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Tuesday, March 6th

Tuesday March 6th, 2018


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Hey welcome back to the podcast for the morning wolf pack for Tuesday march 6 match here of course Emily here as well get more day two in the books heavily yes and that from a half percent tight lipped slow drug trying to work it out over I need it Devlin was more come open up period her emotions in your feelings and let it out. Just saying what you're thinking. Is doubling more comfortable. I felt like we float a lot better came a little bit more naturally and I think it. As a step in the right direction yes step two is always better date two's only better than day one slow Joseph yeah Ali I think for dates here is pretty phenomenal yeah I'm not the sand. I think it's it's were way ahead of schedule and I'm paying interest at the end of the don't hurt yourself that they are on the back of did not need them now don't like how we've been through this before any day as true as you're out on date. In terms of comfort in flow and all that's left is that we've we've been warning works Terry's of up a little bit over their so I don't know when a letter to. All right well listen. Before we head out of your by the way it's wanna give up props to the sprint store in fact Torre accessory headed today for a mug club but don't drop it you have not sent us a coffee mug yet by all means please do it's easy to scrabble of those coffee mugs from wherever you work. Putting a box and centered over to us. I'm blanking 805. Avenue. Suite 14100. 98104. Of course it's in Seattle almost blank completely on the magic happens through. I think is because this to thing that's bothered me and honestly it's putting me in a bad news are you now. Yes but it's down from a ten to about a six because they just popped for more Ibuprofen which have been on steady diet over the last couple days in my game relive it honestly does get inside ten. Is that yes everybody woke me up last night I went to bed at 8 o'clock I was sound asleep oh about 9 o'clock to like throbbing pounding Exel robbing campaign I can feel it from the inside of my gum. All the way up to the top of the the group of my mouth it's almost like a vein of pain yeah that are in much earlier or and I just gotta warn everybody about this and and I'm dreading it but I'm probably gonna call a dentist today and stay away from those damn crest whitening strips and how did you leave it on for the crest. Well they said thirty minutes I do everything to excess compulsively so probably an hour early out out for art you're probably I think it'd six nights in a row OK if they give you seven strips are supposed to do it for weeks straight pistols and do the consecutive -- not an hour every. No I'm one and a might actually falsely for them on fire. It correctly following strengths nobody habits like prescription of anything is not enough now a case of an economy that imitate I think to Ibuprofen they're talking all ladies and little babies have a little bit different a 200 pound man should double whatever the prescription is unpopular you're my you're looking at stake and you needed to be medium and you can get for X number -- on doubles because well -- you to get tricky analogy element here I -- your side but not I hear all the details. Yeah I concert. Not feel that I think I think that's here your easiest closest suspect I would be surprised if that was what was wrong this not a coincidence I had no I've zero of them may have died just went to the dentist a month ago government tee clinic had no problems to get X rays and everything Alia I started using the crest white strips and I can almost feel it immediately there's got worse and worse and worsen and by the time I laid off and it's been a week now. And yes so did the pain is not good and I just noticed even a guy cattle again like Adam angry with my wife and I on the phone with some kind of with Eumig. I'm just mad at eight my tooth. Class either if it's killing usually the guys that thought probably you know a thing or two about fingertips Italian that I I would die and slept unite that are out now I only wanna jinx it meant I slept in itinerant yeah. Happy for that net. So Honeywell gave keep you updated on that demand be careful at those damn Chris Weitz and that's what the dentist recommended that I do go way up the teeth a little bit or follow the instructor I says there you have maybe. Just try to figure out why it did what happened I don't accents and but I think the Dennis will be able to tell me I'm sure they see it and by the way just a little sub note to this in an and I know you had a question but. It's of the new year. So the two step hurts is not a real tooth it's a fate to from almost wondering if there bleach got into the fake tooth and now is like on the miner inside that aspect it make which I mean I don't like rip the tooth off Clara and stick it back in. Yeah I was gonna say I have had my teeth hurt after easing crest white strips. But it's only for that night and it's more or less sensitive. A bit of problem right sensitivity but it's never lasted the three days never went to. And I know you're talking about an MP I don't think that feels kind of good oh this is work and he acted feel. No this is a throbbing pounding almost a headache but it's emanating from my dad don't eat and today's national didn't stay so collected always roll busy today and I think that the aren't about data to fiber for that I took seven Ibuprofen as films no pains. I but a couple things we didn't its talk about today and we discussed talking about the new words they have to don't Merriam Webster dictionary year but it's kind of a tired subject in my opinion but you guys know all these are crypto currency eye disease slow Joseph probably you do to get like a bit Klein's right. Yep that's one of them. Yeah I just now let's see here. Oh there to give yet you. Any form of currency that only exist digitally which I'll be honest I don't completely understand all of us have worked I don't overstated but I knew it and you noted is a lager conversation. Bring it down Florio raised an edit data we do data net neutrality you can just say. Send a all the things I know are happening that are really don't have a full grasp of what either one of them got you I don't use bid coins are to use Joseph d.'s effort to buy anything yes and a thrilling and so I'll tell emergence taken out level how to get into the details here yes about a lot of economy ID. Interest and that is it going appreciate or deep trichet I appreciate right now is negotiating like trade. Appreciate really quickly and then deeper issue. It is did it it rises and falls but it's gone up. I'll open it this way when I first but Vick going it was twelve dollars a decline at so not right now it's 111000. Dollars being caught a lot of sites saved all those idea Pia probably hundred grand. Online and Nevada had no idea totally job Stottlemyre hit John yeah that's it that's what he does now he's just he's just a bit corny mean best and other things to you and that's where he does that's remain. Mine is just so now I can't even afford one bitcoin that's Sox now well there again you got the byline you buy a fraction of one. And boy I missed out on that it's underwater Wednesday TI know when did people first start buying them and that's I think it was 2000 a letter to young twelve and a guy invented it out but again like this is it's a totally different conversation but they still say keep David. Or toll on the stock market. Yeah you know kind of thing so but it would cost 111000 dollars right now to buy one bit going to buy one off to check it aground about that crazy night it was up to twenty. About a month ago it is and it's it's great the rest of these I think you're the everybody knows that they are life pac man's Blaine. Dole campaign hate watched you guys don't hate watching eyes never eat yet to watch him take pleasure in the laughing at or criticizing so it's almost like watching the bachelor right guests. Can I hate watch the bats are you know you hate it yeah happiest I've got anywhere like a guilty pleasure exactly yet new word for and then finally dumpster fire. And utterly calamitous or mismanaged situation or occurrence he outplayed hot garbage soccer show that dumpster fire. I some other things well over at the is it. Now we have a millennial on the show I thought I could run