The Morning Wolfpack - Monday September 10th, 2018

Monday, September 10th

Monday September 10th, 2018

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Hey welcome to the morning wolf pack podcasted as Monday man here Emily over there. Slow Joseph as well hey and again now you hear all about throat and we listened to showed today because that was the primary topic just reliving that I thought maybe we could go a little bit deeper and ESM Leno did not happen. Amelie darting out of rigor on your only other tablet until it's and we haven't talked about the goats yet the gas jumping way I know that's. We didn't bring in a failure at all now so I would have I would think that would volunteer Elaine I knew I was gonna it. Lie down I don't know who wrote the fourth or we knew there Kevin. Like I was gonna about the Kennedy is Fries again I wanted to really an immediate help up but we had I have to beat up go to the interview kind jokingly and drew our boss bought and so we had made like a little pin where we did the enemy is and we brought you death at a time and and they were kind of running around or whatever while we're dealing who has scrutiny of these. It was a little bit different and that was the point of it is instead be a little more memorable on the do these interviews backstage for you guys that watch him on FaceBook and well since FaceBook largest and it adds an element of like I owe anything to happen is you're in the middle of an interview or Elvis letting go just jumps on the dead chair when Aaron and there's food flying everywhere it's just as well as predicted I mean nobody was more engaged with the ghosts and Amelie maybe the art that's true Travis Denning was pretty. You guys didn't see that so OK I reports aren't heard I think I can quote came around and around overlooks their consumer group. Like twelve days ago that this thing I yeah I Amelie I think dad's it would aid for me like I'm just I'm not. I like dogs did you and I don't know I mean they're goat titles he I don't find them is cute I don't find them interesting how their goats I don't there's nothing about them well but I find entertaining unless you're going to be somebody in a little. Goat pen and I thought that was kind of funny and this illustrates part of why you have like 50%. Transparent soul gives you don't feel for a animals the same realtor I just feel they don't. Look like animals but every animal you guys look at animals above people I've value people more than animal listen and I think yeah or it's the same way I don't know it's like okay sold. Obviously I'm the only parent in the remiss and we feel about your all you feel much dog do you have a kid him. In some how something shifts where your dog is no longer your kid your kids your kid you're going to dog you don't stop loving your dog you feel bad for your dog if you don't give your dog say your dog is not a WV at penny our dog used to ride around. With the NASA night in the little basket on a bicycle. The Annie was the center of attention. And all now we feel bad relax every penny and we have to make room to you can you -- we get that we may not -- parents and we understand that -- like millions of years of evolutionary. You know -- paternal instinct -- and having something yet I don't play any apparent to go -- ever go to the dog and everything -- -- is a new millennial thing like go to yoga and -- -- play her yeah I'm not a -- -- and do random -- are you arguing with me that go to -- not even even the pygmy -- lady was like -- goats for a reason right now I like super popular I'm not arguing with you in the slide them and back I agree with you a 100%. My stand on as alleged young guy doesn't bother me people I wanna go another effort goats or pumpkin spice any thing or whatever that how the trend is right outside and I give it that I think happened yet though are you on I think we're wrong is that you think it bothers me it doesn't I'm just not gonna sit there and stroke the damn goat the whole thing unlike. I'd rather keep it healthy this just Lidstrom has ended may go back to the fact that you know my grandfather had a working farm with. Her fur steer you just desensitized to ask yet animals were over there and they were they were money that's what Apple's war and I remember going like crossing that line one time my cousins and I jumped the fence and we ran into where the cattle war because there was a lake -- we wanted to walk down the lake in probably look at fish. And we were stampeded like the cattle. Dogs and came matters like the more talk in 6000. Howell at least that's what my tiny brain members of course there was probably fourth. But I remember running for our lives this is so there's a healthy respect but there's also a little bit of there are over there were over here I don't know that I'd go to atop my back when I'm doing downward don't. I don't hate you assist me. But I I I liked seeing Emily happy Al licensing gambling with the goats and I finally achieve that I think it may be interviews he's somewhat more entertainment at any moment it was like when wild kingdom like back in the late night TV shows it would bring in our Bulls and Bears out at some nobody there everything just make every one of these that ideas out weird. But what else can we shared just behind the scenes stuff that all the cool. On my Arab part of that was actually so after leaving DB energies and you get the artists to read what we call liners like it's you know. Camel is my song and their tabs inning was reading mad and the goat came up concerning eating the pain that. Well and a one point two slow Joseph actually took the FaceBook live camera and put it right on the button hole of one of the goes waiting for the blues and why you like today or have we put you have camp yeah I delivered through but I about the go lady was great just really fun and no sleep at one point in the interview is this Chinese any you know time it was consider like I would you know we're in between things. And some like and what ever somebody don't watch and look at her she's as. On day and our inner ring like Christie as letters and they think somebody wouldn't sleep through a group that was funny I was it was a long and I you know I underestimated can get I didn't drink it was just so much to do and honestly I had to keep my head right because at one point. Your interviewing. Let's say Granger man you are about to introduce Christensen but then on stage or given away a walker had this yeah at one point sober. I was I looked as some gimmick. Who is who he didn't win grange you like that they Christy and I almost I almost introduced the wrong person did it feels like trying to keep it altogether in my head and I'm glad that I didn't go no joke we talk to you being the drunken staff member you waited till the end of the night all the work was diameter down. And that's what I was I was exhausted all day yesterday I felt like a loser because I was so tired I am exhausted well I think especially an on day I don't agree yesterday but I don't know. Yeah hard nosed interviewer is is hung over as I fell I was like in I was sober LA US and then I totals seven there yesterday a leg so rude and over Berkeley has lagged well yeah chicken dog leg of the leg you mile walk I don't know what got into me while that's great but it's weird. Domestic costing part for me was we would like an enemy is seeing it this internal landing you're like energized in the new. Do nothing we don't change and he did that in the needy nothing's ups and downs just. Yeah and everything was like everything was turning laid all the times are changing Teague we can just like run out like go hang out and ask for awhile because we had to like we're you know fifteen minutes later on this and hurry up the way for that. But there was so much more fun than I thought I was gonna be promote working standing out you know I mean yes because it was there's so much work to be done I think I was a little east attitude like just a little bit like not. Like maybe nervous like as our sheriffs were on their Summers to do the it was a it was fun and getting Donna crowd. Was a lot yeah I wish we would have had time to go into the beer garden of the whole another world and weren't very happy I mean it's and they wouldn't. Here's the thing. And this was amazing like that people actually cared that we were there in gas. But we're like OK we have half an hour right duo laughed yeah we walked out of the gates and we didn't get. To Fina and we just stayed right there and I eventually got our lap him but it took an hour and a half I was thinking beer garden we would have maybe we would have missed some. So like we didn't they give us fifteen minutes he can't go out to then you know the worst part is have a say sorry I can't like he needs right now. I am dead and I was gonna happen with and I tell it was really seem to just to see and you've we all know became brown is a superstar. But it was interesting to see how big of a superstar I really is so he came at one point in by the way we talk about this in the show I think. But he was super hung over he was in LA the night before he went to a club has its allies. And it was wiz Khalifa is birthday party videos and at the birthday party leaders and even wistfully because you know we is but he's like in his funny and during the FaceBook Iverson so what happens that it was Khalifa birthday party he has what do you think it's. A