The Morning Wolfpack - Tuesday February 6th, 2018

Tuesday, February 6th

Tuesday February 6th, 2018


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Hello again and welcome to our podcast today's Tuesday February 6 man McAllister here slow drove there morning analog to discuss today but what do we start with a really good emailed it is confirmation yes. In fact one person listens to this. I. And it was so great to get an email yesterday because we did ask for 1% feedback on I had not fake news this from Laura her. He says take a morning just wanna say I like the not fake news but I love the intro to the podcast the most. I really enjoy hearing you Joseph talk about different things especially your family is I started listen do you win Brooke move from North Carolina this was a gal we used to Wear out our sideshow. Us and I listen to her on another happen and I flip over or listen do you enjoy the podcast. I keep hope we should come be the girl on the show and I love gel together well. Laura I can't say much about that other than mass are gonna happen that that invitation was extended long time ago there Brooke to join us since our first choice but. That was a lot for herta move trying to locate to Seattle and this company she still gainfully employed so there was the need exactly but anyway there's really good news coming on that front in terms of a woman joining her show which is something we have been looking for for four months. And I think we finally have come to a reasonable expectation that I think salary ever miles ahead front runner. But we can't you we don't wanna like you know don't jinx things that add Miller who are very optimistic costs of this kind of reminds me slow Joseph when we are looking for work and we have a good meeting incoming and beyond interlude we do like a FaceBook live about it that it would blow up the heck and it just so we're understanding -- the Laura thank you so much. Any of the feedback about the podcast or the intro. Just mad at Seattle dot com but. Slow Joseph I do think we should talk a little bit about your day yesterday because I feel like I wanna get a rocket chassis that was noon and we didn't get a chance to bring it up on the showed. Now it's not that fun anyway but yeah I had that Sophie about 9 o'clock yesterday should decade maybe it's their minor hatteras Aronson amateur errands or care or whatever so we can by the way is that not the kiss of death when I hear those words come out of my wife's mouth blast about the Tamil wanna sit on the couch and chill jam and we go to Bed, Bath & Beyond bread on Bebo Pasco and guest up by the Gerber and like oh yeah and so I've been working for eight or nine hours and that we had to gut it sounded a papered and CNET that I didn't get a passport photo taken and it sank into the post office to send my passport renewal staff and heading out of the driver's license our that he and beating in my licensed. And then those the other thing already go to their dead to the bank to open a joint checking account a again. These these four simple things having good luckily there are all kind of located right around where I live Serena to go far but it still lighting at home to 430 we left immediately when I got home yesterday which was about how about 11 o'clock we left earlier than normal up a little early so reluctant we left an eleven to get pumped up for 35 and a half hours today the bat you know doubt the worst that it was sitting in the bank opening a joint checking account that took about an hour which is crazy I can't believe it takes a long to do that. But the worst. The worst by miles was going to the downtown Seattle DNB. Which. If you can imagine it's probably the biggest DMV in the state and called Indian beats calls like a licensing division or something that gaffe and it is like going to jail and I'm not saying that because it's like feels punitive. But it is literally like being in jail what do you make of people around yet Katie you go around guys like it's like being in a color jail. And there's just like it's just there's fights breaking out there's people there's probably I don't know. Sixty people on there it took us almost two hours to get it done. There's people in there that they're just. Like the worst smells you can ever imagine and granted this is the downtown Seattle. Can I say something debt. Kind of a rookie move going to the downtown one because when I learned over my years yet the easiest way is you go out to the suburbs and you find some little licensing branch out there you can even make an appointment on line you walk in you do your twenty minute don't think I didn't mention that and getting I'll call yes so so fees it myself because this is that are gonna matter to you never go to the one to China. Now it was almost worth that just for the experience that almighty god like it was absolute Mac mania got to be joking fight for breaking out the people that were actually a fist -- actual fights over seats there's just like there's homeless people on their site. Just every walk of life like every type of person you can imagine was well represented there. You know there was there was people that is still collecting average hours sounds like Chucky cheese on a Saturday night except well without as much fun in that animal band yes no animal went in the places. Rainy so there's no and its standing room only people are just like crouched in like you're on a subway train it was. Absolutely and sounds horrified yeah I in Alison I'm like maybe we can't do we just got we will be got close enough to see how many people were inside there. Mike this is go to different which is like this is the only one open on Mondays only gas have opted to atlas is. You're the good husband innuendo or I guess so after that experience what does she said she sand sorry thank you write new she didn't offer of any apologies but I I definitely I mean I get I get that we didn't have many other options because that's their only day op Ed because she said apparently in I don't know this is true maybe she's just saying it but that was the only one open on Monday. 356. Am almost certain that was exactly my number. And they call you up but in different orders depending on what services you're there for so it's not numerical it's not always in order there's there's 120 point differential between some people don't get that. And they're stupid and they're losing their minds because they're not coming up and order and they're just thrown stuff people at cog in people in the studio. I equate that to is not a person sits down next to you at a restaurant in May get their food. Like Dick sit down aft do you regret effort before you write maybe you know realize that you were the salmon and it's Illinois is yeah whatever he had ages I don't understand Italian that the I am also surprised that that was harder than the passport division because when your are getting our family passports last year it took three or four different terms back because we used. One time these are wrong pin crash on the federal format the pictures weren't authorized. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Another thing you let go tired and I hadn't -- I was angry all day didn't get to eat deli. You use in a word yesterday and I asked after our rights are a couple of things we left on the cutting room floor from the show today this is actually to really fascinating things and then we'll get to the meat of the rest of the podcast but. Dirks Bentley Luke Bryan were secretly fired from hosting the ACMs really it's a big story that we should have talked about today but we heard we how these topics going on and people were taken and so the full weight limit refresh my memory is we were unemployed last year yep that they host last yup OK so Dirksen Luka posted for the last two years Soka and two years before that Luke posted without Blake Shelton cracked so Lucas and the guy for four year correct. And so and there are there's a convention going on in Nashville right now is called CRS where people from the wolf that are there. And he was on a panel and he does boy this is Dirks to a tee Reno Dirk really really well at the Phoenix connection. And he's not. It's not that he's not well spoken but he's just a regular dude battle to keep things five steps ahead Bret so. He said onstage is a photo of them where it was being taken and he blurted out. Somebody asked about the ASEAN city yet that's over we got fired and every know that. Well no nobody knew that it wasn't public knowledge were remotely so the ACMs had to confirm it that day. They did. That Luke and Turks are no longer Jiri CM post and they said that they will announce the new host information the next two to three weeks led they're coming up pretty soon right is that a roller. Name premise that CCC amaze are always the first week in November I think it's yes arterial oral in Vegas Iraq. So go grab a couple of new host. I don't know which direction gonna go I have no idea but testing the do you did you remember seeing them host for the old course at. Actually. Luke Bryan was surprisingly good target and I think that's