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Tuesday, March 13th

Tuesday March 13th, 2018


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Hey welcome back to the podcast today's Tuesday march. 3 earning eighteenth which to me just means two days until payday ass and I'm talking about here we got Emily over here two and a slow Joseph as well for the podcast. In two guys Domata wanna started by wishing congratulations. In this will be meaningful to anybody who's listening and Arizona at the moment. Two family who won the ACM major market radio station of the year yeah by the way and latest is not the station that fired us and I outlets or the other one another until there is interfering with the president she could just wanted to say thanks to Tim Richards who's the PD over their junior and you shot cure you were unceremoniously fired on your ass to get a job over there are some of the room a good man and anyway a lot of nice people there is that deserve it's our congratulations to Campbell I made the switch. Well actually we switched all the way to Seattle's one ever let's talk about some things. Before we get to to show you about to hear what happened today oh by the way tomorrow a little plug. Four share your salary Wednesday. After the restarted last week that man and Lee brought the table she'd done it before and her radio past and I gotta be honest I think it's awesome it's like I'll look I've been looking forward to tomorrow since last Wednesday. Yet if I won my favorite things we DU and basically the call then and a non infant anonymously. It's easier than an. Another bloody do you I. Think he worked in public they deal and they don't necessarily have to tell us what the company in what they do and and we guess what they make. And they tell us and I have yet to be bright when doing this I mean. How about even close I believe I was the closest last think you were you were close we know we all over guess yes well and I. I think at the end of the day people probably make a lot less money than you think naymick yeah but I'm looking forward maybe tomorrow we can get somebody who makes a lot of money but it doesn't sound like they race like ice cream taster for Ben and Jerry this hundred grand mere fact that's what I'm looking forward to so that'll be tomorrow we might have a new twice tomorrow we're so excited about that slow does not sleeping there's another update again. Again. Thought yet out of the woods last two nights. About three hours between them that sucks I haven't announced that well lots time to watch March Madness and I'm gonna Gergen drugs and so are now. Company made drugs legal legal pharma drug edit Evian ides the he scare me sometimes these cynics energy discourse imperiling. I got down on the grid and boundaries to Seattle. So what he's chairman amien just to make Agassi is now I just like I can't put up with a whole other weakening in I think he seemed irritable to and I understand that we have. I understand I'm Chara and a couple things March Madness officially starts today. And we touch on a little bit in the show but if case you're wondering that's kind of what's going on by the way the average person can spend six hours. Distracted at work by March Madness now. I would think six hours a day but hey that's a total of six hours yet I don't I do not obsess over marchment in fact I honestly don't. Really care and doll. Battling I'll watch the final thought Aaron and I. Both ways I have done and the brackets before this year not so much because I'm just trying to find a place to stay in fact that he went on bigger I got new cable. On top that I L. And I don't really have a teen and it usually at least have some team I'm pulling force out this year not so much but I'm Donna in the past. And I find that most people that win in the brackets are people that don't pay attention. Yet the bracket is honestly is a little stupid because here it's 64 teams 32 games. And some get that perfect there I mean it's it's frost more frustrating and handing out. Nothing like back a couple of billion to one I guess the odds are getting a perfect bracket he just kind of photo and he'll attack Billy person I know that does this right is a guide and a long time ago. And in about ten bodies go to Vegas and they said in the sports book all day and injuring. And make and may take a week off of work and they just have fun d'antoni sounds kind of fun and just immerse yourself out. Other than that Nancy I just like I'm always missing something you know who might be I think is and I think either their in the tournament or their one game from getting into the tournament is the Grand Canyon University antelopes drill. The first time ever this is tiny little Krista colander in the middle of downtown Phoenix if there atom bomb off I am sure you know thinking of Arizona State because they played today or tomorrow they're joining us read their like a big name -- always s's like for the first time in the history AG CU might really they they're either one game out or that I remember we saw Lady Antebellum on their best photos. Tiny hill column as I usually get up and look at an icy ambit and only talk a minute about that kind of give us an update because slow to you or in the studio but we talked about that and today was first down I got to I've picked up on some anxiety. On emily's part about trying to find a place to live in slowing down and I am you know we have a talk about a who's right before the show but you know moving to a new city and trying to find where to settle it's really tough I know I got really lucky Vanessa and I did. Is there any progress there emling. Now I narrowed uncertain narrowed down the area like I spend in jail early or think it's not just finding places to live it's Anatoly any city where you don't you know what area you want to be and yes I'm so I'm starting to narrow it down I'm getting the help of a real terror. On that he has just kind of one of those like a camping here week I'm ready to be in a place and it's not. Happening but it's very hard not to have your stuff and to be so I hate at Felix I -- I was in two months in and temporary housing but I didn't really start looking Intel Sophie came out and then we got really lucky and like the third day with on a play's been asked that humans and one of those weird stranger's apartment I almost. Wish I could have done that to save money putting you know my wife Paula she showed up she had no. Leaving guys are guys that they scabs on his mouth this grows. He's got aides were moving to a different neighborhoods. But yelled to her credit at least we ended up or wanted to be in a rural settlement. Have you narrowed it down at all and in terms of the Ares you wanna be in. Really like that Ballard area that I like cleaning and which is where I'm staying now green lake shore line. From silicon in those areas I just. It's so different from where I. In coming from again in the sense that Alina I didn't realize how cheap are real estate is compared to Seattle yet come soon not have decided none of my furniture making it kind of figured to find a place yeah. Say yeah hey I is about to become your best for no definitely so Joseph I just looked up after idea pulled up the bread the bracket here yet easy for me to say. And yet Arizona State is plain to morrow in one of those games to become the in the 64 yet. But I don't see other Mattie it's L I EU Brooklyn Radford. UCLA is actually trying to get into the tournament saint Bonaventure and C central Texas southern Syracuse. And again I mentioned Arizona State. Unless they're already in the tournament I don't see that I don't know I guy I don't I saw they were that says that they were they were one game from getting into the tournament now must have been yesterday and David forced many didn't win that game. Grand Canyon is that what that is. I don't it's it is now you end it CG. Grand Canyon on every BC UU a they're not in the turner and their plan to be in the tournament so often I'm looking it over. And normally when it comes this kind of stuff your right number wrong but I am looking at. And I united I want Larry that this means the NIC and I eat and not the NCAA. Remember you're the guy who resonant sleeping because they are playing immersed there in the lawyers are that's what her companions basketball future fueled by NCAA tournament for Tahitian. I