The Morning Wolfpack - Thursday June 7th, 2018

Thursday, June 7th

Thursday June 7th, 2018

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Rolling and welcome to our podcast as the morning malt backgammon McAllister Emily hello saying no joke that show after the show actually the show before the show yeah just some of bonus content here that we didn't have a chance to talk about today Boca. Whoa things like Soto sect pretty hot having its and by the way this is the Thursday edition if you didn't see it anywhere when you click to listen you know the date June 7 via the test me I'm always neck area and into 5 AM head was still well you know it's funny Tuesday yesterday it's got done talking about how. I had this new but plan not to drink during the week out the weather was and I told you site. When the weather is nice surround your man I just wanna celebrate to succumb to the pressure I just today two hour bike ride I took an hour plus hike with Jude and I got back it was still. 430. I'm like matter read a time there behind that one turned in at two external and maybe more than that I. Like Intel IBM warranty it solid and I don't know I don't know why wasn't more hung over that's fine because I drink my face off last night. Really good about it for it thank you okay eyes couple things that it is really easy I did well I was drinking I watched the first half of the Cleveland Golden State campaign theater which by the way to ratings on the series have been phenomenal at the highest rated cable thing going on. It's a good series and and I know a lot of people are sick of that Ian and I I would have pulled like our order rather seemed. Boston and and huge Stan. That man I just love the series it's always. One I think that JR Smith. It goes families there on I think that helped get people interested because they're probably back on the map you know I have my bonus not a resident says it's Tristan Thompson was playing. I think though he's the card ashy and guys that she's okay she had her angle like anemic he runs. That's a fact and begin to shoot the ball. Anyway so why she was cut him up on watching two of the highest paid athletes in the world play each other staff Korean LeBron James yeah it is fun. I was over Cleveland win last night by the way and only point is out Thomas threat opted to go to the game with his wife instead of go to the CO2 you work out that that's a good downstairs and out and Catholics see empty or well listen if your fans you can go to the finals gamer or gently vendor hundred you know. He didn't pay it anyway the reason I'm talking about this is because. Forbes released their list of the 100 highest paid athletes in the world. Sadly there were no women in the top 100. That's new ad free that's. Crazy saw a man I get me beat like top ten topped funny I'm surprised that one of the Williams sisters and get in there now is busy including is this just they get paid. I they're tee or is this including endorsements and everything. Including everything it's what they are worth and by the way there hasn't. ST I think is what they erred in a year out whether or yeah stalking me yeah and let's see the SE listed by the way this hasn't happened no women in the top 100 since 2010. Which you think horrible thing in that direction yeah and and things are becoming more more equal but apparently not. So Serena Williams but he broader rob was the only woman ever to make a list she made an estimated 27 million. Which was good enough to put her number fifty wine just had a but yet maybe that gets it she took she had to babysit she took some time off and over the past twelve months she's only made eighteen million. Which structure out of the top 100. I'd be 100 athlete NBA player Nicholas bade him. May 22 point nine million I never I'm not an NBA fan but I never even heard of that I am an NBA fan and I've never heard of them crazy right. How by the NBA players got the most money forty of amid the top 100 thanks to a big jump in the salary cap. And the list represents eleven different sports in 23 countries okay as usual with the Forbes list. Earnings includes salary prize money in endorsements but they don't include taxes. Agents' fees for an investor an income so. Guess the top ten you guys are both. Sports nurse Erica I think I'm going to be pretty good tests are and go ahead we'll so we talked about LeBron James LeBron James at that you can't mention hammer staff currently their number six and number eight so it's. LeBron is 85 and a half million he makes more than staff curry who makes 76 point nine. So who else Emily elegy gophers will go back and force it gets into the top ten. Not. Tom Brady no Floyd Floyd Mayweather boxing 200 in 85 mil him he is more than double. Number two and that's per one by yup he made 275. Million from the fight with Connor McGregor. Now Baidu I was gonna fill in this blank so this doesn't take six hours kind of McGregor is number four I have at 99 million in he made all of them he made 85 of that. From the fight with Floyd correct so he's in Floyd in the top five just two spots on one for Lieberman write one event at what about Christiane are a number three and there's a soccer player had him by the way armor and all those at a 108 million Messi Messi is that a 111 million and he is a global icon yep. And we stillness and well you need five who's another soccer player I've never heard of him beat 21 named person I don't know anybody here's a soccer. A little bit I'm trying to think is as sort of an end. Looks like pick contractor country and sound horse not getting anymore. I had ninety million name mark I don't they are at sixes but personally here now. I think a familiar name I mean in my voice marketed in our third year. Now Roger Federer is number seven which. Roger Federer has got to be 3536. Years old yeah he's not winning and I'll think at least maybe he's got a ton of endorsements but even then you're less than you saw tennis commercial. I don't know men I'm just surprising yeah I know a little bit 86 and a little bit about tennis is my mom watches tennis incessantly brat joins in solitary missed. I just didn't think Roger Federer was still the top of the tennis game I think he's in the conversation yeah I thought Raphael Nadal I'd like dethroned him. But still a top. Yet equity Nadal has actually slipped off a little bit herding loss like a couple of days via. Anyway. So there's two left that we don't have to step curry is at number eight and and they're both quarterbacks in the NFL a pair. I want to say one of a youth and Matt Ryan is number and I kind another one out 67 point three million dollars in almost. No. Air Rogers no. This guy plays for a perennially bad team the browns know now not that perhaps there Mark Richt. I'm Matthew Stafford as it is now. He's a Georgia boy I'm gonna deal today I'm trying to keep as entertaining unlike yesterday were letting go to dead air real good enough bonus check yet not separate accident freak. Guys were a series at Georgia boy. So I and I know you don't think that counts but people are from George don't care for Georgia Tech or Georgia is George I just fine okay. Obama's make its image as a cal. No it's a good school and in great football team he has adorable twin girls a scuzzy and Matt Ryan has twin boys and says they have played eight. Do you really am so it memorize a ginger right now. He's not red haired I think and dirty block. OK man maybe that's out there was some quarterback became out of college you've really really good feature about for the Bengals is like fire you add your ultimate end don't ask I can't get up in Indiana bill that night but I remember this is off topic but I remember everybody questioning his ability to play football well look at he was there a ginger and I think they'll have to do here sunburn. Anyway so. Those of the top ten I think that's it uniforms are coming have a whole list put. We ain't got that much time but I think the big story in the headline on the story is that no women Maria top 100 this year. Which that's again the huge disparity it's funny too because there are some sports were I think it's more interesting to watch women play the same sport. Beach volleyball is one of Japan's. A lot of it has to do their outfits you know it's absolutely Aaron likes seeing a guy do gymnastics it's awkward weird to those are not money sports honestly the early monies for I can think. With blank you know higher profile female athletes is is tennis. Tennis and yeah walker maybe of I don't know allows gonna say the LPGA I don't my father in law like ex ex father in law he was a golf like crazy golf guys expect well might and I you saw there I'm sorry my ex father in law is good mandated he. He like to watch TV LPGA better because he said their form and technique was way more superior to the mental the only one ending up has Michelle Wie. And I mean I know she's good. Well there's a one. Really good looking one and fortunately for women there seems to be. There's always a tied how they look how they like to have Patrick on I don't know if she would be the spokesperson she is issue isn't so pretty arm. Which again that's just haven't double standard of we live and it's not really fair credit it is what it is. And I can't arm there could Britney something and she was really attractive golfer out of Vegas but everybody like Turk issues have pretty it just like Jennie Garth the softball pitcher after he loves her because she validity on. Yes and they're good bye but they're also really attracted. We met Jenny Garth one time we're actually their guns party after the CNA is on year. And our wish just like shock flu parties here on TV like the case she's pretty whatever. I know she's like seven feet tall she's like she was how high it was it was salaries and I think to be fair we were drunk so that might be a slight exaggeration I I was actually that haven't yet she's my high eight media little a target priority GL taller than you spyware Neil price in Google and I've Sunnis get the quickest Google search from Baghdad again bit. Yeah every Sheila did and there's a lot of really good female athletes that don't get the attention because let's face it guys watch sports for the most by an M yeah. And march towards him mentally he aren't. Yeah what's it's any something else there is an offense that is nice finish on grabbing Google Tom argue are five Jennings says it says she's the from through. Jennie Finch. XP but and I was Lawrence and he'll. Not surprising because talk like you don't like it she was a basketball player volleyball you expected but probably not tall. I was shocked by like but I think that's pretty intimidating appear first of all if I played softball. In those women were doing that thing when they went there on Athens I'll be intimidated anyway but even a six footer up there aren't thrown that heat I don't know quite swing the bats. Set