The Morning Wolfpack - Thursday September 13th, 2018

Thursday, September 13th

Thursday September 13th, 2018

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Relic hey yo what's up welcome to the morning will thank podcast man here heavily here. Go back I thought we start I feel like I'm getting a little backed up with random text messages on my cellphone which a lot of them are opinions and in interest in things like that so the but police are at their bio if you ever want a text meat to a 64517766. Let's see here. Just picked up a story about text. I was going and that that would defiant because. Well I'll have a does that seem nervous view I don't know work. Pay this is one guy who had a couple of comments about topics we've had this week I number one the most expensive thing you have ever damaged in an argument. He said he threw an X is engagement ring they had just picked up over a bridge and by the way it's a bridge splitting Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas I know this parade. I needless to say never worked out between us and I was out five G. However it was last the Esther your car annaly. I don't RO he had never now yes trashy lettering grow thousand dollar fine and then he sent a text today about our topic which is basically when did you realize your family was Weirton mad don't they gave it to me but I knew that my family was a bunch of village idiots when I found out my I was I was younger than my mom from and step dad were first cousins. Please put rebar in my head. It was so we found out when he was younger than his mom and stepped outer first as a yeah yes to chat I was saying as younger than us yeah. I did it took me a minute Brett. Random text from Josh Jordan by the way he is the coach of the Rainier Christian football team that they're looking for sponsors who so. On the pass that along to or concourse for you could just adopts a K this is a follow up do you guys remember we are taking the best stories from throw down. Yeah and we talked to a guy or really early about a girl that goes to him in the middle that I had. Okay he sent me. And it you gotta know too he didn't preface this by saying what it was so I start reading this tax to thinking it's it's addressed a meeting room and here's what I'm reading. I have to be brutally honest with you. I'm thinking about a good time together on Saturday at breakfast in the amazing concert and it just doesn't add up that you had delete. I consider him. Why the hell breakfast that I. We usually tax today nighter in the morning before work but since Saturday that all has come to a halt it seems to mean that you were just looking for a way to leave the date and not stay for the concert or I know if it was me. I would have finished out the date is set a nice text saying it wasn't gonna work out. I thought we hit it off great in it just doesn't make sense at all is this. Is it that you're afraid how I would take it or was he gonna work out. Like I said before you can be brutally honest with me and if you saw something new couldn't overcome and continuing to date me. I can take honest feedback critique so what was it I mean you just don't leave a date to go rescue a friend from today. Just seems to me a way out and that's it let me know give it all out there. And then he says and meanwhile I'm still crapping my pain. Now that I'm married but I was on a breakfast head over America act at. He said this is what I said Brenda that girl I message you I'll get a day after after throw down when she ditched me. And I said Breaux let me know what she says I sure will if she even responds back which she's not. And it Seattle annaly Jason. A lot of thoughts here guys have. This is a gay Jason and it and I I asked him on Twitter. This must have been since then Casey said hey this just came in this morning yam what Haiti Ager her reason now let's you know we have a connection Jason at least on Twitter. This is this is Jason's the kind of guy that's gonna send email to all the Nicole's at university and whenever I Calgary Alberta bro are you just got a letter go man to see. That I I. Name did not the hardest thing did a good getting ignored in getting tested is. It's how hold you are speak almost as if this is personal experience I gambled and Donna again very aegis is just. If you go to those and and and I had this conversation with somebody recently as the goes there I've been the gusts that are in yeah and did I am. I have to. I've been and not proud of it pardon my French we I think we've all probably acted less than exemplary in relationships before it is the wrong way to handle things it's not rare and it's it's it's just it's it's cowardly. However went subway and when you're the coaster and somebody like. Goes like bold Jason you know great. Leg went Avant and about they years psyched out perfect I was justified this person's off their rocker or they're just like it's too much now like I and earning him guilty anymore. Up to that what you feel guilty. But as soon as you get that Dexter or that like the extra push it I have you contacted me then you're like a nickel. Well no problem and one text and him saying like look eyes when he answered now if he continues to root. To text her call her then yeah now I think it's just I'd I'd pay one tax like. You know let me ask you this because this is how I react when this happens when it would have been a person who has and that. This second the person I received this. IA. Okay it's Connelly can. You're gonna fight for. When somebody holds you back you'd like you try to pull away but if nobody's holding you back you're not pushing right our polling. My point is. When you get this you go farther into the cave away from the personally the only thing is gonna bring you allocate to chase the person is that the person blows you off yeah and then you feel like oh my god they're better than me what am I doing at the -- what I'm saying and end this is the stock forget this is a first date they were not like dating this is right out all the old day but I don't know because he says we had been texting before breakfast that he is so they had a they had they met on to on bumble OK and and this is same thing with ten or whatever so you get you do a thing if you tax you get to know each other a little bit and you find it's accurate dates have been they have their date and it was great with the breakfast. He says he bought breakfast she said she Bob Beers he does at all kind of like evens out. Just like. Quit when somebody says well I gotta go I gonna save a friend from a date. It's an emergency. I get baffling I it's just the hardest thing is being Jason and accepting that you got toasted pine it's because she doesn't like you right. There's a movie called she's just not that into you right in watch it yet. And that's the hardest thing to comprehend is only just doesn't give don't like you to crappy feeling yeah aegis aegis aegis cal let him go and you know what we're all really unaware ourselves say that too and I think if you're an outsider may be. Looking at some things that you do and I do in all of us. There's things that people don't like about you and beat you don't know that it is your group it's like when you have a cat annual litter box your house smells like tennis perhaps you don't know that he's you've given it out. Let's. Testers say you'd there's something about you Jason that she'd not only didn't like but I would say really didn't like well and maybe year route to the waiter may be your cheap maybe you smell. I don't know maybe she's just give is that Eddie is well. She was doing this respectfully to animate text saying look man I this is a gonna work I thank you. She just flat out goes right and never reach out like the most. To do something well I think that Mika did you spend she wasn't feeling it and so and she's kind of cowardly because I mean like. I don't know I think bitten a lot of people ghosting has become a lot more common these days. Which is not right but it happen with your generation especially easy year on the hill first and doing and go loaded. I mean you look at the amount of time people spend their jobs and more this is an ethical back this is Ager dead then I don't think people handle things. With integrity to any public 'cause everything's anonymous on the phone so organic matter workers were in the front desk and end like he I China to play like the millennial stereotype Ehrlich by and that really is like everybody's different. But this guy all my guy he's just like he's that guy like she's trying to train and he's like I just I don't like to be spoken to in like elect we just in this manner where you're trying to tell me what to do she's a I am not an accident and here I'm your boss yeah that's what I do know I got to showed up late every day like a I don't wanna believe it but they're maybe if things you'd be against corsets that they and it's not the fault of the 28 year old person we're talking about the way they were raised in it was a big shipped in the style of parenting. They contributed to why millennial had the same mindset that they do and not just the world revolves around and there are proud old and they're entitled and what we need you know we need another war that is that we could wrap. That's what we need gusty this we need real problems ever remember yesterday when I set I love weather. Yes this is why it is natural disasters are not political I don't know countries