The Morning Wolfpack - Thursday August 9th, 2018

Thursday, August 9th

Thursday August 9th, 2018

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Rolling they won't go to the morning wolfpack podcast Matt McAllister here Emily arraigned on air air I there sojo here as well I am some people's favorite part of the show this is what I hear now I'm connected are listening audience directly through text message during a lot of feedback. And a lot of really personal stuff too like this when I'm just answering hi are you from a radio station. There's a lot of us like hey I use the person they gave out their cell phone number on the radio who are you go. I think it's interesting that they would hear that. Not know who I am not care but the fact that some radio dude you got his Boehner really had to check this out and brown just. Legit one person at a time it's just the jets. Hey by the wanna say had a Miguel I'm Bonnie lake he's listening to the podcast. He's that I missed out last couple of days due to a death of a close friend sorry about that some cracking up right now to slow just comment bold move cotton. Happy belated birthday to your mother thank you Miguel for catching up on the pod and remember radio dot com app download and subscribe or iTunes were also there are easier for you the feedback it's been pretty good actually people didn't really know about the rated dot com map or I ask her to listen to the pod. We'll check it out and lit. It's the other radio deck on that we had our big boss the CEO of our company was in here yesterday hours interest think yeah I always get to meet the CEO I know. I never did market are the company and no you did a period like kind of special gangs that. Well that was it that was a very that was really cool anyway you know he normally you only get nurse for dates or whatever it the guy that I used to work with Ben and I resent new York and went to the polo club in new York and had dinner with the CEO by our radio. How you and just like hi my knee and actually though we hung out we sat down with him not only him but the CFO in the C although all three of them the company. Just the two of us and then there was a regional vice president there as well and I mean it was a freak in power table by the way this what is his name I'm mad -- field Bob Pittman and yet so Bob Pittman is a guy that started MTV and yeah he's EE in the in the world of corporate. Industry says he's a captain Dolan and you know he is the figurehead. Of my heart radios are anyway it was a really big deal is big dinner enough. Yeah I just remember that Bob Pittman we sat down and I love tequila. And he started the kind of like George Clooney he started his own tequila business. In Mexico because at a house down there in Iraq. There was some guy that African they've called human door guys that make tequila yeah and some retired human or had this tequila this house than they were drinking and finally like what about him and sons was getting it in these gallon containers like a milk containers pass any finally said look let's un retire this guy and make a business when you're rich you can do that. Rich dude dude yeah make tequila and I remember it was eve we all had a little taste of that in India was really he was so smooth it's a tricky what program. But I remember just to be a kiss that some like chemical bio volatile like 250. Dollars hack well that might not buying that myself every aspect to our CEO David Field spread by Bobbitt and by the way did not under fire rats when we got fired. I mean they let the community for him to be like repeated over I don't let go of that yet now I think but that was really cool man like we're not a part of that world we're now regularly people vote when you go in Italy were to come to you could you're doing that tonight and the when you go to a place like the polo club in New York. And you walk in and I remember about him it was like a celebrity threat all these people these hitters like power players in New York City. Rely game dot you know some Barbara Streisand and their sometimes isn't billions and it's just you know you don't belong here. You feel like everyone knew you didn't belong as well you're always you know I don't want to hear. Not really because I think we look the part both of us brought her nice clothes men dressed you know were neither one of us sir are we don't look like a NASCAR pit crew you know we can kind of pull off respectable one we have to do. Nice yeah I I think we've both men and I did end in but it was an experience very we are getting to meet David feels here yesterday it was way more casual and cool totally and really enjoyed getting to back either runs our company we're talking about 7000 employees are pretty big company and he he you can tell he's from Philly. I think what he's aggressive East Coast Philly like I did you notice how many sports analogies he made like a two teams winning yeah Harris I always wondered why intercom headquarters is in Philadelphia is Philadelphia is not attacked a city that is usually like the headquarters for these and multi anywhere yet annually dollar companies. Usually LA. Or New York or like when you know one of these major coast cities but for some reason. I was I was curious why is inner battle but I am only he founded and how he's started he's CEO Natalie the company's ever gonna him I think that's kind of a marriage of convenience he's from there and are okay yeah I was just like I ordered out here and around longer than David field's been a CEO that's gonna say that probably. And I anyway young guys are rich kid that they'd they'd elect out then disease like Philly and above him like I heard Brock you double leg oh OK bring it up the Eagles not at all like on the. That I'm gonna hang on for that you milk that is long did you keys and yet let's turn purple. I was unlikely and fun to watch even from a non singer perspective. The question and I asked a question because my boss may need. Yeah I asked some really say stupid question but. I really wanted to ask you might dude you are in great shape. Yeah look at you're a CEO. You run and all these ready to Europe like super powerful you're always traveling your busy as hell. What do you do because he looks like did you think and believe me ask the dude had a great physique you in good shape you have good it looked kind of buff skinny buff yeah that yet not too big threat we actually had a conversation the elevator leaving with somebody about that and there are. Their conclusion was he's got a personal trainer and gym in his office launcher oh really I don't know I like that I like that or no lower it was a guess I wasn't a fact that was just their bat well he's the kind of guy guarantee who gets up at three and 4 in the morning and works out for at least an hour every day around and watch is what east is he's probably one of those like hyper aggressive competitive I'm gonna win die well and he's probably when these guys this sleeps like three or four hours and I probably which according to the book is I gotta get in the book after you're gonna death. All your organs are gonna style. One I think he'd avenue traditionalists see because. Because he's in such high demand and costly traveling I mean he do you have to watch it you need to keep your energy outsiders tragedy and a nutritional instance. And nobody listening knows this but the only reason he was in Seattle and the only reason he came in to say Heidi anybody's guess Pearl Jam did their home show last night and another one tomorrow night and you second huge Pearl Jam fan he's been a fifty shows the so use here is that economy even like him to a little more Ayatollah did you expect few Beers and see pros and our rights so any rust argument the polo club in new York and in being in an element which is not normally where you are Emily you've got one of those situations tonight which again. We're talking about. Old money at old Seattle very refined in what you. Tell everyone sort of has this came to be. Well Kurt is. He would hate golf instructor and one if his client is a member of this club now his client. I think actually in town to amend the month club scene and so we'll learn more about a company that easily move. He and designs and builds homes with say freelance. In the house itself makes upper you know wait is he designed the entire house and the safe room in the house. He's like he's apart the entire house having it take Manger like sniper can't sheep or windows and whenever I mean he travels all over so obviously it's. And these are steeper VIP kind of people that have to worry about snipers shooting them. From a health highway yes yeah and they're going down Norton kidnapping am glad I I answer I think. So that's what he does which is intimidating to begin at that that's his business yeah but his wife of the huge and a farce and so he asked Kurt and if we wanted to go to two cocktail hour happy hour and bring you plot. So we're LA. Has that aero every year so we haven't shipment on this building since we moved here two days ago we blocked by all the time it's super psychics to list like you can't relax you know windows and then every once rice he's fancy light limos and all this stuff but it just like. Like that's got to be one of these sites you know when he's caught by the relate to not be sure enough it's the Rainier club than night. Don't even come near us and yeah like a million dollars in your pocket right well and Natalie that those kinds of places money. And does engage you win because in new money and like it you got. Right here sponsored he had yet to be sponsors somebody has to read a letter for you act so there's dressed can I mean Kurt has to Wear a jacket. If you were a time. He's there where tired tellem were inside the act ye ye can't respected too much when it's an invite Iranian red. Ninety over dressed don't under dress right and of course I'm aware dressed and mind dressing. But it's not my Forte I'm deathly more that I yelled at its stature kinda girl no yeah we know cell. I'm saying we should your collection of birdies and an arm but then again that's for the morning by the end are you nervous at all about the evening and having a fancy. How to handle myself I know the inner I