The Morning Wolfpack - Thursday March 15th, 2018

Thursday, March 15th

Thursday March 15th, 2018


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Hey what's up welcome back to podcast for a beautiful Thursday march 15 and if you're not in Seattle. What is gonna brag a little bit because it's been a long gray winner of the sun is out it's beautiful sprightly sixty degrees today I don't even know. But it's hiking day baby actually just text in my web -- emily's here's what I slowed joke morning catching up on sleep yes I -- on my wife I just text that are Sid I hate can we go hiking or something and Amy said she doesn't get it because she still in Arizona for the most part right leg that nobody when the sun is out here we go out there that's what we do says let's go hiking survive I'll I'll move my facial so we can go hiking today might affect god bless the lord I can't take advantage in the sun out are you guys gonna do anything today just to take advantage of this beautiful sunny weather. Annaly. I guess we'll see you that's right I'm ideas and diner around right I'm. A place or you didn't nap today probably not okay you're here on the show when a couple of minutes are about to hear what we talked about the David a big part of it was emily's date last night and the N usual thing that happened in the very end of the day him. But I would not be surprised if you're a lot of little power now yet. Earlier ninth with with big east to I took a fairy to go to the state. It's like at curfew because he got to get to the back to ferry and so I ended up having to take a later won by. And I lay and you like 10 o'clock the latest by. I'll her cards aren't we apple is Baidu Elena preface that bus and I was asleep by 8 o'clock last night it was yeah keep that I usually previously but I'm not just there's sleep early today. RNR and Amelie tell wanted a team data didn't talk much about this today and the sheriff's I think government FairPlay by bringing it up the board bookie tell us about this guy. We have an easier picture and talk more about the what he did right and into whether it was thought Fuller creepy right yeah came we see pictures and a possible am I'm. But yeah. Band and well overall I probably got a little more muted joke as were in the same studio together better she said that's can it can I talk openly and I don't know and leave our. How about handled though he's near the area like I am. Why am I explaining yeah I think. If you ask me if he is an engineer. Protest last route nice yeah oh yeah yes ma'am I he's originally from Ohio so we kind of bonded he's run very close to where my family is from. So. I hope there's a deal breaker though. He's leaving the area since he is yeah and I tell you a lot of really no point in me as you'd be pen pals wrath. So that's kind of bombers he's moving the idea of California and. This is a leading. And sell what's funny at cancer are facing an admirable describe it to you an honest place I know. Maybe she's she's had a hard time zone as it takes I can't open it. So when I first saw this I very much thought like oh he's kind of broke kind of I didn't not. It's an. They need it's got like his first pictures haven't you girls are just you know it's young it's not that it's got the background as your. Oh my god that's a great photo bomb could not going to hurt anything. Out of Iraq that's hilarious. Yeah. Well now you know I have a friend of mine actually he's an attorney and when I got hit by the car and all that he was minor attorney that represented me. He's a professional. Tying it one of the sweetest men that I know but for some reason his FaceBook page is like look at a Playboy. And I load because of the reasons you just describe these kinds we attorney that's I know he's a second I've been here hold a job at it there but he takes the same pictures it's always just out hot chicks it's always in Vegas there's cocktails all over it's very unprofessional on my to these gold and acts on pocket but up by the way the first picture the girls are pretty about it he's a very handsome guy. Okay there's salmon a blue. Yeah one Z and I didn't think themselves is here he's not oily guy I would just tell all of you could I know you can't see the pictures he's very handsome he's clean shaven. And he's looks like the guy next door to get completely normal handsome guy. It's a bomber that he's not going to be in the area along this guy's got bodies in the backyard now come he's stood on Gaza did jail scanning and you'll hear what he did coming up on a couple minutes but there are you still he's not gas six years that there is he still are you still do and another date of mayor Gavin candidates mark. The summer youth and don't be afraid to find a place a live immaterial as data. I keen isn't I tomorrow is from here and I talked him he'd give me some great advice on places. So he actually might help me find a place that good I think that would be helpful as it does is Lebanese Britney like I am and has no offense but I think my wife might find it awkward if you moved out into the guest house in the Issaquah yeah our our modern army does then is well getting out. Wife is there that can't be less awkward gag in our guest room icing is all right couple things we didn't give stock to in honestly none of that exciting so and I got out no matter does not. That's just maybe some little statistical things that we highlights actors had to OK we'll hear some facsimile thank you for hybrid up. I don't do a good job of liven up our extra stuff I think according to the Pew Research Center 26% of Americans say that you and me in a series ski. Say they're online. Almost constantly. In another 43% of its check the Internet several times a day believe it or not. One out of nine people still don't use the Internet at all went out and now I mean yeah add that seems crazy and that's America whenever you bring in all the Third World country right totally correct. But yet one in nine people don't use the Internet at all. Are they talking. People that they assert and or are they talking can be obviously. But the population did. Babies are not using the Internet and my elderly he's now thinking people are serving both of course how would they know people are doing and didn't survey I mean as I did notice I question remember. Karzai and 88. Didn't think I didn't whenever he's been asked to take into account. Average person that's okay what are you know me know me I don't know I actually as I'm on. No I mean these are my injury here or there I read a man does a few is that ethnic group. I'm glad it was amusing as an exhibit can I always say stupid stuff. Right or Everett today here that is care. There's another statistic that you might enjoy away at 839%. Of parents now this is the one I find kind of hard to believe in a really sad. But aside at times with two working parents in whatever it. 40% of parents basically 39% of parents spend less than half an hour a week with their kids. That's. Let's sit down. And I almost find hard to believe I don't let my wife would kill to not be with our son to wave four hours a day like whoa I don't know even know how it's fine how is that possible I mean I guess kids below the go to school continue working in May be the go I don't know but. According to news survey 39% apparent city spend less than half an hour of quality time with their kids in a week amid all quell body out there and and one in three parents say their kid actually has noticed and complain about it. The things that kids like to do the most any guesses and you guys don't have kids but you were at one time LA with their parents yes what what are three things that kids say here here's what I like doing with my parents because let's be honest they get to a certain age work. They are really wanna do editing review. Oh man I like eating dinner okay that's one of them that's number two is just going out to ask maybe a special meal you have a traditional place you go to nobody's. No not movies the zoo close. He's not part. What could be I'll give you that wanted to say family vacations or vacation down yet. And and there's one more this very simple distinct neighborhood in blocking Iran are go to the park out of jail so the three things that kids that hey it is and I like doing the most with my parents and I'll tell you we walked down this park in is equality of the night was our kids. And they were kids everywhere all these parents hanging out it was like small town America what lady which cost of got a pizza and everybody Dean Pees it was like than I was so cool it was it can be it's kind of community want to be apart. It was really neat but. Anyway that's about it. Any of the thoughts. I'm afraid to make an Alley as. God I'm a I call yeah those are the only getting a word I he get my aunt if I ever see something that stupid and you don't I had on it and I will be mad at the event does what we do we got to become friends on the show and friends make fun of each other that's what we do now I say I don't know hours and thirty suffering. I pray and ask. He well there was one more thing in this is the best thing this actually is really into saint and I hyping it yet I am plummeted to lower back around two to the fact that Vanessa is getting official today and the reasons. Official her money you know Mezan emirate that her mom got official we got a one for her birthday a on Tuesday we choose