The Morning Wolfpack - Thursday April 12th, 2018

Thursday, April 12th

Thursday April 12th, 2018


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Ruling welcome back to our podcast fourth Thursday April 12 man McAllister here earlier rains there so Joseph there. And let's talk about some things that we didn't get a chance to discuss really on the show today before year we lets it loose on the program. We did talk about this briefly but today is officially national grilled cheese de Leon 13% of Americans only 13% of Americans don't like it grilled cheese sandwich and I Sadie you. What is your problem dead heat what's not in right lactose intolerant got to fight could be more grilled cheeses and still keep it in my macro plan actually. Crap article she IR I will say this to have recently discovered there's that ad features cheese down by an idea my place mark it up they make of mean girls she's the unseen tuna melt huge course has group she's yeah the line out the door every day Pike Place Market for bankruptcies and godless Costco for carrying features cheeseburger is again I can't eat it early but it's so good those little cheese curd snacks and he had no idea Alec. I have had I try it really locked down there one day and not miss a good grilled cheese light but I love and LT this is why we're gonna go before you there. Because slowed Joe's wife. Who I don't know if that is anything to do the fact she's Filipino we're not makes the man is grilled cheese sandwich and African world I mean and by the way. I never had one I've beaten at their house have been invited over but never for grilled cheese. So specifically which I'd love to have you have reactor number why we didn't end up having at that last time you guys can't you guys went fancy yes she's bored and you'd like Brussels brows we've talked about this ledge I had a nice that if I ever come over like that's the meal I want that's the one I want is is by its. I'm may ease things. It's a good the best ever had honestly I'm not sure. But it's got outplayed this has got four different types of cheese on it. Tomatoes and personally I like grilled onions in mind beyond that she who doesn't but I like him in mind so I always hammer and that's that's a huge part of it for me the and just I don't know the way she doesn't her whole process seems really liked. Complicated and fancier than just grilling guys yet goes in the oven for a little while and it's on the grounds all the stuff. So I don't know what it is but he is phenomenal and we learned today. From some questionable sources that add tomato soup and grilled cheese shouldn't go together yet she makes out there destitute and that's like young. Well we talking about your taste buds of course they go together I read that was just about what it does in your stomach yeah I've never I think they said it might give you I don't negate some McCain it's never happen I mean stop continue to eat them yet. Yeah your hurt broke it sounds delicious I also saw someone say. They make it grilled cheese with garlic bread as does a regular test and not sounds amazing well listened. And the more bread the better right I mean with everything bread cakes that it's terrible leads for you is bad it's all that stuff scarred body it's really really good that she says she sent me back she noticed it was gross he's in semi Texans against us for dinner tonight. He wishes. Which is cool but I don't believe her because she's gonna you know late and I got under leaders that I was Gloria you know how register her. And you like so I didn't even think about that and a funny. -- gonna go to travel to get the supplies if you can even make you miss Sam is literally did not do another 10 we're aware of that we're aware of that effect. But how often do you requested. It's Dana why now honestly just because it is it does require special trip we don't act we don't stock the ingredients for it so it's probably been on an eight month. So I yeah yeah he added that you need me earlier request I know you should surprise her and go to the store and can some flowers to the little things I ain't I good if I knew what to get I mean I can't buy it as Texan has yet but then there would be is for all ties with flowers I think she'll be surprised in May be shocked and amazed that you're actually Washington to Texas first place I have my blow her mind as you may never recover from that to say hey listen what you know what to say. I don't. Hey by the way. They grilled cheese sandwich is our second favorite cheesy food and America behind what majesty so no pizza out. Pete is number one and Melissa units he does have number two oh number three. Is what. It's tied. I'd it's cheesy fruit cheesy enchilada is alone knowing it is this food actually has cheese in a title it's so cheesy comes a daughter so she's brought eat yes those two were tied at three so pizza. Grilled cheese and then Mac and cheese and cheese burger speaking of features the best Mac and geez I've ever had an inning with cheese is going to be pretty good over there I would think so a lot of 87% of people servers and Greta give up coffee. Chocolate and booze before cutting cheese out of their diet no way in hell Toyota's always goes topless for me count me in on that I don't they ain't got that she's. I camera last time I bought cheese I'm eighteen I love it declare it but it's not my state out what yours are the anti female. Cheese and wine that's what everyone kind of Hassan butt about chocolates I'll let me some talk I think you are girl. Permit your screen yeah. Okay now. I don't hear the story we didn't talk about on the Saturday because itself a little bit adult in nature Iraq. So if the ghetto kid the car is the podcast maybe just fast forward about two to three minutes. But it's in what I gonna discuss it for very long because it's bizarre. But man you just make you scratch your head. The Louisiana senate. Voted. I mean they actually had a vote. To make sex with animals. Legal or illegal now here's the part that I I Dave why is it up for vote. Okay you should you should castrate a human being a man that would would do that to an animal. Ten people so the vote was Tony five to ten. At least ten people in a Louisiana senate voted to keep it legal I can't even wrap matter now I ask what did they think. It would appear and like OK I'd vote for this that it it'll snowball into the next blog don't make something else stricter. I don't think there's any making excuses like I would love and why the name is. And the other is set up a little please advise email why the heck yeah favor. Of beats the reality is well here's what I think a lot of times it happens like this state package bills yeah. Other thing gas. And then the media will take that part evidence they're okay ten people didn't vote for it but it's also in with like a cell phone tower bill was ask bill that Bill White is that true. Best of them that's what they do so they never did that happen and SK I don't know I haven't read the whole dame fan I don't I don't think it did I mean that would be it that would that would make sense that that was the cats I think everybody here yeah I'll think a 68 and you know look people in Louisiana maybe in the south no offense so livid they're not like backwoods hicks that wanna go on do with goats had it's weird man I mean I do know that it's taken. Like some states it's not on the illegal because it they've never had to put the law on the books. In tell you catch somebody and Michael horse or something and then you're like okay. We know he's doing something wrong but technically it's not illegal so now we have to enact this law and voted into law. So maybe that's why they're getting around to it maybe it's just recently becoming a problem but yet the fact that ten people voted. Against is is mind numbing you to be fair it's a very short article but it doesn't say anything about it being package him with another bill that there were trying to get past you can't Annan. In India it's like sodomy in all kinds of weird stuff by the way. In. The sodomy was only ruled unconstitutional in 2003. And new world senator JP morale says it's important that the state has a way to arrest somebody for having sex with animals. You think he can guarantee the animals are the known anybody authority can get me now it's like torturing an animal and is anyway that's grows to remove bond yes please how about the how about this is kinda sad man and I read this last and it went through every one of them because. This is the reality of the world that we're going to live then. With the show the U got me watching about the technology we're going black mayor black Mir it's a little bit like that the jobs that are gonna exist in ten years. It's kind of sad. They say all the cashiers are going to be the first ago that means all those cashiers at work and Safeway for 2530 years have gone already I mean they now there's there's less of them because there's all the self checkout lanes and asked becoming more more. I ED still needs someone to come when it's like I have my own bag. And their like he needed air fact that you and