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Tuesday, April 17th

Tuesday April 17th, 2018


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Wrote welcome back to the podcast for Tuesday April 17 thank you thank you thank you for coming to check this sounds we promoted a little bit on the air but it's very organic man is very grassroots. Hi I'm Matt that's Amelie and sludge. So these are things that we don't have a chance to talk about on the show just because we have limited amounts of times when he left over stuff we'll talk about it on the podcast. Before we get into it. I wanted to plug the fact that we're gonna be out if you're the boss Larry your local. Come by southern grounds coffee shop in about the slow growing so social brown I got to Zach brown Bentley NASA keeping in southern down. Anyway we're gonna be there a in the newly renovated buffalo area amid a device you look up a copy to come by from noon to one will make that happen bring the mug will be June the month club with. Whoosh so will start this is get right into it. There's an there's a new app out there you know earlier talking a minute ago about your your favorite web sites or the goat to apps when you have like five minutes. Despair yes what's yours mine as does feed. Mika and I AM. Have I mean it's fair or a bad mid I don't abuzz because they have like the dumb quizzes and they have like 25 Q means about dogs. At all at all let's training on Amazon right now I can see slow Joseph just starting to get mad enough by listening to you just buzz created just so it's like it hurts your eyes the Eagles look again I. I. I'm not NASA a raft and then and all the quizzes to quizzes are like I'll tell us what kind of dressing like on your salad and will gets your favorite movie. I. Passed through and it's also a I. The brits like design your house and we'll tell you like which character in the show you are just I like to see the pictures the house this reminds me of my sister and I arguing when we were kids about her reading Cosmo magazine and taking like the sex quiz our advance you know it makes us sensed amendment for women it's subjective like I get a Raikkonen reign in your rose fever. I think he just. I have hey Alex. I I think it every night for show prevalent we're nearly one out of fifty nines that I find any news of my thoughts jacket. But it hurts man T. For me it's more about just Twitter I mean because every web site or interest in organization that I like is just a follow him on Twitter and then they'll post articles whatever they're linked from there it's like the best of the best side and even go to web site throwing more than interest meets his Twitter and mr. Graham but. There's a new app. And this is pretty cool I've never heard anything like this before. So it picks music for you based on the rhythm. Of how you are shaking the sheets. So in other were herds and this is a real thing it cost to 79 it's called deadbeats how does it now. Okay you put your phone on a mattress. At the measures the vibrations. And that and picks the right music for your sexual tempo move so maybe you're having a Barry White Knight or it's very romantic in slow and it'll put on like or you. So you speed up it'll put on a fast yes song is still feeling it you'll go to screw elects you know half a 170 beats a minute power pop wow how. Funny. How crazy and I'm just wondering if this is something that's sustainable guys don't work this out it'd be imagined. Shaken receipts we even with your wife Camille like polar bear got to put the phone next to your head and what it felt like bounces off the debt. A lot of it chooses songs you hate they are Qaeda is one of those things the other change up the red and it is. On the headline is like is all the attention this is gonna again I can't write library hanging may have what I think just the concept of music making a difference in a sexual act is something it's it's almost very high school boyish and I used to and I remember my title play yes I remember a high school girlfriend Erie shore thinking that if I had Jane's Addiction blaring we're gonna have a great nine bad day. It doesn't work like. I'm an update still profitable but there is deadly such thing is the wrong music's. Yeah I just I don't now I mean may be it when you get older and you have kids and we have a baby it's like man if we can even get it on right in uninterrupted. Music the last thing marina I like you we'd have twenty minutes and nobody's gonna gonna divide us and not perfect we don't have it yeah. You know I'm one of the teenagers knocking on the door it's a non citizens in the music Sumner is wrong with your GSE yards. In other news you we did talk to you today about I think it was yesterday on the podcast we talk about how Justin Bieber punched acute in the face and yet at Coachella will also at Coachella because none of us are cool enough ago. The Wal-Mart yodeling boy it was there and I guess was hanging out with just to be my right before on totally different from this kid is unbelievable I mean literally post it opens out of a Wal-Mart started yodeling and now he's been on Allen he's played the grand Ole opry and he's hanging out backstage in Coachella. The Internet is freaking amazing he's making the most of his fifteen yeah he says rest assured it'll be fifteen minute. Do you think. That this has yeah I mean look famous fame in turn makes no difference I made the comment on the air I think that like this today. And let's see parks that you leaping in the backseat and have a hard time getting dates. I'll ask it's a nerdy ass thing to do any liking of ventricle band trillin exactly. I think he's probably gonna have to change it is music style to us to evolve as an artist in today's. Contemporary music group I have saying that other I. I don't but you'll made the transition manpower you you'll notice there indigent that he did yes yes stop the yodel dad. I say it's all about getting the music producers year and then once you have that you can transitions are a ticket to a contract agency transition. Is it if the boy can thing Aiken saying let's see how he does going through puberty RS and I'm series if you bought deadbeats you would never get yodeling as you were making it with your woman barely cleared. A yeah all right a new study finds in let me answer to be do you know anybody in to actually slow. Well you sent the story out last night which no surprise you did because. It actually finds that smiling does not make you look cooler in pictures I knew I. They're not mind so there are a lot of people and I don't know slow Joseph why you don't smiled and a lot of people that don't market it think it makes him look cool. Bobby bones Kanye West. There's a lot of people that think it's cool or not to smile but this new study says it officially does not make you look any cooler. Yeah it is an interesting study item let's put our top minds and but I don't you know but honestly I don't know how to smile like a big smile I never have I was self conscious comic heat for ever seven isn't like us and learn how to smile as a kid. So now I'd just like as smiled my pages of the distance and again up and that's full effort and giving Irish trip and your wedding pictures that make you guys knew what you were smile that and I know you were happy underdogs and all buried on the inside like come through people. I cannot smile I feel like I mean I'm Becky can I. Bad RBS anyway but yeah like it just doesn't that he's scared when I catch you I got them into like an apple haters out there relic of the U. Hole the fish here are VF is. Scary like I'm like oh my god what happened. Here now. It's worse than my wife is if you like your wife is has a very strong RBS. Rays aren't you both though I was like look I had that I don't matter yeah I get so like it doesn't have anything to do my actual ha Il now it is but honestly annaly you can warn us all day long and you did thank you but it didn't prepare him one of the forest and back in the early days still and we've been working together for what him two months at that there are still days are kind of like are you okay had happen lose you're yeah I don't like what are. It seemed like what now. Certainly got pieces. You have an intensity to use that is I think Joseph aptly described it is frightening yeah. It really I don't ever getting this out of me over because I I think that could be coming your just pissed the hell off my hand on. He had to say it's not an egg does it doesn't match your personality 90% of the time you're normally in a fine mood like you've liked. You know he's an impact I have to actively like how is my mouth like MI. Looking like an anchor and practiced the kind of smile mouth closed so. At least like when we go to our mug club it's not I'm kind of aware of it and try to get pat and why just worry about it worked consciously beeping you know that times. There again I guess we're blessed that we just give