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Thursday, January 18th

Thursday January 18th, 2018


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Okay do you get. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Point seven. Lost Matt McAllister slowed show hello URL or anybody on period Andre now that I saw a couple of mud club box and yeah I think we're getting critically low I think about a month led 6:10 every morning is the chase to get to know you guys that listen to the wolves. For those of you working hard locally get your business here in Seattle. We had gotten down to the meeting creating. If your desperation time so I appreciate all of you that have done that to Seattle wolf dot com by the way cents a coffee mug. Given the level on the year. I mean listen even if you hate the show. Hey free plug into and you have to be Smart about it is Smart and it's funny too because you can tell real fans of the show which could probably count on one hand it's both. And people that are just like Lewis PR guy in my company this is really gonna help me out of a job we know I was yesterday it gives us a chance to win them over and similarly you gotta you gotta get to by the door sir and then he got to do it. Probably have fun today more Zach Graham tickets coming up at 710 to beat the street's. I've got a hilariously embarrassing worked moment M and share with you early birds and about fifteen minutes. And this is a long time this is by far the most embarrassing as ever happen to me I guess look Joseph we've got a first this morning somebody actually called ahead and is asking to be our lead off color Ole hole with Canada and I get to that coming up next. I hope he or she is ready to set the tell policy for the rest of the show all right our leadoff collar cut a net. Time for our leadoff collared Joseph and Graham actually. Called beat everybody volunteered for this which Joseph there's a kind of a responsibility you can set the tone for the rest the show I mean this is a bad call. We're gonna have five hours a bad program needed another Iran. I went out about all. By the hour of that show and how this works I love agility correct my math by the New Orleans for a BS yeah thanks Jim as a way to Australia. Joseph I'd tells would you do for a living. We're sort of all. People. Okay thanks so bewildered on the trip or other places and the Obama collectively. Look like now like this out of that Joseph so what kind of hazardous and tears are we talking about like sue her stuff. No bargain like paying way I've been on chemical that hospitals. But like that I love about it all over the biological but lately at all saint related materials they had eaten caustic and corrosive. A damn jury show where do you take all that to dispose of correctly. Note and gave it a little bit and it. OK so obviously thought you know most of it all is. Pay out rate in question here Joan grammar leadoff caller can I borrow a Hazmat suit for Halloween I've always wanna one. And I took I would just go shake hey Joseph you gotta go tomorrow what are your Hazmat suits for Halloween. So why would do it. I think that's definitely an option anything that makes me look like to cast member breaking bad will do. We got plenty of those UK. Joseph couple questions for how long have you lived here in the Adobe. I have lived here over the thirty year which come for a Alabama a little son the boy you have an exit would have and that show. Our military Brad dad moved up here and we get blood back in the bottle he just stayed here and we never left. Well it's great they're so you I live in grand do you work there as well you all over the place. Well I work in can't. I drive the I'd buy it toward our problem blame all the way to the bottom org it. Joseph this is a raid in question but you seem like the kind of guy that would be able to answer this what's guard your body. Has the best story behind it. Who are what are. Let me go out you know what my leg and can't advise me which candidate about. Out of luck then. And I didn't get all of our offense and I would deli in my brand talking trash. Let me and it just caught it right leg and put the over. Yeah how. How great it was you know we were talking about that yesterday yeah I gal called in was talking about how she wrote off a seventy foot cliff on a snowmobile. And I just happened and it you know some parts of the midwest where they snowmobile that's the number one accident is Bob war fence and decapitation. Yeah a lot of weight to validate. Everybody is required to let yellow paper something that lets you know what they're but you know what out of eleven out of thirty some years ago. It didn't air armor that is evidence but we have Paul Weyrich didn't want it let your sense that you are. No yellow tape what does that you anyways yeah let's be honest though you're a mad man. What would love a terrible childhood. Weren't we all learn it yourself are you your neighbor yeah I don't think in the guy has the story of being a little later maybe they do that was in my numbers I was ten I was too explicit oh I don't know yet Marciano Garcia law played Jo we really appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf pack thank you for listening for. Actually call and asked taking the initiative. To be easily off caller we appreciate you man. Well I got the drug and whether German guys called my old quick but also if I did what kind of like love Jones. Thanks so much in that you know make sure you Wear your suits the stuff they don't get any you know. Toxic waste all over there and I think that again I'm everybody. A little thank you. I think Joseph did a fantastic I intend attend good call us about this are at the next decade goes either way meant well. Typically a male has a better story but that's not necessarily always the case yeah never know he's thrown out there getting good story. Out let me just rephrase that this is some games and he said it was making sexist comments I think at this. Typically guys have really great guards I know a lot of women have. Really grates Garcia had a surfer guys play again armed enough air in the ghetto men tend to talk about their scars and be more proud of their stars in women. Sheehan relief program to be very care yeah lazy and I EE enthusiasts. Needed a leader its well for a handful of peanuts doesn't sound fundamentals and a guy. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. It's no wolf this morning wolf pack Matt McAllister and yesterday I embarrassed myself. Worse than I ever thought possible effect humiliated myself in fact I couldn't wait to actually get on the radio until you guys about it because. It's a good story but it's also just so. Humiliating. Lack timing so I was in my breakfast here in the studio just how wolf that down as quick as I can end. Yesterday I noticed when I was walking in the bathroom and had I'd still little McCain's in the you're sitting in the chair. In a studio like we have it it's kind in my crotch here correct so what are the bathroom my house man. So I took a little paper talent I just started to wet the area. Will particular pains I was wearing yesterday that really took the water if you don't read so. Enjoy you saw me see you know what I'm talking any vacuum morning wolf Matt go look at the picture oppose it on my social media when it happened yesterday with recchi feed it look like if he must. But after I knew that I was thinking listen no big deal I'm just walking from the bathroom into our studio where I canceled dry nobody sees me through it. Well I just happened walked by the this bi weekly sales meeting yesterday. And there's about thirty of our sales staff in there with our sales manager leaving meaning they're talking about the month club. And just how great it is a work you're giving local businesses some love and as I walked buys a mad mad career. Nobody not the montella. And got to know I've got like a coffee mug in my breakfast container and I'm covering my crops are just doing get to the studio this way and that's exactly like I wet myself. So there it is. I have to get up in front of thirty people. There was none and I do do did you even address that. Yeah I just sit and and I saw I I love red flag out I thought I could pull off and I'm looking at the crowd and they're all looking at micro at at and girls smirking and go look. I guess all the water and bathrooms now we think it is a canister out of if that but it looks so much like the other I had that I no government every time they see becoming now they're going a lap it was the most embarrassing thing. I've ever been through it's like the stuff to you have those childhood nightmares about those company get up in front of class. That's what happened to me yesterday it was truly. Mortified. At. But I know I'm not alone in fact what I would love just to make myself feel better is a view the morning wolfpack would share. Your most embarrassing work moment. To a 6421 wolf is the phone number can also text 46150. To put your name and attack. So do shared mine embarrassing work moment hash tag PPP and anybody wants to compete and adds. Feel free to give us a call 206421. Wolf text 46150. Jackie says my most embarrassing moment for me was when I was in the kitchen at work we had a dog in their playing by the way and manage your pet resort. There were three other employees in the dog jumped up on me and told my hands down my ankle in front of my staff that. That's great got another real quick here ginger says OK how about this I give kids out of the daycare man. The wind catches my skirt in blows it up over my head talk about scarring those kids' lives. Forever you'll Marilyn Monroe yes so again we're looking for your most embarrassing network moment if you wanna hash tag PP pants on social media will fight it that way if you. Yeah I got one that I'll never forget gases now Joseph you're gonna remember this as soon as I get there. So this is back in Santa Barbara Saturn like twelve years ago or something like that we've just finished doing a show. And our company had a new president. And and he came up by my desk after the show he said yeah I can't remember what he said there's something about our show congratulations something like that. And I notice the time being helpful here Michael Acer sir you Gus and during your forehead. And he looks at me like I'm the biggest idiot ever does yet it's there for her reason inning count walks away. And I think Elena do you mamet why how come my way you know what is named guy and dirt on his bad knee deep seem to be offended gonna point it out well with Ash Wednesday. You. I remember that guy man yet way to go ahead and you know. Denigrate his religion the way that I to a 6421 Waltz embarrassing work moments right now. Good morning Maryann in sick come were talking about the most embarrassing moment you've ever had at work go ahead share your story. I think coming up it would explain you really think you you think you got PP fans beat not. I think they'll get. We've all got the chance that it probably shouldn't Wear that there will be tight yeah well I warm ice. Is at the end of the day have a carpool buddy get to the day I get a believing she comes over to my cute with. And that she does keep walking and I think what magic is just keep block him. And I turned around the caterpillar what's going on it but he's lick your pants. All meanwhile you think he's you know it's a stick up she got a gun to your back Steve movement. Don't look well you know I'm fifty or yeah slipped underneath my chances not at liberty. And though I'm walking out thinking oh my god how long that I can't spend glitz I've been all over the buildings. Me and so I work but about 100 people. Did you. Did you hear later dead other people saw you know the goods. I didn't hear anything thank god thank. What if you go to get new page it's what did you do at that point Marion. I'd just high tailed it to the cars dropped off my carpal buddy and went out and put it up ethnic thing I think Africa. I guess that's a good lesson. For those of us who were in our New Year's resolution pants a little too soon. Yet check wearing hot right extra pocket they're not forgiving golf Marianne love the golf bags of oysters here in the story. That have a great big. Quick text here from on the Sheldon few wallop she says I was a server in a few years back if you went to the job started gaining weight. I tried to carry much weight in my stomach I tend to. Suddenly marry the customer started making comments hey what's going around with your belly for my gosh are you expecting this I finally just started answering with no. Oh. As soon as that. Mallory says and attacks him and most embarrassing moment was actually on my