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Tuesday May 15th, 2018


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Role they may welcome to our podcast today's Tuesday I believe it is the fifteenth payday baby furious bimonthly so it's okay hey you know that if ambassador cheese as the morning wolf pragmatic ouster Emily rain and it. It slowed Joseph where glad you guys are here thank you for listening please if you didn't find us on iTunes go there and subscribe so it looks like people like our show and and be straight up honest with you. OK couple things we didn't get a chance to talk about on the show today. First and foremost how about the fact that 25%. Of Americans in the workforce right now. And I'm not talking about the statistics of people they go to work I'm Bergen about the actual workers themselves admit they are late to work at least once a month. The hell is going on here I am a number is higher they just ultimate. Well that's a good point Emily if you're willing to admit you're late at least once a month. He probably more than that yeah. That's shocking to me and may be just as we work and in a business where we gotta be here early in if you are not here on time everybody knows it. Yet there's I mean that there are many jobs were exposed the nine it's like squeak in the door on fifteen are really really paying that much attention the days where you show but factoring clocking in with a little you know that time clock attorney Shirley those days are probably not. Reality for most people yeah I just I've never understood that you know what I mean like if for any thing after I he had every few minutes there. I don't understand late this either it drives me up the wall my wife is late everywhere for everything and it makes me crazy has pry away and have a sister reaction to this because I fight and in my everyday life. I mean I did see how it you are late Monday need get away with that and I don't know when he noticed and I got extra fifteen minutes of sleep and then the next time you're fifteen minutes he add on so. I totally got the ball and you know I'm not one of those people but I have plenty of friends are. But aren't you aware when you walk in that other people not just the boss noticed that your with a guy or the girl that always comes in a couple of had to say to me should look like you're lazy and I don't care and it affects somebody in some way some yeah there's a reason that you're relay. Well that I'm sure they're justification like oh well but I don't take a lunch break Reynolds smoker I you know I work harder when I'm here I know people like this that are just like. I'm get theirs is like and. Whatever happened working hard getting ahead yeah there was a guy ended up he was a crazy cocaine. Addict crazy person but if I remember he was a sales guy's sales guys Roland radio stations alligator 9 am breath he used to get there when we got there like 4435. AM. Because he just wanted to beat everybody else you know now ribbon that I'm gonna get their McGee all my stuff done paperwork calls and be out hidden history. And he was really successful until. Everybody forgot he was the reason was there for him to their choked up ice and why don't like very bright but he was driven a sort of saying like whatever happened like you know man tinted to be the most successful I got to work harder than everybody else mentality now is like we're gonna get away with and for the most part. Feel the coming Lagos have like a beat Starbucks cup. They don't advertise that you're late because you went to get coffee and didn't plan for that. Also I know people and I'm one of them I'm not traditionally a morning person and sell. I'd rather go in late and worked later because I'm more productive afternoons evenings and maybe that's their plan. Yes but again I guess fur is the case of this particular study were 25% of people admit their late. Late meaning there is time they're supposed to be only app so if you can set your own hours more power to you by the way have you ever thought that this job rabies are really good for you in terms of your circadian rhythm you know all I just. And changed my sleep pattern. Yes I do is make you realize that. You can't do that I know I'm reading this book about its call why I had Labor Day you have your like there's a real thing between ham and nine Alan I'm more hours and people have a rhythm to their bodies that I absolutely love this stuff I know your fighting it though every day I'm probably not make it an easier admire them this is. Totally opposite of our schedule and and because on the weekend I can sleep as long as I want merit and obviously till noon if I didn't begin at present the and I guess a blast I love getting up early I love go to bed early I just it seems to work for me so I guess I'm blessed you are blessed and a art next story short man syndrome is a real thing not to something you make fun of short guys for effect. Is it because we make fun of them that they get angry rob. Let me get into it but does everybody in this room know a short guy and it has a big attitude. Today it's typically or talking about the Napoleon complex. Yes but does that say what I consider short like. What is considered short or does that just say short act now I. OK yes under 57. OK so the new study out of the Netherlands found out that short man's syndrome really does exist the researchers found that men under 57 act more aggressively in social experiments the man who were taller. So what does that mean researchers says it's biologically ingrained in short guys to be more aggressive. When they can grab whatever resources they can because they may have fewer chances to get them yeah and I think there's advantages to being a little bit taller and has probably just goes back to like. Cave man hunter gatherer they hit their bigger get out okay got it to get seriously or all of our you know body biological needs and wants come from this but yeah I mean I guess there is a real reason. I just you kind of guys that are shorter and they always has had this chip on their shoulder rubbing shorter grass whereas being a tall guy at 62 I could careless so dire. You know one person that I commenced as he does not had this is Justin mark. He would tell a guy and he just owns it and he is the nicest like. Like videos and but he's also like a scrappy. Guy agro yet he we interviewed him one time he talked about getting into a fight at a bar. Which you don't do when your kind of famous and he did it anyway multiple multiple times like he is a little agro he does have it never seen that got him well he he learns you know he jokes about because it's so obvious he's really he's what five feet tall and he's little these little I don't know is he had it not after you got your. And got I never make fun of anybody tied or to or ties to any because or nothing you can do about it if you weren't stupid clothes and you've got a weird mustache or with. That's your choice did you choice and you gonna be made fun of those choices but you you know I Joyce Evan oh come on that's with the hat I think that I Joseph I'll tell Leo. 510. Okay now he's he's 55 it's probably fair day's my. Anyway so he was in a bar in he's getting drunk and some guy leans over and he says and Joseph maybe you might have the exact line because it was a funny lies it's a bit about him married hitting on my wife. And he says I'm like dude if that's your wife I wouldn't hit owner like she's not pretty enough to hit iron out the lag if they've firewire for the last Lola on earth yeah like basically column is a liar in yes but I I don't think he's immune to what this does is an allergist is it. I think when you were a man in your shorter do you feel like you have to be a little bit scrappy to prove your man. Why a lot of little guys I know also hit the gym pretty hard and they're pretty muscled up crystal they're trying to compensate death so yeah I do think there's a break it. Well you don't have to take a back the only disease is one study out of an alleged by the fact I have found typically I've always known that to be true but now other signs that backs it up that typically shorter guys carry little bit of more but small dogs are the same way and yeah small dogs the ones that these attitudes in the big dogs like stupid lazy really illusion. That's super laid back in Seattle Randy and I I part of your yeah it goes back to attain a hunting gathering men I've always thought it was funny just final thought that the they called the Napoleon complex. Because Napoleon was the supposedly really shortened and agro but he totally wasn't like I was appear war propaganda he was like average high over the line up card guy and I don't think any as well yeah like he's historically. Sure. I'm sure I'll totally he was like an average he's prime my. Aren't I'm gonna Google that to happen and I don't believe you realize that it was I can't ever to well I think of the French revolution and it goes like the revolutionaries or whatever they just are it was a propaganda thing Lagos a shirt just to make him anger well remembered Braveheart with William Wallace when he shows up on the battlefield in all this is the Scottish -- what you can't be William Wallace C 7320. In case you missed. Leno lightning had a disasters like I know I'm him Saturday short okay Napoleon Bonaparte which by the way just a little side note to the podcast intro here. How sad is it that when I Google search Napoleon Napoleon Dynamite comes up or Napoleon Bonaparte this guy that like conquered half the world are. About an appalling was 57. Which is I think average high for a guy especially back then now advertise probably more like I think hold on hold back then guys we've got done saying just a more short he's 5755. That I says he's 570 yeah. The average high in like. 18117. Hundred's it was about one. I've said it depends on where your from OK the average American high for men is a 177 centimeters which is almost seventy inches. 