off a soft on got to give a shout out to the U dub the team they mated to the team agent on the actually lost its two out three. So their plane at this year and they lost the first you can but to make it to a ship that yeah those huge gap so they're out it's done it and ask. Champion but too bad that's funny huge they made. That's yeah that's it that's like being nominated for a war you still one man they're great teams ever and they at a dead a young coach incessant in the week ahead. In top gun movie news you know there are coming out with the reboot we touched on this a little bit on the show but. So there's up production site in San Diego where they're casting the film yet and we all know that like Tom Cruise is going to be involved but Val Kilmer was apparently spotted at the hotel. Being used for the casting crew of top gun to be apart of the sequel however he's gonna come and play. And Hampshire is trying to do boo somebody Google what happened about Kilmer that I and time. You can. Oh you know it was okay he had a two year battle with throat cancer and O Matic a serious toll on his health but it apparently he's going to be back. Kenny log ins was interviewed yesterday carbon an airport like you know that TM CI DS and he says he's gonna reboot danger zone with a cool young rock band really I don't know that. Love Kenny I don't know about reboot and Dana is then that's are still holes that. I know and the rivalry turned friendship. And you just heard the quote about being my wingman I mean that's got to be one of the all time great romances in movie history like if your fears those that you respect each other Yemen did it become pros telling the very end area and Maryann but so anyway that's kind of the news on that Tom Cruise says he definitely wants Balco lawyer involved and wants can log ins evolved. But again I hope they've collected Jake Gyllenhaal as the young hotshot pilot light Tom Cruise is maybe he's our leaders the viper this time you know let's let's of all the characters I thought their way past like that what are we want for this move because they're are soft footage of them filming scenes from it where yacht cruises on a motorcycle racing at F sixteen or something like well I'm sure it's I think they've begun production correct. And you know I don't know maybe got killer had a cameo and so he just showed up for that matter and by the way I keep seeing ads for Cobra Kai its beacon every throughout yeah Roddy can I say you links for I know did you watch it now I thought I had checked out Allergan about it but it is blocked sites like YouTube bread and you can watch the first two episodes for free. And I it's couple bucks watcher so that trailer that I watch this is where we lose Emily can already know here solid numbers democratic did throughout my geo and he's an 32 I don't know start around if he was a movie they Yasser high school but and there are apparently the same code ago. So Ralph much you know and whoever played the actor Jonny cat and Johnny wants to teach the kids Cobra Kai and Rouse quantities of me ID. I heard that. That have route in my area I'm only I. I have an art. I'm knowledge burlap are very long shot amazed at leg big guy in this and Ralph much he has kind of narrowed didn't see that comment and somehow some out Johnny is teaching that over tax cuts I think Ted Ted Alex's thanks kid and he comes in a lighthouse and beef without his coach. Well this is the fun likes begin for the fun part is watching Amelie with her our idea staring down a studio that twirling her headphone Corky she could not be more bored you know and by the way man. I led off with a sports story it's your interest as if there's an hour let's move on what you would send a promotion without a raise it here boss offered your promotion that didn't come there is would you take it. There's a new survey that's out that says. Shockingly. And then maybe not so much 64% of us would in that is up from 55%. Needed same study back in 2011. So but I did yet steady again let's ask everybody to remember. It's been seven years that it wants the promotion of her days. But you remember working their last company they were famous for that I heart well I like guys in it what they try to do is make you feel more important by giving you more responsibilities. And more stations to run without paying you anymore but also knew that regional vice president of an area a great man in my salary getting up. Knew. And did this company's gonna thing you know we're looking at it. Only ended do it is to pad your resume so if you're trying to move up or whatever goes from around the only reason to do it. Right now and I another reason to. I was just recently offered an opportunity to do something for exactly no extra money. And I said now. The horn do that. I think I I'm real happy with what I'm doing it being the morning I know wolf is Seattle's a big deal I'm happy I don't need tiff to him look like I'm more important doing something or somebody else ask for no money were busy that's stupid thing to figure out a way to attach a paycheck through and I always man. Anyway 70% of men say they do it that's because we all have this nasty thing called an ego laden where the trouble it seemed like gas at 55% of women said they would to assess the majority but far less. Younger employees were more likely to say yes to yank their but he wants to look import and and again they've got. More career to think about are the better the title. Parakeet and yet I did that a little bit with a one company or work for it kept getting promoted and it was like. And endeavors raises involved or are about like you know minimal forty cents an hour guess and I ended taxes take it did not Wear it wasn't worth it so what are you guys bank is this was also in the serve today. The average amount of time you need to be added job before you can expect. A promotion which is also should come with a race. Mean every year a year and three please Joe's a little bit closer to and a half. You know I just think and it would just said that about I don't know making minimal. I would take permission if I got a good things besides race so I remember like when I was a bleachers Aniston example when I was race. Waitress they offered me ten server had waitress didn't know the phrase that I can't make my own schedule and I actually made more money can buy and pick like Friday night whenever. Or if they said Hamdan this promotion you want to raise it to get an out there two weeks off like you know Turks and those. On the other definitely in that corner office outlook perks equate to money and yet Brett opinion like great parking space a look at what's worse side. Meat you know I think to now like Emily people that are closer to your age and younger. They don't have this thought in their head that they're gonna get a job. They're gonna start at the ground level they're gonna beat this job for their life their career they are there way up. Like we talked that guy from cart towards the junior salary makes a 120000 dollars morally he does because he's been there for twenty years Brett. Now it is the way to do that is to jump ship every here and get to a different place maker like Y ears your work in your dad working on a recipe there's no brand loyalty now you know and and I do think that we have now all our generation looks at jobs. Panel like marriage and fortunately where if it's not working out uses disposable Brett in our parents knew you went to work at Boeing or wherever and you were there for 45 years and you gotta watch he retired and you never had a working as for. Simple but it what are which came firstly people wanting to jump ship or company is. Not having as much stock into keeping employees but see I don't know about that because at least here in Seattle doesn't seem like these tech companies. Like hoddle their employees they have so many benefits in cool stuff and back in the day I welcome my batter whatever. You want to work 95 did you job went home like there was no map room there was no lounge chairs and a ping pong game well OK and here's another. Thought maybe I wonder that went away with pensions and if you stated come because the pension now there's no pensions of what's you know. Yes and I just I think in general and I think it's probably really good point he even got to look at how the company's entry in the employees but I don't think they're treating him any worse I think we tend to look at things a little more disposable emea yet every like us and quicker and it's quicker to jump ship and sail or you're alleviating I was making a sixty and on. As opposed this month. You know what I would do because I do like being loyal and it's indeed. I would heavily thanks for asking if you take that eighty offering you go back to your boss and say hey I'm being offered process. 08 but I'd like to stay here and I got a tape to starting a new job is a lot of work it's when you're there for ten years you're rolling you know you got momentum things are set up. Even just getting everything established like here. Let's misunderstood your desktop yes but here and mail email your all that correspondents and and your 401K and your health care and yeah this that the other in finding out who's the guy that working Hayden is one you like it has been enthused backs to ever really get trustee to get into a rhythm takes a the year the app so I don't know I would much rather take that offer and give account as. And everything obviously depends on the industry to send industries like the tech industry they're the reason they they I think offers so many perks is because it's so competitive. And new companies are popping up every day and offered thrown stupid money people. Industries like ours are different because it's not like yet. This is not a major career industry really like if your first one of a handful of people you can stay the same place forever but were most likely gonna bounce around a little bit in and a hate that and no because my heart just wants to settle into what part of the landscape death. But knowing the reality of the landscape and radio. I think about okay the wolf may not be the last station I work there which I desperately wanted to ask you never and a man could have changed companies gets old FLAC format are presently we have recently released now. Yeah I know it it's like when you allow your brain donor had sucks is that kind of Dole's ad deal does not. But here's the good news. In my career I really good runs in increments of ten years aggregate yet I mean that seems to be the magic number so. Let's just hope for at least good ten years and and as less you know you get addicted boss who fires you think he should be. He should be able to go ten years Lola completing key tag go crash. Into the plant that's the plan so. I that's what we got enjoy the show and we'll see you back tomorrow. Okay do you think you. Do