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Thursday, March 8th

Thursday March 8th, 2018


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Hey welcome back to the podcast it is a rainy Thursday here in Seattle march 8 your about your show minus commercials and songs in whatever Bob before we do that. Let's just talk about a couple things that we didn't talk about on the show today I believe we talked about my miserable physical condition on a show little doubt titles on it. I wanna apologize to both of view I think. Listen to show you wouldn't really know. How dragging I am today although in the very first part of the show as sludge Joseph calls me up I think I lower than him. You're a little slow early but he picked it up pretty yet again if you espresso shots fade now yeah I hit the coffee machine hard. As an M lamb and ago I got to know that a one shot in my coffee and win two. Anyway enough about that apparently have an abscess tooth and needs a root canal and it's keeping me up all night so you're also the forward and the did make desperate called your dentist and they're gonna even a little medication obviously yes so tomorrow I should come in either totally kind of like drug doubt that the more they does not wake out pep in my step parent say it. Aren't so a couple things are I was you wanna acknowledge tomorrow's mug club. One sank. Archie we're going to be given archer call tomorrow morning at 610 thinking of the mud but. It's a cautionary tale of the mug club it's an adequately wrapped his coffee mug and so it's it's in a bunch of little pieces and you know it's. Troublesome is from the US army. Something you should not break. Yes it is is is the actual like receptacle broken keys took a copy it well he's just two mugs so we put in I'm just guessing he wasn't may be aware of Emily B unilaterally coffee drinker either now. So there's one there's one mug missing handle and the other mug is completely destroyed OK we'll only see you could trigger other one missing they handle the data be weird mug shot and make it in the mail or will make it happen anyway Emily. You get the address memorized of people wanna send the government. Yes it's 805. Avenue suite 14100. 9810 for the attack and act she's think she's liking. Nevermind. Half half hour Jack I can't drop guard all the time like Emily do that she's a quick way and I doubt about I'd welcome to the morning wolf pack surprises yeah. Guess I don't like those. I'd couple things we didn't really get in any celebrity stuff today and I thought a couple things readjusting as somebody who's been through divorce. I love that Russell Crowe and his wife now going to be ex wife. Are having a divorce auction I had. Wait so what does that mean. Means they're selling everything that they owned together at auction but they've been separated for five years America and they're just now getting around to actually doing a divorce. And so they're doing it with a sense of humor almost. Where they're basically selling off art furniture watches vehicles in musical instruments. And this is the part I don't know if I would be down with a lot of the stuff that he acquired making movies. So he's selling a chariot or he has X as a Roman chariot from the movie gladiator and now that the go over it as a podcast. Either way you can actually save and we're not going. And that's when I was a natural response. The school system that. Yes so Russell Crowe apparently from gladiator has a Roman chariot armor and weapons he has a naval uniform for master and commander. And other items from Cinderella man LA confidential and romper stumper so. Whenever why you want to sell out that's a part I don't get I mean you know having major abortion kind of wanna get rid of everything that was shared picture like a bed of furniture are. But stuff that you did by yourself in a movie party occurred nude and then they just threw a split whenever they make up the auction. Yeah and it's going to be allowed to manly about who they're calling the auction in this is what they're calling it the art of divorce. And his ex wife Danielle Spencer. Thrown this thing is seen are doing it April 7 and by doing that would have been their fifteenth anniversary. I was kind of funny. And they say that they are going to make about the expects two point eight million dollars from all the stuff that there are now. Kind of sounds like it's all his stuff if you want out there right. But he said up on the practical side this collection probably equates to three rooms full of things I no longer have to care for document cleaned two and or insure you know and I can understand that we moved out here removed from a four bedroom house and two is literally they're out of black half bedroom apartment yes and while if first it was like they get rule stuff. Not having it is awesome. The one taking care you know he's got assistant it's doing that for him yeah and I do namely getting drunk and sick I was a fan throwing phones that Intel clerk and let's peel back. The you know the curtain here a little bit. I ain't think the only reason he's getting rid ourselves because he has to you yeah in any divorce if your wife can prove that she helped do you acquire. Those funds or that money. Then she can make a case that she's entitled summit so she could be saying look at. I was his support system while he was off acting in being a macho Hollywood guy I raise the kids I took care of the house. Whatever he accrued making these movies in this time period I am in his California to. I got divorced in California it's sucks he can make a case she can make a case she's entitled to some and. I think anything he's gonna have his buddies barely bidding on the steps he wants to get our it's a great idea to me that he wants back yelling hey Bob are really want to -- uniform big go big go big. And it is our thought that was kind of interesting and again. I don't think is a dude who's got all the money the world that you would rightfully get rid of your watch is vehicles or musical instruments if you didn't have to yeah I guess I still understand could ages giver like that valuing cash. I suppose yeah there's always an out of court settlement read it could have enriched you know I don't know but all I'd I do know the one thing and one thing I now. Celebrities weird yes that's straight up and no more money that you get the weird you get that and the more people that you surround yourself that tell you that you're right about everything the ultimately we hear you yet or error on Matthew McConaughey was living in an air stream on in Malibu are like us they act maybe address the crowd just wants that life isn't an island. I'm single again I'm just gonna sell elect crap American air stream of this thing goes live on the beach I won't tell you there is something to that and this is a different conversation. But you know there's been periods in my alive for a made more money than others right and the period in my life right now from being completely honest. And making less money that I have before I have less stuff we're selling a lot of stuff yeah Ted Ted downsize. To accommodate. A new salary now I would tell you there's something really liberating about it yes on the exact same situation and I've never been happier yet aides there is something to that in. The more money you make the more you spend bracket doesn't necessarily equate to money in your banking crash or use just like all we can afford this now this now and all the cynical. Worth the money going I don't understand. So you Digg I think Nicolas Cage has lost his entire fortune magazine had 62 houses and like a giant plumes. 