The Morning Wolfpack - Thursday November 21st, 2017

Thursday, November 30th

Thursday November 21st, 2017


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I think he would know the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not there. He then you 100 point 70 lord. Yes and you know you really love somebody that get that fracture there in the end there early. Freed tooth brushing French kiss first and ask them not in the morning just a little peck on the chances he's the new letter point 7 all the morning wolfpack is on a Matt McAllister welcome glad you're here early starting things off with a producer Joe's over there. By the he's got a great story coming up a little bit about something happened to him yesterday kind of unbelievable story yesterday always and get our act Elissa right now for you to show go on national I don't know why you were up early time to check in to a 6421 wolf right now. Danish checking in from all burned Dayne what are you doing up early. Op Ed in the where I love a day what do you do. I port city all the parts are OK so what is your day looked like Dana you know what do you do daily. Well lately it's been a lot of me had them a lot more of the. So leaves and then when you take a break some more leaves after you know I've noticed about the leaves yeah sort of starts out really beautiful like always fresh leaves her on the ground kicked them our any feeling a kid we really need mall thing Yang yeah I group. But then after like a few weeks or months they're just like these ground up piles of smash leads and they get else I need cannon are they. It was a return into the tumultuous day exactly which I'm sure data for use the key is getting a merlot you know it's like dogs who have yet to get it once before in her. Actually brokers the opposite is easier strict fiscal pulled into my head dame what's the secret to a leaf collection because I've got to do little yard work. Soon. Yeah we had try to get a ball there still what the end. Thought I'd do it. Yeah and also Washington leaves are the size of pumpkins. I've noticed that there's a guy we go take a heightened you know leaves the size of your current body. Well Dave you're inspiring me Ab I've been meaning to get them Home Depot I've got to get manager at any rate we need to mow the grass really by to see it looks a little homeless right now in my in my front yard. It I will deign ending we knew for your in the morning wolf pack. They edit like yeah well I thank you Israeli media for you man play a song my mom. At the Le billet. You know lawyers and it's put him on the spot. And I like my dad are I did appreciate you checking in thanks for being a part of why Europe early and you know we salute everybody is getting up this early go to work that's why we're here early and we know you are. Appreciate it and I day and everybody. Edit it or not but I bloody day like for him to DB is like you know. It's comfortable it's OK it's like we're Mer bro hug and it's it's not that uncomfortable. Out all right I'm not gonna get back now I knew that I did they scanned men. To a 6421 wolf. Why are you up early if you never called the floor made it Asia today to check in group share a little bit your world with us he lagged gain. Dane was bold he was right on its threat I love that around the we've ever started the show with a call now strip by the way too early for Christmas music. Now I'm spirit man of good and everything that I see or read it's I'll Christmas then once Thanksgiving is the review here it's time to go full steam ahead I was out downtown yesterday the lights are habits on yet they got the tree in a lobby here in build man. I'm seeing the lights go up in my neighborhood and Issaquah hunting and can't do I do it this year. Do the lights have been like I've never done the new house while I think our goal too is if we're gonna play a Christmas music you know behind our voices guys to make sure it's cool as some different you know I mean. Atlas that's a school in different track and heck the different. All right so coming up here a little bit in between your wire you up early calls. We Joan I announced yesterday that we are going to be roommates next week he's moving in for one week. In between temporary housing in his permanent situation. So we took some remain rule some do's and don'ts of heaven a remains so we'll let you hear a little bit that is pretty funny actually mug club at 610. And if you look at salute comes take it 710 we're gonna go out in see if you can beat the street one time again by the way you guys the morning wolfpack have done. Exceptionally well so far I believe the score is. 23 year 24 to two when he treated the 23 to heavily leaning in favor of years and out of 710 for that but it meantime. Doesn't calls so we'll take them next to a 6421 wall. Elena call in the sports how are you today and wire you up early. I get pretty rare what are you work to call and or get an export coffee I may sound like a total to hear but I had not been there yet where's the sports. It is on the one no line on the way to query into it. Okay how far away from my downtown is that. Irons earned yeah and probably a bad. Without traffic. Yeah good traffic salad like they're okay now feel so bad for not known exactly were the sport is you're you're out there a step. He had been in an Olympic. So you work at a coffee shop yes they've yeah okay Nicholas legit copyright its nominees the TV berries does Seattle need. Is we have the best I am very well that sounds great Helen began work in their Nicole. I'm just about a month actually he had group sees it coming they're just for Nicole and I. Argue wealth is you wanna my rules. Is it doesn't matter what you do I mean literally doesn't matter you can be a dentist. You're gonna have groupies there's going to be people to come just to see you if you're doing your job right bearish and was the last party or prep before you head into work to speed on. Trent Lott then there's that word today is. I think yeah. A good literally right there yeah I let your goods or or the outskirts of the you know wherever I go see our friend Nicole there in the column what's it it's good sport coffee correct he. All right Nicole we love you thanks for being a part of the morning wolfpack stage yeah. Hello Mary and ram wire you up early. And I won't go away for no apparent so there's an article that we're probably gonna talk about later Joseph founded in the news last night. But it's pretty astounding. Amazon announced yesterday they now own thirteen