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Thursday, November 16th

Thursday November 16th, 2017


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Yeah. He went well good morning we'll tackle Matt McAllister is on this is then you 100 point seven. This is the morning wolf pack MM accounts are good morning everybody happy Thursday producer Joseph is here as well and it's now raining so that's a good thing yesterday to commute was hellish more hellish than normal so hopefully today that'll chill out a little goofy guys trying to get where you need ago. Mean anytime if you wanna check in with us why you up early 206421. Lost love hearing from you guys in and received five hammers chicken and I'd jump yesterday we had quite today. Yeah man he's beyond those you don't know everyday its extent. We call somebody who welcome into the mug club we take a mug shots you have a coffee mug you know from wherever it is you work send it to us. And we'll celebrate just forget this kind of what we've been doing in. It was a while grab some doughnuts and we'll go visit these people say thank you yes it was really cool because we actually got to go take a tour. Of the cool part like one of the cooler parts of Seattle that we get to go into lake union as an obvious both their cold ride the ducks. And apparently everybody knows Matta for an tweet me from Las Vegas. Was in a year you won't have a duck I love those things. You can read there they're not just in Seattle I remember when we are still working at Santa Barbara today at one of them started up there it's like. Highly controversial there's like stuck tonight yes sit there there aesthetic goal days right amphibious boats age they're huge ordinary. This is tuition and as soon there's no they're very I mean no there's nothing wrong when it but they are of definitely guy aimed at tourists in else are certainly we are running there with some people from England NASA because you're wondering who is going to be on the tour. You know it's cold it's dry or raining its point is day 11 AM that's nice couple from England was there at the couple from Newport. And now Tom the tour guide was fantastic ninety minutes of high energy. Jokes and fun and music to me that's not an easy job is an end Annapolis was yeah I know like getting like how those guys really blaze and on good and it isn't over and over and over regardless of how many people are on this thing. I'd Joseph one thing that you learned today said even if you local unit reduced tourist stuff but if you do you think that's a you have to make an Italian have to go do Taurus stuff. It learned something pretty cool about where you left gamble I've actually been really excited about going to gas works park and I have never had haven't had a chance to get over the AM in him and Mike -- the docs aerial gunning at park so we got to get like a full tour gas searched our care about the history of it yet which is really can't I'm you don't know that story is functioning. Gas plant EA has turned into a park before natural gas came in showed it and you know I learned that first of all those house votes are really cool yet but there really expensive I mean you're talking about what bode sit there like 900 square feet for a couple of million dollar million bonus. And we went by one acts I acid hated anybody famous that lives down here on these house votes. And he said though the guy that started loads. Built one a couple of years ago and it's it looks like Liberace Alison asks definitely difference got the big stone columns and the thanks semi theme Venice. Yet yes like cheesy Florida various Hannah architects have been phenomenal. But legacy built that a couple years ago. Aspirin and got those how's that to the house boats and lenders. Barge homes rank which have large homes actually have motors Donovan you could program which I I would love to see one of those blue thing in the affluent. So that that was really cool to actually go out of the water albeit a little chilly side yesterday I don't know a lot of fun yet your rap death and those like moving blanket. A lot of body count I got to the got to be some of working on and I'm hydrogen pounds that I underestimated you or not. You know the proper attire with an accurate didn't. Ninja like fifty layers and a hoodie at one shirt him I think. But it was fun it was a good as appreciated via the folks from ride the ducks Seattle haven't sounding as accurate it's a good way to meet somebody 610 gimbal welcome somebody news. And he'll look at them trying to think what else. There was some other interesting tidbit to kind of picked up along yeah we definitely I mean we went through you know Bellevue were like nearby that club where Nevada and you know they're doing now belt town meltdown coroner. And there are gonna dinners that I did not come from Bellevue that assists second time you've messed up Bellevue and obviously it is it's a day asked for of people rich yet I didn't know there was actually that club there was a club that's responsible for grunge era belt town I didn't know that mania and I can't permit an imminent I don't hit Al really I liked like haired square I think it is there on the underground tumors. And obviously around all of that and as and you know and Amazon village at a college it's a first time I've seen though the bios fierce today. Which has over phenomenal save for cool yeah I didn't I've never been by those so I wish they'd send instruments and guns that yes I was here listening. All right so let's find out why you guys are up early he'd never called before today is that day 206421. Waltz as a telephone number again. Putting it up early to be as simple as going to work telling what you do love finest about maybe do a simple little different today either way check in right now. Yeah morning Indian Baath. Old wire you up early so I'm heading corner kick it 23 cataract surgery and you have got to be Judy between when he read cataract surgeries that's incredible. Yes sir how long is he 28 I'm at every turn out that in the twelve and a you know I saw a special I can't remember his dateline or 20/20 but. About American doctors or go to Third World countries and they do these surgeries on people and they don't take that long like you sane Amy but they restore sight to a lot of people that otherwise go blind. Yes we are and answered and I worked well actually. On Africa quite quite as it's