Emily threw the millennial checklist of two things that popped up this morning okay. And then we'll get to the best during the day or the guy to get toll naked on a flight extra pumping people not the best story ever. A case of the new study claims that. In terms of millennial one in four working millennial that you analyzed 32 years old. You have at least some of your bills paid by your parents this case could be your mom. That is okay right in line with a check out there. How about this study finds millennial also lost more money to scams. Then their grandparents. Which we know is the most susceptible. The group of people in the world. I have not and it. Never now I'm not super conscience and caught aware of my money so any online ID researcher and members I haven't and scams that I know. So your little more thoughtful U I guys catch my mom about to beaver stuff about wants to hear he's manifest not from like some heads on television you look ten years younger than 3000 bucks. British called me sick all. Somebody on FaceBook different mind just got a bunch of money dropped off at the front door but I and he does like helper by sending it's a mom really. He may yet but in she was in a panic over so anyway I'm glad that yeah I'm not amateur are in the last story here which again can you guys imagine. Chest. I don't know what's what what the best thing to imagine is getting naked on an airplane full of strangers or being on the airplane and looking over and seeing a twenty year old dude. From Bangladesh. Totally naked on an airplane and all it gets better. He gets up and the magic a walking all the way down the Bakken play to go to the bathroom naked. On something I would imagine yet twenty year old guy flying up Melinda oh air out of Bangladesh. It didn't take long for him to get any gets worse. He had got to tackle or they did they finally subdued him after he started to hump the stewardess and and I man did tackle the naked guy right away before he does anything wrong or you like well. Brothers and Galindo where Bangladesh may have waited out a little bits you have an eye is like I'm an absurd absurd this had a Hugh how caused huge delays for this flight which is the worst thing if your passenger yes other than that I I think it would be like kinda entertaining as long as nobody got her weight where they mid flight or was it dealt with in the claim was up in the air. And so I believed to it is slow Joe's point. Is they let the plane they subdue the guy eventually they got to where they needed to go they didn't divert now I gotta love and out about this now Orlando hairdo there estimate that probably see this weekly address the bodies of twenty year old college students completely naked. He didn't comply with the worst it was close but obviously I am a slightly different vantage point and you too because they have kids. And if you've got like a ten year old girl yet you get naked dude coming down right you know I explained that the idea of sign me up for the meat to movement within skywalker and on the aisle. So I yanked out worst you legacy was watching pornography on his computer. Hampshire means he was doing another thing and it's in any sort of like jump all over the stewardess at that point. You know I can't remember there's a story gets only six great thing with some happens like that you get free gas will open. Yeah you can't beat somebody's ass. For free there's no repercussions there's no consequences fictional optimum app and just pushed an asset that are out and the like Emily said I'm damaged hands you wanna put on a guidance but Nate. Yeah and if you're an American your arm Olindo Arab Bangladesh and you know feeling hey man this is in my culture may dudes get hot in the NH in his walk through that there naked. Yep I was an American travel solo I probably wouldn't jump to do it right away now when he grabbed one that's where the gentleman and he steps up and yeah I agree I'm throwing elbows and going hard in the paint. If I could turn thanks for the lasagna I kinda tonight I'd give me the guy areas and in no way of material that do. I that's it any comments before that you guys have at the show today cinema lawn to mad at Seattle wolfpack come enjoy the show and we'll see you back tomorrow. Yeah it's he went so well to morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister is not this is then you 100 point seven. Well good morning wolf back who is manic announcer hey that's me but also let's not forget the newest member of our show. Miss Emily which I have no line I went on the hike yesterday announced thinking about this Joseph Moore is slow. Don't think immunity from south to probably called you may assembling that ever happening now urgent now yeah I had a southern thing where people say miss and Nance a first name. Now I guess but not for me I got me Camelot woods acting as an agent at low blow don't MBA yeah not a man that he acted in an assembly. Again and Liane because they doubled Damian so they use my middle name back. Catcher like Ricky Bobby yes I saw happening in the south yet there. Well it's Tuesday march 6 we got the cash coming up at six Campbell started off the 1000 dollar wolf that work paid eight. Every hour on the hour so there's a couple of reasons to stick around also today on the show. The listed cheating professions. Ladies is your man a cheater you might be able to figured out by what he does for a living also we've got to. Scotty mccreery Jamey Johnson tickets for beat the street to get tickets both nights at the Washington state fair and have you ever had something new and amazing only to lose it immediately. I know that I asked her right up nearly enough collar. Somebody's up somebody's ready get the show started that is you. Pick up the phone to give us a call 206421. Wolf let us get to know you a little bit better as a member of the morning wolf pack again to a six sporty one wolf. Looking for our lead off color to get some base now. Regular leadoff collar today it's gonna be job experience and for what we know about you Josh you are a school bus driver for the quad is this true. You know it's funny I see you guys in Issaquah yesterday it was like. Now maybe there before and there's a line like thirty of you guys roll up the street they're towards hope bark nor I'm talking about. Italy and that's vote and rightly accused him out then it did seem kinda early like 1 o'clock 130 some like dances. You know what birdie but yeah I was on my bike it was thank you run you over. So appreciate that. Pretty happy elementary middle and and high school like all three outs. Yeah yeah its domination and usually it's the middle school high school in the development and afterwards I just tells what it's like to be a school bus driver. Oh man it. It it's great you put it through awarding them it's bonded. You know I'm I'm a pretty young guy. But I love it especially element treat it didn't matter he actually did so. So. It's not that I don't know what that means did you enjoy yourself with the lose this probably less terrorizing. Buddy buddy domestically it's nowadays rights. Have a little fun and get bigoted jokes. Well I don't know that they get them but that's kind of funny are right. Yeah I thought pat pat pat do you think yeah I mean how much time is a school bus driver do you have to spend discipline the kids are they pretty good for the most part. No not at the club manager for the most part they're very respectful to get there there they're really nice entered. You know they don't have faith based view yes sir you know I. I think judge it's to cause an exception for the most part I mean I'm not not saying that there's not bad it's bad it's on the bus but the most part they're pretty. Neither side that's my neighborhood to his last deal which is saying you're seeing all the other kids and all it about their best. And once that is Barnett good and that's why we decided to settle there in the cause I love that place and by the way. What is the new building that their putting up right in front of them the high school in the middle school. Actually that's going to be built that that. You build there are going to be there there like recreational built. Taylor tax dollars hard working guys if you had not seen at the school in Issaquah is unbelievable looks like a college campus and get more gorgeous there. Yes they're old Aaron Daschle. Will put married single what your status which personal level about. A married