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Tuesday, May 8th

Tuesday May 8th, 2018


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Rolling they welcome back to our podcast for Tuesday may 0:8 it's the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister heavily rains. Sludge go here so this is the bonus content stuff that we didn't talk about on the show today before it's those into our show. We're gonna start with something local old that we actually thought about bringing up as a topic and you realize that. Not that many people have a great story when it comes to false alarms. But Cleland county residents got a nice false tsunami warning saw yesterday. Yeah I mean if you can only imagine in Port Angeles Washington. Tsunami warnings. Along the clown county coastline were off Monday in error. So for a little while and this recently happened in Hawaii it's actually been happening a lot lately had a missile warning and no I had yeah that's right Billy Carrington remember that he tweet about late eighty took a picture this phone be like do I don't worry about this and it was literally a world war three Wragge yeah well Korea launched the big one and this would have made sense to since there having they got volcanic activity in Hawaii right now so the getting earthquakes and stuff like that which you know that could cause an absolutely but I can't think of anything more petrified if you if you live near the ocean -- and that Emily you live right there you don't have walked I'm here. I don't like I got to see away. Either party you're pretty protected by the sounds of yeah I mean yeah and now and out of Alaska so again they did get to attacks later that said no tsunami threat and I'm trying to figure out they didn't have the story how long. Of a window there was when people were genuinely afraid this might be happening. Because that's always the best story in the false alarm converse I FE IQ hours you might skip town gas so I get the best fall's launch story ever do you guys have won where for a little while you were scared of some things. Now I'm Eileen I think everybody may be good to get it in detail and I got a point fingers at target rival bid the most common one is pregnancy scare drag it becomes a person be able again noting district and everybody's parents or some of the podcasts are just saying I think that's a pretty common conversation Emily anything else. It keeping up I'm actually never had that's out on on the appointment would me Bob pulling for. I've had several guests so I have to I don't even as a married guy. And it's time we weren't trying like hello you we're not ready for them absolutely now the thing I began is distinct college when it was. So common for people to pull the fire alarm and all night. The point where like eating get out of bed and are alarmed so is awful because that there was apparently we're all remembered and I because no one believe the fire lines and. More than we were all gonna burn in die yeah I guess that and after awhile too like I can see the novelty of a joke the first time me be the second and it was always like some drunk at 2 AM. This isn't like a funniest yes they you know or only the biggest and outside 45 minutes so by the fourth of fifth one into this mastery announcement that must've been before they invented the fire alarm that score tank. Ali yeah hell who did it I was I think now he had they have certain a bank. Bank money time exactly spent the blue paint. For like explosive at the the guy acts yet so the end they now have things like that so. Anyway just really quickly my false alarm story everybody for about 24 hours thought my dad was dead territory for hours he was a reporter for time magazine time. He was supposed to be with a group of journalists I think theory in Grenada at the time. And they were in a car and the car that he was supposed to be in the three of the reporters. Was hit with and RP GM explode well everybody in the car died in May reported to all of their families and everybody in that car was dead. My family be one of you got the official call like so here's the caveat to the story I was a way at a summer camp in Minnesota so in in this was before cellphone or really any kind of communication. So somebody in my family would have had to have written me a letter. For it to get to me I'm sure there was a phone may be in the head off right but for whatever reason I was spared. The anguish of thinking that he was gone right I heard about the whole thing after the fact but. My grandmother his mother had to live through it for about 24 hours and was he unaware that this is going on totally so he was living in Miami at the time. He was out to dinner with a buddy I I think they were playing tennis are so cute in that. No he was back so he got a plane and we came back Tina Fey was back in Miami this is it back to at a time world world when word traveled slowly Brenda c.'s bank industry and I called assault on a totally he's out to dinner I think people intensity shows a bag of plays and there's there's police cars and and is in front of the house now why they were there I don't know. But he got a car they came out alive saw a good and then it was a story that came on after about anything Google had about how he was not dead he's alive. There is a story but that's the big false alarms story in in my feeling I had big files all that's a big false alarm and thank god I didn't have to go through that. Period of time. But. I can imagine to. The holy crap he's alive feeling is yeah is to act as though I out a big bomb scare Arab bomb threat in my junior Iraq. And I'm sure that freaked a lot of people I happen to know who called in Cyrus is I was pretty evident in the seat I'll have so everybody was freaking Abbott here everybody is drinking that I had when Edison is educator pretty easy this about the guys responsible like slowed your release that know about it until there's super chili gets cool I'm down for Iran and bombs. Aron middle schools well and Miami middle school decides make it the only day. And they were like we're not gonna let this stop us so we're bring in everyone so bring your babies in ever I'm scared I didn't care family come now it was like. Your from your parents are gonna count and it's gonna be community day lake fall move. Yeah how they evacuated my school like like immediate area really serious and most do net I don't normally would yes they are our top us alert we're in a plane ear lobes and that's of people role in Georgia I mean it's like you all go down together I like that bring your baby is yeah I think. Heidi in somewhat lighter news Netflix. The Netflix and chill phenomenon according to new study the with the rise of other streaming services blah blah blah. Is saying that Netflix may be killing everybody sex lives according to new results and just come out study by MS and end the Daily Mail. So traditionally the peak time too much tees between eight in 10 PM however a study claims are streaming services. Have partially been responsible for pushing back that busy time which means and lets people are getting it on grass listened people's alliance DB to falsely basically probably I think that's it and there's so many people and this was something I am married Vanessa was very hard about and I'm glad she was she said I don't ever want a TV or better and that is not a place for TV and she's having TV watcher anyways so that that worked out. But it works in my benefit yeah because when we go to bed we go to bed to go to bed we don't go to bed and sit there and because I think one of us that it began an episode when we're at the San totally I don't blame anybody for that but the bedroom is not the entertainment center. The band is the entertainment dad I think I'm I think that's probably a fair policy I. It's a good won't have I don't know if you've ever thought about that in your relationships but that is a good defense Evelyn now her bedroom honey mark you do you look at your room for well we didn't have one actually we didn't have learned our last house either bent. Up to that points up through a couple of years a guy always had on the bed and Emily. I believe you. Only have a TV your bedroom well I have a TV for the living Herman it's not but yeah I mostly to key on it you still on the need to lift that up on something tall. Good. Eventually okay and a parent I'm down my mom and I China may and I and I let me can help me god but I love I love -- you gave me a good bit of a dope missed igloo cooler than I'll ever have in my life so I told Joseph at some time yeah I gotta get the rug put out underneath that they're yelling putting heavy TD on the table that can are right now and I got you yeah so I enter the fray over so. Right now you're only TVs and abdomen and skipping an out and any kind of a can't make any academic problems ask anyway this is one of those things I thought I should bring up something to be aware of. The apparently the ease of with the which we can watch TV. Well protecting our sex lives and it did before even if you had a TV in your room we were limited to whatever program has on whatever it was on yeah now you can like custom I'm sure you watch whatever you want one aerial piloted by handling the news or not read yeah. Now it was a simpler time I guess back when we just may babies that's always did okay. And let's see last but not least I don't know this should be last or not I don't know there's really not much to say about this but. We didn't touch on it on the air receive money and offend anybody we start talking about race you often