The Morning Wolfpack - Tuesday August 7th, 2018

Tuesday, August 7th

Tuesday August 7th, 2018

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Rolling hey welcome to the morning wolf pack podcast Matt here and live there or so GOK and I'm definitive on the date today because it is my mom's birthday so I want is a happy birthday to my mom I thought slow joke. In honor do you bring your mom on the today at some point today we should call her can get Iran and she's really excited about it because that in my can we call you for the hard I think she said make it quick OK yeah so will make him I think actually my wife and son over their visiting so that's the case it will be quick if she's gonna wanna pay to play turned. But. Before we do that one dude just say hi to mate who sent in an email let me get to that part of my computer Sutton is you lot. No this is made from Phoenix Arizona. He said hey man I'm regularly to the party but I listen to the podcast to your show. And in the intro you guys were discussing books this was last Friday and it happens to be that I just finished the book where men win glory by John crack hour this past weekend. I really liked or thought it was really good I have so much more respect for guys like Pat Tillman now and I did before. I do like his writing style I've read his into thin air book. Which is a what I thought I mentioned but it was about Kate to Mount Everest and death it's actually called into thin air and Bubba Bubba by the movie 2000 the 2050 movie Evers is based on that book by the way. I was wondering if given in a book recommendations that are similar to the two I have read. Thanks again love the show. All I responded to him was I'm reading under the banner of heaven which is another John crack our book right now about the Mormon Church right and the fundamentalists and it's all center around as a murder that happened. I believe in the late ninety's that I read the actual murder scene last night and its. Is that surprising I didn't sleep well. It's it's disgusting in gruesome and really heavy but it's also really interesting because it goes over the origins of the Mormon Church for and Joseph Smith and and all of that. And then it goes into fundamentalist mormons in polygamy in its its pretty heavy but if you like John crack are your probably gonna like it. Anybody else to toss a book recommendation at this guy Nate in Phoenix I registered a great Miami it's fiction but it's called that baby's first felony. I think for. After I had a day which is very usual threes that just read at night but I and for some reason I guess it was like. Last there there are some said downer after a home from work and have a whole lot today and his rant and nose done. You read the whole book the whole look like she's. How weird and insane Emily you are the real book nerd here. Break and I can't I'm we're reeling giving. The recommendations based off of the pack I've never. Read any of these books that dollar talking about John cracked our whatever and I'm looking in operate now to seek. That when you have to computer Missoula I think that's a Mormon reenact but they're all based in truth right it just he does kind of he goes deep into a subject also what he likes that kind of book again I go back to the Mary Roach that I talked about how she. Is also nonfiction and goes into issue as goal she has stepped. Which looks at around the different but what if for all I know it's different. And happens with your body I read this angle that gold gold master we're back after I'm dead at how eight bad. Moms are gunning Noory go go go go so yeah merry rich is a good run if you're looking for conviction. And I'll back in other wanna I don't think you read it's slow Joba and another guy that we used to work with and I both read it's called frozen. And I am not about an animated comedy bit you'll like it especially naked your in Phoenix but in and liberals you've ever heard about cryogenics or know much about it. But there is a facility in Scottsdale called Al core. And this is written by a guy that was actually promoted to the president of Al Gore and he worked in the building for five years. And then he was so freaked out by the practices that we're going on inside him he quit in wrote a book about it. And it is the craziest. Most F steps thing you've already analyzing sagged when I get there with a book I made it a special trip I drove by the building. And I would tell you I got spooked just looking at the outside of yeah. You. It's called frozen and really gonna for an error that author I think we interviewed him now did you read again I didn't read it but I read like a synopsis of and the two all the pictures and like it's so weird like it who think it was a baseball player is famous Ted Williams said going to greatest baseball hitter in history writes everything is he's in there he and he's part of pop culture has he had his body froze and I won the first like big celebrities to do this and these are the people who did it. But they have his head like mounted on it tuna canned it's horribly disfigured like they have all 'cause it it's like a basically like an odd or shop like that thanks I'll we have are taking care of these frozen people in our case made it's called frozen a true story my journey into the world of crime onyx deception and death Larry Johnson written with Scott Bobby do you. But yes so the thing about Larry Johnson Larry Johnson I mean basically you've got a bunch of people the premises and this is happening rich people pay a lot of money. Banking on the fact at some point in the future the technology will exist to re animate their bodies and their minds and bring them back to life. So but they're not. Preemptively kill themselves learning naturally die right but there's all this prep that you have to do to your body which I was lasted slow Joes green Jews because they drink stuff like that. To get their bodies radio pretty bombings of the preserved better. Sooner or later days there's prepping you duty your body piercing but Ted Williams day accidentally cut his hat off. So you can freeze only your head yes and the premises they can put an on another body in the future robot or you can is more expensive you knew your whole body yes. Meet I think god has somebody else's I thought it -- yeah like alternative is really yeah right but there's it's so mismanaged and it's so hokey and there's no science that backs up to date or what they see them mega bank. Bank people are paying 200 grand to have their bodies frozen and in their all the bodies are in this building in Scottsdale. And you can drive by the building. And look at its they're crazy. But they weren't supposed to cut off Ted williams' head that Stanley paid them to preserve the body in full and somebody accidentally. Underdog in this guy and covers like when he takes the head out of the crowd chant her. It's they're putting it on tuna cans they have nothing at all legit tunic and legit Eddie's take the lid off and it makes a perfect holder for Q when I had an and they couldn't get the can off. Since they were hitting it. I had with like a staple Ernie get in a crash half the skull it is beyond decomposed like this yeah that's a unfreeze these things though that I like how the thing I don't know I don't they're moving it through the facility remember that that collaboration. They'll take your daughter ran or whatever but I recommend that book to anybody anybody and you probably look here down it's it's a creepy deal but it's all real mean easy look at the building he just did. Chill at street react I hit rescue my mom a quick up to what's gone out of you get to number slow Joseph. And your mom kicked off. He moms on the timing and we canoneers next. An audio with them in ice it. Well we need to get her on and ask her about UN high Kurd moving in together what she knows about that she might be able slightly something accidentally. And. She may not answer because our number from the studio comes up from a weird Egyptian number yet. Sometimes and that sometimes. And it doesn't. Hey mama happy birthday. Humanity have bigger you are. And yeah well. Not like you're right. All her and I tell you mom when he was here really we had a high. We had a good friend and I am not here almost the whole bag agrees while we shopped for grocery aisle he loves them. TT TT mobile TT. Me. ITT and a backpack back. Hey all guys gonna be so excited hate TT gets is here Joseph Joe's hearsay headed Joseph Joseph I eat Leahy will. I'll hit again he's a busy boy these invisible records the man we we are face timing last night before going to bed and he was just doing a lapse in our bedroom on what kind of particular event. Energy go our. I knocked you over here eating grapes and brain cells in the place. We'll tackle and cats like tier I know you never even met Alex and then you have a like officially mum going you know officially meet Emily and you've listened to retire on the radio has ever added. Had a turtle I ask you look. What you're doing a great job they hear us now Matt got seeded cats right. And a bout will rush you cannot. How bad are they bitten in the family and viewed in the dog. It is not going oil. I thought it takes a couple not Karen that's what I've heard for dogs and cats to assimilate it takes couple months. For that I give me some hope like you're up. Litigate. That accurate but this. The dog can't get in a cat he did and yeah. Apparently from what I've read and can't get in one day they'll just feel like laying on top of each other and yelled the night last I never thought out of it. I give me some hope it is the capital miserable and really I follow up. Well let me just read an article in the and they're not happy. And I did tell my mom about this article it said that cats and dogs who co exist as long as the attacks are in charge and a entry in your dog pumpkin is not a type a alpha dogs I think it'll work out mom. Well thanks for saying that. I'm hoping you well the