'cause it. Mr. story it totally and I don't know and if women feel the same way bit at least for dude if you can narrow it down to like a truck. A dog. For me a bike and may be a few other essentials and getting to bed as it kind of important but that's all you need and then just happiness. Yeah I mean that's sounds Welling ged and I like to watch like tiny homes in Eilat to limit not small that I look at the south might we I have to. Now it down a one person and one pair she is and what. And Wear heels very much when I was getting ready to dot Yardley. These so you can't get rid of them I have an in seven years there's no I mean. Yes judge this I sit and think for women it's a little bit different path Vanessa feels and we I'd be happy scale back to just about not the Villa. Although I do miss that big truck ahead when time and wound up nicely last year and is there there's motivation to work a little harder if all right another thing we didn't talk about again that celebrity category and I thought of this fund have brought it up this morning to Emily and she's like you know. Not really relevant for me and she's closer to our target audience that listened to the wolf and I am. And I'm talking about Tommy Lee for Motley crew that getting knocked out unconscious by his own son. Because he posted. Pictures unflattering pictures of his mom who ask to be Pam Anderson correct. Not this story out the names like a son knocking out the dad because he posted it that's interesting but yeah at Tommy Lee like I couldn't. Now I don't are funny is yes Jim I'm by grad ahead like my eighties playlist go and an accident a Motley crew and I actually think it myself. That band would not exist in 2008 team. They made a living off seize on that girls girls girls who's going to strip clubs yeah. Yeah over the world a cat calling women Laura is like there are rap groups I guess they rally I had. Yeah that's right that's right. So the story is Tommy Lee's son Brandon who's now an adult he's 21 years old. I guess he's been trying to organize intervention for Tommy Lee for a couple of years as a bad alcoholic that Tommy Lee won't admit it. Anyway he was touched off by some stuff to Tommy posted about Pam Anderson his mom which. That is the part that I really like is like you know Jesus son stick it up for his mom. My dad I love that I love everything about Brandon yeah. Well Tommy Lee reportedly got to a fight. With his son he said he Arafat lip but brand and actually knocked him out cold now I need you know in the hospital FF and by the way he attacked him in bed. Tommy Lee was in bed with his fiancee when Brandon came in and attacked both of on but obviously went for the death row yet he told People Magazine. I'll worked tirelessly organizing an intervention in incredibly upsetting it's never come to fruition. He's using some big words are thank you might be Smart yeah I love my father I just wanna seems sober happy and healthy Summitt beat the crap out of until he gets right listens and then that's that you need and the fact that it's Tommy Lee I I just I'm serve and it after air on the side of this kid saying that time is wasted in probably on drugs that seems totally reasonable yet you guys remember a couple of years ago when there was a kid who drowned in Tommy these cool yeah as he had a party goers did Brandon any use nobody was paying attention yet. Diabetes I had a the units around Yan is is one of those deals where is the super unfortunate and tragic but again you kind of got the picture like OK I see how this has gone down. Bunch of rich people drink and have a good time at a kid's birthday party and a kid like wandered off and drowned in the pool and are no don't you notice. That is not. I would say an astounding. His his track record derby expert yet that's what I'm sure I accessed. OK so that was a little bit of that story. And then last but not least some of the route 91 survivors and Amelie yesterday you're talking about the incredible amount of money. That has been raised for all these are genuine survivors at 31 point five million dollar 31 point five million dollars just for people donating for medical bills and all that kind of stuff well. Somebody's got these root anyone's driver's we have a lot of them here in Washington there were at that show. They have actually gone on through their FaceBook page they've asked Jason Albion to go back to Vegas and finish the show. Now. I don't know how you guys feel about it but I think Jason how Al these had a much harder time with that whole thing and he that I absolutely. Cancel the much shows right after and meet MA go back and watch a video that's like being at war. PT EST from not leak at PT SD from last week I would think so he also by it was very controversial that he they invited him to come play today guess having it was like and next weekend. And he declined. Saying he couldn't he just wasn't ready but then instead played Saturday I have the same and I asked but did in his defense is two totally different things Kate Dennis UCLA asked Judy you're safe you're nearer that's going to Vegas and being on stage or you can see hotels like the one we're looking at across the winner here with that you know an opening well I think it was an indoor venue to be fair but definitely a little bit like that that's senator I've seen a small. So Arabia this I think for Jason of these probably have a hard time admitting it but member the story came out a little bit later that day it was his guitar player is bass player. Actually a bullet hit the guitar yeah the reason saved his life as it was they found it lodged in the guitar and our leader it didn't come up for a few months after and think. Anyway no word yet but they put together in 91 page photo book with pictures from that night. Notes to Jason now being plus different page dedicated to victims survivors they all said it's dead at 91 pages for route 91 they said it's Jason now deem it. And they have not heard back yet but you know. At do you get that kind of a request I don't know how you can say nobody turn it down county me even Arianna ground. I'm gonna say are tiny did go back but she also is different situation she was in the big meal and it happened. Outside her like she wasn't right there when a parent you out there she wasn't emotionally and I onstage. And bright she's got bullets are raining down and yes so I know I'd love to see Jason LB do it is just a matter of how effective he is and can't do there's a lot of other logistical factors do that are you know it might not even be something he is available or. Yeah I know anyway so that's all I got things that we really didn't get around talking about on the show today anybody else got anything of interest they would like to discuss violently any pertinent issues it's it's you know international women's day to celebrate having a woman on the show. Yeah right the strong women in our lives that make it better and normally you are gonna make our show a lot better so. Her crippled yeah you are here yeah and I getting the shots my mom because through this new she's done so much for me including like running Tinder boxes to find stuff that I. Left there that's yet shipped overnight Andy I could have done is found herself well. As estimated 32 year old woman I'm gonna give you some credit because we talked to a lot of women. Of similar ages for this job in a lot of them at that age now and things have changed found it too overwhelming. And just stopped talking to us because the move from. Another state by yourself you have no friends your health family here you just say hey I'm going this is a great opportunity and a tackle a new city by myself yeah. I think it's pretty damn off both eerie I really do even for you and I was so much easier we've done this twice now yeah his caddie Joseph there's like I was gonna fry eggs are added another bad and we've done before Poland this is your first time leaving leaving Georgia and. Gag grew up thirty minutes from where I went to college men. We thought down the road five minutes from my college side lived in the same dis any eat my entire life Sally app has it sunk in. That your in Seattle and I are here now this is your home yeah definitely moments that it Seung-Jin I think the big one is gonna be like I'm so. Looking for a place so when I find a place and how my furniture here. When I have to like different ID switched out get Washington license plate my Carly I think those are going to be the big things are like well this is real. I still haven't done. It was for me it was I did get my licensed by the way don't go to the DMB downtown is nobody wanted to bring you know you're the only. It but IA hit me when Meyer went all my furniture -- the united you have made have been every month until my stuff got their dialect felt that familiar surrounded by familiar stuff than rhetoric castings and well that's the part I'm looking forward to for Emily because I know like when we got here he kind of feels very temporary until I yourself in our home in all and we get the routine asked. You don't have the idea it's now air being the an app three suitcases and that's it well happy I WD well thank you we are excited to have you here that doesn't that doesn't sound that I don't like I got lucky and excited I explosives. Here that are I know I am going down and now birth control. Anyway I guys enjoy the show from today we love you and we will see you back to morrow and dig net I'm on my way Brothers and sisters. He doing anything. Do you think