you think he would tell them morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister is not this. Point 7:0 well the morning wolf pack here on Thursday eighty underneath the center. I. Got up his schedule hi Emily I sludge or the morning everybody's here glad you are to thank you for starting your day with us on Thursday June 7. Not going to be fun to be a big big announcement coming at 720 make sure your here for that. Before that last versatile and tickets to tonight's the big show. Wimbledon down their hope to meet you you're going to see Sugar Land that we hope that you are connected to you at some point is we will be there too as you walk in TV show. What a share your salary to every get to meet activity assistant Amanda. And I'm trying to think of anything else the mug club but we go to Whidbey Island to swear in the old critter cut carrots extend. Also did they tell you I'm getting area did you enjoy some sunshine yesterday I there and I islands in DC and we just sat there and read your book. I guess I actually didn't read I brought the book but I just end up getting high. For some reason waves that mean extreme it's like staring at fire Ramones you just kind of zone out. I am in all of your ability to do that I'm not emotion I had I not happy yeah I said everybody now aren't just chilled. For and how weren't just looked at dog food to water people watch at a Siegel stare me down to about twenty minutes. I didn't get a new staring match for the Segal in and I need to stop and enjoy and just move and I named him Bob. I know he looks like this because back. This could prompt effective and today we look at some sun election getting darker. You're getting more freckles. Well after another how much more I can you know and I think that fact there are no overload bill and what I I saw some pictures you'd take loads you out right. Yeah I you know I took of lycra and got home while he was napping I got back and I had a mini afternoon for a little bit mom went to the gym. So the so beautiful out and it's hard when you have a one and hassle just to sit in do nothing. The only place they always do nothing they've now we always does he's like in everything. MI it's easier for me to put him in little baby backpack in go do something yes so we took the dog went and hi all I was definitely I mean it. It's nice as can get away from little bit. All right let's get leadoff college shall we yes if you're sitting there listening to the show and you've never calls for we'd love to have you get a starting get a sound base. And we love getting your text to 46150. Emily's got to handle there. Either way every job morning wolfpack let's get to know you little bit by the way if you're the lead up caller you also get to pick a song so has apart. Hello Steve in lake Stevens welcome to the morning wolf back in I think your BR leadoff caller how are you today. Well. It was or ever thought when you were looking around for places to live that you wouldn't live in lake Stevens because you name is Steve you're like man that's like a cliche and people are gonna bother me about it. Not at all I thought. Don't quite mean what a debacle. It's my left I don't. Was Steve what do you do this morning what do you do and where united. Way the war of bad stuff. I. Oh. Steve how young are you. To teach you and are you nervous about it fifty at all at all. What are your plans for your birthday we got going on. Orchard a war that we get an. I work on the OK woody could cannot do you know were they took him off. It fixes our top young beautiful cash. Couple a couple of cold Beers I hope. And order chips. And avoid all right listen Steve since it's your birthday and you're the lead off collar obviously you wanna play a song for welcome we do you. Think we're. You gotta my friend big winner less than the CMT awards by the way he was he threw a shutout in Brasco flats which I don't quite understand that may be and we can get to the bottom of the species such a news hound. I Steve have a great commute happy birthday we love anybody. Time before we play your Blake Shelton. And les over their work in the text message last see your fingers got tagged. I'd say good morning to ban that doesn't ever read Johnny John. Eads Stephen from Burma send her in military contractor edit man he's an. Is getting more kids it's Robert says good morning. Nobody get exactly no effects non rock I L morning every day man and then it Tammy also the morning to her. Put up Tammy how well of course get it at taco time now I always turn them into the mud clubs and yes I can fly Libyan dictator being there every day of course and all of you for starting your day of investment thank you thank you thank you and coming up. If you missed it yesterday we're gonna replay it for you again it is the editors are to -- Combs which was really cool and you'll find out what he and Emily have been common in three minutes. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister you live Liddy you're on fire nice job can't ever say a list again and and early grave I'm. It hit a high five from each day if it kills the east and Athens. It's point seven. Oh yeah coach Lou Gomes. Eight hour. Good man how you doing all it. Was say your bettered dandy we third number one song congratulations on that Luke and also we are wondering in did you pick up on the country music passion when you were here in the PNW. Did and did and that was really cool and you their hands and the crowd was amazing I mean guys we're talking about two weeks ago how surprised are worth and how awesome fans or damage there. The thing I love that on that you're shows Lucas Sharon like manly man up there and a lot of your. Heidi it's a very in the mid they're just belting your songs out like little school girls because let's think a lot. The while we have we have some super awesome die hard fans. It's been really cool to kind of see at least especially current funny shows that counts. Diversity of people this issue up every night it's really cool to see your music kind of connect to that and you know. So Luke you and Amelie actually have something in common. You both almost graduated college. You both got like in the fourth year of college in decided to leave to pursue other things hers was Georgia Tech in radio yours is appellation state. And you left to be a country music star. But it I did it. And look we're both doing all right. Right decision dude man now I you know Illini we have is conversational time giver feel the need to go back and complete that saying do you feel that way Lou. You know I think I would like she just sick leave is stone unturned and I don't I don't think it's sort of burning. I think it's definitely you have to do right now I try to be put it time for that. I think at this point average and just give him honorary degree. Luke comes I'll call this right now you're just tuning in it's also aware Eric church went who is one of your idols armor between got a picture you read one of his concerts as a teenager how big an influence did he have on you. Tolerance tolerance I am here to Canada already and I got to do you know processor chips. Big fan of of what he did and and everything that he does is still in the I think he keeps incredible live performer is the critical songwriter. And that kind of does this say that I wanted to wanted to be was was. But I agree entertainers and goods orders hopefully work toward that goal and I'm very thankful for the first time in music. Asked if going into your relationship your gorgeous girlfriend Nicole when he walked the red carpet I always wonder when you're obviously the reason you've been invited. But your girlfriend in the pictures so does her outfit choice comes first heard you pick and then she kind of so what we look good with you who matches who okay. I I don't know I guess to turn out she manages me that I she has more options it's like you know where this dark blue suit or just. Blacks do this kind of snapped out of it for me right. You know it's funny because in the country world now there's there's two kinds of artists there's Luke columns. And then there's the guys that go to like the Nashville blow house and spend two hours doing their hair. Probably more than their significant other teams voice that big guys that probably Loko has never get a drink a beer with but I'm glad that we have both. Because it attracts a bigger party to country music. That doesn't end you know in the everybody doesn't own thing and that's always spin. Well I'm kind big on it's if you're gonna get here and do your thing to do their thing and don't follow just. Amen brother and Luke comes we are all looking forward to having you back cuts here in the peace and W can't see anything more than that but let's just leave that where it is just aren't looking forward and back. Okay and different analysts and take care best wishes and appreciate the time I appreciate you don't think he. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf wanna say hey to Stephen Buckley who senator attacks this morning it made me laugh. 46150. He said that it met. You're such a dork but you're still funny and I really enjoy you guys in the morning. What do you think he's referring to accept what do by an and again. We read every tax we read every email we try to respond every comment because honestly we love you guys the show's about you so city are trying to figure out party responded like thanks for making me laugh. Whatever songs is funny but then I'm like. Q what I said what do you think he's referring to between five and 5:30 AM I think that's so door key I'd Dougherty. Maybe the back you're gonna abscess over the fact that you count your door for throughout the next year and I'll let you know extra pressure but let's see our preference your cycling. Which we found out yesterday by the way is on the list of things it is now the cool air quotes cool for 2008 team along with avocados are still waiting for us -- them and her back injured justifying it it is it's still a source soldier at. I haven't oblique yet but that kind of which in our category the entire holiday you're just that of the fact that I can chill. On a beach and you can't you yeah yeah yeah or. He had. Man I don't a year you'd definitely I'm not saying I'm not a dork I've I've had there's -- a ambient or is not a bad thing I don't care I'm just I'm trying to pinpoint the door penis that Steve's referring to and I wish CI act can't I can't put my finger on what you've said it was Turkey in the last fifteen minutes just taken a hike with my kid is not dork yeah well he's definitely had more jerking moments but I think. This this didn't say I think we need to hear back from Steve. Ask you needed like be specific care and again I don't mind I'm all of her and start and criticism and I know I do some Turkey stuffed. But you know the way I wave my food forgot it and Ed is an endearing