The Morning Wolfpack - Thursday July 5th, 2018

Thursday, July 5th

Thursday July 5th, 2018

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Welcome to the morning wolf pack podcast Matt McAllister at least here course Ike. Sojo and there. Air it is Thursday July 5 two area. I decided today is the only Monday of the year that's followed by a Friday. Yeah I just fill Monday as any to ask I thought it was kind of brilliant actually well yet has most of the holidays day not including Christmas they fall on like a Monday or Friday by designing it's not necessarily date that important in the Al last Monday in February in order yeah I got notre trying to sat that. I don't ruin my wonderful expressions when I'm fine I'm Don saying I waited out or gallery and out of by the way I have already put in for vacation for next July 4 two we will not be working this entire Yankee hats funny so we and you'll hear we talked to Joey chestnut today. And had been so long since we talked having you know ice sock them all the time not just throw on fourth of July could see is that big in the concur up and coming in the competitive eating circuit which by the way I can't believe he answered the phone because a number that we called him from today was a Seattle radio station number he's randomly pick it up you know. But that's our ringing unanswered you'll hear the interview he sounds a little drunk by dawned on me later that I and Michael have we talked of for so long it's because I think this is the 1 July 5 that we've been working like yeah. That's exactly right I hadn't thought about that it's a good week to take off his most people are kind of checked out but I actually only in the morning wolf back a lot of love because today we actually. Had people listening in calling in the animal show that is going to be goes down south fund its traffic is light is beautiful summer is officially started. And Dallas our governor is fourth socialize and who nobody really got cracked tried to get crazy but the Issaquah yeah yeah family pet and kid parade was not me you know off the chain. I really honest patriotic call for sure what we're all red white balloon up we went down the parade over to veterans park for the festivities afterwards but I would tell you. You know we are walking home Inverness an embassy you know we we can get involved to make this a little bit better or does not show up next year. You can estimate for eight and we're used to certain brain tumor probably really spoiled that goes go to Coronado island in San Diego. Which is a enable base so the patriotism air off the chart plus. That parade I mean they've got all the veterans coming through. They've got horses they've got rocket ships and he's insane trip for eighth inning goes on for six hours or something and then you've got just all these there's 60000 people go to that island. And an even an before they have this is a really weird tradition but there's a bike ride around Coronado island but everybody writes fund beach cruisers and has coolers and drink a beer right so it's really lighten up place to go and Issaquah was amazing. But they could really bring it up and not likely to have any classic cars or horses or any else in the phrase of just kids and. Well all it's kind of a tough thing and maybe they're just targeting the kids whose parents are gonna drive very far because when you think about it like obviously the operating existence in this area there's so much stuff going on it's kind of hard to compete like you're the one of the huge dogs here probably just earns them catered to yours but yeah very small town and he wasn't even listed you know Emily on Tuesday was looking through the events and Adam. This cooperated not endless at the not even think an hour you know we also kinda deduced well. Maybe because it rains here so often of the for the slightest don't put damage into yet I think I I think. It probably it's just a date they're not gonna compete with one of these major ones SCSI that was hardly the stuff going on yesterday even downtown -- at all after the lake union festival of the festivities yeah are all around like users parties like gas works park and everywhere there's hundreds thousands of people out there. That Blake is completely full of votes they got a fireworks up abiding go but I saw the pictures you're saying. So you're. Prayed that you saw yesterday Matt reminds me one that I participated and back home went out little. News of the neighborhood trade but it is a saint in my kids walking I dressed up as the statue of liberty. There was a stretch limo that. People were seen out of her top man this is back when the bushes were. In office those Barbara and Mr. Bush they had Secret Service walking alongside you and masks on but that to me as more hometown Mike. Small town feel so. I even called a death a hometown parade in its like small town Femi guys which is great. But you know I just thought for as many people as they had I'm gonna tell you I think it was like 101000 people to show everybody we're in red white and blue like ready to party. And you go to veterans park in there's three food trucks one ice cream guy chemical warrant a bunch of nonprofits with tents up. Bean bag. Race which I've seen in twenty years effects of inflatable is but no beer garden no beer tent no band really they have a peculiar ten year old band play in. Hard rock music and singing you know at least a ten year old and you Nina bang composed anti heroes yes they were call it an issue come up and every Issaquah event because. I think the guy like the chairman of the board that his son goes there are some so they booked the school of rock for every event which is cute but have a more open firm. For committee Van Halen or some like this let's pick it up and while he senator Claire and I know that this is never gonna happen but if you if you wanna make the change you got to get on the yeah our yeah start again get involved yes so we had a conversation going home and we thought about like jumping on an intern contribute make it better I think we all those people ready to go it could be really great. And then we decided to go to Coronado instead a lot of water after a path well there's guys that have been living there for 3040 years and then I listen anybody it just moved in mid. Wants to make it cool their leg and we Newsweek for a long time it was. We don't want a beer garden when I was drunk people run around isn't failing its kids families and it's exactly what it's supposed to be correct but which inevitably lawyers let's. I thought it was cool rate is spotty I'm always thinking how can we make it better and I thought it could have been better so that's so mean horse in the dam break there and I love horses. On her book and when you dropped off. A year bush from the airport really early in the fourth of July so you did nothing after that point you've participated in no festivities did nothing patriotic. And supported nobody. I mean I supported a mile away at laid on the couch and watch TV yep that's doing us any Mariner's game OK and and through that was and a chilled OK and it's nice aspect. I had dvds you wanna go on they do some from four Elsa accurately and we always have work you know not a July night always had a works it was nice it for the very first time not have to work. It's like evening sale. Be holiday for radio station events we used to do that soon it was fun I mean adding Uga I can see how you mean it'll leak annually integrity is way. Yeah I guess itself. And sojo for the most funny use Sofia to him or our house on Tuesday night which is great teams I guess it is it. That sounds a drunken environment again it was late it was I mean -- so did it mean to get done you guys hitting good or hostel like eight as a kind of came together brand and we had a good buzz going already and then weirdest texting was not pre planned so I'm glad you guys came over every tunes son had few Metairie does. Plates and bags which I think. You know you we knew if I started official arrive early now Sophie and I it against you and Vanessa and now. And you guys will power. Passes the first two games back which is because we played at. I will turn you guys want I can't help but like I didn't plan yeah that's a word you didn't play by yeah I Abbott I was just like and you find the board but then finally I think in the third match which we line. Finally act and guess sort of thrown some rock I was also thrown pretty good you're the first couple games are getting almost before roe yeah point 630 yeah there was nothing equality in the area as it watches them and make everyone I'm injury I'm like I've got a really had a nervous and I'm trying to act cool like I knew I was gonna do out of meanwhile grabbing my fans that are about to be cool. Yemenis took a drink too much that she says the next that was a little too drunk should I think you I think you have like three to many. Yeah she always has yeah that's kind of standard set the fact that as it yet baby brother right it's anyway well attendees a drunken conversation to the soldiers thing and we're getting a motorcycle. Really well. I eat I keep seeing everywhere. Downtown that motor motorcycle parking lot of these buildings it's free like they each have a spot before you go past the arm it's like for motorcycles only. So you know Safina. At some point we're gonna have to move at a downtown probably after hour when we have a baby. So at that point in our biggest concern is traffic and parking in its costs a lot to park down here. We both have to pay for parking in our