he went smell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. Plus one wolfpack back on the radio for Thursday march 8. My name is Matt McCallister Emily good morning. In their slow Joseph over there morning everybody doing good break how are you OK. I don't ask you know I was up a lot last night Colorado I'm still struggle and I came figured out right now I have zero pain. That's not the club also I think I might overdose on Ibuprofen. If anybody knows the amount of Ibuprofen you can take you Tony for hours and on diet let me know oaks I think I'm probably right on that day your recent Illinois and answered a referral to bed I gotta get a good. One and take another four. Not a lot. It's a love we're missiles to do I lay in bed in my my. To still think it's gonna pop out of my head and now he's you got a little bit of the slow that go I'm tired from my dad know little bit the espresso bad idea for letting me know I'll have put up a little rat hides and figure going to be talking about today what about you surprises people the most. Also what is the most creative punishment you've doled out or received and what surprised you when it was delivered to the house. Indeed going to be go to Vermont yemen's Tanzania. Thousand bucks coming up here at 6 AM your first and best chance to win dawn Monday. But right now we lead off collar somebody to get us some base who is ever ready to do that lets you pick the first onto that we played coming up next. 206421. Wolf don't be shy morning wolfpack let's go leadoff caller right now to a 6141 wolf. All right let's authorities say hi to Jordan who is in Tacoma this morning hello Jordan how are you. Good morning Harry yeah. Fantastic anybody's doing great happy Thursday now from what I know about you you're an oral surgery system what is what a coincidence. Here you are having such a good night last. You know we can do you possibly. You don't have to do anything out of it I don't want this to be about me to step the national sympathy partied just. And did you hear what have we talked about last week at overdosed on the crest white strips and I'm having some kind of a sensitivity reaction in mind. Nerves are so I have no idea. Had happened I can. All of the US open up every time you like Pete they're not just not a good idea is to lock in every day. But yeah I know that Al. Understand the price and you know Ari what do Dennis these are utilized I think you just. You'd have to suck it up you liken him the extreme amount of payment it'll pass so yeah but this thing going on for awhile it's been gone for a week he's there's a possibility of a root canal depending on the funny part is like so yeah guys get a touchdown for appointment two weeks like two weeks. It did there. He's talking about a B overdose. I have a lot of women say that they actually have at first and had had to double in the it. Honestly rather outburst in the shuffle. It's not so much fun but enough about that during what about you so let's let's find out a little bit more about you Jordan he married single what your personal life all about. Com. Locker just the part when he got into I. Baited and a purpose on my first. Jordan. I was. He Jordan I'm sorry what you're saying about your personal life married or single. I have a partner go into the University of Washington but my teacher. Well good for you and how long have you been in that relationship. Going ears treaty Syrian mass when you're like okay this could be in for the long. I actually know what are generally higher or is very correction. All sorts of Jordan held Ari you don't mind me asking. I'm content or Yang you guys are you know at some time she feared all out you don't mean. At the end of the you know like yeah. Hello. Rationale is it all Brothers are Brothers and sisters there. I'm its entry the perfect sport. Yeah thank you know and women are different than men but I can tell you definitively not a relationship with the guys that this is a good thing. It takes guys a lot longer figure out what's going on I felt I only guy knows anything until he's 35 and many and maybe not even ready for a good relationship Philly scored yeah. I'm married and those other conservative number. Do you speak from experience he's absolutely neck and still a native of try to figure I think all right Jordan what can we play Korea in terms musically wanna hear coming up next. Anything to him. Cool thank god but is only like sixty billion Tim McGraw songs I can you narrow down a little bit forced Jordan or would you like I am willing to pick on for. Right after an accuracy which comes up with as well. Appreciate it colony in Jordan thanks for being early just call today and have a great dang good luck in your relationship as well. Well. Now are we lug it. All right now also coming up I blew it Leo way yesterday I was casually mentioning something conversation and animals died a couple of years if this happens to me all the time by the way. And you were discussed and eight minutes we're going to be asking you what about used surprises other people the most. You're listening to the morning and welcome back we're back McAllister hi know. Nevermind. The nail 100 I had. What about youth surprises of the people the most. What about you surprises people the most to a 6421 wolf or like sun and our friend Terry Pearson is the text for 6150. Yes it yesterday and that is something that told me if I'm shocked. In casual conversation he brought up the fact that you would had a heart attack ends almost died in I would like war again just. It it surprises people because I am so healthy. But a couple of years ago yeah I just had a heart misfire I ended up in the Mayo Clinic for five days hanging emergency surgery I now have a deferred to later in a pacemaker. In my chance to get there were two times when yes I should be dead right now that never in a million here's what I guess yeah anti guess why have that attitude or I'm just so grateful every day because I know how quickly it can all disappear right but death you know without getting an all the medical background haven't yet that surprises people when I tell them that. I know also surprised me once as well he told me about his sister. Had. He just went out fact that she did not have an idea that is it surprised me about Joseph today a man. There yet is he grew up. Literally being hooligans and thugs and doing all kinds of horrible illegal things and his sister meanwhile there monastery of praise the lord daisies and none of my brother's a federal agent. All right Emily flip back around what about you surprised people the most I think we've got my report back that I've ever tasted outlawed never. Had eighty kind of alcohol Baghdad. I know I prizes people you know I I think in the culture more I grew up that would be seemingly impossible be more likely to have a heart attack after a one of our process Dave said ambulances like you know usually don't trust people who don't drink but for some reason I Chester off. I had that mentality for awhile that not only do I not light Q I don't trust you were wrong you make me feel bad about myself. I'd so there it is morning wolf back let's have a little fun let's get to know you a little bit here what about use surprises people the most to a 6421 wall Florida Texas and up. 46150. False. Jet in Marysville Ernie says people are shocked that I listen to country. Good morning Hayley Munro how're you today that Larry what about you surprises people the most daily. The fact that I attend college despite a lot of people. Why they easily in their look at like that is why I can't get or whatever it may think that high school vibe like out. Hoss and you've got that sort of drop out look but yet you are probably pretty Smart. Yeah. This is what you go to school for right now attending a worry avionics and I hope would have been funny Houston tattoo artist for. I want to be appears certain. That's awesome really good for you and I think the old adage applies definitely never judge a book by its cover the man I've showed up for bike race before I've looked over at seeing guys like I got this and they smoke me like you know. Should it be a judge judge he Hayley that's great thanks for checking in vita part of the morning wolf accidents think yeah. What about you surprises other people the most to a 6421 Woolsey can text 46150. Yeah it got a couple of text him Marshall and body lakes says most people can't believe that he's 23 has three kids bought his house three years gallant had the same job since he's eighteen. I vote yes. Yes these days that these Friday appearance at a