out here. So I thought this was I've never had a facial I don't really know what involves although Paris only different kinds facial you've had on them yeah. I mean there's kinda. A different and there's kinds with where they basically take a razor like get ready as well I mean there's waves are great they're yeah needle like the base of. Have you ever Emily had a penis facial. No that's why I don't know that. He hit it in for it sounds like something out of a porn right but no Sandra Bullock in Cate Blanchett swear by a skin treatment they called the penis facial. Because it smells like. Yeah. But it's not but here's the even more bizarre part. It does contain cells from quote the freshly removed for scan of newborn babies in Korea. How inhumane is that there is no way I would ever. You just they. Yet and will throw this onto it cost 600 in fifty dollars to get your face massaged by a Korean force can I would rather have a face that looks like a hug and then have this facial. Well it was the other part they keep saying in the story because smells like you know like what. Appears in the and its have a smell. Or am I right now comes out of there does that does well asked. Really am OK I'm like what are we talking about I just won an like who is in charge that that the market for Korean for skins like when they sell those by the pound and you the first person did you like look at and at ease and that. Yeah and why would that work but I guess here's they don't they take the cells from the force game but. I would think he would have to mini is Korea they have no laws or rules are nothing bit him and don't get to make their own decisions that's in the north. The day and the northern I didn't say south and north. So bam my and get to fill out like. Little piece paper is as yet you can take my force in the eye on track for skin yet and why why Korean Ike is there or is there something about the currently endorsed and well yet it says I think we've said that our team any time is now newborn baby in her record or force them we're getting a limit on how many times can say that conversation. He had several Emily you know offend people that have not been circumcised a lot of guys that didn't have an opportunity they you should or shouldn't I just add the word we don't get to make that choice Homer Bailey. Okay mom or dad's got a do you have for us stirred you can't you can't make atmosphere not when you're yeah well there's this I have a story about them and am I gonna sound now there's Texas City about that is there. Asked aka might happen I mean might not we'll move on. Yes I don't mind talking about that I'll bet. I talked about but I was one of the feel I was born in France carry out in so I was not circumcised my dad being the brilliant mind that he is like whoa weren't frozen Woodrow homeless don't do it. So I'm an 89 whatever years old and I go to gym back we shot at a piano app Galveston got this. One thing that looks different than everybody else is the winner. And I suppose some of the kids that have been like a cake cool that's just me and that's them but I was in insecure and I wasn't confident so I was imam. What's wrong with my penis. And she told me this story has said OK I want it fixed now so I had mine done when I was probably eight. Well I had them later kids lord it was not not pleasant I remember the experience or your way through the halls and none of it which you want to they did I just remember the recovery job like that gauze pad it's a subpoena them and so here it's yeah it's bad and generally enemy laid in bed for a few days nursing the old all leaner look you know we're. Anyway so that's true story wow OK and an alarm go from the kind of really shut the gas down. They let like Manny probably going to be able personal talk about fourth in the you'll get choice here baby mama now idea but. I will say to there's a lot of parents in America now that don't serve comes out yes and we had viewed it was even a conversation based on what I went through but. We have a lot of our parents friends are like it's mutilation. You should never Tuesday territories you laden. Yeah. Yeah I guess I mean a lot of really there's no reason that's there for protection there's no reason to cut that off your job and believe it or not here in Seattle I bet you. Maybe 30% of parents probably don't circumcised air their babies. And once they hear about this black market for facials you've got to believe that the fact that they're really that sucker around I don't know suddenly makes him very yeah. I bet and I am I gonna do it because I don't wanna be to gather as is in my computer but I bet if you do ruled like for a scan for sale by car. Sure reinforced didn't fictional. Anywhere. And that's just this year any apologies now operating in this and I think they got their money's worth everything I had to listen I don't very tuned out I think you should no longer is well here's the deal we'll wrap it up with this is this is a legit honest conversation celebrities are now calling and asking for the pianist treatment all the time now from this particular woman who's doing this. In I wanna say California. 600 James got right yeah I mean LA can month. Do you really occur reinforced enemy just in the bad enough that you needed does not be older which is what happens I'd based on Zoller had they know it certified Korean in mass. Clearly there's some Australians are learning how you did tell the difference. They grind it out what I am no. I think you get eleven letter of authenticity yeah are probably going to impair and 650 bucks you better rules. DNA test. All right let's wrap it up any comments complaints seeking to senator Emily had a stock kind of she started this man that's he brought it up our guys enjoy the beautiful weather few here in Seattle it now when Levy anyway and we'll see you tomorrow. Maybe a. If you don't you think you. Do you think he went smell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not. Point seven. Well since the morning wolf pack chicken in a Thursday march 15 payday Matt McAllister here Emily reigns over there and literally. Oddly Millen took him out and I just I know about it that's right sorry yeah it. You know I am good I have would didn't realize that I love my family and I love my in law right I basically had them here for a week. And everybody pulled out of town last night except for my wife and my little boy and so we took it over to the airport and I died like I. You'll crashed I crash so I was so exhausted from just entertaining and barbecuing in sight seeing and maybe throw root canal in the after a lot Scott was I was exhausted I was asleep last night by 7 o'clock I'm jealous yeah it was I know you had a little bit of Slater how was a date. I had a late night not let's yeah it's hi we have been on the day bell and I want you yelled opinion on it because I feel about it. Okay all right I'm looking forward this yeah I know involve the ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island didn't hit I didn't take it very ready to date which is a curse you do you actually. You seem pretty frisky you know wait for somebody who was up late last I think I'm on that no sleep high again like the amount and I have my count anybody out. Sojo how would you night again skinheads much better slept a little bit slept little thing dad didn't have a some insomnia problems a couple of little things going on here. We'll go and I we're excited to hear about what happened on your daily at times was that he deal breaker kind of thing. I didn't deal breaker I know. If it's a big and they feel as I can get. Plus so something happened that bothers you yeah. Good does it better fight also this morning coming up on the show I think you know the big ones we'll do the 1000 dollar walls at work pay day. Starting at six in the first shot probably your best shot to win the cash also. Do you have a favorite child in your house is gonna get awkward open your parents there's a new study that says you've probably Jews. And you're not gonna believe who showed up on jeopardy yesterday and I know this sounds weird but it's a child actor that went on jeopardy didn't tell anybody who we was to the Internet figured it out about eight seconds of course I for one was like. Because I love anyway I'll get to a new mature not gonna believe who showed up on jeopardy I we lead off collar somebody gives some base who's ready who's up 206421. Wolf give us a call. All right everybody let's say hi Josh he's in theory this morning and he is a bus driver. Hey Josh good morning everybody. I think ever Israel they really get. Yeah welcome to the morning wolf tactics for being our lead off collar jobs now are you a school bus driver because I think I've proposed America's this week or last week that we just have more Ares I apnea. Actually that's that's what I was just Elena they get around the ball. That I couldn last week we talked about it but I love you guys so much you know on the list to hear more than six. So I question for you last when he called just needing to ask. How do you ever finish your route and there are still acute on the last two and a half ethnic and. I'm actually know that has not happened to me yet I know that it doesn't happen again and actually very easily. Com and it just. Digital falls asleep enough it's that's what's going on and hill. Yeah you know it's funny to adjust as