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Tuesday December 5th, 2017


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He wants well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not the you 100 point seven. All this morning wolf pack Matt McAllister WV rates coming hometown holiday now. And Joseph can correct me if I'm wrong just eight days away at a Florida State days away and did the math I counted the days the whole thing. Just eight days away Seattle stuck out if you wanna join us we are gonna have so much fun fact we put somebody else in the seat yesterday Rambo nanny. Gators and remember she's international superstar after she tackled a package speeds. Who was I trying to steal something from the house where she works that. Was and even our house what we tractor down yesterday thanks to you guys all your needs. We did our detective work day we founder we Janet whether. If you missed that phone call to play back in about twenty minutes but at the end but we do invited a hometown college so she is common with the hubby. Out Ryan silver dale hey man how Loria. You're an hour here I am doing great buddy happy Tuesday. What you do. And a burly. Well normally I am not a bit earlier burnt out cars to pain in my my significant others or what domain. The move fifth added Roth Brian I you know I I. I emphasize. Empathize with anybody has to go through that usually though it's the female complaining about the husband you don't mean. Tell me about it I Obama nor bad that I got a special oh million dollar. Right he said earlier you said it was your wife framers growth well my fiance our RC Europe for a long road here. Yes Claire fail Moylan though she's worked at a at a boys so do you sleep in the same room. To even though she's stores like a guy. You better believe it he had I didn't go to sleep till midnight he's got you know put forward so I had actually put those sleepless for the week. Yeah I'm well lest they say sleeping you're dead right Ryan the yes sir I got along certain outcome. And eloquently I listened to you every morning and on the way out of that photo earns over dale may have a grinder appreciate you guys. Can't say how much you we appreciate you listening in choose announces you know to get you up and get you go to the morning means a lot man thank you. All right our brother had a nasty a great day running a little more question for our did you wide drink a lot. No. That's interesting you hurt me and my father lost snores like it like it trash like a tank but he really drinks it's worse. No no sushi over the judge all right Brian well let's listen brother. God bless you for your patience. All right you guys are great I love that guy right you call any morning a tank I have read. That. Would that acts and I can just doctor Randall dale Garang gets the hotline man that. Fantastic I snack Angelo or comedy guys next to anybody else wanna check in this morning why are you a burly to a 642 on wolf. Just real quick because we have so many questions on FaceBook and Twitter last night. Joseph Dyer officially remains as of last night we didn't do FaceBook live because it was a busy day is a lot going on here as are probably aware of in the country landscape of radio so we were just kind of don't. I don't know I think we just got tired the end of the day I had Billick could be on Joseph's river the brutal day Al kinds of stuff going on but I just wanna say that I slept like a baby in your guests there it's probably because I was so. Shows girlfriend Sophie is a vegetarian. So he has any meat very often these he had no comment yet not a home so I made him one of those big gold pre marinated costs go try tips last night which feels like you're cooked enough flanked quarterback count man it was malicious I don't remember the last that I had a stake. Made in the big tried to have been hooked him up some vegetables home cooked meal hero of us well he. 7-Eleven burrito guys had a until Vanessa last night we are faced a mess that I took dubbed Joseph you've proud America from a nice meal and got him a cold beer I was foolish and I did do the dishes like forget her name issue recommended a 1% -- when does the dishes that's the rule in nineteen appreciates your although I had to take your opinions and did the dishes and am new at this next time galway Ireland. Are you guys checked in morning wolf thank you got the number. Hello Angelo good morning wire you up early. In order look back I M. In the army now. Obama later stage right now. It's fantastic D'Angelo thank you so much for your service OP feel the love when you listen to the wolfman because that's what we're all about. Aren't you Iceland because you're great gains at Demorrio wolf pack and I am now and let him breath. And though that's really caddy are Brothers take so much for San nets so what is your ring anchor title in the army. I MA out of specialist in the army and I Emmitt hit pitching meant a Frontline. All right I've brought you start now even in for awhile. I think at about aren't here good for you you'd be a career military man. You know I got about seven months let them get into our. I don't like watching my daughter's girl over the ball no it definitely paid thing and. You know I I had a conversation all the time with my father in law who was a fisherman and he said the same thing it was a military but he be gone at 79 months at a time and he would just watch you know my wife his daughter from the dock is a vote was full and away crying in one day he just that I can't do this thing. I had that one of the heart you know oil though. I did not Libya all. And I did I can't be with my son right now all the time it's tough to Jimmie thank god for facetime but still heart. Yeah that that's why the harder thing to do. It's here but it also some of the most rewarding and I'm. Absolutely lands low god bless you and your family your wife and I your service is very much appreciate it we love you brother. Are we lucky to end. You can't ever not not the bump up their. Thank you sir. 68 and 10 more are good morning sir why you up early. Our work for always and Ahmed the work right now. At a boy I was looking at some stuff last night's is rewriting beat the street questions and it was kind of a little fun fact about Seattle after World War II. Now Boeing to team Seattle's largest employer after the need for planes obviously went up via a flight of this. Yeah I sometimes they save the last one out turn off the lights and sometimes it's it's gonna turn into a madhouse again here's we're we're starting to hire yet so. Anyways I. Enjoy here are stationed right there guys I listened to you every morning going to work. All people that call. I just what I say that I am really proud of all the service people I'm a former marine myself. Of this country was built our military. People that gave us our freedom so I sort of think all the military people