minute ago I guys annoying though there's I'd scratched that Marshall nobody knows you know this he knows what's up. And Britney says she works with children all day but when she tells people she never wants any prices. That actually does surprise me I think if you work in other people's kids all day that's pretty deter it yeah that might be in an ad for celibacy right there. All right what about use surprises of the people the most morning wolf back you got the number 206421. Wall. But free deadly out attack yesterday and I thought that was dad's firm and hard issues that put in Mayo Clinic for couple days. Charlene in Arlington what about youth surprises other people the most. I. A computer game got my war and I hate violence how people that I just didn't electric a look at it on it and I've spent ten times men's. So that must have been hard surely be too easy you know you're in a male dominated world you gotta be copping your 52 in your problem with little thing he had to do yet. You know I definitely not. He says slow and she went nonetheless issue of Cuba at the military can I'm a cyclist most people can win. If I can fairly be 25 pushing semi coma. Surely that's awesome so have you ever been in a situation work where you say now you're a mild mannered IT person. Weaver got into some kind of a little altercation to work for somebody you had to sort of step up a little bit and let him know your back story. I want what I wonder what trash and and reject it. Yes Charlie and I love that. And we appreciate you being a part of this Saturday thanks for calling. Yeah no problem thank you. I know you do to us export to 1 wolf morning wolf back what I use surprises of the deal the most of Yeltsin got some techs come and it's 46150. Yeah I'm Marisa and Seattle said when she tells people she used to be a voice over actors when she was younger notably. She is strawberry shortcake and she was in battle end and inspector dad to come on. We attorney. Marisa mercy you know I got a call in your eye yeah. Our ignorance means an election inspector gadget everybody do. How is so cool allows a yet Marisa to a 6421 wolf we got to hear this voice over voice right MAI. Like that flood. Robert has how crazy his ex rightfully is what makes you know what she done that's so crazy that's surprising people yeah I'd like to sit down at a table with him and compare notes diaries I'm pretty sure my poker hand to compete with the is. We did get another tactic known name but it says the fact that I'm thirty and my husband is. So I did meant when he and especially the younger male. You know what that's a good point that that this guy isn't when he enrollment is thirty act. Typically works the other way as the IC card to a 6421. Wolf again. What about Jews surprises other people the most. I'm waiting on this one because it's good it's worth the wait. We've got to cheer and in some very hello shared value surprises others the most. In the article. Okay what did you do and it is our family and they are okay alluded to did you do a little bit everything her. I did and we had eight or ten we will that we out of it. They're right okay. Like that oh so big black cotton candy. While did you have any of those than usual human performers like the yak lady or like you don't. You did. Kelly second shares. Have fire here at the flowers are on the naked lady you attitude headed lady. Perpetrate. Gadget like faced cat and a real heads I can't say how OK okay going to carnival secrets. Act. We'll pick. Love it our series thanks for being a part of the show have a great day okay great if you thought. How does that McAlister hasn't programme it's an Italian these guys get a free donuts it's. 100 points. The biggest thing happening right now is on I sighed and Lakeland and Bridgeport way. South southbound lanes are completely shut down northbound lanes only one lane is open there's a really bad how you ranked is a hit Ryan. At least three lives have been lost the driver that caused the accident was caught a couple miles south of the accident and he is in custody. And they believe it's a DUI. Don't mess oh got it to be a while to clear up. Yet whenever there's a fatality unfortunately it's very sad but there are also crime scene at a Shimmy shut down for most of the morning so. If there's another way to get to work or where you gotta go fleas. Yeah out just fine with that area a little notes there are reports of huge orange glow in the sky that lit up the entire horizon volatile loud boom. In grays harbor county they hundreds of people calling in to dispatched about that they're loud noise apparently it was so loud it shook the ground. Now the National Weather Service is saying there's no severe weather like no earthquakes leaving a bad and they said they don't have any reports of any accidents are you plane crashes though. They're speculating is probably and meteor. But they're gonna silicon to we ruled out extraterrestrials I mean we all that out into a hitter Matt is that I don't have if we'll ever now. Cereals yeah I've watched some of the videos on line it's crazy and were fishermen that way out of seated immediately it look like you look at it didn't look like a bomb Burton act like something hit the earth that's crazy. Yep and and it Richard Sturm who might obviously hock for much longer and it fell in our insiders are reporting that quarterback could be like government teen in the next couple days. I mean in feared it. It's difficult than just high paying a cornerback eleven million dollars next season when he's thirty and recovering from an injury to ease them yeah but even the mayhem and the maniac give a chance of recovery as the and it's awful but as the business side I mean I guess it's the end well. And you know as somebody who's played sports and Emily and you have as well. So Joseph I don't know but they can. They're people like your team and elevate everybody out because they're just they're leaders are motivational Richard Sherman is one of those guys gas piping your profit eighteen military to like. A lesser salary just silly to say but but he's already saying divided teammates here laying about a team that was another report to that he Pete Carroll got into a fist fight but apparently that's not true accurate satellite. This is the rumor mill swirling. I'd stay away is the visiting north as most exclusive club continues to grow. Coming up and about ten minutes it was where somebody new in two dumb mug club that'll be happening at about 610. This is the morning wolf packs with NASCAR stack 100 points off the walls now on the episode out. Club and two days is pretty special because so. We love April who works at our security desk the first face we see every morning she loves the wool big fan. And down. She also has a part time job Cabela's and she was kind enough when she was at that job to put together a care package Jacob brought it up to a student David. Listen just because she worked downstairs in the building and by the when we get ahold of access are this morning you. It doesn't mean we know swearing an official but. A dishonest person sustainably and can't think well hey April it's Matt Emily and slow joke calling from morning wolf pack our youth. I'm well are you guys they were fine and dandy April thanks for asking but were calling because we appreciated coffee mug from Cabela's so much who we got us where you end of the month club got to make it official. Hello Mary now to those in my heart I know a hundred kids this I have my homes pretty much I need a floored by address here and that's my cotton everything else. April we love you know that they've had the same experience you're the first person in any of us met only moved here yet she takes their picture from our own I need that is. I do you and I knew that and the only lent but it didn't want to let everybody else now I know about her to the O'Keefe and on the yeah Clark I don't know who these guys are why would I wanna put an opt. Got into our GM's later. All right April before we swearing Cabela's end and make him a standing member of the mug club any questions Preston Amy do for you. No consent order signed Hume. I know how to rash illegally I have a path. Illegally arresting and they I'd tell you about one of those places so dangerous because all up in the air for one thing and block out like. Kayak. Climbing it's there there's so many things that just like UN. It is and that's usually what I do I spend like five minutes of my break literally am I breaking the rest I wander the floor. That's it's definitely dangerous as perhaps the paycheck