respective companies out. I thought maybe one way around that would be to get a motorcycle and you know commuting when idea there's no traffic so it's probably the safest kind of in a motorcycle. And the parking would be for you and Kirk get shop again. Yet while I think I think you that conversation actually what may be ticketed in a day when you and you were talking about that and getting motorcycle of wing net. So so we. And maybe they are quite a. Or let me finish that was the funny part is so Joseph is on my front porch here was they pan. Sophie decides he's driving home so he stopped drinking and she was enjoying Metairie does that point and every time he would even bring up the subject of the motorcycle she would start just going. Dad dad dad dad. Canada takes yet this AV it's really don't work yet gravitas that like she goes she's against I would say a hard known MO that's gonna take some financing well. Put it your financial terms yes I mean that's the idea that the only way for gas and everything else rats and parking lot I mean the downside is you might die in the good side is he got the gas savings of parking savings the ease of it they're not as expensive cars should be able to afford the funeral everything you say hey we do instead of a motorcycle would you Getty more of a scooter and then you could motor pays me around my bicycle. That's something we do for training I mean I think I'll be fun I don't know what the long distance commute stats are. You know like that seems well you know the take on the frequent. Yeah Sharon are really. I'm not there are less than a thousand in this scenario for you right now I know I feel like driving a reason for that will vest as I'm pretty sure can go eighty you know gonna go to everything speed camera here sixty. And can tell me that investment can go sixty I have you ever seen on a free mental things out like wow really see heavy duty motorcycles. I don't know that's entered right. Yeah yeah I can girl by Gavin like I'm not saying I wouldn't do that I haven't seen moments I wonder there's a reason to buy a motor pacing is extremely boring for you I would literally following your scooter around for two hours you would just be riding around I. I guess how fast Alec 3040. You know. No no no really go I go about 20 my on so we probably 2530 and then let the seniors via Baltic as low yeah look. He's always got to be good I've got to be right behind you know take a little tough effect that he accidentally hit the brakes by the way did you guys see my mr. Graham on Tuesday with a deer. Yeah yeah did you not see our spots no I think they're anomalies and did you relate if this doesn't make you want to read nothing unethical and I guess nothing will be the tip for you. A lot of people's at the same thank you that was kind of my thought later this is a make you wanna get out in on a bike in Geico explore and aren't they know in Andrew Abbas and makes who wanted to buy a blow. He says and now there's collecting around this corner over by flaming guys are state park in there's nobody around to steer it like a little fawn is standing in the Miller road that's on offer shirt is gonna run off its sat there and got my phone is their ride by and he just. You see jumping up guy and he'd feed their jumpers and an awesome. So yeah what else has anything been. I had so I had a funny and allows I don't know if this is funny but I went to we into the dock park yesterday it Mary ward are part is forty acre dog bark it and that's just labor right I had definitely I ride through there all the time that's my latest managed easy ride beautiful Parker right and there's but you guys over there's like a weird circus in the corner is always there Tony for zone. But then there's this other part where it's all really tall grass. And it kind of goes off for ever and there's like fences in there somewhere but we had some guy lost his dog and we are in the tall grass and our dogs and and all of a sudden there's this dog here we see another couple were way off any trail literally this is higher than our area that we're just like. Chopper and our way through this grass and the Dalai he's out of his dog this is and we here's somebody way up like. Coop. Yeah yeah. L superstar right counterfeits is dog but we are out in the middle and now we have we don't know how we get there we are that your how to get back so we're we're like okay we're gonna try to get back in the intro will take his dog they go by general a Canadian police. It had a caller an elite yet now it's monopolies are off leash parks I don't hold onto this dog's collar he probably weighed about 85 pounds and in. And then we start cutting through the grass like Artest seemed like related to this guy into com and this and think it seems like the right direction. And this is Sophie I am Archie who are following were blazing a little patent stuff our dogs are coming behind us and and we hit it. I'll I'll hit and I got to liked hot this dog over the fence were still surely in the right direction. It just gets getting thicker thicker and thicker collar right direction. No it was and if you look at the sky you can tell because there's like these. Basically horror movie for our children of the corn it would felt like that that we had another fans have finally got through that we got all the dogs out or to throw these. Guy in the guys lackeys wander away opera we've I've recognizes hackers read scenery in the beginning and like any. I think because everything I think guy you guys thank you so much of dogs sitting with my. There is awful. And I thought I lost his gonna moving Jenna held. You. It's amazing that there are forty acre dog parks here not as one of them but I heard you talk about five or six of them gathered steam there are absolute fair and it is like it is amazing it's so beautiful yeah there's so much different like area for the dogs they're so well maintained like the must get a ton of donations to help keep his place sapped his. They're a knack you might be the dog friendliest town in the college out of percent now that's part of the reason we're disliked so madly in love with this there. But the lesson is that your dog's sitting don't go to forty acre park go to pet we can keep an eye on mom with a tall grass that gobbles up you know it's yeah. I don't the president come across like a couple carcass of a dead body so really sad that your bush presents an opportunity have weeks like that sound for two and a half weeks he comes back. Wednesday evening as back at a time on Friday. So little bit. It's going to be kind of puts Yi in three short weeks you've gotten a nice though routine and rhythm with this guy and I'll pay throws an awful little there's an awful lot yeah so we'll leave but am glad you guys were there Friday or Tuesday Tuesday Ukrainian because I don't want to meet him. Drunk edit you out like premiums over that I'd like to me to sober and then maybe get track what I use over in the bury her again part of it I guess that I got off work. Late Tuesday and then we went in Duke's chowder and seated which is actually really good but you which argue it is the one on out I. A look at this isn't national chain now Vanilla like five of them here again we went once when Sophie had a friend in town and that. Just say okay thousand when you went to by the boats or whatever gets way Angela you linking and I heard it was overrated is really get it really did you actually get clam chowder. OK I am not a big clam chowder fans or any called dukes chowder house I'm not now be I got onto eye catching inhalants and Kirk got some salmon with. Crab meat on it is really dead and then we got a rookie brownie which is like a brownie are all chip cookie or yes with all my lawyer. There was yeah I was scared it just wasn't it you know I had to me who ordered the wrong thing the waiter like they forgot them over is a bad night you never now. Hey by the way if current like salmon. And you guys like to shop to get and down you're preparing meals together. A really easy one for him a blow his mind and it's actually really healthy go to Costco they sell frozen salmon had ended their super healthy they just frees him same with they're stir fried veggies and some of the great I love. If there's sort of pan polo butter and their Orson paying him. And cooking I think it's five minutes I might have to have you by some for the cost him and yet I don't know how cost now it's paying Yemeni yet you know we bought the youngest provost out of my social media but. The NASA was in target we've been talking about this for highly time. In sometimes what will happen to somebody buys something on line and they don't like it or they don't want it doesn't fit no return it to a target. Yeah then they have to sell it at clearance so this is a 600 dollar freezer yes we can keep extra bags of ice. Frozen sand right daddy's frozen stir fry all accounts goes stuff. Drinks whatever you don't mind me for I guess drinks would be bad if you must've been really drags we spent a lot of time I can write your freezer currencies that. I'll diddley at. What it's unclean and Jillian and I'm not just talking to you I don't years they try to be like hey did you notice well bred but I'm just presenting information and we are notified the star was. It was in the clearance isle. For a 118. Dollars and we looked at target nearly 600. So is a score you put ten bags of ice and you're going to be in a cost of interest you did. I'm down on the well I was told to back off right because we have way too much crap are tiny little house because it's