The Morning Wolfpack - Wednesday August 15th, 2018

Wednesday, August 15th

Wednesday August 15th, 2018

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Rolling they welcome to the more than wolfpack podcast today is Wednesday it is payday the fifteen men McAllister here Amelie is here. They're slow drove there time move move. Doubling wanna get to today. Number on it is for those you are not in the PNW everybody's freaking out around here because of the smoke. And we're not even in the heart of the fire these fires are talking a matter up and British Columbia yes in some in the Olympic Kia national park but we have been because a way to wind is blowing. It is like the fires are mile away it's so smoking here you can't see the ocean you can't see the mountains nothing. Right in the tops of some build. Yeah it's crazy well I know a solid and yesterday because met you rather than California for a long time and we had. Like the fires were on top of us in California California's been burning for decades yes and it would be snowing ash and everything else in us this is like I mean it's sexist not beautiful or anything but it's not like it's now like Matt you know I just wonder about the potential the real potential danger because people. Like last since we you know in Issaquah we have these Tuesday night concerts and I heard from mystical agendas they were going because the air quality right McDoogle hit back at at united terra purely people smoke inhale cigarette an alarming rate a pack a day they're out there walk around for years I. You know my real question and I know how people Libya hyped up on stuff in like the weather anomaly and comments. If you look at my question is is Alan riding yesterday I did start his people were so freaked out by the fact that I was an eagle exercise outside like drew Abbas given the dude yeah. No wait I think I inherited a guy is so literally I think I gotta look I got in my head about it a little bit and the more I think about it the more I just think it's ridiculous that is not gonna are heard you I don't think. Well I don't think it's good for you but I think he he got healthy lungs then your OK it's people that had any kind of sensitivity here has not that really affects them. That's where it is yeah yet again and literally this is like I think Beijing came out yesterday because this is basically every day in Beijing masters they're pollution loves them back Korea that's terrible and it and they have to you they say it's like I a year in Beijing is like being a pack and a half day in a smoker. You know wherever and said they that's why so many people there where dust masks just to go about their business of the you know that that. That I think are probably have some long term consequences yeah the course of like you know my god ten years Floyd usage. Also when you reminded me back in the day when we lived there I was a surfer and I never would rain really hard to you to do not go in the water for 24 hours to get all the crap washes in the ocean threat and basically when your surfing you're right next to the shore were all of it is I don't go every time and. Never gotten an ever happen or you just skin rash or and open a festering wound up by Jones and air but I'd I idea I mean. I I have maybe I was drinking the coulee yesterday Cuban did seem like cycling or anything out there where you are. Huffing and puffing quite a bit may be where is probably a little bit worse than just block currently. Well her ride today haven't arrived for a long time it really easy yesterday was my short but hard days are was breathing really really having a tie united three. And so city 63 minute intervals I did three of them after a third wind I think out of my head excited I'd you did take it you're going as hard as you can you it is ninety degrees visualizing a little light headed out but I Alito is just like from the smokers this isn't he being hot and tired continent are so I did I deadly did half of what I thought I was supposed to and I thought you now. That's better than nothing and it may be there is a potential for some doubt on duty damage yeah. Well this is a need to meet we didn't have this in Georgia and we had. Tornadoes but we did have he can avoid tornadoes because they just come and go get this is lingering here how I have people I had a. I'm Leila back out a lot of costar Jason and see it turn it up close but the well site image imminent danger growing up in the midwest that was a pretty common thing we had tornado drills yeah rule like once a week in new you know I we honest. You get a visa lockers are ever yet which is kind of funny because you think it's gonna rip something up but why did you get a locker wise and healthy you. Let's do you go against the most sound walls which usually lockers are against that and then. You cover your neck and head so it falls on your back. Yet I thought tourists are you just put a belt on a piece of clothing usually found this. There it is have yeah you know it's funny the different parts of the country and different problems of people have you know some things in California I had never experienced before but it there were so potentially. Dangerous and harmful lake mudslides earthquakes earthquakes. You know not to mention India I mean mudslides were the but the biggest one and an end. You were talking to a pest control guy here in Seattle yesterday only so what's the biggest. Problem years and mice rodents are basically when it rains so much they wanna go inside threat. And and like I really good dude in Arizona because