The Morning Wolfpack - Tuesday September 11th, 2018

Tuesday, September 11th

Tuesday September 11th, 2018

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Ehrlich and welcome to the morning wolfpack podcast for Tuesday Matt McAllister here earlier rains over there I sludge over there and we talk about slow Joseph on the show you're about to hear and a couple of minutes but. We talked about affecting your scheduled to go to New York City this weekend for a wedding in the meanwhile. The storm of the century. A hurricane Florence and the machine. Is a common down hard on the East Coast in fact at some point. Even though we're here in Seattle Washington we talk about disaster kits on the shooter I'd happily which is I always wonder because first hurricane of any hurricane season is usually like you must over hyped thing ever yes but likely over high level on this one is like. Is is new heights so you gotta wonder is it really over Arthur is this literally the storm of the century flow and finally made a good point too because on her feet this morning because she's the sports nerd there was all these football teams that are salmon tactical play IA on the East Coast involve a block. So she said isn't even gonna get near new York and I was gonna be south butt. The point users that ripple effect even appear in Seattle sometimes flights are delayed and canceled because of the yet that's the concern about worried about getting swept up in the hurt in a word about our flights making it being on time or being on time enough to where again the steeper when it. I'm looking at every now and a half looks like it's gonna hit North Carolina happen and in the circle are rounded up like the heavy weather maybe South Carolina. And Virginia to DC so I don't think you'll like Matt I don't have to do with the weather but it's the. Reflect and and South Carolina already evacuated like a million and a half people the entire coastline of South Carolina has already evacuated I think it hits on Thursday. Which is bad timing for air traffic and he these chances are they'll be some some effect I don't think you had to make that trip without feeling it in some way or another but I will tell you can you said the difference between. Try to travel around it in being unit I was in a hurricane one time. Now on Nantucket Island off the coast of Massachusetts. It was 1992. Look so I think that was hurricane. Ernie and Aaron Andrew may have is Heidi you're seeing the bigger and it was so much fun excel and also 21 years old forever it was so. CNN evacuate not allow it where you are saying yup and say you'd did you like board up the windows everything. Now we we wind and we got a budget supplies we got water we can also be to lose power is for about a week a lot but we would go to the ocean and we would stand there and just like yes sit there like fall into the wind and it would hold you been. There were like some guys out there on kids yet there were some guys that there were surfing Gary is there anybody out totally but when you're at twenty some gray mail it's like the most fun ever in we just sat around drinking. And that's a thing to. East Coast people party yeah and we you have to go to work you know every power is gonna get drunk too hot water. I don't remember but I wanna saying no but I but again I don't remember we didn't shower a lot that summer and that's why I hit it wasn't a big concern day we but I remember it was really fun and right after. So we heard I had a Jeep at the time with a soft top in the winds were so strong it blew. There's a metal piece on the top of the windshield and you would loop these soft top into that right. But because of air inside it hold that metal piece often so I did drive from Nantucket. All the way to college in Ohio for you know to get back to school with a big hole Brett and I remember driving whiskey go. Get ready I was just a radio is radio MySpace. And I remember I ran out of money in and I literally think and and again don't don't do this kid's yes. It was like 2 in the morning. I had to get to school I pretty sure ran out of money I think I might have borrowed some gas from gas station and a half wearing a ski goggles just so I can make that your. Right before you had a pre most places on the gas have to you have to you know I remember pump a little dynamited drove off real fan and military. I don't know how to do I got another ten hours on the road funny story my brother did that when times are lost yet any really it's gonna steal the gas is no money like I gotta get some gas whenever. He had the wind is down in your guy come out you know how he like stopped like. We are not a criminal it's up there. Act like a girl that you've got to again anyway. So yes you were talking about batted in Joseph you're you your schedule flat on Friday current average skater of the flat on Friday and you know what that the wedding until Sunday which I found out as I wrote a whole day Saturday Lotta people do that I had on now that's sock yeah I does it's like 5 PM on Sunday while. He hit all it's probably in New York the venue I'm gonna say how to be an I had kind of have that any right at the deal so we've got. All kinds of stuff we had to figure out one of them I was gonna. Well we we have to get dog sitter because we got we don't have anybody they can just take a movie out our I'm sorry Dell art has throughout. Surveys dog so at any super weird like. There's dog sitters they'll take him to their house but he's just like he's struggling with though we thing a little bit and thank you ease his. The pact is out of whack you down over who's kind of the leaders to Dell's like release sensitive anyway are sages like. He has you know had an event sometimes in the doesn't invite strange people to begin Rhett. Or hiring somebody it is app called rover actually come and stay in our house all weekend. Which is interesting because yesterday we interviewed her she came by the house where she frowned. Does she live nearby she does pretty cause it got close enough where she walks here that's kind of hoping that would be the case but now she's she's drove over here I think she's losing Capitol Hill it's Alex thank you living Capitol Hill like green hair you know I don't know like. But birth super super nice. But it's just of weird phenomenon like were. You know now you're talking earlier about like you know the opportunity to that entire house and how weird it is that strangers pay you to stay in the house yeah we're paying her. Yeah tanner house we've been our van ride ends like. You know with the Abbott like Hoover whatever threat that's waking get your car is stranger now on it's safe because like Hoover's failure protection there's an Iran and have it all that stuff with the same with this happy and it's like. There's a record I've read the company's insured in light of anything goes like the united catastrophe. Born dinner goes crazy Rogge. Then the others Google get reimbursed or whatever so I guess is gonna say but it doesn't make it any less weird Sid did you choose her like you're on an interview anyone else. No I had sir the lines so I think we use it's like it's like Tinder you know you're so I've been through all kinds of people before like we get to that first date you know and then like about that time we've done our research and read all the reviews or whoever but it's still a weird thing Nike they get the house like extra clean for every ever like get it's is that it's that your presenting an. Think you'll kind of options Lego in this draw our academy of and he that's and I thought I would. I got sorry but I guess I'm so I got I probably don't like it especially if it's a straighter thirty or no like they have benefits electric complete stranger and for whatever reason I'm staying out. Clearly gonna medicine cabinet. Think if you done this enough and he stayed enough people's asses like look it's never. Really find anything and you're saying right well I wouldn't they be no fun and like investigating any well. The potential to find in choosing things and our apartment is like really high and yulia I have to look at heart. But I yeah I think you're probably right like. I'm just like the one out of yeah that has an interest in things define hidden away well I'll never forget going over to my aunt's house is a kid and I found her vibrator in the beds I think already and it was like a big banana bread and you like turn the enemy does turn to Byron I'm like what in and I realized what it was. Late last. Your I don't know. How are you gonna set up like an iniki reigning miss that is idled. These I mean actually have won that race he used for a movie when he was an oval and bet. I don't. I around like and I did well just for kicks well I have the ring doorbell I love it yet but it's like minus like its motion activated in the semi alert every time anything happens and then I'm like god that I'm a costly one as he was going out of its gonna become weird never feel weird cycle you know and they laughed like yeah hustling have you ever gonna do you have any are and like call listed under our. Because back on kick him out there why would you guys do use this instead of taking the Dell to place like a dog