all I did was go to -- and I'm going to Fred Meyer and Safeway is and I like to shop well that's a cost of it since impact I look decent salmon patties and I believe I know you've made some formula we were Alastair how did I yet yet there -- it's easy easy tees even if he likes and it's a quick dinner put it like a good piece Brett Anderson like them maybe like a pretzel loafer and debris ocean perhaps unmanned system elites of arugula I really you know get in there. Does it up. Hard that's only got a or over we're done anyway enjoy the rest of the day up by doing enjoyed the show your round here including we talked about it we talked to a world champion right for a lot of people today off not trust baby we're talking a world champions during its Josie back tomorrow. He did you. Think he would spell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not. Point seven. Won't stand here or go to CDs your little bit dazed and confused is this Thursday July. Good morning every morning how you doing an area here. You know I'm good I feel like Gary ingested probably tune cups tomato cocktails over the last few days ahead I know you know until you don't know what that feels like but. In the body just feels a little sluggish out on any of the brain a little slow but. I think I'm right in line with every single person is listening. I thought it was funny last night I woke up to fireworks now when are they doing itself late. It's 940. To bank on 8 o'clock I thought it was midnight but these people by the mourners look joke name warning not ignoring his. Did anybody see fireworks lesson they'll just heard him we Boston sparklers have one of those fireside stands ya bin Laden that no man. Well we should have done was Dunham Tuesday night GAAP as he stood up a little bit later. But you know of the watched. American Angel warrior I stayed up a little bit late just because I felt like I needed to this fourth and why I didn't let's be festive I sipped on 9 o'clock I think I was asleep by seven Arafat you're really didn't you feel some sort of a moral obligation to America yeah a little bit later Steinbrenner did I didn't sleep well on Tuesday night's and I was you know I needed a couple of extra baggage. Necessarily associate staying up late the fourth of July a New Year's Eve as the ones yeah stayed up late the fourth of July is just kinda. And we severe pretty festive day we were you know in Issaquah they had the array I. I had a big he has celebration veterans park and thousands of people I was they had. Lake union fireworks show was look like it's. Was spectacular. Yeah I see that from so many places around Seattle there's no chance well I think collectively if Europe right now listening to us you probably had to go to bed on the year with had probably didn't see fireworks years or ten minutes. Let's tune them out. Vanessa loves fireworks noise. I think when you see them dissing him and asked all the same come I mean they're kind of cool if you're in the mood hated it's good and it works out great but if it now there are any different if there's not a way here is making excuses that none of us on yeah they assist I don't know Wednesday fireworks are you advocate you know live again you always got a little buzz these but that does nothing out of Philly and missed it would have been knocking down. Now I don't miss anything is that in reinvent the wheel now whether that's there are loads of all right if you're up by a man it's gonna be a little slow today or tomorrow we already know that but I hope we get to the basics of Carrie at the mug club. Of course you're a more Kenny think it's Rory coming up at 710 AT and share your salary today's X can be great. We're talking to Richard who's an aerospace workers I type and I remember he I think he called an in built rocket I don't know he told about this time so we do that. But before we cumulatively lead to get a base so we need to lead off caller. Now I can see. Let's get left out to dry here but I hope that's not the case to a 6421 wolf again right now for the leadoff. I've mortgage early don't tolerate G lustig and his text messages Emily who's out there are saying I was alive on July 5. Jackman is cause says good morning true hope your Independence Day went great and so have all your fingers in tennis. What are Jeff was that the it's a cloth parades slash. Parks festivities I tell you what big kettle corn. Off the chain that get a fresh out of the big pot saying oh delicious yeah. Shelby says she's a slow down she was in bed by seven she can't remember last time she's able to stay up for fourth of July festivities really good time now we have that we can offer falls on a Friday said it's not that tough. Yeah it's very used to go to bed early entrance Fayette. We got to say good morning to driver or tripped average Dell mod death to John and awful Tonya from cans are saying hello. There I've kinda edited it a good morning NG into Port Orchard how're you today. Okay how was your fourteen ceiling will slow sluggish this morning as well or use bright chipper. I'm anxious friend I would like well okay well that sounds good if you were you headed this morning I did you notice now what's a national. I mean I know. I don't know there's a lot of hotels and street that is why you had it's just the country music hall family. And it didn't let. The good for you so how does that work do you go and stay there the night dirty fly right back. It on the net. And get back here out I don't. Well must be nice to get free flights I didn't see lots of interest doing what you do for a living. I didn't react and can argue well listen that would send your flight taking off. It's 730 I believe. Excellent. Idea to have to get there is a really stupid question but first. Passengers are getting a feel like an hour ahead of time what time do you get there for a slightly how much time do you meet. I'm pretty easily in our net as well. You have to go to security you're an answer is kind of nice. Well listen and you we'd like to play you a song it's kind of part of the benefit of the leadoff caller anything you wanna hear. Playing back. Hey by the way about a five minutes we're gonna talk about this incredible story where you know sometimes. People couple get on the plane and don't have a seat together and ask somebody to move. Well this couple did that in in the couple that ended up sitting next to each other fell in love on the flight in the girl sitting behind he needs she documented the whole thing on her Twitter and degree. And he gonna play together like in low. I mean even great story with that perfect for you if you got a coming up next. I. ET don't take care education read a laid off we'll obvious. Hello John in Basel happy fifth of July buddy how aria all of the ball a little we're great it's good to be here it's great to hear people's voices I think today only we should just have anybody call whatever they want to and we'll talk I don't think we're gonna have enough interaction stays hot topic. Mr. I don't know if anybody's just opened alive check you with us to a 6421 wolf house reports John. We're. All. A full modernize student at the moment. So he stayed in bed did you see any fireworks John Butler Butler when are you hopeful. That's vessel to take a meant she. Play him that it's good to see if I read a Beverly is lane right yeah I have to get up accounts and still see fireworks but at least we're. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister his grades that blue Obama joked we went right over there yeah it was accurate generated. Emily grace I learned I shouldn't he money the first thing in the morning I took my eye out like this that I think. 100 point seven. Oh so. This next story that had just happened this week got me thinking about people would have a news stories are meeting their significant other. I don't but a morning of somebody listening does like the strangest way. Somebody met. Their husband Ray Wise so this happened on a flight to Dallas this is Tuesday. A couple got on in the ended up switching seats with another woman today because to a residential boyfriend did enough seats together. Just so happens. The woman named Rosie Blair was flying home from here to Dallas Alaska this is Tuesday. It's a cheater boyfriends who won Ro Parra decimal removed she did and then the people that ended up sitting next to each other. End up falling madly in love on the flight and their right behind it. Putting all this on mr. Graham and never I don't normal again I think coupled authority together. So I guess the guys really good look in. He's sitting next in the woman removed. Over the course the slightly bonded with deep conversations. That you ordered in shared a cheese plate. They even looked at each other's family photos on their phones like it was on her. They followed each other on Easter grim right in America. They even got up and went to the bathroom at the same time would you and that means but my heart young man hey. And then after the flight rosy even got a picture of them walking through the airport together they left the airport together. The Twitter thread went viral on the guy actually identified himself yesterday. He's a retired professional soccer player named Ewing Holden and no word on the identity of the woman or if they're getting it together again. And to me the best part is the original couple when sheik asked this woman came to mind switching she said hey my descendants and I love in your life absolutely. You know you gonna doesn't voted yes I've followed this like all day did you know I had to