point six million square feet. Of Seattle office space Aurora. It's it's incredible so basically if you break that down every building in downtown Seattle has a couple of floors of Amazon and now including ours. Our fertility Indian crime is over one million square feet. It's so crazy and I guess everybody's anxiously awaiting headquarters number two for Amazon haven't selected that have a merry you know. No they haven't merry what do you do for Amazon. And you worked in the warehouse as a packer. Okay good for you married by the way producer Joseph is coming down to Graham on Sunday joking about your little bit Joseph we're going to be engram on Sunday at a T-Mobile. Okay do you know where which had put have the details are urged. Well I don't know Mary going to be around town in Graham on Sunday. I sure will producer Joseph would love to meet you and we'll get some more details coming soon about where he's having Bob Tim and faith tickets to giveaway load did you know that Mary. I hang. Tim and faith coming to T-Mobile store on Sunday EU NGO hug in and out our primary we love you thanks for listening out by the. You're listing the morning call. Alastair and Carmine. The meal when I had. Since the morning wolf pack up their McAllister producer Joseph is here and we are going to be bosom buddies starting this weekend all next week. Joe's temporary housing is running out. And it's gonna take about of the week is real place ready so. I've been settled in the cottage you know the basic core content cons for awhile now and we have our guest bedroom and Sidney Jones has come out at you know Vanessa is not here shall beer for the week so feed his girlfriend's not here she's not coming up tolls first to January as it does. What an and I I thought it was actually very. Thoughtful that you read it has its and to bring it I offered an Ngo Sidwell. Think we should talk about it man because I don't want to ruin our friendship we worked together that means we're gonna spend 24 hours a day to get a for a week and I don't have a car either so it's not like taking cannon get out. You my own if I can adopting the stray at. No end in once you're there you're there a you can walk around though I mean nice thing about Issaquah lower eyelids you can walk right into town and you can I hang in. When I take a by cries you can take the car. But neither one of us to grown men have had roommates in a long time we both like our space. We both like to be alone after we get done socializing and work so we asked death for some roommate rules and honestly deep FaceBook comments yesterday were so funny. Somebody actually said hey he carefully Jonas and turn it into the squat to age. And meaning you overstayed your welcome but there's a start and there's an and the worst part is we have a friend come stay with you. It's taken a crash view for awhile drag in the wild turns into a year yet now we're like five days even less that so we should be Paula is gonna be no problem is somebody else and paying your sixteen year you know working friendship together has this ever happened before and it's against. And we went to Arizona ten years ago I'd live with you for a long time almost six months yet but I've that was the difference is when I needed you did you what I mean it was like hey grant and yeah we'd drink ungodly amounts. Get through that well I was going through divorce and I I think unfortunately I dragged. I dragged you go through my life was like getting out of jail and I and I was like 3M. Do you know anybody that's ever got a divorce a big deal out of for about a year and hard and that's what I did it was a miserable year in four GO. But down so you're welcome well I appreciate that yankees you're very hospital. Well. We'll see it hasn't happened yet but this was the best call that we got yesterday about roommate rules good morning sandy if you wallet you have a Rooney rule for Joseph and I. I have two of them number one now highly looked at heartland cannot touch my alcohol. It's not yours by your own stuff off limits. So you're going against what Greg set on FaceBook and all dearest to be shared. Nellie by your own what every injury at Steve's book that's not that's not me that's not now. You know I tend to agree with you because somebody's gonna take advantage of the other ones generosity or you don't lose. Yeah I hear all of I'm lucky on that sandy okay. Remember kill it by make fit to put it in the first graders. It's not up for grabs and looked like telling you to eat it. I mix foods to up today tomorrow whenever. If I think hey probable that it happens both the Getty's in a opened it booted off limits and left I tell used to eat my food. Yet in just a little background about us you know I like to cook food prep I've got to kind of food. Joseph is like a burrito all day guys so if I could see him getting a little hand Z with my homemade food in there which I'm not know about that hobby honestly. I think she's more of a 7-Eleven garrido it has lady help thinking totally misses. This is like the odd couple coming to life in city all right those are great roommate rules thank you. And by your own bathroom supplies don't don't don't think that my shampoo and conditioner and tar paper yard pitch hit him by the. I know on that note to arm is gonna throw this out because I only have one bathroom I live and are really small 900 square foot homes. Oh lord how much I don't touch my bar so I think that's right hiding and bars of soap our individual that's like using somebody's toothbrush. Yep yep by your own bathroom supplies including Tara paid for by package turn taper off by attacks into Turkey and Armenia this. How do you rolled out but just make sure yours Sharon but that's part of this campaign and it's up to appear on your own guess in these lines Al. I love you sandy I love how you know you very firm your definitive there's no guesswork here it's black and white there's no breath. I had more than one roommate that I rent and my health after my divorce and that was my strict rules stay away from alcohol deadly food by your own damn about. I'll let you sandy thanks for checking and UTI. You're listening to the morning and all back with Matt McCallister it's. One yeah. They knew what had a voice out of the wolf the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister producer Joseph is here to appreciate you starting your day with us half Thursday. By the way some follow up stuff. Somebody else got out yesterday for inappropriate behavior that was garrison Keeler who. Talk