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Wednesday April 11th, 2018


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Rolling a welcome back to the podcast. Matt McAllister heavily rains slowed Joseph Lauria and before we turn you loose on the show that we did today minus the commercials and music and all of that share your salary was awesome both times I won both times your Richard. Yeah out of his room and is sorry to doing. Tuesday edit that out and OK art or not I remember. I hear some things that we didn't talk about TJ Miller. Who I didn't know been named was the same guy he's one of those actors. Where you know nobody knows the name TJ Miller but you recognize this guy's face well I did it I didn't put it in our prep classic as they assume that nobody would know his name because idea tick me awhile is why we didn't really talk around here today. He is that by the way say he like you said I think he stars in Silicon Valley he's a comedian he's been dead pool most recently hit I fell love this guy a little known movie that was -- and only to watch it sometime when she canned it's called she's out of my league -- and it's hilarious and it's kind of a rom com site that women would like kid but it's hole and he did nobody watches that movie is great what he's been he's done a much animated movies recently to like Ian -- movie and one even more recent is that decades the name escapes me but a little back story on him if I may over so he he looked Silicon Valley for the first three seasons they kicked him off. And the reason they kicked him off for this foresees this out now army that sophisticated armor. And was because that is. That he would show up drunk or high. And often not at all says they were having every scan negotiating all around man and he's he's a male version of Lindsay Lohan yes pretty much and I can say from personal experience. There was a comic con playing in Arizona and they did a comedy show it's three guys firm that for them to share Silicon Valley the main guy I don't know his name and and Indian dude. And TJ Miller. And dive to first you guys were hilarious. Awesome. TJ Miller comes out easily close the set okay he came out and a half full suit. But soaking wet like like he just come out of rush hour. And my guess is that he was passed out and they literally had to throw an hour to wake him up. And he came out it's learning nonsensical. It was. Fascinating to watch like I'm not gonna say it was an entertaining. But it was funny I guess it was not be expected and you just get in do elect hecklers that were so bad for ya on Adam and it was like a set entertaining. But not like the comedy expects I guess apparently like his he's got a a long history of degenerate is well the storm about to tell you. Book corroborate your story right and let me say the only thing I know immigrant is being the bartender friend and dental math that there Weasley bartender half. Yeah and I think you're gonna say the wetsuit was part of like a performance art type thing I hit it may have been. But I doubt it is sorry he does know me like he seemed like he just got out of bed and he was the interior well apparently TJ Miller was arrested by the feds for falsely reporting that a woman on an Amtrak train had a bomb like this is serious Greengrass. They say he was drunk he was fighting with this woman's. And on March 18. Now he was on edited that he was on a train from DC to New York when he called 91 instead there was a woman number or over the bombing a bag. But he gave police the wrong train number because he was so drunk. So they stop the wrong train qualities which was in Connecticut at the time the yanked everybody off the train and called in the bomb squad. They didn't find anything so they contacted Miller who was in new York at the time. He described the woman. The cops thought Miller was slurring his speech yesterday was drunk or mentally ill which he deny that I think in any way when officials determine what train Miller had been on they admit it at the nearest station and inspected that train again it was clean imagine how much money time and oh yeah all this is taking over one drunk phone call about a girl. Anyway. Let's see. The attendant on TJ Miller car told them that he downed several drinks during a ride in the already intoxicated when he got on the train. And they had kicked him off because of his condition. You don't have be really wasted to get kicked off of a train track Ayatollah Agassi had a couple of hostile exchanges with this woman who is on the garden and he called the bomb threat as like hey F view concert he -- in his journal it's a OSHA didn't trouble yet but the dumb ass called the wrong train number there were made much different the daughter and I know I know I know well who knows are a bit that is some serious trouble when the feds get involved and I we can think there's going to be some fairly serious and probably acting Carlyle some rehab and is near future again as a good call is when she be re haven't Beverly forgives you brag that we have a disease in your victim correct title at the but I would say to you know he's not that good of an actor to be acting like now. Top donors could pull this in maker you know but Robert Downey junior almost didn't make it back John Travolta almost didn't make it back I did because they're a live anonymity out yet their leading guys TJ Miller will you said it best heavily today I was trying to explain who he was easier and he's always like. The guy's friend brags he adds that extra person and just be it seems like he's just a huge pain in the ass where every and I'll say for that comedy show they all came out to meet and greets afterwards he was not allowed out you don't they just like didn't want him interacting with the public. He seems like a lot like a lot to handle you know our. Trying people are when you're so over you tell your job imagine well Kennelly we are they said yes and that agenda here job every day and somebody's just. Hammered constantly and again he's not talented enough to deal with her you know and I said be a minute ago he's probably more like I see the dirty air drop things in yeah. Fast. Speaking of Connecticut. A guy in Connecticut was arrested for robbing the bank he said it he said he did it too impressed Taylor Swift. Even claims he drove her her house in toss some of the loot over the fence to try to Ruger Mark Taylor says she has more stalkers you well and the answer a sign of how famous he has. The most famous people in the world The Beatles Charles Manson had no health after Taylor Swift and by the way did the one thing she doesn't need. Is money right trash can impress her. Plan I mean she is more money than anybody right after a couple bucks over the fence student. I mean how to cut up my hander something I think that would be a novel way to getter century yet they act on Gaby and handed it. Back. Here's my ear anyway Bruce rally has been arrested apparently that doesn't work. We talked about the Wal-Mart yodeling to what else we go on here and I was OK so today we do talk about this woman who spent a lot of time on a but it is national pets today. Emily you gonna get a pat I cannot have one in my paper none like not even have fish. I probably could have fish but I try to heal it self. I mean this year just in Russia haven't Laver at like really equal fish tank. I'm not one of those like let me just beautiful fashionable snipers and and I had to generalize and stereotype that are in fish tanks for dudes. For the most part my single guys that a fish tank and as a single guy I don't know anybody anything at any girlfriends of the fish tank. Now the only team out I have that I have fished. Are ones the little kids who have like the one Google+ Kennedy finished an act you know and I. When I gave my saltwater tank I gave it away just because at some point it was like I got tired of it has a lot of hours a lot of work and they'll die and know each other it's a hell hole after that but I actually give it to a single mom who said my son is really into it but it's gnome. Kid I don't know if you had to ask that again Q getting an email from of female fish tank a lover Matta Seattle dot com. I want you guys guests V ten most popular pats in America dog number line Yuxi cat got number two. Rabbit is not on the list no cancer. Yup number five and by the way hamster and your herbal Richard Gere all together online five turtle as Terrell no snakes. Yes number seven. So so far you have dogs and catchy still don't have number number four horses number six nice job and mend though he lizard no goats and losers. It's yes and number nine they lumped together iguanas get goes and other lizard yeah okay. And you guys are missing number three number four and a huge. Finished not big in size yes no curtains. Birds number four. I nearly missy I don't think you're gonna get actually we mentioned number seven on the air today. I suggested the slow joke it needs no loss no no no I'm DeSoto we're gonna be a pet he might be one of these. You said snake he staked the guess is I. Fascinating okay snakes are racially centered on torrential is number ten which is weird tied with Guinea pigs