boarding your doggie is. Because there were either semi changes in his life right now they're clearly affecting him a little bit. I think you would rather have a stranger sleeping your bed which I would think would affect your psyche in Sophie psyche then upset the dog amateur it's not Internet access our psyche that much like I don't think we wouldn't be doing it if we were like a hair whenever he but the Soviet doesn't have the leaves about so obviously gonna event. I guess not geology and charged resolve things I want accretive and of it was a Manny. Yeah probably. But you know I'm bids are cheaper I think honestly it's almost cheaper to have to have somebody say your place by the blue do you mind if I ask what Alicia charge at thirty bucks and I understand that that may know medial the last and there's some like. There's some like service fee. She's ready your house a weekend or she like going to working coming home or just staying in the easiest. It'd be staying where basically like she'll be there to walk him three times today asleep there and I hang out like where she's not doing something else this is what she does she does have like a couple other walking clients that so go duke but she's living at your house this AM all weekend well and it's funny too because he had this is the presentation just as if it does seem a little Weirton but then you think about was it weird for her to crawl into your bedroom and you guys and seeing it but you know she's going to be there by herself so she's not going to be doing in Iraq however. She knows there's been things done that bed by -- to ignore her she's crawling into well any day you have but you do it hotels and cynically and urinary dads and all the time and everybody is even more per mean that's somebody's house just hope these he's tickling and yeah do you use your care another jury guy either by you know you've brought it up and it is and I know for meek is it like you said our house in Arizona was right next to. This golf course for to have the Phoenix Open every year which is a huge PGA tour stop them. You know be during that week you can ring your house out of your anywhere near the vicinity from like 101000 dollars a week. And weekend yeah I it's like three days you get them right and I remember bringing it up to beads that look we have a pool and a great party house like let's do this a problem is you have a party house that said she does know she is a I don't want anybody else in our bed indeed these are groups of like ten guys and who knows what they're bringing back the house knows what they'll do an Iraq and she's right there could be donkey sex on the patio and I wherever and a I'm like can I get it I get that but it's funny how sometimes like you said Emily a hotel. It's exactly the same thing but it's packaged in a way were you me. Hey hey hey kind of pretend like you have it doesn't have a own that there's probably way more likely at a hotel and I'm like horrendous thing I always narrow. You probably wrote this isn't golf fans that you know oh yeah total loans guys until ally your father son weekend yeah. You bet that I mean you pick you bring jury or higher renter I. Get continual so that relates ledger was saying you also have to rookie like I know she would never use our sheets yet to get new shank. Put away all the personal yeah I he don't have pictures channel locked cabinet it's hard to do you have like a if you're doing that all the time is pro easy area legacy them and play this given or be MB house it is like neutral for people and I also I think for the people like it's weird when you go through an air BBC all somebody's really super personal family yeah. Have you I I don't belong here today just on vacation I terrorist on us. You have been you know it's we've all gotten over like here are growing up you were told never gave a car the stranger and now it's normal in getting your car the stranger I am stoked. When a stranger pulls up the minute mark junior Matt if they don't count now that's okay but I'm glad you found a spot form. I was actually gonna volunteer and I'm like I'm going to be home all weekend and I'm glad you're starting a little bit more than when he finally come by the don't know 67 hour bike or something and did not from all I don't either I'll be in town but I I would never ask you do you and the way we carries other well enough that I. It wouldn't be a big deal now. They are huge backyard it would be a big deal already made to bring it over a year plus yeah I would I don't think I'd say this. IRS but David McDowell it was a little more adventurous immediately come hang at the house and normally is you know that is it is he's definitely going through a little like it's it's a weird thing a person didn't notice than now you can tell he's kind of like you can tell yeah daddies is it just is rich scene like he just doesn't get it. My concern is he thinks like we did something bad is it. Thank you have to understand I can now you can't spend it on notice that I get begins shaver if they don't know senator I know you're here you. Stumping in undress suspects that's very well we'll get a lead got to resolve I'm really curious to see how this we can plays out I don't know my biggest selfish concern. If you're gonna miss Monday already in general idea trust me last major flight on Monday. I don't know I don't think probably early back yeah so I think it's the later he did promptly at some time before. Yeah I think gal thinks but you know I I would think. If if the hurricane is making landfall on Thursday. And like the worst division giver on Monday say they will probably get there late. But utter madness has to beg your not the elect the Amelie great sleeper there would be cigarette guy yeah I would sleep every minute of that and probably land in Seattle refresh yeah I don't want to think or hours after hours I know the idea and a well. Safe travels and Joseph hit that into all of our friends listening on the East Coast there's yes he's there have been other I think we do have a lot of people that chicken from Florida Natalie yeah that are in the of might paso. It seems like laurel in another country or really not a case that by the way yeah I couldn't help but notice on the happy hour hotline last minute my -- Yeah though there was so I think your resume and at least the picture is of the woman and she was like. Like her name with something like Mary beaver something Baghdad. It's kids sing stuff like yeah. The girl actually offer whisker biscuit on the really. He's really cheesy like old euphemism Verlander of bearded clan gas hit another thing so it was right that moment win again this is the FaceBook lab idea from the house every night I just pulled Vanessa on my wife it has landed on well it's like what's going like I missed a bunch of comments and she and she kept saying it like. She kept saying tell the girl in the window and like in the window that that Vanessa yeah and a little window on the screen did she say like show me your risky risky yeah ha ha. After. Is this blend everything and you say well I listen I was sort of focus in like you I never aware of in my wiping and a bad mood because of the plane dry out is ready for every else lake like you gather solid car out. I didn't like it leads laugh and I. I don't like the black and happy hour hotline and owned unit well I go gaga like posted in the Al those comments disappeared I believe that alertness I want to create this account and see this are all I've been somebody from the wolf because as the wolf space. Made to win on deleted them I consider appropriate like I is just so you know. I kind of saw it at. And I'm like you know it's time only trying to host a conversation that I love that I haven't always put on over there it's really doubt they're Grande dame not Joseph Leber or anywhere else is that and how. And it was no woman has apparently a big game won't I guess I wanted to see in my orange taco. Very strong woman whose have to use demanding that the Bagram GA Surette item I got spicy altitude and Canada at 6 o'clock FaceBook live folks might enjoy the show we love the guys and now. We will see you back tomorrow. Okay do you get do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not. Point seven. Right let's see here happy Tuesday everybody in the Lehigh good morning good morning so ago. Fly through that at the tequila and hit the wrong way I look at it. On that yet so sorry about that yet not even thought it appropriate after her especially also considering here the first breaking the show I thought it might be fitting that we should talk about a little bit. Eleven that's always a weird thing I kind of hard to believe yesterday I was thinking about it seventeen. Years ago playing Italy do you remember what you were doing. I then missed seeing gains algebra class can now your from the out and I was a grown ass man working and we Atmel. Our pres okay over the intercom everywhere kind of where that teachers and turn it on you is like look we sought to get your day sell last ten minutes each class like he can watch the TV. But yeah we actually saw the second. Target hit clients on TV and you know Percy blurt. It in nicely on how to handle