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Tuesday, April 24th

Tuesday April 24th, 2018


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And your role. They welcome back to our podcast today happens to be Tuesday April 24 MM McAllister again Emily here and a slow Joseph of course and after and all right a couple of quick things before we get to some bonus contents first of all at your local we are having another mug club pit stop today. In Dez Moines news and we love to see him as an -- morning. And yet we listen to this before 1 PM we're gonna be there for me into line and marine do you espresso suite that read stop I didn't they handled by a copy. Absolutely. Also bring your mug if you ought to be the mud club or your patches or your recipe cups here paper ends well there has got to logo from wherever it is it's you work man will take it this where UN. Yesterday it was so funny I was watching both of you on social media actually slow draws watching you through Sophie she was posting. Emily was posting on her IG story. And then I was comparing mile life and I thought man. If it was so funny the different days that we were having for example. And I think it's just to go a further definition of who we are and how different lives we have there. Slow Joseph was eating V in yogurt. He I scream I scream I'm sorry I screamed back at you visiting a tattoo shop and then watched a naked guy walk around down to. Around that we do get testy. NASA we did them good this yeah. She had run on her honor right shoulder that was pulled in just like. Scan at a place that she had to act kind of reworked kitten hasn't stepped in critical that Emily was sitting on the docket today not unpacked her apartment just watching the world go by on the ocean. Tacit map I. Yeah and I was renting a mini Manning going to hobby lobby Home Depot. That's why he's man. You know V get ice cream intent to. Waterfront and then that is a hobby lobby Yahoo! literally and hobby Lyra okay. I look so please get net debt to. Berry and ice cream dad definitely on hamsters different worlds and totally but today it was all good whether it's going to be beautiful a couple of days. So before we turn you loose on the show that we did today just a couple of things they released by the way it's kind of a misnomer perhaps to route to put on a list of the best boy bands of all time. Because I really don't know that's an applicable term although Emily I know girls that are thirty to like you love the boy band I don't know where you are on the whole N'sync. Abstained. But. Mean I instinct and ray is my very first crush. Was needed on the block Jelena and had a TV I had the ha thug life. I had that once I poll says hey I don't know about a team and it's so weird it in now you have you know 45 year old women that go to the shows all the guys are all grown up adult error an island to Asia Donna I'm older and which ones Donnie Wahlberg and god actually act as I know you get and it is a case that Timberlake was in and sicker yes. Wahlberg was tickets and then. Backstreet Boys was to my getting them confused now out actually is and there is a guy like a more famous guy and right and that's his face. AJ I'm right now and everyone who won earlier as Spears' hair Superfund site not a backseat for for Fitz is funny because fans like real fans of music and boy bands don't exist and that's another stratosphere just a fluke keys. Gimmick is just the money grabbed it and they they they put together they have a target audience that is probably teenaged early twenties girls move and Dave that's it just the idea of five guys wearing weird clothes. Synchronized dancing together and none of them playing answer this is so hilarious stimulus. But anyway Dave billboard put together a list of the 100. Best boy band songs of all time. Hundreds saw outside songs but you know what here's the thing like a game. Do you guys think that the Jackson 5 was a boy band. I like the original honestly like if you're looking at. The modern boy bands pretty nuts but the modern boy bands none of them played and in -- synchronized and you have an edit on an instrument though like they couldn't create -- out at dean put anemic here styles from one action he plays instruments they play instruments does not -- I've ever seen -- of the action plans are well no but everybody else in the band did it Stanley ban only time it I think really their videos because they're all doing the dancing stuff you know they're not they're up playing music I guess just changes in your definition -- boy band so I'm just listed a Mulligan in the top ten but we're not going to be good and have a full 100 includes the chip monks so he has earlier tonight lays at the top 100 boy than he did not like there's a -- are are really I don't I did not say boy dance song again. But like bigfoot dumb monkeys on here Hanson. Why they can't. And The Beatles and the Jackson 5 which I would. I would argue till I was dead that The Beatles are not a boy dad from their early music was very poppy Mary played instruments they created well the best music. Avert they rode the directed played it and they formed their own band yes they help altogether if I had cow back though I have a hard time it is but. Then number any idea Emily what the number one boy band song is of all time. So it's one of the bands we just talked about so big. You know boy bands and lasts. You're story years. I can't think of saga is that I need to get. And there is not yes there's one in the top ten and a back she Boris OK so listen there's a Backstreet. There's an end sank and there's an NK OTB all in the top ten is there one direction. Yes there's a wonder action but number one is in sync Backstreet Boys or yes okay or NK OTB a all I can think of is that Backstreet back. It dad factories make now it's I want it that way. Yeah is that number one of best boy band song about all the it. Winning. The Jackson 5 is at number two I do not agree that the Jackson 5 as a boy band although similar premise police say fakes playing instruments are you know Tito was like rock and a base what's. The sun I want you back how much a fact Ali and a probable. That The Beatles I wanna hold your hand is number three. And again that's like the first hit I believe they ever had things. A number four is what makes you beautiful by one direction. I don't know that song that I will say there is 11 directions on that I do like. And I can't remember what it is it is something about like going to a woman in the middle and I don't like I'm coming to get you are moment the way I happen to find you house. Soccer years and a Doctor Who. Like it you know that you hear the kids planet that I Erickson thing that. Huge. Now. Now our holy land no wonder a 20 that's yes that's that. Story of my life. Still orient my yes that's a that's a good song man odd given that okay I'm not a totally hard ass about things. He number five is turn in my heart N'sync and I don't know that one payment. Than in and okay all right AMOCO and he let go and a that don't stop. Let's seed new addition number six can you stand the rain is that the Bobby Brown man I believe that's right thanks my prerogative is what I remember past. Let's seeds daydream believer by the Monkees and number seven do not consider them a way -- whenever he had but they were elect were even a real band there really got TV Asia yes it's true that there are so they were like as the ultimate stage I may be putting too much weight on instruments yeah I mean that's the defining factor like when adding a boy Manning about a five. Very famine it poorly dressed male. Dancing together in a choreographed routine that singing songs and lip syncing them more dozens and arrogance and they don't ever was that make them like tougher around it again yeah I mean I don't like viewed as they did at his place an instrument. I think for me asking whom it's more about the like this this the performance or like that they showed the show we had set that off yeah the mug is Germany would definitely be able to bank they were literally just a TV show basically released or soundtrack and a couple of songs went on the chart little gimmicky out totally I guess you really have to put I definitive play a definition together and ended fall into the parameters of that if you ever saw about the name your man. I'm here I've been enamored of the low G. After this second line of us thought it was the best people say we monkey here. That is remote and apparently earlier wrote our core I bit Hanson wrote that for OK. Number eight is New Kids On The Block step by step Elliot how does that go past debt. They need. Denmark had a lot of things and I am another area then Bob's more than amounts. Yeah drills and Bibi Mac and number nine back here I don't remember that on me at all and and of course Hanson number ten and whom bop and by the way about. Hanson came out with a song I. Film buff compliant but I feel bad because I can never get I think the Rick Schroeder saying they had stack they could never get over him buyer I rules do not believe it and against side either five years later okay Pruitt