.s and Frey TJ callous throwing money and SJ lows doing some ridiculous you know it's just I have the whole thing is ridiculous yeah. He was pretty ridiculous that they're there yet there's an out when they started going through the amount of album she's old and in India. Coming out of Michael Jackson's shadow and Vienna Austria I was like man I forgot that she was so big and also I forgot you never on TV today and have quite rare she. Did you think all TV and she had a child stars like Michael surely Carol Burnett show issues for. How die anyway hours just kind of it's always cool it was cool to me to see that's younger generation pay some respect. There's nothing about that show he's on message at a country they always do that they bring at the county is in the revisit make. They always pay respects to the generations that came before. And she's a would have paved the way for all the impact when you watched. Well Joseph. That's what she looks good and I guess he just he just had a baby drive right so there's that as a hitter Gerald to really baggy sweatshirt and had like the little go go shorts on and all the pop stars where these days. But she had a baggy sweatshirt rounds that you as the likes showing the upper rack which is understandable but she's had a little work but she looked really good. I'm nineteen I think she sounded amazing irony. Get annihilate the biggest fans that are misty might have been lip syncing to you and I thought that the tribute was like finally somebody here has some respect for somebody other than themselves does that make any sense. Thanks in Ireland Providence cash money well yeah imagine this is morning wolfpack with some accounts are 100 points and hit the pavement and tactically history to the. Good morning Aaron and see Beck welcome to beat the street how you feel today Aaron a bailout may have ideal fantastic man everybody's great we like Tokyo with some team and they tickets for the Key Arena July 13 part of the -- year of the million tickets are you the bigs man are you plans for white feet. Dude I have. Huge banner at Denver got at our lady speaking at a state at all. How perfect yes can be the best night ever well we asked the challenger at the Tacoma dome at the Christian I'm sure on Saturday night the same five questions. That you are about to answer are you ready I am. Totally ready all right there we get thirty seconds on the clock good luck with the five questions here we go in your mark get set and go which movie star Mel Gibson as William Wallace. Act which state is home to mount Rushmore. You talked which top stars fans are known as believers. It does indeed picked what is the nicknames for the sometimes unpleasant smell in Tacoma move that would be. Paper mill who sings the song stuck like glue glue stuck like glue I thought they now seen. Final answer trick they able to and I know. Okay time is. Aaron Hattie feel like you didn't beat the street today I don't think Abby deceit. I think well all the fans on the challenger again we hooked up with that ticket that Tacoma dome let's meet him. What's an alien pro then what you didn't finance. I'm from friends list and I'm attacker let's find out how you did when we asked her the same time question which movie star Mel Gibson has William Wallace. Well. Know that when he did you get a break on that that happens to be my favorite movie so little disappointed in the aryan Braveheart. Odd that this really. Blue paint horses come on now yeah that was enough to live we do I no blood no points on the first question which state is around the mount rush right. North Dakota. Daytona is incorrect so you got a break there to be did you see in Utah which is also incorrect boy it is a Monday Amelie is an it is. So your boat though that added let no it's South Dakota south. South Dakota the tough one and lets your motorcycle rider you right through South Dakota for Sturgis opinion. Okay Oprah to. Where it's hot stars' fans are known as believers. Justin Bieber and so weird to me that you both get that we'll look back back back a I know. I may have been atlas and appoint appoint so you're tied up at one apiece what is the nickname for the sometimes unpleasant smell it Tacoma. Tomorrow my Tacoma Romo has the right answer in its cause. By the paper mill aryan but it's called the Tacoma aroma that sometimes unpleasant smell we got to whip up that at that slow go Bruins can limit the red and it could go right at their football lives. No it's man have to tell you what you were right to struggle busted if I'm going to be honest with you so many TV that point yet they're nice dividends you knew were talking about the okay so. We are high then at two apiece sitting in the last question this is a country song stuck right there. What they'll know the share. Was there I'd answer so a usage Crist able to an incorrect even like Gaby a point there you still lose beat the street at three to two aaron's sorry bro. A man and wife didn't get to see faith you get to see Tim