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Monday, November 20th

Monday November 20th, 2017


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He went so well to morning and we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this is then you 100 point seven. All happy Monday's morning wolf pack MM McAlister who's Joseph made a taxi business trip over the weekend away Joseph from. The way I Joe's dragon little vignette video packing movie paying over the weekend and on top of catch a couple of flights back and forth to Phoenix not an easy weekend for you. You know all that being said it was a great week and got to spend time with Sophie and my dogs in particular OP is doing amazing after surgery ten questions for yeah. What did they do with the two and a half pound tumor that they've pulled out of that I have no idea. It's just I well I and I know they put in a bag Soviet to hold the bag and Seattle have deal was you know Massa was it yes it keep the earth now he'd keep it they had do you that you buyouts to some part portion of that ascendant again. Chad see who's been on an air of dignity do you know yet not yet I think here tomorrow when they see do and aren't these are very good at a lot of the lot of the morning wolf pack for concern and we look when it comes to dogs. I've I trust me I appreciated. It was that was one of the harder things that I've had to deal would have gas they'll listen you know the that you don't my dogs for me is this the same as yes those are your kids again. You know it's one of those things to worry you'll you'll see. And and you behave when I say this and everybody knows is true of everybody that we have kids think it's amazing because your dogs are your kids that you have kids and unfortunately. Is that they've given us a love for the dogs but they Corey go in the backseat of the car if you don't mean Ellis and it's all about this kid loud and it's kind of sad like that I felt when we had. Judy a year ago. I felt so bad for penny or their dog is like all the sudden you're given all your love to the new baby. Until we had to go out of our way to get penalized and they just you know I human beings child requires so much more attention Alia that when you get a baby it's all consuming Iraq friends have. Plus thought about this weekend Joseph because I was doing exactly the opposite. I was I had awesome selfish hedonistic grit to it this weekend all the myself I saw that I was happy Victoria notes that a lot of strapped skis yeah I grew up skiing and in Colorado and in it's Big Five love skiing pad and I and in years just get busy he can't do it it's expensive and such an awesome feature appears oh I know. So into crystal mountain on Saturday to solo just got up in the morning. Have some coffee facetime to Vanessa sit him on skis and they don't want to. Happy go skiing I'm here with the baby in the you know I've been president it's unanimous that around here all day that she's a guy goes yeah. Tonight hips and your pictures all day music beautiful blue sunny skies. Made this us the picture. Conditions are grave better than sitting there are getting Turkey the you ask him like that is two options here. Either mean tequila or me in view of the snow and a fresh share and that. Since she's like yeah I get your point because it. I have a question yet I think he said Richard non listeners crystal yeah okay how long of a drive is that from very well for more I live it's only is about it's about an hour and a half so in the coli is it like street north. South sound yes south and a little into the east it's basically to drive and it to Mount Rainier. Which is in there's no one at one point you get on top of this one for me it was so beautiful dad there's one point we do you get at the top of this one chairlift pretty much at the top of the mountain rat and it's like Mount Rainier is right there. I mean you're isn't feeling you're next to it. It's gorgeous so what was it was a crowd like. You know wasn't bad I think for everybody myself included it was the first today really of schemes they opened on Wednesday the first. Everybody bit as funny on every single list item weight in lift lines at all. I avoided the gondola to Steve on a different side. Everybody was like I'll. So sore so and apparently nobody is in shape to go skiing and myself included on sole source tell a whole different path that I muscled Hannity and music. Yes you do and if you ski kind of aggressively which I like to your body's never before my lower back is. And fire back but it is beautiful day I didn't hardly wait at all that's who I'm busy busy being the first weekend. Now I think it's still pretty early still clear that the conditions were great. Now that you know exchange that at least further we get it was perfect so does. Yeah it was great man I can't say that I was mad at a in one little bit and I just loved it that's. As funny he had this you know Obama's cell size second earbuds and just ask you to my music out Ed's. Fiat was kind of grade I. So this hour there have fun shared by the guys glad to hear thank you for starting your day with us we got our conversation with Keith Urban coming up here in about twenty minutes. Now he was a big winner at last night's AMA awards pretty much what every country categories so amid a great conversation about lip syncing awards shows on Friday and wanna hear that also. Coming up at 710 beat the street for hometown holiday tickets this week which is awesome. I didn't think we're get to give any of those away as slaves she felt this as a big bank so. You can't afford to join us maybe we can in the queue up at 71060 in the mud club but now wire you up early. Steffi gets to check you with us just let us know what's going on how was your weekend what are you doing for the phone lines work. Yeah we have a little problem that on Friday I forget. Actually don't know yet but I have come on the materially scenario Georgia I just checked in downtown. 