that cyber into the bathroom like stuck my cellphone and there which can have summoned back then and calling on just like how. The plane hit. Right so that was 2001846. AM was the first plane 903 AM was the second time. To hijack planes crashed into the World Trade Center or whether suicide flights by the way you were Merrill remember this. The Pentagon and with the Pennsylvania. We're you know working radio. Plus doing a morning show in California. And we did not have a TV. And so somebody told us there was a news report that came over the EP why's that a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center dust. We assumed it was a small. Prided Brandi a tourist plane flying around Manhattan or something like that we used to know and when the second one hit like. Okay this is planned for yes switched gears and well in this so we stayed on the air. We were supposed to wealthier at 10 AM we ended up staying on the air till like eleven or twelve just trying to relay information. And it wasn't until I got home. And I got home and the TV was on there was a couple people from the neighborhood watching it staff and a set down to Florida watched it. And that's when I started crying yeah accent didn't understand it like it see the images of it. And yeah just floored. Via and that of course got the aftermath and I remember all the news anchors stand on for 24 hours straight. 2792. People died that day a 184 died in the Pentagon attack and and and of the forty in the plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Have you didn't the 9/11 at memorial I mean it is done so well in your kids it never band aids to the square. Fountains where the buildings more. But you can't see the death than the inside of the fountain like it just looks like waterfalls and nothing via and then like the light shine that is just very loud sanity every chance you know and the names of all those. That lost their lives and like feel seal like. Linda Smith plus baby her first child and just like it's heartbreaking but has done very well should I guess should doce at some point and I. I'd like to its on the list and again it's not a national holiday today in fact in recent poll most people agree that 9/11 should not be a national holiday so schools are in everything is normal but it is kind of a special than I do hope we never forget. Chris Todd Beamer let's roll very mean all the heroes of that I so. Anyway I don't know once things get rolling sometimes you forget to mention things or whatever but nine elevenths it and that was definitely worth a mention. I let's get our lead off Colorado also if you are listening right now you wanna set as attacks Amelie will take you back Jose Heidi won the air 46150. Only get a lead off caller we need you right now 206421. Woeful to pick a song. Have we have our run a standing by some to be leadoff caller. First let's check those text messages and my lead. Got to see eye to Gmail an apple TL and then in federal way. Corey in ounces good morning I hope you are enjoying mister rain this finally air is so much and I think you guys love it I hated guy irreverent I can highlights and Kamal based shell ENN consultant said that today she finds her flag on her truck for all the fallen victims and a Jack that track. And then as Steven from surgeons at on 9/11 I was in a submarine on deployment south of who has now. We did you turn and we're ready to retaliate. The rules. That's kind of Jimmy chills sweating and breezy day for people in that kind of position a year it's been a long time since we were you know attacked on our own soil. A Pearl Harbor. Our I'd run in some are good morning how are you. And reduce fantastic Rhonda thanks for calling in being our lead off what are you up to this morning what are you doing right now. Ain't how can we do run. It ain't seen it. Nice I arrived the next morning when he turns up in here you know. Right so what what is your passion run nobody really likes to you know work. Yeah. Okay. How they're grandkids. And or and money. And then we can I ask why. Yeah I am adopt him I had won eleven wouldn't be. You know I think about relish the grandparent role yeah not that I don't relish the parent role but being able the legs. Headed to the house. Deliver much in no easy to always look kinsey whatever they want you and dale Fiat I want that I want. I guess yeah. I'd be part about it. Well Roddick with less dog for you we'd like to say we appreciate to listen thanks for being a part of the family and I would be wanna hear we'll get it done. Eat. Of the bright young. Yeah. I'm because he married in San Athens still against any word on the fiesta season when he had SR's you know we still as the kind of run a thank you for being a part of the morning wolf pack we love you. He. And Abby yeah you're listening to the morning wolfpack with Matt McAllister. Why it's. So I am reading a story here this morning about some Alabama is. Readers. Who are having to repeat eighth grade. Because of some bad paperwork at the school so they showed up imagine that there. Showed up the school and being told he got a repeated grade just because the paperwork says you have to. Yeah I just feel like you should get okay go ahead and promote them regardless like it's another all. Have you read paperwork do you wrong in the league. Well I. It wasn't paperwork because I mean but it was paper that did our entire football team wrong we had a guy that was playing in his fifth year high school who we lose we. Lies trainer for the teens alike are targeting on the front end and I miss them you'd Emily played college football out now. I actually flattered and applauding even months but in high school I've athletic trainer and other front end they like. Either you know Emily is a sports fanatic to the point where she refers herself as we read a part of the team ever but you actually were kind of a part of did yeah trainer I'll yeah and I there every practice every. So we got Friday and and this guy bit with the fifth year senior. Was not our industrialized he'd be he. I was 1518 you're kidding that high school but what happened was he'd failed every class his freshman year and transferred as paperwork wedeman as a first year freshman into the second year. So we've lost all our winds. Because he was an ineligible player so one guy and cost the entirety and because of some paid a season yet. I never seen so many high school boys cry nice. A year and that's a depressing locker room right there today code red a master Phil so public tells NB I mean it wasn't his fault but yeah. Wow was very UDD tales of trying to get my Washington licensing and then my Washington license plates it took. Repeated trips to both officers finally did get it done however. Powell has paperwork done you wrong morning wolf thank asked the question to a 6421 Wolfsburg or you can Texas 46150. All right now has paperwork done you wrong so here's a little bit more on that story. It's from Bessemer Alabama a dozen students now mammoth expecting to start high school showed up. To the eighth grade because the school system couldn't find their grades from the year before. Superintendent doctor Keith they Stewart said a lot of the students were initially promoted to the ninth grade at Bessemer city high school but. The students were sent back. To middle school earth V news station there reported that Bessemer city middle school which was designed to help students who failed a grade ketchup and graduate. Seems like it's doing exactly that that's. I in the program students took seventh grade classes Bob love love love with Stewart says there was no record of these students passing their eighth grade classes. Stewart said he had no choice but to hold them back because the school couldn't produce then I needed grades. So when hours even though they did it work no paperwork. Going back to middle school pretty plain that their child. I don't know and you know it's not but it makes it any better but going from like tenth to eleventh grade. Features still in the same school I don't think it sent back to middle school like congratulations urine juvenile again that I got a big tea you have to go to battered and enroll. So morning wolf I ballot paper or done you wrong to a 6421 wolf for you can text us 46150. At a Texas that I had been about three times for keenly housing around in the navy and they lost to pay his papers and now we have to pay. Over a 20000 dollars. We see then again so that his path her husband filed three times for failing housing allowance in the navy that they lost the paperwork. It's crazy that somebody else's mistake when it comes to save working and costing you. Money yes and I'm sure that somebody was there right now suspect he's memories of Koppen and probably with insurance in Madison goal and all that. To paperwork nightmare. And I asked. Another person said that H three fell on their house. E&P insurance is gonna pay them back. But they lost their paperwork. Couldn't find it city never were able to pay their TV insurance companies to get their money back. Like feel lost experience or brewers I don't know diversity it's your fault or someone else's fault. It's got to. It was somebody else's fault Fiat because it definitely