what the hell. G and so I began. But you do that to him bat and getting busy with anyway embodied the Jakarta the morning we'll fact that if you have been okay. And I said you could have a great night on July 13 we look forward to meet Aaron Manny did also and they guy yeah. I have a 115 minutes and by the way or you're awesome you're not gonna believe what blast from the past Hasbro has trademarked and we'll give you a hint right now it's a smell that's right. Breaking news you can trade market smell and we got a Korea next here that that's the morning. I smell a party. So wolf OK so has crow has just trademark can smell. Morning wolf back if you were gonna trade marketing smell what what do deed to a 642 on wall for you Texas 46150. I guarantee there's no smell associated with me. Everybody wants trademark. They went back and I don't know why they did this is Emily you looked it up played who came out 5066. The act so why would they need trademark now for the smell of play. I don't know but apparently it's pretty hard to trademark smile they're very either actually trademark some doctor do you have other examples. Verizon among other things trademark the smell of their store I believe blacks. Which is great in them yes I've always heard it was next to impossible which is why all these knock off. Balloons and perfumes are so cheap yes that's the selling point money can't trademark smile well I will tell you everybody knows this well played out as we year old kids and healthy this stuff. They described it as sweet slightly musty Vanilla like fragrance with slight overtones of cherry in the natural smell of a salted meat based dough. Commenting on the beastie sweaty feet that day. Whatever has grown go morning just in Tacoma happy Monday manpower yet. I'm doing very very were doing good so we were talking a minute ago about how Hasbro has now trademarked the scent of Toledo which you know was unmistakable from each that smells and price that they hadn't done that already I know. I am too so if you really trademark smelled just in which one would it be. They the new. Are now like bringing art uses saw when you grow up and stuff. Your mom and dad or whatever get a new car wing. When you become an adult in new car is the one of those we now know that you're just like I never wanna get rid of. So you almost equated to success it's not just the new car smell and the able to afford a new car so I got a new car smell yeah yeah yeah if it. It is account when you get new car smell of the car wash or has got to be new car not saying it isn't the same. Not it really is really not a name it. It's just don't know man we've hit like Lester and that that. That quality let there they smell of open you borrower. To find an Indian men than. Yeah exactly the commercial. Or I think it was. He was the guy from Fantasy Island and I think it was like Lincoln maybe you didn't find cutting in. A man how many of you left Florida. How many you to be there for those a little bit older than you aims. Elected that is anybody's bad back in the day got. We'll just do appreciate you checking in on the smell that you would trademark in any of a lot of people would agree with you yeah and associated to more than just a smile. Think hey man the left. That was great great great day. He just came up by the way Ricardo Montalban. Rich Corinthian leather. 1980 eighths. 770 protection. And Chrysler's exclusive crew still don't complete our coverage we all know or care. That's even better than Rolls Royce or Mercedes. Chrysler New Yorker gave you that one thing Chrysler New Yorker I thought it was the Chrysler Cordoba and I couldn't find a partner that fine Corinthian a figure Mercury it sounds like he Uday. To mosaics where you want wolf what smelled would you trademark if you could. Good morning Samantha Daly who we're talking about the fact of Plano has trademark excuse me Hasbro has trademarked the smell Plano what smell would you trademark. All all chat or. They had a smell. And league that you remember is nine never had one of these stills I government for us now what was the smells can you describe it Samantha. Able to. Download. Being out there it. Her over the bulls in action now yeah. Cabbage. Okay how long did the smell last before just starting to smell like whatever your room or your drool smells like. Forever and that's. All about supporting old. All right. Whoa. All four hope that things. Cement that. It's enlightening thank you for sharing your your call to ask had to get my guy UC LU do is love you died here recently in an ever it would smell would you trade marks the end. Out. The best the breath yet and once your puppy like after reverend elongated this stops having the puppy breath he grows up. The biggest growth is just next you'd usually Don Brown I. Have. Lee and that is fantastic thank you. Everyday. PGA okay what smelled would you trade marks to a 642 on wolf we can text us 46150. Good morning glory in body lay carry I'm more worried helmerich. So Hasbro