birth report. In fairly place was just a purple haze of we are he's yet he's he's up there like he's he's. They're younger generations like Willie Nelson in terms and we smokers there are are Snoop Dogg like protege area is Khalifa was there are now claiming came round I guess I don't know that but so he was that he's really hung over hilly Cody on and he was like he's always chill but yeah like super chill. Cameras above the fence again he came out. And I guess he had told his people is like I wanna go out there he wanted to go out and watch not ask Chris Janzen from the front of the stage and they said you do not do that you will be mauled yeah and to see all the cameras in the people I believe it in fact this kid came over to me. Worked me like a sucker meet you gotta say yes over the Hayes the teenage kid in a boy username and I just I want to I love the show I think you guys are great. I listen every morning and I'm like who. He's just like really hand yeah. Like oh hey things look there is little blue. You're picture with a big celebrity here it's. And then you know he just lets that's okay informing us hand. Do you think that you know he just came brown ran over there and EA stand about the to keep its ninety of that for pictures yet that he is working act. Well you column over can come out of that we eat out I'm glad he didn't do adjust to me yeah but that. That kid worked it like a pro yeah I believe everywhere he said he was just trying to get to campground I use to me like a piece of meat out ya gotta have the and Debbie pequot is rated. I asked him what's really. This. He so so that was funny actually had somebody had a really funny fits comment to me and it didn't come up much but he came up one time. And this guy was cool unity sweeter coupled with friends in Special Olympics and stuff like that. So yeah Serena. And he goes here's a man you elect me going are Fran he's got a golden Special Olympics since I met these three guys and and then the guys today and now what's he doing a great job there really misfits but you're doing a really great job. And in and knowing their situation you know I is like look I go well you know I when he what can you do because. Was listened to among and a bit. Yet that is what you can I go okay have a nice day fellas I mean and is it that one may be less about my ego gets a little bruised which our one may be laughed it was so genuinely well what do you today because. We'll know listen to. There you as you yeah. But a great guy you know a great great day in and Joseph you said it best I think. And it Ambien really really really honest on the way there's this thing I'm I'm kind of looking forward has being over Europe and I think is his all of the work that goes into all of the anxiety about it. You know is he gonna be disastrous thing gets on a party when Eminem gets Brian and I had to have that feeling going in the way home house like. Hokey. Now Embree and I know what it is. In it wasn't as overwhelming. Executing his right is looking at that she'd been in had from 12 o'clock that Sarah flock here. Do we all had personalized. Laminate Ed. Tying sheets of like what we had to deal and islets miners like fifteen things as a pro now yes yes it worked out very well yeah I'm working and then really. Getting this morning I think I got the happy just about it this morning on the show just listening to other people stories I had passed and they have because we didn't see a lot of that like we see that drug I didn't dragged out by its security guards are there people will destroy one of our hammocks in Viet Peter the two guys with their beer bellies hanging out. Didn't see any of that can't get questions and you Desmond and the institute and as you probably know because you drove me home. But what was the fireworks mishap that drew we yeah. I saw some fireworks but I didn't even on this apathy that well executed fireworks well here's the thing and I know a little bit more about that to basically I thought it was really cool meteor but there's a different perspective and so we Europe on stage in the introduced came brown of the whole staff got up on stage. And over in the beer garden in the corner somebody live off a bunch of fireworks than we were on stage you know they were in here I thought it was pasts. I don't know but I think they were in that regard and B anyway it's somebody who had snuck fireworks into the shots and they were pretty cool fire and to meet him like oh my god that's like them saying Heidi was because we were on stage not came brown and that's really cool that we yeah fact you can well. There is a couple of record reps there and one of their husbands. Was really pissed off yeah and he's like you'd because that is bold you know what. In this day and age after Vegas yes you don't bring fireworks into a concert and light him off because people are too sensitive it's too reminiscent too soon regret its fireworks like not only could something potentially. Hasn't this happened with just a fire but here in the pop pop pop the pop skills are still country fans that have gone to shows here in them being. In balance of that makes it was a it was a a sensitivity. And by the way to to go a step further. That's a small community of people in and that guys I think it was his sister. Has read Jason Allen dean since the very beginning it was on stage and win the bullets started flying to pretty close pretty close to Iran and his sister still really PT EST over that incidents so that was partly I I senator do you think that was really cool. But not yet similar in if anybody was in that crowd and they had a fire or the segment that was. So basically that was it throat that was amazing checks yet wolf dot com if you didn't get the pictures at abbey in some questions too from basement about where the meet and greet pictures are and I don't know I am. But for all of you send email exported to people that do knows you know get a response alcoholic and that's the one thing I don't know yet is leading go in the mean grades I wonder if we can't hold it or their people could sometimes it's on. Our air as I Hughes I don't now. Also wanted to suggestion I got about it I don't think we ran out of beer now I have and I want to that on the back now. Just look donates her dad I love it but apparently next year more food trucks more food because some of the last forty minutes dad like ice cream yet so we'll work on that more food yes. Are betting guys awesome thank you and if you weren't there. Hometown holidays coming up and it's gonna be bigger and better than throw down if you can imagine yet terms of who's playing. So we're I think we're announcing that suit in October a couple weeks that's them enemy got a military breakfast coming up in November. We're going full steam ahead on that probably I think tomorrow sort talk about on the show and like Tony nineteen you know do look outside Summers gone. A and a hi guys we live via enjoy the show we'll see you back tomorrow 01 more thing yes here's where your miss you when when this abruptly goes right into some phone calls let's just because we had a technical glitch in the first thirty minutes of our shows that I hear or is it a slow Joseph blitzer technical glitch. Well disclosure technical. Alright already changed something other night in night and we could hear about an hour right now courtesy. It's. He wants well to morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister is on this season you've had 100 point seven. All three living thrown out eighteen sold out thrown only TD got a great story to a 6421 wolf or you can text us 46150. Hillary can average how heated anybody operating Oriole we're fine we're all still recovering from throw down in this Lotus if you got a great story you got a great story from Saturday night what avenue you. Well I would have liked hearing Christian didn't ever. An altercation between period really drunk guy but I happen literally like five feet away from. Oh boy okay what was it drunk guy doing I don't know most publications. I about thirty about so I thought soon enough bio indeed double as a yeah and the guys saw when you look at that they security and port cop could do this guy. I'll ask strong buzz. Did you. Yeah. You know I think it's the say this to me but I'd love it when that stuff happens the concerts. I think it's so entertaining you get a free sideshow you know I think wrestling yes but it doesn't affect your shell yeah yeah I mean. Oh the magna and I think he ordered thought I happen and you've got to do well control. OK so what do Christensen do that you made you think he was watching this. Oh well like he was. Like playing his music and although but I got the Fed authority itself time to understand that but yeah I'd like only under revoked that you've got to. Take a drunk home as well Rick and hopefully that didn't take away for your manner at all. I'm out BMI body Adriatic bow wow you know. We've let that in a moment like after 1 o'clock morning. Well we worked. Was there late night snack on the way helmerich we've dubbed upload ducked the author yeah I'm that you have been large data make you feel better the next day usually does well you know. I would blood drive at home they're like you know what it did something then yeah I'm an apology honestly I think we're all over the yeah I not a without any alcohol at all is that none of it during the day. It could go a different golf balls