The Morning Wolfpack - Tuesday July 10th, 2018

Tuesday, July 10th

Tuesday July 10th, 2018

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Rolling hey welcome back to or welcome for the first time the morning wolf thank podcast you assume that activities are recurring customer. It's Tuesday July 10 my name's Matt McAllister and lease here as well hello slow Joe's over their rarely had you know by a thread for any reason in your eyeballs look like you're jacked on that black candidate feel like they're Jack well I'd give you a hard time and I was the same way last Friday just because of the fourth it's lineman of the week it was literally so tired I was going to and of the planet but that's how you work today yeah have been really without explanation like I slept OK last man. You're just exhausted what time did you go to bed. Normal time like 738. And has reading at 730. Now I got back up right at eight you gonna had to go do you something I had an eyelash and my dad got it out. Where lack but. Right back to bed as a tech I think a little longer than normal the fall asleep at least lately but I still fell asleep woke up a couple of times like you know and time is it was like one damn cool and a couple of hours. That's an abnormal really about my sleeping Sessler Joseph is extra slow. Well and you're the one that doesn't mean you've had bouts of insomnia so one diagnose sleep you should be okay so yeah that's usually not. Nice three or four days and then it starts starts wearing army say I don't know them have no explanation where you anyplace last night where somebody could have slipped to a roof no okay huddles up our last guest when you slept better than that kind of making a pass out at the end of my had to hang up well. Carry over that's OK I don't know anything about every FISA. Well of course I hear the goody goody now know that. It has nothing wrong with their except for that's the big update your about to hear in the show and a minute here. We have gotten to some kind of resolution with Emily and her vice city and analysts say any I don't ruin and if you listen to the whole show it unravels itself kind of guessed myself. But it will say tomorrow at 720. Should be a really big good announcement Margaret airports oh yeah I hope it's something totally crazy well I don't think we've ever had as many guesses for anything we've done on the show then to try to figure out this so looking forward to that the big diggreel. Hang out what is this saying yes to somebody texted about this morning I did get my plunge Iraq this guy. I guess I can't remember who attacks it was yeah doing morning Dan ending on our east that I pay. Or you just tell me keep your click Cadillac of challengers and bring over some more cookies. I'm sure he meant like the special cookies sure but yesterday adding your realize that I thought and got back targeting a plunder and how to handle well you wanna make your wife upset right itself by yesterday. I went out the day inner door in my apartment that goes out like the elevators and stop. And it was sitting right next to my door he put in a trash can let a little plastic trash cans the plunger and there are some. You know that whole debate and we don't need to go down that road again but not the plunger is such an interesting topic because. You know a lot of people don't even know we're supposed to keep it right I don't think you should keep it out in your bathroom because it's gross it's used to touch clue so at. I I I'm a firm believer in you should get one of those little receptacle that holds it out should be underneath you're saying that. Is that it plays so did you bring it into the U part energy take it to I did not Rotterdam or clean I think he prior wash it or something's was Sophie said. Is she didn't want it back she base she didn't put up much of a fight that you know I don't want it and I am you thrown out of your mind and stills and their says he OK I think we're probably Erekat. I I kind of got over. Yeah. I just think there are some things you can't think too much about narrow your enter and I think. Men have an easier time putting things in boxes and not thinking about them her at least in my relationship my wife full over analyze every detail there where I descend to say okay is that staying backwards supposed to go and next time I clogged the toilet W unplug it and and did sit that's a terminate a backlog editorializing yet and yet TV angrier if he didn't have is that he needed it ignite it have you guys clogged toilet yes need now are either one of view I have argued that. There I don't. Well you guys are an apartment buildings are and typically we wanted to get into and out McGuire we retire can turn out of somebody's a Bieber got something else will discuss now or that how young yet toured a free skill and I noticed even. Well you should know I mean I have had my laptop is now in our televisions. And I will say I've never had a service when I've been able to because at the toward France which I know not a lot of people care about. Happens early in the morning it's on France after noontime track so it starts typically 4:5 AM here. And I always tape it in owning a home I'll watch it at night which already replayed all day long as I saw on TV I am yesterday debit she wanna be able live fast forward it's four hours so yeah you know you it's a command I don't know I tried losses so I it strike you did him get to that in a minute but as I've never had extended the or Comcast before and I've never been able to have that on my laptop so I I've just been. Kind of haven't on the back I watched during the show I now and we played you know eight minutes of commercials target and a nice little viewing that segment so what are we. Today was stage for a purely in this way the torque. Is three weeks 21 stages when I straight days when he went straight days but we were on vacation next week so I'll be able to get up at my coffee and enjoy the torque. And haven't on the Bagram but you have to select today is great because I don't have to worry about having to catch up because we have got to catch of the bachelorette that was on last night didn't see that in. American into warrior comes on now we've got our show as a writer Stanley shows. We're good American family watches the bachelor franchise together until like if we're gonna watch it day 21 is that they walked right now none and Canada this year they made the tore us about it where you guys really letting me talk about the tour right now this one and only match no this year they normally out of the system the first week of the Tories exceptionally boring it's all flat stages which are like 45 hours long and it all comes down to like a horse race at that and words ten seconds of the sprint and somebody wins. It's always the big sprinters. And the overall contenders don't even get involved the first week however the tour organizers now really that boring had changed now. So the first weeks actually really interesting have been crashes galore. There is an interesting story there is one and yeah Elway there's there's a handful of Americans in the tour now many is not an American sport let me can I interrupt you for 12 but wait till I finish answering the question again so no date 21 is not exciting it's cumulative threw out of the tours at a time trials. They go to the Pyrenees first then they go to the Alps so there's all because it's not like. Don't know hey we're on sprinting and literally peaks and valleys for three weeks up and down to yellow Jersey leader changes crash is the LX the whole thing yeah. Is his soap opera for the whole month of July is my favorite months of the year and I've had his beautiful weather do you. Weaver Jennifer really long time yes I've been hearing about the tour of France for are really are not really going to. And you used to always tell me I think when Lance was there and stuff like that that like people again I think gets in like that the mountainous regions where there's like big crowds on either side of the road yet and there would get in the face of like lands in the Americans and spin on I'm at Oceana dump your and I still haven't aria yeah and this year the guide is getting at is Chris firm who's won the tore the last four times he's basically Berlin air. No he's British track. But he's basically. 17% over what was allowed in originally reports that he was double overall was slated to steroids to get a definite advantage so how was he allowed just a race when he was cleared background at the evidence in the case says there was enough and look. It's a sport about money like anything else declared in five days before the torso are is because he's the biggest star in the sport just like back in the day they bent over backwards so that Lance ray and it didn't look at certain test results as. He was the main star but there is cool story about Americans yet this is really cool and I don't care what sport you're in a what you like but there's some to be said for. People that can endure and overcome and struggle that's pretty attractive. Lawson cracked his attacks and he's is the second Torre's in his twenties young kid star of the future. And its first day he's in the feed zone because you're on a bike for 56 hours. There are certain places where you're out of Poland somebody hands you. A bag of food is on literally feeding yes to feed zone to get over you put it's called only set you put it over your Chastain you can pick Alex sandwich and a Coke and a Snickers and you can beat. Well he crashed in the feeds on and actually crashed into a spectator while you're bringing out there and by the way to answer question here so everybody's been brewing Chris firm. But I still I mean they get like that saw it links to it's it's the only sport you can stand a foot away from the athlete and do whatever you want to so glad it's very scary Willy can't patrol. Six hours of freeware so a lot red blossom credit wrecked seat dash is his eyes open really bad she's got blood all down his face. Which is not the bad for the bad part is he fractured his shoulder blade. Which