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Tuesday January 16th, 2018


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Okay do you get. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Point seven. It's according wolfpack got Matt McAllister welcome good to have you here thank you thank you thank you for starting your day with us they're slow Joseph over there that morning who we're gonna talk about a minute because he knew something injurious to the blue madman and attacked him I reminds me sincerely. Rocked my world off it's axis so. We'll get and that about twenty minutes but first. Both first hour everything got to honor curry man I'm just you know cats and in this coffee down our area I'm good I'm one captain. M Wafer cup number 20 mile settlements over get the juices going here and welcome back if you had yesterday off we were here but if you weren't it's good to have you back in the swing of things short week to get yesterday off. We were like the only suckers in the building a sign that we're blow in the bill looker for all of the other morning shows the building to listen. We knew we got to pay artists that I got to work harder and let's get our leadoff caller on that view we must find out what to do it up early check in with you get to know you little bit better. We just need one so big of a phony give us a call if you wanna be your leadoff caller 206421. Wolf right now. Tireless starts show by getting Alina collar on its Roxanne who is checking in from Buckley this morning fellow Roxanne how are you. I don't know you fantastic guy like your energy how long you gonna wake up. Aunt and the past 330. OK I get the same alarm clock. I'll always be rusty what are usually would get Jeff sorely. I don't back and I don't add and traps. But it tell me how that works a little bit designed like I don't understand what you mean I kind of stands dispatching taxicabs go pick some body but how do you dispatch a truck. Let me read it. Out and product customer. Okay. And. I'm the go somewhere else. I say it's always different product to work for the same company that the trucks take the same thing. Not. Disown random if I needed it truck. I could call you and you would dispatch meets a lecture but they had some Murtha had them I'm pretty manly Roxanne and I'll keep that data Burnett but did. Maybe I got tobacco and there in a move announced dirt. Can call Roxanne about the issue dispatched me truck. I'll RE not at. That's the way it is OK just wanna get in on Roxanne spine here earth movers and and all right Sam are you married. I got two kids. Why do you oh god you. Look to you don't saddle in the tenth grand kids c'mon. IP OU granddaughter. Well good for you guys must be awesome. I would be so my arm. My age. Father in law my wife's dad. We just in town in for some reason are one year old son is scared of him or today yet because he's oh well he's you know he's Mexican and he's big he's allowed to clean up and that you know he's properties I I think a big bear in in my son loves women but it crushes poppy that he can't snuggle with the you know Jews because you'd still I don't know whatever it is B gets its decries it retiree Jezebel is like Santa Claus and so. As a grandparent and others at the veterans I would your granny kids but. The point that story Iraq's Sandoz have just to show a little bit of the grandfather frustrations happening in our lives. I can say that my. Quite a bit with my daughter. Does have a mustache. He has. Credits and must accept and I think that's a standard you know. It almost got the barrel you've got to have that so Roxanne how long have you married. And I married him thirty years tools look at you are what's the secret. And well aren't secretive. Eight do you want to let people among. Think of you that is the most realistic approach to marriage I've ever heard in I appreciate your honesty accident that I think the you know what I have and I was. Tied Darrell. We they had all the time. Just the way it worked like this make each other miserable is that inflict this pain on the rest of the world. Exactly what all right all right Sam we'll appreciate you being a part of the morning wolfpack thanks for listening in I think you literally just holiday can set the tone for the rest of the show. Well thank you when you guys have a great we will you do the same dispatching his face semi trucks I don't know okay all right blood Iraq's in. He did they can't save catalog and it's. All right coming up next though we will reveal would slow Joseph dropped on Twitter. Yesterday they kind of blew mama. Hear that every morning warm. I'm still a party. So wolf according wolfpack is on I'm Matt McAllister slow Joan tweeted this yesterday. Hole lead blank I just stayed apple pie for the first time in my life. I immediately regret so many life choices I missed out on so much I can't believe my brain deprive me of his joy for so long. This blows my mind Joseph first of all how old are you 37 you're 37 years old why have you never had apple pie and I guess it's even crazier for weeks or growth in the midwest drag apple pies a staple plus now. We live in Washington State and this is apple country it's not like having been exposed to it I've just I'm one of these people that I don't like I won't try things and my brain is convince myself that it's not. And for the longest time forever. I convinced myself that Apple's entire should not good again they're used to like totally different world. And I just you guys now and saying it's pilot pumpkin pie. So it's just it was like it was gross to me it was alleged to apple pie yesterday when we had guns have been average at the Ballard farmer's market on Sunday and she picked one out and she loves. You know we she's never big line but she happened to pick one out and I'm like that's fine I'm agony year for the last night she said please just try. Dishes that BC have alimony from the lice everybody had a little bit no ice cream so did the warm apple pie with a cold ice cream yes that is Nirvana on a plate was absolutely paralyzed couldn't believe it you know and and I did for people that don't have like you've never had liver or. Pharma be you weird stuff. That is just it's just one of those things and it's not the only thing I mean there's a lot of stuff I'm realizing now I'm having this epiphany. There's tons of stuff that I haven't tried that I see people eat that I'm just convinced is not good well. You know and fervent S in my wife has had the same thing she never tried Thai food too we moved here we tried it. You've had a place in our area and now she she's addicted just a link to the plate when we know it's ridiculous. But you know there are rude awakening for people later in life like maybe you just never had a basic food and so you were a little bit older and ultimately got what what am I missing. 