birthday my boss gathered all the co workers to keep in my cubicle to sing happy birthday. While I was pumping my breasts Texas I think I. That's good stuff Timothy and Roy you share your most embarrassing work moment. I yeah I got it at one great guys can't wait. I though it. I've been doing labor interest they might be a shot better. I got concrete and it's the first day that I actually got upgraded to a legit thoughts gutter. And my boss comes down on the job with me it's the hour until and that joke gate at the lift gate it add a little bit of a down angle to it and it's raining now. And it brought that I love this talk in good on the ground like this dark in Florida and all this talk that we old. They won't touch notes actually all span I'd done my dog ride off but the fact of the Bill Gates and part of my boss. But that this soft and it really that semi soft spot to look at that scene he's now you know. You know real lucky that I'm standing right here is that you called this morning insult me dump the ball off the back of the pickup I would never believed yeah. So how much and that's a sunk cost you seeger Tim. Probably anywhere so I agree and not X and it was broken. Yeah it but it didn't order now back to towers being hit lists. It was the radio bears being in that. Just like you feel like I try to stop this guy but it didn't hurt. I tried everything you know literally about the ball over where this all adrenaline I just kind of let it go and watch it all off. That's like dumping a motorcycle you know it's happening you can't stop it it's so embarrassing state Tim really appreciate you I share your story with us. Yeah no problem does have a great day I what else we got here one more animal level move on but if you've got an embarrassing work moment to a 6421 wolf. Let's see Sharry says that a huge sales meeting I was drinking a cup of coffee. While talking in my very Mormon boss. The prime minister spill it on my very white blouse yes right on the boob but I thought my boss is gonna die but no he calls his boss the vice president of the company over to show him what idea. You load on that good morning and it's callous. You 100 points. Wolf yesterday. Justin Timberlake was talking about his halftime shows the Super Bowl firstly I think he's perfect it's going to be degraded halftime ship I just think he's. I don't know what we're gonna Sam kind of a fan and he had a pretty amazing. Well here's the thing. They actually went back and asked him about the Janet Jackson incident in 2004. In I guess it's one of those things we your enemy we have Ross and you know it's like. You either have to say it you have to save to cover year old but Bryant and from what I gather from this audio clip I'm about to play they've basically said look. We all know what happened just want to make sure it's not gonna happen again there's a part I don't really understand. Justin Timberlake in this clip appears to take the blame for that whole thing. To be honest is like it wasn't too much of a conversation. Disclose things we can make the American. And today I think you know like I stumbled through it you know to be quite honest like I have my wires crossed and this is something that. You have to look back on and go right okay well. You can't change what's. Have input you know you can you can move forward and learn from it. But I think is interesting to see appears to be taking the blame for all that I would back and watched it on YouTube about the need to refresh my memory excellent it was 2004. Well and and he looks like he's twelve years old. And he's a grown woman and clearly based on the ornamentation that was presented threat she knew it was gonna happen right I don't Anderson I've never understood. The booby gate thing in Hawaii he's taking the blame for that have a hard time believing that he he's gonna walk of the Janet Jackson and say listen here's on the to do or not tell I mean form they must that a planners and that well don't you remember to the spin control from that Super Bowl halftime show was it was a wardrobe malfunction bread I mean people were actually trying to pass some offices if that's what happened well after you had been a wardrobe malfunction she would net the piece the I was saying the organization she was decorated Iraq news gonna have a fifth but it's pretty shockingly if you go back to you to be just watch that incident again. It's full boot. This pretty crazy to think that that well on the member that was fallout for a year nose and ears saying guys they got big sigh I think the biggest fine at that point ever from the FCC I guess in for me I just I don't understand why Justin Timberlake is I mean I. I'm all about ownership but I don't know why he's saying hey it's my fault. But I don't know whose idea and expect it. Like who was it the brain's learning says Senator Kerry and Edwards who have and maybe he had more to do the with a maybe he did who knows that he's Easton Corbin mug club governor now. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister here. Now on another episode of slow. Getting that easier tools. Today Dustan wrapped one up he says that they met welcomed the beautiful Pacific northwest here's a mug from TCA technical cable applications. My dad and I started the company back in 2002. And now. See with both of my Brothers Curtis and Blake and we got about fifty amazing employees. Go to the office each day is more like a living in my favorite sitcom and actually going to hurt most of the time. I thought he and Bob. Hey Dustin you there and I am what's happening did. Not much so darned good as wanted to thank you for take the time to send us what are your coffee mugs sounds like you got an awesome company there like a whole family deal there it is at all and we had a lot of really are employed. Man how great is it that you got to start a company with your dad. You get to work together in and it becomes ultimately really successful. Yeah that was really cool if thriller you know we go months and months to open keep the way it's done in these days though Graham got fifty employees in both my Brothers in the best friends. So it's pretty cool yeah I mean is from an outsider's perspective what's acute challenge where have a good time that a good cavaliers. So in a tell me exactly where you guys are located. We're not let a way in like north Auburn area. Do