don't think amenity like. Interface in pretty woman which she shoots the snail across the red light I only have that I'll say cargo we have organ NASCAR ago. Men I have such a crutch in these situations and I think everybody does and that's alcohol well yeah year like a nervous cica analysts like guy average drink your view funny here real IT AN well you think they do well you think that other works for me it seemed it's kind of like and a social relax all right social lubricate her but you don't have been Emily does. Yes I don't quiescent xanax a sudden now just gonna go all me well it doesn't seem like any big deal I mean it really isn't they're just regular people that haven't had a lot of money belonged to really nice club and live a different lifestyle plan apparently are big fans of our shows and their. Pretty downer yeah gonna say and you know this guy to date to end of the day he's a builder. I'm so he's a construction guy out so he's that's probably I've that there were more down to earth they're given credit for he just happens to have. Run with a different kind of crowd positive lifestyle I got a problem with that. It might not be so much tennis the people around but I'm never into place like this before so I'm kind of excited to see what's behind us I. I can't return here yeah welcome to the Rainier club in the heart of downtown Seattle proudly stands an iconic treasury and one of the city's best kept secrets a private club unrivaled by any other a place of community luxury and elegance a public influence. In Seattle's past present and future and I mean look at the pig you really get these pictures. You gotta think a GQ ad I got carried away Darnell hood and Driscoll and there's they're drinking cognac in case you guys see that movie that all the money in the world know about pretty recently it's it's we just turn out like rich people getting kidnapped. Is that well that's yes same debts and it Italy I am I asked them regularly watch it on my god that's the website nominee but surprise they have a website address is like this I don't normally. Behind our doors are private world the way. A world that is an abridged by the diversity influence and vibrant character of our member is upbeat building that is not like just like. Wiener floor this is a block city block and down on CN up for Hungary in 28 years. That's the Rainier club has served as the northwest premier private club. Our members are among the most prominent leaders and visionaries in our community. And they value safe haven or our clubhouse provides in other words half strategists you know dad helped flatten all Rainier tugs the head athletic and an overnight. Billiards the library of business and error kinds of stuff and it's it's pretty cool I'm just jealousy and get to see inside us yes. And who knows maybe I'll are gonna invite for a lie that would be nice in definitely some mug club opportunities are also some networking opportunities and I mean rich people are great because when we do things were trying to raise money for common regular people yes you got an average people I and it's Trinidad had a history of their favorite great to have a vote to yes if you have a vote and think hey I had to be had to dress all picked out united worry about that. I am not worried about that I actually did that last night when I was watching you or. Based a I have the airline yes but happy hour hotline and actually watching it inane. Like going draw my dresses and then I got a little nervous did you like or not only in public. Did you guys you can see. So how come whenever we do some like this my wife has to go buy a new dress and new issues Brad. I mean I don't think she's worn the same dress twice to any thing he had like a visual you know I've got my black suit. It's classic and timeless and let's get fat I'm always gonna Wear that suit so I've noticed that Sophie never seems to have the right now known as an enemy and Ellie Annie you're a little more earth. Whatever I got a much aware kind of a person. Well and I used to be the any skis to buy new stuff yet I've realized. What I Wear and what I don't where I can easily they'll bite your heels but I'm never gonna Wear them again I'm not that girl anymore -- Wear heels lot so it's kind of like. I realized all invest in something if it's running only used like pared bits or you know but I'm not gonna Wear dress. I never again it's ever again. I don't know I'm I a nice way or your Freeman Alley computer where Dresden in your life literally only then. This time I Wear dresses as when I go on vacation I'd tag all dresses because you know after the each and every parent address. But Evan not I don't typically Wear dresses. Well now you're rubbing elbows with the C my some there in your loan. It's. Well have fun thinking I'm excited to see pictures out. But they might not let you take in and I hang in but that's a pretty cool things for you and hiker to get into that world I feel like I should get I can budget derelict they're gonna form like a cheering section down in front of the the place or she rolls up to you all. You know it can. Use you know it's funny because they always say that if your classy you know use the word classy merit but places like that are just classy marriages class everywhere and people act to certain way and there's just a lot of manners and even the people that work there even your not a member. The way they treat you you feel like you're special and I just tell my clumsy this stays. Just don't step over and like don't spill anybody else's drink in her hand like if you're gonna get nervous and he asked. Claiming I'm like they try to hold on her arm when I walk anywhere yet care costs don't say a word. I don't bring up correct on tell legs. You know just really try to keep it. Eyebrow and again asked. Yeah young editor I don't know I eat. I'm sorry ma'am what did you learn the art world burden. The snobbery will be in full force and and dynamic. If there are I will get a we'll get a report on that Allopod tomorrow and remember if you need any of saying it now we're off the air you can just text me your call me or join us hopefully some try to get that to work tonight. You'll be out which any don't. Matt I don't know like I beat you needed to be fun if I could get Joseph. For a minute delay in your dry steal it you know like to party and tighter I wanted to live on FaceBook at 6 PM it's been at it and I'm traffic we might still be on the way are we I didn't mom might steal it like having your phone playing catch as a failure I don't know full sponsor in fact some big night for you and I are very active right out I provided tech support to match last night hitting a fear that. But well you're right now you know I'm not I don't when it comes to this done there is no way to add an and I am not used to Google Chrome which had to download just to get the FaceBook live where I mean I have looked. Idiocy knows a thing I always FaceBook live from my phone and it always works but since I'm using the phone to make calls I had to do it on my computer for the first time thus the conundrum. Me reminds drama boy I wonder if I want a family tonight they're gonna have like fifty year old apple juice I was. Through attention that it is easier. Say who it is days this used would cast this I'm in the months. And the wash and I am happy young men movement varietal is this is the zoo's. All right tune in tomorrow for the update John Madden if not calling about my number 2064517766. Maybe I'll see you later on FaceBook tonight for the happy are outlined. Enjoy the show guys we levied by. It's. He wants well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this is then you 100 point seven. And good morning everybody at a Thursday gambling I hate based on what we learned yesterday did hiker spend the night if your house last thing acre yes. Just confirming what we learned yesterday on the show is that. Even notice not official there is no movie invades Emily and hiker pretty vigilant and yet there are. If settling out officials. Now but he's pretty much just live and yeah I mean I I don't know that you win the day either get their thinking now I think he proceeded year prediction has been and I think that happens two and a relationship before you officially move all over you stuff you kind of Starr live in a one of the others and obviously you have the more. Well he's a roommate says yeah you go there. And I got better location in any era in and out on guys state beach it's actually closer has worked out. Skimming niceties are split up that rent. Bright either I have to think about that and it showed up c'mon now there's a financial aspect to all of this I really did and then I like later is like it there yeah. You have to be since a lot of extra money. Friends that she even missed out congratulations on that thing is Smart financial LaSalle many ethnic embryos that are in in my. You might wanna run that by your way just check on Mexico yet all right so today is gonna be a lot of fun we get the usual stuff the mug club coming up actually were swear in the lady from watershed who got us is incredible mugs and earnings you have to watershed coffee mugs. Lady Antebellum tickets. At 710. Everybody have a good day enjoyed the 95. Controlling 95 yesterday and Aaron about then. It was hot and I don't trying to clean and it was. I would like search sweating in the notre from the poor and after we washed the cooler so you know just a yeah I was hot. We're gonna talk about this in a minute but yesterday on the show too I gave out my cellphone number I had so many questions about that it's there's a lot and I give it out again is our supremacy right now stick around you know myself and number it's cool I got a bunch of voicemails and not play for you guys. But when I did V face time FaceBook live last app. And I was taking live phone calls and turned off the air conditioning unit so I would make a. Parent. I was the sweaty bastard by the time this thing was over there you prewar debt. I am listening and I can hear you clearly appreciate that to sacrifice and makes for Asia after all right we will get to your text here in about five minutes and what if you never have before we look to see some new names up there and if