land I like vote count I'd like to have it and well yes you've always able that's. Do not burn him out as well. Let's sprayer what are you talking about. Go to at least brown plant in this. Can move it to water bottle. As good as new evidence. He found. And he's been doing a little bit strange double play and so awesome well Leno is really when it was kind of hot here he mused on the front yard display and host for our C it's still the greatest kids to around the house I thought out. I'd bet on TT. Hey TT ET. Ohio poll TT ITT. And that view. He will greatly listening yeah driven around it trying to trying to god. Quote quote. Poll. Al brings growth period you tell me he's eating grapes. While mommy great to listen mom happy birthday how do you feel today on your birthday. I feel fine thank you say sorry all I can't wait to see on Friday to celebrate your birthday all weekend long. I think that those wonderful I can't wait I don't feel like the cap. Well you know on the cancer beat Simon me and I don't deliver them Matt loves cats actually that I would really just ripped open enough well mom listened. I think we'll do the same thing we did last year which is taking it the strip club you know it's nice and loose thank you just have ones I think chip unveils is in town for the thunder from down okay. Parents had a long. Did he assumed it was like holy are. It's mankind in a Kanye loop. Yeah aren't Obama's and I love you happy birthday thank you my idea and glad you're back I had. Eight. My mom there ago. Moms are fun honor him you know it's it's funny too because grandparents are so great I think his parents we intend to prove true with them a little bit bit. You know they were parents long before the rest of us got around to being uptight and worried about everything and we all survived we all turned out fine we all these rules and our house and she he goes over to no reason we call known eaten there are no free can roll right its whatever drinks whatever that plays with whatever. In our house you know we don't let him touch the phones at the remote so alms gives a row it's he's Jack an upper TV and he loves going hone in on its. Anyway throw thank you for doing that yeah us an idea is nice here. Yeah it was a little chaotic I I could tell she was really distracted via Jude and so that he has hit some visitors but anyway and yet she's big Fanny years am I like which Dylan. And sluggish he's always kind of like you always been a little fascinated with the dark side. There. Everything they were a threat to our side. All right what else anybody got some thin they'll vote tonight. So tonight MX can hang out with some listeners. They have ways plural. Well he said he is common with people out of other family or whatever maybe it might just be one hour. But every morning when we start to show you here is talked to people on tax and we respond all of homeowners. Issaquah Jeff who's been texting in and you tell me forever after a couple weeks at least so ushered talking about these concerts we have in our little community park is right down the street American walked to it but I never go and I've always felt kind of guilty about that they started seven and only going go to -- you know again well Jeff was like hey man I'm gonna be there are so that weighs in on the walk down their solo I can hang out so amen to meet Jeff tonight optical pictures are close to mop and I guess there's a classic rock move. Cover band ourselves and our I have to have some Eleanor Rigby gets play. Host of a more in the white snake eighties cheese that and more fun is that classic Stephen I didn't have a little props because I checked the schedule they had a country guy last week which I should've gone but I didn't. They've had I had had a sixteen piece swing band one night and do this of course shows up there's a couple hundred people out there and on Tuesday night guess I'll have to sneak in my Metairie is though because it's as no alcohol in the car I had what is an outdoor concert in the park yeah I think that's stupid yeah even worth going to do the old copy that traveler the best deal to do new getting cooler down there and then I got a message I don't think come to do this but I just I want to thank Kathy for the invite. I guess the Mazda Miata club as media xxx burger tonight at 6 o'clock in Issaquah so you just now iron. Well. She said I apparently somewhere along lot of had a conversation with a son who told me about it and I sit here remind me closer to the event you know so there's that suits. I'm Audi ceased to be my dream car and I'd like 1415 I think Seve had hoping to get my nerves are I want to me out of so you know I think it was the convertible that everybody can afford gas you know back in today and back to my uncle had one and lived in Ohio was like I can't trying to cap the year because it's slides on the ice is he getting. Now is like tennis whites whatever but he is love convertibles now that that is the gay guy car it's quite blunt I guess so yes it. And he's gonna sell see me but I was like well no she's going to be driving like in town and that's small party on the interstate with as a first car I was sure enough like I drove it just around Middletown Ohio asked I realized how little unlike load the ground this thing was. Some and it if you used to something a little higher when you get to those look cars you can very vulnerable. Especially new driver on the interstate in any car but in that tiny of the thing like did you get into an accident. Mika with the rest of surprise everybody gets into an actor not first I do now why it into an accident time isn't college. And good for you to me like that whatever else yap a seamless got his first thing we do is like group we find a parking lot we wanted to do donuts and then we hit a pole dad or somebody else. Yeah my sister when we Europe in Kansas City, Missouri actually ran into the archbishop of Kansas City. Alone with her car to kill him no less sink. No I don't I don't remember the details of but I wasn't there but it was around about an apparently in the round about who they drifted over Elaine and ran into our vision can't say about it. We had to go out and I don't know I'd aura should've asked my mom of course her memory isn't the greatest anymore but there are let's wrap it up guys enjoy the show we love you enjoy this beautiful weather we're gonna have all week. And who we will chat with you tomorrow we're. Yeah it's he went so well to morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister is on this game then you 100 point seven. Well every Tuesday August 7 you know how I know what day it is today specifically without hesitation or question why that my mom's birthday. We've heard that Carolinas later maybe I think you know we had Joe's vote Joseph we had your mom wandered podcast yeah discolored or in the podcast. She is no way she's gonna be awake this early but later we could probably do it to be real long form a community. Excellent. By the way to podcasting is just our show replayed with about a fifteen minute intro or re just talk about behind the scenes stuff. You've invited every single day on iTunes or the radio dot com and you can subscribe to either one you will update every day like I do my moments refreshed yes. Take a listen sample the goods. First one's free fuel to come back if you want tomorrow hi Emily I tell you from Dario good today. Yeah you look good you dressed up be with refreshed got a good night's sleep and they did yeah. Whatever you do get that type any day slide. C'mon this is yesterday when you have editor hello yeah no I I'll. And I forget my transgressions and today I don't know why I didn't purposely that the push kayaking or LA did you rights of an. No but I think that people are way how is the one alarm system coming along. It's have a song good we have I think that's why you hear your you white give the elevator with BC were here even earlier. I know but the warnings that are so we're getting ready is just so rafter from just not a way. But I don't get give key trends are making do some hard marketplace supposed to be fun it's a job you know but it was easier. No I don't. He's got a mortgage and I'm mentally I know I think maybe just a mental adjustment you gotta get over the hill yet. They say when you make the change you gotta give it a week yet before you can really make a decision about whether it's working or not yeah sells you know so we. These few. Yeah actually might be three months and out of your products are bigger Bill Barrett. Yesterday yesterday I'd say it was good to go by cried it was one of those days where I get stranded and had Hoover home. And yet so that's OK I was the I got a flat tire tag. Brag but I always carry one extra tubes so I can fix the flag a threat so I get the flat and then you always have in the book the he has as the headlights. I get another one Emirates Group yes and I got an honoree and over and nailed it was about a there was no fixing it and have a two anyways red Hoover home so it was ever able to bring your bike as well yet. There was a Prius I can take the wheels off the vice Sherman act. So soft goods so it's one of those days that have and now it's like every six months I have to call get a new Kurt. That I mean it's just one of those things but it was is fine I mean this guessing and I got an hour in before it happens forced to pray for these days hell right because I don't have my wallet. I don't have any money. But I am only have your phone I have my bones I know I can always do with them the interesting thing was I broke down an hour away from my house it was kind of an expensive move. But I broke down read from a far. And it's 85 degrees and I got this went on and I see the neon glow with a beer sentiment this is grant are gonna have a beer maybe some general and course in my spandex great that are I'm a wallet time and I deeply dappled day. I don't think they teach apple pay had been black diamond it boots. Bar