206421. Wolf morning wolf fact check in right now let's go. Hello Cynthia in Lacey good morning wire you up early. Back intact or granite I. Hey good for you do that for Amazon. Com or. I. I. What's the coolest part about work in their because I'm sure they have all kind of great like employee benefits and programs. Out okay I'll be armed. Are not. Are and how was your weekend. And I. Thought I had quite. So this is your Tuesday that it might OK great so you can tell us house Monday. I. I didn't or I bed well Cindy thanks for being a part of the morning wolf pack we really appreciate you listening. Now guys I love it. They can and you got a great job I really appreciate it. America. Crazier you hosting Thanksgiving this year since the end or you going somewhere yeah I'd I got. Perfectly what did you have a small list of restaurants that where do you go out for Thanksgiving. You know I haven't gone up Thanksgiving ever. I'm aren't they get maybe it kind of you know I know I'd. You know I've got to be other places opened a lot of people's Thanksgiving tradition is to go out so I hope there's some places open for him. I tap my cat I had it all. Out publicity have a great day at Amazon does Jeff I said hello and we'll talk to you soon thank you much. Therefore we get to our Keith Urban conversation wire you up early 206421. Waltz. Hello Devin net in silicon are you today. Iron carrier Pam gray YE a burly DeVon. I'm up early summer Mercury Ari on the great. How long even in DeVon I've been told her almost freer now OK so this is second agency now menu Horry soldier. They're well DeVon you know how much your military service is appreciated round here at the wolf ranked that they that's your support Melissa we love you guys thank you for protecting yes keep it a safe and then make an America what it is brother wouldn't it wouldn't be that way without you guys in the sacrifices of all the veterans and come before you so thank you again. Both hi Devin have a wonderful day on base OK. It take care your shot an average John why you up early. I'm driving truck Holland hog fuel to the milk hogs fuel to the mill Obama yet what exactly is hog fuel. It's just stepped woods. In the heated instructions. And I do your boilers. Kudos. The oldest old can burn burn. Power their mill in your candidate so it all right Sean will Helen even doing that. I've been with this company up for about a month okay how's strap together this morning we do okay. We're doing very are out I love it's John thanks for check it indeed a part of the morning both pac man. You bet it. Appreciate your listeners aren't coming up next guys do this Friday we had a great conversation with Keith Urban right before you cross the AMA's over the weekend and one everything in the country categories but that's. Just stick around we'll play next but stick around talks about lip syncing an awards show us here that morning war. I'm still a party. It's. So wolf Keith Urban on the phone hello. This match yet this is Matt. Yeah that's it's okay yeah it's been a little on them but I gotta say congratulations. On the CME's you had everybody buzzing about the song female. Think Q I was very grateful that I thought do that some of mail much. Well why was the song so important to use to cut and mean it all happened really quickly you're hurting your like oh yeah I got to do it. Yeah well minimum on the fathers it's two daughters six and nine and as a husband a son. And that this song just spoke to me on so many levels and if I didn't I would think it it was just heart reaction I had that song and and we. Luckily got to bail to record it. Have you heard the cover that the song suffered jets have done this group in Nashville. Sure has the video is actually beautiful. Do you think it makes the song more powerful than Amanda singing it. I think it's it's apples song period. And it's it's. And I I and I'm glad that the separate jets cut it to that you can you can hear the phone from both perspectives. It's a great song a great message. I almost feel the song to just as much a prayer as it is as strong as the celebration it should be it it's a level that. It's many many things it addresses certain things in the in the and the person that's cool. But for me the song. Is the feeling I get from the entire assault. Is is very very spiritual. Yeah and you've been in this game a longtime key so I'm sure you've seen. Suspect behavior from guys in Nashville power executives are you happy with what's going on right now in Hollywood with all these guys getting outed for what they've apparently been doing for years. It's it's it's just a great part of evolution I think that. As we move forward. This new things to bring out into the lies in and this obviously this is high time that this has put out and utilized everywhere. Amen brother and a lot of people that are nervous right now because there literally is nowhere to hide anymore about Lilly Keith happy belated birthday he turned fifty in October. And I did it you gotta be the youngest looking fifteen year old on the history of the planet by the way. A I love that I get to do what I do again and I think everybody here until December it. I would tell any difference that I dilemmas to count. You know getting this year and I can racquets getting stage during a feel exactly the same as I do when I got here. Well you look the same maybe actually I think maybe you look better so that's a good thing that's signing that why I. Well and I know you feel that way about Nicole did I read correctly that you guys are new Ager valves when you turn fifty. I know we had such read that chuckled not a guy all right and then there was something else to end and I had never heard the story. They were claiming in this particular article that she propose to you originally is that how went down. That's that's the first I've heard of that one I can promise you. It was as traditional as it gets I can even guess surprised that I had two rings picked out because I awards show which one would be derived want to propose we thought it. No way how did you make the decision finally is that is that's a hard thing for guided do. I had a I had a very traditional. Much older and teeth chattering that I found that I love is the issue restore and you know the more