have to go to battle like asked indiscriminate death and problems and yeah that brings everybody right you may need to may we need a major problem that people can rally around and realize how easy our lives are a massive earthquake or our count only on the elderly we had a baby sitter just quit in its. And India we pay district twenty dollars an hour if you I imagine it she comes over she's like a part of the family. And god first in more meaning than babies yet and we have been SA asked her you know this is my wife who's trying to make money and run around and raised three kids by herself while I'm here working during the week whatever. And she asked her to. Did to load up. Jude and can she has a car seat she takes him everywhere and just she was at a meeting UK would you mind running down the streets five minutes away and pick up our daughter of the bus stop. And she responded I think you misunderstood my scope of work for you. And quit the same week really I think you misunderstood the scope of my work. Like you're knee in the we're paying you act dude can you do us a solid. I've heard about our other mothers that go door at Oregon there is part of that was she's also like come. Lately anti social and weird and went to law school and passed the bar is now on nannies together some (%expletive) there after his recent star Sarah. Anyway back to this guy any any final comments I I almost wanna bring him out for free at last Friday just make sure or for any reason that like we are halting right where we stand and there will be no more tax thing you know I mean like. Yet but you know even if we say that worse really kind of strangers and he'll do it anyway yeah yeah the first time we get to drink and am he'll go out and Jason how can more random Tex tell and she's not the only one I've never had a real Christmas tree ever and I'm 26 and married and we still be the bank and we're talking about you'll hear that podcast ever since they Christmas absolutely I don't use any shame I was against fake until I got one Michael my god this is so easy and it's more expensive in the first time but then. Yeah they're get ago you know it's funny about that because you were. And I remember and you know how passionately. Like you draw a line in the sand on anything yes that used to be you against fake Christmas to all realize I'm waving the flag like god these millennial isn't there and their makers industry's vision on go to war. But you totally crossed over and I didn't even like make a mental note. That you complete change sides on that my armor well. Yeah you know senate can be very opinion about things I don't think about and ended up and take presenters bottom of the fact that that's and you know LeRoy scissors overdoing it like okay whatever happened to my defense we still get the real treat death but the fake what is so much easier I don't know man like dirty on it. Asia and in quite honestly the worst part about having a gruesome mystery is when you have to get rid of this dead thing in your living room theft and you drag it out and there are literally hundreds and thousands of mine Eagles yeah over the house they got a clean up I ever you have like this recipe to keep it alive it was like the secret McAllister residue being you know. I don't know that every where did you are saying wrap. I still have that available on our resources that's why I posted attorneys third doesn't work right or whatever nodded yep nominee pine meal. You know like guys that's pretty much it for the attacks and caught up except for this guy Terry who. There's there are few people that will continually texts. Ad nauseam to the point where. Aussie guys the thread mrs. Oh wow that's you have well it's it's real sweetie it's. Let's see. Tomorrow morning is your next pit stop tomorrow morning. I love you brother Matt where you gonna be doing later today brother Matt I saw pictures a face to give your boy brother Matt. What are interview this afternoon brother Matt I mean cameras that pissed it's a brother mad. I saw pictures you your little boy on FaceBook brother Matt hey brother Matt what are you doing. Hey brother Matt and next Tuesday were an extra stuff they brother Matt what are you doing for the rest of the day brother Matt brother Matthew didn't call you this man. They brother Matt how are you doing this afternoon you're gonna call you later this afternoon I love you brother I miss a lot of love you guessed. Am on your hands. Threat and that. Yes brother Matt I did respond to sit him and I'm good I'm just winding down I hope you're doing well I'm also good brother Matt I love you by tomorrow afternoon you're gonna call you at noon because they get up at noon because I work impose voter restaurant you know or is central market and just done a block from their brother Matt. So you know I got that on formula you know he had a friend sent out or lonely yes yeah the side of the map and it rock cut up on the tax and anything else. Well you know I had him as a staff and there are really needed to get to have it unpacked the boxes. Who FF. Let us not just what I say that is the preferred nomenclature of anti getting into an issue these days it is journey I guys listen enjoy the show we La idea and we'll see you back here to morrow. He do you have. I think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. Well and every third day everybody welcome to the show going to be fun two we talk about the moment you realized your Finley was weird I'll be kicking that off by the way yeah. Do you think out of all all of us I've got the weirdest family experience. But that's the Anthony tallied at the half after the I don't know. Ask Emily closed sect. We also got hurricane Florence survival hatched by the way hurricane Florence now downgraded to a category two. Yeah this will they want to. Let me very wet to violate what are you disappointed by that that's a good thing while you do it for cabin there is for a couple days of like you know the high gets crazy and then all of a sudden landfall of the flag now. Well the first hurricane of the year is always the slogan is yes second row seats for Toby Keith at 710 to beat the street and share your salary coming up at 610 and eight and we're gonna double down. If by the great pit stop yesterday yeah I know exactly what we're gonna talk about here in the first break. Of the fact that I did not win the lottery yeah. But nobody else did either so I think I guess the powerball up 247. Or something I act. But I don't know that yet but thank you. Comes point coffee in cans and Aaron Aaron was serious error and the owner meg and only shag Glen Taylor Nicole you know. Kerry and hello hello. I think and so we went to the kind of funny Gig Harbor previously this was our first time Chan it's a great place and any towel to actually. Conversation with the owner of the coffee shop who was a big fan Jack and it didn't become obvious until halfway through we kept making things that have happened on the show and I think it was those of us women. You actually listen. Are always surprised genuinely when people especially people that own stuff there yeah into the show. Well I. And the manager true life we spent the solidly be communicating break a week and then all of a sudden we get there he's like oh they got like I know I would play beat the street and I really mean thank you live. Yeah I we've been talking like you mentioned that pretty cool book just because we find the coffee shops they don't find that threat. So yeah. Yet another interesting note is that we were wondering when we knew we vindicated before and we knew we can get a great turnout last summer but we're in downtown that we were and it was also the first pit stop we ever really ask it was Kona Kai which I conveyed to me a minute to put that together so it literally was great it was like full circle. This is irrelevant when every six Kona Kai I think of the credit kid I have a look at and by the way slow just speaking not just from another thing popped into my head yesterday on my bike right through maple valley I took a picture of a coffee shop. But I think we should go to because maple valley is awesome here it's called black gold coffee company in our black gold coffee cup I liken it to coffee house and be struck who. Sit down coffee shop right there in maple now. So amid anyway write that down 5% of the tech seared a couple of minutes heavily dollar ridiculous and attacks especially if you ever have before we love to give your shout out on the radio 46150. And we are looking for a lead off collar let's make a strong it's already Thursday. Let's get on base here 206421. Wolf of course if you're the lead off color lets you pick. The next song that we place Alessio. I before we get to our Ramona Buckley for the lead off color in the streets and taxed heavily. Gotta say I Tyler into bonds and wishing we can have already down again this weekend would that be nice. Good without the another I realized I needed a couple of days to recover. Just get firm Rainier says good morning wolf pack happy Thursday love listening to guys on my two hour drive to work that lets you would have Jessica. Yes god bless you. Kathleen firm Goulet says good morning desk and the crew from Ian. Look big okay. Eight down Ben is back he added Texas in a lot to say Heidi ace down the painting and that's that's logos romance I you know when I was like he's. And then don't want to give off T much of the game