The Morning Wolfpack - Tuesday June 12th, 2018

Tuesday, June 12th

Tuesday June 12th, 2018

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Rowling who was never asked him why is that his second see visually a low combed by. Heard welcome to morning wolf back podcasting it is Tuesday June 12 I'm Matt McAllister emily's here I slowed GO and a little light on the bonus content today but that's good thank you burned through a lot of things on the show you're about to hear. But we'll start with the twenty best comedies of the 21 century so before I save you nearly what is your favorite comedy. Being the only female in the room it's a different set of movies for sure. I don't know I like the other guys. Oh really addict that's not a good movie. And Renault is that Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. Down the little girls dumbest move out there so perhaps that you and I are not friends day that's fine you can hold a grad commands. But I don't think it will Farrell's body of work community going to be talking about like a wedding pressures old school Amanda did Talladega nights 9 o'clock. I think he's not your typical self though he is supposed to be the one that's like under control and narrow. You had their like cops are not yet had Afghan error and even the latest release it would Mark Wahlberg where he's a step dad. Great movie accurately the exact name of the film this thing it's stepped XP step dad. But they actually have step dad to whatever it's called in a daddy's tone that's what yes but around. Is out on the no I like the well here's the thing I am I gonna Borbon to tears. With the hole 100 but I got to twenty but it's not a topped one of their desk yes OK he. The heat what does that intangible like in on the currency is not ready if you say Sandra Bullock it immediately can't be in the top 100 funniest movies of all time. You have ever seen the no it's really they're only here and it might otherwise I have it was there yet the only movie a lot for Sandra Bullock is a movie like blind side wearing no she's not trying to be funny about proposal. Let's see do we need a whole different list for for women and their movies I'm not think a funny one about the good or considerable. Didn't see it is that Matthew McConaughey thing. No that's out of Iran Cobb Ryan Reynolds and I will say though. I was drive along with Vanessa and Lex the other day and they both were like. Giddy about legally blonde three and you're talking about your victory and so again and I don't know that's a comedy. Percent. I just I wouldn't say it's comedy. I haven't seen any question I will say that the number one according to this survey which slow Joseph always wants to know the source Rolling Stone who. The rundown of the fifty greatest comedies the Tony for century okay DC to back enlist and I agree anchorman is a good line absolutely you're jumping ahead though. The grand Budapest hotel isn't that what you're west's absolutely and Wes Anderson Wes Anderson I wouldn't call I mean it's funny but I wouldn't like sale this is a comedy but it's a phenomenally I mean girls. I know we're going back app are yes. Yeah I guess so. Any thing in the year 2010. Now I guess without legally blonde like it wouldn't be necessarily comedy but BI wouldn't think so you can never seen it now. I haven't either that to. Is Lindsay loan only ever had anybody like readily deny it I now and I had Friday guys don't wanna watch the same movies girls do cats a fact that's where when you're married. She gets a pick and then you get a pay and go out there I was movies luckily we she doesn't make me. She knows him knows she's Smart she knows how to pick your battles. Tropic thunder is a team currently what we do in the shadows I don't remember Diana lady bird a sixteen I thought lady bird was serious. I hate to use that the one with soccer is 2017. Is a just came out of her Lawrence her way. I don't know Google it happened illegally lady bird I don't know I Oscar yet is it was it was a really dry Agassi's dollar economy that really care act. I wouldn't say like it was it was nominated for some stuff I ever coming up in its one like Oscar time you're going at Catholic high school student history and I finally leaving her home town yet again it was. Definitely not like you have knee slapper funny. Unless a serious man his or fifteen back Hitler's that need knee slapper I am I gonna go at it everybody wants some is on the list in its. The spiritual sequel to dazed and confused yet that was a good movie out I never saw. Limits doses go over the ones everybody knows a number twelve Emily went right to it anchorman of the universally loved so funny. Number nine the forty year old virgin. Another I think hilarious movie. Moving up the list a little bit Connecticut I'll be honest it is a lot is because is Rolling Stone again try to be. Of two C a fifth or fourth but everybody knows past step Brothers right amber for your favorite is one of it's killing a little bit that cable has an on every other hour but it's still such a great movie bridesmaid is actually even as movie about women and women stop its whole area and it's still a Judd Apatow it's still great. Now I never saw or heard number two which is the political satire in the loop. And again I think because it's Rolling Stone. They're gonna go a little bit probably more towards independent artsy less heard of movies that are known Olivia there but I will bet you are in I don't think you know number one. Because there's a whole line in movies out by a particular guy Christopher Guest does that name rebel you. Christopher Guest was in the original Spinal Tap which is a move in the seventies but. It was a and hum documentary about a fake rock band. How ridiculous these rock bands are about turning that speaker at past ten that's where the quote dike at every year somebody go get a ten to eleven. That's like in a mock interview from this mock commander. That's the only thing I know because someone said that and they ask me you know it comes from ice and no yeah Allegheny got explanation right cares about the extent of my knowledge of its. It just pokes fun at the hilarity of the rock scene at that time which was the big music scene. So for example they go to play gay when their popularity is starting to wane like the kind of bend it like huge hit got really popular and and it's like a band fading into obscurity mean and they go play in outdoor pavilion where their co booked with a puppet show. And the puppet shows name comes first so there's this whole there'll English do as a -- flies it issues say knows you puppet show should be after you know they're everywhere they're drummers you have like forty. So anyway but Christopher Guest I'm making this are really long story but he did a bunch of films after that guy and one of these is number one of the list is called best in show that and it's in my prime dogs yet. Yes but it's it's it's am documentary it's fake. But it's about it's like a fake documentary about people that do these dogs chips and LC. Yes it is whole area deserve to be at the top of the list I think. I personally in that. New genre of his movies and documentaries I think waiting for government is actually funny here. But they're both right there. Yet act act I don't know about waiting for gaff been being funny years and best and shout but. Again it's a little bit like higher brow humor I would say OK is some people at CB I got this is in the so boring this is stupid on our care about dogs says that you're missing the whole point yet but it's really a family unit. Well I'm gonna watch mean girls want. And saying hey did you you're welcome to do in your time what you wanna do. And that's the beauty of America. All right let's move onto the next story which is