your Mac yeah that is me at least three overtime while I'm checking out the they have like. Well you can provide and you would know this but you can't ever buy liquor reader because somebody these security pact it has to be somebody who manages like six of those I don't amp. And I'm surprised these are completely extinct already but tollbooth workers at the tolls I have more tolls blessed people in the tollbooth while nowadays they don't even like there's not even a boot they just scanning license plates and you're ill you have gotten those. The umpire of the future is a robot I'm not too worried about that NFL umpires and the B five. The entire coal industry is almost completely exterminated because now we're going to solar. Fossil fuels. Other renewable energies and we pretty much tapped out Cole yeah we get back none. It. Apparently there's a robot named flip beavis going to be flipping all the burgers so I wouldn't I let god heard a lot of fast they had industry analysts are some of that happening gonna like get fresh like customized pizzas that vending machines now apparently Droid two will be picking apart trash the trash man is going to be a thing of the past. Yeah I guess with the company Volvo. Actually. Invested a bunch of money kind of like the movie Wally. With robot based autumn on the autonomous refuse the call the roar program Volvo. Is coming up with a machine. An example the term wonder is it going to be like a self driving car that the number of markets out picks up the trash problem. Hopefully something to that effect I mean it's going to be a very different in thirty years which were a we will all the you know hopefully be alive in thirty years. Things are gonna look very different I mean factories will be fully machine operated so you can imagine. Amazon with no people rants a lot of jobs in LA and it is kind of that's so I set I got a little sad last night well they also they talk about in the future like in some countries hardy are implementing this but having like universal income. Because so many jobs and so many industries are gonna base that first humans are gonna be put out of business that. In pattern up that's that's ever gonna be it a possibility in this country but if that's the case I would hopes some base level income. I read the new Dan Brown you know Arianna you yet Da Vinci code incidents to get his Neal and tackles this exact how root thing about Carl the extinction. I had three ordered it not RE your credit Emily and I have very common I have read the entire books and not known the name of the book I wrote it but I need to be fair I. Read books so quickly EA do you anytime you're not busy year reading like even in here yet still it's called orgy. Oh cool and it's about the extinction. Humans and the uprising at technology look how many books he's written. Well like these are there so all is over okay I guess it is just different covers but yeah it's a really really good. Which you know you're good and in Europe assault author would literally every book that you write turns into a movie with Tom I accidentally you've you're awesome yet. I capital now and I think that's cool end you are probably I think we'll actually read for morning radio thought we really quite a bit and and I've specifically that kind of genre as my favorite. But he so robots could be doing your taxes. No more meter readers to talk your way out of a parking ticket that's all automated a lot of authority is at least here in Seattle. Loves to pay me authority but yet giving the tickets are still. Yeah yeah and I think it's what slowed just said early ninety's gonna get a ticket in the mail that have a picture of you on the program as drowned come the only depressing thing about this is what's not going away or the annoying phone robots the auto calls and I got what I just it just rang my phone. 8442183104. Has called my phone every day for two weeks I have no idea who it is but it's got to be automated Richard and 8440 okay so it's not as stated are all free I. Keep getting me and they leave a voice now this is Vincent we you are calling about your property and it's of I mean you have got the number and it said Vincent keeps on our property this is a scam. Robo call also self driving cars are gonna replace jobs probably like bus drivers and stuff like verse are driving buses Hoover's list they've already got by the way I don't know if you guys know this but there have. Yeah you hear hear all about the cougars and now all of this and that they're doing the self the self driving like testing with the human. They've already had. Multiple cross country semi tracks that are definitely economists yet you know even people you're really in Las Vegas and malaise that has been going on and I ten right or. Five years I think well and they're nice sunny by now that's nuts and wanna and you know what they can do pitch hit and probably not. They draft the trucks at a perfect distance and they can also save money on gasoline yeah so they can put him fifteen feet behind each other and is a perfect draft just like NASCAR all the way across desert. It's kind of awesome the most wanna run you over the all right that's all I godly Gatti here we are doing a pit stop today were stopping at the little bit therapeutic riding center in Redmond so that'll be cool if you're at work and your board FaceBook live by the way to the soonest your network and you are ball espresso thank you god bless boring jobs you'll be automated soon obvious are gonna talk about Billy Mitchell and getting all his high schoolers for donkey I got it we got to go to our running lay it on the podcast here at Joseph gets Donkey Kong a high scanner never obviously -- guys. He WNBA. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Hundred point seven. All the morning wolfpack back on the radio for Thursday April 12 the morning everybody heavily high warning. Slow joke and and everybody's president's going to be here by doing in a fun show Hogan squaring my chiropractor in the month club their listeners are beginning on your yeah I'm stoked. Also what logo would you get tattooed on your body in exchange for free products execs Tony over getting an update on if you were using. I have was dead dead also beat the street 710 more tickets to go see Erin Watson is still pre sold out show it's going to be fun we want to use theirs. They're resilient and the good match yesterday yesterday. You know it was pretty typical I do have one appointment and you know it's so easy to creep on people you can find out latte with the social media went back but it at this at this. You tell me in lake do you think it's weird I Joseph I'd like to your opinions aren't so I don't appointment is the second time I've been to this particular office it's medical office and I thought the paperwork and JL all your stuff again last time I was in there she was asked him where I live it's in his apply to older in this news talk a little bit about myself or whatever so I came in yesterday's desire. Use your your house is adorable. And I sang. I well. Which drug final answer I think and I am I'm assuming did you ask she's you know it's I didn't really wanna get into the conversation that much but I'm assuming she just Google mapped my house let's hope from my address on the paperwork no later in this this is your doctor yet I think that's a little creepy even if she Google mapped it or Gerald wrote an answer it was a receptions on the doctor. Very nice in Sheehan met well and but at the same point as a kid now. It's one thing to go look we're in the lead lives. It's another thing to tell Emily that I went and looked where yeah they're pretty creepy stalker don't admitted he had been uneven like I feel bad I want caller creepy stalker in messed up nights is. You don't it's kind of link. I'm and I love everything you do on FaceBook your brother you don't any moment now to send a little risk it's a different level to go it makes it look. Yes it felt weird and it's very you know she talked about what's there to drive by the house sixth yeah that's super oriented or is it. Yeah we all grieve we all have a curiosities about of the people accounts to me for a living yeah salary Winston's. But don't. Health person he did it I can't every time we give sending a way act to get everybody's address. Never once have I didn't. Thought to Google map there address yeah it's just that this will never heard of especially in a medical office for the is that patient doctors hit cardinal LA and their stuff like that you just not supposed to go there. Yeah nothing toys have been interior Andrus down on I write my neighbors batters down the. Her face should call great college your neighbor Elizabeth and John Koerner Sutton and I really don't collar somebody is up ready to get us on base to those six sport to one wolf we love getting in owe you a little bit better so called right now. What do they get over the so called it to be the lead off including Daniel Seattle. That it's gonna be Jason minority now by order of appearance cavorting Jason how are you sir. Gut well welcome to the show thanks for being laid