at two in the afternoon can't athletic credit card and that's an excellent thank goodness I have pockets. But I just don't because I don't stop for Beers you know when I'm out so if I were taken text here in a minute if you fire one off we'll get to it. We see you Jeff and it's equality channeling their next 46150. And we really don't caller where the ladies act to a 6421 wolf right now. So good to see everybody texting in early 4615 here just to say hello I'd love to give you a shadow on the radio. Sara Lee from lake Glenn says it's also her best friend's birthday today's we have seen happy birthday to Jackie's happy going to get a happy birthday to your momma match. I think it would be a thank you appreciate that I think will be really awful to be named Sara Lee is everybody's got to make the stupid joke about the pastries in the deal. Brush like she. That I get it. Sara Lee praying and DL and says that have and we had the same morning he did but we got this it's just a matter of time until we get these two are one alarm clock she did the challenge that mean I started I appreciate that I'm not alone in that he had. Multiple by the way the polls in companies to grim story most people have more than one alarm act like you Emily and most people hit since death I think is the most inefficient. Time wasting mentally confusing process. Rape and you don't undersea in the struggle all of us know I don't really dumb guy someone else's go under what I am empathetic to change and get a phalanx here at CNET the 7-Eleven and I. An email at CNET. Scalability in granite falls how are you today the kind of getting carried out dude fantastic I feel like you might have just woken. I can't do it after all along we can now audition and it finally made it home and I can't really look I mean who are. He's at it yesterday off office. You have to I mean you got Sunday night yeah Brad Paisley nobody's driving home after that three hours away by we Billy it's so great that you called in thank you for making the effort we know how tired you must be emotionally. And physically. And you've got that watershed three gave voice on the rat that. I. They're asked by an ACL. So have I heard it iron at heart of your favorite part about watershed only. Sound nice and I get me angry when you guys do about it C green is your man and I is he had them. Yeah totally totally king well yeah. Let me speak from a guy's perspective to also one of the nicest guys in the music here I really love that guy. Yeah it was a great commentary asking my overall favorite line is I'm of course but ideally an accident and got a little surprised branded Fred please act for him. And the grand a tiny eight. That's a good way to kick it off on a Friday night so. What was the funniest slash strangest slash most shocking thing you saw in the campsites party. Have asked we were no aces and so one of the guys that we owe it we weren't there when he would tell that it it can't stress differently everyday. But make it does a great day went to see him. And his annexed and you know near holster. And it Americans like cats. Yeah I Devin as the common theme he wardrobe wise was the American flag something whether or shorts shirt everybody had to yeah I was pretty cool but. How listen get a great time throughout their parties are we didn't get a chance to do jealous shall we do Billy maybe next year but to make up or how about we play a song we wanna hear Billy. I have to go with them Bible is they are APEC which land that I mean my LA and I sat in our kids day YR remote Tuesday morning. Our bill isn't you have a good day get through you'll recover by Friday and do it all over again OJ got out of it. Need to say we lobby at pace to be Toledo. Just curious did Jeff in Issaquah text in yes he asked if you all are still on for tonight yes absolutely these concerts from the park. And I have a look at for an excuse to go just salmon ago so a little walk down there would see getting cooler and pole I care and hang out with the system. Cover bands do rock and roll into office that he needs Smart guy for yes I'm looking for some you know. That's romance and a glass on the dad anybody else may check it ends. I'm firm can't is now time to an average is that she brought by a kind of congratulations to her so we have official name change yes OK they learn the role that. And DMB and Q all and then minds yes tech and think good morning. I just read that mod pizza is the fastest growing chain restaurant in the US. And he said gather opening at least two a week. My goodness he's a guy that builds out ever other restaurant with the furniture and all that so it's good news for him yeah. I sculpture all right so coming up in about ten minutes they would just get a woman here at work yesterday suffer severe wardrobe malfunction. Emily got to witness it firsthand and you actually came to the rescue. They tell that story here are coming up next they let us. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister they welcomed the normal facts were little drunken we need you now it's right hand and he radioed a great weekend and he never have to cancel. 147. All are readily so whatever yesterday and I got to follow up question in terms to vote wardrobe malfunctions now commonly are for women. Yes so I'm not say the name of this woman but we work at their she works in different station. And I was walking outside to meet yesterday in a your summing up really eight. And Lutz and the lady work with and she got outside to take a break my doctor Tamara that was just like. So yeah. You wait Shannon might skirt just completely split down and back and he allegedly did anything I can tire around my waist deep and I said no I don't but. I can walk behind you. And so I literally walked highlighted watching as she does what is wrong with that girl why is she so close to her drug. Watch soap like you could see her but gas. Relaxed. Campaigning has on their receivers out yes I pretty much walked directly behind her almost kind of hugged her like my in the runaways and blocked early up here well my well is good stuff now and they close out a big to tie around her waist that. So busy in the bottom floor of our building yeah I mean this is well that's where I I do where everybody goes out to smoke gathers always just like the epicenter of activity right. And I'm guessing yesterday we left what around noon yeah you're right around lunch happened days still to go after. And if she went home hasn't become somewhat rough I know when I left and we found remains tied around her waist. And so I think she is like I'm just gonna try to get as much stunned as a compliment. You as a woman has ever happened you can I don't really feel like wardrobe malfunctions happen guys very much. Do I am I may be six jeans and a teacher you don't mean I have split ID and I have sat in some things. Read that looked like something also yeah. The so I had tightening around my waist OK but yeah I have also had to do the hate follow behind eat real quagmire and the bathroom right right yeah. I was reading yesterday that. Mega Markel yeah actually had a little Ross left. And nasty like that theory a little tough part of her black lacy brought in the world that like at least the royals were. Bring up an arm whenever button came on but yeah exactly I guess for the royal family that is a wardrobe malfunction happened. Sneaky peek a little bit of the brassiere GAAP ladies. Yes yes and Lester and I get a firmer today actually some people in the places actually dress up to work I'm sure for guide in my ball more problems Fletcher slacks right we wanna know if anybody listening right now has got an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction story. Okay and yeah you're right I mean generalize this for the ladies it seems that happens to women more often there's more and more things and ball. That getting drastic somebody zippers and buttons. 206421. Mall for you can Texas right now 46150. Without embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. So Lori and body like good morning happy Tuesday howry. Real we're wonderful so we had a woman you know building yesterday with a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction we're basically her skirt split yet in the but. Do you have an embarrassing or wardrobe malfunction story Lori. I don't but I think as we went out the right where they. Were saying yeah yeah. Purchase Orlando. Chris this airs at 8000. Are you bet you dollar and I'm saying yeah I have almost all those its argument that they were so funny. Yes and he would very likely it is perfectly OB I Wheeler a bankruptcy you Lou. And he was getting into the car that would be your IE. Am I sit down in the car. And you play. We have got up at that aren't my highest. Hey he showed our best friends from Pittsburgh had some old eat it ripped off the. Oh. In other words hot dog stand was officially open its. And I think that's. Yeah right over it you Wal-Mart really bad. And the whole time walking this early grabbing a Kerry. And the worst part about that is a guy too if you look in Puerto make it a big splash with you dude so I wanted to be the life of the party. Amy and the party when I noticed it. You know and that is handed down balls and buying cheap clothing is does the zippers break him buttons pop off and now you expose yourself to wardrobe malfunction Lloyd thanks so much for sharing this story yeah. Yeah I thought you could they gave you the same we love you thanks Lori I. Even bunny lake that he was urging construction and went to get up on a forklift and split the whole center of this PNC had to duck tape them to get through the day and a half past. You know that is again a good strategy to pull that Fred always come to any. Mary said she got stuck in the address while trying to try it on a terror while trying to on its store. It was half on half author Jan to call someone that worked there. Feel and that's what I biggest fears like your hands are in