206421. Wolf is the phone number if you had a food awakening. I'm fascinated by this I truly and you can also text as it's really 46150. Just put your name and attacks but Reid rather you give us a call right now. Joseph in Lacey did you have a food awakening later in life that is to say you've just recently tried a very basic food for the first time. Yeah I did actually. Avocados. Are. Now he's talking to me baby that's my favourite there. So when Thelma huge you obligation textured guys so I don't want Somalia is completely turned off by let you know absolutely I. That's interesting so you know this big of an avocado the guacamole which which do you prefer. Well beyond that now I like guacamole I just turn vegetarian so I've been. You know experimenting broadening my horizons and I'd let you know these. Give it shot I love a joke so you know talking in my joke like Jesus I was given him a hard time but the apple pie he said a perfect reason Amanda and I it's like to stay in my lame. I like to go out to a far outside in my world and. Well it's safe Jill you know if they're beginning and I getting burned it to him that I with the fire and those plays that I like civilian judges would never seemed necessary and I regret and I think I was late to the avocado party to you wasn't in the last like fire or six years back. I think a lot of people were there and you start realizing that there really good for you it's almost a perfect favourite one in Miami I have eggs every morning for breakfast apple one of my exit hot sauce every day there mum and amazes me they are expensive so. Hey I Joseph thanks for being a part of morning wolf pac man we love you. Soviet dictator I good luck with your Glock counting your role with the and it's youth right now. He didn't say he did he said luggage to your daddy yes I don't I don't get all benefits the guy hey have everything and tweet real quick from Christopher says they have never had shrimp in my life and I'm 25 years old asked that. Now that's interstate Eleanor he's afraid he's allergic to people have a bad reaction to assures shellfish or am I actually like shrimp but I don't like to eat it it's one of the foods that congress is half. I'm Alison descent and a tax which you can do as well 4615 certificate changes that. All my food awakening was alcohol I turned 21 and fell in love Fandango. So you wanna check in about a food a big basic food and maybe you didn't try until later on in life. Just can't believe it it's a food awakening. To 06421. Wall. Look Joseph had a. Crude awakening yesterday and last thing at apple pie for the first time with. Vanilla Ice and it's gonna ask you could have it every night now because I think well. If I deprived of that my whole life I would just didn't you tell me that sounds can't wait to get home in apps like there's I think there's like four or five slaves it just that one big this is Winslow Jones about ten pounds he does it covered apple pie everywhere is that. So. What is your food awakening that's the question what basic food have you never tried in any fell love with kind of later in life. Wendy says I'm in my forties recently discovered that I actually like mashed potatoes. And Noah and Al when there flat smashed potatoes and grew up with mashed potatoes it's like the other got a call with the texture thing and I would just like all these basic food that would simply because that is the texture got to get a terrible for that I garlic mashed potatoes Ohio all day long as my favorite thing about the Thanksgiving meal dressing thing is really good. All right Soo says never tried sushi until MMI has been trying to heavier goes. Years ago now I am addicted Lotta votes throughout account hostess like Joseph to people seem to camera present you need to avocado in your twenties ranking and from. To a 6141 wolf is the number. Hello Jeff in Puyallup you had a food waiting later in life what was it a Brussels where outs. Dude you and me both now I can probably guess what you're gonna say but tell me how you like to eat and how do you prepare. Please slice them and a half year old woman and all boil. Yeah wrote some and sprinkle parmesan cheese. Other than the parmesan cheese I got to try to but I do the exact same thing it's super easy to make and they are delicious it's like eating. Little crispy Brussels French Fries. Other illicit there's in the if you were tainted like Iowa predicted gym pump oil man who. Naps and how I want to thank the F fives are gore may shaft who figured out how to cook Brussels sprouts so we can all eat them and enjoy them. Absolutely yeah I'm waiting for the dude is gonna do that with a spare against but I haven't seen yet I'll let you know I do like asparagus Juba. How old were you when you first at a Brussels round jacksons are really like him. Well shoot probably eighty. Forty yeah it's crazy that it be late third. The second half yet it's always the best one meg thanks for being a part of the morning wolf back okay. Thanks Roy yeah I do appreciate so he goes Texas 24615. Here's the name on it. I here's one from Ronnie said never had he still had a 65 years old. I wish your that I wouldn't like it my secretary made it for me and now I love it and she made six. She makes me one frequently. Teach I could easily see how that could be an overlooked truth if you got a foot away getting to a 6421 wolf. The morning look at with Matt McAllister has been trying to. Though Walsh had a three day weekend you're lucky and glad to have you back. So the morning wolf pack useless poll today is up on our IG story in Twitter it's really simple. Would you pick up for his right here in 2008. The reason we're talking about this if you haven't heard. Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson has now grown up and quite beautiful she lives in LA. I don't imagine she is a lot of things to worry about financially in the world I don't exactly know what she does either but she's kind of a presence on social media where she posted this video. Yesterday she picked up they hitchhiker. Actually there was a couple of whom it it didn't go according to plan. And yeah. NN. I remember GE and my sons and putting them on yeah. Stopping an accident in place yet and dinner. On physically not doing this like back. I'm. Like this stolen debit card like I eighty. I across. Thank you might. Speak to. Him and certainly. And Paris welcome to the real world you know I know it's it's great to be young and idealistic in you wanna change the world and I difference but it. It's a sad day when you get old enough to realize that a lot of these people are con artist grifters. And you give burned helping people they add furniture and she picked up submit tigers team dinner gave the Sox. And I girls or debit card it's. I imagine stealing Paris Jackson debit card you can do some damage out a man that Abiola converse Saatchi had they won their. Lou the town and have Rudy. So that's the useless poll today would you pick up a hitchhiker I honestly would tell you would really I think depends on the situation with it looked like. I'm probably just gonna have to go ahead signal on that which is weird because when I was a kid. But my money to drop me off our remembers one place so that I could hitchhike to where wanted to go Brad and I recover the back of pickup trucks and I would get there. And there was no problem my mom dropped me off to his right how we yeah we would always his shag is kid this is like you know you're walking in the anyway might have a thicket. I'm that's her arguably another broker power no movies it's thereafter. My name is one more movies I think I'm it's gain experience. Love to say yes I would pick of his haggard is but I never do I pass them all that all of us. And most of the new Italian and against the sleeping bag and attack Iran is trying to get some point eight appointees. Kind. The I'm sure they are going to expect and I don't want year old and all of this tonight in my neck I can't have that coming home with a knife sticking my now under. Where's the band aids were the first day here. So I hop on social media he can again and everything it's really easy to Seattle wolf Twitter is to Graham. It's all there for FI here's Erin Watson get the mug club coming up here about ten minutes and it's a good one today and stick around. Wolfpack with Matt McAllister here this is sending a 100 points plus the walls now on another episode. Your club. And I think sojo earlier this it was the most spirited package we've ever seed. We've got a hard hats. We have a coffee mug that's a sign with a bunch of guys on its legacy pitchers stickers all over this package. Let me explain a little noted here says it welcome to be Pacific northwest from the iron workers locally locally sixth. The iron worker said he knew this package work force concept which is a general contractor. I made or boom sent this package. I'll probably be working when you call them my general Foreman always has his phone on you can reach him a market recover IW's. Lead the way. Listen to. I didn't learn a. Hello. Is this Nate or boom. Yeah it takes a nation a coordinator sequoia boom I'm confused. Dollar a barrel I don't know like that that's a great nickname one of the best boom hey Matt McAllister calling from the Waltz wanted to thank you for saying in not only a great coffee mug. With all your buddies that signed it but the hard hat as well do that was insane yeah we put all union's picket on the local ladies this group well I don't know how to thank everybody ones because there's so many different factions of the union represented but thank you thank you thank you boom you're gonna have to spread the good word how much we appreciate all you guys. Our you know build an America one iron building at a time right bloom. You know veggie geyser locked into some good country music down there. Today you know we can do it there we have to live long considered the morning though you don't like Lipton you're up in the morning. You know slow Joseph had mentioned to me to. That you had a buddy who recently took a fall in you guys are trying to do some good form we'd like to help you with that we could. Yeah. It's kind of sad story you know that there's little six yeah I excel book orders viewed here and what are the two year old. And he's got the got to go on meet that I wanted to go to share that you know just about the Stanley is nobody with a wanna go do valued on and. Yeah of course man I mean that's why I brought it up we'd like to do anything we can help the family that is devastating. Yeah yeah. That leader on nine stories Jesus. Man I I don't really even know what to say other than ma'am we like to do anything we can't help and I'm so sorry for your loss for everybody's. Yet we get injured all the time now that. Clearly you actually end up losing our lives. No and I'm really sorry to hear that but it is a danger that comes as what you guys do not only people appreciate that how thin the morning wolfpack help you out man is it like this that I know has ago funny paged you wanna give that out or what we do. Yeah I did I get thank you guys the late did you guys to charity that's great but stage. Amen this Torres are built by me. Not even a problem what we do that the links is always easier justice center over to me at him mad at Seattle and now we'll make sure we get it up on our social media. Included a Seattle dot com we'll get the word out man I know. Everybody would go to what you do for a living can relate to a loss like that in a small kids are involved it's devastating Alia. Well boom. You know appreciate what you try to do for fallen brother and death thank you so much for being a part of the morning wolf back in now welcome to the mud club. To everybody. In the locally six. Thank you gotta thank you are coming up next. We have the definitive workplace survey it's gonna be asking you morning wolf thank what is the most annoying pain that people do it in your office. To the morning. Oh I now. 147. So wolf that's the morning wolf pack I'm Matt McCallister well go again three how to great to have you back alleys are thinking right now about the most annoying thing. People do where you work and we're talking about an office tight situation. There was a survey that just came out. Some of the results are a little surprising actually slow deliveries through we'll work in a typical Hannah nagger cube farm type situation but most people live. So. Would you think if we worked in that kind of a situation it would be okay to take your shoes off at your desk while you're working computer. No I didn't this is cheap enough on our air play this is not