how about this ominous curtsy right now. Again thanks to Napster again which used to be rhapsody and again I can play this song for you and I remember it too slow Joseph we probably were working together. When I've played I played this on the radio I'd probably give your this is part this is a good song me and a whole lot technically that we we've got to be careful here we can't play it on the buy gas we can't. That may just take the holding. It's so funny looking at him Bob now though because they're men. Yeah okay well either way deposit real quick you got to play for me is to be literally half second in podcast and I may be disappointed because others. Four songs and I don't know which one is the rock song to pausing for hand and okay and we're back that was terrible yeah I was not as good as our room. And I love and I we spent entirely too much time a lot of that on that stupid boy advance topic although it was kind of fun reminiscing down memory. Okay right now fun and I. I got an entirely only one other story that we didn't talk about today on the show only because a's couldn't figure out a way to make this a conversation that included listeners but I just thought it was really cool. They say now according to a new study. That your marriage doesn't peak when you're newlyweds everybody says oh my god the first couple years the best and just kind of slowly goes downhill. Not true according to a new study researchers found a couples who can make it twenty years. Are even happier because they develop an even deeper appreciation of each other. Now this is a new study and Penn state university and Brigham young bake combined forces. To prove that marriage doesn't peak in the beginning it's good at the beginning. And then it gets kinda tough. But then after two decades if you can gut it out for twenty years it is better than other yet that beginning eighteen years of down. All half half out all that the power struggle. And I know that's a real thing in in you know and I know in my own marriage like in the very beginning it was his ignorance is bliss bliss bliss. And then there's that went to therapy there's a thing called a power struggle. Where you're trying to define who's who and who can do what who can't hit any kind of power struggle and then you learn as you learn a partner. To take any on some stuff and just accept that that's the way that they're going to be in ya gonna win. And they do the same for you hopefully to get through that stage in need to find Mike Hanna. I just you are early arm and it and it then you get three and I guess that's when this. The real happiness happens after twenty years when he years you iron out all it takes a long time to get to know somebody and ethnic background and. You know Massey to work with horses in with horses trainers refer to a horse having a combination like a locker. And once you figure out the combination you can always open locker yes it's fishy refers to that is we should turn my that was horses come and it occurred to me that. We're the same ways people ask everybody has accommodation and what you figured out you can work with a lot of takes years Tony years to figure of the combination. We rifles Dr. Phil on this podcaster yamana well I thought it was really cool because I do think dead knowing that others. Lighted in and so will. Or things do you get like if you can make it that long the long it is a long time but I don't you think about like being old with your significant other or getting up for imports and Erica thanks Steve is being super happy. Yeah man apparently that -- I again I mean I believe that I think it's probably pretty good in the meantime tears as Libya like kids and that's pretty magical obviously there's liked tough things about that these magical but yet that is a grind like that's a really hard time there's a lot of stress on the both parents if they work but if there's a stay at home especially and then there's the guilt of being at work and so maybe this is more it coincides more with the kids being out of the picture in terms of having to take care of them so like our back we just felt they each other very the possibly battling it's a coincidence that kids typically hopefully when they're about a team got a house aren't too many years wait wait a couple of years they have kids are errors and -- well and I think to. Is that we talked about a podcast before you know you go on like a family vacation Sox team. It's not a fun you're just taking care of things over time he doesn't make an marriage sound amazing no eating eating is okay but that's the thing it's like going to war. And they. And and I'm ready hanging out your own insurance and you're fighting the same battle it's a life. After app and your your battle career. Financial problems kids axes one ever this year it is and and eventually may be after twenty years like ethnic and we'd just like OK we did we survive the war and I've only reminded Laura I have five it's known that even that it's pretty ounces of yeah I mean it's not not awesome but it's a struggle everything's is your life's a struggle and out of your 40 you can remain single your entire life and never get married in life still going to be a lot. Up and down I. But I'm like you may marry somebody you like what are its like going to war. Like amendment that the bad that latter helped him. Anyway let me let me say let me say something. I just had this meeting with somebody who let's just say he's a business associate. And because of where my life is right now which involves a couple of different lawsuits with a crazy ex wife and trying to steal all my money. And like we've got we Vanessa both have axes and we both have kids and we have a blended family it's very confusing and sometimes stressful. And so I approach things right now it's a little like a war. There's a lot of litigious stuff going on yes in my biz says they do it. I'm your friend like you were not gonna go to war to Mike oh OK I'll put my weapon down yeah. Yet unlike the war initially you have a partner I feel like in my life right now a little bit of a war but the EPA would try asking. Pakistan. We I was talking more about the events that surrounded. If there's there's an endless gun that was a very personal analogy yeah our medical trauma. Which is like doing absolutely everybody glad you're 300 and the Rollins is coming and my only had bad yeah yeah it's. Yeah so that yeah. I eased up these huge personal on that. In I'm yeah I feel like you anymore and I need to shield and historians and ideologues and again and off the I think that that is not my marriage that is our library now our campaign is have we use I've been. If we can survive the next five years did just that will be together forever I yeah I'm married to Warren is our. Going down men's rear wheel. I yeah yeah yeah I can't talkative mood for a lot of action yeah dude I gonna go load up hunger and aids and body armor. I it another day. That's OK let's it's still weird to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Okay do you. I think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not did. Point seven. All morning wolf back here on a Tuesday April 24 Matt McAlister earlier it's good morning morning. Sojo here everybody was out enjoying the day yesterday to beautiful weather how is gorgeous if by the way on the sure they've got some great stuff the mug club at 610 motorists where in the soup ladies you've got to hear their story their unbelievable what they do for first responders. Demonstrate tickets at seven Timothy street what is your spouse is most annoying habit on the way next and how did you get revenge on a coworker who are happening today. But like I said we were all out do different things those watching all of your social media yesterday but nobody had the day that's slow Johanna terms of sites came back he's you know it spraying in downtown Seattle. When you have a guy walking around down. Totally naik I am like no socks and NASA and he this is the as so we resist like traumatized by Hank is he was not it was like a nude beach not the kind of guy you wanna see naked OK but completely. Naked in a funny thing about it was he is standing there dry Earth Day naked. We're talking homeless Arturo Gatti he was dazed and confused yeah no where he is gone. But the funniest part was people were just walking around him like you revisit traffic co owners and with a lot of people walk around but not that I sitting up like. Is doing a thing as lazy Sunday saying. I know I don't think that I mean he was but I don't know who was doing it on purpose if welcomed the downtown Seattle. Whether or not it was nice if there that there are grounds negatives there isn't proof. Yes I hate to think what he's gonna do on Thursday it's gonna be even warmer on the left. That's in the eighties I think everything there is. Eight by tens. Do you think he got arrested and you have to eventually eventually you have to there's salary cuts then that I can't imagine he he he made it very far. Yeah and meanwhile on the minivan the hobby lobby doesn't affect you can be ice cream and getting tattoos are watching native people are current. That's why we don't come downtown. We work in there we go ahead pat said. Thought we really don't caller right now if you're upgraded you part of the show we'd love to get to that I get to know you a little bit better and of course lets you pick a song as we get morning. 