day. Yellow Ramona Buckley had a Thursday how are you pay out about your. The growth fantastic man happy Thursday was gonna be viewed it and not let it got him the word you know. It's my birthday today oh hole. Romo happy birthday. Update it. If this were. Applebee's and you would just sat down and only nine sojo would be bringing you over I AM fudge brownies and we can't let me be singing happy happy birthday happy happy birthday Ramon. What about longer if it's. We can tell you talk about Ramon night to celebrate your birthday and how old are you my fans. Are thirtieth it all boom. Ruled that it's a big birthday man euros and five. He had an idea a rough weekend and it. But he is what do you plan anything for today or since its a school night you know take it easy and now wait till tomorrow night. Yeah outweighed the aren't I I'm gonna go to work today. That's. I gotta give his it's set up my wife she woke up this morning and have made it the impact oh. And she did she do that every day urges for your birthday. Not everyday. At Oakmont. You know get. Me just yeah I get a brother in a happy wife happy life right. So we'll go ahead did you freak out at all about turning thirty. Yeah I am a little bit and I feel like I mean they're chasing dreams are I'm getting real old. Now we just became injured adult I mean he turns thirty did you feel like that and limiting yourself kind of an adult child but you know 30 minutes OK am -- people to take me seriously and I'm not twenty hour now. I freaked out about turning thirty like when I turned 29 I started freaking out so they came up with a 29 year old got hit list of things like he accomplished that year. I had a friend tell me they were like up 3030 straight into. Celebrating with you thirty line when your all alone in your thirties and no one cares not like yeah. I got the authority. Homeowners and euphoria they may now have that absolutely not called then it foray yeah of course Ramon. Ex they don't know you guys that we can't seem to stay remote IP you guys got that third down by I would enable it did he get there. Well next time we're gonna have this little time together but in the meantime for your birthday Ramon outlets only want annual claiming that you wanna hear him some reason to expect. Tomorrow. All right you're breakdown of the slow that it. Yeah you gotta slow jam could just to the bed with your wife is. The governor good to amaru. That B&B. I Ramon here's a song we've everybody have a wonderful day and happy birthday. So minute ago we're talking to from to Ramona Buckley about his thirtieth birthday today Kelly you haven't mentioned that you had a bucket list for your 29. Yeah for you turned thirty it's slow Joseph during that last what is a song from Christians and hate and what was on that bucket list a little curious myself we do Nigeria. Seattle so I need stuff I wanted to get accomplished in that year so I had to make it kind of simple. So I want it to you. Buying my great grandparents. Funeral plots burial plots because they had passed away while before I was born and I knew they were somewhere gently and and actually was able to find them and go visit them which is very cool. Before you could put that down a bucket was did anybody that's and we know what they were. My mom kind of had an idea. But we are heard and we're able to look through directories and whatever an able to find the exact placement of them. I'm so I was very cool dude in a Felix confederate burial ground or something I. I am better at but it is definitely super old yet again I would act. Another thing on my list was she going to blind date like eight true blind date ever seeing a person not really knowing about them. And I meant it didn't go about bailout at I kinda funny that most of them don't but it's it's courageous to go yes. I when he tees my passport for the first time. Thank Italy Mexico and stuff and has little before you really need passports but I went to volley set up at stay up very cool I'm I want it to you post a picture. And a bathing suit I'd be brave enough to do that and I never been raped after and then just a guy with a beard I have to. I got here and you get all those that does things what were the repercussions of the baby's picture anything else. Evan it was doubling guided for me like I it's hard to push the button blowing. Yeah not about what I look like it's about my confidence and you know what I guess so. It wasn't a solo shot I taken her shot. Yeah so you still have solo bikini shot I don't know that that's okay yeah uncle however it. Whittling music is a guy over the fear of a kind of beer at every full on my last year I brown again Zach brown beard yes Jordan Davis beard and I cannot like staples and beard a bit like a lug gear and talent that. It wasn't any different. You in mind now in how they like what bothered about always had dated baby faced guys and I realized that in between is where it's like awkward like that it hurts or whatever but a full beer look at any minute as well that's it for guys too when you grow actually grow out the dirty it's soft. Yeah when union between the it's actually hard W action in Afghanistan via the and it's no good how did you end up picking big ideas that go to get a mall yeah. We have we got a map no I've actually a friend that I that I was like eighth. Obviously got a dramatic weight. And we have just a friend and we indicated speaking with some analysts. And it's kind of funny like Leo keep this on because it gives you can still call Johnson. Fat chance on my list would do it. Did you develop feelings now not at all claiming it was just a guess now was it like a full on like make this. Yeah John and every day as her tongue darting. There and you say okay thanks thanks to its not gonna say a Bob into the sea at the meeting on Monday. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister places like a twist in anchorman love triangle can't dimly grave I never make my bed. 100 point seven. All in again a little reminder it's down the road a bit at 710 or given away second road Toby Keith tickets yes I don't care what concert it is heavily if you're in the first or second row you're gonna enjoy it Ali Alice let can hit said Eaton elephant so much the question I don't know by bad at all. I wanna hit a SOB he's winning in the mix they felt. But the people in the vain conceit you yes it's a different experience in the fifth and seventh NBA history to all right so. Yesterday and I think there's a common theme here on the show. Emily doesn't make your bed right. I do yes neither one of us understands yelling you sleep an event. Yes in the tent at a not to worry about it I think that's a you did you sheep in the tense I have I have a fitted sheet in a comforter but I don't have the other should you make that. And no I don't. There's nothing to make it just a comfort and you don't you could pull up the comforter. To have that you know when it's in attendance and again if you just tuning in you know no I've been sleeping in tents in my own home that's totally normal FF but I. It's almost like he doesn't exist that's in its own little tenth and high and I'd that is in the bedroom let's listen I can distract identity and how I. Let's just assume that I'm sleeping in my bed and it's still it was last week in Vanessa was here and an argument normal thing okay that's that the so this is in response to Emily yesterday in a Big Three which is coming up in about ten minutes you broke it down the difference between people who make a better and don't yes. I think even people that have notifications on the phone and people don't yes people to care about their lives in people that don't. Let go of afar but okay. And news survey found in this is just for your plans and some looking out for a new survey found people who make their bed every morning. Hat shake the sheets three times a week on average compared to twice a week for people like you who don't and for people who don't make their bed. Are also less likely to say they have three or more close friends so in other words according to the service. Very in depth survey. People who don't make their bad. Take two sheets less and have less friends. Yeah I saw that yesterday and I think it's solely also I didn't even at a but I think it's interesting how you left that part of it out of ten restore it's not tricked you you adjusted to focus on people that the shows they were today. I think just because you don't agree doesn't mean it's not true you can't ignore part angry serve other people. You don't believe that is true now why. Based on my own personal. More than three friend okay. That that let's go let's go to the bad thing. Initiate initiate app you don't think it's more attractive when your with your significant other to look over you see a perfectly made bed now Buick let's go messing. No because I think we're gonna mess that up as a thirty messed up jump on it and. Feisty if I came over anybody's house and the better than I would think their books I'm getting Pete's probably been the person Dan is just got out of that winds. Like they're the last person and it went few and then he jumped back in it with a. Listen for all of you with rational common sense we're listening to this right now I just want you to know. That there is a new study that says people who make their bed shake the sheets more and have more friends. That's what the research says that family has their own opinion you