at number eight basically Guinea pigs iguana I'll answer the throw aside any exit. Yen I didn't yet Guinea pigs kind of thing there they're hearing cancer. I think their related. By the way actress I also owned at one point my life or death you know it's weird when we earners on their all over the place you can just allowed gulf allies and even in California when we were there. A YouTube play golf and Beatrice is dangerous or just scary scary looking. They're not yet not the ones we have in elected as you can pick him and guys like I would golf with they grew up in Arizona they restrict movement from each other news on the hook for meager over the midwest scare the crap out of me I'm like Jesus what kid I think can be my foot down even when I had on I would economic now they're Norah. You know pattern. It's a good car seat. That is a good I think it's a look bad past the Agha and young males are and air church I would like to have like bad ass nineteen. And you fed it like little baby in nine days it's he had it was a it was it was weird way back fed the credit and I like Stevie mice at tho only snakes ate stuff like that. Now they gave part of that we you didn't have defeated maybe nice but I think splurge yeah well my roommate he's just assessing all kinds of weird like exotic animals he had yet you would like to get debate alive little. Baby nice and defeated and what else would you could you feed and you get debt targets okay and a baby crickets and they MySpace. About so funny how do you and once and we had a really lame cat and we got a baby name like a little mouse to make you feel more like real cat activists and is a Himalayan so lame parent. And it wouldn't inflict play really wouldn't even need. We also had her on as. Or it is totally really although we had a front attack now. Is that like in the movies when they eat it's probably total Alco okay who wouldn't be amazing alive the reasons we brought her out on us there are now again this is my roommate and dark where dad proud of lake. But he had I think we had about. Fifteen of them in there and you throw big like pieces a steak or chicken and there and there was. I'll how they emphasize he yeah about the size your hand maybe a little bit later did they get bigger than that are well know they will only grow is big is the environment at variance and ever and probably now hundred gallon tank so there's a limit to how big they'll get bigger in the wilder bigger tank to what did you end of doing with them for honest because they don't die and I can't remember that we moved out of that place and I think he just gave them we were that we in cahoots with a lot of -- people back then so there was no shortage of people that would take on them recently you know which time people do that Afghanistan again. I thought I had one more pet question but I really don't think I think that about covers it had a gamut look. OK I'm wondering oh yet there's one more little thing and I actually heard about this on the news last night as I was making my dinner. It is now a Nikko wafers are neck out necco wafers I don't pepper hey you know that you're EU like candy maybe more than. Sludge island -- and not a fan echo a person and do well kinda chalky he had us like. Non medicated towns. Look as thin and crispy some people say they're the worst candy they are taken the most the least delicious scandal likes them. Kind of like Smart east. As black licorice at all to write a lap lakers' focus on not one of those how about that black cat litter chew gum in your head that nauseating anyway oh there sales have jumped 63%. Why because they're gone out of business yup. It's because the New England confectionery company announced last month they would probably be going out of business. So that the people to make the wafers what do thing I let them necco I don't know and make the conversation hearts member for valentines and oh wait those. Maybe and Clark bars those three candies may be gonna be you know somebody else is gonna miss a I have never learned that the twinkie is going out of business and some other company Blake snatched it up right yeah I mean I look at there's always going to be a spot for those little parts that have looked at the B and come on. According to candy store dot com the wafers salesman of 63%. All the other products went up 50% I think people are just either their panic buying because they like the candy or they think in collector's items but. I don't think the surge and they don't think the surge going to be enough to save necco. Wafers that's a yeah he's out there it was like bad communion the ethnic practice dusty Wafer in your town you growth are does anybody have anything else. It's the 25. Birthday and the Sam not to be the same not that I. Which is interesting because I feel like as much as you like damn movie in as much as I've heard from other women like them and even though it's a movie about young boys playing baseball. It's kind of iconic and I feel like a lot of women like it too I love that the VS interest to Eleanor you're alone on that says that and now I don't I think it's like big nannies or anything else this is a classic stuck downloadable coming days isn't more classic than the bad news Bayer's. Yes it's just a different hair different generation manned does that original Walter Matthau and as an old ass movie never before any of our time shortly but I love that movie although I gotta say. I'm a Washington are really long time and sometimes you go back he read revisit a movie because really good like top gun. In you watch it is the cheesy thing you've ever seen your wife doesn't hold up I don't know I think the bad news bears might but I don't know. I don't finding the semi holds yeah right dad flew out here I think there listening in. Neatly. You're killing me small comes from the Sandler he has all I hear that probably every other day. In any legitimately so can you know if I had. I thigh and Netflix and my TV actor and his son's body watch it I don't my mom's a lot to exhale have fun and you date tonight. With with the one they call Matt and I know what they call Matt to death does he know what you do for a living in. I don't into an. Oca illicit into you'll hear of this on the show as we talked about dating people their names and all that stuff. If it works out works out man you know will will figure out a way to make it all okay so nickname I don't want to be going just based on my comments on the air today with. A negative. You know. Connotation to this young you know I think she'll be fine now yeah in other words. Nobody cares what she says I'm downloading huge debtors say what I and that it's a good thing and money here in his depending on people to Kara. Are you guys enjoy the show we live via and that was see you back tomorrow. Yeah. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this game then you 100 point seven. All the morning wolf pack now McAllister Wednesday April 11 ammonium lire in the morning and slow Joes here as well here it is PU hello Clarice hello kind of man do that sometimes screen he's. Fava beans in the sometimes I'll slip into a movie character. I know we're all excited about your your salary yes round one and about fifty minutes what's the score heavily. You living what to why he had to start would mean losing by just start with whoever's winning. Now natural response to that question it's good yeah that's three and I ate and winning a fourth hostage best the last I guess I would celebrate that the Fed that's definitely. Pretty sad about beat the street more Erin Watson tickets it's still great by the way that's a sold out show beat the street 710 and in Jordan Davis. It gets personal with Jordan Davis little bit later at 805 AM but before we get our lead off caller. How great was that at that stuff yesterday how my guys I think you might even our best one yet I was kind of thinking the same thing. Not paid on any of the other ones these amazing people we met but this is definitely best turn out well we are blessed with great weather yes we were in a good spot Marysville. And we were an awesome local coffee Shia death so living your coffee thanks for having us out Kate in her everybody there was so great. And we just had people coming in for the entire hour gas is not a fan of course you have given away free coffee doesn't hurt race not about us so we're not against spreading you come CS. No and there. Thank you Julia Ellis Tina may Julie trouble Wanda Diana Jennifer Kayla and everybody else to stop by yeah. This was a wonderful wonderful thing and again when you join a mud clubs. You know maybe sometime we'll bring you coffee and doughnuts agreed on Thursday to a little bit therapeutics that are the are able to come hang out in your area. Kelly's request that to you got a cool locally owned coffee shop in your area we'd like to post up there for an hour than before and. By everybody copy. All right let's get their leadoff caller that you you're up you rated ago we need to get on base get the show started right 206421. Wolf right now. Are I want to thank dead Jim in Arlington a welder who called in also troubled secondarily I was go with the first person so Jeff