off a little more of a hospitable vibe normally we don't have to try really settled Triad. But I'm glad I'm you are an approachable guy that hey do you ever been hit unlike at the gym I would say no. Now I'm not a did you actually I don't last person that I hang. Know when the last in my twenty was written massive like football players excellent players one on cannot see me after and then there a couple of and weeks and just you know when you can ask like do you I'm not treated her like that's your girl now because and I like and I learn like that's not who you are. He was like but I give you a couple minutes to get in the gym before I even approach you because itself has like. So funny so I told my story. And she's like I you know if I didn't know you I would think that you're just an interest in every other human being ever yeah. The ethnic and how many you use there is that thing and we all have our things by yer thing was the first public a thought you hated me and being I thought I. I just it's it's a weird vibe but I I don't know it's not who you are it's an interesting shell yet if there if there isn't RBF championship so. Matthew are. As old battle command and SA has a battle of details and compared she's in the minors but I'm glad now that she's mine humor married I'm glad she has it because when she goes to the zoo remains serious issues no guy ever talked me to have access to bit sir Alec I'm OK with that in a war. Are so maybe last thing here and I will move on and Emily you were blog it's at Seattle will get competent with a check it out it's about all the free crap you can get that man. Tax day free and discounts and island get one and half box and yeah I have it here it was or anything that stuck out to use your run and bloggers that is run through a couple now there's a massage he can get a hype your messiah a free one. It's like. A discounted. We see I'm still in the food section. Must at least for you of the water. It's just Wear like a crappy article about a spray of water very take on water early yeah yeah yeah okay I've seen I'd a couple of let's be honest everybody does really cares about flew out and free food. Parties has a deal pot belly sandwich shop Chucky cheese tell me to stop if you want more info on any of these firehouse subs shoe lot skis the and they still around so that there's a couple of them. And that in Seattle and surrounding areas homage IA when I can squeeze in in my macros Miami Jimmy John's guy island immunize their Italian sandwich and I'm. And they have an app now it's fantastic he's as they would tell us their damages. Yeah you like the testified to when I want hot again for firehouse when I want like fresh socks it's non tested at averaged a firehouse has a deal today too by the way. Sewed is that the hot dog on a stick sonic Applebee's yes sonic congaree how weasels Wiener Schmidt sold battered or us. This is like that. White castle. MacDonald literally get a night Pizza Hut there's a pretty mainstream thing maybe you wanna go for dinner take the family you get 50% off all online pizza orders them so that's through the 22 of April but I'm sure there's way more for me annual well written. Hand crafted blog I think. I need to all of them were area specific has some as you mentioned. I looked up they don't have like great American cookie company. Yeah Tim Hortons yeah how to we do a feature on the show about emily's RBS Bob. I don't know how to capture that is again you know I just went back to Exxon like man this is something that we should talk about because I think a lot of women probably have the same thing. Sometimes guys have an ardea frat. But I'm but we can't capture on the radio generally kind of the entire radio bit but it is definitely were talking Iraq is he pit probably something. Whether a year of where that are not that has affected you like. Well I'm sure detected any book if they always say you know back when the secret was the thing that everybody was talking about you get back what you put out right. Your putting out that much like horror movie negativity slasher that's if you give back. He's always get like in public places I would not buy into politics. Or not it's not that bad outlining her and it's only it's almost like and I don't like you combine with I don't give a crap the and that's. So what it is like I don't wanna be here and today out of a say this for Amelie because she has been living. And a very challenging accommodations in Emily has been a good mood every day since she's yeah. It was the only day that she even hinted at a little bit of a complaint or shows you how and bitchy she edge. It is the obviously not every strength with no luxury to know furniture not finger yeah if you have dishes I would be such an ass hole every day and on when I came into work he had this morning I couldn't find my keys easily put him right in my purse pocket but I guess it fell out and I don't have lights in my bedroom because there's no overhead light meaning clamps on tightly himself. I think he even though I had my phone flashlights are just like I'm so this. Yet in her little Al burst was so mild and nothing was a committed over and even admitted it was like OK that's my little thing and Mike that was an even thing. You can post obtained you can punch somebody like you know I feel for Emily so anyway. It totally doesn't match the personality. But I just don't know how he would ever have a conversation brainstorm that and I remember had been SO was kind of aware but then I showed her picture of her getting ready on our wedding day. Because of photography though when it sort of took one she's in the makeup chair. In the look on her face is like she could destroy a human with this look if you think is that what Atlanta classic I asked. This is your are BF is only counts worsen the best thing I. It's severe man. Anyway I don't know how we make it I think on the show brainstorm our pissed that app and maybe other women we can relate to the contrary they Danny and me are you definitely affects how did you know you are who pointed it out there are. And you know I don't know if the fee every thoughts folks who show prep forest mad at him. Do our homework you will let you go we're off of awful for the pit stop and we'll see that tomorrow five have a great day enjoy the weather. Can he do you. That he would tell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not the. Point seven. Well Sam McAlister earlier it's good morning fourteen loads you know. Well this isn't a catchy anybody by surprised that it is officially tax day to day yes. Aaron and I know at least you have a blog up minority via I don't know it's in the when you go to Seattle icon just about those taxi freebies lot of restaurants given away free drinks food that kind of thing Yasir Eisner's urges half often outlandish I guess it's up Seattle opera dame leads you. You also today it's extend among global swear somebody new in plus LT we're going to be today in bottle buying free coffee for any abuse that. Or kind of have to stop by insanity great. Also the Zack brown band tickets coming up at seven that would be the street and mister Jason around the if you're a CM entertainer of the year getting new kid he's got a new album. Hot wife he's got a lot though not as you don't know about yeah I mean against oppression so it's all good short of that it's going to be a fun show. In answer to whomever in the complete for governor is innocent. Jeddah today sir. It was an about that but I had had a great day got just the deal Cairo. Says it's also a member of the month club but yeah Issaquah aren't we done right got a lot. Good news and bad news there when in in me like to have a hard these things it. Sometimes it's hard not to be selfish right away so doctor Kim my chiropractor. He's in his Lima last. Appointment for three months I'm going to South Korea that take care my father who's fallen ill. I sit and again my. My heart deep wells up with happiness for you and what you're doing for your father that's amazing but what about me yeah back and what about my lower left back area. A good director it's hard I guess he walked in they know that others don't need. But given a moment where you ought to be so happy can some is doing something so well yeah. But a simply elect and I'm kind of closed that opportunities. Are endless delight when that seems remote to. I would really don't collar somebody to get us some base of yellow. Play at the news bit of a funny give us a call right now if you are listening. 