The Morning Wolfpack - Thursday February 8th, 2018

Thursday, February 8th

Thursday February 8th, 2018


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Hello and welcome to the podcast for Thursday February 8 appreciate you guys check in in in more importantly slow Joseph violates Matt really appreciate the feedback are starting to get on email you don't want they get a lawyer and a slow Joseph people start to respond to your hey Lebanon and they say. Well first what here is from Tacoma Tom. He said Matt slash Joseph I'm not sure if I should call you guys jet or Mo I'm still debating. I commute to work now in the morning sort of get to listen lives or listen to the podcast on Lebanon. And I listened to you guys during lines love love love it keep it up Tacoma Tom narrates and him down Tom's awesome and we got dead your man Joseph more people that you think are listening to this podcasts I listen to it. And I'll always on at the time to listen to you on the radio I listen to you in Phoenix and need to keep up with you now in Seattle the podcast is the best way to know what's happening with you and slow Joseph and PNW. Thoroughly enjoyed the intro the fake news stories and beat the street I even like the mud club in your first caller have to act now by the way Bonnie that would be to lead off collar getting on base and I wanna command was it today or yesterday when somebody use the term home run our day event baseball and out to Vegas gamers they certainly have it anyway she says I'm getting to know. The PNW better you two were doing a great job and keeping it interest in keep up the good work that is from Bonnie. I love the feedback so Bonnie thank you Tacoma Tom thank you yes and again any suggestions about the show the podcast our intro. Mad at Seattle's dot com love getting that and I think he said yesterday there where you burp and Hayden relative like that's not a absolute listened to an audience that's down a call that what I said yesterday was constructive criticism that it doesn't have to be glowing positive effect we don't only read the stuff that's good in fact we did for a long time what we call it hate mail Friday or say now heads we we definitely don't mind that as long as it's you know you make a point Brett I'm the first to admit something if it's if you make a point I can say OK yes and -- you say you second I hate you for no reason we have suggestions on how to improve that it's that it's an constructed so we got show coming up here just a few minutes and highly encourage used to gravity here Brad. And it was my favorite part of a show by far I think he's so funny. And I are highly rated issues have a guy in South Korea calling in with a behind the scenes stuff like dad the showers in the bathroom trackside and I'd I just really think Joseph stick around that because. He was great eases dollars grant we've known him for a long time he's he's just a game indeed funny is there as just a surfer and snowboarder from California that you know kind of knocked out this career common dating so he does all the X games on site announced them. He's done Olympic Games now for the last ten years or so he did the updates for us in Sochi. And he's got a pretty cool spin on because I PF Chang's accurate so I think sticker rap of that awesome stuff that we didn't get to talk to today we left on the cutting room floor. The list of 157 new a mode g.s for 2018 has been finalized 157. Yes that's a lot of new well let's not going to be coming in Seoul this summer or maybe even the falsity have some time to there Gary I don't feel like I really have a handle on the emerges that I have available to me now yet the last big update offered a lot of nuance in the mind blown and like this where phase I'm just start to use I can't wait to get a woman on the shows ledger because I would like to ask Curtis that may be any less manly that I really use a lot of them oh geez I really enjoy. If I can have a entire conversation using only a mode geez I would would you can't be I know you can do yeah I gotta get 21 year old girl like I don't know that figured out like that's part of the vernacular and especially younger people today say yadda I don't think it makes you any less manly well some of the new ones coming out bald people. The superheroes feet toilet paper and a hippo. You're gonna get six new yellow faces including hot face a cold faces one its party in you're gonna get men's and women's faces with red hair so the dangers are finally be represented nice brown curly hair that would be me. And in white hair oh and bald guys. By the we don't have to use the mood a mode you or volleyball the rivers and vault guide and there was there is up balls that there's an old death her eyes but I don't happens to be voluntary data they call him old guy Erekat Urals and get legs feet a bone and it too with. And some new animals including Iraq you'd have spoke kangaroo swan and peacock. I'm thirty noticed and I wish they would do. Little micro updates mean that I want the Olympic rings. Ready for anything that you folks I'm gonna be all about the Olympics tonight when they start in the opening ceremonies tomorrow probably yeah licensing issue or something so that's one thing we didn't get to talk to oh by two or some other random new projects coming in a motor cons. Skateboard Teddy bear cupcakes softball a receipt a magnate a ball DR sponge toward the paper and a pirate flag and I think guys. And I did a lot of a respect for somebody when you're having a conversation human randomly mention Iraq to an inmate. Texted back you can eight seconds that they know exactly where it is story adds none of their favorite well nowadays you can type if you type raccoon it'll show it'll pop up unlike the predictive text things yeah now it's almost cheating okay can you live afforded that you really did have to be in him OG hunter you're right now my you know Vanessa towing it to my wife's that you just type the word Parra in identical. All right so another hot topic we didn't get to today and you know part of this too for us out on the podcast were minding out maybe if we should talk about it tomorrow yeah on the actual show but. How long slow Joseph do you ago. In between. She Washington's in other words how often do you wash you sheets that would have been a much easier way to sustain a class at South Carolina to dance around it like a ballerina while I would tell you when I was single it was it wasn't. Dot gross I think you'll be like every couple of weeks but I know Sophie. Now does it at least Matsui yet every weekend or whatever that's that's a program homeowners Saturday or Sunday I do that. The question on this survey was how long can use the same sheets before your officially disgusting and human beings according to a new survey it's a more than a month. So you can go three weeks and not be categorized is disgusting which and I and kinda discussed you know what I I think that fits right in line with how I was when I was single in less I had company however you know I mean well it's interesting image is that a large part of America's single population falls into the gross category the average single person which forty days to change their sheets. That's officially no hourly but when I was in college at that. The guy ever watched. I mean really 35 days for single women forty days for guys Ohno I'm sorry 35 days for win and 45. Days for death his dad's a month and a half I don't think ever waited out on playing. The overall averages 24 days so I think we're doing pretty good at. Nineteen days for women thirty days for manned twenty days for married couples I am ahead of the curve at seven days up a pretty good about that later. Suit but also says something personal and I don't know why this is but. And s.'s side of the bed. She could sleep there for 23 weeks and it would be exactly the same wouldn't smell it would do wouldn't be any stains here and nice sweater yeah it's on my side of the bed and again Alamo is gross or whatever but the sheets will literally turn yellow one who. End I've even had. On my side of the bed I've had to do today and some of the upper sheets like literally bleach out in turn colors in my -- full of music do you sweat acid like what is wrong with -- your side of the bed looks like it's a different color or we have we never dove into this but I do recall you telling me several times over the years do you like sometimes like you'll wake up -- lack of soaking when -- like I -- -- so I think that's Pryor went for whatever whatever reason that is I think that's obviously at the and the reason you're staining your sheets but I know but I just don't know why that's a color but I guess what has a collar when it's -- -- -- -- so for me it's -- seven -- because seven -- -- for my life I think you go easily thirty days I -- where I'm -- I'm curious why you spent so -- that you actually feel physically and more well no because by the time -- wake up on coal -- I'm -- and it and sometimes -- wake up to go to the bathroom it's not -- because I've