an I think on his own up in Everett everybody loves dogs. And and I think pit bulls get a bad rap I miss the people at heart are sweet dogs they're gorgeous it's the people that by the peoples that make them what they are I know. For the breeding. Yeah hey listen I know pride gets in Haiti mail on this but I do believe that these dogs are they I think they were bred for a certain thing which is pretty aggressive threat. But I know there's some. It didn't start I had out a pit bull mix one time. And it was hard is this was the sweetest dog Jasper you'd ever want to meet your life but. People would see is walking down the street in they would go to the other side of the street they came to Jasper was gonna attack their child's death at a 100% on the owner and so hard it like in less unless you've got a dogleg rescued from a dog fighting ring like you for your dollar is vicious and you know it's probably your fall well a lot of guys bought like thugs used to buy these odds and beat him so they're an aggressive and many put him on a chain I would Nero or to protect a used car lot or whatever. But a a mom and Stockton California. Left her eight month old pit bull Sasha in the backyard overnight around midnight the dogs start barking like crazy and scratching on the door. It turns out the neighbor's apartment caught fire while they weren't home nobody knew apartment complex realized it. But when Manning got to the check on such as she saw the fires with apple bedroom. Got her seven month old baby but Sasha was way ahead ever and was already they're trying to drag the kid out by heard diaper. And green I had ever again as a baby Amanda took over Karrie became the rest of the way but in the end everybody knew farm ponds made it out safely thanks to about pit -- the store was in the Sacramento bee. Pretty cool so mommy in no Callas gave to fire after her pit bull wakes her up and to save a baby gap analysts are good girl I mean look. I just think they get a bad rap but I that we might be over that you know there was that trend when a good laugh on yeah. You know there there's a statement there they're still like a lot of apartment buildings have a list of banned breeds in pit bulls always one of on the very mostly just bigger dogs that like if they do get aggressive for whatever reason. There can probably use and ask us all muscles so if it doesn't address as she secrets via bright future while targets this stuff is killing it does take up at Tyler and well I remember to being younger and looking to rent places a lot of landlords would not rent to me gonna had a pit bull mix around and they would put that on the rental yeah like give it underdog a typical. It's a last and at least it's a story we touched on before. But bred young admits now that he is kinda freaking out about singing in his upcoming wedding and again. I truly think it's awful that his fiancee Taylor mills is expecting him to sing at their wedding an aide. Hit to durable yeah why are you making him work on his wedding day and slow Joseph I think you made the analogy that would be like somebody making us do announcements in our wedding or entertaining anyway she performed like dude. That is our day I am paying for this crap I'm not working. I'm paying somebody else at work well and he did say OK I'll sing at all. I wanting my own song so he was trying to come up with a song to sing has he denounced. Okay this is from ABC news radio so the silicon two story is now made its way to mainstream media. He says. Is getting pretty close. If we get the venue we want on the day we want is going to be at the end of the year. I didn't think she would want me to saying she's at five shows of mine a week and a half there's no way she's gonna want me to so and away he's. Passively aggress Friday saying why in the hell are the Canadian asset. She overheard me saying that and she has babe you have to sing and our wedding and I went what do I do. And like you said he is a blessing in its own songs is I don't know what song to do I'm not gonna sing and human in my own analysts are right if between now and then sell it at the pressure Mexican Apogee a new song a I don't get that nervous about to get very optimum amount William kind of freaking out. See here and sing to her the rest of her life. I just don't agree with her making him Davis I just have a hard time in a relationship when one person doesn't think about the other person at all yeah that's what this is and I am telling you. I'm I don't hold back on this visit the divorce hit a this is a divorce the fact that she is so unaware. Of what her fiance wants to do it doesn't want and probably hid in the media earlier. And b.'s sounds like he's also kind of scared to talk to her about it so he's passively aggressively dropping these hands to ABC news radio. I'm going to name. I'm not saying and in my wedding what they just send her a link to the article but I see such a policy like he would blow seriously though why can't he say hey bay I'm not gonna. I love via. I'm paying for it we're gonna have a great blow out but this is one thing I don't wanna do why isn't that OK and. I really got him under her thumb yes past relationship. But in securities fumbled they work together and broke up. I don't know any vestige of the country musically you know all this so gossip they were together for a long time and then broke up and he dated someone else so the break up was partially you know. Who knows if it was broke up the mystery dating someone or whatever so he was with the model and they and he broke up the model and now he's back with. Her. It makes way more sense now and you see that a relationships if you're the one who did the other wrong and I go ahead and say he probably tear gas. I think they're making up for for the rest of your life that is not a good foundation. They just act like that other relationship never happened like early early even other than calling ads and now own you guys broke out there. So there's twists yet generated so in other words okay this is he's feeling obligated now for the rest of his life to maker happy because he did wrong yeah how does just say she's taken advantage there's no proof that any wrongdoing but that's just in just come. That dealing weekend. Come I don't. And I appreciate you being PC about it but clearly he strayed outside the lines of their relationship for them to get back together being age so quickly he had a well in May and he went for like he got a lead. He's got a tattoo ever initials on a singer or the model now because that's good make things didn't know this yet it's. The Kobe Bryant thing we get to build tattoo allowed to surmise here's arrangements. Were 80000 million dollars so. Yes I don't know brave young I don't even know if I've really ever interviewed him maybe I have I don't remember but I would tell you now mean just personally. That marriage is doomed. Yes and not I don't think about it about do merry. I bent their own yeah. I don't know about the whole wedding singing thing that if that's the case with their relationship. Yeah the tribulations that definitely is not bode well well Inverness and I always say you know we can probably work through anything except infidelity it because we both believe this is just our personal relationship believed that if that happens. There's really no coming back to ground zero pray that's sacred boundaries yeah you do that you can pretend it's all good to move on and I know people do and in good for you. I just know the two of us there's no way it happened so. And it desolate as of that I feel bad form but then again he cheated and economy in his own bed now expect to get yourself. IEA Yang. All right unreal fun stuff well lots of people come listen crack at a little real. I I enjoy the show enjoy the beautiful weather if you're here in the POW and we'll see tomorrow. Okay do you believe. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. On the. Episode I know we. And before we swearing in and other local business in this case it's brewery in cans into the mud club Emily let's talk about where we're going to be today for another month club pit stop. But actually it's huge for is another club pit stop and military Brecht the dot. Are going to be married marries cafe and staying away from need to one it's right I'm Cindy Anthony and so if you want to hit free tickets you are military practice which is this Saturday stopped by with your military IE. Think you're not military even so stop final by a couple coffee and just hang. So to speak and hang it out before the Sugar Land show. The first place we gave away tickets to the military breakfast was airwaves brewing in the old town are cans. I'm so grateful that we found what a spot. We get to begin their before he says so show were senator in manpower is our depth that's no way to get into the mug club. Morning wolf back it saw no hitting those really simulate so don't stand a good thing we know you personally growth we would take it personally. I idling and we deathly had an amazing time at Airways brewery to be surround this so nice meeting you were so excited actually officially or even look. So if it's an honor it was it was a blast avenue near the plane days are amazing out there and sometimes we do the manner brakes on the patio and he's kept out of here in the holiday and you have a great life span command. Well and that's the great thing about the mug club as we get used to get out get to meet a much people and it's Eva two really cool spots and now we always known for net. Downtown can area. That Airways brewing in the keystroke incredible food Def flat bread and my wife thing was off the charts. In a beer is delicious yet totally you know we're always here illegally and playing a shrine. If you got an umbrella which most of you do has. But that wasn't allowed to the end of this can no no bros is hoods for c'mon this can't. Stricter Europeans are lets us where you and the mug club make it official please raise your right hand and repeat after me I state your name. I cannot Buckley of fairways brewing company do hereby pledge my allegiance. You hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf back to the morning wolf but and is a proud member and is proud member the mode and. Moon. The whole month. I'd like to crank up the wolf every morning. I pledge to pick up the wolf every morning collisions and the Indian official member of the morning wolf pack mug club. Lee man I'm stoked so early rather than the Florida CBC news and haven't of the cold beer way to. Hey did you grow up with a strange rule in your house. If so we're gonna wanna hear what that was coming up and about five minutes into 06421. Wall. Wolfpack with Matt Matt Stairs. A 100 points. No welcome mat yesterday I was grocery shopping I saw a woman who had I think with her three kids she had three kids with her and neighbor. Not very about a mile and a ticket on each other's throats of the part. There might eat when I was little my had a rule that only one that's was allowed to go to the version starting time. Was that a thing for you guys which when you got to go or to nobody wanna go oatmeal wanted to get out and the Pentagon to pick out your snack yeah it was a fight of who got to go to the urgent short time. Angry eyes like back in the day I thought it was a weird rule because like for editor of the nurses are all the gap with their Brothers sisters but now like kinda get why you liberal. Clearly wasn't typical right. So that was your mom's ruled just because she didn't wanna have to. Sheila all of my herd cats the whole time should show up right that's so funny because our kids I don't hate going to the Hershey's tour. As we ought to pick out any any. Aren't we love to pursue me thinking we would try to come up with different reasons why we should be the one to go like. I have to make cupcakes for school signing a pick up cupcake that's Anderson rain on us. I've slowed brilliantly strange rules thrown out. Not that I can think cats man I guess that pretty much stand in my dad's forget squad as the I feel there are hard and fast runner. It's funny our neighbors and we're not like super friendly but I do see this happening and it kind of talk to the dance I know this is a thing. Mom is a German fellow shells with doctor so she's got that I scrub my hands all right I'm thing. They have an outside shower in the kids this is true the kids I think there's four or five of them. They all have to shower before they can go and earlier that yup. You know it's a real I and his CNN they're so even if they're not super Monday here anything and I don't want to charity event outside. Exposed to germs they have to shower before they can go out and nobody can come over without getting Asia are yes our past the same kind of Saturday that or even weirder than arch right that is it to your situation and they may from his normal that's like they -- different sounds like you were to shower man break my putting out I think so here's the question do you morning wolfpack. What's strange rule did you grow up with in your house that Emanuel deep thought it was normal to 06 sports you won all three in Texas for 6150. So what was the strange rule growing up in your house cat V it if you wallop you wanna get us started here. Our rights yet it. Hey 08 player. Eat wheat iron and eight like he can't eat good eat during the other. Hand and eight. And could you have as much as you want an unsigned length. That's across and aside you know nowadays as an adult most people are on some kind of acts as you know you Kenny G mail yet you have a you can away for the week and he had like a blowout she it's kind of like bath some believes in it's good for your metabolism to have a Google cheat day in cutting its assistant don't. Now can you only have like what was in the how else or would your parents actually guarantee you what you want it. So did any and your Brothers and sisters Kathy. Rather. Hey did you guys fall right in line with the rule or were you begging Monday to Friday to have a cookie your PCK Kircus that's. I think for a kid that's pretty tough that's an Indy sweep all week long. Yes it I'm Leo that's very weak but. I mean we never really got it. Interest and and do you run your house the same way. I. I. Know where I always great. Fight. That he. Smooth it's all right candy you we appreciate it take you need to hear about that they Kathy. In have. And Port Orchard that she could have a self until she graduated high school which man you know having kids that is a chore I commend her parents for. That's a gig will be following through that and the most most kids have phones when they heard 1012. Yeah to go although it your high school every what are your friends as a one that's tough. I what's strange rule did you girl with a your house to a 6421 wolf gets attacked 46150. Callous rated and these here and. So wolf so Italy now that you have cable you're no longer a cord cutter which is pretty unbelievable ivory attach the court I thought I'm saying. Did you see any because I flipped on the local news is still work on the computer there but everything was preemptive because. The trump came John Roland they called a summit there was a meeting in Singapore. I didn't see any intact Danielle. It was one of those deals that he played a waiting game where every network has the coverage and just looking at basically the two flags in their talking about what's gonna happen right and this that in the other none of it was all that interesting but I will tell you. I read something