you irregular one of the regulars Matt and sent a text. 46150. Simoneau your good. Also look at the leadoff caller to a 6421 Waltz. Probably good had a lot of ladies this week now where ladies that. 206421. Wolf for the leadoff right now. I'm against S giants over to a tuneup for the leadoff cholera is a letter pick a song get on Thursday started right but let's say hasn't people texting in this morning M. Eight town then says good morning best friend patty Thursday to meet her in jail last night to receiver tired by the people we know we're at that that was a big deal hang another one tomorrow night as well and the senate have to and they did the name that they that it's here happy Freddie heat that it's also. Football day. Course cold. Heat hot tonight 80 yeah and. And I took hold leads yet been a little disconnected that's amazing and it's a home yet that was so weird last week I believe was Thursday night to see the first I think it was entertaining game oh yeah. Full with football and. Now to a hospital football right now I get excited though. Nick says and good morning it's his Friday because he's taking off work tomorrow since it's his wife's birthday today we just need to take up your rights and commuters it is all one and no one's Friday night Friday night because people let's take Fridays on Sunday and that's it. Good morning shy and it's over dale happy Thursday how're you would edit her. Stay alert for Italy I don't know this is your Friday you lucky dog you. Are you taking tomorrow offering you typically get Friday's I'm taking tomorrow off the sacred uttered summer. In Atlanta where summer camp is that today in town are you driving or somewhere. It's generally say you are sold and the Sunni and how old is she. Yes well avoid the right around her age I don't know if he'd ever did decently but I with a gun Flint wilderness camp in northern Minnesota and I was about that they have a mom you know having had to fly their ads a big deal but I I really do think that it. It affected me is a person is you know I think those things are amazing I went to girls camp I loved the Yeltsin went medical Doctor King doctor Simon constable. It's your daughter excited otherwise. She isn't just checking your go back to camp out there who. She actually had threatened various times associate degree that it now Amanda it's great how long is can't fully. OK so mom gets a little break to anything ask Sergio there you go around. I'm going to doesn't. About San part of part of art it. You know what I'm on the deal with I get a can't get my first time being late comers even take whatever scarves and bring her perfume on it for me that I wouldn't get home sick on Jesus and. And that the most natural thing I've ever heard Tuesday after. Look at me like that it the most help. I couldn't wait to get away from my mom and parents I mean that's how you should but I think again this is also a the girls are different. Are you spraying if you are for the first few fan I know I'm pretty sure my daughter would roll her sleep at all possible it's a little pathetic all right fine you got to realize that and take that is healthy criticism so little that. And so we do for like stray dogs when you adopt them useless to you sure you put their cage but not your kids every kid Dodd and the behavior similar I'd say at the wheel audio can we please play you disarm. What are you wanna hear. I keep their little coming home. Okay we can do therefore you should I listen thanks so much for being a part of the morning wolfpack can tell your daughter with her name jade. Tell jade have a wonderful time at summer camp that sounds amazing. All right bye Saturday and YouTube. So much we love our leadoff caller we just played keep serving three minutes ago we're doing it again right now. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister does so we do every day after our show we'd we'd take a look at what you. We've just done and we try to manage the damage and only ray disk clean best by not telling even Toys 'R' Us closing I just my child is thought. 127. All edges a reminder we are giving away cash and 7 AM it's a thousand bucks and then at 7 AM once we hit that hour we start doing it every hour on the hour and Lee's got a keywords Korea. It is worth 1000 bucks it's like buying a lottery ticket except it's furry and our twelve grand a day. I'd be held over that a fire you can do a lot of things with a thousand bucks us. I know I mean if you break down what people make in an hour you're making a thousand dollars for one minute not even need to get something that ten seconds yeah that's. We didn't let's let's show flag play at the lottery ticket. Analysis. And that means your analogy there or there. Does making fun of a second part it will just another and you know must be nice to be like those two old guys in the Muppet Show and sit in the balcony and make fun of everybody else has ever had to put yourself out there and you never have to say anything or come up with getting creative need to sit back in mock. But everybody else but must be nice. Putting yourself about their deathly and they yesterday Matt you gave I your personal cell phone numbers I'm glad. Have to know how well. It was awesome I'll be honest with the I didn't know and I was little overwhelmed at first because there were hundreds of text messages you saw it coming up right away news. I don't sit Indiana didn't care I mean it stopped running at 99 yet as he says 99 plus but. You know. I'll be honest I had a couple of work out short yesterday's because I felt this overwhelming sense of responsibility. To give back to everybody thought zero a lot of people there were like hey hey hey you know I don't know like I was ride my bike on. I can she be doing something else what does this anxiety than a feeling I'm like oh it's the feeling that I've had unfinished business did you promise I like to give me that I did promise. And I'm happy to report that when I did it last night I responded to every single person that texted or sent voicemail that's very impressive. It took a little while and but it was fun it was really cool I gotta put to do for the mug club. A lot of people it's asking questions. And you know. Slow Joe's prediction yesterday was that people can use its not for good but for evil yeah. Yeah youth and I had to dead and now one message came across that was even somewhat negative. I don't make a couple of news sucks or hate the rule out whatever it at I think I was almost disappointed. I know and I was watching your face the live where you're taken to the bone calls. And the lady was like I'll let you guys Europe is gonna come Monday we're simply got heat that I. I totally I I thought that's vicious editors and like I got here kind of clueless and a million people catch on to what's happening near the other radio stations are gonna mess with a stick ruin and that's all part I don't care. Whatever bring your own but anyway in case you missed that can that happen I think it made 820 yes I just got a while they're decided to give my phone number out on the air here lists. And you can text me you can call me I will get back tees might have been right away but a promise I will get back to you. 206451. 7766. Now I got some interesting voice mails yesterday. Including people who were just randomly driving across other states in the country so. I'm gonna play those four is about. Ten minutes got to play tell commercials but stay with us a play my voice mail messages from you guys coming up next. So yesterday late in the show I gave out my cell phone number on the air the got a couple attacks you'll see why would you do that I don't think they're really got into that you know I I think it's because we always refer to you guys have listened to show as families. And don't you have everybody in your family's number yes. I'm sorry I figured it and Tuesday night that was nice enough you guys have a it's accord Geoff who by the down to hang out with him and his wife. At the accountants in the park there it's like you know. And I knew that the finding that premise Jim and number. Right so I gave him my number Michael why wouldn't give everybody in my so overthrow down your hanging out but mean your phone and you can text you get old Emily that way yeah hello Joan. They come hang out with us we're here get a question. 2064517766. And I loved the text messages. But I like the voicemails even more about it in a thumb ever available in the phone I will I was doing that last night's. On FaceBook like yeah. Which is kind of like the I think if he did help colleges. You showed up and I'll figure out a way eventually I got to work it out where I can bring you on TV actual space we're glad videos he can split screen it. So do you gotta help me out that I was trying to do last night but I couldn't figure out. Which seemed penicillin. Here's a just double load via voiceover guy yesterday in by the would guide a lot of calls for a lot of the did not leave a message like that so when I call people I typically don't believe now. Well. Could this way I think they'll be checking in regularly maybe Clinton back on the radio so if you wanna get your message on the radio perhaps it's really a shout out line out exactly. He frequently in pie and coffee shop down there now count. We're really called it then that I just totally kicked in and out self. You can't tell you when I was gonna put on them actually that. You're most down to earth guy to get the third and are going to far here or your I was afraid I was doing okay all right that's. Let's say these guys are doing great job. I at night in Italy and again it was thank god do I all of greatly night and they can find that they hot. Yeah pretty important and current unmet right at me. Bring me. A bit about. But I am there the Q and so. Radio room and bring you that. Oh. I met them visually from what I am not from everything now what about something that I. Have a good days of our. That there. I'm color you want your phone. Nab a later flight. For most people they were against Israel is really yeah. They Karen I'm texting answers and I do I just getting in clunky just ask his questions about how it is with the wife and kids out of town. Has had a Pepsi in Tacoma. I did have some went after our text sign. Which he could still text that's 4615 out. All annaly alpha taken Samir action helped I had he had known and 046150. For the staff at the shell just yet after the show someone said which are found blowing up all night like how are you able to sleep. I it's easier to turn off well first of all I have I don't have any ringers are by breeders or whatever it has turned a phone all of the I don't look at I don't understand people. When you called them and you sit there like a Michael why wagering on if you went to bed DC into the ring around for emergencies. So you ringer is only go to I never have the vibrate as on every they're never around. And do that there's no emergency between 8 o'clock at night in 330 where there's no homers. I'm I don't know I don't know how you do that because my phone would put balls all night so what you're Dublin would go a long time yeah nine allied eternity off so I'd sleep in any alarm wakes me up and we get to go. Anyway again the number put a new phone man to a 64517766. That is my cellphone number for every meeting he had a question. You can always hit me up directly like Gailey said after the show to it's really important and after 9 o'clock. This is the morning. Alistair you 140. 