out alcohol. Did your region the prior I don't drink their alcohol Florida's the great night I am well. We'll face to share you story about it we Libya and I can't wait to see everybody again at their home to Crowley coming up to here a few months so got to be a gloomy out all right take everybody thank yeah by the way speaking of alcohol consumption throat runny teed gradually the slow Joseph for being drunk his staff member I don't. I does. And I say I favorite story of the night I was sitting in one of the dressing rooms of when artists that wasn't no longer there and sojo blast and inning goes. Surely dead. Andrew is our Boston that week what do you meaning is I know we got hit by traders may have talked about and I can't find them and there's probably yes the answer for has bullets prob because. Member can run I'm. As though did you have any recollection of that. I don't know I'd though they remember an idea he drew got hit by a betrayal that you got and actually the guy by trade Brett never get fired. And and create baskets or. I walked out of the building under is standing right there and I'm like I don't know if I guys I don't know when all that happened to you because. We were good we we were doing interviews most today were gonna get you were fine he received an on the course whatever and then. You came around him right before we all went and immunities came brown. And elves that Joseph is like Harry sheets there at target about the story about Bob his promotions guys were retiring out in window lets me go. I've never seen this before yeah is this guy this is drone slow Joseph you've never seen this. Seen this before there's not a whit whether shots of all your idea on. Oh yeah hey I know after the last interview like Joes like working mind yeah op are there. My daughter and missed all that business and I went to go eat some food were hanging out all the said the you do you would like zero to sixteen after her pot zone moderate and I look at those great thrown out stories that you got on to a 6421 wolf or Texas for 6150. This is the morning. Alastair on the new 100 point seven. Oh yes this is a big series with only. The next the antique processor and Perry has been announced and it is the big one is that round he has is getting paired with pop singer shine them in day. You know I saw a little something on social media about that that's cool and kind of shown in this thing in need don't too don't judge me I think Diaz talent and with them. That's deep voice in the past John can hit a high note I think it's going to be great it's actually filming. This week you know three year October 24 to make street check that out mr. One of the like I think the most excited I've ever been for Prosser. Really so for me the blue columns Leon bridges I had by the league M bridges can be played at the one we theater here pretty soon slows US saw that last Friday night just that he's amazing to Dodi. I think it's cool like country music is obviously our bread and butter yes but there's some amazing artists that are outside the format and I love it when we get to collaboration antitrust act. I tragic run late they ends our income per bit haven't except. So press runway has been on for ever they're going into their seventeenth season. They certain I'm proud though then went to a lifetime we now they're going to back to bribe though Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are no longer going to be on the show it waits I have been watching Project Runway is since the beginning I no longer watch it really you're going to be strong feeling is not the same I finished just in mission out. These you're going to you and show on image is on crying and so that's why they're not coming back but. Just say you know it will be back on Rob Lowe but it's not gonna be the thing is when the show jumps this organically Simon Cowell left American not exactly gone. And now I don't know who's gonna replace them but I mean in my particular night I didn't really know I think it's our needs are. I'm Bonnie yeah it's a great last night Sunday Night Football the kick off until 2013. Carrie Underwood has been performing the Sunday Night Football song every time it started just like this. This isn't getting ready for the game and half. Well last. We did hear that she changed it up it's now a new song called game online. Hello Sunday night come down. Consistent then yes and I don't know where your illness. Did Tim knee. I don't know it's kind of background music they're both theme songs they sound. Kind of the same who's kind of the same but I'll tell you every one on mine and social media are. 86. I think has problems it's different mechanical he got anything different they look like they hated us for a year right they still don't. Yeah I need it but as the change they said it's just like Carrie Underwood video playing in front of the game now or it's a bad hairy I CN she wanted to change things up and keep things moving forward. But I also think like. You change he'll be here execs they do every week yeah but keep up on Sunday night that some tips don't even Massa went in with that being said imagine if they change Monday for that right. You know you just don't that's iconic you know what I think is an eskimo. So that being said in and I don't think it's necessarily an upgrade at. I'm with the F I don't think she did a bad job I don't think it's about thought I just. Why he had the old one why got a taste joke bring us back old Sonny. Series goes on Maine I give us the Kobe yes. All right coming up next a little bit of a change here we are Nolan can be doing the mug club we said we do share your salary which we do every day they Tim renewed twice every day now so it's you would like to play you've never heard it's a lot of fun sharing your salary. Is when you come on the radio. We answered some questions about what to do we'd guess how much we think he may. And then share your salary. We are gonna do it at 610 to touch a whole new group of you guys so if you wanna jump in here and kick this off with a yet. I'm thinking of Carrie Underwood glass some things never mind. A 206421. Wolf right now for share your salary again to a six sports you Juan wolf the year ago. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and held. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura particle scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and are not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we don't wanna know what everybody else makes a living but it's never OK to ask until now the last time we played share your salary you found out that Mel case manager Alexander or Alley as she likes to be called makes 33000. Dollars a year. Today we're talking in my cubism Puyallup good morning Mike. Unlike the only reason I know what a serious is because my wife and as he used to be in the rodeo game. So I know that which you for Livan is shoe horses and take care those horseshoes. Okay that's all we know. We're gonna put a minute of the clock Michael ask as many questions as we can and try to figure out what we think you make a year and then you will share your salaries that sound good minds. And minds you busy right now I feel like you're underneath thoroughbred is working on issues and half past. No I'll ask the not that he actually hadn't and that's plant but I pull ups those rotors are here. Michael we appreciate you being a part of the show today and thank you for sharing your salary to and it's really cool. Family are you ready I'm ready let's do this one minute on the clock great deal on your business. Just how he might. 38. Hello how people find it they went high area. Working now. How long have you been doing this Mike. Two years. How does the process takes for one horse. About now how many clients do you have a regular basis Mike. A belt or a hundred points you have anyone working for you. I do not teach RG client hourly or is it a yearly. Type thing. By the job. This union for the straight non union. No there's coupled. Border shabby. Ordered them to give your own horses. Yes 25350. It. Coming horse do you have. I have a left and. Called. Rather this could get really interesting. Especially with the 250 of us three sitting on his iPad bags at 350 meant I might stand by for three minutes were coming back to the came brownie was share your salary. On the phone with a system might keep that in Puyallup he's scarier and Emily we just learned a bunch of other stuff Obama. Yes though Farrior basically put shoes on horses he's my thirty years old and he's been doing this since he was about sixteen. He only eleven courses himself takes about a hour Dodd and he's got about 400 courses that. Okay Mike is all that sounds correct it's. And we were a memorial service you to guess what we think you and then you can share your salary I am fascinated. And dined you know would you make might but slow Joseph you took the win yesterday you got to go first man I have no idea that this data was driving ferries back in the down. A half hour after. This is just the shot in the dark ominous pattern joining us. I think for a guy that knows nothing about horses loaded that's a pretty good guess yeah. Matt you're going to be next. At a horse sound evasive. I'm gonna go just a little bit less even though I think pledges close summoning go hundreds. OK the 250 took me down 350 I would have been more I dig I hate duties Adobe did all the time I don't want