can be on team Emily your team science. Yeah after a flat what are we talking about your victory annaly. Hottest selling something that they had never sold before and I'll tell you and it's now arrive again that coming up in five minutes for you. This is the morning. Alastair he was 147. Though why. This is the Big Three with Ali yeah we have to give a huge shout out this morning to these Seattle storm. You on another team. Shipped to Seattle they just won their third WNBA title than 98 EDT victory over the Washington mystics they swept the series. Another team beaches this deep third. The Seattle storm has gotten so thirty in the franchise history yes thirty in a row third in the average has his chance Austin still guys are very very cool yeah and so is great seal sports that don't get as much recognition. You know and giggle yeah absolutely. Every day that's right wrote one today. The American music award nominations that come out and in the country artist John rat came brown is still an. Yeah nominated for favorite male artist favorite album and favorite song per head then. Another three nominee group would be a Florida Georgia line you're getting album. Actually they're getting favorite song. Iron right Amazon just announced that they are selling something that they haven't never sold before. They're going to sell seven but tall. Real life prison history. Amazon is slowly but surely taking over the world I'm sorry to do little to conserve. Yeah I control my life I mean you're not even get your three and a presidency and then you're good you can also go to Garland in the reef. They've sold for trees before but they were shorter than three feet and this is the first time they sold on this big they're gonna be around a 115 dollars. And they say that they will be chops. Down less than ten days before you get. For the B rather fraction it's incredible I wonder how they can deliver the books I have no idea like to be a special Christmas yeah. I think you can expect this they've regular UPS guy to be bringing Christmas trees around. Are you a breath of real tree or if they treat person. Honestly both really always get a real tree and then we have you know Vanessa sets up when it's taken a window in the front. I don't six perfect yeah we have the real tree in the family room where we open present. Because I am not a real sweet person I need three he says like carry on and auditing gals no shame so doing when it comes to real trees. Do you wanna pick out which free are you okay within deciding which ones get. It's a good question traditionally we like to go to the lot of family it's an Easter Graham moments. We take pictures I think we pick out the tree I like it when they saw off the bottom by the Arm & Hammer the stand on there's some traditions that I still enjoy especially. In Washington. There are solely that local Christmas tree effect Dallara yeah I don't even just on my bike right IC three Christmas tree lots everyday yeah I'm not given my business on that to Amazon. I am torn between us because I think he he want the convenience and you want uneasiness though that they treat. They have part of the real tree is getting to picket. I'd agree and you know honestly supporting local businesses that do that in a million years. Yeah Jeff Bay's those doesn't need my hundred dollars you're gonna you're gonna pay a little more but I always like to pay a little bit more I can support local people yep sting of local people back to the Seattle storm the parade is on ten day I. Ocean and they know Alan here we go I love it I coming up next day listed as steer your salary you'll find out how much Luke makes his an Amazon security guard the head of security. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and Hillary. How much do you think a Space Needle window washer makes Laura particles scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we don't know everybody else makes for a living but it's never OK to ask until now the last time we played share your salary really learned a sapphire. The union electrician not only has a sweet tool bag. She makes 89000. Dollars a year close to a 110 who. Yeah a body I said today I was all got Luke in Tacoma who works for Amazon corporate as a security guard is that right Luke. I orbit this provides a bit of security but yet. And certainly. Listen we're gonna put a minute on the clock fluke we're gonna rapid fire as many questions as we can add to try to figure out what we think you make your menu will share your salary with the city Seattle sound good look. All right let's do this heavily one minute on the clock you get a get started go hey how do you live. Allenby then that Amazon corporate Luke. And two years. How many people are either Boston. Direct believe Vick didn't get any given chip. Do you have a military background Lou. I did not give a college degree. Yet look at a background in security do you have the media qualified for this job. It didn't work that security job prior and that hat off the current prior to. So were you recruited by Amos on. I was not get hurt there we'll sort the coveted by Brett back have you ever shot a purpose. But at bat and negative so are you the supervisor for all of security or just one area like one building. We do you have multiple did the right is fortunate that it here. That there at a medical unit that backed union there there are multiple people left the. Bush okay time is up Lou give us about three minutes we'll come back well guess what we think you make him he was share your salary does that all sound good look at. I three a look at dissolve on the phone he's and is on corporate security guard what else do we go about family. Series when he seven years old he is a college degree he's worked there about two years but has done security before this and he is the boss the sixty to seventy people. All right look does that all sound good. All right Joseph you go first at this is a telephone we've never had any was kind iron sixty to 72. Okay I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go to. 8000 and bows. Aren't I do believe I am now you are in order of overall wins because I am the winner I am the greatest thing I only felt like about a lasting Lindsay and yes I. Amid a 95 I think he's doing a little bit better than that just because he's in charge so to people Amazon's got bugs coming out of their nose hair. IRA that I now as little or higher at 96. Saw. It she's doing suvs again do you guys live it all right Lou is that time has come for you to share your salary what do you make any news on corporate security and our. I wish everybody got hurt but it more like that beat you. Well listen 72 is still outstanding. Yes. And Natalie that but you're given slow Joseph another much needed win is he's never share your salary salary would help. That's great though offered a 27 year old guy make it seven he saw it's awesome dude. You're crushing do you get to carry guns. The port not port it helped taser. This is supervised as. Are you never actually thwarted the robbery Amazon's. Some day when the crime a little bit early this. There are careless mistakes being a part of the morning wolf back we Lovie and congratulations again on a Macon find living here in cities Seattle. You. And remember if you wanna share your salary would love to have you call us right now be slotted into 06421. Wolf we'll do it again at 810. You're listening to the morning and welcome back we're back and Alastair in. Our mine. The mail whenever I had. You know a lot of people question you gonna give up my cellphone number on the air but it's been one of the greatest things I've ever done radio show would've done it ten years ago. And by the way to a 64517766. If you need anything you text me Tony for seven I get back to. I get the most incredible text message last night I was thinking normally I gotta read this on the area surely you explosion at. Because look what we do for living can be construed as silly sometimes I'm. But when somebody takes time to share something like this and you realize that thing you know use your part of somebody else's life yes especially it's crazy. I don't know man it's really specialists in this. Him and I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate your morning show it has really gotten me through some rough times some background. On 122670. That was involved in a very violent altercation with my now ex husband and three days prior why I was out of town he set fire to all my possession. When I return home 126 and fight ensued became physical. His parents tried to intervene in the assaulted them as well. So okay native about a guy who beat of his own parents Laura. Somehow we all ended up outside at which point my husband removed a firearm from his vehicle and proceeded to shoot at me. I was able to escape and any turn a firearm to my car shooting it and destroying it. He then got into his car and rammed it into my car pushing it into his father's car destroying wealth. She then ran into the house destroying their garage he then took off and was later arrested when he wrecked his own vehicles. And ran off on foot all accounts were all okay but that night it was left homeless vehicle lists and literally with the clothes on my back like I saw record. In one night. Everything is gone and I find myself transferred to my company's office in camp from Blaine and living off the kindness of friends in Marysville why figure out and rebuild