510. Is the average American for a dude that's American. An and Canada are worldwide yeah we'll try out try you got to try to year to you because that's definitely average male hide by country this was came out in 2016. That's interesting man let's see oh boy there's a lot of countries. At any country in particular Albanians fighting Irish is gonna go worldwide. Bosnia. Is six feet tall. That's pretty big outlet in Croatia. Croatia's filed eleven pretty tall. Cuba 56. Little flu followers at Denmark six feet. I'm just going to move may in India 54. Indonesia 52. Again America average height 510. Let's see you tell me this so we're looking for like 17100 to eighteen uttered it was sixty T 68 point 27 inches I'm allies that. Was seven inches is 510 so it's it's less than five or ten I played five days CA was just right around average well you kind of blew my mind by the average height of duty in Vietnam is five theory. Yeah I did Heyman Vienna hide them. I know that's why when I went to an end as her looked at because I'm taller than all of them. Well you can imagine to do with so my family my mom's side of famine there'll giants my mama's 511 her sister is 63. I have a seven foot cousin Mike Graham Paula 68 mile local 67 my head giant people have a huge fan and so on my sister who's also tall went to Japan to study abroad. That is typically a shorter culture. And they're weird about Americans anyway so this was 2030 years ago affect my sister had blond hair and was like almost six feet tall. When she would get into the super crowded subway line none of these Japanese man would stand in line with her. So they would rather wait like twenty extra minutes to get on the and so waited stand next to her and her friend who has their study abroad and red hair and they were freaks like they were just straight up. Freaks in Japan and none of the Asian dues or get anywhere near minority if he gets its and its it was a different you have learned a lot about that culture which is very different from Mars cardinals say that very. Politically correct me. Think OK and last and at least this is just kind of a funny story but we've all heard stories about people to get bad tattoos are misspelled tattoo yes. Amelie everything go to any have a bunch of little tattoos yeah my arrogant dog it subject of well laments we've got a tattoo of years ago it was over her son's name which if you've ever had our work done typically they don't recommend names for a lot of different reasons I think he'd be pretty off getting your son's name is awesome yeah I got not want. Wives and girlfriends boyfriends husbands on such a good idea anyway the tattoo artist accidentally wrote Kelvin instead of Kevin. So the woman legally changed her son's name Dick Kelvin. Just imagine the test there where does that Wear on her body okay she's a thirty year old woman she's from Sweden Johanna sensed from. On. The bottom back maybe she didn't see yet I can be easily put that template on Ian. You go to the near and look at it to make sure its tracks and made that on action quite see. Funny thing is like Calvin sounds like a Swedish names is that I and that and I like that name Calvin better than Kevin is a little -- it does not say and I read the whole story here Emily really quickly to try to find out where she got it. But you know like you were saying I think those are really listening if it's on your shoulder early in the back you're gonna mayor quickly ask you could miss that out. Especially if you're Swedish junior all dizzy anyway from go to IKEA will have all the time. Over there it's a lot. More strenuous to get attacked you changed in the paperwork to just change the name. Well she went to a tattoo removal clinic which he found out how long and painful that process was she decided to go to different direction which has. Honestly I think it's pretty off the great training that yeah like. Ice breakers you have to UConn legend it's like totally backed about yourself I just wonder how old think it was like if you it's like a newborn and every deal but he's like twelve Fiat well. This doesn't have sixteen years old this doesn't. Have details of of that I don't have any of that hole I guessing probably pretty sure yet she said you know I'd never heard named Kelvin before so when I thought more about an N I realize notice how the name of the game unique so now we think it's gonna be Kevin you do I'm sure Kevin liked being cabinet. Anyway. A C oh a year ago. Kevin slash Coleman wasn't old enough to know the difference so he's an actor he's like 323. Whatever and I think kill there's like measure of like heat or something. Yeah I mean we had down by the Zain good battles then it's it's that it's. Google actually do a lot of Google that are temperature. If you don't really really really oh by the way there is a Kelvin bad news wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills again. What did you find them it's that unit of measure for temperature based upon absolute scale. Hey. Calvin. You know it's kind of interesting too that nobody ever thought about that before. And I guess you just have to be in a perfect place where the name that they misspelled it too is kind of cool open and your kid is kinda young so he's not gonna get pissed at you and you just take creative license in changing its name. Why activate it have been like from Kevin Allen met then you have achieved and it I don't know probably. It's Sweden. I had a friend got the city of the lead at tech receiver can hear our grew up but they spelled it without an. And he obviously I changed the name of the city generally he lives that one. To this day he gets so much crap like his nickname became cult that's still on target to get it. I think he had I think the other guy at the. I don't musty like the like the red aero you know when your teacher yen tainted yeah edit I would you like the red Airpwn that he. Live now to make it a joke may have and there's a funny show that I'm watching it's cost that these called love. But it's a Judd Apatow show that on Netflix. Kind of quirky weird but this guy it's all LA this guy knows this LA party there's a guy sitting of the tattoo gun. Any walks over McCain man you are you doing tattoos he has now. I'll let I let people tattoo what ever they want on me in and I have a story and how I knew that persons in these guys got random crap all over his body. So this guy being like kind of ironic sits down he sees something it's like a mole so he circles it with a tattoo guy and and puts an Arab and says melanoma. I think in the daylight he gets it is half past sadly and the the guy free silly dude would you tip to cancer on me. Would you put out my body anyways that pathetic attempt to an idea that any way in a funny story. Made by the way you're listening in you have any kind of a funny tattoo story we have done that on the year before but always good to get the email the senate to Matt at Seattle wolf dot com enjoy the show and we'll see you back tomorrow. It's. He went so well done morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. 100 point 7:0 well good morning only rains in more slow joke and and happy Tuesday may fifteenth payday. Yeah. Hello I'm better now. Pat crazy fight couple things here. And I wanted to do early morning mug club pit stop. Plug because you don't that we ever do deficit annually to six tenths of a before we do that TS to kind of heads up on what we got going on today than normal stuff. We'll start the wolf were trading at 7 AM that means a thousand dollars your first shot then you have eleven more after that during the course of the day. More Chris Young tickets for the Saturday night concert with beech street 710. And NA tests we're gonna find out how much Jeff the trucker makes for a look and so like question your salary do it everyday lives here it's kind of run the spectrum. Yeah that's of high end gets low and get some middle yet truck drivers we got doctors lawyers private investigators. At a private investigator yesterday 75 G right after the five year which we all thought as. Well we August tire pleaded no not all but not all slow load so you don't got to within a couple grant I thought he was whale yet we still Emily let's let everybody know we're going to be between new one today. Number to be in Sumner at urban timber coffee set you're not north Puyallup Sumner. Bonnie lake area may she stopped Bible by each cup of coffee and then also if you have a copy mad that you would add to our mug club. Glenn bring that I don't have to have a mug and a half in July he likes to their team did anybody actually we just wanted to meet. Or and Europe have a coffee mug either we've made this discourage work we have made city caps work baseball cap shot glasses. Whatever has a logo wanted to look at business that doesn't mean you don't talk about trying to help out people here in the BMWs try to come community. All right any else's turn to show regularly don't call yeah let's do dads lead off scholar I doubt that you when you are up we wanna hear from yet. Low key out of that and what a trainer. But and a man I blame the air conditioning our back yard downhill last Tuesday. I'd to a 6421 wolf right now lead off collar looking for you with your up lets you pick a song to get us some base. Good morning Ashley leg were Larry you Gary oberg raid actually thanks for being our lead off collar getting some base here