The Morning Wolfpack - Thursday June 14th, 2018

Thursday, June 14th

Thursday June 14th, 2018

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Ruling they welcome the podcast the morning wolfpack podcast for her to look at me like that show you yeah. I Thursday June 14 it's connected to pay day Som kind of stoked on that did this fleeing. Well if you have direct deposit your pay tickle like usually go in the day before payday so tonight you'd probably get pay again. Maybe my name is Matt McAllister there's heavily over there it's Georgia who obviously is I think the coffee finally kicked in for you you know LeBron went a little overboard a date on jittery over there a way relay negative way LA so we'll get to try something a little bit different today's let me bring in up a couple of topics and we discussed. Yesterday because you have to speak slow Joan nightmare and I thought that was interesting so from now on I want you guys to each bring up your own thing that you wanna talk about your in the podcast for bonus content before we get to the show Google and we'll discuss that so you generate the conversation is something you're interest and in. Or a personal story from your world. And I'll go last we tag and all of them with boyfriends. And adds up to and holy crap just kick in right now. Other I. Well I really can't guard their boyfriend there's one in the chamber matches not rated talk about today that hair there's a double ghosting going under and another guy. But until finally comes to us and says ham and a guy plays I know word that thing we don't want to jinx and his. They don't like after this weekend's big slow Joseph is on crack right now well good coffee you have to steal our governor I'll add an energy hearing. There is. Nobody in this podcast intro you ought to be crashing denies having a long day of either Iran out of parking every ever bullied until 2 PM and all right so Emily you're gonna go first. Yeah I have noticed you're actually a little too quiet and he's podcast intro is a lot of back and Burrell well now I think viewed this like a you tune out I think you just ride your own wave I think you would like not taking your bar stool out of a box I think you get lazy survey you listen. About ten or pulling your weight ethic co host of the show pull your damn white. At that we'll. I mean. You know she's trying to write a figure yard room yeah. And Christian around him so I decided because truth in jest and norm. Oh now you talk act but two months of not saying having our let's go. Excited yes it. Like I received tries to be professional we can just have a conversation Jonathan Mann I know I'm yeah I'm just ignoring everything you said. And and the University of Washington Huskies baseball team has made and college World Series for the first time ever which is huge kind of a big deal out cited. So I don't you know how college royalties that based file don't it's not either works shootings or else so basically you have regional system which is the best out weekend. And then you go to super regionals which and that's one on one and best of three games how does she know this he sent to sports spirit it's crazy I don't you like bill why else I appreciate all about my trainer dirt tax I would yeah process that. So super regionals and then. Would be winners of all the super regionals meet in Omaha and Omaha every year Karen and it's always eighteen. There's two most different sides though it's fourteens or teams in the in the best you meet up. What is that Washington it was came in ranked 63 and they got at large bid to even make it the post season okay so they are to be true Cinderella underdog. Ferraro and baseball College Baseball gets no love I would even say that the Little League World Series gets more how good hey I'm college World Series which casually about the College Baseball player will be so bitter yeah. Never in my aunt and into the heat up game I was innocent so much fun it's so gorgeous it's just the only friendly it's it's political atmosphere he never events I'm super excited. And and it said their first game is going to be this Saturday they play Mississippi State at 5 o'clock on. So you're kind of it was a confusing explanation but again it so there's only two teams left now there's. There's eighteen yes. So wait are they in the super regional already in the World Series there in the world so really I say World Series I'm thinking about professional baseball there's two teams now. So it goes regional we're at the best of with three teen nearly took you're in the regionals your considered to be in the World Series have now. I got there's regionals which is one weekend they made it out of that to super regionals so the next weekend they played one team best of three games now. Teens go to the college World Series. Okay eight teams in the count to enter that hasn't even started Kate just casual observation College Baseball. You may want to make it a little less confusing maybe that's why there are more fans have their Sony they got to make it I guess now and it's the same every year but college basketball makes a pretty simple and fun and everybody gets involved. Well I mean there's a sixty went 64 teams one tournament I guess there's regionals though they move around for the different a 32 and sixteen and all that. Yeah so kinda the same thing. It okay now like eighteen is that a 64 yeah yeah I could do you following in my head out and now here are well little I know. I think I got back out are you saying so like Washington and is playing organ state UNC Mississippi State. Our that there are carry other teens in their bracket and then the best or play. Either Arkansas Texas Texas Tech or Florida whichever comes out of that. In this comes off the heels of the you don't softball team I believe making it to the biography final day money losing out they needed to the championship against. Florida State I don't know if saw all works the same way I think it does. And since then again it comes down to teach teens best and they lost to Florida State but still made the change agent can ask a slightly unrelated question. Of you are the LA athletic trainer at Georgia Tech. What does that mean exactly so I did sports medicine I like taking goals and all that stuff for all the all all eighteen so all the sparkly or you were the only athlete energized I think you're thinking that she had a career job. Well I I'm just thinking so like you put hands on basically every male athlete I did. Op so pretty so brittle to get rid amiga and somehow I am a left turn as a hero to us the. I cannot import products that sell it doesn't have a degree in it. So we just get scholarships usually there's a degree program then there's like. Forty kids that are getting this you know degree NN all the trainers. But it tech it's just a scholarships at their sixteen trainers and then there's you know we have grad student and professionals. But because there's only six of us we did every sports I was on the football front lines as and baseball bat out. I didn't basketball I mean. What's harder than being an athlete on one team ahead I had it was rough schedule mean it was a lot of work there was so much fun were you the person my you know during timeouts in a football game your run out to the and a lot. Time out Valentine. I. A year in your taping ankles and stuff out. Didn't OK so is there like as a woman and attractive woman in that position. Didn't like Peyton Manning that he accused of like assaulting the athletic trainer at his column ledge and there's all kind there's all these here only stories about like that deeds getting super creepy. Now are well first of all George tech is very. Male dominated school so I was at that time the only female athletic student trainer we had emails that were. Actually on staff but. We know they bury get about making it known like I was not allowed to date any of the players they are not allowed to date me. I was not allowed to go into the locker room. And it's just the same way the guys can go into blocker for female sports Brad and so can I mean what's around guys after like two days in football they are not attractive right. But it Joe's question that a guy ever tried and I never hit a lot of job you know yeah I math must how big Mac I'm all exactly you know getting now are like that I know it's you're trying to thing they aren't like in it wouldn't mean innocent that there was perceived to placate let me get her number but nothing ever doesn't cross the line. No use you're not gonna join me to movement. Not that I'm OK gotcha that's well hey here's your back theories the story that's awesome Abbott doesn't sound like hurry to get to see them play here. You know you got to travel the funniest and that's also I can always an Omaha but it's on ESPN this week into Saturday's ever came Monday. Is they're checking this and I'm not gonna light unitary government watch them like baseball anyway but I'm super stoked that Washington is made me ask you say I'm always Bergen underdog stories on an ultimate owner uttered they are Altman under a personal matter I slowed to Europe next tee that. Yeah I don't know I am super regionals growth so we've been we've been behind the scenes talking about Pete Davidson and Arianna ground I've been a while because they he say he got you Tatis of her. After they've been dating for two weeks and then bought her of 100000 dollar engagement ring after three or a war. Which is and I love Pete Davis and he's great he's like as an ally from SNL just an actor is he actor slash musician he's just an act with anything before us now that I'm sure he got sick. Only you know firm ass and now he's super like edicts pale and sick a day parties a lot I know that that's part of his five set apparently met her there. And then she had been dating. And I think it's Lee Z. David used Larry David's daughter in our area yet and she's super drive funny like that select animates cents. Apparently. There is they were dating for like two years and that and he had apparently broken up with her. And moved on but I'm almost a 100% certain they're as a quote yesterday from the jeweler that made his 100000 dollar engagement ring we yeah a lot of after I saw that released today by the way let's look at you just met him as a