life. Man that commute. The only good thing about it is an April discovered your morning show the honesty and resilience and everybody on Your Show of Shows the kindness and caring. Has literally turned my frown upside down all and it's made a difference in my life. Someone poke a long I fiber for a five is listening and I appreciate you all think. I know I I don't wanna say her name because I just don't wanna get an already in trouble with some personal stuff and work or whatever it. He's got you know I got them on the cats SI before I went on FaceBook and I'll be honest with the I had a hard time focusing on the that they are alike have just thinking about her. What an amazing. Performance I know like the united responded of course I just said my gosh. No words anything we can do to help you please let us know and you know honestly I got like dad what a maniac I said. As hard as this is to come from a place of gratitude no matter what you're situation thank god you were hurt. They had to tell you literally or he didn't play somebody like that you know so I asked. Anyway you know you are we love you thank you for listening thank you for sharing that it does mean more than you know and again you can reach out to any of us at any time you always get a response is we fans. According needed a leader it's been well for a handful of peanuts but doesn't help until than a dollar all here's Matt McAlister knee. You 100 point seven. No wolf good news as your waking up this morning. Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a category two yes so literal way this again end up when he hits landfall tomorrow but. Traditionally the first hurricane of every season is always a little over hyped yes let's hope that's the case but. A fire department North Carolina posted a bunch of survival hatch yesterday that were really kind of cool I've never heard anything like this before. Well and we found out what was it yesterday that pledge and I we mean bees. Because when it does is survival we can even say the thirteen things you needed underpass arrival okay desert terrible putting it together but he is cool things I mean look. Natural disasters here's Seattle Robin and nobody listen hard as our out again we hit by a rogue asteroid man yeah. Xavier off the grid after the WG into he's just kind of cool. And you can fills a blog bags of water you freeze him and this happened in new in my refrigerator broke remember that I alliger cooler up. The power goes out you can move into the fridge or keep your food cold for a little bit two liter bottles of milk jugs work as well failure or washing machine with ice. You can use it as a cooler. Really tackle and you don't have to drain and I did say them in the water drains asked yes obviously a real cooler works to defeat an endorsement shot glass. What else through your bat there was water justification needed you can use it to wash your hands are flush the toilets. Or you can boil it makes drinking water out of he needs you are recommended to all those the same time now to let you know. The solar powered lights that lined your walkway and then. You can bring us news and inside just to come back outside during the day we are remembering him and you got lights turn on the lights. Also if there is flooding. You can take a magic garbage bags filled and a third of the way with water in and hang them so they line the bottom of your outside doors. They basically act like sandbags. To keep water from flooding and again thank you fire department North Carolina survival that's a great hat if you got a daylight attack him. I deal I saw one that said he's taken cup full water and freeze it and then took a quarter on top and you lead in the freezer. And then if you have to do not leave your home or targets out when you come Mac if the quarter is half way. In the ice or below you know that your freezer in Paris gone out and the disputed there's no good. Fascinating thing is melted and then re frozen. Where was that when my trigger on him back at. You know I gotta go you know how to make AM bad smelling room smell better. Take a bounce dryer sheet okay and you just safety data to a stand. In the sand or isolate the air pressure that was like you and by the way a lot of these came about from going to college is it has a hollow. I ahead as a you have but you don't anybody's got a Hatfield life pack a little way to get around stuff. Even if it's got a hint of rin nick ingenuity those are the best call us right now to a 6421 wolf or you texted in 46150. These hacks are great I love and hopefully guys will step up and share yours and that's life facts right now on the morning wolf back. Good morning embryonic in brimming and how are you today Mario. Gray were talking about the survival hacks that a fire department in North Carolina released for people there bracing for a hurricane Florence but here in Seattle you wanna share your life packed. Yes you get all of your kitchen than special document in the dishwasher. Wins in lieu of a natural disaster just like a regular Thursday. Imagine all that that point. Q why would you do that slow water troops telling you not care and it. I'm. If your house slides and it's you know it's not gonna get and. You know it's also interesting about that and I don't know how you feel about it manly but if I were a purpose or anybody looking for something the last place I would look for anything would be in the dishwasher because let's face it we all hate. Going near the dishwasher that he's got a loaded or unloaded. Right the net and like you walk in in the burglars unloading your vision even. And I just had to do it anywhere near a small and nice though the climate camp. It can in embryonic thank you for sharing your tackle this we appreciate you yeah. Think guilt and even though we started talking about this because of the survival taxis can be anything in quite bouncy I enjoy the life tax like the every day workarounds. That are pretty cool I just figured LSI and how to use the voice thing on my remote for extending. Oh my god that path that is brilliant. Are you kidding me that is a great another featured on Mac. I know that's good death I had my camera but I'd talk to right now I think nine NBC sports yeah playwright David Seattle as the Hokies. I'm glad I didn't even as a whole French store that opened up to a new world. Beauty brands they the heavenly light there's a variety game. Yes. Didn't syntax in a couple of these terrorists or rattle hackable I attacked lion you could use alcohol slobs as a fire starter. And name he used candles on our crayons are the candle. Yeah. You have seen that board to read those they say also works you can lead to read when fired back she's potentially dangerous haley's good fire starter okay and when you're going what does that say about eating it are now at when you're going to hit you in the Elena camera this is more like pack when you went snail on him or he's a Clinton told a nail. The only major thumbs slow movements can tune you and I. I'm a close did you and I got that yeah. Especially if you're boiling water label wouldn't fit across city keeps the water from boiling over. Yeah I was yeah. I've I've so these children you guys don't understand. And he asked does that work when you're making banks and now. Because you can continue questioning you know rice overflow always adds even on low it like overflows over the right center now. Instant rice asked what do you mean he did the microwave and our families come on. And in that emily's. What we're like tackling your day entertaining to really take the excess paint putting in like a dish show like at dawn and indeed bought old. And that way than perhaps you touch that she could easily shaking it escort out a little bit that she needed to catch up on your. I'm I'm an all that is awesome otherwise the screwdriver in the old yet he got a hold the whole paint can. Always messy they're great. About a 26421. Wolf the Seattle aipac or 46150. On the tax. We are doing beat the street coming up here at 71024 Toby Keith if you wanna play use the same number again second row seats up for grabs a beat the strait crisis. Morning wolf pack with an accountant Jack 100 points out. Laughs hit the pavement and that could be history too. Hello Chris in mountain burning and how are you today under a hundred number you guys and man fired up and welcome Chris to beat the street the trivia contest that pits you against a random stranger here in the PNW now you know as much more than they view you're gonna Barrett's second row tickets to see Toby Keith FT Washington state fair this Saturday night plus. To get to our VIP pre party hosted by winning that it's all part of the walls here the million tickets brother is not excited excited let's do it sex game road Toby Keith Chris. We twice note spirit come on and by the way tomorrow. We'll have the front row but let's take care of today you're going to be the challenge here about a minute we asked him the same five questions you've got into right now in thirty seconds Chris spirit bitterness. I Chris I know theory side is just taken deep breath. And we don't know safe path because in this field lot harder than it typically is in your decision in your car. All right here we go Chris by questions thirty seconds during the time when 321 and go to what was rocky doubles white's name. Which continent is home to the Nile River. Toward Asia who lives in a trash can on Sesame Street