goes. You find things that you really don't need but he wants because of course you want it. You just never know when you'll meet. You know TV there's actually. I listen April we Levy you know that you're very special to us near and dear to our hearts so let's get sworn in officially to be mug club you and Cabela's are you ready acquired. All right raise your right hand repeat after me I state your name. IE a girl do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolfpack who always put my allegiance to the morning wolfpack and is a proud member of the month club. And a proud member of the night I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning I could do crank up the world every morning. Congratulations April by the power vested in us as a radio show got its members have been in effect until we love. I think you love you guys pills. Are right you don't it comes to parenting it's nice to see some dads are still kicking it old school. In seven minutes of attainment data Virginia made his son do after he got kicked off the bus stay with us it's the morning. Oh I now. 1047. Cell walls right now we want to know what is the most creative punishment you ever doled out or received. To a 6421 Wall Street Texas for 6150 the reason we're talking about it and maybe you've seen this image super viral but. Brian Thornhill is a data Virginia. He had his son his ten year old boy run to school because you get kicked off the bus for being a fully. Come less honest I got control of us enough for you got to actually kicked off the bus for three days because he was being a little bully. Which I do not tolerate cannot stand and therefore. He has Janelle run the school. This or here's his old school simple parroting the same killer nobody this is a healthy way. For a child to be punished because it's been an exercise something that a lot of people don't think children should be more changes to come out of him Xbox for the rest of their lives. So this or here's called parenting that's he. Don't know what it's like he got a huge cello lesson you don't have to kill you don't always have to beat them but sometimes it sucks for them and that's what teachers and. You hear that parents don't always have to be goods and you know and LA hours talking about it you can't ground cute anymore because that just means they get to stay inside their devices which is what they want a few anyway get back in the day when I was growing up like. That was the big punishment is OP cannot go outside and play your friends now it's totally different yet to come up with new and inventive ways to. Punish kids re enactment of Weaver younger as teenagers my parents got a phone call one night in the middle of the night woke them up and it was the police said they are like. Miss rains deep worry son is like dad he's upstairs is my brother does it mean he would sack out. Broken curfew to my parents that are right you're gonna wake ethics panel tonight we're gonna wake you up so every Saturday for the rest of the month they welcome up at 3 AM to go feed the homeless. Us all that is awesome and you know these creative punishment usually take a little bit of effort on our part as a parent needs to sacrifice for you as well. All right what's it gonna be morning wolf that let's hear from you right now to a 6421. Wolf with those creative punishment so. Virginia dad makes ten year old son run to school in their reign at. As a punishment for bullying getting kicked off the bus to a 6421 wolf as the number or he can Texas 46150. Hey good morning Tracy and five so we're talking about the most creative punishment you ever doled out or you received. We're out like a man and I like how they get all right now I went and I can't let and that my hand. Yeah and pop up almost Maurice that is more of suddenly got. But never could end and all the boat or not. You don't you remember to being high school he did your parents were to drive just anywhere near the school was embarrassed I can't imagine what that was like if you actually in class Tracey. Like Emily said. That is awesome. As of Larry. I'm sure you did that was probably the worst thing never happens your son. Don't let. I mean out of it. I bet guided to a 6421 Wall Street in Texas up 46150. Talking about the most creative punishment your doled out as a parent or you received as a kid. Mark in Stockholm is what's the most creative punishment Herbert doled out or receives. I'd I'd doled it out plug my site web drew they're worried Arabia bears very different very well there are. So you went to school I came home early guided rumored everything including the door. And they don't learn it all back. Whoa. Even the door I like that no stone unturned how did here to back mark what were the steps there. Did he learn another day our region they cue and yes MM what led you to help and I had a double down on the court. Now did he get to pick what he got act like when he earned some thing to get to say I want the door this time I want this look at. Into harm's. I got a better backe did it does good or better yet do so yet he's you know yet but ASP. They don't everything. Mark and I JJ moment I'm not a. While I think you know as a parent it's really hard to do that because it seems harsh and mean that is absolutely the best thing you can do mark I'm sure that you look back on a day in your grateful that you did that Tim could probably learn that that's a hard lesson learned. Well you know it's funny American I had discussions about Soledad you already got the elderly like. He'd already don't edit or where you're a delay I have right now. I love that. Good and they are good any other. You're good bad man thanks for that second in the morning all factors Julian king stand most creative punishment you were told at a receive Julie. Well my brother he's cute getting travel a lot and my guess the construction workers. In of these. Think she's smaller can't. Sort of the end when you know without that I knew he had to dump them all back in the five gallon bucket for the next time. Oh wow the event based assembly committee assembly line there in the garage with okay hardly ever times. I love it annually begs the golf. Have a good day you'd do fight coming up in about nine minutes to get and I think news and this is so exciting we finally have closure. In the hash tag proof watch Stewart from England Italy and know even following it of course involving the drug dealer who swallowed a stash and and refuse to use the bathroom now you might think. You know how the story ends we've been following since day one we've been fascinated by crew for. But trust me you don't know the ending we got a four enact. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. When it's. Let's bring you cannot fake news stories sound fake but really aren't. I know you've done how you knew what I knew if you thought this story out again. That's for trying to trick you with my. Verbal musings yeah. It's so this is our third update officially and Emily you knew the party here but. There was this big thing in England called the poop watch where they had a guide Lamar chambers 24 year old drug dealer he got arrested back on January 17 now. Instead of admitting to his wrong doing he swallowed his stash I. So the copper put him in jail so it was gonna to eventually way and I got to. And everybody was kind of thinking OK that's been hash tag proof watch started and they would do daily updates on what he was eating him when he was gonna go. The update. He never went. 47. Days it is officially been released from jail. Wow I mean instant legend. How can you do. Then I have no idea I mean it that flag go to the bathroom or spend time in jail like. Yeah that day all right that don't you think there's a point we just can't control and IRS and 47 days and free share rooms in like world record territory. Well he is however there's another new site new user previously reported that a sixteen year old British girl actually passed away in 2013. Because she didn't have a bowel movement for eight weeks old wow so it could be to do this guy put his life on the line yeah. For his drug dealing ways. How about that so impressed that I can't believe you got he was great you know he got off work insufficient evidence like yeah. My goodness if two point did not in like I thought it was going hello I'm a law abiding citizens and is is something that's got I was definitely pulling for him. Well you know it's hard not to redefine the odds like I always got to root for the underdog even though he's drug dealer in inherently this bad thing that. Are not