good glad to hear a case he's supposedly broke up with that Lizzie David in May. Well the jeweler said hey. He asked me to make this review is like proud that I don't the tires Thurman and about in the yanking you to me in May and asked me to make in this rain told not to tell anybody as a big secret in. I think he met Arianna ground day while he was still dating that Jack. Then broke up with her re purpose of rain has every intention of already black proposing in this for a while so this is literally you know it's gonna go nowhere he's already asked the cover up protecting you from for Lizzy before he got two more from our anger on day. And she is notoriously we hear from a lot of people she is sigh yeah like she is a hard we feel we have. An opportunity to open up it was one of Jason now dean's album parties and I posted it. And they have their crude there is you get their early needed to walk through and all that they had Arianna grundy there the night before and it guys and I want to like now we're so happy we got a country get a nine because he's pops or some such ass holes and easily in the biggest astle ball is our underground for. Came in here she comes for a lot of money in New York. And she walks around Lexington African Queen Boston everybody. Demanded. That no camera angle came from a certain aside as a certain site they shut down the theater and just treated everybody with its complete disrespect I am not a fan. Beat one of those and I'm not defending her in any way because I've heard the same stories about her she could be one of those that is totally different person the person she's in a relationship when it. You know like I I have friends that are just are not friends I know people that are just. Complete. Huge bags are bitches but when they're in a relationship they are the most flooding like seeing them one on one. But that doesn't make any sense here I mean to me Jiri were good person or you're not. Would you wanna be with somebody who treated a waiter like crap out how to not I mean card without the training now but I'm just an. Fine they dote on a person their wind but it it almost makes it worse like be a purse out BS scumbag or be a nice person well I'd like to do is take bats in the room yes as to how long this is gonna last lecture. I don't think they'll make it to marriage I mean you any idea weld is and let that they are they can I they could run off to Vegas and beastie Britney Spears OK well let's just pick and pick a number of months if from this point the other officially engaged I think well according to what huge this year with a yes he may already have an engagement ring picked up for somebody else. Yet does so many ways saying you're gonna how many months. Today is June. Call. He's he's he's well there's no real advantage for going super short demo from really gone to a quick genius now. A Dallas say by October. I think by October 1 it'll be completely done by actor I think they're gonna have a little fun summer times and easy time to stay in a relationship yeah barbecues lots alcohol your fine navy and she's on tour things. But definitely by October 1. I think mid August mid oh wow AM. And an honest I think and I got to you know legislatures salary of probably gonna lose them go real short shorted in August shorter than August you're aware it is June 15 yeah. And they're just now hitting the peak of their popularity which is let's face it lot of these people do this for that current. But hey I don't discourage well you did you do circulates for that aren't the marketing going to act. OK then ominous day. By January. Great north of the law and bad occurrence or they're dynamic holidays that we recovered aren't so we'll keep an eye and I think we can all agree on one thing there's. No bigger train wreck than this guy I can't imagine what it's like to work with him like Lorne Michaels putting up with a guy and is now I think I really like a lady seemed to pick I would get along with the those folks a lot of we'd like seems funny yeah like my Canon guy but. Yet this maybe he's just really poor judgment. As she's also like acting key might just be spellbound. You know she's really attractive you know definitely higher listed celebrity totally got a lot of money way more high profile like nook I'm sure a lot of people never even knew his name I did this whole thing can hurt them. I did he might just be in a trance. And you know maybe he'll learn from this but I'd I'd like these make any mistakes well and you're like a lot of young. Actors who get caught up in the lifestyle and personal look back aren't in ten or fifteen years her cute she's usefulness. I don't was I had twelve months and yeah and unfortunately because he's famous if everything is boom will be captured forever it's like Shiloh Boof you know I mean I think that it won't point you stop drinking a regular guy now that's natural every girl I met I tattooed on my arm to help. All right so last and at least I was gonna go with the feel good story because our military breakfast is on Saturday and I'm kind of in that mode as were mine mine gravitate to. And there's a guy just started doing this last year is putting him some love some props at thought about Joseph maybe we should have him on the show but. There's really not much more to it other than what he's doing so let's just give him some love I think bad people tend to make and is more than good people at. But Rodney Smith is an Alabama guy he's from Huntsville. In a couple of years ago he's our guy struggling to mow his lawn so we got out of the car he help the guy I'm most Lana it's pretty cool moment yeah but it inspired him right then and there to do something really cool he started a nonprofit in 2016 is called raising man lawn care. So he goes to the homes of single moms veterans. Older people any most their lawns for for. And he's all about getting the kids to volunteer to help out to a lot of boys the girls to anybody can modem line. So this summer he's taken his mission on the road. He wants to personally Mo at least one person's lawn in all fifty states and I thought at the very least when he gets to Washington State we should help a novel there. Of and he even caught planes and went over to Hawaii Alaska and continued all thing on social media and mowed lawns are too soon to be in all fifty states to this. Dizzy just did it I mean obviously this is just a one time in each state. But where he got Alabama is the continuous like they'll keep coming back and you're his client and or is that just a one time. I think it's a one time so during I think. We need to you say in Huntsville in Alabama. I don't know. I really don't know if it's a continuing hey we're gonna help you for now on and I've got this list of kids that help me out to. I imagine that's what it is he's got a nonprofit that he started that's what they do correct I know for this particular thing with the fifty states that's just a one off and raise by the way. It's we are raising men dot com. This is the cool party now would love to see my kids be more thoughtful about stuff like this my bonus kids and just wanting to help others. At least a 137 kids have already signed up and he's getting more more every day so if you wanna help out in you know. A prayer for you can't I wonder how many of those kids are kids of deep people he's helped like of the single moms that's good question. I don't know but like any parent I would love to it if I live in Alabama I would have my kids yeah. Correct don't you -- like he's recruiting probably the kids and in no one's a continual. Obviously teaching them how to do it that's what I like to and I especially love the fact that hey you know he's doing it for veterans but also single moms if you like that's a tough in the elderly elderly too they. It's funny yesterday or couple days ago I was walking to the park we viewed in. We walked by this house and it was a really old guy. But he was out there mowing his lawn and had one of those old push mowers just the blade on my mind and us yeah and you have to mow your Laura think five African times and I think the war I don't know Bernard it was an Evan any problems within and he was a very capable very able but we sat and talked to for a little bit and is really really nice guy but. Kind of made me think of that is going to be one day we can't. Push down lower anymore you know I how he took great pride in his yard great pride I think that all the generation definitely takes a lot of pride that a lot of communities you have these HLA's an eye on these SOB is off fighting you feel familiar line AS APS there. Like Doleac oh and yeah baby. I so that's going to be the new format of our podcast on we started off and give you some bonus content everybody's gonna get to pick store I really enjoyed hearing. I would have never talked about either one of those things and I think that's important yet who gives a crap what I wanna talk. Bernard Leon as I was and prepare its I pulled that out last second I don't think Pete Davidson are underground they'll be my standard fare that I did think his interest well. Come out a few times you know I think it's more of a life lesson to yet a totally there's a rule. You don't get tattoos thought he'd pull. Who even in -- -- gonna sound terrible but even when your Mary yeah it's almost like a curse it to but somebody's name on your body out or a picture though so you know I had kind of an asset resemble something that symbolized the last of its own lips yeah but FE I know he's got one of aren't gonna that is a symbol that's like her Luka yadda I think it really got her initials if you wanna pay tribute to somebody because you never in this anonymously and Europe bad person familiar white preachy on you who knows here I'm. If you wanna get attached to you wanna pay tribute to somebody do it for somebody who's passed on ray or one of your children are those two things will never change are OK with that let's move on enjoy this jealousy tomorrow. If you do you have. LPG went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. 