went ahead and trademarked Plano and the smell of play and we don't know why but they did it after the what eighty years. So now that we know what's possible. What's smell would you wanna trademark. Why did I have playing the baby's well. There you have. And you know what's funny is I just had one of those in fact they mean Jews only a year and a half I don't remember how babies now. Especially they do sell the top of their head. Well yeah I mean what I'm saying here's I didn't realize they'll smelled the same I know what you had smelled like and I loved it but. You all babies Lori had the same little smell. Com I was it was quiet three kids when there are born Lee sale of the failure like. A fresh baby powder he quoted as you might need to get away yes according to Samantha you can get a Kevin matched. He met at a totally different it's totally different and I know that I am a former football world a look vibrant and. Well that I played well in my camp while. So you would just when you have warned there would just sit there and dismissed as quiet on the sanctions on Iraq as well. This is failing to file its ways that they had platinum. I'm like I did you put him as saying things the popular man. Q question from one parent to another especially the young ones here and I don't what you think I'm too weird and Emily you're gonna think this weird but hope becomes a part of your everyday life when you have babies it's just a thing like you're always check in for your right lane and make your wife and and it's changing. But I actually kinda like that smell when they're just little babies and have this mustard coop. It's his yellow that little mud was when they're getting breast fed are mustard I don't know what it is but it turns into something very awful dislike your nice group later. But I don't like the smell of the little mustard troops and I'm and is like puppy breath I missed it when it when it went away. I only different after you beyond your eye and a little bit except yeah I think you know a little bit or you're a little luckily I won't say if I put the bat there is low in Atlanta with a good you know that they get an I'm I'm glad. I'm a teacher. Was there on why this mother really bad and I want or indifferent or anybody. Good heavens here once they're put real food and everybody you start getting real proof it's just. I could be out there were informed by clicking again I think this I think anybody it's and it can't get out ha and I thought okay what was my other. They wanted to play on my guests are you know every kid's labor. Her. I don't. Yeah John it. Is that he's the only I know you're playing her man I don't know if you don't Roma. I think they've done. Baby well I've ever able with all I love how lord brings in all the way back to the good stuff that's. Meanwhile I take it down this horrible road that nobody injured and sick for me. Yeah you have to us exports you wanna if you could you know you can trade markets Mel we smell what they. Good morning Gina in snohomish everyday until you were fantastic had a great weekend hoping did as well I hit it in the comfort. We saw each other OKC team over the wolf tenth. All the fantastic. Deal which homer you refresh our brains and when it goes there he flew. A lot of that was bizarre wasn't it. So we're talking about the Baghdad Hasbro has finally trademarked the scent of played bizarre I still need to figure out what took them 506070. Years but. If you gonna trade market smell Gina what would they trust. I one she took mine I had to have fresh cut grass are right there with eighteen I love that smell and I don't know why they're biting my childhood. Maybe that's it's at least for a little little boys go mowed lawns that I still do Islam that's Millen now and I'm out of my bike and feisty guy and sit down mull around the middle of nowhere and all the rats even the clintons opened up. The other one and I light is lumber. A little bit to. Let come what are yet you can arrive by job citing smell that debt brand new to two by force the fluid. And it. Gina doesn't get the same brain you'd it looked. Good morning Michelle into coma so if you get a trademark your favorite smell what would it be. Tearing me. Like a Barbeque are like oh you're looking at. You're scaring me that is think it's I would never thought of it but that is its planet using the UC AC hearing me amateur. Okay all right so I love to Barbeque but I don't critique and there's much of a smell when you first hots here aside a beast it's more that cooking afterwards. If you do it in your house in oil in the hot skillet OK you get a kick in okay like I do a lot of work until like. Eventually it's not the greatest now did you get overwhelmed like doing forty chickens. But it's Great Lakes eventually. Maybe play you know even bacon bacon bits of. They inventory and those vacant broken and finally selling luggage they checking news Mary in Auburn if you're gonna trademark you smell would be married. A fresh cut Christmas tree. Yeah