206141. Wolves if you wanna be a lead out colony LOC today get a some base right after Brantley Gilbert push you to pick the first song. And a big thanks derivative called it a really tough today man you guys are up and fired up that's good trouble Jim in Arlington Jordan in Q wallop Stephanie and spin away via. In order of appearance. That is dole to Bremerton where we're gonna find ebony who works at a daycare and good morning opening. Morning how are you today. Yeah okay so you know sometimes here in the morning wolf thank you play this game called the name yes and I guarantee either his. One thing that everybody says Anthony when you tell people your name. Any avenue in there you know that Larry I doubt it's a song in it and it is a song. I'm actually. Had pulled it out but it didn't full. Of a bunch of other Paul McCartney songs but it. Let me just an open and he and there he sing with me and he. Go to can't aliens and. Any. That he had an episode of mud and no T Boone the pie. Not a movie. Would have restarted yeah had to guess I'd go there ready for you. Thank you. Ebony and it only makes it nice I know tag team as well this is starting again. So and any what's gone around with you are you on your way to daycare an idea pretty early start over there. I yet I might lay away or. So what age group are you with ebony. Am I actually see that child nutrition specialist I take care of all the good stuff. And to ballot as many as six. Well you're gave it away. I love it that's very cool you can tell these guys that when I wave my food because I'm counting my macro nutrient is not that big deal right evident. I. As she definitely. Can wait Alcee. Portion and know weighing every Bryce colonel on your pieces and get yeah so you know as he does weigh in portions Emily. Over a right ebony and I'm talking about. I'm portion control get the right and I carved protein fat you're disappeared just trying to convince yourself or ask. Am still on it Lou well did you give me again the with a bit weaker than two weeks there two weeks. Anyway ebony what else are you into are you married you have a family what's going around to personally scanner. I hate you haven't Atlanta not married yet. Lou. I got you can't let slip an acute care is those just in the event. Instead. Daily life. Blended Families it yet you're you don't have any kids together with your boyfriend. Okay well that's cool that's fun to think you guys might go down that still waiting wrote eventually. Have one of your own maybe. At LO OK Mike Ditka that helped out just me I get it right let's go play a song you have we will do like to hear any country song little clip for you next. I was glad to hear exactly how to do it gives. You know we just played Chris Stapleton a minute ago I I gotta have a little more variety than it normally an ever senator I just did that kid. Whitney let people work. Ha yeah thank you got to look different next governor of ebony. And may it have any great day if not do you have any. But you. Can take care. He's away my cam. According needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't help my donuts and now. Oh here's Matt McAllister. It's no wolf what TV showed these your dog watch and why. To a 6421 wolf or 461501. Attacks. Might seem a little bit random but I was reading this article yesterday Netflix is claiming. That 33% of us that watch their shows to watch with our pets every single time so that is to say that the dog will actually sit there and watch TV. I find this the most fascinating because you only know which now and our dog penny who's a golden doodle. Does not notice the tee because of what's really has no does notice her son really either. I kind of lives in her own little world as if she's just awesome awesome dog but doesn't really notice. The TV so the fact that dogs would sit there and watch TV I find a little shocking for me and we don't have a dog the moment. No but I've done a lot of sponsoring and not to mention that I did have one dog didn't really liked. Football in the sense that she would just stare at the TV when the ball is on. And she would start getting anxious when it was commercially chief start digging around and run around credit realize. It until a couple commercial breaks then it's UConn now when football came on May do just that their much hit the in the commercials came on she ran around like crazy and she likes. Slow Joseph quickly you know you have two dogs and I don't watch TV well we forced into whatever over gone and we put on full house or family matters that they've watched like every season and he did I just a I don't have hired bill like it or not but they said their lives how did you come up on those shows is your choices you know I know I wanted something just just to keep that help keep them call me it was there was like a 150. Episodes of Eads some leg up put this on an artery a Democrat out there. Our morning wolf bag what TV show it does your dog watch and why to a 6421 well. Good morning Lindsay and Bonnie lake Netflix says 33% of those watch TV with our dog so what TV showed easier dog watch and why. It actually. Hurt I. Hurt little give it a little if you don't. And that burden when the Olympics are on. See you thought it would be an ice skating and the dog got there watching it. And it afraid of the dark got up on its hind feet and headed by doing damn thing that I. Alcohol. Please tell me she got a video of that. Normal thing in the world looking in Lindsay up until this moment had she noticed that the dogs like TV at all. Yeah okay picked up about it however are watching TV. And some crazy tees I would think with a with a dog would really notice of the other dogs or animals on a NASCAR. Other the other candidate are what it's you you when there is another dark. Oh great. I love it so. Was it's any other event or just a figure skating the Olympic. So I mean you bobsled does not do for dog element among dog brought it like art. So grave easy thank you so much for being part of a morning wolfpack have a great Tuesday I. And makes it pretty fascinated by this topic is silly as it sounds because I've never had a dog to watch TV was me and I'm always one that dog deuce on the couch. And chill yeah and I don't have the dog you've got to meet will be I've met OB a good. It's time men beating Texas 246150. Didn't have a bunch a text about people watch in Animal Planet with their dogs and it makes sense. Yeah in elegant dogs there in the city you would much rather be out there where the nature channel that I disagree on that when people always say that an Animal Planet has tons. Shows about like just like. In these heated tortured dogs in their eye on whining like I'm going to see that. It's true that's their brother all right Chris says his god will watch scary movies with him. See now that's. When you fall in love with a dog I would TV showed as your dog watch and why to a 6421 wolf and you know the number detects in if you want to. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Sporting wolfpack Matt McAllister of course Emma lire in slow Joseph everybody's here happy Tuesday thank you for starting your day with us. I don't you're gonna be out from a new and won by new coffee in your lunch break impossible to say one at 610. So it isn't bad news for you or dating life family mighty yes OK by the way no new updates right given mr. downing. No I keep you updated and there's an update well I'd get one update last night. There's been a guy that you win now where is the two week we talk about it there isn't a there was a there was another mat in her life for about three hours. And I told her if that I didn't think it was a great idea just because that's gonna be confusing if you're dating a man and you work for the Mets a lot of Matt's right that they didn't go well anyway and I went Betty you know everybody yelled at me is out of some big selfish I think that that works out of these many dreams we can figure out. We'll call him something else yes. He is not in my dreams and well the try anyway it was in getting the hint they now you've basically said on the air I'm not interested in anything. Detectors as these hit and there's a jail space and they and I'll play I think he's left me or just good jobs that that's a bad for a fictional bad. If there and it shows photos always been the most empathetic person and I'm sure you're back if I feel like if there's even a hint of maybe I'm out it means to yeah I don't understand people that. And I have people in my life right now that I'm like okay thanks but no thanks and it's been five invitations yes good to keep asking well there's a hint there kind of and I try to be settled with any gets annoying yet it's like holding the door for me when I'm thirty feet away. It did lead org out yet it is simply wears like his some theory is sweet guy and so I wanted to be nice it was the point where warmer tax I'm gonna have to then look. It should never get to the point where you need to be so hard ball yeah should be able to pick up the subtle hint gaffe in saying not so yes a bunch of times. Thought that's upon it's isn't what I'm sorry we're so that's not even talking about what I wanted to talk about. I did is mix. The good news is I found an article about some to the you can do that would make you more attractive and Dave the bad news is something you hate to do oh what's