206421. Wolf right now for the lead off collar. Good morning time in wrong way welcome to the morning wolf pack area of great. Fantastical things are barely enough collared town. I really didn't show and you see you arguing at work on your way home I probably don't work. All right Tanya what is it that you do. I'm a different type. The what are you sounds a business like you proud to get your game face on the go handle the kids that are right. Yeah a little bit there's a lot of thought on it now got to get my. I don't look at our. You don't see it's weird and our kids school is all the talk abouts teacher walkouts now it's kind of a thing around the contrary because the teachers wanna get paid more. Any of that going on your school turn. You know not around here or there I'm there. I didn't get paid pretty well. I'd like gets away what is your district of what is the school let's give ourselves a shout out here. Highlight I don't know Atlanta. Wearing Butler Bulldogs would watching. I like it was it was the biggest issue going on your school right now you know what's happened with the kids. And. I don't know I think they're good. We're getting ruined I didn't hear it like the most academic rigor is here though they're trying to you know get scared. Top you'd be here and and how to get the airport they're making not yet. They're both Beckett eggplant no matter what it can't be good night I helped them and that additional out of don't know yet which is okay we like data about them. How would it help at what they don't wanna you know. Yeah I liked it's said no matter what it is because precedent like paid gonna go to college we'll help even if not. Whatever not everybody's got to go to college right yeah but everywhere no help at the future yes. Right exactly there's been great out there that make. Wave harmony that I did it ever went to college note you know that I'm the edit it but you wouldn't of the audit you bet your life and I'm no more than. Well we've learned a lot we share your salary here on the show which are going to be doing again tomorrow and I'm sure you've heard some anatomy are we get guys clean and honey buckets for 120 or any year and people have you know multiple levels of collegiate educations and are making forty and 27 that in one year so. Donnie you're right it's crazy but listen thanks for doing what you do for our kids really appreciate that. And edit it in action well Tonya you like country music and fashion yours as well. Didn't apparently like it right now like place on Torre you know we do that for the leadoff caller we won't hear. A little bit you know we can't tell you we love you have a great day say hide the kids lots of knuckles no high five and you begin to go hide them. I did by Dianne and I seized by love affair with Costco is truly annoying my wife on to say the story next thing and we wanna know what is the most. Annoying thing about your spouse we can be honest come up next to a 6421 more. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister I don't care what I get my fingers thinking about youth sports. Friends and family pray I dropped every day it's not very gracefully and it's not. 100 point seven. Also my wife was thoroughly annoyed with me yesterday and I was sharing the text messages while you're at work and I'm very entertaining. On the outside looking at anything yet it in a new way it was. Making me laugh too because it's nothing serious but because of the way our life is right now where Vanessa is gone back and forth between here and Arizona they're tired and I'm here for a week to buy myself. And so I've kind of got his bachelor thing going where I shop by clean and try to do all those things that she normally takes care. Well I love Costco. And what she was annoyed with yesterday's that I am not going to any other stores. I'm just going to cost go so we have a five pound bag of rice. We have a two pound bag of protein powder we have. And we live in ultra tiny little house we don't have room for anything. In the freezer is stuff from wrong with the raw you know I mean I mean. Pretty she does not listing out which you had using dictionary ready of this much better. That's why we have this much rife wide and. Yes she's like you need to go to safe ways to get you know. Pam you don't need to go get a giant campaign concert go right at Celtic but honey I only like it's going to cost them. Six now I'm good because she normally does she'll go to visit. Just look I go to five different stores to get everything that we need in the house you're gonna need to learn how to do something this past critic I don't. We don't need like when I'm there by myself I don't need to giant jugs of two gallon 2% milk that's your you don't have so few evening came in this morning with staff that was banished from the kitchen IOC cleaned out the whole thing ethnic refrigerators disgusting had to wipe down every shelter don't your replenish shelves in your refrigerator and none are not reckless teeth. There's no organs so I got home last thing she show me to do the pantry is now reorganized to. The fridge is now reorganized and cleaned. The freezer yes is being cleaned out so you know like my Minor League Baseball beer mugs are those are not prepared Santa Monica. She was thoroughly annoyed but in kind of a tongue in cheek way so that's what we wanna know what. Is that thing about your spouse that you find annoying to a 6421 wolf or he can Texas right now 46150. What. Is your spouse's most annoying habit to a 6421 Wall Street in Texas for 6150. If you would ask my wife can say the fact that I only show because go and now we have no more storage space in our home for anything busy by both in every hated us. Not a good day good morning Susie in gold bar my own and what would you say is the most annoying thing about your spouse. He tosses. Helped in excess. Why is do that intense he is very exciting move themselves. So annoyed the hell out of me multiple exits. And multiple. With Susie Helena you guys been together me just celebrated here. Eighth of April. Our list this one of those situations where you got to commend him for keeping good relationship with x.s. And always rolling her eyes I guess not I was out trying to see the bright seven LC. Well seeing. I caught him at his exercise and making room for more contact we have announced he also led. We were little other source. I'll let you know political round or not you know you're not really so you get saying good leg hurt bad we've heard a battle on. I feel like on the one any night has been a really good person but I know we knew in their relationship summit in their spending a lot of time with their acts are thinking about their acts that is annoying. Susie sounds like though he's a good guy and I thought our well yeah. The most annoying thing about your guy is that he still communicates with his ex as you would like him the stuff that. I want to ask him noted Susie thanks so much for being a part of the morning wolf I love you. You. Know it's text does that force six the one side though we got a text my husband the worst habit is that he is compressed Nader. Every day the increase in is her name's Sophie bracelet goes oh yeah. Another one that I'm not married yet so my fiance. Load the dishwasher wrong I know leaping helpful but he does that so wrong dance that. And I act I think guys are veteran loading dishwasher just to hear you saying no he he has their job now. All right a what is the most out what is your spouse is most annoying habits US exports U one will lose go. Good morning Brenda in white center so what would you say is your spouse's most annoying habit of. He don't do many are there any scene of what you need worked. The list for the weekend. Only it and he is the path that's that's besides how many projects would you say he's got to go on right now. Armed man who leaked out. I'll call modest. Many. Girls 1980. Genie that. You. Only rarely got it and end it grab. And old guard is at eight. Seed that Timmy sounds so unsatisfying. Because. As a guy that enjoys a project there's nothing better than getting the project done that's like reading several books at once and never. Getting the resolution you're looking for I would go mental and there's nothing worse than living in constant construction. That is OK so Brenda as the annoyed wife how do you handle that indeed say things do you suggest things. I try to really nice late big joke linked or. It in the tribal belt and that's really annoying. So you think it's funny if you were to call and count those names is it's balk about would like you know I was annoyed me about my wife she's always trying to help me finish these projects are guy he's pro. And control. Right now I don't I'm go to one time and a girl handled. I hail and Brenda Brenda what was the last project that he actually