147. All morning wolf thank Matt McAllister clearly reigns over there hello Lauren and me are you mentally I'm getting area I'm finex a great. Good all week if I was your day yesterday because I gave a straight what you did not fare much. I date your life I would okay. Is it impossible to meet you don't have one and a half year old yeah you tell us brings. I even and I know you depreciate as Alison the picture of it. I got I finally got parcels on the kitchen table with my kitchens really small like that I don't really need one Doggett Parcells. And then he's won as a desk stool at her chair as well. Like yesterday when I had to sit down at my desk I just put the box. And the Parcells came in Nevada and box him yet and that I'm Matt and you got to share husband actually had back in making this film. Emily alien movie you know I am in boxes. Yeah. That's going to be allowed to do you love horses that buys cutter out there pace yourself. I don't want to burn yourself out that doing too much grain out maybe by the end of the Cingular have won so I think. You have to actually put them together. OK some assembly required to make payment a lot of equity in front. In the thought okay. So beauty myth could go anywhere to get him just deluded or yeah I couldn't take it out of the box I infidelity nice little pillow on top boxes and on. Secondly you are quite frankly lazy person. I think anybody could be lazy this closure that you are. It's awesome he got ahead if there sludge are you good I'm guess I'm really trying to get this copied aware cab apparently is gonna style that doesn't seem to be having any effect coming to us. Almost with two. Whose dad's side port number to move its rocket row I looked fine. Maybe our legal scholars can give us the energy that we need that's where and by the way here a couple of minutes and they were going to be today handing out those free morning wolf. Pak military breakfast passes but like I said right now let's let's hear from you morning wolfpack if you're up give us a call was everybody blows up this morning ESCO Thursday were almost home. Tune into weekend 206421. Wolf also don't. Be afraid send us a love on the text we love getting those two are just connecting with you guys are we can again lead off collar right now to a 6421 wolf. We'll talk to you here in five minutes and let you pick a song that's pretty sweet. Good morning city is Puyallup are you today. I looked better today than I was yesterday oh good lord then how are you guys. What happened yesterday. Merlot with dad dad ran over somebody kitty the threat now is where I didn't mean it didn't disclose the. So somebody you knew war strangers giving whoa that this series is kitty I hit though I was a gentleman look that either helped me and then I. Up okay very often canyon and and in residential and business I did build its height I guess if they knew that the flyers and nobody know it. But I refer to that noticeable boost does that make. Broke my heart it never did. What a city. There was no caller. Unveil his death so I don't know wasn't just a stray cat. What it was beautiful out. Plucked it healthy it looked like it was very well taken care of Citizens United say I know you feel bad and the guy I kind of feel bad and literally the squirrel it's just human. Reaction but isn't there some. Responsibility of the cat owner and I think at the camp running around outside with a collar around. In a million. I need to hear that yes then do the best color or or or something but the guy that that would but the buck stopped its pluses are he. He wrapped that up to put down the street for me he said I need it there was no holiday is not enough synonymous fitness and the cadets dead. He's been there before even initial idea yet there's an axis but still I can see out I would. Yeah I don't remember I don't live and die scenario we totally get that but it don't beat yourself up too hard about it like you said there's nothing you could have done. I tried I tried to make the wind make it. After you read our white line person. I know here at great group blue line you know I would prefer either or. That's interest they don't care Lloyd's gotta cork heiress grew its open were good to go. That's right I like my want them why no wells city than what. Are you hung over this morning. Well thought no. Yes funny and I think my Dan now once asked if he sees a big wine drinkers and speaking of Father's Day coming opposite how do you choose your lines as well. I drink about love and if I don't feel bad the next day order caiso. OK art. Stereo. Sandy what do we play for you would like to play a song is early enough caller obviously I don't Lebanon in a bit but it fastest growing town I think it's called yes it is moraine land we got that for a couple of seconds Emily how we look at an attack. Gotta say hello steer Paramount and deal in Puyallup I don't think that you gather Ramones and every day here I now run. And still admit that nick the bus driver and topic panic and humid. Darlene just Texas she's a good I'm everyday is exactly how she did okay. Good morning and that Italy and pledge this is Darlene and happy Thursday morning just got my top tier with 20 pulled I yesterday evening now head into work. Have a great tee today. I love this non BI that morning to. Did you get I was I. I believe her name's Darrell man. Is there Elaine and daddy's there either way I think the anesthesia has a little off the idea acting in by the way apologies for the cat sound effect that was yeah 28. Families are BF was and it was slip of the finger I didn't variety is sincerely apologize. That we just got to Texas says that Al is the worst leadoff collar ever at the baseball equivalent of a sacrifice bunt with nobody on base and. I can't control what they say analysts that it is Sandy's ball she just had a rough day yesterday I actually think city brought it with some original content after you're asking me I thought it was really interesting story I liked it well and holly says that behind and when did say that in my not a had a caller because that might have had a microchip. I oh that's right victims of the color on anyways just in her kitty just has a microchip now caller okay that's fine but. It indoor cat what else let's pretend it was a stir rarely gets him resisters. Hate. Things happen and they're not always good you know. The train leaves the station every game and it's your choice where did you get on the train you let that train go you don't I'm saying II you're gonna go with the low ranking reference no and I can go cemented Al leaves and out of this and this you know we've been over there banks and managers say feel Medici drown your sorrows in booze for God's sake. An event. Was less than you ran over an animal. I don't know that I am. Yeah I hear it you I had this long drive in the desert in Arizona and I would hit these little field mice almost every day and sometimes they're rabid it would discover fall as killed. It looks. Against Lejeune is very sensitive since he's been very thoughtful. You know. You'll see that happening is that they are clicking on campus I think it's yeah actually. You know having mice sound effects a play on Alan. The nibbling you should've seen the look it was light I don't even know I felt like it was my mom looking at you wanna play the cats out effect and again I didn't put it like I wasn't being disrespectful on this site. She says can I get Katsav has an idea honoree yes. I mouth I apologized already were you going to do a but the RB I I thought I was gonna turn to stone rather I don't I don't know. Adopted it was longer. Even shouted at me just to make sure Irish shooting by army. I'm currently off in traffic you still have Medusa. All right. Let's take a little bit of a break we'll come back more kick off what we consider our Father's Day tribute in a nutshell what went wrong when dad was in charge. Bolster the surest TV share the story about how we ended up alone in Mexico when my dad was in charge next. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf are mourning the fact let's celebrate all dads with Father's Day coming up on Sunday. What went wrong when Dan was in charge. I think I have the greatest story ever. So my dad and my mom divorced and I was really young you work for time magazines or he was always off to another country whatever but we would see him in Holland now and when spring break. He flew my sister and I to Acapulco Mexico for our spring break and how old are you. I think I was ten and I sister was this twelve. Okay one of those they would really big deal only get some yeah crazy over Kansas City kids lifeline to Mexico by ourselves. Well where dad went wrong was he got caught up and work on assignment somewhere and didn't show up for two days after we got there. So we arrived in Acapulco there's that guy with a sign you always see when you get off the plane with your name on yeah like hey come what may take takes us to the hotel. And we're just at the hotel for two. Days did he check payment even tell now noting go to the madness we've cleared it out like we went up we said hey were we gave them our names is okay here's your room and bath. Treated like adults is Mexico restaurant and have a lot of laws. That's also where I have my first alcoholic beverage thanks to my big sister still who's making you bruise I had to make it up the rum and cokes they're in the room and of course my mom is freaking out. Think we what do you mean you're not bear the kids' urine Mexico. -- fire cells to do to him by loonie showed up we have third degree sunburns does he know about some luck. He weekly Q a message like did you know he's the yeah there was a note at the hotel like when you check our navy did that my day off I'll seal and Isaiah. And I can dead at twelve years old app mine so I don't get in the Duma struggles okay. Home alone these days now now really are what went wrong when dad was in charge morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf for Texas for 6150. Right now. Well a Father's Day coming up on Sunday the conversation is. What went wrong when dad was in charge signed in university place the morning. Whining. And Ali and let you know thank you surrounding the basic including everybody we love that's a son what went wrong when dad was charged. Well my daughter's 21 now but when you live three or four years old. Her dad was taking care of the kid when I without where he and I and they would go to church on Wednesday night with the Stanley