what he wants. Although she price is right as you have this OK Mike that barrier we have recess time. For you to share your salary what do you make every year here at the end of you do what you do. Or else I know the wow man I knew it was big so much it's got to be one of the better failures out there oral all you guys making calling it. I don't want I'm not a special. Eye specialists are out sources. Nobody asked that we should indeed specialized rights and a late sorry. Are you at the wind out what are so I get. Used on horses. Wow can yeah. Mike we did get from a Texan and wants to know if your Mary. So yeah. I am strangle really Larry okay and. I don't know maybe this person as a sort of take it they have an excellent for an sorry I'm going to keep but you back on hold my. Little you know shoot yourself we love connection is about a if you want to jump in for next week and your salary would love to have use of part of the show went. Just figure out a little more about what you do and of course yet you today how much you make doing. Here that morning or. I'm still a party. So wolf so obviously we're doing a lot of talking about throw down this morning it is Mon day events and really how was the rest of eerie feeling how is your Sunday. I mean we all recovered quite a new hat and I think because you're in recovery there I was so tired Sunday morning. And I don't typically drink coffee. So I was like you know what I need that extra things like how to get a cup coffee good for you could very well I haven't turned premium coffee turn relatively narrow and you're going to be having not. So I got not a yet imagine I mean I'm never had copy any Eddie how we steered the cold stuff. I have no idea how hot it actually he just think it's hot in Spain is okay. So I mean setting down for awhile I picked that drink it I didn't like taste tested like you normally would a hot drink I just was tired and ever. The second got in my mouth didn't you do and I was like I spit it immediately back out onto the floor burns might hung it. So that I don't write patch on my time like her third degree for a like eight Silva. Too bad he can sue anybody can I ask you made it is riled up again they're not the McDonald's story you understand hot. It literally was my fault again those Getty I mean they worked almost to that. Yet as Vanessa uses them exclusively because she takes for ever virtually drinker coffee since two hours later it's still warm triple BA at any of them or. You you can't turn handcuff anybody else that comes out we're average or how they act says it's gonna turn you away from coffee and I'll. Armor. It's not going to be a good thing for copying and kind of stared at it we put this in the food injury column yeah. Yes it's funny that you bring this up there's a story that's going around it's it. Slow just hit it to me last night about how pizza since 2300 Americans to the hospital every year Pete's. Pizza pizza injuries the Fed cuts. Like I guess when your cutting the pizza apple cut themselves which. I think the pizza place normally handles absolutely at burns that the review I ever done that are falling down while you're making it to. If I made these bad rally at me again and again just a little part of at least charm she is the clumsy yes human being in the world. And at the other one is a falling while you're picking it up at a restaurant. And the report also featured a it's kind of a special focus on one particular 58 year old guys. Who went to the ER because he fell out of bed reaching for some pizza. Half of Tony you're an American who had to be our allies here because of pizza. So I think that coupled with the heavily story we should take food injuries like have you ever been injured by your food gas and that debate sadly this is not my only sorry. Me and they're in they're some things to their down right dangerous like beat potato peeler yup panoramic fingers that things taken up the can opener. Yell and you know your let's say all things about eight to us. Well and if you guys decide it's Monday you know called let's finals have at least two stealth food story. How has your food it hurts you morning wolf pack to a 6421 wall or you can text. 46150. If you are just joining us Emily was tell a story minute ago by actual of Sunday morning really tired from thrown down and proceeded to burn her mouth with hot getting costing. He had no not again beckoning you talk about that how some people hurt themselves on his keys does yup pizza Essensa 300 Americans to the ER last year so it is possible morning wolf pack to be hurt by your fruits. That's what we want to know right now for a free checking in to a 6421 wolf for you can tax which seems to be. What's happening right now 46150. Lay federal waste that he just broke off the front as his tooth biting into pizza crust alone busted an old pizza crows holed bands they need since. Okay bad it's got another Camille cold seems to be softer. I had I Dale's son dean bridge like he gets Tenet's tough I mean a lot of cold pizza guys are more the cold it's an extra dollar take your word on this we had me up cut their teens tracking it king crab is. Yes OK if you've ever been to New Orleans on balances out saying you go down there to verb history we have all these oyster shakers yeah. Their hands and they'd looked like mass murderers oyster each others missing fingers in his ski ash user works they're just always brutal and gas. A Mets and another sex I made banana math and stuffed with cream chi is. The muffin itself the school but it was full of molten lava. Half I thought after a. Let them until you say that I wonder if her Amazon with her her mouth was worse than yours and I don't now. And I got to be a white yes the acting going on spit out my coffee and arena's gonna stay. And then someone else and don't let this count they cut the roof of my mouth with the spin and eating cereal is an old spin of. That's. Like a day Suzanne KM GMT. Family you are clumsy yes. That makes sense CS because I had been that have been stuck in the garbage disposal on penny catching up. And then you yes OK now then make some others say who's this work now and ask anti Italian it is our right to 06421 wolf morning wolf bag. How has your suit heard you. Wolfpack with Matt Matt Stairs. A 100 points. So well hello Mary in all heard how are you this morning's we yard. And god thank you. You have for great Mary we know Louis argues a call on all the time you text and all the time your big part of a morning wolf thank me now we know no use yes. Because we party together thrown out. We did I get a ticket I might. Well I felt like you're kind of the ringleader rough there in the front of the stage and you're one of the first people I saw when I got there at 121230 to Iran and over and Vanessa and hours walking aid your leg. Yeah. So thank you used for being the first officials wrote a breeder that I asked what actually we. Where it was it was myself. And my two daughters and my meet out there and we would occur in line with where the gatekeeper and opened an. And actually my one of my daughter goes Newman and out of the perfect spot which was right up front and then. Oh my god to the next you know we're like yeah and pushed out of the way and they were you are at their back and I'm gone. Is for real people kind of got into couples Scott me ask and I do let me. Yeah it was it was great in the. Got to kind you know Payne brown came on congress my weight over the right side they scrapped cooking its name I was well. Yeah I you know Larry it would. I done that hit saying we you are right up front and it is what Barry takes the work you've got to see underground yet yeah it's it's a struggle. People are serious downer right up front. Yeah I don't. It would greatly. I just. I couldn't believe it. There was another guy I was looking in my iPhone is if you were texting me he's like hey come finally here come yeah I mean there. In his guy and I would say hey take a picture of yourself senate to me he saw some extra assets of those guys in real nice to senator should have his wife and their right in front was funny as I've I look over the fence and he's right there yes I. I go hey bro. And determine voter out of him on my phone zarrella come right out so I came out finest and they're gone. So I texted him as it had came out to get a picture saying I would never BC it is once Granger started yeah when it's returned up to the next level. And oh yeah it was. I mean it was just oh my god I would yelling at people audibly yell and Poland. You know an ad going you know girl won the girl goes well you know we did. And I looked at her and I what were you the first line you lot of the gate open. So despite a season housing hasn't remove huge cheers and when your post it up. Yeah I mean it just it just got to be I mean all the blanket prince Abdullah Al. Can I guess that's what the guys that do music kind of turned into a little bit of a mosque there winning easy nation gas. And then you know it only got crazier for you and Asia and he nation again Chris Janzen yeah that was insane. And then of course came around that time. Yeah look I'd like you said only if you're gonna get right in front you gotta be reticent to stand your ground and Mary I think the most important part is that we got a hug you and meet you and now you know it's like I can see your face in my head as we talked it's different. We're buddies I I don't know why I'm