The Morning Wolfpack - Tuesday April 10th, 2018

Tuesday, April 10th

Tuesday April 10th, 2018


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Ruling and welcome back to the podcast for Tuesday April 10 I'm Matt McAllister by you giggle and heavily 'cause of the rolling rolling hero. Is a new tradition got to go at it. We got to roll with the rose lane and you know on sanded by the way today is now we hear it in the show. And that you're about to hear minus commercials music. You're about to hear Emily reins on coffee. Which doesn't happen very often what was your motivation today to go with a Vanilla espresso before we started it was so cold and needed from the norm you've got a gun decaf. Yeah I didn't realize that means it's in the I liked it many year. And to meet Joseph bagged up if I'm wrong about this she seemed like she was at a different level today I a lot of hours till about 555 we shoot a couple video. There ahead and we she's she's giggling and volleying are and to the front. My nose as it can move him by his imminent Disney I don't think I feel up because why and I got from crashing right now. And TUE book tolerance caffeine and so you don't kick back kick when you need it. Yes I'll be honest I you do though I you're wrong about in my kick every single morning and sat nasty for whatever reason I don't like I feel like I have fell copy in years. I drink a lot of slow Joseph yeah it is during an on time and just went right to drink running go to bed like you did nothing for so I don't get that point OK so here's that here's how basically I think it works so. When you don't normally have coffee it's a drug so you feel the full effects and say you go from your baseline. Up yes OK when you're addicted to caffeine right I signed. You have do you need caffeine to get to your baseline. Instead of going about your base threat and to get above your baseline you've got to drink a little bit more so that's where it gets I don't eat. Yes well okay that's on you event. I think it's important to rush back OK so before we get to use some things we can talk about an asserted just a quick plug for our Marysville Mudd club pissed off today we're going to be at the living your coffee house them for street from twelve to one. If your local come on by will buy you a cup of coffee and would love to snap a picture and hang out and shake your hand say thank you for listening. This it'll only interest one person in this room in Italy it's not you. I'm not me boot. Grand Theft Auto five is now the most profitable piece of the media in history yeah I don't even understand that there's not even a movie about a way. That's made as much money as this one video game that it's true that's crazy good. It's been up for a long time as he came out alassane. Who I have the date guessing here on an SAT. 8000. Thirteen 2013. And they're not angry and that's that the amount since they have. Tire so wait they came out all their must've been 123 and four get him to come out five yeah evident this why is five as the government in Iraq. Because it because of its longevity says they've been selling it at full price to just sixty dollars a pop. Through the Xbox-360. And PlayStation 3. Then the Xbox one came out they re released it for that and on the PCs they're selling it on six different platforms now while plus they have the what the real reason they continue to make monies because the online mode. And it's like any other like phone mobile game or whatever there's in game purchases of people like constantly dumping money it can buy more. Online currency so they and people play against each other all the time I play sometimes. And you you're you're at a disadvantage if he had but if you haven't put any money into so is there any talk to make. A six yes there will be a six I believe it's just when he when he lines so. I had a buddy who knew this is for you parents out there is adults should play video games but for you parents. And there. Is ten utility ten year old kid play in this Aaron apparently there's like a whore house and you can go in and get strippers and you can rob the stripper I guess he had no idea. An area and other auto the card game like you know back in the day without well we are on the track like Mario Kart here yeah got exactly you're talking about here's the quote says kids download the game but I was his wife's from wishing she has no idea what it was right about the money. And then as soon as our friend found out what they're doing is like their. Moves in that game is kid goes no dad only begun to strip good. Right slugger told the story much better OK so the game is sold more than ninety million units since 2013. By the way that amounts to about six billion dollars in sales more than any blockbuster movie like Star Wars are black pant there and I even close. Let's see here. And I guess Star Wars the original and gone with the wind. Both collected more than three billion now that's adjusted for inflation ran the video game is twice as much that's treat as a mind blow and I don't think that's counted that's taking into account the online purchases. Really. Yeah I think it's total sales is an end it's got to be I. I don't know I mean like I said it's on six different platforms they haven't they haven't put it on sale once the most of these games after years ago like half price. This game is at the same price since 2013. Slow JO RD you know your answer some and ask Emily. As a woman who single and you have a couple of dates lined up for this week and how do you feel about dating a guy that spends a lot of time a grown ass man whose say 35. Who plays a lot of video games. A lot of time not against the I mean I'm paid he has one and Mike plays ever wants a mile. But and I don't mind watching like if someone wants bright eyed baby and sick those like moving around but bird Perkins. About his motivation in life if he's spending a lot of time in the inordinate amount of time playing video games in life is a grown ass is not dead last and I Jeremy CI here here that's the thing so I don't spend. One thing I you'll never see me doing is playing a videogame all I visit down. Hasn't had a city he was not there yelling unstick it is to sell his yes the pastime that I enjoy it yeah and I clearly get other things done and I have your hobbies and interest and it's not like a dominating force Malek but I love the against ours that. And probably always well yeah it's a generational thing I think you just missed it by a couple of years you know actually played video games as a kid. And then there came this time when I felt like as you grow up and so I stopped playing video game guy I had Atari ahead legally division you ride your bike and play center hours at a time list all you exercise and adults do and others are right inside is going to be weather's like this Vista would like to exercise and stay fit yes the good way here through yeah well a lot of that what I am incidence of good about it and I knocking it I'm investing in my body and out wasting time Blake you know playing videogames which is pretty unproductive and yet you complain. Every day about how you spent two hours making your dinner every now. Correctly but I think deals for somebody that works out so well I was working out Getty what you want a faster. Well because most people who are informed about fitness and nutrition think that you can work out and eat whatever you want in -- truth is you can you know it's just I don't don't have to be as extreme as you are at the Mac are now but I choose to be in right now I'm just in this there's terror chooses to play right there right now and this'll prism trying to lose a couple of pounds so I am being a little extreme about it but doesn't you have to do if you wanna lose a little weight. Unfortunately no the get the worse it gets. I'm moving on five missed used phrases that make you sound dumb these these are always good. And there's only five but this is one that I messed up for years and years and years until I read it somewhere and I'm like I've been saying that wrong. The entire time. It's for all intensive purposes. Instead intense eons. Purposes intensive. For years I thought it was for all intents and purposes yes it's for all intents and purposes wait what are you used to think it was intend intensive care plays intent intent here is an access right to wish and I think not so I get sued a couple of times from ex wife that I actually really understand the legal term intents