about what was it companion hometown compare any prairie hometown. Demi. I don't know 8 am past the point now of having any expectation of any guy that's famous and that's not to say. Mean these are accusations but we said he yesterday and it turns out we were right. I said look for them to get rid of Matt our so quickly after twenty years they pay him twenty million dollars a year back. 25 which means he makes him a lot more than that for NBC. They must have had some pretty damning evidence of it turns out they did and not only that but. Vanity Fair and Variety Magazine are boast in Iran. Exposes with a ten women ten women. Yeah accusing it looks to me as if NBC. Has been hiding a lot of this for years is finally got to the point where. It was too big to ignore any longer. Yeah apparently they had text messages. Photos of himself that he had sent today interns and stuff like that and then they news that the variety in New York Times piece or route to rounds and it is that it they had. You know they added scatter off immediately and then whether. You know whether they've they they of course denied they had any allegations prior to this week by you know lot of other people something different that's now with the women's exactly and euros some high profile celebrities and also came out that look this guy has been doing this for a long long. Even you know now they're digging up all these old interviews and there was one time yet. Everything has a different context now there and that hours not the greatest dude ever exactly he's kind of McCree Perth I didn't know I have I didn't pay that much attention to him to be honest with you but. Big creepy is staying that surfaced yesterday about Matt Lauer was the fact that an endless it. You know the people and NBC news that this was going on if you have a button under your desk that automatically locks the door. To your office when somebody comes in behind them. There's no way did they don't know that that exist why would you have Beckett well in the film what is the Pervez. A little locking trapping somebody in your office it is the creepiest thing ever but in fairness and I'm not added no way defending him because he's clearly a scumbag and there's any evidence that. I guess all the averages reading this morning that all the executives have that corporate. It has a lot of like TV TV here is always. On guard for people that are coming in with guns and stuff like that in try to pull some crazy stuff so apparently that's why. He and several other executives had that it's just. It looks at the way he was using it with Al Galilee horrifying. And it of the weirdest thing too about these guys is that like they are all up for them when things they do was flash women to have what is what is the joy of that rather than just be really creepy here just how awful that's not diluted their their perspective is they think that hey anybody's gonna appreciate that are that's like it did yeah that's classy way to come on assembly. But it just classy there it is excessive I think they're just in this power vacuum in their heads when they think they can just get away with an ankle that's is that it's an abuse of power and whether it's a you know. Anyway it's. It looks like it's a pretty. And I don't know did he make a statement yet what do you make a statement I won't read it been essentially said I am sorry I'm embarrassed everybody in there's enough truth is this where I need to go like figure myself is he was mistaken efforts on if you look at. Well I tell you I've do you really feel bad for his wife his three kids here and I can't imagine what they're going through right now teen hero. And even joked before is in my life full let me travel alone she knows what goes on so there is. What happened that McAllister visited Prague. Don't see these guys got to bring donuts then you know 100 points. Now on another episode of love American hotel and they like producing joke is put candy in the box goes a candy and I a couple of candy bars here. It's a package from Jacobson Jarvis. Certified public accountants. And business card and a really nice handwritten notes. Says that men Joseph we would like to welcome you to Seattle over glad to have you here in a part of our mornings please get out and see some of our amazing Washington. Again welcome to Seattle that isn't there. Let's see if we get triggered and argue and tell her thank you for being mugged. Tickets and I could look at that hello Annette how are you today I'm good Mario I'm doing just fine. How can they help feel glom on to say thank you. For sending. Producer Joseph and I am a couple of coffee mug. Some goodies aren't. Thousand feet in I mean honestly we've gotten so many coffee mugs as he got the Seattle I was so your presentation. Might beat the top of the list. I mean we got tens chocolate bars bottle openers note pads. I mean it's just unbelievable not to mention two beautiful coffee mugs from Jacobson Jarvis. Dad bottle openers are thought flashlights and I'm Kate major. Hold on a minute here you gotta be out of your mind oh look at that you're absolutely. It's. This is probably the coolest gadget I've ever had thought from the Seattle. Thanks so much in and welcome to the month club looks at you guys are downtown we are Brit Laura cleaning. OK and obviously geyser rest CPAs we all know what to do and how important you are. What do you think if producer Joseph and I came by dismay at the office would that be something that would be well received there in December you haven't worked about the suspect Monday. Well okay Gannett you know your schedule are and it's available putter on the books it's a Monday at 11 AM gonna bring you guys doughnuts in give you some love for listening to the walls yeah network NASA satellite out CPAs right there all business our Internet is on the calendar will call it a mug club dates. Yes and we do I don't know what am I raised anything and especially to be special I could not for profit return. Oh do you really that's fantastic oh that's great block it off hey I appreciate that it's so great to be here I hope that comes across on the air because we are truly grateful and we are lovely in CO. It does we. My has vanished in yen. Converting him what kind of party that our current guy you always the case and you listen to TI asked don't you usually. Did you get him to listen to the wolf now I didn't hope it's awesome designs. I've even gotten into a couple country concert football wow entirely go for it yet only drinking and I together I think I can kinda have a look at the situation. Yeah I'm sure you know exactly what button to push for it. Hey that's a big compliment because they do a great job on the Roxy and have some fantastic shows over there so for him to listen to us in the morning that's really flatter. I like what's his name. Hitting Eric Eric hello everybody and then thanks again for joining the month club in cities it's a nice care package you are I'm. You hear that morning. I Estella party. 