brand. And I would pick them up after work I show up at church and. My daughter comes out of her classroom. Wearing her flip. Height and Bradstreet. It's a good looks well where did you get asked people who think what our passion that didn't see anything wrong with that he thought it was a draft. Harm dad you know it's funny is Vanessa and lax my daughters don't throw me silly Shea whatever address Jude I want an answer your old and my putting started badly these maintenance cooling on the lake. Thank you the wrong outfits. It's not easy when your dad trying to dress the kids I don't know what it is especially if you're trying to address a girl yet we can't even dress herself bright. Sein appreciate you sharing that story. No probably appreciate it. Dylan and my mornings blow off until it's absolutely our honor our pleasure son of we love you have a wonderful day. By the way I'm gonna post a picture right now speaking of what went wrong in camp was in charge of June of what happened the last time I took in the park by myself Ngo. I didn't do anything he was standing on this little metal. Step in his feet slipped out real quick and went straight down head first tee and I can't say anything that they get a third guy to take a little media rhinoceros or Q did you see the look and erasers and brought him home from the park walked in the door of the did you end. Today. Signed in university place the morning. Good morning Matt and Mali and let you know thank you surrounding the basin including everybody we love that's a sign of what went wrong when that was church. Well my other when he went out but when you list three or four years old. Her dad was taking etiquette when I was out where and I and they would go to church on Wednesday night with the Stanley brand. And I would pick them up after work. Well I show up at church and my daughter comes out of her classroom. Wearing her split. Height and stretched it. It's a good looks well where did you ask people who. Aren't. And dad didn't see anything wrong with that he thought it was a draft. Harm dad you know it's funny is Vanessa and lax my daughters don't throw me silly shaver ever addressed to you my want an answer your old and I'm like what he dug a badly these maintenance cooler don't like. They picked the wrong outfits it's not easy when your dad trying to dress the kids I don't know what it is especially if you're trying to address a girl. Yes we can even dress ourselves right. Sun appreciate you sharing that story. No probably appreciate it. Dylan and my mornings blow off until it's absolutely our honor it's our pleasure sodomy lug have a wonderful day. By the way I'm gonna post a picture right now speaking of what went wrong in camp was in charge of June of what happened the last time I took in the park by myself which video. I didn't do anything he was standing on this little metal. Step in his feet slipped out real quick and he went straight down head first tee Singh looked like he had a third guy to take a little media rhinoceros parts you and you just see the look gonna racers and brought him home from the park walked in the door of the and you do. Hi Def by alphabet in the Seattle will social right now elicited Big Three examine what are we talking about. Looks like the bachelorette had a bad boy wait in that house Slobodan all the details next. How big are the Big Three bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night liars and. This is the big story. Matt and looks like there are some issues in bachelor. You know hair Iceland every article only as a fan of the franchise that wise this year I've I saw this yesterday was big discussion our house last night yes still lean again. It's now coming out that he was convicted of indecent assault and battery break before the premiere of the shelves still. It actually happened to the groping and insulting of the woman happened last year but he is just found guilty I made three Ers. He's since then and still a year and a house of correction but on that he completely requirement to use for years this has been a probation period yeah I have to. Go to jail about it Lincoln is the really jacked one yeah grew hasn't English accent yes I like your sensitive jail or house of her. I think well he is English yes it sounds a much more pleasant so I need I go for a weekend of a career that he. Also Cassie register as a sex offender. ABC is saying they knew nothing of this how did their background checkers miss that I don't know that's easy to find good luck so we'll have to wait and see. Because obviously the show was filmed a while ago your. I don't know how they're NN. I don't see him being one of the main contenders anyway but do you imagine being the guy hey mom and dad and this is a Lincoln never registers a very good. Great guy is a great guy great dude and daddy and I speaking dad Father's Day is the Sunday. So what are the best father daughter newbies to watch on Father's Day. Then the question now what about the little miss sunshine you guys ever seen a great move sadly I of that movie you can't not watch father of the bride. OK you know list they Kimberly Williams the daughter and father of the bride Brad Paisley yup that's the reason he fellow that this never seen a that they say inner stellar. He'd had any guy in front. It's it's been overseeing a bullet in space. No gravity hitter still has Matthew McConaughey hey OK there's a thing with his daughter I don't know difficult biases that I think your daughter be bored to tears but go ahead another land the descendants of George Clooney assets agree movie. A little bit on the slower side of things and I love them yes they're so maybe you wanna watch your daughters from a visiting dad would enjoy it's in by the way it's also step Father's Day which kind of guarantee I think that's sometimes the hardest thing to be in advance of. Well today is actually Flag Day. And it out now in dying yet know. That we have had 27 American flags 27 different American plaques in and you had a few versions guys Steve versions I don't know how many we had. Pray for after some pretty easy questions. How many stars and what they represented the last thirteen now trades jobs aren't stars and bars fifteenth. This deeper in the state yup thirteen for Colin colony up and Pennsylvania is the only state in observes Flag Day as a state holiday so it looks like they're getting out of. Carla. And annaly Flag Day is the reason that we decided to have our military breakfast on Saturday to coincide with Flag Day so. It's a great data be given away those passes were excited to see guys in Lakewood area right later on they check the website for our location twelve to one will be out by the. We don't hit the day off work but we did get a military action. Well we look if we were here how would we be able to honor our veterans and our enlisted military with flags that's sure wouldn't be able to saving self. I'm happy to be here all right. What a guy coming up next oh yes dumb mug club we will hear about the location do for our pit stop a little bit later today. That's French and this is the morning wolf pack without parents after 100 points and the world. All right Italy the clothes where somebody new into the lead let's talk about we're going to be today it's another morning wolf pack mug club it's. And it's also a military practice pit stop Sylvia police sealed copy company in the park when part Clinton they fled the area it's right on steals streak. These different into one seat it's up I pick up your military breakfast tickets. Previous stop final bite out of pocket. Absolutely in the reported seeing everybody so Greta great note here for the month club that Italy is slow joke. We hope you enjoy a variety of our company mugs and cups we would had sent donuts but they don't Melo looked every in the Edmonton area stop by for a cup of coffee and don't eat. All the best the team at the rose would courts memory care center. God. Seem to quite as good Sunday hey Lizzie mass namely going from the morning wolfpack carries today. I am dead Harry else reduce Greg play well columns where you end of the month club for you down for that yet maybe a weekend executive director can hear it while. Okay. Age is OK Allan fine. OK hello hello. It's easy on the phone what's your answer. Patrick shepherd. Well listen we appreciate you guys sending us a myriad of coffee mug coming again and we think we got also to different kinds of coffee mud and some key Indian narrowly to I always appreciate and has led to this deal. We wanted to know that they need I don't know that we know that they're seeing that as a half months well all the mug club requires is a mugging you guys passed with flying colors and we are excited that you guys at the rose record memory care center wanna be in the Muslim yeah pleaded no we'll give everybody this duke about what you do there. Yeah I absolutely. Clear worth small locally owned company here in Edmonds and we have the an adult day care program for people with alzheimer's and dementia and we also offer long term care how livings as well. Well god bless you for doing that you know my grandmother is in one of the places like you run in net you know this is a hard thing when he goes down this road for family member and we really all do need some help. Absolutely. It really isn't that difficult disease to care for the typical busy to be around him. Our community wanted to. And I think it kind of sets us apart from a lot of other competitors through our days program and they'll all hourly rates and he gets people breaks throughout the day. A great program. Well that's Anthony Scalia but more importantly who's gonna raise your right hand and repeat after me. I guess Bodine and yes Lindsay he's got the components you. It's an eraser and a repeat after me I state your name. I don't envy. You hereby pledge my allegiance is here that I cried quietly into the morning wolf pack in the morning I. And it's a proud member and it commander. The monkey. A club. Yes I pledge to crank up the wolves every morning. Let it anchor hello every morning congratulations. And capture the carbon content of be an official member of the morning wolf pack mug club. I don't mind. It is our pleasure hey have you ever been stuck in so we wanna hear about it in