like look this is not on me yeah just the effect on yeah okay. Please your fault like when you lose your driver's license the use kids adore your going on an airplane or your past -- ask an expert a professor I gotta suck this one out. I'm to a 6421 look for Texas for 6150. Also emily's Big Three is on the way you wanna get us counties or talking about family. Chelsea ballot Rainey is going to be a new judge on an upcoming TV show. Now you Buick KB blowing out Bible get there here about five minutes. This is the morning. Alastair and he was 100 point 70 yeah. This is the big street which normally have. Kelsey dollar rainy it's going to be joining the voice for the upcoming season and actually be beat if the judge on the shell. Now she's gonna be the judge and the news segment as the come backstage so there's gonna be as six hopefuls from past seasons that are competing to get back on to be real shell. So I'm not sure how much actually eat healthy on the bullies. Because the come backstage to be on YouTube and on the voices Japanese grand but I just think it's cool bit if they had to pick another on judge that there picking from the country John. Absolutely now that you could see the boys starts on September 24. Attorney insists is doing its car seat is trade in and then again they do this every year. And it's really cool basically you take your old car seat and and you can do this until September 22. They take off your hand and give you a 20% coupon off. It's whether it used to be seat they says are like other car seats but they sure they're expanding it to basically any baby here. And they are working with a company that actually recycles the neighbors cycled over 300000 car seats in the past couple years to have school it would just be in landfills. They just haven't noticed he's never had kids that if you ever get into an accident any kind of notification very brief capture rear bumper do have to replace her gas. Should I even take that then yeah they'll take off Iranians that he gets may be careful RJ and and they rock and roll they're amazing. I act. And an article bit unexpected signs of brilliance is still at some rain and things are treats the people high IQ is having comment. So how they're gonna buy me I'm here yeah let that you have these jets of I don't think again. You don't think my family and we'll see how messy desk. Now he's got nothing about music so I beard do you drink wine. Million normally used to having a rally this. Who are treated and you see where a lot yet. None people that have high intelligence are also a little anxious. And they admit that they are very imminently drugs and they really young and I am jealous sect that hey I'm the Jenkins in action yeah. The last line which I think is very interesting. Is he will lift high IQ is that tend to eat the long time. That's the only these took a left turn there. Austrian now and it's funny because typically blondes are not seen as being very amateur that dumb blondes yeah. But yeah I pure blonde have a messy desk where a lot during a lot of mind. Your mood. I'm good to know. So Emily yeah. If I'm following. If I become all those things I do all those strengths will lie then the Cumberland now. Will let them in the lottery and I. I don't know I can be I don't think that's correlated at all I think anybody who plays a lot of it has immediately not brilliant not like you playbook down on the him yeah anything I do. And not bring it. Our rice shares salary coming up and send us. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and he'll. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura particles scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make you may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Again we L I don't know what everybody else makes for a living but is never okay and ask until now. Hello Kevin in Seattle welcome to share your salary how are you sir. Here's what's gonna happen brother that's okay we you're gonna put a minute on the clock we're gonna rapid fire a bunch of questions that you and them will gas well we think you make you share your salary delivering the Seattle times newspapers OK okay all right here we go woman and I'm like I can't believe that the questions are you ready yet. Well we you and I both say I want you go first I tried to begin Arie how did you work there. I would just what our but I do it two years ago before that. Okay do you have any of the jobs. I guess I'm starting Amazon today is how you. British. Actually move do you make more at this job or at the Amazon job. And you're gonna keep this job in working on. Yeah do you get health benefits cap. You know. Are you would delivering to homes or to businesses. It saves do you get paid by the out more or you wanna salary. I by the caper. Who is this considered full time jobs. Yeah got a seven gateway we have is cheaper they'd figure out what kind of BMX why do you deliver papers on. I deliberately started aging mission is CIA below with the mid soon you are not part yeah. Gavin we're gonna take a little break will come back well guess what we think you make for a living in the annual share your salary to the entire city of Seattle sound good. The next seven from Seattle on the phone he delivers the Seattle times newspapers Emily what else do we just learned about Kevin before he shares his salary. Right he's been doing this a 1004 my body work they're here to get at least 37 years old he and delivers about homes and businesses and he works at 365. Days a year. And he delivers an admitted to detonate T yet know BM makes like how we said that in the back of my head two dollars two dollars. All right Kevin since I won with Mike the fairy or make an 194000. Dollars a year goof. I'm gonna go ahead and say here you may get on the lower end this deals he's obviously need another job amigos when he too easily do Emily heavily Europe and the overall count your next coming go about. Thirty. 35000. Slow Joseph bringing up their air 365. Only to just take the I NC 36. 361. Load Joseph all right Kevin we have reached that time the show where you're gonna share your salary. DeVon what are your regular. Or are you know yeah I had no jobs camera. Yeah so slow Joseph gets the win tonight is six and I would you say that's fairly typical for a delivery guy or you on the higher end because you are one of the best you'll like maverick in the top gun. But I but I entry route so bath and a pirate threat do I do throughout the day. So I asked that he has like over the more you work the way get paid imagine that concept. Okay Devin thank you for sharing your salary with the entire city of Seattle we low everybody throughout our viewers your salary we'd love to habeas like doing for this week. 206421. Will give us a call right now. And coming up next there are two kinds of people who were the way I see people and that notification on a phone of people to double fine out which guy and you are in five minutes next on the morning all facts. You're listening to the morning welcome back we're back McAllister. Yeah. Nevermind. The mail 100 points. Oh a minute ago I interviewed three Emily was talking about he signs of brilliance. Well they do you have messy desk blond hair you drink wine he's where a lot your little anxious and you colleagues spearmint it would drugs in your younger. There was one of the things that didn't a little deeper diamond packed inbox little bit more picnic at. Turns out if you have a lot of notification to all over the funny your phone that is also a sign of brilliance so basically if your disheveled and organized. Somewhat nervous. And you're an alcoholic. I really think. I for one and this is gonna come as no great surprise if you listen to show because I'm kinda thing in all of us up right I can't stand when there's one notification on my phone anywhere. Back in any app I cannot stand the little red thing with the number. Do you have any and the funny phone right now I'm willing. I have been huge text and the out red dot on an actual application doesn't bug me as much as that the top the inner bark. I get rid of those instantly like I swipe or whatever Epstein get rid of those when you click on the actual thing like I can't text or whatever those those sniff. Based on the fact that I can never have any notification that a hundred linemen and a blond hair my desk is clean I'm I'm pretty sure I'm stupid here. But you know who might be the brilliantly here companies can be slipped out sounds like it's going to be slowed him whenever I look at his phone I give anxious because he has. Like 4000. Emails he has responded to. A couple of hundred text messages. As you Neil wasn't nailed it I mean for email that's 4770. Says how do while they're just under read it like I have like five different email account on here what I like a bunch of commerce and says well Hungary. But the one of the same the same icon on my laptop. Fourteen balls I. I that I. You never check getting you know you're not going to why not just take that at all your desktop. Well as his third they're out that I used to those members is just night they would haunt my I read this you know two or three not a thirteen thousand news editor let's find in a member