Illinois. So please. Heck are you logic on Twitter yeah because a friend a person we used to work Britney Brittany conquer and you know her yes she was following it Shiite retreated one above. And I guess started an and I couldn't stop. Oh my you know romantic in joke that got matzo plus very Erie knocking in the tiger I admire him back had happened they went yeah yeah yeah. I knew it was over they got the cheese plate. Or batters are so expensive now that you have to say it's. But again and it's alive since and people's brains are barely in their hands I wouldn't be surprised nobody calls that don't leave us hanging. If you got a cool story about the way you met your significant other boys or girls and husband wide whatever domestic partnered as a matter. To a 6421 wolf shore. I don't think you can text in that story before 615 Syrian given shots. So we were talking a minute ago about the story that went viral Tuesday I guess it was yesterday too is that when you guys are righteousness or is Tuesday. I thought yesterday I think it's Valentine's Day yeah I think it all went viral yesterday anyway a couple of flights. They ask somebody to move six together the people that end up sitting next to each other because this they wouldn't move so it's like you do a good thing you get a good thing. And up. Following each other and his two grand sharing cheese plate go to the bathroom together you guys even have reports of her coming back with a hair down and on the way to better her hair was up her hair is a pony tails to the downside. Chrysler. Colin semi scrutinized or lose some hanky tankini bands out there pentagon for a couple pictures trying to write you know. I love how slow Joseph was like we're losing the whole day ignoring his wife. He got a good finally isn't letting you be looking at Paetec. You gotta watch this. I'm so we're asking you guys who's got the most than usual story about meeting their significant others and again slow week ago one sex let's just get into it and play. When she said my friend and I were in the gridlocked traffic in college after big fourth of July pirate shell. And they heard a truck full of guys lasting eighties and nineties country next to them. So they all got out her dancing in the street a waiting for the traffic to new. Geez and I gave my number to a tall guy in a baseball cap tears later they were Miree they now been married seven years and have two kids and that is possible. Experience so gridlocked traffic not only thing I had. I had a similar thing happened one time when Mina body mind our driving up the San Francisco from Southern California knows that the three of us in the car and we stock car Fuller you know cute girls arrived way anatomy and this and that they actually pulled over and so we all pulled over on the side of the freeway. And like chatted for a little lead in the exchange numbers today than ever got back I. Is that and I. You know everyone of those stories there's like hair helmet design images Jim driving our you know yeah pretended not to see it. But that's really cool. It's assuming too this is mean and enamel white daddy can't dance and sing in on a inebriated right so maybe they had a sober drivers. They had dinner party next I had overdrive as you leave his dances in the middle of the street I know you. After yelling you girls doing a woman's right and as tonight. Let's move on negative Dick Riley that's a great story Emily what are we talking about and a Big Three next. Which chips has the best air to chipper ratio to all all them high low and wherever it needed heavy news coming up next on London's. This is the morning. Alastair he was 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three is bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on a Saturday night and liars and this is a big. Anyone at each chips always has the complaint to dish too much air in the bags don't get enough chips. Some good news for you apparently the amount of air in the bag has deep crease in the past couple years in 2015 there was 70% air and now it's. On average 43%. In here in the back. I quit. Let's figure this stuff and bad images made a smaller bag hardworking sciences. Regular stuff about yes so they also looked at fourteen different chips which Steve Fink had to be best aired chipper ray she diplomacy Pringles because they come McCain Pringles is 28% air and number two. So was I right now we know when it actually is better than them. Sun chips I don't know no upsets it's actually 41%. Free house. 19% have be best Giricek ratio OK and last place and can be your cheat notes it has 59% here. Now I think it's something to keep in mind everyone wants to smack full bag but if there's no parent than they get broken in front. A little bit of air in there. Went up Pringles is I was cutting it you can play. Really it's nice protective sealant 28 years in any air okay. And we talked earlier about Toys 'R' Us going the way toward Geoffrey the giraffe out of a job. But it looks like and Petaluma the San Antonio zoo is hoping to hire it Geoffrey the giraffe from toys RS they want toys are rescued. Let go after their hourly every night. Jeffries did draft is 70% there. I don't look at me. I think mr. Darby I'm away I'm just gonna ignore that comment. They're hoping that Toys 'R' Us will let go of their copyright namesake to Jeffrey said that he can start working toward the field and help with his their draft conservation because. His family in the wild need some help. Did you see the look she gave me guys you know it is trying to be funny if that there are still making it journal. People can hear you talking about the mastermind Adam joins her as the guy in the constant I can make a joke about then without all of you have tiger you really the answer is it. Re ever serious. Mean this isn't serious this because is. I I'll let you carry this by your I will no longer try to be fun. Okay well the last one is whatever. Really if you are single Sunday is the best day of the summer to find a date according to match dot com. They look to the past twenty years and found that these Sunday after the fourth of July has the biggest increase in financed the messages than any other day in the summer I guess because you're lonely on the fourth had no one to look at the fireworks went to realize. Annika that's it I'm making a change yeah could be a wait and hope that should be said. Did you quietly deleted the words here in theory. Are right to get a mug club here coming up in about ten minutes. This is the morning wolf packs with now you're down 100 points off the walls now on the episode I know when. Club. And it's all lone critter that here on whidbey I must learn. Let's make a fish to tell and so. Are critical care. Yeah night it is carried their pleas that says they Kyrie it's maddeningly calling from the morning wolfpack how are you I'm terrible Mario. Worker I think he's so much for the month east into join the mud club I always get excited when I see you Monday it has. Dogs on it because I knew you know it's coming from a good place but. I've got it turned out pretty fair. Now we needed and we were flattered that you wanted to be the Muslims who were calling to swear you in in make it all officials who can be best friends for congress to your lines are bomb. And you're on Whidbey Island correct. Yes I love it out there god bless you for figured out a way to make it work and live on Libya and I absolutely love that there. You know that we would move there to second and went tonight if there was a theory that left little you know from the get to work on time but there isn't. But can drive around how long would it take to get downtown Seattle. What can get there are easy Roland your round fourth thirty though no traffic. Maybe two hours maybe not the nuns that and then it happens you're ultimately ultimately found Davis and Allah wants to know. Again though that's far we're all jealous of you definitely need to work with fluffy animals all day but you live with the so you figured it out. I did. Well let's where you end of the month club if you don't mind please raise your right hand and repeat after me RA I state your name I very early. You hereby pledge my allegiance. Event but quietly to the morning wolf that. In the morning wolf back and as a proud member and good move Kermit I pledged to crank up the wolf every morning I'd like to think that the wolf everywhere. Jerry power vested in the had to be an official member of the morning wolfpack might. Appear very. Now you're great day for being in the mud club nights are coming up next to Gavin heard about the fourth of July. Hot dog eating contest. A new world record for Joey jaws chestnut talking about it and five. You hear that the morning long. I smell a party. Oh you wolf a new world record. Joey chestnut has that new world record you know I am going to be just rhythm there are so vast and the integrity. No there there it. It fell behind but I was unhappy. Mathematically it's. He was on the happy Joey jaws chestnut setting a new Natalie American record America but. A world record as well 74. Hot dogs and buns if you've never seen. The Coney Island Nathan's fourth of July hot dog because this is probably the most disgusting. Sporting event in the world and if you're going to be able watch it now I in parts of it I just can't. I don't think women can watch it I can't stomach it got you know it's disgusting it is like even as a dude I watched that on like office that this earth. I'm telling president what they can Cuba welcome whoever and whenever that and I think it was actually