been sweating -- -- -- And I am just literally drenched that's where I mean it happened last night too but I was it wasn't a lot maybe just like a little on the back my neck were among the pillow. I think that that's definitely a usual plastic. Whether it might be. The excessive amount of exercise I get made which is at least two hours today and wondering where partners like continuing to go well you know I don't know that doesn't seem logical because I exercise you know in early afternoon and there's three or four hours for go to bed and it doesn't seem logical I don't know and I met some people scary before it's him and you need to go to the doctor because maybe that's a sign of cancer or whatever is what I'm not doing. Some of the San proceeds. Am I going to face the music and blood tests are there any doctors listened to the podcast is assessed that listening and anybody else the has a similar problem it's kind of gross which is made to our we've never talked about it on the air that's something you wanna Goran advertising that you turned your own sheets a different color it is a little bigger it is they you don't knights went. At all not. Not frequently everywhere and every once in awhile ideas like well very aware of it. And I've done some research into it as well and I sleep naked there could ever at a much articles assist the best way to sleep especially if your guy who asked not to overheat Brad and I try not to have too many comforter are probably do because. For me it would just be like a top sheet and some thing. But for my wife it's like a top she exists at that there's a comforter on the from the bed we don't even use there for decoration things and it's. I mean it's crazy how an extra pillows everywhere says got to look pretty era which he had some maybe some of the heat if advocating yamana Seattle dot com if you have any feedback on and I. Sasser and they aren't gonna go into effect in terms of I don't wanna know the bad news desk as they are taking on that I exactly. Item one a little local thing that was really spectacular. Joseph you sent the story to me last night only at NIA rated a couple of times. But we had. I'd diamond heist on interstate I five last night that would rival anything in ocean's eleven aura crazy Hollywood script. A diamonds worth 400000 dollars were stolen during his highest on I five. And from what witnesses were brick call. It's a car that transporting diamonds I think from restored to a client current. And day to deal Hollywood mover car stops in front of him. And that a car rams him from behind two did demand in Europe with guns and Jack or for 400000 dollar from the dime and make it clean getaway yet and they don't know where they are and new idea and it was right to according to Washington State for patrol it was right it's SR 520. If you know where that is on I five so. That's I mean listen. Obviously stealing things as bad heists are mad. But that sounds like so much fun. I can't wait until there's like a virtual reality he's like a high simulator. Isn't there isn't it called Miami Vice or whatever they granddad god I evidently is it's a little here and there isn't that a little bit less Immersion a tiger like VR headset thing Gandhi to gone for the highest either pull off for you don't like I've I've always. Wanted. To perform hearts of some sort not sick not. Not begin to discuss ceiling and then Paul I'd rather sweat in my bed I wanna know if I can get away with it and like if I would be able pull opera out of the back is that a lot of steal anything from anybody but I do on what he's either like look at the adrenaline it's an I think there's other ways to get it like when you jump off a bridge you know that I don't bad weather is autistic like you watch point break and others like you know eleven years old and these guys are gonna dollar Robin banks there isn't running he wanted to be to karma wanna be Gary Busey yeah eating pistachio nuts and general reefs. Men and have but the two guys weren't bandanna is approaching victim's car that broke the windows they grabbed bag containing 4000 dollars from the diamonds the also grabbed his phone and a key fob of the car and a large suitcase so he couldn't follow them or call anybody to report it and was a pro inside job it total inside you know I'm and you exactly were they gonna be outerwear is the diamonds are going to be east can we think it won't take on too long to figure out who's behind it that. Yemen that's that's crazy will be found the victim's phone later in a grassy area at 650 northeast 42 street in Seattle this or any amateur CSI detectives out there that ought to put this one Democrat pat about it let us know our man all right so while this is wrapping up by saying you'll hear a point in a podcast today were looking for somebody if you can help us find it. Puget Sound energy employee Michael and you hear the story coming up threat please Matta terrible stuck on I know we had a couple people text in the working on it you know what I'll tell you one more thing I haven't LG yet I reached out to the add the PR director for Puget Sound better energy because we had got an early chatter over Tripoli Alex who was also a PSE employ opiates and apparently they only hire local hero and -- the guy we got the job yes you're fired in PSA separate company total a lot of love for you guess I'd reach out her last letters to pay you know you know this guy you know would love it docked him she actually. Yeah me emailing vaccinated they don't even know exactly who he is yet hello real which is interesting because. You would think you know there and another guy PSE Tripoli Alex reached out to scenario that they sent out like a company like newsletter about this guy but they still only referred to them is Michael it's a huge company that I have a bunch of Michael's and doesn't sound like this guy and again you hear the story and a few minutes and this makes sense. It doesn't want any recognition yet and that's the best kind of goodies -- a razor handles it look what I did her that's crazy we'll try to prior out of America is going to be tougher to get to Wi man and being two for three I mean we're dealing with a guided has no desire to come on the radio and and let us give him that kind of love and I respect that the good thing in less than and at worst case scenario over talking about somebody else and it's a really cool yeah anyway good stuff I think you'll enjoy the show today we did have a lot of fun now a lot of Winter Olympics talk in there I don't enjoy that. And then we're back tomorrow the Friday show we're gonna wrap it up with free advice Friday and I gotta tell you. We have a great email to get to know we have we hear so hey David it's another one of those like last week where. It could go a few different ways but a great situation go and appreciate our guys trusting of what your personal possible. That's the best plus Crist able to get to 710 an 830 so we will see you back tomorrow morning. It's. He wants well to morning we'll tackle Matt McAllister is on this season you 100 point seven. Well good morning morning wolf pack and that's redundant Thursday February aid flotilla Ella a morning. Man I hope everybody's joint effectiveness of rain once this week bad and it's been so great it's just puts me any good news and get on the bike enjoyed a mother nature has proven. All right fund showed today of course will continue to be useless poll of the day here a little bit. Plus we're going to be talking a lot about the Winter Olympics does it officially starts today nine includes an Olympic update direct from South Korea from a friend bred James there calling the snowboarding. More Crist able to dig at 710 of course the not fake news at 615. And it shall we slowed Joseph welcome another member into the mud club. Or sixty any kidding me and it's a really cool place so looking forward to that the mud flood 610 get your mugs are right now you know how we do we need to get the show started officially with one of view. Thought our leadoff caller somebody to get us on base BC to baseball puns were using it to those 6141. Wolf. Let's say hi to Terry engram is going to be our lead off caller good morning Tara how are you. I am fantastic virtual thank you so much for waking up every day without us the morning wolfpack we look. There when you do for a living. And then at. Can your awfully quiet are you work already. Now okay. He's he's had that 50 wait to hear what time is your alarm go off here. OK what time you leave the house. And Graham. Think sometimes that. Let's go a little bit earlier now. Lucas you're in the car driving. Where they pulled it all you're so sweet and you know your phone sounds great we have dam the little. Trouble with a leadoff call phones lately is that sounds down mintier thank you for Purdue net. Okay Terry in Europe you can make you work for the search ethnic. Hugh realizable only had 50% of the required Kathy to do to show. Tirades are caveat across theater. Now okay that helps. She's a living up like forty minutes a