out there that are most. Thank you for saying that Steve I think in this day and age to. With this new generation I think it's more important than ever to stand up and be proud to be patriotic not necessarily political because I think there's a lot of people. Especially others say it I mean there's a lot of people in their twenties that don't really understand the history and don't really understand. How amazing America is in places like North Korea and countries like that. I wish show a lot of people would go experience that for themselves to to come back and have a different perspective on really just how beautiful. Our freedom is he. And America certainly learned it's not yet and sure freedom isn't free is a line like to use the Steve. They have a great day at Boeing my friend and I really appreciate you being a part of the morning wolfpack. Thank you very much sir you have a great day night coming up next Rambo nanny. Sack that McAlister has tried. Yes. It's no lulls the morning wolfpack with Matt McAllister and you are listening to Rambo nanny take down a tactic speed. I thought and how he was working out. It round. Don't they. So the video goes viral. All over the world but it turns out Rambo nanny can't Anderson lives in Everett. And thanks to you the morning wolf pack we found her yesterday and president got her on the show. All right is this Rambo and any tape Anderson off again that they pick up I guess but yeah. Hey hey good morning my name is Matt and the morning guys here in the wolf how's it feel to be an international superstar overnight. That it pretty and saying I can only go up about it at buying I'm not really asked. Social media person is that there are also at all pretty crazy at. I guess so many questions for you first on so glad the morning wolf pack help us track you down because if we read the story last night doing our like we've got to talk to this lady and you kind of like a country girl to meet you listen to country music. And I'll play music but I definitely enjoy country depending on my mad but yet the. You know I'm like old school country girl like arts brat and charged her eighth they. Plus are you holding about a fireball you FaceBook page I'm like this is one of our people right here. Touched down about the awhile ago that yeah I can definitely enjoyed them and. Until they tell me what inspired you because you're obviously working at somebody else's house this package belonged to somebody else. What inspired you to want out in the street and tackled this woman who's trying to steal the package. Outlaw. The the people that fireworks are also like my longtime friend my husband and her husband went and exploit others and act as laid back our highlight McKinley but opt out I think it was just my instinct and that I prepared then. That. I will. And not. A break to let people know apple is I don't agree with them thanks so I think it was just my instinct and ridiculously and it grabs. And once I saw her I was like I just I instinctively just. Took off and started running and and then when she was left on the ground by her getaway driver and like I really can't do it. Library you know lock stock now know. And do you think that the driver of the vehicle was your husband or boyfriend. I'll know it's cheap and it was a different emperor. I am so and get too much information obviously when the police are asking you have you made it seem like it was that the random hurt but it's clearly not to get Democrats. No no you never leave the man behind it is that went out the window literally she fell out of the car it'll look like a pretty nice car to meet to like I Cadillac Escalade or something. Yeah I am glad that was Cadillac SUV driver around stealing from people. In a video you grabber and you walker back up to your house what we stood we she defeated at that point or was she trying to talk her way out of. I'll now Atlanta. I don't buy. Physically. Trying to get her to sit down for about bias and it that on video and they and their first top woman that she's screaming at me I think doing anything. You had a checking our act Pratt. At you know wasn't doing any change and then once I made it clear to her like I have video. I now at least all that package. That you target apologizing. And it's asking you let her go because let's start. I don't know the Kate when asked questions and everybody wants to know what was actually in the package. Scale it play. At sixty dollars per cent baby steps. A Nazi in it your mama like we have a nine year old little did it mama you know across momma would baby stuff says that's not gonna work. Are yeah and the kid aren't you aware that we don't need you about. Part of our deal here in the morning wolfpack is we'd love to celebrate local heroes and that's people doing good stuff and I know your country fair and how would you like to come work concert we haven't in ten days it's called hometown holiday. Dustin lynch bigger it's Chris chance of Michael Rey a bunch of great artists six artist in total it's going to be the DX SO show or centering camp. We would like you to come is our guest just to say thank you for just doing something good in the community and making people feel like you know what for for once the bad guy didn't win here. I would BM made bay and that's up I'd be so much but I love it. I noticed again I creature FaceBook you got a husband or boy for you get somebody good looking in your life. Yet they evidently they had been all right we'll bring hobby we're gonna have a fun night and drag few Beers listen to some great music. And on and recognize you from the stage. Along with all the great people that we put in the seats and you I appreciate the article. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. It's meant McAllister here Joseph over the air so Rolling Stone came out with a list of the ten best movies of the year Joseph you watch a lot more movies and I do. He had been a bad year for movies for me at least the last few months why you've been by yourself here with nothing to do I know that so Sophie and I we go to movies together all the time we have like a movie Monday tradition because she's off on Mondays and I get up early. But I I just I haven't I've got no one movie since removed Zia dividend year and so these tradition doesn't make any sense he keys he loses doubters. You know I just Bittermann nothing to do I just don't have like the motivation and been that close to a movie theaters I've only literally seen one since we got here believe me that's more the point where you've been in Capitol Hill there's no movie now not that I know anyway there's a weird independent one that they show like forty year old movies on my excuse is a one year old you know gussy baby years he was he have a one year. So. But actually when Vanessa was out here last week in our first time without the baby we actually got out and saw a movie to movie