I didn't announce who when I know because I called the sport that's if win neck Kobayashi. Went back when he had the coveted yellow mustard belt and he invented the dipping behind the buns in the water things right destiny got really gross. Because they were easy league to another level. Total he redefined the sport but since. Coby she was sort of kicked out there some debate about how that'll happen when you got kicked out. A little bit when he had a jaw and he literally had a jaw problem where he could not adjust hot dogs fast enough but then. They would let him compete in any showed up one year in like who's boycotting to get in and they wouldn't weird if there's a there's issues and he failed to qualify and I just his view is yet the Osce should automatically have a ticket and it got. But Joey chestnut the the reigning -- I think he's won eleven of the last twelve yet by the way Kobayashi has the most he ever -- I think it was somewhere around the fifty mark may be a little bit less isn't it crazy -- number's been shattered oh yeah I mean Joey jaws chestnut who actually supposed to and I've met before he is a goofy duty is we we had a lot of beer with them and then he had his his teeth. A close it looks like vampire teeth. There every day colon jaws for a reason his mouth is and eating machine like a robot he's got huge G howls and jaw muscles like it's crazy. Cleared up but anyway. I can't question you know there's disparity in support among men and women they're always has that. And I think women are are pushing the boundaries also to get closer and closer to men if you much American into war you know that some of the women to compete the only way better than the dudes right. Why is there such a disparity when it comes to eating I don't think you who once more where it should be closer it would be competitive eating right advantage to being a guy. Eating our stomachs are all the same as you say you wanna say size but this is not a normal stomach I mean these people train and expand their stomach right so and the they're not always large men. They are well they are in fact the heavier set folks usually do for the only thing I can think is maybe statistically less women try etc. are less likely. There's less dumb women out there. There at half that. Nina well deadline and the reason I'm saying that I can't find the number of a DV top female finisher Kevin Bailey 37 months and if he says you Joey just that it's 74 act. So I don't understand it should not be that much disparity between men and women when it comes to eating food I don't know if anything this be the ones for women would be way better. Why I don't my wife can eat Lichen and she's not angry she asked how empty today and anything. Well let me also split women men and women I think in 2011 to make it she separate contest until women are eating as much they don't need to push the bar but they've kind of slowed to address then. Where is MA and I mean you have to eat the seventies just compete. Makes. You're making good points here straight up great points and battle. I'm disappointed to see that the female number solo I did try to look and see if there's a statistical or scientific reason. I can find anyone that's done anything I thought I thought he'd I doubt anybody's gonna call with the answer reader but if you got it. We'd love to know you can't. The game by the way. Slow Joseph still has his cell phone number from back in the day we used to be all in the competitive activism we're talking fifteen UCLA has the same number I wouldn't think so but. So who's taken Obama's gonna see what happens in particular who perished. You're going. Hey Joseph Jimenez pastor calling a long time no talk body. Not yet there are no bad yeah revealed yeah. Have you been following your career for years and I just was calling this morning to sustain man we're so proud of the new world record for 74 hot dogs and bonds. Oh my god here now that you are lower Mario's kid and very. I never imagined doing community of Marla and he. Could do little. Yet you're just he was a bright eyed rookie back then and only AME barely breaking fifty hot dogs are thinking competition just overcoming secure Kobayashi coming into his own and even later in the presence of great. Like we really did but it's we became really good friends and did at first off how are you feeling today so I remember watching you eat the brought horses in October fest and I think we did. There's an extreme sort of food hang over the next day. Absolutely absolutely it's beyond painlessly and fill in talks here boot play. When do you know thought thought they are don't look quite wary after he does so and so it won't bungled the food and turns it garbage. Hey when's the next time Joseph you think you'll eat again. You know I'm Laurie Graham he turned me the only woman Lamar Cooper's excellent than. I'm a great relief one blue cheese filled I'm allowed me a career. Earlier there's this old solar girl who choose not we are and I guess what they're able. I disagree a good point too you know if you if you eat a giant meal sometimes it stretches your stomach in actually hungry the next day I I didn't think about that. Yeah absolutely. Yeah you beat it and on the year and not so lucky actually saw. So is it that the weird battle and ordered the leaders stay healthy. He's healthy and between contests and a lot of dollars mark than chicken. You know I'm. But I don't eat that he paid that amount but on our youth. Alone. He has an ass signing apps like prepare for the competition. And are a work your way up you have to than ease your way back down again kinda shrink your seventh inning. Yeah absolutely they have it and look at you know the cycle where Roy who thought we want to know recover. And recovery for the long haul flight were odd but it does that and events. One of the we'll we'll go visit the bully other mile at night when I go under Clinton mode. And move quarterly contest what they're worth it's a totally traded today. Absolutely all liquid diet and Henry and me come mostly empty boat before you. Quote quote comfortable confident and I. Those let me hear you use your. I put my folks when you limits and little theaters. In the Booth of they usually talk. Joey jaws chestnut the world record holder for hot dog eating itself more now on the phone that's pretty amazing that we actually tracked him down with. You know when we encountered each other last time like you said it was 1012 years ago you had a girlfriend. What's gonna are you married now we have a family who were yet your social life. I don't know and I hit. Apparently it's hard to do so vital over the lately and those who give her her it's. Okay donated bill would it would it be you're going. Very. Don't feel enough you don't upon my mum on the notebook. You know it's. Okay all right how many more years can you keep doing this it's got to take a toll on your stomach in your body. It hit the salute both lose your juror. That are. You're regarded locally and then they you blow them little. Honolulu are among either. I know envoy we are doing well without the penalty is little. Love my blood work. Really look well you're really you know only the quicker now but. Well look I'm I'm happy and healthy food could lose. Both enjoy their company that I yellow mustard belt. You learn it Jolie and it's great talking to you again man congratulations on a new world record 74 Steve Hayes brother. Won't move around here you're very very. Let anybody how about that slows Joseph pulling the fourth of July holiday and complicated that world champ. If all of the problem that I know my goodness. You're listening to the morning the Alistair yeah. Carmine. The meal when you're playing. And now we're gonna have to you trying to impose ourselves have heard her talking to the world champion. Groups and access code and our stats I item I'm still buzzing with deep Dallas Joey jaws just at 74 under on the bond yeah. Joseph that's why you invest your investment that is why you are the risks that day after okay. The site about what's happening in Seattle Saturday night at least shall we because I know were really excited about it plus. We think when you realize what downtown Seattle is gonna look like a sentiment not only do you need to know about every party you have to be here. Greg it's the Wolfson beach party at Kenny Chesney so it's happening inside the north gate its entry link and you haven't taken the shell. But automatically get a end. We'll be free in and re performing will have opportunities greed actually meet Kenny Chesney Thomas read an Old Dominion does the freak freak party. And it's happening to the fourth. And Emily you're sitting there. No bush jingle telling me and that if I get a ticket for Kenny Chesney I'm invited to this exclusive three part apple in its just my take it to the show ad I can come to your partner. What the heck I guess I don't need a special risk Vanderbilt again. And there's so much going on like Matt said there's going to be everyone coming for the Kenny Chesney plus. The Mariners are playing as well and you wanna get there early eating get parking is he might not come and hang out. And my question. Yeah go ahead Avago Mac yeah if I commend the -- part -- the that I wanna go outside assay at tailgate or something like Adam island Indian people coming go as you please Lillie Holliday a picture with Brandon leg who's going to be -- opening for Kenny Thomas Reynolds. Increases their opportunity gets to be handled the menu are demanding great for all of us. My mind was blown a minute ago withdraws