this morning that I did think was kind of interstate and mrs. what one of the reporters said last night during the coverage. And you have Kim Jung on who arrived to the super security and brings his own point to that no not really examine his excrement this serious stuff here. It's surreal it's crazy. Now according to South Korean reports. This is not uncommon for a North Korean leader to bring their own toilet where ever they go. Because somehow they feel. And this a quote they wanna denied determined Seward divers insights into the supreme leader's stool. So what are it's somewhere in the past that someone has done the things you know every rule and every situation it's usually because of the past. Look at let me give you my insight to this that I am I'm fascinated by North Korea and people believe a lot of crazy stuff there because it's all propaganda and they believe basically that he's a supreme being as as well as supreme leader. And supposedly they think he doesn't go number two. Because they they tell the people that he burns energy so efficiently. That there's just nothing there. And so I I don't why is he fat. If he was that was true I don't think he would be a little bit there yeah he's a row might look at doughboy this is North Korea they believe look at the ninety's that well intraday they're sort of cut out from the outside world so they don't have access is a dictator this is a dictatorship Internet access to just now Internet they're Sabrina is got a yet so they they engines -- right about they tend to believe there told them and if they don't there's consequences. My act and I think it's funny because I always over pack for everything's so at least now I can be like Dell lease and a brief toilet. Yeah thanks but as John confused because if he didn't do that why would he need to travel with a toilet which apparently is not uncommon and a former North Korean officials said. It is not uncommon to travel with a toilet rather than use a public restroom the leader of North Korea has a personal toilet that follows him around when he travels of course he goes number dear everybody does that write the guys. So my my worry about what and a hacker has a book it's all everybody food. It's cured everybody knows that but. If they had like evidence that he did then they that they can show his people they actually did OK so this is his way of keeping that under wraps or maybe just as tiger number one well his people say it's because. That. Like his stuff contains information about his health status. So they can't be left behind. Maybe so folklore has evolved I don't know if I had to take a guess I would think you that he believes he's so self important that somebody's actually gonna go through that to figure out what's going on at him. Anyway like I said. Sorry if that was a little we're grows but I did find that the most interesting part of craziness at the meeting yesterday morning I sat with Matt McCallister. Brought. It's no wolf. Got a couple of updates for you about our morning wolf pack military breakfast happening this Saturday from eight to 10 AM. At the home course in the pump. Game can't thank them enough for hosting. Our inaugural military breakfast we're gonna have many of these all around the BMW this is just the first one so if you are active military. For a veteran it's very important that we honor both for your servicing your sacrifice. We want Ewing your family to come have a free breakfast. Let us serve you breakfast this Saturday for me to ten doors open date you're welcome to stop by any time during that window. And we're just excited to see it's also great only to see so many people coming out of the woodwork to support this event I mean. We're not military. But we want to do this for the military in any a lot of you have the same idea like man I'd like to help out anyway I can't. Yesterday in the mail. In this is kind of odd but it's also really cool. I did radio back in California way back in the day. There's a guy that's enough connected with the show that I was on that makes these many fiberglass surfboards yeah. And he saw what we're doing on mr. Graham any direct message me and said hey you would anybody want this and it's a little mini fiberglass surf board it's about. I don't know foot long hot take a long board shape. And it's of the American flag that's so absolutely meant so it came in the mail yesterday. Will bring in on Saturday may rule that some names in a box and draw a winner and give to somebody. Just little things like that. I just I firmly believe this community wants to show our PNW military how much we love and respect and and really just appreciate what they did. Or maybe you're a face Gainer of balloon artist and can entertain a little kids or you could give massages or. I mean they're so many things that you prize began I don't have anything to contribute. But maybe you multi car wash and he didn't you know give coupons for free car washes they're so many little things you can contribute. By the way speaking of that everybody that comes to military breakfast is gonna get free tickets there is an arena is at it. So just how I grabbed semi pro football game that night yes a guy stuff by Airways brewing last week he gave us a thousand tickets. So we're gonna give everybody tickets to a free football game tonight as well right. This very cool now it is absolutely 100% free however just so we know how much food we need to make we're given out ticket. It's Yankee do you have to have a ticket that you can pick some up to date we're going to be Mary Mary's Kathy and stand away from noon until one. That's right I'm Pacific avenues to just stop I say hey gab your military ID with humor he does. And tomorrow morning just to give you little heads up style wing nut is going to be out first again in the spot we love downtown Tacoma and some coffee from 7:8 AM. And he'll have a whole big stack of tickets to. So anyway we need to those tickets please let us know how we can help you do that because that's the whole point is that you get to come and we get to thank you so any questions. Easily taking care of funny email Matt at Seattle wolf dot com listed Emporia is. Morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 points happened. Laughs hit the pavement and Jack could be history tour. Good morning Donna in all her in the pharmacy technician and how are you today. Fantastic well welcome to beat the street the trivia contest that pits you against a random stranger here in the PMW it's you know as much or more than debut. You'll win tickets to see Cody Johnson and show box Soto Friday July 27. These tickets come with meet and greet passes all part of the Woolsey of a million tickets sound good. We asked that challenger the same five questions that you are about to answer except you're only gonna have thirty seconds to get through all five are you ready. Let's do this question number one on your mark. Gets set to start the timer and go with superhero has been played by Michael Keaton and then have select. How many dog years are said to be in one human year. David Blaine is a famous what. Who has the governor of the state of Washington. Who seems to countries on boys round here. And it's over. And all equally that's you know we can or can't get. A while now. Very impressive as like pent up aggression and called for weeks that you just laid down. Yeah I mean that could be a new record to Don in terms of speed. All right we're gonna have slowed Joba back in check the tape on that for the land speed record to beat the street but in the meantime let's meet the challenger what's your name where you're from everybody yeah. I had maybe Isabella I'm from Volvo and. And let the lip reader to. Now we found Isabella and be assessed a show horse that are