100 points. So wolf Thursday November 30 by the way no immediate heavy rain in the forecast for today yesterday was glorious again on the bike for a couple of hours and nuisance Lauren out there in the world. But debt Tuesday if you remembered Tuesday. Mean it was pouring it was miserable it was all that I was out in it that's for ten. And interviewing people for beat the street. But there was an article posted last night I thought it was so fascinating it's really adjusting for us too because we came from Phoenix where we've had sunshine for ten years so. To the point where we hated it and yet I'm Wheeler where enjoying the Trier head at least for now but we keep getting scared. About from everybody on dude come march you want after me and dare you know so. But I knew this is really interest he said that today it seemed a little darker the normal on Tuesday. It was actually darker in Seattle on Tuesday knew that it was during the peak of the solar eclipse three times there that is insane. And it's funny because you know my wife and I we texting communicate all day long she can't get over our short today's. They shining a bright your till aiding him. And then it gets dark at four sunset is 4:22 PM path in Phoenix you wake up it's right so and at 6 AM I was all the way to 8 o'clock medical I didn't. Which. I hear is like the summer's here. So. Visage is the beginning and Joseph we think it's cute because we haven't seen in a long time. But. I really kind of honestly wanna know what what are the secrets what he'd do. And this is where you can health bus morning wolfpack what do you do when you start to get a little bit down about the weather. Because I can see that said men and a few months we just get sick. Of the overcast the grave the rain what he did the what is your secret to survival. I've heard a couple things one guy says you know I go I go ski. Does your above the clouds and I actually see some sunshine. But not putting the scheme every other day or whatever it takes so sobriety as not an option remains. Well enough to another conversation effect at 206421. Wolf what do you do how do you survive. These long grade. Emerald city winners right here OK check it was right now I can also leave a comment on FaceBook at a Seattle wolf we posted the article there as well give us a call. Stay Donovan and Everett good morning so we're talking about Ted the jury news here in the wintertime and you know as a local had to survive nobody knew what the secrets. I figured that mandated. Many are partly to grow what we do is really good got an amount they go fishing and we've built per drives. Are we just the you know did not I'll watch the movie make dinner is just not relaxed and enjoyed. The Dark Knight is that this this poor girl back in doing badly during a friend. But a pretty good fight in under this time it it's a great look at it. If you know Donna sounds to me that your coming from place of acceptance now fighting you know trying to beating you like hey lets just adjust our lifestyle let's get inside. Pretty much yeah it if you if if I would put my day like this if you really did it work to be nick that he had a negative day but go that are positive. An attribute those to be very. They Donovan knew and I think exactly the same I can't stand being around people that complain about everything you've got to see is the silver linings in everything so appreciate you check it in men in good to know we think alike Donovan. No word out there you a lot of outlets are right Donovan appreciate you you quality time thanks for being a part of a show. No words are meant hey Chris in Gig Harbor Telus what's your secret to surviving the winner here. Mountains and some people are if you can acclimate yourself within a few years you'll be fine the first thing we candidate dimming let's face in the kids. No means we ran. Planning we went clapping and we. Like. I diesel. I think it just the matter is getting out enjoying it we kind of have to laugh everybody that we thought were raining there are running in the rain. You can't stop it like you gotta keep going. Yes and I think you know me in cycling that's gonna keep me pretty well. Happy and grounded because like this that was at separate two hour drive and saw some blues guys ego and the Yankees on and spot you're gonna have to do teach me where I can go claiming in crab and I don't know anything about that yeah that's definitely a lot OK you send me an email Matt at Seattle Docomo wanna do that. Okay found yet Matt are you take care Chris thanks for checking it. 206421. Wolf the tricks of the trade secrets to serve high being the gray here in the winner in Seattle. So is awry in federal way so what's your secret to surviving the long grade dark winter here in Seattle. I use we are having lunch or UV light as most people call. Have heard about those and actually work out so quick got to do a little that is starlight relax you know read a book watch TV who. So right there on you know. It last dose of happiness so do you feel different after you've had a light on I know. Canada I mean this guy or like oh politically as little girls are what makes you maybe makes you feel better like mentally and it's a gators have to ask some warmth or some little. Yeah like a little pick up like you also spoke with. Yeah you know the thing too is getting some natural light I Henna. I recommend to me stand actually stand Barbeque and Issaquah drive about ninety east TC sunshine it's pretty nice out there by the gore. Or do you may get some real sunshine but or Ryan thanks for being a part of the show man we love you. Read daycare. They've finally Seattle in Federer says he'd Seattle wolf and face. Could affect the hell out of myself. Seattle wolf FaceBook page there you go. We posted the article about how Tuesday this week it was darker in Seattle and it was during the solar eclipse three times darker what is the comments there Joseph real quick there's a whole range of comments somebody says you like tiger for over them Berle Wear flip flops in the rain if you