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Tuesday, February 13th

Tuesday February 13th, 2018


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Hello welcome back to the podcast for Tuesday February 13 and get a little reminder alarmed. And man moon. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day if you care what actually touch on that and amid it turns out most people don't write and I think especially since it's in the middle of the week on Wednesday. Most people ain't doing nothing he dances and you know that I think is Iraq it personally though on our and how you feel about it that's important thing is is that your wife agrees with you and if all right matter exactly in my wife expects a little some some -- getting a little some some Lyle is right now I have a letter like that like we're not China guys' dinner like -- no no roses are mountains or China and Iran met eyes and now a little more on that and a couple of minutes here but it's a few things first of all looking for today slow Joan I'll be hitting the road so if you wanna follow along on Seattle FaceBook page read or first donut dropped for the mug club in a while an experiment. We're headed up to Lynnwood that we're going to. Hold on me than have it here he area an area they really go visit Yemen brandy Lindsay in Britain the ads are reaction physical therapy in Lynnwood thank you for joining a mug club and visual here in the show to come. And there's actually in new pledge that everybody must forego in order to become a member of the mug clubs the MCP. What's that. The mug pledged well of course MCK tell us why the heck not affected your mugs to us 805 avenue suite 14100 Seattle Washington 98104. Quickie email them at a Seattle fact common again if you listen to the podcasts of any feedback send an email. Tracy just say thinking a view. He matter remembered today was your child support hearing ought to let you know I was thinking about you and I hope it turned out in your favor. Hugs Tracy Jack effort out about that Tia oh I didn't I don't know that all day yesterday and yesterday there was a tentative ruling is they put it today is the final so I'm still kind of in the middle of it and I would just tell you right now. I. It's not the worst and it's not the best I can only way I can describe it in media acted in there and I gonna get into detail about Iraq. But not everything the and am now I'm kind of head maybe tomorrow. Alphabet are talking about it because it'll be in the book read okay but it didn't goals like. Our way with some things other things not so bad. It's not total ruin could've been worse and worse yet that's what onlookers and second line I do I am curious I would like an update tomorrow tomorrow and remind me to do that dares you think you can email appreciate your concern that was very sweet. And if you want to win your messing around Seattle wolf IRS social media go to our Twitter and it's Graham take a poll today are you expecting a Valentine's gift tomorrow. So far is overwhelmingly into the no category does actually kind of surprising. Yeah I think so too with a lot of single people I think too that have no chance of getting any kind of a Valentine yes they have a seeker Meyer. I guess this is unlikely in this day and age are like quick country news some things we didn't talk about on the showed today which are gonna hear a couple of minutes. I thought this was really cool of Luke comes to do he posted a picture on his ins to Graham. It's him sitting in the front row of a very small venue you look at entering Gaza and so it's him I sitting in the front row it's a very small Benny Benny you can tell the bar. And he's a fan and he's at Eric church's concert in their church a single like a hundred people this was in February. I think it was February 14 2014. And Luke Combs says this was the moment I realized I wanted to be a country singer. Thank you for the inspiration Az-Zahir them he's got to look at his job on the floor yeah I mean he is a super fan are correct me if I'm wrong that comes is from North Carolina our guest is Eric church also from Allah has yet so I'm thinking that Eric church was still pretty big in 2014 yet there are thinking that Luke. Probably a member of the York church fan club got some super fan front row tickets for an intimate before this vessel only four years ago and decode is huge. The fun and then it. Others I touch your make it not about me and I'm. Is going on way of you know here it only takes one song but yes in four years onto from a fan. Two. You know somebody with a number one at all outlining how to artists it's great and you know Kelsey Valerie he's in the same category we're going to be talking current Friday but it was only a couple of years ago issues begging for autographs from Keith Urban and Brad sitting outside of the CMA is opening get in merit Morse the same way yeah. So it's cool when you've been in the game a little bit you can see these people go from fans. And and Kelsey Valerie B we'll tell you she was a super fan of all things country. To actual superstar it's funny how i.s for some of them it happens like that boom he's like get getting its. Yeah out is a back to Valentine's savings for second and it was kind of a played topic I almost think it's pretty boring but 54% America people sit and I can be doing anything. A limit the very phrase they're not going out to celebrate tomorrow Iraq and disclosure or use semi an article last night from I believe it was a chef at a restaurant jazz like big accurate or sitting at a big big city shaft I can pull it up not that it really matters but the point of it was even he said don't go out on Valentine's Day it's overpriced and over crowded so good everybody jacked some prices on everything else everything on balance has this summer or expensive than the day before the day after. Yup unnecessary and so like I said but the one that I found today that I thought was really interest to mortgage are seeing then. The girl and organ with worms that are eyeballs go and you'll hear about that on the show coming up in a few minutes here but the twenty social etiquette rules we should all be following you can have a big fan of etiquette because I think it's something that's gone by the wayside in this. DNA I don't know why your chest. I mean I think you violates Internet account I got a card down and it's going to go to goal line can do me. Well now I'm curious. I wouldn't do that to you because remember can't laugh and mock me and then not tell me why every you'll resume yet how we just like rip far its legacy though that I am sure that's on the attic you know lists that I like in their by myself man comes die until we get a co host I can -- you have a I don't think it's gonna stop me because equally as good stuff you can minimize studio it is same thing or there you're. The Scion. IShares. Breach Chrysler got an idea I'm sure it is clear and analysts and I in my lifetime I'm pretty bad and I category. But I think social etiquette is more to the point we around people you don't grab America are an entire per minute error or and I and I resent the fact that you think when we get a female co host on this show that I'm a fart on here there's no way to undergo targeting other sixteen years nook assisted their way viewing your first. Well I definitely toned it down okay very that's fair are right so classic classic things people used to do which I think it's so great always say please and thank you hold the door for people try hard to be on time can't stand tardiness my wife has late everywhere drives is desecrate this then. Send handwritten thank you notes we actually both got one today at thank god thank god. This mystery person is is yeah probably going to be helping us with that sometimes and and thank god that my wife is all about that because I'm the worst that I can't yet it's a great thing if you can remember to do I know Peyton Manning is one of the best in people. Post on Twitter to get these handwritten notes that he sits down he takes an hour of every day and writes notes to really yet pretty unbelievable bring food people like when. A neighbor or somebody passes away or they're new to the neighborhood you could conclude this man onto a hard time nerd and after my neighbor did that for us when we had Jude and brought over handmade. Lasagna and he made from scratch there. And it turns out this guy is also a songwriter in Nashville series come we have some doctor friends but. Dude vessels on I ever had in blessing on news caught dead baby your tragedy and act as starter and that phone etiquette. Step away and answer a phone call look at somebody and talking to unite your phone. Mute your ringtone when your movie or anywhere else it might annoy people in return phone calls as soon as possible. You know I had a little bit of this that caller boss yesterday net. And I had never called him before I always text written so I didn't know when it came that moment to leave a voicemail if it would be construed is rooted. If I just he saw that I called but I didn't leave yeah that's the thing see my wife and I can do that you and I can do that but we don't have a phone etiquette relationship he had so I left him a long gas bag he voicemail. And he calls it back Victor. 