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Thursday, April 19th

Thursday April 19th, 2018


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Rolling welcome back to the podcast Thursday April 19 Matt McAllister here hello Emily rain slowed Joseph I've before you hear the show we did today minus the commercials and music and all of that let's talk about a couple of things oh you know what let me just coached quick segue. Since you're listen this may be on the app you might follow the wolf on social media. And it's tough when you have a big concert that's sold out because you can't really cigar on today hope I see and I had he most fear you know on the TK ago. Salute Combs an ash in the prior in town tonight in downtown Seattle a shoebox Otis who will be their tonight so the best thing we can do if you don't have a ticket is to share the experience on FaceBook Twitter and in stuff. And we'll do that. And in order of FaceBook live interview little bit later on with a big man who apparently got some. Shot gunning beer skills that are legendary for a according to the Italy at one point five seconds pat did not know is pretty impressive record setting. Takes him back to my teenage years and I chairman the last Irish are going to be here but I definitely done it yet it is funny too because. Deanna Lee was Thomas that he challenged like Dirks Bentley and easy only other guy know that ever he Shaka the Iraq that's kind of when his things. So anyway not only fun tonight FaceBook instant Twitter me if you follow Seattle for us individually. And will be having some fun on there. So can I say something really quick through a always positions this this is just that app preface. Regarding the entire Xia. So our studio got redone and plastered involved and you kind of vinyl siding and stuff looks phenomenal. But you guys have been stuck and I just I went to the restroom and I came back I can smell the glue since the store's been open before I even around the corners over by the kitchen. And you guys have been sitting in that for five hours. Yeah I think that they're into they in the U dad died debt I luckily I didn't have to be in there the whole time me I think you guys are all affected by that. Yet it was one of those days early on in I don't think generally and I knew exactly why not even set as one of those days cracked I don't know I I felt a little high total like if you walk you know a nail salon here or do you know yeah do I go to war can elect day I'm like I lost about a million brain cells and I don't have a really really tells -- it's awesome that they did evidently made the point should've done enough Friday is that is not good story now. I remember back in the day I think it was in college I spent a summer lived in Denver. Is really fun summer and I was a painting apprentice. And I remember in one particular case. We were doing some lacquer. On I think they were the window shades when caller on the outside a house of you pull them all off the house and had a big unused basement. So he sprayed lacquer in the basement Earl Morton points he made me sprayed a lacquer in the basement with no face mask or I eating and validation that yes and I would get so for again hi I've been like dude you've got to get me a mask and lose in my brain. And of course you've got married some old you know guy he started out below publicity so I say they're dated and I sort of got I've never been the center. I think it was addicts that dad is that'd be a radios that have have a real job I or even people that huffing glue like recreational league they would do for a few seconds you guys are never five. Yeah I did they feel little off. Almost a little irritable and I I think I'd be coming down blue yeah it's not an underestimate that well here's the worst part whoever did it didn't use enough glue so it's starting to peel off the walls the gonna have to redo it definitely on a weekend yeah I'm gonna put in the order there Friday please. Send your morning shows dumb enough so I don't learn. I after running up with an eighteen pounds of Gulu. So slow descent or something in the middle the show that was pretty interesting and we would talk about this on the air because a I guess you could say it's a little political also has kind of frightening but if you assume the podcaster not afraid of scary so I have to act and there's a new ice this propaganda video that's out that's shows Seattle burning in the background. As and what is in some kind of an image of trump to its guns dad there doing you gotta do these videos it's a bunch of like poorly Photoshop or whatever act graphics and animation area they're killing throughout. But in part of the centers thing like he manages is Seattle as the backdrop and it's complete thing gulf inflames. And I don't know. I don't know if that's supposed to be some cattle like breed between the lines are warning that like it's never good feeling to see your Seattle fire are they trying to say like yeah oh this is what's happening in Seattle for you know. Tricking people are they saying this is well public Homeland Security I'm definitely heightening mile artist in the Seattle area code as somebody had a sitter put this together and make it picked any skyline in the country and they picked Seattle which is not usually a target I mean now lord knows New York has been through enough. But why Seattle yet studies like I was clearly very intention. That makes you want to be mean yeah I I don't know man now but there was a time to. So you know ices is lost like 98% of what they once held crash. But they're still fighting in serious of the budget's not what they used to be but I remember when they're producing. Movie quality propaganda films that they were getting I don't know will who was doing them for them but it was Hollywood quality stuff there it was like HD. Like any Star Wars. There was a point or rises a little bigger batter and a scary Stephen Spielberg and their prayers. And then have you ever heard it was a wise he's busy like DM is better than like the best 3-D video game. So anyway ICC can socket this you know system be on the lookout for bad guys in Seattle see something say something okay nice job and I. I guess the OK so I hear something just a little more random and find that he did a poll of 5000. People recently. And they were trying to figure out what were the most right swipe the bull careers. So heavily for a dating gal yet it rights liking means you like the right for those that have never got us what are essentially the most attractive careers. It's so funny too because rights wiping us such a part of the vernacular if you write sued single and dating my family but for me. Even when I was single I was never on a dating app so it doesn't mean I can't remember laughter righted. No meaning. Same as vibrant capital reference like days of thunder that movie furnished attic. What are you talking about the technical trickle drive through the smoke and a roof didn't do work you'll hear that on the show. OK so the most writes why jobs apps reveal that a new studies any guesses if you haven't looked already cheated. I'm OK so there's two there's two carriages for men and for women and I did not cheat but my guess firm. For women liking men I think doctors got to be on no. Lawyers know. Read mountain. Part of our policies to me. You guys are picking prestige in finance but for a woman. They're probably thinking the guy that's gonna cheat on me most is a guy with well honey how are I'm fluent I am element and yeah. Normally I ever read this I. Honestly. I would doctors let image will die as you think about it OK they're now it's money that's hot. Well but doctors you're attracted to is you know that not. Your daily lives. Yeah doctors save lives doctors don't get into being doctors to save lives for being honest beginning to it's a great way to make a living and pay a lot of money I would say there's some that do. My just my personal opinion. I think most get into it because it's a great way to make a lot of money book correct me if I'm wrong in the early again at broad doctors it's an attractive profession right yet. Is the you have any probably nor a larger than averaging come and they you like. You're intelligent and you're saving people's lives and out then like hot about that at a really yeah. Right that got spread doctors not honest it's most doctor and we don't have to split hairs on this but I would say there's a lot of doctors that don't save anybody's life they just do other procedure drag that's okay that's still helping me it's still a human be it still kind of a buzz word then yeah I mean I AM egg I'm not gonna argue there's not an attractive profession aren't. We're just argue why today I and I tend to be impact and I tend to think there's a lot of people that are more superficial about why they would give him that I don't work. Again you got them doctors that go to Africa man and all he did cataract surgeries and get all that head Emily anymore guesses. Ams and doctors and lawyer what. Like teachers or somebody that works with kids. Know athletes. Nope but I would tell you number one is a little bit of a shocker I would tell you again too that there is no way in hell and only you would ever dated number one. But close. That's close someone argument for somebody marketing. And maybe that's because they're creative. May be number three entrepreneur or. Which that could mean anything Bratt yeah they're struggling entrepreneurs that that does mean they have no job. Number two an engineer. That's weird I think that's for the money. But and and there are a lot of engineers don't make liked. Craziness surrounding many it as they make it a good living that