big news over 500 Canadian doctors protest raises. Yelled. They see there they say they're being paid too much to be doctors in Canada. Well go let's look at this is so that you would never ever hear about it in capitalist America now are way. Yet we Quebec doctors believe a strong public system opposed the recent salary increases negotiated by our medical federations. The groups say they're offended that they would receive raises when nurses and patients are struggling. You know there's that one guided like cool can think about that and yeah. They love. Trying to put a pool in the backyard Afghanistan. And finally French court banned parents from naming their daughter leave him. Claiming that it sites gender confusion. And what's surprising about this and this actually happened some parents say they wanted to named their daughter lea Minnesota couldn't. Under French law. A court can banned parents from giving a child a name they deem to be against the child's best interest on recent years. The courts and France have intervened to prevent children from being named new tell. Friends say it is French for strawberry I get yes joy you French for happy MJ after Michael Jackson Manhattan and demon among others in by the way there are. Are other places in the world to do the same thing. Saudi Arabia New Zealand Germany Portugal Denmark Norway Sweden Moroccan man. Of course in America you can name your kid and tell us so you know that's life. America market murder repair a stereo that big news stories this sounds they put our doctors complaining about raises c'mon this is. Morning wolfpack with the countdown to 100 points off. Flack hit the pavement and that could be history too. Good morning to share it to until how are you today I'm doing cares really bared it all really good is good enough cheery welcome to beat the street are you rated instant tickets to Scotty mccreery and Jamey Johnson to come in September back to back nights at the Washington state fair. Not so. Okay we'll find out won't we meet the challenger here a couple of minutes from what I understand you are old enough and you work for the school district which one shares. We'll report shut radical Clark what blue. It's going to be able street theater work with me c'mon try to talk kids that are months. He relaxed you say about it she's nervous she's got a big game ahead of her but let's relax cheery I'm put in thirty seconds up on the clock. You got five questions to answer she area are you ready okay let's do it. Here we go I like your confidence question number one which movies featured character DB eight. I have no idea which city is home to JFK airport. You act which is the most recent model of the I don't. Ask. What does the Fremont troll happens hand. Oh no idea. Who sings Jesus who wields. I know it nice chances time is up share eats you worked your way through effectively you think you did okay. No. I couldn't. Yeah I don't bring it when your playing man when you're not on the ball and I know man with a bright lights are shining in your face it's always tells her eyes let's meet the challenger. This is so they don't know much. Now slow Joseph found Bryant rumors slow Joseph found challenger outside the arena. What's your name where you're from there woody you've. Diane drive intense and guys view architecture. Architects tend to be pretty sharp but let's see how he does he pop culture in local questions in sports. Question number one share will find out how you did at the same time here we go which movie featured the Carriker beating feet. Star Wars. Star Wars was the right answer in CB 88 and I was eight I went in and I'll really. And came out on stage at the Oscars and I Cyrano worries you're down one but there's a lot of game left to make it couples go to question number two which city is known to JFK airport. New York. York was the right answer here you got that right as well so nice job here on the board but you still down one its total one beat the street heading into question number three. Which is the most recent model of BI. Head. Listen you're still down one I remember a tie goes to you a tie goes to the morning wolf thank pitcher still down woman. Read it to we gotta make it appear somewhere. Here is question number four it's always a local question and beat the street what does that prove I'm sure have and that's okay. That I. You know Melanie you're famous Seattle landmark he's got a VW bug in his hands. Shoot. It's okay we're where we were a second ago you're still down one it's three to two heading into the country music question. There's a couple of ways this can go here Sherry he gets it right you lose. But if he gets it wrong and you get it right you tied their four you win so I think we all know were praying for it so. Who sings Jesus take the real. Church choirs. What does he do church choirs church choir sings Jesus take the really probably not wrong about that but in this case he's wrong about that. Carrie Underwood and you got the right answer. Oh. Yeah me you have tied in the history in a tie goes to the morning wolf thank you Evelyn ticket to see Scotty mccreery and Jamey Johnson back to back nights at the Washington state fair. Or lowered target immaculate CU. Are any still Gerri thanks to listen to our show we love you that we let me gel nicely yesterday I had blue and the only way a little bit but I can't imaging conversation and almost died a few years ago because of an unknown heart condition well. We're to discuss that and admitted to recap a little bit about what will we be asking you what we really care about is. What about use surprises people the most morning all sat with Matt McAllister and try. This. It's no wolf so here is what's about use surprises other people the most. To a 6421 wolf creek in Texas at 46150. I think it happened yesterday as I said something casually. And Alina we're getting to know each other. Right and just did that conversation and you know what we're talking about the drilling. The pacemaker around us I onetime and they kept going with this now but wait. I know I had to it it's kind of weird some young guys healthy guy but yeah I have a pacemaker. Deferred to later I had a heart kind of misfire or a few years ago I ended up in the Mayo Clinic in. I should be dead I should have died twice actually I'm never a million years I guess that I was shocked yet it's it's surprises people because you wouldn't see in some of the pictures we take like for the bugs Libby can actually see it stick out my shirt and a pretty thin guy to. I think every you are the less you see it. I do take it makes me like iron men like Robert Downey junior that's that's there's that's what I mice spin on etiquette stuff the bullet Monday absolute lay. But truth be told him and his one night where my wife tennis in Baghdad. The drunken I was comparing pacemakers with her grandmother answers the guy. Yeah Afro I think that's not my finest moment but yet it Emily the same way like you'll tell me something almost every day that surprises me any the most interesting thing about you what he said. I'll see you really surprised and we talked about this that I have never tasted alcohol my. Never had alcohol acts fascinating to me there was never one Maliki I'll have a sit down here I'm never gonna not ones filled it's amazing. Slow joke I had easily it's the fact that my sister is a certifiable card carrying. And my brother's a federal agent. Yeah that's really surprised at you know he slid just past some shady dealing you know there have been pretty much a straight or gay stereo you have a dynamic family. It's awesome so what about you surprises people the most to a 6421 wolf it was a cold right now or you can text 461. 