45 seconds really I didn't listen to voices and I don't call people back I'm like OK well I didn't know I had since you are a power. A position of power above me that I'm gonna go the extra mile on the view a dumb voicemail Iraq OK it's me just in case you didn't see on the phone that I. It's stupid okay when you're on public where decent close enough to jam a bottoms I will say I went to my chiropractic appointment lasts at 5 o'clock in my slippers that I could careless that I where I want the guardian in sweats and slippers on the and I don't swear especially around kids violence. Always usually turn signal ID data weaker people to get out of an elevator before you get in. Yes that's that really annoys me especially nowadays that we work in a place that we take the elevator at least a few times today announced eleven replace or take you know today I've noticed how many people don't need athletes turning barge in on it and I think you just gotta make sure for me it's more about being in gentlemen for women and so there's a woman in the elevator or woman is he gonna walk through a threshold. I always let her go first in my forget if it's such an eighty yet. I feel route and do I pretty respect myself into the back corner of the elevator and I I get out do their thing for use that which kind of leaves me in the next one which I think is is the most egregious violation of social etiquette is at the dinner table or at a table where there is food. All right and if it's one of those things like a dinner Indy you're you're you're. You're not trying to impress which don't wanna be the slot at the table aren't you wait until everybody has their food before you start eating again my dad always taught me never be the first one. He got to wait for everybody it's kids that. Especially one like you've never won a late jump in your food like a vehicle cave man everybody has their food and and like Flickr and somebody's going for a good majority. Had good table manners that you NAFTA on your lap and for God's sakes. In the name of all that is holy saint Peter and Joseph and Jude in all the apostles of the fourteenth credence. Chew with your mouth closed and the guy you with your mouth closed how hard is it to chew with your mouth clothes I feel like dad as the first. And most frequent lesson we learn as children Mecca as it is a twelve year old son only dude. Don't talk when he asks for your mouth he almost sorts talking when he puts food is again it's kind of weird thing because he gets hammered and it's such an early age and so consistently over the years it's weird that people struggle. It's the worst end there's adult I mean kids that's one thing you're teaching them and that's fine Brett. That aids is another thing to an adults. We know are you that I know a lot of we have to Oregon and I guy you're talking about creating you know our overall vantage ruin the lives so we don't we. I mean look there are pointing fingers and are good loans just. It was so bad visited this person's wife once came to me it was like what am I supposed to do yet like were raising children and he gives us the biggest slob ever. And I don't want. Our children to be that way but I can't get through him can you talk to him like no I'm not gonna talk to him about Mike co worker Garnett. Food edit the notes disgusting. To us things very you know our people so unaware that's what I wanna know in this day and age how are you so unaware that. Licking your fingers at a dinner table or at a business meeting is inappropriate or taken a bag of chips and don't put it over your head in your mouth a at a work meeting or an event. I am no I there I just I've. I'm telling you read some pretzels at a business meeting in this happen and some salt gets on the table you lick your hand so becomes sticky you know wipe that table he did assault on your hand and you lick your hand how do you not know that that's not OK listen I I just I think some people. Did they'd lived most of their lives in a certain part of their brain. And that's like can be a really good thing in a lot of ways and a bad thing and others and I think in you know the bad part of being like a super creative left brained type person sometimes disease like social etiquette since pretty basic stuff to skits like left on this yeah on the cutting room floor I am sure when Einstein was a giant slaughter an earlier people dollar Bill Gates probably probably. But yeah I would think if you could just get to the point where you didn't shoot your mouth over talk when your mouth full acts if they accomplished I'm related to somebody who does this and I swear to you that she waits until there is food in her mouth before she starts talking again so. Constantly when you're eating a meal. When she's talking her mouth was full food that's growth it's disgusting. Net sorry I don't mean to click the dog but it's like that grosses and being an oral netbook. Certainly nobody listening as any of that news and and etiquette following I in there X yeah I dropped in and out of a lick it off the floor FF a martian night and Twain tickets at 710 and then the usual 01 last thing I'm glad I didn't forget we're listening to the show are about to turn you over the show. You're gonna hear. Almost nobody on the air in a Rihanna is our phones have been broken for two days yesterday we didn't fully comprehend. That for some reason when we solicit phone calls and we see him morning wolfpack call now. The lines are always busy even on our side of things nobody is on the phone. I started calling me at the request line today Craig telling me it's not a morning I was born in everything phone call that episode called Joseph and even answered yet. Her morning well prior cooperate if the problem's been that way and make it right now and hit. I'm thinking about you did you Bob that's not the topic is anyway the point is if you haven't you'll get through. Sorry in using the show that sounds like we're lane because there's no phone calls it's because the phone lines are broken and we're not blame dad. It's it's being worked on by people's fires so above our pager that's a technical issue Matt Greene we love. For some reason you're listening that's our engineers aren't OK we'll see tomorrow blood. It's. He wants well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. All morning wolf pac man McAllister here on a Tuesday February 13. Slow Joseph is here is welcome everybody good morning find showed today we'll get this real talk here in about fifteen minutes. I'm gonna cover adult thing today also the morning wolf thank you first hole of the day at 515. This where somebody new into the mud club pretty excited about that and not fake news and talk about worms and eyeballs. Steve the streets and nine point everybody's excited about that. Plus fun things going on today and by the way we do you have confirmed that yesterday. When we asked for a leadoff college sojo there was something wrong with the phones really a bunch of people that reached out and hey I tried to call. You're not losers littering and already seeing it in pick. I love the fact that the morning wolf thank editor had a assures your yacht. You're not a loser fest that loses some low about here you bra and I and we felt like yesterday Phillip you guys that turn the lights off on us but. Let's I am beginning yes I can see the phones are artery which is a good sign this morning earlier for our leadoff gonna get some base right now at 206421. Wall. And good morning Lee from Puyallup you're going to be early off collar this morning how are you league. Fantastic and I appreciate you ask him but it's not about me right now so thank you for taking time to call in death so just as you are you wait two or again is this true. I'm pretty. All right what's cracking an organ. I'm work and I mean I in my area. Territory rip current. Electrons they're you know why my hair is pretty much Indian border UT western ignored hope you have a company hardly. I'd yeah well. No and yet in the paper every day and insurance I just. The right to Carnegie I think about a month it got beat at. Okay hired a lot of miles on that test trusty steed of yours live with like mis heard get a car payment agreement yet at 500 bucks a month. Our behalf held a worse drive that sucker in the ground only what are you what he wrote in there got a Kia Hyundai would be doing. It. I don't know I know yes I'm impressed that whole slew of awful scared of myself frankly I thought off. While Leah you married single what's your status there. Ain't the tank and yet there doesn't kids. I'm unit and you. Two did a (%expletive) in it boy girl. Was deployed