a case and and we can only speak from personal experience but. And I've only ever worked in radio. So all I know is the radio engineer Iraq and every station I've ever worked at the radio engineer is always exactly the same type of guy out he's introverted. He's really Smart he's not very communicative he's not social he's not a fun guy any typically doesn't like me even though. I have to really hard to like him and be nice. The engineer is always the least friendly most intelligent person of the building. And the person I get along with the least. Well my dad why would you want a date that guy my dad was a mechanical engineer sigh I get that but again. Didn't make a ton of money made us support a family that that was about it you know like they didn't have like a lot of access money may be in his younger career. Maybe engineer means you don't plan college degree. And be sure your for the per share. And yeah I think bring you really. There are a lot of engineers that don't have money but I think right off the bat it's like oh yeah. I think that's right is so. Vanessa my wife's brother is an engineer of sorts and he worked for Tesla dad and he was one of the first tires you went to Stanford to guy's brilliant. But with that brilliance comes I definitely a mindset that sometimes can be hard to. Associate laps I mean I would change or to protect I went to school would be I say they are they think differently they deal but it's at a track he can be an effective job other state even the radio engineer me and the one that just left that worked here. Are really liked him yes he's manic couldn't break through the last day he sounded like Alan I'm leaving it's my last today. So walk and by no hey man I'm really sad to leave and I've really enjoyed working winning you're great guy thanks for bringing doughnuts every Friday. He didn't even look mean the opportunity to set yet happens in walked off. Really dude like I'm just trying to make a huge effort to ten and I'm sad you're leaving I don't even know you very well Perez. Engineers just as well and that's what they and that's how my view and get that can be completely just me. Number one here's a wannabe didn't get the most rights wage jobs. Sheath. Yes and what's funny is I actually was looking among the last night and a chef popped up and I lapse might get. Are eating being sacked opposite schedule and hopefully have some like there's no way imminent. He ever be able to hang out and. And you know chefs can make a really great living I think they're Tenet in right now at the end they get out there early aria well I know by Shas and we did call a couple of Kohler festivals is that they party Shas party like rock stars they're super social or super extroverted. There are restaurant slash bar. They drink and he's almost every night grant yeah so but again for our hours and stuff he had a little beat up looking like that on the let's flip it over into the most rates white jobs for women's own guys or perusing these are the jobs they swipe on the like these women and I think it's fair game freedom wanna do you Emily sludge effort guesses. Ike Ike. I don't I must advertise and maybe I don't know why I'm saying that no. Do it's interesting because a lot of your some of your guesses for the men are actually on the docks next no. But nurse lawyer nurses on the list lawyer is nonetheless yeah. And I think for a guy it's pretty sexy when a woman's got like power suit in the glasses she looks Smart the only woman naked finally land George Clooney is like I know you Chrysler very. Now but there's different things I mean that's I mean we on the women and men look for different things and each other what about a teacher. Teachers on the list number five. Teachers are great as a guide to view some wrong they make you do it over again parents. Fell Rodney Dangerfield line. Back to school the movie back to know can I get no respect number four entrepreneur so that means that entrepreneur is the one. Writes why global job it's on both lists. We again SC QB so of day yeah it is it's exciting and you don't know what it my all men they start a company and in shark tank did invent. Then Dewey decimal and then yeah I've got a lot of drug dealers that put. I entrepreneur on their face sort of thing and I think that's the exciting part of it made him you're not getting into a hand and anger kind of a situation is Boehringer. This ever. OK number one and I think that's what eking out camps ourself let's go five to two teacher. Entrepreneur were lawyer and nurse and. And number one is still up for grabs and I think it's more of just a superficial these are typically kind of attractive one model no. Fight it's no good guests and every man has that fantasy. Arts and no cheerleader. Cheer cheerleader that's even a job. And a I mean you can't get pay a hundred bucks they damn dress and act. Hairdresser okay. Your wife joked that they know how to do the hair they not get dialed up everyday but even more than that I think if you were going to like to have her salon the women are all pretty attractive the dude you're all pretty attractive it's kind of a hip cool attractive place work. I think is a guy you just assume because let's face it you're looking at a profile picture. Is that really what they look like may be but it there hairdresser wall you know they're kinda good looking as they were gonna place for you. Your appearance matters yeah I think it clothing store your your mileage out of product so please always liked you you brought up by year year and nail salon today. She's gone like. Twelve different on since he moved here present so important to her negate that right to share you have to like slick you wanna look granular represent your ears style and yelling else well so I go to this like Walden barbershop here that's just like for dudes right so it's all good bit in Phoenix I would go to the place my wife way. Which was the super hip. Like I always just felt like the least cool vendors catch and it's he had dated a girl from their own yet and you can walk in just wearing jeans and T shirt on like oh man I need to have like Fanny pack and need to have like some gold chains and I'm busy. I super yet I Tuesday made you feel like you just work quite cool yeah and it wait Fanny packs and gold chains making all. You've got a good point on the go ahead and they know that. But if you could pull that off there really you might be cool you might be super have stirred you can do that. In a big fact has been on the fringe for ever there's like this part of the community and hipster vibe this trying to bring him back. They look stupid you is I guess short shorts in the same way. Only time I think they are great for like festivals yeah like that's situation and orally you're on the amusement park may be. But I didn't at a company. It is part I mean if you're Coachella. And you got a little Fanny pack on there I mean. You have maybe pull out obligated tied yeah percent that may be some moustache. I don't really know that. All right that's all I got we're gonna get out of here and I go enjoy this beautiful they were happening in Seattle and AE is enjoy the show. Oh. He wants. Well the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Point seven. All the morning wolf packs Matt McAllister here checking in on a Thursday April 19 heavily grains good morning good morning slow Joseph hello here OK something is very different than it was yesterday. I'm figuring maybe we should disable that for a big reveal on the video that we view for FaceBook. It's really cool we came into a fully renovated studio this morning it's completely different. We're all like little kids on Christmas well it's pretty neat isn't very there at the coolest. Radio's studio I have ever seen yet the course light studio is completely decked out in what looks like barn wood yes he ought to check it out on our face there are we just say you wanna go live. Later till we always have that Giuliani put a video up you'll see in the mud club shot to just jump on social media here we haven't done anything yet don't wanna make sure we do it rightly should but yet to be a bigger deal coming up thirty minute also this morning the mug club 610. We got a couple more boxes in the mail school rate what's going on with the mug club into elsewhere in the downtown dog mounted six town 610. Also 710 Zach brown their tickets and a little bit later on down the road. Tells by the time he thought for you knew your boss was crazy we have a story about that yet from a yesterday. All right everybody good. It has basic idea was perfect man got the weather was nice there was sort it out we'll fight crime took some NightCall last night gonna make sure I slept well let's look at this lingering cold thing going on. Little groggy today I just eighty element of opening ever I do mean I think it's 630 thinking and I'll be. You show up the F many times behind now but I'd drive and a work it's really foggy in some spots coming in on I ninety hot I felt like I was called trickle in days of thunder haven't drive through the smoke you know you drive through the track. Emily Neal I'm talking about. To fit she has just keep driving sojo you know what I love days of thunder that movie did is underrated candidate come out. A Tom Cruise cult Terkel I must say eighty idea to work hard and weren't you. It doesn't mean it didn't happen I'll look it up I'll put into the list of they these tiny available there's a car or there's a crash I on the go where it's a NASCAR many NBA draft and yes I drive through the smoke that was me drive and moved through the night cool 1990 bad and the thought OK I. Yeah. So I thought I'd ask you lead off color here come on