70 yeah. This is a big series with only. Today is national book lovers day which I feel like it's my theory on personal holiday to any huge book lover. So good together a warning wolfpack best books list still keep your favorite Booker recommendation and we battled wolf dot com brings it. And since Kenya on social that morning wolf in Canada but together all of our favorite books including mine and post that the web site for any other book lovers out there so I'm really got me really right now OK get. I'm being serious where men win glory John quicker than leaving her book is not an analyst. I don't act happy ever wondered ladies why you open your mouth when applying mascara. Everyone does it. Like you Kelly didn't realize it or he did you didn't know why they did a study and research and whatever and found that it's actually two different nerves that control. You're eyes and your mouth but they cross I want quite and they think it's just your body Crocs hiring. And they and you get used to it it's kind of like. Behavior that it's repeated behavior so every time you kind of ask are you open your mouth the elusive mess here and there are no little thing now you now. I did tiny people make Donald is giving away free McDonald's for a light he could win at what they're calling and make gold card. Any kids you screaming Donald's for the next eighteen years is up 40000 dollars in our in varying. Starting tomorrow for the next few weeks I have to do is order feed through their mobile app. They're gonna pick a winner. Employment in Don of course he wishes he had bad about it yeah got to see the big Mac. Every meal for the last how many years until I think the 3333 years and let them. Now this is all the technical you don't get like a card you get it 24 curable pleaded don't case with your name etched in its. And you are the exclusive Mikell card club okay all right. You know I did at Jason this is gonna sound a little weird coming for me because I'm such as health guy out. But I gotta get a little soft spot in my heart for McDonald's because when I was growing up there really wasn't as many options as there are now there was in 53 sandwich shops there was notre poll later was an all these things it was like. Arby's McDonald's Burger King Wendy's and yet like the big former. And I can't say we were McDonald's fan I think I'd love their big Macs grown up now there's nothing else. Love the happy meals are great with the toys so it does send me a little bit I saw today the McDonald's is the least popular fast food chain in the country probably be out there so many of the fast food options. But because they are everywhere. They still do more sales than any other fans who changes because of race how many of them there are. And by the way here's a full list of chain restaurants with the fewest loyal fan interest. McDonald's. Johnny rockets earth. Jack in the Box Carl's junior Burger King buffalo won a little surprised by that I consider that passage and wouldn't either if it's a restaurant there yes but I mean news. There's a gray area there's a fine line. TGI Friday's. Us borrowed tedious praise does not. Facet Jimmie Johnson and Jimmy John's pretty fantastic yeah. And voters. Which I got it yesterday never expect but I yeah. I guess it's a chamber yet that fast food distinction we can debate that Burke oh yeah but. Yeah listen. I don't care who we are that McDonald's gold card thing free for life that's pretty sweet amazing I might have to convince myself to eat chicken meat nugget if that was the kids. This is the morning wolf pack with not just after 100 points in the world now on the episode I know the. Remember it doesn't matter where you work or what organization your part of here in the DW YUN blood flow. It is send us a mug pull our address from Seattle dot com and we will call you back and swear you win of course you gotta put your contact your own their successfully Amelie can get all the idea. Up by the way this was one of the coolest things we showed up and watershed on Saturday and so. Custom made watershed coffee mugs and left him at the wall tenth now. We never got a chance to figure out who that once yeah so until the promotions guy Marcus select. If you ACC the woman that gave you these inner phone numbers we can thank you what we got it can be trying to track her down for like three days have. Post watershed opinions Rihanna gag. And Ernie now. Born with a bloody hey patty resolved it's maddeningly calling from the morning wolf thank Arie you. And scenario we're greatly enjoyed drinking mentally three days. Well what you. You're ever conducted in jest I cannot answer I. A big hit a telemarketer. Dads like hieroglyphics on your eyes. Now not doing men. Yeah that's a weird studio line but anyway we just called because we got those incredible watershed caught him and you had made for us and we just need to thank you emperors. Absolutely real blown away that it was so sweet and so thoughtful of you to not only make them than to bring Ayman. And given to as a watershed. Full deal within the mobile but they didn't do it and I made them so joint effort now did you get a made before 1% or at the march 10 donated before. Like nice you know that takes three thought which is something that men don't typically do pretty well so I really appreciate it no problem. Well you listen it's kind of a blessing and curse media to be in a radio we get to thank you give you all the love and tell everybody that patty Rudolph is an amazing moment but. We're gonna have to swear you and the Muslims to make this official. Okay England and in what is now. OK you just need to raise your right hand and repeat after me I state your name I caddie Rudolph you hereby pledge my allegiance to the nearby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack. Given morning low fat and is a proud member and as a proud member. And it. I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning. Five pledged to crank up the wolf every morning. And attack that was easy by the power vested in me identity an official member of the morning wolf pack mug club it is official thank you so much now and I'll thank you. These mugs are all some will forever remember watershed because you Patti Wright coming up next my wife had a little bit and issues be given out myself let's say that story next. How does that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. Yeah the bugs are out here is deadly fact that I give out my cell phone number on the radio yesterday by the way it's to a 64517766. Text or call me anytime it's for real. I'm already already looking forward to be happy hour hotline tonight at 6 o'clock. So I will say though I this that was something had happened kind of spontaneously and I just decided to do it yeah. Which sometimes can lead to greatness other times it can lead to utter and total disappointment and failure and I will say though it didn't have a chance to discuss it with my wife. Who was not overly pleased about the whole life that's a shocker yeah and I think any married person can relate to that. The whole city of Seattle now has my cell phone number and of course her concerns were valid in the jet OK so what do you do when some you know girl like starts flirting with you were. Because I'm not real good at picking up on that stuff I'm nice and friendly or anybody I love everybody the same. And neglect and if I get a picture some like down deleted or you know. Don't worry. That's a bag your phone is gonna be and have been constantly blowing up you're down packed inside that well an all time she's mortified to what do I need you you write you know. I'm buried in there with 300 Texas is take it. All valid points to I think that was true I should of asked perm not permission but I should've run it by her first then a lot of fuel last night were texting me blisters and a chicken on the phone or something dude right. So I don't know I don't know what the resolution for that and I didn't think it all the way through. Like most men don't have an endangerment yet but you know there are things in every relationship that I have learned. But the hard way. You should. And I don't even notice asking permission is the right term but it's it's like you need to run it by your significant other before you make that decision. Are there things in your relationship slow Joseph you are the only married guy for now. On the show. I'm surely we'll be joining us soon. But are the things he nearly did the U you know it's like OK I got to ask permission before I can do that. So there's a ton of them most recently in the accident that we learned this by getting into a fight we live in such a tiny apartment now. That we have to discuss before we have anybody come over. And especially if it's like a family member for more than any amount of time other than five seconds. Because it's so small. She's so. Like has to have everything cleaned and if anybody has spent any amount of time they're asked to be I got a game plan in