lucky guy so much flat out. I. Did you were going to be doing I'd much what they want you mark right of course. And Mary we are doing the month club we're just not gonna do that feature on the error. It's that time we're gonna could share your salary they're that twice a day now will be doing the month club on the you know is to grant FaceBook and we'll do our pit stops and stuff like that. All perfect I don't mean yeah the end of the day I. Share salaries just a little more entertaining for the on the air we're trying to make you guys entertain guests an idea have marries let's talk. There will get that done is we married we love hate our family. They were bought out there three FF. If nothing else she's persistent. The morning yeah needed a leader. Well for a handful of peanuts I'm doesn't help until than a dollar ball here's Matt McAlister knee. It's no Louisiana's values grade yesterday just kind of hunkering down recovering from throat down watching football. And I know pre season is technically football. I'm safe but it's not been saying. Come on the first Sunday of the NFL season I know Vanessa and I. We consumed as much of the Seahawks game as we possibly could with a a two year old. There was a point where we had to leave the house and walk to the dollar sort of viable because he just needed to be entertained I knew we needed to get out of the house but. You guys would have been products we did nothing productive. We'd go hiking meeting and clean the house. We got a pizza. Followed about the life screamed like really well off the rails on the old side there boy yeah it was a terrific I just wish the Seahawks couldn't. How then. I gotta say that was one of the more and I'm sure hawks fans will agree frustrating games and I was close the entire time on the play where. He started out really bored and then both offenses kind of picked it up. And then there were a couple of key calls that didn't go our way which determine the game at my feet. Sebastian genachowski can barely fit into his football uniform anymore FF. And he missed two field goals in a row which would have changed it well but how many times you read Russell Wilson gets act. I I know there is it do his frustrations got lower gas and there was also a fumble that didn't get. Ruled a fumble. And Pete Carroll this is like first game wears a flag. Couldn't find the challenge flag quick enough and so. The next play when there was clearly a fumble. Had they review detected attorney gamer answer that needs to be someone's job to stand next to Pete Carroll the entire name and just hope black cube like keeping having to right leg throwing guy. And Carl what is it doesn't matter that was frustrating tonight by the way just to keep it going to that is money that we had to football game. Together early game is going to be the jets lions and the rams raiders play. Later in the night became active frustrating games how browns the Steelers you know we talked out of bounds he had get a win in fact. One beer comes in because Miller had a Bud Light but light on the set up. Coolers in different bars and once the browns win they can unlock these coolers yeah freebie here. Did any high which pilot Eileen think. You could do that yeah kept playing until it was a win also an overtime they have a chance of winning ticket feel full on it was blocked. What I usually line. I mean it actually happened at corporate it. Are you excited because for the first time in. A lot you didn't lose now I'm inventing more heartbreaking you might add. The worst is that Davida and then again the heady few if you wake up in Pittsburgh like Steve yeah. Yeah I don't I mean there is on the Steelers fans that but I thought it was funny they were they. They and holding a sign an it. You could tell they were ready prepared to lose to that was that said we tried and they took off our audiences that we tied at. I think that probably throw a parade in Cleveland today because they didn't lose well I mean they threw one after they didn't do. And them. I was listening gonna move on here because we got beat the street coming up next in day if you didn't hear earlier we are given we Toby Keith tickets all week long but not just any tickets. We're gonna do a 54321. Week which these are starting with the fifth row tickets right now tomorrow fourth. Wednesday third you get the idea five all the way down to the front row on Friday for Toby Keith now you want these tickets. You're gonna have to play beat the street which by the way we did live on stage in Canada which is a lot of fun. 206141. Wolf for right now for beat the street will be too loaded and ready to go coming up Mac. 2 days is good morning welcome back with some talent there 100 points off. Lack hit the pavement and Jack could be history too. Good morning Amanda in snohomish one of our favorite little towns in the Pacific northwest Dario I am doing wonderful now have a EL fantastic welcome to beat the street here in a Monday at tribute kind of just gonna to chew up against a random stranger that we found at the road down eighteen and then the prize today at pair fix roads against Agassi Toby Keith this Saturday night at the Washington state fair up its uranium now listen to Michigan get tickets also if you win today. To our VIP three parties to this is. All that third Canadian. Okay you'll meet the challenger here in a minute again we found a throat gamble let's ask you the same five questions we asked her on Saturday night. You'll have thirty seconds to get through and Amanda are you ready. I am ready. Starting time in three to. And room. What movie did Will Smith play a fighter pilots fighting an alien invasion in past who served as president in between the two George Bush's word proud. I have to ask which TV show told the story of Walter White golf you want to draw the line not fixing good. I'll like that where the Seattle storm play their home games. Some ICC to get into all the yeah I mean who sings that countries on five more minutes. Our weekly prime since 92 meet later. On yeah. That's very solid perform Canada beat the street I can and India better in my bar in everybody is let's meet its calendar. What's your name where for other way of. I'm Alan sultan and I work at lucky look at me now. Fun meeting on the Saturday night throughout let's let's ask the same. Let's let's listen to her into the same five questions we'll find out how you did. Which movies you Will Smith player fighter pilot fighting an alien invasion. Independents that. Independence and Manny showed in every single day on cable television. Ball that's all right she gets the point you're down one lot of game left who served as president in between the team George Bush has no idea. Bill Clinton was the right answer man you probably remember that now. Surface slick Willie slid right in the Cuba since. I still gave one to nothing for the challenger then we'll be helmet in Shelton where it's TV show and tell the story of Walter White. Now I. Cool a little break for a man and if you had the right answer breaking bad nice work Amanda. And now we have a one to one die hard of the Seattle storm play their home games. In poor wrecked it is Key Arena Amanda so yes with a little help you guys have one right as well. Hello how originally you said staples. You have to be in LA a gaffe after. I'm not going at it means that explains it okay. So with that you now have 8221. Lead heading into the last question you don't you think the covers five more minutes. I'm pretty. Because we feel like she probably knew that it was musical scores lets it doesn't sound pretty new again with a little help got it right Scotty mccreery so. Says you have 1322. And a half presently there. Want true and I just barely eke out one out fifth broad ticket for you to see Toby Keith you need to pay you to grow on me. Not until. Plus we're gonna party with you at the VIP three party in new tomorrow for all of you listening right now tomorrow at this time make sure you are here. We're given away or throw seem to man depth we live via. You are more than welcome David Carr of the morning rollback and congratulations to a one moment time all right. Speaking at throat out eighteen it's in the books man we're talking about it in five minutes you need a story or a moment that you like to share. We're looking for the best throw down story next call us right now 206421. Wolf. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister we all know that you could be an Olympic competitor sleeping more sport and Billy Ray asset as it is the national championship I don't physically sick. There. 