to Alter the girl out with over 80000 employees this company is Washington's largest employers. To tournament on. And who sees the country song to get along. Get along get along. There were no longer mean. Oh that's. Delighted to push. These are heady feel like you did dressed. Our sport that does Syria aside. You can we'll find out let's meet the challenger which are namely from a way to object Lander from Buckley lost in there and I'm a commercial banner. All right Chris here we go questionable on what was Rocky Balboa as wife's name. Take away bad guys the campaign Natalie Christy G node that you said it was such does that is like right out of a movie Avery knows the course the right answer nice job that are. Chris here on the board with a one to nothing lead wits continents over the Nile River. Or let's say the nodes in Egypt good. Pass. In core wrecked you said Asia Chris which was also incorrect and my leave this is a tough question which continent is home to denial river. You're. Yeah well yeah correct so nobody gets a point no blood do you still have a one to nothing lead through live in a trash can on Sesame Street. Oscar for her out everybody knows us around so you both get a point you're still up it's 21 lead over 80000 employees this company is Washington's largest employer. Incorrect use an Amazon also incorrect Amelie it's the Boeing is the right answer all of us. OG baby tech companies got nothing and on boat okay thanks so listen here we go good news heading into last question you still have a two to one lead Chris here it is and you sink the country song. Get a loan we'll. Get along that's. Yeah I know it flared it sort of thing has been just me. And Kenny Chesney and try to give you an audio clue it didn't help the senate GL you don't get a point but here's the good news you and it's hi Chris you at a time means. That means that I win anyway Israel. I knew you knew as much as Jacob from Buckley so you have war the second run they are. So you'll be there and your coming your exclusive wolf. VIP free party Segovia hobnobbing with the rich and famous column and their efforts. It's so much it is absolutely our pleasure man think being a part of the morning wolf pack come up in five minutes. When did you realize your family was weird it's a morning. Yeah palace here rate and these hugger and. So wolf I when did you realize that your family was weird its energy grown up you think everybody else's family is totally normal and yours is the one that's weird. Come to fight and get a little or everybody's families we're. Nobody is the same summer is better hiking with the others but yeah. Yeah I would look around I see all these other you know happily married mom and dad's baking cookies doughnuts church. How would look if you don't mind is out of my house was a little nontraditional she's saying if mommy visiting a lot even a great job but. You know my mom was it was different you know she was a Metallica. When I was in high school if you look at go to Bob Seger concerts. And it was always freedom with responsibility which I didn't realize that the kids didn't have yes I was basically allowed to do what I wanted to do is loans I didn't screw up. Think if you don't get arrested using drugs you're OK so remember one moment the Roman I realize that. My family was weird I'm if I mean Beimel on the momma look you did great jobs. I was I think freshman suffered high school I think those fifteen years old and a waitress a minute of our fifty bucks. She's like why. As a mom I can't tell you why. But I just need fifty dollars can you just act like a bank and not my mom can just give me fifty dollars she said absolutely not I'm not giving you fifty dollars to I know exactly what you gonna spend that money. So that's normal totally normal yeah and we we had voted for awhile while she found it broke me down is it okay. This guy that I know is making fake IDs. From Delaware. I need to fake ID that's what do you think Dallas fort I was just defeated that I had to admit that to her and you sure as you give me the money as she looks images of well of course they're giving the money that I knew you need to think ABC can get into bars to meet girls don't. Know if nothing of she's thankful funny decision in the first place and we got to meet girls so yeah here. Well back then Emily again I'm not ninety's heat but it was I don't know how to explain it was a different. That's what I realized it yeah LA earlier this though we are but I know. If you're listening right now. There was a moment when you realize that your family was very you do something different than everybody else I guarantee you nobody else would their momma got fifty bucks for a fake ID. By the way it may be really cool thanks god. 206421. Wolf right now you wanna show that moment you knew your family was weird. Kyra wolf pack well as a moment when did you realize that your family was weird. To a 6421 wolf don't be shy let's go and 461502. Attacks today. Forget that Tenet text Sally said that we get didn't use our front door under any circumstance. I guess these like that garage. I go into the project on the backdoor but never the front door. I wonder if that was a germ saying you are I don't know maybe a broken. The middle of the relationship fix your front door. Laura said there is that they put plastic wrap on all their remotes I think that any manager is another thing but hey listen. They say that that in light it TSA tubs are the two dirty things in the yeah and it. And it takes me kept her pajamas under pillows and thought everyone did that I college really showed me how to put them in a drawer. And look at. Under your pillow securities and yeah. I don't know if what more is fed said. We were one month at dinner we were allowed to swear as much as we want it for three minutes after that we weren't allowed despair for the rest of the month. Like a free for all for being. It's almost like a hurricane. Happy belittle him it led the purge. Where like. No yes. I wonder you know that mold and you realize that everybody else called them hard boiled eggs in your house you call them crack on how legs and like really fast yup I don't I near a river next season. We've cracked I can genetic engineering community park well they didn't pack a house there crocodile okay hated it. Yeah I'm not a hundred I was an advantage UniCredit up he's. Still fast. I look at the moment you realize your family was later. Hello volley in a Kwan my neighborhood have you today I. Do you prefer going to the Kwan or that you see where you're out on the Hollywood that. I eat grape seed to farmers market on Saturday okay when did you realize your team it was weird colleagues. Turn team my aunt. Are not. Well and what was the reasoning for that. It is thinner and repeated it irked me. A greater. Degree remember that way ago. What did you end up breaking what what was your drink of choice in the first time out of the box you get when you get loaded up what was. I honestly don't know what's gonna pull up that you get a column of the the fact I was totally ignored I have memorabilia. At a public you're. I thought you know what was in it. My money's on Long Island iced tea there but. You do. It my mom who's going to be to have a girlfriend that's all of them. Only if you're really remember mom thinks it can get at least get to fake ID to get to see those of us eleven EST we know we get that holly thank you for being a part of the show we'd like yeah we're way Joseph Iran. As well it was a moment you realize your family was weird. Not Mike Stanley in my husband Dan and the health stories about when he was that's out fifteen. An island in the envelope Odom brown you work. If that didn't have not been com Erica I got back at the check. Whoa whoa within mafia. Christmas can't even talk about now now. Exe June we were in waste management and insurance. So very did you we're in trash removal. I got a couple of businesses. Don't look don't. Yeah all yet you can bury bodies out the pig farms to our kids that are that are going to be seeing movies come in in my hand picked him saying. The weird suits suits on assert chopping garlic real thin slice after I almost don't wanna know any more pearl minerals and yeah that's right we're gonna we're gonna disconnect has called Joe's. And play caller prank caller. Yeah yeah. Give them into text as somebody said it looking back it's pretty clear in the nine on the east allow my boyfriends to sleep over and as a middle school and high school when I. Normal to mean back then she didn't even bat and I about it vows for marine marry bill. All you youth make ideal day long that's normal compared that have a boy than they've ever you know it's funny too and the stuff that. We did as kids now as a parent I can't imagine they have never enough and giving my kid a fake ID fifteen now laid a boyfriend sleep over. To be until my now. Justin said that he notices Bailey as we heard of and every one out walk around the house with just her underwear on. Like that's taken out of that but does everyone your family do it on my bonus on the scene over barker and our Tony's old time. It'll end. When you realize your family was weird to a 642 on Lowell to Texas for 6150. This is the morning. Alistair and you 100 points. This is the Big Three with family. We have to give a big shout out in Seattle storm as they whine at me. Indeed 8 IL I am I can't in 1982 victory over the Washington miss it