pretty pretty good out of output to save you know made only till six so you must of got up. Jump in your car in your. Now I can't really quick start playing on grass at city. Yeah I guess is OS's Mandy you kind of guy thought as a guy to get out of the house really quickly Terry you're right there you're competing you can the Olympic gold in getting ready getting out this. Walked up there there there are single married with your personal stance and Mary took a hell to be married for. Warriors okay how's it gone. As well and good and I did did it feel like it's working for him. Yes he's okay. And I'll keep. I think I know you're north and down to consistency do you get to do teeth cleaning or do you assist with the teeth clean. It was pre. OK gotcha. I made my first Pacific northwest dental appointment yesterday you did until very adult it was to voluntarily set up that important to get a tee straight but I did it. Terry got to do it. Can have the yellow grill. Praying so they tell my kids that go to the front. You brush your teeth again guillotine that dude is gonna take you to prone but if she my right are terra floss every night by the way too I just wanna tell you proud of I ask that you La Miami flossing every night that's crazy once you start. And it didn't start till later in life to what you start he can't stop because. I don't wanna make any big grossed out or whatever but she gets stuff today in and you think well since lost that food would still be stuck into deeds and rotting my guns. Brave Tehran with a net worth all right Darryl what are you addicted to. And it is saying OK we'll tell dinner and drinks are you into yet the Red Bulls the monsters what do you do. Though monster that by itself but that Philip. Did you hear the story about the guy he's a DJ innings in his fifties who use a little bit older to be an array of side things but he drank 25 energy drinks and six hours. Just to get the raid the party Dolan. And he ended up having a stroke. Or cardiac arrest or something massive. Yeah and give it up now he's he's starting this campaign he's in he's in England he's and in a London Egypt. To ban all energy drink something and there's a simple moderation totally. Cat suit discreet yes you ticked him. Any and then. Five hour period there what your limits like how many of those things can you have to I do believe you know a night I've Intel is deluded you're on the Red Bull vodka as it can be a little bit careful with that stuff. Our holidays but that's and come out on Tony five or six hours generally put up with those monsters are big yes they are. Yeah you go to the big east there. Yes OK which is everything to do in Seattle terror. Baseball game cool did call have not yet done that can't wait for the off color baseball games and. All right on base there are Lestock country music. What do we play for you next. Anything re seeing brown who I dig that you follow him on social media at all is to grammar to order. Yes OK and you know the dude dances like Michael Jackson. Yeah it's pretty cool all right coming up next for terra our leadoff caller from grandma on her way to be an orthodontist assistant. We're gonna play something from came around you what what if for you want to knew when he's got heaven which is really good tip. Then heaven coming up next for you we love you terra. Yeah you have a great day and coming up next you know none of us gonna compete in the Olympics but. Coming up less than ten minutes we forget awaiting the morning wolf pack medals for being awesome every day just like terra together George when he minutes as she would win gold will be that next. You're listening to the morning call exactly match but Alastair. Carmine. The meal when they're playing. Pretty fired up for the Olympics to start that I'll be on some Olympic junkie I love it as if night. Getting into it and I love it see you could definitely get more excited for the senators I know your summer game and that's a winner guy and we'll get to seven or use those pull the neighbor right now we wanna know morning wolf pack what everyday task. Would you win an Olympic Medal for. Let's be honest none of us are gonna ever go to the Olympics however. There's stuff you do every day you can win an Olympic Medal for and Terry touched on briefly. I've never heard of anybody be able to get out of the house especially a woman build homes scream at me that it takes a little bit longer form and get ready guys we all know this. She announced with twenty minutes you do with a shower and was like on the side of the road college radio station yeah I can't do that takes me half an hour. Every morning. Now tell you a mind. I know like you be up on the podium in PM Joan. For carrying grocery bags again it's every time we get back from not pass go do don't have the bags like Safeway we have those plastic bags and annals. I swear I can carry 400 of them you can make one trip every day and every time I never go back for seconds that's defeat to me slow joke I think game. Pretty much keep getting golden injury watching Netflix. Chilling I had bureau lounging out birdied I couldn't go for staying in that does take training you can thank your brain to be able to be done absolutely and they yesterday tweed is something about your videogame controllers were dead I'm like it's time reigning. So men so I just trading room. Time for you to share with us okay is our breakfast table topic this morning what everyday task would you win an Olympic Medal for what are you exceptional at. Every day that daily tasks that we all do. 206421. Wall for you can Texas 46150. Good morning air and in Parkland how are you today aren't good here's the breakfast table topic what everyday task would you win an Olympic Medal for us. All I like that I love I'm such a big fan of sleeping so tell me why you're exceptional sleeping why you could win gold. I would regard though as I get home at 9 o'clock in the morning. I go to bed I don't let up until 8:39 o'clock at night. So you can sleep twelve hours straight through the middle of the day. That's unbelievable. You must have really good shades in your bedroom night in other words you you'd be able blacking out of our soccer. That's amazing I can probably only at best ever sleep eight hours parents are yes. I think you can get on the podium for sure Sarah what are the secrets do you have do you have a fan Ari kind of a noise machine now I'd like it. And usually with a cat and you can still sleep for twelve hours straight through the middle of the day goals. I'd put money and has every day. Easy for you at the heart Brothers Gary and appreciate you being a part of the morning wolfpack club you see. Good morning Kyle in Bonnie lake so the Winter Olympic Games start to nineteen. What everyday task you to win Olympic Medal for. Remembering stuff I can't remember anything. Alice forget everything. I thought so in other words you can win Olympic gold for forgetting stuff not remembering stuff yet it exactly so how how old guy Larry Kyle. I'm Tony you're 28 year already got the the memory loss sunk its other stuff like I do remember numbers. Basically aims. Well it everything else that I can't remember so let me guess he's your typical guy birthdays anniversaries. These kinds of things. I do remember though this just morrow lake and what did my wife wanted me to take up the work. If this stuff yeah I think that's what they call selective hearing Kyle. Dalia I guarantee when it's something it's important to you you remember to do. Selective hearing are some timers sometimes exactly but I love you're in you know the morning wolf back Olympic Games for everyday stuff. Yes sir thanks cal appreciate Elisa demanding to be in a part of the show. Tried it yet but. A slow Joseph text came in for you from ten how to slow Joseph get out the door at 505 when the show starts at 58 and did you. Now he he must have heard us talking about that other guy and thought it was me I get up at 3 AM on it I'm at work thing on my desk at 3:30 AM. Yet that is president that I was a joke and comedic he lives across the street from on the walls and so he pulled his cues less than five minutes by foot. At Aron in Rainier. What everyday task would you win an Olympic Medal in or in this case I believe you're calling in for your wife. Yes yes my wife would winning temper got the nation she had to. Three weeks to write it stayed there she managed to do all the research and type it up in four hours on the last day. And was greeted yet. She got an eight. While she might be brilliant. For something like that I would need two months. That's great there and edit they get appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf fact a couple of text came in here. Well on the procrastinators who I would bag in golden at a civilian means doing nothing to get it. Shutter never text again do I can definitely get a gold medal sleeping I can think twelve hours frustrated falsely anywhere anytime during today. Well it's a really nice little like category cut coming to fruition yellow jump. No