and he Wallace. How are you this morning sir how welcome to the morning wolf back and neck congratulations on getting in is our lead off. Hey I've tried several times I heard it well persistence pays it's a big honor Jeff there. It'll probably make your whole day but the you know. A pure oil that's so funny my velocity was like no sarcasm doesn't work on the radio much well. Signals a change that part of my hair personality anyway Jeff what do you do for a living why you. Or like I am that's a rather long commutes were LaMont beat Bellevue Washington with themselves and I I don't get along with traffic so deliberately. That's a Smart man what do you do when you get to Bellevue but you don't have to start working right away. I'm actually do start working right away I have lots of the. Axis and that's needed to leave a little earlier to avoid traffic again the other likes. Yeah I usually leave the office yeah two in Fort Worth thirty. Hi Jeff what do you do for Monty to by the I'll be honest with the I like repeats of these -- cheat day kind of think oh I love the I've never had a mind at pizza here now view it's yes like it's like you're pulling for pizza. Re looking at three pick wiretapping and managed. So I got a bit I didn't know that ahead how can I I had no idea apparently that's schools that's kind of invented I have no idea what he do for. I am I yeah I actually been in supply chains the whole time to fly in all of our students supplies and now I've moved over to our construction site. And I'm managing all our vendors building all the news source world prospects. So not pizza from ear like originally from Washington. It is first or eight years ago this November done. Cool you know somebody actually that are a it's not yesterday somebody said hey guys just missed the nod pizza opening that's right yes early in married again Marysville Arlington Arlington as a catalyst. Jeffrey you Wear the secrecy you knew all about it. Absolutely and open. Wheel so that's kind of a cool local success story then yeah just say. Absolutely. Well that's cool man and sadly you've got a big job over there. Splendid do that's pretty good. Loop. Wouldn't mind also apply to its good company or or. Program. And Israel out. So that it or back. Express yourself yesterday you mean with like pieces of flair. And avenue 100% of the sales went to local charity. That's awesome. That's great that we're about my jokes that we went right over there yeah it was decorated general and obviously I got this guy obviously my depth we we know you like country music that's loyalists and the wolf what's on the Wii play for you to pick the efforts are gonna show coming up next. A little little Chris Stapleton broken able waiting for you my friend has that even a problem Jeffrey really appreciate it thanks for taking the time to call and have a great day in my pizza. All right thanks so much Ike coming up. Anybody is wondering what he makes for a living I was because my my my brain eyes and all eighth click all of that and it. My brains and share your salary knows so standby in less than ten minutes we're gonna jump right into it everybody's favorite radio contest but we are indeed what have you to share your salary coming up next. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister come to Seattle Manila's as the Thai food and hang out bring your girlfriend is barely raise it was kind of like a pay the tiny in the rain and I have did after our pilots are getting you know it's time to go majors calling. 147. All I was getting. What I said that Wednesday is becoming our favorite days of the IL OI yeah I look forward to Wednesday of course you do your in the winner's hello there is how much more do you enjoy share your salary you know it's you're the winner. A lot yet I mean. And it is more coming your winning play. This this game is so fun regardless well you enjoying your eggs. Yeah I don't care. One thing I can always count on is only getting a win and we played twice every Wednesday and Joseph over bigger base salary yet. But that we do need somebody to call in who was willing to share their salary no way this works if your new show he is. Can you tell us what you do we'll get to know you're a little bit will actually take one minutes past whose many questions as we can to figure route. How much you making here so if you do something overlooked is a little bit differ hitter maybe it's a little more interesting than their rest I don't know. It doesn't really matter we don't know how much anybody makes nobody does this awkward conversation which is why we turned into radio game so we can have get a 206421. Wolf all we need right now is for one of you who is willing. At the end of our little question session to reveal how much you make to share your salary coming up next to a 6421. Wolf. And welcome to round one of she. Are your salary this is the early around. Don't think Brad spent away who's a heavy equipment operator Niki Q while the truck driver Jason Tacoma a training and safety manager in Jeff the Tacoma. Who's a union sheet metal work for all for calling in willing to share their salaries. But as though they're excited to go away it's Tonya who was in maple valley this morning. In a fairly tiny Yury business owner slash of a fitness center. That is correct twelve tiny first of all thank you for calling in and be willing to share your salary I think a business owners of the we have really tackled him and now I'm excited at the sun Yang and truth. I'm not going to be confident at all because I have always worked for somebody else so I don't have any ideas gathering in a tough one so tiny you. We're gonna put a minimum clock. We are gonna rapid fire as many questions as we can that one minute time. To try to figure out a little bit about more about what you do and then will play a song or two we'll come back in you can issue your salary you OK with all that cake. Alex and Ed are you feeling awkward but all saves. Says confidently right. Time are you feeling awkward at all about telling us how much you make a living for a living. Want out of simply out of my comfort zone. Are stupid it's only get to step out of your comfort shooter right struggle and struggle is what makes this really did. Bigger stronger and has nothing to do is what we're doing that OK and all right. I'm putting a minute on the clock and Lee are you ready ready can you marks get set go how Lonny even in business. Eight years. Did you open your building. Know. How many investors did you happen started up. Ninth. Look like Tony employees do you have Tonya about forty. Low isn't just one location. I I'd dual one location edit the franchise I don't want location book McCarty drive Italian. And those three have OR. Eight what area it is your place of business located. Maple valley as well as last time he took a really nice vacation. Over eight years ago. How many hours a week do you work. In the fitness center about fortieth probably all together that it is sixteenth. Seed definitely on site working every death. Family owned single mom. Okay time is out while we're gonna need for news is just hold on to second your tiny it will come back in now will all take guesses and you share your salary. Are right out of bed I'll be out as the media I got no clue but we're gonna go foreign access. RA big guilt. Time to find out what time Yankee maple valley is making a year its share your salary round one. By the way again just to recap a couple of things in tiny is somebody who's putting in. Sixty hour plus weeks overall for the business thank you for taking the time to stand by hold on while dad gets your salary. Hello time. Yes I thought that it went collect her moment that's OK let's see your hard work and business owner you can do whatever you want we wish nothing but love and respect for you. So. I will say though you wrote us some curve balls Tonya. But Emily you get to start before tiny reveals what she makes a year you get to star you're the first guess since you are the reigning champ. RA NAFTA saying that I I feel like I say this every week I'm totally lost on this one will we've always works for somebody else yes I know I know a lot about him I don't know any business owners like personally today so I'm just connect Iraq eighty. OK eighty slow Joseph your next 95. Slow Joseph I'll always it always is the high gas and may not be over that's your best. I was thinking about two before you can my guess time you know tell you why. I'm a little lower at sixty is my guess in only reason I say that is because. I know against a basket about cars and houses and stuff because. A lot of people make a lot of money they drive older cars to say think it's a stupid way to invest money which it is the cars the worst investment you can hand. An indication he could be control freaking you need to be on the premises so doesn't economic not a money. You know send I don't know and yet a franchise give forty employees but I still think. Your health and based on I don't think you're in cruise mode with the businesses generating income on its own you appeared on sixty. I'm gonna go sixty I stay with sixty tiny are you ready to share your salary and us. And I am on