50 got those calls and text coming up next. Radeon on the new 100 points over the wall the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister. Chair and in some there hello shared values surprises others the most. Buried in the article. Okay what did you do in the day is our camera and a big carnival. Okay alluded to did you do a little bit everything here. I did and we had a baby elephant we want that we had a medial and we are right through gays and this. Why don't all think that I think cotton candy did you have any of those than usual human performers like to. The yak lady or like you don't. You did with. How we got back initiatives are right there have firefighters we had the trust me on lauer and al-Qaeda in the united lady you had a two headed lady. The proposal laid out I guess you like to face cat and a real heads. I can't say I'm OK okay you're going to carnival secrets it's a part of the secret. Love and our series thanks for being a part of the show have a great day okay great if you but I. Matt we're getting a ton of text Marisa from Seattle says which tells people that she's to be a voice over actors and the kid they're surprised she was strawberry shortcake. And she's Matalin and inspector gadget. She's a Mac TV show the voice over actors I'd be shocked. Listen I love a good text message that Marissa mentioned in a phone call I got your strawberry short today that would be awesome. All right what about use surprises other people the most right now to a 6421 wolf or 46150. And attack. What about use surprises people the most 46150. On the text before Emily reads a few of those is to reset. Yeah I surprised Amelie yesterday when I just casually reveal that I have a pacemaker in my chest. Which is not something you expect to see with the younger healthy guy and no talk about surprised. Yeah it's tough to do with when people feel it's because I'm skinny sticks out in my chest race in my course my bonus kids or the PGA. Only go to the deal. And as you gross Manama Iron Man baby. It's 80000 dollars in their man yeah I should have been dead twice but I got lucky. And only the most surprising thing about you had never taste alcohol I never had alcohol fabrics. And then mess look Joseph our producer grew of course. I would say headache to say you had a rough start to your life would be an understatement man it was it was all self induce the rebellious. Little yeah absolutely yeah my sisters and and I mean that's really the one controlling what really. I've known you for a long time but I remember that day you told me that that you've reviewed opted for his. I think that that doesn't make any sense so morning wolfpack what about used surprises people the most. We are getting a kind that text we got just one of the I'm 51 years young I ran off shore and live here but originally from Texas and she wraps. I wrapping up guy here. Yeah can you minister for YouTube link right in. There is twenty years old and says she doesn't have any social media. She's been accused of lying about fact he was so surprised is no social media twenty years old. Yet that is very neat I wonder why. I don't know. Rob will have your fourth two drama good gap we and other tech known name with this one but they said they used to drive the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It's rising that's amazing they can read a book yet and they want more of most people are surprised. She says that she's behavioral therapist she works with special needs kids between two good fighters old and army three types of training to be a professional in the may fight. That is so impressive that is very when I meet people like fan I just you know there. Tougher than nine URM ten thank there's no way I would get the ring with somebody beat my face and happen. Hey missy in Arlington welcomed the morning wolfpack won about use surprises of the people the most. Well away. Eagle don't know open it would be implying. I used the press that the. Well well don't hear that every day NIC obviously you've moved on to a different line of work. And react now I have a charity I hope the moment that organic treatment have a great county. Thoughts yeah god bless you miss he served for turning that around how long were you an addict in Hindu and all the. About three or four years. And I think clean for a week seven here. But you must wake up every day I think it applause and I orders are impressive fury inspirational mystics I guarantee somebody listen right now it's maybe having some struggles and need to. You know. What a what a positive thing here. Yeah I trade but that word on the street and it won't let is that something you're ashamed about or is that something you are proud about it at this moment. To see them. I am very. About my addiction and they have their say. And the teaching our. So you please call radio station me tell everybody wants. Bought out there that I ordinarily. It. This tricky. Well you know I think from day one of this show we've always have we wanna be authentic we wanna be honest and genuine in transparent embassy would you do Cherilus is the most honest thing I've ever heard so thank you. USK. Thank you use the same we love you that you sat with Matt McAlister hasn't tried. This. It's no lol sadly. But the Big Three stories happening today. Never won at last night and there was a huge orange glow that lit up the entire sky and then all of my allowed Dylan downing gray harbor county each. Hundreds of people are calling into dispatched to ask that was going on. The National Weather Service says there's no severe weather still wasn't earthquakes FAA says there's no airplane crash or anything like that so officials are speculating doesn't meet here. There's into it. Meteor I think we all know what it was yeah. Extraterrestrials. I think we'll never know when the videos online are unbelievable and it looks like a bomb yeah hit it really write us. Yup irate Richard Sherman and might not be playing for the Seahawks much longer in at L insiders are reporting that the cornerback could be let go from the team in the next couple days. Now as I think and it. I'm devastated but as business side of it I mean it makes oodles and they can't justify paying him eleven million dollars. Please thirty years old recovering from injuries. Mean you're looking and I think maybe a little bit too much. To practically the gas like that in the locker room who's a leader who fired right now it's up and plus he's brilliant. You know in terms of what he needs that team I'm hoping maybe he'll take a little bit of the pay tax and the best way ahead Blake the you don't want Tony Gwynn locker because he's a little little kids when you know I I can't steer you know I was like yeah but annie's RD telling his teammates can I have. Reportedly it's just on how Seattle why is it franchisees. You let back I bit again not a businessman but like secure answers loyalty you pull out that player to retire to see how. I agree to an end if we didn't have enough reasons already to love target there is one more target is increasing its minimum wage to twelve dollars an hour. And have the gold paid fifteen dollars an hour I am the only 20/20. 98 as a people and loved RJR ready come on its morning. With the palace raid and these are dug your hole and. So wolf I what surprised you. When it was delivered to the house. And the words you ordered it you bought it but you have no recollection of the event. Talking about drug shopping and there is a news survey out today and says it this year we as Americans. Are gonna spend 448. Dollars this year drug shopping which by the way I'm go ahead and call this pandemic. If this number has doubled from last year where as Americans on average had 206. Dollars. By and stuff. After reading drink and that's a lot of money that's. A bit of a couple of factors to consider here. It's also includes food. So legacy that Pete's take out acted pretty much do anything now without leaving the comfort of your own thing out there. Hulu on the show Emily slow Joseph who has ordered some they were surprises and showed up at the door you remember order Brian Adam licenses never had a drinking airline asks us look don't look any yeah I gotta say I did say I do not grabbed the phone from drunk or been drinking I don't I got I got when I remember has about ten years ago and all the sudden I started getting these CDs and the males are the best in the eighties and make. That's so weird and as though unlike a contest zone thing. And then my roommate proceeds tell me after three or four of them came in consecutive weeks but I've gotten totally blackout drug. And see an ad for and immediately when blacks paid like a hundred bucks for the series in eighty best in the eighties album this weather late night infomercials and yes. Exactly why he had back in the day you can do Columbia house record and it's so easy to sign up it's almost impossible to stop them from coming he had what I think is even more surprising in that slow Joseph is that you got the best of that eighty's I have I was of one CD. No it's a series we can't ever get what are we gonna pick me like two weeks before I realized that I actually paid for. Love it I it's just a question to you morning wolfpack what surprised you when it was delivered to the house hashed. A drug shopping. So the average person you and a organist and 448 dollars this year drug shopping crowds of that I typically do and and Lyndon drink so as. So look Joseph