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Thursday, May 10th

Thursday May 10th, 2018


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Rolling they welcome to our broadcast today's Tuesday no this Thursday mission I. And dad says the morning OPEC there's gambling and sludge opting out of that Tuesday all most of Friday in fact we are connected to Friday finally. OK so here's some stuff that we did not have a chance to talk about on the show today and by the way. Lot of good moments on the showed this year seller was especially. And a Marta looking forward to tomorrow because an 8:10 tomorrow morning we're going to be talking to. Add the assistant to a police chief for a local police forces fight and how much she makes a year I loved that game it's the best now we do every day life to so much better. Okay why don't we start with this couples who split chores evenly. Have more sex. Which is not present for multiple reasons. But why they say I think. That most women understand that because in it does say in here this isn't just me generalized thing. It does say in here that the average woman spends about 22 and a half hours doing shores every week. That is almost a full day amateur esque raising the average man only spends sixteen and a half hours that's about six hours less that's still. Seems like a lot but I and you add up like mowing the yard taken out the trash to in the laundry there's a lot of things and of keeping them home yeah. So I think what is surprising to men is that a lot of men don't realize we knew actually help out your wife. She appreciates you and find you sexier and physically wants to dig down. Yes physically. Very attracted to see Mandy Reid tours or even like taking care of the kids or have any back tiny step and and I he sent it. Gives her so much more free time she's not it's as tired I mean after you scrubbed the bathroom. Yet don't wanna really shake the sheets but didn't yeah. If there's one thing the Vanessa hates doing. That I did for her did today I've never done before is clean the toilet. And she just doesn't and she's never asked me to do it but she was coming back and I clean all house and try to get it already forage is like OK did you do the toilet and notion that well it's your pee stains pretty much yeah over the Lotta lives so to get after it so I finally tackle that he no it wasn't that bad. It's not that bad the first time I mean it's just one of those things like. I'm trying to loosen up family we just sprayed a blue stuff I have the stuff where the ugly stuff is already in the wind like in the end you stick I think. It's why am dish cleaning think. Slow Joseph where you got on the so tough because I don't feel like you do a lot. I feel like Sophie takes care your ass pretty much 24/7 now a lot first of all I'm bewildered at the amount of hours people are putting into doing chores that we think that's crazy that's a lot now it's not that that death lies and we had not yet neither when you guys have kids if you have kids that triples the amount of work it triples the laundry to you everything because we I mean we probably when you have kids your life is one big chore it out if you're not doing outskirts where you drop in the can off for eagle on school this its ad that's not household source though I think combined with righty three hours insures that we you know today I agree with you I think it sounds. A like a lot again a full day every week on top of a job. I AM actually probably better than you think it helping with chores like I always do laundry. I always do the bed sheets and I always do the dishes to seek I keep gone back to sow peace quip that dinner at the notion that we had not doing the laundry that's for sure now maybe I've mammoth depicted ups and thinks that I'm a self doing laundry all the time there you go she does all expect cleaning stepped a dusting and vacuuming this meeting and I'll like and a staff Xia Blake she handles that she doesn't uncertain day at a certain time and mariners. And I will say to to you ladies out there if we're gonna pitch it to do it you kind of let it stand. What I mean by that is I'll do a bunch of stuff and Vanessa will come along and do it anyway after Marty done well and thought clean the kitchen and I'll do the dishes and I'll cleaning kitchen and she's taught me how to take a Lysol when wives and I do the stove top and all of us are potential common like. Putter eyeball on the countertop and do it again LR you know. I don't wanna do if he's gonna do it after the thing or complain about I yeah I think that there is something like Sophie is good about. Complaining about me not doing things that I actually idea. Mika and I think that's probably like may have maybe it's gonna I'm not doing it well enough for something like that but yeah I I it's hard to get credit for telling us that even though ID yeah yeah I and I Faneca because we don't do it as well but I don't think I don't think there's any I don't think we're going to be in an on anymore if I help out with in any chores or her any last thing organ pointed to the test though like when she comes home from work just be vacuuming thing and act like your shirt I guess like allocated nine I don't know present its planned that and stand in his age and there's a move. Plus I don't know what Joseph looks like we're sure that's yeah that's they're okay so oh era and it matches like super humble I have read in nadir as your coming home this time meanwhile you have a timer sad and to speak as you know I know exactly was sitting out plug in red began in the middle of rare and and he got it alarm clock he hears her luck at the stairs exemption because he Campbell well okay cool and I would donate to the tax cut you're too busy cleaning correct. I guess I didn't hear math on act as you sign ups and I don't really think there's any whisker of a vacuum now news vacuum there's no technique you just run the damn thing to pick up the dirt I think I'm pretty good vacuuming its future doesn't chew marks these are he's very unassuming Lee vacuuming the whole place and I'd still local thirty Manning who. And then if you really wanna get laid grab a mop bucket at par or one of us with her things yeah them. For messages ball on those those are really whoever is easy haul much actual mop bucket my thing that's never gonna again and I had this next level but begin on time by the time. I just suffers a battery power gap shoots out the all. I don't like them is I feel like they leave the floor stick you're not actually have a steam mop the hot I mean it's the same thing but this is that your proven our point it's like guys try to chip then but then the women always have a better well do that I have a steam mop at my house and you literally just plug in for slaughter it and it's yeah okay you don't like the chemical and actress Erica. So anyway that's the study they just say could split chores a little more evenly. Less stress on your wife maybe you get a little more Alexandra again the offense it does make sense in theory. Okay in other news and ideally you'd get Scott did this story but apparently. You are not supposed to Wear yoga pants if you're gonna get an MRI and for some reason Emily I feel like these two worlds for you could collide very easily could hear very clumsy yes and you always recover fast yes. So they're saying that women Wear yoga pants pretty much all the time. But doctors are warning people not to Wear yoga pants and I have an MRI because when the magnetic imaging meets the Laker in the spandex. You can actually burn the pants right on your skin so I mean it's has this happened must end must have been has come out of there. I didn't make them. Take while OK so you do acted just ready to make street on meaning metal I asked president make them put on a hospital down and let. You know that but I. I'm trying to remember I expected definitely have had an MRI I don't remember I think I was in the down yeah pretty make his cold there may have been really cold. In any Dieter Mercury which makes you cold what are some Mike is still have their pants on and didn't like underneath the gallon. Maybe. I don't know enough to have or some that's awful lesson Miller she's can you imagine. Aren't so that's that there's not a whole lot to say about that and to me can I totally veer off course servers and got core I've lifted that Sarah you legend Emily being clumsy and probably eating and memorized and she that we have talked about her first date tonight which. Is doing something she's never done where that the risk of injury is super high six yeah yeah -- bouquets so let's talk about that of the south talk about the fact that we were just discussing or second date with the guy. So I guess that is not that good. Because if that were good I wouldn't go on a date out may now okay. Like EC east but he just not that I eat I feel like Emily has unattainable standards or else really is something you know is why I'm disappointed about did you like because I like the guy on if you could date him he has a boathouse and Anna lake house and he's getting. Votes not being so selfish and write your relationship I crying and what about allegedly out to get us out of the water first in the you know my brown but. I I have yet to find at academy. I was examining ask that your tough but you MR BM I don't have to. I'm very sarcastic but no I we've worked together since for two months I bigamy you genuinely lap on the radio like three times. Yeah I'm that there aren't you have a problem is I have guys that