why he was there longer or take was great to. But I would tell you up on some on camera stuff it's really hard and I I'm not good at it I guess really really hard and well that's why when they get like a Bratton carrier something that really works you stick with it for decades and I do you think it helps to have one I like having the male female already answered the same as a radio show and get a different perspective. But. I remember so when we got let go of our last job and a man name dropping here but to Dirks is credit he did call the news in when he heard the news. And we actually had a conversation has about two drinks in debt so I don't remember it verbatim backpack and but who we were talking about the ACMs and he says he said there was a problem and something about ratings and this and he's the into the basic conversation Wednesday it was a perfect track that's elected ten a date next topic. And then we'll get into the meat of the podcast. There is in new jury dole flail around an actual new chip this just for women I heard and women are mocking the idea can I am I'm not surprised about that what does that even mean. Well then news CEO is a woman named Indra new week. And even though she's a lady apparently she hasn't heard that that stuff like this really doesn't fly these days we try to separate to make something for a different just for women why can't eliminate a normal the arena located near line of chips for women will be less currency and have less cheese powder. Incumbent bags that sit in a purse. I mean obviously you can imagine the reaction on Twitter are a little sarcastic not too thrilled it looked her she was just interviewed out of a podcast revealed their plans for a new line injury goes for women. So they have less cheese powder because women don't like to lick their fingers generously and they don't like to for the little broken pieces and their mouth from the bag or anything. Now my wife loves arena hasn't she loves that she gets easier the better you know this is not one of those things it's gender specific and on the big believer in that men and women are both incredible in their own different ways but when at the same wanna Wear different standards that's obvious or knows that Iraq we have different working part man and they had different brains we think about things differently and that's okay. Chips are not something you have to break down by male female specific gender I think everybody likes a Dirita that delicious food in general is probably good throwing good for the show that she says this is a quote in again garrido is owned by Pepsi and the new Pepsi CEO is Indra Nooyi she said. Women don't like to crunch too loudly in public and they don't lick their fingers either. Knowing but they like to have a snack and their personal that I I see some logic in that you know our endeavor my bad most. Purses are sufficiently sized holes a small bag of creative yet you think so are all of my wife bags are big gallery it. And I while I do agree with a crunching this thing. I don't think that's enters this if I don't tigers can't stand this my biggest pet peeve is one when people eat food with their mouth open and try to talk to other readings disgusting. And into just loud crunchy food when you're gonna confines malls -- I absolutely and I do get that I had agency made a movie the chairman of the checks I've met somebody and he had that that's the worst you can have you know like dried all men's and that is if there's anything is a dried on and there's no wet on her about it. Act. The nice guy. Element is got myself being in super stupid hey I don't Obama to go tonight but there may be an update tomorrow and may even be kind of a topic on the show I am a cycle in nearer to confirmed tonight I might go to a lecture by the American Andy hamster and the won the 19880. And the Italians prefer to grand tour. Nobody knows about it nobody knows him except for me this guy is a Friday even broke down the walls for Americans and cycling you really did your nerd is dev and a giant already he's speaking at the Rafah store in downtown Seattle tonight from 68 dynamite four who wouldn't but don't do daily fun tomorrow to open it up so what are you a total nerd about solos and I think that'll be fun of of that reason alone might have to go server and all of yes I'm super geeks get an answer to create a lot of. What tired. Did you use it. So that'll be tomorrow marker stable the tickets at 710 and of course more not fake news a new mug club at 610 we got some boxes today were so excited. I remember our 805 avenue suite 14100 Seattle Washington 98104. And does well there is not much time I'm usually and memorized it and I it is it was so far I Fujian Leo. He and remember feedback love it Laura unabomber it's mad at Seattle back on enjoy the podcast see you tomorrow. It's. He wants well to morning wealth tax with that Alistair is on this season you've had 100 point seven. When wolf back. Now McAllister slow joke of mourning their solar show good morning dear Rio Tuesday February 6 glad you are here you early bird used thanks for starting your day off with us this case that's a lot of trust. Doesn't take much to annoy somebody this early in the morning some who think I have to hand putting yourself in our hands that is huge compliment quite comfortably in about fifteen minutes. A big topic of the day the coolest celebrity encounters based on these Super Bowl so the kid could get there also. The useless poll of the day. Involves a burger franchise that almost came here turns out it was a hoax got the mug club just after 6 o'clock. They're not fake news I think went over pretty well yesterday's sojo gonna do it again soundscan has 650 right before beat the street for stable the tickets. And then of course at some point today probably be 7 AM hour. The ten stupidest things that Philly fans did after winning the Super Bowl I think there's way more than I do build these are the ten stupid again there's if you don't have the miles and miles of merits we just went for the top of the heap of ten is solid evidence including cashing in your 401K just to go to beat Canada. Yeah yeah I. All right you know how we do read our lead off collar somebody get a some base somebody who's up already had some coffee who is fired up 206141. Wolf. I just it in Puyallup good morning sir how are you feeling today. They're under a dead man congratulations you are going to be our leadoff scholar for Tuesday jest and that's it tells a little bit about yourself what he do for living where you're headed this morning. Yeah I well PLO so a problem at all to any I've filled creates good packages for a aerospace companies. The military Bo is getting shipped whatever product they have. So when you show up to work is there an itemized list of your family traits we need what size of center center. Yes so I mean I've put Arnold are so the latches and everything but the builders get everything done and expanded. Primary date and they. We knew we can make your function open week got off while we put pentagon budget on scandals that it would (%expletive) about that gets. Other yeah jerk. So it would every working a situation like that same is a radio station there's always characters that you were quick. Who's the most uninteresting person that you work with there in the warehouse like the biggest character. Bob do and it's. That this guy eat if he's. Q. You're equipped us some people they had a dull like a close. Yeah. You know he'll do it still feel project at the end. If there's nothing comes up we're all on me obviously it's never it's all. Well again I don't get dad named ship bill blade to ship their. Exactly it and actually increase the blocker but really the biggest scare he gets out tonight and that if this thing disaster and well analysts I would just have to get in trouble leader he you never know who's listening. I think we have up to fifteen listen now in the Pacific northwest so I think from who could be somebody you worked with let's just take it easy you know has gotten qualified to do with that he's qualified to ships and mug club mugs with zero breakage boom. He's overly claws I had he's building crates for bowling and this is so Justin are you married single what your status they're personally. I've I'm married my high schools we are we didn't get it here is married almost five good for you. I'm when he said and we just had a third baby girl forty years ago. I exploits just in for young guy you do some hardcore adult thing brother's three kids got to steady the top you married her high schools we never had any time to play around. Well so forty foot. And I'm missy got the gray hairs coming in already did. Oh yeah yeah with all streaker all outward show you got three girls. Yeah I hope your dog is at least a boy. Or got dog and I told well and got your boy out of need to monitor that and just you can have for ten conversations about dude stuff. Yeah Eric. Well that's a great thing make congratulations on having a beautiful family happy and all the tactics and that's a good thing what's your favorite thing to do here in the Pacific