let's move on to a 6421 wolf if you like to get some base BR leadoff Cawley also get to pick the next song that we play. 206421. Wolf right now. Tale of think out Ramon from bunny lake for checking into the leadoff caller but we're gonna go with John in order of appearance. I John is at JB LM works on base good morning John how are you brother I'm here. Here so John you listed or do you just work on the days. I. Hear a candle thank you for your service you know how much we appreciate what you do and all of our military families do here at the wolf. Absolutely. I'm John have a question Ari do you know the many days of thunder that Matt is just referencing. Yet but I do. He did you a couple of texts already match that's ahead 505 in a party three days of thunder reference gonna be a solid Thursday gloom guys I guess it's the media need to. It's Franklin you know it's one of those movies that I think John if its power to go back and watch it I don't know. It would almost be like top gun back with Tom Cruise was at the peak of his acting right we're it would be a little cheesy but at the time it was pretty cool those before Ricky Bobby made fun of the whole thing. It was pretty cool I thought of George Talladega and it. John how Lori brother in Korea where you from originally John. Are from my California. Okay well part. Secretary. Nobody thinks about living in the Pacific northwest. They'll want to move anywhere else. Answer kind of LSU yes Louisiana we can we let you know to keep a job around here for awhile that would be great TS. You know relations at any kids. Yeah got a wife. One hurled. Why is about are. Now. Who congratulations. Keynote you haven't. Another boy and it's the only guys stand on all the apples. Never. We haven't had nothing. Well when you made a couple of girls you're familiar with the term and we thought if I theory of the navy. Yes I riker I can rule week I think the prices son is named riker a pain in the spelled. RY. And you are right there just get Toyota truck continue to riker as a strong and lightning and oh another good. John can you confirm whether or not or do you know that Lee Brice dishonesty in riker I'm almost a 100% positive this I do not know. You somebody Google that really quickly and while Emily is do believe that a wanna ask you John because for a leadoff caller thank you for taking the time and call us earth. Confirms yeah so you are naming your how did you guys come up with striker John if you didn't know that. My wife about it. But mile splits that I got that to last name. Well below our one in our Ryder open Scotland. Scotland. Yet don't let. Your names are awesome task power names. They have they're gonna walk in the business deals when they're 35 and own hell absolutely comes and it remained light a cigar and blue. I John back to the two look we play for you man. Thirty genes in your system if you go I say no on that. They are just so some staple in the morning. Seems to be a favorite for the early morning crowd yes. Hi John hello everybody stick around because we will get into it the conversation damaged him. Everybody is at a Boston didn't like it how many units legitimately had a crazy boss will we have a we wanna hear right yours and eight minutes. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister come on guys got a little on the weekend. Amelie rain master re wearing my emails were out yet and don't you back now on yeah legal jargon what are you sorry. Point seven. Oh here's what we're looking for right now morning wolf pack tell us about the time you knew your boss was Curry's. Thought in slow Joan I have worked for a lot of different people. But there's only been one that I can think of that we knew for sure was crazy now and I mean he almost good crazy in a way. If you've ever worked for somebody they had ideas they were just way out of left field didn't really make like a wacky crazy yeah I. I'm more practical give me that aid is the I configure reality I don't do well with the void if you ransom like there's a wonderfully. And they don't want engines for never in my. You know are lost now is great because we have fifteen minute meetings. And our boss at times we've had our half meaning it's worth fifteen minutes it was actually usable information so quiet this one crazy profit while the craziest thing he ever data sets up well he suggests that one day this was the moment that we knew and only that he was crazy content he said you know here's what I think and he just if you can studio Ritalin is. Get a limousine with a hot tub in the back. In a what you drive around. And because we're country station we want you to give away. Kind of a status the intimate part of a bull. Yeah like I dry for the jerky basically why you guys are in hot tub level limiting yes driving around handing out. Bull Wiener soul hurt for a better. I'll let him editor that's crazy it's like you know that's probably not gonna happen listen take great let's put that an email answer. And that he's another batted in in less than it is I know there's better stories that are out there that's why we bring it up you wanna hear yours. Right now tells about the time you knew your bosses crazy to us 6141 wolf or you can Texas 46150. We've all had a story we have a story we can't wait to hear yours knack. In the meantime and I want to make sure we mention this. Today tomorrow as much as we can in the next couple days we are going to be a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning for the Mountain View fire and rescue station 96. By the way we'll put a blog up so everybody knows exactly where this is but it's the fire station in Auburn. And a dvd editors are analogy I can remember but it's a really great opportunity to come out and support some local heroes first responders firemen and the police officers there. Hell tax season include McGraw for the crime dollar's gonna be there really yes I didn't know McGrath was still anxious absolutely also sparking a fire dog is deadly DePaul patrol in the rare move her off the crime dog. Yeah I will never forget I'm not gonna go advantageous to farm that we had to read a thumb east of the MS reed a Thon when I was in school violated any cheap. I did and what but I won and I wrote down a bunch of books that I didn't read that I need every on a dance like a reason that yeah you must book she get an award. And I wrote down a bunch of books that I didn't reeks I felt bad because I didn't read any. And then McGraw the crime dog came to give out the award. In the middle of the whole school in the lunchroom they've. Maybe stand up and get the warden met I didn't read any ambush that felt so terrible hater so I'm gonna tell the gruff on Saturday that that happened and clear the arrest him. But it's gonna be great police officers from the black diamond police department could be as well try med medic one. A bunch of first responders that's why we immediately said yes of course will be there will serve breakfast will do whatever we can. There's not going to be a flight crew from the northwest flight they're gonna drop in income due landing right there are some really cool kids yet they so you do in the affair back in new US solid slow job. Go to leaders from the visiting my parents. We you asked the other EMTs there if what we learned yesterday is universal or if that's like an exception and share salary yes. I will but we did you hear from somebody later he said if you already empty for fire station you do make between 1570 drag this guy was contrary to buy either has been learning his company he made 27000 dollars a year. So shocked these things thank Kate sausage hash browns biscuits inserts a 7:30 in the morning again Mountain View fire and rescue station 96 Google led. In Auburn join AC you can on Saturday morning for a pancake breakfast honoring heroes the real heroes in our community do we now know do not make. A lot of money. In the growth the crime Douglas square up and we'll make it right or is she. He did get one email about the time you knew your boss was craziness. Hello Matt Emily slow Joseph loved the show welcome to the DNW. The I started a new job this was awhile back to small company about 25 people on day one. Of having a new boss he calls everybody into the break room. He's pissed. There's noodles in the sink. Where somebody resound accompanied left a mess for somebody else to clean up and he demands. This is on his first in the job by the way. He demands that the culprit come forward and says nobody is leading this Germans let's find out who did this. After a few minutes ago I cops that it was him the boss says follow me. He goes into his office shuts the door and apparently lectured him but didn't fire him wow first. Day. We assert his authority even good that's the moment I knew that my boss was crazy yeah I think you're. Exactly. I hit 610 now coming to turn a few minutes organs where the downtown dog lounge into the month club by knowingly for one is very excited because they have little doggie cams you can watch dogs even if you don't have a dog bear I now I have to step outlets that there I don't mean I don't allegedly again. What you worry and we have to become stories of the day coming and exit them what are we doing yes can Miranda Lambert be eating someone you yeah. Made Big Three. This is the morning. Alistair you 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger than a princess cat fight in their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. Actor Jerry O'Connell and his wife Rebecca remained read the ACM awards this past weekend. When marine ever was on stage all listening got a bright idea to play matchmaker with her. Because he has a good friend named Brett Tucker his