that we saw happens to be on this list. Number four is to rebuild boards outside and he Missouri which is the movie that we decided Agassi so honestly yeah we're actually talking about this morning it's one of those movies it kind of takes you through time and place. And you. Kind of watch the story but then there's no resolution in a really it's kind of one of those. But dead Dunkirk was number one I did see that and what's next and let it yet rolling stone's list of best movies of the year they see that's the best movie that anybody's ever gonna see. Wanted to hear about her it was really loud that makes sense it's agree it is really that it is a snapshot of war yes and yes say it's yet it's really well done. All right so number ten was phantom thread which is a danger Dave Lewis movies coming out on Christmas Day. A ghost story at number nine. Don't do a lot of them and every hurdle number eight is Detroit's number does balance the steering. Don't know about it either number seven I saw the preview for win we saw three billboards it's called the shape of water gap it's a movie it's set I think fifteen Xeon or death Gilmore Gilmore or del Toro that's it yeah Guillermo Guillermo at the end they they find elective. Water creature he had his movies are really terrific. Lady bird number six the post which is a Meryl Streep movie that opens Christmas week which means every woman our viewers get a seat Meryl Streep come on. Number 43 billboard's number three call me by your name to know at number two was getting out I don't know it great living. Really yeah let's get out it's it's kind of like it's that weird spin on a horror movie it's just they're really kind of creepy and hurt that we've talked about sorry yeah I Draco in for the scary you've got to see it's not it's not that kind of scary to lunch it was like paranormal kind of scary now not her normal it's it's more like psychological thriller video some weird scifi twist well I like this time a year because all of the year endless start coming aren't and if you listen to the wolf you're used in the morning wolf thank you gonna hear him because I love them I get so fascinated by what was the best of 2007 cents. Especially when I look back on stuff like this matter millennium and you don't like what what movie is that. When the wind it's traits come out and the other they'll be on Netflix and and I like dad. Now another episode. The most get through. Love which is all about you sending in a coffee mug from wherever it is that you work joining the mug global thing a mug shot with a that are all over the Seattle will file a social media pages. And then we'll just call and thank you need to know a little bit kind of bring in our community together we are Stanley here and Kutcher radio after all. So today got a box. With a a beautiful coffee mugs from the Alaskan copper and brass company here in Seattle from the HR ladies it says here on the business cards and an end. Thanks for the laughs welcome to Seattle Robin tell them. Kelly hello Kelly every today. It Johnny my name is man I'm calling from the wolf all hey how are you. Are real I'm good I don't know pleasure talking to you Robin but I was gonna thank whoever Sammy is beautiful Alaskan copper coffee mug. Yeah feature slowly but of course you we are excited to spend it. Well do we just got over the weekend and it was great to see as you know we love welcoming new members into the school is and I I hear her in the background of drought and the other entered outfit. Well epic on speaker enabled us mother okay. Hi Robyn. And we are liable in the radio. Hospital don't see any bad words. Well ladies thanks again for taking the time to send a mud and tell me what to do over their attack Alaskan looks like copper and brass but I don't know what that means. Yeah. Yeah it would be Eric. He's higher ratings went out there that he's been static filled it on the job I want. Q it's incredible is that most of the people that we talked to who join a mug club. They're always saying hey we got jobs were hiring hiring yet there seems to be more more homeless people every day on the streets of Seattle it's kind of weird. Yeah I don't get it. You guys have jobs in you don't need a Ph.D. from Harvard to come work for you her so tell me exactly what you guys do. We're in that area and so on and tell me and I. And many other resources department. Okay and how big a company is a last and it's funny you can never tell anything from a business card or. An old one how many people are at the office every day. Well yeah three but it appears that you obviously have like a warehouse outside a town somewhere new and all that way. We're so well you know at some point you would be great to to meet you guys and thank you for listen to maybe bring you some doughnuts. If there's two things that make everybody happy it's coffee and doughnuts there. Well I tell you will stop by is any day of the week like would have became dying Wednesday. Yeah you know I promise you we're gonna come by. I. Don't you ever watch her face with live videos we actually go to these places Kelly. Well they're fun it's always an adventure because sometimes it you know you're walking into somebody else's work place and if they'd do some serious business is a little awkward when a couple of goofy radio guys walk him. It would be well. If well thank you so much I mean honestly I appreciate that and no good to see guys tomorrow and we're gonna bring you some of the taste these doughnuts you've ever had in your life. Of course top pot doughnuts. It's slow. Court dad's fluent. Yeah we're still waiting for top not to jump onboard to sponsor the donut drops so and at the stewards are out of pocket but in the meantime I'm happy to do it in a can't wait to meet you guys. Of course you're women's feel like chocolate elect cheesy my line and I got it. Again it will bring a gift baskets. Robin Kelly thanks for being a part of the month club thanks for listening to the wolf two we really appreciate the Yankee yeah. Morning it's. Callous rate and these here and 100 points. So wolf this is the morning wolf pack on Tuesday I'm Matt McAllister appreciate everybody checking us out this morning especially if you for the first time welcome we love you. Producer Joseph and I are gonna be roommates this week until his. Permanent place opens up which means we get over here all of our conversations in the face times you get an easy golf you're down on the way home through my house yesterday yes and my dad wants that he asked for the most gag gift thing for Christmas I've ever heard. President bugging me about what I want for Christmas ever really hard time and that's it takes weeks have passed during yeah finally yesterday amok with you war. Damn what you want for Christmas. He said he wants a box and assorted fasteners which is basically like not simple thing. How much right away as a dad I