my kids they they of they don't love riding the bus and I and I just remember in May be it's my memories twisting things but I remember being a kid I really enjoyed the bus because. All my friends are on the bus some of the two girls on the it's kinda get to that he had been on hit what kids they're on the bus with you I guess that's right I don't know I've been accusing. I think to. Kids nowadays are sort of look down own thing and all mama what you drive me to school on the app I want to show that school uncool they have about Josh what's the what's the bus survived and is it cooler ride the bus order kids wanna be dropped off with their Starbucks strategy goes and you know write the front door. And you know I think there are some kids like that I. I try to keep our out pretty pretty relaxed. Then we have a lot of fun you know I'd. Always try to fight corny jokes Tuesday at the moment I don't open. I thought oh god I slowed don't wanna get here with a question for you Josh right do you drive a yellow schooled us. There are kind of well yeah I politicos are there when I was in junior high it was like a normal like metro bus that you had to take to school and you Rhode like high school kids through says I kind of intimidated none of that so I never heard that and I see because of our hours are you were off in the afternoons I see the yellow school buses and the giant lines all over the. I did see yellow school bus get on the very yesterday which I thought how could that be a two of the ferry ride your party are solicited a sporting event I don't see. It yeah. Actually you know that some of the Bellevue. Schools. Right on metro buses they don't actually used me. Eight and Diego stay under par I just to listen Brothers thanks for calling we appreciate it good didn't know you a little bit thanks for keeping the bus light and fun with your dad jokes. What song. But we probably shouldn't do that says what song gonna play for you coming up next judged. At let's do it and Thomas risk. We did that Thomas reds for Josh Geary in the bus driver man we appreciate chip am excited Emily had an issue obviously something happened her on a day last night. And I believe she wants us to weigh in on whether or not she's. Appropriately offended them we're gonna what you check him and us next. You're listening to the morning all the bandwidth management can Alastair hey you know. Nevermind. The meal when you're playing and Finley had a date lessons. Again ladies know if your. Fell I would state and it was in. Bainbridge and I took the area over there. Which week and Seattle but I want did you do to theory and needed to experience that you would just done it talk so highly of it yet you know we're rookies. Old ticket area over there we met repeat that. Breakers daily brief conversation and nothing operate about it at some point I got up to go to the bathroom and left my purse in that it. And came back didn't think anything have they and then after I have left I'm sitting in mind to get back on the theory. Music I had a great time by the way I slipped some money in your purse. For the jury and I'm like wait. What us and sure up. There was money in my purse. And I just I knowing his intentions or sweet. But I was totally creeped out by it. The fact that he would be purse and going your wall and he would leave her purse. It not I thought it was funny I wonder how many women's little red flag went up when you said it would the bathroom look my first yeah I'm sitting there I don't know guy he adds I know that's probably a little trusting on a first. I knew have been pulled dating they had better relations and but. So yeah. First functional at my first regardless he should've gone and it. And it's not gave me the money again I think that's sweet it's the weight when about eight. Like I would've rather him the next time I see invite me twenty dollars worth of flowers or something like you don't have. It's from a guy's perspective I think maybe he was a app when you first told me that I thought he was being taught thoughtful like that yeah sweet thing to do. They and I feel like as a guy sometimes we try to do that you know that some of the person's gonna say no don't please I got right out and he wanted to make sure you do it I don't know. I'm not and I'm I don't know I'm not a woman and I know you had a reaction to it as well one of the women to weigh in on this to our initial reaction was. Thoughtful Joseph thought Fuller creeping out I gotta go creepy dude that's Cadillac and you're like that's listen to peninsula in my backpack that's my personal needs to stand there I Darren. Ladies. Guy slips money into your purse on a first date if you're Emily is a thoughtful or your creepy or maybe something similar happened to you. Time to check in helpless that a little bit this 1206421. Wall. Good morning Elisa in Lakewood so you heard heavily stories you wanted to date last night the guys that the twenty her purse for the fairy do you think it's thoughtful or creepy. I think it actually thought thought. I mean good save I actually like very big winner Kurt I just looked at the end like the battle byters bump and I mean I don't know exactly the place bit. But I mean I'm I'm very China in particular I've unaudited what I've heard think Ebenezer and I would think he saw what he had. And all you ladies gotta get smarter than that no way now you know you can't go to the bathroom with a drink on the table on the first day because you never know decree is gonna wanna put something in that I'm around I'm like Big Brother over here looking out for you. Yeah that's straight but it was just played it like that basically at a backpack purse and it's just a big. All that he just flipped it and so it's not like he dug around that I know love and he told you when he got back to the bathroom no we told me and I stayed on the theory Texas. OK I was gonna say in advance that's a good surprise for later. And her time to get it back exactly I think it was a little I think he was thoughtful as well Alyssa but I'm glad you checked in thank you so much. It jumped Tyson in silicone what do you think the money slipped thoughtful or creeping. Well let me add one question before and where would the money. Inside the bird. It was just right inside so I have a big backpack purse and he just and that the main compartment through it and there. It's like putting in the wallet but. And though obviously it. It has etiquette in a year and tipped it I mean if you're there at the very bit but he kind of gets like walked over there and like Micah. Get into a stocking I wouldn't say it's the into them like the game and would like the only you bet you like movies that lipstick that left. Yeah a guy got a question for it to death would you have been creeped out a photo have been in your pocket your jacket set of your purse. I think the weight he. On the slot like me yet and I think to maybe the fact that he gave you money you make you feel cheap since anyway. He is all right and I didn't have that. Tyson appreciate you being a part of a morning wolf that men have a great day or not read so emily's date last night slip dirt when he was she wasn't looking for the fairy thought for the creepy to a 6421 wolf for 46150. Attack. All right Jennifer in Tacoma last night Emily had a date the guys slipped to twenty into her personal call the money slip you think it's thoughtful or creepy. I'm torn between killed by an I had to Alec wine grapes they create beat out of I respect the eight. Yeah I agree is. That's my stay I didn't expected and the fact that he didn't tell me about it till later. Pam now. Yeah I you could you first periods their fur you know under way out to stare like can help it take care very writers come back and I. I've been a sixteen year relationship my partner and other house has never heard. Opened my purse. Okay yeah I brought it can mean I. Asked. Is that here you go he knows that MySpace. All right terror. We appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf thank Kevin Austin based sandy in mount lake terrace what do you make thoughtful or creed do with the money slept. I think we're all. Okay he's looking in your drum still. Eat it on top do we know Dan we know. You're human you know. I don't you thanking the days Eddie I don't know why. I am I want. Sandy and they should be a part of the show would you go in a second day. OK so as an ideal for all we did text someone said I think it was. Nice when he did but he shouldn't told you lets you find it on your own and then you bring it up to on a second date would you have noticed and am I not I. And I polity do you what do you credit for it to you yesterday. I didn't want credit I may have at one point late done something like that that's where I'm thinking it was more thoughtful and creepy you're. A busy season. If anything the most thoughtful thing a guy could do it was the. Clay even about it like I said I would rather have finally like twenty dollars for the flowers and say thank you I appreciate you coming over on the theory in hand. Slip it all right Marcia in Redmond what do you think thoughtful agreed to be on the money slips. Well it's great feedback from our gambling should've known better. I know all we means that a number of leaving my Hershey outlets are right shoulder and I was the first thing we she said that a might wait non now that I know finally I heard some more