look at 56%. Of the people that were polled said that it is. It's okay to take off your shoes which. Let's be honest. I'm down on the eyes for you ladies but for guys your dogs are barking at present there's a little fun thinking come off those you guys you know enough fascinated him here in the cute yeah well it most of these survey questions fall in line with what you would think could be common sense for example playing music without headphones 94% of you say no. I'm eating smelly food eager to ask like tuna. 63% say no but almost 40% it would manifest your lunch stature through journey you gotta be honest. Clipping your fingernails at your desk. I'm glad that comes up every time. He's can't imagine somebody would do. Well we used to work for the guys that we do that and closest team. Avenue in a special kind that dead center and therefore who's missing some chips 93% he said no I'm clipping nails the desk thank god. Done about making personal phone calls it worked this one has ever told on the line 51% say no but 49% say no let's look at. How to commuting your cell phones it doesn't make the looks like to be noises all day 75% say muted. Putting your feet up on your desk 82% saying no unprofessional. And then of course there's the cardinal sin would you ever. Should you ever edict coworkers food out of the free market and ethnic and can get to you know I had like debt. But what is morning wolf back here does to you what is the most annoying things people do in your office to a 6421. War. Talking about office feeds hash tag. Just things that people do on a daily basis wherever it is that you work. That a north and there's a lot. Mine personally here I only really have one. And I've never worked at a place that had a dishwasher before continue putting the onus on the employee to actually. Brings their dishes put into the dishwasher somebody's gonna have to run the dishwasher somebody's gonna to empty the dishwasher. These are arguments that you know come to fruition and household. But when you worked at a place like this and there's a ton of employees and nobody's really held a cattle somebody's job. I'm shocked that it every gets them but I will tell you. The one thing around here that drives me nuts and I'm sure it's the same where river is that you work if you have a kitchen is when people just walk up and they put their stuff in the sink to walk away I don't. For the light to meet can't figure out like dude it's coffee mug he rinsed out. We've even got a little brush staying with this opening to clean it. Yeah and that's their problem everywhere you and I have worked again and Clinton and radio people the slow obvious I think to plus yards. But you know place dishes everything is thinking you're basically. Leaving it uses singing somebody else is gonna misleading is for someone else to do my dirty work that. Somebody else washing your underwear that's unacceptable it's unacceptable it drives me bananas. There's a guy here this worse about it and I am and I listened to where news I'm gonna go around Macon rules Iraq but I would say what I want in the mornings a bunch overflowing this is it she asked bums me out yet that's it's disrespectful lazy lazy so what are the things. The drive you nuts so where you work does daily annoyances office speeds to a 642 on wall. Jennifer and Markel TO how are you today I. Yeah hash tag office peeves they came out with nine survey questions about office etiquette it's pretty surprising what some people think is OK some people think according to this it's okay to make personal phone calls. While you're in the cube farm it works agreed to hear which talking about strongly disagree. I'd done it if there is now that right now what is your office. I work act and if it's a living community and I three years and sales and marketing and I tell you what we all work hard we're all salary department had it didn't. And it right mean that we got one particular department head who Ali talked about how regular. And how long hours you work it out late yes it today and I'm thinking. We all feel quite common and we all we're tired you are built thankful. And no matter where I worked even when I worked hard and downtown there's Alex one person that I'll bet you I'm not not about. A long hours that they had regularly. And it's. Right so in other words somebody and the team is always kind of looking for sympathy and it's kind of the low is woe is me mentality and if you guys are all working hard I guess it. Yet totally. Identity and Jennifer public felt better to talk to me about it. Let me get noticed that I hope you're able to tolerate that person a little bit better today at work. I love it Jennifer thanks for being a part of a morning wolf thank Todd in Kirkland what he's your office peeved. Always eat enough food in the microwave and I bought everything in the world gonna splatter at some point and you don't cover and then microwaves get all that these girls but it is it's discussed. Sold your office. Absolutely yeah yeah my wife turned me on what do we got married three years ago to those. Get a little directs plastic whatever covers it you can just file on Amazon prime demeanor tomorrow. And it's cost like eight bucks in India to wash that once and awhile but it's pretty awesome he never asked in the minor. All right we have warned that gives its magnetic and sticks to the top of the microwave when you're done what we've been lifted up. Who that's next level technology so tablets some products people are using it. I'm not I'm not a word we don't have attitude that at home we have that but just at what people are just lazy and it's not been my goal is so little don't look. Right but is there a cover for them that worked Dodd. You know well there are paper towels there yeah did it and figure out you know sometimes you have take the initiative tonight got to be that go getter you know in the upper management CNET no promote achievement. He's maybe get by one quarter one on Amazon in mystic and an iron today used the cover. Or you you know you're out right. Todd thanks for being a part of show appreciate the call but. So thank you. Course and remember you can ocean was a quick text 461 finds here can believe that. Nobody called it about the thermostat that seems to be one of the biggest off I was ends of all time. For me personally I can't it's got to be a certain temperature of the studio kind of a deep about that delicate holes to hack you the I get so angry when it's like seventy M on the