can. But a north Minneapolis man who runs opinion out of business out of his home. You think anybody is ever read that sentence out loud before the story came out. Probably not before the story now I mean it is heard demand in north Minneapolis firm Kenyatta is stairway I mean pain. DeDe DeDe has a lot of them okay we'll take their job buddy the owner of happy kids being out as. Says he's sorry. He recently filed an order for a wedding which included pinata replicas of the wedding party which included white Latino and of course black men and women. So and neighbor snapped a picture of the African American opinion on is hanging outside the home which went. Viral on social media and so I think what Victor job aria is saying is like when I make a pinata there's a lot of glue and have to dry grass or hang them on the front porch when you hang aim. Black caricature of a person Iraq. And it looks like there hanging out he can I am by their feet or something like that they needed this like it looks like they've got a new Acer. Pulling their first said that he hung black. And not as I was thing in the donkey you know like the multicolored donkeys that are so yeah I let some order to don't east. Are you have no these are people. Which typically I think it's just a nicer overall look when you're beating something to death with a bad if it's not a not a does that happen I mean beating any kind of an animal's not guy. I very rarely do I got an in Mexican culture like. They are your birthday and like make up Kenyatta have you in the people beat it it's huge debt pinata as our Hugh Nolan and also in the Mexican culture again my wife as Mexicans have a little leg up on this conversation. Vick can be that they eat the real Mexican candy is disgusting Chile's and a it's that chilly stuff hey it's salty can get it's not sweet it's very different. And I'll never forget watching a bunch kids beat opinion on it to death. And then having the candy spell out in nannies what to white kids run over and put the stuff in amount and also vomit. What is it like hey man this is they Mexican Pena out thought I had to go Iger government in pure Hispanic school and those kids loved it and love in figured out as the crisis or that ice soda too which by the way he's 100% sugar it and if you don't know China's on better those silly Kenny Ed Giuliani is terrible. So my question is. Do you think that this was so did big guys so here's this comedies that I deeply care about the concern out there if you allow me I could try to respectfully share review. How we Hispanics interpret Kenyatta and celebration. We wanna teach our children birth to reach the goodness inside regardless of the shape. The birthday Kate usually Tuesday likes character such as spider manner Disney princess in this case. I was making pinata is for wedding. Which happen to include Caucasian Latino and African American groom and bridesmaids yeah I'm thinking of these I mean he said he sounds like a really nice guy and he says he's no longer going to be hanging pinata outside of the town. But I find. You know it's actually pretty logical to some like okay why only the black Quinones hanging on the porch. Well as probably the color of the paper that he was gluing right time and maybe you say to start with the black hole expert says just different lower. While we're all hanging inside like today Henne didn't think like. And not as and that's I mean it's going to be hanging it wedding yeah. And I wonder how old he is and how long he's been doing it and certainly this can't be the first time he's ever made a black pinata net. How long he's been in the US because it comes from a. They speak pretty good English and knows how to use FaceBook I have to say happy coming for a totally Hispanic culture on a prayer yeah but yeah if you Google this story because the picture alone it is so awful in Noah doesn't help is it with the plantation style house rabbit to this looks like it I mean is it looks awful looks like a horrible slavery movie from the twenty's the hang out there as a bad no no I mean how in here's the thing to just. Yeah I mean it's. You have way to see the bright side flip the door of this I mean happy kids pinata as I do feel bad though because Victor to me sounds like he made an honest mistake ask cultural translation Brian I don't think he's a racist and tell people let you know that but is probably in his business not there's going to be a lot of people that like for him are really hard time. A lot of people say hey we support GO. Did an error that most part of handmade and yes but I just hope people can see past that. Because those kinds of people never speak yeah that the people with common sense and there have realities are we're having like it took me an honest mistake the people who speak up like. The extreme like this gap like Graham make a scene and I am I feel bad for victory probably got a family defeated dad. He and a nice house Cece is doing OK yeah who have sunk the pinata business this. Thing you know gone so well. Least it was at all right I guess that's it we'll wrap up. Let you get to the show our share salary was outstanding today we celebrated teachers a little bit of mothers. Oh and there's some shocking new you're gonna hear about people who commute everyday and whether or not they actually enjoy being stuck in traffic so half enjoy the show and we'll see you back tomorrow. He did you get. Do you think he would spell the morning we'll talk with you Matt McAllister is not the. Point seven. All morning wolf Pacman McAllister good morning Emily good morning good morning sojo pray I'm still trying to settle in. Sometimes I really hate downtown here. In a fairly there was a memo that went out about how they're going to be shutting down the entire blocked to traffic. That you need to use to get into our parking grads. But I didn't get the memo from. Yeah and I park and at crunch in the next buildings to have any idea that it is even going on unless something about it. In the email that I realized it didn't involve me hurt yeah guilty my partner in that. Particular I just deleted it. I'm running a little bit late anyway it's allowed myself to sleep in just a little bit today and then I got here in in May end up on five south again it admit I was down message really field for awhile before the minutes from listened to podcasts that like these could take. But they keep slow Joseph for. Kind of sitting at the studio for me I don't know for how these days we got to copyright Torre and millions excuse me manually to sit employees deficit now be there I think about it he dated him. So that's that's the real thing and right there playing they're nine and New Year's going to be. Little flustered me. The end the part that really closer view like I have a locker. Yeah that's right keep all my stuff and I got there and I noticed it was a lock in the that's weird open up all the stuff is gone it's all crap again. I have not only. I don't rob. A big joke goes into an asset up I got all your stuff ago yeah you the key you know we beautiful. Anyway Emily your morning a little more stress very mild earning them a lot worse I mean you they'll relax against you over there and did you ready to do with what's your problem. Clustered. All right let's elite of college shell out a couple things is those are going to show a little bit today. National teachers day yes we're gonna talk about that a little bit later excited about that under some local teachers. We got a really cool mug club at six and I never seen your face light up like it did when I am from the 4 o'clock. But that was booze and and country blues that's why take them terabyte shall be. The maritime brewing. Company donate to ideas again more Taylor Swift take it to seventy and beat the street of course the wolf that work paid is back your first shot at a thousand bucks will be at seven. Am a right now we need our lead off collar somebody to get some banks don't leave us stranded here. 206421. Wolf call right now purely leadoff caller and mull let you pick a song. They've batted Arlington power anybody else I do a great day to read our leadoff caller yeah no problem that's. Of course that's so what do you do for living. Boy if we're gonna try to share his salary optical repairman for the navy. I worked sparked yet and at and I am map so we work on the terror and and we work on different things sort of different ships that come in like they guy validated. Metaphor to thank you petting him half of what you're saying is coming terse I can't really understand which is what you sent. I think those stuff I didn't have spread out another like no worse stuff to get out and I'm reliably would you have what's your service as I'm here Verizon that's what I have. Yeah I am I we worked on like speed they have terrorists go about learning to. And I'll let super glue opt out later even working on guys' eyes like via robo lies for the soldier is this. Kind does we are well I had the plea or calls artificial intelligence for the robots that are really control in the world path. I. I don't pretty goal but no I didn't even realize we still use pair Scopes in the navy and the that was kind of a sea near the World War II things and apparently that's still. Being used up. Yes they are there actually you know way more apparent high tech and you would think they're not at duke it would go out and asked. They're all sort of fancy. I bet that's amazing the ferry called wolf that we really appreciate you elicited a show man thank you for your service as well can we play a song for a mechanic and today started. Yeah how to get play courteous the red Ryder oil spiked Jane I think we do that we've that. Are often occur halo dad bloody day runner you bank daycare they should give it a safe out there all right dat thank yeah. Guys coming up in three minutes to chance for all of you moms to help those guys shop for you by telling us what is the worst the worst. Mother's Day gift you've ever received 206421. Wolf right now. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister UW to reduced on vines are okay. Reels is just simply re history like Christmas break the ice cream icing on a couch while you do that anyway they asked me to relax and. Point seven. It's so Mother's Day is Sunday and if I had to just take a wild guess I could say that. Emily you probably already got your mom a present probably car deprive him dialed in slow Joan no I haven't even started thinking about it in my right yes but does not coming to town on Friday I know that's crazy negative seats and I actually get to see my mom's welk some going to a wedding this weekend draws the whole thing was going to be there so they my cousin for getting married on Mother's Day so we can execute a monster that is your wife takes care of the wedding Kurds the guests. For your mom like get the card for your mom so funny for your mom. So before Vanessa left the last time she was here she had a big old stack of cards like her mom my mom dad you know all the moms and our family. So but I don't know we have and actually discussed my mom my mom's one of us don't mean anything. But he got to get or something. But anyway. You know I think everybody has screwed up Mother's Day. How do you did a great job yesterday and Leo was actually grateful that you've got me thinking about OK I need to buy two presents I need to figure as in times we can lead to go what and again. I thought it might be helpful. To have mom's calling in share. Nothing good stuff because you know with the good stuff that's right but the bad stuff these guys get ideas in our heads we think it's a good idea and it's not. Right but what do avoid if my momma gonna answer this question she would tell you the worst Mother's Day gift you forgot. For me. It was obvious. Kid living in homes and high school and forgot to get earning him completely forgot his mother's wit is the worst yet to completely forget and not get any totally. Pulling in high school high school claiming month. So I win. A random street went to the neighbor's house. And I cut a bunch of roses out of their. And I gave him to hurt him in thinking I was off clever she's likely are these from the Johnson's disinfect there's only one lady on the street it has flowers like this she cut her flowers as she busters right now added I. Giver a horrible gift forgotten that I got in trouble for stealing at least she cut limited sacred mounting yard against it likes oil spill. Probably ripped right out of AI I doubt I had no where with all the takes his dentistry to thank you. Yes so anybody a service of others and. I yeah I made an awful gifts. I didn't actually made my mom Lorraine out of pay per. It was the worst thing ever paper ring gas and it does the boy or a like like I had it would be cute but I still holds last year. It becomes clear path and elbow but looking back it was like snow and I'm Condit a great job like off closely and you know that they went right the traffic. Would you get the idea of the people write I'd never even heard of that I don't know Dennis and Emily original idea my ears than money I threw savored every last dollar I had so I think I may all make a ring thing. It was idol you are way cheaper than I thought Alex started it I'll play a big tip forget it but does nothing to come over this idea like with the cheapest gift I could mean yes. Not paper ring and we can recycle it closer to ring and I'm glad I didn't like the morning I sat with Matt McAllister has been trying to. So wolf the morning wolf pack here on a beautiful Tuesday may it is a gorgeous sunrise Matt McAllister here thank you wake it up with us. Emily Rangers get. Threw down a little heat on the email last night we always have email thread that goes between the three of us about the show and what's go on our lives and seeds. Kind of was an Naia pain in any boo boos. Actually unpacked a couple of boxes now Emily you have been in your new apartment on the west side is for a long. I think any apartment I think about a month now any running or matches why you got you how long did you boxes. Like to. It's two weeks and as of yesterday as far as I can tell you impacted told about five boxes snow out there were seven boxes to begin when yet to. So even having impact and when he it's still look like I hadn't touched it meaning but if we're both being completely honest as we talk about this'll. Yeah you really haven't put much effort into it up to the point I have my closet done for the most part but the rest of it yet now I can tell it's gonna think about that I think it could probably unpacked my clothes and eat. Attendance no this is Sears ordeal. Like I had four sweatshirt boxes alone that I had to like go through a handsome he's lets guys have him. This isn't a story for another day and I tracked fairly Barlow is for one person is about the well if we we'll have more stuff than we say yes but the bottom line is you had made. Almost no progress as far as I can tell in unpacking cracked I'm glad you got to add a little bit yesterday. Yes I am pack AEA. Time. And time and then and I got T news I have one of the areas just like she side tables that's kind of cardboard but what's it just doesn't mesh well it. I was like a key Olympic oval yeah apart or Gloria did you just cover up with bike and nice round table tops in the the the glass on it. Well I'm getting mad out of the box and the glass top began to fly and articulate my pledge to try to. Break at all in naturally course immediately like. Her I play so I had ice it I think you know what had I not been attacking this the not a path then I thought of being punished for being productive. Some enticement. Beachfront you reception can he be hectic and if you are the biggest baby but I did impact like for our stats good. Four hours is pretty solid pigeon has done and everything is I beat Anna got like five. Closed boxes left in fact last night I was like thinking about what I have left not yet shoots a gun. No no I saw how often she's. But close and then mostly just decorations up. Does well I tagged video hard time but I know it's overwhelming when you look at it seventy boxes it's easier just go to the beach. You're going to aids especially with which they have been due as gorgeous as yesterday and I. And off so. Has your strategy in the back of your mind kind of does your mom is coming this weekend to have her help you or are you trying diligently to have it. Kind of done suggested enjoys Seattle. I'm in deadly habit mostly done and when it comes into decorations I know I want her help from having trying to get everything but like. The decoration to that that should help me without without playing one afternoon and there you go. Sounds pretty good to me am I mean a slow getting that I wasn't on my main event and I don't Knology when the that he got. Then well we've done a lead and getting your determinations. This morning yeah. Palace raid and these here and 100 points. So wolf all right here's a story that scratching my head on a little bit today there was a guy in Indiana. Who just got arrested for. Mowing a stranger's lawn. He was drawn by the way. And by the way has done this a bunch of times the past I guess this is painful to get drunk and hop on his tractor and his mower I should say it's Franklin Indiana. So I guess the cops they're gonna call this is on a Saturday. A 46 your ground worldnews 46 year old guiding Berry rich. So what happened was that people looked out their window they saw very riding his lawn mower on their grass he was actually cutting their lawn mowing their yard form on a Saturday. I mean it seemed nice that like it. I'm looking cannon drug ads not dealing Mack great job and probably like running over the tool up some like going in circles so I. Let me ask you this because Emily is slow to you both can be on the lazy side and ask let's be honest so. If you're looking out and you see a guy he's got a nice sit down mower which this clearly is right. And these took a pretty good job let's sit in the rails and ties the writing is lines in nine separate he's doing and I you know. Do you say anything or do you say headed. Three run ball in these kids let haven't you just got to go back you know I think even of these units that. You go back in the next day and you like do the bridge did to my yard and he's got and I bomb or maybe they like it look if you just take caromed straight up those lions were good again. Either way we are telling my hopefully. Yet I gotta figure he probably wasn't doing their agreement down now. I think it in Quetta today it is just grass. I grows back. I guess hotel I think humor as he wasn't exactly it was like is next door neighbor who has that he too little far from yeah I had to he likes to wonder if last month he was also arrested for writing is more drunk I think he was that like them and I just. Anyway so the people looked out the window they saw a very riding his mower on the grass they call the cops. Now there is different gene riding your mower on somebody's grass and mowing yeah are so he may have just been freestyle. I don't know ability tracked him down to give them breath lyzard turned out his blood