we had a pest control company come help us. We have scorpions. Rattlesnakes and torrential dozen. Black widows brown recluse. Have a lien is if I mean it does have Alina heavily and is he wild pig to Ferrell pig it's their big and they travel a little worse. China and it kind of heat and they look like bowlers I think. Acura amber admire everything is hearing they were like and somehow on the road and family but they look like a tactic don't they currently there are still out and yeah I had to come and neighborhoods they like it. I I would always get in the folly and I would have liked pumpkins and stuff out there that you come out they just beat torn piece that you live in Arizona. Well it's beautiful. I mean this did desert if you like the landscape the deserts beautiful the sunsets are unbelievable and for eight months you have perfect weather so there are some upsides to it but yet. In Tom and turn this pest control guys that I do know we have late garter snakes which are Nokia deal area. We have you rodents which can cause a lot of problems for people but nothing like the critters that we had an Arizona. And Joe's right Halloween Tobago holiday firm heavily in this committee he can. For free effect and they stink so bad that and you know like Yo-Yo you'll smell them before you see you know. And the only real threat they are steer pets if you have a cast your walking your dog a charger dog sometimes yeah. There really is budget page turnaround smelling bad. So anyway I guess if anybody has any more information about. Really exercising in weather I think him leave for your probably right if it lets you have us some kind of a problem with your lungs are probably good to go. But you can always email Matta Seattle thought come back anything on the podcaster any question you have three of us or you just call me to a 64517766. Might texts and calls have been remarkably light and certainly feel little insecure. Well on that note can I just say thank you to anybody that reached out or anything about over yesterday did you get a lot a little they had -- among then NASA a bunch on the your FaceBook thing last night and I before yeah people I and I talked about a little more and we haven't talked about it on the real show yet now and I yet which is scared I mean it's this I'm so much better today than I was yesterday that was like that 24 hours after just attack coming to terms that was pretty rough but you know he's doing okay this is Celia get worse but he's not yet this. They ever gonna do you you mentioned yesterday I think we'll probably. Now that Ike. Most of the tears have dried out fer now. What can we can probably celebrate him all the more and have some fun and the shock of the news is that yet totally. Well and I told do and now walked into studio today in Anderson you know and as an am I gonna ask you how Obi is right it is. Unless there's some change in his progress let me know but I don't when you think about rob yeah I don't want I don't think about it they're like yeah like he said it's like a kid a kid you know he can kick it and having a couple months or something like that so yeah beer and in effort well you know I mean again everything has. A silver lining or maybe you know. His time is coming in like you said I mean at least it was an abrupt like I know he's got to go now brag and you have some times sort of zone area. Yet totally and I had like an MLA time and I doubt that we have met. We know that mixed feelings on that and I mean it's like because there's one there's something we set about Ike's pigment deference that's not to be total down averaged a few months ago he got. Like that a heart attack it was over I was like okay. For me that's almost easier because you just like this this is the new reality you kind of come to terms of that quickly and now of course your morning Alastair but the and that's it. Split the here's something to be said for that. And yeah we had a lot of acquisition is funny it's almost like the tornado vs the smoke come right yeah one hanging around and wow villains here as well 'cause I only ever known quick death or you are expecting it. Like you don't get to say the right path so that the then you know. With an Emily would your life experience which is substantial. Who how do you feel about that is it better to have it be quick or is it battery you know some people like in my fan we zoom in my grandma on the alzheimer's and all that takes forever yeah. And toll depends on your relationship with a person because if I mean I would love to you have one more conversation on my dad there's definitely things left unsaid. My brother Earl Weaver and very good place so I don't feel that way at an obvious and but I want him back but. I think it depends on if you need to have closure with app first writing you had time if they're dying but it's also hard to see the person not totally no I don't wanna see anyone suffer. Good byes are Nora yeah harmony in I mean they had an effect that has not easy well we talked about even and what just going through the converse is human to human. And unless they're on life support it's usually like with your grandmother it's a long process and he kind of just kind of wait for them to die at least OB could kinda say OK yeah when he today today when I go and and. We'll edit turned the corner to where everybody wants. I and I hate this is this is the worst competition and very happy but people my family are like yeah wanting heard yeah isn't choosing who she is our resist. It's slightly and now he's sad it like we pull all her