comparable like you've been you know there's always somebody that would go in and sneak it now stands in him. I can't believe that's not a big thing but maybe it is. We had some late arrivals on the text game and I hate ignoring people to take time attacks about something we're talking about her head in this case it's office tees. Things that people do it worked at it's only annoy you managing groundbreaking but we started talking about because it was a new survey that came out the broke down to stuff that I find really interest him. First of all. 51% of people in this poll said it's OK to make personal phone calls of work. No it's not you know maybe every way it's an emergency bit like going to the lactation room and shut the door at. And nobody noticing your personal conversations were in place of business here. It just is interesting to me about doing 56% of you say it's okay to take your shoes off by your desk at work again Palestine note. There's a font man kiss my yourself from members like the litter box you look at it for you if you can't spell your own house I'm just telling you can't allow attacks and some techs love coming in here by the way guys Texas anytime you hear anything you wanna comment on it you can't call. 46150. Was put your name and it. Let's see here. Some workers and hold themselves up in the bathroom for ever but we all know they're just in their texting. Unless they're texting the morning wolf thank you sweet totally agree with you that's a bad thing. Let's see biggest pet feed that some people actually come to work. LO well. Girls are sneaky we do sneaky conniving things constantly. Rather than large stupid public stunts. There's no name on them on the headlights and a little bit more than half drag it right so guys what they did did we make grandiose stupid gestures are women are a little smarter about it in the office place game. Hash tag office peace. The other one win co workers make coffee and Spiller splatter they don't clean it up ever encounter is nasty because of it. I have bleach to count her several times and still nobody cleans up after themselves this worse than my children. Festina appreciate it I see that all the time people always get water all over the flow our kids senseless with it until her right Susan Lakewood says that worked in an office we also the same problem is that I was talking about here at the wolf. That are just with the dishes in the disorder in the sink it expects somebody else to clean time. Susan says so did the same problem the solution was this has got rid of all the this isn't so where half half everybody was told to bring their own dishes it never fails there's always some idiot they continue to leave. The distant Hussein's. This made the problem go away science and ruin it like it. And by the way this might seem a little sophomoric but it was in the sense that the actual serving as well. Passing gas has somebody says affording him not claiming it clearly a guy. But that was actually in the surveyed I didn't talk about I just thought it was so silly like nowhere do batted around other people like you get away with nick and hearing your own studio yet until we get echo something ago. 66%. Of the people said you know you should try to hold it goes somewhere else agree that means there's there's a large majority what is it like 37 for 34% of people say let it rip three taken. What planet are they living on apples black tea. No thanks. Someone who needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts doesn't talk until than I don't. All here's Matt McAlister knee. Never dull loss hit the pavement. Jack could be history. Good morning Mary Annie Oakley and how are you today. I'm doing out. On great I appreciate you asking for one I know you're fifty years young and you work in a medical clinic in you'd like to be the streets for some Zack brown band tickets is this all correct. Correct. Are out of like where you're coming from thanks for being a part of morning wolfpack now busy bee bee will be at Safeco Field on August 31 which. Happens to be a Friday night's raw gonna have a little of the funds. Tickets go on sale this Friday tinian let's get you a pair for free right now are you ready Marianne for beat the street yeah okay you know how it starts getting you five questions thirty seconds on the clock. So you have to get through that a pretty good pace that don't rush anything okay Marianne. Are you ready. Here we go question number one. The movie jaws was about a giant white checked. Act which car manufacturer makes the must act. Kiefer Sutherland play Jack about war on what show. All. Of which river runs along the border between Washington and Oregon and act kicks Brooks and Ronnie to make up what country duo. I know you wanna find out how you did in to do that we're gonna bring on your challenger the slow Joseph asked him the same five questions so it's a head to head competition now I will tell you that as slowed just found this person at discovery park let's meet him. What's your name from them what he did. My name's mark come from Tacoma and I'm manufacture work. Jack sounds reassurance to metres by the pace in his voice I'd like to Kadant Siri go question number one beat the street the movie Giles as about a giant what are. Dad was a softball everybody's on the board with one and heading into question number two we got a guy who quits car manufacturer makes the mustache. Forward Ford was right again so you two a couple of sharpshooters here and beat the street tied at two apiece mirroring and good start Soria. Hey. Kiefer Sutherland play Jack Lowery and lets job point four. 24 was the right answer Mary and usage when he won and which. Maybe you think you jump street I get it that's a tough call but that is not the right answer so you lose a point out. And just like that mark from Tacoma takes the lead and beat the street three to the we get to questions left here's question number four it's our local question. Which river runs along the border ripped through Washington and Oregon. Bring in there with me here is incorrect. You got it right here any day you have maybe. Come on now. So we at a time. Heading into the last question well love who beat the street comes down to question in the front because it's the country music question remember Mary in a tie goes to the morning wolfpack. Let's see what happened and this is excited. You. Kids Brooks and Ronnie Dunn make up what country they are. Have no idea. He had no idea Maryann obviously Brooks and. I'm talking about Mary and so just like that you have one Zack brown band ticket you're going to be there. Is this summer party is now poised and appeared chosen this and all that stuff I can't wait to meet Kamerion. Until I can't wait to meet you here no yeah. Hi coming next slow Joseph had a food awakening today and what between it will blow your I'm gonna share next. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Yeah it's morning wolfpack Matt McAllister and slowed Joseph blew my mind yesterday were to say a lack consider we work together for sixteen years. His tweet yesterday afternoon holy blank. I just data apple pie for the first time in my life I immediately regret so many life choices. I've missed out and so much I can't believe my brain deprived me of the joy for so long. Slow Joe's in his mid thirties. And I guess will be the first to welcome you to America Judy baseball and apple pie are you kidding me it you know what I I didn't like apples and I was a kid I just. For some reason I thought they would go good together at a young age and and I just have cleared it since then so you've avoided your whole life advise one of the greatest things ever it's that he's only you had Vanilla ice cream on top of I have around and no ice cream Sophie finally said listen and acting as the ice cream they got a minute try and I'm like OK I'll have a play. It was absolutely incredible it's shocking to me that you had a through waiting in your mid thirties Diana and insisted doesn't even processed that you'd never had to have a maggert of the midwest that was like. You had apple by wells are and there's a lot of other things here and now my out my mind is opening might let Nelson I missed that path as fast. Well you know I don't think you're alone. In terms of if you had a basic food. There for some reason you've avoided never tried until later in life and all the sudden. You're the middle of hash tag food awakening that women at the period eyes I don't know why I never tried this but now I'm in love this. Give us a call to a 6421 wolf you can also texted in 46150. Always asking is too which name on that tax so we can say hey what's up. Hash tag foot away getting jaded to it is to let's get this thing trending it's that big right now. A normality in west Seattle good morning we're talking about rude awakening you wanna jump in here on the combo. Cops say. I've read it yet and yet everyday I went about 33 am pregnant but I backed exile. Just when you're not supposed to have caffeine you job. Off you can score existing. Okay and never is bad that I can't did not close. That's interesting because I know my wife winter some stuff when she was pregnant in terms of cravings and stuff she wanted to ebitda when she wasn't pregnant she'll like it anymore but. The coffees stuck with Yahoo! powered. Yeah and crazy to Melanie for you when you see kids now you know 1213 fourteen narrow drinking coffee I go to Starbucks. I ate pizza can I hate born five year old and now quit talking about coffee. And drinking coffee. Four and five year old talking about coffee in Starbucks you've definitely got to slow down with the marketing we'll get tired RI Joseph and Graham what was your so rude awakening. It was there yes. Not boil my wife of the path lies with other teams. Just let go right click on it and it comes out and basket. I love it now remember we're not talking about. Cookie recipes these are food awakening some of the words basic foods that you never tried until later in life. And you realized oh my god I've been missing this delicious this my entire being. By the way I generous as eggs Benedict who all subjective and here's another text am fifty I recently had a Jimmy John's delivered to the office Sam was so delicious I told my daughter. I just couldn't believe it's right Tucker there I went in and I said Haywood sandwich has the amazing saw us they said you mean no one with mayonnaise. And I have never had mayonnaise before. My daughter makes fun of me now. Rightfully so you robe and house with a man sat. Hash tags put awakening if you wanna put it on social media event that to a 6421 wolf for text 46150. Right now wolf pass. Slowed show tweeting yesterday many had ample five for the first time in his life he's in his mid thirties. Easy in the garbage can't wait to get home in my studio at stats I have relies. To a 6421 wolf. We're colonies rude awakening so basic foods that you never even tried for whatever reason until later in life and realize you missed some good you know Rabin silver detail a good morning what was York's rude awakening. Bail them a lot of traveling into him. The Malaysian island and spam egg guy who writes it is a great enforcement. So we get back the states to do by some spamming keep beating it also would all identical us. You know I can't tell you that I'm on Seaver had spam but from what I gather it's like him products and McCain and I get off brought up all baloney clip David Wright with that at all. So you'd have gotten your wife on the spam turning around now at 08 at tech football. You know I'm curious now a little scared it would be ingredients but that's a demanding everybody should probably try I have read over and over again. That spam is the number when he ensued I believe it's in Hawaii Billick addicted to it. Yeah they have a Jeremy Elliot ball which is just or you're right. Wing it I think they called off. And it blatantly delicious I don't know why Robbie appreciate you sharing days in a part of a morning wolf bag rather read evidently yet. Hello Jeff in Puyallup you had a rude awakening later in life what was it a Brussels where out. Do you and me both now I can probably guess which you're gonna save that tell me how you like to eat and how do you prepare. Please slice and a half year old woman and all boil. Euros demonstrate both former judge she's. Other than the parmesan cheese I got to try to but I do the exact same thing it's super easy to make and they are delicious it's like eating. Little crispy Brussels French Fries. Yeah they're delicious as in if you were tainted like I was from a kid your mum Boyle album and snaps I want to thank the F fives are gore may Shas who figured out how to cook Brussels sprouts or we can all eat them and enjoyed them absolutely. Yeah I'm waiting for the dude is gonna do that was Airgas but I haven't seen yet I'll let you know I do like asparagus to how old were you when you first at a Brussels crowd just started really liked him. I'll