completed. I'm Keith built me. A I can't. Beat it like an. Eight. Greta we Levy thanks so much for sharing your stories and good luck with all that there in white center to lobby for and a yeah. Game he actually from Tacoma just texted and show her fiance has a habit of sleeping with his socks on which a nor'easter. That's funny I'm that would ignore the message as well I don't know why did it would gaffe it's night and I don't know why did I won't why isn't it I don't know studies that say you sleep better with socks. And if they tackled keep it cool. And sleep but it's so knowing. It's I'm I have another tech my girlfriend does the Owen Wilson wow at least fifty times today little inland old. That would be okay but now I can vary in LA and and then Jamie from Jim Moore says her boyfriend has the habit of passing gas all the time you had just Democrats in LA and no way. All right we're gonna coming up next deadly indeed Big Three stories of the day you won't believe the latest craze when it comes to lip injections. This is the morning. Alistair only do 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three is bigger than a princess can't fight in their royal wedding will hold onto them heroes ladies this is the big story. We've herewith injections typically think of women giving lip injections that 100% of the time we'll hopefully yeah trained and lived injections is now meaning getting them they're calling it much your mouth and they want to look like Tina Qaeda. Now instead of the upper lip getting pumped it's actually the lower lipped as a prominent lower lip which just goes to symbolize pride and power. Did you ever get Montel I'm. Enough at first I never noticed Channing Tatum lower lip and that was the thing though the guys who aspire to have but I always think it's a funny the names that they give. Guys that do stuff that women normally do like when guys. Actors they've grown you know eyeliner because guy liner yes. We guys give Botox told broad toxin much amount larger amount yet. Those trying to think of a more fruits lip injections in gathered that's perfect yet. Not amount to look out for that on their eyes and I we list of the top America or America's favorite contemporary actors. So I'm asking who do you think is on the top analysts use America's favorite actor Jason Bateman degrees after Valentine's days they didn't even make the top. Jason Bateman has never made a bad movie. Well he's he's American actors are just liked by Americans. America's favorite actors so they could be English textbooks yeah well whatever those are you watch a lot of TV movies and guesses you know I can just speak for myself my fear factor is definitely Tom hardy is British. Okay. Tom hardy is not often I heat hasn't every Al Pacino. Now if clueless is clearly worth nothing Chris Pratt now. Jason Bateman again. They get that I didn't entirely straight he may Rosie know well I got I got it OK let's get real and Tom Hanks. Panic is number everybody yeah thank and number three and out in the top five favorable. And Betty White wolf strong. Anybody who left Tom Hanks Denzel Washington as number two U a got talent Morgan Freeman is number one. Had no problems one into these this let Betty White older they get for some list is we'll Smith who turned fifty this year. Apparently people don't like anyone younger than most. Do it just depends on maybe who the and yes there's ample cuteness in your dinner and I did it Midler is wonderful if any. I love for this list. I Jennifer Hudson about you know somebody around third down had not on the list I. And riled dating is of course the little baby Riley was born yesterday. He's our you back home and the only now he does haven't means yet. Flights last words he densities evidently well they haven't announced nobody leaves the hospital and evidence of course there taking bets. So well the biggest bet right now is on Arthur. It tells. Yeah in their life that's very Camelot other contenders seem outward and fill up but teams are inhabit it prints are. By the way his official name whatever it is when she says Bubba. Is his royal highness prince Bubba of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that is his official title that's nice title thank you and I just pray tell everything holy that his name is Bubba. Because I ended up tied in my glove as governor and I see got to stay with us in about ten minutes worry this is the people were swearing in you have to hear their story next. This is the morning wolf pack with Matt Harris after 100 points for the world now on the episode of the the club. And before we tell you the amazing story of the group of swearing today. A little reminder we're going to be out for a month club fixed up by new coffee today. Mean 21 will be downing Des Moines immediate marine influence do you meet you espresso. So for you this I know right from previous press effort into my next stop I would buy a couple copying can also bring I imagine doing month plus. We get to meet great people men and Saturday morning we took pancake breakfast to arrive by the and we met a group called the suit place run by a woman in mama we got a call here in swear her in Hamlin make it official but basically when there's an accident in Washington State. The first person they call us mom did she rolls up with her pink trailer. And she feeds first responders. Paramedics firefighters police and anybody on the scene working the accident whether its search and rescue for the train derailment Frey she's they're feeding because she noticed back in the day. The DC heroes reading memories and you know. Just basically nothing. And she isn't good deals yeah well you tell us the seventy Macon and laughed. Also. Mike Rowe from dirty jobs he's now doing a show that's just on FaceBook yeah I think it's called returning the favor. But look it up because they did an episode about the suit ladies and mama. It's been used like eleven million times and they bought her a brand new trailer just doing what she does for other people in the community ceased sensor and. Am. Honored to have a hello hello mama. Yeah amen and Emily calling from the morning wolfpack however you and there are a year older and spent they thought. Well mama we're calling to swear you in the mud club of course but we also want to let you know how inspirational was to meet you with a pancake breakfast on Saturday and to hear your story and to get to learn about the Mike Rose show on face can the whole thing was really really cool. It was very cool and I was so blown away and I fell off and getting that kind of opponent against your job better. And now that we know you when we understand what it is that you do for our first responders all across Washington State and beyond. I don't think calling yourself the soup ladies is really giving yourself and credit because you're serving hot meals not to sue. Oh yes we always served hot meal cold meal real food and and we look. Well since we figured out that your last name was passer rallying your Italian we knew that our first responders were in good hands with him yet but let's not let that. Think of how did you learn to cook so let's have played an Italian let out a little model gonna make if we're gonna make it official and give you some more love and hopefully it but it appears this will know about the super ladies and maybe few of those people reach out to volunteer. Three a couple bucks for her help take care of our first responders always will love far. Mama raise your right hand repeat after me I state your name and cinder blocks early mama do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack. Do hereby pledge when they've been for the morning wolf form and is proud member of the month club. And as a proud member of the mud club I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning and I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning while Rolen up meatballs. Hello growing ever leave all of incredulous is our firepower that's just yeah an official member of the wolfpack got clubbed thank you for the apron of the taxes to. Oh you're so welcome. All right a movie theater candidates on their customers to put clothes on now before they come in and see a movie. Coming out in less than five minutes are you yay or nay on the jam is in public this is debate that's capturing a world what you're doing next. That McAllister has ever progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. One yeah. One wolf thank Matt McAllister Kelsey ballerina in thirty seconds but here's what we wanna know right now morning wolf pack are you yes or no on did you Amazon public. There is a movie theater in New Zealand. Raising controversy they announced on social media that customers will not be allowed to Wear pajamas to movies anymore. Poll where cinema to. Announced on face but the customers will no longer be allowed inside and they show her pajamas one disease. Bathrobes or dirty Wellington boots whatever those are. Theater manager Christie Bork told the news. Look she's decided to institute a dress code due to an increased number of people coming to the movies in their PGA is covered