disrespect to any anybody that's RD debt tied for the sleeping metal but I think he giggles to you because I wake you guys sleep very specific hours going to be 3 AM everyday down a Saturday I could easily sleep twelve or thirteen dollars from the drunken I wish I could do now I'm the best I guess that is a so that's the breakfast table topic you guys to check in whatever it is task would you win an Olympic Medal for. And coming up next gonna kind of keep the theme going you'll notice a theme today by the we have an official Olympic update from team Jong South Korea with an average laughing you and I sent the First Act I'm impressed don't think I didn't know. But really the early two kinds of people in the world. And it all has to do with the Olympics are coming up at about eight minutes gonna find out which one you are which are useless poll of the day. That's like Palestine as a progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. Time for the. Morning wolf thank useless poll of the day results from yesterday. And this is based on polling handing out 600 million dollars for the bonuses over the next two months to their workers pretty cool. 70% said no 30% said yes that was basically the summation of both social media whether or not they get bonus yes so 70% of people in the morning wolfpack. Don't get bonuses which is it probably about what I thought two days are really have no idea. And obviously today we're going to be talking a lot about the Olympics because they start tonight at the opening ceremonies tomorrow. Personally very excited I've always been more a Winter Olympic Games fans I love skiing. I I've it's the one time every four years they get excited about figure skating and and an oddly enough only the women's. Man I really don't care about the guys it's always if you know and maybe it's just because to reinforce with the I Tonya movie and all of the Tonya Harding researchers or else I'm definitely a fan of the Winter Olympics slow Joseph you those summer. Afghan man for me I don't think it gets any bigger more exciting than that track events in the swimming events in on it means I don't know about as bad on us like these guys is jacked up on the steroid. That's jagr hey kids I know they're always there is like me you sing bald now get me wrong but I do like the winter but basically I think you can break down the world into two different kinds of people. You're either a winner Olympic Games person or your summer Olympic Games person. On Twitter we gave you a different option you don't watch TV you don't care I personally. Get really deep for the Olympics if there. And we knew understand the political importance of the Olympics to listen to these countries are vying for world dominance through their Olympic valor. Really pretty excited by the way it is is Russia like outright ban from the winner Olivia they I believe they are all because that documentary called licorice member they banned them and then they didn't and then they did again as far as I can remember and still free to correct me if I'm wrong about them mourning will factor right now. Across all of the Seattle social media platforms it's a grand story and Twitter you can vote. Do you prefer the winter to the summer or summer to the winter is very clear in honestly. I got a pretty good way normally has is gonna go I don't know today yeah it's a toss up Bard coming up next the dumb mug club. This is a morning wolf pack with NASCAR stack 100 points the walls. On the campus O'Donnell's. Got a handwritten note here with a couple of coffee mugs from Jenny Doherty says dear morning wolfpack blood you guys I want Miranda Lambert to his friend you are the best. Part two. I work at children's south sound cardiology who listened to you daily lebed. Enjoy your mug as much as we love you all you need to get a mug shot with a right now drink in the jobless and access Seattle Children's Hospital yeah. On the amount to sit so I'm not a work both places. To amen decals are calling from the wolf are you. Yeah oh you know I'm great because we got your box in the mail and we got your coffee mug in your nice handwritten note in we've gone to personally thank you and welcome you to the month club. OK you know I I didn't stop I am move in an Ed Randall Amber's. Yes when setting your notes so I'm glad we've already had a chance to actually meet in person. I'm the captain out literally I couldn't carry the anger of the etc. counters custom times Jenny yeah. Do you care you're welcome it was great to meet you and I am really excited when I saw your coffee mug because it says Seattle Children's Hospital. And I'm wondering obviously you worked there. I care and that must be an amazing but also very hard place to work I've done a lot of things with the children's hospitals in the past they go down talk to kids and whatnot and even when I didn't live in Seattle I've heard about Seattle children's hospitals won best in the country. I have heard that you look. At what do you do there Jim I'm becoming famous Cornell. So I would like three people he checked the men for their equipment how long have you been there. I've met for two years would you must enjoy which did ideal ideal if they enact Erica cardiology clinic which is nice. I didn't feel the same kid than you even progress and get better. It's got to be really kind of tough place to work I'm sure you see some great things which also see some really heartbreaking things well. Thunder. The man I can only imagine we'll god bless you for doing what you do Janney and we appreciate listener in the morning wolf pack in vending we can never do for you guys at Seattle's children's you know we'd be up for. They keep them enough for sure we keep this in mind there's a day where. Mean come down and read some books to kids or hang outer or do whatever we'd love to do it or even bring a musician down third town we get a hold up okay. That's actually somebody with some talent that the kids might enjoy. I. All right Denny welcome the mug club we love yet thanks for being a part of the show and to everybody at Seattle Children's Hospital thank you for doing what you do in in for helping our kids it's really wonderful things so thank you Jenny haven't. Together mug shot all of our Seattle social media platforms instant. Twitter FaceBook. And remember Rambo nanny never in AAA Alex a tire changer and I viable color of the less than ten minutes. We have got another local hero that we have to salute and find him we're gonna need your help morning wolf packs are. To the morning. Oh I now. It's. Still all in a long legacy along the line of local heroes he got Rambo mania and Everett got AAA Alex on the high fives changing people's random tires. We just love saluting local heroes there's nothing more important than that to us. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things and wants a crystal for sending us this FaceBook post. Alerting us in the pierce county sheriff's department FaceBook blog. Otherwise I don't know if this would have been noticed by anybody. But all we know about this guys that he works for Puget Sound energy is name's Michael so on the morning of January 31. Indy five Q wallop area. They started getting 91 calls about a guy and walked around blocking traffic waving his arms around talked himself he's banging on car windows and clearly high out of his mind. He was wearing a tank top it was 39 degrees that's your first sign right there. So is deputies were on route to the location another 91 calls comes in from a power company employee notices Michael we're talking about. He sees the guy. And tells them that he's a little concerned. So the witness Michael source following the guy around. And the same time he notices the guy the crazy guy runs into a garage and a woman lived in the home was walking out of our house. With her kids behind her Intel. There are preparing to go to school you can imagine. Nothing to be more frightening in that fifth power company employee Michael heard the woman scream and saw her retreat inside the home where their kids. The woman then called 911. The power company employee Michael. Put himself between the suspect and the door in the woman's house blocking the guy from getting to this woman and her kids. And as a husband who leaves for work every day early this way my worst night I had and I can't even imagine. So they're crazy guy on drugs and gets into the woman's car that was parked in the garage he starts looking around the cargo on knots. At that point. The police show up. And the guy at that point resists arrest he starts banging his head against the steering wheel town and on the glass. They finally had a taste the guy just to get him out of control us. And eventually. Took him into custody in arrests. Yeah could you imagine it will happen at Michael wasn't there a minute at a gun sideways in a hundred different ways absolutely. So to pierce county police department the face of posters please join us and giving our new friend Michael from Puget Sound energy a big thank you. This one we realize