man I'm myriad as a two year old daughter. You know. The light snow and enjoy my open. I am newly married it's got married last year. Well congratulations. Still honeymoon and it's. Our job. Can we play a song for in the country music here to get today started putting like. Yeah. Brantley Gilbert. Am I think it's. Well we'll take on four out of Arizona for our show us a little bigger now than anything from its. I judge prettier than your spot hey thanks for taking those taking care of those good kids there it is acquire okay. Thanks again you got a brother will like it's rarely get word on it about six minutes also will crack it open. There's no doubt that some professions are little more conducive to TV and others but he's your partner in winds. It doesn't just work for ladies and guys I don't know if it's gender specific everybody can she will give the top seven cheating professions in less than ten minutes. You're listening to the morning the Alistair. Are mine the mail whenever I had. Is there a profession. That you will date because that profession is in your opinion more likely. To cheat on you they came out with a list yesterday and by the way I got a little bit of an issue with this now we are straight I got a big issue with that was a list. With the people they say are most likely to cheat the first sessions I OK number one in if you were asked me before I look at this list. And Emily I'm curious to know what you think about this and that is such as guys achieve let's just establish that right now. The number one profession that they say teach the most would be the one I would say chiefs released. In those are trades. Guys that work in the plumbing electricity or plumbing electrician contract dean. Yeah that's really surprised at all. In every conversation and have anybody that's been over my house doing work. It's blue collar hard work Ernie family man I got kids I do this. And goes home to the iceberg because under the husband after work right they say 30% of the people that trade. Have cheated out. Here comes a list after that IT guys. Which again here and work. I would say those are like the quiet introverted yeah really Smart of the less cloture rule anything a look at. Third entrepreneurs. Then you get to retail and hospitality as Bozo beat. Restaurants. Are sooners topic and you know whatever finance guys come in next I think guys shouldn't do that. Try to be giving very gender neutral here. Up marketing and communications came in sixth in the last medical so consuming your doctors and that kind of thing. Adam agreed that list and I think number wine. While would be like athletes and stars they if those people don't stately and Atlanta and its option yet I say more like bartenders hospitality disk is your outlook partying atmosphere more yes I conditions tiny yeah. Right in and trying to get my head around and you know the guys in the trade industry the only again and again and again. And arms to get African I don't agree with the list but you're in somebody else's house. Right maybe the guys at their husbands off that word you know I don't know that's an adult film plot. And Mary. I don't know much but I know that. That seems to Wear off debate and where yeah like they're more treatment than anything so courses anymore cheaters percentage wise but just more people do those jobs right okay that's a fair thing. I'd morning wolf back right now to a 6421 wolves. Or you can hit us up on a text 46150. What did your cheater due for a living let's really find out the truth here so if you have a past experience somebody you wit they cheated on you what they do for a living let's hear from you right now. Mad at JB LA and how are you sir. Good look thanks for your part of the morning wolf back and then man thank you for your service and it goes without saying. So we are talking about cheaters we think. You know I think so you know for you know local time my Brothers sisters in arms let on. It's a it's a perfect mix in the military where you have a lot of soldiers they're trying to get I don't have urged of the Golan relationships along region. They don't start off with a relationship begin with. That it lineup elect burst and they have opportunity on you know she is where you can the other countries Japan where you're just you're in another person. I used to have a lot of opportunities were your alone on this it strips. Paid for by the government and just you have the opportunity that it happens a lot. You know just throughout my career I've seen numerous soldiers that I have known had marriage is ruined because because of that. Right what it's a very tough set up to and and you think about the wife who stays home. While the soldier goes away for six to nine months on deployment I'm sure there's lots of opportunities in loneliness and a void to fill there. Emily you dated a soldier. I did data soldier and a submarine. I did not cheat on submarines well we got on the submarine you don't get out and its alternate Kansas. OK all right so. They had an injured is the co Ed submarine they were talking about it and guys dating him I don't know if they ever in that doing it but it was all guys on the co Eds submarine and dangerous. Yes so matte yerba would be in terms of the top. Cheating professions you would actually vote for the military. Yeah I'd say on the OJ even though there's a lot of people in the military version of the entire country population. If you look at the military population a percentage of people with enough populations that feel like it just. I'd say I'm watching but it it's it can get the situation opportunity Sharon seventy a lot of opportunities there. You know I know we all hate that because you'll love our military so much that meant what you're saying is honest and I'm sure it happens and we appreciate you being part of the show. Uploaded. Terry texts and she also agrees that the guys said she on the military T a lot because they're right in the spouses. Her next relationship he was military ET at the news. And our I what did you cheetah do for a living morning wolf pack. And let's reset this quickly we started talking this morning about the list of the top seven profession's most likely to treat a ski retreat cheats. Number one trades men in nineteen guys Contra for numerous retail and hospitality finance marketing and communications and medical. I was a little taken aback by the traits mean personally every guy becomes a work at the house. Hardworking family Manny shows me pictures of his kids on his phone maybe I'm just naive I don't yeah I was I was surprised by that. To a 6421 wolf good morning Amanda in mount Vernon's what did you Jeter do for a living Amanda. It's no matter it binary in like trichet. The travel. When I said that trade's been worth the top of the list of cheating professions. You agree with the. I knew he asked. You know repeat if you work I don't think he traveling a lot. And me and spent a whole lot that I get. I don't get it you're you know we'll piece it you know wedding ring come off the result. So you're talking about past experience a guy who you're with who you found out was cheating on you. How did you find out. I think hundreds and some cleaning. Lady is underground self. In other women really stick together let the men really really enjoy. I'm going out and it. Well in the end I know can work both ways but that's very rare. To get it out there but it meant they forget a part of the show we love. Think yeah. Hello train in Seattle what are your cheater do for a living. I'll come on man appeared to keep their babies. At. Now are so it was a surprisingly childcare did not make the list Trey how did you find out that was going on. I actually. Okay go on. I got a little Bart. Do it the see you we are it's. And it popped up and once you know it. So when this happened you just happen to bump into the guy that was cheating. With your girlfriend. Well it cute I mean though we were are you boy well you yulia you know you. Lay in both news well I Dre who had a good child care unlikely to land the list about that. It dumped it out well one more. I urge my ears on a submarine yeah I was getting help govern its military it soups and period right edge out. Well we certainly had definitely comments about that. Yeah we've got some Texan about some professions we had on that trucker in jest and truck drivers. Long oh yeah yeah is no that's a big when they call a lot lizards the wind and it waited truck stops for the do. Lizards and Elliott as a whole subculture of. It's interesting theory says stay at home moms and to make sure and we also got one up for a flight attendants and pie. Oh absolutely when it when the cats a way a what does it doesn't look so easy look at their ago. And I blow my mind sold strum and you'll stray and they'll say I don't know I didn't work at all. I appreciate that I am here I. I strive Meehan my cliches it's not a pretty picture but aren't coming next we get the Big Three stories ambling. Yeah you didn't watch last night bachelor you are going to be talking about it after giving all the details I got to coming up in six minutes from how does that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts there. 