and purposes. The other one is I could care less shouldn't be. Our it should be I couldn't care less practice but I don't exactly careless I know it out because it's like. Wait if you could care less about it. Then you still can't get the guy might be guilty of that when I haven't actually thought about how I say but I might say I could careless I'm pretty sure that I do. Is sometimes saying things the right way doesn't sound good. Does that make sense out and you try to cram a lot of words in a short space at times and maybe NA is kind of yet and upload it if you could care less that means you do care about something and you couldn't like you were saying Natalie you know care at all so it's I couldn't care less which sounds like a double negative. But it's not a direct way to say all right and a 31 in the same should be one amber at the same. In Iraq guilty of that one. One in the same one in the sanction be one in the sand when in this it's a minor if I don't know that I ever say that. You have one in the thing you know there's two that I always bumble one is I still don't know if it's kitty corner or catty corner. So in other words they Columbia center. Is catty corner or is Katie corner and I still don't know that I either gonna ask you are all nominal could've right now and it'll say did you mean to spell. Okay it's kitty corner. Not cat would take it they're not be those kits in cats and a case of kitty corner. It comes up located diagonally in relation to something I said that's exactly where the Colombian senator and say caddie I think golf caddy. Caddy has caddies not even a word banana kiddies that were okay no it's definitely kitty kitty cornerback again asked figured out the other one is injuries editor of the day and I was jealous that sounds so good. It's a baker won in the half the six doesn't know who six and one half dozen of the island never asked never I will never know that in my whole life. Say overtime six of one half dozen any other meaning there he had six and one half dozen other ones that there is another should be able to master that put us. I couldn't number four. Tongue in cheek. Should be tongue. In cheek her not tongue in cheek I need out on tongue and okay if she literally describing a facial expression people make when they're joking and so you trying to to laugh and you push the side of your cheek out with your tongue. That's tongue in your cheek not tongue and cheek I think it's in Iran to. And the last one. It beat it wanna do you says. You'd jive that was something like jive Turkey moves that interactive should be jive like I jibe with something who I think upright at that on yeah SO jive is a type of dance or way of speaking like the old woman who speaks. Of the moves he speaks jive in the movie airplane excuse me stewardess I speak yes speak jive I can handle and those are about a guy -- about the validity jive yet jab job but he jab jab jab jab anybody got any elsewhere wrap it up I think on the short side of things today Ruth. Busy day. Yes we're off to Marysville to get a couple things done eight tomorrow on the show it'll also be on the podcast ray talked to Jordan Jordan Davis. It's not gonna be a typical kind of an interview. Because he and I kind of broad out at Steele creek in Tacoma. We exchanged cell phone numbers and I felt like we had something real I saw that developed you got to have a right Arianna making it on. Well and then you know sometimes when you get somebody's number and their cooler than you you tend to overtaxed and I think that over texted because the last two or three he didn't even respond to. So I'm gonna bring it up because they broke across the line I thought we had something real policy where that goes tomorrow can I ask your questions yet worried texting about. Well he was playing a show in Phoenix okay with Russell Dickerson an NBA since Vanessa is friends with her you know Russ and Caylee she was there have and I said hey I know we've met that you never met my wife. She's the Mexican with a baby go say hi. Or is she says hi that's who it is. Bidders were out in he's Merkin and but I just feel like maybe. There crossed the line a little bit and it's funny too because famous people have this conversation to. I remember Dirks Bentley talked into his band. And they were all saying they got a hold of a cellphone number of somebody who played for the Nashville Predators and they're all huge hockey fans and they were over texting in the guided returns anything. The deck I just one too many tax man. I still laid up like I shouldn't tax it again but I did I couldn't help myself I'll be interested in Europe where his excuses or yes you know with a valid reason. Gray our diet not a valid reasoning to hear adversary he'll say something nice but it'll be fun so that'll be happening tomorrow at 805 on the issue goal and I just remembered it's gonna be also our favorite day on the show. Share your salary. So good about it is the radiologist in applying the woman you may have Sierra back will be better she didn't. Yeah am I if she did okay yet she sounds and I just for your personal relationships on the fan. Let's just we assist it Democrats and gets refreshed. Yet it's a new awkward thing if you missed it that when we're out now people walk up and they him restaurant they delivered better. Word our guys enjoy the show and we'll see you back tomorrow yeah. He went so well to morning pulls that Alistair is not. Point seven. It's a morning wolf pack and Matt McAllister Bakalar radio for Tuesday April 10 coming up. We have a really special group of people organs where in the month club at 610 excited about that I know Emily isn't really excited about that is a minor movie viewers these. Also what's your family friendly swear word at 630 in a little bit later on down the road we're talking to Florida Georgia line at 8058. Analysts. By the way. Did you guys get out yesterday and enjoyed that majestic splendor. That mother nature gave us Poland Italy. Yeah I think it's handling your Mike's not plugged in you seal the record behind you Michael. You know. Come on me. Come on now easily in my area who got my my pat I night that's actually weird that it would be in play then yeah. And that's you know that's called sabotage how it's too weird like okay. I actually did not I heard there are some or is out there in the hands. The idea why we use and I'm lazy. You. They're pathetic vita what do you would outside OK I had I didn't agree domestic. Stuff going on and in my apartment YouTube. Disgust I went outside man in the blood that until you talk to an island walked the dog I held the did open a window although I am I fighting don't. On my own in the blond mane that I got some light the match and don't worry it's just our radiated and we for Greg you look at age eleven and you have to do guilty about not enjoying I. Training I had dinner have a plane to go walk in the I had to wait a Leonardo come by. I did see you look like you knew par was falling apart a son and as aggressive as you Saturdays you saw Joseph I expect nothing more anger on the video games document as Eric's. All right if you would have nearly enough column let's get the show started but before we can do that we need to get on base that's up to you look at her greatly off caller right now to a six. Four to one wolf though leave it up to anybody else it's all I knew today. I wanna take a couple people for calling me and you aren't gonna make it dead as a lead a caller Matt and Tacoma Johnny JB LM GM in Arlington and John and number two in buffalo creek appreciate all you guys. Good morning Blake can Mount Vernon how are you today buddy Dario. Fantastic a Lackey what are you up to you right now. I'm actually driving home ul dot org a little bit early night. And month old daughter actually have. Pretty nasty cold compared Obama really do not take care sir so my question goes full. On a good husband good daddy what you gotta say it. Hensley I love that name is this your first childlike. Yeah see it stop my wife I mean. Dot studied our history and a half but it might burst. Follow us good now kind of feels like your big family too right yeah. Yeah I can relate to that it's funny too when you guys have another one maybe you'll be as nervous as this one you know the first when you're always Wear your break double click pretty good going. Actually I've got the wings in and read for about 737 and that's not a bad. What did explain what that means exactly the Redskins. Well I don't pretty much we have excuse. All the wing we have to do but long piece of aluminum but not a bad. And out of a hundred when he along DMP machine. And out. Basically has run a machine that program. About the job market that is really cooled blades and then now right now our only accessible governor lived in the packet out. That's played bars. Both that is just awesome man and Indy you prefer the overnight shift or is that what you do they make you do all. I don't know how to seniority of the dogs outlets get a second third and you know my life. On school and opening up like god expert younger set but at least I'm I'm the families. This is this guy doing it all Blake Wheeler demanding users on Wii to play for eight ardea Cawley isn't that the first song that are. Here. One number my Blake you got a man for Alito dollar in eight minutes ruthlessly comes for you and then right after Blake you'll enjoy this because there's a pair you know there's nothing worse than stealing and it. So coming up right at Wii players song you and I got to believe the mom busted herself for on FaceBook. Regarding her ten year old son that's coming up next probably about vodka ad you've. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf the story was everywhere yesterday at Texas mom is apologizing. For not monitoring her son's clothing close enough. And again if you go to jump on this right now morning wolf bank tells by the time you failed as a parent to a 6421 wolf. Or you can text us 46150. As a parent I can tell you it's a daily occurrence. No end in apparent game. Shelley Nicole or send her son Anthony to school at Travis elementary on Wednesday in what she thought was a McDonald's logo T shirt. But the mom was in for surprise when he got home sick a closer look at what he was wearing and X rated McDonald's charity night. She's that I promise from now on a monitor what my kids are wearing she wrote in a now viral FaceBook post by the way it's been shared over a 100000 times. And I think it's because most parents realize this could easily happen and now. Well yeah nobody's getting a judge you on this you look at the T shirt looks like the gold and arguing your halfway in the morning and trying to get to share or. And the way a little boys are we got a twelve year old in our house they get close from. Older kids buddy ray trade shirts all the time fifth. Anyway I guess Anthony her son had received a box of hand me down clothes from a friend that she really go through it see what was in it. And it didn't look like any named obscene. In fact nobody the school caught anything really. She busted herself when he got home Fiat by the got trouble when I did too I heard some of the people talking about the story and realize they're saying it wrong. None of the teachers even noticed but the arch is. Others put it this way they were women's legs and the rest of it you can figure out you can fill in the blanks there. So again morning wolf thank its do you now let's have a little fun with the. One because hey no shame tells about the time you failed as a parent 206421. Wolf. We're talking about the time that you failed as a parent and look as a parent there are many. But the regional every into today's because a Texas mom apologizing for letting her son go to elementary school wearing an X rated McDonald's charity logo T shirt. We'll spare you posting it online. 206421. Wolf or you can Texas at 46150. We had a similar. Clothing have failed just check and they said when they were in fourth grade their mom but then they jacket for man Ozzy Osbourne concert. And it said. F off huh. And I thought I warned this school and have often thought of immediately called home. We just got another Seles Shelly in snohomish how to parenting dale judge yesterday heard kit always walk home from school except yes nation athlete that he outside. The Ginn lined out for couple hours although he did a nice today. Buddy goes the worse to the ones where you just. You feel like such a bad person like how. And I think that the worst parent ever asked in a sometimes that a little more obvious for example. Strapping you into his car seat. There's the little hand hold in the back seat right in any parent knows that you're putting kids in the car seat in the back seat you have hit your head on that. Number of times yes if you're tall like giant. So I give myself a good crack in the head. I proceed to say a bad word right in his face and he's at the age where he's like a sponge he repeats everything you say so guess what word it. Mom and I had to listen to connect expect our arable land under Reid Pete. Back then you. And I'll tell you the word but he still says it by the way if if sometimes a mom's out of the room of the Allstate you'll say exactly yes I don't. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister I have seen some Ive seen parts unseated up. And if Emily grace suss it out and it just so you lesson there a little. 100 point seven. Oh well congratulations America we are now officially the most. Watching TV country in the world averaging four hours and three minutes. I. Away what do they mean by watching it. Actively watching or. Cable I would have it on in the background almost all day. Which items are watching you live by yourself with you don't have a bunch of noise in the house I totally get that. I believe that's right dimly because the weighted Nielsen gets their ratings it's as little boxes checked into your TV. Yes and sits on top and I these monitors rivers on the TV follow I would watch that Gator night hours they asked. But I'm wondering how much of that is primary active sitting on the bridge watching the as the golden age of television. I mean think about it. Did watching these things have been racing because dads Netflix and chills it's pretty much our entire culture. I can kind of offset a little bit I feel slightly better I watched a lot of stuff but I watch on my trainer some exercising had a list named time. You are I'm saying yeah having technical half hour hour or go to bed. Pretty sweet deal. According to a new study people in North America and watch more TV than anyone else in the world oh and by the way we now have more delivery food services. Than any other country the world which pretty much if you know. Shia and you can fattest lazy as a country in the world now. Hands down. By the way we're well above the worldwide average of just under three hours. And we im curious how are you watching anything in your apartment right now he's done no furniture no TV and no cable and no Internet. Yeah I'm not watching an evening I was watching when I have. When I had my temporary housing I was watching on my candle. Yeah the small screen right now I'm just you and AM FM radio now and I think you have an AM that's Emery okay. Ten issue OGY. Do you have why fight. Well I haven't kept up but I. I have to get ethernet cable and just it's wants me and I actually I usually do we ask you stubborn to give them to come out to do it's I'm just waiting for my computer to get here. And then I can get myself. Since I don't have like a guy cannot fix it and then my computer game here in a day and I give exits. Actually. What do you do I think I know yeah yeah. It sounds like when you leave work you go to jail I don't slam yeah I had a part of this is like yeah is Jana and I get a good do you get overrated IMF very richt did you know lucky get a hot meal soon. Did some things you now advocate I just got my microwave so look for a couple of. I don't get it meant I would have had the cable guy over there the first I. Well located to look like my life my head for me I'm a bundle all that stuff and I'm Neil again to show that has actually cables still Libya now. I don't know now what kind of like us if iPhone is the ally to do it like Ryan on victory of like ha ha. It sounds like you weren't asking grand donations yeah yeah I think you're you win. Have been exiled Yugoslavia could go and where my family's from diet and or re really idea I'm Croatian or. Former Yugoslavia okay now we're down the road Libya next in the big the three day coming. Next bigger stories of the day and just six and it I'll tell you how he could score some free ice cream did you unique. This is the morning we'll. Alistair you 100 point 7010. How big are the Big Three bigger then bachelor bachelorette and bachelor impaired eyes cross a remixed this is that they yeah. We all love that frees up especially free ice cream today Ben and