that will be the poll ball holes we can actually find this guy get Michael on the interstate thank you for what he did for this woman and her family and her husband that was probably off again. Go to work or whatever. This one's gonna be hard to do it seems like Michael is purposely not accepting any recognition that they had but if you could help us in any way shape or form find him. You can email me mad at Seattle wolf dot com or call 206421. Wolf right now please a bigger. Back with met with Alastair. One place. So we'll also we have the morning wolf pack APB out for PSE Michael he's hero that protected this woman her children from Maine. Intruder who is high on the drugs might take a little bit for anything to filter in effect that might happen tomorrow. You may never happen but at least I feel better that we gave him some love on the radio has loads that's that's worth it for me but I'd love to be able to tell him thank you for what you did in person. OK another story here we still when you get to freaked out when you read the headlines is I got a little freaked out this morning. The Yankees just traded for Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's. That's the real story this actually happened Seattle CX quarterback Russell Williams had been traded to the New York Yankees. But don't worry he's not changing sports. Yet. She's a really interesting thing and I'm not quite sure why it happened. Slugger maybe you are I don't know that we all know Russell Wilson was a phenomenal baseball player he was actually the fifth pick in the 41 round of the 2007. Draft. Now he opted to go to college that was coming out of high school he opted to go to college you play football and baseball he was drafted again by the Rockies in 2010. And he played a little class a ball forum in 20102011. Before he decided okay I'm going after the NFL Bradley and didn't is the range here is that the Texas Rangers have a letter contract and one of their like farm league he had in 2013. And yesterday vein traded his rights to the Yankees for quote future considerations. So so how much free time can he possibly have they think that means like in the summaries gonna go like. Play a little bit and make their farm leaders leave him before that they cities and show the spring training for the Yankees organization. Now he's not actually considering doing like put Deion Sanders did or Bo Jackson. However is have a little fun would that be issued a statement yesterday were said while football's my pastor my livelihood. Baseball remains a huge part of where I came from. And who I am today. So anyway if it's almost like the Garth Brooks moonlighting really lied to raise I don't know that any Hispanic kid I mean like really you're pretty busy got to get a list. Can you imagine just in the everyday household that you and I live in trying to sell that when your life. Yes so I mean you know senate vote quarterback thing I got that it keeps you pretty busy but I think I'm gonna go be a professional baseball and it's important to us away are they paying you know idea who's gonna go practice with a I with the new baby. I got a new baby I don't see that fine in my house. I love you Russell Wilson did you get away with a demand. Not this guy by coming up next beat the street. We have got Crist able to take it for you if you like to weigh them I had to do is give the call right now to a 6421. Wolf and don't forget. We have got in Winter Olympic update from South Korea coming up this morning at 750 different bread. It's a callous. You 100 points. By the way got a text and somebody was working on PSE Michael. But in the meantime let's take a look at that not fake news. Stories that sound fake but aren't. We'll start with a local story. To Washington State moms say passcode daycare waxed their children's eyebrows. Two different mom shared their stories on FaceBook this week alleging that the scene that day care waxed their hair between their kids eyebrows. But the Boys and Girls Club who run the passcode daycare said the allegations are absent unsubstantiated. It. Well mothers say the staff took matters into their own hands they claim the girls slate you know brown was wax last week. That's just it's an odd thing to take upon yourself to do. If the allegations are substantiated. And but it's a very. And affected to different moms have the same story and this is a two year old kid. When you browse the panic in these days you know have their mettle under. Yeah I guess on Thursday mom saw what she described as the telltale red mark between a little girls eyebrows when she looked more closely. The mother said she saw that someone had to remove some of her baby bears. That is the weirdest thing ever like this and an update here so I think he's a real headline us. Number do man's body found at Memphis police impound lot more than a month after shooting. The good news is Memphis police finally found the body they were looking for the bad news is it was in the car they impounded a month earlier. That is in shoddy detective work right there close to search every car is down just for things like that it is not known why police did not find the victim's body in the rear of the van until Monday more than a month after the shooting during an attempted robbery. How bad noticed in the back of a man and that's obscene you almost have to be turning the other cheek on purpose red tune not find upon well age is literally the law for whatever reason they impact on the car they have to search it to sit back protect themselves from like it lost property accusations. In a news conference Tuesday. MTV director Michael Rawlings said the incident is unacceptable and should never happen as the fifth on two million I don't know the personal situation but eventually this family. Disrespectful as badly wanted closure they wanna know like when amid the body's been there for a month grass just decomposing access him. He gave yeah I cannot fake news last story and this is my favorite target in on a cutesy. And my home state. Missouri woman catch his neighbor's dog riding her one night pony. Shocked Missouri woman captured video when she arrived home to a bizarre scene her neighbors mischievous dog riding on the back of her pony. Cali she (%expletive) when he sued the city pulled into the driveway Thursday nights in boulevard Missouri noticed or one eyed pony creek it was try to go around with a corgi perched on his back. She someplace that I can make this stuff up. Shakers of the canine showed some real skill and bouncing on the ponies back. Courtney have short legs too they're like that would assure his briefing had again on the ponies back I don't know that. That's the questions and again to correct. I don't know Al most senses some hooliganism go now to Mac and pouring out there's no mini tramp and the cricket one I'd pony c'mon this is. Morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 points off. Flack hit the pavement I'm sad to beat history tour. Good morning Amelie in Bremerton how're you today I'm. Out I'm fantastic thanks for Caspian but it's really all about you right now are you ready to stab the beast and we beat the street for some Crist able to take its. Absolutely he sent sharpens attack nine you're 24 years old your flow bottom mr. gonna have to remind you listen the bottom Estes. What's also. Global like what's a great thing to do for everybody listening just a little PSA your friendly give blood because you never know when we're gonna need it right right exactly. Our civil or meet the challenger who slow Joseph found outside the Seattle court house. Let's QB the five questions with thirty seconds on the clock and Lee are you ready for beat the street. A ball near real question number one. Kevin was lost in what city in the second home alone movies. You act which member of the car dash scene Jenner clan most recently had a baby. Highly yeah which political office is held by Mike Penn asked. Vice president what is the name of Seattle giant Ferris wheel. Act which annual country awards show is hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. It may. Time is up all right let's find out how you did we ask the same five questions to the challenger whose slow Joseph found outside. The courthouse what's your name where you from every day. I'm Tracey Tyler inaccurate and. Who I don't know there's something about her voice and Lee she sounds Smart DC are you picking up on that. Let's see how you did when we ask the same questions year ago question number one beat the street for Chris Stapleton tickets Kevin was lost and what city in the second home alone. I think as York. New York was the correct answer Amelie great job you got that one right as wells who have a wonderful time to start the game and Lee I would not have known and I never saw home loan to. Yeah. I can't put it really I could barely get through home loan wanted to get kneeling on the planet that didn't like that movie and last name is McCallister you'll figure it. Question number two which member of the card act you