northwest Justin up. A place softball men's softball do you think it real seriously and get into fights and stuff. We're just. Oddly placed. What they got hired featuring some fear it collateral guys. But I told me it seemed that's when you get your guy time he's got a I mean listen. Women need their girl time guys need to go tat that's who you get yours is the united mine out on the bike with the fellas yeah I get it. Without genetic. Make up or all right our I will girls thrower thing to do they snuggle better than boys all you know I I've got both self they'd just doesn't get so he had to integrating their TI just and so we're gonna wrap it up even greatly off caller by the thank you so much with song that we play for. I can mccombs. Who. I have been 'cause I just we like you'd have a fantastic day in the warehouse and don't worry about that of the gas. I'm glad they so it's karma always takes care of just your good man they. So much for listening to depart the morning wolf pack I'd anything Luke Combs coming right up. Hear that every morning long time. I'm still a party. So wolf pioneers who I don't know right now what is your coolest celebrity encounter morning wolf back. The coolest celebrity you've ever met and hopefully there's a good story about meeting men and whether or not they were cool team that's always sort of in Nextel I bet what do you say when you meet him you know you're always thought he had nothing to says McHale I'd really like you. Hell with a lot of people say. Don't ever meet your heroes is they'll always does the point you let that happen to me with Kareem Abdul Jabbar went to Iowa and -- you just so mean to me packer game I know us slow Joseph and I both have our own coolest celebrity encounters a slow to don't tell me what it did have a similar category of person is in what's kind of celebrity. Rock style okay. Minds happily I was share those will be coming up and about six minutes but right now we want a New York's. Coolest celebrity encounter an arena we're talking about this obviously. Is the Super Bowl solve the kid do you imagine him going back to you and everybody in the world knows who that kid is and a flash of us LC I think you is on like Good Morning America yesterday to pretty much everywhere. Yeah IDB's. Life may add is gonna be sick and I just can't even a man hours ago just retire from her own our own school. 206421. Waltz or you can set as attacks 46150. Good morning Canadian Salvation Army today. And get Katie so Hoosier coolest celebrity encounter obviously Super Bowl so the kid got to hang out with Justin Timberlake for about five seconds. I'm well a couple of years ago. Mean my husband got serious eat leave drank and Randy how they walked into the bar it after the show that we had just seen. Andy cannon just frozen. They don't want it seen. Kind of idiotic yes so we waited until we really just say hi dealers though and I it didn't take pictures and they were a little tired but that's okay. Yet there's a group of those guys Randy Houser Lee Brice the ones that you ran into this also jeered Neiman and there's a couple of those that are in that little group. And they like to go hard. In ad viewers to land shots and particulate and a hometown holiday. Felt like I guess you know I have. Well they're nice guys to go their super nice super friendly they really care about junior ranking is always that moment where OK I really don't wanna let this moment pass a wanna say hi. But I don't know what to say it's not come off like a total. Loser. Yeah but they got it they deal with that stuff all the time and I'm glad I got to do is to meet those guys they are cool. Pretty all right on Katie thanks for sharing that. Yeah and one of the day Christopher in Sumner coolest celebrity encounter when he got. So we earned that match how he. Quite. It is great gal what kept looking behind me I'm wondering what's going on. John Boccieri Richie work. Or able to crank it scared now. I eat Gator. Bought over the apartment guide me quite. She'd do it has watched you and he's he's been out. They Quaker Okur. My wife and over Shin Bet down guys. It bordered it. Bought at eight. And Arthur about a half hour but they're really well. All that's. Great to hear that they were so cool to UN you know there a couple of Jersey guys I'm not surprised they were that's really great to hear Christopher. Yeah. Great night I quit talking about it you know I don't you go it looked Oprah. I'm glad you didn't lose your wife that night. And got an. Eight. They attributed part of the morning wolf Packers great story thanks for sharing. Add to us export to one wolf is the number coolest celebrity encounters Vegas that is it takes 46150. Sojo heats W earth like Bradley's next test yak cable. Oh god I'll start of my favorite ice out of another and it's really cool but my personal favor. Was spending time in David Crosby's dressing room after she. You remember that map eighties highway for you youngsters Crosby, Stills and Nash yeah way to Woodstock legendary. You know. One of the greatest rock stars and history one of the coolest guys ever and act without getting cheese Pacific we partied in his dressing room David Crosby's. You know enemy hands and it was just. That was one of those surreal moments I'll never forget yeah I'd I was there with you although was in my cool list like for me. Only one person that would qualify and that sort of I was star struck category dad and that was Lance Armstrong and I have Barrett the day that we were in California the time and he was their training in my buddy on the bike shop. And eat. I always told you see he ended up being pretty good friends with planes Iraq and a severe comes in the bike show you call me. Just use the word nectar Arenas and a half he got the next hearing we got a code word he called victory. So it down there got to go to the shop and run into him and yet it was pretty fierce how bad it was cool I mean he's. Very arrogant very confident right not the nicest guy in the world. But he was cool and I thought he was cordial did you have a jerseys and I -- to gather later in the toward France again I think it was the year 2000. A gagging my friend Dave had it signed and sent to me in the yellow Jersey the it's good guys doing their pride advantage categorize it down. Hey dad Dick welcome to the morning wolf back coolest celebrity encounter. I haven't opened it. Did the course taught them that evolved. It's nickname as bloody. And he's the last surviving medal of honor recipient. Of Iwo jima. And maybe in a marine that's. We have to epitome. Got to meet him. Doctor and got his autograph. And he he would go to the it would seem of union yeah here. As. Went into the seventy S a that's what you're left the island they they awarded forty sevens. A medal of honor. He was an old one alive and it's about a diluted sincerity of what they expect a fake court if both Obama get the cover of the Marine Corps magazine on the redeem. While Dick that is a great story really appreciate you calling from Redmond and share that with a says that's a true hero right there I can see where you got all giddy. For Dick thanks so much have a wonderful day god bless him. A couple of comments are on FaceBook and Mary says hey I get to meet Jeff Goldblum in Gena Davis sent back when they were married at the movies. Even so nice he was really quiet but my biggest Charlton Heston ONG I met Moses. Fact fact that's weird that somebody who's in movies we actually go to the movie theater. I got as bad as anonymous. Well I live they were married he was that was the pinnacle of their fame to elect a fly days. I think that's right it's when he met I had no idea there are it didn't really Kimberly says they got same with Dolly Parton at opry lamb and I was about eight to seventeen yeah I the Senate's decision bed at a movie theater attack FF and I was Tony five I got to be Whoopi Goldberg ought to training Europe. Seven series says and made out with Mark Wahlberg Tony years ago great last death seriously I responded I set I think I need to know more of the story. Laughed yes that's impressive okay one more year it was 1980 sound then I stepped in an elevator okay this is kind of a long story but it's really cool will wrap it up here. I stepped in an elevator and there's two large black guys in one who's not so large that tall. The doors almost close. When a woman's stops and she gets in she's nervous she just won a large jackpot in her purse so there in Vegas. Doors close we stood there for maybe two minutes not moving finally these slender man says it hit the floor. Well the woman hits the floor she starts freaking out out of nowhere thickening guys ask him for the money your purse he was just asking her to push the of nobody. It turns out it was Eddie Murphy is two bodyguards get her out bad air do an odd demographic entertain anybody on our fifth graders that. All right coming up next really get to our morning wolf thank useless poll of the day. And we hope you didn't fall for this but you may have gotten excited over the weekend about a major Burger King coming to BMW but it. A hoax the morning both sat