shoot probably need. Forty yeah it's crazy that it delayed 38 the second half Jeff it's always the best one meg thanks for being a part of the morning wolf back a day. Thanks Roy yeah I do appreciate it. Particularly tablet text here for 6150. John says all of loaf. Always thought it was gross realty and olives so I thought I'd tried it was delicious hash tag food awakening if I have every heard of and all of my Google in it's disgusting it's like it looks like expand that with all of this I cannot do all of so. I'm glad you're enjoying it job only that moment you. Heyman and slow Joseph I never like green peppers so it was 47 years old. My current boyfriend makes a best cheese steak stuffed peppers have a great day that's from Jody. I got a of the sixteen years this is lasagna. This in my mom never made any Sheehan like therefore we never had lasagna. I guess now she has a real Italian mother in law so yes lasagna is her rude awakening at the bigger and as a kid my mom made Campbell's tomato hated it isn't Ullman has until we supposed to make it would milk I love it that's from my diet and another text street tacos. And now addicted. Kenny thanks to the old food trucks roach coaches you had a much of food out there and the staff either. Let's see. Ugliness and on the text aren't coming up next. I think one of the things I've heard my wife talk about that's can be a little frustrating as a woman is when you go to the gym. And you try to work out and dudes hit on you grand Guido is especially. At and but there is now in this is just something I read this morning it in it's actually going around on Twitter. There's a couple of women they're being bold they have a whole new strategy. And as a guy I can tell you right now and he wanted to this to me guaranteed. I wouldn't talk to a ten guaranteed I would be the other side of the gyms it's bold it's innovative leaders are about a next. Happy that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. You live in some interesting times. It's like John Everett when I met my wife Vanessa she is she still continue to be a gym rat she is less time with our one year old of course but. And we always talk about guys that Jim and on C she was say you know guys don't really approached me to Jim and by the way guys think Jim is a great place to meet women. Women hate when guys that aren't at the gym and these are there wanna work out get out so. Jesus say you know because I have this built in or BF. And guys don't talk to me because I just I don't look at anybody I keep my head down I got my buds in ages. I don't give off revive that anybody's gonna approach to seize the you know Vanessa she's got stronger our via yet he calls it. But for allowing this problem and now there is a new technique that is guaranteed to work out just from a male perspective of this ever happen to me the gym. And I was one of these guys that look at any women. I would run in the other direction so I guarantee you is it works I can't believe that there's that people would actually do this I can't either but there is an author. Named Olivia Cole you can follow her on Twitter at ranting howl she started this thing but now it's like to me to movement it's picking up some steam. And other women are trying mistake me. OK so here's the scary that she tweeted. Guy approaches to women working out with flirtatious eyebrows at the Redding girl number one. You might wanna come over here dude I just started it's bad. Guy looked horrified leads girl number two says Bowen CD's you're really girl number one says course. OK see I I I buy that yet it's not the actual actors listen in even guys can do that on command brag but it's just. What do you stay in there and just you know ladies for for the other side of the coin every guy has the story. About accidentally or being around woman who actually does that if it's in the beginning stages of relationship and you're dating. Can be kind of a horrifying stories for a guy can refuse to that from beautiful sweet PT Levy who you're gorgeous women and that's something that's lobby dudes do you know in a fraternity house yeah I don't think so anyway if that's a problem for you. And you are trying to get your work out on and you see the eyebrows done and now you know what to say ladies and by the way is anybody ever does that you need to call and report how it goes 20642. On wolf keep a number in your back pocket. How are created and these here. 100 points go whoa slow joke your wife Sophie is she enjoys shopping at Nordstrom's. Is now I think for. Absolutely because for Vanessa my wife shopping is shopping endorsers it's everything it's a shopper experience he loves the diner she loves. Everything about the customer service she lives her Nordstrom's. And she's more than excited that minorities is like all about Seattle program what in the innovative downtown Seattle Nordstrom's store. And this is where sometimes I get my wires crossed I think I understand how my wife thinks are women in general because I I have sort of a story that says his honey look. This is great in a downtown Seattle and Ortiz they installed he meet vending machine. And it's stocked with only meets products and it's like the candy store for the carnivore which I'm all about. It best that they like the vending machine you're only gaining a cookies chips accumulate stuff they have are they frozen blue. It's like feast your he's got preservatives like ice here and he's still on you like meat and I said honey could she eats the same way I do sit in this great does not. I don't want to grow sticky. Like to meet fingers and shop and from issues. That's okay I kinda get that. So us and our right. So this is this is good for the game by the way it's in the men's department again so make sense maybe your scenario here yet again like a blazer or something you don't know on some beef jerky this is a guy stuff. So I said well OK so. What would you want in your dream machine. In this doesn't have to be at Nordstrom's. What would you want in your dream vending machine at work is let's be honest. I don't care where you work in Seattle we are at the same stuff that are ratings Ingraham it's like those little cookies it's the chips at some beef jerky like only need for a program. Her answer was dumb. That was that was the thing she would want in her dream machine I think a lot of vending machines have got a minute and you know I think maybe you're glad it's on that bottom level the indirectly in Tennessee for oh yeah. So