money might end up then there. Know what should have happened to talk you lesson for teaching a lesson you can make your personal and on the guy out of a John and you have been hitchhiked here across and we really had a had a sore right. Well they're not going to see now if he adultery or know where you live. Yeah like okay well territory best let's average growth our what are people saying on the text Marcia thank you for the call I love you. It's don't know plays Marion lake Stevens has very intrusive and would be creeped out candy and you love says there's nothing wrong with it it's Collie. He just second ended actually run inch and says that I'm overreacting. And Tyler coming in and cause that guys are just bad with delivery and his intentions are very discs. Messed up the delivery which I think be out. Tyler has a great point after I I think that the intent was really solid like Kansas wanna hook up yeah made the effort to come see me vs BC news tiger it's OK one last question can we got to move on a prank. You went on a day with a guy yet deceived by view is a creepy guy or thoughtful guy because I think that'll deter overall by the end. And I think that's why I'm willing to give him a second date he didn't give me creep back America. Our eyes and I wonder how he's gonna react this conversation on the radio I think it's a good lesson for guys maybe not to overstep your bounds gap in terms of OK I thought his Gibbons. I think Tyler for meetings on nail that aren't. Nearly what are we talking better Big Three stories today coming up next. I will this make you think twice about what you gonna eat for lunch it's B and help these fast food bird person it's coming up and that that happened that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points out. We're saddened by the knee is that doctor April partner will no longer be on Grey's Anatomy thinner at least I know I'll let I'll just say I wasn't that effective by Abbott OK it was a lot of T will be double say that yeah I don't want to have to wait you on your face on TV again Sara Andrew who played doctor Kouchner. She is being cast as tiny on CBS's remake at Cagney & Lacey. Which I can't leave ever gonna show back I remember seeing that show in links what 79. I was like a couple of years old yeah I don't even know that show but I would heavily can end because I want the US doctor kept air like as a different person I believe they were police officers. And it was a little bit ahead of its time obviously have a nagging and a male female cops rolled around like the pungent John. Great the time has finally come every toys. Still a way I know I grew up with Toys 'R' Us the story is closing all of its doors you know it filed for bankruptcy last year an it was originally gonna try to keep. 400 stores and then there's like 735. Of them. But they said they just didn't have enough cash to do it took every single plays or as a talent from eating. And I think pretty but the group kind of go to new that was the Mecca of toll absolutely you waited for that. Christmas the brochure Christmas magazine come out and circled all the Toys 'R' Us yeah sometimes. So sag kids are no longer sleeping draft thanks a lot in his and hey. Tirade in the less of that and healthiest fast few burgers and then and they might think you never went to eat a burger again coming in at number ten at McDonald's and double quarter pounder with cheese. Yeah. Game of the double whopper we keep coming in and Amber's dad and now the top three and number three is a wind. Number Q is sonic. Bacon double cheeseburger with male. It's funny I think they go out of their way to make them sound and healthier because it's more attractive to the. But if daddy make better in triple stack more weight now as an open minded Carl's juniors a monster pick perjury are diving gear right candidate she sees cardiac bustier yet has nearly a pound beat before they can shift preflight and achieve and mail. It's over a thousand calories. Which I believe these what you should be getting an entire day he had not just for breakfast anymore. When a road all those good burgers sorry this is the morning welcome back with NASCAR star 100 points. The walls. On the episode it's. This there's no better way to connected over a couple of copies so send us your copy mugs as a matter rework gonna hear from you lead you to love on the radio and they will be best friends for ever. They got a copy mug from Issaquah highlands dentistry. Out of my neck of the woods it looks like testament to their name gene. This is suitable every single day we didn't. Policy spank you if I don't that the group the conductor and we're coming help you hello doctor Miller it's a mad and Emily calling from the wolf are you today are one up there. Melissa were calling because somebody was nice enough to hey listen to the show and be sent this in a coffee mug for the month clubs who were calling. To thank you won an enemy cities where you into. Thank you so much yeah I do one of my assistant staying active she loved the figures show I think that the good every day on the way to work here and keep legitimate and that's bargains though I appreciate the call. Well Jane if you're listening god bless thanks in part by the morning wolfpack now the month club. Doctor Miller what's your story you from here you local guy. I wanted Oakland university of Washington school of dentistry monkeys you go Huskies and the employer and raise your public pulled to seven everything. And a half pain I have an affinity for Dennis my dad and Dennis and I know most people are scared of them it's not their favorite occupation or people that actually loved and passed. You know outreach. Like you gotta love that we had a conversation recently about that and that is true that most people are afraid of going to dances. It's understandable. Baldor openness and people put themselves and but I think you know you're well train and you were both bases and if they put you goodies and get them out of pain and get them to enjoy the rest of their data given better miles well. Yeah you back in the old days I remember Emmett age myself a little bit easier but I think there were called in laughing gas is pleased to go to the dances yeah. We still do that sometimes that they're quite often actually particular case putting right it worked through a really really well the kind of which cities and Mexican restaurant relax and do our work and it was again. News that yeah the good stuff. That's right. OK doctor Miller I think you'll really be sworn in the month club so raise your right hand please repeat after me ice teacher named. Doctor forward you hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolfpack who hereby present my region to the morning wolf and as a proud member of the month club. And that's a proud member of the mud quote I'd like to crank up the wolf every morning. I put to pick up the wolf every morning apparently doctor Miller by the power vested in me I dubbed the official member of the morning wolf pack mug club you're. You're clear about it things do you think years and now we're going to be plastering your beautiful coffee mug all over the Seattle social media as well so. You look at a place to grammar Twitter FaceBook that they could go much appreciate that. Course appreciate you guys thank you. All right parents about to get a little awkward and you study confirms that we all have a favorite child. And there's a formula that dictates which TD it is we're gonna bring down four in seven minutes. Into the morning. Oh I now. 1047. Cell wolfman McAllister here Emily as well so here is what we want to know. Re the favorite child in your family or the black sheep. Before we go around the morning kind of talk about our situation because we all have siblings. Let me give you this do studies according to what I'm looking at. Nearly a quarter of mothers and fathers of 25% of parents admitted to preferring one of their children over the there. However this increased to 42% when they talk to these grandparents about their grandkids. They were a little more honest and open about it. More than half of the people in the study said they liked their youngest the most fall 26% said they like the oldest. So there's definitely preference for the youngest child our middle child to. The forgotten about middle right north of troubled child. By the 13% said they believe their children also knew about their preferences. However 39%. Of grandparents and they preferred their first grandchild. Over the other sixty some parents seed tend to label their youngest is their favorite grandparents and elect the first. Grey out. Now when asked if they what qualities and geared to kids as being their favorite they say well we like the ones that are easy funny and affectionate. While around half of the parents surveyed admitted having a favorite child is awful for a third claim they did not feel ashamed. I wanna go around the war because we all have Brothers and sisters and wanna know on the show family myself slow joke where you're the favorite or worried a black sheep. And if we wanna hear from you 2 morning wolf thank right now because let's be honest no Perry is gonna call land in admit they have a favorite child. Her with someone actually. I know you're pairing a call and let I'm the only parent on the show and I would tell you that even if it's true. It feels awful to say it anyway I