with Matt McAllister has been trying to. It's no wolf according wolfpack Matt McAllister slow Joseph on Tuesday thank you for starting your day with us before we jump into the mug club time for our useless poll of the day. You may get caught up in this a little bit but says there was a tweet to win around. With a fake sign I got I actually got a little excited I don't want to even in Washington it was an organ. It sit in and out burger. Coming to Salem Morgan in June 2008 team. I answered so we got to the BMW you know slowed to around the looking around for a T Berger and I'm not sure we found it. Dick's drive and is a great novelty Brett but. Others leave it at that I enjoyed the dance tasty but you not listen. I do enjoy and now that's still my favorite of Thomas have a burger that's still my favorite absolutely my top by far gas so I got a little excited about this but it was a hoax not real so the morning wolf thank useless poll of the day's very simple. Do you want an in and out burger here in Washington. I'm just curious to see. What the love is locally for it in Seattle. I think it's just a matter of time it's got to be Activision motive remains. We have at the whole franchise is interesting too because it's owned by the daughter correct you know who's got an interest in history. It's a family owned business in they go where they wanna go and they don't franchise out too big because their brood they're worried about the final products. Peter T and it got to be within like a days delivery has so it's not like McDonald's or Burger King we just spread like wildfire whereas it's not like that they keep a pretty close. I on the franchise drag. So anyway that is the morning OPEC useless poll of the day it's going up right now on all the Seattle wolf social media so jump on there join us it's a lot of fun mid opposed to picture of my freshly shaven face you are now it says Seattle officer ran into her for the use of call of the day. Is this morning wolf packs with now it's our 100 points off the walls. On the episode of the Campbell thank all of you seemed at times cents a month from wherever it is that you work we have a couple of boxes today so we're excited. But today's comes to us for not the lakeside mylan recovery center which is very cool. And the mud just for the record he's the mug shot you know so granted Twitter Matt Blackberry cool. Particularly convince them that this NN coming up empty and I am looking for extension 5402. Okay Mandela's Collins. Yes you tell that Matt Stone from the wolf oh hold on one moment Q. Six. It's. Trying to help seal a round it's Mac only from the wolf Mario. I am Mario. I'm doing so again we just open a few boxes all the goodies and wanted to call and personally welcome you to the month club and say thank you. I know you're very well and happy to do it welcome to Seattle I appreciate that so much in I would tell you right now my one year old sons used to love a little stuffed in a completely off human eggs. Who are dead and run a look at your business cards your obviously recovery counselors are you doing God's work over there. Yep lakeside silent recovery center for drug and alcohol treatment center howling even doing that round. Four years. Okay are you recovering yourself with yes sir well run congratulations on your sobriety as well that's that's a big thing he asked. So how does it work did people check in and stay there or religious combined for meetings. In our office we have clear outpatient we have scripted everything he can do every day. We have an inpatient facility that incurred claims and that's the 28. Eighth and then they stepped down outpatient. Well god bless you for what you do my producer Joseph we've known each other for sixteen years and we went through his drug addiction together. And it was one of those things where he had to stop working with me for awhile and eventually did get health and he's been clean now for. For many many years so how about it. Yeah I have some personal experience with that and I certainly appreciate what you guys do I mean you use literally save lives. Yes we do believe that handling back together well that's what it's all about I'll run thanks so much for taking our calls. And cornered in Rhonda officially welcome to the mud club great to have you here and by the way just for the record these matte black coffee mugs are super cool. Isn't that odd and I love them we pulled these out of the box realize whom. The fifth set like the stealth mode. That her eight thanks again run dapper in a part of the morning wolf pack into the shadows everybody doing the good work down there at the lakeside mylan recovery center. Welcome to the mud club didn't appreciate it all right coming. A nexus or something you lose on a daily basis coming up an amen it's slow Joba share what he spends at least ten minutes a day looking for and now we wanna hear yours coming up next. You 100 points. Yeah I don't know right now morning wolfpack. Is there something beg you lose on a daily basis. Slow Joseph just ranting committed capital investment. And I think it really came 2% of for you right before the Super Bowl I was. There is some urgency involved this is this literally happens every David on Sunday it was the worst it to me 35 minutes to find it it's stupid little half. Apple TV Irma and I just like we depend on the apple TV at our house that's like car. Our main source letter that enable Wii I'm Kia also pretty much everything goes the apple TV and they got these little silver like pattern it's just like that is just I have one you are talking about it goes it's almost like they made it to slipped in between the Vick I don't generations not only that that's right that's my first place Augusta was always in the house there's a casket as it would be easy fix this thing has legs and it gets up and walks away and it gets in the old weirdest places. Every single day I spent at least ten minutes or Japan this stupid thing you know it's funny affirm the it's a little. The clicker this the lighter. That's you don't listen I'm a guy but sometimes I'll light a candle to him and I mean I had and Alito were the catalyst that I just lit grad I look for that thing you get 510 minutes every now it's ridiculous and that's duke and saying I just wanted to destroy them depend now. Oh I am still destroyed come on now I morning wolfpack that's the question for you right now is there's something that you lose on a daily basis. Could be keys could be anything and I know you know we're talking about to a 6421 wolf for Texas for 6150. Is put your name and closes when Iran about the. Apple TV remote stupid thing by the way argued the one that told me and we got a nice text about it by the way about the gap yeah gas there's an half of course and yes on the remote. But I can't. With the apple T the apple TV and am currently using is not paired with the bat but it's just he's pains efforts as we move I haven't had the access but I'm correct that you were the one who showed meteor that now is it the app you can actually we you're searching you can type Imus is such defend they're gonna have allowed the not paired with this apple TV but let's be honest there are things every day that you lose and it's just it's crazy he's been an inordinate amount of time looking for the same faith column doesn't text message by the way jump in here on the phone 206421. Wolf what. Do you lose on a daily basis Collette says my mind. But also keys phone makeup brushes thanks to my beautiful toddlers. Shelly from boarding says my mind was a lot of that going around all day every day I go upstairs to get something and I inevitably forget what I went there for every time. Shelley every single person male or female can relate to what you just absolutely. In fact we were just argument that it today yes. I'd you know at times. And the phone is even worse I will go on my phones specifically to check something. A look at two minutes later among some is to gram dose trailed at what am I doing in my phone I got my phone to find my phone. I swear I got that I. Morgan from Puyallup says chapstick if I don't melted in the washer I lose it every single day. That a text here hi there wolf I have to admit that I lose my phone all the time and most of the time it's on silent so even if I have my husband called Ubisoft can't fight it eventually will always turn out. But there's only a short time before is lost again another one for chapter from Caitlin. And then again from multiple people I lose my sanity. Okay so what is best staying at that you lose on a daily basis to a 6421 wolf right now. KJ in sea tac to mark. And I act I. Is there a moment or thing that happens he ever did of course we were looking for like a literal object but I think your responses funny is or something every day to put you over the edge. While I work and help it out there and I hope all we're able Al. So yeah it Bailey let. All just people. Oh yeah million yeah. I spent two hours in the DMV downtown Seattle yesterday god bless the people that work there in little absolutely. Insane I can't believe what they have to put up way. You know