of the morning wolf Baghdad has the most notification on the phone right now. Anybody needs sojo in this by the way means your brilliant so don't be shy about it. Who can live with the most notification on the run their phone we want screen shots you can also text those to mean. And 2064517766. But let's lineup because right now we want to know who can live like this who are you. Hello Donnie Shea in bell fair how're you today I get married they were great just so happy here on the phone your car in the morning wolf facts we love you know that right. Thank you for saying that listen we're talking about these signs of brilliance and one of them is having a ton notification of the front your phone which drives me mental but. Do you have a lot of notification Indonesia. In get my yeah. I. And he hives. How does that grow every day. It probably growth are accurate age I was a but what about nobody out did you not checked him and into people come up do you think you'd get my email. I only I could come by our. That's right and I don't check hat I checked it it I know it either like it Bert or right you're right. Yeah well it. There are people that maker email. I'm so jealous that that doesn't drive you crazy. Indonesia if I guess a spam email like dad let's just say it's from Victoria's Secret I will go to the bottom of the email a whole client that tiny little thing he says unsubscribe and I'll go through that process so I do not receive another one from them. I didn't look at 80 yeah like I'm drives me crazy so I I probably get about five email that just because I'm getting the extra. IA. Are people off the right way or. Donny's here I'm like instead a little bit jealous but also kinda getting times for you ask hey thank you for the call 44000. Of the TLC have a wonderful day so that's the record right now we. Looking for the member of the morning wolf back with more than 44000. Notification of the from the phone right now oh and by the way am I mean you're brilliant. 206421. Wolf or 46150. And attacks. I we are looking for the member of the morning wolfpack which he most notification on the front of their phone line. Well the Big Three and leading a story about signs of brilliance. They include had a messy desk drinking a lot of wind down blond hair. What are some Imus and Emily match this wearing a lot to be normal things just. Basically you're disheveled slightly disorganized. You might be brilliant yeah if you buy lottery tickets you number. Just letting you know Jason in Puyallup coming notification do you have on your phone right now. 70000. Are you going for the record yet the idea that at this email notifications or a total lawyer asked. The old look all I quit you know. So looking how many unread emails do you have. Fellow L what it would go to it out though you know alone. Yeah Google 603. Overall mail notification. That 2920. And I. Oh. So just a memo to everybody in the morning wolf I do not email Jason in Q all of you will not get a response the. Are you think they whipped text messages and phone calls like. Those notification stay up there forever. If I don't undercut our I don't little. Yeah. Injuries to Jason HTTP data screen shot and added tax it to me yeah I think you're a bad bad about but evidently got a good. A way let me take an Allen Allen to verify that this is really happening your ego problem iPhone lets see I got a couple of images. Yet Jason have you called oh my god there is. 70927. In the mail and into email and in the 603 just like Seth. Rather. I got this screen shot to prove it we will close this on a wolf a socialist approve this is actually happening Jason. I bet that. I thought that was going to be it Gillian blame you stay you can be it's almost 80000 notification from the fray your phone. On the front am I gonna have about thirty your right now but it needs Gmail and between Gmail or Yahoo!. I have about a 150000. This. Alternately argued about a 1008 junk mail you know the day and I could say it. Slowing down. Very. In the and I think I did I say yeah yes it's getting there red zone we. Yeah again. Any organized here although Billy bug gave good thank you know that hasn't happened while you caught me off guard Melissa keeping family friendly here on 991108. It's it's. That but we all know what you see all these kids saying. Evans and 150000. Notification rules. That is mental buds you are clearly we view yeah are there record okay. I think you're out HTTP Dennis Green shot that forming. A gay city to meet and up to a 64517766. They're this or by 18776. Yes that is my cellphone number send it over and I. We'll get to log on the Seattle social media okay thank you Jimmy all right coming up next is beat the street for fourth through tickets for Toby Keith. 206421. Wolf right now if you like to play it's coming up on iron. A callous. A new 100 points Saturday. It's due date so tomorrow we got to look the best job looking forward to meeting you and Kent. It is your return to get coffee bought for you great credit card. Yep pretty cutters plague copyright and Pacific highway from noon until one I can you stop by and say hey. Apple by ego of the copying leukemia Hud if your hunger if not we'll shake your hand. Member not everybody I know again I am now on the show our bosses one of them when you hugger Abbas he re clay whereas it is in an. Which is probably a sign he's brilliant. Anyway I cutter point coffee bar to 5246. Pacific highway south. Thirty year Google Maps come home by like Emily said we are bringing all credit card in the what do by everybody coffee you listen to the show we want to say thank you. In May be hug you a little bit yeah. Okay beat the street coming up here in ten minutes. Space is on mourning wolfpack with another countdown to 100 points topple. Flack hit the pavement I'm Jack did beat history tour. Good morning just sitting here home how are you today. Yeah fantastic welcome to beat the street. The journey contest that's an issue against a random stranger here in the you will wincing as he goes seat Toby Keith and we're talking about fourth row tickets. He's going to be the Washington state fair this Saturday night plus you do get tickets to our VIP pre party hosted by our very own wing nut. All right it's all part of the wolves here vermilion tickets will be to challenging here in about a minute we asked him the same five questions you've got to answer right now with thirty seconds Justin yelled are you ready. Credit any advice for just an heavily. I mean sounds pretty cool comment click did vote when that driver search though and make sure you take a deep breath and think past the you don't know anything. All right you're gonna adjust and starting the timer in 32 and one what is the main wizards' name in The Lord of the Rings. And helped which country gave us the statue of liberty act. To bring what did Bob Ross try to teach American you talked. To meet up. What is the name of the commuter train that runs from Lakewood to Everett. Who sings the country song tequila. Okay but okay how do you think you did in beat the street today. I think I did all right. I got a good chance let's meet the challenge here. What's your name where you're from and where you. My name is heard numbers from eastern Washington Amazon army recruiter. Just let's find out how you did it when he answers the same five questions what is the main wizards' name in The Lord of the Rings and pass. He took a pass on that you. Answer Gandalf ice. I don't like yours is little knife and a good job Justin you're off to a one nothing lead puts country gave us this statue of liberty. Grants. France was the right answer yeah both got that one right well done math so now it's eight to go one lead. What did Bob Ross started did you ever headed there. Kirk took a pass you had the right answer PT was the joy of painting was somber opening after a writes absolutely a white guy asked for a yes. So Justin you are three for three you're off to a 321 lead I don't think you need to sweat this anymore I don't get. Question of floor what is the name of the commuter train that runs from Lakewood Everett's. Sounder sounder is the right answer yeah both got a right so it's a little bit closer but it's forwarded to heading into the last one and here's sings the country song tequila. Hunter Hayes you know the right answer in the early innings and win a thing to eat. Just including the last known you weren't perfect but you're darn close four for five you win beat the street afforded to you will be Toby Keith in the fourth row rather authentic edit your welcome Justin thank you for being a part of morning wolf back we love you let it get it and if you follow along this week it's a 54321. Weekend leaves tomorrow morning at this time for beat the street. We will have third row. And then second and then fraud proceeds. I don't care it's the worst concert in America if you're in the front row you're gonna have a good time Ali act dog that's happening tomorrow but coming up next as paperwork ever done you wrong. You know I'm gonna believe this story we've got to out of Alabama what's happening to a bunch of eighth graders. Just because somebody filed some incorrect paperwork. Like I said you're not gonna believe it especially if you have kids. You won't be able to imagine them going through what these kids are gone there well today the story in five minutes we wanna hear from you to wolfpack next. Good morning welcome back when Matt McAllister and say on that day. We were friends there was not there was a wink I see you UC meets America with the same person broke Labor Day a lot of guys. He studies are more important things like puppies. 