you listen to the walls coming in your trucker do you have an on at the shop how does that work. For mediate basically every morning on the Q and then whenever we can add to integrate you have entered the opposite dipped as beautiful man so what time are you miniature. If I'm on time before 5 AM that's probably cooled because we get on 5 AM one of the few shows and actually does so hopefully get to your little bit of that. I you know I've noted that do a lot of guys to honor on fix anything god knows you get run earlier would reckon like. Well we know there's a lot of people getting up really early work so it click it what we do is fun. So want to come in here and started five. Death toll. Awesome well Dustin thanks so much for thinking about us for being a part of the morning wolf pack enacted this what are your mugs in for everybody area technical cable applications just give my best until thanks. Cool and think that now look at Seattle's really tried here in from a you know visitors perspective on how you see the things that we grew up with and it's taken an acre in beautiful again the rest of us. Well I appreciate you saying that Dustin you know started selling a broken record but it's so beautiful here accused of talking about it. It is been really cool can you make these things that we auger upland just economy and against those that pretty neat here's your eyes. Right on hey Justin thanks again and now hopefully when dale. Go I'm looking forward to it MET you are coming next if you haven't heard it's a new thing it's called cats sniffing we're gonna talk about it next. It's the morning. Oh I now. 147. Fell wolf slow joke. Did you put this article on our Seattle. FaceBook pages so people known I'm making an up and absolutely okay this is a true article. It is about a new phenomenon this sweeping China especially news when it comes to the use of China's younger demographic there. Apparently isn't using it's called cat sniffing. It's a comfort thing fir the Chinese youth you know now when you travel you know the airport everybody's got to that because literally everybody's got to bed because everybody has anxiety issues. Well anyway they're dealing within China is by sniffing their cats. Now. This tells the story of Joseph shout boo. Hoo buries his face in the fluffy body of his cat in inhaled deeply while stroking its Tommy. Zoo is one of China's many cats and a first term calling for those who obsessively smell and coddle their cats and he says as a veteran cats sniffer. If I don't get my fix the I feel absolutely terrible. I know plenty people that love cats have never heard of anybody like. Patagonian for the Smith yeah this is near for me to him however. As odd as this is. I do believe that everybody finds comfort in smelling something or you smell something just out of her teeth I've called my wife. Numerous times smelling or towels. If she cannot stand a smelly tell whether it's mildew. Whatever just I don't know who she's always catcher smelled the towels hanging up in the shower again at at at that seems kind of normal though it endless they've just been washed. Is there anything Joseph that you find yourself smelling all the time it's funny because idea and at eight this is completely unconscious I just do it never noticed this ever 120 years. But every Democrat on deodorant I have to snow line. I smelled a stick yet for you apply yet before I had no idea and if that's gonna change smell from day today it's actually a comfort it's been the same thing for years but I do it unconsciously. Every single time I've no idea why now highly doubtful that we're gonna get a cat sniffer here in Seattle to call us and talk about that to a 6421 wolf however as odd as this new phenomenon is. I think it's very normal to smell stuff. I don't give a smell their food all the time if you wanna check in about. What is it that you always have to smell. Let's have this conversation let's go their morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf. You can also Texas 461 finds here just to name on the tax. We're talking about the Chinese youth anything over there is a cat sniffs it. For comfort and this is the most bizarre random topic we've ever done GAAP figure finding and I think you're seeing that everybody smell something. And maybe it's not a comfort cats sniffing type the details but he's familiar deodorant everyday before he added here. I will tell you this now you want rain and this is random if you've never done this before. And I give a dog. Smell the pads of your dog's feet I do that all the time they smell like Frito scored chip yet exactly if you never done that before. Smell your dogs had it right any black and learn in this pattern of ten years ago from me but I still do it like almost daily it's uncanny. It's bizarre. So curious what you smell what you have this. I'll all the time how wise Dennis Miller tells all the time I don't know why. I didn't from federal way on the text 46150. Says I was promise of smelling my gas cap put a Phillips at the gas station I think it's. Nichols says I love smelling my man's shirt a mix of him with his Cologne makes me more relaxed and xanax. I think thorough and Rhonda from lake Stevens says the Rand new to Washington from Louisiana I absolutely must smell any food item before it goes in in my mouth. Most of my family and friends find this annoying is they see animals are the only ones that smell their fruit first. Yeah Amanda says that I'll always smell new clothes and I go shopping I'll always an element there's something so nice about the smell of a new cotton shirt or Terry genes. Straight he says I smell new sponges. Jennifer says I smell my pillow when I get into bed every single night you see so I is that it can't sniffing may appear to be. Everybody smells so bad you don't mean it's a thing I'd everybody's on the phone to if you wanna jump in here. What do you always have to smell to a 6421. Wolf. By the way I think this all stars who were just relief duties is and a one year old son Jude. He loves his meaning which is has little. Blank here being here to be McAuliffe. I mean he he's gamers the bag you watch him he takes that he puts it is basically just holes he just soaked city and it like relaxes him. I think it all starts there with the crib in the whatever you got in their like. Make you feel like you're here spot