that drinking eating well known. You don't know if you hate drinking you never I don't essar eating spicy food Ali act which yeah I know you hate panayota make me martek I would cry in the nobody can win a woman orders spicy food on a date it makes the guy she's with seemed more attractive so that's interesting way to make the guy in line yet say how reverse I think it would make you seem kind of tougher and cooler head scarf down Ella Payne a researchers think it could be because of the words we use to describe spicy foods like hot and intense. So we associate those words to the person we're when asked. Boy I feel that's the way a little bit of a reach here. Mean conventional wisdom says you probably shouldn't eat spicy food and today I just watch along came Polly over the legality ask enough there you have to IDS are you start to sweat you're chug and water you cry but. Saint cloud state university of Minnesota says. Let's see when a woman orders spicy food and a data makes her seat to guy she's with as 28%. More that's. If you order dessert is he nice dirt is your say in like some heat and that kind of and he beat you you. It is take the steady to a whole new follow a path. And I say well let's actually do the Big Three stories coming and extremely what are we talking irate the results are an upper mailer chip I'll tell it policy and see it in storage and seven minute. The morning. Alistair only do 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger than it princess cat fight in their royal wedding will hold onto them heroes ladies this is the big story. Den Linden it just won the women's side and you Boston Marathon yesterday now this school for a couple of different reasons. One she's the first American to take the crown since 1980 I. She has slowed up at one point to show good sportsmanship one of her teammates to share it Selena fleeing again had to stop and go to the port A potty says she slowed up for. Earlier in the bathroom and another race gas newsman happens Ali Al Damir Yang cycling you can just do it off the bike but. The third marathon in two you know yeah I know you got to pull off yeah she stopped at CU helped plant again says that she can catch back up and if you remember. Especially in plain again she wanted to when he seventeen in New York City Marathon she was the first American championship when I'm forty years seems that if and then give them we talked about yes the joke is that happened in November. So as CNN's special lane at one the New York marathon. She treated out now it's your turn where dance Lyndon immediately replied back in November in tears. Think he's a plane for giving us something to leave and congratulations. And then she went morning. What's gone and it's easy man continues really author game I don't know we got the American power in fact American women tick I have the top six spots it's like. It was inclement weather at 630 degrees. Blown hard as Americans we can run in crap whether. Gas and it's just hot in Lisbon the slowest time for a woman since 1978 but it'll. Hey who were tough gritty we are is America and great last week I told you about may have chipped kind put on a poll asking if we won aid Ambien chips come here to America it's been Mayo ketchup come down. Well all everyone voted weekly data is pulled on a minute we lose every religion and you had thirteen other people okay they at least 500000 that still leaves 500000 people that a lot of pins aren't just saying yes we want it so it is coming to stores no word yet when did it soars. But now Heinz accepting and names for me a chip because people aren't really like it. An eight. You can let them know once putter what you wanna call it some of the good ones I saw where and tomato. And that's good. KEL. Emily do you domain you really buy this kind of been in use it. Catch me yeah Mayo chipped a half and I admit I get every kidding it's less work for me after the catch and hand man. Larry and tax day couple local facts certainly not simple facts for tax state IRS collects 950. Billion in taxes each year. The average tax attorneys 3000 dollars now you wanna be in the top 1%. You have to earn it 369509. Dollars per year and out. Just against Richard yet to be in the top Annie got to earn just a 1161500. Feet. However I don't end up finally don't forget about emily's blog that you took the time to write for the morning wolf pack. Have all of the freebies available all over town from tax day breeding him might as well man takes in the get some free. I stand by less than ten minutes does not only gonna swear and the local business and the mud club we'll tell you were going to be today on your lunch break by an everybody coffees. This morning wolf packs with just 100 plus the walls. On this episode it. And before we swearing what a party friends and of the month club who we met last week in Marysville attack coffee shop she let's tell you we're going to be today in bottle Emily. Premium social grounds coffee and tea go from twelve to want. In the going to be by coffee by the way can we see the Mumbai bring in months the whole bit I can't wait to see you today on its Chris. I'm worker costs. He is cute kid hello hello is crystal their plays. Acres still mad and Italy calling for the morning wolfpack never you. 30. Yeah we're good you rid of these morning and iron and it really there and back out there and and by the way crystal has I listen I've got to I've got a cute kid I know that my son is beautiful but I would tell you that crystal's son. He is straight up pants I mean he's modeled. I don't think he beautiful you've got that you see my wife is Mexican to crystal and she wanted to little Mexican boy that looks like yours but she got a little white privilege for me. Is he was so I'm out like I can't what are my kids look like me yeah. You know it occurs Richard little voice and it was great didn't know yeah yeah. You know again you were kind of you brought some Lou the road tights and stuff like that yeah I would you rate. It's a tight emily's doing this. Yet and making other reward mines super comfortable. That is it cheaper than Lulu lemon yeah. I that's of my wife wears and I highly recommends that you don't lose the road it's cheaper than Lulu and I. Well let's see what we can do here crystal and everybody in the morning wolf pack to ticket your website shop Christen Ordonez dot com Allard. Go there right now articulate which he's got for the little row and I will swear even among global make it all official look at. And they you know crystal please raise your right hand and repeat after me in case I state your name hi Chris I don't get do hereby pledge my allegiance to. The morning wolf that you hear like quietly in the morning low fat and is a proud member of the month club. And as a proud member of the mud club I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning I pledged to crank up the ball every morning with my super handsome son looks like she's. In a magazine I. Might do that nick. Deadly and so I. I the morning multi month led you're welcome great getting you know you thank you for taking the time to meet us we'd love them. Great article by great to be too all right let's have a little fun your morning wolf packs fired up next plane and main game everybody's favorite morning wolf pack radio contests. You hear that that's the good morning globe. I'm still a party. 100 points. So wolf we had a call early this morning affect our leadoff caller to get us on base to start the show in her name was ebony. And of course I had to ask gambling. If she felt the same thing ID when I heard their name and her excuse me ebony and you were sort of. Now ebony. And average Paul McCartney Stevie Wonder and ivory Demi I've heard the song once he starts singing but that's not the first thought comes to weld the good thing we came from that as a reminded us that we haven't. And the name game a little bit and it's always fun and we'd like to play at right now so if there is a joke her pop culture reference that everybody always makes when they hear your name you need to get the phone call us right now and we'll see if we can figure out what that is yet because there's actually different ones depending on how old the person is an old the person is is guessing. Can be totally different frame of reference. 