the or I without further ado. Tonya. How much you may being fitness center business owner in maple valley. What you get sky and now there are you good guy a way and you nailed it at sixty. And wow can't exactly. And. You know it's look I think I'm right all the time but I'm usually not telling us that this is a good day. Under I congratulate and thank you Tanya and so you don't know you so. What is the name of the business should it was a franchise right it was an indigent at the have to tell I don't want to the well I thought of what I was trying let's play did you. It does drive community that net. Okay we have I'm location and I don't the maple valley locations. Well good for you tomorrow. And do you feel like are you happy with what you're making you still looking for that business to turn the corner and start making a little bit more. Look forward to making the wire but in the meantime I absolutely love what they do enjoy going to work out and it makes that Mikey you're going you loved enough to get to work every day. Agreed yeah and Mabel valleys anonymous spots are my bike if they're almost every day so if you see a guy on 169 with some red clothes and orange helmet that's me dope don't hit me. We have I'm beauty bar that's open to the public Tokyo great at stopping county did a good movie that I do terrorist leader Harry gal I got Brad over their job a job to do maple valley I got my home. Now I can stop now thanks to the mug club in your your salary. I would pay tiny hearing aid we'll idea thanks for being a part of the morning wolf I can really the thank you for sharing a seller list saying he Tonya. Thank you have a good day you know we love combined seasons and that's moving. Boxing council and Emily Big Three stories of the day next ice. You know what good day yeah is its biggest holidays of the year pleaded that disease and it. This is the morning. Alastair he was 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger then bachelor bachelorette and bachelor in paradise crossover event this is that they. The snow today not only is she your salary to me it's national day. And they're excited I just the little vehemently deny he would very sad. Feel good Robinson ticket. Google and I love pets then a couple of acting instigation one drink beer 86 point four million pet cats and 78 point two million pet dogs living in the best. However they are more dog owners think Kat Anderson I guess it's more likely had a nurse have multiple. Boo ya yes probably could go like tier three by the way things are more dogs in Seattle and kids. Now surprisingly accessible especially in the broad and Oregon they did. It's also estimated that one million dollars in the US will have been named the primary beneficiary. Of their owners well well. Really yeah. This is shocking thing. It is nice that we're not discriminating is always you know it's like Ford Chevy cats dogs is just that day managers torrential is iguanas may be one of those feel this. And I'm a little like Emily wood lizards Xena I don't get a bit hey it's fed day man's great Europeans drench snakes have been involved in the scorpion. I've this is than I've lived in cinema rather's ones they glow in the black guys that black guns. Is not threatening accident Van Jones brazile Joseph thanks. So celebrate national had eight Italians with your pictures your pets because I love them defeat them. Craig there's nothing on the Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart went viral. Well yesterday he performed on telling them. And. And I don't know about it. Something tells me that's Mason's gonna have trouble with the girls yeah. Yeah. But don't you think there's going to be an anchors a parent I gotta keep the only thing on the DL coming wanna go on a day. In high school I would like around you know letting me. Being a ventriloquist it's really cool Jeff Dunham but not. He asks Ellen it surprised him but imitation of for a degree in old opry on Saturday which is pretty big and Wal-Mart is giving him a 151000 dollar college scholarship. Good yep. Lest the internet's yeah. At today's high rents and how I. Week four million and you work. That's impressive that isn't as we had that conversation I wonder if everybody does Aaron is an times he would they look like and then move on snow everywhere and then beat top. Cables showing your viewing angle was the NCA ATV chip game with thirteen point three million viewers yeah. Rosie and fifteen point four million. It's one of those things where I think Illinois you but I don't make the time so clearly I don't I so wanna watch it I got a did an entire week slugger says worth it are we get the mud club coming up next it's extend stay with us. This is the morning wolf packs with NASCAR star 100 points the walls now on the episode out. And I'll tell you what it's great to see the bugs coming into boxes are riding an 805 avenue suite 14100 Seattle in 91 before. He's got to sit in you work smug little ploy to the radio and yesterday. Boy can't stand up just so grateful to everybody showed up at our pit stop a new in Marysville yesterday. Yeah I wanna give a big thanks to Juliette LA Tina and maybe revert down and Julie trouble on this day in and Jennifer. Kayla this is. Great just great to meet everybody that's with a pit stops are all about is just haven't some face to face conversation. And a wall about teen in a horse in her job and it was just fun. So that. I Thursday will be out again more now later. But they've got us where somebody in from the Denali federal credit union. Matt we met and are pissed off last week in Kentucky every call the others guys like me. He's got connect. I didn't same match it's match and Emily calling from the morning wolfpack are you bud. Or Harry Harry you're doing. It while I'm mostly on the he convinced you he's been along a couple of days is we connected the pit stop last week where older. Government out of burning that there's group put it regularly data that it's okay. We did the same thing yesterday up in Marysville so that's what we do mammy let's get out and be a part of the community Matt is really inspiring to me you because you feel the same way man your part of the rotary Nicole honest pretty much any club in Renton that's ever been invented. Your the president. Or you know. Our charge suit you much impossible like I told you there's somebody that you can log of what the position but I. I don't this is acknowledging the article even local communities and Rihanna as a way to actively pursuing multiple specialists to. Well we believe the same thing being a part of community spreading the good word discussion about local businesses. And music you're gonna help us do that by telling everybody in Renton that you associate with to send us a mug for the mud club men accused. Yes no we do in Merrill also told you if you got a big list would do this and upload your call if you would I feel roundup home but can't let you do Mattson mover and shaker. I know you look at all listeners and check both wolf we will hopefully we'll come back down. Absolutely we love and we love friends that whole area around and but. McCain leading you're going to be our conduit to the community that's the before we do it that if you get your representative and you'd be talking on our behalf we get us where even the mug club officials. Well beyond that little listen this guy right yeah. Right minutes raise your right hand and repeat after me I state your name. I left leg Chiluba. Do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack. Do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack and as a proud member of the mug club they're a proud member of colloquial I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning. I've played incredible every woman graduates and that by the power vested in the end of the an official member. Running back must flow. You are entitled to all the privileges. Here into an error in and you may speak on our behalf to businesses and Kent and Renton. You got their man and I can just unique in that give your mother to them and yet to be on the radio and I do we bring your life. Smart man Smart and I has been pretty quiet on the Emily dating front lately I'm sure you've noticed as we have as well but we're hearing rumors of some bumble activity this week we'll go there was there an eight minutes. I'm happy that McAllister has ever progress. These guys got to bring donuts. 