off caller relate to pick a song here a second but. We wanna get to know you a little bit first Jason so what do you do for living YUS sorely. Well I'm in equipment fair open and the construction industry first double wanna say that. It completely strange bird Parker Google where you live. Right and that's and I was a little taken aback that resulted since that ever happened you think that's. No yeah I would use bigger. And it's abnormal he's like not in love. Well that's a thing I'm sure they'll do it because like I say Anderson Merrill day in the officer probably boards got all the information like if you see somebody maybe you find them interesting maybe you'll check out. They're seen. LL tell these books but not there don't Google no matter how old sages with your rendered some of the Google map your house has. But Tippett doctors doubt or not gonna wanna get. Jason making a lot of since house OK Jason I hear you there's more than one doctor out there. Yes I do some good data and there's there are now on that hey we're the underdog candidate. But I feel that she's some nice anyway Jason let's talk about you a little bit what's your what you did you didn't tell me what you do for living how he did what he said. So ribbons and flags constructions are parents aren't as a bill yes. There aren't what daisy selling an interesting guy with a good head on your shoulders what else are you into other than work like what would be too excited. Oh boy. Okay country. Early and company get up. Okay how old and a boy girl yet. I am due a young ladies. Goldman's management. I'm. Okay which one do you find to be easier to manage. Daughter. Leah I didn't see that now. She's daddy's girl. And that's fantastic you know we've got to fourteen year old she's really good kid that I know that's a tough time for girls and Lee you can probably tell yeah on death. Girl alleges high school girls are so mean to each other I can't even figure out their best friends one date and hate each other than a lot of hormones I don't nod and a patent on on pace says she says I don't care what happens if we have to like genetically engineered we're not having a bureau data based on her experience during that was Jason. Well absolutely refuse. Junior running third got a good uttered older. Glad you obviously did something not right and a lot of that ask attributed to the parent not a coincidence. Her mom looked at the best. I think that's the perfect parent combo admit. All right so Jason what songs we play everybody easily enough caller we'd like did DSL and played good song for you always like to hear. Anything different young. Brokaw all right well. Good news for you we pay a break young some of their three force on some level coming up no problem no we got to coming up next Devin Jason thanks so much for being a part of morning wolf pac man. He I don't act coming up next are you always looking to spend the least amount of money in do you ever regret buying the cheapest option. In this case Emily guys to take her story Dave minutes plus to I don't know what you cheap doubt on and totally regret now. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister that's tough when you gotta box out Malaysia for like the last Mac and cheese apple but I'll do it. If Emily grace he's not to let your dog into the bathroom in the hallway of the apartment complex and then not clean up. 100 point seven. Wolf. What did you cheap out on and totally regret. Emily only has one and worldly possessions your narrative. Washington thank you keep down on. Well yeah. Well and I'm trying to save money obviously I mean I'm usually it's heat person penny Pincher anyway. You're moving and stuff expenses come up that you don't expect some try to save money. And now. And what was the last week I came in here in house like a panel of migraine I didn't realize that the bodies through that you had a plate of food in your hand oh you around the turn it. There already heated up yet. Now my grades well I went and got a microwave and it goes like. She does when I did I get I want this beats Mike ski get expensive I realized an agreement like a 140 bucks I think. Eat me he got like way it and it's already not working at least shocker flight in the turntable has. They broke it down and handed one went in Macon are really weird and delayed. It's probably two thirds smoking and blow up I had in your house I probably should've gone mourned like to eat eat dollar 200 range. And even though they made a forty dollar migraines and Rihanna and nothing's really achieve the really cheap so you go to a store and there's like a top shelf of middles of the launch of your always look at the bottom shelf. But you know for somebody like that it you're gonna use every single day and that's my thought process like sunglasses microwaves. For me it's a bicycle a couple of you want about quality. Every day well I I seem to mean now because I really do use my migrate every day I don't even have pots and pay and psychiatric on the evidence so even if I wanted to sell. Yeah I'm with you on the every day you since now. The guys that are turning their Bynum is gonna end up spending more than you would have spent on just one a lot of other turn out he had good return. So that's the question do you morning wolf pack right now casino what we can beat up on Emily all day long but we've all done it we've all tried to get the deal and it regretted it later so what did you cheap out on. And totally regret it now 206421. Wall Street in Texas for 6150. What did you cheap out on an out totally regret it remember morning wolfpack we can have a radio show without you to a 64212. Wolf that is a gentle nudge you. In ten don't we say we go hard and to pay with elbows that's a gel lives let's go it's time to wake up time to participate. What easy cheap out on now and totally regret Emily bought the cheapest microwave it's ever been made every. Are into horse has already broken down. Yeah I get off to Texas or six that went by that James and every that he said he needed any latter so he thought he'd say a few bucks a Beilin on Craigslist for about when he got. And I the hard way that the internal waited Friday when he's cleaning leaves his reign better spanning the last time Jane Harman. Theory buyer's regret to never edgy this james' advice what I you Matt can you ever keep up. Well you know to kind of piggyback on the Jameson I Fineman is something that I don't really wanna do or I'm not that interested in it called alt she found me. Right but if it's something impassioned about of course always what a nice stuff right. So. We'll keep it in the lawn care department this I remember I you know when it comes to keeping like up a nice lawn and need air raid your lawn so to the right way to do it. Did you go to the store credit thank rental equipment play. And you get an generating machine big heavy machine is still lifting with with a tank with water. It puts these big holes in the grass and then you see your grass and this is the way to make it look yeah fault. Well I decided to achieve out and bought those things on sky mall. He just Gamal dot com yeah I went out of business if they did it but I ABBA was on a flight and I saw under these little things you put in the bottom issues. A little tiny saw like iTunes does this narrator. Does a gag got this. I'm walking around the yard moguls like come on I did bad endlessly and it did absolutely nothing it was stupid doesn't go deep did the stupidest thing they're like twenty bucks but unlike added. I can save. Hundreds of dollar this air raid my alignment diesel generators use flooded. There is no I don't I don't know where they are today again to us 6141 well right now. Good morning Lindsay and Bonnie leg so what did you cheap out on now totally regret we all know the story of mentally smoking broken twenty dollar I guess. Kind of a funny and one and set out towards Spybot and our brand so ill. And when I clicked from my daughter that was the best thing. OK so. We need Stuart Bowen Michael cannon whom do you get the little it's barely eight. Broker. Oh engineering Mosley wasn't here rain yet very generic I hit. Yeah I think that's the worst when you're trying to test like. Pull one over on your kids in terms of being cheap and they call you out on being chief. I had a look at it I think it hurt and then I gave up just that would add it. He we see right. Oh god I think that sentence. Something I did it start well yeah our brand like. They break. Yes though there are some things you just have to spend money on in again and I think every falls in the category of like yourself like food you put in your body. Spending extra dollar. It's funny to win new chief out if somebody calls you out on it and you try to defend it. Because you bought it could Ono and you know you gotta think if you know when the milk is bad or acknowledged usenet. Again you could see if you start your child on the generic they won't know what the good stuff taste like you never given the good stuff. So this in my lucky charms will be nice just to get it. They don't know this. I think we yeah. We got a