Jerry's is celebrating yet another recount day did you know this is the fortieth. Freetown David they've done fortieth forty. Isn't very cool yeah I could not fight even eat bidding Jerry shop between immune an 8 PM today and didn't freak. Or you could go buy one of those little pints of halo tough for 280 calories and eat the whole dang thing I love. The halo top rock before you got here we did the story that Taylor atop it. Past been injuries as the number one selling a scream in America it's because this week to air but it's a great cheap right now I'm all about the reigned as world and it's not free. If you want free got to get a pretty angry and in Ben and Jerry's spectacular today so fast in Australia tomorrow go back today and I go downtown side comes. There's at least seven might not just sit down and act excited every flavor event in hopes that it would be honest than it is now I can this be the best players I try tomorrow I have not had him saying again and again it's not Wear rainbows for all the stash he know them cherry wild don't listen I sleep I need you now look if you're and one of those programs where you're counting calories you've probably wanna go to you attempt is better than nothing but if you don't care lakes loads are you a real sugar in real fat. But I feel your real fatty person and and Haley just as good today. As Betty series. Yes now not even our sweet day gonna let smaller while. I'm getting active I didn't know you were still on the same topic it's ice cream you know what I don't talk about Carrie Underwood and her fate. Kerry under way it is gonna perform at EE CM awards it's gonna be her first public appearance since her acted in November we just talked about how she posted a picture ever faced an hour all gonna get to see it. In the ocean. On TV. And sure there it is humid and it's the biggest non story of the year on any screen shots or begin a CF her face as indeed is exactly the same again I just don't understand the whole thing it looks exactly the same she's still beautiful she is the obligation wondering the ASEAN. Academy of country music awards is going to be on Sunday on CBS and lastly please please this coming back and they are casting. For their. Big the host or whenever his eight east EC this. I let it happen probably a little limited on their husband happy there has been human. The Hugh then again yeah there's really one of the Big Three stories yeah. But it is just blues hitting it. We can't do you people live in June is gonna be watching this you want against eat the thing is they're not looking up as a typical Stevie. They want somebody different it's still don't show up looking like the heat of the do you have to Wear plain T shirt now have the classes are props than any timing SP 218 to 25 years old miner is that she's forcing the story. And paid by you know and let a little before my time I baby sat through you know lose lose air act so I've watched many of blues clues. You're endorsing the show your fans. I think is so from now on Emily whenever we get an email we're gonna Reid would play this. And her pale. It's definitively tell you that Blue's Clues will never be on in our house because I know my wife. And that is nonsense doesn't put up with the nonsense you know we do we do baby Einstein list goes beyond my house not not kids it's spelled baby Einstein. Yeah your halo top in Blue's Clues that morning wolf packs with NASCAR sex 100 points. The well. On the episode it. And before we swear somebody new into the mud club we are going to be out today from the pit stop family. Britney in the Ares built this time for means one is be living marine copy Alison come on island. I eat have a cop scene if you've got a mud from your business every weekend's draft gotten into in the month plus break Amherst. Love you DT by isn't coffee tea by the way the living room coffeehouse is the only sit down coffee house in Marysville everything else is a drive through. Talk conversation really going by the wayside. I've got a wonderful card and a mug from the beautiful people at these little bit therapeutic riding center in Redmond the hardest from share in Seoul. Winter. Dinner on the phony. Greek name. Good morning a little bit. Hayes is here and imaginary mad and Emily calling from the morning wolf pack house you and this man or you know we are so good and it even better now that we got your wonderful horrid it was so sweet by the way and your coffee mug and I can't tell you how excited Emily was to read that we have a therapeutic riding center and Allen and it in the wall. All gas why it absolutely amazing what you do you I am obsessed with horses and immediately when I solve your blog and what was in it ice show and the guys all the picture of the horses on the pamphlet you gave us. 00 and here's you don't have to go to and anyone bigger enemy you're. Yeah yeah it is due for two. Feet. She was almost as excited to see the mini horse as he was yesterday we're talking about the Nigerian to work go that Brad Paisley got us again that mission me I had heard about and getting it out and telling. Cute look courses are cute and all that what you do and they're really really good work in an unbelievable experience with that too and then you've seen firsthand what this can do. Right so I've actually done at prank there be for like mental therapy after my father passed away so I'm done on that and that also seemed physical side that would you guys do and I just think that. Meeting. It is I mean there's some life changing experiences that are happening here around on a regular basis. Now the kids you quit or are they are adults that see that there is well. It's also. Term we have children. As young as two home. And I think her oldest writer here is 78 at the moment. I'm just curious what would a two year old need to come riding here before. So the one that I have been in my mind that serrated I have in my mind it is a two year old he actually just turned three last month and he has the foremost terrible coffee. His story in particular and actually good picture on the mound that we sent this is particularly inspiring. And when he first came. It was difficult for him to evaluate his mom even though she was always within eyesight of course and it was difficult for him to just sit on a horse and now as you can see pictured on the mind. There are times when he used actually. On all fours on the back of the horse and it's amazing. It's amazing in he has received first Miley is little boy and so he's just everywhere this season as. Miles contagious they brought about life changing as results for this little boy. When we post our mug shot we will put that side of the coffee mug onto everybody can see because an inspirational picture. And first and foremost we this where you can of the month club. I'm ready and I have some colleagues in the background support me with this swearing in going to get it can be an emotional experience I'm glad you have some sports. If you're ready then go ahead and raise your right hand repeat after me I state your name I share and do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolfpack. Do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf had. And as a proud member of the month club. And I'm a proud member of the month club I've pledged to crank up the wolf every morning. I pledged to Craig comfortable every morning congratulations share and so laggards. Wagoner coolest name ever by a power parent official member of the morning wolfpack mug club day you wake up this honor on behalf of everyone here a little bit. On top of that we are such big fans which you guys doing their Redmond. We would like to come see you on Thursday and bring you some doughnuts and bring you some coffee and just meet everybody on the staff would that be okay. It would. Be fantastic. OK then I'm gonna have slowed to reach out to even get that'll scheduled to make sure works for you guys and you were time. But that's what's gonna happen on Thursday chair we can't wait to meet you where super excited Hannity thanks so much for the opportunity in particular time to be without of course and I wanna see Emily riding around that mini horse if we I. I think we can have Emily. And it's key but technically no one can write PS on how to harness and a half a minute or make it easier to eat right. Serum we love you we gotta run but thanks so much for sitting in a log in letting us know about the incredible work you do and a little bit therapeutic