wanna look at a local. But several of the people all concurred that taking vitamin. Okay I'm an ad that TV the multi path I have I will say I was driving Joseph home the other day and you know we're still I think our blood is still thin. So we need a warehouse for jackets and whatever. And there was a woman standing there on this side of the street and Madison waiting right capitol waiting for a bus. She was wearing a skirt. And a short sleeved white teacher was pouring down rain is. Or seen any editing bays are like that I wanna be your friend Jan she's tough as nails. The Sri Lanka from the left out. If you look happy but she wasn't an epic. Yeah Alex rate and these here and 100 points. So wolf there's a morning wolf pack up Matt McAllister. Producer Joseph was here thank you so much for giving us a chance yes we are definitely the new guys. And I'm so excited I got to count down gone now Joseph. Fifteen days and counting to hometown holiday Chris Janssen. Is going to be there. We have seen Christensen perform one time and he is the most entertaining performer you'll ever see go ahead in that. Google up or YouTube a couple of Chris Janzen. Drum solos harmonica solos. The guy is insane he's the musician's musician if that makes any sense like other artists absolutely love to see this guy perform. And that's just one. A many artists are going to be it showed that December 6 artists they can do you better math and I am I least I thought I was five until like a couple days ago until admitted they have beat the street question. Hey I December 13 in can't be assessed a show where center. We can now wait to hang out with the guys fur us it's a first chance to really get to be with the wolfpack can hang out so we can't wait. Again that's what account dump what if you're under tickets yet. Go ahead and say that it's kind of the eleventh hour you need to get your tickets before they are all gone. A ton of them sold over the weekend not sure why it was a huge fight maybe people the same thought OK we're running out of time but they sell out. There's no more tickets so get them right now Seattle wolf dot com Jennifer simply for Christmas. How by just a surprise for. Union Feller union lady in night out on the town it's baby sitter gone well one more thing it's worth mentioning that this is the show unlike any other it's a good car pool so all these guys will play together they'll play individually it's like it you'll never see a show like this that are absolutely amazing. Also on the line up that night custom lynch big generates bring in a party Midland who's now nominated for two grammys in other words. Grammy nation for emanated. Lemonade. You made that I can forget. What I do. Tim means he. Whoever didn't I go right away Michael wrecked in your hometown holiday is going to be outstanding we want you there are Seattle wolf dot com go Richard tickets. The morning yeah needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't help until than a dollar. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. That thing though Lowell slapped hit the pavement and Jack could be history. Good morning air and in rent scenario I. Yeah I'm doing great happy Thursday you rated it was the biggest legacy Lou columns. I am I allowed them. It's crazy he has gone from nothing and so really a big something new in a short amount of time so. I think this is the last time that any vessel ever get a chance to see Lou comes at a venue like shoebox Soto he's going big after this got here. So April 19 by the way these shows and sold out for a long time that tells you a lot courtesy of our friends and eight EG live. Air delegates in that show how one I don't know. Our team. It was a good saying because that's a great zone. Being young bill. So you know how it works at Joe's data recorder he's out on the street before we find out who you're playing against let's ask you the same five questions you got thirty seconds to get the room which. Is funny time if you don't get tripped up on one yeah. Erin and rent and as the kids act at. Here we go question number one Zach Morrissey AC Slater and mr. building characters on what TV show about. Which former professional baseball players dating Jennifer Lopez. US state is known as the lone star state. Headquartered in Redmond this tech companies one of the biggest in the world. A product which country stars fan base is known as the no shoes nation. Am at. All done their your five questions way to know Erin lets find out who you're playing against on the street and again. Producer Joseph sometimes risked life and limb walking around downtown Seattle with a recorder. And today he. Around let's get a away from what you do some careless and rock I didn't get the last about what she does but it's Tunisia. Originally from Columbus, Ohio. Let's go to question number one will find both of you do to beat the street I am more of species later and mr. bell they were characters on what TV. Sure but you were aaron's saved by the bell was right. Which former professional baseball players dating Jennifer Lopez. Sorry. She got that right so did you say rod dating. Brandon TEE down you bring out you go OK so you've got to 221 lead on ten Misha let's go to question number three. Which US state is known as the lone star state on us. Wasn't sure about that either but you were right now you are three for three Tunisia only has. As the loans are saying I think mathematically impossible for you to lose but let's keep going to hear the case you were slain beat the street question number four. Headquartered in Redmond Washington this tech company is one of the biggest and most influential companies in the world. Or do you sit Amazon the correct answer is Microsoft Microsoft in the wall in right that's OK listen. You are three for four to niece is only a one right so far let's go to question number five okay. Which country stars fan base is known as the no shoes nation I'm not. You know you got that right no reason obviously Kenny Chesney so you got it right TV show wasn't sure entering you've got more out of five questions right. He's only got one here noticed. Yeah so much fun and I can't wait the only girl. You know you're more than welcome you killed beat the street today so we will see you on the nineteenth and I'm looking forward to shaking your hand. Thank you know. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. It's. Matt McAllister here producer Joseph over there the guy behind beat the street so. What is this little story you wanna share our case this was Tuesday Tuesday after the show and you know I get the. 3 o'clock in the morning I don't always sleep really well so there are days when I'm just exhausted. I'd completely run out of beat the street contestants are challengers is I call them to play so I had to go out and records and people answering questions. I went out on Tuesday it. Pouring rain is the worst day ever darker than the solar eclipse is always really hard when it's pouring rain these people are worse muse and there's just less of them out there. So I'm walking around having trouble pouring rain. Finally I just I decided I had to just get out in the rain for a minute I'm hoping it's gonna slowdown which it eventually did. So I'm down mere first avenue and high. And I just there's this little overhang in the building and I just kind of you know go under on the side of the building just through. Just sit there for a minute hope the rain you know we'll we'll ease up in my. My chances will be better. So I'm sitting there I'm just kind of leaning at the buildings looking in my phone. And side to close my eyes for just a minute. Just just for a second. Next thing you know I was probably asleep I don't know five minutes but I fell asleep. Next thing you know a guy who works security the building is nudging me waking me up telling me I gotta I gotta move it along so it can't sleep here you became a beat the street Jones right he thought I was homeless and he's like he can't know yet they get somewhere else and likely as. I'm just trying to get out of the rain. I just closed my answer is that it sure move on I'll make you feel better look at it as I have obviously have the same hours. I went one time and I remember I got Ed this is back in the day when the car stereo was everything right so I got a new car stereos putting in my car and I'm sitting mariners have room. In the stereo store. Where they have all the stereo and all the speakers an example death in everybody's got there's a buzz I was waiting for them to install it I sat down and they had these said agreement chairs there these tensions are long wooden benches with carpet on message italics stadium seating benches right. I laid down I knew it I was gonna do have a late and I took my wallet out of my back pocket. I put it behind my head. And I fell asleep in that room I think the best thirty minute nap. We're winning everything turned up to eleven new allowed his room in the on the path. Planet earth and the only in the wallet filled the volatility it was a beautiful. If anybody wants to get in the game here. The strangest problem most absurd place she would ever fell asleep. I I think it's almost sport willing and able to turn it shut out the look you fell asleep under an ode. I have a regular hand well I love the I think just two weeks ago the Pope palace he admitted that he falls asleep during sermons. Oh that's easy to do and that's really get a quote though I could but that's your challenge us here. Morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf the most ridiculous place you've ever fallen asleep go. Producer Joseph fell asleep under and overpasses. And had to get woken up by a security guard base he was homeless for the day looking for beats street questions. But all these calls are Megan and feel real good the most ridiculous place you've ever fall asleep before I get to. Mary Nicole Stacy any broken Paul. You got to hear this so this is going viral this week with a deadly it's a woman who falls asleep at a symphony. Now you hear in the beginning here it's very peaceful. Tranquil. And then they take a pause in the you know symphonies go up listen to wake up and the band last. It's. It's. That is now the most embarrassing thing in the world where the people their play in the shell or eleven matches you've hit rock bottom. OK let's go to Nicole in Port Angeles Nicole welcome to the morning wolf packs most ridiculous place you've ever fallen asleep. I don't think at a stoplight. And no food. How did you finally without. Adequate thought they are knocking on my windows fairly after that I think yeah I'm sure he thought that you are inebriated. Thirty days it should Holland coming off an emergency column that that Marion and. I don't know how long I was with police but it does in the middle of the night like 2 AM and other traffic. But I don't well rested after the fact. I bet he did habits did you know. It's funny too because here is you know nobody apologize to see you could sit your five revolutions that are enlightened and be just adds I mean I guess face reject it in we love you have a great day here is Amy Tacoma. Any same question though streak this place you've ever fallen asleep. I mostly fat or file on the register to camera cuts. While you were taking your customer. Yes fabric into account that the time when I'd get up and I and they don't it up ahead of the F kind of like Joseph you feel better. A hundred resentment that's crazy in them I'm sure this poor woman thought you had narcolepsy or something strange. They have let a lot of regular cut through that the donuts Cutler like. One is any good at sixty dead as a pet interchange back and opulent love it and you didn't get fired. I don't know who cares I love hate that's tomorrow's conversation. I didn't like at work in still didn't get fired we love you Amy here's Mary average strangest place you've ever fallen asleep Mary. Yeah adult and this on the back of the motorcycles. In the Korean right. You have got to be kidding me. Yeah it it actually at crotch rockets a little like you know comfortable I think they'll call me if it. With patsy did you not fall off he's your holding on to your your side I would imagine. Am I just kept all non airlines while each reddish colors like he had to the other older. Wait so he knew your fallen asleep. Yeah I mean I initially. But in relation guy flat out our. You married I don't have a motorcycle around that long but that seems incredibly dangerous to my wrong. Yeah that what you and I just kept telling you wouldn't oriented you knew you needed new. He'd take you guys take your crash wreckage governor Home Depot and get one of those moving straps that where he can you know put around your back and in laxity in there and then he can sleep all day long without worried about it I would just. I'm here to tell you I think you're lucky to be alive. Gary Giordano Israeli kids and married the what's wrong with you. I'm a married guy a couple of other Goodwin and I've mentioned do if you can falsely there you can falsely