wonder if it's the team messages night guys and off the Ria talk about it's an information gap here you have to follow up on balance. They were they came in within one win of the tournament. And. Would have been Tenneco I always do like the really small team only in the tournament the Cinderella story yeah and then if they can beat the number one seed which usually happens like. Virginia number one seed is playing UMBC. I don't even know that in a UN BC yeah baby North Carolina to seized playing. Lipscomb University. How loveless duke is taking on Iona. And then BC by the way is university Maryland Baltimore okay yeah that sounds small to mid. That could be like he'd TCU kind of a place. All right move and oh by the way we're gonna gamble it says like ten billion dollars on the tournament this year 3% easily yeah okay so I like this story and you guys know I'm I'm big into exercise so I really like 3 missed this morning in a study at an innocent people who exercise. And stay active throughout their life don't age as fast. So if you've been exercising and you keep the colony in Genoa Italy work out quite a bit. They say there's a link between aging and exercise they compared two groups of people we're 55 and eighty. And they found that the people that exercise a lot like pretty much consistently the whole life. Had the same muscle mass body fat cholesterol somebody half their age plus the guys testosterone levels were still really high when their seventy may not because when you. Exercise especially strenuous lifting exercise that produce test out around to sit around on your ass and do nothing you do not believe you produce estrogen had a. Yes a backpack. Saying that's that's surprising to beat now but it also says like it's not too late you need to start now we know that. No I trust me mammal my mom all the time about like mommy got you move it. If you don't move the way you live that yes thank you. Yeah he's doing your bit. That's said that try to tell anatomy it's got to keep keep blood go and keep moving. Oh I forgot to say we got an email about yesterday's podcast I am yeah mad at Seattle dot com by the way if you had any comments about anything you hear. On the show or in the podcast intro Kelly Wilson says. Hey Matt and I promise you I'm not reading this just because she agreed with me hi that's the only email we got. And she said Matta I totally agree with you women and men cannot be just friends my husband and I were talking about this the other day. Usually either the man older woman will start to have feelings. I used to have a bunch a guy friends are once my now husband and I got serious my guy friends. Suddenly disappeared. You have pride in your husband's right in camera around and Iran either that or they'd door was finally really close and news no opportunity to be that alert key friend zone guys can sneak in there are a week of vulnerable moments whereas so that was from Kelly appreciate you chicken and again you don't have to root meeting email Matt at Seattle that come talk about those people who. I'm kitty in this particular case I'd like to bureau. You it would be nice to know that men and women can be platonic friends and have would have interest in that. I just don't have any interest as possible some people might think are just too insecure to allowed to happen in it's I agree that. Yeah I guess I agree I don't I think it is possible but it's very very freer few and far between the situation actually work. Yes it can be but you know Joe's for the strong given a good guy friends and the idea that adds some gay guy friends at a price cannot miss me now. And air mayor later in relationships or single I have all of the above. And so yeah I think it's possible where you have married to guy friends have become visit just Q what Carolina the group. Okay it's going to be. Coming act. Do the other women sometimes take issue with you because you're the single line in some then you know I happened just there's just nothing to lose in this mission no because I know otherwise so I think they're OK with that I just maybe ask I had met. Am I being different but. And you don't drink and I don't drink Unita who Jim how far is we now yeah now on I'm getting you know I'm not. All right so I don't have anything else and I mean anybody anybody in. Good are listen enjoy your day enjoy the show and mosey back for tomorrow's podcast. He's doing it's he wants well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. Also morning wolfpack back on the rate for Tuesday march 13 man McAllister here hi good morning Emily reigns over there I only get more. Got a noting got to get to hear that was in the mail that. Are regarding you that we'll get to a little bit later how are now expect ethnic and it should know it's realistic goal it's really sweet. But it I'll just tell you it's from somebody new or family. My mom I though it. Sure the only and also know her ability to but that's a great thing how many people sent a letter anymore posts apps pre okay. By the way good morning slow job morning says hey you all that's the guard on the front I love it. And it says dear mad Joseph in the whole Wolfe crew. Thank you so much for being so welcoming and taking my baby girl under your wing impact and effect no matter their age you still worry about your kids I feel like I can rest a little easier now. Hope to meet you all soon marry her. All I'm wrong it's issue ever gonna come out of a demand. She is loud and she's staying in Atlanta until my stuff gets sent out here and then she's gonna come help me unpack that maybe next month yourself. Debbie grainy good mama. You can look or demeaning their slugger you guys Andre I law on the show today we'll give Italy more cash it's exam of course the Walton worked a day every hour on the hour it's kind of sweet. Why am a horrible parents. Married into Baghdad combo like alleged real yes put that in there he's Battier and the last thing you texted will be on your tombstone. And I guess if you're probably mentioned you wanted to see Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker so yeah I would do that too it's 710 would beat the street started yesterday if you were witnessed. That's felt like nobody was with us yesterday and doesn't let them including me. Hide let's get a leadoff colleague here if you're ready wanna kick up the show get a south. Get us on certain days and 206421. Wolf again 206421. Wolf right now let's go. Colorado thank get David Olympia he's a dump truck driver this morning called into the leadoff column but looks like Kayla look. From Tacoma was first so Caleb good morning how are you. Yeah we're doing good man emily's good I'm great Iran Iraq Kayla let's go to Allah the Odyssey Europe earlier go to work what do you do for living. I'm a plumber out NR okay he works for a bigger company or use independent. I worked for a bigger companies. And probably into the net Caleb. Darted back and fair point seven. Right along if you lived in this area Caleb. I was born and raised in Seattle but twelve. Oh about fifteen months ago. You know we have financed a guy who's called in in the trades and member of that part. Got out guys in the trades like dad Caleb your plumbers in the what not a big cheaters they're more likely to cheat yak give the go ahead and defend yourself against these charges. I would never cheated on my woman. What about a color you find out it's common in your coworkers that they are think she hears anything this is totally bogus. Honestly know all of the all of Michael orders that I know or some of the vote oilman my health. It's kind of where I was at you and the deal dad I carried I don't get it I had just ahead a hard time with element that's why we discussed to Kayla but I hope you heard us defend here. Did he had a voice and I'd have to talk about your woman a little bit. Wife girlfriend. Beyond the school graduation and click that today. We haven't really decided yet okay do you papon's. I did the girl on a picnic. In the middle of up or they'll come bark out here and held up. And got down on what they've all heard about a bunch in the middle of worked out there ought. Law did by any chance you put teeing gays could bring in enough to Colorado because that's the thing. You know but. What exactly you're picked all the other. Jerry Huckabee best friends and fiance paid by the way I saw a story last