quality about Tina at you Kenneth Allen yeah you know it. Really do I have. Well not Amylin and beyond a suspect umpteen what are my adored. No. Now you're always ahead there are no longer hesitate you know you have moment you have door key Paula he's in but I like that ever on that there. You what I wanna know what I want to know what he thinks kids may be remiss opportunity and make running and I have knowingly for a long time and never in my mind you've never just been night in the door. Bucket down I mean I was. I should because the radio is our super dork industry yeah I think. So scandal like The Breakfast Club that'll movies like Anthony Michael Hall was the king of the geeks half Catholic and the a leased to working a door keeps I did I radio I got my generated thug like the one cool guy is one of my first just characters of you look at her after a bulletin quote I don't know what employer group. Like you know when we would do merits I'm brewery were hanging out all those brewers. Like I feel like a dork with those guys do their cool. Right now I'd like super hip cool and that's. Get there they're like swab and down K exam like and Vazquez Pullman and well on radio I got a chance somebody else accident or that the explanation exclamation point at Noah knows best investments in victories all right it's not about me but you guys got me curious if somebody can explain my darkness and be all and Ford. 206421 wolf or you can text or 6150. Surely got a long list starting work not a. Mad is Steve and Buckley just responded oh good he would said that you are dark he said. The reason is because your add excitement when I was reading text messages. When rising text messages and your screen in the background yet and it must be that. It was a dark and you know and that makes perfect sense I totally get that he's very good but you know what I didn't really excited really stupid little stuff. We often detected them weighing your feet isn't jerky it's healthy. They bring their attitude scale to work every day when he ideal woman I love it so now back on the macro nutrient Fannie got to know which put anybody. Tyler from wanna say it has said. This is for slow down your response to Matt statistics saying that biking was now considered cool when he set we're still waiting for the source on that he literally laughed out loud. Well there is a news source that we go to and it always says hey this thing from forums or from this is in that particular. List of things that are now considered cool it used to be not. There was no so just set a survey and I am pretty sure you guys the animated but I promise that if I was never pretty sure you reinstate her friend might do it all on the podcast from yesterday's show a little bonus content if you wanna look that up on iTunes subscribe to these. Other at a Texas that that they don't think your door key but you love your voice and interrupt others Lovato plays and then after her press after you and I had a I don't think. Not night day night some that they get excited and start to talk if you're still talking please let me know the. Yeah. Florida run out Vernon says that he still talking men under a body that is the way India India's ban makes matador what does that make me I lay my cats the we'll move well copper gave you concerns cat mom. Absolutely I guarantee she does away her cat's food because she wants to the event not an outgrowth yeah she probably has a fat cats I don't know like you need to get a handle that's that's different. Well again. Yeah Laura door key conscious choice and you are a super thin guy to begin with like no other reason problem like I would get weighing your true. I just interrupt excellent yeah how scientist yeah I think account on times in Europe us tonight and league leading the Big Three next American Arab if you want to back and. And it's dvd into high up as we know might we'll find out next. This is the morning. Alistair you 100 point 701. How big are the Big Three bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night liars and this is the big screen. Could we be seeing the end of I hot penny heard about this I talk is changing its name to Mac cut something about it but I don't really understand what's gonna okay so they tweeted out that for 68 PM taking years statement I hot now. He said the official statement. You know I think. It's. I'm not that clever and a son but they're now looking at they're named I popped the sniping at who have been beaten now I don't have the marketing lawyer prank her and actually breed. Three ending that's. And they've got another entity that was like I guess with keeping the beastie and or end. The one thing you can guess from where biscuits bake in a butternut squash your particles. Are easily bacon has been the number one yes. But we will find out on the eleventh. What the actual BC and work my this is more just deploy. I hope it is because look those lists and talked about I have. And it's a great way to get people talking about you specially in the media and hello we're doing and absolutely at a federal rebrand a deal like it Latino Waffle House to the waffle putt yet out waffled are well. I hobby doesn't quite reluctant as I hop and Pincay cute and not spend it probably who knows maybe to get to try to capitalize on the popularity baking. And affected there's so many people attorneys many car herbs maybe to Pincay businesses awards breakfast there you go national kind of embarrassed us that you. That's kind of club is that when the option he said no it's not. So some butternut squash it it's terrible there particles particles that hit. Irate last night the CN TM video music awards which Shelton was the big winners that he took home video of the year he also took home male video of the year. Carrie Underwood wish your email video of the year which. Makes her still in the lead for the most seem teen musical words ever there was an eighteenth a war right mother winners actually poisoned Florida Georgia line went performance. Which by the way if you didn't see it and I didn't because I had a bone to pick with Comcast I don't get CE NT. Part of my basic cable subscription I don't get CI attacking teen music but not like actual scenes and I get a million other useless channel I don't know what their four -- T seems like it should be included in it that's not the issue. The point is. Florida George July when they went onstage with The Backstreet Boys they've definitely got some shade from the audience the country fans were annoyed and I think they have a point. Because they won for the song everybody. It's not for eight countries on India for The Backstreet Boys aren't in yet. And I guess another big I was breakthrough video of the year was curly pierce RA today isn't Nash not chocolate ice cream day. Highs that the list of favorite ice cream late first talk factually not number one. Do you have any idea which would be. Well. Look at some of the nearly denying that it's probably too plain for animal Leno was number four. Okay. I don't know cookies green. Do you train came in tied for number two chocolate it's actually mint chocolate chat he had major but I do love that's a home run I would have thought about the long run right there yep butter pecan rocky red strawberry chocolate chip and Neapolitan awesome see that they are you a chocolate I. I don't like Tom I scream I neither is too much. That's I think for the ice cream part of Jones on this round with some else that's so much. Just like commitment to the whole thing Lotta commitment yet aren't coming up next forget the mug club August way area and a pet service on Whidbey Island says this morning wolf pack with that. How are stacked 100 points. The world. On the campus O'Donnell's. Love and before we swear and the local business into the mug club to us a heads up we're always looking for months among clubs about. The communities local business kidnapped Stanley. Kind of coming together in a great way for us to get to know all of you wanted originally started with you actually just needing coffee mug it has very organic grassroots and yes and then people started hitting him and and we love. I can't say how excited again the email thing is packets that makes you a do work not me. I don't our fire that being pretty good. Let's beyond. I get excited and get a package from Amazon when we actually get up on real mode yet we're all guilty I yeah I don't care what's in it I just get excited because we got a mud. And fell. Weathered some mud or funny as anything with your low low on Catholics that's absolutely. Grab our address from Seattle dot com and give us your work mug or works logo or you know I've we've even made it work for the business card we take that sucker on a generic way mug mango. He's just all about giving you little free love on the radio do that it's all critter pet care and training Carrey in the islands. Here yeah Hines is carried their place that there are they carry its match Manley calling from the morning wolfpack how are you I'm terrible Dario. Portray things so much for the moneys into joining mug club I always get excited when I ST month it has dogs on it because I knew you know it's coming from a good place. How did we were flattered that you wanted to be in a mud club so we're calling to swear you in and make it all officials who we can be best friends. For the rest your line I walked off. And you run Whidbey Island correct. Yes I love it out there god bless you for figured out a way to make it work and live on Whidbey Island. I absolutely love it you know that we would move their second my wife and I if there was a ferry that left early enough for me get to work on time but there isn't. But it driver around how long would it take me to get in downtown Seattle what time gets you work easy Roland here around 430. Notre. Maybe two hours maybe none of them. You want stability and military might now famous canal plus snow. All right so that's five we're all jealous have you Natalie he had to work with fluffy animals all day that you live in would be islands of you figured it out. I. Well let's where you end of the month club if you don't mind please raise your right hand and repeat after me RAI state your name a very fair. You hereby pledge my allegiance. It expects quietly to the morning wolfpack. Here the morning wolf pack and as a proud member. Hormone or. I pledged to crank up the wolf every morning I think if the wolf. It's scary to power vested in me to Debian official member of the morning wolf pack my club. We're very. How does that tell us as a progress. These guys got a free donuts it's. 100 points. Good morning Iranians see backe had a common about the I hop story or the I hop the story is who work. Yes. Yeah Amanda doesn't let this man of god if they think so it just has the popularity of pain kings' Wayne that badly they got rebrand the whole thing. I mean I don't know I love my