the year you're stuck in at half off and you like about these coming up calls the one you'll like wiggling. Been there as she done that tried on clothing Alia and that's rough because you're like I think I'm the small let's head. Did you feel sort of like isn't as though you should be able to get in and out of closed out of Abu helping you yeah so it bears they. Hello. Kimi said that she works in a warehouse when they struck a pocket of her pants. On a machine that ripped clean it across how to run the store and buy new pair while holding her together act now. And men in tailored in a lob that you fed and state golf tournament a couple of years ago watching her cousin. And they had a shot with his backswing his pants all down and belt broke. Left at wow. You don't think too with sag you know and lo writing shorts pants and I'm sure there's been some some slips yeah it's coming down. All right Emily let's move on and get an able to make three before 6 AM and among club what are we talking about next tender. Meet the officially be retiree. I don't know able to dale late I well I play next it's a lame Riva impersonation that I had their for a minute lost it yeah. This is the morning. Faster than he was 147. This is a big series with only. Looks like a relay is hanging up her white feet her stint at the kid as the kids eat colonel Sanders is over and that was pretty sure. It was very sure lives. Big gig is going to you Jason Alexander better known as. I felt Stuart I feel like they're just throw darts at the wall at this point there's genuine area that we great. Yashin gasping in Norm MacDonald George Hamilton of the line I think George Costanza. And Jason adding there's going to be great colonel. Better than read that no within three back apple lover I don't think that was a great debt doesn't have to be an old white guy with great year he's been at the wheel completely gray hair. I mean obviously could not be old like everything in it. IRA if you even have the voices can be filled with country stars. He's heard it is going to be Blake Shelton's mentor which I think is a great hole. Thomas rent is going to be Kelly Clarkson mentor for her team. Also an amazing team and the Halsey and that will be Jennifer Hudson's clo green is actually coming back as a mentor advisor for Adam Levine's team did think. Little cheating. Getting a previous. Person to be your mentors and to see blue green and that's really gonna help anybody a strip you can catch the voice that premieres on September 24. Irate it's ice cream season I know I didn't eating antenna ice cream so how do you of the wade real ice cream or really time I actually got two real ice cream hot in as a strawberry. Okay okay okay so how do you avoid brain freeze the best hit. To avoid brain freeze is actually to eat it with these students side like put your spoon over. Can they say brain freeze comes from the nerves on the top your mouth right freezing so eat it with this which I do anyway I never hit brain freeze never thought about it. Wonderful makes a difference at the stainless steel spoon or plastic boot of the plastic would be Biddle in better insulator doesn't get girl all stainless steel. That's true they say it your draining a slushy which is another time with people typically get brain freeze. You can either press that some into the Revere mouth or your tongue to the richter mouth basically just warmup the risk your mouth I'm here to tell you I don't think there's any stuff brain freeze I've tried so many different. No I think it's gonna happen it's gonna say he tried to time things. This boon thing you mean what yeah the spinning right and I have I have not right now and then putting your time on the top your mouth trying to warming up. I'm really not sure there's a worst feeling in the world the brain freeze well and has an ex pull hook it it's great that I. I Nellie David Gregory you're out of stay as we have the mud club coming up next if you ever wanna get sworn into the BMW's most exclusive totally free club to send us a copy my and get our writers at Seattle Walt dot com. This is the morning wolf packs with the church after 100 points in the world now on the episode I know the. And existing case you have continued to show the month club is our way of getting another morning wolf pack one coffee mug at a time. All you got to do was become a member send us a mug from wherever it is that you worked to scrap our address at Seattle wolf dot com and we will do the rest by the way to get it stopped today a link. Yes you're an idiot at towns copying task eight in Milton for needs and wants to stop on I say hey we love to fight cut copy. And then also if you have a mud or. Think anything with your global on eight he could bring an end instead of mailing you then and could join the month club right. Loved that made today's letter by the way comes from the US army recruiting battalion here in Seattle courtesy of captain Chris Tennessee said medi Cal's during company. In part a response to your ass for mugs and impart to your support to the military. We've got a load you up with some swagger from the Seattle army recruiting battalion and load a selfless way did they ever get. Colin a full box full of goodies. How we got to run of the mill coffee mugs and airman a couple of things to you might enjoy from an army recruiting perspective. The Seattle area is a tough market where most people see the military as a last resort so any community support is appreciated. From your salute disservice to the military appreciation breakfast you posted last month. We have deep gratitude for your party in chanting. For the uniformed services into its wagon keeping us entertained. With a great morning show man that he thought. Let us wherein captain Chris era this fish. The other perimeter in the spurs' captain Chris yes men and and we can only from morning wolf thank you are you sir I do well are you. Weren't great but thank you for spending at all I mean I think this is the most slack we'd ever gotten in a month hunt packets to me there's mug with their shirts there's Penn there's. So we really want to thank you for all that. Iowa. Have been box that it would stop for the school Pluto and yet Annie and I feel like we join the army even if we didn't. They're doing. Hey by the way did you know evidently comes from huge army family on the throat hurts I feel you know on the relief well you know capping Christmas where you end of the month club here in a couple of seconds which you mentioned your letter that Seattle was a tough market for recruiting. Is there anyone saying since you have the radio airwaves for you know one minute or two. On yeah I mean just with dealing with the top market the big thing is the that we try to get out it's. That the army. Isn't it not a last resort. You know with and we know he unless I'm assuming you know coming from a military background. The benefits that come with the military and that's one of the biggest things in this market in the Seattle area with the low unemployment. A lot of job opportunities that the army with more than a 160. Clear opportunities there's. Not just those grunt jobs that we have everything from. You know we've computer scientists cyber security specialists via any tech jobs can think of in the army and non. I don't I don't you think and what you say done one of one of your regret was not finishing college human. News and you look at what's college degree gonna get you these days but media. The middle road to apologize but it dead it's true you get student loans for years the army. Pays kids to learn. A valuable skill. They learn on the job in the making goes back out of the job market with the skill. No debt and still college money if they wanna go to Europe so that's what we try to communicate and anxious it's that's the biggest challenge of. We try to get through. All right captain Chris well you do a great job keep up the good work let's get you sworn into the mud club. Some heat. All right captain Chris please majoring in a repeat after me ice feature named my purse do hereby pledge my allegiance you hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf back to mourn water and is a proud member and is proud member. Some. And move the little blue. Axis. Pledged to crank up the wolf every morning. Pledged to crank up the looked ever more care and if you are at our best match of the an official member of the morning wolf thank mug club in you know to go along with the army. I appreciate it. Now we appreciate you camping Chris thanks so much for the box of goodies are counted five minutes to three words that will lift your mood but before Italians. Kaz gonna guess what you think those three words are 206421. Wolf right now. What happens that McAllister has ever progress and I tell these guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points out. All right so there are three words according to this article they're going to be the weekend I was really drawn to because it's something I've learned in my lifetime. These three words it resonated with me when I had to take animal looking word in you know Doolittle exploring abandon. It's the thing that I found to be true in terms of a mental perspective to keep you in a good place does that make any sense. So get this thing in life so that I love you. No I know that's very I would say narcissistic. To wanna hear that all the time Marty need to save it to somebody else adding if I hear do you put the good news kept yes. I think about it like this and morning wolf thanks we want you to guess. What you think these three words are before we tell you we'll tell you you're a couple of ministry and drag this out for an hour. The three words. That will lift your mood in other words three words you would say to yourself. When your hat and a bad day and we all have bad days are days when your consumed in your head he can't get out you struggle a little bit. Three words like no work tomorrow. That would work. I know it's a little deeper than that emphatic. 