better plan. I recently had a big. Time. It. That might be right but Kylie Jenner just most recently had a baby Emily you got that one right in Tracy did not. There you go you didn't hesitate you're right upon them and mr. Graham archived on our right to give it to one lead now for you heading into question a mystery. Which political office is held by Mike and it's. Hi guys ice is. Scenes the vice president Emily and you've got that one right as well so right now. You are a perfect three for three Tracy for members looked a little bits of she's only got two for three so you get three to two lead. And I'm really glad I'm alleged intelligent question but I'm really that you followed it up by knowing who's the vice president. And major well rounded person and let me yeah I've got the local question in the country questioned last. Let's get to the local what is the name of Seattle's. Appears. Well those days you know his diet. Must be. Those days are cool. The space circle now that is creative I like her work and trying to put together but you know getting get this one right either. Seattle's giant Ferris wheel one of our iconic landmarks is called the great deal or the Seattle great wheels and handling it's OK with the shooting get it right either. Of us so that. You are not only in it that you have a 32 lead heading into the final question. Country music so annaly I think you can relax and start feeling pretty good about the way beat the street is gonna and OK okay. Which annual country awards show is hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. Under question always favors the morning wolf thank you got seven right obviously CC and caves Emily you finished four for five fantastic job and could go secret state within this summer. A party review Amylin. I. It's going to be one of the best shows the summer and we have great shows coming this summer so excited at 21 great job with the history Emily and thank you thank you thank you for listening and being part of the morning OPEC we love you I don't. That's I am this morning. Kallis rate and these here and 147. Though wolf time for our breakfast table topic this morning what everyday tasks would you win an Olympic Medal for. Obviously the winner Olympic Games finally start to day and future in South Korea. We've got nail Olympic update from South Korea coming up the firm Brad 750 but right now we want to know it would ever be tested to win an Olympic Medal for for me. When we go to Safeway. And we about like thirty bags of groceries we got the plastic bags the handled it I can always always I've never been defeated. Kara all the bags into the house in one trip. I will never have. Ever made two trips and that includes the milk jugs member that includes an ultra it gets a little tricky if we got laundry detergent into the box of something at a cost. No known that divers know early on again and that's again that's a different league frat. But that's the question do you morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf creek in Texas at 46150. Slow Joseph you wanna answer the question I got a it's got to be like -- either binging Netflix shows are like marathon video gaming I can go for 4448. Hour no problem yet you are a master at doing nothing yes it's on look I tee it sits still and I just I mean all of your ability to. Chill I've been training for years racquet if you have. All right Marty wolf back. What every task into an Olympic Medal for to a 6421 Walt or text 46150. Good morning Mary snow Kwame what every day test could you win an Olympic Medal for. Oh well I am pretty addict that cloning and they make money and I they play like you mentioned yeah it was my door. You know they were in the monopoly game sure sure yell that god that was wildfire yeah well. I say one that he he and and I also. But ankle grocery cart like my total was 6600. Dollars. And I'll respectfully that. I know a lot of people marry that played a monopoly game I don't know anybody that actually won anything so clearly you're very good at what you do. Yes I spent about three hours like they've just delegate them. And let them on the court. That's the kind of training it takes to win a gold medal in the Olympics a married do you ever do to Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons is my wife is all about that we go in there all the time and willing to pay in pennies on the dollar and he's got fourteen coupons in she always figures out a way to get them to take the coupons. Yeah I actually don't work there. And just what leg do quite well that even this coupons expired they will need that. Oh trust me she knows and she works at the open it all up and down very basic part of morning wolf back we love you. Let me get a case of the breakfast table topic is what everyday tasks would you win an Olympic Medal for. That's a great text messages come an end to 46150. Candy crush that I can win the medal for jeans folding. Folding fitted sheets by the way I still don't know how to I have no idea I watched the YouTube video once there is a way to properly is one of those fitted sheets but it was too much for me now I was overwhelmed and a very short amount of time. Another text vacuuming the house I had to husky Melamine mixes whose floor is literally everywhere I think sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it because has become so much a part of my routine as Huskies man. Yes and we have one of those dogs that doesn't shed for that reason or it couldn't handle that hair. What everyday task into an Olympic Medal for we got some great calls standing by you wanna stick around and added you wanna jump in here to a 6421 wall. Good morning Amanda in silver daily our breakfast table topic what every day tested to win an Olympic Medal for. I went out and all of that battle are cracked eight and hooking giving the last good example of something you can put off until the very last minute. Good morning. What a morning it panic but to make it and when should you have done that eight to go. So what is it with you were just waiting at the last minute why is that it is that it do you enjoy sort of the excitement of having a scramble. No I eat anticipate an honest late term I like and feel it. Leopard that rain then all. I'll definitely you know late. Well and that maybe is it too but sometimes the hardest thing is just to get started and then when you started your thinking why didn't do this sooner this isn't the van. Clean I know Amanda congratulations. On your amen give your silver medal now let's give you the goal. You're on top of the podium in South Korea thank you Amanda. Candor is a managed what everyday tasks would you win an Olympic Medal for. Hi oh my god speed to Manila but not all if there was one for eating dinner at Regal-Beloit. City. Florida voted forty amen hallelujah. Out what's your goatee what's the quickest thing you can wake up with up that all the boys like you. That is the winner only because the letter bad about not only ironic Euro in the on your great help I'll be happy that the diet. I'd say there are no doubt that it hit them I don't know Gary in. It all app. Last time my wife's sister and she had one year old in the dishwasher was who's trying to making dinner he crawled into the dishwasher should put an on mr. Graham and in what is it with kids they only like carbohydrates have you noticed that kids will not eat protein they just want ships pizzas pastas. Branded. Let me make an IQ like plain of the things that pop up pretty common for it and it. I only. And so they want I don't know what it means that kids menu any restaurant it's all carbohydrates on the big get into protein and healthy fats until like twenty yeah I think your candor log thanks for being part of the show. Yeah. Good morning air and in Parkland how're you today. Here's the breakfast table topic what every day task would you win an Olympic Medal for. It all I liked and I love on such a big fan of sleeping so tell me why you were exceptional sleeping why you could win gold. I would regards adults section of that home at 9 o'clock in the morning. I go to bed and I don't wake up at and so 830 united. So you can sleep twelve hours straight through the middle of the day. That's unbelievable. You must have really good shades in your bedroom in other words you you'd be able blacking out. And that's amazing I can probably only at best ever sleep eight hours or so yes. I think you could get on the podium for sure. What are the secrets do you have do you have a thing Anne Marie Canada noise machine now I'd like this. And you sleep with a cat and you can still sleep for twelve hours straight through the middle of the net goal I'd put money and you in the Olympics every day. Oh. Well easy for you had a couple text messages here and never gonna wrap it up. All of this and this is Laurie from Roy I can get almost any kid smile I envy lunch lady an IM awesome nest. And the text I am a gold medalist in over eating. Trust me anybody can compete in that sport if you put a pizza in front again and stopped. Cassandra in Everett moving the most family member shoes to their proper clause is the fastest and but that's that. A man an eagle on an honor I'd speak at the Olympics you guys got to stick around even though the opening ceremonies are tomorrow night. The Winter Olympics are tonight's who coming up at seven minutes we're gonna talk for buddy Brad. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf the morning wolf pack Matt McCallister on the phone is Brad. Starts at the Winter Olympic Games read. What is up my brother Matt yeah O Brad hey man first of all just thank you for taking the time DTVs Winter Olympic updates for a semi mutilated is there it's like 12:30 in the morning you probably knee deep in South Korean beer. I am a mom number two right now. But yet haven't looked at their lows drink alcohol goes such as the economy rather than a. Still Brad before we start with all this to be the correct pronunciation. Is it peel on change this young Chong is what it is. So it's not saying like PF Chang's is dawn Chong Kim Chong and just to be correct I mean that's how we wanna say it or does everybody say Tim Chang. Well I mean Americans that that we did Pyongyang but I was corrected immediately it all the young Tom. Okay it's kind of like colony ukulele and who can lay lay it cannot be right until you sound like a freak but. If you act got out quality up today I think there are about Iraq. Until our. Well I remember we give us the winner Olympic updates during Sochi you're the one who had a toes about the ridiculous living conditions that Levy posted a pretty good over there. Okay now do under a much better that found that put me in an actual place to. Small room with a twisting it this shower I liken our VCR so. Which are headed in the bathroom right between the seat in the toilet so. The whole entire bathroom where you almost have to take it toilet paper out of the bathroom and put it outside waiting down. It's the weirdest thing ever but that the logic. Much better than Sochi OK what about the food the here's the deal the food look I'm not a team chief and it's fermented. Let us or whatever the heck it is. I'm not a fan of that and I'm not a fan of rice. The three meals so Sochi it was potatoes for three meals in and you come on here it's right script rebuilt. I'm not into practice right yeah never and that's not a good now. All right. I've beautiful so big games officially started I guess for used a one of the books. Curling started today. We don't even care about early but it actually started today before the opening ceremonies which they'll figure camped out and not at all. But clearly is going on right now. I watched that he didn't match between China and Korea I still have watched early for I don't know fifteen years buddy and I still can't figure out the goal in this thing. So is that the only sport that happens before the opening ceremonies. I guess they're just trying to getting in there like a payload on our elected board material to get it done but make it happen in this. Getting over what he. Now that's so sad for the curlers have practiced for four years to be on the world stage. Look wait a minute though they have they have a streaking patio and a smoking patio fur for athletes that's a problem that none other boards. Maybe they're not dream for four years we'll let me tell you one thing before we weaved our way there yet but it so the first semi got a I got sort of venue. I'm hearing this Korean pop like kidneys right. Him being blasted through the values on my. Is this something they really are trying to get out there. It turns out that a lot of the ski shops snowboard shops are very bad because they got shut down. Because the mountain got sit down to the mound bottle of Republicans so what they decided do is look at these loud speakers and play skewed that. Korean music at the highest level ever so you're trying to work he's trying to get this stuff done you hearing this and equally banners up. Meaning non king which is a North Korean count. Kill us and I don't even know what that has Saturday night was walking behind father's music while the court I go. Well maybe I should just cut this cord to Annapolis this music off that oh no don't do that on. Well I don't want to start an international incidents like notes. A great day is anybody talking about the Norah virus as we read an article yesterday sent a bunch of security guards and come down with a diarrhea the vomiting and they were concerned about the athletes in the village. You know let I heard that killed and read that same story can we ever want to turn that's why really key. Everyone went about everybody's point them out I'm just did overdosing on the vitamin that's a long time you I'm trying to protect myself on because. Meant that thing doesn't sound good in when you're working up about. On the seventh floor of of a building and you can't get to about German time that's probably some new don't want have during. That can be problematic if there's an microphones and cameras everywhere as bad. Yeah. He doesn't need anything like that they'll and I read data on overdose on their eyes with his brother and we will talk to my soon for another Winter Olympic update from king Jong. Young Cheung Jun John's song I'll get it right by the time we get to last updated Fred de doo and all the announcing for the snowboarding issue very cool so. The morning when needed a leader. And well for a handful of peanuts but doesn't help until than a dollar all here's Matt McAllister. You wanted to voice. It's no Woolsey morning wolf back we wanna know right now are any of you listening and currently involved in her inner office romance. Dating a coworker. It used to be frowned upon but OK if you could make it works allowed people to do. Now it is downright impossible and 206421. Wolf is that phone number 46150. If you wanna senator text. To be little more discreet perhaps a text and some would. Unknown. The new office dating strategy. And this is laid out now by some huge companies in the tech industry like FaceBook and Google this is there official policy according to lawyers in these big companies. You can ask data co worker once. And then never again and. If you do it sexual harassment. And here's the part where I think he gets a little complicated and somewhat ambiguous for somebody just trying to. Make a connection his look there are people that make this in her office and work. Basically if the person knew ass every have to say no anymore a lawyer for FaceBook says quote. Ambiguous answers such as I'm busy or right camp that night also count as a note. Which I think. Candy you know I'd love to hear some comments from some women listening to huddle think that's really fair for a woman. To let's say you do have some dude really guys are guiding works in a totally different department may be in a different floor and you never gonna you know ever get to see him. But maybe he finds you in the lobby of the building are you just lucky you strike up a combo in the elevator the sparks are flying you feel in the magic we designate. Two point grab a cup of coffee with increasing. Not I can't today I've got a meeting he is never allowed to ask you again. I think that's a disservice. To her isn't I mean as a well she you. I think more often than not people rather than a flat out no he be the excuse response. Thank you could also a caveat that and IK I would love to you I just can't today. But there's no I would love to according to FaceBook lawyers that's a knowing you run well I'd ask then again she's got a turn. In Flores the other states that. Somebody has to go to the HR person and log in the book saying that this person askew you said no which probably isn't gonna happen in less. It's our country great dad listened to guide you really don't wanna ever approach you again at work are surprised they they even give me the opportunity to sign out buddy my Easterbrook at Nordstrom's and he was dating somebody that worked in his department and he had fired four. They said you can't you cannot date somebody in your apartment. And made continued yay anyway and got back to got back in management they fired him for each person are mourning wolfpack if anybody listening is involved. In a romance at work. Obviously you're gonna take him this is probably working out but if you have those stories like Joes were it didn't work out to a 6421 wolf for text for 6150 right now. Semantic Gig Harbor we're talking about her office romance FaceBook and Google says look you can ask Nicole corral one time. That's the new rule and if there's even an invasive. Know you're never allowed to ask again what you think Samantha. That's fair. I mean when your stand about you know what if the woman who really doesn't want you and it's it's just not very scary gave a little access Donna they. Looking have you ever been involved in the inner office romance. I was yet. And did it end well. I don't know but it actually ended up getting my ears. The Hyatt. There were only big email that working the company can be bought it and