night about the new trend in engagement rings as to have it pierced into your finger. There supply what you perceive you like market. Like in Durham home where it's like yeah straight straight into this yes and thermal where you just do you see it sticking out of your theory as it looks like the diamond is sitting on the strike and there's no band would you do that. You know. Their they're there is a plumber and bad and I was I looked at the picture of announced think even for the woman I would be forgetting its may don'ts Halliburton and TJ. Taylor about where did you get the rain that you proposed wind. Actually it was a but one the only one that I can afford to explode one on Emma thought that was about and. You know lack. Eva Theres. Sounds good in May and has nothing to do with how much you lover how long your marriage is gonna last for a happy you're gonna Baxter. Exactly all right so let's play some for you Kayla you lead off collar so whatever you wanna hear will do it next within reason of course I don't think I can go Beastie Boys deep but I'll do my best. Love it here it Gilbert you gotta Braly Geller coming up for Taylor also you know I think to and Caleb to figure this out. We've become a pair your good parent 99% of the time but there's. Moments that you have it's the ones you remember where you're a bad parent I have one of those over the weekend I was publicly called out by somebody in a very important position. You're listening to the morning call. But Alastair yeah. Nevermind. The meal when you're playing. So I am about to tell you story. About me being a horrible parent which I'm not proud of okay by morning wolf I don't want you to share your story tell me about the time. Tell us about the time that to use grow horrible parent common share I'd like you to share make me feel a little bit better. 206421. Wall Street in Texas and 46150. So yesterday we are talking about. Point oh look at the whole family in town and on Sunday we hop on the ferry movement it would be island. Well this happened right in the beginning right on the ferry. Sit in the state of the car let's everybody go on deck can take a beautiful picture of the sun is out. So is that our and to get everybody to take those back up against the rail where in the front of the boat right you can look up and CB captain's bridge. Clothes were standing there in I should preface this by saying. We got the car said look it'll be easier on the boat effective June that put him in the baby's backpack yes could anyone be running around North Korea. Exactly ticket the stroller upstairs to get him the baby back back. We're on dec twelve backing up against the railing to take a beautiful scenic pitcher ray Puget Sound and mount Graham in the background also the windows slides open on the captains deck and the captain sticks his head out the window. Sir please step away from derailing your child is dangling over the water. Have more sir. And I start looking like NB ABA they're yeah. Where's Michael Jackson. To me that it's malaria and it was like that record scratch in the music stops and everybody on the boats stopped taking pictures and looks at me. I look back at the NASA's I hope you put these over the water all the kids start everything about a month. Sorry his little feet. With a little baby moccasins were literally dangling all. It's an ocean and see how it got us. Hooligans straight down to see that yeah hey hey hey dad. Yes so that was. My moment and of course walking back through the ferry to get to the car you know everybody's looking in nudging and there is steers the idiot it was a gamble and it's in bad. Yes Matt is a horrible parent. Scioscia the time that you cut yourself being a bad parent it's all happened to us to a 6421 wolf. Or you can text 46150. Right now morning wolf pack your go. Does for the time that you were costs being in a horrible parent by the Libyan in my story is the captain of the ferry boats yelling at me in front of the entire area that was awesome they Roddy never played catch yourself being a bad parent. Well I loads. My third and snappy you're cool weather dot. And oh at the clock thought that they put a speech didn't intrigue to fold. And it would middle and I are looking to wipe. I'm stuck with. Of course. Those know it now running her talk go to you for trying to abuse cloth diapers yeah. I don't think a lot of the right you know it was like that. Long time ago. Today it yeah a lot of people don't do that so they don't know me Adams and giant this like it every old baby picture there's that huge safety pin yeah he basically pierce your kid. Now he has walked but he did you along the line. I'm sure he feels some guilt about that eradication in part of the show great to hear your voice. And luggage erratic nature being a part of a show anybody with an accent always goes to the front lines I I lacked the path that. I'd when did you get so being made horrible parent to a 6421 will be in Texas for 6150. Sandy in Puyallup tells about the time you cut yourself being a horrible parents. I'm gonna make you feel so much better let's start what might that is now 29 years old that's important and now I tell this story when he was. 23 weeks building had a McCarthy the car and I pulled into the parking lot of my sisters are in an apartment than the candidate had Mike Hart talked to my brother line. My knees start screaming or candy candy I can go be quite complaint we're talk and aunt candy and candy in the juridical play. My car but girl across parts about backward look my baby. And all across the parking lot and prevented her bounce off one more word that headed down. The class to class the guy out of nowhere network architecture than the outcome right now. It fitted between my car and that it's keep him locked. And brace himself and stop my car home laugh. Our war. That is crazy city and yes I do feel better thank you heard. Then I imagine that Colin had a caller doubted that time by the way I'm stomach blocker from the it was horrible. I had nightmares forever he's devastated and I McKenna I declare my car was no big deal. I'm glad that we all make it's a mistake about. Totally like dangling your kid off the side of a fairy inadvertently but for. Just days apart you know you probably felt the worst about was that kid was trying to warn you trying to save lives and your right gotta go find your friends play again. Does the defendant he told everybody I don't know if my company did not do you have look. We look at our ball and be lucky for you Matt Matt yes I had to stay in country not. We didn't you can't replace Michael that's what we'll move on a path. All right I got hit my. Do you Obama I don't really got to cash 1000 dollars governance exam but next. And is gonna break down the Big Three stories of the day yet March Madness is here and even. Did all the madness thing it's not an inspector march you heard theory Geary bronze I'll say how does that mean. What happens now McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts. 100 points. Speaker of the Big Three stories happening today Emily so that apparently is some people are still really irritated about the hall National Anthem protest that the NFL players didn't they to can meet. So much so that one upset driver actually confronted a couple of Seahawks players quarterback sneak a Thor and Mike Heisman. She told to get their little means. These are you want to. I who that was Sunday. Are you big way. And. He dislikes. We've done one. By the way big Mike is that a blind side reference. He's big Mike was the character east. Michael Moore and Michael big Mike well as they might keep chronicles tonight Italian yeah then yeah and if you noticed in there she said my tax dollars paid per year. Soledad yeah he asked not treat the propagation of course it. Outside that Virginia Mason athletic thinner in Renton where the Seahawks headquarters and practice the Billy happened is so I can harass people make sure you have the right facts at least. Well and on top of that neither one of these players has ever not. Or is ever taken me during the National Anthem right so far back strong player began a guy gay you know I get the whole argument by EA should be little more accurate about it. Right I know better is yesterday's weather was not only gorgeous it record setting it reached 73 degrees. Shattering and not only the daily record