being in jail this. It's an. And it dated date so much publicity and appreciate you being part of the morning will thank JJ we love you. Got it. Okay a couple of text. Messages have got to wrap it up. And I really relate to this point no name but it's being keys. They're talking about you know the little things there's little blanket certificates. A couple plays for my son Jude it's called his Mimi. And we've got one for upstairs one for downstairs and then a backup just in case because god forbid if he ever lost its meaning there would be no sleep and how this thing and the problem is he takes it all over the house and then we need to put an effort that he got to find the Mimi first so he's OK with the replacement line if one's display again as long as it's the same minutes is long is being used just a little bit his status is like drool smell on I had any slide. Another text it's about this time every damn my way to work and lose my motivation to be contributing member of society. I consider myself those tense look pretty comfortable you know I don't I can so relate to that I don't at all back commuted I somebody's sleeping on a bus stop like that seems pretty net. Not me never and grateful every day for this job. Linda says my glasses are misplaced them all the time. Yeah it's just the stuff. We got to fight you know they are there is a device like Joseph that you combine dad you can stick it on your keys in your phone batteries lose a lot of forget this call but you know as for aria Wii's divert the guy that was these everything we almost got him when it doesn't look all of this gonna lose the rules that helps you sign my name is probably lost his car he lost to kids in the collective. This is the problem I don't forget Chris tables and tickets coming up at seven Timothy the street in fact if you would jump in now for that. To a 6421. Wolf. But coming up next new feature here in the morning wolf fact Goldman not fake news stories that sounds vague but aren't in today. A chemical used to make McDonald's Fries. Could cure baldness. Yeah we got to coming up next door listening to the morning. Oh I now. 104 sevenths though wolf and it's time for the not fake news on the morning wolf pack. Again stories that sounds vague but aren't. A chemical used to make McDonald's french fries could help cure baldness Japanese scientists say. A cure for baldness might lie at a chemical used to cook the Fries this is from Yokohama National University. I can't pronounce habits die methyl Hollis lock C game sales tax there yet produces follicles that could grow hair when transplanted into mice. They're hopeful the method could be used to treat Kara Lawson in humans have against that he's but that's the idea. The Google Ronald McDonald that's hi you you're thinking conspiracy something in the Fries they'll leading after the group in other news UC Prince William in the drive to McDonald's that I had the best I ever do anything to bring back the four groups and I know man. Okay Virginia man wins the lottery by playing numbers from a dream again and not fake news these are real stories. This gives us all hope for Virginia guy followed his dream to let him to a six figure lottery jackpot Victor Romo league. Dreamed about the numbers 3101726. And 32 dreamed about them. And then use them on four identical cash buy tickets. He won the numbers that make you all for tickets winners. Of the 100000. Dollar top prize at 400 grand that's very and is just coming out now is on the January 13 straw. I didn't even knew he could win four time on the same member. It didn't need him but I don't do the lottery and I just figure it's out of reach man. Do you ever have a dream about those lottery numbers may be right and then absolutely. Virginian who wins the lottery OK and finally and not fake news. Texas house reported stolen. Might have been repossessed. You don't often hear you hear about a break in on a vacation home or maybe somebody stole something from the vacation home you're saying it was gone. Investigators say a vacation home was reported stolen by Houston couple. They say they somebody stole our entire house how do you do it well I don't know. Joseph and Lonnie Harrison. Say they're one bedroom cabin is missing from Madison bill about ninety miles northwest of Houston. The pre fab home was on the property purchase last year but they had checked it since November. Lonnie Harrison returned Friday discovered how house was gone. With the block some types remaining she contacted the sheriff's office however they are saying now. They may be to victims of alleged financial issues of the prior owner. Said the right people you retell a whole music is like James Goliath. So letters of the I don't have a lot of experience thank god I've been lucky that way. But I mean if it's a pre fab drop down yeah I am I don't know anybody who's gonna go on the repossess inside to the expense of disconnecting all the pipes electrical and everything you know we're gonna put it I don't know fighting has more of that story tonight having not fake news update tomorrow night but there you go. All right coming up next and next thing we're doing is beat the street. For those Crist able to tickets if you want me and who doesn't come on now to a 64. 2:1 wolf this is morning welcome back with some accounts are 100 points happened. Laughs hit the pavement I'm Jack could be history tour. Good morning Heather how are you today I'm all right I'm fine I appreciate you asking although I shaved my beard last benefit a picture on Twitter and some decent bring appeared dead now would you wanna say to guide to shaved his beard I don't mean. And Ed Sullivan or I. Guess it takes some getting used to know I'm regretting it. It'll be great. Yeah. Exactly what headed thanks for calling in to beat the street what I know that you you're from federal way which by the way you have a great police department down their love the toppers of federal way. And you work for constant corporate 27 years old fart sounds like you need to be Chris Stapleton at the white river amphitheater on July 21. And that's. Okay we'll all you gotta do is relax and just answer five simple questions about the thirty seconds on the clock but don't worry about that all would tell you is. Don't take too long on a question you know what are you don't and if you don't know deceit passable movement long. I think before we meet the challenge of let's give it to five questions. Here we go question number one in beat the street. Who stars is Jason Bourne in the Bourne identity. Act. In which city would you find O'Hare international airport. Jerry George Elaine we're best friends on what TV shipped. In what city is the show where center located. DB a little forced us expect. A lot. In Finnish degree Stapleton leader Dick York as smooth as. It. All right let's find out how you did we have the same five questions to our challenger who slowed Joseph found at the Tacoma dome at the Miranda Lambert's show. What today is good play around early in my opening my name is scary and friends and I am a housewife. For religious apologize had a net loud obnoxious guy in the background as me so I apologize there's going to be really let out because I was on the Mike worked in the crowd I thought I think that it. How do you think he did Heather by the way. About it it at BR. Let's find out when asked the same five questions this year from spin away and you two are gonna go head to head for beat the street question number one. Bruce artist Jason Zorn and the more I think there the final thought. Seated no but you did so that's a great start Heather the correct answer was Matt Damon as Jason Bourne nice job you're on the board first let's go to question number two with you having won ten nothing lead. Completes any kind or another international airport. You know I'm yeah. Vegas was incorrect I believe he took a pass on that 10 hair is in Chicago and there. He's okay no worries you're still up one nothing heading into question number three Jerry and do your ass and I'm playing our best read on what's down. Steinfeld was the right answer Heather you couldn't come up without one needed to do never watch Steinfeld who know what they're dead. You might be just a hair too young for sites zone but man what a great chip it. Okay so we have a 121. Tie Heather and beat the street for the Chris Stapleton tickets this is getting real interest in let's go to question number four which is always our local question and what city these are where's that are located. Skin was the right answer you said Seattle I tried to press you a little bit on now let's the right answer is canes are. So after four questions. Sherry from spin away as 8221 lead on you Heather but here's the deal. Tie goes to the morning wolf packs of heeded the last question right you're gonna tie in you're gonna win two you've got to get this right in. Conversely she's got to get it wrong it all has to come together for you here Heather and all right I got everything crossed for your fingers and toes here we go question number five the country music question finish this Chris Stapleton there. Viewers through the last time lag that went yeah. I don't know. Okay she couldn't figure right now which is the first part of the equation. And guess what. Heather you've got it right it was your smooth as Tennessee whiskey so you've page which Ty is what Heather. Oh wait oh my god I don't exactly know what I don't think we'll look at who you take an acre Stapleton. You're such a nice niece Heather have until Friday. So much it's our pleasure so glad that you listen to wolf thanks for being hard to mourn wolfpack. We love you and I can't wait to meet to give you to go hug Crist able to offer thinking though. Thank you are coming up next my now we've all heard about these Super Bowl self akin to Justin Timberlake made the most famous teen in America we'll coming up Imus in ten minutes. We wanna find out what your coolest celebrity encounters. Someone who needed a leader. Well for a handful of peanuts on it doesn't sound fundamentals than a dollar ball here's Matt McAllister. 