100 points and and they let's take a look at the Big Three stories today and that you didn't watch the bachelor last night for. When I gotcha game four because I put a picture opponents are Graham I was reading a book in some music when you watch and that's a finale of the. Or he lost merely answer was what could be the best finale ever sell Ari is down to back and more into she was in proposing to back out but bing. He broke up with her into any engagement all live on camera. The reality of it is that. I still want. And about her but do you want to secretary. I'll see if there's a possibility. Yes because usually you're really didn't hurt. Think everything. Brutal it was sober you could tell she was totally blind sighted and tonight there's a few hour. More special about Ares journey and he three Neitzel Goran began to find out that situation and Beckett is going to be their TU they also need the bachelorette who. Who better than back now after all of that she's been through right but we'll have to wait and see tonight. 300 pound pig snarl traffic on interstate five in the paint area after getting the news. And body into a mile and good how in here at the south 200 street interchange at 1130. The truck that the pig but then pulled over on the side of red after breaking down from pig managed to escaped. And blocked the eight Debian and of course Robert makers on both sides of this massive pond. Daddy you know I don't know him. Pigs the 300 pounds seems like a large pig that's very large variety yeah they're all pigs that biggest seems huge and it's a state troopers and animal control to be able Rangel. Date and it was removed so yes if fatigue is that big can it really move that fast I feel like they should have been able to wrangle take a little and got three out of town remember the big infect willow took him months to find that things well that was feral that that was Renoir. I had and the Oscars over the weekend if broke records but not for a good thing at the audience stop to all time low of 26 point five million viewers that's down nearly 20% from last year and that forced streak here that the ratings have declined yet. Any that we had talked about this too I think that's going to be common same thing for the Olympics the more people that are pulling plugs on cable yeah you know I mean I think they raise it gonna continue to go down I great. This is the morning welcome back with NASCAR star 100 points the walls now on the episode out. Yeah again thank Shelley Davis over the clearly it is considering canned her sitting in a couple of mugs filled with team to win a nice note. Hey guys thanks so much for my morning smiles I am also new to Washington and finding the station and made me feel like I was at home was very difficult. So glad I tried the wolf on again as far as clear view vision center we are all about the patient for customer service. We even have a refreshment bar we have frames for everybody. Thank you for putting a smile on my face during my one hour. And are not sweet. Let's wherein. In Fairview patients such as it Sallie Mae Shelly it's Matt McAllister and the newest member of the morning wolfpack gambling calling or you often mentally. What you get you a break think you'll well Sally we were just gone thank you for take the time sent us a couple of coffee mug for the month club and also thank you so much publicity it sounds like you spent a lot of time in your heart every single day like a lot of people in the the end of the about an hour and a half. Sometimes kill every morning. And jelly got to give you props for presentation to be clear divisions that are mugs were filled with candy and we just can't thank you enough well yeah I tried. One of them let's make this official can be swear you in the mug club please you can Wear me incomplete right Shelly will raise your right hand and repeat after me ice featured game. Hi Sally Davis. You hereby pledge my allegiance. The morning wolfpack. Do hereby declare my allegiance to the morning look at and is a proud member of the month club and as a proud member of the book club I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning. I went to crank up the wolf every morning program. It's certainly. But if power vested in me I dubbed the official member of the morning wolf pack mug club so thank you and welcome to the family. I don't think you and please turn down and check out our friends we are having eight Gucci trunk show mark slaves second. It quietly stopped talking to let my wife as safe as the snow all I can help you out. Chile to kind so it's send news do you view Washington which come from Southern California a few cars. I'm originally from Baker's vote and my husband from Temecula welcomes your fans know Bakersfield that is the California capital country it is catalog but going. You gotta remind me Chile with the name of the place called there in Bakersfield he owned the Crystal Palace the Crystal Palace that's what it is country music lives the Crystal Palace. It does and it you have not been there. Chicken fried steak of them old thing you know is it weird aside today and I had a buddy who grew up Bakersfield and he said that one of the most popular food there is Han. They do that that's. Is. It's like cow's tongue right it is annaly and hungry now yet. You share. I think that's what the cat. I it and then you tell me what I need and don't tell at a meeting of the orient. Could call it it it struck me it doesn't look like time and it is amazing in his marinated in it does but yet if you've got to baker spent you have to. Try any of the Luigi or the although there. Opera restaurant I'm right you're recommends crystal but how he served time it just like really stands and it's marinated. Is becoming a hot dog owner and not just the meat. And we'll show you sound normal so meticulous and like an annual one of our people so like an interest in honest right you have to cancel about me now. You'd definitely our family nationally so account but it is right now I'm ever Bakersfield I will try at the time I promise you that. I. Have a great day thank you for calling me. Of course thank you for answering the phone trying to standard story behind the stolen Oscar at Sunday nights after party we got a four unit minutes plus. A little Condo to follow about amazing things you've got in and immediately lost. Into the morning. Oh I now. 127. Fell wolves have you ever gotten something new and amazing only to lose it or haven't taken from you almost immediately. At the I have and I was thinking about it because of the stolen Oscar which now we all know about Frances McDormand went to the after party at the Oscars and some guy stole her Oscar im actually was stupid enough to start floating around mr. Graham and Twitter and FaceBook. And I. This is 47 year old Terry Brian posting video of himself in with a stolen I was. And by the way he's still in jail. But we're not. First time he's done that before. He did the same staying at the Screen Actors Guild really angry and he's still somebody else's award. And at the MTV movie and TV awards he stole what the popcorn trophy saying it was awesome to be at the 2017 interview because is guy keep getting in yeah. I have no idea of his word the tuxedo looks completely normal but he's a trophy beef Donna do if it was funny because to answer your question and Leo is thinking about it. And I was thinking about Frances McDormand because obviously you know you go from the peak of the mountain you Boigny roster he had yes indeed we go to the governor's ball they put your name on it and it becomes yours and you take it in and out burger whatever. The nation has stolen. So. When I was a kid. I remember getting them fight that I