100 points. Happy Wednesday. Share your salary back at 720 right after we do you beat the street for those sold out Erin Watson tickets it's still great but Italy we haven't talked about your. Personal life and a little bit and not reversible assignment your personal. When you've got here and then you throw elbows on bumbling you win. I think there were like three rapid fire dates right enroll I think you were just looking for some to do gas. Let's face he's stuck in the form with no furniture no cable no Wi-Fi I don't even know how you're doing and no friends here to go out to dinner let's go or go for a while and they go and have total pay for like your strategy that's. But I've been hearing some mumbling in the hallways about some states this week. I do have a date night to tank gun were gonna meet. Here in the city. And his name is Matt and he'd be. To operate there. And I could go no further. So as a single person you can set this up anywhere you want there's literally a million dudes and see adults alike. Maybe 8000. Girls so Diaz junior fair. You can't dating a guy named Ike because. Obviously that's my name I think it's a little confusing let's just say date one needs to date two leads to we get crowded out whatever. You're eager to tell a story about math all the time you're gonna confuse our audience what icon that you. No guy likes to be called Matthew publisher and for that great only to be not not the Obama campaign. Boo boo the low. Just drops and here is that in. You are cashing cancel this date because Disney and mass. That's a little harsh I don't. But don't you think you should I'm saying is sitting if you did it again in job. Your only gonna tell stories about a matter Joseph I think there's a little confusing for the audience and I think honestly that's more important in your personal life right now. Let's really prioritize things here. Career. Bumble. Yeah I don't think you could well you life didn't she when you accepted the debris like and maybe I'll sway it the other way I just I have funny and other Matt mile an amendment does not gonna work out as if there aren't enough massacred. Keith bliss and I think everybody has and you got to put this on the list of the the names you'll today. Mattered joke that's just that goes down right around you and it's just gotta have gotta be that way I met a guy I don't mind if my wife's name was Emily you see how that would be a little confused. That's why would you not have hired me if your wife's name is Emily and there are beaches emily's. Maybe I'm what I come up always and change your name its rating is changing and yeah Garcia. What we teach the guys seemed like come up with a nickname for amid the talk about a money tide that's a later conversation assists in this manner and try to avoid a credible and I mean we all have names of people we won't date like for example I would do let's just go back a few years and I was single. I would invade anybody that was named my sister. Or my acts there is no way I would go there John you know what I'm talking about I am when I was sitting on I just made a rule just have to help weed out. The people on tender that is when it's right for anybody with my ex is nicknames aren't I don't think I want my brother's name sell the symptoms and gas manager Ernie did on that list. Let's expand this a little bit in in back of the argued because I know every single one of you listening right now has a name you won't date. 206421. Wolf let under the name and why it right now. Hello Kelly and Buckley so what does the name of the person that you won't date and wives. I thought it. I. Think I got. To Africa are vague I admired general the goal elderly do a year at a Kelly Kelly I've got your best interest in my I don't want to show to be confusing for you. Don't make it and while got a Kelly I can I can tell you really emotional about this your heated up at. You don't track it all right there. Aren't a that I I read your messages in my judgment if you don't appreciate my efforts that for you than on Israel and only make all kinds of mistake. They tell you everything he's been an up or any. Agent Beers not ranked as well thank yeah. I banks Kelli thanks for calling. I get to things Kelly really doesn't like me at all yeah I don't know whether they add Kelli just man and I am I'm looking out for you we did. It'd text yet read it wait let I'm married to Matt I close friend is dating a match and my other print is married to Matt and guess what it's not give me. Wow OK I'm a step back down on this and not stress to coffee. It is it's everywhere it's biblical. OK listen I'm gonna go ahead and back down off my position because I had good you know like I told Kelly I was just thinking about the audience but at the Johnnie taste before it fine Beacon Theatre is that's. I don't care what do I care what my wingers thinking about you before heading back to my thanks. The morning wolf back Matt McAllister of course the lovely and talented miss Emily rains the number to a 6421 wolves. Hello Ashley Adams and a way what the name of the person that you won't date and why. Okay now. I mean it is correct it. Our and it's. Why I want to data pressed. I had the feeling the reason is disturbing especially you sound disturbed even to save and. It. He's so old agreement I won't see it close and it's because. I haven't gotten which can then. Two years ago it and he's add this offensive meeting things from me. And he's had told my bond that he was going to ask all these Q Larry has. Sands. I don't know what exactly went on but he. Call me one days. And I just can't do that should lawyer including needy does that. End. He starts talking bad about my gym and I'm. I just went do you Inglis. Luigi how sad about the mob now it's one thing you gonna call and break it off just break it all. Don't have to throw but it daggers on the way out the door you know just to hang in but I'm sure Ashley assembly broke your heart to announce it was painful. GAAP Vietnam's present not the little town in Preston again and we ask you is that sixty name now be attracted to Preston is any area Heidi it's dunes isn't the threat. Trust and know that the Biden actually better off without him. In Italy can date whoever you want. Don't care what a candidate that go felt good right. Yeah. Hello wolf pack blood actually base it upon myself. Yeah I Texas were 615 now Amanda from Paddington potential never date a really is that's her dog's name. Yes that's an awkward situation yes you know you're always calling your dog then your boyfriend was a lot. That's Janet how what is this does not I ping yen at this this time from Olympia he says that Michelle is a bad name that says they're all crazy. GQ at that that's something that I would say you can't just pass that. A wide net over every misstep he had a bad. As a itself it's really don't you know and if your fishbowl is my true too crazy Michelle's then I can see how you'd maybe think that Don Graham Everett says Kidman and Stephanie. Crazy x.'s the. Okay we'll cheating and they are you all right our letter and I'd give porch. Rescue efforts. Also no doubt I'll do what this chip gains from fixer ever. An open ready to take you wanna break up doing an annual behind me and there the rainy season if he does he think he's a good chip he proof that there are good ships out there and what. I don't like coming up next and Lincoln day whoever she wants and we've got the nightly news. Stand by about eight minutes we get the steak is touting real headlines of the day including the South Carolina man who broke into a home. To make off with only two chicken nuggets not three with not one. Too chicken nineties this. Well actually Matt McAllister commandeer 100 point 70. Here it's it's. Say something real headlines of the day. And we started South Carolina were a suspect Darren broke into a home and made off with Jim chicken nuggets specifically. To chicken nuggets. A Dora at Columbia residents is damaged during a recent Burnley but the only thing reported missing by the resident was food. An unknown suspect entered the residence by kicking in the back door destroying the entire door frame by the way which Costa ballots a hundred bucks. Two footprints were seen on the door. And two chicken nuggets were also removed from the refrigerator. Estimated value in the node is about a dollar and one free TS. The incident remains under investigation by the Columbia police department I just can't even imagine. What the thought process is there on the break you all and destroy and door I'm kicked that door and I'm gonna go in on the say brown reds animals take me to. Chicken and by the way. Cold chicken up. What ever contained peace they weren't just like to laying in the fridge on the shots and they were inning container wiling to just take care. I took one big intermittently Newman got one more out. I really. It's a tough one to figure out. I'm sure it's baffling the minds of the Columbia police department as well. We move on and not big news to the town of new storm Rhode Island where they have now banned the balloons. Violators would find up to 200 dollars. Floyd buzz kill RI. Well it's an environmental issues. So you know here how you gotta buy your plastic bags that they were totally did that a couple of years ago insurer in Rhode Island it's. And environmentalists there have been saying look balloons are bad for the environment they end of this waste they go in the ocean OK environmental organizations often point out the balloons can land in the ocean eventually washing up onshore and polluting the environment. Someone needs come over biodegradable balloons. And another idea I had that idea and then by the way there a couple of of the towns across the United States have done this so thank. Whatever. Loser our kids birthday party did find out where the Downey is your ten year old boy crash in the number. The tide and a great story and rival Milwaukee TV reporters go full anchorman