206421. Wall for you can text 46150. We will tell you what these three words are coming appeared about that three minutes I guess I'm gonna have to taste is a real knows about. Really wanna hear your guess is really curious as to what you think they are right now. Oh and by the way derivatives and guess for the three words that will immediately. And permanently in the afternoon beats the street is not the right and but we are doing in seventy and and just a little reminder to get those Lady Antebellum Darius Rucker tickets to giveaway. At 710 feet the street does not the three words again. There's this whole long article I wrote a that we can make him for doing it but basically. Most of these experts therapists psychologists. I agree that there are three words that you can save yourself when you're not feeling too good. The Montana yes it will lift your mood what I would do you figure out these three words is only do this. Put it as your password to get into stuff during an AC have to say at a budget times a year looking at today from a different perspective. Jerry maple valley got a guest to think these three are. Yes I think that they weren't it's almost Friday. Jerry how likely has happened to little deeper than that little deeper it's a Little League receiving go just. The only one level deep breath Caroline and Auburn yeah I guess would think the three words are. I'm not after the diet but I like going I am. The and it slipped it they way they ain't gonna let me get here. Just waiting. Basically at some point they are got a chance if she can't you know what that's really good Carolyn I'm not saying it doesn't work. How does not the three words that they send this article would lift your mood and I think that's great if it works for you to keep doing it. All right Carol what do you do and attacks on immigrants. Contacts have gotten you are amazing or you look amazing milk a lot of people say and you've got this. Thank you are beautiful. Yes psyche and season went as he's acquitted at the powerball winning ticket. Yeah aesthetically yes that you in the lottery in three words. Yes one too many there are any of those sex no. Others die because they had agreed to guess we can drag and all day but basically the gist of it is the three words. I. Have. Enough. That's it. So. And I and I have learned to do in my own happiness that by telling everything from place of gratitude for what they have beaten vs what I want what I think they need to. The happier person. In other words you got what you need to make enough money to states have got enough I have enough. Don't ever great job stays on I have enough electric cars have enough grateful I had anything grateful alive if you start every day. With just that premise of I'm alive I'm three big gap the rest is gravy. That's it if you started a root level gratitude and here I need to live day. Being as that happens this time what about like when I trip and fall down. What about it and I have enough we all laughed it's funny. Which I would go to the daily occurrence of puts us on the good mood yet so don't stop do you look at it and he is the and other service Emily is the clumsy human being on the face of the earth which is awesome by the way. So there is the three words. That will lift your mood and honesty tried to like a week just try I. Put your password the computer to say to yourself all the time I have enough and see the work. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. So we don't know does a fine line between looking really cool and looking maybe kinda homeless. Right yes I think slowed Joseph walks out I'm perfectly. Yeah well that's why you know he lives in downtown and he's got street cred with the homeless people because he looks like he could be may be one Obama he's actually got a job and a wife and I can think. But you know it. To bring you back to Zoolander in the Darren leaks clothing line. Click you know. There's again there's that fine line between looking kind of famous in kind of cool and kind of like a rock star and then looked like a bum after. We'll keep their and apparently is treading that fine line great story you haven't heard. He was that line was in line this is ahead right in front of his concert he didn't Camden, New Jersey the other day. And I suppose I'd never heard of a while walker restore. Security at the name Garrett I thought you heard awhile yet. There so he's in line it is kind of a convenience store slash Hershey store while law. And behind him in line was a substitute teacher she's a sweet little grandma Ruth reed. And she had made a resolution. To help out somebody else at the wall lost or at least once a week thanks so she saw somebody who look like they were struggling she would land about it. Well turns out she's behind Keith Urban in line at the check out. And I guess he'd ask somebody else for five dollars to help pay for some snacks in any money to fight a key servers were 75 million dollars. The other part right there. We'll put fascist did you get that rich and famous people buy stuff for you you are really. I doubt Keith Urban imperial wallet now I think people handle things. So. He said she said oh hey this is my opportunity to help a lot of guys clearly down and is looking Milliken and tattoos yeah error that. It's tees is genes have holes I mean he's probably a bomb. Anyway. He says hey thanks and say hey my name is keep it and she said will you kind of look like this guy Keith Urban and all that actually is me. She's always here Keith Urban where's Nicole Kidman. Why are well actually she's whether sister right now blah blah blah blah blah anyway. It was then she realized that she actually was talking to the real key Durbin after a while but she had previously mistaken him for dynamited needed a couple of. It's funny that even after he said I keep she didn't believe I'm like well if your rights are here than you're obviously not keep her. There's cute story we should probably posted on FaceBook pages actually a couple of pictures yet there's been a defensive. It's kind of shocked though that Keith Urban is at a grocery store. The night of a concert. You'd be down 75 million dollars that you got people for the right what do you by its net what are your assistants doing. Exactly I would just think. Especially just going anywhere we could be problematic is being as famous as they are via recognizing can picks apparently not well yeah I mean I think it's kind of awesome. And a bigger fan out and I was in Vegas no cash he's got a phone money for FF. I checked my server ever visit the outings that's pretty grade at a we have tried to check down Ruth reed but. Apparently her schedule as a philanthropist and substitute teacher keeps a pretty busy yet. Mayor issued at the holding up on FaceBook and that's how went viral but. Diego reiterated health and out homeless and country stars here that morning warm. I'm still a party. So wolf is never underestimate the power of at least big screen which she does twice every morning if you're up early and got one right before 6 AM and of course right before ADM and about 715 I just don't. Well look I'm gonna give credit where credit is do you manage to destroy the Tacoma mall. Most notably to Build-A-Bear store yes causing riots down there because of their special. I also saw this little update to at least Big Three as well member back in June when he couldn't stop talking about I have to change in the main I but yes. I mean that was an ongoing thing for a week what they gonna change it to what does it mean. We're suckers that's all I'm gonna tell you in somebody over there is brilliant. So changing their name from I hop to I hop which by the way they did for about a month. Quadrupled. They're bursts really quadrupled. Their burger sale. And now they're just back to beatle my house and I it was probably. The most clever this isn't gonna cost us anything marketing employees in the history of the world. Like you we obviously everyone is talking about it but when we found out with burgers I've eligible low swamp off I am are you surprised your guest is great international house of breakfast. And then let's expand the menu a little bit. Citing the rise it but I'm like everybody else I don't even realize that I hopper had burgers and other Fellini and yet you knew that I didn't know that. According I hop these stunts in that's what is being called a stunt lead to 20000. Different news articles. At least Big Three being one of them yeah. It's 36 bill Lee and social media impressions. And again the burger sales quadrupled to get so much money spent on them. And gap only do say they were gonna change or me. Happy to seriously yet they think they only actually changed like one sign at one restaurant the rest was all on social media and was that an LA yes indeed they really do it today actually spend the money or to say you can do I think I did actually physically did it for just that one story. I just wanna meet the marketing executive decision that went out the advertising they're good they are old but I'll Iron Man and think about. The next Big Three to do is gonna happen again now this works so successfully up what's next. Up you know what. We on the cutting edge are we just totally stupid because we're perpetuating that. And goes totally stupid yet I don't whenever there's. When they question whether or not the morning wolfpack is a really Smart or yeah I go a stupid this is morning welcome back with some accounts are 100 points. Statements. History hello she'll lay a nice seeing that right she'll lay in Tacoma. Joliet I can't put up. All right Chilean let's get it right you're calling in news in the morning wolf like many to name right at the least I can do how our nation Leah. And I think we're fantastic. Welcome to beat the street the trivia contest that pits you against a random stranger here in the PNW if you know as much or more than they do. You're gonna win a pair of