always wanted to I was really to be an X by X. And I got the crow mongers. You know had to bear trap panel essar. It had a number played on it had the black mag wheels I mean it was everything in the first day that I got it I was so excited is that was independents I can ride it to the park which is near the house for the had to swing sets and all that. And as I'm over on the swing set about fifty yards away from the sidewalk where I parked my. DMX bites. I see a guy walked up get on the bike in just our ride no. And I remember chasing and running as fast they could with tears just streaming down my face and a life. Well now these to name a night. And there was nobody around. It's your bike the gaggle of your parents and held him and in their place more mentally than and we had to walk home. Hello Bill Walker the crying the whole time. So what happens you know I was thinking about Frances McDormand she got her Oscar back and got my bike back that mongoose is gone. Into the mine by the morning wolfpack. What have you gotten only to lose it shortly thereafter 206421. Wolf right now. So that's tech's coming in again the topic is ever gotten something new and amazing only to lose it immediately course Frances McDormand hatter Oscar stolen at the after party. Yet ten from every he had to be light at LA gears at the pump on an engineer for those -- you every kid was numb I didn't know that keeps pumping in the lights came on the same issue I think that was two different values it at the Reebok it's yes LA gear early and let us out get Brad Miley I can afford that kind of action though he had finally got that his mom bailout for a he's waiting outside the dressing room. And he forgot where he put them and didn't get that she's lost this unless he's trying to harness and we also had John from Everett he signed autographed baseball I Babe Ruth. Through a K now I don't know baseball memorabilia but isn't that worth thousands and I kind of like the holy Grail cash I would think so an autographed Babe Ruth baseball I think we need you know a bit more about that if you're listening to a 6421. Law. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Yeah thank you for starting your day with us course similar brand new as of yesterday. And today already feels better doesn't it yes you know when you do a dance with somebody for the first time sometimes it can be a little awkward and comfortable rate it Palin like a little bit better. But I will tell you in a slow jointly deploy you in this one as well. Having a hard time. Understanding what you're talking about. Yeah I sign about. My card at parking deck and you're like what are back. To look at what is it say ghetto Amelie is from Atlanta she's broke her whole life in Georgia. So she's got different words were talking about the same thing. But illiterate I almost need a translator for things that happen I was out yesterday she came enthusiasts. I goes away what do you do you believe because he know obviously she's kind of temporary housing are trying to get settled like a what what do you need media now but he means that now. I went overseas Fareed hand I don't like it is not my girl she's journeys to publics and the legacy freight no Seneca Safeway. Safe right. As they've paying a detective that you have pardon Grimes started her eyes like what is it parking deck building lever again as part of her right okay. I out this call my shopping cart about each. You know I'm gonna need a translator to handle this. English it is to the southern back. They're subtle what do you say when you're asking for Merck says I think this is a big loan you're talking about regions of the country to people from your ass for. But Coke or a soda or what you asked for active account and then he asked what specific like I guess writer ever you call everything it's got everything in the count. And then after that I east anyway. Ranariddh. As members are writing these down we have a complete list of southern Emily isms you act like what does he said Mike I don't know if you haven't. Underestimate nobody comes out yes like the parking deck. And left all right so odd couple things here morning wolf back first of all the cash coming up at seven in about twenty minutes away your shot at 1000 dollars. But coming up next one of our favorite moments of the day be not fake news. So you know you're insurance scam is serious when you make your seventeen year old son shoot you in the legs. Yeah we got the story in about nine minutes I'm telling ya I'm not making this stuff up and not big news stories sound fake but art is now I sat with Matt McCallister. Brought. This. It's no lol seriously not fake news of course stories and sound fake but really our personal comes from Portland. Man they're sentenced. To prison for ordering his son to shoot him in the legs. To actually delay going to prison and make any sense. And getting shot in the leg is not worth it well listen he was going to show we're talking about a white collar criminal in Portland. He was sentenced Wednesday for persuading his seventeen year old son to shoot him in the leg. It's part of a staged insurance scam a deep before he was supposed to start serving a decade long federal prison term. Draw high profile mortgage fraud case. So this is not some po dunk to look for losing items taken people for millions. We've obviously got caught the first time one good at it that he thinks. Why you playlist acute man India but India Yang whose son Ryland seventeen shot him in the legs actually both legs outside of Caldwell Idaho that. I like John no problem with this scam the only problem is that the kid at the mall. I buddy the good jet cracked in under questioning everything as their. Add that dimension is your son granite that are ruining his life death and by the way we shot on the lower legs one of his legs had to be amputated. He got an added to prison sentence on top of what he already had. And nobody went back in the courtroom. By the way David then ordered him to pay over 90000. Dollars in back child support. Talk about a backfire. Just did not work out at all and by the way your son is scarred for life and hates your guts. About over in somebody pulled over he told authorities he was suddenly hit in the head. And he was shot and left for dead alongside the road his son shot and then took off. And no childhood trauma there and they're just a normal seventeen year old. Also and not fake news California is dealing with the invasion of giant twenty pound rat like rodents. I think it TB DD so one of the experts do they suggest Californians start eating out. It's been about a month since California wildlife officials started warning residents about nutria. Which is an invasive south American road and they looked like enormous twenty pounds rats. The problem is they have the power to devastate wetlands. They're making a comeback since being eradicated in the 1970s. And you think princess bride oh evidently you don't plan. Thinking the fast TS. And by the way they've had this problem and the states like the Wii's Deanna. Now Louisiana they've been tried for years to get your local residents to keep them as a means to an end the case for eating California's giant invasive rodents. Pointing out that paid by the way in Louisiana they taste great jambalaya and it's easy you'd rather recipe dialed in for giant rat you know like the by the way nutria were imported to be bread for their fur. Until some of them broke free in quickly reproduced beyond controllable numbers. Officials have now been trying to drove excitement about eating nutria for decades now acting like it's a way to sell about it. No he's cooking right yeah. Capital Lowry he's done. Yeah Brian it'll be behind the scene there you go from Georgia put him on the cue the greatest is morning welcome back with some accounts are 100 points yeah. Lacks hit the pavement and tactically history. Good morning Mary how are you. Are real fantastic are you going to be talking about beat the streets of core I I went. I'll Sar and I didn't need to question your readiness on this whole thing that thought yet but of course you're ready Mary you're from stoke Kwame your teacher your 22 years young forty teach Mary I add or learning grow the army. All right Mary you know the prize it's apparent tickets now it's actually two nights in music you get Scotty mccreery on September 7 and Jamey Johnson the next night at the Washington state fair. And if you can beat