and thrall at a brewers game. A great is that Milwaukee television reporter AJ a yacht for. Was arrested on battery charges after police say that he punched a reporter from the rival network at Friday's brewers game. It was taken into custody on the spot. That should have been on television that is the lion Air France sold five pour works for fox the other dude works for NBC. Now neither one was actually attending the game they're there for work. Even better yet so by yacht poor had been ridiculing one of his coworkers Madeleine Anderson who is dating the other guy is. The other guys steps and whenever there's jealousy in this is like a twist an anchorman love triangle. But I have porous they do punched him and caused a significant injury. To his face and that's how that story ended. Wow that is great stuff announced they just went with that is the lead store for the five that means it should event I'd watch a lot of news. All right coming up next you know what it is it's beat the street gets sold out tickets for Erin Watson it's Steele creek and right after that share your salary around to. Morning welcome back with some accounts act 100 points off. Hit the pavement and Jack did beat history tour. Good morning Kristen and Munro are you ready for beat the street. Fantastic by the way your receptionist continued 25 years young. Where do you do your reception he knew about. Good for you fun place to work. A lot of Smart handsome men I'm assuming I know I got one from. Good for you are right we know what's at stake in the year the million tickets here in the wolf we've got to get to see air Watson's Steele creek it's sold out by the way it's going to be incredible show on the 25 wanna see there. But she got to beat the street so. Before we need to challenger. And see if you knew more than if you know more than that person let's due to the same five questions on the thirty seconds on the clock Kristen are you renting. Our router out elect your energy on your mark get set go which movie star Will Smith as agent Jay. What does Serena Williams sisters name. Atlantic City is in what state. Yeah. The Seahawks beat in the 2014 Super Bowl. Who sings the song dirt on my boots. Okay time is up Christen Munro who works at Microsoft as a receptionist Tony five years old how do you feel like you did indeed the street and a big lights were on how did you perform. It. All right well as long as you know more in the challenger you can when he takes to Erin Watson so let's meet the person who we met yesterday at the living room coffee house in beautiful Marysville. Which are namely for a mentally media. I'm Julie Guy and from there is little Washington and I drive through very strongly at being a volunteer at the living off you know. She's a good human being by the way solid person solid person so. Let's break it down question number one which movie star Will Smith as AG GA dot. Black I liked was the right answer nice job Christie got that one right to say you're on the board. Get tied up at one apiece let's go to question number two where you stumbled a little bit what does Serena Williams's sisters there. Yeah. I have no idea. That's good for you because you didn't know that one either Venus is Serena sister. Venus Williams okay so we're still tied at one let's go to question a mystery Atlantic City isn't what state. Again I had no idea. City now and Lee probably enjoyed your answer I did back at. Getting in Atlanta. Yes it's not in Georgia it's in Jersey New Jersey. Atlantic City oblivious to go to the Jersey Shore yes there weird orange pants. OK so you're both still tied at one question number four always local food and the Seahawks beat in the teeth. 1014 super ball. I don't know the other team was so little in minutes I really don't really matter. Okay good answer good answer Julie but it wasn't the right one you'll the other anchors and I was really impressed you got that right that Denver bronco. It really get the shots. I can never remember who won water who played whom I was really impressed missing great job and now you take it to one lead heading into the decisive final question here we go these things aside and dirt on my business. Isn't everything I can remember missing. You know we're finally obviously it's not a blow out party and our own boots. Christen didn't do great. But it didn't finish two for five in Julian Marysville only went one for five so you are aliens and if you did good enough as you like to say here on the morning wolf back congratulations we will be starting with you drink it to be years have some fun. And Erin Watson and pointing. Thank you have play and I stand by for lessens him it's because everybody's favorite radio content is coming up next and we and he wanted you to share your salary. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAlister had seen some Ive seen parts unseated us. And if Emily gray successive open it just so you lesson there a little. 147. All share your salary Wednesday news. But they're becoming our favorite day of the week so much on hey Ruben thank Tonya who called in this morning we did an early round if your salary whichever up because I want. And did 60000 dollars a year before the owning and operating a fitness gym in maple valley yes I really appreciate your being willing to do that but right now we're gone for round number two by the way what is the schools. Family. You all and slowdown. Are tied at three each and I'm so many. All I have to all right so listen this is always an awkward conversation in real life we don't talk about how much you make so we don't know how much anybody makes that's why. This. I think is so fascinating. Will get you on the phone through a teacher's salary will have a minute will put on the clock will rapid fire questions we'll try to figure out as much as we can about what you do for a living and able gas and you share. That's our share your salary works and we're looking for you right now if you're willing to go there. We want you on the radio to a 6421. Wolf call right now per share your salary. Okay Kerry in mill creek good morning how real. Good. Welcome to share your salary and thank you for being willing to go there with us we appreciate it not always easy conversation to have agreed. A tree by the way are you Carrie Underwood fan. A little of organ played her new song coming up Canadian ought to throw that in there. You know little little tease little TI so this is how it's gonna work. We are gonna put one minute on the clock care organ rapid fire you bunch of questions by the way what is it exactly that you do for a living. I don't know what develop better OK. We'll ask as many questions we can with one minute on the clock. Double take a break we'll play a song will come up with some guest is we'll come back we'll guessing you this year salary agreed. I carry luggage. That we love. He won an island need to back to pan she did you with that saying some fishing. You measure that happen in a relationship I love you say thanks. Yeah that's what happened on the bachelor yeah yeah that's great next OK and leave ready for the first I'm ready okay. Golf. I carry are you contacted urge you workers specific company. I was stressed that it can and are you anybody else's boss. What. You typically get money back on your tax. When you turn your taxes. A good question in what was last time you got to raise carries. It. Are there any other web developers in your company. Yet. Have you return down another job for this one. Paul yet. For use salary your hourly. I'm sorry. Have you looked for the job while having this job. Yep I'm guessing you have a college street to have this job idea that you have you ever received an award for doing his job. No I don't know when that's funny I know he worked well. I have but I don't usually. Rash time is. Give us who'll let's call at three minutes here right after Thomas rebel come back we'll all take some guesses including slow Joan you're gonna share your salary Cary. Got Kerry found mill creek on the phone she's a web developer we don't know the name of the company and you don't ever you don't have to tell us carries you don't want to don't matter. Here's what we know before we all take our guesses. She has a college degree she's on salary she isn't anybody else's boss she just got to raise this April. She has looks for other jobs while having this one but she's also turned down job offers an incumbent and she's never received an award for work. And I think that's it I miss anything cast she occasionally get the tax return and she's hurt from home before cut. Since I won the early rounds you've got to go and but I'm also in last place but yes I get to go first listen. I think carries a mover and shaker g.'s network and she's turning down if you look and she's getting back off hers and she get raises. She's a web developer. Which is a whole lot smarter than I went zero and yeah underrated. I'm going I'm going to big chemical 1101000. Dollars a year. And I think I think I'm right on the money here Emily. I actually getting a bigger coming under lights yeah I'm gonna go a 150000. OK okay Carey in the Greek forget some leaders slowed joked yeah I think you guys