time. Yeah because for us in modern day medicine to pretty simple procedure that can have be restored a bit over there. You know they just lifted their eyes look like milk duds you know they got no way to fix that they're out there what do you do in the procedure what's your role. I mean it turner saying I kind of let her go higher pre op act Leo and Amy how long he'd do this I'll. And I can yesterday about three years and are about fire all right always up this early. Yes sir 4 o'clock and that its use of first time checking in with us. Yes faring well I appreciate he do and and it's thanks Amy for being a part of the morning wolf pack here. Iraq and thank you trip don't either I let it I think I love you we love you and have a wonderful day in good luck with all the surgery and that's an incredible numbers are there and held a right Amy take yeah. Ask some copycat. I well thanks. Fight coming up guys. Hear about it's about five minutes. Later in the show yesterday. We had a really interesting email commit about a guy who stating in new gal. In cash he woke up in the night in the first time this Jones slipped over and clothe her going through his phone for 3 AM. So what do we have put it out to the women in the M morning wolf pack some is this something that's normal would you do this is it okay. I would not do it. Private and I don't keep. It lets editors listened to it without your lives has right here in Tacoma artistic w.s to lock is now you birdies talk and care and how are you good morning welcome. I'm very get a thank you had been up all night look small and cheers. And I love movement lagged just who he served him well he's the best of me I show tomorrow at 730. I don't like that Sony just wait I never heard at least work yet. He's gaining weight off him yet he is amazing acuity and honestly care. One of the nicest guys is going I'm going colors and yes OK you do now QL when the American music awards are coming on. Actually yes we do because I believe that's a talking point for the keep their duty tomorrow I'd Joseph our producers going to be looking at a point. I'll hand on Q somebody team November 9 November 19 today would be it's the fifty to sixty today that sixty OK go to this. Yes this is a 5 AM hours all of us here are just kind of veered out to basic information like eliminate problems and a today is Thursday I know that. Yeah I care listen we love you thanks for being a part of the morning wolf pack in. Just great to hear your voice you call every day can. There. No I'm right there I love that I care and you have a lot of awarding we'll check in with you shortly. It's happens that McAlister hasn't progress in its value in these guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. Saturday look for marquee say hey we're staying at a new school about a month she spent the night I got a little and I to go to them and there she was in the dark look into my phone. Is this a red flag on us. 206421 Waltz. Did anybody think about this girl going to her boyfriend's phone after a month. I think it's a little bit but that's our plan I think inherently. Where I. Why they had a meeting with Billy protective over it out. And an entire people say you know what you're swinging and I have known him for a long time I've really want to go look after the ad. These things and just like that's clear and public event at outlets. Open air bound. Well I mean I'm stating that it I have a Andrea found that I found them for a long I don't every want it got it on I don't. Feel like there's anything and edit. Without. I think that's probably the best thing that you said right there is if you have a suspicion. There's probably something wrong. Yeah an islet where they write and might get and I wasn't wasn't very line. Yeah absolutely and I was thinking too just a little old fashioned me like. If I'm if I'm a female nominee go through a phone and duke before I spend the night over his house and sleep over you know remains. Frank and I think that one thing that give us doll really realize that it Arafat outlet for something you'll find something no matter how old is six years old it was different company you'll find out at this delicate grip I think they're gonna get a whenever. Yes absolutely Genevieve thanks for calling and being a part of the show. Now problematic it used to stay dry here's Julianne and spin away what do you think Julianne. Well I think that it is OK absolutely. If you guys that and the other girl I don't. And it's been something that has been discussed before who became a studio. Kind but as the way that this girls doing it shady in the middle and I need to not okay. Yeah that's definitely weird I is that they have been together this is fair person and is that I. Having been organized about. Yes okay hey thanks so much for your opinion Julian have a great day Elaine at an average what do you think about this girl. Is it sketchy issues gone there is phone in the middle and I. Now I don't think they'll only reading it because as when it. We are kind of on the alert was put on her a lot of ethnic experience in the past. So I think we have here Ali they're both want to get that confidence there that comfort and that scared that he. Yes there are some insecurities there and I gotta be honest with you with all the stuff going on right now with these celebrities and Hollywood I had no idea. That there were so many creep for men out there I am I an end Darius to be a guy right now. There. Yeah I like I had no idea that men with that. Creepy like to lose ECU stuff and probably my. Eyes. It. I'm mollid on alert and always it is very important you know likelihood because I don't have to. Be concerned about that. In the past you know we've got together. You actually tried it you know you're the good guys yes nine here yet and Elaine thanks so much for being a part of the morning wolf pack and have a great day today okay. Yeah take it. Into the morning. Oh I now. 100 points the cell wolf this is the morning wolfpack Amanda tells her producer Joseph was here. Was he had a Becky Ellis says she posted a FaceBook why she's up early joke. She is getting ready for a show in Bremerton three days shown us and look at a show she coasted fisherman nutcracker. She says the food and gift show a two kits of pavilion in Bremerton my mom and I've done for 27 years. She has all kinds of Seahawks stuff so she's got I have pictures garden gnomes nut crackers