the street you're gonna you know both shows are. I like that I thought that it dialect very good thought America. Now before we ever find out how to challenger did down at the coastal farm and ranch in Marysville let's get you five questions thirty seconds on the clock Mary you ready yet okay just relax no worries if you don't know one just past don't get hung up on for too long. Here is question number one. Who starred as William Wallace in Braveheart. Don't know it which state is home to Pearl Harbor act. A little. Polite to which Beverly Hills zip code had its own show. Captain which Washington volcano erupted in 1980. Hussein is the river. Project. I don't know it but can't right near the time is patty think he did though. I think it did OK okay might be good enough to just all depends on what the challenger knows so let's meet him again slowed Joseph at the coastal farm and ranch in Marysville. What's your name where you're from and what he did on name's Todd lamb from Marysville and I've caregiver. Okay teacher vs a caregiver we're gonna fight and you'd be able we asked Tom the same five questions let's start with question number one. Who starred as William Wallace Braveheart. That was. No Gibson. Nuggets it was a right answered after it's been my most favorite movie of all time navies and Scottish man that. Mary congratulations you gotta time you got that one right as well get ready to go question number two with state is home to Pearl Harbor. Hawaii Hawaii was the right. Are you guys are neck in neck tied at two apiece heading into question number three which Beverly Hills zip code had its own show. Being nine eighths. Pool and 827. Close family you know right night did you want a chorus mayor you know 90210. Thought though and maybe you know I think you might just be a little bit on the young side for that question via. That was back Melrose Place 90210 ugliness fox Wednesday night's okay you're both tied at two so that's fine let's go to the local question number four which Washington volcano erupted in 1980. About eight hours now saint helens was right he came up with a to marry so you aren't tied up. Heading into the last question this is pretty exciting and remember attack goes to the morning wolf thanks so as long as time gets it wrong you should be in good shape here. Also who sings the river. The river. Not a Hulu. Not a clue so that means Mary you tie it to you both got three out of five. Right I think he's got you get. Scotty mccreery and Jimmie Johnson the second night that you got to ninety countries in the Washington state fair nice job Mary. I am a total. Loss we will be makes me. Make sure he gives them the babysitters you can go enjoy and night out maybe two nights out. Oh yeah sure sure progress again Mary I'd have no doubt some professions are more conducive to cheating and others right beneath your partner in one. We need to top seven cheating professions in less than ten minutes and we wanna know. Where your cheer work this morning. With the mentality here rate and these your hole and. So wolf tried to get real up and hear what did your cheater due for a living. 20642 on Wall Street in Texas at 46150. And the reason we're talking about this a list came out yesterday. I have a little bit of an issue rid of the then again I can be naive to some things so. Yeah Levin about slow Joseph Perry. So these are the top seven careers. That the people in them are most likely to cheat. Number one guys who were in the trade so plumbers electricians. Contractors these kinds again really which surprised me because some people come over guys that come to work house. Are we see Stanley guy's kids or show me pictures in their phone to talk about there Carolina caller it's absolutely. Was surprised at his press number two is IT guys again introverted didn't. Not that friendly work out that's social world not the guys are doing shots at the bar are Clark. Donna goes entrepreneurs retail and hospitality finance. Marketing and communications. And medical so doctors male nurses. Yeah I think like the hospitality like bartenders and people that are out later or around the party atmosphere the mingling atmosphere out be number one and heavier and cheated on him only. Yes but it is in college and he. Yeah they didn't have a job yet did not pass. 06421. Wolf or 46150. It's a very simple question we should ask editor for women let's go from personal experience what did you or cheater. Do for a living and I think the followup to that is a how did you find out MB would you ever date somebody in the same profession again sometimes it's just a matter of you know distance sometimes distance provides opportunity. If you're not happy that's a pro Israel. I get calls yet Tex coming up next. Good morning John for remembered so what are your cheater do for a living I don't know actually actually I can. Yeah to reach health. You know that was number three on the list so as far as you're concerned the list is pretty accurate over very accurate yet. It actually are supervisor. Oh I wouldn't. Sean. Did it but do you think the fact that you worked in retail had anything to do with it or she does that kind of person I change it got a person deliberately a family. Officer John how did you find out. Actually after it is definitely in Germany and your daughters didn't hear her god parents and other. Correspondence back in court that often on the streets. The flip seats John appreciate you checking in but yeah thank you imagine going back for the list number one was trades minute you and I both said we were surprised that that's Libya did get a Texas said. I ever in the trades my whole life and you'd be surprised at how many people are unfaithful if not actually cheating then just in in general checking out reign of women and inappropriate conversations while their significant others aren't around. But the majority of married men I've worked with have cheated at some point it's a harsh reality. No off and make me nervous to think we get a plumber coming over or house today and it takes my wife and so what did George cheater due for a living you got more calls and text coming up next to a 6421 wolf or you can text us up 4615. Zeros but your name and there. Now I've always looked dead to people who cheat as people but apparently there are professions that lend themselves to infidelity more than others. You're probably preface this conversation by saying this list comes from Ashley Madison dot com. So this is what people write down they do reliving how as is really what they do for a living but I don't know maybe people are honest when I go to a website to cheat. That's that is your. So here's the list of top 7080 professions number one trades guys in the trades manhunt. Still is disagree with step back what do I know nothing IT guys number two. And I say guys it's good you know could be both absolutely. Entrepreneurs. Retail and hospitality. Finance marketing and communications. And clocking in at number seven was medical center doctors nurses etc. etc. Now map we're getting a lot of text about a profession that's not on your list and eighteen to save this because my dad does not carry my grandpa military. So I completely support the military but we're getting a lot attacks about military in fact Terry said. She found that the the military chief plot obviously they're away from the south is frequently and her ex was military he cheated. Yeah I mean adds. Kind of the dark underside of deployment that we are right up big when you're gone for 69 months at a time of I think. Both ways there's opportunities gas and you know let's be honest a lot of military marriages a year young you know the announcer when he asked. And when your twenties that let me just say I matured a lot between 25 and 45 right and there's this test not just that your long distance but there's stress of being in com batter when our. Absolutely absolutely I to a 6421 wolf. We can Texas and Leo get the text for 6150. Good morning Vicki in Bremerton and how are you. And do you think Dario. They were wonderful what danger cheater do for a living. Genie back to trade then humor they plumber. And apparently you're slugging everybody else I. So Vicki apparently a little naive about the trades meant that I see are the least come to my house sales seem like such good family man. They need out I'll guarantee that I'd. I blame the lowly housewife who answers the front doing a lingerie in place pastries and come on