alcohol levels more than double the legal limits and he was yeah I Amber's. It's funny too we knew that drunk. Even stuff do you think you do it a pretty good job that you're doing a really bad job again when I try to play pool when I've had a couple yeah I can't even hit the ball straight. So I he was arrested for operating while intoxicated by the ways and OWI. You can basically get arrested for doing anything. If you've had a couple of drinks in Europe publish your night an inning it kind of motor. Gas stay away from even our target chip yeah rat or strung now that's the thing right there to fight emily's Big Three the real stuff coming up next what are we talking about him. If you haven't I'm watching American Idol this season that you're gonna wanna tune and that this Sunday I'll tell you why and greed and a. Really you've got to make me tune in America. I look toward this. This is the morning we'll. Alastair he was 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three is bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. So Carrie Underwood is headed back to where it all started for her she's gonna be in mentor on American eye on as Javed do you DA and I says the remaining I contestants are actually in Nashville right now working with Tara and then their all that apply back to Hollywood to perform songs from Cary songbook on Sunday. Which I think he's gonna be either amazing or possibly dash. Because here songs aren't always the easiest to sing them and she does such an amazing job compared of Lee I think it'll be interesting to see. But these people has also perform Bernie's single cried pretty on the shelf of course side. I wanna carry I'm excited. It well you know I think for Kerry to that's. Another big comeback performance was yes that there may look good here and a whole thing's so you know and it's coming this. Went from like nothing and sail on care as much as possible yet yet but if there are right royal wedding is. So exciting you know let's not. This Saturday next Saturday the nineteenth and if you weren't looking for a place to watch of the royal wedding 203 theaters across the United States. Are gonna be playing it on three here in Seattle area of looked up RD. Has scheduled its play now the cool thing is it's going to be broadcast without commercial interaction. And it's gonna be at 10 AM across the country is when it's gonna start he says it's actually lives in London at 1 PM to IBM here. In Seattle and delay yet are we getting any wacky happens latest streak here or you know and. Yeah act. Prince here you don't think shirt off to get up at the track and on and yet yeah ruin your friend if you're dedicated you're gonna but the package now I don't have cables so. I'm gonna have to go to the theater to watch at ten. Snow angels as a Evans Revere millennial cord cutter and hang out I don't think you're going to go to theater Watson and minority comic take says oh you're really. Did did you really. A well that's dedication. And I. And that's the name. I'm a little shocked by that but hey all right. That's good I did I did have a role letting everybody they are you really talk might as well I'm glad we will have a correspondent to talk about it on Monday yes. His eyes are acknowledging our people outlet Amazon like 2 in the morning in my acts. I woke up three to go to work and she was up crying that have been on the firm now how I watched every second. I don't. I'm glad you're gonna get there I wondered the same rules apply is normal in a movie theater it's eating a lot of talker ruffle candy or you know a year and you very respectful of other people but I would think even more assert that I have a feeling this can be a lot of commentary go and on and a lot of lying and into the news so yeah his resume is use diesels. I today it and national have a Coke day I had to deal this thing and not only and a girl. You know these first Coke ever was so recently announced on May eighth 1886 that makes it a 132. Years old. Cool facts and Coke Indian and the six pack. Did not know that. The six I mean anything that's always been around but not until 1923. Was afraid Mac okay invented and daily servings of Coca-Cola beverages. Estimated one point nine. Billion. Day your day everyday you know I know about Coke and only as you can put a penny in it in some Coca leaves their that we had we gone. I that's all I know I hope that would bother all right Mudd club coming up here in about 10 minutes this morning packed with. 100 points. On an episode. And Italy before we swearing in another local business by the way this one is really really cool and has a country music tied to a us talk about our mug club pit stop today. Yeah Iranian maple valley needs one for stratus copy of mine insists not I. Saying hey if he stopped by their people like cumin and just look at. I have the Benedict yeah okay got so I have actually it's lacquered that we're going to be sticking in the table that has the wolf logo on it yet you can't assess it there if you're there for us and you want us to buy a cup of coffee which we love the new. You'll find. Yes this up I think enabled by copy and often if you have the money wanna join the month club. To spring yet and swearing in right there on. Paid by the way you know where we go for the pit stops is almost as important as the people to come by because we are learning in slow Joseph can back me up on this. That the coffee shop. The locally owned coffee shop where people go to have a cup in conversation is it dying. Think globally on sit down stop down Internet giant cities. In the BMW did have like one out as we try to find places to go and support local business. It's either an espresso standards Starbucks. The locally on cop shop is done in men so these are good places to come if you've ever been ever stratus come hang out meet good people sell. All right so here's the card. From the brown family vineyards for the month club today. Today the wolf mug club on the big wolf fan I'm excited to be during the month club I'm listening to wolf forever. I love listening to the morning show during my commute to work early love country music. But I also enjoy listening to the conversations man Emily and slowed Joseph. Have amongst themselves it's like listening to good friends thanks for everything you do. By the way they are the ones who part of the little big town on their wine called for sellers. You'll see in the mug shot all of our social media. It's really troopers. Chris champion an aggressive man Emily calling from the morning wolf back. While hi Matt and how Rio the great three of I'm doing it different following we got your mother than you'll why. Yes yes there and there's a lot of mugs and commit the Muslim but you kind of blew our mind. It excited that. Not only did you put an a couple of mugs for the month of the two and a couple bottles of wines to you made there at the brown family vineyards with little big town it's called for sellers that's so cool it. That it would supplying flash. Now as it was a little business a little pleasure in. EL if you bring in line out of mind doesn't work no one knows your drink in my head I think that plays from the non drinker and fifteen and at the ball. Chris that's the best news of balls and Emily does not mean by episode gets he gets to keep I had. It. And adults I know we haven't you're actually saving it can you wanted to make sure we got a good picture was this morning posted on our social media before we crack it open and it almost seems like special occasion whiny he set the 2016. Cab and Chardonnay as well in an advocate lines and a was a very few guys grow the great where you located here in Washington over and wallow all. Eight partner with the grounds. Vineyard and they're located elsewhere in the ball really appreciate the nice note Chris I'm not a fact that you have listened to the wolf for so long in your putting up with this new morning show that Oregon going on here. Atlantic Atlanta when you're kinda say it if you don't mind. We would like this where you had to make is all nice and official events can right then please raise your right hand and repeat after me I state your name. I can strap her do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolfpack. You hear people like I am lead to good morning well. And is proud member of the month club. And it's a proud member of the month club I pledged to crank up the wolf every morning I think to pick up the wall every morning while on stomping grapes it. Well Alan I'm a great. Example if you asked by the power vested in me at W an official member of the morning wolf thank mug club so it's all. Good good. Thank you so much appreciate Chris all right today is national T Tuesday night Emily let's give teachers some laws. If you're a teacher Paul right now 206421. Wolf so we can give you the morning multi glove teachers. Shout out to your school to your kids. It's all about Jeter days so teachers checked him this right now. You're listening to the morning welcome back we're back McAllister. Yeah. Nevermind. The meal when they're playing. Hello Amara in some managed how are you today. They were fantastic. Thank you for calling in and you are a teacher second grade it's your first year teaching. And we wanted to be able to tell you hey happy national teachers day did you know that was today. I created actually this whole we are without bringing. Teacher appreciation week so you know luck celeb from the kids. That's gonna look kind of love summer when I was kid if it was a special day for the teacher. Did he bring in an apple or something like