all out style so Becky have a great day out there thanks for checking and you can do it on FaceBook for 206421. Waltz. You're kid yesterday Joseph when you said there was backlash. For Blake Shelton being named sexiest man alive in People Magazine it's almost. It's like that was at the Sports Illustrated cares in the Campbell Soup curse and I you know wannabe the sexiest anything of anything. Who cares if People Magazine people are acting like gets the Nobel Peace Prize or something next. Really it's really important well they definitely dug up all of his tweets from back in the day I had a sit around drunken twit noxious stuff which I was so it was kind of funny bit I'm not as sensitive as of the people realize that. But yes everybody is up in arms if he's not the sexiest man alive. He's not you know if Jason Momo I'm Chris Evans. Guys and get out. In the country world were so familiar with Blake Shelton and love the guy error details of that hole. Aesthetically he's really not the most handsome person elected this time else gets these edges again it's. People Magazine this is like a supermarket rag it's like The National Enquirer like handing out a year. Have laid out and you know if you tend to your comment about any of this feel free to check him we don't have a woman on the show yet to comment about sixty men at the there was another list that was they came out yesterday and interestingly enough it's a ten sexiest men in country music. It's a list that came out from whiskey riffs which I mean you know that is. But Blake Shelton was not mentioned on this list at all certain Melissa thing and the theme is huge part of it and there's a hundred million better looking guys that nobody knows about or read right next. On this list if you're curious number ten is Cain and Smith. I'm number nine is the lead singer of Midland mark why stride just its bases last name that he was just in a studio not too long ago get big strapping dude. Huge number nine Brett young at number eight. Tim McGraw representing the older. Country music guys at number seven Michael Ray number six by the way come in for hometown holiday get two tickets right now. Seattle wolf dot com Jake Owen number five. Our body Dirksen number four Sam hunt of course and number three okay. And back him more in number two and number one or so according to whiskey risk dot com the sexiest man in country music and I hope he doesn't catch wind of this is he's already this LC king of country music. And Brad elder. A guy who already knows that he's good looking. You know again I'm not I'm not an expert qualified to speak on this but I don't agree. Who would you put the top of the list I mean I honestly I think is whether this is nothing listening to guys talking about this time. I don't I don't postal when TV I'd give Jake go in and out of her Barreto you know and I gonna come and I realists among comfortable. Even at that here is a corps to FedEx guy sneaking in before six. AM here on Corey will we do for anybody. Any idea what we're doing great happy Thursday what's up. 88. Got to throw out the prior to bail them. Not please gad that's awesome so gory obviously is a FedEx do we minimize Garth great guy and I he promises from FedEx cups for the mug club. Yeah. As you got it yet but would like they don't it and you read it. Yet it was really good time yesterday and again thanks to ride the ducks to Seattle for taking us out on their amphibious duck boat it was not a way to get done about what to it was a warmth. But we had a good time. The next amnesty does sneaky little who John they're very garments that we're missing a classic there Ers. Probably some on there and just in time and I take Torre have a wonderful day buddy. You just get a taste we get coffee mugs coming up next the mug club we're gonna welcome somebody new win we got a mug recalled saying hi the deal coming up. Now another episode. Good club. Got a beautiful box the other day with duties it'd. As a DUS before it's an accident that you could be stuff from text aerospace. Got a nice card here too from family and just on the back of the business card it says welcome to Seattle. Welcome mentally and friends are detect aerospace into the month club. Mug shot go and upon social as we speak. To ground Twitter faced Seattle wolf and I mean generally. And leaves Matt McAllister calling Dario. I'm Jim Brown Matt how are you this morning fantastic. Listened wanted to call and say thank you for the wonderful coffee mug and all the goodies from a tech aerospace that was so cool well we're happy to come up. Appreciate that and I saw the hardest Republican added in before we get into tech aerospace is that sounds like a pretty Smart place to work your title is HR generalist Assad and I'm like what what does that mean. I had that means I funeral anything related HR training. Recruiting. Which is a big impressed right now just a plan to use the anything related HR I handle or tackle. To tell me a little bit about tech aerospace and you say you're recruiting as well. So you're looking for sharp shooters or what. We are we are recruiting primarily for assembly mechanic and machinists. And some of those positions. You were qualified candidates do you have hiring bonuses as well. Who listens pretty good what exactly would you say you do apparently we are an Arab based. Company who beat her body part you are kind of air companies such as Sony and. Here it. All kinds of different places and we knew machining of medals and complex assemblies to give me an example of one kind of a part that you provide for Boeing. At acorn we are looking at large candidates or is our war even though it says these huge bomb that piece of metal that is machines and then. Are you have a police had put in drill hall and rabbit and it. I'm quite hard on it and get it ready to go in that plane OK how many people were detector space. Not the roughly 300 in the Pacific northwest. And you work in the Everett offices are correct I work primarily an ever office that I intact intense today and can you listen and don't you. I've got to manage that wonderful traffic but yeah you know what what a nightmare. Oh my lord is to Internap are here. God bless you I mean we've been stuck in a few those like him down Tacoma it's it's like nothing I've ever seen or kept trading. But we get to limit a beautiful place right. Absolutely so at least we got like Mount Rainier mountain baker