100 point seven. Oh all right who's got the best throw down stories yellow Jakob at Covington happy Monday got a great throw down story for us. Foley. So rightly breaker. Smith was thrown on the age what do the current members of the game provided a third getting her out me a lot of the crowd member and thus does pocket god he could hand you want. A pocket shot it basically at the pocket sharper bit. I'm like little hole. Object last month camp gain what happened next so we in my body down and then. After drinker we had a beer garden crowd out of your check it and so we look around we feel the girl lecture article that we incur felt plus. Older so worked for us though we trial for certain so walker out of beer garden. And everybody is hanging his beard didn't believe they ever did or take a vote we end up on the LP Dave what people take him Victor. Over did you tie your sure about clergy feel tricked you like take the bottom intact it in the top it kinda hoped certainly take the bottom and ducking into the. Everybody who like I haven't seen in the food we eat and the white guy put. And there were two other girls didn't preclude them for it but you might get a work for a guy that I've got a jolt the depth article and some. Only tickets are telling us that people were buying you Beers with your shirts tied up like that. Oh absolutely yeah they've been I don't know how awesome that is really see Jessica and stuff we don't know about because we won't ever able to go over the beer garden you're so busy work if we really appreciate I aimed at that the vote for them have ever been Q. You know we're gonna show up next year and every guy in the beard. Garden and get out there shirt tied up I. I would I'd throw in some daisy dukes for good measure I hope so Jake among one of my favorite moments from throw down eighteen backstage was you're walking towards a staging. Granger was doing that you know shift change from Granger Earl doubles juniors. And he goes oh yeah he goes sprinting bias he's the only guy that was allowed to park his tour bus next to the venue because yes I do wardrobe chaff. So he goes sprinting die. And I happened to be kissing my way for a moment and looks over to go getter oh. As grounds out to resume his tour bus and eyes and then we're like oh he's doing girl that was due yes let's wait right here so we just there we waited it took me about two minutes yet. And it becomes running back with is overalls and but it's like. It's like any Las Vegas show like Celine Dion we have changed could change it was so funny to see him do it asks from Granger into Earl it was great. They're if they already get a look at the back of old school diploma. And you know and I had a chance I think can lead to two to meet that little boy we have some pictures with him website sweetest a look at I'm so glad you got the guitar yeah. Jay got thank you for spending your hard earned money to come party with us in that we are already looking forward to hometown holiday brother. Well look at order film I'm birdied my guess is they'll be big yes like you cut throat that was big is gonna be as big I'm saying it's bigger. Hopes up this database for the call brother so. We have a story to tell about slow Joseph who by the way one needs this staff member award Saturday night by far and emily's got this incredibly funny story got here also. We're gonna hear from when he to ball who killed one or via the hammocks we hear from ruby who meeting you Manley was her big moment. And another story about the drunk guy that got dragged down by eight security guards that's all coming up the let me share this this was the moment that I love the most from the stage. The moment Emily we're talking about. You did he thought he was beat the street yet to ever beat the street somebody yelled out that he would like to do something William. He's that I yeah well here and everybody can hear this clearly. It's. Okay. Yeah. It will. Okay. Join the conversation Hollis. 6421. Time at 46150. Hello Wendy do evolve we're taking a best throw down stories what do you got forced Wendy how we should Saturday night. Absolutely amazing. You're NBA any area and there was sounds riddle the wonderful people throughout bad apple caused him. Or famine and unfair. Kick him back. That. Could come up doesn't that I give a hundred dollars for your hand. I'm. I pretty much. Any he can without my friends and I didn't go out I'm like yeah yeah. And that's exactly what we did edit bullying. Dynamic with about I don't know how sick of people. Like yeah I had done that we got like tan and the most wonderful people. Partied with them are. And beat you can't let big clean. Yeah. The opera music the good weather and just a wonderful people all we killed it a look at it I met meaning. And us and you. The last that partner. That guy that I offered us 400 dollar. And you know dumping it and blogging world. I looked about the pants. That man. I don't know you know god is I don't I don't want to spend like China say about. The amazing. Well when you nailed it the best part about throw down and hometown holiday coming up as the wolfpack yeah you guys in the people and our most. Memorable moments for just walking around the crowd hug people taking the same high end. Like you said it's the difference between a wolfpack concert in any other concert is believed to balance because of you because of the people. Yet. On that bank and a lot and taught kind of helping out nobody can make. Yeah. Well being meet up again for another world com. We look forward to seeing you know hometown holiday it's gonna be bigger than throw down if you can even get your head around that. All important. So drunk just staff member award goes to slow joke yeah. Hands down which kind of surprised me because we were working most of the day doing interviews behind say I hate announces I didn't need to drink. And all of a sudden slow to come this is the other night right before we introduce came brown yes. And he is slow learning talking about some remote tech mean Bob we were good twenty years ago when a half and we Netflix because. I've never seen this before they did this is slow Joseph with the drunks like university drunk so joke that. No it's awesome so I would kid is awesome and I doesn't want an empty dressing rooms charging my own all the sudden slow Joseph let her stand. And he's like you're dead and drew is our box and tight shot I happen but I know he hit I trainers on that doesn't need that. The problem can only have deemed guilty and what's probably the I remember. Important. Yeah I'd run that. You know only being sober all the time you must be used to seeing us. In his childlike state Alec awesome how do you deal with that can record I didn't know what to say I given that I just it was so funny and just kept encouraging at asking questions like it is a's loaded the story you were trying to tell by before and on introduced Cain yet it took a half an hour coastal bestseller real quick he could've told a story in thirty some yeah basically this remote take you married the heiress to blue dine on attack this guy. His name is she your child is gender. And instead I thought this guy like kid as the future you buried there hide view did twenty minutes later Greg at. And it's going and I ask can never. And for me you know we've worked all day Indy was fine and also and he was from 060 bloody good shot to it it was deal leave god. And shots and us and yelled take a teeny little wind and then she started calling me the and I idea idea well listen sober I went up and danced with a boot bogey made apparently there's some video is going or allied. I hope they never service entered the best road Astoria right now 206421. Well let's hear from you wolf pack. Ruby in Port Orchard happy Monday we are looking for the best story from throw down what are you guys. They audit lean back door and let the backpack got 80 yeah I honestly ballot. About our own well you know what I'm sure they feel exactly the same way yeah that is still on immediate relief well you don't like we want and we aren't they get an hour and a look over my. You are right let her go moment I remember. Am I enjoyed Q you need to come out. And think. About it yeah. Ruby well I'm only just I'm guess I'm sad that I wasn't there that tenuous have gotten the literally at you weren't and I remember saying they Sherry I imagine you're running tackle it. I know we didn't find me right tackle so some. You know I was Barkley and we're remotely been in the beer and he didn't want to be rent is yeah yeah we did it in the BR. Don't blame you one bit and they're really glad that you had a one of the I'm glad you got to be slow Joseph and only two that's awesome. It was and it takes. A bottle and you made a hash tag rode on a team we rely obviously it's. Good morning Britney incoming says we are looking for the best throw down story when he got every morning act in the morning only saying I'm not I ate tonight and that's one that got bigger car. All the cute little blond boy with the ear plugs yet. When he was so great I'm glad I've got a bunch of pictures of you and your son on my phone and then I'm so glad to Granger Smith a little junior gave him the guitar. Yes it was clearly on Ellen our first terror elements helps. That probably it's just amazing response was a status of time. And so the big Al next video is and I just went Hamas that he is he that he how to budget picture and send them to meet. So it was actually amazing and after it had not been able to stop talking about it and that I'm. Well listen I have got to some pictures too of Matthew and you Brady on my phone that Vanessa my wife took so text me to a 64517766. Or have your number I'll text you all my pictures as well okay. Plus Seattle dot com we have yet professional beautiful pictures that you missed throw down. But all over the web site so do you check there too but I will text you bring you registered text on takes you back. OK perfect thing yeah you're awesome by the way in other related news eighties he nation rednecks with -- they called and they almost caught Granger Smith. They almost cut Earl doubles juniors to bag open so that's a different story as of yet sorry but I'd rather have the guitar but you know yeah. Ask me oh I Britney had a