place does not just to spend and I guess it's anyone coming over. You're totally yet and I I tried that if I have somebody over at Ned like and he doesn't know about it like I just can't tell her about it but he'll be mortified if somebody came over June Cleaver and. I think it's pretty common any relationship you're gonna have especially houseguest do you need to be asked permission let's just call it what it is just because I asked her mission. So morning off night that's the question to you right now what do you have to ask permission from your spouse. Before you do significant other absolutely and need him. Yet the rules the lines have been blurred these days straight years ago works for me to 206421. Wolf for you to Texas for 6150. What do you have to ask permission for before you can do let's hear from you right now. Hello rich in Arlington good morning happy Thursday how aria Erica Marat so we are talking a minute ago about the fact that I probably should have asked permission from my wife before I gave myself a number out to the entire city of Seattle. What do you have to ask permission from your significant other four before you do it. Eight summit in the heat up the but that anything over under I asked if there's a limit. Yeah it's usually the prize then entered the 23 or if I expect to keep my truck grip like 15100. Place your girl for the same way if she's gonna spend over a hundred dollars a she lets you know. Time now which could stay that they I can I might well I think I'm sure under any of those and they'll play them like where did that go well. You know it's funny because my wife plays an interesting game where she encourages me to spend money because then she can spend the same amount asked and its first I thought it was the greatest thing in the world including you can buy new bike we are hearing care to new. You deserve you work hard spin that you know 200 bucks on a bike wheel. This does she go to Nordstrom's and red shirt for whatever until you get the credit card bill it 400 yeah boats that you did not know it was checks and balances but that's how it works in our in our so I like the broker and you guys have any it's pretty common rich kid's been a bunch of money lets you run by your Sega finding that makes sense. That's as big surprises when you get a Victoria's Secret party your name's not that they're the dark. After. Allow all right red states reject an event have a wonderful day very Cuba. What do you need permission from your seeing go to do I am so curious to hear the responses. To a 6421 wolf as the telephone number we prefer the phone calls but they'll take it text them. Get text and hate morning wolf pack and I have been Reynolds tonight as that I need to ask if my outfit is fine breaks go out my girls. Hi I would why he would deny that. Because it sounds a little controlling. Give permission on the out day. I guess I can Plavix to revealing yeah I was a woman when you say that I achieved your kind of fishing for a compliment right you're not really looking for guys advise someone to work is what do we. Well I think charity no if it's due revealing. You know what he's gonna be okay with bright are you wearing out of the girls ranked without him. Government says that he played a lot of golf and before you commit to play with his buddies. He confirms that he doesn't have neatly into despite. Yeah that's that's the thing because golf is like 45 hours probably deterrent to the weekend some was cute kid zones and how much those kids gotta run that by this they go for sheer. And a lot of people saying about the money aspect of it a bit more up from lake Stevens says that her husband and allies here on eight. Win at the lunch she bought or at work just wasn't good she called and asked permission if she can go get another and. And I love a bad dog or what you need permission from your city go to do yet the number two a 6421 wolf or citizen text reader on the air force X 150. I think were all curious how works and other relationships so let's hear from you right now morning wolf that. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. It's. So speaking of relationships interesting story I read last night about. Again we all agree social media plays a factor. In relationships are asked. Well the study they just didn't came out in said that dog owners. Take more pictures of their pets then their spouses. In a relationship. Now listen I no surprise. A little bit yeah oh absolutely and it. Yes I heard for many reasons in fact I know a guy. Who got into a relationship with his beautiful woman and then and he hadn't been her relationship and a really long time. And he had this is like here if you go to his mr. Graham it's his dog in his dog it's kind of like his wife. In theirs it's very. It's almost too much yeah you like it's my girlfriend it's my wife it's my partner thank hears us at the creek tear gas at that. Hershey story like it was hard hard hard like it's almost a little much. And he got into this relationship with this girl and she was perfect everybody was so happy for him. And then the relationship ended. And I noticed that his social media didn't really change after he got the new girlfriend and in it still was his dog. And I thought to myself you know I don't know if she ever said anything but that would probably bother me. If the dog or the head was more of a presence on the tell that is more. Right because what you wanna admit it and it matters because that's what everybody else see easy mark project a certain thing about our relationship manipulation of his more importantly your dog. Then you. It's it can be a problem. Get bad like your dog never complains that you're taking pictures. He can take many you want people love this neat picture of the dogs and they're so you vote yes and like you said people get very sick of being back happy perfect couple relationship. Like all the dog take any day right since that your eight and you have to take a bud Jillian pictures of the dog they all that stuff. It's a little bit easier but in an idea what you're saying and it's fair but I would say it should be bounced. About somebody on the show that I think is falling down that warm home. And I don't have to sandy games logic but I am I am I've you know. You that you have this you know you take way more pictures of your pets than year. Wife texture of which is fine but this year as she ever said anything he did like you know yeah casting itself he never. And and honestly neither of us post on those immediate very much yeah. That dark pictures. Far outweighs the spouse pictures and our relationship. For both of you yet today and that's just not what I have seen her post a picture of view I mean I like the hard in these might have my hang out and got. While Italian and believed backed me up on this a little bit of advice from the guy that knows nothing. And Amelie I think you're magna I think it Joseph posted pictures for just unsolicited with like a partner and this is my wife hello my wife. Which team that was like the no killer brownie points because all you ever see is the best in town yeah I have I go find approved pictures because like it would review take pictures together I oh lead that lead that data and the dog doesn't play an environment male perspective that is your it is hard teasing sometimes it can back right in trouble. Which would you post a picture and a terrible the wrinkle yeah you know I. As fact are okay and I I dead at the complicated and I get it you're probably right next to be a little it's not that easy. 94% of dog owners consider the dog part of family. And 56% greet their dog when you're gonna further before they say anything else to anybody else in the family. Well that's if your dog attack you yeah I mean right there can't get past the front door to dog loves. Are we get cash money coming up at 7 AM stay when this is the keyword is worth 1000. Dollars at a by a lot of dog for us this morning. Yeah palace raid and these here and. So wolf well Emily you mentioned that the Seahawks are on Thursday night football tonight which is great yeah. And it's pre season but whatever is football though football. And you probably noticed that a lot of NFL teams are getting in the news by serving outlandish. Foods baseball teams do. Arizona Cardinals just jumped on board they're offering this year. A 75. Dollar burger. In if you finish that you get a prize. Here's what's in a burger oh and by the way it tops out if you eat the whole thing it's 8000. Calories. It's gonna say I know steam it is expensive but sometime bucks I'd better be getting. A massive burgers so what's on I don't. Think gate you can beat this unless you were competitive Peter lets your Joey jaws chestnut I don't think your finishing his burger. It's got five hamburger patties this historic there are five hot dogs out. It's not include close to be end and five brought words. When he slices of cheese. Eight slices of bacon. And on top of that they ate chicken tenders for finishing that and by the way if you finish in under an hour. You get a free Jersey. I don't think I mean not a week's worth of things collapse little 8000 calories that you actually you right. So I had this because I'm weird enemy calorie you regained about 2800 calories a day. OK so that's since about four days 34 days' worth the calories. I don't even know if I can do twenty slices of cheese with a thrown out. How do you end Jersey they get like they ordered all like XXX Al. Verizon once you finish that your stomach can be so they can you say that but if you look at all the top competitive eaters in the game girls Guinea played a bad ones are not that good and I don't know why that is whether the stomach itself as a muscle in the right frame it like any other muscle you worked out of the gym. I'm just saying you're gonna look pregnant with a left it in your stomach funny you say that Emily rains. This sucker weighs seven pounds which is actually more than a lot of knew what needs Muster my son muy ten pounds. But if you can finish in none are now like a city get the cardinals Jersey. And you get your picture on the Jumbotron. I don't know if that's worth not been able to walk eat sleep drink drink now or the next week. But there you go 