teeth that you can't clean herself out there is like cheese to be this elegant graceful beautiful woman who was so. On top of it like a debutante Dahlia ballroom dancer and now she lake literally can't go to the bath book and I've I told Sophie likely we agreed like if I ever get to that place. Or you take in the orient or wherever east and Asia eagle and a overdo and yet as I'm not like I don't wanna be that person because you don't wanna be a burden on anybody else out let's settle illegals to remember like that you know yeah and my uncle and I have the same deal that ours involves a shotgun yeah garden path you really yeah. That dimension thing runs in our fan and hey you know it's alzheimer's sucked my grammar attitude and it it has the it is yeah. This is weird in. All right so I have bowling let's wrap that up because that's candidate president of jolly is say to you is that the day when that comes and you guys have to do that Adobe yeah I would take a day off yeah as I know even I and event. Come to my house and and it was still one of the most. Devastating days to act in his real aid in I don't know I think you're prepared it hit me so much heart of the marathon. I just didn't think it would be a big deal now I yeah I trust me like I'm I'm like. I can I can choke come back right now me or even just thinking about it is it. As prepared as you think you are and still never and left no fact that your dad just nasty got out on top of that you don't know how that's in effect he's had IRS Matty and I. Just think about the baby whale and how much data after you pretty I know that well there is hardly out of I don't weekend. The F pets are great things from him I don't think I care and also a number like devastated I remember that very very well. So we found out on the show today as you will something about Emily and if you'll stick Reynolds and it'll show. We basically brokered and a boy were she slipped up and she incurred are basically already living together so there's in the process of him moving his stuff over by September 1 he will be completely moved out of his apartment or. And what a man brings his PlayStation authority it's over these women. And now it's your mistake today bringing up the video game system is both dazzle flag went up for Joseph and I'm like wait a minute then well why is there a box of Madden video games. I thought it was interesting that he had some game but I'm glad you brought it up and I do think that is interstate council wanna hear sometime back that the story about the time you guys lost your car I'd like to hear that too that was fun. But. You know just have a few more questions about that means so how's it going. It's going really well. I mean is surprisingly well in fact I am each day and surprises something that he has diner how well we get along like. On the home and goats you unload the dishwasher and he's RD unloaded. Before you left for work so like little things he's being very considering how obviously isn't brand new and I don't know that. Yes sometimes some things Rabat but it seems like he came from good families try to raise right yet maybe you won't the only thing they open the Carter free. Now but I'm not trying to I'm not really I don't need any and that SO some people do some real noise not a deal breaker act I dated a guy that did that and especially when I was getting out of the car. It almost got me that I had the likes it apparently. Yeah I do it sometimes when it's it's like we're going and a day he had and I wanted to go like say man. But it from a semi runner and you had a kid groceries eleven basis and he I do and so his mom is there and even that fast. Are all how is hiker doing with your schedule. It's actually not bad because he's up pretty early Q. Because he either is at work at Friday and giving lessons or he likes go to the gym for its work who takes a golf lesson finding more work. We and so. He's pretty yeah and he's a morning person anyway so he likes to get that early by the way that noise you hear in the background as you pulling on his state pen in the middle America. Okay this. A lot further. You hear the little bubble in Ohio was born April oil. So yeah that's bad and we are having to do you steal the fact that. Some at a different time every single day. And so and he adds lessons I mean it's always last minute so like yesterday. I thought he's going to be home before I got home. And I called and like 4 o'clock nothing you and his like on just found my way home so it's getting used to like 4 o'clock still pretty early for regular person living there since I. Uh oh that's along the zodiac like today's going to be hair from five till prior like. Seven or eight tonight and can and so that's kind of getting used to just checking and saying. What about him. Getting used to your alarm going off at whatever time it goes off my one alarm. The year he still doing Illinois says I'm good I know you hate he's ready but I minimum I'm telling you that is the only way to guarantee he won't have been in effect today. I would I didn't sleep at all last I don't know why I was so to affect it just fell asleep like around one or two. And when I woke up. I never it's news. But I turned off the far I put it back down and I closed my eyes for a second only I cannot do this. Is not especially after all agree to give me now but I was that tired but anyway the point is it do you wake him up when you get up. He wakes up but it's I mean I never seen someone falsely so easily. He is back asleep and second so you wanna get dressed in the dark are