for the truly can make you laugh and that's I ideally in my perfect neat that's what I want okay so I think that's fair but you're kind of a tough customer in that regard. Out of that you with a fake laugh I laugh a little easier on a first ATM. You attorneys is like a later date situation is still hoping iced I still other than boat guy on the little sad about I still like pilot again and that he was very nervous for instance of me he gets another chance. And restarted again there's so many irons in the Emily fire now I'm starting to lose track well I op a TP II got I just got them yet we discussed on our yeah having out carpool and you spend Maria more time do you let him know where you are. A gig or someone either him or around one of our other cells that we you know he's he's me for not regarded as well I mean and silvery helium mocked her for not unpacking and being and in a yeah. That's good call probably so we never got to what I'm due to man you area so we're gonna grant a long boards like along skateboards yeah dad. And that chat that I told him out like like I'm OK look like bust my ass on the first date is on you felt like. Probably and a Yucca helmets and pads going to be we're gonna rent them Hampshire packet please get the elbow pad all I'm gonna look like an idiot called bubble wrap. To wait you're going so you mentioned he was from the quad cities coming out two years yes that there is just a red skateboards. You're skateboard around and Alberts yeah it's probably. But along what is still a ski more you keep saying that like it's not us. But it has four wheels and it's a piece of wood and it's really easy fall eight well it is less easy than a sort borne much less easy because there we I don't know I'd lie I had the I didn't adds that's your way more in danger on normal stable they're from the I've never even been on escape or not well it's interesting you're covered in bruises the lecture about yeah how they is there each stop that running really easily yes I mean. Yeah we'll so all I can tell you is so I used to play ice hockey when I was a kid among my bonus on sort of play and I decided because I was taken down these extra practice sessions. So grabs about some old skates and like Imus gave way to get a little exercise. And I even even with a skating background I can skate okay. I still busted my you know what hard twice like hard enough for my bones were sorely a week later so things. She just can't get going and it is hard I don't plan on going down hills. Exactly how mildly it was the point the whole point of long boarding is going downhill legal back and forth like Phelan the turn you know I don't him to get that it dance. I mean like you said it's gonna take a good minute to figure this it's. Okay in tonight to speak for your date this could decide if you're not gonna go down hill and you can't even really skate it's going to be bored I mean not me like. Monster heels like I want to go out and server he's happy and nice about it MB pacing and but he wants and the brightest little ideas. As a he's obviously pretty gonna skate board made it and have but he had a hard on an out. Learn them should be interest and it's kind of a fun day he had a great first eight idea and just Wear a helmet be careful who. I think that we have a right into the call from the are that's just for yoga pants from I am what today I'd last been at least a five reasons you should always take a lunch break number one it helps you concentrate number two a protects your eyesight I guess stop staring into the grain and so this is basically for people with stare at the screen and work at their desk it helps you sleep better it helps you lose it waits. I'd actually a university of Colorado State found at the ability to death in an average waist line. Of an inch bigger than people who don't who. I thought that was kind of interest we don't take lunch breaks no we leave and take lunch the rest today off and improve your mood that's it that's all again. Anybody else now how dead are able update your date tomorrow I'll have to have an update I hear me that they. I don't know missed the point Werman if he get excited about somebody every guy is the same like and I like somebody that's like last couple weeks. They had to summon the eyes to see excited about some everyday is the same. Has a lot of boring to you that they are I guess and at the top of every one of those lists that we always talk about what women want a man number one is always a guy commitment to Europe that a number one so you can be an ugly troll do and still get a girl if they're funny if they get all the fat like Chris Farley's John Belushi we likable bill Murray's funny funny be funny on dates right and Alexei. Look dude skateboarding guy from the quad. Maker laugh that man a telephone call this guy your little prep there's any bad jokes but be Tolkien fine now fifteen minutes your best work had let things go over your retain a fact really offer a guy marks in a bar are me here. I we'll have funding. Please don't hurt yourself monitored and I enjoy the show and we'll see you back tomorrow. Yeah. He wants. Now the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not. Point seven. Well good morning wolf pack Matt McAllister good morning Emily. Morning Gloria and immediately a little bit I slept a lot. It's a joke yeah yeah I always good yeah it all right let's have a as much fun today as we had yesterday. I was absolutely exhausted after a shoot six or so much fun and kids morning wolf thank you were on fire until my only concern is that emily's lack of sleep contributed damaged forever having so hopefully bolt. We've always said. When there's something a little bit wrong with you when you come in with a handicap for some time would be a hung over or you're tired or sick. Usually your performance is better and my gas and over compensate for a K I just United's Ryan isn't. I did lock out yesterday you guys like all sleep hey dad let that freak flag fly available now it's a crazy. So today some things are gonna talk about of course the regular stuff six cinema club we're gonna welcome mat in valley Christian school in Auburn I believe. Also Taylor Swift tickets tees whistle mind is old. Who picked up for tour last night in Glendale Arizona and call that Kim Garnett you know on stage for me in Iraq for love it Vegas Tuesday and in Philadelphia. Whatever as are all overly ethnic ethnic ethnic jealousy and you corrected me correctly because Kim called her snake last night with Taylor did was calling her wrath. Can you give them saying yeah but her states have all sorts of snakes all over it. She's so that from running teams deal about it in the thirty years ago and particulate paid other rock world. I like it and share your salary do every day 810 by far the most interesting and awkward thing that we do every single day if you stick around that would be great. But right now we don't lead off calling somebody give us some based. Let's get started to play a song Korea if you. And you don't have time to go phoning give us called get to know you little bit to a 6421 wolf again to a 6421 wolf for the lead off caller right now. Good morning call in people or are you Biden. Thanks for Colin thanks soliciting a course in two the lovely town and only rains I call. In an area sees little better today she actually Jackson slept so that's a good thing tired you get. Hurt. Well you don't call that's a funny thing the difference to one of the many differences between men and women women actually apparently get excited to see their mother. Not every state but I would say more so men do not have that sensation when mom's given down. No not our on our boys did but Meyer Bogart all over that and well as the speak for myself. The media so I think they're dog bakery the other person is why I would say yes more women would get excited and look. Do think a man I love my mom I can't wait to see your Mother's Day but yelled she can handle each other for a couple days that we stick to get on each other's nerves so we know it's a short I think it's going to be great because it's yeah. Let's see my mom is one that I know I can always go on vacation as like she's very chill like I am. Don't get on each other hairs I'm so excited to once in Q did you read your blog but this crazy talk so goal or you go today meant what he worked. I worked for Lockheed Martin but are aware Alex and pretty much just old partnered to. And got about Alex the great jobs flooded the court every day happy. Then you are blessed goal and that's cool thing to tell people like releasing it would need youth related to an ample parts for missiles blow up countries and due to added an alcoholic and tell that. Add the and that's all I could tell you add little mystery to its credit insurance you know it makes them better than it is right now. Right you. Michael's so we'd like to play a song for you just a little bit of thank you for calling in being lead off but also know from listening Manso I would like to hear. And out of that car rented. A bad day you know when you magic guard they're there I had a feeling that was coming we need to have more eco that's a good upbeat songs to. I. Boom Cole thanks for being a part of the mournful pack we lobby man have but Lackey are you today. Yes I actually don't get her great we. Knew we all say we're gonna have a great show I've already feel good. It. At stake the same in Vegas among us this morning it's. Palace created and these hugger and it's. Still wolf. Gary here's a question for you what