right before Sugar Land. But in Lacey goes horrid in the paint and I'm talking about thrown elbows committing some fouls. She's got no chance here's question number one ports superhero has been played by Michael Keaton. Bad enough. And it was right give both got it right there were off to a one a one time how many dogs years or so that we want. Seven sound novel and Lee we might have a game right now as I didn't get nervous David praying that famous life. Incorrect Donnie you knew that he. Magician or you can say illusionist but definitely not an act now. So you've got the 32 lead now brewers for governor of the state of Washington. Had good asked. Was. They sell Blair was right you got them on right to gun you win 54. Five the you have one because free and easily. And you just got yourself some of these retreats in tickets to see Cody Johnson he's a Texas boy fantastic at the shoebox Soto Friday July Tony seven way to go down. I. A lot of thank you for listening to the morning wolf back guzzler don't get time your humvee. Land speed record this is such a photo finish so Madonna o'clock in eighteen point 84 seconds which is still close to the land speed record. But she missed it by four hundredths of a second the record is eighteen point 80 I hate to curriculum I think you mistake gas at the same time twice. Donna's time was. No longer than eighteen when he for the Jews in the nineteenth until music area he's eighteen twice okay I thought I thought what I've what I've got. Written down here is. Now I'm sorry I eighteen point three and a half. Bryant so stay close and but no cigar in into a media official guide get ahead come on Goodell and there just don't view apparently it's all right we move on here. Hear that every morning warm. I'm still a party. Go look so last night I have a. Nightmare that will we have the cold sweat in the middle of the ninth and I. About somebody we work with. Deanna Lee. He believes it looks costly guns like a nice person on her I know that's what makes it so. Target isn't hard to access comments I think in the nightmare Deanna Lee had stolen all of our credit cards. And she had charged at 80000 dollars worth of goods and services on our credit card it's. We can't afford that and the lower so I'd. Teamwork and I was like. I know your son in the news decrees senior active and can't spend all this money on on this stuff. She's like I do whatever I want and you know you have to blossoming. They know that those are my credit cards and again I don't care I needed since dusty. And that's. And debt. He was almost an only guy who's in the wrong to that left all down how the treatment I woke up and gold's lead did you would you make up a little angry manner. A little bit you know get to have a dream about somebody's missing work person you see in the next day there's a we survive gaffe and she has no idea divides even there now it. According to my brain she stole all of our credit for this. It's nice Adrian Adrian might be fake but dream emotions are under present Rea I agree review it and so my guess embassy Camden is going to be a little weird. You guys ever had and job related nightmares. I have every occurring dream not about this job but about when I was waitress thing I still have the stream. Alice eight years ago I waitress that I either missed a table or was too busy to get to table stick to order and I just have huge anxiety about it. That's still so in other words in your life experience being a wagers is more stressful than being on the radio yeah. I believe that. All right so we've actually thanks a slow Joseph. I connected with meaning to dream detective she's gonna come on this tomorrow she'll explain maybe to some bad dreams are about what they re appear today. What's going on the but it's you call in right now and you tell us what your job related nightmares especially fits recurring like you're talking about an act. Will give it to me need to dream detected in she will tell you really what it means tomorrow on the radio. When she's ominous so not only do we wanna know what your job related nightmare is we might be able to help you move. Passed it psychotherapy. Here for the morning wolf pack right. At 06421. Walls give us a call right now. Hello Lisa in Everett so tell us about your work related nightmare I. Looking at it and I always have nightmares that I like the lap tiles outside and I look like. Wake up in comics code word I'm like you they got picked up on the guy gets them like I freaked out and. So what you call them in the middle of the night when you wake up for me nightmares but I'm. Yeah morning Soledad unlike. Clarify. You don't I wonder if these nightmares in some way and I'm not talking about my Indian police the democratic or now remember it like yours. I wonder if that keeps you in check every day so that's at the forefront of your mind every day you're not gonna leave a child outside. Yes I would be. The board things that can ever happen I would yes so I always have. And even in light at the end of the day you know everyone went home I am without even lake. Technical economic they got picked up right on saying that they might even in the days have. Sure is it a specific child or does that switch children are. It does that I have that late night and it makes nailed on the playground there on the field and it's like you know they crack me I'm like oh my god how. Well I'll tell you at least as a parent if I news that the person taking care of my child at school was as thoughtful and concerned as you I'm pretty happy pair. Yeah mean that is the definition of taking work home with you when you're having a nightmare that you're not taking care of my child I loved Natalee shot I don't know where you teach dollar fine and up here and have a kid there. All right we're on the way allowed at least for Jake and and it ain't so we are passing along all of your job related nightmares to meet meet the dream to take it after the show. And you'll get an answer in you know it's cool Emily is that. If you're having the same nightmare with somebody else is having to get the same answers to why you're having used for example coming next Jared and fife has the recurring I'm late to work extremely well so that applies to a lot of us we can find out about me and Sean and Arlington who is in the army god bless you for your service. He's dreaming that he's being realistic but to do the worst jobs in the army show. How we got those calls coming up next. So last night I had a nightmare than Deanna Lee. Stole all my wife and I as credit cards racked up to 80000 dollars worth today. And I came to work in this is on my nightmare of course trying to explained Indiana how that's not OK and can you please yeah calls you know. These and explain what happened and she's like no I'm not doing now. I'm 99 years I mean China to spend that money and couldn't reason with look we put a cold sweat. Hello Jared and 5000 tell us about your job related nightmare brother. I would always come dream that I always wake up late so worked in how it in my dream I'm rushing to get to work and then I had. Wake up and be like oh my god I'm actually wort and garlic my clock Arnott had only 3 o'clock in the morning I'm gonna get out there are two hours. And all I can say is I think a lot of us have had entered especially morning radio show starts at certain times dozens dead air it's bad is the worst way to wake up possible. How often you have the street during during like once a week won't mind. Did you know literally want to month admiral looks without food and its total panic to it it can thank you wake up and you're like oh my god I got a call everybody is very ethical and eat Jerry is it every job you ever had to resume one specific jobs started the nightmare. It would once it was