he's fine and we limited you have place because there are Christmas catalogs and everywhere. Up love and marry. Up the army Vega Christmas you know may have to go there. Appreciate executive okay handling. What's known would you trade market I trademarked the scent of rain in the summer. Through sun or rain and sometimes. I have been told the alarm and I haven't. Let's get. Well but nothing that's especially the hotter the better Ilia steam off the asphalt all right slow jump. And I easy it's sad diesel fuel and. Pat pat pads and a leader of the caliber of this is the morning. Alastair only do 1470. Wall. How big are the Big Three are bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is particularly well. Of course the royal wedding it did happen over the weekend load gets that the first something happened last night is the billboard musical award. And Chris Stapleton was your big winner in the country genre he did home at. Best let's Pizza Hut top male artist he to come country artist of the year and top country album. Walked away with three Sam hunt at home best country stronger top hundred somebody had a background. Mary Morris with your top female country artists according Georgia line lending group to do so for country and then the brand took home top country to work. Yet in the very beginning I was kind of surprised and happy to see Kelly Clarkson hosting. She seems country even though she's not cheaply country furlough this she's counting in the country fan. And he she knows we're in Morse right in the beginning yes and then it was nonsense for an hour and a half but yeah. Let me go shortlist of country artists you didn't have to watch last night I. Okay Chris Stapleton has a separate room in this house for these awards he seems he's on every word and every show this country anything for the last five years he's going to be a separate house to have words there. Great night I had to Krispy Kreme this week because they've got a doughnut available only this week. Available today through the 28. It is they blew theory believes it don't pan out you weren't aware they did a boat to the glaze contest earlier in the year and Lyndon glaze one. They the limit lasers were available last. He said you voted I did that it was so funny too because Emily I think you voted in every food poll that you talked about you actually borrowed the person that goes to motive might you know like federal elections you have for president of those Burton now I don't know I guess you I don't know that's Joseph that's no I actually voted for the blueberry onetime as a Ayman crashing and that's on made OJ. No I didn't have imagined but blueberry came in seconds another gonna make it available for all of those. That voted for blueberry so vivid that this week but he never really voted for president yeah. I didn't know you have I I have I can president I have for those dollars up I'm not back get a bigger and it's our president Keiaho that's gonna. And of course the railway they have the mile Dutch as the Sussex a mega Merkel are as simple. It a little basic custom made you Monte gallon because it's so basic in just clean white people don't seem to be talking about it like they did the Kate Middleton Pratt and. My wife and her friends were cut it up there were cut up her hair her dread. I like the fact that they americanized the royal ceremony in Mary. Plane that she said from the beginning Eminem and then Elmo make up like my hair's gonna be very. So it's funny because she'd just so plain basic everyone seems to be talking about everyone else's wardrobe yes and did you know that Oprah almost had a huge. Wardrobe issue she realized the night before the wedding what she does away with days and came across as a white on camera. So she had to have her people work all night to find her peach colored outfit that eventually wore thank god she has people that would be a big incident you can't Wear something that looks wait till wedding. If you're not the bride I guess that's right had this huge and everyone else and seems to be getting compared to a drink cans at the new mean coming out. Amal Clooney's bright yellow dress looks like the Anheuser-Busch at pineapple we'll read AK and of course the queen had on that Berry lime green ensemble. Look like the Anheuser-Busch Ryan arena ya and the big one is pivot Middleton and I really liked her dress and tell all the mean compare her to beat Arizona. Green tea can. It's exactly that's saying an out I've seen eye to eye it is hilarious if you haven't seen it we need to posted I guess god is exactly how outside and I was like win words. Don't think she got like NASCAR sponsored the royal wedding. Classic get up. Didn't think the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 foot putt downhill. How much do you think a Space Needle window washer makes horrible article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make you may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we don't wanna know what everybody