an Australian actor. And I guess watching Marie and now the satellite and Austin heat took in stray hand and said that Brett is this week counted and has Good Friday. I guess that's important disease free young man with good credit right yet stayed in bed they have compatible zodiac signs and Rebecca wants to know why. He's not looking up with that Brett because apparently the cats I have the guy he good looking guy. Okay nobody is a 45 year old Australian actor have you ever heard of him. No but okay so in my thought intimacy this isn't the girls and on Australia and he could be they get there that's true good point that David has lost big in Germany exactly. Minor ways when there's a six usually somebody has one person in mind not both so. I feel like since he's the one Jerry's doing this. Moraine is probably a way better catch than opera that makes sense. I don't know that Australian accent the latest guy looks I mean. It if rain doesn't want him I'm over here single guy. Writer editor yeah. I think every available your brain has not commented but I just think it's funny. Is someone as famous as Maria that you still get people who are like the end it yeah well those are the only people and I mean. They really uses that he's been. An isolated did you really just walk around the apartment community what she's fresh out of a relationship there like maybe she uses given all she's on the rebound I used to be I'd I agree with slow Joseph about that yeah we're gonna get what do we know. People magazine's Amir most beautiful issue has come out and they named Pete the most beautiful and that's when he teen. Dad. They accepted the most beautiful is she different this year it to court next so it's just beautiful issue cutting used to be the most beautiful people. Youthful issue I don't know they changed into the beautiful issue because they wanna make it clear that it's not a beauty contest. When them I didn't but it is beauty in there. Yeah I mean. That's sort of like them do away with the swimsuit competition in them miss whatever rate it's still it is what it is I mean to get it do you must go on and don't. And let's face it yeah pink and everyone else has been named our beautiful people yup the Glen namely those lovely people I'm OK with that irate and today I say about safety today's. Thirsty the national holiday OK don't I don't know I can keep up with the national holidays is national I I'd say we. Dino and give the perfect type I make sure you get accurate every time and now. Leave the first available here I think high fives you can go by the wayside to overthrow knuckles now or we're like kind of sighed hugging or you know. Know how you high five and anybody in the net net less than men like sports competition but yeah I mean does it have editors of the national holiday in the movie back to the future may now. How 82 I am all about the hi Ivan I'm bringing it back to finish line it with the person although your high Friday. That is that you did a high five zip make sure you don't miss the net cash. And Wimbledon let you have this time it hit a high five from each day it kills me it's probably half a good thing. I admire your enthusiasm like this is a morning wolfpack with that parents are 100 points off the walls. On the episode of and if you've been this little you know we all love our dogs so we're pretty excited to get a muck and mud club from the down town dog lounge. RN let's make. A downtown not planned originally I can help in at least it's men namely going from the morning wolf pack how are you today what. Hey are you doing we do the grades we got your money the mail and we're calling to make it all the fish I guess we just because they think you first and foremost for listening to Wear show. My gas station loveless and he has been out long workday Cubans from and I had a he had all the time annoyance. Well thank you very much for listening least we appreciate that tell us a little bit about your spot there. It's awesome is that what I started about fifteen years ago and I said dot daycare boarding utility leading grooming and training. We're here 24 hours a day to exercise its web cam then we get so it's beautiful new facility on Amazon camp at an athlete Kenya's that we have seen downtown locations and. I think you had an amazing job getting to hang out with other people's dogs all day. Mean I now. Yeah and then I go home in my own dog well I wouldn't even dare not say anything you can imagine this you know jealousy anxiety that your dogs have every day we come home smelling like a million for the dog that what was wrong with me. OK now I have problem now we get over pretty tricks you should check out our rescue haven't though so I can watch other people's dogs and your webcam. You totally and we are completely transparent and want people to do what we're doing and like daylight today they've got a hundred when he died in house already Miguel wow Emily already has your phone or hand she's forgotten on the radio I know I getting frank. And you better all gods people I love it c'mon down we'll we'll watch your dog where you can little by day so can come guy in me you wouldn't meet the DOS. We were lucky to come by or trade me rush hour in the morning bet you'll let you know when you're on an alliance issued a packet with the blast well. Listen we give some time this afternoon we got to get out and meet you go to the month club in the listen to the wolf so. How about we bring you some donuts made some coffee little bit later on like 111130. Some like that. Let me check with this guy and he asked ask god. Yes it's okay if you are I always think it's where you at the nightclub and make it official release. I would love it thank you know my you raise your right in a repeat after me nice feature named my right side just. I elite. Do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack. Do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack her dog pack whatever it is a proud member of the mug club. And proud member of the mud I pledge to crank up the wolf from my dogs every morning and I actually I. I fled to crank out fuel for my guys every morning. You know being an official member of the morning wolf thank mug club will host an eighteen so much chaos. Thank you for listening we appreciate you need to see a little bit later Rama that doesn't donates. TS meet the dogs and that's all right sleep it's been a big discussion on the show lately because of slow Joe's insomnia and he's not alone. Stay with us for about nine minutes you're gonna hear some of the best sleep tricks ever. Yeah calloused as the progress. Tell these guys got a free doughnuts. 100 points. Happy Thursday everybody we wanna know right now if you have got a great sleep trick. The reason we're talking about this is because slow Joe's obviously had his insomnia and it's been. Drive and a little bit crazy he got some medication I don't know what it is these seems to be good to go for the time being. We're discussing this yesterday and again to a 6421 Wall Street in Texas for 6150. What is your trick when you need to falsely and you can't Emily yeah not only yesterday what source of its its. Kind of bizarre OK but happen in American policy by couldn't turn my brain on. Can this is gonna sound. Totally hippie dipping but there's this music called aeon DR at put in the air pods and I listened to an internal policy is bilateral stimulation. And then I do this weird dream breathing thing that I learned from this guy win the authors like these on the ice man and and I'm telling you it's bizarre. It's a combination of two different things that I came up with but it works like a charm and you are thought it was it just takes me out of my own head and falsely that relaxes me. That's takes about fifteen minutes. Yeah I don't. I think the ABC game self if I can't again get out my own head like you. I picky category whether it cities or food or wet like clothing label. And I go 083. I take a deep breath so much Apple's. The knee and it needs one you have to dig deep breath in between. And we both sound like a crazy I know I totally did that last night and that did not make it to Z told just really dead. Our right to a 6421 wolf for Texas right now 46150. What is your sleep trick when you need to fall asleep and you can't it's almost like you got to come up with something to turn off your brain our morning wolf back. To a 6421 wolf. Rick in grand with a sleeve trick are irate what do you do when you have to fall asleep and you can't. Well I was everything a little bit about ten years I was watching them shark tank and a guide him on and he has this fellow. They have like a dialogue like the speaker in it but it may the speaker. And keeps. He doesn't kind of sleep study he says it's an epidemic. Where people aren't sleeping undertaken medication. So I've been taking it for ten years I got the fellow was right around a hundred dollars rules an expense until it. It's better and taken medication for ten years yeah yeah I hear you brother. It's very comfortable and you can play here. Like older iPod or anything inside the fellow. And the person next year's he'd be here it's really quiet when you lay down to go to sleep. Explain how it changes your mind from what you know think about not sleeping and I swear by it I know where worked. It seems to be Rick you're somebody stroke to sleep like slow Joseph. Our producer but it it it seems to be that there's a there's anxiety that builds up about not being able to falsely. That goes with just general. Part of not sleeping. Arrest is a fifty if he tries that I guarantee nobody buys once again interior going to be talking about me on the radio there's. I'm it works I would never