five minutes right to tell you about the Minnesota woman who got her head stuck in a tailpipe. Heading to a music festival. This is a true story and I. You 100 points. I am very well thank who I don't know right now where did you get stuck. And this is an impressive story and nineteen year old woman named Caitlin strongly was that the wind stock country music festival in central Minnesota last weekend. She was chicken at a truck when she put her head in its oversized tailpipe. And got her head stuff. In that tail pave the now it gets better. Now how to get there. Firefighters had to come music power Saudi get her head out of the tailpipe. And a 62 video showing them about to saw the tail pipe has now gotten more than 2.4 million views now not only is that totally embarrassing. But when Kalin got briefed in detail by accuse escorted out of the festival and the cops cited her for under age drinking. Okay. Talk about adding. You know insulting delivering gas. They're head and they'll I don't know what do you look at who knows you know Auburn a couple of different stories trying to figure out the reason and I. Big she might be deer head and she was impressed by the size and tell by the op. I gotta take a look at mayor I think your battery strength and alcohol was definitely factor in my there's no question so the question to you morning wolf back is where did you get stuck. And I get a measure we get some great calls the order to compete with head of the tailpipe. But where did they get started 206421. Wolf right now or you can Texas up at 46150. Plus emily's got a great story shall throw in the mix here will we start here in from Uga. So where did you get stuck morning wolfpack to a 6421 wolf or 461 finds here we're talking about this because a nineteen year old woman. Guys X country fans got her head stuck in a tailpipe. And he wins stock country music festival in central Minnesota. She had to have a power solved. To get her out of details like I Caylee and able valley where to get stuck with. Airplanes and a one time that I did what that's like out I got back that Angela you know that I had to just that the white breast Nicky and me. OK so you're talking about the super fast boats that sometimes fly a veneer is there goes a vast. That's kind of also Julia. Flipped over was the water getting into the Planar where you just chill and hang upside down. Not a water like that he died how do you not freaking out. Wow I'd hit it big it has breathing apparatus that you can breed but addict still pretty chaired by. I'm claustrophobic. All of daily. You're my hero first of all I mean even erase those votes takes a lot of you know what but man to beat common cool as like it was at the first time that it ever happening you. Yeah Eddie actually say more kids. As Baghdad didn't happen again after that I was grateful that it is pretty frequent. They have it is but it particularly they they are sure it ever has been asked if that made you quit racing but that doesn't sound like get. No has said it's us that's what we're. That we told Hydro foil. Hi ray was it fair. Again you magic going on a first David Haley that nobody YouTube and into believing in cycling you all I raced these bad ass boat don't remember about an hour and about the fact that I studied the cockpit water dominated on nine. Also I am a little out of my league here. 0642 on walls or you can Texas 46150. KV eleven things are being a part of the show. Though we have thirty that that they were drunk and got there but second hotel bathroom sink. Never solve the mystery of why they are sitting in the think. As I'm glad to have nobody. Never gonna happen she's got to do what your premiere right now where did you get stuck. Over to argue about this nineteen year old girl in Minnesota love that she's a country fans he was that the wind stock country music festival she got her head stuck in an oversized tailpipe. Of course alcohol was involved. At the video of her getting in remove the power saw has gotten 2.4 million views valid social media and invest the problem. Nowadays you can't do anything embarrassing without becoming instantly viral right infamous. So she was eventually escorted out of the festival which it's kind of a plumber. I mean it wasn't like she was doing inning hurt anybody now it's her own hair itself in the car and she hurt herself and the cops actually have given her ticket. For underage drinking is get our heads stuck in a tale pie crust. Hello he Finley in word where did you get stuff. What we need to cut back your friend of mine we're in the army together stationed over Germany. We're out on the 1 evening out on the town and have a few drinks. He's immediately the Bart. And passed out somewhere breakdowns someplace warm there also played the when he woke up you can underside of it to her botched in another country. 1 o'clock o'clock. So he got into the luggage compartment. Apparently it was open and they were loading it but he crawled in and all the the back curled up a little all. But he woke up every big movie didn't know learn a lot of the dark and ended up in Austria. Find it way back to Germany and the. It would be just a typical. Tourist to Augusta was that really cool company and two of us. You know it was just a typical. Unfortunately. Well I don't think when it mattered stuck in the luggage compartment who was above you have got to that point but yet maybe you could of rode out with Crosby, Stills and Nash back. Did you have any idea he was that wasted when he left the bar. That he was in rare form but I would be we thought you're gonna go back to patiently human mourning him. We got up in the morning it was no word on the start to get a little bird and all of us that go. Oh picked him up at the nearest town that we get here to get back. You know I think that's a good. Lesson if you got greet you with your pals your girlfriends or whatever and it was as I gotta go find a place to pass out you should probably walked him all the political probably there is a little bit limited for a warm hole. Flooding in November this year and so that'll be great. Way to work in this speech to give up churches mr. white has no clue is that ever happened. And neither you know delivered a toast. All star out of oil on our soil he had never let this guy goes you honey because you'll end up in another country. A great story man thanks so much for being a part of the show and four share that would. You do the same night coming up next you've got to stick around give us prime minister you donning grandma on the phone. Where is even stuck inside of a cal you need a story coming up next. So we're talking about this nineteen year old girl or girl to like country music fans so given the love Caitlin Strom is now. This is color in the famous she's nineteen she was drunk at the wind stock country music festivals central Minnesota last week and have a time of her life. Until some guy pulls and Jack up rigs like who. I can check at tailpipe. I want to weekend and here. So she put her head in the it's not I still don't know why I don't know even the biggest gear heads are gonna put their head and tail pipe to suit the inside of that now looks like nothing there. No it's a big hole but you know when you've had 43 hard lemonade just seems like a good idea there's a match in my head is bigger nagged him about why it. Guess nobody got it out happened to somebody dared to do it anyway. A 62 video later in 2.4 million views you enjoy plus she got escorted out of the festival and give it a ticket for underage drinking when the cops had to saw her head out with a power saw. Or girl so we're asking where did you get stuck. Hello Don so we're talking about this nineteen year old girl who got a heads stuck in a tailpipe that a country music festival a Minnesota where have you been stuck. I've been stuck inside a towel and I think I know this is going to go ahead and explain Don I looked at I've got the whip our. Our first. You know when things got complicated so forth but he gets caught and that they're all for all things good. Contracted. Through waves good. We were vote off but the lakers local knowledge of the Hamas. Yeah that now the job of the gitmo without pulse here but let's go out of them bought into it. And nobody wanted to call and so I heard that the project thought. That I. And a Tiger Woods yeah did you inspired you I'd go to the races all the time but I doubt I don't wanna be upside down basket there. I gases that talent and they EOK. Thank you little cable like I did. Every plan is subject of an animal hey mom you know on the mound and whether the of that foul ball down how long did you smell. Welcome it and it. I know. I don't look for today. People pregnant. That is. Beautiful head brother I'm sure there's a lot of pictures floating around from this incident so if you have any extra set tomorrow every love to see right. Under what social media. And they're gone viral yeah well Dahmer and everybody have a great day see. I coming up next beat the street that's where you are pitted against a random stranger here in the CN WO. And trivia contest that if you beat the street you know it's a legacy Cody Johnson with meet and greets 206421. Wolf right now for beat the street says. Morning wolfpack with another countdown to 100 points couple. Laughs hit the pavement it's acted because streets. Good morning Jesse in Bonnie lake who works for Pasco how're you today area. Fantastic so Jesse welcome to beat street beat trivia contest that pits you against a random stranger here in the TWA Tino is much more than they do. You're gonna win tickets to see our buddy Texas music man Cody Johnson will meet and greets when he comes to show box Soto on July 27. And Jesse get his game face on already focus. It hit it it's. It worked so you know and read it. You're gonna need challenger here a couple of minutes and we asked her the same five questions that you are about to answer the only thing is yearling and have 36 to get through all five of us so don't get hung up on one question for too long you can always see it pass and move along are you ready Jessica. Do starting to timer in 321 go the sorcerer's stone and chamber of secrets or movies and what franchised. Afterthought which famous rock band featured Axl Rose and slash. Guns 