riding center. Well thank you Serbs after turning up the mud club and probably do for our community we appreciate it. Absolutely our pleasure all right it's funny swearing can be we can't I was doing it coming up the less than ten minutes we want to know what you go to family friendly swear word this morning. Yeah palace raid and these here and 100 points. So wolf all right. What's your family friendly go to swear word everybody's got when you need to because you can only say what we're really wanna say to a 6421 wolf. Or these breezy detects in 246150. You know Matt you make it an Emmy for liking courses so much we just called her hand by just like you when you get excited I always loved horses so much says that when I was little like 45 years old. My mom said all right kids I told her brother she decadent once where we're not. Quite get you to call your brother or sister that real swear word nailing my Brothers picked scum bucket. You know like that kind of swear word ten I was so in love with horses that mind fabric as horse. And you weren't poor season and I can understand the concept. Yes so first feet. That's like the mice or that it's interesting that you think if you look into the I know what my negative but it hiding Gannett which I liked it so much so one of the ballroom and horses held Houston thankful. Now but I still famous of these I always ease some of the biscuit eater. Ford G believe. It's funny you add on the word leader somebody this game works good without that year but I like them to bond and Indiana well you know probably the most famous one. Row what are your overt. Yeah maybe just get a text already said oh my Lee into an Indian inbox electors and. BI mean these are great for trust parents because we need these works are right so again what is your go to family friendly swear word win. You won us where Betsy just can't. 206421. Wolf for 46150. Let's have a little fumble this morning wolf pack. Download Kathy good morning there in the Koreans are talking about family friendly swear words when you want to swear but you just can't what's your go to our I think failed credit. It was kind of a famous line and yeah but it's just straight when you're really never. It's just perfect if there yeah basically depart the morning wolf back we love you. You bet you won't have time get heavy text messages go over the line on the call someone will accept and have a little bit here what's your family friendly swear word she rose 6421. Wolf. Tech's 46150. Fair up from federal way says let's not get it. You gotta he's OK I know I can't figure out gambling or son of the ship wreck. I'd add those to me are a little too close to comfort. I like guys get the front door yeah a good way to just expressed disbelief. Oh my butterfly I think. Gang pulled me Bucky. How madness. It's people. I sit this one and Heather from you all been back at Auburn and I don't have never heard it that. She even race with Hillary she's in her eyes you have heard Judy I asked this alternate. If blasphemy. Along the way it rhymes like. I made no sense of our oh OK you just gotta I just got a little bit of a delay. Pop up of course that there. And chicken lips I like that yes horse feathers and chicken list shining in Everett says Jack flag in the. Okay. Goodnight nurse. I think that once or are we get some great calls coming appeared about three minutes stay alert. Good morning Marion lake Stevens we are looking for could go to family friendly so. Where word. Our families spend it quick alert if it is. Slides. My mom who says the pilot was thought about my sons though that won't be frustrated with us you know. It's way better than the alternative Mary works every time plus pledges to missions and a wonderful 9 PM a Christmas story we click O. Only I didn't see us. Got about how it that what I thought that it would put. It's old slow motion there we love you thanks Serbian part of the show today leases in Tacoma what is your family friendly swear word when you want to swear BT just keeps. Horse feathers and generally okay we've now heard that twice I don't get out. I'm well I think idiotic things. But I accept that mining L. Two OK how did did how did that start horse feathers and chicken legs I think it was like it. But where you from Lisa. Okay. And any idea how your dad came up with four spenders in chicken lips I mean obviously did on a farm. Like the sixth yeah. And he did your dad ever say real bad words or was it just stuff like horse burgers and chicken lips. Okay sedan win with the immediate right opportunity for horse that is chicken lips verses I guess maybe church or something that yeah. Her rent other people's kids you ask that you up Sunday dinner. Add elites who reloaded thanks for being a part of the morning wolf back. Yeah same I like your voice of slight Mike in Puyallup what he's your go to family friendly swear words. There experiments with an. I don't have it yet but what was the name of the cartoon character the used to say there was a Yosemite Sam you see Dag nab it all the time in the Bugs Bunny without. Duel him in the desert with the road runner and I'm sure Mike that does sound familiar. A broker votes over our right Dag mamet might love it they body. They showed it bit. CEO Tiffany and me Allen says and what the French toast and move we got a horse puck. Gas yet. Oh pickles I like Allen but I am writing all of these down because these are great words to say on the radio because accusing the right it's old pickle. Holy buckets from the meal me. Ring and it Everett said his word that word is this Murphy. Smirk yeah yeah train yourself to it's like his swear words are power words they're ingrained it just come out and now yup. Luckily woman on the air. All right appreciate it can come by the way to a 6421 wolf or 46150. On attacks also. Coming back in about nine minutes for the biggest sounding real headlines of the day cannot fake news including a local story that's right a Washington woman who was arrested after beating up relative. With her boobs morning well actually Matt McCallister I'm 100 point 70 yeah. Here it's it's. Say something real headlines of the day. You know it's going to be a wonderful day when we get a story here to take it all loss from the great state of Washington. Yeah this one's from an album we're going to be proud but it's just coming out now what happened back in January. Apparently Jennifer Chapman from ocean park Washington. Was arrested because she got into a major argument with one of her male relatives were unclear how exactly they're related. Anyway Jennifer was trying to take some of this stuff out of his house and yelling at him in front of his brother and his nephew at one point the guy said do or hey. You're putting on quite a show. She said oh you wanna see you show. Then she proceeded to take off her shirt and her broad and charged him boobs first. So mentally I askew was the only woman on the show have you ever attacked a man with your group known him. How would he be sure there are classified as a weapon in. So doing he tried to get out a way to she whacked him with one of the moves he wound up hitting his head of the wall. And then she means. Attacked the guy's brother the same way then ran outside and did something in the driveway I'm not gonna mention. She was arrested for assault and was due in court last week which is why it's coming up by the way she did not show up in courts sonatas a warrant out for her arrest us the story. She's facing up to a year in jail and a 5000 dollar fine for assault with her boots. Sleep in the New Hampshire ladies there's some kind of impression I haven't pressed contact so hard that he keeps his head on the wall. I'm impressed it's never heard anything like I have neither is so it's made these guys hate mail. Right moving nine. A woman for applying for jobs in new Hampshire county jail has been arrested because it turns out she was one and on another charge in Maine I'm. So in other words if you go worn out the arrest doomed to apply for a job. The minute edited out makes it no there isn't weren't out. Don't you think you know you have worn out I think I know someone they got pulled over for speeding ticket. And found out they had a warrant when they gobbled it addressed well maybe if you're. Are questioning that senator I think ever then don't apply yeah don't apply for a job at the county department of correction officer because they have a computer that has all that stuff and anyway it workers