in muck if I couldn't agree more it's a sign of laziness. We jam is there for inside the home closer for Al it's very basic tests coming from the guy who wore slippers and published. It was a slight misstep for me I was corrected I no longer do that otherwise might win it you're getting lazy that you posted on the that you're proud I was that I was really cool and they'll let you know this is not right man it's just lazy. Yes or no dams a public yelling at. Slug out yet. Euros six. Four to one wolf is the number or you can text us 46150. Pajamas inside O'Neil Kurt is crazy I CB people getting on planes. Into John BEA are down PJ is right now. Do you Wear your fridge M as in public to a 6421 wolf protects 46150. There's a movie theater in New Zealand is now banning their customers and go to the movies. With their pajamas you know is about time if you think about it. When your home and hearing your features and slippers a little bit different. Yeah are eating here and you're like you're nasty your home your dirty haven't showered and nice clean. Your wife and food on year to jam is at its a sign. Of laziness. I mean you really can't put on pants how George Costanza do you need to be. We just detected that it be put on pants. Like jeans my kids but on them not everybody uses their legitimately as a nap in the image you know what I heard it here at home we just like nasty exactly blowing your nose isn't downloads of aims. What else we get our nose a ton its expenses and a migraine than you if you have time put on Madonna yup time nineteenth that a person says that watching the dam as. While watching you are wearing the doubles while watching in the B is fine for HBO at home but if you're gonna drop side of the house I'm close look. We live in an age where laziness is being promoted I mean food gets delivered to your door. You can watch any show you want in any time over and over and over and you got to fight the laziness here people. Yeah you've got to rise up yes stand for something Marion lake Stevens unless you're under five years old I know I don't I'm public. Well like the way in the news New Zealand movie theater also put one does he's on Feliciano put into holds worth one's. I had done now and that's awesome. I have hot if you love the I think yes don't let anyone tell you elect to deal. And that we got another text that I always got my kids off to school the John does or at least less and not friendly what difference of teens but some pajamas are you OK with what the public yet because sweats are and outside form typically invented for working out if you really want you know let's Wesson yoga pants are my pajamas so. What would do you sleep in them so our men I know now you're making that up and my guess that's why. I don't sleep and now does carrying being are not the same you're making it up for your arguments why not gonna go off like making enough and I certainly difference between the examiners come talk about the message he has GM isn't she has active Wear OK okay okay. You might have something there might did you guys give me about an outnumbered on the show about wearing pajamas in public vibe with you guys were present as on an airplane. And eyewear yoga pants or sweat my entire crew you can not for you the fans I had my early in the senate I don't know. Dobbs tonight Jose scored 21 wolf of course there's 150. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister there's a very popular term with your generation and leads calls adult thing. This is step one hand and rain hail I have a couple of things as they honestly done yet Hamas and I. 127. Oh how nice was he yesterday those gorgeous. Well slow just saw a naked guy walking around Newtown Seattle that's how warm it was an Emily has. An apartment filled with boxes generally Florida ceiling and you didn't impact one of them. Now though we are waiting for my suffer it feels like for ever almost a month. Finally got here late Sunday night so I bloating stuffed into my apartment told our 11 o'clock last night so yesterday when I got home. I just did take a nap and then hit the boxes but it is so gorgeous outside I just went and sat by Al psyche job and. I commend you for your decision because I would have never been able to do that I'm such a control freak and so tight day that I would've had to the start tackling those things well but the fact that you just pieced out and stuff but I don't think it'd ghost towns and asked me cap or Emily may and she's going to be like. Perry and thought this is all day and I look at your enter grand story in your sit there like a recording the ocean heck yeah right. When she's doing well to be honest I walked in and I looked at the amount of boxes and it was so overwhelming I just made it immediately turn and I thought I could take a day off. Yeah I know where you our word there's so much you don't know how to start the first are in nearby yourself yes different. If you're married and you've got a partner to rank doling together so my mom's gonna come in mid may so kind of push and Emily that is what a true millennial would do is wait for the parents to do it for them union needed to do it don't wanna. No today haven't a sort boxes. Mike put it in the kitchen and Mike tried it distribute like move into the bedroom of their clothes and then I could start the three now there's so many boxes to find pat one there's nowhere to put it like. I can't put it in the kitchen because it's apple sells. I'm at today the goal is to just move boxes. Everybody listening has been where you are. In Europe remembering the feeling as you're talking about it and I think it's the worst feeling that the risk app I don't know if there's any worse feeling than where you are right now. So I might end up that out I guess I putt I. A couple of other news well I mean sojo kind of did the same thing I am I they he would back the basic that he waited for his wife to get here yeah alert. But you're not waiting till mid may now if we have to come over today with the minivan and help you we will and a baby in a bunch of cookies are some may enact a I cannot make news coming up an eight minutes so. While that would match. I'm at you 100 point 70. Here's another fake news. Big kids sounding a real headlines of the day and. Would you agree Emily when it comes and not fake news we have found since you've been doing this that most of them are coming in the state of Florida absolutely. Okay we'll need not fake news the most Florida headliner of the month. Florida man batters his boyfriend with a big mouth Billy best big mouth Billy yeah remember though seems to sing. Think on the one you push the button. And I think mentally mass. And I select. Palm Beach County they had their run. Officers were called Sunday afternoon to a residence in Sebastian in connection where they reported domestic battery. Upon arriving at home they found Larry Timmerman with a laceration on his head. Apparently that was caused by a big mouth Billy bass that was thrown at him by Gregory Carney. Now cops determined that the guys who have been partners for seventeen years have been quarreling earlier in the day at one point. Carney went into the Denham game playing with his singing fish. Which is a natural thing to do this claim are your significant other. Timmerman said that Carney continued doing this just aggravates him please can put up about this for like seventeen years onus annoying. Yeah over yeah it's annoying. So. When Carney discovered that the novelty item was missing from the Dan he quiz Timmerman on its whereabouts. This is when Timmerman responded to Billy bass was now in the track and I'll. Carney became angry. Carney then finished the singing fish. From the garbage can throw it as boyfriend. That's one struck him in the head causing the laceration. That's not how I thought I was gonna go wrong person was throwing at this and that and that's yeah it will switcheroo is yeah. Jack Kearney admitted throwing the singing fish who said that he did not name for Larry instructed and had an accident. Do we believe him I don't. And it is a 500 dollar bond. In place. And at the and other things are actually making a bit of a comeback that the big mouth Billy back then because people are wiring it to their elects that. Zoned out could have got that big bad billion and elects big because big. Well now I realize we have other headline. And I think news that I got such a kick out of how in depth they went into the story this is a three page story about thrown a big mouth Billy bass and another guy. I just got caught up in itself a hit the other two real quick here in Winnipeg neighborhood prank with nuclear threat morning. And maybe you'll only do two today but anyway there was an audio recording the blasted through town at 9:20 PM saying they were under nuclear attack. That's not cool no it turned out the audio was from an online video that was played through somebody's home speaker system. Have I'll an innocent grow quickly can do this. New Jersey cop in hot water for trying to get dates with women he pulled over half a yeah oh yeah basically us now Brian I mean you'd think when