'N Roses was the name of the courage bachelorette. No ideas. Which freeway crosses Mercer Island. I can see which country you're listening to save a horse riding cowboys. A little. Oh yeah the debris and they're. Yeah as an essay I think a large and lucrative. That it's too little too little hint they'll clean homes and out of town that it. All right Jesse other than that how do you think he did a pretty good let's find out here's the challenger who by the way we found Mary Mary's campaign's handling what's your name where you're from every day. My name is rebel laugh at the soldiers and I'm from Colorado vendor yeah. She's awesome by the way showed up in full the team with the boots great gal. And Rita I'm not given Emily a hard time I like people when they make fun of the scene is very take you on course and keep my blood. All right here we go we're gonna fight and you did yesterday the same five questions the sorcerer's stone and chamber of secrets are movies and what princess. Fluttering. She's saying Lord of the Rings all the ordering new Harry Potter Jesse you got that one right here off to a one to nothing lead for Brett. Rich famous rock band featured Axl Rose and slacks. The rock and that's OK we're a country show you are forgiven but Jesse you know. Do that one Guns 'N Roses. Cheesy but sailor man so is there really. Yeah I had a lossless and you listen to the country radio like this to seek. Course all right so you're through to her lead yet a great start what is the name of the current bachelorette. I don't. Nobody knew that one but of course he did. You and I both knew I didn't mentality among they'll be thrown shapes that don't. Are you got a two nothing lead right now which freeware crosses Mercer Island. Right answer for that but you did I ninety's he threw it across is Mercer Island so right now you have a three to nothing lead aren't it is mathematically impossible for you to lose but here's a last question anyway this country heroes thing save a horse right cowboy. Vigorous hey every Republican governor and they're gonna die every. And actually you said Brooks and Dunn another great country duo but not the right one but it didn't really matter you and it would be history three to one Jesse nice job. How are ideas hey it's our pleasure and it's great to have you part of the show even feel like dozen roses yeah scores. Father's Day is on Sunday isn't it just me or did dad bad things tend to have human dads are in charge. In five minutes and to share the story about how I ended up being alone in Mexico when my dad was in charge. I'm happy that I tell us as a progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points out. Now arrive morning will thank Father's Day is on Sunday don't forget that goes the step dads too. What went wrong when Dan was in charge. But as a bed I'll tell you we fail on a daily basis we try we try. I have the best of intentions bless our hearts. I'll give you a story and found this is that your story this is a pretty ever I don't like to toot my own warming I have to say as far as my stories go to some pretty good. Now because of any idea so my momma there were divorced and I was really young my dad worked for time magazine he's always working in other countries. So communication was kinda limited. Well when spring breaks kind of a big deal key. One of my sister and I'd go to Acapulco Mexico for our spring break is a big deal were midwest kids we never been anywhere and how old are you I was ten my sister was twelfth a so we get on a plane by ourselves we fly to Mexico. We're get off the plane is one of those guys holding a sign their names on it so we get in the van and we go to the hotel. And we go up to the desk and there's a note from my dad at the desk this is hey kids have fun I'll be joining you a couple of days. So turns out my dad had got stuck on assignment or it's doing something work related and just decided it was okay leaves in Mexico for two days fire itself at ten and twelve years old and well. Anita says the first time I tasted alcohol because my sister got right into the mini bar started with an of rum and cokes I told you all she left yet. Security she says no fun to play this game called guess how much alcohol in the drink while of course all the alcohol in the drink. Wow those the first Thomas. Just a towel. Am I dead shows a two days later meanwhile my mom is freaking out. To keep in and I don't know any of this at the time right you can imagine as apparently witnessed our kids are Mexico by themselves. We both have third degree sunburn by the time together as your mom didn't quite down. You know my mom was doing naslund and abuses there. Not a good thing let you in Mexico yet they did. He doesn't figure out have fun and I mean like to distort which are one in the room that he got reinsert. On my sister figure that out real quick I'll have the salmon. Every day. Anyway. What went wrong when dad was in charge 206421. Wolf right now. Signed in university place. Good morning Matt and Ali and let you know they just around the including everybody reload that's a son what went wrong when that was church well. Well my daughter's 21 now but when she lived three or four years old. Her dad was taking care of the kids when I without work and I and they would go to church on Wednesday with the Stanley brand. I would pick them up after work I show up at church and. My daughter comes out of her classroom. Wearing her split. Height and dress she. But I. It's a good looks well where did you ask people who think what our time dad didn't see anything wrong with that he thought it was a draft. Harm dad you know it's funny is Vanessa and lax my daughters don't throw me so much say whatever address you might want an answer your old and I'm like what he thought about Lincoln he's made looks cool don't like. Like at the wrong outfits it's not easy when your dad trying to dress the kids I don't know what it is especially if you're trying to address a girl yet we can't even dress herself right. Signed appreciate you sharing that story. No problem I appreciate it fat Phil and in my mornings blow off until it's absolutely our honor our pleasures on to reload you have a wonderful day. Remember you can now give us a call right now what went wrong in dam was in charge to a 6421 wolf for Texas for 6150. Hello malady in Basel so what went wrong when Dan was in charge drop Tuesday coming up on Sunday got to honor pops in the right way here with a good story. Lot of good morning hey I had a state that everything I've probably got into her. Highlight. Adolescent girls and I'm networked. My youngest daughter with about three and she had on a law. Long leaked pretty Yamon Avalon police it and she simply temperature you know bent. I don't I anyway you know expect bigger load up what he thought he compromise with her didn't. Cut the lead not four hurt. While he was wearing. And ended up cutting a big gash in her car. Off it's. Body kicks and the doctors keep stilted and they had that aren't spending PC I think death is being paid. And sometimes dads don't go the extra mile to be a little thoughtful like take the shirt off before you Alter it. Exactly exactly Melanie thanks we're obviously part of the morning wolf that we love you I had a great. And I. Good morning Leslie interact and so little what was wrong with Dan was in charge momma gonna business trip and yet they like that he made all of you to think that it broke which could not eat what I mean it was. South in the next morning it was well. The chief moms lest they do everything so easily I mean it just flows did you do it all the time beginning Judah bath every night and I just now after a week got my routine down like I'm techniques you know remain. She did dissect egg as expected. Regular regulars just. I L would dare keep it simple stupid as I said hello Daniel and smokey point soulful what went wrong when dad was in charge mama in the hospital and made like this for a one day at school we called the school after. Long days you know and T was late for the large truck and he comes in the door and it already met the door in Cuba man it. She slid into him what did he do he it's been it school baloney now it is a script would he so thought I thought. What are river and they're going partners. The Bologna. Who saw themselves oh man sees his dress and him down did your dad like that or do you think he was catching up. He does it. Tasks desk was. Stimulus classic admiral thanks from being a part of the show Daniel rely everybody. Elements date eighteenth. So last round the calls for what we're wrong when dad was in charge honoring dads for Father's Day coming up next to a 6421 wolf or emily's got to Tex mex at 46150. Lindsay enabled Alley what went wrong when dad was in charge. Clay yet but they connect well she is so my brother and it really it's a little happier now though he played well. I can eat bread milk gray that he has stressed that cheese and they've both put that might make us wait out eight. Yeah you know. And if you've never tried breast milk it it has a unique taste that is nothing like pasteurized 2% say they'll. I know I'm still love that dad ingenuity though right Emily. So close but that didn't quite work that but that's right it was like oh my gosh though but you know not gonna work that's Lizzy thanks so much for being a part of the show we love you. Ain't that say it ain't Ottoman camps what went wrong I'm Dan was in charge. So much uttered that word and I left her alone for the first time with and the GE and he'd eat that it gets it on the couch and she did executed and called 91 or. What. Did he think did something wrong with dad. Now she can't quit playing around with the home call cordless phone and just. The right competition now remember home and in what was the end result of the nine and one call. At an angle and and actually ended up calling back at how it's done because he had heard that not relay teams get calls 91 line and they called back trying to figure out what emergency wedge then. UK cleared as they figured out that speculative miss kitty. Nothing happened likely. Well you know we were actually talking about this earlier annaly nicely you know we have kids and I do. Moms know this been dad got to learn the hard way bad things can