early on Tuesday what do you up to this more than. And just totally endorse as does the fewer minutes the phone. They hear things like going to the gas station get them in the wake up. Okay what he's your go to caffeinated beverage. Well I have an extra money Moreno because they tried Charles let me and it's not just aren't they were. Condit mcdonalds they know that led that in my two week it bears that are better jobs. Hey do you have the job already. Good could you never supposed to leave a job to have a job like Emily did can you tell us or the new job as. It'd could average this edition of Larry and it is not cast baby is their warehouse. Though Felix in the hijacking a quick thought. Hands off my guess so would you say McDonnell's job kind of helped you get that job as a springboard action. Yeah I totally congratulations again this excited in what was your gig at McDonald's what were you in charge of their music to me. He's now just true. Nice being here wait too long yeah. I was a little your early years though. Is it too long did you I mean it's her job that underpaid and now of course it's a tunnel and it. Yeah well you know working and that's all the maps very. And congratulations on the new job actually let's celebrate let's play a song for you what you wanna hear kinda got a pattern but I Grant Hill and. Wounded I doubt we'd like those upbeat songs instead of calling it's they can kind of wake everybody maybe save some money on that have big job or you know. Share a roll the windows down you know turn it up by Nancy this one's for you we love you good luck with a new job oh by the way a little later on the show. We're going to be talking about the fact that 60% of everybody screws up. On their first day at a new job so Ashley you have to be listening you don't make the same mistakes yeah right it doesn't matter what I'm saying you can avoid all these pitfalls by listening to the morning multi cast. IRA every morning and never ever are an audio that's yeah. Let it hit they guy you gotta stick around again drama about the royal wedding coming up next. Good morning welcome back with Matt make Alastair he you're then entitled to all the benefits and privileges whereabouts are just download them with in dirt to. Highlight how there core I guess it's amply race he has never got he's someone that she's been taste which not apparently important how much you may absolute. 147. Oh. OK so if you are probably more like mean and Emily viewed don't really care about the role wedding happening on Saturday a lot of people who. This might change your mind. And I think this is why it royals stick to themselves. You don't Mary normal people like us you know life is we have crazy families we have crazy dad's. We have arrest warrants we get drunk we embarrassed ourselves there's money to be data as Americans. We're gonna go get them. Yeah trials have their crazies they just hide them and shipped them off places that are absolutely quiet them better it's your royal crazy you're off and it's a royal silent killer ever fear for nearly Aqua. But Megan Markel Stan is a piece of work in fact her whole family because you know they're just regular people like you mean they are. I would say making this a little more difficult and I think the royals are used to especially mega mark Staten a real piece of work. So now they're saying. Thomas Marcos saying he would no he doesn't wanna embarrass the royal family because he had a heart attack a couple of days ago but that is people saying he'd really have a heart attack plus. He is being accused and he admitted to staging photos. For the paparazzi getting paid for about a hundred grand as many on because. He thought he looks lob only an old fish in regular paparazzi pictures which. He does yes it's I get it he's a big dude you need. Two days after the heart attack they got all these pictures of driving through McDonald's getting happy news and they are going to can't say. After Brett yet why a happy meal due to 73 years old and that is it that way and what are we doing here got a frosty had a great. Hey there. We haven't thought that he he keep any of disquiet when his daughter is the biggest news story right in the world right now. Well and so he is told everybody and including meg Marco and apparently she obviously was pretty upset by this is he's not going as one of Paris. Right and then she got through and yet. That Arnie haven't cops. He's got the rest her family's all young man is sitting get invited tenements of extended family would now like half Brothers and sisters that are angry at her daddy slew they'll flew to London. They're not invited. Delta flew to London just try to get a piece of the action it's and they're all working with like paper like pound even the ones that aren't going to London or like publishing an act about now they didn't Pressler analysts oh yeah there's what do you mean wrote a tell all book pro yet they're all making money off night in my visit disaster. If they make it through this row wedding without one royal dropping dead of just. I'm an older than I shoot my American shock. I feel so bad Brad based queen bee in my I'm sorry I don't I know I don't cleanly people Americans here's what we do. John Kerry. Yeah and somebody I guess you have half brother to that penned an open letter to answer about why he shouldn't have he shouldn't marry his sister. And this is the train. I but I thought we could bring it around make it real. Morning wolf pack. What almost drew to a casino with all the Strom even with a daddy doesn't go home and her mom watch it and I was looks like it's what can happen very untraditional. There's a million marriages and still be fun. So what almost. Ruined your way. To us exports who won wolf we can Texas 46150. And get all wedding drama could be bridesmaids did we parents you know somebody get drunk from some demented and arrested. What almost ruin your wedding I hear from you right now. Hey Daniel into new ala we're talking about the disaster mega Markel spam in the royal wedding on Saturday would almost threw in your way. But when we were heading in the state. Are letting somebody came through dole all a little sweaty cars that were given to us. Plus you have other present but the gets the yeah home actor we had every plant there as they are a lot and put it into a basket. At the it table that kind of right diet eat. And though we think the but it kept up the street. Opened the gate grab hold back in the plus but they have let it let them collapse. So you don't think there was anybody at the wedding you invited then. I really don't want to think that it was we all expected that it it and then we think that's a bit but mostly eat that he had turned that somebody just. I can't grab the cards at left. Don't sting of that makes my stomach turning you know the hardest part about that is that you have no way of knowing how much money you lost because now we gonna go around thinking of oxygen gaming we did. Under what it into the big map out and malevolent example check. They could beat up quite. Keyboard and Eliot lost quite a little funny little night so that everyone and it just like a body can't. I think we had at getting like eye opener but that they at law or the are sure. So you figured it out. Right after it was Seoul and not at the end of the wedding. Yeah right after it was. It all and believe you went over so I'm the president then noticed everything. Daniel you used the term a minute ago that I've never heard before what are some money dance. Players they cut bride real tired and into the song and then people take turn bring any cash. But even that was the fracture earth. Group answer them like that gives them a little bit that I'm all of our. So organized racing a lap dance. Yes I. Well Daniel man we're sorry to hear about that that is terrible but you got married life who moves on it didn't it almost threw into Obama almost Obama Daniel faced this year but we love thinking I'm at but it still. You know Matt and the last wedding I was in it was almost ruined. Partially by the bride partially by a bridesmaid is so. We had to go to a mandatory meanie head eat the night before mandatory mandatory what she's giving us like our bridesmaids yes and all that stuff out on paying for it is nice I should pay for a really back and neck out and I know what I can see who's been in Lee's ruling on its and one of the girls didn't show lots. So after a couple phone calls she hired. A number of them are actually she made her sister McBride meter sister bonfire this brides made the night before the wedding. And so we had to scramble around buying another bridesmaid. To bride was too busy and luckily the sister had a friend you. Even though she was pregnant with twins still that the size stressed that we needed her to you world and she said yeah step then so she stepped in as a bridesmaid at the ha. Only you can get fired from that position at the low. That is awesome you know seems to you like there's always a lot of good dad drama between a bridesmaid in the bridesmaid party ally yeah. All right have there what almost through your wedding to a six sporty one will protect us right now 46150. Mega Markel on Saturday's going to be first American to Mary and the royal family since 1937. And probably the last. Her family is a typical American trader can ask why we love American red we're red necks mess stuff up. So what almost threw in your wedding Megan's dad is about to root jerseys is not Golan. Because he might affect a heart attack a couple of days ago and sold it to pictures of paparazzi was every single person or family is writing a tell all book to make money. This is why the rulers to. There