text they may not just near Mayo and they said that the biggest mistake ever yup and then somebody else says and they but the smallest car seat dean its price turns out they have a big son. And extended the big guy they say and had to file larger marks in the car seat after four months and asked anxiously to pricey Christmas last year's night. Yeah the seventh. Yeah until they grow out of I'm sure you flip him around ice OJ you have some yen I got a few that I think the biggest way you know how expensive that I patio furniture is just like we'd really popular. It's candidates plastic but it looks like yes again when Korea last of his secrets then yes it is and so when I I've bought a set for our house of probably two years ago and got up and was on those like relatively cheap on like Julio is they probably half the price of everything else. One summer in Arizona and it crumbled but he did he could rumbled. He could even sit any fall right there. All right Emily Johnny Lamas one Donnie that he went cheap on his flat screen for his veteran and now he stuck watching his wife's oranges in the living room. If so my question you can do all certain about your microwave you're gonna return. Yes do you think you can upgrade to the next better model we're just returning at the same crappy Michael I'll upgrade to look at ways everyday good yes it's an important thing. Okay what do we do an activity three Emily. Even those in admired man and woman in the world that you might surprise you log in to T into seven a sick get up his juice thing. This is the morning we'll. Alastair only do 1470. Yeah. How big the Big Three bigger then bachelor bachelorette and bachelor in paradise crossover event this is that they yeah. New poll just came out on his feet most admired man and woman in the world are. That I do you think it would be time. Jason just according to a poll not what I think we just what I think people would vote for your kind kind of hard to ignore jet days those mean he's kind of secretly taking over the world okay. For the guy it's male and female right yes. And then now maybe Megan Markel has just because she's a regular gal taken on the royals. OK Joseph woody fragility it. Who Imus. You wrote her mom and mean those did admired man and woman in the were old farm Bill Gates and usually heal me. Am I don't know why and why Billy Lange Langer in now Kenechi yeah exactly now I've got friendly years ago CC everybody who's only talking about her. Barack and Michelle Obama came in second apology I Jackie Chan and Oprah now this is why I. When he hence a just result in the US alone Barack and Michelle topped their respective lists Jackie Sheen and now we've really quietly and very admired. I'm gonna go it's just guess and yeah. IRA they each keywords are coming up this weekend it's actually sending night at 8 o'clock. There's new feature called ACM flashbacks which is gonna be very cool so they're featuring. Artist DN songs from 25 years ago about the 1993. The collaborations we have to report to you Toby Keith and Blake Shelton will perform should've been a cowboy all going to be good Alan Jackson is gonna perform Chattahoochee with John per eat the Jackson and Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire gonna be singing does he glad he. I would tell you I love that when they do throw back to neighboring out folks that are maybe a three words I think just the legends especially the ninety's country yeah I get a kick I hope they keep this feature and like changed the year but I didn't mean I don't drink every year they bring out a couple of throwback series you know and I mean just pay tribute to the ones it but I guess. There specifically yeah I don't flashback for 1993 so I'm excited to those again it's any night 8 o'clock on CBS and if you haven't noticed maybe you have Cain proud of a sudden is missing a turn in its degree and so it's his fiancee Caitlin AJ. They've pleaded their answer your profile. And there seems to be mysterious reason behind it he set on Twitter need people to miss me are certain things I have coming up. Which. I mean you expected this to you where she like disappeared. Yeah it there just in front screaming not Twitter and I don't understand like you're gonna get session he had dark like why are you still beating him. The stereo it says something youth camp drills. For the fact doing it landed on the moon. Or is it just. Cheapened worthless promotion for a new song the rally can figure is probably right to. Yeah I've you're gonna make a statement disappear for all social media rarely have a little more of an impact more mysterious Kamal KB eight. I stayed around to get a mug club coming up here in less than 10 minutes the Pacific northwest most exclusive club continues to grow. I'm gonna swear in another local business this one happens early meet for pain on a daily basis. This is the morning wolf pack with the church after 100 points and the world now on the episode I know when. And Italy before we swear in a news and local business into the Pacific northwest most exclusive club for members surpass its privileges. Let's go to little bit out we're going to be today I know you really excited about it plus I think when you're at work a little bit later and you see the notification pop up from FaceBook there were doing alive is gonna be really cool why. She gallery needs a little bit of air Peta writing sinner and red men so we're gonna get to see some horses and a mini worsening peaks. I want to bring Jude so bad and put him on top of Peta Lebanese among Boston but apparently Pete doesn't take writers know that's more their competitor. For show we not the writing yes the receiver excited to go meet all the people there not of course. Yeah I want to thank him for the invite if they're doing really good work for a lot of people if they're sort of recent donuts at some coffee and none of this happens unless you join the mud club so send us your coffee mug from work and we will swear you we. Which I went down camera swearing in my chiropractor is it listen and we did. I think chiropractic. Common LP hello Chris is an ad in Italy calling from the wolf are you today. I can't I just ask Ari did a fantastic and lose a good I don't need committed CU because I have no pain anywhere. That's an ache so picky eater I know well were calling for a totally unrelated reasons. OK he's your fans can listen to the wolf you like country music Euro was really great and you gave us a coffee mug think you know where we're going here Christine and our. I thought it only fitting that we swear you in the month club. Oh my goodness we gotta say immediately be a little bit of the drive for you but I know you like to see a chiropractor to fewer headaches yes I know I'm actually thought about writing pulling out all all. My gosh oh my god has definitely got me out of migraine. Quite a bit they have they gave if you have headache definitely because here. Chris if you're not too busy you can raise your right hand and repeat after me to swear even of the month club right now. We can get angry that I write this your awesome so repeat after me I state your name. You hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf back. You hereby pledge I'm making a warning that as a proud member of the book club. I'm pleased to crank up the wolf every morning I found let's be thankful every morning congratulations Chris by the Dartmouth and immediate time. They keep at it in by the recruits agree with you that the Christians and Jack it was a little short in the sleeve but otherwise. Good thing being. Impressed with the athletes actually short let's. Again lanky long just occurs. Just. Like pre ordering it there ago Chris will be seeing you soon and thanks everybody in Issaquah family chiropractic for listening we appreciate you guys. Got a great day you do all right question to ask yourself. Would you get an IRS logo tattooed on your body if you could limit tax free life. If not a seven minutes to I don't know what logo would you tattoo on your skin in exchange for free products here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister what logo would you get tattooed on your body right now in exchange for free products or services to a 6421 wolf. Or you can text or 6150. We'll tell you are talking about that in three minutes and heavily. Everybody wants announced how we George date last evening with the one they call Matt. But the one I thought that you know any cent to big deal out of me not being able to date and that and it was for new reason because I'm not gonna gonna say they would have. That's pretty definitive isn't bad date and you look bad day like nothing against him that he reminds me so much of an X. But I just can't. C and so it's almost in the same category yes. It's not the name because it's just him yeah we mean mannerisms Zulu Perry is not the way he looks at the way he which I didn't notice on his profile able win in person and and just some of the things he would say we're very much like an X when you can't tell that on line that's that's the downside of bumble or whatever your do maybe that's the way to meet people but I I get it but it's so great guy not the guy from me so a limit on high sense of now rule out it can't stand the thought I mean TC cold and apparent that I waste time dating him when I know he's not the absolutely. But man there he's friends Wednesday. And just so cold just like if I'm a little box and close to the O'Reilly I would give him a high recommendation for the next female. Just remember it's not his fault that reminds you of one U nobody wanted to show him down disguises and and now I'm trying to index yeah it's yeah. It was a jerk yesterday Islam being a nice guy get a UPU I don't NA yeah I think I'd sorry to hear about that yeah at least you know I'm moving on so what tattoo would you get any series for free products next. Morning wolf thank Matt McAllister what logo would you get tattooed on your body. If you can get free stuff from that company for the rest of your life. Apparently 25% of Americans would get an IRS Ted do if they can live tax free after tax realized capital they wouldn't even big prize. What about my forehead. 