else makes reliving it is never okay ask until now. Let's say hi to Tiffany she's intent this morning don't exhibit eight. So morning and creativity is a dump truck driver. For Waste Management in Seattle and by the way. She's the only female lead dump truck driver in the NW Tiffany that means you're at the top of the top your top gun your Miramar for what you do. Yes there are gonna call you viper. I don't know I get a part in Tulsa and buy for top gun atop that I maverick liar hyper. Send it back up you got to send him back up there yeah viper was a guy that training cat okay Goss was the co pilot may have it is okay sorry. Tiffany. Yes. First of all thank you for calling in and being willing to share your salary for a let's do that we're gonna pull one minute on the clock for Nancy's many questions as we can hopefully they'll be relevant questions. And and never law taking yes OK Stephanie. Off and Emily are you ready. I'm ready both Tiffany are you picking up garbage at people's houses. I'd pick up recycling in and residential neighborhood I. How long have you been doing this Tiffany. In after years are you a part of the union. Okay do you get there was less and you got a good race. About it until. You get paid hourly or salaried and hourly do you even noticed the smell anymore. Actually it I went pretty clean that's true I mean and it's a deal and get paid more being a lean. Yet okay can you recycle pizza boxes even though they have cheese on sometimes good question I. Don't believe any debt and I get it. Jordan way succumbed contact yet yet not trial we are sorry and liberty do you recommend this stop and others. Yes that is was less than get a new car. Here we have to get paid overtime. Coach. OK that. So all the time we have for the questions give us a few minutes college two minutes and 45 seconds ticked at you come back well guess what we all think you make for living and you share your salary is a sound guy and that's okay we love you let it end. Welcome back to share your salary because we all want to know what everybody else makes for a living programmer and ask until now. On the phone we got Tiffany Tiffany lives in Kent. She is a dump truck driver for Waste Management Seattle she's the only female lead dump truck driver what else do we know Wembley before we take you get to what she makes. Part of the union she's been diminished after three happy years since gets paid hourly thinking it over time. And she does get more paid more being a lead and she picks up recycling in residential areas. And apparently. There's this picture pizza boxes and compost which. I always thought that was the press I don't know how to productivity here to go ahead confirm that pizza boxes go in the compost the yard waste. Yes well I okay that's the Greenland. Okay by the way not that this is really important but the overall classification. I've got ten wins emily's got ten Winslow Joseph bring in a career worst seven but I feel like I haven't wanted to really long time no use out of big charged leave and then you ask who stated went out to guard all right so Emily won the last you're gonna go first what you think Tiffany makes for a living image to share her salary irate I Miguel there just hasn't in the jobs that long and it outfit without. Okay. I believe that makes me go next with your ten wins. I'm gonna say based on what we've learned and I forget his name but a really nice Fella who cleans the honey bucket for the bodies for a living. I'm gonna say 85. Because I don't think that demand is high. But I do think this is a specialized job and she'd be in the only woman she's the top of her game. Probably go 85 on the on the high side smug joke I'm gonna go 62060. OK let's find out if you are ready when did somebody who is mine did Durham manager admirals. Are you ready to negotiate your salary and the IR activity how much do you make do what you do. Nanny now than me yeah. It's. I had no good hey kids. As you wrap. Well in this is the education that's come and we share your salary. Starting to pick up some clues I don't know how your guys aren't and I am letters in nineteen grand Matty here. Everywhere I. You know we are gonna lose loads yeah I know serious allergy. And we appreciate you do what you do for 5000 dollars here. If her. Did he thank you for sharing your salary and congratulations on May get really and I'd rather than any now. And today and I very very attic. Age yet special plans to celebrate. Additional slots total. Her humility is not to be but I can't have severe weather and there are you feel that I think you can do agree under the table I know that straight right. Remember she likes tequila till I gonna make you Metairie of one day Tiffany. Yes. Hey happy very day we live via thanks to be a part of the show thank you. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister Christmas Abraham Lincoln modest but not better. I get a paycheck they back off with a fresh air and Emily grace was just gonna give her advice and yeah. 100 point seven it's. So some breaking country news this morning. He songwriters. Jason out gains it saw that we play on a wolf all the time because it's awesome you make it easier being accused of plagiarism. Everybody is. And I love these when this happens because I relate to go back and listen to the song that they are accusing the person's stealing and see if it sounds like it which by the way we'll do for you here momentarily. A little more the set I felt. A Canadian musician. Says he sent a similar song called easy to somebody in Nashville a couple years ago who promised to show it around. Oh then coasted on them. So. This guy's name is Connor Shaw. And I'm about to play the saw on the hero now he wrote it for music class back in 2015. Recorded a rough version he posted online a family friend and natural like that he said hey man. I want to center around a couple of people but he never heard anything back. Then in February he heard you make it easy which was written by Florida Georgia lines Tyler covered in Brian Kelly. Plus Morgan Whelan and Jordan Schmidt. Whalen a Wal-Mart aren't always say that the media. He fell ripped off so he posted clips of both songs people are agreeing with ten including an entertainment lawyer who says he never heard two songs sound so similar. He had the lawyers sent a cease and desist order to the Florida Georgia line to attorney. Well the response from F kills lawyer made it clear they have a fight on their hands if they plan to continue a fight that would cost a whole lot of money in other words their big time and on the big tent and lawyers. So. Because when here yet. I don't yet though it's all easy would Zanardi seems to be like ill they added a few words yeah. So here obviously just so everybody's on the same page. Which by the way Vanessa over the week it was as saying how she thinks this song is perfection. This is her favorites I don't iron things out. Ninety. Well usage is you know these are you mean Connor show me you love your honors I right here it is. And and I knew it and. We. We okay. Okay he. Okay. And his is definitely more alike are indeed the Louisiana. It is close man especially in the beginning. Than any yet first of they may get you so I was like to go one step further inflated to songs on top of each other is sometimes that will illuminate the obvious. We'll also get this morning I didn't think that senator anything alike but it's all about the core yeah it really is and throughout. You know like. The history of music this has happened over an hour and a stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin was a blatant ripoff in fact I went to high school with a kid Scott Johnson who had a similar story where. His own goal wrote a song and sent it to a music company. In the song was good vibrations. Which the Beach Boys or pay his uncle killed himself vote. Because I felt like his life and legacy was robbed in strip by the beach boys and he couldn't handle like you for a softball so morning OPEC what do you think you just sat there her and both songs do you think that that's a rip off I mean there's a reason at Joseph lawyering up. And how iron out hard to a 642 on Wall Street in Texas for 6150 we ought to know you think right now. Okay just to recap if you're joining the conversation Jason how these and more importantly. The songwriters have you make it easy his latest hit song. Are being accused of plagiarism. For stealing the song from a guy named Connor Shaw he is a Canadian. I wrote the song back in 2015 he claims says he sent it to Nashville because a family friend wanted some people here at the thought it was pretty good. He wrote and music class I don't know if he's in high school or college. Anyway the people that wrote the song Tyler governor Brian Kelly for George align us Morgan. Wall and in Jordan Schmidt are now being accused of plagiarism for taking the song and make it a thorough and so. Real quick we all know what Jason sound day. Aaron does get the news this is gonna show off. And and I mean and. We. Mean. And apparently it's been taken pretty seriously because that geo has learned yes big time what do we see another taxed. They're pretty split and Nike and Thomas says almost completely identical. Some yells and I don't think they sound similar I think Connors songs sound four like you make it easy on Sunday morning at dawn. Yeah you know and I know this on and on and using that land reaching minority yes the relaxed than new moon and you know be okay. K. It's a real as I ask you keep talking in the hypocrisy is our Tyler and Brian aware of the sourced so worst seem pretty split group. For the tax okay. Hello city if you all of so you just heard some audio clips from adjacent around means you make it easy in name Connor Shaw's version he says he wrote the song a couple of years ago and music class senator Nash Ville never heard back. Well at the beginning adequately to lift that slowed Zelda. It clean and don't like the famed song and it doesn't look