stand right from the 1920. And I'm gonna room. I'm well actually the week is seen every day they bring in something different and spoke yesterday with Larry today. Take out there cocky. I'm and then the next couple days and things like card and get carted off. Cool kids you have in your class. I 120 do that any girl in wow so is this your first year Amare is teaching easier or part of the thought it was going to be. So much heart and really. Yeah in what way. I'm in every way imaginable. And boy what's the hard. Staying about your job is listen I don't think teachers get a pay what they should NB either respect re edit. I know parents these days to make things difficult because they're all about the kids vs the other adult lamb who's trying to you know. Basically herd cats all day. Yeah I don't really think it harder hit the parent. But a lot of print it really supportive parents and that honestly I'd make a hundred times here with the area and it's just an accident hit it. Ready to do whatever they can't help that his sixteenth. Glad I honestly think the harnesses. When you have those kids to just don't have got to play at home. And that you're dealing Ali can every day when that with few currently done at home you know that they don't get what they me they don't get. The court with a homer record time to leave with their hand in there even with the oldest sibling though. Pam are you never told us what school you teach yet. Margaret and me Margaret Mead well listen we bloody happy national teachers day and hope to get some special from the get us today. Thank let me do it today and arrest the lease on the gear and lots of gas fired ERT take care thanks for doing what you do. I I told the rest of the hour is for the teachers. And Lillian are gonna share. Just kind of a memory of maybe one teacher that sticks out there's always wanting to it has an impact. Missed mull Hern for me I'll tell you why it's probably number two thank you and we want your baby pictures right now literally it's for you 206421. Wolf. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister yeah. Paula right now. If you were named after somebody famous. To a 6421. Wolf. Again call right now if you were named after somebody famous it's a little different version of the name game only. So name games it was Colorado Mattel's name we try to guess the pop culture references jokes people make when they hear it right. This specifically. Is for people who word by design given name from their parents. After a pop culture reference or somebody snaps the idea of the Star Wars being don't know. Well a Utah couple. Named Kendall and Ross Robbins welcomed in a son and a daughter last Friday which evidently may fourth. I national Star Wars day may the fourth be with you. And of course they had to name them Luke inland towns. I will say this though they didn't go homeland if you gonna go you know heart in the paint if you whole thing they gave them those as a middle names out. Which again is still pretty strong that's pretty yes. But middle very strong. So there had a boy and a girl old see their names are officially. Amen amen humming lost a part of the story never mind but it is their middle names. And they are a Star Wars couple. By the way Star Wars nerds the new one comes out may 25. I ain't got his phrase that like he said don't go thicker go home. Why not make the person. I think he is sick kind of way because you know you need people that have been given these names that they have to live with there is a life that I'm not a fan like what the kids hate Star Wars. At least this way they don't have to go by the names they don't want that is your day there of their first option isn't the gimmick. Our 20642. Unlawful we'd like to do when you calling NTELOS. What famous person you were named after. I mean it might be easier might not yeah we'll try to guess what that is our right to a 6421 wolf right now. And we are planned a special version of the name game this morning because of the couple in Utah on that last Friday named their twins. Roland Luke and Tyler yeah I think given the middle names but obviously went with a Star Wars theme. So we're asking you this time to call land. If your name's. Is specifically. Because you're named after somebody fails to a 6421 wolf. They shot our anybody under. Good although how you name Shawn doesn't really give me any idea what pop culture famous person you're named after. Trot I mean I would say Sean Connery or would you say Emily I think at Shaun White the snowboarder but I think that might be too well how old these John. Yeah that's young team Iran's Imus a Sean Connery Emily finally. We'll is that an old. Our path James Bond you gotta figure it's got to be out its famous famous version of the of that name that are sure aren't going to be as. Good morning Joni in Marysville welcome to a special version of the name game thanks to a couple of new Yahoo! named in their twin boy and girl rowand Luke in Qaeda lay on Star Wars day. So Joni. You were specifically named after somebody famous. I. The only Joni that seems famous to me is Joni in chassis Joni Mitchell. Yeah this Joni Mitchell and 88. They yellow taxi over there for Emily she nailed it Joni nice job them. 80 yeah it's tight so a couple we used our thinking about here Emily Lee's old. Who's 28 federal way. And Charles who's 27 years old who lives in Parkland. Lee's old. I heard of a do weasel. Item I had no idea are I had another out a name game next. We want to thank the Utah couple Kendall and Ross Robinson for inspiring this segment. For naming their kids Luke in Malaysia on Star Wars day last Friday they were more. Hello Charles in Parkland everybody I'm a bit and that's a special version of the name game were acts against people who were named after somebody famous to call in and your name's Charles can you give us anything else to work with there. So and yet my dad's older is your dad crazy. He ends Charles Mann that's it it's got to be Charles man no no I don't like who would name their kid after Charles may I thinking Prince Charles. Or he's not he's not that kind of treaty like military. Like western movies and militarily crazy okay now do you eat. Not like serial killer cold crazy OK got it yet though got a god you guys could do about it right it would back in Vietnam lead they wouldn't you think in Prince Charles or Charles Barkley but he does not basketball when our military guys that I enjoy either one of those characters John and I think he's need Telus did you stumped us. That it's Charles Bronson man. Yeah and elite probably I don't know that as he was one of the first big action stars. Then I. I extended the dirty guys and how we. What kind of gun did does he carry around a I can't I can't remember about it go to my outlook the other tell you I just remember watching him with them I was like you know nine or ten years old. Well it's cool it's your name after a bad you know what. Yeah scab back at you with a stat man oh yes and and and that that just gives you type of the live up or you know I embody his beard ever. Irrigation technician and I go out there every day you know I just you know keep Leipzig crap out happy. If I. They yelled to overlook anybody thanks for the energy per share with us and have a great day in and got I look forward to argue that next time our idea we need to thanks Charles. Take it easy Greta. Things is that morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 points and flack hit the pavement and acted because streets. Good morning Barbara it'll be a welcome to any street how Rio and then allow. I'll tell you that. A fantastic save out of assembly of course I am sorry Hank. Are you as excited for Taylor Swift as she adds I definitely am okay may 22 man right around the corners you know as she puts on a show yeah. It's not a show and only it's an event that is an event and it's part of the wolves here in a million tickets will hold a pair so you got to beat the street before we meet the challenger who in remission I Twain. Let's ask you the same five questions that we asked them and you have thirty seconds to get your way through it OK Barbara free RA. Barbara here we go thirty seconds on the clock on your marks get set. Go which article of clothing was used to identify Cinderella. At lacked a trip. What is the queen of England's first name. A little bit where does the show modern family take place to do if I can't collect what city is further north Redmond Arlington or every act. Arnold told what color is also the title of a Taylor Swift album. Our Ed and Mike dropped. Wow and man. Italian president. Didn't even need thirty seconds Barbara so OK Barbara let's go enemy to challenger what's your name where you're from memory here. I have my name is hello I'm from her body and my word and die any crafts I'm a forklift operator. My guess he's density do immunity of little voice Dell from parkinson's are like wrist. Let's ask her the same five questions Garcia I ended here we go. Which article of clothing was used to identify Cinderella. Her last footprint. That is right you both nailed that one great starred Barbara you're on the board so it's a tie one to one. What is the queen of England's first name. Elizabeth. Let me just go ahead and tell usually there's a lot of writing answers happening right now yeah and these girls are higher yeah and don't expect that to change where does this show modern family take place. I have no idea. Millions. Lowe will sit in me armor for L the forklift operator. And you know it took place in LA barber is quietly Kostis. Is a little nervous. Are you nervous Barbara. I'm afraid it is going to be me I mean Taylor Swift tickets are on the line yeah I know I know it's an anxious moments about the barbarism part time student and a full time state workers probably just busy luster she's like this economic I gotta get added. And I that I think that they are. Let's get to that day off give three to two lead so slick and really good heading into the local question. Which CDS for this New York. Redmond are Linkedin or Bagram. Arlington was a right answer yeah both got that one right your holding on the lead here four to three heading in the last question what color is also the title of the sailors were without power. Proud red was the right answer so Barbara I think he knew it you male that you finished five for five at the challenger. I mean hell was four for five which is impressive makes me nervous sitting in for anyone of the morning wolfpack calling in the windy you did it are you being here. You should be and that imports the day yeah. We'll listen you need a reason to celebrate were giving you mine can't wait to see you at Taylor Swift part of great job. Thank you thank you appreciate your collar and I am radio star right now that is absolutely blowing my mind you're not gonna believe it and will surely you in five minutes stay with us. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister and early this morning called meet the widest why did he never met. Yeah and Emily ray I have been so distracted a course like right off the road. 100 point seven. Won't. My mind is officially blown. In since neither one of the UN earlier slowed don't have kids. I know you don't have the answer based on personal experience of this question. But once you have kids there are two places to places that exist in the world where you get to be alone. Can neither one of you think of either one of them. What is the bathroom that is while I'm that happy but at the time that doesn't even work right again Vanessa would tell you like she's got to go to the bathroom with the door open right you come Danny starts talking to me there's gonna ride under the early married okay. All right so there's only one place. Where you get to be by yourself I think at candidates slow jump in the car in Doug's car commuting into work in maybe that's why. 80% of us consider our work commute quote. Meet time. In fact there are saying in a new poll. 79% of people who drive to work think of it as their alone time ray and I am probably specifically look at if you ladies you moms who work hard work and Mamas and also have jobs this kind of a thing 40% of the people is poll said they loan. Being in the car love that morning can you talk. Which flies in the face of everything we have to talk about in Seattle how graphic Hillary hates David. My observation drive to become looks like everybody's is getting big so they can deal in life yeah. And maybe that is a leader of the right age are an idiot I don't know. But you get to be alone you can ignore phone calls if you want because hey you're trying that's true it's illegal man right. Listen every once you on the radio. Throw in the morning wolfpack podcast. I mean whatever might be. I did and we are driving down to come up last week it was gorgeous weather I had the wind is down the radio up like if it's enjoyable yet you know what I do I call my mom. Because I am that's dead time right you have to be. So called like ketchup on phone calls to down to sings it may be a mommy again and a half hour and a half of what's going on in little. Out to the point where mama and Hackett ago I think. I do so we wanted to right now if you enjoy your commute you give us a call and tell us why if you love your commute to a 6421 wolf. Syrians they're way are you calling because you love your commute because hey that's your meantime. Yeah I actually have three kids yeah. Ha yeah it is a very did go and act on it it's so quiet in. Yeah dropped them off I'm just gonna go ahead and speculate here at daycare elementary school or whatever and you get the Carty yourself what do you do. I don't think he's marking an end up in Cairo on our Emily thank god damn. Appropriate song that I look differently gives. Heard that any bank commercial where's that we've got a back that thing up she's back in upper minivan and I have not been. Didn't think kids have for the mom what was that song though nothing pleasant thing to think. So so Shari you'd get the study that says 79% of people really look forward their commute because is the only time to get to be by themselves. All right you agree much history we appreciate what's a song that you listen to in the afternoon when the wind is down in your really just trying to cut loose she gonna. Look out the hair what he listens. But I'm bank occult woman in the woods dropped the yum. And the guys. Aren't looking enough right now. Hey fury they series. I tide two X four to one wolf if you love your commute or if you think this study is insane either way can reach out no more calls coming up next Lindsay in Bremerton accompany you. Good morning Lindsay in Bremerton sort talking about this new study that's out today as groundbreaking and on my face melted when I read it a little bit 79% of people who drive works at a think it's meet time 40% of people say they absolutely love their communities get that. Absolutely you have to really hear about it. Yet the study flies in the face of conventional wisdom at least what I always thought is it traffic is terrible waste of time it drives you crazy elevates stress and apparently for a lot of people that's not true. Actually when I wouldn't Puget that I won't get a different story. The nine and Bremerton I can enjoy looking at the cash gains. I actually enjoy and I won't Chinese I'm a single mom I work full time did absolutely the only time I get myself. I don't think if you're on if you have to take it theory it's pretty your commute you get. Re oh yeah he's not even worried on Friday. Absolutely and you can block can look around and ask really beautiful. I would bet in the Pacific northwest that number of people that love the community maybe even hired because like Lindsay is saying it is soul. Beautiful here really is I mean let's say Chicago or no offense Atlanta you don't have that natural split out here. Really don't have here are you kidding me man. Completely agree I so we know he'll listen to us the morning thank you Lindsay what do you do on your afternoon commute had a really let it all hang out Haley your freak flag fly. Canada's same I let my windows rolled down you you lessen the blink 180 Q Larry King Amy adults in him and the fans out. You wanna hear funny story yes I do I rented a house in San Diego way back in the day when I was single digits starting in radio. And the phone number the land line I had the main bedroom does he only got a job that work in the main line was one number Roth blink 180 two's managers number so before anybody who liquidity to was their frontiers San Diego one of the guys is. They would call my bedroom phone to both gigs for Blink-182 NB being a young Smart Alec. I used to book and gates are all over the place that they never showed up to I'm surprised they made it is event. Well actually here at the beginning into that same thing about thirty notes. We sit there and I would make up these demands like OK I need a full weight rooms of the parking lot and beat 300000 years all green and then you admit they were nobody the time. In the guise that if you ask that don't ever tell them if he returns Parker don't ever tell him that blends so telling. Hasn't brought any other extreme underway in Africa. I Lizzie we Levy thanks for checking in yet everyday I don't know if you're one of those feel that agrees with disease study to a 6421 wolf yes. I love my commute can guess what. Even better than the commodity it's the only time I get to be by myself to a 6421 wolf or you can Texas. Yeah calloused as the progress. Yeah you guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. It's been taken mug club on the road this medal of our pit stops where we're buying coffee for ideology to show up to San out of us love our pit stop music. Yeah I get you know it's certainly are yes it's. And so before Italy tells you we're going to be today I just wanted to say thank you again to Chris drovers. And everybody the brown family vineyards they grow the grapes and wall wallop that they are the ones that teamed up a little big town. For the air force cellars wine. And not only did we swear them in the mud club this morning but they sent him a couple of bottles of hooch. With coffee mugs so we got the cabin the charred over here yeah I'm looking at the Sheraton name may be in but a device this afternoon with a little glass and I think. Maybe some lobster Antarctica. I pulled those bottles that yesterday to silicon fee you're getting called this morning. I sort of walk away with them enough with like. We don't worry don't look that gap and finally getting anxious about the of one person industry decision doesn't cramp or Iraqi ground I don't mind I'm not you could have thought the line is safe to use isn't. But the fact that they're the ones teamed up with little big town and made their wine into instant death some of their in the mud club it was pretty exciting day for our we get really excited about stuff like that so. Without further ado. We're going to be hanging out today him. We're gonna in maple valley ever stranded costs in line for me into wine me. Stop I they had it will actually had aids wolf. They enter into table