were looking at beautiful things as were stuck on the side. At lately well listen I'd love to come down able company a visit at some point to embrace some doughnuts have their PM link. That would be ultra we have to come sure you'd at our facility. Some we got two numbers so make definitely make sure that happens in. In the meantime thanks so much for listening to Walton being a part of the month club and it's taking the time to send us the goodies. Absolutely it's a pleasure having you on the morning. With the palace created and these your hole and. Cell walls have fallen Puyallup welcome to the morning wolf back to where you stand puberty yet met. That's based here live in the sport sure Paul look at it euphoria. And so where you're smarter discredit really Jimmie earlier but I would get good morning good hornets Carey got a little frustrated. I cannot believe she's still just you know youth vote. Unhappy that the mayor because of the other end of doing stupid stuff of their lives and people by any other stuff. Having mentions really bad it'll sell like cleaning don't do this thinking that Maingear I'm wouldn't get it seems that would host. I ex wife cheated and got pregnant as well there. But he's a genius guys really aren't really you know. Judy and three. You know. Do you agree you know Nancy he has been the man they pumping so static in my heart. Hey listen listen first of all sorry about what happened you with your girlfriend and and all that that's that's pretty ugly business I'm sorry that happened to. But let me clarify what I said. Could I think what happened was we got two conversations mixed up. What I was talking about was in the context of all these celebrities in Hollywood in these powerful Hollywood executives pushing themselves on women taken advantage of women. I was just saying right now these these jury it's it's kind of embarrassing some of the things these men are doing because. There after all the same species that we are. I loved being a man I'm proud to be the kind of man and I am but what I was saying was these guys are making a man look bad because right now all these women in America are raised their hands don't hate. Wait a minute. These guys have been pushed themselves on us for years this is this can't happen anymore. And I love the fact there were outing these scum bags I was just saying sometimes some guys can make other guys look bad does that make sense ball. Yes let's get them a lot of course it narrows it down like they get special little statement consistent effort knowing what's going nuts. I guess I'm glad you can't you know I think beer I see you guys and I think we continue to look my wife. So I mean. Those are his treatment all these you know I guess I don't want other people are younger and just to hear this is. You know Amish are great and I just watching the world on that. And brother I appreciate you calling I'm sorry that what I said upsets in this never Michael Dolan shows just to make everybody a good note in to bring us altogether. And I love the fact that all these women are coming forward now an outing all these comebacks because they need to be exposed for what they've been doing so I love that. And I'm the same and sometimes these guys can get. Good guys Paul like you a bad name. You keep doing what you're doing and that's being a good man and you know being a man your word having integrity and honor you look your wife these this is what it's all about and that's the country's all about. Thanks for checking in thanks for being a part of one wolfpack have a great day a tank. You're listening to the morning all back with Matt let's Alastair. It's the morning wolfpack got Matt McAllister producer Joseph is here to thank you for starting your day with a solid mid in my mind is a little blown right now. I don't I haven't been here that long but if you've been listening at all you don't have a love hate relationship with the idea that. I love it because without it my house and have a furniture. But I hated because it's a mine scrambled and then it means there yet to go there and there's hours and hours of installation and an assembly that comes after your trip to IKEA. I actually have an IKEA couch right now in my garage. That we have to take back but I'm just. Delaying it because I dreaded so much especially the return given of the return final we ever and after eight hours. But anyway. The reason my mind is blown is that as much as it's a big part of my life. I've been saying it wrong this whole time and you probably have to. This article I'm looking at the five foreign brands that we as Americans always mispronounce and number one on the list is IKEA apparently that's not how you say it my house to do this you're supposed to say. That's how they say it in Sweden he Kia not IKEA. So from now on its media but it if I wanted to some of that park and I McKay wanted to get a hot dog eat he would probably be be up. You have how anybody says it here I think we're officially butchered it until like new vernacular well do want to get you know about it the English language is that standing cancer and it's always changing yes and so we say IKEA that's the way and nobody's gonna say eat Kia. Now and there I've been there are people that I know that same words correctly. But they're it's wrong it's sounds wrong yeah it's right and then you sound like guys smug pretentious you know yeah I tell you like I'm sorry it's much for you for examiner is amazing so you Leet is that a sale eyes yet so elitist like that. I have the command of the English thing I'm saying is that because you have huge do you think OK the other one. I do you see that chocolate spread in the grocery store. Everybody calls it well at least I say a no talent. I just try to tell us for the first time ago we yet it's not good for you could have basically sitting music think chocolate pace you add their right there. Yes so yep my sister actually studied abroad Ras -- which came back but about 25 pounds it's an all the stuff out of pervasive look at I discovered since chocolate. Page he could put a ring ready to stop putting on him and maybe net LA is actually new tell. New Telus that are not tell OK a couple of others here Hyundai and everybody says Hyundai beside you had to say jokes and aren't well apparently it's Hun day. Hyundai is how you say that I didn't know a lot of you right now listening and own a Hyundai that say