75. Dollar burger and here's another thing to have. I don't know how people can even afford to go to NFL games in of the so expensive I now the food is already expensive you can attack on the 75 dollars. To try to eat that I don't spend a semi bad thoughts on the Jersey. I think they're probably more than that if I'm being honest NFL RI but. We get cash coming up next death 1000 bucks and beat the street if you want some concert tickets to a 6421 wall. This is morning wolfpack with some accounts after 100 points off. Lack hit the pavement and Jack did beat history tour. Good morning Erica in Arlington today how are you gonna are you are fantastic and don't call me sir. Come on now including blood and an important or somebody special Noonan Erica welcome to beat the street the trivia contest that pits you against a random stranger here in the T in W Tino as much or more than they do. You will when appeared to be as busy lady Haywood Darius and Russell Dickerson August 19 coming up here. At the white river amphitheater hurt it here we go will be to challenge you here a couple of minutes again we found her at watershed on Saturday. She answered the same five questions you've got to answer right now in thirty seconds Erica are you ready for beat the street. ES. Let's do it started a timer in 321. Go. What was Julia Roberts profession in pretty woman. Instead it took to which retail store uses a bullseye as their logo target which TV network air shark week. It's. I tried what is the name of a commuter train runs between Tacoma and Seattle. I don't know who sings the country song just a kiss. And I don't know I DOT winning tickets to keep them at it ranked. No idea which. And is out Erica let's meet that challenge here what's your name where from I'm ready here. I'm Marion I living gave her granny you're right on topic how the entrepreneurs organization. All right let's find out how you do Erica we Astor the same five questions that you just answered what was Julia Roberts profession and pretty woman to the hot air. She was a turn on an administrative assistant. I have no idea until the eighth. Oh well that's the classic dance icon and that's part of pop culture but Erica your guess may be left so I think yes for that. But you are in a hole you're down one and here we go with retail store uses the bullseye at an area. Start right so now it's a little bit closer but the challenger marina still has the edge to the wine quiz TV never famously air shark week. HBO. Greg you sit side by channel the correct answer of course and Lee is able. No it does worry me there you go discovery Channel 8 supply nobody gets a point there you still down 12 to one what is the name of the commuter train that runs between Tacoma and Seattle. I'd take this every day are you sick everyday so proud. Stephen. About seventeen jello shots and a watershed as she took it every day doesn't remember it does sound nerves aren't. My down nobody got it right so it's still a two to one you are down one. Heading into the last question so Erica let's hope for your sake she gets it wrong and you get it right here we go cruising the country song just the cast. No I'm definitely. That Dallas got paid for air because. You got it right with a little help from family related in an Alley Alley. And you are gonna go see them because you have time to beat the street which is a win for the morning wolfpack you'll be there is a yes August 19 to see lady gave Darius Rucker and Russell Dickerson all part of the world's year remaining tickets and I shot America played UK Italy. Think worse yet you or a beer. An honest Erica all of course. Laura Coker yet something pure water non alcoholic I know you win I guess you. All right coming up next there was little bit of a buzz is David gonna give up my cell phone number on the air some peoples that I was crazy I'll tell you what happened after that coming up next. You hear that morning war. Hardy. So wolf those few fans have a big Richie John Richie can be doing is at 8:20 this morning talk about his redneck Riviera whiskey which is now available in the PNW only nice it's American made from start to finish anything. And when I'm talking about it oh yeah. So yesterday against everybody's better advice and judgment to give up my cell phone number on the air by county if you didn't get it. Here it is right down this is my cell phone number you don't have Ximian Texas is this for real can always find yes it is to us six. 451. 7766. Now Lori discussed on the show how this didn't make my wife that happy race. I didn't run it by her first I just did it it was kind of impulsive. I was reminiscing about the night before when I went down to. Content in the parking and Adams one of molesters is quite Jeff. There's no way I could've found him without a cell phone number he had mind right like lol this just makes life easier. Plus it's a direct connection between you guys that listen this show and me and us. Yeah and yesterday when he gave it out I mean. Before we even finished talking about your phone was blowing up he led 99 plus messages I don't think anybody would really care. Well you try to get back to each and every one month so my first question is did I did were you able to him. I was I was not able to enjoy my. But afternoon workout though because they had this pressing feeling that there was something I should be doing that was more important and now the anxiety of returning all of these text messages because it's like the male I know how postal people feel. You can't keep up with it and then once he started dialogue and you say and by the way it. Thank you to anybody that took the time to text your call me because I thought it was great and now one. Not blood lewd and lascivious message joke out now we're finding these and photo. Well you Lonrho which is a big concern in my life so I knew I have faith in people people are good people will open up their homes to use if they see indeed that's how I look at the world. So I knew when I put out positively by giving up my cell phone number I knew already that's I was gonna give back and that's what I did. Nothing but love them a lot of love for union new boyfriend at all. Critics very happy for you slow Joseph your a lot of people's favorite part of the show really got a bunch of new people sign of the month club great answer a lot of questions at the podcast it would you say was it easier way to communicate just texting on my phone so is there any regrets no not yes I mean I don't know if it's gonna Wear me down overtime but I don't think so that's why we're here. Right is to establish a connection between the people you guys in this of the show. He got a lot of Texans get a lot of phone calls. I did in fact I won't play back the voicemails like god they were there were kind of interest and I there was a few that caught me off guard. And then last night I went to FaceBook live and I was answering phone calls like that we're calling at the happy our hotline that happen again tonight at 6 o'clock by the and I will actually have a cocktail glass that I didn't have to try to get crazy I know when you flood. So and I'll figure a way to MRI can bring you we knew that I could do it last night but yeah that's a whole other thing. I just wanna say no regrets I thought it was amazing I felt like I was in people's homes and their cars. Talk until when their private time I was totally flattered. And it was amazing it's a no no regrets whatsoever in fact I think it might be kind of stupidly brilliant. Most people like you're dumb you're crazy dog that's. And I think you might feel like I crazy stupid you're giving yourself the V word the Bruins lose. And but I did say crazy stupid first care Vietnamese like mad genius can Soledad no but I do I deafening it's a great idea I'm looking forward to being a throw down and being able to just. Thank there's text there's Bob over there is by the course like you know Stanley dean wants us to turn of the year finished flat classic to thread about its outside can't do. I'm excited to see where this goes and sees you still are not regretting it I like this and next. All right that's fair that's irony here these I wish I will say though and outplayed us for. I will say it is another level of distraction another level of median on my son ash. And I promise and I lived up to I got back to every single person texted me yesterday and I return every phone call so impressive. But I will say that over time it's gonna cost him problems in my marriage gap and probably just some distractions on the air so they have to watch that. Manager but to a 64517766. Put mine number in your phone and you'll have it for now on in voice mails coming up next you wanna hear these are great. They remember more cash coming up at 8 AM got a thousand bucks for you with a keyword. Right now we're talking about the fact that I give up my cell phone number on the air yesterday by the way if you wanna put your phone Sunni attacks. Leave me a voicemail. To a 64517766. The Colombian honest most the time I'm probably not gonna catch a live phone call. But I will every night at 6 o'clock we started this thing last night I did call be happy hour hotline have a drink together after the day is over. He got the kids tucked away somewhere doing homework grab a glass of wine join me LB avenue Metairie or beer. And I'll be on FaceBook live in answering phone calls I did it last night it was a lot of economies get to work through a couple of teams had to figure it all out but it was great this. Tate how lots well if I'm going to be. Really transparent with you here I felt a little moments like a guy in my house because my wife and kids are theirs and I were commuting back and forth that kind of thing you know the deal. So in a way I felt a little desperate like here I am by myself what do I have no load amendment and there was a moment where nobody was calling. And I was like OK this is live on FaceBook. Hi this is I am seeing seeing in a scene of desperation. And loneliness I almost thought you had summoned they've. Well thank god and we had a couple you'll Christine called. But I and sometimes three or four people have been about a half hour 45 minutes. But it was great would do to get a nice 6 o'clock litre