would think that would be awesome you wanted to wrap a box of nuts and bolts and ship it to you for Christmas like it's the most. Dad's gift thing ever in ought to mean short of a screwdriver I can't imagine anything that fits that. Gag gift. Quality he had and I think to in talking Baghdad guess again I'm a dad like I get a view you get to a place where you start wanting your gifts to be more functional and in. Were not so frivolous correct. You know I don't I don't mean you know like socks and underwear used to is exchange he had known and now. I would love it if Vanessa would get me some my favorite you know boxer briefs bet down to two payers. Egypt into it the stuff they used to laugh that when you were younger. Now it's like come things that I really I don't have time to go to the story get in a fancy a I beat down of somewhere in my stocking. Did Ed Gibbs to grade and I tell you what if anybody in the morning wolf thank you guys listen right now if you can recall the last day idea that you brought your dad the most dead gift of all time. 206421. Wolf is the telephone number I think this is kind of an awesome topic joke gag Gaudin again hit a a a dad gifts 2017. What is your dad one or what have you bought him in the past that the ultimate dad guess. What is the most dad's gift you're getting your dad this year and 206421. Wolf let's be honest dads are awesome. I because they only want things add one for Christmas Eve. We are easy were a simple. Creature and then take a lot of figured out they have brandy in Port Orchard. What what's a dad give you getting dad this year. A bottle it yet Danielle Steele Missouri senator. That is beautiful. And you know I'd never make him as happy as anything else that you could buy it you know a fancy store Michael in Tacoma. Hey yeah. There was one time I bought my step dad is that our anger luckily there are. Me. They put me down to one of those two Michael if you got any extra bucks this year added. Oh well I Cullen put Atlanta oh. It was very. All of us dads are Michael it's a beautiful thing and I've got a stud finder but it's not a laser in its body at best to note I mean. Yeah but you know CM proving a point and getting all excited about your dad's dead gift. Yeah my don't have a great day thanks for being a part of the morning wolf back. We're talking about dad gifts because. Joe's dad told him yesterday it was a lot of blood bunches risen faster or a set of assorted fasteners. I was throwing error. The sorted fasteners please. You'll lawman in Bremerton and how aria. I know I'm doing fantastic your first name is on the end up my mental image. You come on you're kidding me Ed legally. Where your parents to they mean you have to bikini bar. Mistakes. How could that be a mistake you need to tell me your parents never heard an all enjoyed for the country South Africa. I love annulment I think anything that she needs to use this great so I love it on. To the morning wolf back what's the most dad give to getting your dad this year I get my ankle. Yeah if you want to try to shoot. Yup and do it makes him just as happy as any other fancy gift from best buy right. At all. We're easing. It doesn't take much to make us happy it's taste good or we can shoot it or six that were pretty much those of the three categories. On a farm yeah I want you don't you guys. Amen thanks for being a part of the show. You take care there is on the and joy chicken in Michelle lake Stevens the most dad gifts you're gonna get bad this year. We are. Here are well all that's beautiful to see goes there a regularly like is it a kind of an every week days type thing. He loves their breakfast scene. Getting all these retired air standing up on all things back. Well there's nothing not to love about a day's breakfast and tell you right now denoting debts he knows his order is. Now every spring opening notes from home. Does he really an election brings alluded to Danny's. Old yeah it would hurt SharePoint all of yeah you know what that's a cool thing about having a regular spot they know you can maybe stuff like that yeah hey how much yet is the gift card if you don't mind me asking you like. All and apple go along way over at Denny's right yes we're all so well Merry Christmas to dad great dad give thanks for chicken Michelle love you. Let you. And I now. You can make your comment too on the Seattle FaceBook. It can also see the video we took yesterday we get a donor dropped on the west side for the little people that NW modern realistic for joining a mug club. I'd just to give you the heads up Chris Young tickets coming up at 710 beat the street if you'd like to get in line to a 6421 Waltz. I'm happy that calloused as progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. So morning wolf back up Matt McAllister producer Joseph is here as well. Beat the street in a couple of minutes for Chris Young tickets and you know we did receive one email Joseph. In I think about a week ago from somebody says hey I really like beat the street's. But it feels sometimes like you're taking advantage of homeless people. And our response to that it was pretty simple. The way that it works is we read about your questions Joseph goes out the recorder. And he walks around downtown Seattle the people that he finds sometimes are homeless and sometimes they're not. I have a feeling and I think he told me to two days challenger on the street is actually a student who's pretty Smart right so whoever gets through today to play for the Christian take you to get your hands full that's so. For us the response is almost the opposite what I can ignore a big part of downtown Seattle which is a homeless population now you were to walk right by them to pretend they weren't there then we'd be doing what everybody else does when they show on homeless. Yeah I love it feuding at the top two for a little they get a little bit of their story in and if they're you know they're usually in the mood for and enjoy it and every time if I ever ask somebody that's out and handling I from a couple bucks and I like the guy ahead last week tiptoe he's an artist to walks around with a cast on had yet to catch meg going to work -- you can't tell us as what to do and he he may or may not be honest every EEE I would you know if I'm being jazzy I would guess yes and outages are just an amazingly colorful people out there in Seattle I'm not talking normal. Yeah it's it's all part of the mix you can and Evernote which are gonna get in fact. We want to celebrate a related story right now that's actually involves a homeless person. The people up to store your loss than a minute ago to remember I held below I love these stories that I've. Yes so this story involves some. Ups. I'm gonna lose most of us. I anyway I just I liked I like facts are like details and they're really not important but. Did 36 year old homeless men in Las Vegas say there is young