tickets to see Lady Antebellum with Darius Rucker and Russell Dickerson August 19. At the white river amphitheater sound good. Are you need to challenging here any minute we asked her the same five questions that watershed that you've got to answer right now in thirty seconds surely are you ready. All right starting the timer thirty seconds 321 and go into movie Forrest Gump life is like a box of what's chocolate. Which American companies became the first value to the trillion dollars. Which Bob Seger famously overdosed Greece backed. I don't. I'm I don't know where would you by K Dick's the last. Act that. It's what it. Who sees the country's on the wagon wheel. Of crimes of the areas Tucker. And cash. Okay time is let's meet the challenger and what's your name player from embodied here. And Elaine. And friends at home man and a knack. I don't Mandalay we party was here in watershed let's find out how you did when she answers the same five questions in the movie Forrest Gump life is like a box of what. Stock plans. Everybody knows that famous movie line we got a 121 time to start off beat the street which American company is picking up her value to a trillion dollars. App. Apple was the right answer you city eBay so you gotta I'm on a point now two to one to the challenger at a live from Tacoma which pop singer famously overdose recently. I don't know. He was very sad we're talking about Demi Lovato. But she is doing thanks in rehab rob pullen are absolutely yeah we haven't 21 lead you're still down one yet make employers somewhere. Well received by at Dick's Zola. Her parents. Asperger's you both said that but the right answer im not gonna get this wrong because it's iconic here in Seattle Dick's drive him so no point there either heading into the last question. It is still two to one and if you don't get this right it is all over for you cursing the cutters songwriter now. I don't know. Thanks to a little help from your friend Emily you got it right Darius Rucker who by the way is in concert relating antebellum and you're going to be barely see them when they perform. Ninety that you guys and special A you have one ticket. If I thought I DCQ how much diet. Like MI Fisher noted it wasn't pretty but you win in Vienna and I got it done. I don't claim he added generate. That aren't big giant made that elegant. I expect. Get more than one index the locks there's a UPD five. Yeah. Yeah I was lucky thanks in part of the morning wolfpack appreciated. All right so we had an incredible thing happened here yesterday a woman suffered a severe her wardrobe malfunction here at work. And guess who came duress few of our very own family rains. And she's gonna tell you what happened about five minutes it's got to stick around it's incredible story Tony it probably is happening you. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister I could get my dad hug right off the bicycle I would have but I was green spandex and I think you might beat me up right hand and you re. I get up and that I got a couch and I suspect down and it took some on TV and then I just kind of wild. It's point seven. All I morning wolf back who's got the most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction story I think it's safe to say that it's happened to if not use somebody you know. In fact yesterday here at work. Emily it happened is that a woman we work with and you were the one who came to her rescue attending is awesome I'm also kind of bomb that missed the whole thing. I don't know what I would do it. Yes I was walking out of our building yesterday leave and we are done working in Alice that night here's an. Eight. I looked over and somebody Lieber quipped she had gone down to smoke them sitting in the senate hearing SO October traffic up. That I just split my skirt like it split on the scene thinks that TM anything I can tire around my. So she's standing there back to the walls she was filling out. Including on this post as she sat down to smoke in her Dresser skirts booklet. What like up to see her yet man okay and she I mean it is obvious so I'd like I don't but I can walk behind you so she's living her cheeks hanging out and see how she. At any time that they weren't mutants he could I mean you don't like Ali you saw a girl left as. So I walked directly behind her close up that people trying to mimic what is going on that was a footing as the outside yes. So I marker out because it higher iso mean a lot of people around lunchtime so locker appear and we find a minute tyrant her race waste for the rest of the day but. Well you are the perfect person to because you're so nice and sweet and anybody else probably would have judged her in some way our weird that you're like this sweetheart I know. I didn't ever been there like I stat from the red that look like something Els and had to like. I tending to high around my waist at school so I have ever has been there. You know. Did anybody to be funny looks when your Washington imagine you for a look like them roller skating couple back in the day right almost did I had my hand but got a race I mean so like. I was so focused died when I heard a roller skating referenced it is. Although my 110. I'm sorry I did go focus on making sure she was diverted. Yeah I was directly behind your writing that it won't so we need to have a longer Davis for us that's still like lunchtime down relieving. And so she had to go the rest today or do you have any I'd rather racist like I think image ready I work done as soon as possible secondly and a tennis and analysis is the kind of a male dominated field. Yeah there aren't that many women network in intercom Seattle so I think she's blessed that you came to arrest him. I didn't have allies have been sitting down there I can't ask all right well. We will I don't know anybody listening right now got an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction story and it's so let's find out who's got the most embarrassing I'm sure this is happening situations. That are truly awful. Yeah you helped this 41 up the building she's got to figure out the rest of the day all avenues college right now and let us know your story. Good morning to Calais in Arlington area today guess I else there was a woman and a building had an awful wardrobe malfunction yesterday's split her skirt right in the bus. Have you had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction to Kalla. I have I was doctors today. And I ended at selling the economic Nancy and then as I was walking back down turns out that I had ever done back at camp does blow it may be cut pointed out. It also hold build something on yourself and you're can't rip I did. How do you know me because I'm I have really skinny legs and basically no but I don't understand the concept of splitting pants this toll sounds like something that can happen. And it has been one I have put my hands like widespread. Really where you split them and it usually don't seem like. I climbed into a different car lands and say rip open the diet then thanked. And don't Wear super tight heats. No I don't generally most guys do is to gallon will win and a happening with today did he overlook all that did you guys become a boyfriend girlfriend. So we weren't things furlough and hand out yet but not great enough. Well you kind of clumsy like heavily sounds like you might be a little bit. I am very good. Hey we Levy thanks for sharing your story to tell and you have a wonderful day thank you killed you know it comes to wardrobe malfunctions and again we're looking for the most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Obviously Janet Jackson Justin Timberlake thing has an hour wasn't a malfunction that was intended clearly after he's actually ripper close enough. But mega Markel is getting some heat yesterday because apparently a little bit of a black lacy brawl were showing out of her shirt just. She has I mean I'm dog one of her buttons came about other threats always that would get to it okay so brilliant malfunction he can and deficit down with the queen today and talk about engineers and is that. Because let me that there veterinary technician and they weren't talking to pet owner in the lobby full of people when their dog. Jumped up caught her pocket and pulled our brand. And then Renee and dewine said isn't locked down the public pressure network with the back of the dress tucked into repeating those. A girl under run down the hall the letter no. Yet I don't really get yours on the shoe count. And this is horrible yeah order malfunctioned it was seed in the dog did that aroused at my aunt used to do that on purpose she called it a pecker checker did you just let his son for the whole thing. And scream checker checker. It's not normal down. Yes we'll do you think I'm normal well Lester that this is what happens so Lindsay and Bonny Lee carry today. We're talking about embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions and wondering who amongst the morning wolfpack has got the most embarrassing story. While I think are right it's been pretty tame so far so yeah let's have it as it does get in there. All. I thought I'd I'd Obama's you're plot. Add a little bit hate corporate freshman cheerleader. I felt fresh cheerleader. Are waking up 1 morning to I'm burning clubs you're leaders in my. Graham I think meets the first vehicle. Well that's what you play off of me. My whole boat what popped out. Tune. You know Lindsay I think I'm gonna make you feel better right now I got a story that not 21 after story but it's in the same category of boobs escaping right you know lazy river is Lindsay. OK so my wife and I were on vacation with kids. Emma gone around the lazy river and we started drinking kind of early in the day 800 degree ask my wife doesn't drink really say she's pretty loose. We're going around this lazy river in the bartender one point knows our name yet knows our drink so like every third slap their hand and us another most Hedo or whatever