mod. Kind of spot and has the Nancy able wow all kind of rings like gosh. They're both speak two different things but you know what I should propose to reconnect and I just went with the one that I felt was. At the heart. But how I felt it you know so I waited with the traditional. Oh you did indicted Dijjer find out later down the line which when she would have preferred. I told Eric Chase that I would just wanna whichever one you felt. Of course he did this case she's awesome. Yeah that's paths they keep their gonna follow this right now and would use. Keith Urban ever lip sync a performance on an awards show are man. That's like everybody every artist this thick and goes through times and have to figure out what the heck am I gonna days and there's things in life. That we all go through where you're like damned if you do damned if you don't. And we have to make a decision and the Mamas so I think everybody makes a decision that feels right at the times have you ever done it in the past. I I had to do in the past here at Amway and I will also add that. I know that anybody knows exactly what they'll do in any situation until they're. Smack dab in the middle of the necessarily yeah. You know it's easy in hindsight is that what you do it's Fijians foresight that he might days that man when you're right smack dab middle of the moment. Not quite sure. What keeps you thanks for taking the time I love talking to you and our congratulations go on female you know I was watching it here in Seattle my wife was back in Phoenix and it was an hour difference. And she kept saying you have got to stay up for another hour because you have to see to Keith Urban song it's beautiful. Appreciate that I had and again the sanctions on the amount they have the writers and myself I say thank you and I just so very grateful that I could be a small part of putting themselves. Always a pleasure Keith you're one of the good guys you don't pay Abby is manager at Thanksgiving. Matt. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Coming up and about ten minutes will welcome somebody new into the mud club Q&A joint it's really easy to sit as a coffee mug from wherever you work. Boom we'll take a mug shot with a lemon join my coffee out of this since house document right now. Initiatives CB you'd find the guy who sent it coming up here a few minutes in the meantime. He really say that. Bad things happen in threes we'll over the weekend that happened in terms of people who we've lost that now is we look at the news this morning it's actually four. Of course starting with Mel Tillis who we lost over the weekend Mel Tillis. Is music was a little before my time. But I'll tell you I used to love the guy in and I didn't even know he was that when I was kid grown up. A he's a level the smoky the bandit movies of the Reynolds. And he was always the stuttering buddy in all those movies with Terry Brad and I yeah after exactly they were great Sally fielder. But. That's allied you Melton says again his music was way before my time but do I loved him in those movies are certainly legend everybody in country is that it reaching out and given their thoughts on him over the weekend yet thinking inspired a lot of people that we listened to on the wolf right now apparently was a great friend and mentor to Blake Shelton. Yeah I've read death he was really torn up over there but Blake's one of those guys he really loves the old school and so we lost Miller that we can now is very sad in the not so said and I'm kind of glad it happened to this or relief. We lost Charles Manson over the weekend at age 83 now. I wish I read helter skelter a kind of followed all that stuff not when it was happening obviously but I would vacuum. Fit for the was always he Cuba for parole every year as I was a famous parole hearing TH is he. Just would sabotage it yes I did this is that just a little clip Charles Manson. You'll feel Bryan. Are you mad do you feel like most about drug relish their friends and group. They're relics did you. Thank you didn't write about that. Yeah I am not so sad about that I'm just being honest and the world's a safer place he was a dangerous dark murdering Ingraham awful human being. Malcolm young from AC DC over the weekend. In damn world country fan she got a little lacy DC come yeah. Eight CDC was Angus young his brother. Yes OK and he's back there were one point I know there's three Brothers a world party CDC one time in the other one died in October so now all three years no one still alive his anger still alive. I believe that's correct Erica yes. And any other celebrity that we lost over the weekend. Was the Cosby Show Graham Paul that's how may be you might know his name is Earl Heinemann and he was also old nobody. Like a Chester Bennington of nobody young them Wimbledon global for the time they're all sort of you look natural causes type things like guess also. Not to keep up the more mid majors conversation but David Cassidy is on the brink of passing away right he's that's the next couple. I like going all right so put it this. Now another episode of good club remember if you wanna citizen run please he'd love that drink coffee had taken mug shots. This is one of those ones we the just a boxes. And we got a name off the shipping label in a phone number. Preys is Tyler. Our Tyler Matt McAllister calling from the wolf radio buddy. Underworld radio I'm doing good I'm just confirming that you were the guys that stuck to assess him tell us coffee mug in a box and send it to us that in your view liked Eric barker getting did I sure did in fact. It's kind of becoming a thing with the mud club as some people send in just a coffee mug but. Most people are putting in all the goodies so we have 4000 pins 53000. USP converters. A 185 golf balls you get the idea yeah there. You know we've been doing them we'd been going like I'm not a golfer but my bosses so I've been given all the golf swagger to him. I've been kind of butternut everybody here at the wolf that is up above mean with all the free goodies water bottles and we need toothbrushes. Our expert Chris Tyler what do you do