children from my apartment fire on Friday there it is and here is the Clinton argument basically he was walking by the house. The kids were in the house and Graham talk a fire started. Grandpa could not get to the kids and they were young like you said you never separated by the fire and he went in broke down the door and save the kids. And I take it nagging mom and two dollars and games. Good too expensive and listen to. To be on the mound. The two children were in the living room. Food was taken on the stove. Relative a grandfather was watching the children he was in a back bedroom that kids says that there's still caught on fire. It that bigger base started yelling. The grand dad couldn't get too long because of the fire if he had have been there these children probably would have died it would ruin everybody's holidays and everything. I think so ruin people's lives as a ten year old and a ten month old boy so. Again props to this amazing guy in Las Vegas to. And of all and do Lowe's is name ran in there and saved him your number a couple of years ago there was the guy think he was in Ohio. And he say he'd rescued a girl from a kidnapped her she'd been held for like ten years. You know what I think I do remember that breezy here went viral amid such an awesome story all right coming up next beat the street. You never gonna get on the street but to a play to a 6421. Wall plaques pavements. History M Katie in Pacific of mourning and a welcome to the morning wolfpack are you ready for beat the street Katie yes I am. Took me probably more rated C Chris Young at the Tacoma dome how about Chris Young Indian headliner. Saturday may nineteenth courtesy Bergen friends and eight EG live I love Chris yeah they are such a great voice that's going to be a fun show. Here's the deal. Before we go down the streets with Joseph and the recorder and a random person. We asked the same five questions to the random person gonna ask you these five questions with thirty seconds on the clock. And then we'll see if you can beat the streets here we go are you ready Cain plan OK if you don't know questions. Don't spend too long on because you only have thirty seconds you only get hung up okay. Aren't here we go question number one. Who played the iconic role of Clark Griswold in the Christmas classic Christmas vacations. Which Sasha and Malia are the daughters of what former US President. Obama in what US state is the Grand Canyon located. I have are the largest building in the world is located in Everett Washington is known by what aviation company. Following. Which classic country star is known for the song on the road again and his love for marijuana. Let's go down find out who you're going to be played against on the street this is a random person of producer Joseph found furious like. Namely from what do you do. Adam I'm from Las Vegas and a student. Okay he's a student that does not bode well for you students know stuff JD is out the math she already ago question number one. Who played the iconic role of Clark prison walls in the holiday classic Christmas vacation. I've played. People. I don't know. Couldn't a bobbled it was on the tip of the stunned but you got it right Katie of course it was Chevy Chase yet holiday. Okay not a question number two you've got a one to nothing lead Sasha and Malia other daughters of what former US president. Obama. Yeah Barack Obama was the right answer you've got it right as well so you still have a one point lead two to one heading into question number three Katie you're looking like a sharpshooter right now all right. But why US stayed as the Grand Canyon located. Arizona. Arizona is right eight unfortunately Katie you said Colorado heavily as your final answer yet Arizona. In the Grand Canyon stayed there we go so now it gets interesting we have a two to two tie let's go to question number four great. The largest building in the world is located at Everett Washington and owned by right aviation company. Boeing. Boeing is right to you both got it right so right now. To. You've got three he's got three. Let's go to the final question okay which classic country stars known for the song on the road again and for his love of marijuana. Willie Nelson Willy Nelson and it is right so according to my math you got it right he got it right so we finished four out of five for both the view but Katie. It's a tie do you know what happens in a Thai beach street goes for the oil. Cracked tile we go through the morning wolf thank you don't know the. Yeah. It's going to be a beautiful show can't wait to see their Tacoma dome Saturday may nineteenth great job Katie way to beat the street from someone who needed a leader. Well for a handful of peanuts and it doesn't help until than a dollar ball here's Matt McAllister. It's no wolf had a belly summer yesterday in Seattle weather no rain in the oldest son broken through that was a beautiful thing. A new one at a point 7 the wolf the morning wolfpack Matt McAllister and the truth about having kids as painful as it might be dear Joseph for somebody like you doesn't have a Miette. You love them they love you back here it's all good but sometimes virtue. Kids heard she did have the potential to cause bodily damage in the older and bigger they get. The worst the damage to your purse you're wearing a little battle scar well. It's taken me about a week to fess up to this. And it's funny because a lot of people here work DB that's. Funny that you walk around the black guy who hacked it but it looks very suspicious. Jiri during the battered husband or. You're an alcoholic that went to a bar infants are just minutes he nobody punches you in the face LSU lose control of yourself that usually deserve it. But sometimes you're one year old son. Takes is xylophone toys and takes a little. You know whatever you call that thing did you hit me like a mountain thank you sometimes he takes a mallet any hits you in the eye with a and that's what you get a black guy. With that that was over Thanksgiving right right in his did Stiller it's it's there a little it's gotten better at creating. But I remember the first day back our bosses like well do. The black guy you say your wife's good Thanksgiving I. Jude who our son is a little over a year he's just at that age where he's getting to be a little more aggressive like to sit there and hit mom asked. That is not done out of any kind of a mean this is just figured it out well I remember when my nephew is really young you know I like to play fight with them stuff like that all of a sudden served punch in the stomach like. Is take into this you know ahead. You know and again they're bigger they get I can't even imagine what he's too right he's even walking the damage that he could inflict but I know all of you parents in the morning wolfpack can relate you know exactly what I'm talking about. In fact if you want to share how your kid hurt