wolf clearly you're ever gonna adopt a dog. They tell you to go down to the shelter. You throw surety and their said the dog can be used to your smell totally as exact 'cause it's gonna share your dog's having separation anxiety you leave when he shirts within hours of the right Candice and yell and what is it that you always have to smell. I want. I see it until I hit. It out. I think a break their way I was digging deep to try to find something that I smelled but every time I'm doing laundry ID smell one before throat in their as if it's ever not gonna smells like bounce but I do it anyway. Well I can't. Hate thank you for being a part of the show appreciated. I got a few text here for 6150. This regale us and said hey my boyfriend's son has love to bearing his nose in our Chad in breathing deeply since we first got there are no way and you look at US who get a religion cats sniffer which I don't think we're gonna get. He's twenty now and lo and behold he has a Chinese girlfriend LO well. Yeah incidents I am. And marine W says I really love the smell after fireworks. Now that that's just universal. Karen says I have to smell candles at every story that I go into. And by the way. As a guy you never appreciate it can exceed Mary Ann in your wife turns you I wanted the wonderful smelling world candles. I let him all the time known about myself are you guys gave me when I was single you guys gave they're really nice on and as a gift and now Mike. I totally have them yet and if you're a single guy dressing there's nothing you need more than a good smelling candles ads and claims it helped. But see here more text messages coming in might Bremerton says I got absolutely always smelled a milk before pouring once in awhile make you puke he. And appeared go. Erin Buckley says I love the smell of pledged its emit Cologne I would be first in line affect their voices and the thing to know what you start talking about this you realize how much stuff you actually smell on a daily yes most of its unconscious Regis do you it you have a conversation got a broad list of up all right coming up next. We've got to kind of another mind blowing revelation about the Muppets show song that was revealed a stepdaughter on the Internet after that of course. Zack brown band tickets for this summer with beat the street. To a 6421 wolf to a jump in now for that. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf he thought our last conversation about cancer that thing was random. Cultures sitting down altered driving to work carefully of course because it's raining this morning. This is going around the Internet any kind of blew my mind I don't know if you grew up with a buffet show like I did. But it is crazy to me that as many times as you've heard the Muppet Show theme songs and everybody knows us. Right. Did you look Joseph I'd love did you ever sounds good bad luck maybe he's the cartoon didn't love the two old guys are always open about I had. Remember in the Muppet Show movies in little Miss Piggy was riding your bike you know Kermit takes his hand just. Came out look no hands in the oh guy goes on no brings. There and it. I'm on a basic here's the random audio factor today. To have your mind blown a lot of content mind blown. Our best theme song actually was taken from a in 1968. Italian. Adult movie. Here's your original. Now listen to it in the context of that. Imagine the movie misses the Santa. Arlington around in his and to some weird movies. That's a good questions Lejeune who found yeah I tuned you know. Weird movies from Italy from 1968. Also tonight and I'm not the deepest darkest romantic but that doesn't sound all there's nobody thinks. Why didn't say the movie what any means that I heard in a way better fit for the Muppets I agree I think Tim had a good call. And it and as your random audio effect of the day we got beat the street coming up next for the Zack brown band tickets to a 6421 wall. Morning both sat with Matt McAllister has been trying to. Yes. That thing dull low slap hit the pavement and Jack could be history. Good morning Melissa and welcome to beat the street how are you today. Federal day. It well it's great to hear that I sounds like you have an awesome day from what I know your 26 years young it's your actually starting a new job today you're gonna be a receptionist. At JB allowed yeah. And it's a does that mean that you are enlisted or you're a civilian working on the base. And I don't have the money ads say nine when it. And civilian all my husband is military but not. It's close enough for me thank you for your service I consider it servicemen serving them that you know the men and women at stimulants and thank you and your husband of course god bless all the military families think he'll you know what's at stake here Zack brown band tickets Safeco Field August 31 by the way. Tickets gonna go on sale tomorrow at 10 AM. Now that's for everybody else because Melissa how we teach you appeared tickets right now I want to get it came out pretty well nothing would start off your new day in a new job better than winning some concert tickets for busy bee bee are here to go get five questions. Thirty seconds on the clock. None of armor too tough so here we go Melissa are you ready I'm ready. Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie both divorced what actor. Brad which US city is make main sin city Al. How starved and house target area in her family's on what you go to gain after what are residents of Washington commonly known deaths that are here they just this year. But I wonder. And Zach brown is a lead singer of what dance. Background and that last what is so painfully easy I'm almost embarrassed to ask him that. No they are all right here we go let's meet the challenger for beat the street. It really doesn't matter how you did as long as you did better than Justin who finally slowed Joseph was down he found an epic king street station a year ago. What's your name where you're from where we do. My name is Justin from Tacoma and word maintenance at these street station. Just in from Tacoma sounds like go Paula let's see how he does compared TU. Question number one. Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie both divorced. What actor. Brad and it. Poll did think you've got to come up with a but he did at the end the good thing is you've got a right to Melissa see your tied at one apiece since. I don't know just the sounds pretty sharp Aaron oh. I know let's go to question number two. Which US city is nicknamed sin city. I know Vegas. Vegas is right let's say you got that one right as well right now you guys are tied it 22 and nobody slipped yet let's go to question number three house darkened house heard Gary and our family's fortune. Okay. Oh Max. But Melissa muted game of thrown nice job Melissa. Hey you obviously watch the show at 180. Slow Joseph actually reads the books too he's a huge fan. And a dedication India way too much OK so right now you got to 32 lead heading into question before and beat the street for the Zack brown band tickets you can go questionable for the. What are residents of Washington. Commonly referred to. Our washingtonians. Washingtonians. Is variety to Melissa why it's thoroughly enjoyed your answer I wish I can remember it word for workers. Yeah they don't want you. You made me laugh but washingtonians loser right answer that's a local Seattle question so. Heading into the last question we are all tied up to three apiece now remember. Tie goes to the morning wolfpack that you. But if he gets his rise in U wrong. You lose the tickets it all comes down to this Melissa. Zach brown as the lead singer for what better. And is not the right answer how do you not know that Zach brown is the lead singer of the Zack brown band come on now. Melissa congratulating. His close for five you have won the tickets that. And he always puts on one of the best shows have you seen him. You know my William rated one of the best constitute an emergency and he may cover it all from Metallica the bluegrass blues can't wait to meet there. It makes me. All right coming up next yesterday and they're the most embarrassing moment I have any ever had any job anywhere and yes we share riveting in the morning wolf thank I was share the story with you governor now. Back with Matt Matt Stairs. Once or twice the walls right now I wanna know. What is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you at work. Yesterday. I humiliated myself it was absolutely the most embarrassing thing is ever happen to me I ended up to standing in front of our sales department about thirty people. With what looked like I had peed my pants. That's an act if you can beat that to a 6421 wolf how would happen to meet. I went to the bathroom and a title food stamp my pants and took some water now rinse and Austin the pants I was wearing it like the water just like. Absorbed really quick read so I think you'll listen I'm just going from there to the studio that was gonna seen. So I I look I had PT fans. It's like a welcome by the sales of meeting. In all the sudden nick this doesn't exactly where we're talking with the mud plug until the name of the month club like that meant an unknown and and and and and an independent. So I'm sitting there with a coffee mug in the breakfast played I'm trying to cover my hands but meanwhile I knows everybody's looking in my crotch see I just came out some. This is not what you think it is I was an adapter and that's. Not aware of this I have grown Humana and good but I did not meet demands. But. Load the hole by far it's like that nightmare you have or all of a sudden you're at school Europe and from the classmate didn't have that happen to me yesterday. By morning wolf back. What is the most embarrassing b.s have a happy new work to a 6421 wolf our fire off a taxed. You know the number 4146150. I don't know of the number heck. Good morning Heather it's over dale I just told the story about my PP pants yesterday at work what's. Omen if I can share you can share. All I got my name is also about can I Wear that Leo a bag and I had yup that's infield. And struck Q could you alignment is full month and one time my cancer really old mates split her head up the back. Hold my goodness a cash out of me to be too personal here but were you weren't on these I want to thank. I guess some women don't they have authority on it can be much more revealing. Yeah I think not I lions. I'm not an immediate feel a little bit better that I I just started showing that I would brag you know like well scrap its. Okay you got a built an excuse what do you do when your at work can you have split pants do you just have to go home at that point. I had I had to go down Brad mired down in Andreas when I worked there and I had to buy new pair can. Does he had to go into Fred Myers is both hands. Yeah I I like jitter. They re dog good moves rather good cover hey I appreciate you sharing your story. I don't think he's like a wonderful morning to you do the same had their lobby here is out Ramona in Marysville. You've got an embarrassing that work moment. Finding your buck playing in the women's restroom in his underwear after a party after work the night of full art. In other words he had what like holiday party or something and he passed out of the bathroom I'm Eric. Time that company went on on about it and all the employees now at that time and bowling ball basket and I. That I have my odds going back to get out eight. Down and the next morning in the women's restroom sleeping and it underwear so when I came to work whoa okay so what happens at that moment. I was. Immediately shut the door and and and one of the guys go get him in wake him up. Did the story get out of the office. All yeah yeah retirement parties. They brought up. A and his wife was thinking of the guys doesn't come home. He didn't want to act remaining weeks in. A lot of trouble at home. I can't even imagine promoting great story and it's fine it's not even your story can share the people's embarrass emerged moments love it thank you Ramona that. So I. Like his and they vote over to a 6421 wolf got a quick taxed and you'll take a little break here. I sent a text message about my co workers to another worker then realized I sent into the co worker I was talking about it. Cast was out of the bags and a longtime sheriff that mess I will never do that again are what is your most embarrassing work moment. Hello faith in Lakewood to what is your most embarrassing work moments go on and share. Okay well I. Kinda think they'd let this guy was here is we're that it date there's apparently one of the kid okay. And they hit came up 20 lead teacher who I was working list and basically