high for the day but making it the earliest days in the we'd ever seen temperatures get about seventy. So beautiful we played tourists that got the family in town went down to you know Pike Place Market had lunch walked around downtown. It almost got dollar straitjacket that and get the what are you guys do to so I mean do you guys get out doubted annaly would you yesterday. I got out to go shopping so I mean between my car and Mike the target the wrong path. I really enjoy the weather they just stop for a second gap but it was great like in wind is down music up perfect yeah downtown was buzz and slow Joseph did you leave your apartment never. I didn't think so loud I think the dogs that a couple blocks and an account then a young. And the previous record in case your wondering. We hit seven each seal back in March 15 and 1970. T that's been along time and we got in this hot. In a March Madness that played games are going on right now the real tournament starts Thursday. I'm sure a lot of people are they get I don't do the brat kids I don't pay attention and but it still gonna affect you and fortunately because people just aren't productive during March Madness. They say an estimated 2.3. Billion dollars is lost in productivity that whether it's. Your husband or your work has been. People just aren't going to be paid attention for this is not our fault and indeed they put these little buttons on the Internet and you just push but I'm watching games and yeah I think you are doing today adds to come. I get it but to say you know. So ineffective. That's why nobody's paying attention for the next three weeks just in case you were curious since this morning wolf packs with NASCAR star 100 plus the walls. On the episode it. Yeah well. What's gonna take a moment to thank the last couple of local businesses and national visited jumped in here. And heck you can just feel the limits of the northwest for the mug club we are at the moment right now currently at this dead right now. At 61235. AM on Tuesday where we did not have a new mug today for a mug list yet happened twice. And since we started this which I gotta say is still pretty impressive that is very bad. And get the most almost every single day as its rescue a kind of connect with you guys who work here in the POWs so thank you Archie. Who dissident a couple of mugs on behalf of the US army of those couple soldiers broke. Yes Archie those cesium and articulate come down in let us shake your hand again we appreciate that Cabela's every night senator. Clear view vision senator the USS turner joy. Wesley helped the home care fast signs Avon knowledge anywhere thank you for all of the mugs but at the moment we are currently out so. To listen to this in May be listened to the month club every day thinking that something that sounds kind of cool but I'm never gonna do it maybe showed. A unit to steal one of those mugs from where you workweek even asked permission. Eight I can say we don't condone thievery but now the kind of guy you got to do what you gotta do when I have my root canal on Friday as it is just an optimist as well. It's dirty and keep why should have given to me up take. 805 avenue suite 14100 at Seattle Washington 98104. You can go to Seattle wolf dot com to get the matters little that later when you finally get checked into work but if it's had a chance to get your name on the radio we would love to get a mug from you so don't wait do it today. Into the morning. Oh I now. 1047. Cell walls that McAllister here on a Tuesday. Got a question for all the women listening right now. To chip to marry into a bad name combination. And there were just some of the guy and he just had a new right of oil I love this guy and I'm not crazy about his last name but it doesn't matter. Because we're gonna get married and that's what we do we America right let's go Mimi his name's going to be my name in essence the way it is now why are you asking us to. Amy Schumer the comedian actor and I got married I think it was last month I remember she married a regular dude she married celebrities and ash yes. And his name is Chris Fisher. Well she posted a story on her mr. Graham of her dad saying hey are you still Amy Schumer are are you Amy Fisher now. She says I'm never gonna be Amy Fisher and don't you know Laney fisheries and I actually had to think about perhaps the second mile way to make Amy Fisher in 1992. So this year. It brings up I know it's not a good name I can't tell you what she murdered and she. Well she could have been but tissues I think seventeen years all the time she was having an affair with. It's. I'm listening Buttafuoco the edge edge Joey Joey Joey Buttafuoco. A and so she went to his house and shot his wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the face I didn't killer but. Title shot her in the face still pretty rude yet and then went and served seven years in prison came out and started a bunch of adult films that's suing the fisherman's. But for me that's a reference its best back in 1998. We don't even. I don't think in Joseph Sam McKee might disagree I don't think V8 the Long Island Lolita ruined that name Amy Fisher forever and this is a celebrity not wanting to take anybody else's last name I mean I I get both reasons why she wouldn't but I still I hear Amy Fisher that's right or my mind really head headed in for me have it yeah I was kind of like Emily I got a I think Carrie Fisher more than Amy Fisher. Anyway so that's why we wanna know an impersonal lane and finally you get married you're considered not taking your husband's last thing. No there's no reason for me not to I mean I can see is actors like she wants keep the professional name but isn't normal regular person like me. Dad and my husband my having Kiki last name that might suck to take and so it a nightmare than any murderers named Emily the only thing to beat Emily Rose which was the exorcism of Emily Rose and an elite yeah we possess but I think there's other bad in only that I Noah right I think pretty safe you know. I think this is maybe you're just being named Schumer and not wanting to change her name I could especially because there wasn't just a regular dude like why would do that I'm Amy Schumer settlement no ladies. Who married into a bad name come usually have a choice to a 6421 wolf for you can Texas 46150. Or. If you just flat out set up I'm not change in my name I love you but best I gonna have. Talking about the fact and Amy Schumer. Is it gonna take her husband's last name because it would make her Amy Fisher which I guess the name it's been ruined forever thanks indeed Long Island Lolita. Think she just doesn't wanna change your name because she's famous and he's not allow celebrities often don't anyway this is the Koran in a Carrie Underwood hyphenated. Again I think and ironically enough. Fisher yeah. They take it personal like they're professional lanes safe to say about their personal investing right and I get that it gave a brand right OK got to predictor brew moon. So late Jimmy Carter actions ever going to be anything else to a 6421 wolf is these phone number or you can Texas 46150. The question is how many of you women. Have married into a lasting images weren't crazy about. We did get a couple of text that one says I feel bad for whoever marries mean my last name display and Hearst's. And then a woman that I married at my has been his last name is schmuck. That's she probably a. That's what you do. Maybe gonna go down that road got to go to narrowed about to a team of guys that don't understand a Flanders reference that's the Simpsons yet I don't watch cartoons either but I know that. Ladies how many do you have Marietta last day and age you just weren't crazy about. ABC rescission negative take on her new husband's lasting because Amy Fisher. The name has been ruined forever for me I think it's a little bit of empowerment. And I wouldn't be surprised Zain of having problems the past I don't know as a guy and John how you feel about it you and so you're definitely more progressive. Yeah I'm very traditional and so is my wife Vanessa so we don't have problems of that. And game she took my last name she did hyphenated stuff. It's while because she had asked you know the and it's different when you have kids you got to still have the name for the kids. It's right so. What act I don't think we've ever discuss