and handsome. Well I think he's sorry to hear about your wayward plumber there yeah. That's it he'll stay. Neil I do like to follow up question how did you find out hit it one of his girlfriend is. Errors. Mark found an answer. And she acted like hitting it very you know I thought yeah right. I don't the next you don't get a. Vicki thanks so much for being a part of a show and sharing your story with us are aren't they have a one of the day Vicky are right Jeff in Port Orchard I understand you're retired military you wanted to weigh in on the cheating. Yeah oh no authority they sit at sit. However. We have broker to pull out go to our effort that the governor what I would rather. Yeah I did hear that and seen as the ship comes back like the divorce rates skyrocket because the women had been out as well. I came up with a point that that your early 2008 the my children go through a multi sport currently. Oh. Yes well I did make the comment earlier in the show it works both ways and Arianna you leave. A know how swept home 69 months in I do find two in the military get a lot of young marriages and a lot of mistakes happen when you're young I know I'm no matter. Yet our current RL tell me again exactly what happened Jeffs or understand. OI and law deployment might do goad people are hopeful that we were there you heard it was my car with Bert bell brought Stewart there. So she drove your car and she was at his house in your kids showed yup I'm really sorry you had to go through that brother Alex is that that was here where there yeah I know I've got one of those two it's all good Jeff we become better and stronger oh yeah. Truth Jeff thanks for sharing your story man and thank you for service to their government their YouTube are coming up next and was gonna bring down the Big Three stories of the day. Even if you didn't watch last night fast actually you Kennedy Todd about it when I keep you on the well for a handful of peanuts doesn't talk until Senegal. All here's Matt McAllister. That though wolf and Molly let's take a look at the Big Three stories today. The biggest thing the bachelorette final rose last night and that didn't watch it. For X and I just I couldn't. Do it plus I don't understand why the bachelor started telling you what happens before it happens yeah if you want to read the last page of a book when you started I don't understand why they do the strategy. At the last page would get his last night and again. I RE it was downfield back and Lawrence Ari proposes to Baghdad but then. He breaks his engagement with her on camera. The reality of it is. I still. Think about her. Do you want the contract with her policy if there's a possibility. We're really think it hurt. Think everything about us. You could tell she was totally blind side it brutal it was brutal the tonight. There's a few hours special. Where Ari it's gonna reunite the born we'll get to see it they got back together you'll find out hit any bachelorette it's gonna be I'm guessing it'll be that we'll have to wait. And by the way they're now calling him the most hated bachelor of all time but you know I take some my wife who stayed up late to watch if she actually has a different take and she said you know life. Not one that's a guy has ever gotten married one dude John she's as I respect him for. I just think doing it on camera was rough like girl sign on that's good drama that's good to have you and I almost visualize that. OK so traffic is bad enough here at it is a thrill at 300 pound pig into the egg beaten worse. There was a massive hog on interstate five in pit area yesterday at least. And blocked the hov lane so happened here at the south 200 Greek inner change around 1130. And the pet the Turkey and then pulled over to the broke down and it's escaped. And they run it is way out. But it did you say but every once Robert I did watch it and I used understand how hard it is a Rangel of 300 pounder yeah I am moving to quake well but he icky that. Well it definitely good when he finally was wrangled and were duped. And in the number or an a for the Oscars and they are today it is an all time low of 26 point five million viewers. That's down nearly 20% from last year in the fourth straight year. That he caught and you know. I actually bled to. I've watched about an hour of it I thought it was pretty good I think that's you know social we are talking about that last week about this cord cutting in general yet all the ratings are down a little down in the big is down. However and if they can take that three or four hours and make it our yeah I just got to make it shorter I don't even know where I would watch an animated short films where where do I even find that asked why do I need sound editing that make it and Howard you know I'm in for the whole hour right I agree needs I'll start a petition online to strongly worded email contact. Here that morning or. I'm still a party. So wolf so I story came out last week it says that we as Americans have the eight. Sexiest accent in the world. Now according to Europeans here's how they break down we as Americans and our accents and who's got the sexy sex and I. And of course I think this is a little more targets and certainly going to show with a little hint of the southern drawl if we'll oil plank in the I would say it probably gets worse and you drink that you don't drink so you don't know now take its course and I'm tired. That we certain droll little well here it is go from knocked bottom to top again the sexiest. Accent according to Europeans may come around here to visit Seattle. Minnesota. You know they get to Howard Johnson's their mightily. I think a number seven mid western which I guess Armenia a group of Missouri only you can have an accident. Texas number five so cal number four. Which I think he's probably one of the most fun attracted like ten yes yes. Crystal from the bachelor. Boston at number three. Beef and I'd love to know what Americans think our sexy American accents new York and never see you and then good for you Emily B southern accent. An example brings top of the list with the euros. Out they sold one. Yeah right Megan handed out what do you think. Let's be flipped it around a little bit of I what are the sexy accidents in Europe. Think what accent to you here and Lee as a woman when your guy within it it cycle but that's next to three point Europe for just four. Because I horrendous go for Australian accent open book yeah Australian Holloway now is that just because there's a couple of guys Hollywood beach cakes and all that hurts horror in all of his brother's run around. The situation but the accidents or Lleyton are slow joke. You know what I am. In Italian accent. Think I ran there. Is so sexy I think the Italian job and of course an advocate Mark Wahlberg no lines and I. And math. British always seems you don't erase psyched out or somebody with a really strong British accent. Especially if they're wearing glasses immediately equate that with the intelligence that anybody say that I would as a kid and I like. Super big crush on Elizabeth Hurley. Yeah nationally renowned hey dad you know when Hugh Grant had the audacity to cheat on her yeah I would like. Something else or professional I have of their engine. Anyway let's open it up a little bit like Newegg has the public aren't if you have an accident or people tell you have an accent of course you don't think you do that if you have a foreign accent. Call us whether a game we'll try to guess where your from. Think the big ones are going to be obvious hopefully it keeps a TV evidence to your accent we might need that many terrible thing. To a 6421. Wolf for nevermind you cannot text and play this guy. I'm just used to say in at 206421. Wolf call right now you have an exit we'll try to guess where you're from. Bellowed Janet in red and how are you today. Don't Wear grades so the game is you have an accident you start talking and we try to guess where your from. Okay. I'm a rainy. Public about a month ago well what my boyfriend any seat in years. And he's human like two years since. I'm only been here take my that are my pet and not act and I guess I got here I don't hear black green and I hear it again yes go Louisiana. Maggie doll like everybody I think that our debt a look at appliance store in America that's in a paradigm a lot of love and unlike Ari I'll let you know like you're not from here Arianna might help. I today a year from Louisiana. We did