if Olivia notification. The safe match can be lonely loser is live yeah. But if you call a land to the phone 2064517766. It's a little crazy when people calling when I'm on the phone. And heck I got off the phone with one guy answered the call and they weren't there and I felt bad for the other guy. A nightmare but anyway leave voice mails anytime during the day and a claim back on the air. I need it straight monthly in high net and copy shop down there downtown have really called that then that I just totally gave them out they'll. Home audio and I was gonna put on them sexy that gitmo down to earth guy to get the third in Portland all you do it yourself with the upgrade on the the age old that's. It's one thing these guys are doing great jobs. I thank you again I got here completely night and that his plan to stay hot it's. Be very. Important and currently under way I am I mean. Great I mean I hate to an abrupt. Yeah absolutely and woke up radio room that you. Bring. Keep up. I met than is generally from what I think Malcolm everything outlet thought of them as well. Have a good day for life. You. Offer. I'm on your own a few moments up. Life. All right so now you have my phone as well to a 64517766. In by the way to respond to the one coming about why we never go north we go north. And he shouldn't slow Jolie plans or did stuff we go to south and we go north to get out of the north. I think it went south last weeks and Tuesday probably slowed to a unless I'm wrong some guys go to our guys got. Rude steadily before come on now they remember leaving a voicemail Sammy attacks I promise that I will get back T this is the morning. Alistair you 147. Oh yes this is a big series with only. Today is national book lovers day in being a huge book lover myself people are always asking ether. The recommendations and always looking for others to recommend looks to me so I decided spent together. A morning wolf pack at best books list started posting it on our blog page and we just reckon into each other on in your recommendations I can add the list Egan hideous on social media at morning bull and they need that when you put your mask here on you actually haven't noticed her baby had that your mouth open. What do they have to do this every minute this ticket yeah dinner and the other crap here there mouth is open wheel they actually have found their reason for it. Now it's pretty nervous when you told your eyes opening closing on controls your mouth opening closing. But they must at some point your body and they think it's just your nerves cross firing we just so weird only demands or crossfire heavens all done. But now we know the exact reason Torre it. I pray it did is amazing you can now win. A lifetime. Of free McDonald's though they're calling it and amid the old car. It's almost like having get American Express black card I already heard that we can. You Jersey 200000 have talent not pay off this is free it's worth almost 40000 dollars could you can get two free meals a week and are you have to deal is. Uncertain tomorrow and for the next two weeks it's you. Placed an order on their act you're entered to win they're gonna pick a winner. And this fiscal the winner OK not only get the free McDonald's. But you get 824 karat gold pleaded bone case with your name etched on it that is cool yeah I will say. I'm surprised that you only get two meals a week I think you should get a free meal every day injury McDonald's is not that expensive in the dollar menu hello. Okay I'm they're not really putting themselves out there this if I'm being honest and I am. That's as well. I agree but I have to say so flashy or blessed enough to get eight. On chick played a black card they no longer deemed as the east given to media people and he had to free to play for year. I go every single day I know I'm so going every day you don't you get tired and it. The U though may need to race weekend. It but knowing that they should do it that's even more of rain on Thursday that that's a good gym membership. And I did you know I don't hitting his exactly they've McDonald's come on man probably part of the reason why they're the least popular fast food chain an America that's according to a new study out today yes. Only 20% of people say they are loyal McDonald's saints. Let down. It's like I talk at happy meals you know I I've got a soft spot too because again when we were kids there weren't that many options in in I'll be honest but he got him. I girl in the midwest pretty pretty average going to McDonald's as a treat. It was a big deal to get to get a happy meal or a big man anchor that was a big deal so after I had my first five birthdays there yeah. Mean it was special nowadays were spoiled rotten in kids are too arm's gonna say it but mcdonalds that was a treat yap all in out and I still to this day think the and make muffin the sausage and muffins things whether that's breakfast sandwich as you're gonna get anyway. Logos are ordering online tomorrow and you could win for McDonald's for like. I think that's pretty cool but again I think they should step up yet but I also won't think about McDonald's although they are the least popular franchise they still have the most sales. Just because of the sheer volume of restaurants over America. It's like Starbucks there's one every thirty feet so don't worry about McDonald's folks are doing are right. Eight cash money coming up here in eight minutes of the key word we're talking about 1000. Boxes. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points up the hill. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura particles scraper on the Cambridge scary dude you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make you may be that big aghast let's play share your salary. Again we don't know what everybody else makes for a living it is never OK to ask until now today were talking Justine who lives in the morning hello just seen this tiny tower you. Are fantastic K just easy to live their do you say to more ABC dismal means. The mornings this. It's funny from being in western. Yet Ambien a Midwestern University guesses but here you see de Moines it's got to Justine thank you for being willing to share your salary this year a couple of minutes we appreciate that. I'm a problem. And it OK well let's get right into it we're gonna ask you a minute's worth the questions try to figured out in a row we think you make will gas is the Lynn studio game. And then we'll come back and you'll actually share your salary okay. One minute on the talk generally go ahead thank you a full kind of hard tiny. So you were for one family employed full time. How many kids do you watch over. Okay and how old do you Justine. I. Told the kids. How long have you been with this family. How they find Harry. Cool cool cool cool. All right. I go ahead Emily really any different and it's not not. Should they take you on their in litigation. Now. They pay you helped me. Now have you gotten a raise since you worked for the spam. Yeah. Kris Dillon school. Driving his car. He got a lot. Whom. The move are ideally nice job to none of the blanks out fill up the slack as does my mind just wanders elsewhere and I got nothing productive das so you know I Justine get a three minutes we'll come back well guess what we think you make and you're gonna share your salary sound good. On bonuses Justine from the mornings she is a full time mentally she started this summer Emily what else doing now. She is 23 years old is he at with hired they found her on agency that the only dead. She does her for one family and she watches over one year old twin of boy for the police. Don't know yeah girls girls. I know but I just like you detail that he did the kids. When you're an end and I feel like I've got a lot of pressure to get this one right because I'm really parent around and I know firsthand what this costs in any chief sums to say that right now it's kind of wide inevitable questions because thirty news is that to my calculator and worked it out but sojo viewing yesterday did go first let's guess what we think Justine makes sense she's gonna share her salary I'm thinking she's right around 35 grand. No way I. He was 35 grand everybody we have a nanny how many go next and again I did the math Justine. And again and it was a summer gig for you but it could turn into a full timer it's a full time or you're gonna make 65520. Dollars this year it is not she pretty specific math. We can barely even afford to go to a concert that's five hours and twenty bucks an hour fifteen it's crazy I I'd image clean all I'm updates. Their day all right Justine I'm either really rhetoric really wrong let's find out what you make are you ready to share your salary Justine. Yeah I look at us now. Fifteen. So wait I used say in Italy nailed it like safety that you make 50000. In your. And my dad used to babysit Sierra. All. And say hey inflation prices have gone up a match ended. I after they probably count a little bit of a deal could they have for so much. When you started their Justine now and against do the agency gets even more expensive to and I think the agency took this kind of what Justine was again. I don't know if this eager and though lots it is congratulations Justine and hopefully there's a good twins forests. All right thanks for those in the morning wolf back in a part of show we love you and if you ever wanna share your salary. Ma'am we would love to have you were fascinated as everybody is about what are the you'll make relive his call us right now slow Joseph gets you ready to go the slots in tomorrow or next week 206421. Wolf for share your salary. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister you know we love you brother reload your beard reload your lawyer wisely lover thing about him then and only pray we sit still suck I say play at a cupcake. 