100 points heading. Well wolf this morning well thanks Matt McAllister slowed Joseph thank you so much soliciting grateful for every single one of you that do we get some dirt coming up and about a minute but first we wanna know right now what is your coolest celebrity encounter. And of course are talking about this because of these Super Bowl self again. Do you think he realized he's peaked at thirteen Georgia at halftime and John thinks that you're never gonna have a cooler encounter than Justin Timberlake stopping in the middle of these Super Bowl fifty you have time Joseph putting his arm around you are digging itself and yet that's the most watched like a random encounter ever probably an imagined that kid go back to school today or mass tomorrow or he's bright areas such as smug little you know yeah Africa passionate probably could have a school assembly just are recognized the error crash. Meant so whistle I don't know right now or he's got that story you know this celebrity you're kind of popped up to meeting you got a chance to do it morning wolf back reach out right now to a 6421. Wolf looking for some great stories to behind these celebrity encounters. Policy can Texas 46150. Savion Gary what's your big celebrity encounter. I'll I got the knee richest and in person on the conclude that the ninety's. Period all of camped out for anybody it's a little bit older that is surely gold how was Richardson and I can imagine that must have been just exhausting talk into. Yes it was that he I guess again couldn't load and there. He denied that was really cool womb and then it was late last news didn't performance for the you know I really couldn't. I hope you kept your hands in the appropriate position Kathy. Any idea that it has a the funniest part is his kids between all of us had not died about 4000 now. And you glad this should get a list of the society that's funny gets a good lie and say they can't even sharing you story lobby here in the morning wolf thank big Wade Davis wouldn't bill tell us your celebrity encounters. Yeah back in 19888870. Tech guide ya. And he's duke you bit off or Kenny Rogers 85 foot yacht down or the ball on the. All of Mae and so I got to ask big wave did about a chance to meet Kenny actually interviewed Kenny he was one of the nicest guys I've ever talked to did you have the same experience. All got our work or you know I was I saw him all the time to come down as background Obama. Network Laura but even better Hannity treat use an employee. Thought export. Yes the biggest part of the world I love being here that is that was my experience I think Kenny Rogers is truly one of the great old gentleman in the business. Lawyer Eddie is important absolutely gamblers wage. Not a big red dead at a great day rather all your brother WTO all right good Tex or Johnny Depp when he was filming torn when John Street up in Vancouver BC. That's and Jeff from snohomish. Six charter just says hey I got to meet Deanna Lee a couple of times. Man I'm still waiting to meet. 206421. Walt as the number. Christopher and Sumner coolest celebrity encounter when he got. So we earned now matter how right. Aren't quite as the great gal like let's get behind me I'm wondering what's going on. Jon Bon Jovi Richie there or. Or able to bring you Daryn. And eat dinner the idea. Walk over there is a big guys week aren't quite as all she's doing is watching Q and that it. He's been out. They Quaker Okur. Like I know her Shin Bet down I. They ordered the bottom. And we are about half an hour they're really well early or any ball that's. Great to hear that they were so cool to UH you know there a couple of Jersey guys and a surprise that they were that's really great to hear Christopher. That would. Great night highlight talk about it you know it's funny because I you know go to Oprah. I'm glad you didn't lose your wife that night. They tribute afar the morning wolf bankers great story thanks for sharing. It got a couple of text or get to a second 46150. If you want to accident slow Joseph real quick your coolest celebrity encountering were talking about this because of the Super Bowl Celtics did with Justin Timberlake you know I'm taking up a bit so David Crosby was like the most fun we get the party had been in his dressing room but I was there yeah he was it pretty historic that was in Estonia but one time I actually ended up spending about eight hours means two friends with pink in her husband Carey Hart. Because we were skydiving together we got a weather delay so we just sat around played loose ball and chatted about. Everything and anything and they could not have been any cooler I remember you telling that story ahead they were some of the most down to earth to. Totally which is how you think pinky is it's nice to hear that that's to a 100% that's the case for me it was a no surprise big cycle so when I got to be Lance Armstrong and I am my buddy on a bike shop in California and I said to see his friends that lesson if you ever. You know fever comes in call me and say there were neck during that. And I'll be there and he called me he's like okay. Scott the nectarine and might do it until my car I drive down the Mike's job and an internal look at all cool like that. Anderson's ex maybe. It's you know you know I believe seeing you weird and it's funny because he's not the most approachable nicest guy in the world never was but it was really great to me about your thoughts. Listen to this this might be the greatest celebrity encounters story ever. It's from Tracy. Through our FaceBook page Seattle she said it was in Las Vegas 1980 sounds and I stepped into an elevator and there's two large black guys in one who was not so large but really tall. The doors almost closed when a woman stops image she gets since she's nervous she just won a large jackpot and had in her purse. Doors closed we stood there for maybe two minutes now moving finally be slender man says hit the floor. In a rather loud demanding way this woman out of nowhere drops on the floor where their hands up crying and mumbling. Money's in my purse please don't hurt me I can't help but laugh wondering what is going on. Quote the black guys were Eddie Murphy in his two bodyguards and he was referring to the buttons on the elevator. We were moving because she never hit the floor number she thought they were robbing her he ended up paying for the room. And her entire staying ended up buying the drinks as those in the elevator was taken stadium. Bigger Theresa and that they're gonna think it's races there's there's that integrates is that I think let's call it a bit of racism has a strong Oregon profile reggae and of it's a federal and all right coming up next. We've all heard and we all knew that no matter if Philly won or lost that Eagles fans are gonna destroy the city. What we now have a definitively we happy official list of the ten stupidest things that Philadelphia Eagles fans in after the civil you can hear less than ten minutes. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. 