you're getting pulled over Bradley service a onetime you know the word comrade I got the cops well not so much. Beat the street 710 dumbest timid they think it's. Elena is this morning wolfpack with another counterattack 100 points off. Lacks hit the pavement and tactically history to. Hello Killy in Auburn Harry you. Are you I am Kelly we are great thanks for raskin we've got a pair tickets for your right now legacy Tim and faith at Key Arena on July 13 part of the wolves -- zero million tickets which he got to beat the challenger in beat the street can you do that. I. Up. Let's give you five questions with thirty seconds on the clock are you ready Kelly. I am. I let's do this to your marks get set go. Who's the star of Jerry Maguire. Asked Tom the critics which 2017. Testing campaign aimed to expose abuses towards women act. I'll leave it to one that sort of France seven times only be stricter doping. To land route. Iowa City is home to Microsoft's global headquarters. Credit Hussein's broken hand loves. Time is up Kelly you look if this was Vegas you would be on an epic heater right up until that last question. No worries you did great in as long as you did the challenger you're gonna win the tickets so let's meet them quickly and a great crowd already here. I'm Marisa and Livan yup the name working at a bank. Okay Marisa from Puyallup works at a bank Carrie go the same five questions. Let's see how she does. As long as you do better than she does you're gonna win those tickets are here we go with question number one we'll find out how you did as well. Who is the star Jerry Maguire. Tom Cruise. Tom cruises the right it's a great movie you see it right and yes I love them love the scene when they fire he's walking out and artistry and loan that. And a classic. Help me help you. All right Tim got a one a one time let's go to question number two. Which 2017. Hash tag campaign team to expose abuses towards women. Need to. And eighteen movement is right you have also accepted time's up so you both are doing great here it's eight booted two tiles go to question number three who were on the Tour de France seven times only to be stripped for doping. And now. Honesty not that what is she not an American it will this. Yes yeah Lance Armstrong. And just like Greg Kelly you take a lead to read it to. Ray yes let's go to the local question which left the city is home to Microsoft's global headquarters. Redmen. Redmond was the right answer man it's a great game we got here which he had to leave right now Europe perfect four for four Kelly heading into the last question which is amazing. And the competition challenger Marissa from Q Wallach who works in bank is three for four so a one point lead here's the last question this thing's broken error. No clue. Blue and Kelly I feel like you know who this is. I do know that you know wanted to put that could be your I think it can put it. Chris staple. Yeah I was. You know we thought even then I didn't it seemed. A stable and well liked it didn't matter you finished four for five months ago it's three for five so you wonder David I think it's. Did native who is dating Kelly you're going gonna hang out here July 13 congratulations and thank you for listening to the morning wolf that. Oh my god they might not be quiet I'll be lucky TO. Right it seems my love affair or addiction whatever you call it a Costco is truly annoying my wife commentary the story next mono to. What is the most annoying habit that your spouse has coming up next in fact if you wanna check in now to a 6421 wall for 46150. On the tax. You hear that every morning glory. I'm still a party. So wolf what is your spouse's most annoying habit and we all love our spouses that goes of that question. But they do things that annoy us yesterday. Vanessa was so annoyed with me because I love Costco so much I won't shop anywhere else. So now the problem is we have food. Overflowing from the pantry in the freezer and refrigerator and others pleasant I guess the flight bags. They came in. Four different court size container things there's no place for any bulk of ever hurry I don't know but I love Costco so much I go there's a she's sixty years you. You need to learn how to shop other places. I don't know he'd all the stuff so she simply to work with 300 dollars worth of overflow stuff that we don't have room for. She was slightly annoyed. She had to purge the freezer the pantry and the refrigerator yesterday and that's kind of announced until I have an athlete I just kind of go through so much adjustment to go there. Tonight so I don't know right now what is your spouse's most annoying habit this could be a lot of fun. To a 6421 wolf for you can Texas right now 246150. How good morning Brenda in white center so what would you say is your spouse's most annoying habits. He start humid hot at any seeing the one where. The honey do list for the weekend on. Only it's an irony is that the president besides I'm a project would you say he's got snagged on right now. I'll parent beats that. I'll call mind. So. Many. Girls night at 830. Thinking that girls are. Fairly error we got there and ends at Ingram. And all of big art is at eight. Seeds that Timmy sound so unsatisfying because of as a guy that enjoys a project there's nothing better than getting the project done that's like reading selling books at once and never getting a resolution you're looking for how would go mental and there's nothing worse than living in constant instruction. Yeah yeah. OK so Brenda as the annoyed wife how do you handle that indeed say things do you suggest things. I try eclipse really indirectly. It got things or. And they try to help and that's really you know. So you think your body if you were to call him those names is it's buck. But we're gonna get those annoyed me about my wife she's always trying to help me finish these projects I got these programs and control. Right now I got some of them go to onetime Internet they're all handled. I hate our Brenda Brenda what was the last project the actually completed. I'm you need to know Sydney. And yeah. That's what it beat it like it sounds like he's eight. I'm. Readily Levy thanks so much for sharing your story and good luck with all that there in white center we love you Brent. Yeah ain't. Elise and Bob well texted and Texas for six when I announced she said her husband and never shuts the worst for closes growers. Which I gave him that did that every tour with kind of the feeling yeah. Kinda opened it to little thing but it's annoying. Absolutely stacks up over time that reminds me of my little 1% of great yeah she never she always takes things out of the microwave before it's done and she never clears the things that. I have no I. My big. I hunt you down a bit thin and come home site. What is your spouse's most annoying habit to a 6421 wolf. Hi good morning Stevie and shell then what would you say your spouse is most annoying habit and if you ask my wife that course right now she would say my addiction to Costco. I would have to see. Probably don't do other Italians are met. Ali yeah American part of the menu or the key partner. No my twelve year old bonus sun does the same thing that drives me for condemned man as some like we're good mixer came you don't order a cheeseburger or are you insane gas. They. Are there. I really like it's just whatever he wants to eat it's not make you eat it because you go to that restaurant to eat that kind of food right Stevie went in the same page. Right now actually. You don't get up and go to the I slept on the cheeseburger. What's gonna happen against travel what if you go to Italy would if you go to France is used in order cheeseburger. Or are I don't. I Stevie thanks for chicken and we love you here's a man in Graham what is your spouse is most annoying habit got me. Hey seen half of all of paper or paper towel to clean up a tiny bill that you do backing out. If roe and I find the paper every. Day. And fitness every time my attorney Billy Blanks you don't need you about Mike could sit there. And you're not going to give you know I don't like your thought don't. Wow yeah zawahiri is he's a paper towels toilet paper over user. Yes absolutely. Not is entirely out at least a couple sheets and bath in the Sun City and the. Emily aren't you glad right now you're not generally advocate making love in singles being promised less annoying purely day by your partner. There are good if I guess because that hurt her my number. Why and what Bonnie appreciate you shared a man have a wonderful day. Did you pay up way all right what is your spouse's most annoying habit c'mon we all of them but they can be annoying to a 6421 Woolsey in Texas for 6150. Good morning John and tonight though are you buddy. Did you do about it and that means what you want first well I guess of this for you first. A series John and to be in your neighborhood on Sunday got a bikers down there. Are you really nice the Washington State time trial championship so be headed down there with Vanessa and my kids do it on Sunday's Albanian neighborhood brother are you serious told a lot of midshipman well let's