06421. Wolf pretext for 6150. I don't think. Faces. Or next to come and play that it would have to be somewhere that everybody would see like grownups do tend to get like that spot in the foot from the that doesn't count it has to be a grown attached to that means you're proud of it into the you can see ahead. Well if you get Matt. Costco cost gap if I can go to cuts go there as well I think it would ever want out because go and how did it on my chest it would look like the sublime tennis too and is being gothic gain letters yeah add back I don't care I get it anymore. You. I did get beat target both like. That's not a bad luck the tube and Batman disputed jail. Yeah it's kind of text and Molly for maple valley says the Lulu lemon though then free lady who's done. You know. Vanessa my wife lives in that so I text that are really quicker said he would you get the Lulu she hates tattoos prices which you get it she said. Yes I hate dead Jews. But you really have got to do it Sebastian of friends in a dead heat attaching the Pringle led though if it did free barbecue Pringles for the rest of life really. I had OK I. I'll listen to even comment and all the phone wondering if you're gonna get to your calls and a minute we really wanna know right now what logo would you get tattooed on your body in exchange for free stuffed to a 6421 wolf. Hello Judy in grand soul what logo would get tattooed on your body in exchange for. We stuff for the most part won't go. What is got auto parts. Who auto parts vehicle. Chrysler plants she. Yeah because let's face it I mean it's like the guy detects and about the Pringles it's not expensive enough for me to get the logo I gotta get something's gonna be high dollar ticket item. He nailed it duty cars car parts a huge expense for us. Well and I guess can't do what I have eight. My boyfriend dunk that. In me and I thought what. Okay but because he would work Judy we Larry thanks for checking in police say insults and all right what logo would get tattooed on your skin for free stuff. Oh my goodness skies I would give me a little. Say like hey yeah three medical care for the rest of my life. Think Lindsay you have a prosthetic leg. That's right I am may follow any empty seat. Oh my goodness so I can't even imagine the expense on math. All right so you can get like those crazy. Graphite running legs that you see guys with in the Olympics. All well I think that just reaching the people in the Olympics that really doesn't happen appearance spoken again but it's his third. Yeah you right you can go out of the traffic consultant and run around for tenure in the Olympics. I can pretty much where I'm in my yard and who can I mean you okay. And I don't have a running leg. He's I think that's good insurance. I. Actually we love believe they've been part of showed Danny in Marysville a favorite spot we look Marysville what's attitude to get. Aggregate it be. Cool I heard the Debbie everything like Disney movies or just to go to the park. Everything is especially hard okay is that for your kids or for you. For me. Yeah all right I guess what the adult Disney fans who the fans I. A lot of people actually have the Disney slope on them win on any injuries that he had a Mickey Mouse ears yes that's with a logo beating him. And. Yeah it. I appreciate did you get in locating grant well. I only got a bunch of text and Kristen friend Al less is pretty Angel real estate. Dream realist same. But it's not three not a free house but easily at all they are made for us. Okay all right and now they cancer journey from Rick says Michelle Obama. Like free fuel that's Smart yes. It. Why don't it's just text we've gotten. They come up from Tom waters says he get the seal of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. He's beaten with a. I and I don't ridiculous trophies and they winning a lot of words there really are and Shelton says you get happy and she actually wants an old fashioned in the machine taxing on our butts and drink a lot of Pepsi the. The whole vending machines and team owner. Good general good not just not seeing it at the soda drinkers there and hide. Standby in eight minutes we've got to take a sounding real headlines of the day including a Massachusetts woman who tried to trade her car for those necco wafers. Morning won't actually Matt McAllister commandeer 100. Here I'm not saying yeah. Say something real headlines of the day. So the big story one of them this week has been a necco wafers and the company going out of business. The sales of these disgusting little candy waivers has surged 63%. Yesterday in desperation reached a whole new level when Katie Samuels 23 of Florida. Offered candy store dot com. First 2003 Honda Accord in exchange for all of their stuff. Now I'm no mathematician obviously but I kind of think that their stock of the waivers might be worth more than a 2000 I had a little cell. I don't you think it's close in my earlier by the now we've gotten stock like what they have on the shelves or like stock model it's still all of the candies left in the world and apparently now. Now he's going to the source not one particular candy store. Why didn't he at a dead you would do like seven elevens and I'll take all the necco wafers for my car maybe yeah she went to candy store dot com. Yet not so much I love the way candy store dot com ultimately decided to pass on like okay actually I thought about it yeah. But made good news. For Katie Samuel she was able to buy about 48 rolls of necco wafers with your credit card look Mary Dell that's a good impression last like that they are too. And people are going nuts them. She said I knew it was kind of silly but I'm serious I don't have much right now so I was like I've got this car and I want all that came to maybe they would consider it. I want all it can't and edited goodness I don't know that people are going bananas would it be great if it was a publicity stunt and they weren't going out of business staff didn't make innocent 1840 cell island mes in tandem. Rejuvenate sales a little bit great idea. OK in other not fake news oh and by the way I don't know if you saw this yesterday but this is pretty historic. And I should level off that is I'm sorry that pokes Francis yesterday. Stated publicly that fake news comes from hell. Which pretty much makes this segment the not fake news the most important and heavenly segment ever in the history of radio my Ryder. Barack. A day in not fake news a man who sued his boss for one point eight million dollars claiming he would constantly quote lift his leg and fart on him. It hasn't lost his case in court. In other words he smelt it dealt it holds up in court. I love that it was an eighteen day trial the day he. And he was trying to go with the bullying clause but. Eventually the other day they ruled there was no case there. He is the boss who was charged as look armor called eminent but I may have done it once toys. What to do I but I can't recall I don't recall doing so some not flat out saying Iditarod didn't I just can't remember doing it and they did yes I'll see you color. Yes somehow I knew that was gonna do as government are bigger there's not big news on Thursday a standby ever beat the street says. Morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 point seven. Laughs hit the pavement something that could be history too. Good morning Christine and Elmo welcome to beat the street how are you today. I am while Mario I do fantastic you Curtis mentioned before it's been a struggle a little bit for the morning wolfpack this week on beach street. Yeah hopefully they can bring it back or we're hoping that you can break that trend that's been having as we get we get somebody didn't go oh for five which is never happened since October so Christine us. We're comedy U is a parent educator 33 years old to break the chain of what is apparent educator I've that we help support the teachers. And other stab at elementary school I'll you know anybody that does anything he has anything to do with education you know overall