is the worst sensation Emily slow Joseph wanna ask both need to you've ever had that didn't hurt. The worst sensation that you can experience that has no pain that comes with the so that to me yesterday okay for me. When I get something and for some reason the way to my teeth are made up I've got. Pretty good gaps in between needs deep not like David Letterman gaps but you know little space site Plosser regularly adding I get food stuck in my teeth really easy I. Yesterday by I'd throw a handful of nuts in my mouth and walk out the door. I can have like a piece of the moment stuck in between to my team for good three hours before I get home and get toothpick or some do like some dental floss so for me. That feeling of having something stuck in between TT. And they haven't used your for I can't stop trying to get him where did it with your tongue to the point where my tongue is worn down in news and now like a sore on my tongue because they spent three hours. Trying out a little tiny all of the community and being of popcorn the worst he's seen like patting crumbs in your bed. Yet and that's a great lines so like. Awful sensations that caused no pain yet they drive you kind of can at least that's a good looks at your worst one. About it. To me yesterday you leave your red of course. Yes they're tired out of it at a grocery may be my Valentine I know I didn't even know if you can't justify you probably get dust mites coming out your pillow and I they like I have had to vacuum I. Sheets of plastic affect the I pay for one this is Nancy. Nancy and is weenie or. Either sunburn and put aloe on or right out of a spray can and then put clothes on that steep feeling in the after the close on dancing Brooklyn is just business ilsley of corrosive NASA did an excellent job. Hi Aaron I moved so many times that I get this all the time this bait you Wear your. Keeping up a box and you're packing tape runs out like when you got a little handle school thing. And that tape runs out and and it peels off the back and and it's like it they sounded. You can feel like goes up three or are you feeling right now talking about it. It is I mean it's like worse than nails on chalkboard its sonar you know it's dire foes rub together is another good one if you break a circle cooler than I had been relentless rubbing a balloon. I can make it that's squeaky are right. Morning wolfpack who won here for you right now nothing too deep but again be worse sensations you had that don't hurt 206421. Wolf 446150. On the tax. Hello Robert in Everett so we're talking about the worst sensations that you can have that don't hurt she got on forest. And you know popcorn kernel on the fact in the front row did you won't go away. Robert I know that one do you ever get it between your teeth like the little currently can't get out. I do it right inside the bottom of the talent and the dumb right there at the it's almost like popcorn was designed to. Genetically similar to factory to do that. It's on to get us again in also designs that you can't stop beating when you get a box at the movie theater so it'll have that effect but. A gay Roberts of the popcorn kernel in the back of the throat how often does that happen to you when you eat popcorn popping popcorn because of that gap there yup gonna cut that out man. Yeah. The bond between teacher criteria are about that's certainly another one minute didn't love me yet because of that or I was just talking about that happened yesterday and I'm all out of them but I went to the store and bought some of those toothpicks that I travel now with in the car that there is that little plastic ones or not would do you reusing my -- sounds gross I always have it in my got a Harris and in my car didn't work better for regional back TV eight gas Robert thanks to check it may have trichet chip thanks guys appreciate it. Get antenna text you could Texas at 4615. Makes add your name cheese and no way came from but when you have tried fingertips and write your fingers over any cotton without break. Well that is so specific in the end when you make me who did you relate to that. But that doesn't make sense to. It's the way it did strike by fingertips. I think he entered try and so my hands like you knew your knuckles get dry and all that but try fingertips. Looked like finger just fingertips. Green tell. I know I'm night and I Newsday asking if you guys understand that one arrest in the dragging and ever hot gas okay dry up. Us go that also get a chip in your nails you write your fingers to your hair gets caught me way. Yeah. Backpack. Hands and the feeling of wouldn't popsicle sticks rubbing against your tongue and lips. I don't even a popsicle to know her hectic at the end I hearing people she with their mouths open he does that's a whole different bright. Category I mean it still since they Ed. Yeah and a wide alarm clock there at that while some people like that litter -- and there's a word for I care whereas I don't that he without idea worst. Sensation you had a dozen hurt to a 6421 Wolf Blitzer premiere right now morning wolf back or you can Texas 46150. I bet there's a bunch are really awful stuff that we haven't even thought of yet. If you are just tuning in who's talked about yesterday really stupid but I got the it was Oklahoman that little piece of an omen stuck in between achieved through their three hours. To me that is the worst sensation that you can experience without pain we sitting there with a tongue trying to. Wedge out of the peace through it won't come out to had to Wear your tongue starts third to create keep here feet. I I think Cathay all right. Yet that works don't actually got to have that two big men so we're talking about the worst sensations that you can have that don't actually hurt us those things that make you cringe but they don't cause any pain. Out for some reason the text messages seem to be blown. I didn't undetected podium you Lott said stepping on from his. I'm on the kitchen floor when you walk around the air feet. That is the exact reason why Vanessa my wife does not ever walk around barefoot she says that feeling. Makes her mental she also clean freak which helps to add that stepping on earnings wet and your English soccer. CA. Raza. A wet socks in general yeah well thought out words petty office said nailed on a chalkboard or just even writing I would talk. By the way. And I know that the nails on chalkboard thing has come up a couple of times. Does anybody ever actually seen that and realize phenomena movie because I'm pretty sure it's never happened in real life who would actually run and nail down eight. Way back when we're kids and actually had chock full yeah school I think just because a bit like it was known as being so awful somebody did I know exactly what it sounds like and feels like it from movies. Oh like from seeing it. You'd get a brainy Pisa talk it'll sometimes make that choice of yes now that mr. irate we have some meaning your I can't get it voluntary millionaire's wearing contacts that totally get that. I'm having to put on it not all the way dry Wear clothes in the morning these. Things because you're running. And I'll go the sound of dogs drinking out of the toilet or even people they call their drinks. Yeah I think anything that involves somebody else's mouth and food yet if or drink except walking India's fighter whether. Despite your finance. All that's the worst. As sitting down for a long time and in your leg falling asleep. This is just a horrible way to start of more hesitant like O'Neill word Andy did you get experience it's still early the ball out. And then. Let's see how ideas are to get that on the toilet. If you don't know iphones in my feeble falsely that the money too little too long ago did I get into my too embarrassed or text king I don't iPhone and bathroom. But I don't my field work so it happens to me all the time. You don't take your phone into the bathroom at than Leo now and it's gonna get most of my most productive workers are effects like my second office. And an and Tyler says the feeling unnerved the footballer microfiber towels he cannot state game. I don't get that but some people really do you have a problem with those micro drivers Aoki and come on you rod we're gonna move on your little bit joke is that it can drop the Big Three stories of the day next. Yep really Gilbert is stirring up some controversy you get into it. This is the morning. Alistair you 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three are bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them heroes ladies this is the big story. Dinner recent interview with People Magazine breathing Gilbert opened up about his past struggles with addiction which is nothing new he's been talking about this for years how he. Had to go to rehab and became sober. But in the U he admitted that he's not in Silber depending on what you consider sobriety he says I don't drink anymore. But he does do a little recreational we need smoking he's an I'm a Willie Nelson and an idea smoke from time to time their folks. Gary has issued disclaimer I'm Willy Nilly act and so it's OK okay. They're both going on several years without anything at all and I'm so proud of them but I'm just not that I support the Internet is blowing up on any release over not that. Well there's a lot of fundamentals. Sober people if you go to AA you know it's anything that interferes with your thought process is considered knots over. But I know that it works for a lot of people. Day bed use marijuana it's totally different