thinking lacquered a plaque earned its supply thinking well so you'll know exactly who we are so notes pieces. Not they hate to let things get there will bite Cosby he can bring us the mud and if you are in the mud club it's so I didn't senior Al let me come these mug club stop. If you're anybody that understands fear of rejection don't make us keep the focus is what I do I walk around these pit stops and I ask everybody to pretend you're eager for the book. In most people say no we yeah that's hard on the other brother Diego that. And you can be athletic centerpiece if he does it also does scheduling these forests but he did so tense and anxious and then when the first person comes in and that's how I could see him just like. I'm telling you what maple valley is my neighborhood I rode my bike through there yesterday we get these the birds get job to job. Today's mud stopped her skis he mug that this is gonna blow up so we will see your stretch those between noon and one come all Walt fact. That you don't because you stay. This is the morning we'll. Alastair on you 100 point 701. How big are the Big Three is bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them heroes ladies this is the big story. Area under way is headed back to where it all started for her this week she's gonna join American Idol as a guest mentor. To their I contestants remaining they're all in Nashville working with her rate now and then they're all gonna fly back to Hollywood to perform songs. From Cary is the songbook on Sunday and that of course Carrie will perform as well. But I think it'll be eat their amazing or amazingly terrible to see these people tracing Carrie Underwood song. Nominee you can sing like she says hello I know how to describe it's more. Like dad yelled from the weight she belts it out yeah like shrinking at a lot of pressure on a publisher church choir of which follow that up but now ending its Anderson Carey spent so much time avoiding cameras and avoiding. You know that she now is gonna be on American Idol yeah with her face you know it's crazy. Doctor pepper commercials and a little tiny cowboy. Yeah I was just inquiry for American Idol. It is I learned that last week. I didn't I was blew my mind ran million Maxi priest and he'd just kids a little sleep then so easily duly tabloid soon. Don't think. Well speaking of soda or did you know today is national Coke today I did not know yeah I think you know from Atlanta at. It was actually the very first joke was served on the age 1886. Making it a 13018. Years old. Had he had special ingredient and it is it had terrapins and I don't Coke by accident in 1905. And also other reasons in his room and them. Coke also invented these six pack marketing that they know that I didn't know EN daily servings of Coca-Cola beverages are estimated one point nine. Billions you know and tobacco can legally you put a penny in Coke two weeks it'll be gone there. That's what your putting New Delhi are very deadly business poison enjoys that and I'm on the ice cold couldn't take it in peel paint a deciding your house. All right well Oscar de happiness and doctor I know. I had I had the day and Matt I thought you meant what I know it's real. Royal wedding news after the. Tell me may nineteenth have we done a Big Three in the last month without having a royal story. Lagged it when do you think the greens that are out there well wedding I've been you can. How watching it in the theaters 200 theaters across the US there actually three here in the Seattle area that are gonna show Kerry and meg and the royal web. OK I get asked if you're a millennial cord cutter and evenings have cable does that mean you're gonna go to a theater passing lanes Ewing coming in my house at 4 AM to watch I. Hey and thank you it's 1 PM and Monday and that means it's 5 AM local time and had to live the cool thing about it being in theaters is not only will it be broadcast. Without commercial interruption it'll be broadcast it Tinny and so you don't have to. They're fighting the same rules a movie theater engagement apply if you're watching the royal wedding in terms of being quiet and not having your phone on and not talk keying I would think to be more of a social engagement the hallmark card. I have a feeling it's gonna be like one big lake girl festive like wine drinking commenting on the and then 10 in the morning pelicans. K well it's a Saturday active with the Ali and I get so much this whole thing is those silly but almost silly enough to get on board what you haven't even happened. Talk about and then of course the Monday after we'll talk dressed and then. And even these kids and low. This mechanical possible or is that look cool. And the President Clinton. Used to you. Yeah continue to do. Can suit. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and hill. How much because Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. And everybody's adamantly impart Clinton who is a carbon bears are mourning Manny. Our morning nanny I appreciate you being willing to share your salary he was a lot of us out there that one in which you guys in the trades make. Oh yeah yeah it demo interesting of them part. Who I like the way he's being evasiveness and announce interest being you know in every way they give readers to low and community highs so many here's how it's gonna work. To put a minute on the clocks. Emily and I get a rapid fire much of questions you know I feel like explosion if you do have a question since you do get to guess at the end of this if you want to jump in May jump in our our our rays man of iron out on somebody texted him like -- I mean now I'm not boxing you out all down minute clarity it is only admitted a few of the questions probably better than half the questions that I ask are smarter and I and we all know that. So one minute on the clock. You ready Emily I'm ready I'm happy kicking off here here negotiate your salary was. Mainly carbon a year ago and media are you part of the unions. How long have you been a carpenter Manny. About seven years you get paid hourly or salaried. Did you have to become or were you an apprentice to become this carpenter that you are now. Are you self employed. Are you to breadwinner in your family. You I'm on commercial or residential jobs. Commercial can run do you work within a big crew. Got sick people. Freed the boss of those people. I am. Yeah I know I've completely out of questions backpack have been getting in Sharon this. Yep that ditto for Adam Opel covered many got a big hammer. The. I'm much more pleasant duty early this. I don't know would have but I kind of blanked out on questions fermented garbage. And all right so it's. Taylor -- you're awesome by the way you give us a couple of minutes to come up with our guesses who goes first down on me so yes are you yesterday we all guests and then Manny will share his salary coming up and about four minutes stand by me. Welcome back to share your salary on the phone with us is Manny from park when he is a carpenter and before we guess what. We think he makes a year Emily let's run down all of his answers to our question. I hate he's a part of the union he gets paid hourly he is not self employee he's been a carpenter for seven years and had to apprentice for it he does commercial work. He is the bread winner yet that. I live Manny when you when I asked you that why did you laugh. He asked that. But I can't I'm not send any more information isn't it could be sludge you get to make the call Booth and I know why he giggles now earn their tears are guys. Yeah I mean why did you giggle and ask you hear the breadwinner. I gave it I have always. A bit that's kind of what I thought I'm innocent and and I kind of guy OK just the same league and I. I confirm me Ernie he gets full insurance and he is the cost of sixty. Emily you get to guess first before Manny here's his salary with this what do you think he makes a paint and Errol. 83000. And 83 pounds that your next. All right based on the fact. That he is unions. Key is in charge of the bunch of people then. The construction game in this town isn't seen right now is tough he is. Also been at the same places and I'm gonna go big a little 125000. Dollars and also go back to Friday man we had a union plumber who made a 101 right and I think a carpenter can do a little better and plumber no offense plumbers are OK even if you're number one and number two business. I'm gonna say a 125000. Me yeah. Joseph man out at second guessing myself OK I thought he said he was not in charge of six people in six people underneath him I yeah I think you guys this post saying that some of them and I base my my agree yeah I'm changing my guests I'm gonna go I'm gonna go ninety track okay originally you're thinking I would think it's 75. All right Manny we may be awake lying in. If you're ready sir it's time to share your salary Manny part of what he makes the card. All right well you did well under that. I tell you live up I am getting good in a very awkward conversations I'm social now does the tee back in the lead mad as I and it's seven fled to ice up. I'm quitting and his an adequate I need to go beat carpenter. Well that's your own I think you're gonna quit playing Syria I I don't know if they actually quitting a job and hold all the I. I. They've Manny really appreciate you listening to the morning wolf back in more than that bro thanks for being willing to share your salary ruinous. Yeah. Yeah. Hey it was our pleasure and congratulations on killing it by the way a 126000. Dollars a year man. We're all little bit jelly here this