it's equivalent to us love we have to choose and you did the end we eat we drink. I test the ribbons. Yes. All mag any there's there's some of these greens are getting into Texas and bill lot better now let's go Italy IRA this selling can't I was driving from Spokane to Seattle for their wedding and have all of the wedding stuff packed in boxes in the back of the car. And somehow they have no idea how her wedding dress flew out of the box on the road and they've never seen again two days before they went. How was it never seen again it's a good idea realize it got. Blown out I guess are at the moment that it would ask all that's awful. Oh those things HE. I don't care if you go on the cheap they're still not cheating stealing a perfect dress I know it's been weeks looking for it's fitted in its lunch all years dimension. How long she'd been dieting defeated an IRS. Like him. Hi my maid of honor disappeared 4 hours the morning and my M slot the ball won by in plus through my dad step mom out of the reception for allegedly smoking pot and in the same father and gotten drunk in his hotel room. And drunk drove to my house to tell mean he does get a beat them. Whoa yeah yeah. So we know marijuana in the drunk driving at two different feel about the same same guy yeah yeah okay. Other than this on my rehearsal dinner is tonight for the wedding and our house the fascia of our wedding was also close friend. During the rehearsal dinner are fascia was drunk he kept falling debris and sister around like a puppy dog so his wife got mad about it well and they ended up getting into a physical confrontation. In the front of the house and then after everyone and left the fishy it went out to smoke it never came back. They found his wife and walking to the hotel eleven miles from their house eleven miles until eleven miles away says she didn't want any marathon runner yet they had a happy I didn't see it at 1 o'clock in the morning the day of their wedding. You don't do as well like I've been married twice and there's been snafus in these wedding nothing compares to these stories and I'm Manny and I compete in this league I'm not playing and that is awesome tied to a 6421 wolf we're almost through graduating or you can always Texas 46150. In the meantime. We had a really Big Three coming up next I've got huge. Sam hunt news. Oh. All right Alina is married so must be some miles tonight. This is the morning. Alistair telling you 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three are bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them heroes ladies this is the big story. That's been huge and means for Sam hunt and he's finally releasing some new music. The song is called it downtown is dead and you could hear we're gonna premiere it tomorrow morning right here but I have little preview that you wanna hear you have. Dad. Sounds like Sam hunt. Simply can't hunt and I feel like he singing a little bit more than his. Regular and hockey globe we don't know the could be an anti any portion of that Syria haven't gotten here yet. Folders and if you are Sam hunt fan dance sounds like it's going to be your pants and yet again tomorrow morning legal premiere that are right up. December and thinner you Emily Hughes and or is it just the way AME below him like the way he looks thirty you'd like his music well I was on the C a Hyundai and I outing in the Georgia boys I was on the bandwagon you are female auxiliary. Here in the wheel house and I annals Sammy all of this so ugly. It really hurts is you know what attracted you guys close your eyes and gaining like Adam. I royal wedding is mega Merkel life is about change and she gets married. Saturday but how much is about to change this for a girl some ridiculous rules she's gonna have to now follow like she's no longer allowed to eat shellfish. What's members of the royal wedding RIT and eating lobster oysters shrimp and other shellfish because of the high teens getting think poisoning of just this week. Now forever yeah why it's yeah comic I. Rare meat or in the water and anything that's G spicy or exotic is also on the known island EC foreign water yeah it sounds like it's awful yeah. And they're no longer allowed play monopoly. Fine print in Broomfield the Ralph Stanley is allowed to play the popular board game because it gets you this. Are you making these black ice or a worse than being a Turkish prison of course they're not allowed to have any public displays of affection. You won't see browse holding hands or kissing I could see them breaking this rule that they are even a lot more affectionate. The message the couples happy and sentenced him I know Morris social media sell these are autographs. Course Megan will not be allowed to do that and she always must walk behind prince William and duchess Catherine and they walk in order of the ground. It is so he's evil ways so they really can sign autographs for fans and media claim an awful good yeah. Back. Yeah no she did take pictures it's it's not a sign autograph. Steve is he cleaning it debut could in theory and I played shoots a letter to. Does she landed weekly. I guess they're sorry maybe see our a game of life. I prayed real quick today is the national chocolate chip day to. All Americans eat chocolate chips. I hate chocolate chip and I percent dislike them. And a decent bar. 2% he chocolates but that's gonna be burned think that the it's easier a pretty Iverson not taking. In the United States or talk at chocolate chips and I'm glad I know this today is chocolate chip to thank you reveling Iran always good the Big Three gotta love that I'd. Cash money coming up at 7 AM we get the mud club coming up for you neck. Again is do you think this is the morning wolf pack with nothing you're down 100 points off the world now on the episode I know the. And Italy before getting this nice note for the mug club swearing today let's talk about a pit stop a little bit later. Every knee out at urban timber coffee and Sumner from means one we'd love to meet yes I a cup of coffee and say hey did you have a much you wanna. When another Clinton Gordon Britney could drop off breakdown spy in your coffee from noon one somebody let's go. So the letter today from integrity Gary services Tuesday morning wolfpack so excited to be sitting amongst you guys Emily net and slow Joseph Biden a three coffee mugs. I was your show every morning and makes Mikey so much better makes me laugh it's a great start to the day I neo office manager here at integrity hearing services this is from Kathy Broussard. Was connecting his right now we've still net her boss who by the way. And a bunch of really nice things to say about finances are lower divorce has a great cause there's a lot of people. I didn't want any payload and and how are you. I am and I know you guys doing Matt and Molina and pulled over there blow anger or something and those who we are this is getting we. Could. They were so happy that you guys have wanted to be in the mug club and by the way Kathy Broussard needs a raise he had so many nice things to say about was her boss. I you care about people you're not in for the money you know everybody of their integrity here in services loves their patients who just love how people hear better. I got it today Kathy Broussard need some kind of a Christmas bonus. You know these doesn't seem happy and wonderful. Ball you'd better name on the error of course he listens to the morning look back he's part of the Fam got to give a plug it cool. We haven't you do over integrity during services that can help us better people can hear. All the Morristown and only then salad. Why and you know I think people don't realize that hearing impacts every minute of every day of your life and people that have difficulty really. Really beat out both in relationships that work but it works or everywhere. And now I really appreciate you guys. You know giving a little while for people with hearing. You know that actually makes a lot of sense and talking about because people don't hear well even if there at the table they're not a part of the conversation and almost turns them anti social if they can't he's. Exactly people cleric with Iran. We'll listen anybody in Lakewood area you know where to go morning wolf Packers all got to go to integrity hearing services if your hubby is death or tired of listening to you maybe he says selective hearing need to fix they admitted sex get a check of the really just make sure he can't hear you yet. All right we got to make an official swearing you in so you're ready please raise your right hand and repeat after me I state your name. I'd give it back there had been doing services do hereby pledge my allegiance who yeah I've literally been to the morning wolf that. And a little fat and as a proud member of the month club. And what point oh million low ball high pledged to crank up the wolf. I fled to think the world but not too loudly yet at every single morning. Henry Singleton who congratulates and our enemies and conducting an official member of the morning wolfpack mug club you are family welcome. Thank you very much he gave all the glory they say he definitely. Thank you so much we appreciate you we love you arthritic shocking new stats on how badly we screw up our first day and the jobs. According needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts doesn't sound fundamental than a dollar. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. Never go wolf. Matt and a hard time believing this we will because I would take two and Emily you and I we all this had kind of a recent first and the jobs yet wolf. This new statistic just because they write these stories as a mean they're accurate. Almost half of everybody's say they have screwed up on their first day at a new job. York you don't believe that. No sitting in your first day you are your best behavior you show up early you. Tend to be very hyper aware what's ready can you don't wanna screw up your first date first impressions last forever. But apparently. A lot of people live so your but go ahead before I get into some of these. If anybody is listening who screwed up on their first day on the job 206421. Wolf. In these include things like learning somebody's name and an immediately for getting it from us but to their supervisor of all out. Getting somebody's name wrong. Said something stupid because you were nervous now that I can say I do that every day and on the air. I'm going to the wrong place and maybe an old address if you Google map the wrong building. Showed up way too over dressed for I would think under addressed over dressed you feel like it to work under dressed you just feel like slow race. They've had had something simple explained several times like how to turn on the computer. Late because of traffic. Back in the Seattle area I consider ask you know depending on if you may be moved from the place where there was a lot of traffic you know was it that you power a half 220 miles. Our first time go to Tacoma dome we overshot tiger shot at by about a few hours yeah we really did actually especially if interview in the middle of the day you're not ECB's rush hour in the morning death. I mean I was unfair and thank those in need of bathroom break. Before we are gonna get you really do is joining miles away the you put your foot your mouth journey conversation. Oh did you accidentally sent an email to the entire company. Oh here's what I know right now morning wolf back in this and I wouldn't be spread if we didn't get any calls I know we are to I've done that in on the Irsay. OK I wanna hear about that coming up actually wanna hear from you right now morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf for tech's 46150. Good morning Cody in Covington so tell us about how you skirt up your first day on the job. Well. A moment their jobs outlook on the first. Onto your environment and it took office don't let. Well nice is being. Well. But there at all. You know lousy the only when they are responsible for picking up the phone calls. No on. They're at and so I thought there. Beauty ear piercing yes but it but it economic side I'm like yeah I mean that's not been you know it. Right the Cody assuming that you weren't supposed to be asleep at this time right you're on call until. We work through looking at greater OK it projects that are like that we don't want to get it. Sleep deprived so we'll Google hot gases are right. Let's see here we go west in Puyallup to a 6421 wolf Wes how did you screw up your first day on the job. Are part of an auto parts or. But I got. Parity in the background I have to put it helped put an engine block Obama. Bench you know he's greasy old engine luck and I grabbed it started up but not my hand fell. I can't see it in the left side eyed Joseph and hale. But off Jamie is that I can't have this as far as. So here first to be your day. Allah hours I'll help you drop an agent like you get socked in the phase. Then you get into a full on brawl and then you get fired. I don't have a little bit old black guy wow that's crazy weird about a year out nineteen year old Lola. Yeah. Oh my god there's the bar if you get over at morning roll back let's go how did you screw up your first day on the job apparently 50% of everybody screws up their first day on the job. The shocking to me. But the calls have proven me wrong we got Erica on the phone told the supervisor he was stupid. Get James to just lay for the traffic and then Dillon who had an incident in military boot camp Jesus is designed it for you to screw up your first day. To us exports he won all. Dad if you're just joining us for talking about the fact that 50%. Of everybody screws up. On their first day of a new job they screw up because they get people's names drawn there over dressed unaddressed or go to the wrong place. They say something stupid to. What else what else oh you the most common thing is learning somebody's name like an immediate supervisor and forgetting in the afternoon again from the Boston yeah. Boss man Bob osment Jason late word how to describe your first day on the job. But I didn't realize that traffic was so horrible. In the morning here I'm a big the does that bracket. Trust me brother that's where we came from and I get it and I had been laid everywhere for eight months so how late were you. I got away. I polity totally underestimated I find games Google Maps really has saved my butt especially when I get the credit to Tacoma at 5 PM on Wednesday. He'll tell me and it's usually pretty right on. Yeah that's going to do if I know I'm out obviously a lot at stake and. Yeah I can totally relate that and to make you feel any better 50% of people do the same thing it's on the list being late your first day like top fives so James. We'll everybody thanks for listening. Thank you would go to yeah that I use Kerry in snohomish had a huge screw up your first day on a new job Kara. I started and I urge stay out of the cool air I bet they. Just. Does not spend it here we have. Who will not preschool. Okay what do you say the majors so that it got really hectic. Goes in April it like. Eloped I can see it I think it is fair. And Kate get Kate and I said that it was really chaotic and apparent left for. Iowa yeah. And I didn't get changed and the pair all the crowd well. If it makes you now feel any better there is a school in Florida that is now apologizing to parents because they brought a live tiger in the cage to their prom. Yeah at least Indy that yeah I mean to you got that going for here. And I act like you're gonna say you said something bad in front of the class and all the little kids that it back right so it only made one parent and not all of them. Yeah. And like you said the most hypersensitive parent which probably is more her problem in your problem here. It's hey thanks for sharing that with us and it kind of had a ton of text cumin and Emily and more calls that I wanna hear you say you've had a story you screwed out. Yes driver to the wing place where you had disputes like three answer blue cheese before shift and put it into little cut so blue cheese says to go in black cops range isn't clear cut. And it was first day I was you know wanted to be overzealous and I skip 75 branches in the wrong cut. Boom so they don't want thrown out so then of course all day all the servers like why isn't rotten they're like oh Newser Emily. Hail and maybe for some people they don't care for some people ranch in blue cheese are interchangeable for me I am allergic to which he's not physically but it adds disgusting yes and I can do the ranch like I would go to if you look at what he's trying to kill yeah. Not only did the Thurber is no but the regulars like this is the wrong cup. I am playing well no new server message and get fired though it is now okay just embarrassed like settle down Sparky hit. If if you write to how do you script your first day on the job 206421. Mole. Yeah Ocalan about police we're talking about how 50%. Of people screw something up the first game Mitchell for a new job how did you do that him. I accidentally put the phone on holidays are great and they're on base. But everything gets it got there celebrating a holiday. How long did it take for the people not just to realize what did he call you into my advice her husband political ads like. Well and that's all that let you figure out how Hollywood is. All that is funny look at the business was just came out it could be comfortable. I'll concede as losing money every time somebody called and didn't get through a pretty you can get fired no actually I think this summit let me say it's off. Golf and love it all right dale thanks for sharing that don't feel bad cats better ministers at their first and a new job. I think say I take away a good morning Dennis and Everett. How did you use grew up your first day at a new job on the way to work I get pulled over by mortars or motorcycle club for speeding. It's album going to local policeman for what city. And all. So how does that give handled and she show up for the job. Oh I didn't get it is Lloyd and live it down you I'm pitching didn't feel like speedy weeks Peter Tim wants to get I was beating this. They Dennis that is awesome I everything you've changed everybody have a great day bank are why I here and so. If I'm being a 100% transparent with the mentally I don't remember if this was the first day of this job I had in high school at the rose hill nursery in Kansas City, Missouri that basically water plants. I would plant trees no I would move heavy stuff whatever. I'm but I know it was the first week it was the first day and pay so they'll I came math. Would you call the one ton truck around to the front so we can loaded sweeping he had made like a Father's Day go up plant trees special OK so I was in the planting crew digging holes. And I'm like I'm never driven one constructive war on sixteen years old but you know what I'm and then you got your license at least a way that I remember driving isn't my first job first car. I'm like oh yeah I got a problem or Bob a future one tuner here yet here so some polar around the front. You know with truck you gotta get to a wide turn yeah I didn't do then so I ran over a wooden staircase that connected. This is his second pick a two story office building a half but really old so wooden stairs and went up to where all the secretaries were