that big job be entirely made sure I was about half an hour. Early and then there was a time that was actually play without summer camp counselor to find out that I always. To wake up like oh my god I lay. So that was the job it really started economic city maintenance worker now on Michael while I don't want. OK so that's just the wager wired a lot of employers are looking for guys like jeered by the way it's your instinct give people show on time these days are Gerri we're gonna pass along your work related nightmare demeaning to dream detective you get an answer to tomorrow all the great group I'd have a great day show on in Arlington that tell us about your work related nightmare. So about five years ago in the army and to this day I still have dreams. That offers some odd reason I got re listed back in the military. And for one reason or another aren't doing like the worst job whether these. Problem. Going around just picking up trash for no reason for our show to work and men like the wrong uniform and one half life. Like actual uniform and how much Kiki uniformly something nice isn't so much trouble or like these little mistakes that I would never do. You know I am sure that for anybody that's served. Work related nightmares about mr. Terry are pretty common thing realistic. Because you can mean as intense says some jobs are. It's nothing compared to what our military officer now. I mean do you get your you know what handed to you for shoelaces are time tonight. We don't know pressure because we haven't served. By the way of looking forward to meeting you to add to our military breakfast hoping to some passes in your hand you can bring the family be great to see you. Again what is your job related nightmare. And the more specific the better if it's recurring even better will pass that along demean need to dream detective you get an answer on tomorrow at 206421. Wall. Hello Lisa in mill creek tell us about your job related nightmare will pass that along to me need to dream detective and tomorrow at the same time you're gonna get an answer to what you are nightmare is really. All of OK yeah I went a little background though. About thirty but I guess that I would make it an accident adult lives as they're in the lights I think that. I was out there. And it would just crazy there. That I at about how did it go and let without thinking it can't edit it and. My good. And without about a like I think at a car I don't doubt it like I didn't that we myself is what brings out. To make bread for the but it but there. Waits up like that and not being able to get any any things. And now and later. No matter what I definitely the life I don't have that very stoic as big hurry like there side yeah. Oh my god we have to get a resolution for you you know Emily you were saying to your job related niners out of our radio it's about weight you're saying that any of that ring true for you what at least is saying. Flight never created it seemed being. Stressed in the rest of my life. And noticing that that drink popped up but not definitely it's not that I'm thinking maybe this correlation to realize stress and ran whatever your brain stressed nightmare stresses. I admit that yes Bob I mean I don't know I don't like. Hope the body bar out there but the thing that I would have to do I did get it they'll upload a re not a what I would have to create like sometimes I did. Like the the jab and. Well you know it's ironic police say as as a customer and I'm never gonna waiter. When you're at the restaurant and something's taken a really long time you actually say your nightmares the joke like. What do they make an upgrade from scratch back there meanwhile this is never seeing is this gaffe. Well police listen we've written a sell them we're gonna pass that along to Mimi and hopefully we can get some kind of resolution for you tomorrow okay. I'm glad they aren't we. Have a number but I can't get out there but I want to thank you did that we're lucky it. Hey you know thank you that means a lot it's our honor and pleasure to be able to serve our military heroes is no question we're just throw that it all came together and were. Eternally grateful for the home course and upon four letting us have our men at their location. And Lisa by the way for everybody else like you to camped there. We are gonna share this event because it's gonna be so so very special on FaceBook Twitter Inkster Graham will be going live they'll be videos hopefully you'll feel like you're there. Oh thank you get we're talking about the morning wolfpack military breakfast this Saturday from eight to 10 AM you can stop by Mary's Mary. In span late today between you know what he eats or free tickets. This is a morning. Alastair and you 100 point 701. How big are the Big Three are bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night liars and this is the big screen. Matt there's a country artist you'll be singing for a little while Portland Combs has been put on vocal rest okay. He performed at the C make fast and apparently just went all out and it blew out as vocal chords and now for ten days he has to be completely. Quiet well. And I hope he Lewis is about a vice because we've seen in past country artists in any kind of a singer to dole. Really heed those warnings didn't have a surgery. Oh absolutely got Keith Urban is not that surgery for and then you're on local rest for a lot longer so we only had to cancel a couple of concert music contest color black. Big TV younger. Singers you know they've got to learn how to take care of their instrument which is their voice yes. And the debt management plan actually the altering this special tee there's a honey pain that goes to it. Yeah I mean get to carrier investment. I'm sure his girlfriend is loving this anything she's ever wanted to like fiercely they can listen to you. Our had a conversation about and it's like I had the time for talk however adopt here's how the way he's gonna go exactly. RA and they eat it means for 2018 are in so far. The list. Distracting in the fact that they're not changing like there's nothing new going on so for girls it's fifty yet Isabella eight and as number three. A lady get to it and I and number one cases long is your daughter's name in dominate your enduring you're good. The boy did it mean Mason I didn't load in ally Asia mill and the past when when he go fashion biblical force letters three letters and come back though is that's true that you're talking about John Mark mad tall Joseph yet you know. GAAP basic name I think that they haven't on extreme enough yet another extreme and in the come all the way back around. Well look. It's interesting too is they take regular names now parents and in day. And and letters and take away letters in for some reason to make your kid's special dispelled any differently at an owner is just. Get in a way your kid and every teacher they have the rest of their lives and know his name is Bob that you see you put an apostrophe over the OBA you did you it's about whom this. Irate yesterday we got back I hop in how to teach it I Hahn but for burgers. Still it needs to be great debate which I didn't think we. Ever have this debate which is better he encased her burgers you normally don't debate foods that are outside of the category and we're talking breakfast vs lunch or dinner. Right there once survey that I down says that pancakes believe it or not or the winner peep or people of European cakes. So this is kind street I thought burgers would then we put up on our inches story Ian on our Twitter at Twitter. 