you consider it or you like. Eternal life now why doesn't our Q I think onetime iPad or turn on the light do you layer close out. In the bathroom or somewhere ahead of time usually like half the time are directly close out on it but you gotta be pretty noisy if you don't do. Dollar opening drawers are looking for pennies and. Our. Life electric Fannie. Really the law and I'm very sensitive to this because half the time right now my wife is here and half the time she's not write it we see is I noticed it because they set all my clothes out of the bathrooms I can get attic and shut the door and over time it becomes a stain where. I've conditioned her to wake up also at 345 and she none too happy about that. Well actually yes. It helps him because he's also like multiple armor. And fell last time I'm going to the bathroom I'll hear his alarm going off and so it idea turn on the light he's an alien on I need to get up. I know the noise finally helps him wake up again. Them multiple our system is just playing with fire so what time was he get a normally for. Yeah yeah I wanted to be a warcraft five were killed by a team that's crazy if I were like dress pants skinny guy goes through golf course and I'm really ninth wears golf clothes like a gay couple yards and Wear jeans no no jeans shorts throw. He yeah he wears golf shorts and pole is Santa ban look for a duty to you know I mean. Anyway he's at and at the bright colors that neighbors like the white pants like. I have that's the looking golf right now is it is almost the kind of obnoxious is in Munich has got to Wear orange pants in the John Daly line. He's got the tan lines he does Harrison in the years and until he again and almond tea for the three at a time I am looking forward to medium and have a good years are already moved in together and have not even met him and honestly I'm just gonna blame you for you got in by yeah. And don't let them know OK first of all I believe that came from Joseph and when I'm sure and it was a half hour before it was supposed to have. That is nonsense. It's you're gonna save that's the invitation OK at that but you know a not very thoughtful and beat out of that you've been very considerate in trying to get us to. Mean that I have an every time and every OK wait have you invited last month yeah. This conversation on the podcast. I was like OK what about this day didn't work for you what about that he didn't work I don't remember that I remember us acknowledging that we both had schedules and out of Iraq and findings acting on podcasts and we'll do it doesn't really does this is this and you know we know it's I didn't understand this is a thing with me. I have never been invited over to Jones of this house and never looked back I saw a picture on so these sinister and yesterday and I go oh so that's what your place yeah like you know we we talk about that yesterday you know that bothers me and it bothers me anime and I curtain. We are you guys have this little thing going on and nobody including yeah I don't table for what said that member where Alex Harris into a sound of the July's suck is that what this is the united trying to tell me that I am not funny around with the vice suck and I thought and all of that because I M yeah I. Yeah and I make you food. And I DT drinks so we specifically talked about why I don't interest me nobody has been to our house. Ever no good in no way and it's because I think it's because it's such a tiny place that perhaps that tiny tot think like it we moved from. You know of normal size big like housing gaffe in QA. Almost like a one entire studio apartment. And so it feels to me it's like. Especially with too dark stare like it feels like it is like the most claustrophobic thing I couldn't imagine having another person in that house that you may. Ever had another couple are grass and armor Carroll no better yet I guess I and I had had met not by design. We just like if ever we have an opportunity to get out of the house or ghosts see somebody else somewhere else not so we do Coca but yet it's just like it is that is so well decision I've played it up a little bit cannot be anything but FF I will say in that regard our house is great for entertainer at a huge backyard in it's it's not a big house has got a big backyard it's got core hole and milk. So yeah that makes sense he personally house we all have a TARP. Yes I apartment. This is true but I think we all pay about the same in rent because I was miners out you know I'm out forty minutes away what and that's how that conversation came up apparently like our our apartment is law is seven pattern I think fifty square feet which to me like just coming from Arizona were you get like. Thousands of square feet for for enough nothing yes it it feels so small and but apparently everybody else's living around there has even tinier spots and I just I can't even imagine city living death Katrina. I'm I'm mosquito that's out there but Sophie said she would be willing to step on Friday to go siege are quite Ballard says. And you you know you all in you've been talking about this for a little bit now the jury why he's awesome he's going he's young hero he's like Chris Stapleton and that he's got this really amazing bullying you Z boys. That it nobody else has other interest April 10 in country right now and he does really interesting cool kind of covers I saw him play and connector before he moved up here and was pretty blowing by you know. I. It's a consideration we can possibly do you like dinner reform let me packets you occur house. The