atop. I ran an ad over and knocked it down. Off that they were stuck up there until somebody got latter you can get everybody down. A no go to to bring the story full circle. The last day of the job he's it was a summer job I was going back to school the gagging in my paycheck for the whole summer which I think was about 2000 dollars. And it gave me a 5000 dollar bill for the staircase has now that they IndyCar. And I literally died a little bit in any city just kidding. So I think the 50% of people messing up on the first day nine might be a little earlier again maybe a little more accurate and I was given a good. In the fifth to relieve editing text before in the bunker on there is one funny one now wasn't her fault but it was their first day on the job she was 36. And her dad surprised her busy as a proud dad and that drove all the way there and wanted to hang out near Boston meet everyone and Laura I. You can see that and commented this is morning wolfpack with the camera there 147. Hit the pavement and its history to. Good morning Charlene if you all of welcome to beat the street how're you today I was very eight Eldorado are it says here you're an accountant and you would like to go see Chris Young. In came round. This Saturday night at the Tacoma dome. I'm probably you all. I cannot guarantee all that our name you talk about the. Not a physical problem. Come on. You guys could be. A thank you and neither am gonna meet you read this just guards will again have a beer together and hang out does that sound that would be very Bible before we like. Meet and greet here let's get you to take its first you got to beat the street so we'll meet the challenger a minute. And now we asked her the same five questions you're about to answer thirty seconds on the clock are you ready Charlene. On your mark get set and here we go which movie was about the alien planet pandora act. Which mythical creature half man half forced. 00. Which TV comedy with cancer by fox and immediately picked up by NBC last week. I don't know. What is the largest city park in Seattle vote. Which country star is Miley Cyrus is god looked. At every. Match. Find out how you did when we asked the challenger the same five questions and again slow Joseph found this person at Mary Moore park in Redmond. What's your name where you're from memory you. Any easier I live in Seattle and they work very Amazon's. And by the way surely and it was gonna give you little to love your thought the questions they were a little harder than normal so they weren't. And I can't think what that thing is with. The head is AM light you know Clark academy now I can't wait here reaching back and. We're about to find out let's start though with question number one which movie was about the alien planet pandora. Avatar. Avatar was the right answer you both got their rights a great job. And maybe your on the board which mystical creature is half man half horse. Spend time. And car is right and migraine I thought minutes are but that's not right I said Iran is I was thinking Kandahar but since our so you're down now leads to a woman Erica from Seattle has the edge which TV comedy was canceled black box and immediately picked up by NBC last week. Brooklyn 99. Erica Ramsey analyst on her pop culture it's. You didn't get that would right she did so you are down three to one hit let's hope ON nine now. I don't watch dazzling and listen in these big threes and I talked about that yesterday the Big Three I think three is important. And let it work by that is. I surely you're down 321 something radical has to happen here for you to turn this around when the Christian tickets let's go to question number floor what is the largest city bargains Seattle. At a time. No but you've got that one alone discovery card. Could it be only coach Charlene pull up the greatest comeback in beat the street has to act he'll come back the morning wolf thanks gunfire lately let's hope the trend continues. Here's the last question if you get it right and she gets it wrong you tied and you go secrecy on if you get it wrong. It is over lights out we're not gonna need it don't going to be won't. It which country stars Miley Cyrus is godmother. Move I don't know. Charlayne. Our bloody turn around and come back a Cinderella story surely you're going to Chris young and say you don't. You normally welcome thank you for those and be an apartment fan. All right coming up next. You know make Markel gonna be the first American to Marion the royal family since 1937 and probably the last. Wait till you hear about the royal drama with her dad at the fake heart attacks the paparazzi. Always delicate and good company here yet the story next. To a 6421 wolf all the phone lines during an and I think Emily I know why Melissa in maple valley hello. Yeah. Hey hey what's up Melissa. You know Lara went. Stray. But I got. It but I heard it got. Right which we kind of like looking back on it every member and I know that that's Bryant you know. Slow Joseph is everything. Yes since we've been here in October this is the first time I can there be getting question wrong you know what I mean edge I just I just wrote it down or well I appreciate all be keeping us on a summons yet and for calling in thank you were wrong in a minute we got that one wrong but you know what. A skating you're wrong and made it surely win the tickets it's easy go to Chris Jones so as far as I'm concerned we are right. I'm happy that I calloused as a product it's. These guys got a free doughnuts. And 100 points. Ceremony wolfpack what almost. Ruined your wedding all most famous pianist. Weddings bad things happen drama there's nothing goes according to plan. But it doesn't ruin anybody's wedding and almost ruins their way that makes for a great story absolutely to a 6421 Wall Street to Texas for 6150. I really wasn't interested in the royal wedding until the story I read last night about mega Markel and her family and what a train wreck before this is why royals don't Mary Americans. As Americans mess stuff up and ours is not very classy guy ensues in each UT back to you we like our DVR or higher paparazzi apparently in her dad man what a piece of work so they're saying he reportedly had a heart attack but he was that. McDonald's and KFC two days later. He's a bagel fellow by the way and apparently he didn't like the fact that the paparazzi photos and made him look. And captain sloppily so we hired his own paparazzi and sold the pictures like underground. Classic and everybody their family by the way is selling these tell all books in writing articles they're all flying the England to do TV shows but they're not even invited to the wedding. Gas somebody I think it was like her half brother wrote a letter. To the prince saying don't Mary Hershey awful person then you'll get a return and it. And this is why celebrities marry each other this is why royals and various other easy dollar to differently we oh yeah. We like to get drug to profile people shoes yeah that's what America's all about. Used to bring the so we want to know what almost ruined your wedding I Willis got a great story about some bridesmaid drama ahead. And I think she's just stories for days we are here are still. Do us exports he won wolf or text 46150. We have some great calls coming up at three minutes. CL Indian federal away what almost ruins your wedding now the one key point I forgot to leave out of the store owners talking about in terms of mega market in the royal wedding. Her dad says he's not going now her mom's gonna have to walk her down the royal wild because he's I'm gonna be there and yes he doesn't wanna and nearest. Which he probably woods so I laid out yeah a little too late but anyone almost through your way. Bedroom got a motor cycle accident and beat by the wedding is. Lately. Oh wow so did he actually goes through to disarm crisis. In a wheelchair. And those are in the pictures forever and never get that one back. I. Can't see it almost through the way. Another ally yet it is a different topic is what totally ruin your running this is almost threw it. Well arcade. I don't know any good call is perfect is what I'm saying thank you so much for sharing your story LO OK let it Lacey what almost ruin your wedding. And tell my grand. My premise enough fire up the leg the very ending up our wedding weight off his leg and. Yes it was like bottle rockets Roman rice. Yet on time or something did you ask you had a bodied Beers just say how the golf you. Definitely yes yup yup so it backfired and exactly why by the group that he. The yet so weak and wedding night in the hospital at one all that nice of you. Yeah he had to go to the hospital immediately in is there. Good point and I don't know if I would've been that nice on my wedding day not the security didn't you go to the hospital I'm gonna get drunk and go to the hotel. I care and thanks for Syria almost arguing that completely. Not completely until we have a ton of text messages we got some great calls including somebody who stole all the wedding gifts and Rihanna sinister about her brother like getting drunk among them are writing a letter disapproval and our moms also when you read into that is coming up NASA. Okay Rihanna in view I'm tell us about what almost ruins your winning. Well I'm not a lot. About what's been getting married that slid right in the latter. Part Cali and her at night. He goes and does not very blown. What do you think these what was your main reason for that was you have against you Rihanna. And how dare you see. You know. Yeah. Nobody gave him and my brother at. I thought it should run and then I didn't help them aren't really. Out and harm. Our. Then no light