ever I don't call I don't I love you guys but I don't call. So what do they have first direct look myself you know what what comes out of the speaker that's in the fellow I'm just curious. Okay six I think it sounds like maybe some of the stuff that I use that Ian DR music which is bilateral stimulation right which is why you need nor ear pods that goes from one side your brain the other. And then if you can couple that with some like deep breathing I'm just relax if you alma. It's just this simulator had oddities you do you immediately is take your attention you don't think about you're not sleeping argued they decided that. I've seen it play the kind of music you want. Again breaking Graham everybody with the pillow that they vanish or thank you know what is called by the way somebody's looking for direction. I don't but if you if you Google shark take it needs fuel output and sleep well you'll see it they can't get a deal to daddy get a deal but he sold like. I watched on TV now it's like a billion of them are already. And that's funny that he didn't get the deal and in the dream perhaps. I don't got no I'm now and I figured out how about we know is she just text to 46150. We do have a lot of people they views music or. Watching a movie they've seen a thousand times I eat out with friends for will and grace a put something on it just can zone out. Kelly in Auburn seize the chance of. Posted turn on any device as I know now look peanuts facility your phone or look at TV does it stimulate your brain why don't look at turn it acted just looks. But Kelly in Auburn season valor and lavender essential oils and in the user. Here that morning world. I'm still a party. So wolf it was really great though to see Emily come in this morning. In a really really good news and we talked on the podcast at great length about your RBS and sometimes and working with family can be paralyzing us weekly early in the morning because. Do you really feel like she hates your guts but it's just your RBS gas and that is personal to us awhile to get through that but I noticed today that the RBS maybe normally it's about ten its extreme. Today it was it felt like he was nonexistent U verse like bouncing in the front door. Yeah I didn't hit day yesterday so. When I moved here of course I'm super excited and I learned about all of into heels of a tiny docking at a fine and you Jim you gotta find everything beats exhaust it. And I found yesterday I knew it nail place and you nail lady. I'm so excited I mean I know that's something trivial but it is such ads big relief and she's right I don't house. She's she acts she saved personally it's just a one person shocked. And she was amazing because I just like to read and am getting many outs and I don't wanna have to watch you tell you what you. I told her and then I'm done I trust you get a perfect. I get it and s.'s god my wife has that her lady ever ladies not there it's like the time as you know that's her thing and if the bell lady and hairdressers. Did you could finally got to stick with them so. I'm so excited cross set up a list so listen he's starting a whole brand new life I now in a brand new town and you know nobody it's huge and you might have rented a place of their west Seattle which by the way looks awesome. So you're in a Grammy in the university Washington volleyball team outside your window yesterday that they are out on outside practicing but that's very calm very cool but you don't have any stuff out at any of your. Mean lit I don't know if people appreciate the fact that you come here and a pretty good mood every day in years ago and directors and with not one piece of furniture and you bought one chief microwave and I'm work. I don't have any staff that I will have nice broken nail I'll tell you I don't know. Don't go up as you any updates on your worst and know that you rules stressed about that now I'm still in the top they eat they can't give me authority answer when it's gonna get here in the next two weeks. That's going to be bigger depressed I know right hopefully tomorrow would be perfect because we have like all afternoon breeze. But I think that's wishful thinking as they try to let me know by now. Have they not been responding to your email or other to slow to do it again let me get back to you and season. And so Taipei in controlling it would drive me nuts I would actually put a GPS on the truck not how I should've been turning in my some of the box like well do they announced it. It's lost somewhere in the cyberspace are you concerned at all that there is something wrong with the stuff and bigger and Terrence though I was young us. Thinking that your attitude yeah. I. I would be in a profoundly bad mood every morning a fiery you finally I love that faith and congratulations on finding you know play this says huge. All right coming up we're gonna wild and not fake news here in about eight minutes including the latest from the I love hope bouquet bandit in Wisconsin this. Well actually Matt McCallister on you 100 point 70 yeah. Here's the nuts. Sounding a real headlines of the day. Well the government is considering a bill that would make it illegal to kill your cat or dog in order to keep down. In other news it's apparently not illegal to kill your cat or dog if you plan on eating them at all. This not the epitome of not fake news I was starting at. Yeah making a meal out of your dog or cat may soon land you in jail. Good and it is one thing you just never think about. Me eating your head the I guess at times got really tired that day is still lives and I think this is something that in other countries I think I'd die surveys in the brain and my own obviously yeah I don't think you guys are alone and Alan. But dog and cat slaughter is extremely rare in the United States and already prohibited in commercial slaughter houses this is part of a farm bill by the way. Let's see consumption of my animals commonly considered as pets and companions in American culture still takes place among some immigrant groups. Only a handful of states like new York New Jersey California bans such small scale to a cheering for what an awful story but. Again in the not big news are friendly you might like your lower lip was quick I know I just think about little. But didn't put on the eighth a right let's lighten up a little bit Shelley. If you don't want to be known as the I love ho ho cake bandit. Do not engage in burglary wearing a hoodie that says I love home located on it and I mean an audience they and then I kinda like this and that okay bandit. Thank you wanna be a part of anything with the words I told him yeah how much the surveillance cameras. At the quality in town of your fill Wisconsin camp for the guy stealing the cash register from the front desk. The back story is. There is a restaurant in Kenosha next door that sells something called hold locate that that guy's mom invented it's a personal recipe. Sonos Richards it's become kind of thing they sell a ton of unknown like. Tim I let mom on its simplicity what's the well the funny part is he says the cellphone blew up as it did somebody from the store robbed equality and that now and we sell those lectures at the shop. But they'd love okay. All right and last for now at least in the not fake news some airlines are gonna begin installing get this poker sitting down at. Big days in an airplane toilets. And which should be real interest in when the turbulence and no thank you. You us you know. I'll be honest I've never tried one of zones but the airplane laboratory is not where that's gonna happen now yeah I can't even fit in one of those. I was doing regular number one business I really can't wrap my head is all current stove. I don't like my leg up on the you console try to make them work. In the door open just to sit down heavily groomed for it to anybody over six feet on those and I'm talking about that is. Last night and I have for media even trial to a leg then I've got to being told comfort in relaxing and this and not be surrounded by hundreds of people and a yeah. This is morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 point seven. Plaque hit the pavement and Jack did beat history to. Good morning Angelo in span away welcome to beat the street how user. Perry I want that are doing now I think overall I finally found a nail place the sun is out and what's not to be happy about insulin. I'll go out there at my daughter's birthday or Greer okay com happy birthday to her what's her name. David Taylor Avery wrote a Adrian ran a beautiful name we'll happy birthday to little Leila let's dig is. Go see the Zack brown band Safeco Field August 31 part of the year the million tickets here on the walls. And go all you have to do is no more than the challenger who were gonna meet here in a couple of minutes and you'll win I'd by the way Angelo is enlisted military works at JB LN thank you for your service Angelo we respect and appreciate you yes thinking. Are that they get it it's my honor. Thank you okay here we go five questions thirty seconds on the clock on your marks get set go which movie star Paul Walker as Brian O'Connor. Not that they experienced which breakfast cereal uses the slogan snap crackle and pop. Dressed as it which music festival was headlined by beyoncé last week act. It. Which Seattle sports team did Ken Griffey junior play for. Yeah and who sings the song break up with him. Ultimate approach okay time is up Angelo nice job -- feel like you did. I thought I did and I know the question of the beyond that line but I just can't think of it. Yeah that's the tough part about beech street man no lights are bright you're in the spotlight it's hard. Well listen let's pulled all