hang out all shooting attacks after the race. David let me give you immediate. Have you had the bad news on the cost building yes yes yes yes it did you have a severe addiction so let me introduce us. She was buddies dispatched to Romania and we live we never got sick by the way that pumped. This accident in the fridge mess yeah it is just overkill local it will only speak to here we need more animals and humans just turn it's like. Unbelievable. Over the top been cheap shots at Wal-Mart Fred Meyer all of the costs due to number one it just goes to. I know Pasco man it's his sickness it's an addiction any nudity on Saturday may be new and Teresa married I'm the anonymous self help groups on them. I think we can be done and now since last I could be attributed it not look out building you know you've got to draw a line and anyone's right on this one meth. No I trust me she's right about usually everything and she drew the line with the media today I listened to mom and a back way off of John. Just don't get this guy may. I seventieth and seeded and I know. Around noon on Sunday absolutely brother thanks so much footage they could have didn't good morning in in Puyallup so what is your spouse's most annoying habits. Well my significant other is vary country let that stand like Atlanta so I hope this summer and he Ali how Borg ship had been placated acquired interest cool things but as I. I hope I won't hurt you yeah I keep had to convince them like Chinese. Other people may not really appreciate their game and really let a little bit outlets from thirty days and I appreciate it that much of and he did that I'm keeping them and the clover in the yard and I really don't like it and we didn't and and he says that you have to keep the clueless doesn't like but over. Nobody there weeds are an important part of the look of the place that's right. Militant boy am I love and and thanks so much of being a part of the show good luck with the balance motherhood. I don't bloody day and a nicer. Did a bunch of great tech still won says her husband won't eat is he'll and the red meat but he also won't roadways we just leaves it in the count on the counter in the bag until she throws away. He. That's her last yeah I had Shia again and again as trivial and why that OK I. Don't know amber says I'm her husband always hassle one upped her stories with his. You know in general conversation with anybody you know into your relationship with somebody that's very no. Yeah of one upward again sort of asking a question about their story just telomeres are some likening listening yeah parents are the worst that. Oh my kid got a couple will Mikey go ahead and be in a park you can listen to mom's one up each other for thirty straight men absolutely it's awful tight coming up Philly what we do and India Big Three stories about a day. Would you haven't heard of my chill out it's the latest trend at burning man now we'll get into it. This is the morning. Alistair only do 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three is bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. Brian map when it isn't lip injections we usually think women practice a hundred to get on the media doesn't of course all the new trend for men in. Is lip injections though calling it much she'll mouth and guys are getting within Jackson to look like cheating Tatum and actually getting on more and their. Square feet knocked it in a top lip. Find this highly disturbed about my god damn mouse and if you are getting anything injected in your lips in your guy it is the opposite of macho we become with a different name they stayed that promenade at a lower lip. Is they still the symbol of pride and power. The practice and nobody knows that as I don't think you outings so you do and it's four guys I don't know they should Khaled metro and there you go ahead I'd have. Well see. Jello what Vermont did not get that on the rise I didn't Liz and America's favorite contemporary actors how much against the top. Well let's see after Jason Bateman who wouldn't be here because Jason Bateman is Steven Bateman or not it's not accurate for a generation. Clooney's good gas sleeve not in the top and Tom Hanks Tom Hanks comes in at number three. And they also take into account not only people that like and the people that don't so they've high negatives or they're not in the tops of these are people that are very well liked on the eve of the top by Robert Downey junior. I think I left an insult comic book movies these differences Iron Man I think people still don't like the government passed you these troubled times tangible it's number five that. Betty White is number four it's important. She is 4% negative feedback doesn't like pretty white. She's just not somebody in conversation every day anyway let's send Betty White was a part of any awards show or any you know I'm saying in my after coming into this years old it's landed very -- and just say she's not exactly nine Hudson she yet she's an 86 yet isn't it right timing is number three Denzel Washington number -- and then Morgan Freeman is going to be a number wind hardly argue with Morgan Freeman act that really Jason David Morrissey. Not all the stuff that he's never read a bad movie can never made a bad movie you know I can tell you feel like. Jason Bateman yeah I think I heard the name but then he's his greatness you know and Matt long afternoon his obsession with Jason Bay. He's just awesome protect wildlife tour namely getting indicted and. Wedding and eighteen is obviously the royal baby was born yesterday Amy still no name it'll likely come out tomorrow. Because they waited two days for. Georgians Charlotte to name their names so likely the name come out tomorrow but if you're gonna win which is today's they do everything differently when your royal right. They already have and I'm is that they release have been they don't wait two days to name if they know that they wait two days for us today. You know I think he'd be cool if we waited like five years performing kids after you name the self you really don't know who they're gonna be told they. Four I wanted to name myself star. I well if you're gonna place the bet that on top and that is on our third the mother names are going to be James Oliver and Philip that are top running means. By the way his formal lamb let's just call it Arthur for now I use his royal highness prince Arthur of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I would like somebody give me one of those types you know I just imagine and a sign that on every channel and marketing of Issaquah. Eastern Pacific northwest of Seattle Washington State. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister does some things that are just really easy putting the toilet seat down guys is one of them amply rain and now that's funny. 127. Oh have you ever gotten revenge on a coworker. If so. 206421. Wall Street in Texas for 6150. Apparently Emily this happens more than you would think I would guess this would be kind of isolated incident type stuff. But according to a news survey that is out today 44% of people. That's almost half of everybody got a lot in the world has gotten revenge on a coworker. It reminded me of the story this goes way back to when I first started in radio after we had an awful won't slow Joan I would I mean nasty awful. Just used to make everybody's lives miserable and at the same time she was stealing from work. And selling stuff on eBay. Now she stole a couple of autograph CDs that slow Joan I had an author she stole them out of hard ass raped and sold the money back. So yeah. They admit they did details are hazy. But I did take revenge I took my revenge on this woman. It's yeah I don't ever not only did she steal our property that nobody liked her achieves a toxic cancer and how office. I may have sensed. And there's no proof of this thing. And I'm may have sent an anonymous email to somebody in charge pointing out the fact that somebody. Was borrowing. Things from the office and so on the money back. Yeah they found out in full yet they haven't she get I'm an internal investigation that led to her removal. Of our workplace and David even bigger than we had suspected it was I mean it was thousands and thousands really wasn't just from us she was stealing from everybody at work the personal stuff sitting daddy now XP like blew open the investigation that's right now. Donald Stone Phillips Annette Benning Victoria and hours so how have you gotten your revenge at work man it felt good in life is great after she was gone. To a 6421 wolf there's a number. All right Mickey Tacoma how have you gotten revenge on a coworker. Hundred. She had yeah at the end of the old fast and he handled it your fingers underneath it all out. And I went with a handful of gasoline and stuck it under her parents are. Open door and I I can't call it apple you're good at so petty and childish of him that your beloved did she knows he has to sit down now know the next order she was talking about adding. We had no clue and even told me about it like to go back to like nothing ever happened with dean has asked