is incredibly painful felt like all your weight battle your way that your hands are like shocked observers or arms which coping your shoulder yeah. Well he wrote another I think it was about eighty miles to finish that stage with a fractured shoulder blade and never when he simply dropped out. But he say you know why it was pretty cool because they interviewed him and he started to cry and he got really emotional as I have not worked this hard to go home. After a little adversity. Some to stay in the game. I'm gonna try to race tomorrow and for every stage that I can finish I'm an a hundred dollars to my use cycling foundation back in Houston Texas. And there's a velodrome which is a cycling track and if anybody can match from those donations I really appreciate it but for every stage are finished I'm in front of now. A hundred bucks is a lot when you're talking about a professional athlete these guys don't make a lot of break their cycle in different level they're like Jim yeah I mean. So he tagged like JJ watt and Houston Texans and some other famous people. And lo and behold he's now finished. Four stages. And raised over 30000 dollars for this youth foundation and me and Alaska was it will what's in it for you like why is it because now I'm helping kids Alan I have a greater purpose and the only reason. And I showed you your family during this stage. Union a lot of pain you try to breathe. Yeah and Craig you just can you get notches he does that for six hours a day out like crazy you can imagine there's been guys back today another American Tyler Hamilton. Who finished the tour with a broken collarbone which is worse than that. In it was so much pain that he grind it down his Tina after the point win the tour was over getting his teeth. Replace it so amazing if you actually finishes. Well and and the real test is are so right now it's mostly flat rate yank the real test is an historical an uphill and you've got to stand up off your bike in swing your bike back aren't figure out of the saddle it's called and climbing mountains that's a different. Saying can he survive. Ten stages I don't know but is it does raise a lot of money it's cool and he sits in the very back he's the last guy he's like I don't wanna get mollify crash I'll break it even worse crime out of the melee but I'm just like I'm just trying to hang on every day so it is great story line to watch. Canada in an otherwise you know what can be kind of boring sometimes so this dumb question is every year rates are not like every four years in this like a 120. Toward France and I don't have that number right but it's it's been around that long got a so yeah it's it's it's my thing. Please though I will ask if I if I start getting to this. Acted you know make sure that I am focused. Oh Barak and I have to say I don't have the volume on I just look over sometimes and actually today it finished up perfectly because Dili came in and there's literally like four decade ago and there's a minute to Havoc on the song and I'm watching the sprint finish tonight. Then and ended and we could go on his turf thagard. Yeah so anyway it's a commitment but it's only one month a year but I'll tell you Vanessa she puts up with that she's a good sport about it but. You know. It's a thing yeah it's that they have a aren't feeling by the end of our vacation. She's going to be under which then well in normally we vacation over the fourth of she's used to it Americans only the morning you know anything got to have a coffee Libya on the background I don't let it upsets me too much but then there's an apartment era like getting around the house. I think actually used to watch the tour and you're right I have eight hours you're there take your kid your best yeah so I'm I'm making sure that I do lots of other things that make dinner last night I had used for at least set forth by our words and given all the banks like yes you dad has been drawing -- it's you yet you can it husband currency inside call you can definitely banks haven't -- and on and be burden there a lot of I'm gonna say he's he's all of that he had thinking though there or you're Meyer in any shape in the thank upside down at the end of this well in the last 91 well and she went to the gym at her like a 530 class and she's IK UNC June accompaniment daycare since baby again I'll watch it and like you know we heard color read it and they give Franken is I think horses. It's it's it's careful try to sneak in a McCann aren't so that's all I got anybody else. And those voters about falsely got a lot of work to do you have an I think a good family dog had yet to begin tomorrow. Idea of the date on how are you feeling about revealing that. Mean I think your biggest concern is how I'm gonna respond yeah and you already know gonna give you crap on after seeing like big gases people have. I I'm afraid to say it because I think Pete I don't and a it's not a bad it's not a bad thing people are going very gonna be underwhelming. On home. Well here's the thing if it's if it's super stupid it is then that's going to be. Overwhelming grant if it's really odd and crazy then that's going to be I don't see how it can be used your point I think it's bath. I can't wait 7200 tomorrow folks and I enjoy the show and oh to the summit cannot force today here in Seattle that look like to go to. Even my overpriced weather upset the until tomorrow I guys we love you. TW AU. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on the. Point seven. Walls and welcome everybody back to Tuesday. Pretty serious life Santana checked Dennis Blair is like Ted Kilroy and Hillary daily and get karaoke guy deliver an athlete yep I'm even in your world and. Okay well strap it down over there could really get into here in a minute I letting go to a solid and they give LS that is I was sitting there at home. With Jude riding a device quits as we dig a little deeper here this hour into what it could be because everybody has advice and if they don't. And some. I Arie did the text my mom sent me when she heard this this year host of which is interesting because there is a question about your mom. Because I really we all know your mom is your best friend Yasser had to kind of I kind of go there she says you have no places I deer than the final. What do you think about this look joke. Deceit and lies and it's something that's something well figured out we'll give that a little bit also to imitate tickets at seven Timothy street. Somebody new into any mud club actually really cool organization called costs and if you never heard about them we'll introduce you at 610. And a little bit later on the show 810 we'll figure out what might the doorman makes for a living and share your salary. Now he's not a guy that stains are from an apartment building and opens the door I was rich I ask you know we actually makes doors for everything from like Hershey store to. I don't know airplanes airplanes else. Well thanks for them in the blanks or yeah. Well what else in the hills and that this good now degree lazy day when I asked a shocker yes there are really. Not how lazy went home I had huge fur most of the day. Took a little by grow disease hall Joan Jett. I tell Lindsey did did last night we were sitting there and mom went to gym so we're kind of just sitting there having dinner and he does every once a while he sees anything in my computer was open if he sees the bulls logo and in the good judge Joseph. Georgia Tech Emily and leak and then last night at city a world where where does daddy worked as wolf. Will flow isn't the first time his dad but he was doing a really slow who's trying to get the wolf because will affect I think. I have to get that on video as sort of the he's been doing the judge Joseph family thing for a long time ever every do that in our our fifth he's so cute he'll take our logo a Google search kissing it can get like national debt debt to a joke and then. And he knows he knows what's going out there aren't yet Tex are flooding into love to hear from you there if you don't think of the phone it is early 46150. On the tax Stanley read those now Republicans are lead off collar. Somebody to get us some base Campbell let you pick a song any song in the country world of course to a 6421 wolf right now. Not good news again Mary Ann Alberts to anybody be leadoff collar vote before we do that let's check in with our textures. Science and good morning happy national Teddy bear picnic date liked having you have to dig Teddy girl apparently today there's a lot of pressure or haven't Teddy picnic even just dig a piggy without a Teddy there is a lot of work but it's also. Key Arena Friday night will be hanging out good morning Mary Ann Arbor and happy Tuesday how're you today happy Q I'm good thank you how are you how good morning normally feel more. So. Mary what are you doing up early. I am at work right now I make in my first delivery highlight hot but now I'm just now hit in there. Are you delivering live organs in cooler because of always know and I don't know and you if you. OK. I can. Our rebel what do you do that I had her. I brought in and stopped to hospital. Well. You know I would think that would be a tough job to get because I mean a maternity too serious here but because of the oh really an epidemic an America like I would imagine that you have to go through quite a bit of security clearance to be in charge of that. I'm well there shouldn't hospital. Beat you have to have job security to walk back up back radiology. But. And you know I'd. Like carts that. Let it out. Yet you did not yeah yeah. But no you know L labor are easier to. And connect to kind of had asked you that I want it ends just so I can see his reaction to I think you know you still like. I Odyssey. What a scene deliver and I did he tell you that I mean you know I he's you know. In high school I volunteered in the LR face Greg stretchers and staff. But they did a where they took all the bargains out for and I got to go one by one clue to. So while I think it would pass out I say I wanna see it in but I don't handle stuff that yeah. That blood and I didn't get I didn't know what I. I. Knew. I couldn't I knew it. Well merry since you deliver medications and whatnot do not let's slow Joseph get your personal cellphone number to let you know right now and as for us what the Wii play you we you know we'd have to play a song for be our lead off color being a part of the morning wolfpack Mary what we do. I would love here than you gain ground that I'd love. Lives. How can you got it governor I don't Mary we love you have a wonderful day and a good look at deliveries. You know I cabinet to get back to emily's vices. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister I was pretty happy to figure out that I could get an alcoholic beverages every terse attraction I would do my age and Emily gray and the golden girl of our relationship you narrow a lot of things we're behind you give him time. 127. It's hello Julie in few wallet you were calling in about emily's vice. I'd seen it might be this famous maybe might do when I get home from work and that's all I want is. Asked was peace and quiet. Are wanted to and that. Yes OK now could napping be construed as a vice because earlier we spent a lot of time trying to define what device was and it's a flaw on somebody's character or something that is typically unhealthy for you. And I'm really not sure nap could ever be looked at that. You're right yeah I get asked darn it. Now I can't really think it may be getting her nails done that bill is so they're not really gets pretty good some people have asked for a big fan. Don't listen I'm not shooting it down because they don't appreciate the support Emily has of violence we just seem to figure out what is. But we talked about the male thing channel. And I don't think anybody's gonna jump on or that being necessarily bad for you in fact that my wife if you don't have your nails done she thinks that's a vice yeah he need gagging you looked good well. Then nailed loaded it's been studied an already went at it hasn't been studied that backs up. Really toxic and talking about it's really not only hit I get it done. Right but again she doesn't get it done enough that it could be considered by some rice is almost immediately on a daily thing it's a weekly thing but it's a recurring thing getting emails and and we health indeed. Button every couple weeks he adds and Julie trust me went down that road we appreciate the help her but that's not it it's something moderate who think completely OK I'll be up to 2 in the morning working on its. Send me an email Matta Seattle dot com. So coming up in five minutes Sam earlier you raise device quits. There's some probing questions into your character personality habits and what not good idea came up with last night I'll be honest with youth the couple drinks sandwiches. I really had to go there so it's going to be a comfortable. It's a very personal thanks and I need a 100% transparency and your and let's all right coming up next the vice quiz friendly we'll find it. Dedication just during the conversation. I can remember Emily how we got on all of somebody wanted to buy you beer ad did Kenny show yet and I don't drink and he said okay let's cool what survives you're gonna have. So. That was Saturday even probing ever since try to find your vice yes I came over the vice weighs in slow joke you think of any I'm not asking feel free to jump in your best ten questions. Love the double is having. Mission Impossible that's not double 070 are going to listen I'm on. Invited well I think everybody to send emails to mad at Seattle wolf the calmer texted in trying to help them figure out what your vices because I firmly believe everybody has one. You just don't knowing that. Yeah I told flat open to that I don't the idea that you are very sweet very innocent you don't drink don't smoke don't have been well. I just listened to populist and to protect its number one and this came from a text do you drive like him mania when you're by yourself. No I'm such a bidding kitty. I'm so afraid of getting in trouble right I Aaron you and I will let the same place once and I saw you I left before unity which speeding past me in the through. Yes or no Emily no like I like about you know. Is your vice lying about having any buys it happened now. Have you ever shoplift it now. What was the last white lie that you told anybody. Her home town I don't know. Probably hear them. On one in my humble and elite OK on an Nvidia and arm. Again I'm just dig in here I'm like in a sandbox looking for a church the but what do you consider to be your bad habits. I he's a bad habit of picking my finger now. But now I get they now so that doesn't happen more ID she mine mouth sometimes that you like Mao my lip and public your cousin. The house did than the junior in Oregon immense amount of ice. Why did you go on so many bubble dates when you first got here. Is Joseph brought this up yesterday was like speed dating it was every day because I didn't know anybody and I was in. Apartment with no cable and do not addicted to dating yeah not addicted to stay here until it not by name random dudes from the army. Okay. Is there something you've never told your mom. I'm sure there is that I tell my mom pretty much everything and maybe not like meeting greeting he tells it my mom does everything what are you not proud. No it's jeez. I mean can eat your maybe I didn't finish call let's but. Well as Taylor and. Butler question number nine there's only two left I'm good do it. The united front of my death while we use today or would you say you have a guilty pleasure. Guilty let let's pivot off the word vice a little bit here I have got a guilty pleasure and. Me me. I mean that's kind of different to meet prices are likes her negative guilty pleasures like that on that may be ideal. OK so here's a final question maybe it can piggyback off that last woman I do you do anything you don't feel good about after you do it. So in other words there's only way to the next day late and it. The next David yeah I think after. OK I know what what is that thing that you're talking about in your brain right now yourself I don't is that. I don't tell you lose some date isn't fair. Slow so we finally get it we finally got there. So what isn't I I don't I'm Italian you've got to meet. Isn't going to be funny and so we knew what have some time process that you think about it that the guilty pleasure vice Malone and his. Introduce just got real interest. Hello Robert had ever had to got to count about emily's buys we may have stumbled onto something here. Yeah you know I mean wake up you are saying you know I exist. And you copy exactly healthy and make my own thing here. Like the Bart. Yet but it's not coffee is that Emily pondering a lottery yeah we talked about that I've got her on the coffee a little bit Robert but she uses it unlike the rest of us who are addicted to it helplessly. As kind of when she needs a cup shall have a little she's not even addicted to. I'm telling you damn near perfect but. I yeah I don't know I don't know if you heard that last break but I think we stumbled on to something she says she has a guilty pleasure. But she's embarrassed by and I think he's at the right we're definitely. Like he could make him quit. How can it be dumber than what I do I wave my food that's double the yeah that don't I do a lot of dumb stuff out they thought of before yet mr. Atlanta mix yeah I'm. So. Wedding and I did not help men and my mom yeah. Now I know but I do a lot of weird stuff I mean I would. Yeah yeah yeah you're Robert is selling better get wrote in my dump trucks on the let's ago but I'm talked and we hear I respect the privacy I don't wanna put her in a weird spot he's also wants her to tell. That's what this thing is that he's embarrassed by and hopefully with your help your pressure peer pressure. It's a female. Twitter or social media we can get to talk about a bomb gone off a pressure I don't. How you wanna say hello to a reportedly is undying. OK so Matt where are getting text messages. That are above and beyond anything it could possibly be more into the adults. That is Gaza people's imaginations and running while price knew that people's imaginations are gonna get a lot worse than it is OK Ozzy and Intel so. How this is someone to guess it. I'll tell you otherwise I'll tell you tomorrow morning. Christie said he guess you've given us 24 hours basically to come over the thought of moving them over the team we guess it today that includes a Joseph and I right. Okay Daniel reveal. You'll talk edited family friendly and Lisa and yeah guilty pleasure to a 6421 wolf or you can texted 46150. By the way speaking of badly we're gonna have to pivot a little bit to the Big Three coming up in three minutes this is the morning. Alistair only do 1470. Yeah how big are the Big Three bigger than the lives of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night liars and this is the big story. Get ready to see a lot more blurb me eat. On social media not not actually like the Barbie dolls heat. But hardy eat or the new trending in. Picture like duck lips for the thing going OK now people are seeding women mainly or staining on their tippy toes. To try to make their legs elongated salute looks like they have. Invisible high heels on like army steel. Okay do releasing are figures a former Jim has steadily you ought to be atop your class I limit it casino my you know has been funny thing I think is that it's reading this article about Barbie feet. And they said we do you have to warn you big dinner should try I just doing one split. They dizzy he get injured I guess folly nodding your tippy toe I don't. So I have to have a lot of strong cavs walking I had delegates that are that is flavor ask don't hurt yourself so there and Barbie Fiat on Easter argued seeded. Remember the coach. Bottled challenge when girls one of the looks like Kylie Jenner they were sticking their blitzing COLT oh yeah talking immersed snapple bottles up. This not that it's impaired equally as ridiculous but. Are you well this. I think you feel little belt better builder there is having a paint your age day just Build-A-Bear no he does not thank you know build various church or you go and get the yeah basically skin of the may be your own candidate yet that this Thursday they're doing a pay your day aids day so if you go one of the two year old you only pay. Two dollars per billed there. The one time I did I remembered being painfully expensive. Yeah to a forty dollar bear yeah it is expensive you just have to get the free loyalty club program. And then you're good to Dell and if you're about 29 years they'd like to be done by yourself by guest. 