in an accident when victory. We just moved here actually formally open so I thought we were in and don't know why. South. What part of the California. Long Beach. LIC and gave me a defense and he figured out yet that you don't call it the five you call it I five or interstate five nobody calls it five here. Any or it it it. I don't know why they had. Yet been Abydos appeared to visiting northwestern doesn't is not like that. Yeah it'll it'll likely extent and I would want to write I don't know why in socal everybody puts it in front of every freeway and the consistently it is. And that's not a good look at locals can spot a socal guy miles away by that it's kind of our view of hell for you. Still I lethal Coakley cubs reign of fire questions here. What's your favorite thing to do here so far what would have you really been impressed with the you know order it's so gorgeous it's so gorgeous here and that's a guy from Southern California talking what are you addicted to Lee anything. You know I will look good on all will be executed an anomaly really it. Not very much going on here and Israel. I don't think you can complain the last seven days have been spectacular. Oh my goodness the weekend was was it was amazing. What I would really like the Haley who's the biggest celebrity you've ever met coolest celebrity. I'd never really noticed celebrity honestly I'm not a huge crowd Bert Ito. I am I'll go to a concert as well but it can meet people. Oh I get so your little more introverted and let me ask you a question what's the last TV show you being watched you probably do that a little bit. Yeah it you know white what a lot of like. Into Internet. Yeah oh yeah bull. You know hanging looking you don't get killed in the panel there though. Lynwood a little strikes me about you you seem like an amazing upstanding father and husband and all of that. You know some old enough to have kids that are in their twenty's. They're promoting what occurred there. Okay are I guess I guess you vote bonus children's I refer to mind as well yeah. And rightly so who's your favorite country artist and can we play a song for the show started next. I'm ignorant and okay. We need to occur if you're at it. Well yet that he does I think he's got about point number one so we'll we'll take a table we'll take pull off the the Blake Shelton catalog for you Lee coming up next okay. Yeah it edit it in drive safe because an organ they have though cattle worms in people's eyeballs voice coming out of another big news. I'm I'm not even being like kidding around this is a woman and organs first human being in the world's do you have cattle eyeball worms. While yet to stay away from the countdown. Or I allow everybody to miss here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf here's what I know right now it's have a little real talk Kelly. When do you feel like a real adults. Slow just been doing a lot of adult thing lately newly married for nearly taken on this life cannot not get the city Yang you know last week with pretty brutal. Yesterday wasn't much better we had to go get it joint checking account is at the first time yes. For now here your commingling all your money called we're going on we both have to separate checking accounts to be already going to get a joint one which. I had no idea that would take like an hour and a half to view considering you both have accounts that the bank card chase a white as keeping your separate accounts the side purchases in the one I guess he had little independence I think so I don't really know Arizona's organize your paycheck going into the joint part of it is. Who are committed leftist it that way she can transfer money. Since that joint one animals like Taylor are to get our. Bills through that one do you feel like a grown up now you have your mere reading you have a joint checking account with your wife yeah a little bit just kind of happening like I'm dislike come along for the ride a issue in control she's pretty much hear all of so that's not a bad thing I'm I'm finally death but it takes forever and so is it. Yes adultery does take time what do you have to have patience and help so is part of her paycheck going in as well or Yang Yang every nor does care I am really curious about other couples and how they handle money yes so I think we both like have enough for rent funneled into that account agreement that in now way at 3 PM like direct deposit going in there. And a hey. He's director of all of the great thing in auto pay if you got bills you don't like to pay yet so great you don't have to see the money going out even though it's gone now you don't wanna be a part of a little bit in the savings Everyman kind of forget about it against Israel causing a lot of bills and had morning OPEC was last time you felt like a real adult like what you do when you feel like a real adult time to check in with us to a 6421 wolf as the number or you can send us a quick text he knows how to do it for 6150. Just put your name on. Slow Joseph did some adult thing yesterday opened up a joint. Checking account with his new wife button and and I don't care how old you are how many times you've been around. There are moments when you feel like an adult I think he feels like a grown up as a parent it happens all the time effect and I'm responsible for really competing. And the same I think and most of the time I feel like your kids don't like affect your teenager let Nevada today you're still that same little person inside but you're. Have these adult responsibility ask some morning wolf thank that's a question to you right now when do you feel like an adult solider had a moment yesterday the bank. I get it every time and in again since my wife prior apart right now for the most part you know I'm doing everything it so when I vacuum. And I listen to jazz music Harris yeah you know I love music a little loud music there you know like to get after it but. There are times now I feel like I just need to relax head. And I'll put on this jazz station. And I'll just like kind of digging around the house you know background music kind of relaxes me I can dig at her and it reminds me of my dad and I used to drive from. Ohio down to Florida. For spring breaks in college and we would read drive his car he would drive I was gonna say that had to be a dead connection there yet and he was disputed as a classical music the whole time and never was allowed accessories you know whatever he thinks it's extraneous issues very strict. And I would beat two days in the car listening to that music today dads are very sophisticated adult I think he's private and adults as he was eleven years old I think that's right that I like campus of listened to music like that it feels like an adult at camp again at 206141. Wolf is the telephone number you can also Texas for six. One finds here is John from Everett has a feeling and it all every time he alarm goes off at 5 AM an aerial work through suicidal at first time I felt like an adult let my parents' phone plan after the military started paying my own phone bill. If that's Casey from Tacoma. Heather says newly remarried never had it on technicality whenever now I'd do but I'm 44. Hello well you're never too old to feel like an adult now. And Brad says sign a mortgage and bought a house last July that was a very real adult moment I imagine who listen so learn how to reach. So that's the question do you morning wolfpack win do you feel like an adult to a 6421. Wolf. Good morning Daryn landing grant when he's elected adults. They got the quite. Often I totally get that youth. Do you think the wealth is closed last night the point you made their land. Where my dentist that they are playing. I've been here for awhile I'm going to begin a teeth clean and I just made my dental appointment recently as well let's. It's very adult thing to do is to volunteer to be teeth scraped. I know it feel good I have and I parent it would hurt my mom do it Darrell and I can totally relate thanks for checking in been part of a morning wolf back. Thank you thank you have a wonderful day to a 642 on wolf there's a number but the last time you felt like a real results. Slowed as we go through a lot of adult thing moments. Yeah when you're married to the start hanging out that a married couple these are talking about. He not I've been told you this yet slowed Joseph. But that the little baby clothes that June grows out of Vanessa keeps giving me to give to you and I don't. Can I feel like I'm giving you a bunch of unneeded pressure to have a child did you know doesn't understand and she'll put like baby shoes in my backpack to go to work I think. Yes it did I keep give. June oh. Baby clothes at just. They have no place to put it well first ever thought we have no room for a second volume in wherever she already brought over like a case full of on like six months ago I remember it was a couple of full Tupperware. If not Tupperware is that huge