there it's enticed. Just does their supervisor in charge of the route where you don't and talk then I had no idea the day idea uniform comfy week. We deliver any paper in uniform the poll paper that. Area rugs when did this isn't across the United States. So that's Kosier service supervisor so you're in charge of what on a daily basis. Now I wasn't in charge of the marriage overcame a dead territory. The route drivers but now I'm in charge does. I'm a check in managers so. All the guys come in I ought to all the paperwork for the day we have mark Everett location we're at 46 guys that. Service some stuff out of the camera back. And that they come back with what they did for the day and I audit all the paperwork and make sure every bit checked in bound and they're good and just yeah. Yet you enjoy being a manager I Tyler rather than being out there and track. Hi yeah I mean let's say I'm non profit guy larva. Person to person and I kind of workers felt the off it and getting promotions always night but I thought. That the route the route I'm going to be a lot of great people do you have to hire and fire people I need ideal firing. I have not had a fire anybody. Good out hosting that would be the worst part about being a managers have a let somebody go unless you really didn't like him in the European you know what that might be kind of fun. He can't deploy it at that. What Tyler men appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf pack can take time to send some unwelcome to the mug club and you are in he. Thank you I appreciate that and low heat yeah Walsh thanks I'll appreciate it buddy tell all your drivers that got to listen to the wolf 100 point seven all day and all night you don't have a choice. You guys that I play I play at my second room even if they'll like our Paula quit while you're the boss he could to pick the music man that's what comes with being a manager. Yeah yeah hey good well you are the man you guys are acting like the man can you upgrade your chairman doubted that it looked out there like it. Tyler have a great day welcomed the mug club and nothing solicited the wolf really appreciate your master editor pick us. The morning I needed a leader in the well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't help until other than a dollar ball here's Matt McAllister. It's no wolf this morning wolfpack got Matt McCallister his Joes here as well yeah Monday hoping had a good weekend. Just check out this article on the kings five. About distracted driver law here in Seattle since they've enacted it in July they have now stopped 5083. Drivers. For operating a vehicle holding electronic device the same time. There was a cyclist. I'm a big fan of these laws program because I can't tell you how many times in driving behind a car. In a car is halfway in the bike lane and halfway in their own lane and I think and I'll be right in my biker and beat dad and I know mostly it's because somebody's texting and driving which hate. But there's also this law also six people that are eating cheeseburger. Playing guitar can be and it can be anything if you are distracted. When you're driving by electronics or whatever. You can get a ticket fine started a 136 dollars for the first offense by the way. Out of the 5000 people pull over only 770. Actually received tickets. The witness or grace period I think that's right her first year like blood letting you know while that that includes talking on your phone. Like having your your phone appeared year yes it's not good for morning radio business I notice that anything if it were hypocrites because or ask everybody that they get speaker growth. Well in the interest of safety Joliet message you all pull over into designated park clarion and Garcia so I guess Joseph what's the weirdest thing you've ever seen somebody do behind the wheel am probably somebody eating a bowl of cereal. It's the worst road food ever can you imagine well for all cereal and a city it's a thought he had getting milk all over my face you're gonna have I I guess they feel that before they left the house and or they have Milken their car. Failure I mean just try to do that without making it giant mess seems impossible not eating while driving is a bad idea even the safest of Rhode sued. I mean these jerky that's properties and is crazy you wanna get right now that we're endorsing eating anything Bryant yeah. I have seen. I will say it was traffic situations so the cars we were moving at a high rate of speed wreck but I was still surprised and looked overnight so somebody reading a book. Yes I'm really against reading. Behind me. Can you do that I don't know but and it was a guy and he just kind of would look up to look down the cup I think you've got to be kidding me and some things they get sick well there's that. So here it is morning wolf back what is the strangest thing and they use seen somebody here in Seattle do behind that we 206421. Waltz. Let's have a little follow this imaging uses it as an example of what not to do right. Chris stance in gonna meet hometown holiday on December 13 tickets in Seattle wolf dot com or you can win them beat the street 710 and all week long. Howard in Aberdeen welcome to morning wolf pack data and Howard opponent. And nobody out fantastic man I'm loving life we're talking about this new distracted driver a lot of spin it in place in Salina 5000 people have been pulled over. What have you seen somebody doing what they should have been pulled over. Well you all saw her I eat why did you human beings who leaked the so I did last year in California. Nor is this another trucker in front of me he was clean Beckham or else I thought I wanted to ask if you know I asked them I looked over these large screen movie on a portable PDE. That's frightening considering the little guys can really scary he had not get over it that the Mac is Howard is another truck driver do you call like and number and report this person or what. I would call I want one absolutely Julianna to kill somebody absolutely. Eighty fell down our apple thing not a dime now dad Howard appreciate you checking in and have