29 is the Mac they're gonna make you pay if you shouldn't be thrown out there spear who noted had a child in there you get to pay their age so that's this Thursday OK in this summer it looks. Mondays are the new Friday is and when I saw that I was like I hate Mondays we talk about. But they say there's actually a lot of benefit to taking off a Monday instead of Friday when you're doing a three day weekend you still get the three days. And there are a lot of rainy cancel reasons usually there's discounts and it comes to airfare and hotels. There's not as many people in the airports so I never thought to take. A Monday off to get that three day week. Really no makes a lot of sense especially when you just just looking at the airfares yeah if you travel on a day other than a Friday or Sunday you'll say yes at least 200 Saturday through Monday and no that's key Imus are looking to content because I always would do Friday's deadly path and I get Friday and did everything we. Pro traveled there for madly right now thank you thank you all right coming up the mud club we're gonna less Wear and a really cool nonprofit concept if you've never heard about them before we're excited to introduce you with the mud clubs as the morning wolf packs with now. Alistair 100 flights yeah. So well. On the episode it. Love it got a wonderful letter from Cathy McCormack who's the administrative supervisor at the dependency counselor program insisting that. I heard you mention Costa during sugar salary last Friday it was exciting to hear that you know about costs and the amazing work they do for abused and neglected children. However like to know that we have a local Seattle interest in fact it was the first program ever in the country started right here in Seattle in 1977 wow. Pretty neat I really drove to sue the Maury show driving in my job here and haven't closed one of our coffee mugs to add to the mud club collection. Which makes me think Emily if I work for a nonprofit here in the BMW or I am affiliated with one or I volunteer one. Send us some luck out if nonprofits need free love on the radio and a little bit of a help with. The third amends served fund raisers or whatever yeah. You never know what come snapshot out to all of you nonprofits get us a coffee mug or happy and healthy outlook could cause an endless. Pretty good word about good organizations it's a pleasure are. And it's too confident this cap they take can't seem evidently calling from the morning wolfpack are you. Why don't worry about receiving great thinking so much percent in the mud we know you heard it. Let's talk about cost than our share your salary in half and they decided to submit the mud we appreciate that. I just kind of had to ask his players like hey these guys know that happens. Talking about it so yeah. Yeah reality California good friend in my it was a director of our local casa program their recent to a fund raiser for them. Every single year so I got to find out exactly what it is you guys do and I thought it was amazing you know aerial ball. Don't realize that there's kids in the legal system that are completely lost and without. The court appoint a special advocate they would know what to do. Just exactly. It's just amazing I mean they're just see I'm always all inspired about what based. The work they do it's just deny and I worked today or you Australia for the programs that you guys. It's great but yadda lip so that was so exciting because you know so dad you ever wanna. Helped with the heating of her. Glad to employ yeah well let's anatomy and other jobs. I don't know I don't. But I definitely delivered but you know they can find you add King County council dot org and if it's the same program your hours ago for volunteers to become court appointed special advocates and money of course. Yeah I it's really hard to be confident so we catalyst health donated to him via console you don't you could don't need to front the contrast. And guns Seattle we are always looking for more volunteers these guys you know. Hundreds of kids here in King County that we just don't have enough content to take their cases so. This is something you know little bit about today in the legal system in the swear you into the mud club here flood hay out over video and please raise your right hand repeat after me ice feature name I casting the core rescue hereby pledge my allegiance. You Barack but elites into the morning wolf Thanksgiving morning wolf that. And a proud member as a proud that. The most. My old. I pledged to crank up the wolf every morning at such predictable every morning congratulations Kathy by the power vested in me I'd just be an official member of the original tax Muslim ninths you can't I think you think care what true. Yeah ever of ever get a those mugs you flatter readdress its Seattle wolf dot com fighting if you haven't heard the latest on the straw man we're gonna get their necks. Back with Matt Matt Stairs. Once or twice oh well I can you guys to help me out with something. Why is everybody freaking out about the straw man the great straw apocalypse of 2018. So the city of Seattle already banned plastic straws yeah. They're gone. Now. All 28000 Starbucks locations which obviously that'll start right here we are in the epicenter of Starbucks HQ we know that. Is going to be banning plastic straws and all locations. Replacing them with a specially engineered strong listen live with that can be recycled now here's a part it's still get. Who's drinking out of a strong anywhere you go get coffee. You drink it out of a coffee cup where wind is a straw even come into play at. Harbaugh earlier cold drinks like your bracket chino switched to meet this cup is going to be interesting because. Most people get the whip on top of the crap chino. Given where we live leads the door speaking a case and no offense but you're not really a coffee drinker I'm aware okay. You are a what every would call those frat pitino mocha chino white mocha latte cost Europe fake your boutique coffee drinker in the afternoon easier drinking the milk shake. But there are a lot of us that during the cold breeze I drink coffee and the only time I go to Starbucks is to get those like GAAP iced latte things than those that those under a drinker shop till I actually when I heard this BM is coming Gwynn Johnny Amazon and immediately ordered. Final straw huts because I drink from the straw with everything they're still beat up like he had sent so I utility now you travel with a stroke can't stop my first. Have a metal reasonable strong doing about a Coke or Pepsi or someone drop you put a strong and apple now that I've never understood. Some people doing that in New York when I was there and we will I tell you I police one and it helps to keep your teeth whiter. It keeps it off your T data that I understand you work with a guided drinks a witch mountain duty rotted his friend and the way that they TO if you Wear lipstick. It helps save your lipstick. And there's I hasten the people who overeat and staff. You just never had a problem ice and I'll do my lips during restaurant there's no going back like you're like. Love is so much easier to train from I would never forget the personal and so somebody with a straw sticking out of a code can I thought it was the weirdest thing I've ever since I didn't say with a bottle make that person must be a German so analysts have come he did he turn the tab around and stick the straw in it will slow back down. I'd now that I can pack a medal won it won't matter but right so slow Joseph. Is this guy girl thing is that I'm feeling or do you care about straws I don't really care about stars and I did notice they see it at one restaurant I went to they gave few papers are. So. Now that's just a city of Seattle play correct now we have there's one contents Montana grill it's deadly chain but it had as an all public paper Sean the endlessly. Like I'm all about getting ready shot to save the sea turtles. But definitely not in just the sea turtles well that's a big part of it but investing your own shop because it's the way to get. Ha I will say that my wife. Drinks almost exclusively not her coffee drinks coffee at a coffee mug like a normal person but she has got one of those Starbucks toddlers hot all day long for her water or death what ever and yeah distinctly was advocate of the IE Strauss revert. OK perfect there are around it got things it seems like a weird installation. Well. You know it's funny we went dead down on the Ferris wheel the great we'll know in that they actually had a cocktail. Stand before you go on so we'll both got drinks and they came Pacifica. Like in adults it because right. And I think at the end of the day is long it's going into your mouth and in your body life is good you don't care get to have a beer he has now. But they get they have pictures of Pacifica thing I don't know maybe they have a one and a half year olds it becomes seem very normal to me anything but it's not that weird. We're here is a straw sticking that bashes me. Any comment today to a 6421 Wal-Mart. And the fact that McAllister and product. So Woolsey and by the way if you're truly unified that would at least by says were evacuated 720 with the vice quiz little something I whipped up last night on a few battery is. Okay we're going Florida detain Emily get ready to go personal go people figure this thing out at a rate before we do that though. Interesting study they just came out with the top sign. That somebody is rich. In 2018. Cranked so if you're walking around and you see people we all judge and bright we make assumptions that are had yet to press there's one thing that if you see if they somebody has this one thing. Ewing your brain think that their rich now is it a dot. That's what I think. Anything that floats I think you're rich their own plane right urge to some kind of a cool are now it's really a simple thing I'll give you a frame of reference back in 1992. It was using gray coupon Muster. Hello that's cook what do you think you can really I mean. Which is so crazy because there's no difference between that and any other mustard that's on the shelf other than a commercial and they and they advertise and I was like the joke you know for ten year Ricky craven commons everybody can afford it yet and apparently back in 1992. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research. The products and brands of the best indicators somebody's rich rate coupon. Was one of them so you went over some of these house in the whip that out said he yellow French's mustard you like wolf okay. And let's take a look at their portfolio you've got limited jailer but managed trade. You had no way others in other words do I just to go back in time a little bit by the world where you were you born heavily eighty I look at it you're alive. Using Kodak building your camera if you're busted in the Kodak. View where high pollutants also if you owned a silk media branded television. I never even heard of that sort and I remember it I'm not sure I ever had on those and like dizziness. All those if you didn't have rabbit ears you were richly. On the Sony turns her on OK so two days on the top suns did you are rich secure walking around right now. Within iPhone. Now know which I think he's. Nonsensical because everybody has yet in my community or you have a Droid in nowadays you don't have to be rich to get those at you and out and bought the phone. You'd be a thousand bucks play but you get it built into your wireless package and it's like seven bucks a month. It here in America or outside the containing American here may be in Europe did you have that. Yet this is this is. This there's nothing wrong with this way well I think you guys need to put together strongly worded letter to the National Bureau of Economic Research at the national not international national that's America. So here are some other ones do. Other big signs you're rich you have a passport. Hey it's nice view yeah according to this I'm not a dead and that is not a and I found. Your car has Bluetooth and heated seats. Which by the way on a side note is it. That my wife's heated seats are on all the time yeah because ninety degrees out yet she just leaves them on I get in there also my butt is what we value what what's with this. If you cut so and other what is he on an iPad. In this one is it losing to. Your cell service is through Verizon. I'm rich and yet unlike say. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research I am rich. And I am not gasoline or are they sit there head whatever the opposite of riches that's what I am so. Anyway Diego grave coupon in an iPhone come along way right. Don't forget beat the street seventy and cornered. You 100 points. Wolf my co host family ranges a little bit stressed out this morning it's not because she's gonna take device quiz coming appeared seven after the stress that it might be another and help but that continues today I continue to look for a vice friendly but anyway. This is not about that is because. You know at least kind of taken on the responsibility of all organizational. Skills for the month club and as of right now today and again on welcome Kathy in the entire group over it costs in the mug club was four minutes extend. But as of right now. The mud club closet as anti for the first time a long time were marvelous new. So I put the call out to any non profits I think that was a good way to start that today like look. You unplug her bureau non profit and everybody nonprofits need money you need did awareness and adding a golf tournament coming up you're looking for some players. We're happy to do that it is it was a cough him up. This is free plug and it doesn't have to be nonprofit or say hey and illegality gophers they take thirty seconds. Because I do know that you are feeling the anxiety the waves and I just gave that to you and so I don't feel I am I'm waiting to see how low really people like you got time and we don't know any have a mug you don't have to sit and get one made it just send us anything with your logo on it and then also isn't just some contact in felt that we get attention because part of this is swearing you and Lee when he ditching the free publicity. Ending an. And I know that drive you crazy we got a really cool actually a beer Stein and so Michael appear reality. From publicity can Jessica women's football team but then they wouldn't return a phone call to the right. We got a swear you win against the mud Clinton starting for the basics this is a very simple idea you send us a mug from wherever it is that you work in the community. We give you some love we welcome you to mug club we Turkish coffee outing him among it's very simple tick tick tick it's pretty basic and all of our social media. And our address is right on the website at Seattle wolf dot com but it's also 805 avenue suite 14100. 98104. I think if you cry the little right now you might get a couple bucks coach Phil does like Adobe cardiac daylight if you really let some emotion out. Mean man I don't know that I need. I'm hang on the end. Think about those little baby goat. Austin's mommy and cry it's running around the forest. I think this big as I can get to there and again this might happen a seven Tony with the vice quiz to. Our I'd get those mugs there was again just like Emily said and again no don't stress out formally and please come on now life is good. Seattle all that company address to send us a copy in my we're looking for it. Get ready on the phone from Arlington brandy sojo says that tell you would like to try to beat the street coming 170 in fort demonstrates tickets is that right. Okay well that that he stand by for a couple of minutes but. The reason I picked up the call. Is because I noticed that you work at reaction physical therapy were just talking about the month of a minute ago Emily yeah. Didn't he bring you guys donuts. Yeah. Well how is everybody we miss you guys. Are. So this is one of the perks. Again we're talking with the Muslim men and go sitting in your mugs vita part of this exclusive get very non X. Social group in the Pacific northwest. Sometimes randomly on a day like Tuesday Thursday whatever with a scrap it doesn't Tonys and roll up on India canyon were hanging you guys gave us a torrent. Emily. You're really enjoy this because it is all about physical therapy and that you know emphatic in this the silent the career that you almost half right before it up there. Exactly a huge disappointment. So brandy. Yes beat the street can you hang for about ten minutes. I don't condone we get to hang again Friday united soon face the drug to be here again. Do you have any guesses what emily's vice might happen to me. Yeah public got. Exactly we're gonna give the vice quiz got up at 720 right after beat the street I'm nervous well they'll be nervous system be ready to be open and honest and share your inner soul. The rest of Seattle. This is morning wolf pack with an accountant Jack 100 points happened. Plaques hit the pavement I'm active league history to. And Randy in Arlington reaction physical therapy part of the month club. Welcome to beat the street V trivia contest that the issue is so random stranger here in the PNW nine you know how this works if you know as much or more than they do you will win those tickets to see Tim in state this Friday night. At Key Arena part of Woolsey of a million tickets you got all that yet and you know how this works feature in the mud club so you're like you're one of our deep. Now. Challenger here a minute. And she answered the same five questions that you have to answer right now but you only have thirty seconds to get through well five are you ready brandy I. Question number one on your market said and go in Mary Poppins a spoonful of what helps the medicine go down so when somebody crosses home plate in baseball they score a what all right which TV show featured Al Bundy. There Mattel which Washington cities nicknamed great city. Who sings the country song I feel like now. I don't do they learn from. Number employers and those teams we give him the title in his. We go to bed and you know. Sure and is out Randy how do you think he did. OK. Well it all depends on how the challenger did now we met her at the wolves can each as the beach party century link field so again like yesterday's Tutsis and Avery let's check it out. What's your name where your for a nobody here. I need Delhi the message flag from Moses Lake and I am paleontologist you. No doubt leave beautiful name sort of sense Lion King he doesn't it making errors that she's at college in the yes so well it's either good event gesture I was pretty stupid and tell. But some people not. Let's go through five questions to find out if you're gonna see Tim and faith this Friday night here we go in very proper class room full of water. How the medicine right now. Yeah this is we do it yes sugar was the right answers to your off to a one a one time where somebody crosses film played baseball this girl left. It. Here's the deal and weird questions now. No it's not a baseball when you cross only you score a run in if you hit the ball out of the triarc you have a home run. I'm gonna give anybody point out that that's America's pastime in their both wrong. Mine OK a home run is not the same thing I think it was weird burning strangely I don't so unfortunately you're both still stuck and he won a onetime brandy so you didn't lose anything can she be nobody. I tried doing okay. Finley was working. Rick Stevie Sarah featured Al Bundy. I don't I don't know. You know that who's married with children you did note britney's a you dig a little nice job there or drive him no question before the great Washington city is nicknamed great city. Took home. Is the right answer your attitude will lead brainy heading into last went through right now you're looking pretty good facing the country song I feel like renowned. I'm pretty. I don't know. Well neither when you come up with Toby Keith as the right answer but it didn't matter at that point you end up waiting to go on bread and. Demonstrated Friday let me know. Rock god yeah Iraq com Randy and I think being part of not. In the morning wolfpack but the mud club as well all right coming up next is the moment you've all been waiting for. Sit down get the paper get the kids in front lawn rarity you to do. Because coming up next we're gonna dig a little bit deeper and find out what emily's vice is she says she doesn't have what I've got the vice square is coming up in five minutes. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister these calls did not have to be about little kids peace and did okay now is simply raise as note I think so they're my home I'm not like adopted. 147. Wolf hello Julie in Puyallup you were calling in about emily's advice. Yeah I'd seen it might need a payment may be might you when I get home from Americans of all I wanted out of peace and quiet. Our want to and that. Yes OK now could napping be construed as a vice because earlier we spent a lot of time trying to define what device was and it's a flaw on somebody's character or something that is typically unhealthy for you. And I'm really not sure nap could ever be looked at that way. I hear right anecdotes and yeah darn it. Oh well I can't really think that they'd be getting her nails done acrylic though they're not really did Oreo and some people have to have the perfect man there. Do we listen I'm not shooting you down because I don't appreciate the support Emily has a box we just need to figure out what is. But we talked about the real thing now and I don't think anybody's gonna jump on board that being necessarily bad for you in fact that my wife if you don't have your nails done she thinks that's a vice. Yeah he need gagging you look good well. The nailed floated it's been studied in your view it could it have been studied that stuff so it's really talk that I'm talking about the acrylic not only don't get it done. I get it done. Right but again chizik get it done enough that it could be considered a vice arises almost and maybe if that's not a daily thing it's a weekly thing but it's a recurring thing getting emails sent and we health and he did it. He thinks it completely okay I'll be up to 2 in the morning working on its. Send me an email Matta Seattle dot com all right everybody's trying to figure out what are the textures and. How about not washing make up off before I go to bed with no idea that not lost things we know idea that yet in the car for the DNA car you down. Tanning is not my advice lock people gun was shopping shopping is no longer my advice that might and since then can they do have a lot she used. That's just they don't let them go. Look everybody has device I'm on a mission to find out what yours is heavily and maybe you just don't realize what it is yet but that's why I came up with the vice quiz last night at great I was half drunk and didn't try to integrate any questions coming up. And welcome to be vice Quinn is Emily said yesterday that she doesn't have allies release doesn't know that she hasn't doesn't think she hasn't meddling as possible so we're gonna double B bracket ten questions for you post. I just want to thank the morning wolfpack go for being with the last night sitting email trying to get the bottom that's been suggested. For example from Tacoma Tom. Maybe she goes to civil war reenactment but only to watch. If somebody else says she saves every empty toilet paper roll but makes nothing crafty from them. Your closet furry now. I gotta say it's not that if you don't know what that is Google it OK let's do the vice quiz them and maybe this is just me dig into litter box looking for a dirty here. He again. Drive like a maniac when nobody else is looking. I do not know I'm second goody goody I'm so afraid to get in trouble. That now. Is your vice lying about not having devices. No I really don't think apple video shop lifted and not. Ever know. I told you Maggette giddy since I don't like in the troubled nobody's this good for you what was the last white lies that you told. Well. Montel very many may be coming up bundled out kind of volatile day but I don't mountain terrorist what do you consider to be a bad habits. Johnny and out of my mouth. On purpose. Not know like when I'm thinking I don't really I'm doing. The event happened. Why did you go on so many bubble days when you first got here it was like speed data thank you Radisson a new record. Beginning didn't know anybody that you and slowdown and I'd wanna to make friends and I was work. These are something that you never told your mom. As we all know she's your best buddy and I mean I'm sure there's stuff I haven't told her that she is pretty much everything maybe not like the nitty gritty details but then machinists and it. What are you not proud. Proof. Do when I'm not proud of not finishing college. If I had to pick something but I'm glad we're not today. Would you say Emily. In the search for your vice here that you haven't guilty pleasure. Guilty pleasure fun. So moving away from the words vice a look at because everybody thinks drinking smoking so negative and and darker weirder stuff just a guilty pleasure. Maybe. Have to you know so maybe that's like a happening they only beat the street and think about how can I sort of piggyback off the guilty pleasure question. I do you do anything you don't feel good about F do you do it. And thank you wake up even the next day big man. No like for margaritas and they're not. Not the next day but maybe after Wright doing okay are you thinking about something specific at this moment yeah it putting terribly guilty pleasure in life. Tell there's something. I think there is something. What is it not. We need not telling the whole point of this singing in your meal for secondly we make fun of everything. Little did he goes both ways oh I know that I'm not. Already what if someone can guess it convince embarrassing and Steve bed and a showdown. Well but I think. Look I do really dumb stuff to guys make fun meal that we might food do we know we don't know I've had like four. Four hours into the kind of weird stuff dichotomy of thick skin if I tell you this I won't have like the one up on you like. All right governor Haley I didn't. I'm in other words you know you're gonna hear about this for the rest yeah I freelance but assuming just think you'll say I look levied. Jump by if somebody doesn't guessed it by a tomorrow morning you have to announce it. Did you can dangle the carrot out there and say oh yeah I've got something but it does not gonna tell anybody ever for some of the show's about you knew that when you signed up yet. Outreach that Joseph 6421. Wolf or you can text a guest 46150. Slow Joan I'll start to guessing Nexus One. I also wanna say it is not anything dirty where are you getting some adult thing this. It's PG a friendly trusting in that although there are pockets of family friendly is guilty pleasure something you're not proud of something that you do that you were embarrassed to talk about our system we'll discuss more in give us five minutes. Hey it's our good buddy John until 90 how are you served in this morning met fantastic. Although perplexed by emily's guilty pleasure she won't admit that its advice which she says she has a guilty pleasure but she's too embarrassed. To talk about on the radio right. Think you totally got it figured out announcement that nominates side reduced I think news this stems from a so much that I don't wanna say this. I think she needs to make your bed and I need to re the it's reasonably and it's like can't you make your bed before she comes door. Yeah this is goes back to a conversation had a long long time know something I have a real hard time accepting about Emily bad. It's true I've been into her apartment and yet the Fed was even made when I was up there to visit. It's. It's all good dimly you know that your loved by all of us but I just don't understand not make him the best so yes you do televise seven. We did do it sound like maybe not until tomorrow morning. Well and less somebody guesses into a 6421 wolf for text then 46150 banjo cop to a bit of night yes John I'm gonna go and times standard. About this time tomorrow 7:20 tomorrow morning. We will force her to say what it is our rag. Okay absolutely Leavitt you guys to do and they didn't have good dale picked. Thank you John tonight a bloodied body soul before I read a few text guesses on what your this is totally guilty pleasure because that's what you're willing to yes yes yes. I just gotta know on it every general raise it how old destructive to use a person is this guilty pleasure. How harmful is it time to you as a vice isn't guilty pleasures are using are good for. Well I think it's bad but I know you will do so that's flat and embarrassed to say it. I got exactly are you worried about my judgment upon you lose OK I've got against yourself obsessed that sleep. The fact that you go to bed watching reruns of friends. Now that I. Know case about it yes sister spring whipped cream directly in your mouth. How much of baseball indeed watching television. Now look at I don't procrastinate and do stuff instead of that I only do it if I can't. Somebody says your vice is being a good eagerly being too perfect out of ice is now. That everybody's reaching trying to figure this out since Emily is on bumble all the time that maybe she's goes to somebody before you go stir. Now and I'm not I'm bundling worry that remains she's got a boyfriend didn't get the memo Laker thing. This is a little grows but picking notice. Oh OK I'm three text miss I know shoot the messenger snapped up and I are you