board. God bless you for what to do yes the real heroes you know that Christina thank you thank you certainly not Kirsten Thompson and the NBA players out there okay. So we get their tickets for you go see Erin Watson at Steele creek it's going to be April 25 so that lead tickets we want to there so before me the challenger. And we hope you'll more than them let's give you the same five questions we asked them to thirty seconds on the clock Christina are you ready. I am on your marks get set go what is he talking trees naming guardians of the galaxy. Groups which state is home to Yosemite National Park. All right. What is super Mario's green chargers name. You. It was the names of the debate directly west of downtown C act. Oh didn't I don't act. I don't know. Who is country singer Trisha Yearwood Mary tipped. Oh my god start Roche. And is up Christina now it's just a matter of whether or not you know more than the challenger. And again we caught up with his person at the living room coffee house in Marysville. Let's find out who you're playing against. What's your name or your brother and we do. And silly and rather limo Washington and I we're fire suppression. Okay fire suppression to see Julie from Lynnwood by the way. Just like you help teachers they helped firefighters with their equipment let's go through the same five questions hopefully you know at least as much as Julie a couple more to win the tickets to see Erin Watson question number one. What is the talking trees name and guardians of the galaxy. Kirk's. Was right answer or good job Kristen you got there and right as well. So we're tied at one apiece heading into question number two quick escape is known to Yosemite National Park. Montana. Montana incorrect I can see why she would think that but no you got the right answer Christina it was California great job yet. He always nice to have a lead this early in the game it's now 21 heading into the third question what is super Mario's crew partners and and. He sees and unfortunately she was right usage Yoshi when Beckham from Christina. Keep rat you see unhappy these little green guy is or appears I don't play video games I thought it was a soy sauce. Wish I was off now OK so just like that the momentum has swung back the other way we are now tied at 28 peace let's go to the local question. What is the name of the game directly to the west of downtown Seattle. That an idea that now. You got that one right Christine it's Elliott bay which is where I believe they spotted those orca whales the other day yes. Overrule beautiful all the videos outstanding yet chicken outs on my FaceBook page if you wanna see it okay so. Rihanna time heading into the last question this is getting serious. So as long as you feel confident proceeding you got the last question right. No problem I. There is a country singer Trisha Yearwood married the first half. Our Brooks is the right answer but it didn't matter at that point it wasn't a commanding win by any stretch which tied Julie from Lynnwood. So you win the tickets to see Erin Watson still play. Great job that you have done while you have won and we're gonna post up post them. Poised above peer review at Steele creek thinking so much you're very welcome thank you for being a part of morning wolfpack. He got to stick around for eight minutes at least got the greatest story about trying to cheap out on something and haven't come back and bites you in Mickey steer them. Yeah it was a hail. That should tell you her story eight minutes plus to I don't know what did you cheap out on in now totally regret. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister had seen some Ive seen parts unseated up. And if Emily grace success and it just so you lessen their local. 100 point seven. Well here's what we want to know from you right now. What did you cheap out on and now you've totally regret the manner can be anything close. You call our food. Traditionally categories did of course happened Emily because it did anybody on the show who falls into the cheap category and only. It's going to be it's me I know the gal that rips her bounce dryer sheets and half of. Hat until. Especially right now with moving in the some cost pop up you don't know about who aren't expecting some trying to really save money which is Marty's expenses and I really like last week while I was trying to my grades did that I didn't have my point. Which by the way the funnies visual imaginable. She had the plate of food eater handed she's walking around the kitchen where where hey -- there's like they're so athletic I have my grave and I just went with. I think is. Expensive ballots like couple hundred bucks so I'm forty dollars late he just I find my great. And Larry I'm ready for the starting look at. I'm kind of works like that turned peeled doesn't turn and Mike bacon and Italy's. I wasn't even aware that they made a microwave for forty dollars Alia yes. And again if not for me to falls into the category if you use it every day which mica with you pretty much use every day it's just been a little more and. Yeah I I'm now on that. Trained that if he's every day you might want and not go with the cheap fist. And I've learned the hard way that Barack. So this isn't always the way to go is the plan to replace it into the same cheap one minute I'll try to upgrade a little upgrade a little bit in no way I hit my hundred dollar mark Kelly he said he eight. This but it really is the only you literally the only appliance you have in your home and you but the cheapest one and now Stephen back to work. I mean you don't have cable or have Wi-Fi I didn't even have a chair I well I'm actually shocked you have a toilet but I'm happy. Yeah that's the case with a partner. You're a great sport about the other way I did seep out on an out totally regret morning wolf thank you are turned pick up the follow let's have some fun. So what did you cheap out on now totally regret we all know the story of Emily smoking broken Tony dollar high risk. Thought it would got a funny aren't. Have wanted to. You know dirt cheap Spybot and start Brando elves and I expect the granddaughter she's been the thing we need Stewart on the go kind of old news get the little necessarily. Kroger. Oh engineering Grozny Iranians yes very generic I hit it out the girls. Yeah I think that's the worst when you're trying to pull one over on kids in terms of being cheap and they call you out on being cheap. I told. Him and I hit got just that bad it the it was you right. Oh yeah and and I think you buy. That he did it start you know you are not brands like they break. There are some things you just have to spend money on in again and I think an average falls in the category of like yourselves like foods and exile. Are Lindsay thanks for colony appreciate it. To a 6421 wolf and by the widow at least lives just admitted it the worst thing you do is Paris tried to send it yet all isn't this solution is. I'll sit there for the whole meal this talk about how great and it's I don't want it to be assailed. And finally Vanessa my wife is that you stop it's awful. He said I brought you bought the meat from the cheap places TP about. You're. Piling in more cheap down on buying a boat and it doesn't run a low now. So it's got there Mary in lake Stevens cheap out on her first tattoo. I've known as Sakhalin he would see that I'm cheek that I don't even keep up contacts you about a permanent. And then. Did you I was fourteen OK it's more up yet covered us. Yeah I mean that's the one thing being one thing that will go into the coffin with your gas money on that guarantee if you moderates out about the thing you cheap down on a now totally regret it please do and by the way. Sojo tell us we have the call of all calls coming up next and it involves waiting for tiger see you don't want to miss it next. Good morning Britney in lake Stevens so what did you cheap out on it now totally regret. And back. Old Britney Britney Britney that's like one thing you choose to never give back so tells the story what happened. Well Pete I knew my are all and I hit it Eric Elliott our. Judgments. And I are good but it. And everything and I hate it. Like it and I don't know she kept machine at a little bit which would I let it better and better about that. But she noticeably cheaper than the other starter did you talk to. For the tiny group claiming she lived there a few hundred dollars cheaper or not like. Not considerably. Cheaper and I. Definitely are excellent. You were swayed by her price OK so continues she starts pushing back to date on the photos are not good. Mean. You know published I don't know what you and I and I looked at the I don't act but. I. Maybe it chunk that their money it may even get there and act like OK you know I really. Worried about you know you can take part I I understand your parent and that. Rattled if you weren't trying to hit about ninety I mean she thought all of air new. Little. And you know Britney I totally relate to I just got married and the prices start to add up for all the little things like you were sane manly about building and apart I