206421. Wolf. No text please it really doesn't Elvis at all the Mark Burnett to a 6421 wolf if you would like to jump on board for the name game always on our favorite things to do so let's do it right now. All right Emily rains are you ready for the name game I'm ready to go to even cloth for the start of the name game its job for a job for a hello. I honestly it's I see unique incredibly cool name I've never heard it before so I don't really have a pop culture reference or joke other than I'm thinking. What was the guy's name in Aladdin. This far to far. Okay is that V one that you get the most. Probably Jennifer liked what they know that filling your name is doctor is Isiah got. Two Africa what a cool name did you parents and some time in India or something it actually make it jumping out of California that I bought it after. Couple funny. Which you sales rapper just enjoy the product. At this like the name that it would it help or act like Italy a lot. They are you have got you yeah I do Florence and I'll I was thinking that I was pressed you got that Matt wealth and human. Start with one for me this one's gonna be all you job fraph portable they really appreciate you listening. Okay theories amber. In volatile and by the way amber we're gonna be your neighborhood today at the southern ground coffee and tea company from twelve to one find anybody Coffey who shows up is that I thrown a mug club pit stop flood. But as far as your name and the Joker pop culture reference people make when they hear it and Lee amber I'm thinking am Denise amber Tiffany. Never in Tiffany amber decent that's the one but no I don't know what is it helps. I worked with Al early it. So it might get a lot. They thought her at her amber. Who seeing how. Eight years ago he and all depends on who's guessing you Max writes and that's a whole different demographic. Yeah. I'd have to go look up the book you so don't you tell those people to start YE nine to know the. Apparently it was quite in the third. Time today AMBER Alert. And out. And panic now. My elderly at her stole my age I want my as they. They might go oh forever amber lay up and let you know I see that he. It's like our version of fifty shades degraded they get a little worked up and make you come and our guys here that. I keep doing either one of us thought of the AMBER Alert that likes a Lowe's all of us. I am I actually. Yeah I drank a lot ever really appreciate it Collins for the name game. I let's cue up a few more people here are your ready Enders a Joker pop culture reference everybody always makes about your name when you tellem who we are. 206421. Waltz. We wanna guess coming up next. Good morning Lisa welcome to the name game how are you today and Ari fantastic appreciate you asking so we're trying to guess the Joker pop culture reference that people always make about the name Lisa. And that's weird because we hear that name so often it's so common but. This is gonna deal already a little bit. But. I'll be honest with you like when my wife sits talking to me about the music you listen to a high school it's at least at least in the cold jammed right up there with. Read on yeah yeah. They say at least I am I I think he's singing at least the frame. The multi neon colored animals and stuff he's feel like all of our trapper keepers boulders and pencil him and Helen and Ali suffering. I Telus Lisa what was the likes to hit song that Lisa lease in the told CNN. You know I don't know I. Thought people just always say to you and a bit out of yeah. Daddy called me easily done that well you know yet again I'm glad I'm not the only person that has that sodomy or at least that we Levy thanks for being a part of the show all right let's go to can now. What he's saying go manly when you hear the name Rhonda because I don't really think anything had to go Rhoda which is an old TV show from the seventies. Rhonda Rhonda help. Iran then hit yeah Iran than eight yeah eight yeah oh yeah. You know the game then yeah. Boys who you know what it is man I'm not sick anymore the brain is working the neurons are firing the dope I mean it's popping. I like it okay run that we Levy have a great day thinking how I. They each do our they've Marvin in Seattle Marvin Gaye and he's a Smart. It's exactly. Click but we do the most I did so hard to distance and on the person and like just what they think it's hilarious. I'm in I'd seen everything he's always been that he arm Morningstar and Marvin Ethiopian turns out are hostile. And you know it's just a great name it's almost a cartoonish name and help you don't take offense of that. I don't I I like Marlon Marshall and everything just every person named Marvin I've met has been over like that and he. Yeah so I just it's an old neck and neck yup it's like a little guy I got a little Jackie you're young guy a little guy's name yeah. Do exactly Marvin appreciate you being a part of the show brother yeah thanks for having guys. Of course. Of course any time all right stand by free minutes we got cannot fake news including the new products that Costco was selling. For 400000. Dollars. And is located right between the double A batteries in the dust fans this. Well actually Matt McCallister I. Comic view 100 point 70. Here it's safe and sounding real headlines it's. Sad about the fact that Tesco is my favorite place in the world I don't know why but it. I was interested to hear that custom by the I was there yesterday and it cost goes now selling diamonds that'll set you back about 420000. Dollars. I mean lineup begins to sweet deal on hot dogs and pizza right now. Yep cost goes selling six point five carat diamond ring worth about 400000. Dollars. You know right their next to the peanut butter and the detergent. There was a sky news reporter who tweeting on Sunday that she found a diamond ring that cost about 400 grand at the Pasco and Australia. Between the both the double A batteries and dust fans. I'd be so nervous that that was my section and I had to like monetary that knowing you have in mind 00 I would mean wanna give out samples on them. Lane which you know one time I was look in the liquor section they sell this bottle I think it's of cognac it's like 20000 dollars having. Right there expenses just an accelerated so you never know what it. Maybe that's my leg and got out all right there's AL Wi-Fi network named remote detonator that prompted a gym evacuation mission Lindsay he's just in the not fake news. A Michigan Jim page you're looking for the Wi-Fi hooked up. Found one name road detonator prompting an evacuation in precautionary search of the facility by a bomb sniffing dog. So in other words don't name your Wi-Fi network. It did happen someone in my neighborhood that has FB IV and and I noticed the other at the IV and just popped up suppose so clever the Saginaw News reporting that nothing was found in the search on Sunday of planet fitness. But they looked anyway. And last and at least and not make news if you're gonna submit your own dash cam as evidence in a traffic accident. Tony five year old Xavier Moran was involved the crash neighbor's fence he told the sheriff's deputy you can cut off when the driver he could prove that it is dashboard camera. He then signed the consent for them to search the camera. However we look at the footage they saw Moran books and birth. Burglarizing. A beauty store. Authorities say the video show Marie had taken a baseball bat from the trunk and somebody using about to break the glass door to the store on Randy sugar pronouncing his last or our country. Yeah maybe yeah is. All right beat the street is coming up next if you'd like to play for those Zack brown band tickets to a 6421. Wolf right now says I'm. Morning wolfpack with another countdown to 100 foot putt. Laughs hit the pavement and tactically history to. Good morning Mary lake Stevens welcome to beat the street how you feel today I'm feeling aren't sound. Well as a part. The year the million tickets here in the wolf we've got to Zack brown band and it's a Schofield on August 31 a pair of tickets for you if you can beat the street. I'm ready I you know the contest works right Mary. I BO OK you dissenting answer more questions correctly then the challenger. Who we found at the Tacoma dome during PBR Saturday night Mary by the ways bookkeeper and she's 32 years old are you ready for the five questions. Absolutely okay thirty seconds on the clock when it's time on your marks get set go to name one superhero movie starring Ryan Reynolds. I it preempt. What does the WWW you know website address stand for. Worldwide patent which Garnett you had a baby last week. Which three runs north and south through Bellevue and Kirkland. For a which band sings the song during control conduct. Cash. Okay time is on Mary we're gonna find out how you did when we asked that challenger these same five questions lets me import your name where you from imported youth. Andrew Bonnie lake. Close quarters trigger tool. Then Modi being married to see sound smarter than you maybe mix. All right let's find out you're questionable on game one of the superhero movies this stars Ryan Reynolds. Green lantern. Lantern was correct in Leander you like you're good Ryan Reynolds superhero movie dead pool again that's another one X-Men origins would have also been except I Superman was not. The right answer Mary's so you are down one and at the beginning of the game let's go to question number two seed you can make it up what does that WW WL website address stand for. Worldwide web you know Andrew from the tree removal service he's thirty sharp. But