this I I can tell you right now I know you're gonna ask yeah I I don't even I don't even. You don't know what's I don't know if Sophie took your last save owners social media I would say she didn't. Well no I just noticed the irrigated she put it she hyphenated it and put Wallace on FaceBook. But she's also got a little bit of a branding thing going on for her work. So I don't know she's like she's definitely hasn't done it legally cares like filed her name change. Not important and how a lot of even married again. Few months and since December so I thought of the marriage certificate you kind of have to make all the decisions as you're getting married I don't think Cessna. Legally change your name and then I guess yet there's not there's I think he dictates a whole separate process that definitely doesn't come to play and the marriage certificates suggesting going to file with the clerk. To get her name change I think. I honestly don't know I think she's gonna do at some point it's not important to me I'll say that like I and it's not a big deal of I like to vote up for but I got into an aim your fire fire ever call I think she said at some point she's gonna do it but it is a it is a process yet to go filed with the court yet again now for women it's it's. Is it you know for guys that we just want. Are wise to take her last name is its traditional right I don't know for Emily for you think you can kind of losing your identity a little bit visiting you've had your whole life it's elves and he's going away. Yeah Abbott and also I mean growing up I get excited because my initials spell your EA are cited think like you went fine Miree summer like. What initials would spell on my thinking about my last name to be so I was always excited at the prospect of like. Getting to start somebody with a T beacon yeah I know learn Italian failures there there are wide open as it is. I jealous get a couple of good things coming up here beat the street and jump in now to a 6421 wolf. Also seen not fake news is going to be great nothing says until death do us part labor target about. Like getting in do you lie. In your wedding dresses on your way to your wedding. You're listening to the morning wolfpack with Matt McAllister. 100 points its. Stake here than not fake news news stories sound they put our. Man I was showing this went to my entire family last night nobody can believe. That police say impaired bride crashed on her way to her own wedding. Yeah amber young was wearing an open back dress I don't know why that details don't matter and and but I gotta tell you believe there's something about seeing a woman in her bridal down. We their hands behind your back handcuffed getting stuff into actors are I think I showed my wife into the along yeah there's something heartbreak in the matter what she's done enough failure to and this is the big day honey where's your DV yeah yeah. Her idea I don't know. This happened in Murano by the way which is about thirty miles north of Tucson Arizona. Police spokesman Sargent Chris Wells Scott said one person suffered minor injuries in the crash. And any tweeted don't drive impaired till death do we part doesn't need any help. She was taken into a police substation theater blood drawn and was released without going to jail it is unknown at this hour whether she made it to her own wedding or not. But I got to believe this woman's got some resolve and she's a little redneck craze he made and they got married so our come out. In other not make news this from India and by the way if anything ever goes wrong with your body just I hope you're not an India. Patients amputated leg used as a pillow. In. And now well don't need to take a lake that's right. That's very makes complete sense of your name being you don't have a lot of pillows at other no less. And it. In yet another case of medical negligence the severed leg of a victim was allegedly used. At these blah blah by medical college in Chancy as a pillow to prop them up. The victim claimed the hospital staff used his own land here. As a fellow I guess is better than isn't someone else's. Absolutely way to see the bright eyed. And whose leg is this always York's poets I. And probably feels a little bit like one of those Tempur-Pedic pillows and old may see you again you know the muscle relax play your wife's legs country. And last monopolies. While while the story sickens me a little bit. Also have some kind of impressed by this illegal immigrant hides from immigration officers for six years as a Border Patrol agents. I mean I'll play the I didn't claim I but this business mistakes some components. Marco Antonio daily Garza junior 37 of Erfurt Arizona was charged with three counts of passport fraud and false statements. Apparently he obtained an illegal Texas first ever did and somehow managed to get on the Border Patrol agency to six years. Until they figure they've they're active looking for this guy. What are even on there to help this friend Yang is a hard sell agents and think about that is a mold and ask hey we should check out the whole of their. No I don't wish yeah. Animal I saw something over there I think we should check out. This is morning welcome back with some McCallister 100 points off. Flack hit the pavement and that could be history tour. Good morning CNN in my uncle Leo how are you I'm hearing the fantastic well welcome to beat the street they had emling. I am I drink. So who are you fired up to see here is we got canned two people common at the same time Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker. There attract air per share a huge and I love them and they're pretty days I thought that wired at flat yeah I mean you can not go rob Wittman maybe. Okay well options committed here we go so you have the contest works before we meet challenger who slowed to a found a Birmingham they confessed to the good chance they might have been a little bit drunk which works in your favor. Yes Crocker helped add and I started back and how this ends up she did pretty well see it has to bring your a game and Shannon. And you stand and I'm pretty good trivia and so you go five questions thirty seconds on the clock. Before the challenger here we go question number one for Shannon whose thirty and UPS driver. You add baby in Michael Steele here we go question number one who played the lead role in magic might. I can't attempt Steve Jobs was the longtime CEO what company apple who stars as wrote back in this is us. Sort possession of what was legalized in Washington 2002 Carolina out. Who sings gunpowder and lead. Finally tracked our rights in wow. I've begun it that's my question you're done about today what you need news thirty seconds to use the world on fire she didn't let you finish of the question Leo that's an error an SU annaly that was never had a very impressive wow all right for tickets to see lady named Darius Rucker white river amphitheater on August 19. Let's see. Who you're going to be playing against let's meet the Challenger Deep history. What's you name it that way around anyway here. I'm only sent program content on the 91 wonders. I'm chemical TO vs Bremerton near early show let's go to question number one we'll find out how you did we ask her the same five questions here we go. Who played the lead role in that life. Channing Tatum. And every woman knows that right Emily sorry guys city even I'll watch that movie and I gotta be honestly I thought it was pretty good. Yeah I didn't I didn't feel too good about my man card watching magic Miami. And I heard it was good it was okay yet tie one apiece after question number one great job there Shannon here we go question number two. Johnson's longtime CEO of our company. Apple. Apple was right she and you got that one right as well also you are locked in to routed to get a good time here going to question number three. I feel like this was gonna go down the war. Who stars as you're back yeah in this sense. I don't know. Slipped up a little bit see an image you obviously watched this is us because Mandy Moore does play Rebecca and you got that one writes I don't watch if you got my girlfriend Agnes helped out about all that impressive that you got them. Great job man okay see now you have a three to two lead after question number three looked really good for you let's go to the local question. Possession of black if we. Legalized in