on the phone now it's completely good solely. Pack yet that is the message to you you got to come to our pre party it is absolutely free your cordially invited by the LA if you have a ticket. I speak to canning SP and it's negative you don't have them let's take care of that right now beat the street got the sevens and you wanna play you know when Kenny to a 6421 wall says. Morning wolfpack with the countdown to 100 points off. Plaques hit the pavement and that could be history too. Hello Renee at Tacoma good morning happy Thursday he'd even though feels like a bad Monday how're you. I'm great how area fantastic welcome to beat street the tribute counts isn't it shootings are random stranger here and PW if you know as much more than maybe you will win tickets Dick Cheney says he Saturday night sealed. All part of the rules here really tickets opt out. Do you understand how beat the street works turning. I do. I need to eat eat it contender. That's right you're gonna meet the challenge here in a couple of minutes. We asked him the same five questions that you have to answer right now within thirty seconds are you ready rename I'm reading this topic this balloon baby. On the count of three restarted timer 12 and three what was Kevin's last name in the movie home loan to McAllister. How many holes are just pull around the gulf states polls which show star Bryan Cranston is Walter White. Yeah. Was Washington's official nickname. Bitter they say which country star was in Hootie and the Blowfish. I wounding sounds likely areas Smucker. Obama got experience record. They're gearing directly I. Hey Chad is up for NN editor Ed it's you know it's hard when you're nervous you're under the gun the lights are on but remember all you have to do is beat the challenger so let's meet him. What's your name or your program pretty. There from one village just dump truck. All right about a slow Joseph found error from wouldn't bill and DC fierce summer fourth of July celebration. Let's find out if you're gonna into any tickets when we answered the same five questions clever and Kevin last name and home alone. Colin. It's incorrect it's the same as mine actually although we're not related to McAllister and you gotta write good job. I'm so you're up one nothing lead how many how old are up all around a car. 1818. Is the right answer you have 8221 lead quick CL I start Bryan Cranston. Just call her right. I know I I don't know. I don't know. While Angelina breaking bad oh yeah element here which is full time nobody gets a point there's shockingly. Okay you still got to 221 lead what is. Why its own nickname. Very safe and stay and that everybody knows where they live so you now have a three needed to lead heading into the final question. Rich countries are within thirty in the left. Ball. I can't think it was name it that's. Challengers and he finishes with two you almost had Darius Rucker but not quite some ninety to be a point there. But it doesn't matter he still win you have these new street three to tour money. Nice job and I cannot predict we will see you Saturday and don't forget to come were pre party at 2 o'clock all right baking soda to our pleasure and again if you have a ticket to the show. You have to take you to our exclusive pre party. Because all he needs to get to get a Gaza to come. And William a few more details were quick. It starts at 2 o'clock it's the north gate in century links to be there. Bowman stick around for five minutes we had a great love story about somebody who met their seagull on a plane this morning. I Alex rate and these here and. So wolf you know I want to know. How often is that people meet. Somebody on an airplane. In terms of you have a casual conversation and then we'll build it turns into something greater something bigger something like what you found Emily. And we were discussing this earlier slowed just do glued to his phone yesterday watching this thing unfold on somebody's just a great story. Crazy here's what happened Rosie Blair. Was flying home from New York to Dallas on Alaska Airlines this was on Tuesday. So she and her boyfriend were seated one row part so they asked the woman next to report finish you'd switch with Rosie and she did. So the lesson here first of all somebody ever ask you to switch seats on a flight do it. Yes you never know what can happen. So. The gang that she ends up sitting next to the woman and moved and in ends up being in this super good looking ex professional soccer player and I mean like. Really really really Abby doesn't. This morning that I mean. Breathing. He's good looking no not at so rosy starts in two grand storing and live tweeting. And she's sitting with her boyfriend right behind this couple who. This is crazy B start having seriously deep conversations they ordered in charity cheese plates are you know Syria oh yeah they're sharing their yes. They looked at each other's family photos. And they followed each other on mr. Graham and then they even got to the went to the bathroom at the scene. But I dropped everything and give it my call attention well yeah you'd think a mile high club grass grass. What do we know about that he does that I news story unfortunately it only lasted a few minutes I think it just went together in the tournament in San relieved but that it it had all the makings of a mile high attack and scenic ride she met with the pony talent came out their hair down and I'll bring that yeah. Well Rosie got a picture from walking through the airport together after the flight after they landed. Not a guy his identified himself he says his name is UN Holden and like I mentioned before he's a retired pro soccer player. Knoll identity on the woman yet or if they're still together and as we know we will definitely keep you in the loop on this. Species slow Joe's so bottom no they identified himself I'm going to be showing him up every day on tweets like. You know as evidence all right. Anybody ever met their city go on an airplane and how did that work out four to 6421. Wolf. I Villa Marysville lets the story of you actually make your wife on a plane is this true. It's true yes we ever know what I was going through railroad dispatchers sister was I don't know how to count. No way she was going to Phoenix I was running out of bounds. One day. All over the hard holiday weekend then that. I'm taking down those it was a much went too many people on their eyes off her that's such beautiful didn't talk you're. She got off in Phoenix I flew on to doubt it. Unless our way back to know that seemed out to meet up with the old girlfriend at the time on the way back. At a big thunderstorm come through got delayed or four hours. And you know I didn't think I'd make my connection and Phoenix includes Dallas Phoenix. And not one Kennedy Airport to the other people is that they're out there have missed my playing. Turned out I had missed my plane a verdict gone through the motors the plane had been delayed while they inspected it. And reloaded also you know on me and the other woman that I thought the laid out enough that actually. Since it with a commenced today. Yes the rest is history we're you know. Or kids than than married for sixteen years now it's our bill what was your move would seek to an hour she was. There are nervous on the playing side I just started talking I don't know what I thought out. Did you teller you noticed her on the way there. You know what yeah I'd I didn't tell the cold until later. Good guards that our business and I'm. Completely off relive that we got off the plane and it's going to hesitate continent and especially Erica can what did you do numbers. God. Smith and I'm glad she ask you without that I guess give me your number and likes of the rest is history and yet. Did you do numbers go on the mathematician. What are you you know but it would be your question. It saying make you hey I noticed you the last time can go one of uliassi like kinda creepy or it's kind of romantic and so I think it was a good idea build the kind of reserve that observation until later absolutely you know you don't come off too desperate investor. That's right and it still wasn't put out a bird out there who would have to. We've got a couple of text Matt we had why didn't you wallet met her has been through a friend on FaceBook and people meet. You know VS are so weak but it's interesting because she needed bugs for busy you put that game similar to farm belt. And so are principled or ask for now husband to get bugs for this bill. And that's how they met her face hop which is very interesting -- usual ways to teachers ago somebody else met their current girlfriend at through a U re Max rental agency he was her Tenet and the old management was wiped out she came men under new management he went in to pay rent Monday John it's been together ever spent. Camille that there has been in traffic there were gridlocked traffic fourth of July show and though while they were in traffic they heard the guys next Europe party ain't got out party and been together percent. Love that are so if you make your seal a plane to a 6421 wolf for any other than usual way 46150. On the text aren't. You 100 points. Wolf so I think Seattle forgot it was Seattle yesterday lately yeah well you know everybody says okay so. Summer doesn't start here until July 5 yes sun comes out this AD summer starts July 5 five weeks a beautiful weather go and so yesterday. He we live in Issaquah as we get over it and we did take part in the local activity how to walk down red white and blue we go to the Issaquah fourth of July