than alcohol he says I get out how to Braly before he said I I wraps visited said it was still. Why did you widger and music do Kazaa I would wake up three days later this city had no idea where it was to act like OK that's you need to stop that. He's sober from his addiction which is I'm all right marijuana is not his Dixon but either way of course the Internet is sure Jody lately blowing up from what sobriety is but I think he's doing amazing and he's so much healthier than he was still yet you really can't argue with the results yeah so. It was works for him okay IRA and new list just come out at the most popular nineties sitcom is from each state and I think it's funny I watched every single one of the. I think he's really funny that there's so many people that are in their thirties that love these shows that we all watched. Twenty years ago I still a lot spring years ago. Friends every day and it blows my mind because I have no interest in revisiting those shows that great when they were great you know there on the news program after. I don't think it is so does the U and I watched them when they were in their prime may be end and we never got the chance usually young. Yeah so I guess it just so weird because like you said there's so much stuff out there now to hold a news that's like too much Stephen my graphic reminder around and and so many people are going backfield. Why don't watch stuff you know was get so friends is number why did you budget that when it was on the first time I. The end season the friends like winners on the first I didn't I was too young when it started but brands and the fresh prince Lelie or payments that it's. What should you think it's like either way is one of the worst shows ever me and why would you watch that over west world looming now or breaking bad that it lacked and went steadied I think was Washington. Most favorite and he succumbed Grey's Anatomy that's now. The adding up slicing through through my guess what it is still on yet I'm not considered a nine stranger. I had an out of Seattle show Adam other ones are this that that's any show everybody loves rain and King of Queens all of its shares are yulia Tony says that you better it is fast. It immediately gift idea for a game of the rounds eight and Johnnie Walker is coming out with a white walker. It's gonna be out. The fall of 2018 to go and keep that in mind body longer alcohol don't gonna have a off white. It whiskey is coming out of the white walker Scotch yes ha for your game at thrown stands to be out this fall so it it's not actually going to be one. No cold white walker I have they have black labels that the zone was right hand is his. I get hung up on the name actually reflect the fact that I mug club governor makes great job and banks particularly I have to tap when it give it a 110. This is a morning wolf pack with Harris 100 points the walls it's on the episode it. And Amelie before we swear somebody new into the month club and celebrate another local business in this case it's a local school sent. Somebody doing good things in the community let's just remind people to get us those months yes. Then it makes add. Did you note can I know like take time but federal business card an air Leno he's new to reach out to you know yes. Little behind the scenes so Emily has been put in charge of kind of getting the rescheduled for these calls were to about two called I believe it's Joshua. From valley Christian school. And if you don't put in this garbage got a call the business and actually find the person is that in the market say look like yeah. There is one and I like there's fifteen brain says that money going out identity where the mud came frank does save us a little bit a time of us we just want to be able to get to you quicker and celebrate you know yeah for Sacramento have actually president senate and so it 800 Pitt have suite 14100 Seattle 98104 or you sound so confidently say that a films like. When I try to remember zip code after reading to split up it's on our web site. Did you mugs and if you have a mug since appeals of the local wanted to make a word again. John well this is the principal. This is shop shall Ajax is men and we calling from the morning wolf pack or you may get Harry you were great hey. Right up the bad man can I don't have any history I know you senator mug better use the listeners somebody who works at the school. IE and not the listener know. You know I need to ask everybody to be well. Can you listener would word awakening in America. Well Josh when we swear you mean here at minute. We're gonna make you pledge under oath that you will listen to the show so that's gonna happen Algeria but it ain't that sounds great hey man tells a little bit about your school. Well we are eightieth preschool through eighth grade and so we have. We globally into two years old where Christian school and we partner with families to provide a Christ centered. School and we have academic excellence. Here against the pledge of allegiance over there we deal now like then yeah deal I raise your right hand jobs repeat after me I state your name. Our hey Joshua Snyder do hereby pledge my allegiance we do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf that. To the morning wolf. And as a proud member of the month club. And that's a proud member of the month club this is where it's for two jobs. I'd like to think of the wolf every morning from now on forever and ever day thank you put Six Feet Under integrated Formica you know they have held it. But I was too. I pledge to open. Just think frank and automatically K double. You know go every morning every morning thank you. It's just at a time of yeah that he is a member of the morning wolfpack month. All right thank you. Thank you sir. Are you have to stick around for about five minutes to hear the craziest fling your story of all time. I'm talking about a first day and then 65000. Text messages late. Good morning welcome back with Matt make Alistair I have seen some Ive seen parts unseated up. And and Emily gray successfully detonated so you lessen their local. Point seven and lead this story is why I worry about you sometimes you go on dates I. Because the crazy Israel and there's. People out there and I don't think any of us have ever seen stories this bad in terms of crazy lingers. And just going to Dayton seemingly innocent is to people they met online stories about a Florida woman an Arizona guy they went to date in Paradise Valley where he lived. After that date. She broke into his house she beads in his bathtub. And then sent a total of 65000. Text messages they of one day one day. Thirty A I without 5000 she admitted that at one point she was sending 500 text messages a day I was gonna say what that breakdown yet I don't even get I mean. This goes back to July of last year so it's been going on almost a year. The end it involves 31 year old Jacqueline aids Tucson parked outside of the victim's home. The man had accused her repeatedly texting him. Despite saying hey I no longer want to talk to repeatedly I'd ever repeated in at 500 a day by day. Let's see I detectives were called to the home a bunch of times. He was out of the country that saw her on his home surveillance video outside of a home then she broke into the house and took a bath a large butcher knife. Was discovered on the passenger seat of the car. Wow and by the way some of the text messages. Include statements like don't ever try to leave me I'll kill you I'm geez I don't wanna be him. Her. Yeah I think of what do you text heavy times I didn't hello hello hello I mean I run out of things I thought I'd Mac and it doesn't. You have. He can generate some contact and you 65000. Text messages and I things you know we've all been in a place where maybe needs some body get real excited about a person he had little overzealous mean that's extreme but all had that. Crazy cleaner moment. Well whether it on the court I think and at least we know that you've had at least one that you surely doesn't look talk about that here a couple of minutes but. I know you probably have friends it is not just women guys can be a you know clinging clinging out of that I asked. Which is why morning wolf pack right now we want to hear about your crazy Klinger story and feel free to call yourself about what your friends or something happened to you. 206421. Wolf we can text that's 46150. Right now. Target about this story a Florida woman well the niners on a one time and then proceeded to send him 65000. Text messages. They went through her phone records she was sending 500 today which sludge or did you break down the map the anymore. Did the math assuming she sent a message ever are sent. For 44 hours a day would be 240 messages an hour for 130 days but she probably just slept at some points or we get him is trying more than tornado now I would assume that after less than not a human being you're talking about I imagine if she would have put that energy into something other than being crazy claim your breath she now like conquer them. World hunger to get back and I. So Emily we're trying to figure out at the moment he shared with us on the air is a crazy clear moment are now hangs seems pretty telling me me. I hate as cell going back I had a boyfriend of rearing college. Broke up would be kinda goes Sydney and I wanted resolution so I drove the hour and a half is we are long distance relationship. Do the department he wasn't air putt his rebate plus yeah and and I just slept in bed till he's with hate and eccentric. I