100 points its. Morning wolf pack Matt McAllister. Here on Tuesday and I will never understand the mentality of destroying your own city would you do something good. And we knew fairly was hosed if they want a loss for some reason the mindset of those fans by the way they have a jail in the stadium I don't know than. All we knew their organs for the city either way they're famous for brewing sic was. You know anger that Kansas City and I remember when the royals won the World Series in 1985 out there knows he knows kid brat but I remember driving around in the convertible in the plaza which is the downtown part. And removed just high five pain in just love and on each other wasn't dangerous. You know our parish is close to go down there and run around the if it wasn't any of this nonsense this is a modern phenomenon or maybe it's an East Coast thing either way I don't I'll never understand LA does a pretty bad to Avaya IR Kennedy there. Well here are the finalized a top ten stupidest things that Eagles fans did after the Eagles won several. Number one looted gas stations by giving everything they were about to say has been documented on Twitter or mr. Graham on social media we even have some audio that yet looted gas stations. People yelling everything is free looting in trashing a gas station which is probably owned by members of your community exactly your likes you you're hurting yourself right by the way. Philadelphia has officially gone full Cleveland by eating horse through. And this is a video that we talked about yesterday but it is earlier this this really happened and this is an Eagles fan. Celebrating celebrating. Pipe hitting them at the horse threw off the ground. Can you imagine sure back up to work on Monday or for that guy probably Tuesday or Wednesday. So. I saw this video. You're you're not the guy had eight forced to right now because you called in sick yesterday business they did that made it to do with the fact he's shown here and raised in a pile of horse that's a I think to have to have a meeting about this Bob we're not sure Europe for management in an hour. OK so they flipped a car do not drive a Prius. In Philadelphia is gonna get thrown. They stood on the awning at the Ritz Carlton and eventually did collapse and I saw of course let things on fire that's pretty standard. Broke lamppost dating just climb on they've broken away in traffic lights. And they remove large polls from the ground and proceeded to just carry them around. Effort employment polls just take him out of the ground and run around them. Deficit yep there's a great article that had all that that the police scanner chatter for everything. It Athens some of those are just incredible yeah the port police just yet this is nonsense and it won't stop we can't do anything its over yup. But by the way to Macy's window near City Hall got smashed it around 12:30 AM they broke windows. And finally last and at least tried to get it came through the gates of Phillies City Hall. Take him here at us but replaced part of a good like nursing and hand over Philly by the way this is the stupidest thing. And it wasn't in the list and you can barely hear it but here's a guy that cashed in his 401K. To go to the Super Bowl. The yeah 401K. And deep down I have no future I'm sorry kids no college. Kids but I got to go to the game and an actor named Bob made some more food. The hand of man. Back with Matt Stairs. One place. So walls pretty sad news to report this morning if you haven't heard. Desk by. Will no longer be selling CDs as of July 1 2018 they are giving up. On the humble CDs. It's the end of an era it and it's you know they kind of an out dated for a little while but when they start Salomon that's pretty much the case that that yet target is also dialing back its CD plans. Although the company isn't dropping the platform out right it started demanding deals where it'll only pay record distributors for units sold etc. senator. It's pretty much coming to an end where every big box retailer. Is going to be cutting back on CD's it's not dropping them all together yeah over. I don't recall ever go to best buy for a CD anyway you know I never. I never did he spend that kind of stuff by his CD's they have them they had a big sections I actually haven't bought a CD and years I don't have a CD player in the car. I don't have one of my hours I don't have any CD's anywhere I just kinda gave up on the technology sand is dvd yeah. Kind of stopped all the same time it's just so much easier to have Irving digital it's funny I've got like. I think five or six packages of like Haider fifty blank CDs and dvds that album will never use this is no point burning in any or four Columbia house and a half and then at the so do you remember slow Joseph the first CD that you ever lost a higher percent you do yeah I was walking into the place called out the warehouse in and go read and I went in there and I was it was back for a had a couple bucks I don't remember where Emerson and about while. And I botched that Red Hot Chili Peppers blood sugar sex magic was the album and some lady came out to me. He says you shouldn't buy that Michael wise of linkages it's just her coming out. Yes well it didn't have a sticker that says explicit lyrics I have parental advisory expert yet and but of course that is maybe you wanna buy even more. This'll date me a little bit but I remember the first again ever bought. Actually were I would college we have a little college bar. And I remember seeing a ban there. And I remember specifically that they had a really good violin player I have turns out it was the Dave Matthews Band. The first time they had played in a bar that far west this is Ohio because they came from Virginia I believe that this is before they were lying snake phobia only mitigate. And but I remember. Buying after that I bought a bootleg CD from one of their concerts I remember this is an employee arrived a little bit this is back in the day. Spent forty dollars. Forty dollars on a CD gets its first ever spend money. It's like God's love that and can't find campaign anywhere and my affords him feeling I wish I still had a I don't know whatever happened to that is vs right but morning wolf back here's who wanna talk about four. The next little while here. Do you remember in what was the first CD. You ever bought by the way. If the music scene summer it's that will purposes funeral music for the seeds he had so let's pay tribute let's fail mind. Through the CD do you remember the first CD you've ever bought in what was it morning wolf pack to a 6421. Wolves. Can also text in 46150. We can is up on any of our Seattle or social media again the first CD you ever ball. We're talking about the fact best buy is didn't discontinuing. Resale of CDs. This summer July 1 they are done and everybody else has cut back to receive. And of an error bad to a 6421 Wolfson number 461502. Issues quick taxed good morning back in Tacoma do you remember the first CD that your provide. And entering a McEntire decorated it and actually meet her. So that was like full circle and other like ten years after it burst out at like her. Okay so what was the timeframe on when you bought the CD in and you got to mere. Oh I with a kid like Adam Ingram what you're hope but I would play hit and everybody nobody like we've enacted action country every single I don't know. Whom buffers thinking I have no idea what they're really thinking I was like does it yet again what it. He's he's come home and think exactly and then with the red dress that was appropriate you know we. I remember on the outlook. She's amazing and adds I've gotten to meet her several times as well and I know your experience was the same because this is the way country people are and she's the queen of the country people. She could not have been any cola matter detection is so nice and genuine I love read. She it can keep my head I remember thinking she's not shorter than I thought in her in applause. But I don't know why I thought that's what you'd expect if they could it be like all the make the numbers in the wallet and you click the sweetest person. In the world and I wanted to secure with Erica remember her credit card but no picture it looks good it'll be honey snapped the picture it till it finally looks that are security are like why. I just ran an error like a year to go she looks unbelievable she looks better now than he did a few years ago and from the kitchen back on the market she's single and ready to mingle. I mean the redhead I mean I regret so hey you know. Big prettier and prettier if need to know if you felt. You think that's something crazy to say but it's absolutely true you dangers have the best to stand out there. Yeah I've actually had act he or anything like that though. I'm not it has made it the hair I can guarantee that the neck and know you're on to something back I appreciate the call and have a wonderful day and you kill Bubba I abide. But he sight of that stories to the guy that we used to work with when we were talking to re that this is only I think a year or two ago three to settle worked on the third and second floors and enhanced our enemy if she was wearing it was a fancy event and she was wearing of the drastic cut down a little bit here in. The guy that we used were we get cuts to staring at NC but it's actually since he called him out on it and it was hilarious. Did and they hear either appeared. At a thanks very few I grew up here where you look name it Palo it was so funny out of public sexier before we jump into two hours of nonstop new country and by the way. At 830 of course we need you know a code word. Worth a pair of Chris Stapleton tickets that's worth just sit around with a hanging out a couple of commercials on step 830. Krista able to tickets are actually Lacey says this is so embarrassing but the first CA ever bought was in saint. The second wasn't any better Chaney. At least he was a rapper I know I had a unit and yes your. OK I was five years old enough for city was Alison Krauss now that I found you and I still happens. Hash tag. Alrighty CD. That's what's your case for five DOD's and at the head man it's something else too is your first CD was actually good grant you know I'll