again any guys were all pretty much the same were simple creatures women. In the morning wolfpack here's what we wanna know right now. What would be in your dream machine let's just take a step further let's minorities the size of the deal vending machine in the women's department where the makeup is and issues. What you want and it my wife wants 11 little thing for gum. I would imagine to take that a conversation step further she probably wants to chapstick and the next drag that's. And I don't know ladies what pepper spray to throw some ideas that it coupons. We'll what is in any. 206421. Wolfson over give us a call or you can text us 46150. Just put your name on it so we knew we are again when he won in your dream machine. Immortal fact goes hard in the paint contacts after 8 AM to look Joseph yeah. So I just in case maybe shop around for your hobby down in downtown Seattle minorities there is a need machines stocked with Owens meats now in the men's department. Personally I think it's awesome. Well I thought it was kind of growth can have salami fingers in your shopping for shoes so ladies we just won an old movie in your dream machine hash tag injury machines. By the release so who. Weeded me that you would like a guy must find a man sat on the come off a little bit desperate I don't know a dozen you know dating a man out of a vending machine that's good. Some of the responses were getting of attacks by the league in Texas City time about it ending 4615. Series but your name on it. He came in says I was one beer and wine it seems I would have to say about it summarize all the responses to the women's dream machine it's alcohol gab beer or would be great down. I don't disagree. I want wine cheese really indulge in the full experience. Taylor says I'm when champagne and a variety of juices and other words have made it almost a machine. McKenna says I want to make up the Russians. The tanks and let's see melodies as fresh dill in sea salt kale chips. Awfully specific. That attacks their ties meets amongst the standards that's Jessica and generous as good red wine or champagne. Are minorities if you're listening Diego there's your ideas yet a putter through his machine the back with Matt Stairs. One place. So Walsh is the morning wolf pack on the new one at a point seven the wolf I'm Matt McCallister I don't know we have ever had a more lopsided. Useless poll of the day on social media and we tore up every morning real early. It's on our history and story Seattle wolf and a Twitter. Now here's why we're talking about hitch hikers in Paris Jackson Michael Jackson's daughter. Picked up some hitch hikers in LA and it went very wrong for her yeah. Yeah. Man I remember the end. Sons and putting them on. I was partly. At least get dinner yeah. I am not doing this like brag about it. But like this so I hit it hard like I and I don't across. Thank you my. Speed. And I'm. I believe that the definition of a humble bright he had never saw one of the homeless the girl she's talking about stole her debit card after Sheen. Try to do something really nice form so the useless poll of the day is pretty simple. Would you pick up a hitchhiker in 2101008. Team her kids that was pretty common. 98%. Of people on mr. Graham said no and a 100%. Of you want to Anderson knows ethics and I feel bad for his jagr Radovan. Sat with Matt McCallister. Brought. This. No more supporting wolf taxman McAllister. Nominally be leasing over and the and I got to tell you early in new person walking in here assign no there's good news I also fully mature but she was. Here's the deal yesterday hey if you weren't network we were and Dili came and you say I'd I'd known you for that long and you're always like. You have boundless energy ST looks like a woman beaten you heard you were down no make up you were sad thing doubled this year. And the French bulldogs which I think all of your listeners know about. Yes little Dixie bell. And so she ended up having an MR I yesterday and take you for letting me talk about this matter really preclude you coming up with like a walking Dedham and find out what's gone without a alaskans so I was very concerned. Wells so they did the MRI and she had a ruptured disk in her back so they did immediate. Emergency surgery thank god for these these doctors that took her and then. Surgery went well she came out last night. Of anesthesia she is doing well and we're gonna get to see here the first time today around 1 o'clock. Good news. And he can you know junior tennis and we we went to the same thing with our dog last year. Anyway I expensive but I and there's not really a choice and his dog you know it's like you're. So and and are at least for pennies she was better than she was before after the surgery it's unbelievable these vets can do about it is right we'll Dixie bell as an athlete. You know she loves to run and play and so we're excited. You know make sure that she can get back to work. A healthy place where she can run and and and just live off funds rate she filled life. Get back to give us that Richie Suu Kyi well. But don't be surprised if they put some limitations on that bridge to present over penny this affects small long dog. They injure themselves their backs jumping off the beds and our cars is a jam those vertebrae so be surprising little underdog upstairs anymore can they got to come down the stairs Wheeler jump off the band we don't want to jump out of the car so she's a little bit older and even Dixie bell grace we definitely put the brakes on that energy just a little bit we're. Be trained all over again how ya what we can let Dixie do what we always have an American again you look you don't have already Ozal car rants to should make walk government in the united you'd like more of princess and she was before. How do you let your dog sleep with a bad I'll help them. Spencer humans that I got four man event. Letting that my wife and I have a world no TV in a bedroom no dogs in the bed and no kids in the bed the bed as for other things we. We have strict rules in our house. Yeah I'd date of the student gotta keep that relationship a lag out. There's nothing like the and intimacy killer and a dog a kid or whatever on the record good dog had a bad it's not a I mean I just. Brandon dogs are being beds and are. I believe have a great I'm so glad to be good news and they get told John I'm thinking about girl thinking about themselves. Actually the car. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 point 70.