Washington in 2000 drop. Marijuana is the right answer and you got that right as well Sheehan and so. Heading into the last question your perfect four for for us in that could be the difference in this game released just slipped up on one and by the way it's funny how loud it was at Bergen baking unit realized is slow Joe's yelling the question yes you last night all right there the last question it's always about country music in this will do it. Her things got out or. And I'm. Randall and it was the right answer so a leadership from Bremerton did very very well by the way considering she was drinking as well she went four for five big you. Shannon who worked perfectly fine. Then and there is no way you're not doing them in the development Darius right it is weird Andy August 19 to the white river amphitheater congratulation CNN. You see the need to beat the street detail that was great. I. Don't. Of course hold on slow joke at that elements of tickets. All right so here's the deal you can be good parent 99% of the time but the moments you and everybody else remembers are and a bad parenting moments. I have but over the weekend it was had taken I would share with you in seven minutes that I wanna near yours morning wolf that. I sat with Matt McAlister has brought. This. It's no Waltham McAllister Emily of course slow Joseph thank you starting your day with us and it's time to share. Tell us about the time. Well the last time you kinds of being a horrible parents the last time there you are endless and there's a bunch to a 6421 wolf the number or 46150. Over the weekend we are taken Stanley day trip over Whidbey Island. Went to local teal we hop on the theory. You know drove the car on like hey it's only fifteen minutes must now the target agreed Stanley picture up on the death. So I dig Jude my son is about nearly half a stick and the baby backpack and you're gonna be way easier on the boat right. So we get a fair and I'm kind of leave the charred are ready let's back up against the railing. You take this beautiful picture right you know you do that thing we have somebody take it for you like I mean do you mind some back it up if they were in the front of the vote I can look up and I can see captain of regional land. Also in the window opens up that. Excuse me sir would you please back or should you sort of get away from the railing plea that he stood for about three feet. I Garcon is dangling over the reality I'm surf. And if you know the entire boat is staring at us of course and the kids the older kids like hey wait include. To put my wife starts streak Navajo he's the all star. You get mad little back bank is little seed in the little moccasins and they listen. To the ocean drive and a mean. And I think my dad is Michael Jackson. And of course walking through the fairy back to the car everybody was doing that little nudge things like Jessica mr. England and Canada outside the railing away. Did you make them feel better about the mistakes they probably tastes a little late. But to get called out by the captain of this very well and he was not mean he was angry and I thought it. It was of course completely unaware of myself. So you know any 99% of the time to do things right is fair but it's always fun to celebrate the moments that she failed parenting fail so. Come on now time to be honest I shared my MO what I wanna hear yours tell me about the time you worry horrible parent to a 6421 wolf. So location on an average tells about time you were a horrible parents. We took my oldest daughter you're right Robin or dinner and it is an agent Eric Thatcher is they're a hundred they did one that they yeah. She's like sixty or how losers and there is just like that she of course they each yeah and it didn't ask me you could you believe. Yeah she's lobster dinner and everything else in the order to get liberal. Yeah and my dad did not similar he bet even I couldn't finish it out there you go so I think television and got and be alone and not an adaptive bit. My god it's. Any shot appreciation story man have a wonderful day you get out of it love you red bag John thanks so much man Alpharetta federal way tells about the time you were a horrible parent. Well it did leave it my turn best friend when he was eighteen month old. It won't play well at the top of the car. He would put stuff in the course you've got in the car. Rolled downhill hit the brakes he flew off the golf because Atlanta and alienated all love Lincoln and tell me the pay ray. Well reply yeah yeah he's married now we've got three kids and this is the question he was in the car seat obviously going to sit atop. It's actually. Threaten our candy that was like 3030 years ago or so. That that this episode is quite you have accorsi. That's so true can you imagine being in the like seeing that witnessing that happened in not being able to do about my. This whole league and Fred appreciate you sharing that story legacy it is not that both that was your story but we still appreciate here and okay thank you I guarantee you that woman he'd call a man now and I didn't I didn't Allen had shot my little under the freeway. Are there you know to be great or well we'll look. How different bankers here everybody but a little bit like the stuff. It looked as if you are a good 6421 wolf. I do share the story about how I inadvertently dangled my one and a half year old son over the side of the ferry boat he was in the baby's backpack an outlet by the ferry boat captain. There's another part of that story too so. The destination was deception pass in the bridge that goes over the wall and landed him visionaries and explosion you have a need. When you're walking across the bridge was built obviously a long time ago right. The walkway is about a foot wide to guard rails about three feet tall. You feel like you could fall over at any moment it's about a thousand feet down to your certain death. What every time we walk across the bridge in Judy's in the little baby backpack and submit proof vests and Matt and I would turn around. I would again inadvertently enabled him over the side of a thousand foot cliff here's an economics used to appear a pipe that he's not you know we're paying for all day law if we're all this great. Don't agree. Because I know but I just carrying the kid here. I tell us what time you were horrible parent to a 6421 wolves all right Josh beer and I shared a story a moment ago about there being called out today as being horrible parent happens almost tell me story. All right so. My daughter is about a month old and we are getting Easter pictures taken at the ability stability we take pictures that played forum edit both me and my wife start walking away. But the baby with Easter. Would you like Easter body baby sitter will come back our of the lady like your babies over there and I was like oh. In accordance of course there's all these parents lined out brightly colored kids Lleyton yet pictures and they'll like the law change. You know this baby blue. You know discussion offered she'd only had a kid for a month and our Robyn used to the routine of being a parent yet only area you're responsible for the N you're excited about picture gaffe. Well the funny thing I thought was a great body in the left that's sure I'm gonna surprise the Easter bunnies charger for pictures these days yeah and actually edit it and bad guys appreciate you sharing your mommy you know it's not a proudest moment we do makes it even more important to share them now that I look back on and I think insular. Sandy in Puyallup tells about the time you cut yourself you know. When he was 23 weeks old I had a McCarthy's car and I pulled in the parking lot of my sisters are in an apartment and the candidate that my card tucked in my brother line. When he picked me candy candy but to compete quite complaint we're talking and can't hear you opinion as to just go play. My car but for all across parts about backwards with my baby. At all. The Arkansas at the curb bounce off went forward. With headed down the clap clap that Diana know what network they're excellent outcome right now. And he did it between my car and that they keep him locked. And break himself and stopped my car home wow. Our Iowa. I think that is crazy city and yes I do feel better thank you can't. Then I as mountain that Colin had a caller doubted that I'm by the way I'm Pamela walker