plastic ends of this. Maybe it's just ask you on a rainy we haven't talked about it. But that's not a good thing right. Well I'm hit I'm refusing I'm not bringing baby clothes to give to you and Sophie guys just got married I honestly they and I literally have nowhere to put them so I appreciate them. Okay text messages for 6150 last time he felt like a real adult this is Matt from JB LM thank you servicemen. Had a school my little brother in law fifteen years old for behavior that would have got me back handed and mouth. For talking with a disrespect disobedience you responded with yes sir. Some keep let me say that to. I've noticed that something we've guys' Collins so would you say sir to meet. Don't ever did him no don't do. And just have radio or computer. Marissa says anytime I have to buy the essentials like toilet paper. Yeah I always like an adult wanna look at Costco I had every time maybe that's why I like Tuscaloosa must feel like yeah I feel response I go right to the TV's I stayed there. Yeah you know you can have their arms you know I can distract you though ago. Another text came in here I am 26 have a three year old Ennis. And it's staying. Well I think. In a weapon am a proud union ironworker who gets out of the house quest for him every day to work in Seattle to me that's a building a wouldn't change a thing thanks for your time. From this gag about Lee and finally when I go grocery shopping lots of ways to adults fight coming up next morning wolf back. In less than ten minutes of their probe a little deeper and see how many of you are acknowledging Valentine's Day this year. Yes it's our moral thank you since pulled today coming and so. Needed a leader it's been well for a handful of peanuts but doesn't help until than a dollar all here's Matt McAllister. You 100 point seven though wolf. Matt McCallister on Wednesday. Tuesday excuse me my head was right into Valentine's Day met an until tomorrow. Who gave his players down by the way and let's gave dead Natalie is right into our morning wolf thank useless poll of today are you expecting a gift on Valentine's. Day. He got a couple options there on our history and stories Seattle social threatening by the way. I yes or no and into it this couple others like he had yes but he's gonna forget or yes or no slowed to his wife don't celebrate Valentine's Day and I read something this morning said that the majority of married couples aren't doing anything. It doesn't help that it's a Wednesday night drag. But that's not the point. Are you expecting something a little card may be some flowers a little truck collapsed you don't saying yeah I'll be like a car like a little handwritten note that's about it it's important to some others completely write her off I think along even married the more apt you are probably to not pay much attention. But daddy is our morning wolfpack used the hole of the day go to Seattle wolf mr. Graham and Twitter to vote. Do know is difficult to to a 6421 wolf by the way do results from yesterday overwhelmingly. Maybe the most lopsided useless. All of the day we've ever done. For the fact that these 92 were 93% of us would finish out our fancy phones from a toilet if we dropped a heck he had it wasn't even close I mean. It's like lifer death that is most of the toilet I'm gonna admit it but we did establish there's a big difference between a toilet any Porta potty. Differ in conversation altogether battered eastern voter are useless poll of the day. This is a morning wolf packs with NASCAR sex 100 points off the walls now on the episode of the club and we got a package here from reaction physical therapy in Lynnwood. And what a nice note to spank you for your continued work and love of country music. You all make our days in commutes more enjoyable please enjoy the bug in the coffee happy valentines. From all of us had reaction physical therapy that's Evan and Randi. Lindsay and Britney. On the them before these children we are. Reaction that they're pretty Tokyo at Grady how are you today. I'm Harry been better I'm calling because. I took a wrong turn I was walking in downtown and I got hit by a bus. Hi I'm beat up pretty good. Everything hurts. It doesn't want it to get bruised my trachea got a guaranteed smashed up clavicle. I don't know what's happening is my femur. But it's all jacked up so I just calling to find out anything you can do for me it is reaction physical therapy in Lynnwood church. Where we just start on the stimulus through the TV. Well I would hate to head targeted at their best back. Hadn't talked to you I'm not sure what he would do you. First. Met fellow house dinner you look at again. I'm pretty bad right now I mean this probably cities you couldn't. Prejean did mean there and I don't have any transfer to zappa walked areas can be extremely painful to continue couple days. Hey yeah. And ready to ask you know the question. Sure do you work with Evan Lindsay and Britney also. Yeah you guys those into the wolf at all. Because I just figured out who's on the other end of the phone here. Hybrid is Matt McAllister going yeah hi how are you. Know and also. That's Tuesday to get them to write a few days just to hear. It. Dominant and well thank you for listening to the morning wolfpack can thank all of you for not only do wonderful handwritten note but she sent to coffee mind. We're gonna try something new today as we figure you know we've been letting everybody into the mug club pretty much Willy Nilly and we thought we should have some kind of a pledge you're an oath to take funeral saying. He's going to be very first one who's ever gonna be officially sworn into the mug club. I think it's okay are you ready to be sworn in yet they're repeat after me eyes featured game. I can do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf back. Pledge by the fact and as a proud member of the mug club. And it. I pledged to crank up the wolf every morning. Click click below every morning congratulations for any minute power vested media I'd go to the an official member of the morning wolf pack mud club or failure and I am enjoying my morning coffee out of your mug right now and take a mug shots sprinkle on all of our social media and major good you know as a reaction physical therapy is the place to go when you get hit by a bus that's right. That's a slogan let's detectives and other Slater to their awesome all right coming up. By now you've heard of these seventy year old snowboarder ray Girard who won gold at the Olympics but coming opening minutes ago negatively why he almost missed his event. All together in South Korea. Dallas radio and these here and 100 points. So long morning wolf pack we got to know what have you slept through. What really important events. Did you sleep through you totally missed. The reason we're talking about a little back story on nets seventeen year old kid that won Olympic gold the snowboarder at the Olympics and red Gerard. Why don't I feel like this kid's gonna be alleged guys in the name alone and read your iron right selling right out of a movie that's so that teenager before he won gold at the Olympics and dropped the NF bomb heard around the world. He overslept. Because he was up into watching Brooklyn 99 the night before the Olympics. I guess he ignored his alarm he did set one he was supposed to be up at 6 AM but his teammate Kyle Mack had to literally drag him out of bed. For the Olympics. And many realize Steve lost his jacket so we actually borrowed his teammates Jackie for the competition was in wearing his own clothes kid has to be acres of this. Plays this I mean listen he's an Olympic gold medalist he's still a seventeen year old Kendall Wright. And by the way he is the youngest American man to win Olympic gold in ninety years. He said yes these after recent you know I I just didn't really think I knew with the Olympics since. I kinda group watching the detour in the X games I never really realized how big the Olympics were. It really. Fight away with a group of seventy people out to support the two games he says his friend friends and family started celebrations early by shotgun and peers at 830 A like. Are at a morning book bag it's your turn what major life event what big moment did you miss because you've slept through it 206421. Wall protects 46150. Right now. What have you slept through its kind of insane thing. That of ray Girard didn't have an aware teammate he would slip through the Olympics and missed his chance to get a gold medal at snowboarding it's. Slow Joseph. I feel like you probably have a decent story of sleeping there's something I he's your guy they can sleep till noon. I had it I've got a couple but I've got one it is one of the biggest mistakes in my life that I struggled to forgive myself for even to this day. When I was about forty years old one of my best friends ask me beating godfathers daughter which of course like yeah absolutely you honorable again. So he's that there are