you get right to marry so you're on the board it's two to one Andrew's got the lead rich card actually had a baby last week. Caitlin. We did actually makes me happy that both of our contestants got that went wrong ambling past we have faith in humanity it was fully case. And by the way they need to be true test in new baby drew leaning and it's also slightly ironic considering the nature of the relationship with Tristan Thompson's there's no true in that relationship. OK it's still two to one Andrew challenger has the edge which freeware runs north and south through Bellevue and Kirkland. World class. For a five is the right answer that went right to see your hang in in their continued to make one up mainly in this country question if you do so you get this last one right you have a chance if not it's gonna be time. Let's figuring out which banned same drinking problem. Not a clue. Crews knew where you can nagged get one up on the challenger is and I'm really a country fan maybe. He didn't get around but you do need it was middle and not the Zach grounding. And a drinking and then though you yeah well listen. Mary and fortunately. Andrew finishes three you finished with two so you lose thought we needed tickets anyway because we don't care. We go ahead. And quiet that if I dare Ali Abdullah is effectively to do if he makes us happy so you're lugging everything from with the union part of the show and he is else. Family how are you feeling about it dispatching some dating advice to a male listener. I'm ready okay he's got a very specific question he's been hearing you in some of your bumble. And dating glows. Ventures in the 198 is a very very basic question at hand and I think the morning wolf thank might wanna weigh in honesty is a stick around when there's an eight minutes will read the email. Yeah talents bring it and he's a hundred and. So wolf normally we would save. And advice email for Friday but. This is time sensitive only. And is directed to you from Travis thank sent it to me by the way I don't know why I'm mad at Seattle stuck guns in our area that's fine I don't mind filtering it man. I have a sense that he says I'm hoping to get elite opinion it on this since I hear you guys talking about her dating recently. I've got a tender date coming up tomorrow night we are meeting at Panera Bread for lunch. When I meet the girl for the first time should I shake her hand or give her a hug I'm terrible at dating and I'm very socially awkward at least he's self aware. What's the dating norm do I go on for the hug or for the handshake again that is Travis looking for some advice from you and. Food Travis OK I definitely have a very strong opinion on this because I think this can said the town not only for the state that possibly the entire relationship. Don't look at forty here in at plus morning wolf pack we wanna hear from you right now as we died in. Handshake or hug when you meet somebody on a day for the first time 206421. Walt. Jordin in some managed what do you think handshake or hug when you meet for the first time on a date. Hud I met my husband. Do you think you would be awkward hearing is any. Yeah definitely upgrade so Pete he and see a few hands and shook shaking so it didn't do you think you still wouldn't. Given the GM hasn't gotten married and no I'm not I mean I don't think the hug and let. Her off. So you're saying and you cooperate though. I definitely and I love it like a 100% in their hand but like I say their vote in the attack. So both of you are saying that if a guy in mistakenly hasn't thought this out really in his head. In the stake in the success handguns and for the hug he could potentially ruin an entire relationship. Yeah. That's crap that's a lot of pressure. Yeah we marry Travis offensive. After the amendment first and only be OK you said there. Well ankle at least one and done you didn't have to official around much yet. Jordan congrats on the relationship thanks for weighing in on the hug and handshake debate paying out. And it goes without saying your hug earlier from the side yes I mean never met a stranger and. I mean you're obviously going on date I think he should definitely go in for the hug I don't think you these points there we did get one insisting texting you could always Texas. 4615 though and make sure that your name attached to it so we now but someone said they believe that that Travis should kissed her he and the old fashioned way. Unknown unknown unknown unknown that is so I'll remember forever OK I used to work with a guy that did that India was probably the creepiest thing I've ever seen in my life that he would only do it tell like the really high up executives that are aware yes I like it you're so creepy because this is executes his. This is not a period piece not a Victorian England I don't like stop that. No Harley guy we got more tax and we got a call marine merry Phil says she thinks a handshake is more appropriate so where he had to a 6421 wolf next. Good morning early and Marysville so we have an email from again and Travis he's got a first data Panera Bread tomorrow for lunch he was asking Emily specifically because she single hey do I handshake or hug when and you go for the first time what do you think merry. I actually think it should be a handshake has gone on days before I don't like pandora OK cupid. If it is time guy's way. They took me as I want it boom. They were just kind of streaky if one guy even try to hit me when he does not mean. We we were you on the mouse yeah you're like man you know try to get a little like. A record that and everything it shakes hands. You look at it I. Didn't hear what you want to go on the. I think it should be an entry actually witnessed these Siena didn't offer guide or when you're leading a mine you'd never know what the light. How old jets played at the other situation. Interesting so I texted my wife because the couldn't remember say hey when we met for the first time for lunch and our very first day did we handshake or hug it out she said we hugged of course handshakes creeping. I said OK I have to admit she she's Mexican she's like all in friendly it's all you know her emotions she wears everything on her sleeve as she likes to say. His history he until you hear that the sky 800 try to kiss her. That's either freaking wall that's that's just bizarre play my granddad. Bailey is trying to beat them down there everybody hugs up selling Mike Stanley was big hugger but it. I don't feel like going on today I'm gonna I'm gonna shake it it so it's still the situation. Yeah Amorim really appreciate you being a part of the show thanks for your feedback Jerry you know come at a KFC were helping man on first states everywhere. She alien oak harbor hugger handshake when you meet somebody for the first time on a day. I think it just depends. It also relate to have you been talking mind for a while ice being AT&T is appropriate. And gentlemen my. I hate each other I think a hundred miles posted at well I. Everybody's pretty much in the same boat dating these days correct me if I'm wrong Emily but there seems to be a pattern you swipe left or right you text a little bit and any need for the first time. When you leave the first time we have an established and he's every seen each other before come up. Usually haven't seen each other the different I mean I can tell you I've been on a couple of tumbled eight and they're that different from guiding guy. Some you talk to more before you meet some get directly to ham not gonna texting must meet cell. She could feel it out I just go for the always would it bother you he got a handshake from the guy Emily I get the deal breaker now okay. Robert Byrd and said. Play hard again don't give her either. I'm content. Well less cold by. You ready let's go. Daley really appreciates and listen in the morning wolf pack thanks so much. All right. I say hugs at least as the sludge oh you're the only one I can see that might be slightly off putting and that way handshake and all I usually shake on the injured action how kind of buying new. I had a feeling I'd Staley this because they're only gonna drop the Big Three stories today next. Yup and America has noted it will lease soon be seeing it may or chip in store I'll type in six minutes. This is the morning we'll. Alastair he was 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three are bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal weddings will hold onto them heroes ladies this is the big story. Yesterday and the Boston Marathon Alice green and an American woman and den Linden of wine at the first time an American woman has won since 1980 I now. There's the back story to this so did as during the race. Slowed up to help her teammate and Celine played against slain had cute but that's it that's. To produce great goalie did she actually find a Porta potty and yeah route she darted into port a potty in an emergency seconds later this. And