also remember picking up. Loverboy. Working for the weekend. Get you through Minneapolis ticker the new restaurant she's rock and use the order today. Angela in federal way says a hash tag all right TC the end of an era I still have four milk crates full of cassette tapes in my garage cassettes even not to mention to milk crates full of cities reminds me of cave on this is us with her. A VCR to I still get road eventually. Cast in a row it was Celine Dion when I was about ten passing along in my bedroom for hours my four parents. How does she did the chest thumping. You know my heart goes all I didn't out right. Rob said first to be ever bought was Colin ray I was in eighth grade reference that I was wearied by country. Rod you were cool before country it's cool brother. Boys demand and the road Spanish version. Movies and he at a disadvantage for him that's a deep cut that since no desperate seek to. At Madison also insane. And Embree firms to holly says golden road by Keith Urban still one of my favorite country albums amen to that. How does that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. We're getting over the results of or more fuel tank useless poll of the day's low joke you know these coupons yes do you pot meth may have again this is only so far will keep going for the rest of the day. And by the with pole from yesterday didn't really change much solicit and review their but today's was about deet in it now hopes that it Twitter and essentially as he beat especially at Salem Oregon pretty hard there was. Somebody put a picture of him coming soon and put sale Morgan asked for the summer that's not happening it was a hoax you know it is not the first time that's happened they did that and I believe this time square in New York City and people Ortiz going net listen I love in and out burger I would be super excited if they came that's why we did our morning wolf thank you so poll today would you be excited. If we got in and out burger here in Seattle or anywhere in Washington that matter. I'm glamour not alone your sludge are dead because on Easter grams a story 77%. Said yes so far only 23% said no on Twitter. 65% said ONG is 16% said you know. And 19% almost 20% of never had a which is not surprising that never been in this part of country he had so I was lucky enough to get familiar when he lives in Arizona for ten years I had made give me a triple stack protein style pet fan and I am happy camper I got nets that's an animal Fries through cool. Annoys me out I have this great Amber's here and European W that in and out is in and out it's quick it's easy it's fresh it's really good anyway take the more we will thank useless poll of the daily to go to who is to Graham and Twitter on Seattle wolf our social check out. I look at with Matt McAllister has been trying to. Though wolf sole many text messages still coming in about the first CD you ever bought and again again you're gonna CD best buys done this summer so. We're paying homage to attribute. A couple of text here this is from Katie instead away my parents had a pretty sweet rock CD collection but the first when I ever bought was Britney Spears baby one more time and that's thank you and about a million other 35 year old dudes. A race based in soundtrack Mariah Carey emotions that's from Nicole and Wilkinson. Hey good morning that this is Corey. My first CD ever was a bootleg I bought in Bahrain during desert storm was Aerosmith and it cost me sixty dollars. Yes so I texted him back because my first CD was also bootleg or cost me forty. And then he said yeah I spent thousands on those CDs and when I left I had to leave them all there. You remember electricity even their record stores they have first of all the CDs came that big cardboard box in. And then there would always have the import section and they were like I guess from other countries that they would cost a three or four times with the normal seeding wise that's interesting yeah -- and a number ever know what the differences except that it is publishing a different country amen to name drop yet but it's not a name you've ever heard a bad hail builder. Capital record I've heard it. Hailed builder was the guy that got the CD industry and nick fury environmentalist you'll appreciate this he was one that that lobbied the record companies to stop wasting. Twice the size of the CD and packaging and make them just a little plastic piece of rampant right over the Easter coming a box I mean yeah three times the size is scenario was three L knows and god bless you and thank you for your contribution to the music industry seriously that was a big thing. Oh yeah. You 100 points. Wolf the morning wolfpack Medicare ouster I hope you're already for ms. DC it's market. You still don't know I'd take it did I love them. Do you even couldn't even run intentional more yeah the wolfpack is ready to go to London and Baghdad. I daily happy Tuesday what are you doing today what's go Obama you are so funny like stop. And I really that hyper yup yup. You know it's funny that we we say this all the time we sit in the studio next door we do some work after the show in the right here everything you do into the soundproof walls. Your insane he is a good thing go into your head you're good grace I'm. Have fun and that's what we'd like to is that illegal around your Madison Libyan military side. Yeah if we didn't like to. He didn't enjoy your spirited by basis because. We wouldn't invite in every morning to come hang out with us through I want a little bit of what you got on my plate a little bit of the decided Dili was a mistake. Yes and here I don't know don't say network. Candidate questionnaire and I'd what are you doing today it's done you know I had this solving LA to talk about the then that's like you know let's about what happens to you this morning we don't have stupid I think it's real and I think it's real relatable I didn't see anybody who is a manager. And passed to. Employee. To new generation right you go ahead. Well I got contacted by a girl named a late wife she's in maple valley toll calling me out girls yes the coming shadow me isn't what happens we're super busy but I said yes to get to have a lot of ties in maple valley hi Tina McDonough and valley girls and guys love you know. Raising that money and done that so old Alina was supposed to be dirty thirty did they accidentally you either need to be released. Or on timer cannot help because we are so busy in here having plus yet we are. Alain and is late she's still not here. So I told dearly misses the old school in mean they're very traditional person that I am missing daughter and because I think there's no less and if you letter ends hey no problem traffic. This generation needs to learn that if you're late you don't get anything there's no handout there's no entitlements. Did become a new radio station hang around in shadow you. Opportunity why would you be laid to that there's no excuse. Well out of left for hours at a time to make sure I had just for traffic shame there on the radio. Me and I is no I'm Daryn it's a lesson and there's no less than if you just let her walk on and trying to be mean. It's a learning experience right. I feel differently I mean I have a big heart and I have a hard time saying no to people all they have like you know ice I wanted to give Alina this opportunity and. Which just goes up today he nominee go out there and give her bagel you know I'd be really sweet about it a bit let me ask you this question and I know I'm manager. Everybody's gonna name matches I'm the jerk but I'm the guy with a common sense. What's gonna happen when she gets tired for a real job was at least ten year if she shows up late it's true she's not going to be working their very much so it's just a lessons of maybe that's the question. Do we lettering and yet looks at it and I tell you I mean that. Let's let the little fact aside Joseph was the most empathetic human being on the planet he has the biggest part and I love him for that. But I think got to leave it up to your audience and letter sit down there in the lobby and think about it for a little while while you discuss your fate on the radio you know the first I feel the. The first that I had a gig in Nashville I had to sit out that lobby and wait for that program director for forty. Five minute absolutely and you are happy to do it I wasn't like. See your when he showed up like the. And getting your foot in the door at his businesses everything yeah I got a foot in the door and it was late I probably could stop the Starbucks for a triple threat she. Like I couldn't possibly show up without being caffeinated. I don't mind. Just laying I have seared in my opinion and it's just my opinion so I I would leave it up to your odds to Zdeno you've best and you know what to do so that'd be great reelect question in ice or down lobbied so you figured out I don't wanna know what you think so tell me what should I do today shouldn't lettering and him to a six or 21 wolf for dealing decent taken over we'll see you tomorrow. How. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 points and over.