wanna eat the email. So his solution was to fire that guy well. That's interesting because I think at the workplace you compromise the other person when you get into relationship when I was in between marriages I was single for a bit and I did date a woman that I worked with in she ended up getting fired because of it toppled yet so. I just think whenever you do that there's probably an inherent risk that you're putting yourself and the other person in danger without even know and. Exactly and it's not very fair because you know it's. You can't help we like the puck. Can he get those are most pop in and any elevator may be cynical loner who knows both next thing you know you wanna make out exactly is Amanda were speaking the same language I feel like. It's it's yeah. Right eight days are being a part of the show blood bait you it gives awesome Palin pins are quell us we're talking about in her office romances have you ever been in 100 and a freeze. Are on the island and a rare. Entry here. A can work ladies and gentlemen so are you still married we are things could heat in nobody gets fired as a result of your office lust to help. You're both single the time when you met so it was all on the up and up in the bosses didn't mind did not did you guys have certain boundaries are rules when you're past work you know we're like just look at a okay this Gator on the sly industry Smart death. Did you ever sneaking into the you know supplies room we points. Not to do you think 00 although yeah. Think it. So how to network loser like attacks like okay tale Amaechi in these secrets you know talking about five minutes. I went and in the computer room where you know windows you know going to the ball up a little. You know the old workday new owner I love it Linda what a nice option to have it work laughs it was a river point though we you kind of wish you know. We're with each other all the time it would be nice to not be to get to 24/7 did that ever come up. Not I think it is we ended up I'm more separation of toward the end you or banker and I would think during the day. Oh that's perfect so then your kind of have a little bit of the separation because that's probably healthy to just a little bit and otherwise you might suffocate each other. Linda I love you thanks for being part of a morning wolfpack and thank you for culminating congratulations. On us are sick a successful marriage and a bunch of great kids that's that's fantastic. All right have a good to. Publicly text messages here from meeting in Everett this a sexual harassment that has gone way too far. And the text I dated a co worker. Well we broke up he refused to come to department meetings in quite a month later six months after breaking up he still turns his back to me will we see each other at industry events every week. That's the downside of fish off the company pier and not a Texan worked in orchards for years and they're very clear their policy to two people in the same department cannot date. And a several couples who began dating while working together most of the time one person simply moved to a different apartment and it was allowed it that way. See how you do minorities you get a love interest Ellison okay and and go to the shoe department now I can no longer be in the midsection you know talking about how. You're listening to the morning all back with Matt McAllister. Time to check our morning wolfpack useless poll of the day we get it going really early every morning. Today and on rugby winner Olympic Games starting officially in South Korea of course the opening ceremonies could count on it that's always addiction bigger group. By the way I did ask red jail off the heiress who would have heard about tax always a giant panes. He said nothing. The south there is being super hush hush about it. So please send me to Austin that's what I'm gonna go always the glass half full my brother. So the useless poll today is do you like the winter or summer games better. I've always been a winter guy admits that like Steve. And just enjoy that I like to see these guys cross country skiing is hard is akin to trying to shoot stuff that's just awesome to me figure skating yeah once every four years they get excited about 68. And only the women's figure skating for summertime. Joseph you're more of a saga summer damage track and field. You know water. Water racing regular articles that water racing's wheels and ending. And you just renamed this yeah it means we'll go to other Asian that they're there well you're not wrong nude. They aren't passing mark Acker what I think is great in this game is when you're cheering for somebody who's underwater as is useless noise OK let's get to the results of the uses pole today police. Our honor as a grand story right now it's very very close 47% say winter but slow Joseph you in the summer games people definitely have the Ed yet 53% for summer and then on Twitter you have one more option which is don't watch at all. 42% San winner. 47%. Saying summer and 11% are gonna watch the Olympic Games at all else you can vote at any of our Seattle's social platforms super easy to do leases or Graham and twit dot. And right now slow Joseph York people have the edge with the summer game. I sat with Matt McAllister. Product. Yes. Oh yeah also got a great list I hate list because they're always wrong but I think that's a realist might have actually nailed as they came out with a list. Of the best movies made in every state in America. Four for example it what are my favorite movies of all time is raising Arizona are obviously filmed in raising in Arizona there are some other ones like South Carolina. The notebook. Oklahoma. Twister and a word for twister I don't think there'd be a moved. The movies about that Steve what actually yes but also filmed in that state Bryant case is not like if their favorite movie it's a state known and unknown and make sound like a Google search so Minnesota Fargo. I'm Nevada that's a tough Lucas so many movies and films in Las Vegas but they gave it to ocean's eleven. Which I can't really complain about the legacy of resolve little list here Florida they got magic Mike. Delaware that's a tough call do you act like they came up with a cat fight club. OK Brad didn't cycle of Idaho Napoleon Dynamite cast a worse so my question to you slow GO act. Your movie buff here what do you think they gave to Washington State are home. How many gas and I don't love these movies but there heavily there it's all about logic is already guess the twilight movies yes it pretty much form put forks Washington on the map I had. But no the song goes back to 82. India's first mama I went to duties but that was Oregon Oregon and EDT I've no idea 82. Sylvester Stallone. Loan Rambo first blood first blood can say is the best movie ever Vail at Austin I know everyone listening is groaning and every guys like just. Yeah. Through these doors to cool it cool a cool it's. You're listening to the morning welcome back. But Alastair. Nevermind. The mail 100 points and. Sankoh on a new one at a points out of the wolf the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister slow Jose divide without. Dili in the studio you know it's funny to be slow Joseph that she gave that. In turn such a hard time it is related she's late for erosion and little worried this. Come on these days exploits unlike her know she's actually in a building but she's kind of run around for some last minute things together for her show so. She'll be appeared a couple of minutes by the way I wanna thank. Irina for the FaceBook message. Talking about the thrillers dot com list of the best movies made in each state and our beautiful country and America. She said what was Iowa's movie in that hole it's my home state I'm open it was field of dreams go. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I went. It's the music man from 1962. Yeah. At that truly depressing call a deep here at them music manner in her that I think it's a musical okay. Probably the sector from dissipating and by doing got a text to vote for Washington's best movie Harry and Henderson's. And I had a John lives down at this ask like Laura Bush years crazy when your twelve there's nothing better than buried in an activist and dead at the prosecutor wrap it up but we're back tomorrow 5 AM. Of course talking Olympics by the way if you missed our Olympic update our behind the scenes reports from Brad. I would check out the podcast at around 10 AM we give it up and running is a thorough reports. Please the snowboard announcer has been for many many years. And he is hilarious. So I really enjoyed that eleven of the on Monday I think just to cover the opening ceremonies and some of the behind this never talk about medal counts because that's boring I think Judy the inside scoop like you know who got to drunken threw up at a getting their silver medal thing that matters. Cynically thinks that you care about. So that's that of course back tomorrow with a more Chris Stapleton delegates. How are. 45 so. I feel 100 point 70.