morning rely anybody here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf these guys ever get Amazon prime Gilles. And I struggle of guilt like I am guilty about to default. I'm gonna is always tell you stopped with the guilt like just do your thing that I. Good for like spinning too much money on you sometimes known known. I feel a few different. Pangs of guilt for Amazon prime for example sometimes also guilty if five or something small. And then I'll forget to order another small things that I had two different boxes enamored in a day each other kinda map with the items that cost less than ten dollars. I had completely wasteful it's an extra box its gas to get it to my how I feel. Like the king of Persia ordering up his latest demanding. I need to race. And it hot where you are now I feel about that or like got a little tiny memory chip and it comes in like a coffin sized by battling out into the Amazon got cut downs that I am not exactly guys so that's one way that I feel guilty alive I have a new kind of killed today and I wanna just apologize right now for my UPS guy. We've all talked about the fact that Amazon prime is pretty really needed and you reported in recent crisis and yes still a 119. Okay I'm here I'm more than made up for that. Yesterday. Because you never used to order anything heavy because of the shipping costs yes but in some time to manage it. You can order. Play sets for your kid is still the same right. I ordered it waits. 4 AM I have an unfinished basement known what's worse and I tackled the pain haven attorney knew little workout area soul. I ordered eight dead lift bar. And for 45 pound weights and and that they UPS guy has to deliver ten day and the death of the cars like 45 pounds around arm fifty. We have. 445. Pound complaints if that's almost 200 pounds that this poor guy. But with a guy that's already running around town normally stupid little box of hair gel he's got a list out of the truck I'm almost I'm feeling so guilty about it. That I wanna wait on the front porch. For him to pull up and help them. And he needs to have at least like a cold bottled water it now there holy water and looked none now. I'm given in the sixth tactical sense I think I drove you told them brown truck over have a beer on me -- field area but at least it'll be easier and other guilt them almost a 100% certain they won't come in boxes on the likes to get ahead. You don't be out of the Iowa document this only is to grand story I'm fascinated. How to deliver 200 pounds of 45 pound bar band that I yield big plates at the gym at Sebring and yeah are they gonna all be in one box is how the ridiculous intently I'm doing this like can save gym membership of thirty spend more money than it was been three years and Jim shocker decorating June. So used to UPS guy who's like the friendly is due in the world they're all I find UPS guys pretty draped around across the board I am sorry. But no that might Amazon prime guilt is raging. AFLAC will be waiting for you on the front porch with a beer. All right if you haven't heard going to be actively promote club that stuff will promote it will lead be by new coffee maple valley today. Back with Matt Stairs. Was replace the lost. OK before we tell you who will be sworn in and look on the scoring and how cool that was Emily. Dropped the deeds on our mug club pit stop today is we are taking a mug club on the road we definitely wanted to give as a precaution. Great to to date from noon to one we're going to be in maple valley of restraint is copy and mine's Rick Havel wolf slacker dinner tables say pianist this stuff I think I. Right up a copy could also drop off your mud to be in the nightclub. I just can't hit one or Ding you win you know this is all good stuff he can just can't come hang out to Manila no strings attached yeah Downey does right now and I think you kind of believe me because maple valley is pretty much my hood. It's gonna blow up to highly you're gonna see the maple valley love in full effect may valley still may be that stupid. Yeah you know I have anxiety every I know you do your like the guy to throw the party and you wonder if Avis and show yeah maple valley will not only behind. I guarantee RVs in the birds people could come by and Joba Joba Brett I hope to meet you finally he text all the time. By the way I'm gonna make it to her I bought my I have my AM broads. My empty quart jar of easing the bird hunting and refilling water over there to prove my honey sometimes like the way they like that local Blackberry smoke. You know I'm talking about it like about various. Our. So this morning and again when you come by an inland on a few minutes in this I was too busy getting the buzzer. Went. To bring mud and the Muslim I'm sure you did you're going to cover everything this morning we swore and the winery which is so cool the brown family vineyards they're the ones and actually teamed up with little big town in May for sellers so it's under their umbrella of wine in the grow the graves and wallet wallet so they sent us a little big town wind this morning on this tournament. Yeah I have no clue before the soonest that that the four sellers wind came from Washington and he knew there. So they don't know the serial. By the way little big town just announced they're gonna post this in two awards and a saying it just makes it meaningful circle. The circle of life. And please let's show we feel that and NATO regimens in the circle of life I think any you're like lighting I haven't but I think any need to any of the universe was telling me to sit down with a cartoon later. Anyway we hope to see maple valley restrict those and by the way. And the coffee bar is a dying art form I mean it's all espresso stands in Starbucks nobody sits in congress it's anymore so. Where we go is is important is why you're gone. Yeah Julianna period BC we knew we got a big cities and there's like one coffee shop if that a lot of them don't have any their older I think we're talking about the locally owned coffee shop so policies today morning. You 100 points. Wolf and as we wrap things up here and make room floor he had to leave just a little reminder to check out our podcast which will include as it does every day fifteen minutes of bonus content that we did not get a chance to talk about on the show. It'll be posted at Seattle dot com and on the app and iTunes finding and subscribe please. At 10 AM. One of the things that dark day a couple things we'll talk about today first of all. Netflix. Might actually be killing you're shaking receipts time levels less chilling and absolutely. It's also a pinata maker in North Carolina made a very bad decision. About certain Kenyatta isn't hanging them on his front porch. Certainty out of of a certain color no air no I don't know Winona Ryder did. Did some common sense anyway and sitting sorry sir you Soledad yeah. Ali what may what are you talking about today I have hey okay. Guy that's right I heard family talking about manner I got excited to tobacco do you drink Coke. You know I get it either a bit of pity in Italian but you know play contents of eight other house it is true it's not only trying to I did it in an eighth grade science experiment to apologists argue lead Joe's refuting my points on his act and I can't. Eighth grade you know redo the science projects I am I I would stay actually kind. I'm sure you didn't or don't look at it Eric Eric I'd. And so my name I forgot that it was an assignments and an S stock matter I did remember that had to put the stuff in the coax those things like two weeks but I put a DC dumb and put a penny into bunched up until just let it sit there was the easiest science experiment ever and the penny was almost gone. Least that's my memories yeah we did it right 2006. And at the penny was there for months of cancer like anybody. Else. I look up on ice and also in love to enjoy a Coke with my favorite. Country artists and that's what we're asking today what country artist would you most like to have it up with today who interest income. Yeah the first thing I think it centers that big of alcohol whiskey beer. But since it's called gay got to the token nearest you think about your kid again could do we do you amount new boy all right Keith Urban doesn't very. That's right freely Gilbert's over yup then the customer crossover Wal-Mart wheelbarrow he doesn't during by the U. Chance. You will hurt when he's Tony wanted to. By the way probably the most sober is Joseph Nichols. I mean he is one of those alcoholics that so severe that you can't be around like. If you plays a bars there can be no alcohol backstage and were merely keys. He's right on the edge of course has struggled some serious for me. Just look at for your IR Landry and our wanna sit Adam yeah. And I have a drink well OK Emily go. I AM and one Thomas rent and his wife to begin to. Natalie who had baby and the baby and yet you're asking everybody else heavily of smearing Norris. No interest in the well she's got this incredible song right now that I see on all the target commercials a bit about knee and then. Upload your stuff is also had to. Hey Mary let as he often does don't yell death so I'd look to talked her about that is interesting to me and we look noises governing not man. And I just down one of the few women that you're taller than to anticipates your face there yeah. I have a with the Italy were out of here but it got the podcast like we said embassy back tomorrow five him by the enjoy the weather. Yeah actually not a cure. Good morning I'm still. It feels 100 point seven the world.