only the so he works on Friday it's I don't know what time she'll be home but I don't think it's just start until like nine had by saying he's not gonna go on now it's it's OK maybe you're can be a dinner and then the show meant yeah business sold out. I don't know but I think it's of wolf's show like where it oh it is yeah. That's I didn't even realize I thought we were in Ballard on Saturday. And I I walked by the club that I've Lou I'm just looking at there I saw the with a grateful that cover band coming out of these guys. And that solitary quietly interest thing we know what I think that sounds fun I'll be really on a sound say this on the air much as people get so when the concert I really like concerts are really never have but I I would go I'll go for a little bit ready to dinner before I want our people for me and then I'll go to the show for a little bit trying to stable thing that's another that it shelled out to eat and normally we're working anyway so like Michael we were assigned to work the show and I tell us I'm assuming a we get in for free be you have to duties any reads drink yet and see it's on a Friday night which shows or never Fred and I'm texting her honesty okay all right well then that sounds good. Will put the invited to your place on holes it is currently I'm not the only one who's Miami. Charles how Charles Kelley is eagerly. Lou okay all right I think I get so old tentatively and by the way for you guys listening in your local that's going to be a great show though Drake quite at the tractor tavern yes Ballard that's it. But by who have seen the placement I've never been in any neither so okay all right let's go to they aren't guys enjoy the show apparently we gotta go interview Charles Kelly right now we love the embassy tomorrow. He WNBA. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. All stand that Wednesday August 15 map here and there hi Emily I am morning how are you married I'm okay. Didn't sleep great last that I think it was smoke exacted. I get asked so it's the air body yesterday we are all telling me don't go right right outside Corsican of course. But I will tell you because everybody was giving mr. hard time about including drew our boss we had a meeting with him and poll no you can court you're gonna do I eight and a half what you might work out we can. He says Zachary ideas Eddie cut it short and pick attempts. But it hasn't Doug Dario. Scared and I gave him yet but I didn't sleep last night a donut that had anything to do with it or not but just is infected lung. Come and get the left then popped up. But it's you have your evening it was and yeah undo much binge watched some TV let me guess hiker come older. Of course he sleeps there again right come over I know I know. Last time hikers slipped it has no place heavily I don't remember a hell yeah yeah tell us what kind of an end of the definitive date. Net. We are gonna talk a little bit about high current later though because her. Annaly did find out something about him you know and you guys have barely even known each couple months now yes you just scratching the surface really yet. You have an impact those boxes yet. And I mean emotional marks an idol I think as the boxes I think. But you find out something good and you felt it was a little surprising and Republican forty hearing it what that is about 62620. Inch. We are great story coming up there about twenty minutes to about what a guy did after a girl broke up with him. Sort of one of those. What did you do your axe to get back at some candidates Thurmond slowly but it's unique I've never heard such a thing but also kind of the nightly brilliantly put something Lex Luthor would have done the first Superman movie. Looks losers who go mental lack. I know I know but I just like his senior facing you don't know you don't Lex Luthor. That Gene Hackman I don't like dinner as a singing I think he would have been a little bit more evil than this guy but okay. Oh yeah he try to destroy electable we'll ask you you know like that her daughter is now Baghdad. Our listener ticket text messages coming up pretty minute Emily the say what's up on the radio so pure fire Roth we'd love to hear from you especially if you never have before you some little different today think outside the box 46150. We are also look at early enough caller yes you get about five or you did didn't get on the radio so let's get you on today. 206 sporty one wolf and armor hasn't changed and as the lead up collar course we'll let you pick a song to. All right ever let's say that some people on a text message here before we get too early to call. Again I think I CE injury early in Marysville it's his first time texting and someone else asking Derrick. Comes back. Now asking if we are giving away at her down ticket since it's sold out and said make she'd check online and then we'll be listening to you never know you'll have more. Seattle dot com right now others a little contest over pair but I think will probably be Stevenson and on the show to me pursue beat the street at 710 yes she's seventeen rounds or daughters they Britain's messed up by not buying them this time. It'll be her first concert and it will never sold out but it in his parents and completely he's coming even my tickets com why not yet. Chlorine alma FedEx snake who will turn it back into T bus driver making thirteen day he's good because there's a FedEx Corey tune I'm getting confused so many stain your laying guy peak Indy and luckily. And it Jeff says it really need to an Iraq to match even if it's just