brought this up if you're saying you gotta clean up but that's clean that's free eat there's different pig can be. Okay here and I yeah exactly there you. Creepy not to be calling me is like Moran of the obsession. And it's more than just a one instance one moment like how different he went on what date with the guy they met at a copy shop that immunity he mentioned like have a round corner come here all the time. Did she. Visited back copy shop every day for two weeks just to try to run enjoy it again like that clink. Yeah yeah. There's a little crossover there I don't know if I expect the. That's so you don't think you what you did was 'cause here here's my thought on it if anybody tells you they're not interested. And you can see continued to pursue like this woman who's an all these taxpayers as he set I don't wanna talk to you anymore 65000. Text messages later Catholic and you continue to pursue I think that's a little cling. To meet the definition of Cellini is more than one per seat and I was just of one instance one criminal men and burst yeah. And I didn't think I guess a year argument as it's crazy that not cling gets ahead cleaning multiple instant tickets like the Olympic rings where else but wrap their head diagram I'm. And there's a little stain and then I run back at seven more of the case. We've all had those human not animals and I had plenty of buddies who like the medics you wagers and then eight at the restaurant 53000 die here trying to get her attention fat and you know the labor party is that every is that high gas dating get a phone number any gimme both Sam math side there. 20642 on wolf or you can text your crazy claim your moment to 46150. I assume got a couple good ones coming it was share the next. Good morning Angie in Puyallup are you today OIRR. I we're talking about crazy Klinger is because of this woman in Arizona Lucent. 65000. Text messages to a guy that you went up with one time. Told her hey it didn't work out don't contact me anymore she apparently didn't get their hands. Here's you know I'm sixties back in the eighties there was some notes cell phones and so I would Alice guy I've not seen him he worked for the company. I came home from work one day and I didn't have any phone service. And he came to my house and he said look what outlets. He disconnected my phone is that's and I would elegantly and you wouldn't reconnect at. Clock act like she didn't say he directed all her phone calls to him and even smarter gas neither know. It gets acted like I. Yeah what you're saying only that's clever teases me so what did you kind of do. I told him I would call the uncut is told what happened got he didn't he get more of them out like probably could also glad. You know in the funny parties to somewhere in the delusion of all of this the person committing these acts thinks that somewhere along the lines can win over the person added they're trying to get all I think it's one of those if I can just get one more teens in front of them won our interaction. And so he needed I'd be forced interaction and. Or reaction yeah I just want dental technology me that I am alive I'm sitting here trying to get your attention and Jenna come up your phone. Anyway. Emily and don't feel bad about that and when I would like the when he wondered when he ill. I hit pretty much the same thing only I broke in the bedroom window and get back. Birmingham then we are aiding moment. That's what I do know we've all had them and I'm not alone. Jesus did you know brave enough to admit it. OK Emily can't live just fixed deal more than one great thing when I guarantee you know I cannot. Yeah and they're easy to talk about the AIG everyday things being a part of a show leniency. What I. Keegan and hoarding that she had a boyfriend after they broke up he lit texture from outside her house keys outside her house and Dexter. He showed up on Mother's Day with flowers for her mom. And then she left apparent love that vehicle and he came up with the excuse months later to return the gloves that but he only had one and and then like a month later said I like on the second line let me. Eternity area Michael Jackson's popularity where's you glove I figured it bungalows to. To complete the look there you go all right we just got a really interesting text message of we got to get to it it's a follow up from something we talked about before. Again I it's kind of hard to explain but of all somebody breaking off her relationship with three years based on something that we said. I don't know that it be happy or feel alternately very guilty and responsible to enact the fact that McAllister. Product. So Woolsey and as you know we'd love to get follow ups here and I believe family I was a little lost when you first brought this up I didn't know what it was in reference to. But this was for last revised right. And remind me with tough it was again. The last pretty nice Friday it was the woman who had been their relationship with her boyfriend for three years. And he wasn't ready to do things right and so we all decided in mostly the morning wolf pack called and said Cheney's to get rid of them. That's right now you refresh my memory clearly I was the only one in Seattle. That I think I thought CC does that give this guy chance and don't throw a good relations and let him move on its own pace but overall we decided yeah well I was wrong to appear again I was young minority input that. But during that it's free vice Freddie we got a text message that said I'm basically in the same situation. My boyfriend won't wouldn't need them with me but not only that health or at least in the night on the weekend and I'm never allowed just been ignited the house what's ideal and so we said seeing things got out he got it up and it had been three years old so yeah. So this is the followed taxed to death yes there's just this morning at a Texas at Mattingly sleds out. After last week's topic of breaking it off after three years and is thinking over I broke up the envoy for the next day. It living your ship that inspired me eat my brains and they lean over like it's about time. Thank you for all you didn't sell much I'm so much a believer in your trees big hearts keep it up. Well through the greatest yeah and that's it sounds like it wasn't all her friends and family I thank goodness and. Well let's. Be honest when you're in a healthy relationship if you want your significant other to spend ninety your place an ad that you to share your world to hear that. There's nothing normal or healthy about a guy saying you cannot sleep in my place and I'll only come over on the weekends because there's only one reason that sense something about anything else is going over 2000 dazzle when you see it smell as reroute it finds some some that. And now. I edit and I'm here I mean yeah. Even if indeed the perfume love and I. I had a few dozen years in your bed that are wrong color hair ties. I don't know when you guys disgusting with all your stuff I was as the perfume and salary or more the point glitter and thank you from the back. Untimely body glitter in his bed with. I think here I do you say that's disgusting me you go and body glitter. I'm just gonna let it go. Because if I had to explain what I really meant yeah I know we no longer be a family show when we're fairly sure this is morning packed with Paris or 100 flights yeah. Pavements. Streets Dalian Port Orchard. Haley welcome to beat the street how are you. Do. We're fantastic we hear your swim instructor their report or changer eighteen years old and you are foaming at the mouth to get Taylor Swift and go. I am. All right it's all part of the wolf here the million tickets were given only a pair right now we'd like to give do you she's come and obviously just a couple weeks away. May 22 to century link field and she kicked our for Toro was it Tuesday night and any. In Glendale Arizona and apparently it's amazing. Oh my god I'm so excited. Before we get to meet the challenge let's ask you the same five questions we asked her and you have thirty seconds on the clock to get through five questions are you ready for beat the street Haley. I don't think here we go question number one on your mark get set go. Who was the star of the rocky movies. You can tour. Which car manufacturer makes the tree it. Player. Who is married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Aaron. I don't know what is this what is Washington's official state nickname. Ever drink. It justice to those with lyrics twice got to be so. It's. You are and aliens let's meet the challenger will find out how I did when we asked her. In the same five questions could feel the nerds all my gosh attention you can cut it with a steak knife. By the way we did find the challenger at restrict those costs in line in maple valley great spot where you're from memory here. Man number eleven and from me about losses and am I am every snap past. The question of one fine and hated filled with the star of the Iraqi. I thing. That interesting and I think these two are about the same age only. Neither one of big rocky fans fairly Sylvester Stallone was the right answer who did you say Haley and only and I both looked each other we didn't recognize the name. June sore ankle. I don't know Purdue DeLeon right now they've let's move on no worries no point there on the first question freedom when he in police car manufacturer makes the Prius. Amanda did not know that one Toyota makes the tree yes. And ladies figure out who June foray season actress. She is actress okay one to