responded it was horrible. I had nightmares forever and he's never made an independent right that my car was no big deal. Otherwise we all makes it a mistake now. Totally like dangling your kid off the side of a fairy inadvertently but understated apart you know you probably felt the worst about was it. The kid was trying to warn you trying to save lives and your right don't go find. Ran the play that was dependent pick up everybody I just don't know like why would anybody if you look at what's. We'll ball heavy luggage for Internet. Yes I that they country not. It didn't need it but Michael got them a little high yeah that's. All right I. Yeah how much do you Obama got an idea stay with us has ever gonna break down the Big Three stories of the day yet you're harassed a famous person especially here in Seattle. The factory we'll get to all the details that just six minutes. Alex rate and these your homeland. So wolf the morning wolfpack but Matt McAllister and before we need Big Three enlistment acknowledged this text that came in about time you thought so being the world apparent gas. I dropped my phone on my son's face while breast feeding him. Mom put down the phone out of it. That has some pretty quality downtime to shake you Graham that I gotta yeah yeah all right and we were the Big Three. IRA a lot of people are still irritated by the protests that happened and it during an NFL season where players or take you need. We'll one upset dry her. Just did to her wrath a couple of Seahawks players as yesterday quarterback sneak up Thorpe and Mike Tyson they were told to get off their little neat. Are you want to. Who that was Sunday. Who very. Well to be clear your tax dollars pay for the facility that they play it right not assert their salaries. ES yet neither of those players ticket neat. You're drain the NFL season so. I mean whether you're for or against it. Regardless of your feelings on taking any to meet like when you don't just Iraqi plenty of make sure you got the right people that you as proof thing yeah I believe that's correct and accommodation I was reported outside the Virginia Mason athletic center and Renton. That's the Fiat headquarters in practice facility. Vienna that he's got some gumption man is Roland upon a couple of guys I would never do that he can have those big guys you meet a drag on the cards beat the tar me up again have a nice day. I think yesterday the weather with not only gorgeous it was record setting and reach 73 degrees. Not only shattering at the daily record high and the day but also making it amongst the earliest is seventy degree days on record and act in with the earliest. I dated gets over seventy degrees since 1970 team. So gorgeous and the whole family came down you mature the radio stations as for downtown. We did Pike Place Market had lunch went down did that whole thing walked around downtown and we left the building particular jacket off and this is like you're crazy in the trust me and all the way back guess who's sweating yes everybody it was beautiful everywhere in shorts and T shirts. Yeah and partially today's not going to be that warm night in rain in the forecast but hey at least yesterday as Gordon unmanned. RA and a March Madness did hear the playing games are happening now the real tournament starts Thursday. Annie you think kennel I don't diss the bracket I don't follow the basketball it's look at that you. Because and companies report eighteen point three. Billion dollar loss in productivity. Last year his I mean games are during the day people are taking their brackets at the scorers so. Even if you don't. Even your husband or your work has made it probably going to be participating self. Yet there's somebody sitting next to you and accused that are wasting a lot of time over the next couple weeks gaffe. And L by the way they have those qualifying games today which determines the final 64 team death so's our two teams fighting to get into the tournament I think there's two games today in two games tomorrow. Yes the morning we needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts doesn't sound fundamentals and I don't. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. It's no walls and if you haven't heard there's a new viral trend to travel to hop that on this and quickly if you possibly can end will be gone tomorrow have a new one. What is the last thing you texted is what goes on your tombstone. So in other words the last tax that you send is now your epitaph for people are now sharing on Twitter candidates start. So interesting what goes viral some guy named Dan McQuay posted the idea on Twitter. On Friday and now it's the thing. What if the last thing you texted his what goes on your tombstone. So people have been sharing. Your president is here so did you read my chicken enchiladas I think what if I die from floor ice cream toxins. And the accidentally optimistic I'll be up soon because remember Lou goes on your tunes stuff. The last thing you Tex is basically a legacy for the rest of your life Emily rain yes the last tax. My wouldn't say it what door to you I go and and little rule life that you don't go in the red ones who have read one and a wrong door the cats I think what I GMAC. Mind. So my wife and I can have a constant thread going but at the last thing I text it was her and it just as why the paid the question mark. Very Rihanna. Yeah well so we always kind of talk about what times you'd wakes up and what's he doing and she sends me pictures but his favorite book is this farm book Yasser he does all the farm noises. So we osu was TT was that the executives. So I think she sent me an about a con advocating and I didn't get an egg white tape and shoot TDs making it big noises I talk write your teen star Billick or what why pay a playoff game and Jill what would you be Miami beat the arm flexing and mosey. I had no no votes last being what you are thanks again because I've got a hole I beg conversations that are all -- geez the last thing I notice that bogeys. What is it so do the doggie that's offensive but I'm perfect carrier alive for balls are Syria I if you wanna share yours can be build a personal and intimate it's all good to be shy. Call us. And tell us what the last thing you text that is and that is going to be what is written on your tombstone for ever more. Little bit more of a president can make you think twice about what you text today well. A McCain can be honest like academy held it is up to texting all morning and the like are we do this now produced now right now a couple of miles didn't wanna read so I kept texting. To a 6421 wolf share with us the last tax that's going to be now on your tombstone for and Bob. All right Chris stake in Q wallet you heard the latest viral trend is to tweet your last tax so instead of Tweety to tell us what it was last thing you text it. Thought that I had been let's look at that some right now the good thing to have on the teams down right cup but I'm thinking I could. Which is why you called Indiana. It was deafening yes absolutely. Thinkers and thanks for sharing that in no thanks for listening to morning wolf pack reload particular. You do here is Mike in snohomish I'm Mike what's the last thing you'd texted anybody can that's going on your tombstone. It all today. I will explain the sex appeal my dad I'm gonna. Well for a thousand dollar. What are the text and learn. And (%expletive) You know I just keep that out a couple of minutes I know already that we both did it yeah sure she'll try to judge. Mike that's funny and good luck on winning again. All right thanks a lot buddy Lindsay to come on the last thing you texted is now your epitaph what was it it is carrying on moderately. Or. Thought oh were you making up with somebody is as a fight. It now and that is weird I think did I did handle it like no yellow and green that you got it was. A whole effect of well I'll morning of the book I know now. I guess I love everybody I've gotten and you don't know like. Apparently is remembering how the big deal away back blank and feel like I'm like well. I'm not thinking you would that you've been his guilt trip that show lot. That you would like now I can you got and I'm confident in had a hit like. Yeah you know what though. We appreciate a little glimpse into your life Lindsay that's awesome yeah they have a great day thanks for being a part