a wonderful therein buds. Yeah hello frank checking in from us Sutherland Oregon what is the strangest thing you've ever seen somebody be driving. Our dog guy down in the Bay Area sit in traffic. Colada or it will fish. They've pulled up a can opener. Openly chanted we sit on the Mitt mandate then it. I don't know what really got the bread here that they're probably literally made it clear this matter graphics. Natalie is sandwich but it tuna fish sandwich which is one of the Messi is hardest images to make it yeah yeah they do not like I would've given the brother any credit for use in salami and cheese or whatever but why tuna fish that's impossible to do I don't know like it's bigger. Fast break appreciates you colony in the morning wolf back where that that's great. I've got put to good ballclub. It. Boom thank you frank lacks pavements. History hello alien Bonnie lake are you ready for beat the street yeah. Hometown holiday tickets up for grabs we start given away this week it's gonna be awesome. You got Michael Rey Christie and some big generates dust and lynch Midland to me and Steve all happening December 13 at these SO show where senator intent. I'm really excited I. Have always done again. We send Joseph out on the streets of downtown Seattle with five questions we're gonna ask you the same five questions you have thirty seconds to answer them. If you do better than the street you win tickets to hometown holiday. God OK here we go Haley. Thirty seconds on the clock ready set go. Jay Leno and Johnny Carson both proceeded Jimmy Fallon as the post of what late night talk show Saturday and a life in which fast food restaurants can you buy a big match. We now. What is the name of the loan brother in the cart bashing stamped jobs built in 1962 in standing 600 feet in the air this Seattle landmark attracts over a million visitors per year they don't which country music star is married to actress Nicole Kidman. All right let's go out to the streets of downtown Seattle here is who Joseph got to answer the same five questions Travis her. Joplin Missouri and I'm disabled. Okay Travis from Joplin limit on the streets of downtown Seattle. Question number one Jay Leno and Johnny Carson proceeded Jimmy Fallon as hosts of work late night talk show. Sideshow. Okay. Travis got that one right it was the Tonight Show Haley and you did not get that one right so and right now Travis is beating you want to nothing else. OK don't worry hay lot of game left Cuba go with question number two at which fast food restaurant you glad big Mac Donald's. He got that on rides but so did you OK see you sit McDonald's is wells and now Travis has a two to one lead. On new year ago headed into question number three what is the name of the loan brother and the Kardashian fan. He has no idea that's good news for you Haley because you got it right it was rob card ASEAN. Okay yes I did you are now we haven't suited to lead heading into question number four. Built in 1962. In standing 605. Feet in the air the Seattle landmark attracts over one million visitors per year. It's based here. Who dis disclose he got it right. But so did you so right now we have a three to three tie heading into the last question alien body lake you do you still there right. End our idea for beat the street prefer hometown holiday tickets here we go question number five with country music star is married to actress Nicole Kidman. It. Even though that. Nor did you it's Keith Urban again we just got done talking to one Friday. So the way that I ended up here you bulls got three out of five correct so. You didn't beat the street Haley but she tied Neil what happens in a tie here on in the morning wolf thank. All in wolf pack clear exactly yeah OK yeah. I'm not gonna now. December 13. You're gonna be there are accustomed lynch Baikonur Christians and Michael Rey Midland and Kamensky it's going to be one of the best ninety country reasonable time can we departing with the handling. Do you really should be this is amazing and we're so glad you're gonna be here thank you for being a part of the morning wolf back. Thinking. I'm wolf pack with Matt McAllister and product. 100 points out though wolf morning wolf pack MM McAllister producing Joseph is here as well. By the way we had two very different weekends I get to the skiing crystal mountain ahead like the ultimate fun guy weekend. Joseph was in Phoenix packing up boxes which is the most miserable thing a couple can and do. Together absolutely after a couple of delayed flights to use a less than 48 hours it it went about as well as something like that can possibly go share nobody nobody fought her punch anybody notice thirty thing now and every thirty thing I did have an interest in conversation or to tell you about them. So my godmother who lives in California we had a conversation we had spoken to allow us that we urged catching up over the weekend. And Schieffer she invited to Thanksgiving which obviously can't make it to California for Thanksgiving nice but. She also fire asked who is going to be there and she's got so she get out large immediate family. And we're not going in all the numbers she's going to be hosting 27. People over Thanksgiving. All of whom are staying at her house. And now just immediate family children and grandchildren and one great grandchild that's a lot of people that's insane unity. I wonder if that makes a difference because Vanessa my wife she always makes Thanksgiving and she does everything I literally. I I do a lot of barbecuing but come for Thanksgiving that's all of them kitchen stuff I had one I'm not very proficient she handles it I'm wondering. How much difference it is between having five or ten people and thirty wow it's I think it's not digital portion just have to be huge portions is like here here. Problem number of line. Then you've got so many people in your house and bunch of kids run around and mayhem everywhere which makes probably getting dinner organized a lot more difficult. And I wonder you have to get to Turkey's. I would say average things there. Since it's twice is right on eBay I would think so be