to say hi Terry thinks you're too polite. Guess I said that last night another half hour hotline somebody was talking about you know same lots of nice things and they look if there's one thing Emily can do better stuffy tonight. He he's got to dig your heels a little bit and in command her space. Are you cannot take it for me I thought I don't intimidating presence I'm very powerful. Huge letting up and realize you're intimidated but for God's sakes moment please don't dig in and didn't land on sometimes it's fun alleged he does danger around guy. Yeah that's. We'll have also come really enjoy that part of it as well. Good morning in the Auburn how're you today sir I'm doing great how are you guys fantastic man we are halfway through the week how were you dealing with this up for air quality easy meeting for a living that that gets in the way ever messes up. I would surely we're actually out actually still. Also how some thought that sounds imagine kind of important. He can't tell you whatever Bob Nelson there is. Battled mightily down the left below. Nobody. How or unity any feeling good until you're actually yeah I'm getting ready to. Congregation here Friday's so I'm pretty get there as we can collect. Green added Idaho northern Idaho. Cool what's in northern Idaho we Indy idyllic jab out there are gonna go out there at the white. Just. Away the key to you and yet Seattle side. Glad you go completely off the grid they know why I knows he he no phones at all. Yes I don't painfully that is great that is always been a dream line is to have a cabin somewhere you can get away too and any you've achieved that dream. It. But I would say it is going to be some long days a couple of days before vacation we really comported something man they dragged by I don't know yeah any minute so it is for me. Are you accept the Kennedys the longest days ever. I doesn't it really Norton people try to schedule things after the vacation like men and now after it isn't even exist like it not a candidate for. Friday bids. Yeah yep that's such you're clearly how long does it take you in the family to get there. Are up four and a half hours I after the way don't stop there stop everybody. Breast. You're one of those guys that like it has a no go into the bathroom policy like ID orient. Well I tried it but then she just over there straight out of driving. Okay gotta go you gotta go and you kids yeah. You know look for Beatty heaven forbid you get a dog in the mix it's tough but that's yeah that's not bad that's not a bag commuted all landing. No no not at all but I'm not I'm not played it well listen we're excited yes vacation common. Can we play a song for you and help you Wednesday go buy a little bit smoother. Yeah well I've still get anywhere have a complaint that South Korea but you're gonna miss him in concert Friday night race going to be Ballard. Well you know that ticker check can you do that aren't any listen enjoy the Sonya thanks for being a part of the morning wolfpack in enjoy your vacation. Hey guys do you have a great week that you any appreciated yet Drake why it feels good to be the tractor tavern Friday night I sat with Matt McCallister. Brought. Yes. It's so multi here's a question for you morning wolf thank you have you ever done anything to get back get an ax. This story is kind of hilarious. But a woman and read it says she broke over the course on Monday and he responded by stealing her loyalists yeah. You really wanna get back seven you really wanna make eleven comparable to steal their toilet. It's not just to unseat the hole at the toilet in fact there's a picture that she posted up on read it with just deep hole in the ground that's all that's left he took the whole thing he was a plumber buy them out yeah I don't think that's like just pulled and that guy in most people in and turn up the walk not after the water is usable thanks in their first mistake issue said when he was packing his stuff hours taking a nap in the that there are on the April 7 agony that now. Yes by the way she says her old toilet broke a few months ago was sort of living above landlord handle at the boy from wanted to do it because yes he's a plumber in any constantly complain about how much money had to spend on doing. She says and after that after she forgot the first thing he said was I'm taking the blanking toilets. But she didn't think he was being serious. Apparently she talked accounts about a but it's not clear they can do even if some was supposed to come wood and a neutral for her yesterday but in the meantime she was using the bathroom at a Taco Bell has now say history let's. You're not at all what a low blow. Mean there's nothing let's be honest is nothing more necessary than toilet and you don't really realizes that you don't have one right difference you know. And our means and he still is toilet this doesn't happen very often but to brace for a reason I'm surprised he didn't take a shower had rallies that I just like how. MySpace that. That movie it was a cult rock star something with Mark Wahlberg really fired him from being the lead singer of the band path he takes the microphone to pick and admire both and I like decades have math. Mentally and they've been late ninety's yeah I believe you were born had an Herrera and Alice and next morning welcome back before we jump to new release Big Three. What have you done to get back in an action maybe its not your proudest moment like. Stealing it to a hacker but the story still good. I know heavily. As a woman. An emotional moment which you said you are yeah