that. Under my breath from laughing god I'm not make it there could but I love it author of so that's when the workplace revenge happens outside of the workplace assuming it's personally gone after the vehicle and went nuts that there that he bankers and story have a great day. You don't think in my. He detect. Texas or 61 I though rob said that people cut stealing his once at work by the that is the worst thing I've yet so we kept that he put it ex lax and if people never sold once again. So that whoever called story about a sandwich is something. Yeah and I and here I am. Either there's a story there somewhere about there was a sabotage Sam it's it was left and our purpose for somebody to steal. And then yeah traffic yeah all right to a 6421 wolf how you gotten revenge on a co worker. Good morning RT inland would tell us about the time you've got revenge on a co worker. Well what my coworkers decided that he would be funny and come and in my ossetian. War alert he's awkward she bordered randomly put him back on a keyboard. Well I'd I'd sort didn't go over port as well three embassy thoughts. So after I made a cornerback correctly. Do you governor's office with a source shots. The door open then so it's a cardboard pages of the doorway and took packing peanuts in the Switzerland when he opened the door get a result like is this. You know it's funny too I think with men in it seems that they're more Frankie you know kind of high roll it with women they can be more emotional and painful like rumors and backstabbing in Baghdad RT appreciate you shared your story meant you rupture to a 6421 wealthy in Texas for 61 size or the reason we're talking about this is a new study out today says 44% of us. Have gotten revenge on a coworker. And that includes stuff like spreading bad rumors. Hiding a person's things. FTSE you're getting them fired at sabotaging worked tampering with a computer. But eating some bodies and lunch. Betemit. I think that's the worst thing deleting things from a computer. Using private instant info on social media. Emily what are we getting over there and attacks. We got a great text it's as I work at a wrecking yard and meaning hit another co worker were giving each other hard had a bastard pardon spot it's not a big deal but she was making it a big deal. And she thought it was a good idea to put a parking violation ticket on his windshield. So he decided to pick up her car with far left in just admitted to the back of the heart bypass. Yeah I'd be real careful with who you engage in these were plays battles yeah if it's somebody who controls heavy equipment. I'm gonna go ahead and does raise a white flag pray so was the parking citations that say they adapt ice I. I can get them to stop parking Mecca someone else said that as similar stealing gasoline and five gallons of gasoline kept going missing they were in the military. So they decided to fill up the gas cans would be vulgar than they would know. When the person that diesel non Dan Ronan and jackass. Can't and don't shrink in the military because we all know what half. Pat you get a code red as you head gets open a pillowcase and beating and a little night Jack Nicholson Cuba don't go there. And it is funny too there's the revenge on the floor firmly and then there's the feud and yes thank you do me wrong and I do you wrong name we have this little war going on. Yeah we may call a look offense and their friend has grown used to help patients. That there total was more than it really was as a joke and she didn't find it funny so when they should get her brother in law who's a lawyer to come and and serve her glossy paper work just shivering diet. So slow Joan I work with this gal who's just fanatical about her ten and yes. And so slow Joseph and another one of the guys that we work with. Taped her hand under her desk. So she was looking around frantic for Ford white two day you know it's like few weeks and passionately suvs and emailing and everybody she is breathing out we've created a fake email address like I've got your Penne Nee ya yeah. Oh and we email I liked meg taunting her fat on them to us exports you on wolf it's morning. Yeah Alex rate and these here and. So wolf. It's Tuesday that means we are taking the mug club on the road today and of the pit stop and weirdness of millions he has to meet you. We're headed to do more plain mean air slamming into one of green it do you espresso. So like Massa win but to me till I hit couple kospi shaking hands and it's what's been really cool lately he's been hanging out with us the entire hour. Kelly found not everyone has the power to hang out with us but just stop by staying in it he got a month the and you wanna join our mug club he dropped off frequent. Both senate and yeah and I had ever they dancing in the. Mean yeah I just this kind of dig in what's your sandman I got into a little innocent should pay by the way just wanted to also welcomed into the mug club every morning at 610 you swearing in of the local business I mean that's the mug club is all about. Kind of coming together as a family community getting to know you. Having conversation having coffee. Promoting your local business. But we met somebody on Saturday at a pancake breakfast named mama who runs an organization called the suit playthings. And they are responsible they take it upon themselves to feed first responders at accident sites. So for example. Win that awful train derailment happened. They're phone ring ten minutes after the train when it's tracks and that we're gonna need your for a couple days to get a feel a lot of EMTs paramedics firemen police. And they do it as the goodness of their heart it hot meals yeah mama had a restaurant she closed down she retired essentially you know she just does this for the people sick I saw. First responders search and rescue teams eating in Murray's only no I make at home cooked hot meals so. Anyway welcome to the mug club soon ladies you're lucky hopefully get to meet somebody else and like you said. Hopefully get some lunch today and finally don't get all hung up on the fact that it has to be human. The super ladies gave us say aprons yes. A lot of gladly travel mugs or water bottles just get like we've taken beer mugs and we've taken civic ups and held a ticket I catch yeah logo on it. It's. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister there's some things that are just really easy putting the toilet seat down guys is one bonded Labor Day and now that's funny. 147. All morning wolfpack Matt McAllister. And the rain slowed Joseph we are gonna get out of here but I don't get a check out our podcast will be available on the apple or Seattle icon at 10 AM. With some bonus material including the 100 best boy bands of all time. Yes Emily we're gonna go through all 100 out RE catalyst going in my head we're gonna track and it sounds. Quite a way to put The Beatles on analysts believe we can avoid men know they played instruments boy bands don't planes really be original play again like the now there were a little poppy boy dandy in the very very beginning of the cold cuts coming in a mental thing so boyfriend boy bands have to sing and dance but no instruments that's and in my qualification I could be around also married couples who make it twenty years are happier than newlyweds all covered on the podcast today. Deanna Lee how are you feel there's three things that are certain in life Matt death taxes and bad boss is now. Whoa we have manager of the lesser little. We'll have you journal I know he's listening right out there of course we love you because your boss we have to get anybody whip up a story about drew because what we wanna know today as what's the worst thing your bosses ever major deal. No we haven't worked its long enough to have one of those around us. I slowed just got a good one remember though if you've heard that brags stuff the amino acids you dialect health food stores them so slow Joseph worked for that company works for her. Apparent in the in California. And remember what she had to do instead of your track I yesterday Sheehan retired as a graphic designer act and then and she has me at her house cleaning up dog who. And chicken through her for her or heard of probably 62 animals. Yeah and you know that stuff is actually pretty tasty but then you find out when she's crazy person and now we now know. Not uniting the fake so it's us today man. No itself. That would be one good example in only get another one in a radio example at. Not a race but not a radio example per say but between my high school and first year in college. I worked at a gas station and and my manager made me go out into the parking lot in clean up cigarette butts every day. That's only part of the job again that you. Like I didn't yet let's say that's that's gestation were going there and it was pretty broad. Well I think you're getting a lot of response of that to a 6421 Walton join reach out to. 46150. In we will see you back up to me during his beautiful unbelievable. Weathered. And 5 AM tomorrow have a tell us. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 points and over.