Mexican family they're Catholic. The baptism as a huge part of that you have to be there is a god parent for the baptism. Well I was forty years old I just I didn't have like a calendar I just completely forgot I got it's wrong I slept through it. And his wife oh my god she wanted to murder me I woke up to just all of these messages and stuff like that. I and as he's forgiven me he says he has forever but I am I really struggled to forgive myself for that one of the huge. Well my license. Yeah I don't think she'd forgive you this day yeah I don't totally get that's a huge staying with a commonly Ali and luckily they got divorced otherwise he probably won't like pulling out there as well yeah luckily for you the good news for me out of our dad. I mean there's no worse feeling than sleeping through something that moment you wake up and you realize. Alone it's again that is the worst feeling. On earth I had a few that I've been doing morning radio for 23 years now. I've slipped through one show and I went into center right I think I woke up around five. Which means I'm going to be late I didn't miss it but I was late you know I've misery I know I don't I don't think so morning wolf thank your turn here we go what had used slept. Through what did you miss. Pick up the phone to give us a call to a 6421. Waltz it's been a little slow this morning I'll like that to end right now. It also sent us a text. 46150. Give horribly embarrassing story like slowed Jose you can you like lawyers up out on the radio you can send an anonymous text message about that. What import demand did you miss because you've slept through it. Talking about this because now seventeen year old red Girardi admitted that he slept through or ignored his 6 AM alarm. And almost missed his snowboarding event at the Olympics because he was up the night before binge watching it. Netflix I kinda hard to believe in judging Netflix I feel like you are there. Well. It certainly wouldn't be out of character now I mean their families jagr angrier as the data and the seventeen years old because I think it's. Human thinking at least have a good sense and clearly his performance indicate that he wasn't party to you can't go out and perform like that may be tempting you can't I don't know that I wouldn't I wouldn't be too shocked that math. The guy dropped an F bomb on international television against Nicole Lee Rhee learned some grave. Anyway that's or talking about these are moments that you almost mr. miss because she slept through them to a 6421 wolf. Or 46150. Everybody going hard the pain on a text messages this morning a Kimberly embody like says my brother almost. Missed his college graduation which all of our family flew drove to Montana for war because he partied to hard the night before. Luckily little sister to the rescue our ran half a mile and a blizzard in my pajamas. To aroused about the given the graduation. You know that's got to happen all the time with big events that involve a lot of socializing dance the night before out there I'm thinking bachelor parties. Weddings and yeah you know that's kind of a bad I am sure. Kate from Tacoma. It was my senior year high school and I slept through taking the SE tees they had testing on Saturdays and I forgot semi alarm slip through the whole thing. I don't think he got lucky there and it's easily as he sees you not take about another Islamist brutal acts for our endeavors of in anybody's life it's awful and you always too bad. I don't know you but I can't attest. Let's see Mercedes from Renton in attacks. The bad I was sleeping in his right next to the window my dad cracked in lit firecrackers off right next to me from the side of the window and I didn't even flinched. Jokes on him Baja. Hard sleeper you add that another text from a beloved member of our military rocket attacks in Afghanistan. That's in charge. Yet there's there's two questions here there's what continuously through it deep sleeper in what big event did you miss Diane Wood into the big events that you may have missed. Are coming up next ladies general jumped into. We'll tell you why you should avoid a guy in Bellevue with the word dirt bag on his license plate very important morning both sat with Matt McAllister has brought. This. Intel lost. Before we jump to beat the street for snipes going to get custody cannot fake news stories that sound fake but aren't. We're gonna start in northern California old nor cal where an 84 year old woman is accused of shooting a gun at no easy children. And inundated at noon and she's 84 he's got a great shot that he finds steady Francis Sanders. Was arrested on suspicion of shooting two words are neighbors children because they were being too noisy. She fired him again Friday in the direction of the kids who by the way ages between eight in ten. After complaining about noise from their motorcycles nobody was hurt thank god the newspaper says the children were about twenty feet away when Sanders allegedly pulled the trigger. Sanders could face charges including assault with a firearm in child endangerment. No bail set at 50000. Dollars I'm on the headaches whether it is that a perfect Graham on named Eddie Francis Eddie Francis who. They just don't name them like getting in the Eddie Francis. Cannot fake news story never choose local men with dirt bag vanity plate arrested after Bellevue road rage incidents. According to police the forty year old they'll be Manning got into a dispute with another driver in line at the beer car wash on Victoria boulevard. I knew it well actually on Sunday afternoon Sunday afternoon make it teaches Sunday chill on his third bag he had a stroke he says it's on his plate yeah. The CDC the driver of a Chevy Camaro was it set the driver headed from wasn't moving faster at the car wash so you know he went ahead and rear ended him. That's a logical thing to go ahead. Sounds sounds kill. Police say the driver who was hit got to self announcement taking pictures of the damage to his car that's when dirt bag punched him and I believe he also punched a police officer a little bit later down the road I thought some of apple again idea. Yeah I believe it was a firearm involved I try to shorten the garden variety that it cannot fake news it's all right and last but not least. Woman suffers from rare condition that causes her to wake up with a British accent. She lives in buckeye Arizona. My name's Michelle Meier she suffers from what they call for an accent syndrome it's a rare condition that causes the accidents she has never left the United States by the way. The first DeVon avenue or it was Irish then it was Australia and now it's British and to give you an example this is what she sounds like normally. Today Allen anchors. Don't want this week's start off with. Listening to stuff laughs all the problems last. A gives us a pretty normal right this is Michelle Meyers with foreign accent syndrome a here's what happen yesterday. And problems with neglect. Cancer medicine and I try to talk and say to think my tongue but that was it right. When federation of course it's it's our recording it to that it found and it's not only downloads and on terror and accidents that. Weirdest thing are right I mean that this is gotta be fake that so now it's not. So they know that I fake news stories that sound fake but really aren't aren't coming up you know what's next beat the street first united way tickets if you wanna play to a 6421. Wolf this is. Morning welcome back with some accounts after 100 point seven. Flack hit the pavement and that could be history tour. Hello Melissa and JB a lamb how read today I don't know Ariel and fantastic great to hear your voice are you ready for beat the street at you. I'm always ready I got my questions I know what's up but listen before we meet the challenger whose slow Joseph found at the Markel shoot casino. Let's get to thirty seconds on the clock for five questions. Today on it and remember the big prize is Ashe night twins Tacoma dome on May third I know you wanna be there Melissa. What many don't even now I'm. Eric I know your at JB LM are you a military wife or you enlisted man I. Why not just a wise there's a big role that comes with being the support system for our soldiers and we appreciate you listen. Or be killed absolutely it's a family affair. Yes that's well I must get into game mode here question number 130 seconds on the clock listen a year ago. Okay who started is jango in the movie jango unchanged. Oh my aunt and I don't think any more but I don't think that's. Which former president was assassinated in a theater. Abraham Lincoln Al Bundy is Stanley were characters on what TV show so. What what was former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is nicknames. I've got it and I don't know I don't count. What was I thinking in drunk on a plane hits by what country star act out. All right time is up. Melissa let's see how you did when we ask the same five questions