you your injury to a 6421 wolf right now. Popular show on an ever and I was talking a minute ago about how my one year old basically punch me in the face with a xylophone toy how's your kid or use shown. I came hole from having gallbladder surgery and my little daughter. Climbed out and jumped on my stomach. All how bad to better challenge. Thought I would be in addition there doesn't get in the worst part is you can't do anything about it because they're cute and precious and innocent they don't know what they're doing but normally like if a grown up does that you're gonna punch him back term you know. I know artillery and you could regain my you know my authority notified shocked it took an adult area yeah that was my little baby girl so call us. There's a there's no retaliation she's got too wrapped around a little finger Sean at thanks for colony and be a part of the morning wolf back it all right judge Jennifer intent how has your kid to hurt you. So large migration and our own elect Jay imminent that it. Actually played scenery actually he is Linux you know it's and it's fairly. Well yes your candidates like hey I can push this button and I'm gonna get this reaction and I think it's pretty funny yeah that's hilarious. So your boyfriend's. Kid likes to punch him there yeah. Jennifer your line of duty units of their Tammany you know last duke. Absolutely exceptional. As the best part about it hey Jennifer have a great day. Right McKenzie in Tacoma how has your kid hurt you. I am and I don't play it from training that he kept to it or regulate it be kept. She was sleeping was feeling today and it it it is it and it gave it back at least three days. I don't know exactly what you're talking about they get these harder plastics of the company get a little bit older Jews got one suing yeah they can Kanye yeah. And what do people say when you showed up to work. And luckily it act like in the bill and I felt I would say it like it. Little thing could go back that. Diet that my dad went well it happened here they look at you like I had money have a talk with you know husband your what's going on. It's MacKenzie be careful with these little ones and tanks. Day he is tied things for a colony in Libya have a great day. Thank you YouTube and. OK on FaceBook listened to this Jessica's and my daughter ripped my nose ring out when she was younger. 206421. Wolf let's go morning wolfpack Kodiak. This is probably the most horrifying thing you'll ever hear in your life in the topic of how is your kid hurt you Mary says my husband was sleeping on the couch. And my son grabbed a glass Coke bottle and whacked him on ahead because he wouldn't wake up. Unlike goodness. I'm out here in Lacey we're talking about all of the different ways that are beautiful wonderful precious children can hurt us. Yeah my son you airplane airplane drilling down my feet. My fear of and he and blood banking and wait Eleanor Odom started late on around you think it's funny. Any bell I need your diet and all Miley you can't let. Geez now at the lady Jim snow here now. Let's go back. And don't sorry for all of you know it is. Because I do believe and I'm gonna get into a gender or your gonna do believe is a little more painful than happens us in that area L. The mayor. A bit but straight Colin heard a lot yeah yep pay detained here that's not good thanks for chicken and I love you have a great day amien Edmund Howell has your kid virtue. He has inspired game that he called the cricket game but he doesn't warrant any book or hand off label it all the bad you know I've got a lot better. And they and it kinda like the bride but directly on my stomach. It. How old is your Sony meanwhile you've heard about the theory also he's big he weighs a few pounds. Or race. Every cowboys' upset yet you know you almost wish I could be a little bit of a heads up for the Rivet game. Yeah hopefully next time maybe Levy thanks for being a part of the morning wolfpack. Addict then you'd do Tonya in federal way they'll begin to notice she didn't send them back into the system Tanya how tricky it hurts you. Actually when I was a kid IE wrecked my knee but third earrings out of her ears into the state she can not what we're hearing. Oh my goodness you rip to both sound the same time yeah heck yeah. Tiny critics how old looking first of how is that an accident. Outlook alerted playing a round I would Willie Young he goes about four. And I could leak up any ground delicate hoop earrings and then night accidentally ripped amount she pulled her head back. Do you remember that Tanya. I don't know if you can keep bringing it up commute every kind of one admired Hillary. Is no lawyers for Christmas. Exactly I'll Tonya that is incredible what a memory thank you so much for sharing. Yet they use to our right to Colin bunny lake house your kid hurt you or in this case your husband. I'm art thought I wanna look in Seattle we know from Phoenix a couple of years ago. Pat thank you Nicole appreciate that. I would but it is an act so did you listen to us when we were in Phoenix. I did that's awesome we'll hey it's their reunion it's a little country family reunion we're so blessed to be here Nicole. Now we are glad I have it and thank you thank you. My theory that when my oldest with a bat hero he was sitting on my husband's lap and he. Let him go back like the one batters and hit pet Bachmann has been an eyebrow and give them a black guy. Apologies you know it's funny Nicole I'm looking at FaceBook comments on morning and that is the number one kid injury. Is when it there on your lap any reared their head back without warning and its goal either breaks and knows we've got a bunch of Boston noses. Or gives you a black guy or split lip. That seems to be the number one or there's Jessica who says my son broke my finger by by eating it while I was trying to give him a piece of flute. And grateful all right Nicole hey great to hear your voice thanks for checking in in and that raw here in Seattle together. I hope so look for technical things you're listening to the morning. Alistair yeah. Are mine the mail whenever I had. This morning wolf pack up Matt McAllister. Appreciate you starting your day here in thank you felicity if you knew the wolf welcome bringing in a blogger Tug it out. The producer Joseph ran get a burrito so I'm answering the phones to a 64. 