tank it I'd rather have a pancake that a lot all. So yeah waffling all there. Like you actually thinks that all they serve and I have a pancake like everybody knows they serve everything else right. They're just trying to capitalize on the record in general that's OK okay yeah I think heavily nailed it I Hobbs sounds about right to me you know who did that successfully by the way it was Red Robin. Red Robin was Red Robin and then they turned it into gore may be years in burgers it's actually awesome. I I I like the old Red Robin before like that the berg big bird running around the kids I was gonna keep getting changed yes they've re branded asset like a hip for burger beer Kelly can craft because they are dealt with it changed our logo and a change there's added. They added there. And it actually really worked. Aaron appreciate the comments. Today did he teach you to allow everybody here's got in view all of what's going on scallop we euphoria. Hey I didn't make I LP dinner for my grandchildren using I'd go on. Vanilla ice cream good European vegetable. About chirpy and beat the best possible you have your scary. And then I'd make homemade baked in debt but on top that's. And that if you drove the maple syrup maple comes out of a tree that's I. In between each bowl of ice cream dinner yeah eat six green beans could hit out at Pickering best. That must admit my grandchildren color there and throw me under the. I was backlit disguise your grandkids Colombia but your kids probably nature like are you keep dad keeps him like greens. Yeah we've ever got that I thought about my grandchild. Had been a different anyway I love it's got they threw a part of NATO at all. That a few. Start that way way back and well appreciate that thank you for putting up with the new regime now. I am enjoying are really out levies a lot's got to you've been here longer we have so thank you. And I usage that's the best you guys are. The often I love you guys are all we're not the surround ourselves with better people than us galvanized the idiots of the month. I don't work. That way out of a great day buddy. It ain't got. And by the way that was in response to the fact that today is national chocolate ice cream day correct Emily arts space Germany don't. Have wide array and no phone calls in the middle to show we love a man sic it's Tuesday. Morning. You 100 points. Car I what is the shortest amount of time do you have worked a job morning wolf pack to a six ports you won all three can Texan in 46150. We wanna hear from you right now. This is a great conversation and what we've had before on the show evidently was before you got here. In yesterday randomly I already know what we're talking about after the show but you shared your story which I think is great. Yes I that I was a waitress and I got a job at this place because he stands. And I only made it two days which stay one is just introduction. Stay TU I went to go greeted table and I said hey all and they police who like to see the working all night but I'm not here. The great leeway at this isn't Georgia right search on you in Georgia you can't say you all and there's no certainty either but outside funding of Houston's. That's because it's a little more upscale. Yes it's like a button up quite certain yet. But yeah I was like and here's a ranking you all out of my vocabulary number one anniversary I don't know vertically but I can't think all I love that she wants and did you like this take off your black gave her Detroit or like I said I quit his job did you actually quit or he's just leaving their comeback and I. Arrow US training and I was following me. But it was just like she was like go winner go say hello to the table I first tax. I'm sorry I don't get hung up on details that I've actually never been server before. And I think it looks wildly difficult. I know I know for a fact I could not take certain kind of person why always tip did some like I know this is our eleventh and if people remember anyway I'm I'm off topic. So you went up after the second Anderson I'm I'm gonna Dennehy didn't that was it that I'm glad you didn't goes to Lisa told the right I'm quitting but today snapped open. Can anybody that two days right now that's heavily story what is the shortest amount of time you have worked a job. Hello Stephen lacy still heavily this year the story about working in a restaurant for a whole whopping two days before she threw in the apron. Was the shortest amount of time you've worked a job. I picked our halfback pass. They get tired I don't buyer. Oh wow after six hours what did you do I was working currently in company. And it should notre though it could that it dump truck doniger drive or. I had no idea what to do it. Did not find a doctor writing it but Oprah. Even warning that he didn't know what you're doing. You know all the proper disclosures. That are out about it big eight at but it did keep it up. Yeah I've told a similar story LA get fired for those were in the nursery in the asked me to drive the one ton truck and I never driven truck epic before and ran over staircase. That when I ran her over came down it was wouldn't and it disconnected all of the employees on the upper level to the ground they were stuck up there until they got a latter. Did you back yet and it. Sure the big big in the fact that truck but it's. You know what these days that we ought to have the conversation. Tell us about the damage you've caused working in job as a high school kid. I bet should be good Steve we look anybody thank god we departed the show. I saw Joseph is treating this call up there we're gonna take next you have to stick around for. All I know is her name is Lisa. She worked a job for two hours before she walked out the reason she walked out of the job is what you have to stick around here. It's the most twisted thing I've ever from what I know I can't wait to hear her tell all the give us all the details. In a may dial lets kids out of the thrown out eighteen. With a brand new came brown solve your love this is called lose it teacher tickets at Seattle Walt dot com right now. Good morning Lisa in Paul's Bozo and later shared she worked at a restaurant called Houston's four or two day what is the shortest amount of time you have worked a job. An hour. I mean and I moved to watch it Gary thank you look at all the airmen on it later. It and it Derek yeah there are there and it got eight charter 08888. You know that that's quite ready here. Hyatt so they get it going that might get better at what they like it that's at eight years old next to go to. My boy I'll let alone. That's really true. So Lisa you randomly got put next to old woman at eight tell him a matter who was dating your boyfriend. It's true he could you. Hi I ain't what it is finally at. The right. Italy spirit is not allowed to do like network because they I would eat out. Since she knew that he had another girlfriend. Yeah after he quit the job than you did call in and break up. When he was at my house but I literally why should recognize it in it and get out and it. But I'll get you gore though. So Lisa really sorry that happened to you by the way especially since you remove an all around is trying to take care for the people when you sat down to that telemarketing center do you think that this girl knew exactly who you work. Yes that's been our toilet. I've been a little to eat out yacht yet. Okay Yan small towns like dad everybody knows everybody. Is the most twisted story I have ever heard Lisa thank you for sharing as painful as it must be to go back to that place. It studying why they diet and it may well get get. To eat it. It was too late guy that is why do it these that you're better off without them lose I know we don't. Like it felt. While we love you thanks for being a part of it all right coming up in five minutes the hot new trend in cocktails is literally mouth numbing in fact TGI Friday's is due literally got an anchor. I sat with Matt McCallister. Brought. Dull walls out Emily you know drink some I don't know if this would interest you at all. I story about a new cocktail I was thinking 110 interest level for you because you don't drink at all I never lets Mac. Sojo or you know one away I've used it this kind. If there is a new hot trend in cocktail. And it's. Literally mouth numbing. And apparently they've been doing it in Brooklyn and invest some places like super trendy cities or whatever but now TGI Friday's student which begs the question is anything still trending if TG IF is doing. Dad I think Garrett about TG IF was that mom who is dancing on the bar after a bunch of one dollar along honesty and well I main items they know they're good that I'm for OK there's a new cocktail. It uses the obscure blossomed called a buzz button that made sure now now known. Apparently helps bring out the flavors and drinks is well but like I said it's gone mainstream. Again it's called the buzz button and when you bite into wanna make your mouth a little bit known it has this intense tingle for about ten minutes or so who's while you're drinking. Look at that is intriguing so it's not any alcohol it's a flower so yeah and they make a version. Like murder should there actually some pretty good point my point of why why would anybody want that I'm always trying to not slur my words when I'm drinking is Toshiba had one too many. I sort of tried just to see what it's like like why I like to get all there's like a painful tingling when your folks like that for me asleep. Those no let's get TGI Fridays on opposing they'd send over a couple of us. Her and a critic put this anything so I just one particular drank. I would pronounce the type of blossomed in his but I can't I it's from another country and I'm not gonna sound stupid trying to. All right stay with us we got to cash money for you coming up to three minutes and we need somebody for beat the street view and it OC Sugar Land tonight. 