won't admit it nobody can call us and say I know this and I'm wrong. Then I'm wrong path back to a 6421 wolf. Or you can Texas to a 46150. Totally anonymously if you wanna answer the question that way but. I think we'll get more response are you guys as kids so were you the favorite child did you know what are we to black sheep. Hi good morning Sara in Bremerton we're talking about fair Stevie we're talking about whether or not parents have a favorite child what you think. Well they can I via UN and they're they're my name and my mom on adult favorite daughter. Definitely plan Annika there boy you leave no doubt when you label the kid that we your phone that's thousand. I think part of it was my doing but still it's still there ship date aren't at all third pair of man a hard line. I mean I. Love them all the same. But it's it's the youngest is definitely. What I as the leader and I think I told my mom is against its. Yeah I think that's what it's not that people don't have a favorite is that they don't want in the corners at as a parent and I can relate to what's there is saying it feels awful to even at engage the conversation but. Let's face it you have more in common than some of your kids and others it's easier to go into activities. And I asked some kids are just they come out difficult. Be honest up and sometimes they can be real pain in the you know why. Yeah but my helmet but excited though other data but it's been quite a lot even I didn't want me here. Sarah I love your honesty in your 100% right it's not so much we don't love them assists this some of them we wanted to spend more conflict. In the Netherlands and I want that you've proved me right and that Iran he said no one would call it admitted it and I think we just got to continue well yes and I appreciate that today you brought that out about the morning we'll tackle apparently Darren thank you we appreciate it and you're not alone by the way we've got other people on here that are willing to bet they have a favorite child so I was complete moron if you. Sarah do you have a wonderful day. Are coming up next more calls and text plus Natalie knew I have a favorite child but they all know who it is I'll tell you my little story coming up in three. Brian it's Pamela identity took on the morning wolf thank do you have a favorite child and are you willing to admit it yet Blair. So how many kids do you have. Actually applied yet McCain who's the favorite. Our pitcher Mike Young. So the study holds up and did the kids now can they tell me that they risked. You know. Every justice ordered oil and Oklahoma it once here I delete the albeit quite a bit I'm sure they go. He needed to Egypt. Your kids grow up. As you have more of those guys yelled at your there's Jerry development. The other one it just goes like this okay so I was the in this one the one year in Seattle Brian this yes this boy or girl. I girl. Lucy got daddy wrapped around a little finger and yes she got on the Brian do you have any guilt at all calling us and admitting that you have a favorite child. Who know you know I really don't you just. Yes but I would app with Eric had always. I mean I'm Obama did they bet dot younger ones just sort yeah the only side that special thing it didn't want kids accurately that there's that I don't. Brian thank you for calling okay matzo who is your favorite Chad you said data line everybody knows I mean we've got a baby vehicle one and a half year old. And Judy is definitely the golden child I called the chosen. Right well in my situations on the different a little bit like Bryant actually because I have two daughters a living California LaMont right lose that relationship is what I wanted to be because there's. Mom and I it's different right. Now I have two bonus kids. Who are wonderful and I love being a part of life but you know they're not my kids in my bonus check and they don't let's hear most that I'm most the time so then we got a little baby Jude my son and everybody knows a life and they'll sit there and even even the nestled there like you know who's the favorite job back off at. And you get stuck them. We guess some checks to people admitting that they have a favorite children. Of one person that they do you have a favorite how but it changes every few minutes depending on which one is acting like a normal human being I can relate to them as well as the piazza as a mother three as she toll has a favorite and it's her oldest and oldest keeps her seat and and name and we also had Don from ever read said that he has three kids and then whine is his favorite I mean that it's not uncommon for the middle child if they. He had a reason return tournament as this started it says the youngest one he's usually the phase. All right coming up don't forget got beat the street to a 6421 Waltz into what those ladies aid Darius tickets. And we've got the not fake news in just a couple of minutes and it just gets weirder and weirder. It's not been a good week for United Airlines a decision at first killing the copying the overhead bin now in the not big news you're gonna find out what their latest dog caper is. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. I am now account after every series. So my little subtle assist. Time for the not fake news the state is sounding real headlines of the day has not been a good week for United Airlines first it was the puppy in the overhead and that's your yeah. Now they mistakenly flyer fluid dog to Japan instead of Kansas. And that's the big dipper she. United Airlines is gonna have to the use that a best incidentally city gonna have to invest and humane society or. Show starter will he asked it's on the started as a fund it is something against puppies. United Airlines says it's investigating after mistakenly flying a Kansas family's dog all the way to Japan. Kara swindle and her two kids from Morgan back to Kansas City. They went to cargo to pick up their ten year old German shepherd group were instead given a great game. Yeah. This probably not they got and does it it's almost like a dog switch. Swindle of Wichita Kansas learned her dog had been put on a flight to Japan. Where the great game was supposed to go airline officials in Japan put their dog on a flight back to Kansas City but it isn't clear when the dog will actually get there. That night. I think that's serious generalized you always get him back some tears just wondering where my outlet. I was confused and upset. And just. And utter shock that this was not my job title your dog is start hitting some really good to she'd be right about now is there's another airline they should start a pet friendly yes and I meant. We won't put your dog meal at a dental makes very good there I've it's hard to find him I assume part of my headlines not fake news. Elsa from frozen. Actually rescued a Boston Police wagon during a recent nor Easter. This is a video that went viral a man dressed as Elsa from Disney's frozen. Sprung into action last night during a nor'easter helping a Boston Police Department wagon out of a slippery predicament and predicament in the south and it. It went down right outside of the gallows Castro club. Or by the way it is common for men to dress up like women are Disney characters. Yeah. And so much now that it doesn't try like they're all go crazy get there yeah well I think this is pretty much a regular Tuesday night. And they identified this guy's a 37 year old attorney in Boston named Jason Triplett. He said hey listen if this is my fifty minutes of fame I would like to leverage it to meet Adam respond and I eighth. Okay going to yet again wells did and last but not least in a not fake news. A boss of broadcast himself. Shaken the sheets speak. On a boardroom. Table unaware the video conference call was still rolling. I was still awkward. Yes the manager of China Southern power grids films himself with his colleague and a concert drew minutes after call earlier that morning. Which was attended by employees from five different provinces. Yes after the meeting was adjourned for break the manager allegedly decided to make use of the now empty conference room at their Sheen shall headquarters. But it would be to employees have since been arrested and faced defamation charges. As well as further punishment for spreading false rumors diesel fuel that leaked the footage. The suspect's demands earning contained in a woman surname to wing it I'm not making get out. Thank you out. Like him before there's apps can hang up now. A lot of the never got to. Yeah yeah and this is morning welcome back with some accounts are 100 points and laughed hit the pavement and acted league history to. Good morning can if you wallet and welcome to beat the street power unity can. A pretty good men fantastic. I hear you're retired guy which is great Europe early regardless that's awesome. Wow I gotta get wiped off to work you know I got to retired so that'll work so. In Europe maker lunch here copying gators could have left the door and well some unpaid bills right Ken anti happier supportive husband I love and our rights. Beat the street we get Linear development series record tickets will be nice to surprise that way to yours with a pair. They're coming in August to the white river into theater we can hook you up if you can beat the street's. We got five questions in thirty seconds on the clock can't you feel Smart today loud. Close