1 wolf morning wolf thank hello. Hey is it joked actually it's Matt Joseph went to get a burritos on answering the phones. Are there how who multi talented you are well I wouldn't Sam talent and an inning but I get to the radio some pretty happy. There are goal welcome to the Pacific northwest I'm really glad to hear and I was very fat away and everybody left. And I didn't wanna listen anymore and how he got him on so I'm happy. Well I really appreciate that you didn't tell me what you nameless. My name is rocky hey an outlook on how it can pick up the well it was a little bit of a crazy day yesterday as came PS went away after 42 years of being a country station. Here and now Seattle on their plane Christmas season for a little while and you know all these decisions are way out of our control above our heads however. I Deanna Lee is coming back to the wolf she's gonna start doing mid days this morning at 9 AM right after us. In. You know I know what it feels like to be in radio and two losing jobs or have a station slipped and it's it's very. Disappointing for a lot of people its status for this time a year but you know I know everybody here at the wolf including myself even on new. I really respect him yes everybody that works over there and you know without them playing country music and breaking like Alan Jackson and many many years ago. We wouldn't be anger so much respect to came PS for 42 years of country music in Seattle and everybody on that air staff set and cat and of course Deanna is coming over here and you know I lost my job. Last year at this time so I will I again I understand and and I have a lot of empathy for all those people but. A lot of respective op I'm not helpful I really appreciate you checking in thank you for the call now probably have a wonderful America ever thought. Merry Christmas to you lobby talk descent who will not be able. Here that morning. I'm still a party. Go wolf it's morning wolf pack MM McAllister Joseph is here as well. So I read this article less subtle buzz feed and I got on Twitter started ranting about it and I've had a Twitter we're going on. All morning long. The buzz the article listed ten movies and the debate is are these Christmas movies or not because there's a lot of movies that come out. Intersect in christmastime. But don't have anything to do with Christmas for example lethal weapon is that a Christmas movie. And there's a poll on this article which is great you put it on Seattle will FaceBook page 84% say no I agree. Couple of other ones that are notable before I get to the real big ones frozen. Zero. Actual references to Christmas even though it has rained Iranian and there's a lot of snow in an Christmas movie 78% of you agree. Gremlins. Yes. Not a Christmas movie 60% say no. I agree not a movie about Christmas okayed the one that everybody agrees on definitively home alone. 97%. Yes this is a Christmas movie yet but that falls under the exact same category as hear what you're saying does not qualified diehard. It's not enough and it causes that about Christmas present it just happens to take place during Christmas and it just seems more Christmas see your home alone qualifies as a Christmas movie by that same standard diet are qualify as crisp as we've and it runs trillion yen hit on a big one near Joseph and that's what I wanna talk about die hard is that a Christmas movie or not. Now it's set on Christmas scene. And Bruce Willis is character effectively decorate the terrorists came high anxiety kills with us then I had however the movie is about a rogue cop getting over his fear of guns by shooting somebody. And then you've got Bruce Willis just killing terrorists less than my in my mind if it has it. 75%. Or more did the backdrop this Christmas it qualifies the Christmas movie. Despite whatever the plot may be in that those for home alone gremlins and die hard. Is it fair to play during the Christmas holiday season tonight on C this is a passionate debate and I'm I'm I'm within and I'm ready to go higher at 46. Percent of people agree with you joke. That die hard as a Christmas movie I say no 54% of people agree with our I would like to take a morning wolfpack hold right now is it die hard. A Christmas movie yes or no and why. And by the way bonus points for anybody that mentions a knock you tell me tower. 206421. Wolf as the number let's settle this once and for all right now. Talking about whether or not die hard is a quote Christmas movie. I gotta be honest when I don't think it is but Joseph made me rethink my opinion when he questioned. Home alone for 97% of people in his buzz feed hole me included thinks home alone is a Christmas but it has nothing to do with Christmas and the fact. That his parents up and left him during Christmas time the president is is him basically die hard into criminals. You know I guess Joseph take Zach is that makes a great point that I had even Donna but it happened to support my argument OK then we'll check out we have social media pulls up about this the die hard Christian movie debate Zach in Port Orchard your comments sir. So I think die hard is acres is belief that it has peaked at seeing. Dear your plot as home alone where the by itself does not Christmas related but they're all about getting back to the dentist or Chris. Well harassment yes I know and but I think about a Chris did you think it's a wonderful life and those where I movies that are about the spirit of giving and how Lenny and give us just a different dive it's a different take on Christmas that doesn't make Garrity less than a Christmas midnight and I agree though what about gremlins reading about that Zach I mean that's about gizmo. You know the animal the gremlins originating from its Christmas present but Christmas present shouldn't spawn evil creatures capable of mutilating innocent people. All that should Ingraham host Baltimore today. Not so much Christmas. I think it's the elusive Christmas scifi genre yeah I actually think you learn more of workers is that even home loan back. Is it's actually occurs with the president that turns out to be evil monster through don't treated after midnight. Whatever you do in Zack steer away from water. They aren't doing it very. And I dec appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf thank them thank you. You and I Ted Twitter I Julian says oh heck yes diehards on my favorite Christmas movies ever. I even made Gizo ornaments for the tree last year and she straight up legitimately made. An orderly and I was to describe it but it looks like there. You know the air ducts that Bruce Willis is calling their estimate that had a tin foil and a pitcher Bruce Willis like this crawling through it to say you'd be can it actually does have tagged you yeah. And then she and to says hey it's an action film that happens to be said during Christmas time but it's not at all about the holiday. Hence. The reason that it is an aggressive group of love it when anybody uses the words hands or their four henceforth thank you. So there's a couple polls that doesn't jump on that on Easter brand just look at our Seattle story. You can vote there or if you go to Twitter we got a cold air as well. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister yeah. Yeah. It's about to get real all up in here. About two I talked to a country radio legend in this market for. Deanna Leung it was a big day over there yesterday attack came the assumption is a lot of emotion. And it EU are coming back to the wolf. Yes I'm here now you're you're here today it's all happening in the right now we're gonna talk to Deanna coming up and ethnic. Just a few minutes raptor mayor Morris if you have any questions to a 6421. Wolf let's get at all on the table here. That McAllister joined in studio by Deanna Lee who is coming back to the wolf today. I gotta tell you I know there's two sides to this claim but everybody here at the wolf is so excited to have you back to tell meek is again I'm new to the market leader so much longer that I have. And I have so much respect for you when did you lead the. OK so I was on the wall they moved to Seattle from Nashville. Back in 2010. And then IA. Did the mid day show here for about three years and then I left the wolf. And when I left tier I leverage do something else crazy yeah Ted. Like I was being ripped away from my brother we netted love that guy and you. The vast yeah he's been so welcoming the since day one we love a guy I mean he's great he's out of his mind but in a really good way he's a little credit Craig if it. I think she's like oh or what people write songs about yes it's a good day it's a good drinker easy I'm glad he's on our team on Salma set for sure for sure. So it and then I guess I can talk about. How I went over to K yes yes right I don't listen there's no filter here let's be honest and I think if anything went something like this happens. Changing radioed the biggest disservice to listeners as they don't know what's going on right and out and I've been on that side of it too I hate. Just things changing and nobody talks about it. Right well so I went over to campy yes and I hosted their mid day show for about three years as well and I am returning to the wolf for the midday show it starts today at 9 o'clock and I'm so excited to be back apart at the wolf pack. And I'm telling you this Entercom building I don't know if people know where we're at right now this place is still funny. Yes for radio geeks like us it's the shangri La it's all brand new to. And we have a new home too good take us into the next generations so now it's it's a great place to be. And and on the flip side too and I think everybody on the wolf has been. Really it's been really important for us to express how sad we are about came PS going away after 42 years and for all of you that are listening to us now because of that welcome. Your family here. And you know these decisions are always made so far above our heads of people that are on the radio. But I know that without champions there would be no wolf and everybody here knows that everybody respects that so. I think one of the hardest things for me yesterday is that's when I found out the news about everything I found out at the same time that everybody else found out. Hands usage of mixed bag of emotions for me of course is certainly weighs heavy on my heart's. I love all of the people like Kaye in PS family and he'll always be family to me. And so. Yeah you. This is the home for country music new country. In Seattle and so I hope that tag you guys or hang out with us and sticker out for the work day. Absolutely you know the only constant is change our person way smarter than me toll at one time and in I've come to expect it and I was in a position. Like everybody came PS Lester at the exact same time so I I totally get it and I understand it. And again some things are out of our control but we can. Embrace the good in the good is your coming back to the wolf the wolf is the home now in Seattle for country in new countries like you said. And it's a great place to be is going to be a lot of fun. When you mix it up yeah hope you're ready. I heard a strap I don't know get a day out of the as you know this. I know wing that's a little crazy but I heard he got a fun side to him that's what it's all about. Should you know I like to get silly in my cowboy boots yeah have I saw your face are great I know it's about us I agree it's. Joseph you're never as an error like tumors Deanna linger all I see the strength of planks doesn't concerns that a I do have a lot of cue boom the evening saying this is over documents and a lot of on we're so happy that you're here thinking in net thanks for having me now of course Deanna Lee back on in. It was about a half hour and she's going to be taken over the wolf. Yeah calloused as the progress. These guys got to bring donuts. I'm sorry but there is no house of cards. Without Kevin Spacey there is no house of cards. Without frank under load without the president you have a show about the White House the president will now go to president as your member of the last season ended mrs. Underwood who basically taken over I actually didn't see still yeah for that's the announcement Netflix is moving forward with house of cards without Kevin Spacey are like families and final season they said they were gonna cancel it. I had to have lost track like three or four joke. He had a lot of catching up today. But again I think there's something about satirizing this saturating a franchise like ten. The streets there's no Sugar Land without Jennifer Nettles. There's no Brooks and Dunn without Ronnie Dunn. There's no Led Zeppelin without Jon bon you know what I'm saying actually there is his son Jason Bonham played in unison employ their message out. Don't make a very poetic point here joked they're ending any animals died the last season and united I don't know for me an idea I got to catch up with housing cars but I don't feel like it's gonna do many favors carry out without cameras that he was that you can't just indicated he was so good though come on now. The palace raid and these here and. Though wolf it's the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister producer Joseph saying goodbye. We're so lucky jokes not only to be working here at the wolf. But the sun is shining it's now Monday in the beautiful and talented Deanna Lee is coming here instead of a major. That's how awesome is that that is an upgrade you got a country radio legend coming in I'm so excited to welcome Deanna Lee make sure you're listening from nine time and even nineties on all days to negated through your work day for sure they can get a quick shout out. Sherman is gonna say it's up to my brother Jason is listening on the wolf sat down in Southern California trying to navigate these crazy wild fires if you haven't heard about that I think is 26000. Acres or something popped up overnight but it knocked out power from like long may stick to Santa Barbara base yet that's huge so that's a big problem wish all of those folks the best trying to figure that announcement senior brother. I think we're done we'll be back tomorrow morning at 5 AM of course just a little reminder only eight days to hometown holiday digital age right thank you. Seattle wolf dot com get him today. Yeah our. Marty I don't.