anywhere. Yet there's an area as one time I get trampled by the USC marching band I was asleep and I never looked up disgrace primarily do you think Serbian part of the show. You know how great I'm adding that in yeah if I were you know you start listening while you guys came. Oh well we are so happy to be here you have no idea merits we love it we. Can't let it didn't probably least era for a couple weeks. Hello Paul in Puyallup thanks for standing by an evil for awhile but I really wanna hear what's the most ridiculous place you've ever falsely. I'm sleepy and I know we'll Allison Danny California. Is that a haunted house. They don't get out it's actually pretty ones and now that I know. Yeah on the ballots of all the play I bet everybody there to get as big insult that you weren't scared at all thank you thought you know I'm gonna catch up on my disease. We have to have lunch in California so in order to. Kept it sit down behind that clearly Al game the week and a little garden back. Amid the wolf the people promise such you're like dead body props up front worked out good for everybody calls attitude didn't take it looked out the window talked Planar freaked out love that Paul thanks for check in India part of the show Brooke he intends weirdest place you've ever fallen asleep. Outside my hotel room in my underwear are it was your alcohol involved Brooke yes there are a couple big sports clubs. But say because that there's a difference between going to sleep falling asleep and passing out yeah. There's like a better. They they realize. I don't I'd Winamp orderly down. At bell and then you Ian as she curator walked up pretty. That means like Cheney to go to your room hey that's scary though it's your easily talk all the time Brooks. You know I'd go actually it it would make it and I eat sleep like diet pills. Do not know until a man I hope. Ulee's wearing a nice gimme you know you don't wanna go out there and like you grow sleeping underpants you wanna had a nice boxer briefs look as sharp. Yeah player who has though my nation actually. An armored hey thanks for Jack and amber look Stacy in Lakewood most ridiculous place you've ever fall asleep standing in the back of that quadrant hoping to iron. In got a call that went. Well listen this is some kind of army training. Art and anti immigrant portraying. Aunt Stacy thank you for your service did you pass out hurting you falsely. And I'm thinking on teacher let me stand up and back. Plot turn that they awake and I don't hopefully. Stacy thanks for sharing your story have a great day. Everything of course John and currently in most ridiculous place your falsely. Probably walking around Las Vegas. Walking around. So did you you know what they're doing it driving and yeah that's not. Moment yeah over of course we all know that moment it's very scary. While walking that you use are drifting to the side welcome. I was gonna strike because we're both of them logo on the problem and a leg up and then you know you gotta keep walking and about myself and then I'll probably buffalo Love Boat lift and escalator they didn't need beyond. Like I'll read back on the down escalator and dementia limited in the Red Bull but. It's that's Italy lagging pretty weird. Yeah that's a frightening and scary disabilities like coordinate poker tournaments there's of the night. All right if you want a leader common if you didn't get through just go to the Seattle FaceBook page here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf go to jump in here any comment whatsoever about halo top ice cream. To a 6421 wolf I like to be on somebody's just start up. I gotta think on the last one of the party I have never and the kind of embarrassed to admit it I've never even heard of halo top ice cream. And I'm reading this article last night about how halo topped. Again I never even heard of it has now surpassed Haagen Dazs and Ben and Jerry's as the bestselling pint in America their business last year went up. Get this. 2500%. That well they must has started some time last year they can have been around for are you do you love ice cream I do like ice cream but I'm not a big fan of anything nets advertises low calorie or substitute sweetener if you're gonna need it out is as soon eat real butter. Real milk real cream you don't mean because a lot of league member of Lester. That whole thing olestra snacks the Lester chips now whenever you go with the sweetener substitute or the low fat the low calorie whatever. What are usually does is end of wanting your body you actually crave calories you're not getting you end up being worse evenly into cheating on applied guys' depth so the whole thing is by the way you don't know. And I didn't. Halo top. Is now getting two. So right on the front of it all you see Taylor atop an and it says the amount of calories and that's in the whole pint to what they're doing these are capitalizing on. Americans love of binging everything which isn't all that healthy but like eat the whole thing don't need. A scoop Dodi to serving rat eats up pine it's like 280 calories for an entire pint of ice cream Jodi had. Since I've had probably every flavor they may. So we is Sophia and her trial worried about calories know that not but when it comes ice creamy kind of have to be because like I would love to eat a pie I'll eat a gallon of ice cream if I'm just left in my own devices it is one of the best inventions of all it is absolute fact on our us Thanksgiving pie we got the legal fashion blue bell again dubbed the original Vanilla delicious is better than the pie but. It is you can't eat ice cream like that with reckless abandon because you will just start packing on pound that in pizza those the suit on ankle sat near right up so we charity to get sound for the first I think weeks you can buy it anywhere they are all sold out we finally got some. I'm not gonna say it's greater really like here's your ice cream craving is it does taste different there's like Q flavored I think that. The birthday cake one in the done Nell being one that we're pretty dang head. The most the other ones I just wasn't that impressed would. I got to try and just out of curiosity so the seeker weapons and Hilltop studio which my mom drinks this Stevie had ginger real stuff all the time. Again I'm not a fan of Sweden's I'd rather eat real food it also has a pre about it fiber and demeaning greedy deal with the main ingredient in Atlanta as. A year. It's like air whipped ice cream which why it's so light when you pick it up only weighs 266 