the at. Orly the bachelor all you have to do is speak the challenger who will meet the second so let's get to these five questions like it's at thirty seconds here we go question number one. The movie rope line is a part of what French guy act. Sort. Finish this ad slogan the few the proud at the blank. And braved who has the female judge on the American Idol reboot. Eighty theory which fruit is Washington the most famous for. The apple who sings the song cruise. To order yards. Okay time is up ten in Q while petty Tiki didn't beat the street. Maybe 50%. May be OK let's find out will be asked the challenge of the same five questions but we got to meet her first in slow Joseph founder at the Pike Place Market. What's your name were you president when you. My name's Amanda I'm from Atlanta and the volleyball. So I demand from Kirkland volleyball coach as long as you are smarter than her you're gonna beat the street wind take it serial question number one. 2016. Movie road Warren as a part of corporate tax. We're. We're it's still lawyers are gay you both got to write nice start off there can you both tied at one apiece let's go to question number two finish this adds. You with the crowd. Yeah. Not the navy but she was actually a little bit closer that you were countless jockey didn't get this. The Marines handed out at all. He had a few the proud the brain which you're not wrong there are brave but the Marines is the slogans the good news for you is that she got it wrong as well so you are now still. You're still tied at one apiece let's go to question number three who is that the America and I don't know her. It's he's in Miami. It's men Miley that would be a voice and can look at you killing it and pop culture Katy Perry was the right answer nice job can put. Graham actually. Which by the way I was watching some clips the other day she is lusting after all the young male performers to try out it's actually kind of hilarious streaky yeah. And maybe slightly greeted. Game that you take the lead great jab can let's go to local question you are up to the one with two ago which group a Washington think this. Apple and you better believe seeded attitudes at the Pike Place Market after all. So right now heading into the last question can you still having 32 lead because you got apple right as well. Soul unless things go horribly wrong and feel pretty good about your chances of winning these tickets can. I am certain we know it started feeling maybe I'll let you get the last question it's always about country music and things career. I don't now. Seeing. She's just a regular old volleyball coach can you remember the morning wolf thank you listen to country music you love country music you've got it right Florida Georgia line since you finished. Four for five to locate create jobs. Continued challenger manna from Kirkland only got two out of five right so you have beat the street handily and you will be taking a beautiful hardworking white viewers to go see lady AA and Darius Rucker on the nineteenth of August at the white river amphitheater. Then. Simply so excited he gets surprisingly she comes home today maybe open a bottle of wine maybe address yourself up and told I don't know have a little fun with the pan. Yeah wherever they do so and make acquaintances. And days of being a part of a show man congratulations. I place quickly. Korean War. A little bit because I listened intently has an issue about some of the habit or on a date last night needs you ladies to weigh in on it coming out and about eight minutes. All sat with Matt McAllister and try. This. 100 points out though wolf portable package Matt McAllister and Emily had a date last night by. Something didn't go according to plan and. Yeah and I have to ask the ladies what they think of this is that creep of a guy slips money in your purse so what happened was. I know that sounds good. So I had a first date it is on Bainbridge I had to take the area over there. We had a great time eight. Did he even was there hesitation no president. So when I slipped off to get to the bathroom came back. I left my purse in the is not taking anything out you're gonna promise meal liberty that I got a son never had a never leave your purse for the guy out of first data could be anybody yeah I know okay. But there that don't do that again yeah. Okay anyway I come back. Whenever great times say goodbye I'm getting back on the very end he text me and says. I left he said might mean your purse for the theory and churn up I looked in the air and there's money. And I know he meant it to be sweet that my first reaction I was creeped out. An act it's a couple cheap to me and I don't I don't know that like the way he did. And you raised a meaning guinier from the south and that men are not supposed to touch her purse because I know my mom always told me that is kids. I don't know that anyone ever told me and that is like my sacred place I just thought my property. And let and there's nothing in the air you know if you asked me I'd say go through it but just the fact that he winning narron out even telling me here and now. So was the thoughtful jester lost on the fact that he put it in your first what do to a slipped it into your jacket. I think it's still the same thing it's the way he win and not and don't wanna know am I the only one that thinks this is creepy and I just overreacting. Are there other ladies that I agree with me are kind of throw. I ran very well I have my thoughts I'm sure slowed or does as well but again like you say ladies we want to know what you think to a 6421 wolf right now or you can Texas 46150. We had a date last night the guy slipped to twenty into her purse to compensate for the fair right over to Bainbridge Island. It's under a little bit what do you think thoughtful or creepy Joseph Joseph in Redmond the money slips thoughtful or creepy. I I think history being different the same year old what I said this to match you should Justine is faced fifteen but many like. Yeah I'm so many U verse so I didn't even registered to him even at them. Here I've been married for thirty years and what my husband want something out of my hurt he actually can't let her. Know him EES the first and your wallet are off limits at the. Judge really appreciate you being a part of the show this morning thank you. Have a great day militarily in federal way what do you think about the money sleds that happening Emily last night creepy or thoughtful. Casey does not fall mainly just because like I know where I don't think that Bernie for anybody. Look for him to put it earth hurt by it not go through it it's more pop or just because a lot of girls both well. That's right yes you know with Emily kept saying to that it was the money part of it that made her feel kinda cheap. Yeah as he would like I gesture just because like fair right artists. And what I say thank your fighter like all of hope Barack but I'm. Just like the like a thoughtful have life. Think you've heard or thought that it. Which means speaking of the price the ferry ride a thirty dollar total the only game when he had. Want it okay got it right now after the right well yeah the funny part about that legacy lives on Bainbridge Island so he knows exactly how much it costs strip. Right up there through eight apparently think much for Colin. Our they get to a 6421 loyalty in Texas for 61 finds here you can also take the Poland mr. Graham our story or on Twitter are right Matt where he'll. CB well you said a minute ago is the mini tell me that story this morning I thought oh this guy's a keeper. Yeah this is really thoughtful I mean for this guy and may be the delivery of gesture bothered you a little bit because you felt invasions of privacy but I don't think most guys think like that. And honestly I'd lock it down what I you put up. I I think it's creepy I am I again I think execution this line you don't slip a woman throwing me in the she's Gabriel I think. I knew that she'd probably say I don't know that's okay thank you bought dinner and he really wanted to pay for the fans and the only way that he can do it that's like breaking into somebody's car and I don't I hope this guy forgives you for talking about the RR. I can give you another day because honestly. These guys to be sounds like he was raised the right way he's a gentleman we did get a check that then hopefully he's listening and run for the hills he'd get every so he just lets use the money is no big deal to me the all right. Out here Sunday morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf for tech's 46150. Thought Fuller creepy on the money slipped. Good morning Wilbert and yell what do you think about the money slip that happening Emily last night thoughtful or creeping. You know I don't know so much about the creepiest thing but it versatility. You know I've been married for 25 years almost and I still don't touch away earth and let sleep until maybe go in there. And that can be yes. If they wanted to give her the money you know partly out of Alford but he could not then that's not heard that airport now. I I would do it touches earth does saying that I don't know I just what they've done. Rhino will or will appreciate you being honest and for sharing your thoughts with the jets will ever have a wonderful day. All right you all love you love used to Melissa in Olympia what do you think about the money slipped creepy