46% think pancakes are better cities that are thinking 4 percentage Burke that's morning wolf pack that's morning we'll get drawn in every 80%. Say pancakes are better to police today I think burgers and I had to pick one or the other for the rest my life yet burgers slug you burgers. Yep me too I don't even think it's a competition. And maybe people are thinking too about. What you feel like five minutes at TV Azteca paintings and it is a can donate to his great going down in your credit party in your mouth let's bring Reagan for a lot of delineated there he wanted to put in your he didn't do it at Seattle. Integrated. Seven North Korea know it's paying Kate's birthday is burger. Talk and chatter good us. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and he'll go. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to load are not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we don't wanna know what everybody else makes her living but it's never OK to ask until now on the followed us from Kent. The Shelby who is an appliance repairman in fact they call him doctor Shelby so we must be pretty good nobody does a good morning Shelby. Hey thank you for calling in and be willing to share your salary really appreciate the open honesty. I. Cole also learned quite a bit about what people make for a living over the last couple months so Shelby here's how it's gonna work we're gonna ask you as many questions as we can in one minute. And now we're all gonna take a guess in Daniel share your salary in will figure out what's what does that sound okay Shelby. By the way shout out to Airways brewing in can't have you been their show leader in the mug club. Now I'll do you got to go to the Castro draft. Great food good pizza and ice set patio there if the sun is out drink a beer. Ardently and ready I'm ready let's do it right Shelby are you self employed. No I don't practice at this point. Who okay how long have you been an apprentice show the about format so be about half here's an apprentice and then you have the possibility of making commission on I'm good enough. RA and didn't they provide the tools for you. Know I take some Beatles then. So obviously you're a salary guy at this point. Yeah. Do you work mainly commercial or residential appliances. Well so we we do good go to apartment communities Sama box stores like loads of apparently. Do you Wear uniforms like the Maytag repairman. Yes. I think you mainly traveling you don't stay at a shop. Yeah we throw out company vehicles do you get to be in the union as an apprentice. Now. How many hours a week deeper. About fifty that was the final response he got from doctor Shelby by the way. Good on you for having a nicknames and apprentice four months into the job that re drilling and hello I shall we hold I'll come back in three minutes and we'll get your share your salary. And welcome back to share your salary because we don't know what everybody else makes for Lehman it's never okay and asks. Until now on the phone with us today is Shelby from can't he's an appliance repairman actually call him doctor Shelby. Family if somebody says join the conversation before we guess of what we think Shelby makes. What else do we. Still he's been an apprentice for four months he's not in the union he gets paid a salary each. He travels for his job and he has to Wear uniform and you also have to provide his own school. Okay. This is rare but slowed coach gets to go first. And we do keep track of the winnings I do believe I'm still out in front but whoever wins the day before gets to gets verse that's kinda how it works so slow joke what do you think oh Shelby here makes out this is this is. And I heard them on the big out. He's an apprentice is working forty hours or fifty hours a week coming up 4545000. Dollars a year. Okay Shelby I think this is one of those situations where somebody takes a promotion and maybe get us into your job title with a don't necessarily get any more money. Your apprentice you're not a union that you haven't been any game that long so. The doctors Shelby thing threw me a little bit I figured you were like the guy with Tony five years old now but I'm gonna say man you are just starting out. So I'm gonna say 28000. Dollars a year. Right now what you think gambling at race we have 45 and 28 coming in between a 37 is put to death. All right so Shelby without further ado please share. Your salary what are you making a year do what you do as an appliance repairman. Right about 393. And Thousand Islands. Television and the yeah yeah. Amelie for the land well. You know I guess they Shelby as a nine union apprentice you're doing really good half early for months then. Yeah I mean it's it's just because. Happier out the end of practice and not about takes ups and stuff about and is further steps next. Okay and and and by the way you were starting to tell us how do you keep go ahead and get a cool nickname after four months. Well that's that's so we may all expectations. It'd. They are world doctors. Hough I needed to the company. Well that is it related to the company a company thing. Yeah. And aren't selling well thank you so much for sharing your salary do we really appreciate you and thanks soliciting by the way tomorrow if you wanna know we're gonna have on Lori. Who is a child support enforcement officer. If you would like to share your salary with us this week or any other day we love to have you yet there's gives call right now 206421. Wolf. And slow Joseph gets you set up and ready to go. The morning when needed a leader. Well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't help until about seven dollars ball here's Matt McAlister knee. It's no walls to get if you ever have any questions about anything but specifically right now because we're doing something. For the first time in its brand new. Our morning wolf pack military breakfast happening this Saturday just. Past mad at Seattle wolf dot com's the place to start got one from Dustin he says hey good morning I heard last second about a free breakfast for current and veteran military members and their families. When where and how can I receive two tickets thank you. Well the good news is the tickets are absolutely free as is the breakfast. Dealers we have tickets just so we know how much food to make temporary home course and upon. It is happening this Saturday from eight to 10 AM were all gonna be there it'll be all over social if you can't make it again. It's our turn to serve. You breakfast. Like the catchy slogan we came up with you guys do all the hard heavy lifting is our way of saluting in appreciating our military so Emily. How would you answer that question very simply about how does somebody that wants to go and bring their families whose active verb veteran get the tickets. We are going to be doing military practice pit stops all weeklong sit today we're going to be Mary Mary's cafe and stay in a may well be their friend need to whine. Please stop by with your military I. And you can go to Seattle wolf dot com it's right there on the front page the schedule for the entire week is posted. And obviously since we're into pawn him close to JB a land. Our pit stops are all in that area. Okay in order to do military breakfast in other parts of the PNW. We'll go north we'll go wherever will go with close to a bases yes he. We're not ignoring the other you don't know this is just the starting point. So I will say this and wanna plug for tomorrow morning too because when you wake up tomorrow to be too late. We're going to be in downtown Tacoma one of our favorite coffee shops there anthem coffee in downtown Tacoma which by the way he did or didn't like the old town park so Q. It's amazing that joke refusal to Allah downtown and there are different I have an honest list it says down temple going to be in old town are going to be downtown. Oh so we're not at the old town now not a deal that and I downtown or downtown which is right up the free. There were closer to