healthy clean again text back up to the lead pack. You know you watch unit TV you never imagined the could have the stuff to go to the bathroom now just looks like one fluid. The merits a long distance again now if that name is Celine Celine again sounds familiar she actually wanna 2017 in New York marathon. She was the first at the now American the announcement in forty years which I watched it and that was crazy I get all caught up in the right. When she it first one egg cheese and now it's your turn she treated that out. Dead immediately responded in tears thank you so much for giving us something to leave inning congratulations and now she's more children. American women just kicking butt and take any law and I cannot think. The weather helped I know at least yesterday because it was colds and 230 easily win. I think you blue whale the Kenyan runners yeah American women tick I out of the top six spots yet and this is America we're pretty Barrera blue collar. Give us the bad weather and we will overcome. Market can also expect to get some may have just. In stores classic I tell you that the Mayo ketchup com though. That hangs wanted to know they asked and a poll on Twitter they had to get 500000 votes for people saying they want it in America I was one of those voter just say you know that is true I watched him leave vote on Mayo chip. And it is coming due America. Oh how realistic in this publicity stand now there are you a name mid June and a little rhyme or not. His fifteen minutes for this particular economy and gas we don't know when it in his stores and Mike Kessler just said kinds is now accepting new names name ideas on Twitter. On some of the cool and I saw where to may know. Okay no okay today's. Catch may. The kitchen and it's. Not that I would ever combined in this particular economy is not for me but I'm enjoying your excited Billy I wonder how else can I guess I'm just on the sidelines cheered for you in your objective we need me an Israeli ground out there on the field to score points. Yes and of course today's tech stayed in overlooked that's isn't interesting facts about tax day. The IRS collects 918. Billion dollars in taxes each year that's a big number it's ridiculous average tax refund is around 3000 dollars if you want to be in the top 1% you have to earn 369509. Dollars each year. Man I thought about was this night and it this year but we fell extensions that they do it couldn't couldn't get it altogether here that's says. It's terrible. All right. Stay with us because coming up we're talking to our three time ACM entertainer of the year he's on top of the world with a new album Jason Allen dean and 805. You're listening to the morning on the back. But Alastair. Our mine the mail whenever I had. Seasonality and so what's going on brother. Not much now are you guys. Ma'am we are good we'd asking the same thing that we already know I mean I'm sure I'm sitting here thinking about your life right now that you got this new out now which is awesome review town congratulations. Beyond a song is about to be another number one you make it easy you just when you're thirty entertainer of the year you got this beautiful baby boy your happily married. Are you peeking. I might be. He thought about that Jason I mean it's a weird thing to think to try to capture the moment that you are on top of the world you have piqued. Yet. You know lies pretty good right now for sure it's. You know all all all aspects of stores Legos you know careers and personalized than those things that. You know it's it's pretty good I got no complaints this year. OK is there one part of your life that you could improve. What's the one thing you think back again now manna I could do better some maybe I'm not quite peaking because I can be better at that. As said this the other day passes this guy has a lot of times it takes out a lot Florida. Just sort of mature and grow up I think that as women so understatement of the year. Yeah me estimated that mean it's a month. You know my mid to late thirties but have finally you know started to figure it out of them and then you know venture that. Sending trying to get my act together so feel pretty good about where men these days we'll. Annaly overhears 32 she still dating feels bad for her but I keep talent or the same thing like look don't expect to guide to make a Smart decision to these like forty that's good the. Yeah I think Jason you got beanie baby boy ain't done compared to being obviously you have other kids that. It's been awhile since you had one in diapers is there should it surprise you this time around. I don't know I think that's been told the beauty of it is is that you know has two daughters that. You know sort I've kind of been through this a couple times about my life it's her first child so. You know I think it's kind of help that I've been able to us sort of you know now it's okay luckiest remedies and you know it's like him. I think these days have a lot. Right my patients I had a lot more patient these days and I used to have so. But I don't know I mean I think just the fact that he's a boy you mean it's a little different you know bliss. Well we have the same life basically I've got some older kids and I just had a son with my second wife very similar story Jason not to say one thing we both winter for the first time. Circumcision. Yeah interstate like what do we do with this seems crazy to me you. Built built so bad for him. It's like the worst thing like you can any organ illegal with this guy who's gonna do that no he had that unfortunate. That is. True if they indicate that. And I Jason on the telephone if you're just tuning in it a question am meeting at -- we haven't talked a long time that. But how hard it was the route 91 thing for you in terms of getting back on stage in do you have any kind of PT EST stuff left over from that because I would think that would be pretty reasonable he did. Well I mean obviously that you know the stuff of deal and it's just the Mets were the worst things right the worst thing I've ever experienced and you know go back to Vegas and in doing all the things especially around this week in the award show and all that stuff. You know but it's just it's Serb man I mean it's just nobody ever expects to go through anything like that and and there's no you know looked as you know book to read the tea had a how to get through those kind of things CDs Canada. Navigate the best way he can and you know for us it's. You know something that especially after it happened we thought about you know constantly all the time and it was really. Is really rough you know you live through one that's like you don't wanna really go back in and relive it every day of your life so. You just try to figure out ways to remove all men and you know my son beat him being born he's born two months for the day after. And you know he he was a lifesaver just because he kind of gave us something else to focus on him and put our attention on. And you know that really helped zones. Let you know go back to Vegas this week it was just little things like leaving her hotel room in entrap and passed. You know the grounds that that the festivals on them we drove right past there every day we were you know leaving her hotel room and it's just little things like that man the people. You know don't real. And it's you know it's it's up to me it's still so split its you know as time goes on it gets a little better than in a little better to. You know but it's it's something you'll you know for us will never forgive lol you know we'll always remember that and and bad news is gonna hope as time goes on it Italy here. Jason thank you for sharing that with us appreciate. Everything in a congratulations on the song in the album it's wonderful loved the song with marina by the way in net. Hope to see assume rather appreciate it may look toward seeing yeah morning. I sat with Matt McAllister. Product. It's so wolf the morning wolf Pacman McAllister here on a Tuesday at any rate is gone the sun is out. Beauty all right so this new trend but that was a legitimate get beyond that excited. If you have not only heard a bird nesting but you're somebody who has tried it. To a 642 unlawfully in Texas for 6150. This is a new Hollywood trend which means it'll soon maybe start to spread out to other parts of humanity as. But. It's. Where a couple of gets divorced and the reason is coming announcers a new show out on television. I Jenna Fischer from the office and you've probably seen the Promos it's called splitting up together. Where they announced the family getting a divorce but they're staying in the same house. And the family forgives medal very valid for us is that's a bird nesting in this when you get a divorce and there's kids involved. And the husband though I figure OK well our relationship didn't work out so we shouldn't have to displace the kids and make them go back and forth between two different