was like. It's expensive OK so where can we shave a few blocks a mental note do not save our photographer known it's you know it's okay ever need to have a bad Kate Jews who cares everybody else he Nikkei closing your phone. Exactly how many Lauren got my back. And SOS all your friends like even took pictures of the ceremony please send them a good idea yeah. Careful when they sit like that and it certainly. Equal it and and and sad I'm sorry. I'm trying to navigate and edit at honey hold ill at it and I shot I had the honor. You know Brady having just gone third a couple of years ago I'm dying on the inside we'll have really had cents. That's terrible Britney did you see the story in the news about the wedding photographer that only took pictures of the bridesmaids boobs and butts. A lot. That's even worse somebody avenue. Yeah it fundamentally you know I am I got you that happened at the end it. I kept collapsing. We appreciate it already thank you for sharing that again. What did you cheap out on in now totally regret. Actually in Tacoma said she cheap dollar on a plastic surgeon and then turn. On hand again with stuff permanent seek out and bad do jobs that left two more self conscious than before. You know that happened to my aunt you end up paying more in the long run absolutely she had a facelift. If there's so my aunt had babies when she was a little bit older right and she got really self conscious because so many of the kids at school when. Her sons or to get to be an elementary started telling him hey by your mom's older. She when she got a facelift. Any botched one of the guys. And she kind of looks like the guy on the monopoly board now. Well now I mean there's old TV show called watched and followed up people that she'd been out on the hook up to surgery tattoos. Plastic surgeons and wetting the dog and photographers like what's. I. This is the morning we'll. Alistair you 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them heroes ladies this is the big story. Okay okay. New poll just came out saying he had the mist in mired at CNN woman in the world are mad and you had guests who would you say. On a pole I would say just days those from Amazon guys taken over the world and maybe mega Markel and you get a mixed race gallon heading into the royal Stanley shaken enough. Throwing elbows go to our campaign jacking up the queen what are you look down interest and Johnson cleric grand she's. Good but I would not this day and age. I've been Joe's clothes and and I am. Crane held this world why this is not okay yeah well I guess they say that Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie are the most admired man and woman in the world. Coming up second would be Barack and dealt. Is the pulled ten years old I now Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie I guessed the rest the world is behind times. Gates I understand Julie. Adopted a lot of internationally is the zobel out of Foster parents. Yeah I just seems like it's ten years look I didn't make up at all finally I wanna answer. Bracket televised game and second Jack CNN Brad came in there. OK now I know is that though yeah I he needs to let your yeah. Here in the US rocket Michelle Obama topped their respective lists OK but it's Billy better. I hate this Sunday the ACM awards aren't acting in their niece segment called ace in flashbacks. Gonna feature artists from 25 years because that's 1993. For. It sees some really cool collaborations Toby Keith and lake Sheldon Kennedy should have been a cowboy cool. Alan Jackson will perform Chad hitch even with John party cooler and Kelly might listen and read MacIntyre are gonna form that says he's glad he. Can't play you his previous hosting for the first time and yet these are not the first time but again. She was on James Gordon decided this Monday with a world champions Gerald Burton a rodeo. Well and a dog champion wants a world champion steer row per store rope or. Stay here. Steel rope a steer its. And Roeper rope broke her. Good check out and you throw what and you rope around the horns of this fear uncle out of soon. It was pretty funny. I think it get us ally he's going to be your she's always tell us again it's this Sunday CBS 8 PM check it out check of this collaboration. And any you may not know Vista they came brown has all the sudden disappeared from disappeared disappeared. For an answer and he just fiancee Caitlin. On Twitter he applied to meet people the miss me up for certain yeah I have coming up. I mean I don't know but I think it's funny that he disappeared brand industry and not Twitter like I'm gonna go social media darkness yeah. That's not an. You can see my face from. I'm not laughing at someone it figured you know a wave from the ins errors social media delete all earlier sesame like Taylor Swift and just go. Maybe he's normally the rest of us and had a couple of drinks and said something silly on the incident. But the might of his fiancee I accidentally like as drinking too they're doing this they're leaving until have to wait I have a feeling he's gonna come back with something like a big Yang he. Not too creative on social media just has something to do with new songs come and I'm sure I don't think delegates or secondarily I decided he let down. Right there you go your big erase. The morning and needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't help until about seven dollars ball is not McAllister. 100 point seven. No wolf what is your strange food combo I think it's safe to say that we all have one. 206421 wolf for you can text us 46150. We're talking about this because it is national grilled cheese day amen. And they're saying now that you shouldn't eat even those notables classic food combos of all time and grilled cheese with tomato soup I have not crime or dinners delicious. Some would say this who knows. Lifestyle nonsense memory and at. That she's in the answer in the super hard to digest the same time she could end up with a stomach games. Did you get some McCain now why I can't go to like a around the more than the date itself to me that's fine the guys nuts from our. That they plus the soup has a lot of sugar the grilled cheese has a lot of fat the most high in sodium even though it's a great three day combo not good for the body. Odyssey chips and salsa. Most of occasion of meeting a ton of corn chips and you get a relatively small amount of vegetable whatever on the Nazi dad that sends the chipped back at the table Mexican restaurants. Because that's all the kids eat and I spend. Twelve dollars on for heat is and they don't touch their food intake. That's fine I'd still like this and that. That's the search for another day sausage biscuits another combo they say you should meet because. Obviously it's not the healthiest breakfast anyway but all the bad and it also makes your insulin levels spike. It is rude and all of our good I now luckily cookies and milk not on the list you're good to go there. What is your strange fruit combo you know slowed John and I were talking ms. that we don't really have won a lot got a ton of them that's an uncivil to focus on you. I'm very big on any sweet salty com those alike. Proxies from wind even French Fries the average price dipped in the trustees' or potato chips and icing iced cake icing on the. So we you actually go out your way to open a bag of chips and annual open like a container of frosting and use it is death. Cool it's so get that smile or like. On the sweet and salty peanut butter and that people say much. Hopefully we'll have to be very very amateur and didn't like common one I would say his range dressing and to. OK you just. Which by the way our kids do that too is still going to be a lot like your tenure at any time and again we learn you like the kids' menus I. Aaron they did then you have kind of a I don't do this anymore but I have my mom thought I was we're grown up Mike Meyer odd food combo gas was salty crackers. And water. It is. I not. Also used to take those are deemed that a no oysters out of a keen eye candy you roll back the top and I would put those on salty it's okay dad dad is like a soul to overload I've got art and what is your strange fruit combo alternatives techs are flooding in already and link they are not got a bunch of people agreeing with me with peanut butter and pickles ceiling it's OK let's without it was and they are pregnant until they only an Elvis Presley. No that's peanut butter and but man now and and I yeah she is delicious. He was on something that I'd to a 6421 wolf or 46150. On the text what is your strange food combo. Good morning Fred in Lacey are what is your strange fruit combo. Good motor baloney that analysts. Ride your regular. W raw baloney they cut it in the water Dijjer baloney have a first name let's see our. Man I tell you what I am an Abalone long time. But it is delicious baloney Manny white bread I grew fond go out bought it a lot of baloney lives as one put it. But it butter on it now what. It was delicious. I guess you know I think the second part to to be strange fruit combos is if your strange fruit combo actually