his mouth I don't know how are we always have you I don't know we always have left over Turkey forever regret I've never read at a Thanksgiving with ebony people I was enemy it. One time only to a friend's giving in there was probably twenty. But I have for family I've never been anything that big before that's I just can't imagine how that can be relaxing and enjoyable. Well I don't think there's any part of it and leisure guests that's relaxing enjoyable to get the clean up which. That alone. It gives me hives just thinking about all the dishes so much potential anxiety there for me well and it's Stanley twos ever to come over in judging her grating in scoring and you eat like you said I wanted to be impossible to enjoy the Obama era. But listen semi you know anybody in the morning wolf back to seven a lot of people I mean let's just actually this go for years find out. Who is having the most people over. For Thanksgiving and abusing define have you done it before Brian what it takes eight it sounds awful I don't know what can. Canada I think I just don't even know what it's our number is 206421. Wolf. So right now we're looking for the person in the morning we'll fact it's having the most people over furth thanks give. Hello Emily and renting and Harry do this morning carry out and do fantastic happy almost Thanksgiving how many people DC have over your house. I don't really have to when he or more. He's young you are you doing the cooking. I hope my mom can I agreements. Thank you met. Okay let me ask you is it fun at all I mean with ebony people coming over it seems like that's just a large number of people to make happy. Now is wonderful my family and I like it still want a holiday where both my mom and I got as a family time together on the theme holidays yeah. And and does I have very much together and everyone pitches band and it did the out different dishes. He went to Turkey is great. Yeah so one Turkey handles all those people. We had a pretty large Turkey and then sometimes a barbecue a Turkey breast okay when does everybody start drink him annaly let's get down to it. Prettier. Path willow and yet so much fun. A little social relaxed circuit and health everything Emily thanks for being a part of the morning wolf thank you chicken in a gang. Yeah I think yeah the case that's twenty plus. Heather in Puyallup how many people do you have coming over for Thanksgiving. I will be hosting thirty now. You're not doing this all by yourself and other c'mon. Absolutely not. I have a wonderful mother and sister and friends that are helping out like. Okay he's got that one or two turkeys for 36 people I am. You are not a trigger one and they are geared crazy had a good luck with all that. Without being illegal black vehicles actually opened our home park service and my gun at the airport. And we have a hole and all of the companies to celebrate it. God bless you I mean it's yeah military families just as important as the military themselves. Thank you cut. It to you happy Thanksgiving Heather thanks for doing which do all right crystal in your own company deeply hosting for Thanksgiving. There iron it hit. 35 trinkets that twenty great grandchildren. So what does that just over fifty. Totaled no trouble there's probably. Our spouses everyone included outward but that Andy who like your thoughts do you do you visit your house. That we at Celtic we have to credit church right Elliot LBS okay media we were it Everett church where it what is that extended today thank portrait let's give. Oh my goodness well it's so I mean listen when you don't have family around you realize how much you miss it so that's a blessing but is it expensive to run at a church. No it. It doesn't cost anything actually and it just yup and then reservations wind at a time. Yeah membership as a privilege and threatening our crystal appreciate you listening thanks so much for sharing and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thinking it can't. We have it it hit it a case here right there that upper tier I don't know targeted do better than seventy that is so many people how many turkeys for you Tina. We have greater than it is not a what's what's the most popular side dish Tina. And it everybody loves those mashed potatoes Youkilis garlic in there I'm telling here in home runs. But I'd team we love it they are being a part of the morning wolf back. No but it took to keep score based on a couple of conversations we've had recently we have somebody in the morning wolf pack who's going to five different Thanksgiving dinners you ever gonna follow up with and on Thursday. And then and now we have people having that seventy PP if anybody can beat seventy people to 06421 wolf. But I think we may have maxed it out that is absolutely insane it's crazy. IC I share. You know my favorite quote is everything changes when you change easily look at everything and I imagine if you look back and talk to your godmother Joseph news today. When he seventy points of that yeah we've got to we've got morning wolf Packers that are having seventy people plus over for Thanksgiving. In just when I thought this conversation was over and I was ready to move on to. I was talking off the air to Brandon in Arlington. He seven 130 people know we had a 130 people over but he also combo that with a weddings and so those gas cheating a little bit and ask your little bit Tim in Bremerton really nice guy with a big heart he has one of those like Stanley Thanksgiving but he invites all strays over to all your friends that don't remember ago. And he had a 150 people last series haven't about a hundred this year that includes eight turkeys and a couple of hams has and same as it how do you do eat Turkey CCD Friday that's probably the only way you can get multiple turkeys at Thanksgiving dangers these it is but I will tell you the best Turkey I've ever had in my life was the year that I defrag program. OK so a 115. That was there record and then. Shy and called them from even claw hellish Diane. Hello how are you today. Ariel and good fit you must have been laughing a little bit we're talking about 27 