one of the day we obvious. You hear. I so great beating everybody I wanna say just thanks to all of you that we got a chance to say hi to for being so kind to us yes there was a couple their two just the sticks out he's an army recruiters name is Kurt and I believe his wife's name is Amanda. And we talk for awhile and and we interim backstage he's gonna look like Donnie Wahlberg are asked and we had to run back stage of my wife stint in talks and for half an hour two came back she was crying all you just said I cannot believe the strength of this military family like what they've had to do the separation now sacrificed. Stories like hey you're moving to Alaska in four days in so they pack up their stuff they sell everything and in the army comes back this actually mean you're not looking what is enemy have to go finance Ferraro again because. It's the army ING is due to days tell you to do but just incredible people and everybody do that family five it was just. It was really special aftermath I know that's the memorable part of it for us. Dad and so can be really drive yet the idea that there are a tough. So good right Emily let's job because we talk about thrown around for days about what we talking about it all week yes. But let's jump to your Big Three next I carry underwear under performed her Sunday night but also on the what are people saying about it closed up totally different does. This is the morning. Alistair and he was 100 point 701. This is the Big Three with family. The next CE NT crossroads pairings have been announced and it is my favorite yet it's going to be this background B and and pop star singer shine Mendez. And lit background and I cannot wait for this they're taking it this weekend it'll premiere October 24. Would you judge we put those who I was a kind of a fan of Sean and there's no. I think he's tremendous he may listen I felt like his word yeah I celebrated so we know. Yeah yeah. Proud and hearing that in there. I'll have to listen I like dilute Combs Leon bridges yet resilient possibly a breeze in spring like damn this is good yep I'm excited for the sun. Great when it comes do you project a runaway. It is returning to brow though I end. You Collie he'd stay and Matthew are you know this well miles an oven Mitt relics unmanned right you'd put those two things together and manually started on rather than it it's like time is coming back to brother for the seventeenth season. But I eat plan intend and are no longer going to be with us now. Name are working on something with Amazon has so they're no longer gonna work on Project Runway and I can't tell you I've watched it from the very first season and I will no longer watch this is why with the lead. And because they couldn't I guess brother wouldn't pop up the money and they had another project in the wings know they Glenn and I us. Yeah I don't like those that like without then it's not going to be this Danish colleague just ended Simon Cowell leaving American that. Jump the shark so Brothers that are up credit my my fact it's not going to be insane. I it last night Kerry Edwards performed her need Sunday Night Football song and since she's thirteen. Every time it started just like. Soon. Don't listen dear cracking. It changed earlier every year and change it for every game. But this year they decided to changes in tiger song. The muse song is now called game long time though they said it wanted to change it up if there's no longer. Oh Sunday night. I know what you think now. The amount of a break this down. Pretty damn glad I think a solo. It's not that one song is better than the other because they're both exactly the same their lifetime of those football themes whatever gas who cares but the deal is it's. We're used to one thing I imagine. If they change this. Right admitted they change Manitoba just because they wanted to yes that's like changing Coke to New Coke which was terrible and now your bank picked up. Right keep it to say what's the problem though and that's exactly what's happening on social media as everyone is up in arms their Haiti on Carrie Underwood their heating on the song. Food and is bad I generally did find jobs. Like you said why change something that's working in TV broke don't face that play wasn't broken in quite honestly it's not enough grades that won't change and yes. I mean people are saying it sound like a parent eat it's just Carrie Underwood video now it's not like. They have some. It's just different and people don't like different just like they didn't like just for about a year back probably still don't. People don't like dig very deep at the same note saying it's very simple what is up behind the hey what's up share your salary coming up here in about ten minutes stay with us today we're going to be talking to a guy who delivers the Seattle times will fight analogy makes. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and Hillary. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes horrible article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make you may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Guess we all wanna know what everybody else makes for Lehman has never okayed it asks. Until now looking back to the last time we played here salary might this very here. A 191000. Dollars a year not that over 400 clients not bad. Crushing. Hello Kevin in Seattle welcome to share your salary how are you sir. I'm Greg Little Tug at the night barely yes but I predict. Our restaurant my dad aren't sure why am I gonna come back you're gonna wait any storm there are great usually don't get as they're now. Saw a revenue came out of the way into that game no question great Sunday night game are welcome to share your salary here's what's gonna happen brother that's okay with you gonna put a minute on the clock we're gonna rapid fire a bunch of questions at you and them will guess what we think you make you share your salary delivering the Seattle times newspapers OK okay all right here we go one minute on the clock Emily got the questions are you ready yet. Well we you and I both say hi on me you go first all right begin Arie and how you work there. I would just one month but I do you go to Florida. Okay do you have any of the jobs. Yes inserting Amazon they're at home and tell you. I'm pretty sure it actually blew do you make more at this job or at the Amazon job. And you're gonna keep this job in her game. Yeah do you get health benefits cab. No. Are you delivering to homes or to businesses. Yeah it is this do you get paid by the hour or or you wanna salary. By the caper. Is this considered fulltime job. Yeah stretch 780 wait they are usually get bread baby you're out what kind of BMX bike do you deliver papers done. I deliberately started AG militia issue that it below with the mid do you own that car. Kevin we're gonna take a little break will come back well guess what we think you make for a living in the annual share your salary at the entire city of Seattle sound good. 67 from Seattle on the phone he delivers these Seattle times newspapers Emily what else did we just learn about Kevin before he shares his salary. Right he's been given it a 1004 mind but he worked their teen years at least 37 years old he and delivers develop homes and businesses and he works at 365. Days a year. And he delivers an admits it to their identity yet no gimmicks like how we said that in the back in my head two dollars two dollars. All right. Gavin since I won on Friday. With Mike the ferry are making a 194000. Dollars a year. Proof. I'm gonna go ahead and say here you may get on the lower end this deal he's obviously need another job on the go twenty to 22 Emily heavily Europe and the overall count your next summit go about thirty. 35000. Slow Joseph bringing a career 365. I'm and just take the I and say 36. 36 Ursula Joseph all right Kevin we have reached at times to show where you share your salary. Kevin what do you make delivering the Seattle times. And I moved. And though he's now. Camera spray Q. You have to slow Joseph gets the win nineties. And would you say that's fairly typical for a delivery guy or you on the higher end because you are one of the best you'll like maverick in the top gun. Well oh. Oh. I asked that he has like over the more you work the more you pay in imagine that concept. Okay DeVon will thank you for sharing your salary with the entire city of Seattle we love you buddy. Our viewers share your salary we'd love to have you slides you into this week. 206421. Will give us a call right now boy and if anybody's out of work 40000 dollars he's not bad delivering newspapers come on now is good stuff. Alex rate and these are hugger and. 100 points. So wolf I've got some bad news. What that didn't win the lottery Saturday night opera that's not millionaires no and again wolf pack. You have a vested interest in men need buying lottery tickets now that I'm completely addicted to this. If I win. In the lotteries over fifty million. Caller ten the next day gets a million bucks I wish that would have been there what a great way to celebrate throne now given away a million and yes Emily you're in for millions slow Joseph of course you're in familiar probably needed after all those as fears about a senator by the lady Mary giving you a cash for the tip for the bartender how it aren't so there. I'll get. Did you. You checked your ticket medium an anything. Did we actually because we're never