still create stand the other random got a OK there are two income copy shots wing not will be thank you should have thought. I in my head just because we were told them was going back if I'm the stupid. We've had our moments that yet we have to land speed record I think that they get some coffee and down sounded Tacoma. Likely got quite a throw Maggie my program I doubt downtown Tacoma we're going to be wing now will be different 7 Indian tomorrow morning and again. I believe you can get as many as six tickets per family. Andy is just so we know whose common by the way. Our National Anthem singer Shelby is locked we got a color guard yesterday lock so excited it's going to be great and I'd just such. Anyway analysts say too much I know it's going to be a wonderful morning to Saturday and thank you thank you thank you to the home course and upon for hosting the event. Again get your tickets go to Seattle dot com for all the details. Back with Matt Stairs. One place. Oh so this started as an article about hobbies and how 75% of us feel like we do have one hobby that we take part in regularly. Hi Tony 5% said they don't have any hobbies they pursue at all. And yes hello Joseph video games count as a hobby. And I got here what's your own. Like to make music OK right that's it and who say your hobbies. Is reading lucky. Cheer and I agree yeah I think it is inning and takes your time and make you happy and it's you enjoy doing it it's an activity. Meets pretty sedentary activity but it's connected yet I didn't mean it quilting is an activity sent to our hobbies so it was very. The Denny article kind of took a left turn. Any got into the top ten old school hobbies that are sadly enough dying out and almost argue to say that some of the stuff. It will come back and frankly guy I see more more people writing in journals is moving away from digital does because. It's been a few brain yes so I'm here they are. Number one or should I guess I'll start at ten Yasser a do it old school. Actually collecting. Yeah the old beanie babies that was twenty years ago you don't see many of those limited edition got to collect all the zeros. I mean today happy meals even come of those two is anymore because that was like the thing when I was a kid. Collecting that I had no idea I got hacking on you and number nine woodworking. Which he nightfall some artsy far exceed dudes on. Into grand. Who do that kind of stuff but it's pretty cool I'd like to get into a few and far between I need some time. Astronomy meeting you own a telescoping actually use it on a regular basis. This guy who used to work with Bartlett hit 101000. Dollar telescope went well and I don't think he has an idea how to use it. Normally stay up late enough to actually receiving the cars get like those lunar eclipse is always happening to the morning right percent of happening. Number seven fixing up old car in maybe that's because nobody knows how to anymore. Maybe it's so easy to keep your car service to get her world changed in Poland and Allen or maybe the parts are getting harder to find it felt first true that. I would love one in my things and again any more hours in the day but like fixing a little boat. Coronal carb ice I don't know how to do that bad loved to do it every embassy in all running vote in front yard Mike I want that. Okay squash and racquetball. Oh yeah now a lot of tournaments out no matter anymore. Home brewing which is funny and Linux and you gotta that a one point yes I go home. The girl that doesn't drink number. But it was for a dude. I guess it was a pretty home big I remember the big home brewing boom awhile back now with so many craft Beers and their semi microbreweries yet. You know when we were in Ballard of the that we can mud there's literally a brewery on every corner yeah so yet can't compete number four scrapbooking. If anything people use apt to do all virtual yeah. Boy there's these view of the app I'm talking about where everything that my wife puts an end to grammys in her book. In the memo Wednesday really cool baby if you listen in a text merely complaint is it mosaic. Now back in May be I forget which gets a cool little old school looking both of you see all of her mr. Graham post every. I think it's once a month off. A gay number three astrology that's when your into the zodiac sign out nodded and got. Quilting in embroidery. I've got to come back Clinton. Apple Deanna lease that you just made a quilt for her husband of all those old rock T shirt so the great idea and if the throw oil gas and number one. The number one top ten old school hobbies that are dying out personal reading a top ten machine he would go out on demos but. OK I'm being old school right now. Being interested in trains or building model train sets. Is trained not as common and more right brain and in any case he is ringing and I mean this is little train town. But I remember when I was a kid a lot of guys would have and it was the dad's always have a really cool trains in the basement. Again tiger with a questioning each CNN now you know it's Canada model set thing but anyway there you go oh yeah. You 100 points Saturday go wolf. All right Dana so we get rid handing over to DM leaves little reminder of ballots. Our pit stop today we're going to be Mary Mary's cafe and sped away giving away those. Morning wolfpack military breakfast passes you need to pass to get in the breakfast this Saturday but they are free to just come home by with the military David love together by a cup of coffee. Also the podcast will be a final tonight teams via the website at 101030. And the only hope by the way featured on the podcast in twenty best comedies of the 21 century. A nickel saving a Sammy from a fire. And why great young is freaking out about his own wedding. And it has nothing to do with the woman he's married or maybe than the Heidi so cute it doesn't matter now for me now think he made a big problem that the DM. So. I'm sure you heard the oh hi Dan my getting. I tell you left rough nightmare like the island. Rough night in what happened and why you already know I didn't blow me up until later but just so you know. It was a dream there is not 80000 dollars available credit on any credit cards that my wife lives it's just so you know. Well apparently there was things that went out and yes well. We are excited tomorrow we're gonna get me needed dream detective on you'll actually tell us what that nightmare I had means now what divide is between unique so little about I don't know what it is yeah. I think you. And means. We'll sit. On them and I can list anyway and the daily I do love trumpeted the music back on my legs are bad that it was going on your show. You know it's all about military practice week and I love you guys could be Mary Mary's today so nice they named it twice right now. Yeah very well. Other military today I know we have a lot of people that live here in the Puget Sound and all of the different military bases where he's from originally. Yeah what do find out about you and your family's looks talked about the military today and additional some blood if you know somebody that's in the military. Show some love column to a 6421 wolf thank you and let's get some shout outs I'm not a. And you know I think they'll be some transplant love and some bonding going on the military breakfast too because let's face it you know you don't have a choice they send you somewhere you gotta go there and it's here come on by. But the by breakfast all right so we'll see you hopefully continue to wanted to in the span away area. If not sit back enjoy believes got you publicity back tomorrow morning at 5 AM enjoy the weather lobbyists. The morning it'll actually not a cure weekday mornings from five film. I feel 100 point seven in the world.