weights eating I am and it all came out of my body. Technologies. Almost any that make it's that there might be vicious head of Iraq. You know at this point riady got be asking yourself why is the point who wanted to put myself through this much drama should just a low. Is what these op Ed I'm making outlining the wedding and and it at all. I thought I would probably mentioned being 181008 at 88. At that isn't really got sum up. Yeah. I'm glad you're able to see through all of that into the rights to settle this thing right. That's like the Amazon rainforest I Rihanna thank you for sharing that that is an incredible wedding day. And they'll what are your story said earlier you had a good run in by the way I wanna know if anybody's been at that wedding so just that one over the weekend. In the most anxious moment of any wedding is when the pastor says. If there's anybody here who has a reason why these two should not be. You know wed in holy matrimony reckless speak now or forever hold peace and there's about five seconds of and good looks around. Death and that is aiming who's drunk who's going for it I don't know if anybody is ever heard anybody say anything wind that invitation is presented yet I never had and verse. To a 6421 wolf. The last sorting out then the bride's made a splash. Bride created the drama so we had to me and Tory meanie paddy that we had to get the night for the wedding all the bridesmaids did. And one bride's maid didn't show up so the bride decided Q fire her made her sister call and hire the bride. And we just so we did use the terminology fire as if it's a job oh my god it's just like the fever is then apparently yeah I mean it's like being god parents some gas this kind of had seen me as Bradley and have the responsibility of fining a bill and that fit into that. So finally we found somebody. To some random personal her it was her sister's friends take you pretty cute kid human beings think she's pregnant with twins but luckily still that in the dress that really. And tell me that this brides still ahead already fired one of brother maid of honor yet during her bachelor party sit on iron. A London mandatory Manny peddy that you had to pay for a week out we are. Pat cash are you wood almost or you're letting there is some royal wedding drama will go over that an amenity institute to a 6421 wolf. Good morning Maria in Iran and so what almost ruin your wedding. I let it. That bit the wedding at the outlines. Dramatic. Yes when monster says Hayes or anybody here who as a reason why these two shouldn't be married. Play well and bury our Gerri. Where the answer. All. All the moon. Here. Out yeah. And the ball real like I had guys that are laughing beaten. And. I like it got it all out party and it. All up. Moon he had guys who maybe come over and maybe a little bit after a Toobin not to. Could the bride hear them laughing. I mean it really hot it. Like I don't want I hate mongers out at eight. And I'm sure your heart was breaking a little bit for the bride who has no idea what they're snicker about and everybody else does. Got a warmer than average and a question not quite the answer but pretty close yeah. Yeah I think those eight hung over dudes ever reason why they shouldn't get married yes. To a 6421. Wolf is the number or you can get to detect some we'll get to those in the second here 246150. Hey Daniel led to you all we were talking about the disaster mega Markel Stanley the royal wedding on Saturday. Would almost through your wedding but when we were cutting in the change. Letting them but he came through stole all of a little wedding cart. That were given to us. Plus a few other presidents that they get it and move miles. After we have every last as they were locked and equipment to look back it. That they get table and that kind of right I eat. And so we think the but it depends on the street. Openly grapple hold back at plus. It that a collapse. So proudly you don't think there was anybody at the wedding you invited them. I really don't want to think that it was on the all the fact that that it hasn't been we think that's a bit so close to keep it yet turn that somebody just. I can't grab the cards at that left. The sting of that makes my stomach turning to the hardest part about that is that you have no way of knowing how much money you actually lost it is now like you gonna go around thinking limited to give me. And examine it feel like it's an inside job text messages similar. Somehow I just exit at their wedding the need it didn't play eight. Does the money had to put the song that she's gonna want Downey out CU on their shock and clearing out like open the doors of the titans blared music doesn't like America. A market that's royals merry other royals do yeah America. This Clinton better not she's been my brother went to prison today in my wedding the talking on the alpha activity where he calls later that day from prison telling me I should postpone my wedding. Tough homes RAQ yeah it and then someone else's husband woke up with the flu do the morning and almost the room up. All over her in a bended knees you know lots of water. Hey great calls great text thank you for Megan and so much fun Big Three next deadly what are we got Athens huge as Sam hunt is really into it next. This is the morning. Alastair only do 14701. How big are the Big Three are bigger than at princess cat fight in their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. Just think she need an excuse to eat a chocolate chip cookie today with Jimmy. Why didn't excuse the juicy case. Today is I would need excuse today is chocolate chip day couple. Of Americans say they hate chocolate chips at times donors strong word. Always imputed just don't like chocolate 5% dislikes and what else do you chocolate chips in May be thinking it's but it gets through they say that most seemed tock registered cookies yeah rock could he get a straight out bagged ice cream and granola bars. Yeah I would go to go ice cream over at the cookie fish as we do yeah I. Your weird. Irate with huge BMI and is it well since he's releasing new music and we got a new song coming out tomorrow. It's called it downtown is dead now will premiere tomorrow morning but I've got a little preview. There. I do near the feedback already. Every guided dessert that is an eagle nest in our country music every girl dessert is gone I don't care that Sam Nunn he's also he's good looking that's great so bitter. Where is Sam Hynes and yes again premiered that tomorrow morning right here on the wolf and of course and royal news. The wedding is this weekend as to what some things mega Merkel won't be allowed to do you actor she is officially a Roy L. And by whoever did this is the most shocking thing. All of these things to me. Strange. She's no longer allowed T eat shellfish. Forever minaret to relied member of the well I think her and overall feeling is advised against eating lobsters oysters shrimp and other shellfish because the high teens at the food poisoning. They also are supposed to stay away from the career and meet with foreign water and beanie dude it's T spicy or exotic. It's so weird I think for an American she's the first American to Marion the family since 1937. We're raised on this notion of we're not that special the last one for all off for one then we're just regular Americans here we are. You have to protect your line they can't get sick act soon to eat shrimps do. There also not allowed to play monopoly. That tricked into her deal with the royal family isn't allowed to play the popular board game because it's you vicious. And is the most religions and burn him alive and they will no longer be able to show public displays of affection which I can see. Aryan may indeed Percy like T that's normal act which they found sorely and monopoly you know weirdo. They import section than any other props used including completion some sick or RE a. She's no longer allowed to have official media felt these autographs. Give autograph can't get an autograph they'll demand note and goes against everything America ANC must walk behind prince William and duchess Catherine I have to walk in order you. Next season that's just me even death you know your place woman who's the better. And oh my hands and do not get the monopoly board the day the earth it's nuts. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and hill. How much do you think this Space Needle window. Article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make you may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we don't wanna know what everybody else makes for a living but it's never OK to ask him until now everybody says Heidi yes the trucker in Puyallup hello Jeff good morning sir. Tomorrow at eight death. The more heavily. Okay Muslim around the bases slow Joan. Burnt orange oh yes. I've got Jeff thank you for calling in and sharing your salary before we let you do that we would like to try to guess what it is that okay. Well let's we're gonna put a minute the clock we're gonna ask you many questions as we can relevant it's hard hitting questions. From Amylin moment. And out double take a guess at the end of that so rarely are you ready I'm ready one minute on a cargo. You along collar short haul trucker. Aren't sure at all are you any union. Not being paid hourly salary air per trip. Hourly. Idea any bonuses Jeff. Knows. How many hours a week he worked. Closest seventy how long have you been a trucker Jeff. Nine years. Would you recommend this job to someone else. No. That was last and he got a race. Last week foods and are you contacted or you work for a company I would circle but it was last time you got a new car. Last year I had you on your own track. Know where did you go in your last vacation. What a vacation yeah. Good answer. Much can he sleep in the back at your track like this at a cab. You know does that have to do that. That's the idea Kerry got. Yeah in my saying is that because you wanna know he's got like a big truck. OK so he would make money into my bad I. And I hasn't gotten here to question new ways men might give us three minutes that's it gentle comeback now will gas and then you share salary Cendant. Sold it now late seventy how were work week how about Jeff the charter from Puyallup we love this guy stay within. Welcome back to share your salary need because we all I don't know what do you make for a living but it's never OK to ask until now. We've got Jeff the trucker from cue ball up. On the phone he's about to share his salary but we're getting S first Emily can even join the conversation what else do you just learn about Jeff. He's a short haul trucker any not any heat in garlic I compliment you on your terminology like the Girard in you're like right in their life. You're like a gas station channel I lost all your. What's your over under on the scale. I think it's. We get paid hourly over seven hours a week in Indiana for nine years and wouldn't recommend this job to anyone else. He works for a company doesn't own his own track but he plot Indy car last year and they just got a raise last week. Okay slow Joseph got the rare win yesterday seeded Kentucky guesses and they'll let Jeff share his salary and I and I think we're all second guessing our guest is here. I'm gonna stick with what I said Dominique a 60000 crew can't get this is a tough one jest because. Seventy hours a week. There's people that work a lot of hours to their crushing in an industry that worked letters to have to work out our and I can't hero which when you are to be honest with you so. Don't get offended death I win at 49000. On a slightly lower end of what I thought maybe eighth one in a Specter meddling. I'm gonna go a little higher than pledge I'm a sixty team come up. I and and again 49000 he's not not a good salary but yeah okay let's do this. Jeff and you all the trucker. Go ahead and share your salary sir in your red. I read it. But I will let you know we've heard so little little old. Yeah I figured. I had my salary as well. Estimated last week to about seventy or else. Sample I'm glad you're making more than I thought working them hard and it isn't it not worth middle period and gadget you're not stoked on beat Georgia. Nobody under about it but yeah you know sometimes we gotta do what we're gonna whether we like it or not yet. So resented is generally cannot stand them earlier show but I'm doing. They pay you off. OK and I get taken myself you know you're on the freeway and you see those tracks they say out now hiring yeah and they say starting salary seventy. I was gonna go seventy because he's seen that those damn long haul truckers us if it. Well dimple and no word lol oh yeah all knows you guys work really hard it is tough on working to battle fatigue and now all of now another driver he had a stupid people like immediately wanted to let callers nine minutes. Jeff piston like you have everybody needs their morning commute. Jeff this is job yes. Jeff we salute you for being a hard work American body. Appreciated joke thanks gentlemen you did that job and let the love is mutual buddy we feel Fauria and thanks so much for sharing your salary. Welcome your low global all right coming up next we are taking a mug club on the road and we'll tell you we're gonna be buying new coffee coming up next morning. Yeah palace raid and these here and. So wolf. Yes we are taking the mud club to use a lot of our Tuesday pit stops. Good to find local coffee shops post up for an hour somewhere near the POW and buy you coffee and get used to meet you. And they we have made so many cool friends. You know it's kind of an old school concept goes somewhere and sit down and talk to somebody for an hour. I know it's weird it's weird kid this kind of fun it's totally awesome and that's all we do we don't even really look at our phones to dig a couple pictures. The main point is you come by we shake your hand we buy coffee CNN thank you for listening to our show that really means a lot for. Being a part of the morning wolfpack. No we just one Amaechi we're gonna be out in Sumner today at urban timber coffee from knee into one. This stop by say hey like he's double bison copied and then you have the mugger you know travel mugger Paterson did you wanna join our mug club every click yes. Anyway the logo wanna go work ethic. What this is all about the mug club and by the way I want to welcome and again integrity hearing services in Lakewood they sent us three mugs and for everybody. So nice we swore them in the mud club made it official this morning is just about promoting local businesses and in this outreach thing we do which is what somebody called it a maple valley and I'm Brett from jobs jobs like this outreach. And outreach minarets saving lives. We're buying coffee it's just a way for us to come to you because let's face it we're in downtown Seattle a nobody wanna come here not easy to you know. This is not the heart and soul of the morning wolf back so we'll comedy today Sumner I don't know. If we can live up to a maple valley did last Tuesday they brought it was insane I went over the whole. Like gift bags yet they don't have to bring his daddy know just come down the worst thing ever and help Joseph get over his fear. But being stood up he's always so nervous not jealous of some marathon relay we're not that far away from the white river amphitheater here anywhere in that area north queue yeah. Come hang manly goodness love to get a chance to meet junior you'll see we'll have a little wolf. Lacquered and will be near where you buy you coffee civil make sure you get on the wolf tab but spend some wolf money today bird the company credit card and make some new friends. And yes. We will cumbersome it's. We will talk we will look you with the that's what these shoes that you fix this. No DN these babies live to. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Man that I make gave Diego Washington stayed rookie movie of the day he's kind of a bonehead move towards a deal. Well Vanessa and I love those straight line to buy Costco and you put about the backyard outdoor like yeah we put him on every house who ever lived in and you know again again as we were pretty good at it like we can string him up like six album I look really great that they can make any backyard kind of transformed to a party are out. We think and we asked parties within retained the string like to get a great we have lucky have a nice big backyard. Kind of getting excited for summertime barbecues Margarita glass maybe even a matter read I don't know yeah crazy. So we spend all day string and at these lights and they look fantastic. Guess what it never gets dark here. Ever and I'm a morning guy I go to bed at 730. Bill as great as these lights luck and I get the extension cords buried hidden all over. I still have not seen these lights on it's been two weeks. Yes by the time it's gonna be our cast. For you to use them earlier today it can be cleaner again asks can only okay may be on the weekend gill netting a stay until what midnight and I have done. It's like waiting for New Year's Eve minera morning guy like me and there's a hundred bucks at the waist and a whole day it feels like it's 2 PM in the afternoon and I yet going to bed early and with his job that is not the easiest thing in the world that is easiest thing to do in the world the Pacific northwest. It's now in tiny CU is being polite later in the summer but not like you don't know yet it's like daylight all year like all night long so. Anyway Monica mobilized the great debates out. I have no idea homes even work at this point oh yeah. You 100 points. Go wolf. All right we are gonna get out of here in the ideally takeover before we say had a heard just little reminder podcast is up every single day you can find it on the Seattle map. General suck com or on iTunes to go ahead and like it subscribe that would be cool. And today we're going to be discussing effective 25% of workers admit they're late to work at least once a month. One in four. That's terrible short and syndrome is a real fame not just a joke scientists have proven it and the mom who renamed her son to match from misspelled tattoo and we'll be talking about all the stories. You don't get it dead serious does remain dead that's a good parent can have a nice day Deanna Lee how are you today. I am feeling bad test think it is a road trip season and magnolia OK I think I am. My husband and I tickets so many wonderful road trips from the C at all and it it would you guys being feared we still really need her to the Puget Sound there are so many wonderful. Day trips. That you can take from here that. One and a half hours three hours gets out there to the Olympic national park and I now have to Whidbey Island maybe even over to diablo makes food. So many places to go so many wonderful places so we're looking I have written a blog at Seattle dot com only listen a lot of places but. Because there's so many were always looking for new places to go and plan our road trips so what are we missing and where should we go like two week's tour. Duncan I like it a day. I still going to Vancouver as a wanna go to Canada absolutely like a great city that I had not seen so yes. I do I get old ideally see here for use to a 6421 wolf the detective force of 250. Colonel tackle another person. Mornings I don't. I feel 100 point seven the world.