127. All I morning wolf thank Hal has paperwork done you wrong and arguably the story from Bessemer Alabama. A dozen or so students expecting to start high school last week. Are headed back to the eighth grade because the school system. Can't seem to find their grades. It's just a paperwork issues superintendent. Doctor Keith they Stewart sent a letter of the students were initially promoted to the ninth grade and Bessemer city high school but. The students were all sent back to middle school. Because they couldn't find the green it's not there all I know him but they're the victim paperwork. Stewart says there is no record of these students passing the eighth grade classes. He had no choice but to hold them back because the school. Couldn't produce the needed grades for these students imagine all the friends get to go and I south. They deserve to be high school this is now let it fail like you said Enright. They just are the victim of paperwork. I hope that they don't have to spin the full year in the eighth grade I think there's some tests they can take to kind of promote out I just. Well and is apparent to you know my bonus on when and high school last year. That is such of that as the biggest transition gaffe you don't any night that is OK you're grown in value and high school owners like boy is and there's a high schools for it's it's the biggest goal and all right Jack you're gonna write Abbas in all of it by the way you go back to eighth grade did I am trapper keeper and knowing his little baby toys. And I can't imagine me words. And there's no way to prove it now yeah I was there right I don't think grave to. So it happens sometimes we are all the victim of paperwork and knows the stories were looking for right now. We don't think anything can beat that but if you've ever. Been done wrong by paperwork we Lanier premiere right now to a 6421 wolf attacks 46150. Calls next. All right Crissy gurgling a morning how are you sir. Pretty good. There is or target about these twelve students and Alabama got sent back to eighth grade from high school because the school could not produce their grades from the previous year. Have your been done wrong by paperwork caress. Yes there's a 1000 military and a graduate. School and another date. God that I didn't come up debt to the school. Wasn't even a registered. Product but have caught it. And they had to wait another week. And get orders and all you see or set up a bag of all our. Week. So weigh in other words you wasted what two weeks total. Pretty much to sit around waiting for paperwork. But what. I got charged extra but we. You know I think when it comes to the military there's probably knew these stories because the military is all paperwork you know Alice park. Tex coming in for six point 50. Yes we have some neat that I was working at a golf course and the payroll messed up. The tip pay out over the course of six months so I ended up having to pay it back might work 800 dollars. Other employees had to pay upwards of 2001. Bartender had to pay back almost 4000. Dollars. Did they tip. I know it's your intent yet I wonder if they noticed that he might tips have been pretty good like this and I'm enjoying the extra time initially saying of course should not have. AM they act 4000 dollars rock fall. Are very little bag how has paperwork done you wrong. China now has paperwork and you wrongly to a 6421 Woolsey Texas 46150. Someone at Tyson things that they're ex wife was trying to take the name off one of their vehicles. And needed proof of divorced when she went to the courthouse there was no proof. And she called him at the screaming out in thing never filed paperwork apparently the judge. Didn't do paperwork properly. Yeah you know it is somebody who's gone through that. Yes it's all about the paper or yeah. And I've been done wrong by big. A piece of paper that I signed. I spent ten years ago and I'll be about another five before getting around that. Re not a Texan I would begin transferring from Alaska school to high school are two off Hawaii school they lost my vaccination record. So I had eight shots in Hawaii to get a school in the same eight shots might return to Alaska got ate it up with three rounds the same time the. I thought he spicy still healthy I don't buy only you know if you go to Alaska with a dog the dogs core teams like eight months. Yeah six my arms are Hawaii we go to Hawaii with a dollar. Ally yet. Don't know I'm no I you know there I I imagine that the army is all week. Making it victims but because the paperwork just recently my permission was put on hold for three months because of the date was signed two days earlier. For one of the signature blocks in the other. And Kim from JDL and ran on around well a team coming at you like him that we are moving on we have V thirteen things necessary. To have what they called quote a disaster kits. Yet anyway that might be and they like water while we're talking about the hurricane is go to the East Coast yeah yet things like that and it we will let you know in a couple minutes stay with us. How does that McAllister as a progress. These guys got to bring donuts. 100 points out. Okay so incidentally we have hurricane Florence bearing down on the East Coast later this week slow Joseph. Is supposed to go to a wedding in New York probably bad timing on it. Yeah are you guys reconsidering because I'm seeing on the news there are football teams that are canceling games for this weekend on the East Coast I mean our like I guess we're gonna strive for it. Well it's what's in the land on Thursday at things so it saved the after the if anything gets script he replies Friday saw the new survey finds two thirds of homeowners don't feel prepared for a natural disaster does anybody here feel prepared for natural disaster I know I'm. And then I am not prepared no the last time I tried to prepare for one of his wife to Canada last staff provide water and I never do it again man that we go off the grid so be don't eat my own on. 60% of us don't have a plan and 45% was don't know what kind of supplies we should have so let's cover that fact there are thirteen basic things every disaster kit you have let's see you guys can guess what they are I bottled water has bottled water is number on a plan how much bottled water three gallons per person. So three gallons per person that's one I flashlights last night is on the list as well and by the way. Extra battery in the thing and had your batteries and I also are handled us and hers out of hiding in the brush like category and say that's flashlight what about like a radio portable radio to listen for updates. I mean Amelie listens to baseball games under F I don't know Romeo I. It's dinner. The generator is not on the list have to spend much money quarterback canned food canned food is number two or three days supply of nonperishable food. Got clean close. Know that there cannot and I guess it's not hey what do you need for the can of food no water rides. Emanuel can all right acting like we're off the grid no power with that being said yet no GPS what else do you need. ADM avenue area after we got a harder from here on out and they got him and want in their golden fast I do a few more things here that you guys. Emily when you go to college what they have all freshman girls when they give them. With no longer the only analysts all put on a guy no gun. This is the economy or not they're deep down and it didn't air and that's what I do though with sly as a return. Well yeah communication need help put out like Don theater pet food no no no no snow. What he said. Well the biggest one of all. A first aid kit. I let me fill in the blanks. Dust masks which I think we just read an article that don't work the plastic sheeting and duct tape you know occasionally kidnap somebody go Dexter on him. Aren't filled up your window I have your sanitation supplies like garbage bags and voice to tell less you know as you know a serious movement there. Also tools. A wrench pliers things like that and why would you need though it's. Kid. Break out of so I have no I know there's a joke thing we're told shoulder turn off your utilities. Serum gas pump and and and a. So I knocked him. Our demo ideals no change a tire cars now that I Lee's Big Three is coming up in 3 minutes since the morning. Alistair only do 100 point 701. This is the Big Three with family. The next season of the voice starts in just a couple of weeks really have to hurt when he boards and Kelsey now the green is gonna be on it and beat it and jags. Now she's not be in one of those spin around cheers like Blake sounds and she's gonna be a judge for the comebacks each. They're dealing and special show with six contestants from past season that are gonna try to win their way back