miss stakes they completely sweat. Is the best and I series that they took the first three this is the third time this Seattle storm has on the TV just domination theory cool to see it come back. Have a team Egypt here in Seattle in if you want to participate in here on the girls actually gonna have a parade on Sunday at one yeah nice job they don't get deactivate it deserves right speaking of accolades the American music awards came out the nominations. And the honesty country artist came round is killing it. He is up for a three awards favorite male artist favorite album and favorite country song with heading. Florida Georgia line also got three a nod to each with they got favorite country song in collaboration of the year for men to be and the duo or group. That is on October 9 we'll see who wins all that. And hopefully the half and country music. On air since that the American music award and all genres sometimes they neglect and I popped yet which is why disregarding completely yes but I. I came round this kind of third down didn't mean gay yet great and it just announced they're gonna be selling something they've never sold before. They're selling a lot of mystery this year and you or I and they both say NG seven foot screen that top down less than ten days before you get a it's a 115 dollars you could also get briefed. And garlic and they've sold trees before but less than three foot tall trees so this is equal to seven foot tall streak and teachers to. Now mat Griese on the real verses they Chris. Mr. and you know what I used to be a traditionalist a die hard real but Vanessa my wife got a fake wanna put in the front room display window looks perfect looks great from a fan. But we always get a real one a smaller one of their expensive right infant and a Sander met through the presence underneath yes where US. Well I only did that because I'm single for so long I had BS three piece clip together like thirty aren't we got to Nokia port street that I didn't bring it with me here. Don't think in this might be good way because they'll bring it straight to you don't got to put on the top your car right but like this cannot never picked got a real treat. And I can get in this summit do you. Never picked out a real Christmas tree I had failed him. Here in the state of Washington. There is a Christmas tree lots are farm ray every six miles. I would say you gotta go local support these local businessmen and if you need some help you know honestly ask you got some friends around here to help you strap that thing in your car there's just something about that in his pursuit. And you don't have kids you have a husband and all that we have that for some nickel by going getting to pick out your tree. In two grand moment and there are cutting off the base and putting the stand on a bringing in only keep that water in business about that Tim need it reminds me of the house. Against a real treat I'm just saying this is really convenient believe on your front door with all the gifts she blot. Wrapped up in dope like like clocks I can see how for you in for anybody else's maybe just too busy area by the way that's a pretty good price Internet does tend to undercut everybody. I am I'm gonna give mine not to the local farmers but. If you can't do that. That's pretty needed to treat for me was on I'm kind of concerned that Amazon is taking over the world are now a little concerned. I mean I even try to go to like a local sporting goods store and find something in turns out they don't have it in numbers like I'm on Amazon on my phone up in the store and it's aired in two hours. He you making it typical here local people Kamal. Local businessman as are coming up next here your salary. We got freight company administrator back coming on the show and she's gonna share her salary review in ten minutes so. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and Hillary. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we don't know and everybody else makes but it's never OK to ask the last time we played share your salary we figured out that Luke who's ahead of Amazon's security corporate downtown make 72000. Dollars a year but right now let's have a guy who's in Tacoma this morning good morning baca Arnold hey thanks for being a part of the morning wolf pack and being willing to share your salary with the entire city of Seattle and the greater Pacific northwest and beyond. No problems we love you for that now you are as far as we know an administrator for a freight company correct OK that is all we know. Before we try to figure out what you making you share your salary let's put a minute on the clock and rapid fire much questions actress Emily are you ready I'm ready let's do this one minute and I go right so what exactly dean do you back as. I interrogate. And I hate me and current track how low water legal document how the American. I'm 38. Are you pretty union. Yet boot. How long have you been with his freight company. I'd ask here and even college degree. Don't you get to use a CD radio at all. You know permanent or did your own office. Yet are you a manager. It kinda and where did you go on your last vacation. I would give me and that's been that's a go to Bora Bora. I even breadwinner in your house Beckett. Yeah. I'd expect it from ocean intact in the near future. Probable. Did you say salary or hourly. I'm Irish okay. Time is up back I think we've learned a good amount here and thank you for sharing. While we're gonna do is take a three gonna break we'll come back well guess what we think you making you will share your salaries are sound good. We got back in to call on the phone she's an administrator for freight company Emily what else do we just learned. She is a party he knew she's worked there for five and a half years her last vacation was to Disneyland and she doesn't need to use a CD radio. Food have you ever gotten a good news is CB radio and you have your own handles our. We have like intercom thank Rick it that's what I equivalent doc let. And so much fun but maybe that's a guy think OK let's go around the horn you're gonna guess what we think you make Beckett and then you negotiate your salary and I don't know if you've been following the spectrum but slow Joseph our producer is on a heater he's won three days in a row. Wins by the way that you're in the cellar. But once again I think you're gonna go first and Al folly and then Emily so what do you think thank is making this is tough this this except. Dominique sixty to 500. Okay sixty Q a a little bit better man she's any unions I heard say that she's the breadwinner she went to Disney unanimously don't go to African Paris gas. I'm gonna go 85. Over on it yeah and I'm an upbeat. Aim did it and and I don't know ask Rick isn't the UK. Because I was originally in my head gonna go with this before slow Jolie was anything I was gonna it was sixty T you eat then. Really yeah. So you'd go Sanjay is easier all right so you're gonna price is right on the low ball in the sayings that leaves the high end all wide open for me back gets we have reached that point. When you need to share your salary what do you make him being an administrator for free. Great invited. Demands. They're all very vague idea so away we would happen to the Ewing junior and unions. The other in a striped so that's early it. The information that we did not get to you yeah we need to ask her distress yeah right as your union currently working. And they do not getting paint or at. And that listens you're you're making a great living in new yeah forty go to Disneyland I need America's financial planner area I can't figure that that very well. This is so lives in his visit go to doozies kitchen to get the pancakes are getting. I only went pair of what you did. Did you see goofy how much what you think he's so tall. He is so don't bother me it's like well I was intimidated by I think they. And inactives for a massive. Chinese. Beckett thank you for sharing your salary for listening to our show we lobby and have a wonderful day if you can't patent memory you initiator salaried big issue the united news call slow Joseph right now to a 6421. Wall. That's like Palestine as a progress that they tell these guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. Get a text here for Miguel body leg he's editors are they suspended 500 or so flights and now the East Coast. Hopefully slow Joseph is not affected by that. We've been talking about this a lot of the podcast. The more behind the scenes stuff we post every day 1030 on radio dot com the app. But it's ironic that says slow Joan never leaves his apartment downtown yet. The one weekend and early and he and his wife were gonna fly to a wedding it just happens to be in New York on the East Coast. And if you believe the news site it's the storm of the century. Yeah I have a thing. And let's not busy you are but we are saying like the flight delays and other parts of the the East Coast could affect ten in New York it'll affect flights coming out of Seattle yet because there's connectors everywhere this that and the other sojo at this moment to have you heard anything about your trip nothing now and and today it where it was downgraded to a category two huge dish still saying leg Leo. But I think that. Rather. NASA professional advice trip there I mean it's sensationalism. To an extent so I don't know I'm I'm not gonna worry about it. Like I I I think going out there worst