order it. Now he's your guys can be some races like Mia McCain he jumped like TV but it's not my. Mountain Dew that deadly ECB the special. Like in high school but now I do on rare occasions Christen a marriage bill yet guess Henley says she's got a guilty pleasure but she's too embarrassed to admit it lets me guess what it is. I don't buy it rang out because they get them done. Customer appreciates it went along. Well here's the good news thank you Kristin we love you thanks for being a part of the show. If we don't come over the before 9 AM this morning when we go off the air. You have to tells what it is tomorrow I'll tell you pretty much out of you for that and and I would tell you something to. I will be kind about it wolf and nonjudgmental. And supportive like any Big Brother should be and I will be Jeffrey. Hello Kyle in Lynnwood you have guessed for what you think got emily's vice slash guilty pleasure. Yet. You know let's hear what we in my time in the real. You need sleeping of course he's definitely Joshi a sleek lines ideas sleep a lot not aren't that bad yeah. Jake concedes that you remember she said it was very clear about this because she is a good Getty and she is you live life very clean your very sweet and real southern girl as it's a family friendly guilty pleasure has nothing to do with that yes golf and I think it can be an honest as part of the reason why you're going to admit this tomorrow 720 because. People's imaginations are now running why exactly. Like you have some kind of key key swing in the bedroom. Something that people gone way beyond Hollywood. Yeah I know they've found an elbow I guess yeah I got out there it goes flicked the band in let me get a little. I don't know what you just said that blood YouTube brought it to be part of the morning wolf pack Charlene if you molecule and guess what and he's guilty pleasure is I think it's tight street it is not ice free why would you say that's remained quiet they think it's. President. My yeah. Well it is not ice cream I can remember one time when you wouldn't hurt posted like you read complaints have been injured maybe that's what some people think into the app but I a couple of singles and Unita big halo top consumer of plaintiffs are playing to the client ID love Taylor atop I don't even finished all my dad. Okay thanks surely appreciate your playing longer member seven Tony tomorrow she will have to reveal what does this boat case saying thank you you know I just referred to you was a goody goody and he'd realize those who doesn't everybody's now saying on the text messages and you always know that about yourself absolutely you're good get but that's just who you are I went in knowing that he Gideon scored just like first in line and point southern. I think it the text guesses are endless and there are few ads in them get a move on terror reality TV junkie is that you're guilty pleasure now. But do you re where the same clothes and to see if they smelled the same or smell them seem to clean you know boy overreaching here and beat you don't work out. I work out. But not obsessively. Negotiate your legs enough. Shade spitting and spitting up a tobacco chewing tobacco Canada and in each of them I live at all and took him out of ideas what we tell the medics and our Big Three you're going to be seeing a lot of thirty eat posted on social media I'll tell you why. This is the morning. Alastair he was 100 point 701. How big are the Big Three bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night at large and this is the big screen. Get ready to see a lot of Barbie and eat on social media not talking about actual Barbie doll Barbie eat. It's the need trained in pictures you know there's like a duck face three stick your lips out. Well this anyone where women are basically standing on their tipped knows it makes your legs look longer. You just made me realize that women are no longer doing that. The face yet that every woman in America for awhile was doing that with the peace signs don't get beside and then we made fun of so much what they think that coach was at the snapple bottles challenge got to put it over the top where Rudy was trying to think Kylie Jenner and now they've put out to be what is wrong with heat. Gas I don't know this although I thought as funny as reading an article about. How Barbie he is the new thing and they did say it. Be careful because beginners could get hurt. Did you still may be one split or any seeded position with your toes pointed felt. If you look at that warning up there if you're not used to being under its nose. Then. Maybe do it seeded but the reason it's called Barbie feet obviously with his party looks like she's wearing invisible pair heels she's always in the tiptoe position. So you're telling me if I screw through mr. Graham I'm gonna seed. Girls just sitting there on their tip toes. Especially on the beach like when they're bathing suits are like to make their legs look longer. It's definitely think that starting with models. Now we management lawyer what does that do as a you know let you have ten feet not army began being asked spot keep them. Blue line and everything. Think you say you are wondering about filled the very day and you probably wondering about that but to be now. It's on there is too busy wonder about Barbie I know I don't have any room for Build-A-Bear their having eighth pay your aids day so it's you're in there freely LT club the program which could still sign up for a I think you did you just paying your kids age when you go in on Thursday says he have a two year old UP two bucks to do Build-A-Bear and its tightly packed than they say you can go ahead and pick your shell. They don't and then go back another day. So big Mac that it 29 in case you're running up my yourself and your over the age of 29 to stop right there because they weren't pretty nine dollar does not encourage adults to be children authority happening and yeah. Does it creeping to do your kids summer you need somebody do the cheap date freer and and Nene is speaking of summer apparently Monday's and a new Friday's and this summer you know when you take very elite and most people take off Friday. But they see should really take off Monday he still get a three day weekend and it's actually cheaper a lot of hotels air Ayers until all give discounts. Yet if you don't have to travel on a Friday or Sunday you're gonna save a couple hundred bucks and here for a loan I'll play that game and a booking a ticket just to see it's a torture my health. As we always have to be back on Sunday to work on Monday. Yeah out of people are flexible schedules to always put in their Q what would happen for a return on Monday Tuesday in the tickets are half the price that nobody is finally announces it could take a day off. They're lending money app is still to Friday in the long week turns not that it is all the time and again that is a great tips though. If you're gonna take it day take the money to take the day. I think it was feel better to can I was kind of a party day and come back to afford a lead and you get minority share your salary Mike the doorman is coming up next. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and Hillary. How much because Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry did I'm not supposed to ask someone how much money they make you may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Get real wanna know what everybody else makes for a living but it's never OK to ask. So now let's meet Mike who lives in Kirkland and he calls himself the door guide the morning night. Lawrence K first of all thanks soliciting and thanks for being a part of sheer salary we appreciate the honesty and the openness might. Absolutely not a we'll try not to litigate two contentious during the question and answer session at. Play nice they're stepping on each other's toes a little bit but Mike that's what's gonna have a gonna put men on the clock really ask you as many questions as we hear about what you do for a living and then we'll take a little bit of a break play a song welcome back well guess what we think you make and you'll share your salary how does that sound. Let's go to our right Emily are you ready ready let's do this one minute on the clock go aiming to make store or repaired ours. I return installed OK do you do all kinds of doors or it's a one thing they use specialized. Are you there are all kinds of doors right he's so it's like. I am not tell you even Guinness. Go many here okay do you repair elevator doors. I do not beat the Boston went. Kinda sold us with the biggest door that you never repaired or installed. We do aircraft and two dollars and forty seven's come in and out of cool deal now you are shopper on location. I have my shot is Mya work truck but you can work Turkey drive. That's very good you did you have to apprentice to see this. Two and a half years you own your home. I just moved to. The trick you know what shall we don't want to. Okay able to do you own a home no rent Aaron I had that's a question so why that's I'm like great job with PI answers by the way they give us three minutes and we're back in you're gonna share your salary it's Mike the door gas. So we got Mike lives in Kirkland he Isidore guy in. Sounds like Mikey might listen to a smear back in Arizona is that true. Absolutely. Honest very cool well that's cool we have enough in the same city as wonderful place on earth. This fantastic and loaded up their well right off too easy up here we are two men count our blessings okay family what else we know about Mike before we guess Greek to me. So here repair install stars new works on all types of doors the biggest one being aircraft doors. He's Indiana for eight years and how do prince says that for two and a half years and he's not a party unions. Okay and now. In terms of who guesses first it always goes back to the one day before slow jointly that was you that was means. By the way one correction he works that the biggest was its aircraft. Hate and anger of our yes that's a slap villagers at the huge I I think for