soon realize who's being sought and theft related offense in Maine he had never stolen anything else should just I had not apply and last and alleys and horrific moment when husband drops his wife headfirst to ground at bizarre. UK wife carrying championship so that isn't a big race in the air yeah I'm glad you've been following the sport. As good as this and Atlanta but did you send it right yeah it's one of the dumbest things ever but they still do it may be due to for years. About forty participants every year carry their wives over 380 meter course. And some of the injuries can include slip disk broken arms legs spinal damage facial injuries skull fracture Ernie is and other sundry injuries. Yeah fine. Sign me up aren't coming up we got beat the street for our Watson dig at. Shays is morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 points off. Flack hit the pavement and that could be history too. They Kathy welcome to beat the street how Loria. Harry are fantastic Kathy you are Graham this morning in your salesperson for approach pest control you know what's up for grabs correct I do. I'd rate rise Erin Watson Steele creek April 25 in Tacoma by the way it is sold out all part of our year the million tickets here on the wolf. Are you ready to tackle five questions with thirty seconds on the clock sure. All right Kathy remember as long as you know more than the challenger and we found incident slide in Fremont on Saturday you will win these incredible tickets. Okay thirty seconds on the clock on your marks get set. What recent movie featured the country what conduct. I don't know. In my company strings or on a traditional guitar. Which game show legend to phone a friend. All. I can't remember god who is the CEO of Seattle's Next I'm. Which country star married Britney her. I. Am just not fun you know. All right. Let's just say we were to give yet a minute and a half do you think you would have known anything that. CNN I ended the matter no. The no they aren't doing. It did. It can't be ominous note this is much as I can goods since we started beat the street in October nobody has laid and you say but. You just did and I think and. Hi. And now I think very good. I always say candy you're not going to be first make sure your last isn't the only two people to get attention or race faster and that's why you know and you may. That was brutal all right let's send me the challenger who again we found at sit and slide on Saturday let's aim right brother what do you do. Yeah. I we know rich is going to be better than you pretty much so let's just go through seeking give everybody the right answers questionable on black police. Feature of the country club comeback. Yeah like that there was a write in your usage Jumanji which was not the right answer although available in nineteen children. Black fans there so it's you're down one nothing let's go to question number two many strings or on traditional attire. Here's. Six was also the right answer you said seven so little split it really well you have demonstrate. It yeah. Debut at all. OK I. All right we'll traditional guitar which was the question sick so yeah you're down zero to two. Towards games now allowed YouTube photo. Australian actor wants a millionaire was the right answer again so Rachel from snohomish. The nurse says three you have zero let's go to questionable for the local question earlier this year Seattle born Yeah. She you know that one which is good for you jet days though so. You're still down arena and no chance of winning the let's go to question of the five countries got married. As. That was Jason now dean who married Brittany Kerr now have a lovely little sun so you win over five Canty Rachel. Went three for five but you know as we do here on the morning wolfpack we're gonna go ahead and dvd tickets anyway because you listen you play and try to look. It felt like he truly awful this truly awful and I love you were arguing with the about it before heading to. Yeah. We love you have a wonderful day and we'll see you mayor Watson and makes you come up and say hi I can't believe I will definitely hear that includes Thelma. They gave you made us laugh and that's all that matters I'd as a parent there's nothing worse than coming up short. As a parent Sony managed to negatively what do Mombasa herself for doing and FaceBook regarding her ten year old son it is happening. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister I hope we don't have dinner to your person comes just derided or made it only rains. Hi you're wasting putting a pillow on and off and then. 127. Wolf right now morning wolfpack were looking for you to tell us about the time that cheap. Came up short as a parent's. Look as a parent I can tell you this happens every single day 206421. Wilson number or text a 646150. This story. They got us talking about this is everywhere yesterday at Texas mom is apologizing because she didn't monitor her son's clothing close enough. Shelley my color center sent Anthony to school at Travis elementary on Wednesday what she thought was a McDonald's logo T shirts. Bug the Mamas and for a little bit of a shocker we got home and she is the one that noticed that it was an X rated McDonald's parity. You're gonna posted anywhere but you can do go up again and everything. She's and I promise from now on a monitor what my kids are wearing by the way it was such a good charity that nobody at the school noticed either. Which is crazy because I've had our kids dress code before and sent home where they got a Deere logo they got to turn their shirt inside out that happens all the time. But I. According to a FaceBook post which has now been shared over a 100000 times she said he got a box hand me down clothes from my friend she didn't really go through all the clothes. Didn't notice that the McDonald's shirt was vulgar and obscene anywhere to elementary school all the more and ends at running around trying to get the kids to school hours I. And you know half the time to get to put a sweatshirt or something on over than take office what you're. It's a way that the girls to dress a little more provocatively the noise can hide his logo I mean there's a lot of weights. Like parenting is really really hard you're talking to a guided dangled his one and a half year old office fairies. I don't like cats and may get called out by the captain of the boat in front of everybody on the ferry that had a baby backpack on it happens. Fight when did you come up short is apparent to a 6421 wolf let's have a little fun with his right now. Hey good morning John and Everett tells of the time he came up short as a parent we all do. My daughter tonight I didn't go our center in my church and their attitude and didn't realize they can't. They say longer just trying to curtain on the back getting. We don't lose your there's bigger economist. And hands. He's an hour is all of them fear of Europe are sure. Your daughter that Jimmy Buffett fan I love it. I. So what did the school dish on today maker turned inside out or send her home. I don't got a really edit an adequate security jagr shirts yeah yeah I got a good and that's the worst you I can't tell you how many times we've gotten that call like hey I don't have any lunch money I don't have launched like we send our kids to school without anything you mean this happens John appreciate it apart the morning wolfpack brother have a great day okay you can thank you. He's you know like Texas or 61 I know we just got to Texas that after a business party. The baby sitter had to drag me in my son of the hospital because he had crew that I was too drunk since high. So yesterday we are talking about this based on this mom who senators understand in Texas within obscene shirt on and and Lagos as a man you're the only parent like what's your story go and I don't have one I have a million so when people call in a refresh my memory out of all the things in that one reminds me it's. Every parent knows this when you come home from an event like we'd like you paper babysit you gonna celebrate your party do you come home buzz. In the game is trying to act mature and is simple on the babysitters but at the same time still trying to figure out how much you or hurt Imus to pay it out sent. Forty dollars or coming hours and even gone issue. 