people be allowed for Thanksgiving. Again how many he had every year. I. I am I hacked last year at 12170. And that is my mind if you that's more people than I had my way. Yeah a lot more vehicle in my wedding Joseph you're there there was a lot of triple that's as lakers that's mind blowing giants are looking for so where does this happen to your house. I don't know that my apparel and what you are quite welcome and you can about a little love even clock that is a beautiful area I just love that whole thing out there. But I don't think I thought and these are how big is his place or is it outside how does that work. Am so what did Edgar Renteria at an auction barn and and try to auction barn we have. But it I'm auction barn total. He created she is a believer like eaters. We can't throw to a cable and then you're off the Pentagon. I have a question impersonal don't aggregates easy saying oh just drugs or other drugs and about what do you sort of about it a 300 tables go ahead Joseph is it all family members. All they'll remember it these do you have like this stage no microphones I feel like with many people aideed won the trying to show or something. No my grandpa that he he'll stand there and if they get everybody and then I would welcome. And that was that and everybody shuts out. Graham because no matter was get a bad the want to edit the fingers and mouth and I don't know how that works to China and who does all the cook and answer every woman listening wants to know who is doing all the work. All of that went all. OK so what are the men do while the women are cooked and it's very traditional old fashioned by the well that there would look at what the men do while the women are cooking. During this fact. So did you sit around drinking and and you guys there how many women we just say total put into this. I. Oh I would probably think they're about forty Iraq. Yeah very traditional burial fashion like this before. Well sand we're gonna leave it down we got to move on anyway we get there chase race Conan and a few minutes he had a new album come on Friday which is really really did three years in the making a change thank you. For being a part of the morning wolf Fagen thank you for doing what you see your family. And no problem that's unbelievable I sand have a great day. You feel at a don't think we're gonna do better job than 177. People their chance to get ahead and leave it. That morning both sat with Matt McAlister hasn't products. 100 points I think though wolf this is the morning wolfpack giving money your buddies Matt McAllister. Dale chase rice or anybody story off well you know Jason a big fan you new album lands alliance came on Friday spent a little part of the weekend listening to it definitely like to men and also wanna say to you know. I folly on social media I love the stuff that you post just. I mean your your probably the most American guy I've ever seen just on your tractor drinking Budweiser like you go out of your way. And I love your patriotism to take a picture in front of an American flag and be on the farm. Personalize. No mistake about it that's what I do and not the glacial people who that Israel could not gimmicky and to me. And there's somebody left and right here in America it's like so we said there's barely room wasn't like guys yet realized wrong things. And I get so lost. And and all the politics Tuesday made so did bets about the American flag emblem proud of bees from predators part of. Amen brother I have people forget it's about being patriotic now political and now people have a hard time differentiating between the two and it's pretty easy member. Love America love or eliminate a lot of you'll take those freedoms for granted. Completely for and I don't wanna get into the politics will be donated so well in the world market and unless we make it and here here in our own country and I mean there are stopped at the direction we are from politics out of he had Obama if trumpets like it's okay. Both homered we're going to be OK just just called down everybody and let's just get on the same size. But you know we've lost the ability in America in 2017. To disagree with each other and have that be okay. Nowadays people they get they're so sensitive if you have a differing opinion they literally have to crone to a safe space and have this micro aggressions. Our and that's just the world limits we got to figure it out but where were all American within a day we knew that we need to understand that there's the starting stressed that means something. Amen brother chase stress on the phone right now and how long did it take you to do this new album lands and lines because it feels like it's been awhile since we had any new music. Yeah three years and and now trying to time. You know there's been a lot of lot of changes to happen in my life on the last three years and land lines total over historian. It's more important issues to me hopefully people take it as good music and which party lights are you talking about that you seal is reflected in this new album. Well a system means land mines so there's a store up and wanna tell me and lions the song in life there's landslide territory going to be. And and yet to record in the through whose songs have gone along with my life. Well it seems pretty genuine pretty authentic to me and it almost seems like you're trying to say you know there's a lot of people in my business in country music. They're fake and. It's. I think that's been in the business. But I think that he threw news people are gonna go see it artist or realty were going to be overseas artists are -- who have always been and they want the way it is I like seeing again attracted more than I like seeing a guy at a hair salon in my country music is going to be this huge yeah yeah for sure. Ahmed out Jenny gently government contractor actually do that and toward gift they -- a sanctioning torture dissection and I got a farm in Tennessee now that I go to our go to get away that's my life that's bless our draw. And and getting the majority of mass executions. Some remains in an entire farm and yet there's a lot