to the challenger who against those who found the multitude casino Virgo cluster where your program where either. My name's Steve from Auburn I worked at a bar okay Stephen Auburn works in a bar you know everything he had you know what bartenders are Smart they hear a lot of stuff don't they. All right all right let's see how we stack up here against Steve for Marv Albert the bartender question number one her star is Jerry god the movie saying go insane I have no idea. Either that was a pretty interesting movie who lives by the way it was Jamie Foxx and Levys to Demi Moore. Yeah I get Jamie Cox who is Jing in jingle unchained OK so no blood nobody gets a point question number two. Which former president was assassinated in a theater. Abraham Lincoln. Well just that one right great job Melissa AIG got one apiece to get a nice look in time here let's go to question number three Al Bundy in his family were characters are what TV show offs. Oh crap. I'd. It was almost singing their permanent well he didn't get it right that you did not list a great job with the old they are married with children what an awesome awesome television show back in a day. So now you've got a 21 lead on Steve is looking really good is go to local question. What was former seahawk running back Marshawn Lynch his nickname. These not being oh he was right. Melissa you didn't come over that was an EM Marshawn Lynch beast mode so now it's realistic attitude to tie heading into the last question which is always about country music so. Melissa I got to figure it benefits you. Here it is. What was I thinking and drunk on a plane our heads violent country stuff. Happen. Acceded you know which you did Dirks Bentley. That means you have finished three of viable stable yet to notify you when beat the street you are going to see night is weighing in today. Bayliss you. You gotta dig a girlfriend you know bring you're going to be I have taken girlfriend he did don't think I've failed us girlfriend act feel the same thing Melissa congratulations thanks to a good morning wolf thanks we love you yeah yeah. Family for the service they keep them active. I coming up you love or hate it when you can't it's affecting like it. True adults coming opening minutes we're gonna share latest adult thing moments Hemmer going to be asking for yours as well. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. It's morning wolf pac man McAllister and we've I don't know right now woman's last time he felt like a real adult what do you do well the city had a feeling. Pretty grown afraid. And a slow judges got married so easygoing your all kinds of adult thing moments. Left that are ranked what did what you guys do yesterday yesterday we had to go to the bank to get a joint checking account which was just not something I ever thought I would have to do but apparently it makes things he hears the island and then -- filming but those trying to he had to take an hour and a half addict can't imagine lie but it did this is not just the tip of the iceberg lasting gonna go to like the DMV acreage for cars and all this and that. Says it's like real time full time adult thing do you have checks not that anybody writes checks anymore but did you get like checks we both your names on -- aren't mr. and mrs. you know just larger temporary Jack and I they were in order anybody is like is there any like any packed them I don't think we need him we've got to fear. Yes you know I don't care how old you are there still those moms at least for me when I catch myself and I feel like an adult. So morning wolf thank that's through one and over right now that's our real talk this morning. What do you do. Didn't you feel like an adult. What are you doing at that moment think of the phone to give us a call yet they were now 206421. Wolf we have little problem earlier but I believe it's 60. Get on the horn to a 6421 Wall Street considers a quick text 46150. When do you feel like an adult. I spoke too soon I sincerely apologize and there is something wrong with our phone lines I'd have been trying to call the request on myself there Reagan busy we're sorry about that too we cannot really connect with you guys over the phone at the moments are engineers get a fixed so. For right now for real talk when do you feel like an adult just send us attacks 46150. Again when do you feel like an adult a couple of text messages to begin the phones broken 461 side zero. Canisters ran away. What I'm nearly in my kids for the time to what it's for the time for them to put their shoes off. Thinkers and there's a guy that feel like an adult wanna sit down the maker Bershard shopping list for the week. And actually get excited over what's on sale in the ads and I think if I happen Helio I feel like an adult and going through. Linda when I don't do something I want to do or don't buy something no one apply because it's not in my budget it's a pleasure it. Girls get killed here that's serious adult thing staff. So just a share a little bit. When I feel like an adult in this is really weird that when I was in college my dad to pick me up in college in Ohio he's drive down to Florida together for spring break. And we would spend spring break together I didn't go party with my buddies or whatever. But the whole time you take about two days to drive down there. I would just never my dad was so strict I would never even think about touching the radio station that was his car now and I'm a guest in his car. And so we listen to classical music. For two days. And now I find myself when am I wanna kind of relax and tune out the world then a licences. Classical music or jazz music in my house is his background noise sometimes. And then I feel very hard to say like old learned what I've through grown up and when the kids gated in my car and they start messing with their in the. And enough. I drive my car you're getting your start putting on the pop station Yang ahead so what do you feel like an adult boarding wolfpack. 46150. Renee where you keep on the text hip right now because today. It works its way do you feel like an adult some real talk on the morning wolfpack. Slow jolt and a joint checking account with his new wife yesterday I love that it's. It's fun watching you grow up get a little sluggish job that you see in this of those Tony La. Hot this it's great. And again I don't know what's going on the phones to send the text for 6150. When you feel like an adult. There's some really funny ones to Matthew from Bremerton says in 2017 I got married him alive. And about nine months later we had our first child whatever go to Costco and get diapers for my daughter had that shocking adult moment. Until anyone my wife just wanted to anyone there's no going back now. Experience it again I would I would. Not been able to care for him editorializing it's a lot of responsibility for two anyway I don't know that you I applaud you in your life for taken that on I'd Jodie from snohomish says. When I get my tax refund a path for credit card only be able glued to be able to borrow more money to fix the house. Yeah it's funny when you get money you have credit card debt that will. You know I've paid them to put more money in the credit started doing just go get what I need again. That's an evidence for the poor people problem right I have those two they threw Cassie from Monroe. When it turned out happy hour invitations because they have to pick up my kids from school you know. Another Texan feel like a real adult wanna stop then down and pick up garbage is somebody else left and throw it away. And by the way the fact that you actually putting your text bend down. That is Syria I decide it's an adult thing I'm getting a little little is that we have to acknowledge that the emotion of bending over that they be made light and noise and did nothing. And other deck through my husband Bobby a vacuum cleaner and I couldn't have been more excited. Trust me if I got Vanessa I Dyson vacuum I would be the king of the world really deny haven to break all the time. Here's Chelsea when I wake up and I have to pay bills before I even get out of bed. And oppressive and it takes when I got divorced. Buying a house. Another one for about paying the bills. Although we did get a call earlier before the phones exploded. Whenever you make him they like it doctor's appointment or dental appointment dad which I just it's like I had a little of that. Santo somebody like I feel like an adult when searching in the fridge with some industries expired. And I know when asked if it's okay needed and second. Google through those different you know they expiration dates are way overrated only you can ride the pony and a way to ask that expiration days there's it would milk. And milk at China's growth for the experts and police in tech Willa I feel like an adult when I skipped my day off. Work just to take it both. 127 the C Jacqueline Puyallup says that they like an adult when I stopped when I shop