206421. Wolf right now says I'm. Morning wolfpack with the countdown to 100 points off. Flats hit the pavement and Jack did beat history to. Chris and marries L how are you today. Great how are you know fan fantastic welcome to beat the street the derby contest that pits you against random stranger here in the BMW if you know as much or more than they do you're gonna win tickets to UC Sugar Land to unite. At the assess a show where senator and that's all part of the wolf's year of a million tickets. Do you understand how the contest works Kristen I'd do OOK before we meet the challenger who we found an average. Let's give you five questions for thirty seconds on the clock here we go question number one. Which movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger is a time traveling robots. Which company makes the galaxy line of Smartphones. Apple which prescriptions in Roseanne Barr blamed for the show being canceled. A wish for scripture and in Roseanne Barr to blame. NBC with the names of Seattle's famous aircraft museum in Turkoglu left capped Jennifer Nettles and Kristian bush make up what country duo. Doing tickets to see them. Yeah. Time is up Kristin let's meet the challenger again we found at the loft coffee bar in Everett. What's your name where you're from their what do you. My name is Starr CN NF ram and it worked for their restlessness. Europe against Darcy this morning and we answer the same five questions. Then you'd just tried to answer let's find out how you did which movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger as a time traveling robot. And I think even. He came up with the right answer and leaving them in a Tillman at zone and yes so nobody gets appointed the first question where this company makes the galaxy line of Smart. Samsung. Was the right answer you sit apples and hopefully for you there Christen do you feel like you struggled a little bit today. With the it's harder when you're on the spot and when your plane in the car I got weird. All right well you're still only game Darcy to challenger has he won another lead on it which prescription that Roseanne Barr blame her show me cancel. Yeah Andy was the right answer workers and try to get you to the waters you can take a drink but it wasn't happening. I get a nice is that one right either I don't think you understood the question fully I was trying to get to the half that's okay Ambien tweeting is what got the residential fires are now you're down two nothing. What is the name of Seattle's famous aircraft museum and tuck well. I don't know. He knew that it's the museum of flight museum of flight it's a tough local question. It is noble wrap it up with a country music question of course tells Kurt Busch got what country here. Palin was the right answer in Italy helped out that a little bit let's be honest but you get that one right so you finished one for five. Darcy to challenger finishes 345 so you did not win beat the street today Kristin which is unfortunate. Mary thank yeah. Late and that. Tonight we we never send anybody away and candid and you can keep track of who wins and losses which are gonna go see Sugar Land tonight because we hate to disappoint anybody. Oh yeah. You're good you don't we look forward to meet in ninety big hug and then drinking a beer with him. She's a little shocked that she's wanted oh everything is certainly an ethical ones. Quite frankly we are too. I don't think so I did the big announcements I yeah I know I know you are only it's important to you too so I mean we've working on since we got here in October. And we are. So excited to tell you all about it coming up in seven minutes giving a land. It does involve our military and how much we appreciate you it's coming up next stay with us. Needed a leader its wealth for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't sound fundamentals and I don't. All here's Matt McAllister. Though wolf and we appreciate all view it took the time to be with us right now as we made a really really cool announcement and Emily we have been excited about this since October. But it's taken this long to kind of put it all together. And I knew when you joined the morning wolf pack you're going to be just passionate about this. As we are because you come from a military family in your dad is buried in Arlington you got your army all the way to new blood. Yes finish you told me that this is in the making I was super size an outlet let's do it winds that happening I'm ready. And it was one of the most attractive things about the wolf. When slow Joseph and I were looking around a radio stations because. The wolf this past and about a military we have so many bases so many enlisted guys and families and women in this area gas. We started thinking about away we can take that salute to service to the next level and the way to do that we figured was an analyst doing like we do everything else is get everybody together. And let's personally thank you for what you do each and every day the sacrifices that you make. And your family's year the wives the people that take care of everybody it's important. And that's a big part is the mainly as well because. We all know that those that are in listed are sacrificing that to the only sacrifice so much as well. So we are really really really thrilled to be able to bring this to you guys the first ever morning wolf pack military. Breakfast. Yet now if it sounds simple. It's because it is what we do around here is always pretty simple IE dumb mug club has sent us a mug we'll talk about you it's all really easy. Let us buy you breakfast and personally thank you for the sacrifices junior Sammy made to serve our country. We're gonna give you some details and not all because we have a special guest joining us and about three minutes. But this is going to be Saturday June 16 or not this Saturday but the one after to coincide with Flag Day. It's going to be for eight to 10 AM it's free breakfast for any active member of the military or a veteran. And their families. Yes it is free but you do you have to and get a ticket to enter. Every person entering like your feeling I have to have a ticket but we will tell you how to get them. Yes stay with us for about three minutes. We've got the where and the now our rights are limits in tickets how you get a ticket they are free we just I don't know how many people are common right. And we've got a good friend and the need. Telling you the way air. Again thank you for being here for our big cool announcer were so excited for these first ever morning wolf pack military breakfasts. We just wanna buy breakfast for everybody who is active military or a veteran and your families on Saturday June 16 from eight to 10 AM. Now Emily mentioned a minute ago to get in the free breakfast it is absolutely free. No no doubt you need except it's come to your family and be rated for us to put a big hug onion and show our appreciation for your sacrifice. But target need to take it looked at a get those are the second on the phone with us right now is anti shipments. And Anthony is. But call you Anthony I'm gonna call you our savior our Knight in shining armour as kind of. Now you some ice we wouldn't have a place to do this and it was really really hard to find somebody but as soon as we talk to you I called you I think within twenty seconds your like yup. Wherein so tell everybody and where you are and what you're going to be doing for the military breakfast because brother. It's huge. What worked on course and DuPont. As the golf house grill and we've got to police space for. You know 200 or so guess. And we're so honored to be a part of this and to honor the military. And their families and for all the day. All the big sacrifice. And we love this and we plan on go to a bunch of these all over the place but we love the factor right there next to JB LM it's going to be easy for so many of our. Active military and their families to get there for breakfast eight to 10 AM Saturday June 16. Absolutely we can't wait we gonna wait to see everybody and provide all hospitality and show off our venue. Well and I love to just behind the scenes and I was talking Anthony's like dude I'm in love this I love our military we wanna help out world because he let me get a test the suits right in my duty box let me do that. But I'm in and out and it did take a while we all have to run things up to Cheney get it approved a thank you for being passion about the military just like we are here at the wolf. Thank you for thinking Nellis met Emily we're so excited to be a part of it. We'll kind of spread we talked about the way yeah you have pink cake off the ice and handling all that were we haven't at all. Absolutely I oh. Or up to red carpet coming at it united perfect and I know that it's. You feel the same way that we do that this is what our military deserve nothing but the best so it's going to be a mighty. Breakfast is breakfast summing Gettysburg or maybe it's going to be. All it will be Gorman loudly I do I drive I'm are right in through we love you can't wait to see you on sixteenth. Right there at the home course golf house grill in DuPont. Absolutely we can away. Entity shipman right there's the direct sales for Kemper sports by the way he runs hold on just a few weeks make him as well yeah he's a cool dude. Thinly guys just like the rest and so tickets and yet. So work getting done to different stops. Especially on next week that's called a pit stops designs can't do those breakfast at stops and you can pick up your tickets there. Sit today we're actually going to be out since forgetting can't anyway for a DC girly and shell. We're gonna be at the Airways drilling the B stroke from fortified and will be just chill on the patio and you'll see the wolf we'll have a little. Lacquered and then yeah whatever you'll find a stop by and say hand in the military he got a badger IDE and we'll give yet the tickets neat. And the more often I have at this early and show at the wolf tents or get it to stop by there. And I know tomorrow will will be somewhere. In an every day next week during our show we're gonna be out. Wing nuts get any help put a salad that's for an hour he will be somewhere convenient we know get your free tickets to come to the first ever. Military breakfast. Morning wolf thank military breakfast any questions is this is brand new it's never been done. 206421 wolf it is a context for 6150. Slow joke. The address on the location two days and there are two of them. Oh yeah we can definitely do they. 328 west Harrison street and can't reach any westerner since that's her right day by peaks at this aren't any questions tennis up we're here. Hello Caylee and Port Orchard you have a question or comment or suggestion for our first ever morning wolfpack military breakfast. I I certainly and I haven't got one name and your diet needed. Your answer I would love the art here. I'll you know what that is amazing and we're getting some text messages asking the same question thank you sandy in Puyallup who's a proud marine mom. You know the answer is yes. But the real answer is we don't know what we need help with yet because we've never done right so my thought is Caylee let us get through military breakfast number one and then we'll learn a lot of stuff and we'll figure out what we need you better for the next one. And and I guarantee you there's going to be need for bunch of people to help us out. And yeah I will definitely be doing another one yes so yes we'll need you eventually if you just hold tight for a little bit. You back I act. And in the meantime if you have any friends or family that our military just help spread the word mean misses his grassroots and as organic as it comes I mean. We're starting with the yeah. Yeah we start with a little baby idea here we wanna making huge do we want really celebrate all of our military in the PM WX. And like Emily said when we do next when Mabel go up north down will be an average wolf. There's a naval base there you know what we're gonna go all over the place and try to touch as many military families as we can't. I think I'm also an epidemic and now I'm going to be bad no I don't like it did it and people. I love it we have a lot of room at the home course golf house grill and DuPont for a lot of people. But it's gonna get bigger and bigger as we go so thank you Caylee and we'll definitely keep you mind so thank you. At I let you two we appreciate that again it is the morning wolf pack military breakfast Saturday June 16 for makes 10 AM in DuPont at home course golf house grill. It's free breakfast for any active member of the military or veteran. And their families. All you have to do is get a ticket what America Stiles who will be doing every day right up until the event. And Emily let's say again where we're going to be this afternoon. To be at Airways Burlington to be Easter well it's bright on Harris the west Pearson street. Can't we picked him because if we wanted to get a beer before the shirt electrons. And that's just being honest with you but we hope to see it come all by get your free tickets while supplies last we love you. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister there's some things that are just really easy putting the toilet seat down guys as one of them amply ray -- now that's when he. It's point seven. Andrew quickly here Emily before we jump into your Big Three which is epic today we're still getting text messages about summer your stories. What's going on what the term the term like Harry. Yes slow just sent an article last night about some things that are coming can come back from the eighties and we know this can happen we've seen for guys the shorty shorts are back prey which I never thought surely shorten. Guys are wearing day glow and I would call hides is. You like orange and yellow day glow that's bad. Trapeze a little bit back in they're saying now that the term. In New York City celebrities like circuit justice Sarah Jessica Parker Taylor Swift. Chris CT again have paved the way making curls comfortable again. And people are seriously digging it celebrities like Mandy Moore in Lily Collins or actually rocking in terms. Well. I have an apparent thanking them like he really tiny verb like curly Q. Super girl pictures that I'm seeing are not like super girls gorgeous looks like they're naturally Kirby are curly. I said I naturally curly hairstyle. Ever do termed urge you miss that whole thing it's an assault yeah yeah I went I think a perm I think of the dudes there heard unit in the eighties and they had basically stand flat and normal where they'd get a big laugh for a yet they can Jerry girl told. No I just or my older sister that you like sent Federer was sort of setting or worrying news out seasonal Norm Cash out about her hair in her term having to go spend a lot of money to get a permit at a hair salon. We don't I'm not surprised because in for a while the train was getting the treatment on your hair terms like to straighten it. And that you would have to treated every case is not surprising that curling it is back in style. Are you in for the firms got a lot of hair I don't get my here's naturally curly. Q and after and yankees are you I'm okay I'm now. Bigger and you know how long my here and marketing that afternoon manipulated 700 dollar per I couldn't get through that door I had an hour. I will go in on that Alice I mean. I got a buddy in my view you guys actually met him at Vanessa birthday party he's got that super tight curly hair yeah. And my wife parts overseas came with the if you dear buddy with the term. All wrong for I think he's doing bad guys so is trump that's just the way it be noted that he rocks the colonel RI and we got an epic victory coming up next when you break it down. Could we be seeing me in about I hopper ever heard. If people are still calling and texting about what they'll be might have given away and a Canada where it's coming up. This is the morning. Alistair telling you 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three are bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night at large and this is the big yeah. Bigger than emily's term yeah Accra can be seeing the end at I hop for ever. The rest not treated it just a couple of days you know the first sixty. So they don't go to the tweet where you could guess like what was it could be was Tennessean for. That it was this it's bacon butternut squash or barnacles arrested again this eight again butternut squash or barnacles. You propose an idea earlier that I thought was pretty girl and to buy over this whole scheme is pretty brilliant has the last time anybody talked about I hop was about thirty years right. So this is cool I like the word of mouth they're gone with here do you think it's going to be. This great idea. International house of practice although that we beat they actually you're gonna change the name permanently which I think would cost a lot of money. If it's just a marketing late. You know to get people talking Aiken would make more sense like if they're gonna start at bacon faster something some actually texted and it's at. I think it's gonna be bacon and they're announcing their bacon fest. And I'm just amazed that people are so enthralled with this Big Three story is really on the cutting edge of the news front and I don't think you don't go rebrand denial that's not Smart well but I think there's turner minor related to serve something other than pancakes because I think the pancake industry as a whole has slumped with deet no carb Helio diet thing. Mr. then I hop look doesn't cry. All of the time like I hop it's kind of lord of the ringing yes so I hope insist I know it's just Embree and so aren't aren't a whole. What the whole topic. RA if you missed last night CNT musical words Blake Shelton was the big winner he walked away with a video on the year for on the in the Dodd and also mailed video of the year. That's great because he hasn't been winning a lot of words anywhere else like Jaycee and C amaze I'm glad that he's getting some love I don't think his trophy case it means that many more and yeah I mean he. Speak up someone else is also think Sherri under what she still reigns at beat top. I'm CT music award winner she got her eighteenth last night for female video of the year couple other winners performance video of the year. Backstreet boys and Florida Georgia line which people are not happy about because they line. For The Backstreet Boys song everybody they sang it on TNT crossroads. So it's not even a country song that they wanted to it's an affront to everything that's right with the world. It's an assault on country music it's offensive I get it Democrats are thrown shame that I don't like country music because I don't like boy did ask. And this is cool though one of our throat out artist came brown wondered clap the video of the year with what is and were about to play his new song which is so so so good if you haven't heard or Larry L. And it heated today is national chocolate ice cream day but I just think. As not just people say they love chocolate ice cream it is not the most popular I don't I don't hear people ignorance and it looked organized group three now. I think if you see people to you when you totals of the the little ice cream shop and get all the flight out this like the little one in the corner means all the whites flavor what is that number TU tied with could even dream that number one is mint chocolate chip. Hello gang and drug chipped that by the way in between two cookies you call that an ice cream sandwich that is delicious delicious on them yeah. Morning wolf that with Matt McCallister 100 points and hill. How much do you think it's based needle window washer makes Laura Barnicle scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Yes because we all wanna know what everybody else makes relieve it's never OK to ask. Until now saying hi to Amanda in Arlington hello Amanda. I need. Morning Amanda is an activities assistant. We don't know any more than that other thing and she's gonna share her salary here in a couple minutes we figure out exactly what that means are you ready to do that Amanda. TOK. I think you know how this works with a woman on the clock for rapid virus many questions as we can antics and trying to figure out what you do and what you get paid and it will all take guesses negotiate your salary. Annaly are you ready I'm ready let's go to. I may you know what exactly do you deal. I. Know I get out and that's quite game organized piracy. Right area and an all at it okay how long have you been doing this. Eye ear. And indeed paid hourly salary. And hourly. So you're an assistant to use that as a manager their. Current director have hours a week he. Or. Do you what's your favorite activity. And can. It isn't yet I don't think entertainment. At happy hour they know how I'll. And moved how many people live at this nursing home. Do you ever watch the movie cocoon. Isn't that no. I have not activities and day yeah that's not what it. On. Air and read it it. And you know. Ought to all the time we have for you are right now Amanda hold on for three minutes we come back we're gonna guess you can share your salary okay. All right stay with a three minutes. And if you're just joining us for share your salary you have Amanda on the phone she lives in Arlington she is and activities assistance. At a nursing home and again if you just joining us only what else we just learn about it. Asked if she comes up with the activities now happy hours not have the nursing home. She's been doing it out working there for eye ear she gets paid hourly. And George 36 hours a week there's about a hundred people living in the nursing home and then Mac special about committee here learn learning and understand what. What about have you ever seen and read and heard that the objective. What I was getting and Amanda what what I was trying to excuse if you ever put on the movie for the people do you take care because the movie is about. I'm retirement center and these three old guys they sneak next door use the pool. And an alien puts their eggs in there and eggs a couple of thousand abuse so these two re dying is done Amaechi being one of them. They start. Being useful and running around like a terrible insult and an all though we Borough there Joba will once in basically kill the exit the sounds very Avis it was a good routes such a good movie Harare anyway shares up. Amanda we're gonna guess what we think you make it endangers yourself or are you ready. About it I got a bone to pick with your whole organization over their fur serving you who's less happy hour what's that all begin these. These people deserve the finest liquor they've made it all the way through life you know these are the salad there. C'mon. It I know we're not little booze and there. All right Emily has been on a real hot streak you have one I think every day this week like he just stinks even okay other than that especially I give you a copy. Arguing it. Yeah I did get our 36000. People what do I never say anything nice to know that which asked how many goat in the league. 