of allows remote stop. Our identities writes congratulations on the album everybody go get it listened to download it would be got to do lambs and lions and with a foresee here in the Pacific northwest sooner or later chase hopefully. Luo love him out there and I appreciate geneticist at Butler did. Yeah talents created and these here and 100 points. So wolf we thought we can bring it to be was what happened last night on the AMA is viewed watches and I think the country sand like we are you probably didn't. There's countries very small part of the show they get a few. Yeah I know we'll get to that later because keep serving cleaned up last night Keith Urban Carrie Underwood took home pretty much all the awards for the country artists little accounts. Yes. But what everybody's talking about this morning is not country. Although you know paint. Is done a duet with Kenny shows him at our tactic was on the CMA uses about a week ago. I personally think is pretty awesome she I've I hung out over their for an entire afternoon much and she. Couldn't have been any nicer yet and I think that's the real deal man when you meet somebody like you judge that has that story were in by the way I know the story joint skydiving and you got delayed or something and it was like five hours weather five hours or third and carry our resident in May were just as nice and down to earth is immoral want them to me but think's incredible last night she pretty much blew away. The competition to live performances on any show. Anywhere Kim heard about it she literally performed. You know she does that thing where she suspended from ropes yet she did it outside of the building like fifty stories up hanging upside down. With her dancers all choreographed. Dancing off the windows being suspended vertically. Outside this is how it sounds. Which you know I. I think I have my opinion about lip syncing but I'm gonna go ahead and give pink golf that's a bigger lip sync she had a of their eight kids I don't even know how you would. Listen Selena Gomez lipstick and she was inside to build grass. Yeah she's outside. It was just unbelievable seems like a logistical nightmare. Well I think she must of decided I am go big a mall in Acadia the moment that everybody's talking about it again at a ball pink. Christina Aguilera was up singing a tribute to Whitney Houston for her I think is a 25 anniversary of bodyguards and a if you haven't seen it in space we Jupiter on the Seattle will FaceBook page. She had what's called spanky phase. That look we cattle like hot that it no I haven't yet later thinks I was just emotional because the song was so good. We'll post the picture you can ladies you can figure out. What she's saying with her number bulls. They're did not look flattering to me what seed. They've hated each other ever since Christina Aguilera stole her out kinks song writer. Who wrote up pretty much her help road right Oliver sons. And that have you never afford on belong yeah what's up the lead singer that that's the bureau helped write a bunch of pink songs and then she felt betrayed when she went to help Christina rich you go deep into the CNN America and Trinidad's us. But anyway will post the picture pink is a breaking the Internet on Seattle FaceBook but there you have. How does that McAllister is in progress. I think these guys got to bring donuts. The morning wolf back on Monday so they caught up with Luke by the way on Thursday he was on the asset of American Idol and LA and asked about his buddy Blake Shelton getting the SA MA award from People Magazine. Basically I felt bad because I originally made fun of him as any good buddy would do if he gets an a word like after being sexy. Because now I feel bad is the whole world lit him up on the Internet he said it's are really flattering am happy for Ramona go on record Tim proud of my guy. Betaseron for all the people out there that are giving Blake grief I mean Peyton Place to go looking guy and he deserves it and Andy actually went on to say you know on. If I'm being totally honest I'm a little bit jealous but I hope he can enjoy it yet to get anybody takes that too seriously you're kind of missing the whole point of what is Blake Shelton right. The morning. Oh I know. 100 points or so war also morning wolf fact Matt McAllister producer Joseph gonna wrap things up injured take over your nine but test. Wanted to give a shout out again to Redmond that signature dentistry. They join a mug club it was on Friday cracked but Joseph had to catch a flight sort of stuff by today and bring some doughnuts if you wanna see some fun. Will be do and FaceBook live it whenever we get there yes and just office can be our court. Little bit last time we went to and we thought that they shut down the office to welcome us in no they shut down the office today had a meeting didn't want us there. But so luckily for us they unlock the doors and took a picture so head. You know she gave us a time frame missed out by Cheryl but I think was gonna stop by and the non specified time just to make it even more far past the app I think that's. So let out early fun if your work a little bored today it's make sure you're taken out of Seattle wolf FaceBook page or go ahead like it. But you get a notification must we go live with with a double FaceBook life. So out by oasis on that note every morning at 610 we welcome somebody new into the month club we take a mug shot with their mug and we're hoping to make it through Thanksgiving with mug that's getting dangerously low so we do need guys in the community businesses. Morning wolf Packers go ahead and send us a coffee mug wherever it is that you work and get our Anderson Seattle wolf dot com and will call you make you famous for day overnight it pleased yep. Reply to the radio and it's a way to burgers altogether to thank you guys do listen to the wolf so we appreciate that. Joseph I think that's it for us hard man a pox I do Wozniak goes Seahawks tonight a Monday Night Football against the falcons if half fund yet that's a good team and where little banged up right but we got this unit of sand goes Seahawks.