what I ordered the best of the eighties CD compilation. Didn't remember any of it and you add that that dream life sojo we you do in the Andean whiskey combination yet I'm actually shot I may have wizards and stuff during that time and I still well it's so easy to order ending with your phone it's no surprise that that number has doubled in the last year. It was 206 dollars last year this year 448. Dollars so. What was last thing you purchased drugs to a 6421 wolf leaving Texas for 6150. Yeah we've got a couple attacks somebody on the air hockey table then another nice good one Seattle I think I'm listening to say yes I love air hockey. Camille said that they book their Hawaii trip drunks so they had a ten hour layover in Portland old rounds and in Ashley it's become less says she also has a bad habit of them who vacations. On Friday night after couple glasses minds is to get confirmation emails for flights booked. And I can't even imagine. Mean that is in the expensive mistake yeah I'll take a funny story just remind you this the reason my wife doesn't drink tequila anymore. We almost did that here so we have vacation. Yes so we go to dinner and and my wife is Mexicana she's like hey you got a tries to kill that I drinks at times through expensive but it's really good there's a date night you know we had a sitters calls Costa as a rule comes in this giant bottle. In the top of its Abdel that you can ring. It's like twenty dollars a shot at Greg Davis crazy. So it now Pacific you know to be great so we started we've who both have one. We have another thing we decide on the way home that we're gonna get a bottle. So that happens so we're at home or on the back porch. Just needy can tequila. Listen to music. All of a sudden she finds out that Lional Richie is playing in the Bahamas. And I rode in a moment thought that was a great idea that vacation really needed to happen. And as we're sitting there literally looking at flights and try to put concert to receive Lional Richie the Ponte graduation up the next right. You'll likely have to go see Richard. I hear this unsightly noise Zelikow over. Well let's just say she doesn't drink tequila anymore. Because that night did not end well we'll see we'll say we'll say I didn't remember the conversation about lot of Richard Obama. Expensive tequila anymore for and we didn't have to go see a lot of riches are getting six save you from save it to the drug shopping. I have a more funny when Ashley says she bought a riding lawnmower and she lives in an apartment. And morning when I needed a leader in the well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't sound fundamental than a dollar ball here's Matt McCallister yeah. It's no wolf supporting wolfpack Matt McAllister here let's jump party coming up at about thirty seconds but we wanted to. Welcome again Cabela's in the month club truly appreciate able sending us a mug we swore her in this morning at 610 like we do but. You know if you're a small local business and you and your name on the radio play if it was sent us a call to vote it's that simple and you might get a visit from this wonderful show. Family on national women's day well Arafat and slow Joseph myself with the to come by and BBC doughnuts and thank you for listening and being a part of the month club and Emily because she's a woman and smarter than us men has RD memorize the address. Outlet building and ticker eight minutes it's okay like six weeks. Know at least six months let's be honest Emily go address mug club this 805. Avenue is suite 1419104. So we're back. Come on now I got to fix we did get a box yesterday for the month club and I'm not a 100% certain I haven't opened yet so we don't know a 100% with senior Clinton. Fifth. And I. Sound and it if the as a big game that it needed a little bit more about Laura yeah that's their vote. And an I would say I'm so impressed as 99.9 percent of what you guys have joined about club extensively raptor mugs yeah we've only had I think to maybe Brooke Dolan. Thank you day OK yeah wrap those mugs up again and Jewish you know the address now we would love to swear you would officially in the Pacific northwest fastest growing club. Here that morning or. I'm still a party. So wolf the morning wolf pack but Matt McCallister on a rainy Thursday of it is the last they're rating is C four. About five or six days and or do you see this but on Monday. Supposed to be seventy degrees now the stuff that I'll side screen shot of my wet grass sanity and question me. It's going to be seventy degrees on Monday and beautiful all we can haunted. And I check your sources TV's got to get through today and according to Mya whether line app it's supposed to be beautiful the next 656 days anyway that's not what I wanna talk about what remind you to 1000 dollar Will Forte is coming appeared a few minutes a chance of a thousand bucks and we talked yesterday. It's funny because every day at 650 reduce cervical the not fake news stories that sound like they might be safe but they're not. The story about Alexa laughing at people in the middle of night kind of sound made. But Amazon has now acknowledged that there is a glitch where elect says enables devices. Have been reporting here in strange I'm prompted laughter in the middle and I. So any great they have acknowledged that yes this is a saying we are aware of the problem and we are working to fix it. Seven I got enough for me knowing somebody yesterday said you know it's probably the people that are sitting back listening to all of us. What you say you're like the one I'm happy yet they're laughing is their budget your credit card numbers it is a mother I know online shopping. Website. At US and yet they've acknowledged it but the bad news is they don't have any idea how to fix it yet. Back with Matt Stairs it's once or twice. So that counts here. And he slowed joke of course Deanna Lee just walked in here she could give yourself some cash money coming up at 9 o'clock with a 1000 dollar won't that work pay day. Before we played Dustin lynch dean Li hi hi Matt yeah I just they salute both the view. On international please do my yard to let you down like maybe I don't know like live our lives a secure. The meantime I think US a verbal old mine examiner rub your feet. Car and I want to get god I thank god. Hey I did see that McDonald's in California they flipped the golden arches upside down so makes it W. How cool is just. Hurt today I don't that. Very cool uncle like game it's a lot of effort to put into that and I don't know yet as you know what the ball well I didn't. I didn't mean of course it was clearly are seeing scores you. Ideally what do you plan for two day. You're talking about it's international Wednesday KM tank I hear Allison looked a little bundle there now and guard Zack says. He'll likely be apart I'd put together a girl power play list of some women it. Country songs that really wrap us up as lady Ike that and as we do that we wanna find out what woman. In your life has made the most impact on you. Are you asking me yours or rhetorical for the wolf pack I mean that it's always directed at you my mouth but yeah. And when that's done severely yeah. It's. Okay yeah I love you. Go. I can say definitively that data would be my life. When I'm alive though wouldn't be where I was taught me all kinds of stuff and and I was married before so it's not just any woman it's her. So and of course my mom and Leann you love you mama I yeah. All the time it's my mom. Yeah my best friend Steve when you're married dude it's always going to be your life and you nominee gets yet another down at two mama's so you know did did. So about you dealing. Absolutely my mom she's the best you know what I love about my mom is any time that a home visiting her armor cooking in the kitchen she grabs me. And that we swing dance together so I get along. Really I get that on the yeah I can totally relate memo he student news wooden spoons. And I do yeah my mom. When I was acting and she wouldn't even grabs you just shake the drawer with this who's in it's I could hear the wooden spoons rattling around the no that was an applicant can I get it I'm done on it. Well thank you to check in obviously ideally as she should be celebrating Wednesday as well so but it's cool to see Twitter blowing up with all kinds of stuff about. To a 6421 wolf or you can text are of course 46150. Indulge for dead. Cash money seek them by the woman realized something special in about four and a half minutes stay where. Tell us. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 point 701.