the matters is that you do better than the challenger who we caught up with that the social grounds coffee and tea house in lawful Solis made him work. They were your ground and what he did. My name's Chris then I am from Paul Cohen and I'm a property management really say this isn't. All right Angelo let's find out how you did when we ask her the same five questions number one which really. Star Paul Walker as Brian O'Connor. Again. And I don't I honestly don't know a thing. You know Angelos you did the fasting in the series was right congratulations you're off to a great start off them. Yeah we go one nothing heading into question number two brits record Sarah hughes' slogans snap crackle pop. Rice crispy is OK you both knew that when everybody knows that although I haven't seen good grass Christie's commercial little wildness. Kind of missing the little guys must like. And tires I think to keep girls beat them put them. All right let's go to question number three you've got to 221 lead on the challenger Angelo where it's music festival was headlined by beyond their last weekend. But I. Jello is a right answer is that you couldn't quite come up with that sounds like you knew it. Yeah I know it. Aaron oil that Coachella is that Justin Bieber punched a guy in the face in the yodeling kids from Wal-Mart was there too that's very much so I know. OK so. Just like that we have eighteen needed to tie this game skating pretty interesting looks at the local question your beat the street for Zack brown band tickets which Seattle sports team recruited two junior player for. Her marriage to tiger knows that the statue of them for gosh sake so. Man this is exciting stuff we have a three to three tie. Heading into the final question in here we go for all the marbles and things break up with them. I don't know about what food she annulled and Angelo UD. The Internet okay. You break that tied to go four for five cent that you could have easily gone 55 a perfect run to beat the street. You will be at the Zach brown man win us August 31. Often that it also Margaret. Including. I don't think this could be any more perfect peninsula. Or I know all lined up all right we're gonna find dude that showed a drink beer together we're gonna salute your service and have a great time on your birthday. Derek yeah you gotta go to great up but the wolfpack and I appreciate it my. We appreciate you thank you so much for plan colony inside that facility ever ask you an innocent question that shattered your soul. You have to meet all the time every last night on FaceBook know will share in seven minutes. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister in Italy today who are you one. Don't care what his name is Matt Joseph told good and Emily grace a look at the picture not talk like that like there's so prevalent when word let the World Cup will be on there me. Hamlin. 100 point seven. Oh. Has there ever been an innocent question if somebody asked you that secretly crushed you a little. And a few good example as you think about this because I do believe this happened to every single one of us have to me all the time I don't know why almost. Pretty much 206421. Wolf where you can text 46150. Let me give you the biggest example of probably some things. It's an innocent question somebody has asked you that crushes you a little on the inside. This is the basic one I think gamely you've probably got a before. You looked tired. Yeah yeah. Every day when that happens you're like OK so you're telling him look like crap I guess. I thought it had a good day and I guess that the person asking the question you see doesn't mean is an insult their literally saying hey. They're being tired of their being sympathetic Seattle man you missed it had a bad night sleeper maybe the kids are driving you crazy. But you internalize it think OK I look terribly at the bathroom and check on the down here is that when you don't now I get a bunch of different stuff. I don't know the one I got less out of FaceBook was somebody said what's wrong with your nose. We'll somebody was genuinely when he knew what was wrong no but. Because I ride my bike so much my nose is typically always read I think after years of doing that it. It kind of looks like Rudolph Chris this Greg you think so visible images that they will look stronger knows the massive vote what he means winds of red. She doesn't mean an enemy way she is making an observation about. The way that I look and then your press and I think another typical one picking up and he would he deal especially not right now. That's a big one and I think every guy should be at this point at this stage in the game you should be trained to never ever say that unless you see a baby coming out. Yeah now one always precious me and I know they asked everybody but when you go to the nail salon and they're like. Any teacher I browsing your upper lip waxed and I'm like my my properly I must. Yeah I think if I crash a so the question to you. And I can't wait to hear your responses to this when I know we all can't what innocent question secretly crushed you a little 206421. Wolf right now. Hello Mina in stand would sort talking about little innocent questions that people ask you but they secretly crush you a little on the inside you know we're talking about Nina. How he asked Brittany expect app to read an elegant in light out. Great grabbing it and have. You can't let great time great. I mean I can't be in the category of people look at the don't have kids don't shoot. Being that's. I don't understand. How they got and I'm quite a. Well and I and I did that too I mean could you are trying to tell somebody especially after they've just had a baby like man you yeah you bounced back really quick you look great for just having a baby but I guess how maybe that can even be one of those things. As backhanded compliment yeah I think you just gotta say man you look awesome. How are the kids. I hit. It pretty. And I think these are good laced conversation lessons for all men glistening at the moment need to thank you so much for sharing. Yeah. We just got a text me a submarine from Marysville sense she's ten years older then her brother. And she always gets asked how old her son is. He's my brother is a question that crushes you little on the inside know detect when my when their mom asks. If they're grumpy even when they're not it's I did XIRB yes people like are you admitted only. One now I don't think you can miss some when you're not in a bathroom hit. And the minute that anybody ask you that like you said you instantly become an amendment yup so. All right so that's the question to you right now morning wolf back. What is in question secretly crushed you a little on the inside to a 6421 wall for Texas for 6150. Good morning Andrea and some damage are you today. Yeah. Yeah. So what it is in question is somebody asked you that crushed you will be quite an app pool I'd. Oh. Not only does that crush you little on the inside I'm sure it also makes your man well. Hello. My wife does not having nine to five job she does do a lot and she's got a one and a half year old and home. I would never make sense to speak with let's get back with this. I honestly don't think he is attending said it offends me. But it's something that just went out really. So eager he doesn't CNN bankers now when you guys are fighting music what do you do all that it's live it's it's a genuine questions like what do you do all that. I went into day. Like really into what what are you doing today. Heading getting I. I'll clap and Ari you don't Larry. The let you know and and have a wonderful day ideally in Puyallup every morning and gangs. Are you gonna what it is a question secretly crushed you a little well I have been asked. What do you do oh you know you past. And I think that's the one. Thing in in May be is it go way. I'd like to say maybe that you only mistake that you make that mistake once when you make that mistake once there's a woman who has to hear that question. Yeah who isn't pregnant. That's around. I. Agree to any of the I can't tell if you're laughing or crying but I'm a little disturbed well. I just wanna hold you. I'm a little kick your ass okay got a good that I can lap I was holding my breath as. All right Kelli thank you so much for being a part of the morning wolf fact we love. Let me kill but I hello Lisa in Kirkland welcome to morning wolfpack went innocent questions secretly crushed you little on the inside. Though I am from Kirkland and I had it sadly as an engine shop and eat. Culinary younger we would get asked about the mom or recently the older we try the market. And of joint start. Is here okay. And that has secretly questioning then I am the oldest ones that came during an address and drinks but. Drink. And up. A little bit of it that is that a compliment if you're the older one and they're saying you look younger. I look like my sister or any. All and so now you're still at that age are you a little. Yup I'd be compliment but not yet right it'll flip around for an as can be a good day but I I see where you come from my thank you so much of Lisa. Saying yeah. How eightieth with getting her eyebrows dyed lines and the lady asked her if she had gray here anywhere else cool that she almost half I had eight. That's about that Tim has said that. It wasn't directly asked him that he did he and has two young girl also a case Lehman held that pick him up from school hole over here someone asking is grandpa. She so I got a buddy who would answer this this way he is an EM ET and he rolled up to a house and it was one of those older guys younger women right marriages our own Arab type thing sugardaddies. And the guy had