grams. A normal Ben and Jerry's pint which I'm reaching for every day of the week. 428. Yet you it it that that's not surprising because it does taste like ice cream with a bunch of air in it as well it is it's got a fully I'll tell you this if there if you triangular topping you don't like it there's another company called skinny cow which makes all kind of low calorie or scream stuff. Theirs is pretty dang good it's got like maybe eighty yarder more calories than it looked up and yeah it's worth it. Incredible that I never heard of the stupid and don't don't be supplements just ice cream. OK good I feel better I stepped. Yeah calloused as the progress. I think you guys got a free donuts it's. 100 points. The morning wolf pack up now McAllister here early Thursday. You know and a first Eddy Joseph and I were just laughing about this Craigslist post forcing the Seattle area but. You don't have that are created a couple times I think this hits a lot of points. Men are forgetting how to be men in 2017. Just listen to this. And this is desperation talking and looking for a guy friend who likes guy stuff. Here's the post and that's on Craig's list. The Seattle area is full of urban metro guys in game grows. Oh that's cool but I dig in dig this is a city of Smart people with left leaning politics and a solid education. But all of my friends who are into conventional guy stuff and keep moving away. On the plus side I've got great friends all over the country on the downside I've got nobody left to watch football way. Goebel four by foreign bow hunt barbecue get drunk and ride motorcycles went. The last trip I took with my closest guy friends they brought for hair dryers for two dudes that I can't even with this anymore. If you are motivated and interesting person who actually does stuff for fun like watch college football. Combat sports guns motorcycles hunting will probably get along and like you left at the gentleman's. He mentioned that twice apparently feels that. He spent I was trying to keep. Gambling. See apparently likes of frequent those joints as well as close by Dallas or listen for a single dad has not totally out enormous and he sounds like an average dude dude who. Just can't seem to find a broad. To hang out with the approach our show blog really interest at NASA I said Teddy Roosevelt and even down. To see if you serious are these just joking behavior serious Levy looks Dragic on the phone on the radio weird that talking about your needs yeah Emma I got a morning wolf pack of guys that do it all goes ahead only just listed in every and I think it's safe to say without speaking for everybody that most of people like country music. Like the stuff that this guy likes and not herder who takes hair dryers campaign hadn't I hit it that's. For this is the guy. Sounds like he's a wolf guy stuck in downtown dead. And now watch and then they review you know college football for us and John I don't have any growth has moved here is kind of funny ears actually my mom over the Thanksgiving break was such a mom thing to say she's. Meet any nice fringe area. And how much higher land. Nice my friends and have a lot of nice sweaters on horizon war. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. It's the morning wolf pack thank you so much for having us on a match over there. By the way if you are flying American Airlines for the holidays and talking about now the Christmas break. You might be up the creek with no panels you're talking directly in the year now. Or you have the flight and Americans have a plan an American on Christmas the old Joseph Joseph I I'm not like in that because. There was a glitch in the American Airlines scheduling the sounds like office and there was a glitch hit and a system. You just don't get a paycheck you can still work here but anyway. The accidentally gave time off fur the holidays to every single pilot who asked for it. I'm sure normally there is a system in place where it's a priority deal. But now there's 151000 flights Joseph including yours and nobody to fly him. Now they're gonna have to figure out with the pilots union to figure out like how much money it's gonna take to. Get some of them to cancel their vacations and actually come and work. This can be very expensive mistake for American Airlines they better fix it is I have reason I regions have even told you yet and I had to be. In Phoenix the day after on Christmas. A man Bowman for you and I now it's on answer to handle concerns. Now obviously this is sounds like a software glitch so I'm not gonna place any blame and be too harsh but I will tell you. That fly southwest I think the stomach flu American for Thanksgiving in if you try to make any change anything Richard 400 dollars rag it's so there's so. Let's could do that dictator well ideally you want a bag that's a hundred men Z skewered everything over Thanksgiving close kind of muffled yeah. Okay were you booking your flight is is a little Mac tip. Just make sure you're paying attention to whether it's in the AM in the vehement makes a big difference I believe it or not you're negated 2 PM that you and you really got to pay attention but anyway if you're an American Airlines manage ought to thoughts and prayers. Sales in this time for us to take a viral and ago drew is coming in next at 9 o'clock but just a little heads up if you wake up a little bit on the later side. Me V if you are working retail he can always hit a Seattle wolf dot com Ortiz got the app on your phone video podcast now it's up. He only did about an hour from now about 10 o'clock our ticket Debra Jo 101030 today that by ten dealers in the entire show without commercials or music so which is kind of condensed version on to do about an hour's pretty cool. So there's that and by the way I just heard from my Tom about the American Airlines. Pilot struggled at all their pilots apparently gonna take vacation 151000 flights have no pilots. Tom. This is Thomas tore by the way old listener of -- good friend lives here in Seattle. He's had a really only affects flights going through the Chicago opt out grew so that's a little extra that I didn't see in the article that Irish style faster your English gaga no and you're good and it should be to deal for any of you but again American Airlines have a little problem. With under staffing a software glitch thank you Tom for check in an email me any time all day long mad at Seattle dot com we'll see you back tomorrow. Actually the car. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 point 701.