parade if I can ask a quick question of course play at this point in time what is your overpriced weather center. Yes well morning it I've been kind of tracking him for the last two weeks yeah I'd say 858585. And sure enough to get up it's sunny. It's warm. Yeah it's beautiful we go to the brain depraved by the way is off the chambers. In the entire town in this deploy in late salmon surrounding areas show up in red white blah it's insane. And then we go over to veterans park and have all the festivities over there and fans chemical or earn you get the idea. Although no beer garden stepping up its. Is that they're going to be they. Get that myth. So then our son takes advance we go back we'll have a few cocktails at the house. And then all of a sudden Seattle remembered it was Seattle and got overcast and cloudy peasants not the be unable to that yet it's like 00 wait a minute it's July 4 he can't actually have this key person. And it got grave and it was the weirdest thing we tried going to lakes and state park in the afternoon decency what was Donald going on over there after it was gray and it was ugly I didn't. It was almost as if they forgot and then had to cover back up and of course today gorgeous sunshine and it says a lot like just like everybody assess yeah it was over at least it didn't rain. Not that I was. Did that. Would have been devastating death in you know obviously we have not spent a lot of July 4 here. In the festivities in Issaquah anyway like for the amount of people to show up in for the amount of people that are patriotic and rest everybody was red white and Blu-ray. American flags all over the place like it was small town America. The festivities were very subdued in low key and I'm wondering is that because it rains here every other year so you can never count on to do not getting the book game. Van Halen right for veterans par I'm sure that as a candidate with any and that the band the bill is that the biggest acts was a ten year old ban told the school of rock which they're growing all but they're literally. Dirk for their hard core thing came Tara then at 10 in the morning and we felt tournament. And their eight. Scouring the entire city for beer that's it you'll like this you through drugs and one ice cream guy no beer and vacant. This is probably because you can never count absolutely and you know I can invest a 100000 dollars into somebody might yet get rained out passes even. You know but. I'm ready for summer and it starts to appear 85 degrees there the sun is out of Seattle knows who it is now. Had a little identity crises yesterday morrow morning all sat with Matt McAllister and products this. 100 points out though Waltz. Cyber gonna strap it back on on Saturday night and get after the party kitty says he's coming to Seattle. And he's he's going to be awesome but we want to make sure if you have a ticket for canning. That you know that you are right now cordially invited to mark Cheney beach party it is our exclusive wolf only. Party for kitty sir it's 2 o'clock. And it inside the north gate its entry link if there's any so much going on recovery in and lay perform and just free all. You're opportunities to meet Kenny Chesney comments threats. Like map that is the pre show I got to do is have tickets. To be. Kenny Chesney show your invited 2 o'clock and there's a mere game going on. On Saturday it. We're going to be chaotic and a 50000. Country fans in downtown seek care early any way to kind of pardon spot tonight is coming and you think cutting down from our pre party as much as you'd like can't if you have pit tickets just in our mission to get you inside before the GO. Kinda cool they can run down there. And get front row early in other words analysts I'm feeling is this is a like. Skinny concert that you get into relate really early and you can Stater if you want you have to worry about waiting at four mile long line exactly able to get in so make sure you're there. With a ticket and by the way we get on the ticket for tomorrow morning at 710 obviously would be the street. And 905 this morning if you don't have tickets we'll take care of that by emily's Big Three come 115 minutes stay with us. This is the morning. Alastair he was 147. The law. How big are the Big Three are bigger than the lives of the ladies bathroom on a Saturday night liars and this is the big screen. When it comes to bags of chips in the air and a chipped ratio. There is yeah that is better then all the rest and I'll tell you what it is not first of all it didn't ease for anyone that eats chips because the air to chip ratio. Has gotten better over the years and pretty fifteen it was 70% a year now it's just 43% air on outreach to rip off what a scandal. Little bit your fingertips don't get crunch didn't crashed right but yeah twenty much so. Everyone seems to think Pringles is the way to tell that I would have the least amount with a tennis ball can they come in second they have 28%. Aron. And number online world is gonna be your freedoms and a little yeah. Rita I have 19%. Air other. 48%. Air. And Wayne have to regulate have 41% aired at least announce. I've chips to air ratio I guess most written air would be 59% and that she she does it lean economic just there I know. Ever have achieved our hitting science thrown so this the whole point of this is just they're ripping you occupied a bag of chips you biggest shift is mostly air. Yes okay. So if you want more tips go with Reid has got it I'm get them great is important Geoffrey the giraffe you know toys arrest officially closed in so Jeffrey did you react to wrap this. At a job. But hopefully not for along with CN Antonia is really looking to hire Jeffrey. To help them to milk their draft conservation they're hoping that the toy store we'll donate their rights to their beloved character. So she just let the guy in the costume at last gotten through cost him itself yes it's just nice and a real person who's out of a job. It's a custom app I know for the care of it if it that it. For a person governments job then they're getting to a yeah but citizen nice PR scam this weekend won't get it up yet I think I did that Jeffrey I keep coming back in anyway. Former fashion slid to see Jeff yeah the petty helping his real life the only outlaw wild. Right yeah and you know what there's sixteen year old girl that'll have a job next summer in as soon. There you're you're creating job exactly nice work I'm glad our on our which celebrated your after getting tired always feel bad for whoever it is it has to be in that comes to see the people's been signs on the senator so. Who you know I hate it you are single. Good luck for you that this Sunday is the best day of the summer to find its state match dot com says that they. Looked over all other data that and the Sunday after the fourth of July they see the biggest increases and finance and messages of any day of the summer. I wonder why I mean I think it's because fireworks yet know when the kids feel lonely and so. Get on. I do and I bet that most people have like big drunken fights on and I like best in the neighboring cat asks her to another way to look at it I anything about that him. Yeah I don't know but it's how I feel today. Wouldn't if you could like put that into some kind of an equation for sexiness should be zero. It's bad hung over there by Sunday Lodi in LA that the last Ali Al about two months we Jim Graham. You have a relationship father. Single person in the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and Hilda. How much do you think a Space Needle window washer makes for a particle scraper on the Bainbridge ferry today and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we all wanna know what everybody else makes reliving that it's never OK to ask until now. On the phone us from Olympia is Richard he is an aerospace worker and builder of rockets good morning Richard Dario. Good morning. Richard this is really exciting for us I mean it is almost hate that it's in July 5 because I think half our audience asleep and Emma hang over this is pretty exciting shares salary stuff. And thank you could make millions of dollars we don't know we have no idea no idea but that's why we're gonna ask you about a minute's worth the questions Richard and then after that we'll guess what we think you make and you share salary sounds good. OK and we are you ready I'm ready yet good touting an order start over. We you do know what. I have my job title called integration into their what I do is I think multiple parts and assemble it rockets and I run a crane I work which EST which is ground support equipment. I'd hate to. I blew laden and I'd just sit like this or launch this. Okay whose launch of these rockets Richardson. This company called blue origin dot com. OK so he's just your kind of works steaming your city. Are standing among my feet nine at ten hour day of the year arranged your hands on outside guy like doing the labor. I'm in the building yes we do your job is dangerous. Yes sometimes it is it what do the rockets do that you're building. Were actually won the Iraq situation people up to burst up the space to the carbon lying contours and then they agreed land and then. People get go wanted to get tell you worked there. I didn't or six years. Okay. Candidate had to ask what exactly is rocket fuel though is that like Kendrick Iraqi appeals of what are we drinking kerosene there. Written comments they will get them what to that in give us about three minutes. We're also getting guess what we think you make in your gonna share your salary next