are way out I think he's doing well I think he's an about the seventy range who do you always go high white on loans. You know I just I know a few web developers. All that's right incited it's an I think it's it again seven he's got huge salary but it is congested industry's days. It's not like their late ninety's when there is only if you and they're making. Had never faced money slow does make a consensus now is could this could go either way Gary are you ready to share your salary. Yet because we're dying to know all right here we go for Kerry for mill creek how much do you make a year. Using 11411. Hour. And. This is my day. I'm sorry hash tag national Matt Day. The but caring. More than anything else I'm just happy for you to you have great live and you probably love what you do. I'd do I'd love it that's amazing to look at things did you develop it in by the way keep in mind when you give an answer only slow Joseph will understand what you're saying but I thought I'd ask you anyway. And I basically write code. That Lee. Eight and at one Olympic. Online I think has happened on Saturday right 1101000 dollars a year good 114114. And so I'm just going over my score that ended up winning. I made Jake Gary listened thanks so much bird. Calling in and sharing your salary do you wanna need to company plug would you rather leave that out of our own own bat out and did I today which you can you don't. Send us a mug for the mug club. We'll let you know 610 and pretend you never played here you're sellers and that's. Also felt great you know media company like everybody taking my parents serious doubt they'll. And it is my day so what's the what's the score now. Well losing with Perry. You and I are now tied aid for children good. Israel did Ricky Bobby not really happy about any bracing. Next week barring it let's do the Big Three stories coming up next only when he got crane just eight minutes I've gotta update on the Wal-Mart could yodel and it's good news. This is the morning we'll. Alistair you 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger then bachelor bachelorette and bachelor impaired eyes cross a remixed this is the thing. Yeah that today's my favorite days of the year the national ten days in outlook I don't had every line are started this. I was a good. Dogs in. The exit. Dollars and nurses. All the head all day and yeah everyone's posting pictures that have already Oliver's social media there is anything I saw your job. And it was good for me because I think when you have a baby everybody knows the family that kind of takes a backseat and I baby gets all the attention and all that so today we celebrate penny today's. All in and out due to lynch. Did you know that there 86 point four million pet cats in Sydney eight point two million pet dogs ready. And now and then and it happens probably spend about ten years of its light sweet things. I'm gonna do we got to the patent created in fact a whole lot of that. I know there's more dogs in Seattle proper than there are kids I had in the natural gas on dogs here and in his snapped. But happy national pet day I was out there catch Dana are we gotta update on the yield Wal-Mart. Yodeling in Wal-Mart that went viral and we yesterday he got perform on the ocean. And. And yeah I'm not. Now the ladies and lady I didn't know you are yeah yeah. I think I didn't you couldn't avoid it. Either way well and then ever masonry and he not only did he get to be on the Ellen gel Al Trenton the invitation to perform at three and old opry on Saturday and Wal-Mart is giving him at 151000. Dollar college scholarship. From one guy I don't know that I would tell Mason when he slides and high school maybe keep the yodeling on the DL. Yeah it's a few months ago and dates and stuff but imagine if he'd like the next Thomas and read you know this video's gonna go viral again like little eleven. And. He's going to be the next Thomas Ruth because you can be the next hundred days. And I think he'll Ali Al hunt of the yellow iron a little. I meant they had perfect but the theme time you know we questioned if Brisbane convict came out a swing and I mean it. With setting all the records for its debut we wondered if it was gonna stay at the top sure enough it is still the top shell this week with fifteen point four million viewers. Yeah I've just thought maybe people would wanna check it out but clearly it's also might as much as a big fan what they checked out there stage CA and. Yeah I and I did there myself which hit a. No positive. That there is the Big Three thank you much it's morning. Mean yeah talent there rate and he's a hugger and. So wolf Jordan Davis. Variability how you do a brother and doing great thank just let me know listen let's disposes with the pleasantries right away okay. I've had enough of the games already. You know Jordan you hear and to call the fifth at Steele creek it was your first be sold out show remember that. There was do you people were digging New York Chile they were all of these your grill. They love you yes he and you and I mean I felt like we bonded a little friendship we exchanged phone numbers. We did I think I may have been that guy detects did you like one too many times and leave your Urban League Alex of the heat cools you feel fit. Wait and oh the bathroom to check the thread. Ryan. Check this thread. Would Kenosha dated. Yeah I am sorry economic episode if this is when you need to tell me hey bro. Like your radio guy and meet. One of you every day and there's nothing specialty texted me a little too much he knows not at all not at all I had a bloodied it was also Jordan. Have you ever gotten somebody's number and there were cooler venue in your mind in and he texted like you little too eager. You don't mean like the second they text you were responded yeah second and you Texan again in the didn't respond in the Unix I overdid it. And it. You know what I mean to or maybe it was a girl yeah there's evidence that I've ever been destined Jordan yeah mortem that I can. I'd have you for being toasted by a celebrity. They write whenever I would move to town my I would like meat like big songwriters just like huge fan does. And today you know and get their numbers like this maybe Lisa writes sometimes. And a distant Beckett yes sound good to live like crickets. I just how releases this stuff. Where is singled you out them and get a number one you know what. Man we're number two. Yeah. Yeah Brandon holding on to that number one for like three weeks people not like. I know rise I had was getting a ton of sleep but I'm okay with the I would try different things. So I was looking at Russell Dickerson spinster yesterday in for his number one when yours when number one he bought himself in 1978. Chevy blazer. Are you to buy yourself something we know this song singled you out because number one. I just am I loved assist like I wanna vote so bad. I don't know winnowed actually use the boat slip just like he used this to be home do they use stuff like this put my hip pocket like splurge right now. I would I would definitely of those. Are right now you know would vote stands for right the acronym. Break out another thousand. Now on that's what they did we know the best approach is different boat. But it has that there used. It is the thing you have the vote guilt every week and this is the drive when you use it announced late word just rain on this parade I'm totally killing his dream I'm sorry now that. Notre you know under the context back. They didn't have to buzz kill over here. I'm still I'm still that they get at some point don't have just. Some type of fishing vessel if you could go fishing with anybody Jordan's living or dead who would be. It is really so that would lead just this year just to regulate hand drink Beers isn't most of the time facing hanging around drinking beer yet. Yes there Yucca. I would say they've been like jumper on my sister's option there's some kind of and musician did they Jordan were so happy to see the song do well you know we love you brother we let you feared the jugular wisely lever thing about it and after it seriously just so much support me and means the world to me. Amino rejecting that list that Syria put implemented those unbelievable. Well the wolfpack showed up the crowd was unbelievable thin and you did it it was there there for you if you took the ratio so thank you for coming. Absolutely no food CO assumed. Right you will I want text you know we're okay. Doesn't matter he down with cats and dogs today is for all pet kind because it is hash tag national pet day stay with a straight minutes and take feet. What kind of pet would you be quiz tomorrow both sat with Matt McAllister and product. This. It's no walls and happy national pet day I don't know I think it's a guilt I feel that's a very important data celebrate with a hash tag on mr. Graham just because. We had Judy you're a half ago and and the Stanley dogs just gets neglected our case is truth and nobody wants to believe that nobody will accept that is true but it is true. Is your baby just demand so much attention right so. Let's celebrate our pets today whether it be a dog or. And are now a New Jersey I have no