these laid out on the floor and said hey did your dad take any medication. Before she answered the questions that's my house. More importantly he is because of the night I danced at the straight right innocence straight remnants of the Verizon wow all right coming up next Amazon dropped the victory stories of the day. I today at the national holiday and I love to celebrate it not absolutely does not release celebrate we'll find out sentiment. This is the morning. Alistair you 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three is bigger than a princess gas lighted the royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. Actor Jerry O'Connell is that the AC awards with his wife Rebecca remain. Just this past weekend and as Maria and only Merck was up performing in winning her words the idea that. He needed to fix her up with a specific actually it actor Fred Tucker and he's and it's Australian actor. Diet Nolan and I don't think he did either mattered relevant and anybody beat them based in Australia though that he is good looking guy. So it Jerry O'Connell took to its degree Ammann said he's sweet talented and has good credit but just in corn takes its name again. That anchor Bret Tucker gays blind guy got a little fear he looks like a Major Garrett an Australian actress Hemsworth siblings staff. And so if he Brett is 45 a little bit older the marina. Marine has only 34 but apparently they have compatible and zodiac signs. Three and I have does that matter marina has not commented that next to each other pictures next to each other making keep public. This is series study clearly it justice in my opinion. Winning somebody's trying to fix you up. There's one person's benefiting more than the other and I think in this case it would be his body Brett. That guy uses a no name actor retreat does have a job which he says no money. Lazio and Rihanna Lambert like come on man yeah he's got the deadbeat buddy looking for the gate at Emory and Lambert. If she's on top of. World Wilford deadbeat he's again looking that the bugs me about the Kato Kaelin was good look into right. I had the good looking and has been nicknamed of People Magazine and is beautiful woman at twenty team. And that the thing is it's not this beautiful issue anymore they've renamed it the beautiful issue. Making it clear that it's not a beauty contest but it is the beauty contest. You know I think two and every you tried to. Transforms. Thing into something else that sort of gets lost in translations and what are what are they saying so the magazine is pretty and she's on the cover says she's pretty that we can't say she's pretty bright you don't if anybody is not pretty I think it brought more attention to it than had they just left it every one knows. Yes the most beautiful per right and sells what is it to going to be superficial just go all in yet so we'll just go in that pink is the most beautiful woman and today I'm super excited is national hi I've date like giving IIs in fact again I like him are you really really as a human being excited that it's national high side and giving high fives you. That's been kind of a regular basis nowadays though Joe's another guy I think he probably test the fact that it will point five was the universal greeting in the salute but now I think maybe it's the pump the fist bump and decide how no I'm bringing high five back. I don't know anybody that high fives it's under thirty. As well under forty athletes engaged in gay if you're on a court you're playing it's almost that that's left now and a little bit I don't know my dinner is all about the hype I'd I got your right and yet you still see how but none none none in the real world. Could be the high five them liaisons with the Fanny pack. It's still around the does that celebre I'm bringing it I figured when I I just clean hill to look at the other person elder that'll make sure you don't you don't list I'm excited to see emily's grassroots effort to bring back. And movement. No word here we know I don't know man. The guy. Morning yeah. Talent and bring it and he's a hugger whole and. So yeah also walker days. Hello I do brother man I'm good ally today. Naked man we could not be any better and work cited CU for the first time opening for Kelsey Valerie eighty Saturday night at show box Soto. I can now way it can be tons of signed we have Cink congratulations on the baby on the way. And I think you know this they we. Not clear that we don't ever found out we we we have not want. Planning anything is not our Forte. We just we're never gonna have like the baby's name written on the walls would like wooden letters we have three in three with three boys and three girls right now we'll walk. Are you married her high school sweetheart any on the parent and and I've got to blended family and kids all over the placement it's right are you trying to set a world record or some then at seven kids are you actually my leg what are you doing. Now Manning honestly. Nothing went out when we tell people how many kids we have they immediately imagine seven kids in their lifestyle we we don't have a schedule you know lane many homes schools. Our kids and they they do a lot of schools by themselves we did Levitt is my favorite thing about life. Now do they think fit daddy has a cool Jaaber they just totally unimpressed by U. They're really proud need Dave loved. That I was a musician even when no one else listens you know before I was on the radio they they thought I was really cool and they were very. They were always like which was right today you know they wanna hear over and over in the car and and and now. You know their noted then that maybe their peers their like polished as that. There's anything that you broke up on the song you know or or backtracked on whatever and so they're like. Use your own your own your thrill. Andre yeah now you don't get their hands and now it's it's still funny point where though like. They'll hear a great song on the radio in the daylight you write that bad and I'm right now. I now they take jacket of written anything. If you are Sunni were talking to walker Hayes. And you know mistake you for being so open and honest about your sobriety different people handle that different ways and on our show you know. We have all struggled with addiction and and other issues that we're not afraid to talk about it and we share those things like you have walker he makes other people feel okay. Right it's a really big deal man and I read that article intently where you talked about fighting it every single day you know the demons in the parking lot doing pushups. You have warm man man thank you for saying that and that that's kind of a mission in mind you know let's let's let's do with the alcohol. It was so destructive who winning when he came to my family. And and and rainy and I just want people know they're not alone. And then and that there is hope. Course I think everybody needs to hear that a little open honesty especially guys like you. Makes his living in bars. Yet the road as lonely I tell people you know that's the danger zone is when it is when he gets quiet. They all artists will tell you this comment off stage. Is one of them the most. Is pretty depressing you it is like energy at its highest. And then you go sit in a quiet room is just dead itself silent. Yeah. And there's that you there's like to crash it's like coming down you know moment and yeah I mean I've I've. I replaced alcohol with a lot of pain you know read it's time. I'm I'm always that it's him. Do anything to it to kind of try to channel that restless energy is something healthier but. Yeah I mean it's a struggle man well law. There were excited for you to come here on Saturday and two get to meet you see you perform with Kelsey also congrats on the new single Craig and we're playing here in the wolf. Thank you he regrets annoy your success you you're doing great men hang in there. They are so much awaited the appreciate you having me the fact that McAllister has tried. It's almost anybody saw the special message yesterday on I five near sea tac. 206421. Wolf where you can Texas forest useless plastic what was the special man I did Zeum there's a story this morning about. And they are calling it a training year but at some point in the middle of the day yesterday to say mid day. I five I believe southbound right there it's the attack it just said you suck it. The body away from the letter U so it's almost like a text yes you socket. For all the commuters traveling on I five. That would have been a whole Leary as like OK you know all I'm kind of glad. You say that because people were really bummed out about it in some people to get a step further and said man. This really makes me feel bad about driving because we're kind of anti car anyway in the Pacific northwest and we should be using public trains they let a person not in the carpool lane and have the cubs believe any American pastors Manila. All it really affected their self esteem to Ireland in an automobile. And I was like my reaction was yours if I would see that I would just aren't laughing I think it's hilarious asset yeah I was I would've got up the next sexy come back around just to see it can do well somebody might have done that because they took a picture it's posted up on the story here on now come on news but. In any way. This made all the way to read it. With I don't know freaked red and I mean that's that's kind of a big thing. WS DO TW dot did not immediately return calls for for the Colorado why this happened but they said. This was an inappropriate message of we're sorry this is due to a training error and clearly a mistake we are taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen again. I'm gonna tell you what happened because China was. Okay so somebody was training somebody on how to use. You know with may be the device that I put some messages on there in the board yeah. Have you ever done that thing Rita jokingly I'll be doing this with the nets and I'll say it. And more respond to a text message that we we want to risk my health type out the word yet. And I'll say this is out which responds yeah I am we start laughing ha ha we never send that. I wanted to end their training it sent. So the trainer was gone see this is how you grade you suck too all the commuters on I five on any given Agassi. And then somehow Augusta C adding to make up for it today it's just say you're amazing us. Just have that there is not what and there are other states that do this as Jay do joking the stuff that there's a big Star Wars movie out those to him in a forced him with you today. Kinds of things and I will tell you is a commuter. It kind of helps I like it it's you have some power there. You know I doesn't start something and that's a patented. You looked so I think you have like. Getting out dragging yourself to work and get to do this commute dealing with it for its hard enough man you don't need to SSI and added an object telling you you staying at a guy you know. So you've ever them with. Steve Martin and he lives in LA and easily made friends with a billboard to billboard we actually talked to him so I realize you are to iron out a derivative on cornered. Yeah callous. You 147. Wolf it's the morning wolf back into the pit stop today that stuff by the downtown dog lunch. Who we swore in the mug club this morning at 610 and that's who we do every single morning if we get a mud in the mail which. Has happened every day since we started in October which is unbelievable. Will swear somebody of the month club make it official take a picture with a coffee a mug shot I should say. And on special occasions where there's puppies involves recoveries from Dallas. I love the fact that when you go to their website their webcams. You don't have to have a Don their like anyone can watch their webcams I've been looking at like. That have been their street and the senior diver I am watching dogs on the eighth of your dog is there have been taken out. You got to media I would think if I had a dog dare I want the password and I would watch my dogs yap and knows how what's your dog you just like anybody can watch it look at. Get a good check out these doggie daycare. And more importantly if you wanna be a part of the mug club would love to have you in the family again it's all about local businesses supporting that that's where we go local coffee shop can go up to pit stops and buy coffee. All you have to do is grab your work mug and send it to us do it today no way we got a couple boxes in the mail today excited open him up 805 avenue suite 14100 Seattle. 98104. Or just go to Seattle wolfpack common grab that address check out the mug shots. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister you live Liddy you're on fire nice job on every sale list again and Pamela -- I'm. I get a high five from each day if it kills me just coming out. Point seven. Oh man we've got a lot of great country music come at a Seattle over the next couple days. Aggressive coming to Seattle only economy covenant Tacoma I mean coming to Seattle show box Soto gets really Seattle. Luke homes tonight show's been sold out for sixteen years so yeah. Daily and fortunate that we get to go but if he didn't snatch of a fare tickets and I don't even honestly know how you would've because they were sold out so long ago. We're gonna be handling the whole thing tonight for you on social media itself make free file Seattle fund is to brand Twitter. I know will be doing a FaceBook live interview with Luke tonight backstage. Yeah I think that's going to be right around seven so you just never see the notification that. The world the wolf is live on base but I'd. Yeah you know I'm excited to to meet actually McBride and secure her place because he's one of Seattle amazing newcomers who's a little bit on the fringes thing she's not mainstream she's now poppy simple culminating greedy oh yes she is a good she reminds me. Redneck woman who's who section Gretchen Wilson she's sort of like the new version of that and yes she's super talent and excited for that. She doesn't have the look. That I think most of them modern pop stars have sort of the Carrie Underwood Kelsey banner of Valerie neat things yes but she is like to see how do you get our it is a good word so now's a good times you sit in their work you kind of settling in just pop on your social media make sure you follow the -- by everything and we can connect a little bit later tonight make you could have the class a Weiner home will be drinking of course libel to host on Twitter you know ethnic and back with you Matt Stairs. Once or twice. Oh all morning wolf thank Matt McAllister and you can join Ellis on Saturday morning if you would this is a really good cause that's why we're just happy get up and be part of this. The Mountain View fire and rescue departments have a good ol' fashioned pancake breakfast yes you know there are some things that I hope never go away and pancake breakfast at a fire station that's one of them. They're doing this to benefit Seattle Children's Hospital they've done it a few years the past they usually set the gold around 5000 dollars or you don't you little for breakfast. And by the way they're gonna have sausage eggs hash browns biscuits gravy go works. But also celebrities will be on hand. Obviously not talking about us Sparky the fire dog. The gruff the crime dog will also be there McGraw. My gruff decry any argument or wow he actually he's still in action yeah he paid a visit to my elementary school. For the MS reassigned. And unfortunately I wrote down a bunch of books that I didn't read this because him and failed the homework assignment adds to read much of books enemy in an upcoming school in the middle of lunch in the auditorium. And giving me the award for winning the MS radio I know which I had to stand up on the launcher and everybody collapses and I just I hung my head in shame I fit done all the books that I didn't read. They gonna make the straight attempts on Saturday morning and McGrath and are gonna square off the back over to ask it's a great phenomena come clean and I'm gonna confess my sins. They're confident in junior firefighter talent I can't wait to see that. Yeah the life like helicopters can land and stuff like that's a pretty cool if you got little kids mile come by. Against going to be an all burned if you can come by and it will be at the Mountain View fire and rescue station the place we've already been enemies and friends there. Jim thanks for inviting us send out letting us be a party are great events Saturday morning. Rise and shine with a us ago fashion pancake breakfast for Seattle Children's Hospital. We hope to see they're Baidu will have all the details of Seattle wolf dot com. Needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't help until than a dollar. McAllister here. So wolf the morning wolf thank Matt McAllister and only rains slowed Joseph wanted to get out of here and make room for Deanna Lee magic and a podcasts will be up at 10 AM ready for you. And also if you haven't seen the new look of deep cores like wal studio. We didn't quite a little bit of refurbishing overnight it's on our FaceBook video that's out there right now. I gotta tell ideally you are gonna be stone cold here about thirty minutes. Without really getting into diesel is a lot of glue that went into the cities bulls. I feel like evidence like underwater. Yeah we can't get warm in here because the flu you know it'll melt and so again he'd pulled Lott sent so that's sort of feeling yeah. Yeah I don't even know really what happened the last couple of hours so just as I sit and even offend anybody or I don't you know assess it. This is a whole bunch of high fibers out there that are mad at me. Today's national hot side and yes he like I. Absolutely. Yeah it happened how I did not by the says the president on high five had been replaced by the fiscal mostly mail in a germ age of 2018. Minutes or cool enough still. Hello hello and links I. And I just got her own. And I BL US happening on your show too well here wolf is declaring it Luke Combs date in the I'll nets now we're gonna celebrate all things Luke comes today ton of new country from him we're gonna focus on his redneck Olympic. Medals level status in shock downing Beers. BC good at that I didn't and no one point five seconds Matt no joke well hole yet that's blistering. From which is happening guy my humble outlook due to. At least I know we're doing tonight on earth. Leo yeah FaceBook live backstage interview there again see this in person yes and he is not afraid to challenge people he's challenged Dirks Bentley yeah to a shotgun beer race. Now he's all over Twitter is to grant challenging people need some really good at this. And that's it's like this something you do in high school he is not let go. And I am I were on the season by Tony your since they've tried that. Now you still do with the key like stunt the top and cracked the top and go all right I keep hearing knife or something has recognized happy. All right well thanks. Hi welcome to get a hold nearly you know how to do it to a 6421 wolf you can Dexter forces once five series guys have a great day enjoy that beautiful sunshine to do to get outside god bless you we'll see you back tomorrow five. Arnold actually not a terrorist. Mornings I don't. I feel 100 point seven the world.