probably going to be surprised that. I'm gonna go and aid program. OK. I don't nexus in order of overall wins. Its prominent those sixty. And the sixties. And only because the union thing if you say union man I'd be over hundred Arianna ADT I. Just a little. OK the time has. I'm Mike in Turkey and store guy. For you to share your salary when he opponent tonight. Close relatives say but my base is 75 book all the port city now I commission didn't overtime unfortunate hundred. Well well well well well I am well. These days is gonna be slow Joseph for the win by two wins. We go with basically go with total salary. You're all right yeah oh yeah I guess probably trot out these self oracle expense of south all the time premium very bet wait wait the name of the contest to share your salary Mike what is your salaries. Our goal. Long it's. 88 a year 88 I don't. So I guess the wind is making sure that there the name of the guy does not share your bonuses commissions an extra perks you get a word his. It's time is kind of our chairman. Very it's clean salary changes from year to year based off of a war of hey listen will give the eighty whatever you say. Saying that's still pretty darn good apps we can see why you relocated Mike. All of you guys let anybody look at or double Larry every go we have listened to all the connections are right here Mike Pittsburgh. If you wanna share your salary tomorrow all or any of the day this week 206421. Wolf right now. Yeah talents created and these here and. So wolf are let's bring you up to speed on the. Emily vice conversation if you are just joining us is starting yesterday. When somebody offered to by Emily appeared to Kenny shows she's and now I've never had to sit at the Oklahoma life and the guy said OK well then what's your advice. She brought that to the show yesterday and that I don't have. We've been digging around here for two days sort of your what that is now I gave her the vice quiz this morning its territories of the emerald last night while I was enjoying a few my own vices. And we touched on something although she's not ready to admit what it is she said yes I would say not a vice but I heavy guilty pleasure yes but I'm too embarrassed. To admitted in I think he said. Correct me if I'm wrong because you're gonna make fun of great that's why Americans yet. Think I can ask a follow up question so I keep got to tell us cents or you're not embarrassed personally that you. You're embarrassed about what Matt's gonna say about it. I mean. You got to get some tickets I mean you know I don't know I know it's I know it's kind of piercings. Emily also said that if anyone if you suggested she would cop to it but it's not we're gonna force her to announce what it is tomorrow morning at seven point yet. Okay the big guilty pleasure revealed. Do you mind if I read you a couple of hopefully I guess look at me and coming in and by the way I don't think we have ever received more feedback on anything right. And people trying to figure this out trucker Joseph says. I think he's that you love reading books to your always targeted are reading I do agree about I don't know that that's a great NASA guilty pleasure either. Did it have to do with watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians know I don't want to do have anything to do with you being assessed at Disney or Disney movies. How about dead Diana part and says I think it's long hot bubble bath. Flew down that I don't think that's necessarily really bad for you are detrimental town held there. So they actually did for somebody else's midnight snacks now do you still play the Barbie dolls. Now and I actually got rid in my thirty's my device like minor threat back in high school like your birdies and the like I'm gonna held onto them and we had a C and you underwrite ought to tell you my diet it's. And Lee let's hear your love and it is all I know is swinging the bat an eye on out I re gifting that. He Katie says eating too much fast food now OK here's the question. Emily is your guilty pleasure something that's meant for kids. I don't think so but not near definitely gonna say this. DC so I think what we have a conversation alive. Philly Q and slow Joseph both of sort of adult children's lives in grass and video games Disney's. All these things of anyone more somebody called in named Bob who wanted to ask you fix that watching cartoons. Now. Another question in this is good to kind of pinpointed in here is it a habit or a hobby that you should about grown by now as a 32 year old adult woman. Again I say no but Matt your pregnancy okay. So nobody got Aaron aliases you know how to get into is so you can call to a 6421 wolf text for 6150 email. Snap Chad interest in the grand FaceBook. What ever because somebody gets a before 9 AM we could talk about it now we have to wait the seven Tony Allen so that's the deal. Good morning amien Rochester assuming your calling in to guess which you think Emily is guilty pleasure might happen to me. I guess I. Okay you let's hear it Pokemon yeah. You know there are. People still playing and almost ran over a couple of high school girls do that in a parking lot there were running around with their phones in their face playing Pokemon don't know I never even tried it really hammered out of that. I'm 41. I play all the time. So that people liked firing on it Olympia where most of got my AA is I. Thought it would completely phased out but there are people who still doing and Amy Greg yes things are planned along and Robin span away what do you think gambling is guilty pleasure is. I believe he had leader eight lanky air like it Eddie Barrett as deeply their idol live no. Now things that I think it. That was good you know Amaya bonus daughter would kill me if she heard this but she's out of town she's fifteen. She still sleeps with she calls that are Mimi which is a little blanket and a Teddy bear. Or maybe he got that one. No I've never liked my thumb actually great guest is rob all things that could've easily seen being her guilty pleasure I Gordon lake Stevens what do you think Italy's guilty pleasures. And she's got one of these jury incorrigible white picket fence no effort is. Nothing nada. Remember when that was really popular because the secret came out if that was the yes there are. Put it out there in the universe in little magically gift to you on your front doorstep. I've never done that but I don't think I would be advice or guilty plus years now I think it's positive thinking. I completely agree to the budget I could just picture of a big deal. Like sixteen hours about this I don't know why. I'm gonna give it a shot right now. Vote vote when you influence at the tournament for its code in board for all of our millions of scenery would be real nice with a full wake boarding teams don't do for the kids thank you okay Gordon Levy thanks for being a part of show Jason import Townsend. What do you think Emily guilty pleasure is it you guessed it shall copped to I think it's playing dress that but you know never even thought. I don't enjoy playing dress up as to which work for her it's a lot of our ass. The one thing we know about Emily isn't it takes a tremendous amount of effort it's probably not gonna happen so that this guilty pleasure is I'm assuming incorrectly girl is pretty easy -- easy it goes right into the lazy Sundays yes. About the issue obsession you know yeah L could call tying it in the shoe fetish. Our brother thanks for being part of the show I'd love you guys love you man take care five. So couple more and Amber's gonna give up and tomorrow morning at 720 will be forced to reveal I'm Tonya I don't mean anyone's guess offering it on a popcorn. No puzzles. Now fruit snacks for kids. Now does somebody asked this on the text message does Kurt your new boyfriend Eckerd know about this guilty pleasure yes. Has he made a comment about it now. DT did strike team is on it all yes he'd be actually has made comment about it okay all right good so now we know he's normal. I again feel free to shoot those guesses but just look forward as I am to tomorrow morning sevenths when he the big reveal emily's guilty pleasure that she's too embarrassed to admit to this morning the back with met with Alastair. 100 points so well. And everybody given up on his Deanna Lee who is in almost 9 o'clock to leave with no resolution to at least guilty pleasure for tomorrow morning seven joining we will finally know at a news I can't place yeah I Wear me out. I did a soap opera continues tomorrow and ends tomorrow too we'll finally know. And hopefully and we overnight you'll figure out a way to deliver this information so it's not his embarrassing and painful for you. I don't know if that's cost but I'll try to think about and half a I would think that. We guessed everything yes Zell Miller get a lot of guessing what's left on the table anyway tomorrow at seven total fine and I'm sure we'll talk about a little more in the podcast and yes at 1030. To get out on radio dot com more iTunes deal what's happening which you. Our country music family is growing. Well who bullets of someone's eminently. And this was just revealed on its to Graham and the last. Half hour who happened to come across it. Jason now dean and his wife bring oh. They knew that the CNN daily filming them after another city or town wouldn't be cool is this and and like what they and he. Often while good for them that's cool. I like seeing all this stuff is were about the same timing with our sons so it's cool like Livan threw him you know the same kind of pictures you get another once. You pop another bundle analyze other doctors out after. She we've looked at things angrily than the same time I am not livid that much to live breathe real well more regatta we got one more over yeah. It was big news did it is huge news it's all over FaceBook Twitter its fans and stuff if you wanna read more about it. And had a bad laced guy he's coming up next we'll see Dak tomorrow morning at 5 AM a great day reality. Arnold actually not a person. Mornings from Clarksville. My real 100 point seven the world.