told her that I ate that night and he found me is. On the actor all. My. Daddy. There really outward progress they didn't have the lead teacher and then the owner of the better yet. Think I can't even imagine and that's the beauty but also the curse of children as they have no filter in place they call it like they see it. All man. So safety used to work at that place for a while or did you move off. I think I was only there. Yeah. That is unbelievable. I think that's a good lesson learned in terms of who you're going to be jumping around in the betterment act very sure it's grainy fate they so much for sharing your story list. Thank you have a great day Leslie in Seattle with your most embarrassing work moment. I had gone over the Christmas holiday and broke my logo. And it was there everybody. And I was going to add a crawl and there was so little surprises. Exploration there. I hit bat went flying over the handlebar. She and it was you know hospitals. And it was seen on the this video of this particular. All know flatly you know and I got to admit in and you from my commend you for sameness but when nobody gets hurt. People falling down as one of the funniest things and now we're gonna make sure the person's okay first but when the shoes are OK let the lab experiments. Oh I laughed about it my iron clad in my family and we all laughed about it it's and race it was hilarious afterwards after. Yeah that I know I was only a couple of days after it broke my ankle the thing with Alex anymore damage to. Of course Leslie great share thanks for a call that one in here locally had a YouTube Leslie I love you regulator. I could text messages and it will more great call about embarrassing work moments. That is who cherishes his house teenager I was a server to small family restaurant I had plates in my hand and run in my arms. A shrimp from one of the higher plates got caught on my booed when I went to set the plate down. The man who's played it was saw my embarrassment he said well at least I know the shrimp this fresh year. Get it took me a minute to get him and I'm finally did all right backe in some forgot about thirty seconds for your most embarrassing work moment ago. I would argue about what anyone is where I'm Bret actually at Iowa where I I'm at your I. A parent pilot and I wish I am telling you guys care and I went to college is cat to get the back at midnight and not. And he left it how did they kind of need it he went like eight and it Wright and bill. Let's face plant fully cleavage no Becky. He had. I do it really is embarrassed and it was hilarious I did not stop slapping any get like thirty back out and we got out I was not Sam but he didn't complain too much. Speaking you know. Like to have Becky please if she's available yes thank you very much a baggy thanks for being a part of the morning wolf pack. Yeah I'd again and heard there is a new grand juror on the female tennis scene we've got audio from the Australian Open it is hilarious because the crowd starts mocking her in the middle of a match. Yeah Alex rate and these here and 100 points. Though wolf so. I'll watch a lot of tennis my mom watches a lot of tennis but. There's all these highlights coming out of the Australian Open. Which for the most part I would even know what's happening right now let's Will Ferrell grabs might from the announcers urged him to be Roger Federer which happened as Ron Burgundy. But there's a new grunt her on the scene and we only comes to women's tennis grunting is a thing and I I gotta think it was. Maria chair pulled that kind of started all of them she was like it was controversial. She was saying she felt more powerful when she blunted enables her to get more power. The day in somebody else and nicest to distract you the player that's all it's a tactic that's a list. And Agassi and I would be extremely Bush's fast that's Maria by the way yeah. So. You know I don't know if what the reasoning is. But there's a new printer and she's louder and more powerful than anybody else so much so that the crowd started mocking her. At the Australian Open before I play the crowd mock here is arena Sabbah link up play intense. A. Yeah it's almost sounds painful correct also listen to the current. Okay game. One of the things I'm sending its can be in the house. It's been your screen T national coming. It's. Over suspensions. Into it for assembling and I think it's ironic it. Okay. It's. The umpire please suggest the just stands right now. Let's have about a boy talk about embarrassing work moment I had yeah when I was playing tennis and the president mocking me because they shrieked. Back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice oh well I got a question for even though you're not quite old yet you were catch yourself doing old people stuff. It occurred to me last night a fallen this new routines. Where I'm eating dinner now at 4:30. PM. And the reason I noticed I stopped at a restaurant to eat some day they read and OP. Ticket. I have the same drama that bitter enemy granted we get up earlier early go to bed early all that stuff but. You know for me. Felt so embarrassed that I witnessed placed like Wang and serving dinner and yeah this is late afternoon 4:30 PM I was ready for dinner I don't beat by 5 o'clock. As her two little jittery if you're lucky you'll find a place that does that early bird special it's like to happy hour and elderly people that's what I needed a minute meeting with all the you know AARP folks here pretty soon Gerry haven't those like getting old person moments Heatley and battle yet and I pride and they almost embarrassed to admit this but I. Very often like walking Herman forget what I was doing. Are just like again I yeah I just have these moments are like where's my brain cannot remember what the heck knows that I did all the time be adding to. Are we kidding I don't there's a hole you both to the streets of I don't know. Quote you ought to jump in to a 6421 wolf I think we can all make each other feel better there's a lot of old people stuff that we do even overnight quite old yet. You know another one that's pretty classic. If you ever catch yourself talking about a medication your taking for longer than twenty seconds and that is a very old person thing to do. Because grade when you get to a certain age. That is where you're talking now we have my parents