so I'd like to hear both for the final play all the way through before making a final opinions it. I think that if he was really met with the song and he's been it and he sort of acted on making it is it's gonna lose bonds. We picked it up the latest and that's the way don't. I don't know why you're assuming that this guy understands the system and knows how it works it seems to me like he's a college or high school kid who wrote a song and it was very naive about ready after all. Sandy made me think of Powell and many other times this happens. And we Europe against big lawyers and big money you can keep your children yet and I got a right to check for a 100000 dollars and it's going to be great but. Drop of the life. He admitted that cares if this kid that kid that could really truly. Pretty much what happens. And it sounds like into the game of the songs I would say yes that's exactly what happened that has long. And I think that they he needs and not get to be bought out he needs to be paid. A commission negative it can make a lot of money up that bomb that they now he's added as a songwriter yet yet in the back games where you make your money yep yep yep yep yep. One more quick note Italy I am Doug Elliott you barreled. I cannot believe he could live action with twelve minutes that we didn't blog about how are you go girl Cindy thank you. Wasn't that unbelievable and for those of you who slept in how. Thought Emily on Saturday night slept for twelve straight hours woke up to commodity imports came back to bed and slept the rest of the day in this club's all night till this morning like. Do you understand this season is insane and things she needs again as witnessed some tips when he's in now how well they you know what she did that's how has many simply slip your route via the air or. Somebody does not letting Armando manner mama tiger I don't have Hayward I'm I'm putting a fire hydrant and a great decade ago I am planning an idea. I take care by. Back with Matt Stairs. One place. So walls. And they get out of here and let vehemently takeover but before we do just a reminder to check out the podcasted he never have we always put fifty minutes of bonus until on the front and that they will be talking about. Vancouver attack and now I'm having to fend off my mom from tearing it taser everytime I go on a bike ride this. The royal wedding deer was actually made with hops from Washington State so we did have a little piece of the royal wedding over the weekend sure we're all very cool and one last thing Starbucks has a new policy. Based on the two guys that were staying around doing nothing got arrested. Now they say you can stand around and do nothing. Yeah at an idea Italy was training and how these Saturday night at the Tacoma dome. You know nothing bonds you together more as a team they getting. Pelted on was sideways rain and do you like that when you really just teed up for a concert to look super cute to meet Emily was like smoke in on that night and day she literally added if you've ever met him earlier seen a picture perfect she has really beautiful hair all the way down your back that comes my way and it was literally like you could bring that stuff yeah. Though last. It was weird too because an hour before it was eighty it felt like hours and you know cold sunny year round mound. You know I just wanna say one thing about Chris Young he was so gracious and so accommodating. To the two ladies Christine Amanda who won the contest to go and watch and sound check. I am not only did get to watch some sound check and we had to hang out with them and took a much pictures then Chris Young who wasn't supposed to do this gave them a Tor of the backstage. Which I see he spent an hour with them yeah didn't have to go through an evidence marijuana around backstage later and he had dinner with them too he took them took catering and had dinner within which again was not a part of the package. But as Chris young and a sister who by the way former marine she's pretty awesome. And they hung out of them literally on line in that was not a part of the deal so Chris Young lot of problems. Yeah actually last major brownie points in my in my book that's a classic you're right I don't they got like a million so please. Yeah who division they're a little shy about the bullet out your sit by and during sound check into that I take pictures out of with the electronic notice those pictures and coastal credit document well the element. Only adds up to that. So I sell looked over I was like Kenny that we should takes himself he's on your phone. Thinking that they wanna have some with like Emily and I and it and I thought well it's a good idea mister taking soltys with Christiane in the background. And I and I look over my wife and I go. Got to remind myself sometimes if you believe in Houston temple's October nobody you know they don't want nobody yeah. Good morning Arnold actually not a jealous. Mornings and I'm still. I feel 100 point seven the world.