accounts of that cinched it. And I wonder if that's why I love cost estimates and even if my thing my Twitter while I love costumes I just I feel. Like me and wrecking going there and comply everything in my family needs and I can provide content area that is and I love the group like the refrigerator is full of food and I look back it's like Tom Hanks the wind makes fire on the islands like I did it's. Every time I get excited going to cost you overuse like being on a string Arizona desert island making fire well he did that's a stretch I say good feeling and Tom Hanks had in castaway when he made fire yeah that's in my field and provide from a seemingly every single time a lock at a Costco or Safeway or whatever it is ladies they look. I'm proud. Yeah and that's weird I'm waiting for that the rubble but it hasn't yet and I feel like a loser and it accounts get this over there want that I can't afford what you're looking in the wrong side there's a food side and then there's the stuff you don't need sad and quick thinking hero of their likely candidate yeah golf clubs and motorcycles and 400 dollar coolers says clear I'm all they really get it vegetables and meats and you know that that's the difference that you and I guess though. I think a guy Q when it comes to adult yet until I guess you don't know about wade again. What I'm paying the trash bill instead of dumping it at the food quicker. All things you know I kept buying toilet paper's sources stealing it from jacking of another sign. Are coming up next if you haven't heard yet. Scientists now raging over the new debate which is in the listened to a minister read today about this. In this might actually cost you your job or saving any minister retired US scientists are battling about whether that's acceptable to use a mode geez why you're at work yup that's coming up. You 100 points. Wolf and here's the question do you use them though geez we knew are at work we're corresponding with workflow. And by the way there's a 150 new icons coming for 2018. They're gonna include the ginger the white hair and the curly hair. By the way slow just I asked you how many emote geez do we currently have that we can use what how many would you guess. It's like. For better. 2666. Hours those are how many millions we have at our disposal on the phone right now that's away more than I thought it seems excessive gas and I'm so impressed by people. And I know you can when you type the word it'll pop up steam OG sometimes but. I love them which you speak and maybe doesn't maybe demand this person I don't know but I I really enjoy if I can have a whole conversation using only MOD's I would prefer that you can make you an idea it's an yeah we did I just think it's clever. Kind of mania I'm more of a creative that way but I enjoy that game I think we're reverting back to a higher class. And if you're you're right ahead. But in a lot of ways to you know texting you can't read sarcasm and you can't read. A motion in attacks so sometimes it that you can miss communicate pretty easily but if you put automotive content there brag that you like him just getting it clarified the right but it's a whole other issue when you're at work. And and now scientists have begun debating whether or not. Using the mode he's at work is appropriate and meaningful. Now those appeared German scientists Lovett detest scientists. Are dedicating their time to doing with each other lawless world problem very important topic there's a pair of German scientists who say hey museum mode he's a work can actually be really good things. Face it a little cartoonish characters are an easy way to add texture and extra layers of meaning to workplace communication. However not so fast. There's another side of it with us scientist from Israel and Amsterdam. Saying that they're using a smile and OG and conversation actually decreases perception of the colleagues competence. And it turns a level of distance and this relationship in other words using a mode he's in emails it works makes you seem. Don't again you know at you whether whether that whether it's an issue right now get used to it because it's only gonna become like that nor me I mean. A part of our vernacular now and part of language especially for younger people and it's only getting worse. Yeah I got there sooner everybody accepts that there. Yet now we think radios and maybe a little bit different standard nine or size very fair job but I use and constantly told the fastest I'd I hate when a jet type an email on this like people went and doesn't show but it's still there. The problem I've been doing a clinic. Why just inserted into our conversation Joseph in my face but based on to say I'm done that and stuff. All right Bieber totally screwed up and bought the wrong thing online coming up less than ten minutes you have to hear a guy mistakenly thought when he was trying to buy Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets next. So the morning. Oh I know. 147. So longtime morning we'll Baghdad beaver bought something online and turns out what you thought your mind just wasn't would you ended up ordering things it's so easy to do especially the age of Amazon prime. Where it's just take execs expect it's so convenient but it's really easy to get the wrong size or the wrong shirt or flat out not read the description of what you're doing that's clearly. Any reason we're talking about this is a guy on Twitter known name but he was trying to by some Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets. And you gonna buy and his prize for his girlfriend. But we couldn't find any show info online. He realized that he had bought some tickets. To a concert to see the red hot chili pipers. By the way this is the red hot chili pipers. Covering a beat she's. Wake me up. I think you've bottom in another country. Well international trip down by the way he ended up buying tickets to a bag play cover band. But criticism more than four million views on YouTube I might have to go see the red hot chili 5% as good as the Scottish glad I had would enjoy this combat but that's not the point that the point if you try to buy some red eye chili peppers tickets for his girlfriend and messed up. So that's the question do you ever. Screwed up it does happen and he recently. And embrace and it was a flight to Arizona I sent my wife the itinerary she responded. You humor you really realize your client at 2 AM the gas and we re talking about I think he bought a ticket for 2 AM fire announcement. I was regulating oh. You have a son and a header on this day yet ended up costing me a cup but it's it's really easy to do in today's age so. What have you mistakenly bought on line to a 6421 wolf. We can hit us up. Always easier especially today with the struggling with the phones a little bit some technical issues for 6150 and attacked Jerry got anything. Oh yeah I've bought them like that woody called a match for your car the flyers just chancellor met Deb awful side of them for my last car. Totally the wrong model car policy it was off eBay or returning them to play campaign I didn't even do it I'm so lazy about returning. Well I think they're lumping falling category to any of the paper shipping how well are you mistakenly by some who gets really heavy. Like I just reminded me of a like like it's an event was maybe 3040 bucks for shipping I needed every. Are right you guys know the number 206421 wolf what have you mistakenly bought online. I Lydia in Puyallup are you doing today. So we're talking about this guy that was trying to buy Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets ended up with a red hot chili piper is a bag pricing cover band instead what do you mistakenly bought on line. Well I think you are here. And so I I at Christmas items are Mikey. Says we make gingerbread house but again it's. Really I have to use T shirts that you can read people are evident today you know I'm why aren't you eat. I ordered or shirts. Yeah I coworkers got them there parochial. That's sports wide openers. That I'm not sure records in December. That I. Look so was that your bad or they're bad. I ask you. That I had back at its in my back. Experiencing legacy is so easy to do when you're ordering these you want to be so fast that you neglect some details from time to time. That's great Lydia thanks so much for sharing basically depart the morning wolf that. Protects from Katrina but fatalistic from a town for Christmas didn't realize it was a big time you know women's adult toy. Yeah ice. Are coming up next you gotta hear the mug club call we made a little bit earlier this morning. Happy that I calloused as the progress. These guys got a free doughnuts. 100 points. Every morning at 610 net we welcome somebody new into the mug club that is when we get a mud in the mail for murders that you work rural community this forest our address is 805 avenue suite 14100 Seattle Washington. 