has in Maine we. Lady so when she was pregnant she craving pickles and she'd end. Think she hollered out in giant pickle and put it printing sheet outside and she called it pickles or Peta this. What would you read about a Bologna sandwich biko. Look why do all that nabbed the top. Half. Yeah you probably nag in the making out at the of the one of those in your mouth on that one other audit noted that the word debate to okay. Popped the aid group there popped up. What efforts butter cares. That's Nancy I'm with you lights on them and ketchup on constant he had he didn't catch yet that I bought my red Wal-Mart red hot spot good to listen. Threads you know from one brother to another I respect you but you're eating habits are. Disgusting. Do what I thought oh draw the club to know what I'm a little bit lately eating chili with pork and beans so yeah I guess when you come from that kind of a background in god bless you for you know get through all that he he would every yeah he's not taking a you learn to make that make a certain way but I'd say you are not that could be forgiven you up or being Chile to the dog all the oh. Meet radio opened up the Foster kid kitchen and you serve your recipes I don't think that that would get at it you can't. Promote. Old school update these that. But let it eat your pasta with ketchup you can't call it that they're below our idea has spread have a great day we love you thanks for being a part of the morning wolf back you hello we're talking to make strange food combos woody got force. I'm not a group yell and I light got out yeah it's yeah you know all. And yogurt. Together. Is he talking get. Seattle crunch there in the yoga healthy right up the G doesn't the other or do you get the cheat is an idiot. What did well. TE that's original yeah I get do you have a name for your creation none of us. I'm not so. But I know you really want so far and hello my friends there that does that. I'd shooters detects Rico over the name could it needs and names that you need this special Donovan 46150. Mile anybody. I mean this Sunday in Everett says that cold ease and sunflower seed kernels. Her dad to come I can just sticking kind of healthy chatted a little healthier have had a Oreo attracting garlic bread. I'd Donovan just emailed and his name port is helping heal print GOO. Hey there ego you know us think you know if you through that like this is go all the way within that last one with the garlic bread in the Aureus if you through that deep Fryer you could sell for 59 United States fair console you own gobble that up. Yeah calloused as a progress. Tell these guys got to bring donuts. Quick shout out to Issaquah family chiropractic. We soaring Chris this morning in the mug club and they actually went out in order to bugs. Just so they can get into the mud club because it was into the wolf. Which is very cool it's brilliant let you are free plug on the radio you have some local love for being a business here in the PNW that says you know make it to work every day we'll do this for you. I diet and fitness says and adds it's 805 avenue suite 14100. That Seattle 91 airport used his address the web site. Absolutely it's been firing live in boxes coming in were us out twice a week on pit stops in fact today. We're going to be visiting some friends Emma and you're really really excited about today in fact. I never leave I. I now we're gonna be out at a little bit therapeutic riding sinner in Redmond maybe some amazing work there. With kids of all ages past eighty years salt yeah I'm big kids big kids little kids they even have a mini course there yeah heat that I'm excited to meet. Well you've actually done some of this yourself then you know that it's it's just super helpful and a lot of it anyways so we're excited go to Redmond today in DC a little things pop up from FaceBook it's as important wolfpack is lives should be about 1130 inch. Up on it should be pretty cool hanging out with horse he's today for blood flow. Back with Matt Stairs. One place the walls. Scotty mccreery and the new 100 point seven the wolf it's the morning wolf thank Matt McAllister two hours announced out of country continuing at about thirty seconds and bred young buck. One only to know again I know I am. In the minority that doesn't really get down with these superhero movies because that's all it seems to come out anymore. Black panther. Is the number one superhero movie in America was 667. Million dollars but that may not hold up for very long. I can just tears slowed you're getting exciting news. Avengers infinity war is selling twice as many tickets right now. As black panther did at this point so we're talking about pre sale. I guess is coming out in two weeks now. It's also selling more tickets than the last seven marvel movies come buying it. By the way can you guy's name the other seven marvel movies because that's all anybody sees anymore. Or are mobile movies you know sand and I feel like they were I know is Iron Man a marble no. Yes it is not on this list get the wrong list. A lot worse than what my not it'll last seven yet the last seven. I had no idea dental really getting one. What are what it. That's the Macy's store thought. Okay gets sore rags Iraq. Okay Bragg north Hillary says that Spiderman homecoming guardians of the galaxy million to Doctor Strange captain America's civil war in Vietnam. He let me guess for Alonso I don't know sort of cut and seven north and that's what they send. Three times jobs don't last. Seven movie that sentence that's a third or fourth time as they did a blue black panther and that would be the segment. OK so basically every character from all of those movies is in the new avengers and I would imagine that that would include. The superhero of black panther yes like there you go. There it is so I at this point black panther that's a box office phenomenon but it's gonna go away quickly when avengers infinity work comes out said he needed as a go and buy your tickets now. Yes you can go ahead and buy your tickets now. Let me know how it is though an adjusted to. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister come to Seattle medalist hasn't Thai food and hang out bring your girlfriend is barely raise it was kind of like a pay the tiny in the rain and I have to get after our pilots getting you know it's time to go majors calling. 100 point seven. Oh. The morning wolf bags and out. Dili in they'll get take out our podcast he's a lot of sun including fifty minutes of bonus content it'll be up at 10 AM on the path or the website it don't matter. And NBC a FaceBook like pop up around 1130 were going to be at a mug club pit stop in Redmond a few little bit therapeutic riding center looking forward to getting those people a little bit and constantly doing such good work in the community gonna bring you some doughnuts are gonna bring some coffee house give him some love for sending a mug but also just would be great people all around. Deanna Laney high time that yeah and what's going on the view today. Just a big shout out to hoarding and we were there last night it was Deanna Lee in the Booth would you babes in our third annual sporting. And we come out hoarding we do want to hear and it's like the whole town's shows up. We were at the middle school there and we had about 100 kids. From second to eighth grade their all apart at the sporting junior dance team very cool that we do like a show Intel with the courting middle school. So much fun breed Jeffries is the dance coach for them and she invited us out a few years back it's we just kept it as a tradition and the kids are amazing they showed off all their dance skills and their dance talent. And hoarding isn't it great town anyway I love it it's right there at the base of Mount Rainier and and we just love going out there's a shout out to my peeps in nordic. Was so bored today you know. These kids is loved to dance they didn't do before you get that filtering your brain is as I shouldn't be dancing. Yeah you genes they are the little boy you know he's one and a half weeks Colin GT we could dainty TT dean to. Health conscious yes you know yeah. They have that dance like nobody's watching thing all the time yes I love that she has an all boy wait hip hop team and they are being humorous things are all that dirt on cardboard. You know they clearly data they had this guy is a little I think. I don't really understand it my whole lot but it was a lot of fun while it is awesome yeah well. Do you leave we're gonna get out here but we got going on in your show today I'm home very. Andre I must say yes to forget he's not need to be set up a little bit yeah. So we're gonna talk about your favorite food on his stick you get the phone and I got I think even at the very solid allegory. Man could you know I love Costco Costco now had these chicken skewers. All I'm telling you what is the easiest fastest healthy senior realized from the chicken skewers chicken on a stick rock and roll signing up. 206421 law for you later Ortiz went by zero C tomorrow at five. Actually the car. Mornings I don't. I feel 100 point seven the world.