Hyundai. Probably I feel like I've heard somebody say has dainty estimated that hasn't quite been secured an exhibition it you know the other foreign brand that I still have no idea how to say and they've been around forever since I was ever thus and Tom Cruise in risky business I don't know if it's Porsche Porsche. I've no idea never owned one don't have any plans to but I still don't know how to say that I it's one of those things that we're probably never gonna have to deal with a apparently it you know I read this is the thing if you own a Porsche you're never supposed to call it. Horse I think I might have that backwards it is that we're not helping anyway yeah one of those one of them is not is not theaters just doesn't fit I think at the end of the day it's supposed to be Porsche brand but I don't really. But anyway if you don't want it's Hyundai not Hyundai it. But the German beer poke garden. I don't know I've never actually heard of it I had days they've got I think they've got these little balls and a really adds I don't know what they do they nasal calls them that idea if you enjoy that today German pills near it's not whole garden which is how I decided it's who garden. Who garden and picking up a sixer that's that mines program and last but not least. Samsung. Apparently in South Korea where the company comes from it Sam song not Samsung outcome on its. That's what they say so damn song as a guide well apparently we do now yeah. AM get us Tim and faith tickets. The morning I needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts and doesn't help until than a dollar all here's Matt McAllister. 100 point seven. Go wolf this is the morning wolfpack got Matt McAllister producer Joseph is here as well against wanted to say thank you to ride the ducks of Seattle. They had a sag yesterday actually look I know took them some doughnuts because they join a mug club this week. Some some great mugs and yeah. I don't know what you call those things Joseph the duck Wecker lips today it's a whistle last night and I got I don't think we get one hour ago and here you know they deposited to stay they called crackers it's over on the shelf donor to grab it. Daddy I had and by the way just. Before we take a little bit about that yesterday just again thanks to those guys and thanks to all of either join a mug club. It's little thing we do to kind of bring the community together to wait for us to get to know you. So if you work in place and as coffee mugs it's really simple stick one in a box. A quack the easiest way to get the address is just go to Seattle wolf dot com there's actually a mug shots section. Or take a picture with every single one of these mugs and drink my coffee out of it every day. He says just a little community vibe thing we got going on here and we are at their place we're definitely need some more coffee mugs there was a while we first got here was a matter rush you an error or in our way through that there at the thing I love so much about this is to just be explored every inch of this city and me the outlying carried in Paris is just that. Awesome way to do that yet a shout out to to a Emily over text aerospace receive her at some point to her her spot up in Everett she says she was today's mug club. When a different areas I today but again little plug you know as critical thank you to Tom the tour guide for entertaining us in the people from England and from Newport Beach in. I will tell you I was not addressed sufficiently for a Democrat that would in the lake union yesterday bought. Think a blanket some board and and you know they do make it a lot of fun not to that ninety minutes went really quickly it really dead and yap props that because he's on land you know there's one person on that thing he's he's gonna higher percent of those that has been there yet and look out on the morning radio I know how to fake last program. He has got that down when I was super impressed legacies he can tell the same jokes five times a day die anytime you're the man. I was abused. Other than lake you know being the emcee for dog parade that's got to be the one of the hardest job now. In the entertainment industry I beat the street is next if you wanna play to a 6421 wolf beat the street. Sec it close second of the month club and our favorite things we do here on the morning wolf thank love beat the street Joe's out with a microphone five questions thirty seconds intimidate tickets up for grabs. A tape. History. Good morning Kristen in lake Stevens welcome to the morning wolf pack power you. Great Harry out undo a fantastic I appreciate you asking are you ready to win some Timothy tickets they're coming to the Key Arena this July the soul to soul for its gonna be actually a Friday night too so it's a good goodnight to have a concert. I absolutely agree my helicopter parents are you listening to beat the street. Every single hey it all depends on who Joseph finds out on the street but before we get there. Let's get to the same five questions you'll have thirty seconds and then that means you don't get hung up on one question for too long if you don't mean. I totally understand okay Kristin and here we go five questions thirty seconds on your marks get set. What is country singer readers last name. Stratton. Prior in sports what is any jail stint for it. The national hockey in what unconventional venues to Johnny Cash famously reports several of his live albums. Trip. The twilight movies are primarily based on what supernatural creature it's a damn tired and in Seattle the cost of this went up 18% last year what does this. Talk of it can be a little more specific. Outing try to. All right now let's go find out who you're gonna be playing against on the streets of Seattle. I'm for is. Everett Washington in my name's Sabrina and I work at a restaurant. Okay actually sounds pretty legit today Sabrina works at a restaurant despite how she did starting with question number one what is country music singer rebirth last name. Oh my dogs. Nick for our name. I would be Martina it is McEntire you got a right Chris senior off to elude to start this drive and and I hasty looking ago question number two. And sports what does NHL stands for national hockey. Booms you've both got them one right. They'll only get 21 lead me to question number three. In what unconventional venue as did Johnny Cash famously record and number of live albums. I can't tell