onto the waste that the new thing. The only means you've been in stream TV but I think it's cool that they had any genre to picked brown to choose the judge they pick another country are. You and I don't think it's fair to say she's on the show ads like real loser magnet and did he does on the employee pay cash payment viewing in this beneath GA Ewing on the show what they might have been any any chair. It's your order a YouTube mean he's been yet. A big thank you I'm sure you want it had been on the real show to just look for now are British are catering to be a little bit different on the field. If nothing else look for a target is having their Kirstie trade in event right now. For now until September when he sex game and they you'll take any old car seat off your hands and give you 20% Q fine. Vince didn't hurt not only new car seat or booster seats that big XP and and it's -- year including like play yards and high cheers. This really pulled it into the sweet sixteen and they recycled over 300000. Car scene that would just been sitting in me and sells they Wear with a company they can recycle these down. And I mean. Your kids grow out of your car seats anyway aids got a greater you know to get a car raking the new one so. Take it any pointers and off your son who's covered in Q. Dude dude there's no Denny Matthews apple sauce do target is the judge freeh found love to RJ IRA. I find unexpected signs of brilliance so we. Think verges geniuses. But yeah some things to see you really are some treats and rain endings that are common with people hi I use moon and it feels burdened. Smart people didn't have a messy guests checked. Base where ally. They drink wine and they are all so the ancient and in midday colleagues Fuhrman did with a little bit of drugs when they were younger to. He's been anxious like anti social. Just is anxious I think he'll like a little nervous a little light. Again today yeah yeah just yanking people that are smarter than everybody else told city news he's right I know I know a couple people who I think you classify as brilliant. Inning of a hard time just having a conversation his or some Smart here's the most interesting line. People tags used tension in blue. It would seem noble and dumb blonde jokes stereotype that goes double team Garnett you know. That plays nicely into the yes it does end with the legends and current as you drive but if these streets tell you if your genius or not apparently slowed down with the stars on. Well again I think we and a new. And by the way too we also learned is a part of that study if you go a little bit deeper if your some one of those people that has a lot of notification data from a phone that's a sign of brilliance we found a guy with a 140. Thousand at noon indications we have to screen shot to curb craziness disgusting. That gives you not government body which by the way I want to thank you Emily Burke confirmed what I already knew I ams is when I'm. And I am dumb as a stump I share your salary coming up in ten minutes stay where this. Morning well that with Matt McCallister 100 points and Hillary. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura particle scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make you may be that big gas let's play share your salary be. We all want to know what everybody else makes reliving it is never OK to ask until now. The last time we played here salad we figured out that Erik Kevin who delivers the Seattle times 365. Days a year does pretty well he made 48000. Dollars a year doing not to use CES slow Joseph with a win on that one that'll come into play later but first let's say hi to sapphire. Sapphire is in grand stand or rank and this morning she isn't a U. Union electrician. Did everybody hear me say then the Martins DeMaurice sapphire is. Outlining how are you today I am asked to get out steps to tell you now at. At the big bank okay not too much information now because we're gonna put a minute of the clocks. We're gonna rattle fire as many questions as we can your way and then will. Take a break we'll come back well guess what we think you make an annual share your salary with Seattle's are you ready for the sapphire. Yeah Emily are you ready for that spreading the you're gonna kick off the hardline questions of no holds barred take no prisoners yes one minute on the clock here we go again heavily. How long have you been doing past. I have been met or five years will be how old you sapphire. I am 27. Creighton you always hurt I just. I don't go to Greg meg just I act or makeshift. Is there a big difference in your line of work the electrician between being in the union and not being in the union. There's not a big different besides having a union backing. You worker a local or national company. I want quiet local company willows do you own your house. I did not. Are you mainly working on residential or commercial. I only commercial do you have a killer tool belt. Yeah I have a killer tool bank it's a jealous are you the boss of anyone. I am not yet do you train electricians. Idea I trained. Computers that are younger than me and do you work kind of missing new installs are you fixing up the trash. All titles up by a nasty back and let's hear that answer. Question sapphire beautiful job I give us about three minutes we're gonna play a song come back we'll guess who we think you making you share your salaries SM good. We have sapphire from rent and on the phone cheesy union electrician heavily what else can we just learn. She works for a local company and worked on him all commercial buildings. So he works the night shift because she asked them to wait seven years old Cindy and her five year. Gutless weasel bells and I didn't mention that we shall again well well I did tool bag at a dual bad is what kind of look at a bag you run and sapphire. I hope I caught her by fifty feet is about twelve I can't and it's got about 600 dollars or alternate. You have to be careful that if anybody tries to steal it just stealing tools is a thing if you're in the trades that is really huge thing that I'm one thing about every union is our contractors to reimburse schools if there's only nice all about that union may be all right slow Joseph you want to last time we play duke got the closest to Kevin the Seattle times delivery man sellers eagles' first reading sapphire to make in a year. Man okay. This latest is that I donate go to or out of the worst. I'm gonna say semi back. OK 75 I believe only I go against this. Well listen I'm always based on the union side of things I'm gonna go a 110. Even though she's young guy that's the only thing is getting to me she's when he sub. Annaly and armed one excellent team and dawn was what I thought there's only a 111. You crisis invited me. All right sapphire we have reached that point where you need to share your salary sapphire. Are making every year. I am making about 89000 dollars a year right now. And yeah. Sapphire congratulations on not making great living in it he seemed happy to meet you seem like you like what you do Lamar wrong about that. I I am I love what I do and I. I am currently a this year pregnant so I am not light and then turned out yet when I do is turn now I'll be making about a 1101000. The 900. Yes I remember is that only working forty hours a week Seattle is looming what was right now so I'm working all over time making get a real notice I'm gonna happen doubles I'm. Not say why didn't I ask if you've been turned out to pass right you know that we now I'd like thoroughbreds you. How that somebody may gain like walking up the street never touched a tool in their life how much economy. A brand new first your critics who knows they get you know how 43000. Dollars a year. Yeah guys hiring we are really know what Republicans are all licensed electricians. That are non union you could join neat yeah. And we are looking for our finances let you know good construction experience than good aptitude. Sapphire thank you so much for sharing your salary and be a part of the morning while back we Libya thank you for me hey you're sharing your salary any day this week who would love to have you on the show to a 6421 wolf especially Pete do something a little bit different call us cornered. You 100 points. Well it is hard to believe that it was twenty. Years ago. That 9/11 happened and yeah an attack on American soil not since Pearl Harbor. It was 8:46 AM when the first plane hit 903 AM when the second plane hit the World Trade Center and that's when we knew. Okay wait a minute this is not an accident this was happening on purpose but to whether suicide flight crashed to the Pentagon and in the woods Pennsylvania totaled. Of 2792. Souls were lost that day in the World Trade Center attacks. A 184 innocent people died in the Pentagon attack including those on the plane. And forty people died in the plane crashed in Pennsylvania. I don't care if it's seventeen years ago or 117 years ago. I love seeing the never forget bumper stickers. The remembrance. For me. And am curious here a little bit younger than I am where you were at that moment. Ever forget that day I'll never forget one year after that day in every day since then but so what you do. I was