of the show Lindsay. And view to Taylor in the quad last thing he text that is now on YouTube's own what was it I. If it. I need now I yeah but like she texts that instead of just cleaning it up. Your hey I didn't clean it up but still Stephanie champions. A item that was taken hold eight seconds to clean out of I get it trust me. God damn right thank you so much and I think that looked really good you tombstone. Oh. Again some any damage Quaid started this you tweet your last text by the overeating attempt takes two to 46150. In the late. Yeah one fed I'll finish I'll finish it tonight or tomorrow. A little creepy gamut that if somebody's like one of those closet procrastinators out great to go with a two still had some enough of their last text is not going to make it into work today. And another one not as she said laugh out loud I would indicted he shot yourself. They're playing a game. We'll creepy yeah yeah and then Scott said I'll show yield. A move around like some of those are very pathetic gaffe is great if you like you detects coming in of the calls vile means you love to hear about it to a 6421 wolf or 46150. Seen in Renton if the last text you sent was gonna going to tombstone what would it read it. Wow when I when you send that Dina. Wow Gena that is a bold taxed at this hour of the day. I think there might be concerned if I got that text from one of my friends. How money did you gonna last start drinking at 8:30 in the morning plus money that you are so under. Cover it all on our side to pursue your last text and us remember goes you tombstone forever. Hey good morning Miki in Tacoma said the last thing you texted isn't going to tombstone. What wasn't every morning yeah a lot Larry Craig and what I need Milo minder Neiman little finer looking and Leo we you'd guess what you think that means before Mickey tells us and even my little finder if I have a guest and when he were to think first. I have no idea with a little easier when I was thinking stud did sign here if you're trying to put something up on the wall but I don't know if that's right Mickey. No not even close to heed my oh my I any. My thirteen year old daughter anytime I can not find any pain he walked in the room and right here at bonds. No we need incur my little anger. And I. I expected her in the morning. I got in the car my timeline to look in the colonel mark immediately couldn't find a. Now we're glad it's called me I couldn't find the right secondary metal finder when I get home if I hit. Isn't it great when you have little people now are also great organizers we get one of those two. Our CNB no ordinary. Person and highlights. Yet last night we were all sitting around the whole thing and we drinking wines have a conversation and everybody was too lazy to make dinners or fourteen year old legs Donovan made everybody KC be this nice and she does not aid to those responsible of the room late lags mean isn't there. I love the yeah. And she literally bulldoze bike wacko really your mom I don't think you kitty uranium are. All right if you wanna share your last Texas Tony tombstone forever to a 642 on walls that gets in Tex coming up next 46150. Diana. In the key peninsula. OK so it's your last text was on YouTube Stowe what would it read. Okay my day. And all law and who got that text this morning Diana. No none of you revealed personal wizard who got that text and who sent it to your hobby. And now your boyfriend okay all right good keep that going Diane even if it's rain. Not a science I have as a sex and Leno didn't back him up here. Hold on fat chance to win instead but on that T Sonia takes my breath away. It's really kind of breezy here today I'm meeting we did get some great tax once and make and shouldn't bot that's three better last night. Yeah I'm on my way home right now too little eerie I love Chris this is class tax I hate people. What's funny Emily is that you're visualizing these on tombstone. And associating it to death great I'm just I want the story now who had a big money nice snow I think about watching her senate daylight I think it on the tombstone is what you should be doing yes. I'm too nosy. And then 1001. Collared text or said but did you die and her husband was whining about hurting his finger and Siro but did you die. While I. But the two people be married to my wife at the six. I don't get in morning wolfpack with Matt Stairs. One quite so well. Morning wolfpack now the countless families loads go for the get off the rails a couple things. We have a key word coming to you in less than five minutes with 1000 dollars you have stick around for that if you missed any part of our show today don't worry about it. Be sure and check out the daily podcast it's up to Seattle wolf dot com or on the app at 10 AM every day by the way includes our entire show plus fifteen minutes a bonus concept. Yesterday we saw it argued about whether or not many moon can be friends outside of the relationship. We'll continue that argument today on the podcast. Exclusive. Content Deanna Lee how are you all I'm doing tell you that ultimately it's little joke. Fantastic yeah one big happy family welcome aboard say he's so much happy to be here. That was a way to get cracking on your show today. It's exciting because it's that's no good samaritan day and it's also the Girl Scout Cookies are out. And I and my guess I didn't girl scout though. You know the deal I have a whole ball well we'd we wait for the variable box of thin mints and Simone was yes a loss. I love it when you're not a good food out. Listen OK don't happen very off the. I was trapped in a car for an hour half. The innocent and I love those little bit at the little baby donuts yeah sorry exceeded OK so it's got good samaritan day for the Girl Scouts motto is do a good to turn it. Daily. Okay it's pretty cool I can't help old school that it. I'm talking like death knell and hopeful that. We we say it is pay it forward so we're wondering when was the last time Matt that you were involved in a pay it forward no it was yesterday really what happened. Well we were walking around downtown and the in laws whole family was this guys is Mexican guy and my father in law's Mexican. And he had invented this instrument it was a five gallon bucket. With a broom handle stuck in it with a piece of rope. Well let out a leatherman is glove when he had this weird hole made her Monica and who's playing this Mexican song and pay in so. I gave a dollar to mind bonus son who put it in his little cup because these guys we've worked him for a living now begging his work and and then he my finally got elected thirty minute conversation about how does grandpa used to ride with poncho via and thought it was just kind of a moment we got like I ended with my father in law poppy because they're both Mexican mr. blue. Like I thought of Buffy hits article it's okay yeah that's pretty impressed at 29 out of all right in the head that's that is considered good and a puppy what does he say that. I don't know. But he wrote declined to reveal or something so. I feel that that's I considered the dollar kind of a paid for were good deeds. How. Anybody else mr. does some good. I mean that there's a parking garage attendant downstairs and his name is who clashed with Danny and I go doubted showed gaining some love. Danny's been through what does that mean yeah you need is just your marriage I don't know I don't quite get it taken there and I. You Emily she's just nicely and you please stuck in the garage all day and she should be done. Luckily and eat he keeps is George said he doesn't like to talk with people and until I commanded force myself on to having come easily you know radar. I told myself on Danny de mark you guys yeah. I don't I take it she says let's be honest I like to take him tall. He's recently had surgery and he's had some health problems and I just like Danny. Plus Danny helped me get parking in this building a shout out today and I heat. This season and get it doesn't help. Problems a list given some processed cheese it seemed like 6 o'clock am glad you like seasons. I'd listen you wanna get in on this the last I needed something just really nice for somebody else you paid it forward to a 6421 wolf. Or you can text 4615 you gonna have fun today I can Marty tell I don't. Yeah actually the car. Mornings from Clarksville. My real 100 point seven the world.