or thoughtful. I thought well I mean. A lot of girls don't take money even as they need the money you probably wouldn't have taken at. And so maybe he's just that had a guy who doesn't believe in one and pay for them they are man and well. The beast under attack and she is she right if you would actually be Tony for the very well abuse and I wouldn't have taken the money but he still gotten just isn't any brownie points for opry. As he didn't get sweet gesture and I wouldn't have went and overstep boundaries and getting in my person. I mean I think he could've. On the same day people with a different general. How open it and hear prayers says like my prayer. You know I'd like I mean as an evening or open any class that it's an elite league hits now. It's a zipped up like a little background yeah there's a picture of donors to restore if you want to really get the lowdown on gas. From these guys that have been hit it a little bit at that. Column I think it does it. Yeah. Look they evil as that really appreciate because Jodie black diamond what do you think thoughtfully creepy on the money slip. Jody. Yeah I already say good morning morning. It can't turn out here and well you can years over the phone just. Got caught in the car OK well real quick as we can hear you just find what you think thoughtfully Cristiano money's left. He thought oh. She left turn person sitting right Eric hi. Oh is there any. I think you would think are well armed might think in my parents wouldn't dare open my eyes hurt without it may. I don't think human being shot. I couldn't agree more 100% I think nowadays these lines get blurred a little bit and sometimes we just lose sight of the big picture anyway just trying to. Do something really sweet I. Our let me ask you this fact is the guy did he have a creepy vibe or a nice guy about because I think you can put this act sort of secondary if he's if he's a good guy. He death had nice guy that I and I'm gonna give them a second I hope so and let these credit for how about say he might be like I can't believe it. And no good deed goes unpunished and right idealistic twenty bucks and seek employs about eight. Then again some time in Susan's attorney Gil because the shoes Hutus ball. Out. And you elicited you gonna take either one of those polls feel free to do that is to grammar Twitter the money's limped thoughtful or creepy and coming up. About six minutes there listed the Big Three already got Italy yet doctor April Hafner will no longer be on Grey's Anatomy but she's going to be back on TV you're not gonna believe. What show she's gonna be joint. Yeah talents created and these your homeland. 100 points. So wolf according wolfpack Matt McAllister Emily wood Big Three stories of the day. We're all saddened to hear the news that doctor April have terrible look no longer be on Grey's Anatomy here at least I know I thought it was devastating I didn't get out of bed for an entire Wii and halo a lot of them thought that way but beginnings as we will soon be seeing her on TV again Sarah Israelis. Actors that played doctor Ratner. As take on the role attacked me in the CDS remake Cagney & Lacey CDO the end surgeries in his prime news at Cagney & Lacey is coming back to television. That's crazy I don't really know what Cagney & Lacey is that I'm an eighteen and just to see if she can handle. This role because a lot of times people can't switch it up I know Alain from signed found she went on to do what's the show the heat of deep and I peeled to the for the mind she'll. Well I think it's a compliment to however did the show was the show the better the show was right the less able the actors are to do anything else right in hourly anybody from Sonnenfeld was able to go to duty now I'm glad that he's deep as possible. Yet you guys after Roy you have to like be let out there but what should I think it's a bad show she's a say for her. Julie Dreyfus you don't know how you dance Jack that. We'll see if a doctor able Kendrick in the compatible. Are right it's kind of come at toys. They were every plane going to just close a couple of the stores and keep about 400 open and I think there's over 700 stores total. When the company declared bankruptcy last year but they said they don't have passports and no more toys. Buzzer really. It's slow just exams they unity reaction to it as well. For me as being in the save money this crap and it's just one more lie like you I gave money back in time. Through described but this is one and that our city. Easier yet no excuse that's on the phone. I pray I am a list of the net and healthy fast food burgers. Might not money you burger ever again coming in at number ten. It McDonald's double quarter pounder with cheese Burger King made the list at number seven with their double whopper with cheese. The top three windy it Dave's triple murder was number thirty. Sonics and they can double cheeseburger with may L. I just low numbered sealed the name's. Lisa don't try to hide it there almost any night. Come meet our Fannie mix that Berger as you're gonna get fast and it's delicious sense you're a deadly dose for number one it's Carl's juniors. Monster burger had a big died double burner at this ring love handle it no. Over a dollar in net calories and over sixteen milligrams of sodium just in the murder you know I don't know how many calories are in the xxx burger out in Issaquah down xxx rupiah place but I guarantee you it's more than any of those it's the size of your face. It's massive. And very delicious mine and someone who needed a leader. Well there are a handful of peanuts and doesn't stop until and I got. And Alistair. You 100 points out though wolf are you guys are gonna have to tell me if I'm way too excited about the. Funds. I am a huge faith. Of with a walk to the original infected bugs me when my kids wanna watch the the reboot it with Johnny Depp likes. Yeah I'd never seen every bit because I'm with you I'd be original I'm glad says somebody is little younger than me I'm glad that you feel that way is one of the best movie that's ever been made. And I think we can all agree that nobody has ever seen any of the cast members of that except for Gene Wilder ever again. Not that I know I don't know kids there you know what I won't have a to a gust as Blu-ray thing and I know my chocolate. The best part about that movie of course is just the reaction the Gene Wilder. Had to all of the kids if I don't I just love it I don't think you can make that kind of movie ever again so. Policy before I tell you. But a play the clip from jeopardy yesterday. And one of the guys introduces himself for Alex to requisite introducing me you know the people on the show he introduces this guy named Paris famine. And he doesn't identify himself as a child star but he was in the movie Willy Wonka. Paris hasn't been north Hollywood California an entrepreneur or end up back packer. He in fact and have a backpack or how many countries 61 countries holy smokes on six continents not yet Austria are not yet Antarctica. That the reason I got so excited because he has the exact same voice as the kid did in the movie that's Mike TV. I have my TV had a little you know little holsters and use T yeah. Happy kid so just to refresh your memory. We'll work. Few photographs. Did you back in an opponent that has been thinking millions of tiny pieces and no we think he had he had he's telling Robert together again and I don't act. If you open your mouth a little wider when you speak. I think there was anything I know I a gap does exactly that save listen because I was there Miguel Mike TV in a movie is back in 1971 by. Had a list. And he has a little bit of a list. And why wouldn't you identify yourself and maybe it's interesting that we just talked about the TV show everybody you're mr. Wright Grey's Anatomy now. He can't get away from certain paired with this guy obviously does not want to be known as my TV from Willy Wonka. One cannot. That's awesome mom I mean any obviously I don't think it act. Acted again and so he wants to give us our government is possible I think it's funny that he Digg go back on TV now if you wanna get away from TV I got back on TV. Probably needs money now let's I don't know if I'd like to see with this checks are they come every week in the mail the mail us money listen do you really don't think it sounds like him at all. Slowed Joseph nobody. Listen again parents felt. Has that meant that north Hollywood California an entrepreneur or end up back packer. He in fact and have been backed packer nominee country's 61 countries holy smokes on six continents not yet Austria are not yet Antarctica. That's exactly. Stand either. How exactly the stadium that's my TV you've got to try and I would want to television transmitter back in the day everybody knows that right I know really is I know that's him because he totally. Nevermind I just love the fact that he went on TV didn't identify himself on the Internet figured it out in about eight psychiatric my favorite part. Here that morning. I'm still a party. Though wolf morning wolf back Matt. Alastair and believes here as well. You know and I yesterday you were talking about the ratings being down for American Idol as the worst premier. There are times I seller I'm kind of burnout on reality singing shows in general there's too many of amid jump the shark. Loving home and not listen I'm you'd be wrong about