you about mark. Come on everybody knew dad Christy knew that prisons was absolutely right nice job Christian being yelled yup you were up three to one and I like where this is headed yet we feel pretty good right about now. Irons okay now all right all right Tuesday tickets on the line question number four and beat the street's. The twilight movies are primarily based around what supernatural creatures and amp higher this. Booster got that one right eat a little could she be making a comeback I don't know which you got a right to. So now you've got a commanding. Unbeatable if I might add four to two lead. On Sabrina the things I'll let go ballistic question number five in Seattle the cost of this went up 18% last year. Let game. Leading it was your first guest but he switched it to housing which is actually a little more accurate feel obligated to any way to be nice. You still beater five to three piece look perfect Christmas and it could. You are gonna go into the page so the sole quiet. I Friday nights ago he gonna have Beers country music. Store Key Arena. Immediately. You should be and you earned every inch of that ticket because you were perfect five for five unbeatable. Funding level and represent lake Stevens this morning I Kristin thank you for being a part of the morning wolf pack and now thanks for playing beat the street. They yeah enlightening morning both sat with Matt McAllister isn't trying to. It's. No walls reading a story here about a couple in Ohio. And I have to admit even though involved some physical violence that was left. Effect well it's funny because a nobody's really hurt grass and the woman is 86 years old name's Helen gene Frieda ocean was in Austin town Ohio. She's married to a much younger man 69 year old Joseph at a girls'. And you know it's funny when you get in a fight with your significant other it's usually not about the thing nick you're looking at UI has some stuff that's built up over time. Well apparently. Joseph has a bad habit of leaving his dirty undies all over the house. And it Helen. Got to a point where she was just kind of sick covet so 86 year old Helen after and by the way. He left his dirty underpants in the bathtub I don't know why why didn't take him off all over the house is my question. I don't know man's appeal this flight to Phoenix as a thought that's a so this a 69 year old Joseph likes to leave his underpants all over the house and Ellen that'll I didn't they've had words before. But this time this was the wrong data leave your dirty underwear in the basket she hauled off and punched him in the face true. Yeah then he kind of pushed her way next thing you know. The police to get involved that's why we know about the story. Always and by the way it got a little crazier than that because she accused him of doing it on purpose to a Saturday. And by the way while she was area her issues in dirty laundry she also said she's pretty sure that at Joseph was cheating on her with a woman who works at the gas station. So come on man is here clearly it was like I said before wasn't about the dirty Interfax news about the woman of the gas station remind me of her age again she's 86. At a girls she hauled off and slug and there's no osteoporosis there was a strong both and then didn't break any bone in her hand rated it. Whacked it so anyway. They were both arrested for domestic violence it popped up. Which he does funny so I texted Vanessa my wife I said hey so what do I do that makes you wanna punch me in the face. And she actually said let me think about that for a moment instead she gave us some strong consideration if she came back with. You don't put your dirty clothes in hamper you put them on top of the hamper a makes you wanna punch you in the six. It's really yeah dude flat iron and regulation must put you in the face was withdrawn with opening ever well. Just like any guy I'm sort of in denial about it I think that I do in fact I catcher active were always on top of him slump I'm really wearing that. It's not super dirty everywhere he goes everywhere is another thing. That's a difference. So anyway. That's when she does well so be it did US so because it asks three she said when I'm working which is often like it out of these jobs you always kind of constantly working constantly looking for content for Russia. When I'm working we're talking on the phone which always seems to it coincided the same time. I failed to listen to her for like five to ten minutes at a time so she'll be talking. And I'll be Tellme story or something obvious in there like clicking away on the computer and at some point like she will have asked me questions and ideas. You're totally so into oblivion by the way five to ten minute that's a long black coal iron out and and and I've IA Ivan everything guilty of that I wish I didn't do it but I just she she says I'm a terrible multicast. I disagree I think a pretty good women tentative and I have that great yet she she. Constantly gets on me for that I am constantly guilty. Well ladies in the morning wolf pack I think this be a nice education for all of us gentleman right. What do we do or more of the Clinton what is your significant other do that makes you wanna punch him in the face. And the differences obviously nobody sitting anybody that we're not all 86 named Helen livid and Ohio but what does he do that makes you wanna punch him it's got to be something and yet 206421. Wolf ladies is lighted up. Good morning and welcome to the morning wolfpack are talking about this elderly couple in Ohio. 86 year old Helen punched her husband in the face because he leaves his dirty underpants all over the house what is your hubby do that makes you wanna punch him. We move and on the slower side the bad. Season using that I'm gonna everywhere these clothes excuses well. Does he actually re Wear them or is it just excuse to put disclose where he once. He actually Willard read where it went OK that's nice at least he's living up to that and thanks for checking in appreciate yet. You to take care all right any in west Seattle what is your husband do the makes you wanna punch him in the face. Each and then after wearing any emptied his pockets on top of our director on the games. Everything from the day it's how can I. She you know I do the same thing but Vanessa hasn't complained about it yet what is it about that that upsets you so much. And brand new piece of furniture and