matter. They're all God's creatures and we love the mall tour it is in two parts we just posted the national pet day quiz on the Seattle FaceBook and Twitter accounts. You can find out. Not only okay everybody has the are you a cat or dog person conversation the let's find out what kind of hit you would actually be if you were transformed into your spirit animal. Right so why don't we start with Emily and that will take the quiz will come back and we'll reveal the results. What we know about Emily may be your news to show their daily news show. And see she's adventurers. She sees athletics. Very independent I got a good one for her pet she's really excitable. Again you're you're very excitable like when we start talking about probably a few years like a little hot buttons. Blues clues goats that he'd buried site at six. Yeah. So what kind of pet do you think I. I think he'd be good Chihuahua it's. It is true bubbles are very excited yeah I think in the end of the as a signature a dog but like it's your wallet dog very excitable fun. Seattle got more like a rabbit like low he attended your very chilled but like in those gets tricky guy little brutalized yeah around it. Slow Joseph. Now he is our during downtown in the lending rate like kind of lazy tan guy and I think you've got to be a low maintenance that I think you're yo I'm guessing you're gonna be some kind of reptiles the outing get a grip how to deal I didn't like revered here snakes May Day had a snake but lizard this is like son like to speak on the ice toward Joseph does not like to go outside so in do were low maintenance yes. Chameleon perhaps that he likes and yeah. What a snake. To wrap it would be bad for him. And I think rabbit president's energy drink yeah. RA mad at you. Mean you're the only guy the good guy you're really play all. I'm telling Golden Retriever. Like that that and this is gonna have a problem with that because of new channel over the house and she hates you. Where he's blaming the golden did all right that's how did so well or did they that's why we have a golden Hilton's less hair to vacuum up Darrell and doodles like to control everything and ride bicycles like Sosa I'm. We like to write in baskets it tells OK I here's obligated or they'll break we will take the pet day quiz do what you did the same thing you go to share your results and as you can always have this back on Twitter or you can call 206421 wolf easy to send a text is well foresees little Bible do it in six minutes. Let's get the results of our national pet day quiz by the we've posted on Twitter and FaceBook let us know your results we really do wanna know. Emily before you tell us what pets you would be. Yes I'm surprised you didn't want to be a force member has been talking about how forces are your eye or affairs and I don't think yeah. Horse and can I just don't think I deserve to be of course we should airlines be no worse for me. I think you deserve to be worse off they look Joba pet would you wanna be before we get your result in I. Think I just have so much in common and my bass and now I'm preacher like where am. Okay I have for me would be some kind of a dog probably like you guys said I think I'd like to be Golden Retriever ME annaly big reveal what kind of pet would you be you've taken the quiz now. I've taken nuclei is an island. Didn't seem kind. And that's kind of lame but at I'm hoping it's not the trial like he said yes though Jones dogs. Can you don't like the but it's a Basset Hound her like a lazy that yes yeah we know we blood out what I eat Matt. Unfortunately my results came back now when I was expecting. Yeah right yeah. Apparently going to be. I hit it disappointment on your face like he. It is everything I think about myself is the opposite of a cat not that I have. Thing against cast but I just find them to be kind of a grateful and kind of aloof and not very warm friendly. I don't hate cats I don't Haiti anything and just don't. Give a bad story with a cat is that where this coming from like I said. Ungrateful there was once upon a time mentally where I might have saved a cat's life yeah because it was getting mauled by a pitiful and I might have pulled the pit pull off the cat. In cradled the cat and was taking him away from the pit bull and I think cat might have hit a hole through my finger. Don't put me in all laws. Her in the hospital because of some weird bacteria they have their mouth yeah. My finger was a size of the twinkie. Ungrateful. Yeah Kana Erica thank you heard the U. Box at show with yourself you would have been the morning wolfpack with Matt Stairs. Or 100 points. So while we needed to take a second just to thank the wonderful people at the living room coffee shop in Marysville for letting us post up there yesterday for their lunch hour. Man. We met so many great people heavily yesterday it was awesome. We act Kate and her crew that were run in the place were amazing but then we also got to meet. LM beach teen and Nate. A bird is just showed up Juliette Jennifer die in that case last. Mean I'm sure there's some I'm missing trouble showed up. Yeah I had a bunch of wonderful people just a nice bunch of different conversations Bettina pointed out one thing I thought was really cool about the month club pit stops though is that she just say you know. This is cool because we get together and have conversation. Everybody knows that their phone out in their in their devices and they got they ear pods in nobody's talking to each other. She says look I look primacy bunch of people socializing this is really cool meeting new people get Ellis came by because it was her in her hobbies anniversary if he's away on business issues by ourselves Jessica came by just hanging in meats and people who get to know you guys and hey would be honor was all Lars Eller and a lot of fun great so a mud club pit stops are happening every Tuesday and Thursday from now on them to buy you a cup of coffee. Next week will be the new coffee shop tomorrow. We're actually headed to the little bit therapeutic riding center. In Redmond and and these. Very excited and tell us. Get to go check out really great people doing really great stuff now of course all the stars with huge joining the mug club send us your mugs Emily got the address. It's 805 avenue suite fourteen and nine a while warming get issue mugs good luck this weary in well yeah. It's a callous. You 100 voice. Wolf some of the wolfpack Matt McAllister Emily rains logo they get out of here in the deeply takeover don't forget it together podcaster will be posted at 10 AM on the app on the website. Things will be covering today that we didn't have time to get to and show the actor TJ Miller was arrested for calling it a false bomb threat on a train. That dude is crazy. And TT Miller is. He was in Silicon Valley he's in the dental movies he's the bartender the Larry curly hair the curly hair is always like the guy's weird friend and events show yes clearly he's pretty crazy. Some guy rob the bank to impress Taylor Swift and the Tamil popular heads. Including two ranch loser in the top ten most popular and national bad day out how anyway Deanna Lee. I don't even need as it has. I already know. You I know him. At what does a wonderful blog up on Seattle Walt dot com Dixie bells crazy good recovery from back surgery yet if you wanna chronicle that if you make your going through that yourself. There's good news. And there are some light at the end of the tunnel from it. You know it's funny is in our dog penny who I dearly love but has taken a backseat because we had a baby. Had the same surgery that I you're Trixie Belden and we didn't do any of the stuff that you're doing. I mean I look at your this underwater pet. Treadmill thing unless honey we didn't do that I mean news and penny seems to be okay but like I did give props for going the distance with your dog. And I rehab yet and not only that I also wanna find out today have you ever tried your pet's food pig is titled. I've eaten Dixie street's biggest yet the sensitive tummy to make sure there's no spikes that there Omaha well handle them well. Yeah you gotta stop half the series that parent yeah. I don't think there's a bigger like animal look over the world. Anybody that's so crazy about their dog I really don't I think that's what you should talk about. Is anybody crazier than me when it comes to their daughter and her baby yet it appears that years here's the bar I eat my dog's food. I think you would be surprised at how many people have tried their pet's food. Yes I was admin and we we we've had this congress really did your kid I used to tried a little lucky dog jerky treats in the dog eat doughnuts and stuff but again I was eleven so. You know. And you say well hey the drier wet food cheerleading league. A little treats like dry out you don't tell me it's like to Alpo McCain and I can't solve it you know I would never do that again I don't know if you start doing now your breath now tell. Job well done for that Matt yeah. Old Al cobra only to those jobs and candidates French or Janet. Haniyeh. And is he right now with. It's actually not a cure. Mornings from five to. It feels 100 point seven the world.