nothing and heading to question number three who is married to supermodel Gisele fun. Had no idea. That leader Tom Brady taking a back to the rocky thing that she did it voice rocky a rocky and bullwinkle. Hall feeling makes a little bit more than any men and present you knew that yeah that's would be a much a part of your question yeah nice job nearly I mean it's a reverend but. Nice work and you listen back to the game Europe and one nothing and beat the street right in Washington the official state nickname. Evergreen failed. You both got talent right so you're up 21 heading into the last question which I think we all know that you've got right there are so let's just of the challenger Amanda got it wrong finished this Taylor Swift there. Why you gotta be I. I mean what's the right answer which you know wide according to my man that didn't matter. You've got three and five right and then Camille about that two out of five right so in the you have one in the that Taylor's work ethics. So you can grade you're going to be there and it's going to be one and you know improve the show I don't think so but. That you really. Haven't yet I think yeah all right coming up at five. And it's really get into the worst sensations you can have this you can have a TV that don't hurt if that doesn't make any sense. We get a door I'll explain next because inevitably yesterday here that. Morning walk. I'm still a party. Go wolf and it drives me nuts what and it happened yesterday in in my opinion. This is the worst sensation that you can have the doesn't cause pain. Is when you get something stuck in your teeth a piece of food in this case it was a tiny little piece of a Allman didn't move which waged between them like. Quick read on that drove you Netflix. The I think news. That is inferno and it Tyler get out your tongue for ever how undated taking. Three hours architecture that I got a nice lessor known in in my tongue from trying to worked out little piece of food out but it's one of those things that. Doesn't cause any pain but I can't think it's like the worst sensation popcorn. It's one of the reasons we go to a movie I don't really dive into the popcorn because I know that one of those little colonels and get married comparison my gum hunter. Popcorn as a lot and then they'll ruin the rest of them before. Emily got on the worst sensation you can have a morning wolf pack her comedy and actually ready. I had TU the feeling of crimes and then. Eight and that feeling of putting stuff. Yes I ain't bad for. And I'll admit proceed. I and the feeling of putting clothes on after you put on like Al lower lotion or just got out of the spray tanned my fingers sticky and then this close. Our hockey that it's the worst after a spray tan. I know I can imagine when you have died if you're gonna spring break and try to go hard the day one we try to put your shirt that night god this is horrors. As of us and our slash Joan an act yes hey you're right we're talk campaign noble idea and now campaign round walking in the spider web that there were busy at night you know you wonder where this fighter I slid around like Ramona fire. We just got text about when you have the meaning I can't get out yeah. The Miller got run till morning wolf back. What is in your opinion the worst sensation that you can have the doesn't cause any pain. But she just drives you crazy to a 6421 wall for you can text us 46150. Let's have a little fun. All right we're target about the worst sensations that you have that don't actually cause pain. Yes and not look at some good ones you could only text end it before 61 of five though. Caroline Arlington that's stepping on pending in the darken it knew this. Little book I just show us. The three says. It moot yeah ask. I mean really obviously you don't squash him when you step on it those big economies doesn't earth Murray says alimony or stocks keep slipping in the years she knew all that's on the heels I would literally take them off Broadway I don't care where I act and. And I'm done with him yet there are some things that money to stating we can't put up without them. Breaking and nail with no file a round dismayed that so it's like catching on stuff volatile man. And if she can't find. I got one that discounts. So after our pit stop the maple valley on Tuesday have rolled down the street to b.s in the perjury so much courts are not and as I was dry totally true story indeed it was in my cards ever witnessed down at the bees and birds. Does that count as the worst incision having MP in your car and you can't get an out me trying to drive not be distracted and you know that's the crowd right in and be disappeared a liquid and is it stinging right now or did it fly out the window. I don't know I'm just waiting to be stung by the B. Yeah that's the bad luck I'm wearing heating hosting your legs rubbing together. That is even years to deal man I can't not my logo I had no idea I didn't agree on odds this down a before across the late. Yeah. And having to where you're close when they're not all the way dry. I'm pulling out of yeah. I have when you're in a hurry just got to go to a 6421 wolf is the phone number don't be afraid to call this morning wolf thank you for the seem to be very popular on the tax to justify. And her body leg the worst sensation you can have the doesn't cause any real pain. Had a couple of elderly or like the cold side wedgie. Who tang Suez the guy you're wearing boxers and over the course time and we're doing these are hiking up ever slow week. Or pelvic region and an expert and authority. Straight up boxers and you haven't moved over the boxer briefs well one parent that disdain you know your shoe bomb. Don't wanna go commando that's. Strapped to that stage yeah but it depends to eat your slacks opinions I find the side which he's worse genes seem to hold them down a little better than you agree you know eight yeah eight iron I do agree I think Kennedy slowly pull role though and then you could kind of food imports to sell the whole question of it needed to be PL and only two visible panty lines now I mean it's terrible at the guys on the right yeah you women have no idea how hard it is to be good. Almost a right hander. The rough life up slowly and block the deal of the Texas at least eight minutes ago at the door to morning it is unbelievable. It's bruins' record under seven. Let me know if you just both Dave you can do that and put on a video hookup put on my YouTube the first thing ever another idea slowly. Andrea have a great day thanks for going to eat YouTube guys I appreciate it. I'm worse sensation you can have the doesn't hurt 206421 wolf or the text force excellence on zero. How about when you're waiting in a lake or an ocean and coming precious against your footer LA. You know how many people and I'm gonna say this too and I'm probably you know Germain arena I know so many women including my wife that will not go in the ocean. Or any other body of water simply because they don't know what's underneath the water. A key seems like apparel. Facility a single amendments like that are you like yeah I went and hello my wife I guess I guarantee you on the air in the water. You know you won't. And ends it always do go well that's different I am backing up naked duke pulled doorknob. I'm as a teacher both felt that when a few different directions reallocate continue head. As a teacher. And your putting your hands on a classroom a service and it's either being stickier wet and you don't know why. I've lost out of there he's cracking up front than guides are rock. Combining and pulling in here out of your mouth and you're taking a bite dude as your she would handle and then there's this question everybody has this debate internally lose here yeah exactly. And finish on an Everett says the worse than they should the world is when you're just about falsely and your dog licks between your ten is. And I have been into sports falling like jerking feeling when you're up falsely. But it's a fun game come the morning wolf back be worst sensation that you could have been actually doesn't cause any pain just drives you crazy. To a 6421 wolf or you can text us at 46150. Backing up in the dirt. Good morning Rodney and oak harbor we're talking about the worst of the stations you can experience that don't actually cause any pain they just drive you crazy. Yeah I'll buy a burger or. I believe the outbreak. Humidity. Wow it's tough to turn that one when you walk outside your instantly feel sticky and you're here has grown ten sizes and the hot. And isn't big air yes that anti don't miss it. You know with the word I used Rodney can Negroponte Kansas City we had plenty of humidity and summertime I called suffocation. Gaffe you can't breathe F. And having spent ten years in Arizona I'll take that drive 105 all day long over that sticky humid like I feel like I'm in a Sauna all day long field. And you can never cool off now. You know and at one point I was looking at them in my truck to have those air conditioned seats though those uneven play in the game of humidity and very you know it's like a feeble attempts to. And human feeling laughs than it days Atlantic air conditioned seats mister F 150. Running great calling the com thanks geoghan and by. Are at Lori from rice says the worst and non pain feeling as when you're driving in DC police lights behind you think you're getting pulled over. You know and why is that because I got that may be when I was in my teens don't do something wrong but now pretty much live by the law