206421. Wolf. Champion Arlington we've all had the moments let's hear yours. I kind. Mom and there were eight years old they were fighting like holiday and it. Did you win and it sickened and Brittany what an each corner and she had now gathered at your. Sorry and they are up. My sister who is a hero during a look at my brother rob and I are endless. I'm Kim Newton. Sort of obvious fact. I can see that our listen to bunny lake here's another Kathy caddie tells of the time you came up short as parents. Oh I can't go on to Joplin school doesn't Auburn men. One time I'm in northwest track record of being immigrants. And that's. Why aren't structure and get out to kids let's. The county animal lives there and went teach him that was so her. Thank Ben raped and then bounced and cut. What I watch in movies. Where. I don't certain goal scorer. Yeah caddie shack where. You daddy outage you Danielle in Puyallup. Tells by the time we came up short as a parent Daniel. How can outrun an errant on Saturday it was my daughter at each story at that point and a I'm like I need some coffee types aren't you can't Ali it's tight and every out my daughter. On an apple and all I got. The parent and look at us when I ordered my. Order my copy. And my daughter's birds talk to me about the actually. You know not enough and I finally look I'm in the east but it. Talk ask. Yeah are all included forget that moment we got a couple of checks and what does my worst moment as a parent as we're trying to surprise our kids to go to Disneyland. And and that she forgot that everyone needed at first certificates because of the special event and forgot one of the kids birth certificates they got reject. Is okay. I can bet that might be a worsening heart yes the disappointments but look on their face dealer channel and gate all. That might be the thing we've heard. We all that I have been as they got called the school to cut the sleeves of their son's Fischer chicken little plastic was their tight leaving marks on his wrist. Time to go to target mom and dad are coming up barely got the Big Three stories of the day and I got in just four or her words for you a free ice cream today. That's just eight minutes is that three words I don't for free ice cream on your camera. In the morning. Alistair only do 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three is bigger then bachelor bachelorette and bachelor in paradise crossover event this is the date yeah. I said I had forwards for you which bird correct by the way free ice cream today yes sorry I was all off. Leading theory is celebrating yet another recount today is their fortieth Freetown days simply stop I want their source between need and an 8 PM. You can get increased. That's fantastic you know we recently did the story about how Kayla atop tiznow beat Ben and Jerry's as the number one selling history in America I had never even heard of it before that happened. Cahill talk is amazing and it's low calorie that's still taste just get his regular ice cream. Based novel is Laura let down because he can always talk about well I think those as again it doesn't care about. Calories fat under that honestly that's why I and I've been on the inhaler something for well over a year and I was so excited that it is gonna be so low calories or you just need to have a candidate. But it tastes terrible yeah does not to Zelnick did nothing really racecar it's amazing it taste like I screening and a whole pint I have a hard time believing that Helen Thomas is good has been injured so simple that now it's not free. Like today today is an ordinary everyday angry and read pretty strange I mile top tomorrow especially Ramos were all or. Sash PLO or mint chocolate chip that literally the stop it is free halo Todd day he had exactly. Great Kerry under way it is coming out of the status we talked last week about how she posted the picture and now she's gonna perform her new single on Sunday ACM awards. Not screen shots of the TV up close on her face or any clues there's not there's the media and administration it looks exactly the same. I failed to grasp any of this Y old hidden face I know that because charity released a picture and there was nothing there plus when your going onstage at the ACMs. If there was anything it's covered in a company that much make up Israel. I'm excited to see your perform again it's this Sunday on CBS at the beach or. 53 academy of country music awards I'm just excited for the AC is by doing we'll all be live tweeting during the show so will be Stan Utley with the. And playing a late late is 9 PM yet answer I. Liz Clinton is coming back and now they're casting for a fresh new look if you steam and please please you know Steve was right away away away away away. Blue's Clues as one of the Big Three stories of today Tuesday April 10 is huge and about Blue's Clues you have kids is give me watching tons of blues greens I know your kids nobody's watching Blue's Clues how the watching and brownie and have kids okay. That's sad to see and they don't wanna Steve they want and you are looking person which to me how are now not feel about this haven't. The difference D. J. King you really really ever replace Steve. You're laughing but it's a big deal I believe this is the stupidest story you've ever pay a decent they're still going on this and you really like blue. This is what we're gonna play every time we get an email. That look like a joke. Doesn't feel like Italy's turn to torture us withers Big Three story answered it is not the big reason blue's clue how easy drag the Lebanese Steve. And I had the eighteen to 25 years old just getting I have a one and a half year old son and I could care less about that he's never watching that show. So finally sediment wanna watch you know you can access FF all right take your net TL there were talking to Tyler Robert coming up instead. You're listening to the morning the McAllister yeah. Undermine. The mail whenever I had. According wolfpack Matt McAlister with Tyler recovered from last GO Jonas right now it's up Tyler. You know you'll get a little Tyler what happened Brothers. All of not a whole lot he did air. And on the front side and that's Luke you know are right actually yes there have been all right there that would bode. Yeah they can barely go well I mean they're like putt putt around corners on the ball we yeah. I videos that yet didn't make it out that you analyses super cross tolerance belligerents to Graham can you obtain thing in your backyard correct. Yeah absolutely I don't know a packet that are out there and I thought about every now love it but they 45 minutes from where I live as well although I got the ball and I go out there it looked up and chart that valued last year. Congratulations on your daughter man and I I would imagine we Haley in the mix now you probably getting a little less time on the moto. Good at their place not a slut I used to it that with the it's clear that. You know it's a lot of them not the planet I'll live right now the debate and Libya. Been able to be a bad bet it would alien figured out together it's going to improve fans. From one dead to another I got a favor to ask you this. Can you work on your dad's father a little bit now that your dad. I don't. Get it they are getting it done and OC that's where Iran Tyler you need to stay away from the gym let's work on the beard got the love handles the man boobs. You know when you posted that picture you singing your daughter reassured yes nice cool man uterus of a chance not fair. I probably edit the yet let you know. I'd like to get a break the mold Bayard payback is the lord they say it out there had to do get a sales data a lot of red neck praising now on out of breath is bad well it's been. Well just all of my work as well about there is little left out of China. You know it's not time yet moved out there you know depend a lot more and that's what analogy I later what you Wear a belt a little bit it's out of my life. Just don't be afraid to grab the twinkies and a beer brother chicken wings with cheeseburgers pizza you know just haven't had a little bit now that your dad give the rest of the chance. Without. But maybe Wednesday Kagan joined to dad about club anyway any pressure there now that you've got one. Man they still haven't. That very child like well yeah but I don't know I think there it's it. It does agony baby soma is not okay good clip you can call him uncle beat Campbell Brian. Yeah well. Keep us in the loop on that one about BK we want the scoop and enjoy that beautiful baby girl in the meantime great talk and you Tyler. But he's got so much got a straight day and I hope there won't solve these. I think doubt appreciate the time rather. All right up by the way Regina for Puyallup says she's in with you for blues clues. Speaking of TV. I don't know if you guys have the same experts that my kids watch some weird stuff coming of a less than ten minutes to I don't know. No weird shows that your kids watch. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister thirty cracked his first beer I don't think anybody can be damn it only pray this isn't actually great for craving away. 127. Won't tell us about the weird TV show your kid watches and why it and we meaning god we main we may not get any response that is at all I don't know as a parent sometimes I feel like a mama's own little island on the show he knew what each you have kids. And a target of a feud easier to have all he watches his baby Einstein when my mom needs a break and singing the blues clues. I can stay Vanessa is not gonna put a little enclave wait too noisy choosing like noisy toys but anyway the point is. What I'm scroll through the DVR. I asked my wife she's a watch to be Michael was watching. Whether he chasers Storm Chasers. OK see you mean necessarily like we urge you mean weird for their. Eight Oscars for their age group yes soared twelve year old boy is watching the weather channel. A round the clock in Storm Chasers. And when I ask him he's acknowledged think it's really cool as learn about different weather. Those son had a goal for a twelve your way you wanted super cross the gas Dave boarding and I don't know but he's addicted to Storm Chasers in these weather shows and the weather channel. Now Lexus fourteen. She watches fixer upper which again. That's a show that if you're a little bit older and you like in 20 are you start watching it and I fourteen X I can't for. It's she'd just like one and and since part of me thinks she watched it maybe because their mom watches it sometimes yeah. But I think when your kids get a little bit older old enough to program did DVR. It's it's I don't know final loan we'd just have weird kids and grandkids watch some strange shows for their age not what I would expect Blue's Clues like you said. Got it yet but there are other little little tools does that kind of in between. They're now watching kids shows. So it's interesting to see what adults shows that there watching. And they're not I mean servers are right that the weather leg on Ambien I'm talking about hill what's the same ones over and over and over. And just throw in the office just on repeat forever you. But again morning wolf back again into one and Obama Lola on this or your kids also what's weird shows. And why again to a 6421 wolf or you can text as easy for 6150. Hello Reilly any bill we're talking about the weird shows your kids watch and why. Outlining its ticket that are watching. There is the payment at eighteen earned on 800 song that is a shallow and it. Usually her prospects in the oh. Over and over again. Because my kids being in the Akron they I yeah yeah yeah yeah it's a great ending to the last. And they try to catch it and it literally little finger puppets. Campus cops out and as it is I think it was 800 ask you being here and perhaps are you do. I mean meanwhile icy mom over the bridge with a little glass shard man. I hear it through. Riley thanks for here we love you and I can't. Good morning gathering Gig Harbor. So my bonus kids who were told a fourteen watch these shows that I would never expect men to watch like fixer upper and Storm Chasers. What's the weird TV show your kid watches and why. So I have a nine year old and a fourteen year old and I think my Ford Field lots. More normal television. My nine year old watches shows play my drink it it. My pick on admiral Mike apparently it's I don't do it yourself on the TL ET and yet they act flatly she comes and tells me about all people eat me. Dryer sheets and you often fall. But in a way Heather that kind of makes sense it's like the playground and you know there's always a kid you're gonna double dog dare U piece of dirt or something like that. I had been freaked me out until I hear kids actually eating it I thought why not. He had them we have are blocked in a cab asks. Glad you're making me feel a bit better I appreciate it yes. Thank you guys have a great day you do there's saying are liberals are two hours and on Sunday because you got to stick around for five minutes this call coming up you are not gonna believe. Hello Angie in Olympia so my bonus kids are watching. Let's see Storm Chasers in fixer upper that twelve of fourteen put weird showed he's your kid watching live. I'm on my daughter's sick and she lives just enjoy it. I think anything joked. Lou Wagner who heard these ships really Megan is not afraid to a place isn't bad that it. Anything unless it's covered as inpatient but you don't stop because you think this talk don't kill capability of the. Wait and see what is the point of the show is alike attached to show except the new body paint. Pretty much yeah AA how does the budget contestant in the net model commander who wearing guess you know anything's atheist. And they'd get bodies painted and you create so that actually looks really often had he is of that. Does your parents' radar go off a little bit like in munition watch my child look at naked people. Well prepared pretty good don't. Almighty gets it and don't look at it as being Canadian and they're not mean they are and it's Berkshire street hit it sounds like there naked guys are just girls on skin words I'm still hung up on that concern. The UN in I'm gonna get a pass mailed one time that they are but there may get regular. Since this is the most bizarre thing I never heard and so great you never ahead of the I haven't but I'm gonna definitely check it out. So it's more about the artist and the model yeah. But they didn't say and they weighing you know the hundred as the Libyan or something okay and somehow they just threw in a couple of dwarf midget wrestlers. There I don't know some things that had kicked me to look like what they're wrestling name is John and I gotta he's got a lot. Tattoos and kind of hitters strategy appreciate detected in on the weird TV show your kid watches that is definitely earlier this regular morning back with met with Alastair. One place. So while we will Baghdad now fairly race closer we get out of here would really take over a couple of quick things though on the way out the door. Today the podcast that we close at 10 AM with fifteen minutes a bonus contents. Yesterday's topic was how often used to clean and change your underwear it was a real home run and then. Marysville wanted to come see today we hope you come out and I get warmed up a copy on us were happy to by the coffee and wherever else you want Marysville the living room coffee house on fourth street from twelve to one it's a mug club pit stop daily good morning. Hi that. Fantastic or you I'm doing great today is national siblings today. Age you know I think I saw that only in degree already the post are coming in heavy and hard yes deadly trending everywhere we're looking for the stories. About you and your siblings the things that you got away with it you were in cahoots with. With your siblings growing up yeah and then your parents never found out about it. See this was tough for me because I had a little sister we hated each other so we did everything against each other. All we didn't do anything. For each others that makes sense you're cattle Taylor and yet she would tell me I'm adopted shoot the lock on god. Holes I have the burden because she was older her boyfriend David may be smoke cabinet. Kicked me emissions in the saddle shoes like the tortured me everything is coming into focus now I don't do that was beaten each man. I Emily what about you I mean it's that you your broad along a little bit better. Yeah he's had jumped. This day years like. Jump off the stairwell all the way down idea to bring a lot of stuff out with you barely noticed what was slow Joey goes to a whole different category of. Breaking the law you know your significant others yourself on what call he was a juvenile delinquent if you don't know he's reform now it's all good there pays taxes and everything little bit. All right. If you go to get all the daily to do read out to a 6141 world or Sydor tech's 46150. Were out we'll see you back to tomorrow morning at 5 AM have a great day. It's actually not a character. Mornings from Clarksville.