all this changes everything like active day and I'm like come on and that's. So well and I. Think changed to we live and they made her change. Even just by itself this kind of annoying you don't need any change he's a debit card for everything right. Yes yet that pain they're feet. Everything out of pocket it they'll on the thanks for being a part of the morning and have a wonderful day here's Canadian wouldn't know what is your hobby do the makes you wanna punch him. We don't know and don't apartment about couple months and Alex got married 30 and for some reason in this place. Every time he opened the cabinet you leave that wide open it you know men are notoriously bad at that we're like children when it comes to shutting cams I don't know why that is. I don't eat Eric and I walked into the kitchen like every app itself but suddenly didn't even need anything from that might not why is it how bright it is you know letting it takes a way to all the credit that we wanna get for maybe unloading the dishwasher because we leave all the cameras opened and it just ruins are going to clean up after them after it at all. Katy that's so funny thank you so much for checking in. Think you are right here is Dion in Tacoma what does your husband do to make you wanna punch in the face. He asked. Even though every cycle item on the counter instead of putting him in the pit right underneath account. And you know infer speaking for guys there's so many things that we can do is take that one last step that would make our wives so happy you nor I mean. It's like right there our. That's why Vanessa wants to punch me he hates it so I'm I'm sorry it's all right hey this is an honest conversation Dion I love you thanks for checking in at. He does add a guy Jennifer and lights that are what is your upbeat view that makes you an appointment base. You know I don't I don't buy any of them I feel you're working right now and he thought I'm Barak or get back home from work. And that we get in the air and clean and. A wait and he's now the way he's not working. You know oh he's got to step up the dinner game I was in that spot for about nine months when I was home in my wife was out working I definitely got to step up your home game. Oh yeah that's right I mean am I pre made dinner last night about the economic thought that later. And even make you don't care debate. I Jennifer I what are the downloaded thanks for listening need it but I think when even the sad part is you could take calls for days four days. Delhi and granite falls what is your hubby do to make sure wanna punch him. All hey Matt down my husband always eat the last rally. You but he. Absolutely. I L and give you a golf. Course not. They would what is usually what is his name and image are dated he goes skill left on your shirt Christian academy where owner waited golf. Hey big sanity guys the family thanks for being a part of the morning wolfpack. And take care lobby Arab one more he's just as we gotta take this when Joseph and Arlington we're gonna put one guy on the radio this conversation go ahead Joseph. So I got a problem with this topic search your reasons newborn baby fury hurts this but I guess what my wife's due to make us more launch analysts say. I thought to be considered a absolutely there's a reason to urge Joseph there's a reason we're doing it this way. I don't know you look at keeping very luckily they didn't know you don't. Definitely not a problem within us is it Jenny yeah actually it was all individual reverse the topic is there any other end doesn't know that you want to ensure the safety absolutely perfect. Exactly one Russert on all the work don't take Joseph broke both the real world welcome the marriage and that's how it works guys yeah that's it I total total inequality but it was already knew it mom I. Happy nobody's happy. All right and sometimes I'd rather be happy than right here that morning what. I Estella party. So wolf says there's a morning long backup Matt McAllister thank you so much for listening for giving me a chance or appreciate that. It's funny I was on the phone last night Joseph with Vanessa were trying to work out. She's Phoenix right now we're trying to work out her next trip so she can come see bigger richer hometown holiday and go to war intercom Christmas party. And this fall it's like as Thursday in a Tuesday. So they were trying to work and after she wants to be here for both she does not wanna miss hometown holiday for anything and I totally saying I don't even care. The bigger and richer playing. Just the fact that they were good at it let's just say they were gonna be there is guess that would make me so happy because there's so much fun to party when they are fond of Narnia. That's not taken away from their performance and how excited I am to hear them sing that song live but they bring with them this music grow mafia this party it's. It's crazy it's like nothing else parade it's a little bit of that. In a bit like good for its threat. By the way check in net ticket sales and all that they're still tickets available for hometown held a however the clock is ticking we are less than a month away from December 13. Thank these SO show where centering can't. And it's our first real opportunity to get out there and party with the wolfpack can't wait the ads every got them I thought I didn't even think about trying to get so we here for that ought to see if that's even possible. Yet if she starts getting mad don't laugh that are right after. But I can't help so that's a bad reaction. Just a legend Michael Rey Chris Janssen who if you've never seen Christians alive. One of the best live performers. In the game. Absolutely you get on the drones the place I'm Monica Ailes just like jumper on the stage an actor that he does that windmill thing I love Pete Townsend from the hill right politicking back a little bit of the classic rock could. Who lost to Minsk he's gonna be there I think I got a Midland Midland and middle and again my. I don't know you know it's almost like if you had to. Storms. Off of the eastern coast in a combined into a cat five hurricane that's Midland and big grin and that's going to be interesting you know they've spent some time party there are I don't. Might be the first some of the few that. Hometown how is going to be a lot of fun again we're going to be hosting cannot wait to meet each and every one of youth I'd say have a fear of these everyone of you but I wouldn't last long and get over the next David. Definitely. Coast a couple of cold pops to have some fun right Darren Kent and triple A Alex hometown heroes going to be there celebrating us yet he is definitely the story that we can again thanks have. King five in everybody else to pick up that story about a good samaritan or he's the only reason and then well in. Make sure we just point tech guy out and everybody give Alex a big standing no haves. I hope nobody goes it was just me flat skinny thing accidental he's not Madonna did it he is not working. Fight Seattle wolf dot com that's real for tickets get a now for hometown holiday. How does that McAlister hasn't progress. Tell these guys got to bring donuts. 