happen. In half a cent handling of a splits I haven't needed attitude of the parks to give everybody else to break. He's on missile metal stepped. In half a second issues slip off he goes down for headfirst into the medal step he's got no sir I will post a picture right now this is my latest dead fail. A big mistake. In between his eyes it looks like a baby rhinoceros horns so and now all available and we haven't pose a picture to my wife with soap or filing I brought him home to the park walk announced it was like who. You city what did you do. Italy MJ any text messages. That's some deadlines when dad was in charge. He had two little girls the youngest was at a birthday party and win it she came home she heard yelling and noise coming out of the trunk of the car the older daughter have locked herself in the trunk of the car and the data had no idea she was even missing home Putin's. The whole way home. We'll know they were like at home. Paul and she didn't like playing and they are he shoved an income bielsa and there are has been and it wasn't charged their eighteen month old baby. And he took in after the eighty wanted to snuggle next to the fireplace and the pillow caught on fire. He didn't even wake up older kids Rian downstairs to the bodies burning dinner. And dads you don't math unless the kid is a sleet snow morn and then you have the monitor in case they wake up you wake up that's basic dad one on one right come on all right Father's Day Sunday don't forget interest at Dez to all the great work you do. Did not mean that's Iran for a and there are talking about next in our victory. One of the guys from the bachelorette is in trouble all I'll tell you next on a little drunk and I need you now. This is the morning. Alastair he was 100 point 701. How big are the Big Three are bigger than the lives of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night at large and this is the big story. Match for the bachelorette. And then. And you said Matta said yes well I think he's so hot. And that's already is never without drama and the new information has come to light. That one of the guys from the bachelorette has been in some trouble linking and was just convicted an indecent assault and battery breaking for the premiere date. And he's a pretty serious stuff the sound like he got drug and rare in the streets naked and and he did something bad to a woman yes he it was. It was for groping in assaulting a woman on a Harbor Cruise the year before he dissonance to eggs year any house of correction. But if you complete the requirements in two years he's get a suspended probationary period where you have to go to jail some gas like go to AA meetings and stay away from this woman. I don't know how the producers of the bachelorette missed this that they had. This stuff before but this seems like a pretty big obvious one yes it just happened it's public record if you had to do the host of corrections but I guess it like a jail I think in England he's British but he's down he's the jacked guy on the show who has the accent. Yet you also couldn't do any the football drills because he's British great it is to cross overs in England grown up against. Well since it's. Are even filmed I think it'll be interesting how this plays out on the shelves. My genocidal and it it but I have a feeling he's not the last of tawdry. Nanny didn't seem like a top contender in outsized Erica I'm sure does wanna go on to like this is mckinny's avoid these objects that are but he's great like he's awesome guy you can LaMont yeah. I registered offenders and really gets in the way red flags great at Friday or Sunday sorry Sunday being Father's Day and that's on the other daughter mideast. Read a lots. Inner stellar. Witches a movie about space bonding thing. That meant he mechanic there. At least so I had actually watched it but not all will like I did multiple lists and it seems like a reach but OK that. Yeah would enjoy it can have a father of the bride that's a class. Yet I think that is a classic what about that daddy's home. Mark Wahlberg Will Ferrell that's a great movie you're a step dad that is the greatest movie Gotti film didn't make the list the little miss sunshine did which is also great killer room. And at the descendants with that George Clooney another great movies that seem like movies that dad would enjoy more than daughter but this is my I think it. It's like it sends a pretty long and slow for a kid we like that and father Bryant and look at our house of how many unique needs to be like Finding Nemo. I didn't like his dad going to find that's. I you know son dad. Yeah different category yes. I think today is fathers are Ari why you keep putting to make safe fathers' day today is Flag Day eight. Just so you know did you meet 127 American flags no I didn't not know that seems impossible no we've had 27 American flags and of course now. Matt how many stars. You got fifty stars got thirteen bars and what they think parts. You've got to thirteen colonies in the fifty states. Is as well listen the reason we came up with the military breakfast this Saturdays because of flag yet. We wanted to coincide with something patriotic. America. Filming those flags where I've read widely you Ian cannot turn our military the stab. So lowly look will be out today to just a quick plug twelve of one of the blue steel coffee company in park and Lakewood area between twelve and one today with those free passes for the breakfast. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and Hillary. How much because Space Needle window washer makes more of particles briefer on the Bainbridge ferry to do it or not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we all I don't know what everybody else makes really miss is never OK to ask and total now. On the phone this morning is Connie from federal way good morning colleagues. Are more Donny is a chiropractic. Office manager. I don't believe we had him in his field before. So Connie were very grateful for you for calling in and be willing to share your salary. You're about to tell everybody in the greater Pacific northwest what you make the year you okay that. I rates. Super so here's how it's gonna work if you knew the show we're going to be a woman on the clock Emily and I will rapid fire questions for one minute. And then we'll try to guess and figure out how much Jamaican and you chairs out sounded kind. I don't. You can answer commuter questioned the snow has taken off the list I don't know about a pressure that just today I might bring. She got double team pretty hard yesterday I ask you out and then we we actually had a long discussion after the show about it here we go woman on the clock Emily with the best questions in the land that you start. Great honey is it just one chiropractor office. How long you been no working it down office Connie. Do you ever get to perform any treatment yourself and you know. How long have you been in this industry to chiropractic care industry. Here of how other people work there. That fight so you have no medical training. Yes. But decent at different guests are back in an office. About. Is cracking your own knuckles a fan Ehrlich a form of chiropractic care of always wanted to know if that if the car guy so yes but the doctor would get victory. DC also did this in five years yet so this is a career no job. Yeah. It paid hourly your salary. Currently getting bonuses. And a half hours leaking it about twenty holiday pay. No. Bush last vacation. He's right organ. I'm sorry what where an organ. Org and beautiful love it our Connie give us three minutes we're gonna try to come up with some guesses what we think you make here and you'll share your salary sound good. Say they win Levy county will do that in three minutes. And welcome back to share your salary because we all I don't know what everybody else makes a living but it's never OK to ask. Until now on the coma this is Connie and she lives in federal way and she is a chiropractic. Office manager if you just tune and and what else to know about Connie Emily. She's been and did it for eighteen years she works and office with one chiropractor and I have other people. Jerks that's when he hours a beat she is no medical training but she does see herself doing this in five years so we did NASA's tiny bit is that considered part time. Yeah okay. What is. Would you like yesterday and here in the lead with twenty win. I have. I have sixteen plan. Clinton has eight. Pools of the episode of I twenty you have eight I think I got today is in the bag and you need you I am your golden stated you were my Cleveland to. I'd so I get to go first and then the next person goes in the order of overall win rest so I'm gonna go for. Just based on you know the part time you have two years. I'm losing 36000. Dollars a year for Connie to chiropractic office manager in any particular high here added a forty seat. I'm going in thirty and I think it's going to be lesson that I think I can just go a little under you Baghdad. I'm not going against you here I think that's a pretty strong play to go lower on this one at all okay Connie. World Series everybody wants to know that I can share your salary. And trade are out there and and 24000. You know somehow when we were going to the original one minute questions. To part time the hour a week thing just kind of went right by. I got his head I know you don't that's a common mistake if you're thinking about the next question not listening gas you know that's why god gave you two years Emily. I'm a winner twice as much listening and talking. I broke my own rules Johnny we love you so much and do you feel like you're getting paid what you show what are you work in more than you didn't pay. Don't really care actually love the dog and down and can't capture board chiropractic in federal way and I have to love it just let Stanley office and it's great. On the big fan of chiropractors in general I know Vanessa my wife and family ask both of them afflicted with migraine headaches in the chiropractor does help quite a bit does wonder yeah I mean without immunity he'll get it in a darkroom you know via fanning themselves for the the swamp could. Johnny we love you thanks replacing your salary if you'd like to jump in here for any game this week in