though man I met my dad takes his. Absolutely insane that moment legal system for getting there on just me my mom has Gil de dead or she sort Sutter Phil and we it'd take hours and hours and hours Syria as a younger person to catch the talking about any particular pillar medication twenty seconds I believe is the limit. Again to a 6421 wolf. If you're not quite old to catch yourself to an old people stuff give us a call or you can always gives a text to super easy for 6150. Just put your name on that tech so we know we are. Talking about the old person stuff you do as a young person. Here is death and five. I find myself I wait too long conversations with the girlfriends about long term health care and war we're gonna do we ought to make your kids put us in the fund nursing homes. Another tip to Nicole looks and says author Thomas of talking about hip hop and the latest music. As if it's a bunch in noise and not. Real music ethnic and yes that is definitely an old person thing to do I had some great calls coming up next two to 06421. Wolf if you wanna jump to any. Had to bust myself yesterday stopping at a restaurant for dinner and they won't even serving dinner at 430 in the afternoon. But yet at 730 you do old people stuff. Added both myself what is the old person thing you do to a 6421 wolf you can also text 46150. Description Nieminen. G on from Redmond what old person thing you catch yourself doing. Doolittle and I would ignore it sitting duck sitting down with. But it's under what kind of noises like you know the drug what do. You sit materially. And yeah yeah I played recreational sport you get oh you're so worried about it that. Dogs bark and how often that fact this is something you notice yourself doing or did somebody pointed out to you which is even worse lightweight when it actually and you make a lot of noises are you in pain was wrong with you. Yeah out just where you're appears. Dion that's great and the great old person things that young people do I appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf pack. I think you. Text from Brandi she said in bed by eight even on the weekends. All right Dan Macon polls below world person thing do you do. I don't think I'm noticeably get up and the middle of the night. Here are starving and hungry so you make your way in the back kitchen. And Minneapolis forget wire in their. I'm moving yeah that's a slow Jose Newsweek he'll go to rootkit ever why he went in that the first place. Alright I'm up for all I don't want your life. Mick that's beautiful thanks for being a part of the show. You gotta do opera appreciate that manner really do it means a lot. From Jeremy in you wallet Jeremy says. I find myself randomly falling asleep if I sit down for too long. Also driving in the slow lane under the speed limit for no apparent reason other than spacing out. I can totally relate how many times have you driving and you go by your exit. And 510 miles down the road you realize you don't even know where your goalie it's a little bit of a scary thought but it definitely happens. The getting great text by the way for young people who cast themselves doing old people stuff. For example and acumen lake Stevens as I went to a movie in gonna complain about how loud it was after. Yeah and that's the telltale sign. Got a the government here Catherine Linwood says you know I'm not even 21 yet but a party decided what I want done with my body when I die. I'm having a totally morbid. I'm figure that come on now. You're listening to the morning call. But Alistair hey yeah. Are mine the mail whenever I had. Sam McAlister the morning wolf pack slowed Joey. Because you and I just wanted to say hi PP pants and I'll he had. It seemed the picture. Of yeah from yesterday yes yes long storage or go to social media to ZR aborted discuss my embarrassing work Moline Colin Neely I feel better. IQ what is really bad I was at a wolf that that was the first time it works for the wolf right and I used to go to urban jacks and every Friday night if you guys know you remember derby Jackson can't. I was there every Friday tee to line dancing and it was up onstage was. At night it was about 250. People in the place and I'm teaching aligned it's everybody's having a good time. I'm wearing a pair of I think it was like leather pants and they ripped staff writer but she can and everybody likes stopped Aaliyah plays at the record. And she didn't want it. But I'll got an I had to literally hang out for the rest of the night with a so was it front back. Back. We are hearing you know T it's the but bogeyed made drive. I could hug and ideally ready to go numb for your show today but as we wait for you to get in here allowing you know speaking of embarrassing is Katy used a coupon on the first day. Oh not on a first date no no I don't that's just again this is just ally I think you know I think coupons are for when you're little more comfortable in a relationship littered under is finally passing gas embed. Save that for like six months in there almost the exact same pretty much so no I personally think now against that's a good telling you do. I mean wine wanna save a couple of bucks people get those those little coupons on their phones all the time and and and and what's I would imagine. Let's have when I'm job when my wife and we go into Bed, Bath & Beyond she pulls out 34 coupons like yes. But on the first day I'm very traditional I think you trying to and it again I'm being traditional arms means I'm gonna get complaints yet. I believe when you you know you'd court a woman and and you take her and her own fashion and you show her that this is that going old school. Thank you have it's important to spend money and you save some money you've worked hard and I was I'm choosing to spend this money and you verses on a new video game. Say and the scoop on is Killen the romance totally like hey I liked you but not enough to pay full fare. I got a coupon I. That's what system we slowed it doesn't say I say it's fine just don't get caught doing it. All I'm serious love them on now all right it. A slide at the waiter yeah. Well listen. I guess ceremonial anger an anomaly or get my emails fix on all my hate mail is gonna commit right now but public support listens immediately begs the actually not tell us. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 points or so while.