wireless that in their I don't know. Three every time. And and you know we'd love police in their here to protect us and there are friends and what's the deal I think it does dismiss the one of those tableau we respond. I think so I'll be sound as someone grinding their teeth and looking in anything that involves a mouse yeah just keep an affectionate. Padding a leaves hair especially yep long hair how to lose hair not being able to find it. It's like riding it your arms like you know stay here. You know every time you read none of these are reminds me of another one and this is just for guys only two guys who get these weird. Eyebrow hairs they're almost like it's like fishing line they're little hard to get their little heavy that sometimes a grading your ears it's not pleasant. But you're driving down the street yet the windows down. And all of a sudden you feel something on your eyebrow it's one of these hairs that I mean you have not want flying in the wind to think tapping you on the other night anybody anybody got a like me GP tweets and any hard. And how that we knew preacher he hander pitching hand underneath the table attached them in houses down. News. Coming your ears are plugin can do anything and plug them. How many of these since this is how they're. What I want to hours. Well we got to move on next is you're gonna drop the Big Three what are we talking about so bring Gilbert has talked openly about his past struggles with addiction that keep our starting to question if he still sober loaded into the net. This is the morning. Alistair you 1470. Yeah. How big are the big screen bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them heroes ladies this is the big story. So every Gilbert has talked openly about his struggles with addiction in past years and him becoming clean and sober but in everything people in her view. He looked at how he's not. Sober he does like to smoke a little recreational and we and he said I'm Willie Nelson and and I smoke from time time there are folks going on several years about anything it also to have them. And alumni I love doing you disclaimers in the him Willie Nelson fan there's no you know old yet school so of course. Everyone on the Internet has an opinion and though it's been weird if I did on Atmel is he still sober if he smokes beat. We know it's interesting I have a different mind who's an AA hasn't for a long time he's mentored a lot of people and he's talking a lot about alcoholics anonymous and yes according to death program which is how most people get sober. Anything that's a filter between you in the real world mean your knots over freight however he checked in with a little but it doses don't mind. I have some of the things and inserted using a little marijuana for it and he said and I'm not tempted to drink. I don't wanna pick up the drink it puts it and it's actually really helped me in my relationship in my personal life and it's been a good thing but I don't go to AA anymore because they frown on it. Yeah alcohol and was recently addiction so he's not drinking but he is so I'll let you guys decidedly big similar not. And I don't think anybody needs to be judging yet either way you doing a lot better than you if he's if it's working for him he's okay yeah he knows it and let them let it be that they really is working her hand up. I don't new list of the most popular nineties sitcom has come out for each stage now. I watch every single one of these friends of course was number one most popular coming in and Bertie was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air express until listen right there. The only popular for need you are dancing in the state it was number one for its interest in what about Washington State gritty guys we get that. And say mister Belvedere or small wonder if not the commission which was a great show you know run and that is I think I don't think there are those night easily Alf was also staying on early ninety's. And network. Think Seattle freezer. And yeah does it. That popular though is popular here to spin off of what show. Come on and off I don't it's been up you know you learn these things TV shows what you Frazier was enough cheers. OK yeah I always forget the pleasure was a character in memoir you'll watch cheers Nat was a show that I think you know everybody loves rain in King of Queens saved by the bell and the Simpsons or. That way you and I can agree to disagree but I think fresh prince Miller is one of the worst television shows ever made that anybody would watch it how is number two on the list. So we're down we're gonna agree to disagree all right ES. I mean I didn't even mind if Bernstein left the Rome and through nurse or if you have went in your life. Johnnie Walker is coming out with Amy Scott calling the weight walker. Mean if any out and all of 2018 so I know a lot of women have guys in their rivals stocks fingers let's gain ground. Maybe the perfect Christmas Gibson's going to be on the farm. Stupid question is gonna be white. Good laws burger I wouldn't her suburban it was white and dad think its front as the name of that yet. They don't like black label and brand letting them handle Lester all right that's pretty cool thing leveling a great job that's how much I appreciate victory. I act like you nodding our ass I'm not. Don't look at work and a big fan I mean. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points up the hill. How much because Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do it. You're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make you may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we all wanna know what everybody else makes reliving the it's never OK to ask it's taboo right well not anymore in the morning anyhow reopen. But thanks Harry fantastic thank you for calling in for sure your salary being willing to do that forests and here's what we know you live in Kirkland he worked at Seattle and you are in our and you are a registered nurse before we get down the road at all. Thank you for doing what to do take care people yes. I think you know it was a yesterday a national nurses day or something I believe that was. They sit and you lose six recently added technically technically he yeah I'm glad it's in the bottom. By the way all the other good at it on thank earlier ads you get a tree. At a bar and I had my grandpa I. Here's your grades but nurses really the ones that make you feel OK and thank you for do which do our mental woman on the clock Emily you and I'll rapid fire some questions joke you have anything on at the end of it apparatus and add an annual take a little break we'll come back well guess and you will share your salary we get to find out how much you make doing what you do which is God's work here we are you ready I'm ready go. Right are you employed by hospital. So you go around it's your personal nurse for of one patient. No you're gonna doctor's office. Aha. Typically bad fans. Know what type of doctor's office. I cardiology. Do you have to credit card debt. Yet right and apparently how long it even at this doctor's office this Fella. What actually only let who how long it even a nurse. Twelve years and had your bought an evening in the Louis Vuitton store. If you know are you the buffet anyway. Now. Owner rented your home in the Pacific northwest. Rent. Are you party union. I'm a good. I knew -- time anyway good size is a slow joining we messed up we had murdered OK give us a little bit of a break direct kind of come up with our guest is who goes first down. And I believe you half. Because Hamas. Any we'll come back we'll guessing you share your salary sound good sound. Welcome back to hear your salary by the way to morrow for the talking to Heather who is the police chief's assistant at a local police stitched. We'll find out how much she makes a marvel right now let's wrap things up. With our good friend Annie. Who lives in Kirkland she's are registered nurse by the way right across the street the poly clinic which you can see on I five headed south to north. Do you know any we can see your building outside of our window in fact I'm pretty sure slowed Joseph lives in the building there around the corner like we're in the hood. That. I don't I'm gonna go to the window and I'm gonna take my shirt off the looks like the pasty white skinny sickly looking guy that's me in a window. Okay Emily yes what do we know about any before we try to get her salary she shares it. Fill any I'm works at a doctor's office of cardiologists. She has been their month but she's a nurse for twelve years she's not the boss of anyone she's not a party unions get paid hourly. Printer don't have homes passed some credit card debt and still not known Louis Vuitton purse to young Johnston. You urban and a story that didn't hit that he would need I can't if you've ever bought some banana and a lot out okay yeah I look at their alligator hide is certainly good price tags that. OK so I go first I believe I won the first time. Based on all the information we received so far in my general belief that nurses liking any do gods or condone get paid enough for it. I'm gonna go 32000 dollars a year Emily I I'm with you I'm not come to bill high airman and a 42 she's giggling and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing I hear you snickering any. You little double technical are right so Josie you went 42 am yes sojo I'm going fifty fact that the fact come home. Our eyes without I don't overdo the here is Andy Ryan yeah. It's series salary. Are you ready