case scenario we get stuck in Denver for like a longer layover main reason up in Denver missed the wedding you know Denver's a better town in New York I love personal opinion and that's originally started I think part of every dollar they're -- a lot of fun so there's this other thing too that Tesla do you keep your eye on it's WH guy and are you guys heard about this but it's a Waffle House index family I'm sure you've heard has been from the silo at least some laugh laugh he had recovered smothered. I thought and I can't count out. But you know again being from the south to I'm lawful house is phenomenally in the south they it was started Georgia Tech students started a yeah certainly haven't really thought. Anyway many people from the south decide how severe a storm is based on whether or not he Waffle House shuts its doors down now. Yes they never close yet they never do however Wednesday it appeared some had a head of hurricane Florence. Do you waffle house on Friday drove to Myrtle Beach you've probably been there me. The ways and deep two days before hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall that's tomorrow by the way somewhere in the Carolinas we don't know. By the way WHI works like this if the Waffle House is open and serving a full menu. Your index is green you are good to go ride it out maybe how down was Beers and some candles. If you don't candles you can light Crayola Graham yes came. If it's open but serving a limited menu that means your index is yellow according to WHI and then finally if a while the house is straight up close. The index is read your screwed. Yes and you know the chances to be why meanwhile classes even have box on the dorks that they never closing decked out if they're close Dino is that. Well it says in the same article of the National Weather Service literally uses the Waffle House index. To some extent Bono it is a real live yeah yeah I mean it's you think it's a joke like the fact guy index you know to me like it's ten degrees warmer here fact guy there's been joking about the ball off. Nobody is still. I feel what while. The upward distribute aid well listen I know we're all curious from all concerned about our neighbors and friends in the south and the Carolinas but it is traditional that be first hurricane season is over hyped them and based on what's happening today it would appear that that's the deal we hopes. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister got so we do every day after our show we'd we'd take a look at what we. We've just done and we try to manage the damage it's only ray disk clean best by not telling even Toys 'R' Us closing I see my child is thought. 127. You know they said it was crazy when you about myself and number on the air and leave but it has turned out to be I think one of the best things for the show for us. Distinct contact with the morning wolf thank Tony for seven increase texts and calls. Absolutely. I got a text last night that actually blew me away I got it right before I went on and did the happy. Any kind of on the an honest it was short I was a little it is to it affected me to the point whereas having trouble concentrating. Just thinking about this text message. And again my number if you ever want to reach out about it and 2064517766. You will get a response 24 sevenths. So this is I mean I shouldn't say your name yeah I don't think it. This is pretty insane as I'm reading this tax I want you to imagine this happening to you. Because I believe you know I know that most of us are one paycheck or one incident away from utter disaster. And when it's happening to somebody else. Who've Hayward just listen to this. He and and I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate your morning show it has gotten me through some rough times some background. On 122617. The day after Christmas I was involved in a very violent altercation with my now ex husband. Three days prior what was out of town he said fired all my possessions. When I return home on the 26 a fight ensued became physical his parents try to intervene and he assaulted them as well. Unison they got to beat of his own parents somehow we all ended up outside of which point my husband moved firearm from his vehicle and proceeded to shoot at me. I was able to escape the nature and a firearm to my car shooting in destroying it. How he'd been guided his vehicle and rammed it into my car pushing it into his dad's car destroying both cars. Denny ran into the house destroying the garage house. He then took off and was later arrested when he wrecked his own vehicle and ran off on foot. We're located at that night I was left homeless vehicle lists with literally the clothes on my desk. I now found myself transfered to my company's office in canned from Blaine in living off the kindness of friends in Marysville I figure everything out and rebuild my life. Man that commute the only good thing about it is in April I discovered her morning show. The honesty and resilience and everybody in the show shows the kindness and caring has literally turned my frown upside down and is made a difference in my life. Somebody told him along I five or for a five is listening and I appreciate you fall thank you. I mean it's. That it puts things in part into perspective and not only did she lose all the physical stuff. That's your husband Brad thank you blood and you key believe that he's doing that I mean there's just my heart goes to this woman. Mind to it took me a long time to craft a response that was even appropriate right but I did come up with one thing and it's a really hard I think to always come and everything from a place of gratitude that I just it looked and thank god. You were hurt right or worse because this guy sounds like a maniac right and he didn't kill anybody I mean. I can't imagine being where she is right now having yeah build everything in dealing with all of that. But hey we love you your family we appreciate you sharing their stories and feel free to reach out anytime we get you back. Back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice the walls. I gotta be so dvd. Yeah. Yeah only at bat right. It's 710 to beat the street we have front row seats to go see Toby Keith the status right now if you hate Toby Keith. Unique Toby Keith of every bone in your body. If you sit in the front roses concert or any concert for that matter. You're gonna love yeah they're gonna have the best that he lives. Here is Toby Keith and you might know who or what I know who hates to obesity like well it was more of a point I was trying to me if I once sat in the front row of A-Rod Stewart concert. I don't particularly like Rod Stewart nor did I wanna be there. But I'll tell you it. Seat in the front row of anything is amazing app and like considered your fans probably a better way to say that Elvis shaking got yes yes well you know you know got me as the people in the band can see you when you're in the front row and you. About that used to peak and on people and Rod Stewart had this super sexy saxophone player since a woman. And I remember I was like man. And all the Simpson looked at me announce later while. Being with it and I and I got a creek I got concrete and honestly I guess it's time for me ago. Anyway dealing accidentally showed an. Last night I think my husband almost killed me because I had a big wedding ring scare. What happens now is making Turkey burgers and I took the wedding ring off you know I get all that it's on your wedding ring and I laid it down that I went to dance rehearsal and I. Was at dance class and I looked dynamite. I hit the panic button the ring wasn't on my finger and I don't think OK Tammy the Turkey burgers and laid it down and went home he had fallen behind these shelves. And I literally had the panic button gallon I had to call my husband I thought he was literally shipment is only. Yeah. With all of our good intensity and we don't we have not gotten insurance. The call me. He. Ray yeah it's. Usually a bad. You gotta wheels turning out you gotta get that done it again. So I initially found it okay but there was a you know there's a panic button heart attack moment involved in the ads around and plus you lose and all this weight with 32 and weight loss supply and be pretty soon it's been a full run off fingers and I Arizona. Yeah all right so wedding ring scares you ever done that. No old but I would tell you we had a weird incident where the NASA's wedding ring Donald mingled. If she doesn't know how what happened. In I took it to the ring guy he's like dude. This has been slammed in a car door or wind down the disposal. Since she literally has no memory she's not a drinker. What's happening man has no memory a 18 point on the gas stores like I accretive. I get to throw. You gotta say I mean I know there's nothing to say this guy gives I get a program. Don't know where the again I I got you look like here I'm like it's what you know there's nothing here no there oh I gotcha I learned yeah. Analysts instigator Toby Keith let's go ahead and celebrate him right now again tomorrow 710 for our proceeds Dili is up and you know how to get older you wandered to a 6421 wolf. If you are get a hold that is didn't have dealings is it's not a material possessions and get help set me and she's married and we'd like Diaz Rosie tomorrow at five. Good morning it'll actually not a military weekday mornings from five till. I yield 100 point seven the world.