Richard sound good. At. This fascinating uttered so private company rockets back home. This is fascinating if you are listening to us right now this is a treat especially for July 5 most radio shows are even on this week we are and we got Richards. Who lives in Olympia. Please share your salary right now he's an aerospace worker and still there of rockets. What else we know and. Yes and he works for a company that puts together rocket for space tourism. He's been there for six years he spent most of his face standing when he does say some parts of this job is pretty danger. OK now we've got some follow up questions and stuff like Jeffrey Richard including. Sent us a coffee mug for the mug club having come to get toward you analytic yeah Richard. I can. He's either you can build a rocket you can guess a coffee mug. I don't get tenure got a I'm. Not quite at a legally like ingredients that give your dad Internet. Can't beat a top security players you name your building he's working on the future like yeah I know it's theft that is really happening it. So you're basically competing with Ilan mosque in this race were you know privatize face trial. Some cool. Okay let's go around Borneo island yesterday on the fourth so I'm gonna go ahead and just say is look who knows a 142000. Dollars a year that's what I think you make Emily I just blow a hundred amateur 98 to a licensed plumber is making more than this guy I don't think that's true who know what I guess apparently she had no funds and slug show our social aren't I'm gonna go some wide in the middle America one has pattern 101000 dollars OK Richard Olympia mr. aerospace. Timeshare seller may what are you gonna every year. Sixty hard yeah. And I went to live still ahead living but for what you do. Richard do you are you surprised that we're surprised. I wish I admitted what you guys had it said that I worked out this this. I'm on the low side we didn't ask are you pretty unions. Know when the space rocket building you know my old theory that. Yeah. No I get epic you know there are guys that call and again and 65 is nothing to scoff at but. There are guys that call in the clean out honey bucket Puerto bodies that are making more you in your building rockets that I would get into new would send me to Venus you know it's so just like like she juries do it for the love like I would sue is due damages for like a child in me that so obsessed with space and rocket in NASA got to put that she's on the nicer and better and those that hey Richard how much is one of these rockets cost that your building. Whoa what. Do you I just I have to think that the company work for making a ton of money. No this is R&D company and its owner is this just. So that was something we didn't get to the questions that we probably would have helped us a little bit what Richard thank you to listen be a part of more I look back we do bloody body so well. Yeah and congratulations on having a sweet career by doing your share your salary tomorrow or any of the day this week to a 6421. Wolf right now. So the morning. Oh I now. 127. Dull wolf until world record. Rocker you know I have none of his his rhythm the group though so fast the game judges and even though they are doing. It fell behind but it was humming happy. In my happy place. Particularly if you rush the schedule going. Well hey Joey Matt McAllister calling long time no talk body nephew. I know that yeah I feel we go. Yeah man we've been following your career for years and I dismissed calling this morning to the same man. We're so proud of the new world record for 74 hot dogs and bonds and all my. No idea that you are lower part of your own kid and very. I never imagined doing community of long look. Then there's the world. Yet you were just he was a bright eyed rookie back in Emily AME barely breaking fifty hot dogs I think in competition just overcoming secure Kobayashi coming into his own and didn't even know you're in the presence of greatness. Like we really didn't bid to we became really good friends and did at first off how are you feeling today I remember watching you eat the bratwurst is an October fest kind of thing we did. There's an extreme sort of food hang over the next day or. Blue locally that if the great to be on the payroll if they don't trust your boot my. I had earlier than I thought but it's fun though not quite blurry and apparently does not employed or unhealthy booties. Stars did garbage. Hey when's the next time Joseph are you think you'll eat again. You know I'm sorry crazy during during the series has learned marmalade the brain disorder that. And I'll Cree relate I want blue cheese filled I don't know how they are lonely there. Career there's this old solar Byrd who chewed on Lennar and I guess what they're able to I disagree a good point too you know if you if you eat a giant meal. Sometimes it stretches your stomach in actually Hungary the next day I I didn't think about that. It was really we you do you do and on the year and unlucky actually so far. So it has to do weird battle and ordered the leaders they helped. He's healthy and clean contest in the a lot of dollars while the chicken hawk and I'm. I don't eat and he's paid that amount on the autism. And I won't. Joey jaws chestnut the world record holder for hot dog eating its seventy for an hour on this pretty amazing that we actually tracked down but. You know when we encountered each other last time like you said it was ten or twelve years ago he had a girlfriend. What's gonna are you married now we have a Stanley who were yet your social life. I don't and I hit affiliates or do viability. Lately compared to give her her. Tony you know there weren't putting if you're a single and now he's not on I'm compliment from the onslaught. No it's. Okay all right how many more years can you keep doing this aims got to take a toll on your stomach in your body. You know you're so little earlier both voters you're you're you don't. Haven't they need to look at look at among either. Well in our boys require little moment doctor Timothy Eaton and I'm definitely looking well people who really you know weight so quickly and not. I'm I'm happy you know it could could do it. Well listen enjoy that coveted yellow mustard belt you've learned Joey and it's great hockey team in many congratulations on a new world record for HDB's brother. When you're you're you're very there. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister well 100 points on. Let's talk about getting dizzy Saturday night downtown Seattle it is going to be parade. I'm so excited not just Kenny Chesney it's Thomas read. Old Dominion brain and lay's going to be there we're having a huge Walton beach party before the show like Kinney and it's actually inside the stadiums within I think north skated into really starts at 2 o'clock. Bring in a lazy to perform Torres also get opportunities to meet Kenny Chesney. Do you tell me in Old Dominion Biden comes as part of yep it's free yep if I have a ticket to Kenya and come to the Wall Street part just right to. And I might just get to go hang out we'll take Thomas are enrolled date gaffes don't like Julianne hang in any drop in net I am dropping and I got a question yet. They have got a ticket I wanna go into the wolf's exclusive pre party with NASA wanna go run out to the tracker decent tailgating. In between. MIA and I allowed reentry. Yet it's coming though as you please. And you're telling tomorrow's Friday or any until last Friday hours and then the day after that Saturday that pattern is all happened and they are the Mariners game happening in the afternoons he got to get down there early to get parking anyway I didn't close it down there Taliban's. Sun that's what important on that note that mayors game's going to be letting out right when the gates for Kenny officially opening to the cross traffic is -- news -- you got to think about that's about to get there early come party with us skated a century and early you can state to by the we'd have to wait in line to get in regular ardidi inside the stadium. C get that its approach has its tenth he's amen and your for the world's pre party well but who am I to stay on to win at election love exactly opposite side of the country takeover of downtown Seattle. Couldn't get all the details for our beach party at the Seattle cop the. Back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice oh well. So flights out of thread about thirty seconds ago just a little reminder 905 and the parity Susie Kenny Saturday night in the course would you take it you'll already invited to our exclusive. Preview of the ticket you can come. Beach party right inside center relate to look like it's going to be awesome fire we're gonna wrap things up here ledger take over in for. 1030. Cameos but about fifty minutes of bonus content on there and I imagine we talked little about emily's boyfriend heard setting she drove under the airport or something he's out for like two weeks I now she's in a funk. I thought to pull it off pretty good today knowing that I can tell you're able seven to death died in the podcast. Go over our fourth of July is trying to count them in matter redesign had and Dana have thought it was because I guess it's is it's a big number night. Pretty sure I can't get that side. But anyway iTunes and radioed I've come to places to get the podcast I would say just subscribe. And Ito notification every day but enjoy the sunshine July this summer has started we love you see you tomorrow at 5 AM. Actually the car. Warnings from cartel. I feel 100 point 700.