a story earlier about these twenty pound rats cold nutria that are invading California that a friend have been in Louisiana forever it is just says I'm familiar at all. You know I'm not a lot I think there's they say yell fry him up and put him into jumble line you eat MEE. Fish product at. Our idea of pleasure talking to you thanks for being a part of the show this morning. I'm not think I am a big here is Laura Laura without saying where is that you're from just are talking about any random talk about how beautiful it is out today. Alex the current state of the day it's beautiful and that means. While. Now and things are bringing EPA. Firm. Well applying. The hope that night and that they think it was there that the water on the city's South Africa that yeah. Hello. I had no idea. Now us live for the way its job well. And I'm a tidbit about me my dad who actually lived in South Africa for a short amount of time and I was a kid that. Bitch eating well so I went over their three Summers in a row I was I was in Johannesburg in sight gag I got here but I do you love your act. Oh and and our own formal ball clubs aren't all that beautiful. I had a friend for that matter I just love the way he says broke its brew brew and I think if you. Well Lauren yeah yeah yeah beautiful accent thanks for being a part of a morning wolfpack today. All claim it's all about about an hour and out of the reason we're talking of this is because according to Europeans. The southern exit polls Emily from Georgia over there is the sexiest American access over solicited a fine if you have an accent in your from another part of the world to a 6421 wolf the number and we'll try to guess where is that you're from. Back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice. Overall it's a new one at a point 7 wolf the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister of course family is here first weeks Loge. And no matter where you go to days somebody's gonna mention what happened last out of the vest or even if you hate the show it's everywhere. And are now is being put in as the worst villain in the franchise of the show. Yet the most hated bachelor dad it's funny to my wife twice in she exe respected producer making a really our decision even though. He'd do on national television had to destroy a woman to get to where you need to date. Right the real quick Matt when he did was he proposed to one of the women and then on camera broke up. So it's got a tweet from someone who's listening to us this morning and said you know this is the first time it's happened in not only dad did Jason ms. nick who was on the show in 2009. He is now happily married. And living in Seattle. To other woman tell the other to the woman Indiana he dumps the other woman for and actually had to go look it up listen to this. Came here to find. Summits and the rest of my life for us. We're not ready for each other. You can ring on Melissa's finger but you don't want to fight to city. Can work. Because you're having doubts. Over. Someone else who you party said the IT. It's it's just. I wish more than anything that last day you wouldn't just let me go. And new living happily in Seattle and first not those team. So it's happened before or he's not the most then and where she however it doesn't it sound when you're listening to it as if it's a soap opera. As straight from TV and does the out of those are real people actually you know. We're just talking about the bachelor last night of course somebody into a detailed game could be into our spoiler alert. Sorry if that's what they're gonna defied. But I million. Other reality which ought to sing way more heartbreaking in my opinion than the bachelor last night. It gives just a lynch and props to see but something out very real and very genuine very authentic. On his social media. He put out a video of himself watching. The live feed of the ACM nominations. And in the beginning which in agony here he's I can't rely we're here at super excited so excited and you just know you can tell in his bones he's feeling like he's gonna get nominated to cheer for small town boy which was a four week number one song is huge. In any proceeds not to get nominated in this the part rating most Cubans ferried to stop the video and I got a close up us. Gamblers don't talk about what we lose that many posted the disappointment of not getting nominated when these guys we interview and like. There's not that important. Yeah is listen to a quick success. It's. Career changing soul. Little did it. We'll Columbus and you know. Then just us like Eva we always said it's like reply 011. Maybe two days to stop potter back. I don't get it. Well you know what it changes nothing about today or will we know we knew about it and yes. But room. We're pretty hard for the us. Smoke. Now that is some reality television right there I love him for that I did two minutes really honest most people's bonds could get a next year. Really happy for all the nominees. Now menace or real emotions so props to those salacious for being genuine and honest about that oh yeah. Callous. You 100 points. Wolf this morning little bags. And we are about to turn things over to the lovely town and is Deanna lead Hannity and I'm at a height and only getting worse. I think clearly is so excited to have another woman on the wolf staffs are focused. She is never in DeSoto backed me up we've been here for what six months yet she's never been as happy issues to walk into the studio yeah. David I she's recruiting ambling over to her side of for the arguments the first things you run up was the temperature to trail. A woman that preceded met Phillies and you aren't you Matt freezes me out. She is wearing gloves I got there. What I say this morning slow Joseph the first thing you did you said it was a little cold but you do like it and I lightly at all but at least it's kind of cold and here I said. Listen I don't care where you work I guarantee the thermostat is bigger. Yeah but I did say hey Joseph amendment let's sept sixteen young man and when you can see the breath. Coming out and Alcoa might be a little too little I'm trying to act mainly to Seattle. Okay thank you never go outside it's forty at least a 69 in here yeah. And anyway. Missed dearly role where I was. I'm happy of some of the play with him now I can see you I'm just so excited and I. You guys if you haven't had a chance yet go on social media and get a look at this family because she's so pretty well. It's also released we too and I love that well that her he would bring a bad human being the next up and down their country. All right so immediately when he got community and you show look at you look forward to not to mention we get the cash money coming up in seven minutes on the essence excited. Something you're really big happened to the Puget Sound today. Everett has been named the number one state case in talent in a man yeah. Yeah yeah had no idea Everett I mean this is the best. Vacation spot in America for stay kicks in Everett Washington a team. Well I need to know why where where where do you go and every two experienced this this is according to Expedia they are number one on the list of this is stand voted it it's because of its proximity to parks. Interesting museums and a variety of worldly fair. A blacked worldly cares what goes it's. Oh yeah isn't that big an average of blog today about a Seattle wolf dot com you wanna go there and kind of get a look at what ever has to offer and I'm wondering you know deal agrees that Everett is number one on the list. Or is the best vacation town from your hometown did you started out loose Internet site. Turf war yeah. Yeah and you know what the next conversation I'll be listening I would love to hear the spots that make Everett sites known I mean I news. And it's very pleased to go up there a couple bad breakfast I'm sure. Lose its proximity to whidbey I landed deception pass that despite getting hit Italy and the bikini released as of today. And should I go ahead. And I'm glad it's. I'm sure nobody ever truly. 06421. Wolf it sounds like Visteon is here to talk about every little bit today which is good for 6150. And with that we will leave you incapable hands and say goodbye. Daily have a little fun that I I was even tomorrow morning at 5 AM enjoy the way the guys have a beautiful day we love you thanks for illicit. Actually the car. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 point 701.