homes. We'll to share the same house and we'll take turns Lebanon. I sort of was the kids never go anywhere which I can see how they could be a positive for the kids absolutely I have to have packed a bag and never known which house asleep at that. Trust me we've got that going on in our house and the kids go back and forth to their dads and our house and it's it's a lot for them I mean I do sympathize then because they are in a bag a lot of the time so it makes me wonder Matt is that something you would consider pelted enough that never in a million I just think it all depends on it and every divorce is different people are all different whatever situation you have. But for me. I mean the reason you get a divorce is because you don't want Kirk can't be a part of that life anymore or that person. And if your bird nesting you're still sharing the same life basically. Same furniture even they are not all in the house the same time yeah C Delco and indeed both sleep in the master. That. No because what happens is when let's say when dad comes home right. Mom Lee yeah she goes to her apartment or wherever Camden that's a thank you both sleep in the same bed and I are at home just I wouldn't know because I would never do it. However there are a lot of people apparently try and now this this is elite because I wish I had to generalize. I would think we have a lot of people and our wolf audience that a bird masters rates again of course you gonna have a lot of money tuna own three houses that got away. Or to apartments that Al yeah aperture that's why I think it's probably more popular Hollywood than anywhere else but if they're we thought we throw it out there's because it is becoming a thing. If you are a burden Nestor or know anybody that has tried this to a 6421 Waltz or you can tax fellow. That would be along layered complicated text. Or 6150. We'll get the translators on. Hello my skin cancer we were talking a minute ago about the new trend in Hollywood based on this TV shows splitting up together it's called bird nesting. Where they keep one house and the parents come and go and the kids never have to go anywhere. And while I'm trying something very similar words that got divorced about twelve years ago and and my ex wife has been nice enough to let each. Sleep in the belly room I'm a college while I'm trying to find my own place to live and it's actually he'd been very nice and a lot of ways we're getting along better than we ordered out in the bastard it's still challenging most definitely that's. Plus. My I would think the hardest thing for you as a guy and I've been through the same thing Mike is telling people when you meet them signed where do you live. All I sleep on my XY scouts. Yeah stay as it is very different colored you know based on that that's kinda had to put my personal life on hold right now I'll you don't really. Data onto the couch we. Path path path athlete Mike I understand on many levels what you're doing and hey it's great because it's even a much money and it's really easy to get to see the kids more and stuff like that but ultimately might you're gonna have to get your own spot. Well actually I'm an apostle to that I just our troops are also and will be moving here and back. Which I Ethier they just have Mikey get back to get some Turkey. That's exactly be nice to get depicted us. Hello Wendy view I'll let you had a comment about bird nesting. I get I am I if I'm paralegal. And he had a couple where people have tried it this. And it does not work for those that have tried it how long does it easily last I've seen it a couple months maybe they usually wouldn't be happening at one parent. Doesn't clean up after now they. Are not been how to correctly that there are correct. There's nobody out and that parents. That's all their time fixing yet it's not a whole lot different and that it might probably. And look having been through divorce the whole point is to get out you gonna get out of America don't wanna be with that person or share a space that's the whole reason you get a divorce so yeah it seems counterproductive like I wanted my own place I wanted to pick up my own couch. And I wanted to put that led her lazy boy right there in front of the TV. I don't think can I get to make a decision for one cent. When we appreciate your professional opinion on the matter him they Andy. We love you Randy thank you. Back with you Matt McAllister. Once or twice so well. It's the morning wolf thank Matt at Dallas. Certainly very slow Joseph we are on the road today for a mug club pit stop this is where we picked a locally owned coffee shop here in the PNW. We closed up for an hour we hope he comes CS media during a mug from wherever you work. And we'd buy you a cup of coffee that's right you've heard speak free coffee for you just for coming by because we want to meet you. Average Indian Bob Lutz social grounds coffee and tea company. From noon until Wednesday and Kiki remember like your guiding can't remember where we are it's posted all over. Are in three and Morgan it's pleated it's on FaceBook. He could find out where his. You know on Saturday morning to go like right in the area and yes you gotta go to it's just right next door we can more log boom park there's a legal wooden dock it goes way out of the lake gas you can sit there you can see to see planes take off. Atlanta in on a day like today when the sun is out. Can be beauties in May become significant costs for must go hang out on the document Hussein's sojo what do we know about the nice folks hosting us an idea that we need the order is a member of the morning wolf pack yeah okay. That well has she been sworn into the mud club I don't believe there would take care that this week. And by the way again if you wanna be part of the month club membership has its privileges and you have to do them. Do is send us a mug from Warren is it she works got logo on a great if that will tape one on. Ides generators at Seattle wolf dot com and join a mug club now play. He's rely via corner. You 100 points. Wolf it's the morning wolf back in the batting here in the PGA take over but before we do just a little reminder again possible candidacy is social grounds coffeehouse in the longer buying the coffee. They need to go to podcast starting at 10 AM with fifteen minutes of bonus. Material that we didn't get a chance to talk to today on talk about on the ship. Ideally hello Matt how are you gonna be gentle with him is you know you're really afraid he lay today 76. Yeah we had to do. Welcome drew in yesterday's city you. On the little weird it was. An island when I Wear act was due in here sitting in this GO PM came in with a. Knee brace and all that but let's it was time to. Bulletin we do for you today with the combo on your show there's always something going on why I love you guys are talking about bird nesting and this could be one of the reasons why. They're now bird nesting. I wanna know what's the one thing your spouse's brought into the marriage. That they just adored me this means a lot to them it's a sentimental thing but you'd think it's ridiculous and you wanna throw it out. Man who continue getting a lot of calls from women that about things that their husband. Wanted to or was allowed to. Oh well I'd I'd like okay how we set we sing so this is the one thing that is in the house now the rise the other one crazy or it could have been in the past didn't you finally won that battle it out it's got a so does say the saltwater fish tank did not make the cut the that's gone but B Lance Armstrong signed the yellow Jersey from the 2000 toward France. Made the cut the but it lives in the garage all of it was not allowed to be hung up in the death how. I am very slow job. Recently married shared space demeaning and you know most of my furniture got the boot yeah a mind to it as a a lazy boys are grown and you know the deeds to the milk crates. Yeah I dated a guy that had eight fixer upper car that sat in the driveway and never rain and boom. But it didn't give except one the only eventually mean I work out money one day there's goodnight concrete blocks the block tonight Wheldon. It up aimed to flip it up a little bit Vanessa had this antique furniture. God awful ugly that she's a blunder grandmother there's just wanted to keep for some reason. I mean it made three or four moves and eventually it went by the wayside demand she held on likely into it well enough. He's dead hand Leo yeah. This is like it's ugly when my husband has this disgusting. Jokes skill. A blue cities hung up on this board any native to pay is in the house sounds really cool it down made it past. Leighton mentally you know it's. And snow so Paul saying about velvet painting a minute I undecided. Aren't you get the combo. 206 more doable for you can text Dili right now she's in 46150. We'll see you back tomorrow morning five have a great day. An internal tackle another person. Mornings from Clarksville.