passed 9 o'clock we actually jumped in the car and S and are driving home and I have the Washington lottery app now yes he scanned the tickets instantly. Zero dollars one on ten tickets by the way nobody else won either though so. It's now rolled over into a bigger number yes there right now sitting at a 132. Million would should be age 78 point six million cash apps to be suites can be sweet and by the way I am playing the powerball yes some reason that speaks to me it draws me to those tickets I don't even like look at the other ones that when he is like. I know because prayer the Mega Millions actually more right now you have no matter Mega Millions amendments but I aria yeah it will doesn't hurt to have all the bases cover a canister of I was looking at feet unclaimed tickets apparently someone bought a ticket and can awaken that went 270000. Schools and they haven't stepped up the well they just in this was just on eight. The drawing on the ace that they had until March to get it but and that's why I was thinking maybe you might have won millions that did you win anything and now. It's only a matter of time. The as a buying tickets and I don't know is if everybody else who plays lottery feels like idea where you knowing your bones you're gonna win. That's how Olympia before you buy a ticket for the next oh honey dropped yesterday we were trying to watch the Seahawks game and Jude are two year old sir it's free canal. So we walked down the dollar store we got some bubbles yes. We also went to the gas station and bought more lottery take down this time. You guys you like this I bought ten yes and then I had the ladylike to be I had lady footer Leckey figures on a take and had her fill out. Also tend to we're in for twenty tickets now saying I'll pick your numbers that India is automatically I'm sorry we're in for ten tickets twenty dollar yes we picked our number. Now the funny part is I just take it like it like the tests are used to taking high school. AB MC whatever whatever whatever. She took it in five minutes later she still analyzing take. She's going to what's huge for things yeah it's your birthday boy what a what's what astrological sign are we Windiz retrograde start again math. You just don't ask me to do it in Adobe to hurry up. On the ice and a big guy that work in there at the the shell station it's a recount Ireland like a feel U brother. And but don't rush the ladies don't look bad meadow on. And no so we're we're and in so listen. I'm sorry that you have to wait wolfpack to get your million yeah but. Come Thursday morning call a timeout and gets a million bucks a day. Feel good news all around and a remarkable fact that McAllister and product. It's so low so I drove down eighteen recap again given comments to a 6421. Walls. Think getting feedback comments suggestions. Our ways we can make you better make sure all morning long where they beat taxed Twitter FaceBook doesn't matter speaking of the social media I just posted a couple of my favorite things yes we got the picture of the two guys that tied their teacher itself they know what would you call that style and we. How it's all schooling you take that plodding your shirt Nantucket through the top. I don't even know what it's called tough deterrent email I don't river well when we get the call I think it was from Jacob in Covington he's one of the guys the excerpts when he called us this morning is that we had to show off our dad Dodd's. He wouldn't did yeah I was I guess a beer bellies down lower yes anyway it's up on the Seattle FaceBook Twitter and instant now if you wanna check it out in death. It more than delivers finally they got free Beers a night for doing that we have note to self next here on how to dress guys. Also. Our favorite moments from the stage again if you missed this earlier Emily and I are on stage to slow Joseph to impede the streets and you hear a guy yell out something very specific from the audience to Emily and we have an update on its. Yeah. Okay. Yeah oh my we'll. Or. And affected the entire audience of 7000. The wolf pack new hi Kurt I yelled at. Simultaneously. Gave me chills. We love the fact that he has been avid babies and they need shelter. But the artist didn't want eighth. Actually Texan then this morning and then Italy sorry I had single weird out. He just likes to make things awkward so isn't like we're sitting right next morning after an avid navy's deep. You know how much trouble I would guess if I don't. At the piano DJ at a country station next to Vanessa yeah. Apparently this life is fair game but we have some great news from third down there was as Dion proposal all. So Macy's and it said her now fiance proposed walking around those singing hasn't. Awesome an antibiotic wedding by the way got to meet did David and Padraig who did invite us there winning over the summer. Yeah enforce it was a sameness for Stapleton though we couldn't attend the we get to meet them if we get to meet so many people ended if you weren't listening earlier that was. By far. The greatest thing about thrown out was just walking around getting to meet all of the U guys I want to share something with you really quickly. Sutton Thursday photographer that works for. The Wall Street works for all four of our radio station so he takes pictures at the rock concerts of the alternative concerts yeah he's cover throw down for a few years. And we were waiting for something as seems match against talking to really nice guy. He shared his perspective on that throw down vs all the other concert that he works also takes pictures for Getty images it was all over the country he said you know. This is really no rock hero anymore he said country is the new rock yeah and it's a what do you mean by that as well. This dude I think pictures of these drugs shows these guys are backstage drinking tea. He is not only that they're divas they don't talk to their fans they don't engage with the radios and they wanna be sequestered they want their celestial TU. They want a certain type of honey yeah I think it's almost like going to an art show sick I come here. You're artists party they're drinking whiskey beer drinking beer with you guys. They're engaging with their fans. There they're all about the people like they are living they are doing. What rock shows. Used to do you asked do you think they're about rock and roll a house star in the seventies those guys set the bar for party and that its country. It's the new rock and also when you say rock gone. You ain't lying in the country UNC rock country on the right we are the last Iraq within Iraq we're living with a game where it. Country knows how to party that's what I'm talking. But it was really cool to hear that from somebody's perspective who is completely neutral break these more Switzerland Swiss. He's is like I have the most funded just photographing throw down. And I couldn't help but notice and grab a cold Corzine has committed around the flyers gave his party on as well Jamie thank all of you for making throat and eighteen cent but it. Absolute blast completely fund completely sold out in in get your head around this again hometown holiday. Is going to be bigger yeah. Bigger that's all we're gonna save it that's coming soon cornered. Callous. You 100 points Saturday go wolf. I wanna say not in my mangling he's everything Saturday night throw down that every day right about now is we're talking ideally these kind of pulling in the parking lot. But I love when you played. Ask. Anyway win that has such a good time hanging out with the everybody including needy pet my wife loves here you guys are griner known each other it's like good old fashioned. So I really like me I I had her you know head colds ever and you like. Well it was a lot of fun in also I want to thank you and the boo boo debates for letting me come up on stage with Vanessa my wife and dancing with the bigger the first time I've ever tried to line dance I don't dance in the Simon needs created and I was. Sober sober do you look at linebacker dat my my yourselves why you like India flight that's all I've ever. Proof it is now on FaceBook wealth so that that that's only go to the gym stuff with bands and weights in my my designs again squat down lower you know work on your blood your stand and so what I was doing that and then Vanessa wheels and hands it is stop squatting down yeah. It's stupid. To read his mind and yeah. Anyway I don't figured out and I would appreciate some notes okay I'd like to work on it I isn't as some hopeful notes for you okay we did get some Latin most kids in your booty yeah. Some legal some bunny in the but close Emily Simmons they'd have no blood yet so it's tough to get a union to act as well did you hit smack. Sojo in terms of Latin wiggle. I did OK at the but in a bar so that fit and I and I drive today I know I'd like to do. Maybe get the boot booty boys going to have a little girl of my own and then you know. I know I do it well you know I've risen felt like halfway through Wright got the progression I got them you know what I mean. Get the bloom you get did not stop laughing soda I. He wolf I'd be the judge we'll leave it out together and everybody agrees got an opinion and I the obvious is the it's a first ever ever been sober I was happy you great we love day I love new that's a good job I believe that we love you know and we'll see you back tomorrow at five. Tell us. Mornings from Clarksville.