it is were drinking. And at one point her twelve year old son's observers like mom could you please put your boo boo way I think if I had a waiting all hour. I doubt we've gone around the lazy river probably three times fees and at the point where she's like screens and she's horrified to see some bears to kids yeah one lady by the side of the pool goes hey but you got gray boot. People aren't aren't that hot it you know. One way to get your move on video. Off all the CB just sorry yeah yeah yeah you got video. And Lindsay great story good escapes always wins over in that's the best you've got so far. I was worth it absolutely. Out at. All right there were looking for the most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction based on what happened to another coworker yesterday. Phillip and Lakeland said they'd and the crotch of his piceance toward during the third inning of a state softball team teaching game when he had to finish the game homeland. We wanna cup though he gets him undergoes there right. Unprotected and I get. Unseen embody lakes said he worked construction is getting up on the forklift and split isn't higher payouts down from the cross delay in detecting. Them together again I'm actually surprised at how many men have checked in with wardrobe malfunction is a lot of men when you hear those two words together at least me I just think females because it's so much more going on there so many more working parts to our drove. They seem to rip the pants a lot men or women or both men yet. Well I think so far our last caller probably gets the most embarrassing nine Shwe and Obama right now to LA's Big Three what are we talking about next. RA Reba is out and they are they knew colonel Sanders. This is the morning. Faster than he was 1470. This is a big series with Sally looks like three bank is hanging up her quite feel she is no longer gonna need Casey colonel theaters. There Clayton is going into Jason Alexander he's better known as the sign held that George why giggling over the. Trying to channel my inner Reba and I really have a hard time invites ought to do it after thirty get this weird face and I realized I was getting my weird faces her business to it yeah. It was several I don't do we get here it comes as a shock to me. They re here I love being picked up fried chicken's colonel. Bad data yeah telling dad that wasn't too terrible so your better once they can to distract this isn't about me that you studio Emily arranged. IRA it little little voice in this next season is going to be full of country artist Keith Urban is going to be on it he will mentor Blake Shelton hole. Tom is there is gonna be a mentor for Kelly Clarkson teens are so very get a whole key is can meet Jennifer Hudson's mentor and dear green will be. I'm Adam Levine's. Mentor don't you find it kind of interesting that most of the huge television shows. Have a partnership with country music when they do something it's with country you know I'm a fan of the bachelor franchise out openly admitted I still haven't watched last night's Spencer and shared a season form. Only yeah. Altria has in fact the last I paid ten last ten years there's been nobody but the country artist this year Granger resign you had Russell Dickerson last season. This plane has been honest and always come out I mean I don't know why that is good Dawson that's too well hang. I think they'd be heat or an Intel misread both on the place it'll be on back on September 24 isn't I nap. By the way if you see Emily doing this line of pop on the Seattle tends to Graham and she is live on our story right now so pressure you do great you look really good yeah. Put a filter on. Did you OK get RA it is ice cream eating at CNN's Kathleen time brain freeze. I mean but typical summer because I screamed and exe same thing yeah big big. Irate so there is a it. Actually we're to Ben and Jerry's kids and those like taste testers that you lot of ice cream he's that the best way to avoid brain freeze. Is just eat it with a spin upside down to basically put the icing on your time. And then you know the spin is hitting the top your mouth because the nerves on the top your mouth to get cold not to causes brain for. Salvo has been told that but I still can't do anything to stop but I wonder accusing a plastic spoon would be better than stainless steel because that seems to in the sealed its color rate that they get their admirable and a huge get rain freely during an out of a flashy but always -- for the -- your thumb on the shut your mouth or your tongue it's the sort warming up as quickly as. I'm pretty sure there's not a worst feeling in brain freeze is likely heads explode pretty bad it's it's insanely intense for about two sec yeah. But in real diplomat is try to cure I arrive before we jump to share your salary at 810. Which by the way we might need somebody for that to a 6421 wolf if you wanna jump in. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and Hilda. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura particles briefer on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Again we all want to know what everybody else makes for a living but it's never OK to ask until now on the phone is Cody who lives in theory in hello Cody good morning. This morning I. And they were doing fantastic gonna Wembley is excited to hear anybody say you all yes and Sanath. Thank you solicited in the morning wolf thank billion thank you for me would share your salaries. As a support staff supervisor for a school plus a lot of deliberations a lot of messes. I know it felt like I am I look at it. Well. May be good up and a little bit here I don't know if you noticed that I should go to Vegas because all I'm doing is win win wins OK let's put men on the clock Cody will ask you as many questions as we can symbol play a funny in studio which are aghast. Well we think you make an end you'll share that salary are you ready Cody. I'm ready I'm Emily fire away right exactly deeds did and I'm I'm an at bat of the their prospects and attic yet and that way I do their valuations are kind of staff for a high school. Found it pretty April 8 grade so this is credit. Yes so yours you are the boss of the teachers. For obvious that didn't see India does this include light lunch ladies and everything. Now we don't have one play if they have figured. Now I hope hater thing and I'll welcome are you renewable aren't your only I'll read you pat that that was your questions are you any teachers union code. No matter where you hired into this position or permitted into the higher Internet how long have you been doing this at the school. Almost a year. You get Summers off. I can't fly out this nice. How long have you been in this career. Sixty years or get out to be the final answer that we yet. We're gonna luck collect our thoughts here for about three minutes code you'll come back well guess who we think you make and you're gonna share your salary you OK with that. Thank thank you don't beautiful we'll find out what she makes next. The fallen this is called the she lives in Erie and she is they support staff supervisor for school lets just say that's five times faster. What else do we know and before I guess who we think she makes. Says she meaning is that assistants and to the teachers. Kinda takes care of them scheduled them killed and four and it's a private pulled its pre K through eight something inning that they're for one year but total that. Okay editing sound good you Cody we read and ales are. At some tax. I get to guess first which I don't like being in the pole position on this one it's tough because you got to break the ice you don't mean. But. But that's what happens when your winner you know lesson. He's got to leave either bring that up somehow that not about me. I'm gonna say in this as we have never done this before. Because my knee might instincts are saying OK she worked for school she is in debt education world should I can make a lot of money. There and she's only been their fur less than a year straight. There's something in her voice there is a confidence to earth catered lunches for yeah we don't have lunch ladies and Emily. I must say based on the content to wait she speaks the way she directed us like she was hurt you cattle rates. I'm gonna go 67000. Which is way more than I would normally go for anybody that ever works in school board's say so long guys are right 67000. I added a little lower other 53. And slow Jones 68. Can lead you went a little bit tired and made things are right so it's time to share your salary Cody. In Geary and support center right first goal support center right school what do you make. Amelie as spot on and make it speed without. Oh. Wait a minute you say 52 Cody. I don't know Handley says fifty I still win you win which you don't get doubled and you don't get doubled but I still playing. Great job them and Cody congratulations you you know you get to work with kids and you may get a great lemon. And you do have that sort of confident voice though you know that right thank you kind of have that leaders. Amenities a word bossy but she's kind of got that I don't hate it think you've got the word I guess lags yet. A boxing my. You have to take a precedent I should just say what I mean I go to we love you thanks for being a part of the morning will thank you for sharing your salary. I don't you to thank you all appreciate it. Men and slow deliberate we got a technical fighters. Good I don't only going to be tomorrow but I guarantee you is gonna be great morning I sat with Matt McAllister has brought back. It's so wolf anybody real quickly are the stories are mug club decides what to say happy birthday to my mom who is listening right now in Arizona answered her dad. And about the way I said we're gonna have a podcast today feature her alive interview distributed Joe's mom's. In her response was make it quick. This is really excited about the appearance on the potty and is gonna that