100 points for the overall Sam McAlister with day. Quick but really cool announcements. And Joe's gonna help me out this little bit because he's the brains behind the podcast but it's taken a little while and some people have been asked concerns wanted to make that announcement that we finally did get that done we now have a podcasted that is available every day probably. Put this age of 11 o'clock called safe 10111130. Is they say we'll put you on the spot but. It's a chance for you to listen to the entire show without any commercials or music just. Digested as it happens if you wanna do that. And the great news I was really happy about us we got it all up and running and apply the half. The data we discovered to AAA Alex on the I five changing those tires are gonna strangers there are data getting and a lot of people wanted to go back in here that because it was a cool moment it was pretty special so the podcast is going to be available every single day you can listen on the athletes not segregated at Seattle wolf dot com it's super easy. And this is a great way for user option if you sleep in later had a day off you can listen to show anytime you want in the afternoon. So I'm morning. Oh I now. 107. Fell and all Simonyi wolfpack Matt McAllister great to have you here thanks for starting your day with a man really appreciate that. I would like to know about this story that's going viral today actually kind of viral yesterday do. It's a joke about it he kind of took prudent and he's kept seeing in February like anyway that's stories picking up some steam I didn't get it when you brought it yesterday you basically said this a this dash. Has sun goes to a school and Utah and their mascot is the Phoenix writes that you said you know there's this problem with how they cheer for the Phoenix and and I'm thinking it's thought here what Phoenix or affiliations with strongly screening that you know and Renault and by the way the guy I've done little work on the Google with this guy Kyle fraud and he's not a crazy person he's like a normal you being sued wherein businesslike dad well as soon as I actually read it I totally out where your coming for a that's funny that wondered why US vetoed the story because I thought it was pretty funny. This guy Kyle fraud and has actually started a change dot org plea he's got about 3000 his neighbors on board already as of yesterday. He's trying to get the school mascot changed. And that's not uncommon I know the where I want to school they changed a mascot because it was a big red yes it was deemed politically incorrect after awhile isn't like racially and say no no no it's just how they scream to it and there's people gone we talk about I don't get it correct because the Phoenix there's a lot of Phoenix the ride the Phoenix rising right okay. Well the way that this particular. High school cheers and I wouldn't necessarily cheer this way. They say go Phoenix's. Now it's penises. That's how they say how they say. Oh now use which is why I. I get it now. I thought yesterday well okay listen as I'm reading a different part of the story threat so they started that way that it's a new high school by the way they started that way and then they went on line to make sure that they were saying the floor allies to word of Phoenix correctly. It's not correct saying Phoenix's it's penises yet. So other other schools started coming to their school to play it really. What are these green later today. They're streaming. Mean I feel it is a big joke we courtesy out with a microphone for beat the street right and ask anybody what the correct way to say Phoenix clearly is. Nobody would know that well weak came out lesbian and is there Phoenix I began people there were for nations that's right arm I head when. That well obviously it sounds like something different right in your aren't familiar with people are allies version of the word Phoenix. I feel like some people are like he's this is mom pop Utah off family or her ailing vulgarity that their kids read. Coach he has seen as it is seen as C and we got to care. This poor guy he's finally had enough so now he's got this change dot org legal and on again outside and it was funny as something they looked at the plural version before they picked. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. This is the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister producer Jolie manager has taken over but Keith Urban is going to be joining us on the show tomorrow at 730. Which I cannot wait he's one of the nicest guys. But there's also one question I've been dying to ask the next big country star that we get on the show after the Siemens who exciting yet it's it's pretty point blank but I really wanna get the a wanna have the lift seeing conversation and it and whether or not if Keith were in that situation Garth found himself and what Libya. And without passing judgment on anybody else does not about that just any. What would you do I would say he's gonna say now. My prediction I would too just because he's such a great life performer with a guitar in solos I don't even know if you could do that the way that he plays but. We'll let him answer the question tomorrow at 730 of course tomorrow at 710 beat the street Joseph is already saying that tomorrow's beat the street. For Tim McVeigh take its course could be one of the best we've ever had to say that Hamels Hamels bag in and my completion in my mission to complete the sequestered at a at. You always so good to have fun show tomorrow and of course is Friday's. Ride the ducks thank you guys are we'll see you back tomorrow morning 5 AM have a great day and asked him binders on as well.