doing a radio show you're on air I was on the air her lap and we didn't have TDs in the studio or anywhere in the building. And so we got the news off the if you are that a plane had hit one of the world trade him for thinking OK this one of those little cessnas or maybe it tore guy that this is an accident and the second one hit. Some you know eighteen minutes later. That's when we knew we stayed on the air couple extra hours trying to figure allowed. Just trying to deliver information to people that were listening and it wasn't until I got home. And I sat down and watched TV dad did it hit me what. The scope and magnitude in I think that's when I saw one of the buildings come down. That's when I started to cry you know that's what it was like ohm guy. Yeah I was actually and misty can algebra class. We are watching it and of course. Not really grasping it we solve the second tower get hit how old were you as sophomore. In high school act and so of course like rent the bathroom a comment on it can have cellphones it out herself on the I mean I know it's sailing I just knew something was going on and I needed to your my mom's words not like she was a new Yorker anything but. He had just seeing that meant only to talk about all day the flavor of the principles like look. You know this is going on the last two minutes of every class we could watch that kinda got to keep some normalcy. But I mean I can tell you where it was for a lot of things that I know Alice that. Slows so will we worked together yet done I yet he has about six on safari started working together. Are still working out the harbor I was just gotten up to go to work and and if you like use the first planet head never sit there watching the second when it going go out this thing. Yeah. And you know I remember to. The next year after. Like when America lost the I like the fact that we were on the same team and we had a bigger problems than all the nit picky stuff that we tend to fight about nowadays in the drama and you know sometimes when he gets too easy we forget him we start complaining about. My Amazon prime delivery at a raped and silly politics of whatever might divide us but after nine elevenths were. At least a year we came together we came together and I'd like to see more that I don't wanna see anything happen ever again like what happened yet eleven but. I did like the country like two or you're like the fact that we all thought together I liked the sacrifices that guys like Pat Tillman made then and Todd Beamer in heroes. Yeah. And it you never been CD 9/11 memorial. In. New York I definitely recommend it it is was done so well and we've seen pictures of that it's the Q square. Fountains. Where the towers were at night they light up in China demons in this guy. And you can't seem to death sent it you just see the water flowing into nothing and all the names of all those lives lost and you seem like. Lynn Smith plus baby I mean your culinary note kids they were but it's very classy very well done definitely some stop by one making every listener. It is on the list so flannel slacks today and a half mastic you want to but 9/11 never forget. Good morning welcome back with Matt make Alastair you can hints were dumb you get hit you haven't Dubai ports they know. This is stupid. Lire one in 46000 people fault there's a subway graces. How don't want to be the one. 147. All star and I'm so confused. So my oldest daughter is a sophomore in high school. She text me last night about their homecoming dance concert. And she sends me basically it's a picture of the ticket that you combined gas. Came when I went to homecoming I'm pretty sure there was a bad wedding DJ and that was the entertainment and nobody was in their anywhere in the parking lot you know. In a partial month. First and listen to this concert. That now so it's 245 dollars to go to the homecoming dance anchor. But now they have a homecoming concert that you can for forty dollars you can buy a ticket. And they have at least fifteen acts playing for the homecoming dance I think she's pumpkin what is the I usually I go to the names. I don't know that plug your ears looking at a concert again I don't know you know the concert I don't I don't understand I keep asking her questions but they've got Dustin lynch playing at my bonus daughter's homecoming games. Along with Leon bridges Greta van fleet logic Dooley plus five seconds of summer. Real easy bird buzz the belly bad bunny. Max bad flour at V or EB I don't even know the Vance in drafts project what days. September 22. OK can I just tell you this exact same lineup. It's gonna be at the I heard music festival that date in. And Las Vegas. So must their flying tube feeding mad nineties everybody that's on the shell. But to say this cannot be giants. And punching each week. I think you got we get that that is a festival like gap against that. The home and I think that would take a few days to get that are in the that are very clear that as a. Okay yeah. Okay now as you say I'm really confused I just as people lose her homecoming. Day or so okay. Her friends are playing a joke on her and seek I knew I knew I had been negotiating she was action chief Doug does the lynchings come to rise. Weezer on the chair of that yeah I know 99 and the other. London at the morning I needed a leader. Well for a handful of peanuts and doesn't help until than a dollar all here's Matt McAllister. You 100 point seven though wolf. I. Read it. The decision by the way just confirmed with my bonus on that that was a big high school room in the dust and lynch is going to be playing their homecoming. She feels almost as dumb as I do. Good morning hey how are you wishful thinking though. Thanks hey I really think. And I'm coming down for your little ominous chaperone. Lou ran around Daly was going around with you today. Today it just keep thinking about that song that was entered into it the congressional record by Alan Jackson where every year over. When the world stopped turning because I think that song itself just encapsulates. Everything that we feel. On 9/11. And it's a great way to hash tag never forget of course right absolutely to be able to share her do you guys sharing where you where yeah I'm. Well when you heard about the 9/11 attacks so then I lose three lemonade stand. Seventeen years ago algebra class that path a path where you. I was getting ready for work I was doing middays Anke TCS in my hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas my mom called me on the phone turn on the news like probably most people. And that we were on the phone together as we watch the second plane. Hit the towers in Manassas when they both went numb because they knew something was really really. Did you have to go to work. I did oh absolutely it was the most difficult so that I ever had to do in my life beyond the the dollar wanted to do was break down and cry I think they'll crawl on a corner like that here you had to share with the listeners what was going on. And I don't think at that point in my career that. I truly can wrap my head around what was really going on and so it was really difficult well. And in that day 217 years ago we didn't have information that spread as quickly as we do now with Twitter and sings like that so people really were turning to the radio for. You know it feels okay about it but to get information and watching TVS as news anchor stint on I 44 hours a murder Peter Jennings. With like his tie and done in his hair messed up because like a those guys were just bleeding and I you know on the. Area that's how we all felt so absolutely right as I felt like I did not do it justice at all look back on that because it was so young at the time seventeen years ago but you know you just did the best you could and I what I loved about it was seeing. Not heed the entire community come together. And everybody had that same look on their face that same feeling in their heart in American flags started popping up. Everywhere all over people's cars on their doors and their businesses and and everybody even though we had been attacked I feel like our country was really strong. Yeah we talked about that a little bit and I know my proudest radio moment came from 9/11 because we I think. And how long it took so we decided to do a human American flags in the little California town that I was. Arnold at the City College in on a Saturday. Just in this it give you chills just about the same number of people showed up. Then we lost an analyst and so historical about 3000 people showed up and human American flag around stands of the City College. Just incredible just to send a signal that hey we were defeated were stronger than you and throw bounce back and and to set I think a lot of lot of good came from that war so it's good to remember it's guys like literally had never forget. A daily is taken over and now you are in good hands because now seventeen years later and says she's a mature wall mind. It's a fact which you can go sat with a date and both song hash tag never forget we love and I we love you guys it was you back tomorrow morning at five. Arnold actually not a car. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 points or so well.