981 info on a boy. Got to put my pledge to give better human being used to memorize zip code of worry work it's. We got a budget boxes as we lose is great and again the mud club is about. Giving out local support to local businesses is really simple starting with a with a concept of me needing a cool mud turned into now a mug every single day. So this morning we did something a little bit different. We decided you know we've been let me everybody in the mud club pretty much without any kind of a ledger and hosting services at faith and so we changed all that this morning. Will be held our wonderful friends in Lynnwood. Reaction physical therapy and it was brandy that into the phone and we put us through the paces. Okay so are you ready to be sworn in yet no repeat after me I state your name. I pretty perk you hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf back. It pledged Miami tested according off stack and as a proud member of the mug club. And a proud and I quote I pledged to crank up the wolf every morning. Access to crank up the wolf everybody congratulates brandy but the power vested in me I don't be an official member of the morning wolf pack mug club right. That is the season official. So we're actually gonna go visit them today Evan Britney Lindsay and Britney this and a nice note a coffee mug really appreciate you guys listening to the morning wolf pack and to show our appreciation we will be there this morning after the show with a dozen doughnuts from our good friends and again reaction physical therapy in Lynnwood giving you love and you know what we like he needs love too if you listen to the show if you're. A big fan of the radio station just send us a coffee mug from wherever it is that you work again you can grab Anderson you don't remember it off the website Seattle wolf background. You're listening to the morning call. Alastair in. Our mine. The mail whenever I had. The results of our used to call of the day so far. Campbell cover yesterday as well it was pretty simple if you dropped your Stacy phoned into the toilet when you reach and grab it. Probably the most lopsided uses poll that they've never done. 92% of you say you're winning the question it's about actor and there. He's most of you're just assuming that your phone's gonna work after being in water OK a lot of them are waterproof now at least water resistant troop. OK so two days is really simple about the big day tomorrow Valentine's Day just guys by the way don't tax day is tomorrow. Are you expecting gifts on Valentine's Day you know Joseph and his life. Sophie decide I didn't even an inability for the elderly users don't acknowledge it's not a big deal photograph there anniversary or any thing kind of like death and I'm Vanessa are always very different always take a moment did express ourselves. Life is huge on the holidays so on and strange story so far is real simple are you expecting a gift on Valentine's Day as today's users told that it 85%. But you have said no. So far only 15% of your expect he gets tomorrow now I do think we have to factor in single people as well taking the whole Brett. Is that you are saying though you are not expecting again and again that pretty much. She's a pretty little that wealthy don't pay a new Rebecca Dana earlier in school. And you had a secret admire as a first of all everybody got something like everybody you don't mean a liar or being an elementary school you had like right about that everybody in your client everybody got man. And you get those little candy hearts everybody got on and you get a secret admirers must have relied too. He ads so early and never had any I think for every woman listening there is that chance that you might get some flowers at work tomorrow from the secret of my music if I need to either. I think need to bring it back I think a legal now. Click stocking. Really the gas we kinda stuff. It's a world gone crazy yet I'd so according to Twitter are you expecting a gift on Valentine's Day. Only 9% of the folks on Twitter said yes and 87%. Said no. And then there was another option on Twitter e.s you'll forget that was blocking at 4% at the moment. My say we gotta bring back romanticism. But every day brown not just on the fourteenth of February began it. But you gotta start somewhere men in a realistic picture of flowers a Safeway text into. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf we have not chance legitimate business and it is truly horrifying. In our backyard. As if we didn't have nothing to worry about. Now it's parasitic worms infecting. Human eye ball. Imagine having this translucent. Worm fourteen of them in fact in your IE. That's what happened to a 26 year old Oregon woman. The first known person worldwide to become infected with the parasitic worm species. Previously seen only in cattle. 28 year old forgo any and Abby back through. Had a full fourteen little worms from her left side. Thank you the creepiest thing about it is. You know why they get in there is because the feed on tears. Like that in the most sadistic acts messed up thing I've ever heard they feed on couch years and apparently human years. Like that is sick yet that is something out of a Stephen King bowling novels to become a movie soon after. Yeah and the thing that bothers me about that is that now people are gonna be freaked out around cows are farms are and which is the most. American thing in the world thanks to look out Iconia and boy. Well you know in it's also a good argument for you know. The greedy Wheaties are talking about you know well organic without. What's we're not talking about. No not pesticides when you inoculate cattle there is a reason we do that it's that or have. Worms going into their eyeballs which can be transfered over to you and your family. Tightly. Today. I sat with Matt McAllister. Product. It's no lol sorry wolf back Matt McAllister slow GO and Dili I am glad. To be handing things over here today I'll be honestly I'm frustrated. I feel disconnected from. The morning wolf back when I can't get their phone calls we will tackle issues all day long and whenever I don't know what it is but whenever we ask for phone calls you might. Have the same thing this morning on the wolf. But everybody calls it once it's busy. So if anybody has been frustrated yesterday and today trying to get through my sincerest apologies it's way above my pay grade I can't fix it. The idea just. But some buttons over there I did then it's put to eject button try to shoot myself out the window cracked. It didn't work at by the way yes I had to stop loss falling asleep last night oh I think he had only really hate this. You need to Herbert and if you keep playing this song match in slow Joseph I am get a force you to line dancing and I. How good can you lined incidences and move fast you can line dancing anyway Matt yes Mikey dance here so bad blind and he's no different on. Hopefully we get about eighteen drinks in me that I can really spank the I've seen ever worth well that's listed or it just didn't take much to smile. I have to say hey you wanna drink and I'm in and then your other countries where game I'll do whatever it. Game working. Working daily what do you gecko can hopefully doesn't involve a lot of phone calls what are you doing today but it was a don't you to be friends with your axe once you're in a new. Relations again. Injures. Lots. And if there are kids involved. How is that going in is it civil. Well I can speak from some experience I don't you have an accident and my wife has an accent so we got all kinds of blended family and axes and child support we get the whole gamut covered I would say yes you have to be used. Have to have a relationship with Iraq's if you have kids to Egypt to manage a producer she said friends. Oh let's difference there yet then can you tell you this and that. Another I had transparent I enough Anaheim. My life is I would say friendly with Iraq's we have a really good working relationship I'm friends within minutes all good. I am not friends of mine you know we'll have a bit. No the yet and that. And that's hard for me to get to a place like that but I'm and a place so I wish you were different. You can't reason with crazy right Joseph and I don't have children yet but if he was friends with the next are on a brilliant in mean it. And I that he can be determined and another kid that he would be but not me mom did and was saved in my relationship like a document excellence on my. Why hate it. Yeah I think that. Obviously women had different emotions in men and I can see I could probably tell you that maybe my wife to be disabling. Probably not as open to it as I would. See John would be OK with that he's Cooley school is view camera yet need. I'm emotional and there's no way on God's green planet you know going to be friends with your ads that are trying to look at forty years and he's feeling coming identity guys tomorrow morning 5 AM on the little value. Or. Are. Mornings from Clarksville.