32 on the go a little bit lower than you and that's basically because she's an activities assistants are silly she's Buchan for the old managerial position us would you. I'm gonna go forward authority. All right let's find out Amanda in Arlington police security share your salary as an activities assistant. Well you are not high hopes for it which I appreciate. I need that and. And we own and hello. Not so fast oh not so fast I went thirtieth I would 32 so that puts one for me in the win column but you know we do have high hopes for you in you know you're protecting care some wonderful people. And you know my grandmother's in one of these places and by the league they get to have boos whenever we go see her she should Concord walking around like yeah. But you know good on you for do anatomy and I'm sure you love what you do to it's got to be really rewarding. You know I absolutely love it. Taken as commander questioned a horse so. Recently there's been a lot of news stories about. Yeah I nursing homes that shaking the sheets is like I really like it's almost a problem is that true. That she out you know I'm I it or not I mean. I. Carry out I. Probably the dilemma booze there. At least decision to seek ya hey listen. Amanda we love you thanks so much for sharing your salary and have a wonderful day. It will do morning. Yeah talents bring it and these hugger and. So Walsh did to gage couldn't be with us this morning at 720 we were so thrilled to finally to be able to announce the morning wolf pack military breakfast as the first one we've ever near the DNW to honor. All active military and veterans and their families the idea is very simple. We wanna buy you breakfast and personally thank you for the sacrifice a huge fan to make to serve our country. Nobody appreciates you guys in more than we do we need to do in this to coincide with Flag Day which is pretty cool. Saturday June 16 from eight to 10 AM to thank you to Antonin everybody the home course golf house grill in DuPont because they are going to help. Just yes and although it is a free thank you do have to have a ticket to get end. So we're going to be doing it military breakfast pit stops where we give away tickets in fact tonight we're gonna be in can't. On our guest this evening from fort if I were going to be airway is Airways proving to be Strauss it's right on west Harrison street. Near the excessive show where senator yes we do we're missionaries showed the B stroke there's a brewery to be struck nestled in the eastern part of I had. And no albeit generally and the firm like 5% whenever the show starts he could stop by the tent as well the wolf ten if you're going to patch them. Yet India if you personally are stalking anyone of us and we don't know about it too good thing because BCS is out walking rubble always have tickets to the military breakfast on us he's come a day. My family and I would love to come and he doesn't take us patios yet dad and I'm sure that calls more to at least get a good for anybody else but I feel respectful. But no this is going to be a great event we just cannot wait to love up on the military show you how much we appreciate you and by the way. Normally you're talking about the pit stops and then we're gonna be hot and heavy on those every single day next week when that's gonna be out yeah us. And we're going to be in the following areas all next week so it this is close to and again we're close to JB elevenths we're gonna blanket that area makes everybody gets a ticket. Sumner stand away Tacoma Lakewood Puyallup we will be in your neighborhoods next week giving away tickets. And I noticed a lot of information thrown in you at once so it all out on that wolf pace of just go to Seattle dot com and you know we probably could've just said. Go to Seattle wolf I come back back back back. But this is X any more cash and boy what you guys don't realize is we've been trying to put this together since October. And it all finally did and it took awhile to get it all done and we are so so very excited to honor our military and our first annual mourning wolfpack military breakfast. Any questions to a 6421 loyalty to Texas for 6150. And again just thrilled and can't think the home course enough for hosting our first 11 of many by the way. So for not exactly your neighborhood for this one in a week and a half we will be soon. If you have any questions about the first annual morning wolf pack military breakfast to a 6421 walls you can reach out an email FaceBook text whatever else. Since this is brand new and we've never done it before we're happy to answer. Saturday June 16 from eight to 10 AM free breakfast let us buy you breakfast if you're active military. Or a veteran for you and your family it is just going to be an event for all of us to get together and for us to say thank you. For what you do for the sacrifices that you make got a question McCain in net via email. Take a morning I was listening to the radio this morning and heard all about the free military breakfast I think it is so great if they shipman. By the way who is hosting the event for us at the home course golf house grow in DuPont. Is my cousins husband he's he is such a great guy. This is right up his Alley to get in get out and it's something like this I do have a question about the tickets though. My dad is 71 just underwent major lung surgery to remove cancer from his body. We are now hearing that they are linking it to Agent Orange which is a whole different story. He's Canadian that he fought in Vietnam. He's about six weeks post op and only gets out to go to the grocery store. I think this would be such a great event for him to attend and meet other veterans and most importantly show appreciation for his service along with many others. I'm a full time working mom of two married to a firefighter whose schedule is as crazy as mind. Is there any other way to get tickets and other party go to one of these pit stops. If there is I would love to know thank you for all you guys are doing it's truly appreciated love you Lauren. But we love you right back. And she mentioned the pit stops. That's the way to get the tickets however. Lauren I just emailed you back. I won't make sure from us to use the you have tickets in your hand for you and your family especially your hero dad and because I know. That there are gonna be a lot of veterans bonding of dissident yes and to be able to seed active young twenty year old men and women from JB Alon come on over. I do I get goosebumps and I get a little emotional even talking about it but. You know I can already see them thinking guys like your dad for what they did. Which we all know how insane that was and what they went through. Brain and that's what this is we just want to thank everyone that is sacrificed and even though it is a free event like mats and you have to have tickets will be will be doing military practice pit stops. Today we're gonna be can't we're gonna need the Airways debris laying in the B stress and don't make sure you don't go to the bar -- main street and the B stroke. From Ford F five straight on west Harrison street can't and never gonna move over to the ship early in concert. The will be at the wolf tent with those tickets to stop by and those out and then on next week we're going to be on some parents in Atlanta coma. And will give you details on this exact locations of. And people are handling wide tickets it's just that we make sure we have enough food to a tiger and shows up and everybody has a first class experience. That's the only reason given tickets we have account but again get a sub today we love to see you and thank we will have a beer for the cost. You're listening to the morning wolfpack with Matt McAllister. We are gonna wrap things up here about I don't forget to mention it because sometimes they do. We have another 1000 dollars coming up for you in six minutes to Italy's got a key word again it's worth it granted the wolf and work payday don't miss the keyword. Coming up on the podcasting our ticket out today at 10 AM and impose it up with some bonus content including. The 100 highest paid athletes in the world. What's to him play basketball against each of the last night in the top ten. God yeah as obviously also we got some more info on the top gun sequel including a Val Kilmer site you are so excited about iceman. A feeling in any day he doesn't quite look like the Val Kilmer from back in the ball still in they don't get it in May slow joke and fill in the blanks but he had some serious health problems. I slowly bent. And I can't is almost like an organ failure or something you're making me feel bad hurt yeah I try to make you feel like. I don't know about our failure vague Arabic. It may need might a gotten out of shape and then have organs there I don't know the order. And also. Would you accept a promotion without rates. There's a new study and think about that permitted you wanted to all that needs to be is more work place no thanks I'll be the lowly morning guys yeah. With Matt yeah. That but most people so they woods so it's kind of interest in. A lot of students sliding down the school year setting off into the world for the first time either going to college or getting their first real job. So today we're looking for the advice that you would give it to your seventeen year old self. Like fat. And that's what they'll lay down. The listings too long I can I would need a half hour to write everything get all the mistakes I've made my pick the most poignant ones area. Can you wrap it up in one sentence and only her. It's not that begin to yield my all the issues that I thought like. We Indian blood he had to you not think the deal on planet. If you lived through it think one of my but it didn't hit the brakes. The top of the very enjoy every step up a slowdown and I think a. Yeah I don't. And just to stay out of jail you. Ad sales you know what amazed at what has slowed just as we know each other stories. Trying not to get arrested naked. You can recommend that you can get arrested. And we've all been there but just trying to be naked eye on a story and everybody talks about this all right if you ought to reach out sounds like days. And be fun with Dili taking care you boot to a 6421 all 446150. And again don't forget the key were coming up at three minutes for 1000 dollars in cash it's the wolf the work pay day everybody. Good morning it'll actually not a killer weekday morning from five field. It feels 100 point seven the world.