fact. We need somebody for tomorrow. We deal and we love to finish the week really strong with I share your salary so if you would like to do that we'd love to have you you don't have to use your real name if you don't want to call us right now. 206421. Wolf take. It's now McAllister. You 100 points. About excited for I share your salary tomorrow we discussed 63000. Phone calls we blew up it's unbelievable how many people are willing to share the salary it's great statistic and excited for tomorrow already. Okay. Emily I know you don't drink right. So I don't know if you're gonna find assisting at all but most people a lot of people do in a lot of people do something called drunken dining which is after you've been to a concert. And you had your fears. On the way home it always seems like a really good idea to stop somewhere in. Pete has not notices of my friends and it always seems like. Free ski fast big dispute pays better when you talk are you hungry you're. It seems to taste better the ice I think there's another part of the conversation to at least for me and I must speak for everybody. But I know fight eat something and it'll soak up a little bit of that alcohol and also better the next day right so that eating your stomach aids and get drunk or indeed tend to be at least a little in my mind a little more hung over. So put some men there seems to help sometimes less you care what you me anything is not as fair game your track and I say what's even worse is the next day when your hung over you have the seemingly endless pit of stomach and you can eat. A huge greasy double cheeseburger Fries your 120 seconds later what is going on. Anyway so they did a poll 6000 people and asked Americans about their drunk eating habits. What fast food franchise do you guys think most people go to to drunk died so after throat out where's everybody going to get that snack on the way home. I would say either like crystals are right castle or talk about. We have either one of those things even here I know you're from Georgia so that makes perfect sense after those Mosul slider murders and a delicious and when you're drunk you need 380. Been slow Jerry got a guest is heavily out of far off yet for media would have been. Jack in the Box or an area. There is a place that is by far the most popular. And I putting on the McDonald's because of the French Fries in the government alleged to have drug giant McDonald's french fries what that's what Michael Reagan was doing when he had to deal life. Just don't tapped the car in front you know I've been my goal it's Taco Bell. Bell did that Douglas didn't even hear it. And I'm off for Taco Bell is by far the most it's all I heard you say it was crystals found other Sar got it. I might listen he's it was okay are they Arabs you weird thing I know. Preaching a mile acquire. 41% of Americans that is their favorite spot for drug dining. McDonald's was next to Tony five. Followed by V Waffle House so yeah vendors Danny's and then bring in a career with 5% of the votes I hop or is it high high harm them. It's totally 5% I'll tell you what's shocking. And this is coming from a pretty healthy guys that I know exactly how many calories I need every single day and I weigh every mile race was anomaly weirdo I get it. We consume an average of 780. Extra calories. After a heavy night of drinking. Alcohol by itself has a ton account see you mean and that drunken meal Orlando Mondale he had gone the way 790 calories women a foot away 760. It's about the same. You can't got a technical director that even with a shocking attack but here's the good news. It's your more than people yes. Look there's always a silver lining in Lucent and get a dig a little bit to find him but if you're one of those people. That loves the Taco Bell drunk to nine. It's the least amount of calories so let's get Yan so okay the average draw and quarter at a Waffle House don't go there next time you hand speed. It's almost a thousand calories and eating at a Waffle House scattered covered and smothered enough. What what did you dissent tattered cover other I don't doubt legs. I love Emily Stewart passed grounds I I don't do nothing to hash browns and I'm from the south. But let's see McDonald's was next in almost 800 calories for their drug meal and Taco Bell. Not bad at 723. That's still lots but you know again I'm somebody who council McCarron that's about an average meal. It really is S breakfast or lunch or dinner isn't added meal like an Italian dinner I think he drank this is an attic midnight and our top three drug orders for women at Taco Bell. Doc course get sinus and Nationalists. Let us talk us. Dissidents this city SMS. Death and not as much Mexicans how to speak in Spanish and yes I guess that deficit the nationals. For minutes tackles but a toast and it's easy gore deep debt crunch. So really complex. And it is you have to be drunk to be able to order a cheesy or. Something to consider when you join us for throw down in September inning and go drug dining. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister tusk go stir fry vegetables in the frozen sections so money all day. And Emily grace you're happy really hasn't been kidnapped and other it has an all. 127. All. Any case you haven't heard this Saturday we are having our inaugural morning wolf pack military breakfast it's a free breakfast to say thank you to every single active military member and their families and veterans and their families here in the BMW and we know we're not gonna get to serve everybody this Saturday but hopefully it won the next ones we do in different areas of the BMW will be able to get to viewing your Stanley if you are military and Emily I know you're really excited to come from an army family you know grand dad dad the whole thing you pops in Arlington and I hopefully it'll be a special for you as it is for everybody else. I'm so excited and even though let's freak out at a ticket to getting to do much good to make. So we're going to be out of Lucille copy company in the park Linda Lakewood area of them into one today's stop on viable gives this three day it. Now we're also going to be out there tomorrow morning we'll have wing nut in Q wallet and hand them coffee there right on pioneer avenue. Everything you need to know is that Seattle wolf dot com. It's kind of hard to believe that it's almost here and by the way you know we have been working on this since October. Testicle wild fourth on the right partner which is the home course and upon we're so grateful to Anthony shipment and whole crew down there. It is going to be a five star gore made breakfast and we let him off the hook remember like like pancakes bacon that keep it simply zone and I don't know. We make really good food here we wanna show off so we're gonna make his first class operation all the way. We've had other people step over the plate to be some other surprises there and again if he can't be at the military breakfast and I know a lot of people every step they want to be there bit. It is for the military right. You can share the experience on all our social media on Saturday morning eight A and you look at your phone because I know for a fact and slow Joe's got me on this. Will go FaceBook live. And we're gonna have the National Anthem sung by Shelby. In foot she's enlisted by the way so full uniform and we are gonna have are color guard on tap as well. That's how are gonna start the start and then the three must obviously be there really shake every single. Person's hand as they walk in with their active military or better in her hobbies deployed in your there was a kid doesn't matter where their Libya love up on you and thank you for what you do your sacrifice every single day. And I'm just so excited I can't believe it's almost here hopefully we'll see today again all the information about where we're going to be in Parkland is on the website Seattle all stock around them. I look at with Matt McAllister has been trying to. So low and I don't forget as we did make an automatic here particular podcast it'll be uploaded and ready to listen to add around 10:30 this morning you can find it on the gap. On the web site. Or on iTunes please find the subscribe that would be cool and good try something a little bit different today. To let each member of the show bring up their own topic and that's what we discussed Emily will you be bringing up on the bonus content part of our clients yesterday. British talk College Baseball 'cause the University of Washington dismayed and college World Series and I don't dons. Not surprised that and Louis and against forage cap converse residents forced. And slow joke. I wanna tiger about the Davidson and Arianna and then you do I really okay. That is a hot mess right there and hot mess expressed you know I think as you look back into any years that Paul was. I got the details hug in areas like how many ex girlfriend tattoos do you need to cover up in one lifetime didn't. Right Deanna Lee is coming up next to load nearly fully heal Father's Day is Sunday Emily yeah today I Nike they say. Okay could you just Flag Day and it's also the US army's birthday today it is itself and so shot. What did your dad Tex you doing. Growing up in the eye you're getting out and get away with that your dad totally time. Natalie Allen. Don't ask began kid he had zero. They don't get me another girl the only able what's yours are clearly you have one well I was trying to sneak out of the house who wanted to go to the movies it has never done this before my brother used to do it all the time you get away with that nothing can I can totally. I got this up so I'm climbing back in from going to the movies in through my window and my parents are sitting out on the front. Doorstep no like hey you can disuse the front door. Oh wow I can't wait I'm halfway through the only thing it just makes you feel that small. Now we're onto your town yeah. All right well there's couple easy ways get a hold dearly at to a 6421 wolf for you can always Dextre up at 46150. Were around you guys enjoy it what looks like it might could possibly be a good day at the I don't know I don't ask me I got the worst expensive whether affable time yeah. You will see tomorrow 5 AM we levees. Actually the car. Mornings and I'm so.