asks. Ninety's. And. I'm so glad. Bernanke's how does he go by a couple of handbags so relive it ain't half could have gone lower and not into it didn't believe it's not handbag I have no UI yeah I'm Alan any. But hey listen and and and that single mom put it fifteen year old that's why I've got a part of by. Can you do not mind the rain and let it gets wind yes so you gotta be he had rehearsed over there right. No no she's not the way I steadily. I clearly I I read and a cardiac diagnostic testing. So. You know I read just echoes treadmill testing nuclear stand there like I Iberia see you. And he doesn't even know she's she's talking to a guy with a defer related pacemakers just right now I think. I know what I was Allen's new do you really. What's a problem I got. I get ventricular tactic ardea when he got. Little and got cited that the function we can hang out because here's a yeah Annie we love you thanks for sharing your salary was missing congratulations on making a really good living has awesome. No problem day I mean I live video and days. The morning will need a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't help until than a dollar. I McAllister yeah. No wolf are right so here's a conversation we all know women of their shoes during. This was a little bit of a shocker this morning I read that 72% of women illicit go ahead in general I think most women. I just three force of the apple went and served also deprives them all wasn't always more. Then 21 pairs of shoes. Most women have more than 21 cares if she's waste your shot. A little bit Vanessa does not have them over to meet meet each he has twenties but we. I would say a hard median estimate how uprising and she like shoes and you'll go to a wedding this weekend so of course there were some new issues bod. But she kinda gets rid of the old ones when the new win you don't Sanders out of town aroma site. I just found it shocking. And Emily I'll ask you a couple of questions and slow Joseph. There's so we have a lot of issues. I don't know what he's doing she does I just I'm trying to think because I know she's got probably at least one Ashton or she keeps him I think she's got like she stash him. But where I under the banner and then there's a little we've got to listen got some of the calls I'm guessing at least one family yet when he heard she's do you have a. Okay well this this shameful I ate so I when I'm his tier I covered a lot of stuff before things. I donated donated sixty pairs of cheese when it's sixty players. I really still half. Sixty pairs plan but that's the same place eat since like fifth grade so I issues that are means which you have shoes from fifth grade. It's unlikely I don't know exists with a little velcro young I have like that clog Birkins socks and I think all I have I timberlands from like middle school yeah. But do you Wear them obviously. Well that's pretty tough now but they might not completely healthy now and I think he needed but women they do did the united each of the new pair. I mean how many years over a minute that's a 120. Years and she well that is 240. She used. Where do you people really got to think like tennis she is high heels to do this duties flap I mean. And I yeah it's easy because it. And don't think his or limit your wardrobe seems pretty simple it's sweat shirts yeah eyewear. And yoga pants. Typically like every day three pairs yeah is that you have all over 120. I think you need to purge I have that and and it's shameful I know I answer the following questions. 25% of people you in his 25% that own shoes from when you were twelve years old and fourteen Gary asked 70% are you in the civic center and asked a stranger really got the issues I did that on. Today either do it this yeah. After the owner of her struggles up in line three seconds in Haiti which could that this university has actually wanna double the marshals I know I'm headed there today good deal on the okay have you ever hidden issue purchased from a significant other. Now pavlik had I haven't really had and now so wow OK I used and I'm wondering. Is anybody listening and obviously we're talking that the lip but maybe didn't do during the sneakers some guys have a gap sneaker heads and to be honest I don't think I and I know there are women out there are more than half so let's just call your numbers look Joseph what 12300. Toward it runner what occurs is firmly. Can anybody be that who's got more pairs of shoes and Emily to a 6421 wolf or you can actually tax to 46150. At a morning faith in Tacoma how are you today. I'm very fantastic so we're talking about the stat that I just read a little shocked by it. Most women 72% of women owned more than 21 pairs of shoes. Lo and behold heavily over here as a 120. Pairs that you just gave away sixty. You think wow OK so my first question is how do you know that was less time you actually took inventory. Well liked my inventory before I got married when I look at my husband after the wedding you know not. Really isn't. Yeah under the age. I thought independence is like two weeks ago. And act really loud like I had no idea where you've got this you are looking at a great movie but I took it dollars for the past week. Yeah I don't need your machine but I a lot of by the group so to. Me is. Let me ask both you ladies question do you ever getting citing the you have so many shoes you can possibly ever Wear them because. I know like a long long time ago I went and on a boat with another couple you know remaining and I would have anxiety fertility news the vote like if you're spending money on something and not wearing it. Don't you feel bad every day. No no yeah I cannot sleep and never in fact been based in said that he had that Minneapolis this really the analysis of what you do you Wear. Who don't have. And I am. I think that there that grade. And soul somewhere. Over old like that that Al Gore problem I had none have want to all feel like you get rid. I and it's you know they get back and who would they get out or how did you are now back. But here's my question even if my wife has a bunch issues is that time and that she's at all but. If we have an event coming up she's always gonna go out by another pair shoes for that event so what's the point of having the collection. I'm I don't go out my excuse for every special occasion I did I Eric is that I already live there of course I do excuse for my wedding. I lord had a real CD and solve I feel like I have nobody I do when I don't know letting out they execute says. Have cute that the back might not happen in the Blackberry he'll literally might go to Q I'd say for our special occasions. Yet your hitters so you do cycle through your shoes and wire. Yeah I just like I had worn every hair don't and a great set when it like that lets you like I don't ever want you why didn't want to. There yeah on that yet you more diverse you know could I love high heels but I just never. We. All right faith will appreciate you sharing that you in fact don't 208. Pairs of shoes at the moment keep a running tally. Activists on them okay. Began paying every time you buy a new pair of shoes we ought to know. And I wanted to tell you guys say this and I think it's. I'm it was amazing I don't yell there but it was amazing. We were there and we couldn't agree anymore she named name puts on the show right. Girl learns something in Vegas they face have a great day. I. Exactly that with Alastair. One place the walls and we're gonna get out here let dearly takeover. But they'll get together podcast and posted a 1080 end went to get to work. And it always includes fifteen minutes of bonus content stuff that we just didn't have time to talk about on the show today like the fact. You should never Wear yoga pants for an MRI. Ever. Also something that every woman in America knows that no guy. Couples is the jurors do more shaken deceased. Guys you never look sexier than when you vacuum I noticed first in truth that is live last Monday true and they did a one Democrat and dust busters. Minister was like oh yeah. My husband did the laundry like time of the mound I have wow wow man who was he wasn't playing around here. And the five reasons you should always take you lunch break. Coming up on the broadcast today it's on iTunes find it subscribe please and that's also in the end and on the website vehemently how were you. I can't fantastic I loved yesterday would you guys were talking about. Advise the best advice you've got from your mother and a common as best momma does know best -- of how to get go down that path today we're going to be talking about the best advice you ever got for mom. Just basically all things mom could moms are rather. Yeah moms are grabbed me. Attorneys as to be a teacher and I don't here. You know Mother's Day we can come and I'd just a little reminder to all you fellows out there take care your mama and got to carry your wife is she's a mother and children obviously. Yet. Google shopping myself today they're back in the day today nice job that still trying to figure out again. But it's better than the guy Sunday morning in the car and I'll try to pick up. The last one and I I think it's a benefit of also walked on the street and ripped up roses for the neighbor's yard. Hello. I'm like I'm not perfect I'm human rights. And your typical thoughtless males and this. There's no grades you reach ideally to us exports he won well publicity back tomorrow morning for Friday at 5 AM. Arnold actually not a character. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 point 7010.