100 point seven. Well hello John Rich hello are you what is happening brother. Man everything Rockingham right here. Well you know everything is great hearing the yet the tickets are bought bought thank you want okay here's the deal we are all looking forward to assess especially slow Joseph who's our whiskey kinda sore but we have a guy in the building he's one of our production engineers and she is a waste decent we felt he was the best guy to sample the whiskey and give us an honest review and he has done that you wanna hear what he said oh I can't wait OK now this is a high morale whiskey drinker who's got that snobbery thing going on you don't mean. Like a real real fancy man when it comes to which you are John this is what Jason the production guy had to say about your redneck Riviera whiskey. This is a lovely whiskey that doesn't behave like a young immature whisking it feels refined like it's been there done that. The Vanilla notes teach you right away it doesn't matter where it lands on your tongue it softens in teases the mild heat associated candidate a there's a subtle woody Okie you know that is present that settles into the background with the heat which treats your amounts to a warm blanket rather than hot poker. It doesn't virtues which makes it dangerous it's smooth but not so smooth pitcher deceived by the power of a full eighty proof whiskey. For a new whiskey on the market that some might consider a novelty. It teaches you a lesson in the first sit its delicate robust naturally strong with a hint of softness. Expressed in the teasing notes of Manila and in the fashion I drink it means it was soothing and intrigue. Three young boy's ears and listen this is a partial statement from him this all hey John this is cut in half he said in this is this is the final sentence. For a young man risky with no pedigree to speak out it's surprisingly satisfying even if you don't know what you're looking for. I'm impressed and will enjoy the rest of this bottle with pleasure. On her. And I got to hire this guy you got to send me that exact verbiage. I will put it on the left side and that's incredible I'm glad he loved it while he's a scholar in his element and yes I have never heard whiskey describe like that but you better believe them go by get a bottle now well lists and until Jason big bank you have worked on this. For almost all Tony seventeen have always been a Crown Royal guy which is Canadian blended whisky. Even stable or strike out which has by the bars double around the crown and a buzz didn't down. And when they have started thinking well that's Canadian blended have been turned and all these years where is the American blended and I really couldn't find any thing. Where they had gone after a blend of American whiskey to be exactly what Jason just described really smooth and really really good. So worked on it I got it down we went up to about 200 variations of these plans so I got to what Jason drank. And I said I've got one more person around this back before I launch it into America and that's my 86 year old granny rich he's been in West Africa world war. I think. So let's that's your get out there Hershey gets tricky less giant might be this much this would gather bad assets cannot tell Americans ready Richard proves. He got a list Marlboro red between your fingers blue smoke in my face and says. It's grainy rich improve and it was on then it was gone you know I get 10%. Every single bottle sold. To the folds of honor which is a group that put kids through college who lost a parent in combat and so far this year. Redmond Revere Wiki has paid for six college scholarships if you can only to make and I don't. Whenever you can drink booze and you're doing it health and somebody else the same time that is a win win Johnny. Yep thank you and I just putting your name on something and slap and another to make a buck either ask but he got a quality American product and help and the people the same time do we really really think that's awesome. I appreciate even the glass it's bottled in has made in America even the courts in the top I. A 100% as I would love John Rich men and took Danny said what's up you got it thanks for this morning. You 100 points. I remember you can add politics to show any time for 6150. Had a question about the John Rich whiskey yes some undetected and where can get that whiskey I need some right. All right in buy with a price point on redneck Riviera is about 25 blocks in the keynote talking to John off here a little bit and also Jason. That could be afforded all volleys. So Safeway and Albertson's are carrying Resnick Revere was no and I think the price point I cassettes of the low twenties although with the Washington State liquor tax. A little bit more a cot absolutely I think it's great when you feel like I said in your your mind about a loser enjoyed it and you know. Do the deal. I wanted to mention one other thing here really quickly. And that is throw down. Yeah since I gave up my cell phone number on the areas today getting a lot of text message about people the same hey. Can't wait for throw downs that message to you right now with you know in on that party. In other words if you bought a ticket yet yeah it is about why he left in him he's at it you got it on the party's youth and a half hour. Okay this. Stand if you not. Man I gotta remember white as white guy yeah it's all right and if you have bought two tickets yet is that that is yes. Would have preferred nomenclature. Are at Indiana by to date yet don't get left out of the fund because yesterday we heard what 400 left I believe it or 400 there's going to be completely sold out. A Tea Party is on September 8 inning and claw at the expo center we have seven incredible full band zevil ago. Harry it's the chat inning Aaron Crawford. And ranger Smith featuring hurled verbal seeing your ground. He am walker Hayes. The. Nice job. I forget all the and let's let's be honest we buckled these acts a year and it's. I'm not sure we could book came browns right now. For this ultimately could it he's too big gaffe too expensive he is the hottest act in country music any show you saw on the news or last time you get why we have Chris Young guys I'm unbelievable gaffe. So this is kind of a rare opportunity to see an amazing act on his way out. In honestly this is probably going to be the smallest venue he plays and watch and as the Expos that are you realize where exactly like we're less than a month out now. Five well I know that slowed just been drinking a little extra in night just to prepare. Because he's candle light weight. And it's a long day in the brilliant the pace yourself like you know beer here beer they can't be all slurry by 2 o'clock in the afternoon I'm in training I know you are good I'm glad to see it. Get your ticket to see a noble stock common view that way because we're going to be talking about it incessantly for about a week maybe two of them. And you wanna be part of that I okay now Yemen cell phone number we connect ball where they are and hang out so there you go. By the way if you missed it to a 64517766. Back with met with Alastair. One points. No and over again dead Ian Lee who's in the studio with a right now good morning DK EL. I'd she's got some cash were coming up and about seven minutes of the keyword worth another local man and he surprised me when he told me that you watch the happy hour hotline last night I while you're on there. I like all. The Big Bang today announced that it more more than me. My husband even watch Whitney did you really and I had a favorite part ya wanna know what it is always when you set off but he had a underneath the air. Uncontrollable. An option. It takes a lot. Products that it it my hair to stay back I went I got a guy like a Bobby Brady curly apple UC my son's hair. Yeah that's my hair I got the curly hair but I straighten it out you know so it doesn't look like I'm in the seventh it. I'm glad that was your favorite moment and take your efforts came in that down for us every day out are we appreciate that. But I kind of like the untamed approach and they are yeah. While the trade yes so if you're anywhere near your computer your phone tonight is o'clock they'll do another happy our hotline carding a liquor sponsored by the way it wants to jump on board and not well. Plus there are no well yeah. I had my wife what looked like none of this not it's it's an excuse for you have a drink every night and I've got thousands of people. Extremely good she doesn't know bail out Diaz is a recipe for divorce yeah. Just like I about it right now. Anyway ideally what he did and and you assured besides given out loads of cash as well you got to let your Seahawks hang out today and then. By the way I. That's start I don't wanna overlapped a happier island Allegheny seven holes in perfect pregame at three fun and you are I'll like it who played again by the way. The colts cult of so where eagle that today feeling how we celebrating and you show we are gonna talk about seeking Griffin began every single football fan in America is gonna have a eyeballs on this game tonight to see what. He does and our big new it's almost like a new. Team again. It's gonna be exciting to see the Seahawks take the field tonight yet it's a rebuilding year and that's what we say when we're not quite sure what's gonna help out their hand. But we should keep you know he's already one of the most popular players in the NFL in terms of the jerseys that people are buying and I love this guy he's overcome having one hand every time I see him on the news practicing and scrimmage. I think it must hurt. The key you don't have a hand and think about how hard it would be to work out. Yeah do traditional. Bench press and all those does have. Being that he can put on like when he bench press thing can he expressed with a Anwar Al brilliantly. That's cool all the claw that kinda it adapts to his arm pump gas already pretty amazing story we've got a right here in Seattle with a little huge role model yeah all the kid asks do kids we're losing it at training camp getting to meet him I mean one kid was literally in tears. Oh yeah sticky because you might role model what I never thought that a guy with one hand could make it to the NFL. And be at the level he's at by the way he will play tonight is he's not a starters and right will play so that's going to be Von all right. Dili is celebrating our Seahawks which rightfully so on TV tonight Thursday night football. I stayed divot cash we'll see you back tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock we bloody got us. Yeah. 45 film. I feel 100 point 70.