everything we have pretty that I can only that's and I say one thing the truth is probably some are on the other side of the spectrum. So I go home. And his fervent left town yesterday about Fortier Obama's daughter she's on the couch and she's watching this video over and over and over again like what he wants. She's laughing hilariously every time two I'm watching American Idol thickness I can't do this is a funny thing ever seen in my life. So watch a clip it's about two minutes long if they do in the auditions are now you got Lional Richie Katy Perry and Luke Bryan Wright and this guy gets out there. And I would play the clip but it's too long it's you know I. Handsome dude in fact he walks out and Luke Bryan says over a year Laura beef cake. First that does not the only thing is Luke is just like all over the place he's really funny they are your dream boat as I think what he called the guy and yet you're coming from it Bryant a mean who has had a very good looking and things handed guy says he works construction and he says he's taking care of his momma so here's like a good looking guy who's got a man job and loves his mama. Any plays the bright young song. And you never really news did and then move to Lou viewed in Katy Perry. Is literally foaming at the mouth. Thank you guys shooting ever on gushing and I'm not blind saying being subtle about it like. I love view I want you to come to LA and live with me how well. Meanwhile the guys' girlfriends backstage. Yes and she has no idea that he's got a girlfriend and then Sylvia additions over they say you're gonna Hollywood dog race. In Katy Perry starts to get up from around the judges' panel to ask him run over two and she wants to hug with an eye she's in knowing I'm telling you that's why my stepdaughter kept watching it. We'll just this moment they open the doors to let the family out in the girlfriend. These lines it over to the guy as fast as she can. It's in between Katy Perry. And her boyfriend and starts kissing him and hug vehement ankle wrapped her arms around how did you react to the embrace her again. All the funny part was minutes before he had told Katy Perry as he always had a crush on her to they had this whole thing going. And Katy Perry starts walking over the girlfriend wraps around to do it then she'd be like she actually did a 180 and went out the back doors off. There where it I think they'll most awkward thing I've ever seen but I have to say it was always entertainment you wanna watch American I don't maybe a little bit. Because I'd say even they got to the bad additions to my what's the point of watching gas may do something there to maybe Katie buries the main thing not a lot of media if age is a look at the brand. I have to tell you it was pretty entertaining well I felt bad for a lot of rich you know he's like the silent third wheel. This is like I don't know what's going on here but as I did sing that song hello a long time ago. It was a pretty good anyway I'm up I'm glad to give it a shot it was good. Wolfpack with Matt Matt Stairs. One points. So while the morning wolf pack but Matt McAllister and we want to welcome in Issaquah highlands dentistry and the mug club if you weren't up at 610 we went ahead and give doctor Eric Miller. Called you sworn in officially so welcome. To everybody there Issaquah highlands dentistry specially Jane. Who is the one that listens and that's normally how it works only somebody the office to listen right they'll grab the coffee mug and ambient in of talking to the boss of the CEO but. We appreciate use the one person that says name and I like the show. I'm gonna send them a coffee mug is I want our company to be in a nightclub. Ray and we want to listen as a doormat and eat rescinded it 805 avenue suite 14100 not Seattle in 91 before. And mobile do that after that is take a picture for the all over the Seattle will social our Easter grand Twitter FaceBook give you some love I mean payload not announced. It's a free plug on the radio from your friends are on the morning wolf pack oh yeah. You 100 points. Wolf so I've had my in laws in our whole family in town since last Friday system almost a week yes daylight yesterday yeah we took everybody beer for denounced as Meehan Vanessa in June. But I would say lesson about 5 o'clock in the day by getting event. She's a reasonable means. Stick but it kind of made up for all of it when I came north and help my computer. And I'll tell you ladies. And I think it works both ways. Notes. Are under rated. I got the sweetest note from my wife stuffed and in my laptop this morning and I got to read the whole thing. But it just economy did and it made my whole day it just said hey thank you for being so great and supportive with the whole Stanley dean here. An animal regress or couldn't personal life. I think I think you're right little notes not opposed it mean a lot and I love not hate you. No it means a lot I mean you keen and you're you're a cook and I know you can tell everybody you're so excited and that makes it more worth it for her I'm assuming and as I know that I meet. I don't tell he really increased. She gave a little testers that well and you know I've noticed flo don't know a lot longer so he knows how selfish I can be. Nobody in laws are here I made all the right choices yes I didn't take any bike rides or just entertain family and just give a 100% back which I love doing. But it's Yad it makes it all worth it when you get like a little note this is you know. I appreciate you that's a good thing for relationships yes phones and I'm very proud of myself that I wasn't so selfish. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister yeah. 100 points for the war even Katy Perry. With a nineteen year old on the show last night another nineteen year old assaying he took away her special moments it's okay. I don't know I'm telling the American Idol and I the only and and you wanted to avoid some of the wolf the morning look back and don't forget to get to cash come and appear just a few minutes for the keyword. Indian city for the show today just catch the podcast Seattle's dot com or download the app at 10 AM it's usually up with fifteen minutes of extra behind the scenes bonus. Coverage EST did you notice win Katy Perry. Launched towards him this guy that you're talking about a scenario I was the one there were two there was the construction worker that you wanna like rip his close up and and it was the nineteen year old kid. Who he was waiting to be married to get his first kiss in Katy Perry playing a woman's mouth yet not that when the land that she completely was in love wins it's instruction worker rights. And his girlfriend was there when there had a girlfriend walks in she made sure did you see that she took kids added like we end. How is she out she's playing this like a king on a tree limb here I. Lane and hit her boyfriend so hard I told you my fourteen year old whose daughter watched him like 35 times as today we're all dying. It's I love American Idol I'm watching this season and I think it's better than it has been because of the stories. And because of the chemistry between the judges in Kenya I might have missed the sudden I was fair with my comments. Think ideally clearly talking about your show today Matt Emily I slowed down Koran does not you. You guys are not gonna believe what happen to me this morning at work I get your super early and going into the kitchen to get some coffee right out and I noticed that that someone has taken like for those leather stools in there that are by the window and group them together. And they are laying on the stools they get a blanket. And they hear them kind of snoring it was a way it's a come on there's. That places this actually do really aren't accepted there's a lactation room but I'm afraid to go away. Figure out how this kind of stuff when I know but you know it's it's near the fridge I. Yes so when I woke him up unlike what do we mean he's like I just can't get adjusted to this time chains. And the daylight savings time yeah just constantly feel tired I just can't get it together yeah so I'm I wish I would have gotten a video of that I don't have it on the video but I do want to know if you've ever caught somebody Napa network quarter. If you yourself have big cut did you get a win with. Had he done it match. Yes yes food during the show nun and a bit after you I'd take care if I can take a brilliant twenty that it can happen anywhere you give me a chair and academia. I'm not a power staffers not you know I can't nap or can I need to get ourself I've perfected the caffeine that this caffeine takes fifteen minutes to take effect. So you drink a cup of coffee and legal fight quiet place for fifteen to twenty minutes to set your alarm I do this and I wake up and I'm Mike Compton ready to go. It is those songs that that's her and now it's pretty it's not my idea. Yeah when I sleep I can't power nap I can't nap at all because it has to be completely perfect and dirt dug holes in the sand has to be on and nobody. Has to be speaking on the. No women like you guys understand and I understand all right. So you call get all the talk about. Getting caught napping at work yes I had a co worker falls asleep in a meeting where their boss when time. 206421. Wolf we can text 46150. Arnold actually not a character. Mornings from cartel. I feel 100 point seven the world.