explains. By the way the morning hope techpodcasts. You can find it on the radio dot com apps and also when I do just go ahead subscribe to you get the notification every day when it's updated and we always for fifty minutes of just behind the scenes answer on the front damned if it's kind of fun. I pay speaking of the month club that stopped lets everybody we're gonna be right now Emily because we would love to meet as many people as possible and I coffee for everybody that shows up in mentions a little. How greedy in Nelnet uptown copy in cafe that's Kathy with a K. On to stop I need to Landmine at pebble I decent copy any you have a mud here anything with your logo on it and wanna join the month club. As you want it some free publicity you wanna call you just couldn't bring Alec yes. By the way we've been on the hunt for petty Rudolph since watershed. We were there walking around them for you over the weekend in it she had stopped by the both ten and left us she custom made. Watershed mugs for us to their gas giant their main coffee chose the biggest traveler coffee mugs we've ever seen me. It says watershed army had each one of our names engraved on its own. Clearly what they went over the merge tent they had these you know it's really sweet. We got your number caddie we return a call you but you lost your photo watershed. Or sliced a total sleep MB yeah from waters and but anyway hoping to swear Pettigrew offensive unit again if you don't know anything about the month club. It is a very simple premise it's basically a chance for us to get to know every single person in the BMW nemesis of the wolf. One coffee mug and a time. You have to do is go to Seattle I come get her address sent us a mug and we'll do the arrest this morning we swore in net. Captain Chris danys from the US army. Which I know was a near get your heart you're an army drag yourself staring them out. Sinister about a bunch of great US army swagger that we fix he joined the army down even though you know obviously we didn't. But we also swore him in the most notorious extended to do every single day we swear in the person which means no local business it's easy to grow a little stand here. A little bit every attempt to Wear number one. Numero uno. Top of the mountain while Africa. I was gonna see how many different ways you could say number Griffin but what does she sort of laugh and at that time the last time I might go farther OK it's our. Sir I was about to go lion king's spot he's the front that okay all right mud mud pit stop today can't wait to see guys who knew Dejuan. Dallas radio and these here and so wolf now. I'd admit this before I never feel super mainly when I do but. I think we all agreed on the show to be honest. I've been a big fan of the bachelor for a long time the national franchise in fact I'm so excited about that turned hairdresser can barely had no idea what that's like eight. Jordan the model the male model is probably the best character. The bachelor friend pat has ever had out. The only on the comes close is also on bathroom paradise which is crystal yen had a quote the glitter the glitter there mom put out. And they actually hook up which I can't imagine a more crazy cocktail that those two getting an out impaired as IK yeah. So. The last night you know the use one saying it to the Bane of my existence is that I can't sample watch the show when it's on to the start today it's over and that meant that at 730 there's no way. So what I try to do little game I play in my head every day is to avoid it. Anywhere that I might see who actually one inch hole I have time to queue it up tonight around 6 o'clock and watch the show. One isn't that just that today exist every Tuesday company at a loss bachelor. For that's I don't tell me you know mistakes a little bit of a break from social media because I know that it's gonna get ruined but of course it only lasts about. An hour or two before I see it somewhere I just saw and so now I know that well either when it's not a big winner could kind of avoided big you know when south. I do and am I gonna say and make a spoiler for anybody else but. I will say out of the two guys that came down you I'm a little surprised I'm a little surprised that the guy who was made the top ten really yeah. I don't wanna says that reads the spoilers from the very beginning so I knew why he do then I might bonus daughter does the same thing I don't even think she's any joy in watching the show if you already know is gonna happen I don't know it drives me the minute Mark Sanford me. Do you read the last page of the book. Now but it's different how I don't know there's good date but here's another thing to if for being honest you don't watch the show. I realized I try to talk better reviewing you don't want to show you like I need to news story you know I do you watch the show at the beginning in the fight and I'll watch the entire season like some seasons don't grab me. That's on there I am always end. You'll actually watch those episodes are and we can talk about how you act okay couple girls and here I think about the bad fat content and act and act. I'll beat you did not watch the bachelorette this season I think NT I was really on baca is and heard you know when my wife kind of said the same thing but she was great. I don't zones in a big deal a little dramatic but that's a big sample yeah I don't know just India for a do you send me an article last night that said basically how much they make. What I tried to click on and I couldn't find now was this kind of curious what I make it was like them how much. There were and some of our words like. Fifteen million and double forty million dads so it doesn't match at Italian guy. Well like Emily Maynard is worth like one point five million and. Chris the farmers were like five million really you know they do these appearances now which you get on the show how are famous death. They're not really looking for love is that what you're telling friends. Not when I was toilet look at Portland maybe tomorrow we can actually corroborated that and it showed up float joke on now. We'll back with Matt McAllister. 100 points off the walls. Are evocative immediately take over and I have the studio this morning nearly eight has. Has now are you today I am still recovering from watershed event coming back into the living. That's awesome we didn't mr. Graham alive and one of the people we're playing drinking games within the campground. Jumped onto McCain has Phelan. Thanks to you do not okay. I learned a new drinking game called more Dora Florida are are more your eighth place both it was it was insane anyway. What's going on your show today Dili by the way before you start talking let me just know much about the can we always forget we always forget that ability is 1000 dollars on the line coming up here in about six minutes Steve he's got to keywords Korea and I hate. When I forget to mention itself. Cash coming up top a lot of money yeah yeah so after that. Where you headed today well I heard you guys earlier on your show talking about what happened with the lady in New Jersey. Who helped out a guy in convenience store basically he didn't have enough cash to buy this copy because. He had his cart and they didn't have apple today. And heads about his copy for a and it ended up being keep her bed yeah where you had no idea of 75 million dollars. But you know we were speculating that we your celebrity of that nature other people's handle your stuff. I don't have cash for him you don't mean. So. Because she didn't know that it was him eat right so what's your name leases keys just that's right you'll look like keep their best and yeah I. Well I just love the fact that she thought he might be based on how he was dressed this. He might be somebody that needed some kind of wild and I think he's you know there's that fine line between a rock star in homeless this. A lot and also the close yeah he's way too good looking to be homeless but you know anyway. Well I mean I guess I'd like to know today is when is the last time that you slotted a celebrity by accidents look I did last. Time as in the Eileen airport coming back here Chile from TLC each. Q event honey I'm athletic your best celebrities lining out of Reno lean that I green into Chile from TLC. You didn't see left ROP left. If you don't ask can. Did you got to give him a while I'm sitting here trying to think about it and you know. I was in New York City. And I saw the guy from what's the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Don't watch it yeah matter remember is David he was skating right there in the middle of the street and I am so proud of myself I did not Birmingham. But I'd yeah it's totally give him eyeball he's like get her away from the yeah her away say like. The game not that A Lister is but I like recognizing the C blisters I saw Carlton at LA acts from fresh prince Philip KS ago you expand our dads. I got here seeing the basketball movie hoosiers oh yeah I ran into eighty Chitwood for Jimmy Chitwood. Who doesn't speak in the movie but he's fit the fantastic basketball. Yeah I ended up like hanging out of the game we played golf together as well growth. Update go pick up and I remember the movie that's a part of the Tom Hanks from way back in the day I ask him over the go to the male review club yes remember nick. Nick. I'm glad it's this is lower that C I think this is Deanna that might be easy but I meant knicks. Don't learn how aggressive you're. Dating thing has to be he knows the game im gonna wrap this up he got mad at me because I went up and say hey your nick. Ray he is non that's a character played in movie I'll tell my name is Robert hooligans. Of course you gotta be pretty stoked anybody recognized yeah. Don't and I ticket with the debut on to a 642 on wolf protector for 6150 celebrity sightings we'll see you back tomorrow morning at 5 am we love you. And that. Mornings from Clarksville. It feels 100 points its own.