yeah I know you have a story on our heads to a 6421 Walter to articulate his right now. And if you are just during the conversation we're talking about a guy who stole his girlfriend's toilets to get back to her. After she dumped him at a morning keep him here in so what did you do or have done to you to get back in and acts. Well it was a bit of a flight to London right now my son's. Let instead I'm on my second bear any part one period. So you why were you supposed to go to on out there and why aren't going so well we're big soccer and the wheels up from there are so there's. So Keith why are you sitting in a parking on drinking beer since being on the plane with your son well I happen to owe back child or so I can't see the country. Our only physical or not. To did you know that before you answer did you urge you make you know or I'm under strict birth to eight CE PS steal letter said. Are you can't go the harper. So she did this on purpose to get back at you yet that your ex wife go to London no point the who went with your son and he's well with the team there's thirteen yes there's there in adults only agent that we'll listen stuff Damien don't get dead don't get dead two drunken may get a bad sanctions remain Annan our guys aren't on. Only a great now I think you're a great spot became BS obviously keep it but I appreciate it at all and I can't do it on its. Model for the honestly part of that on the smile and forget. That if I don't have to get monkeys had left because the idealist workstations or show thank you. But they give us and I'm affair have been divorced a page out of foreign you know what happened. She found out that he go to 3000 dollar ticket to London any of those child to get there Ali actually tournament it's got mad absolutely and I think she's got a point down all right text. Senate says that caught my ex fiance cheating on me twelve weeks before the wedding and when I miss about the only vindictive thing I did it take you can't opener. I knew it would take weeks for him to know this it was gone the slow burn everything. South. Boy than his right to those guys hard that pin over there and I got to get my goal learned Arabic and top. Decidedly Big Three actually dug about marriage in new girl got a key Hun an ad I'll tell you you're out real. Well. This is the morning. Alistair and you 100 point 701. This is the Big Three which normally have. The Girl Scouts is just given that's another reason to get excited for kids EC then they announced it knew could he be carnal chocolate chip cookie. So dead it's gonna be his second Clinton free options that they offer. Okay. Me and held down banks. Can you think he's beaten me have to wait until January 5 decade into next year but sundin to look forward to good girls and he's our CE. No excited about any gluten free that eight. And free option is actually pretty good. I surprised that happened in every person Sana. Many you have to be at least they're the only music and tighten this Saturday in the most popular day and the year. For people to get married. I don't know if this because it's O 81818. Or if it's because I. Palindrome yeah yeah. Eight and it can also be in the summer Saturdays are running out but. They say almost 30000 couples are getting married and including their guest about four million people will be spending. Saturday at a wedding to happy getting a lot of people don't you know landing area answer. There's just come out with the highest paid country stars hurt when he eighteen now they take you count record sales concert tickets outsized. Outside business ventures endorsement deals so everything. I guess do you think is gonna be number one because I'll tell you. Garth Brooks is no longer at the top. Hard now but we just a list I think of ticket sales and album sales only and I think he still was at the top of that list. But with everything else inflated he now sits at number TU. Don't guilty about where he still make it 45 million yeah I'm all right weaker he's buddy do you think als is on the Lister number one. Visitors. And I'll tell you only one female and. And white your chuckle over their slow Joseph unity and there. And I really don't know can you really don't. Do you think so yeah I deeply granite is linked bragging and if you a million. Keeney Chesney can then at number three. That's right they and reported 31 million which is often mundane thing he's got beat seven people in Spain and. True but they also have an empire in their dues are really Smart businessman and he got all these side muscles little garden center and the guy at Z a record label he's promoting bands not to mention. That 87 acre saying he's got a George Johnny know what that is like you can guess so. And with. Blake Shelton comes in at number five finishing the list is blurred George Larry what Jaycee now dean Teddy Keith Brad Paisley Dolly Parton. And I'll go there and you hear they're standing Dolly let. So she could be moving up the list next year. Granting a lemonade area got a Big Three I stay let us it's a couple minutes away from the mug club not only will we swear somebody new into the exclusive coffee drinking club but. We're gonna take about a pit stop yesterday mill creek all the wonderful people that we had a chance to meet us next. This is good morning welcome back with NASCAR star 100 points and the world now on the episode of the club. And Italy before we swear and Michelle who owns. The pit stop copy show we're yesterday let's say had a couple people and game he spotted out coffee companies in the low. Yeah I gotta say hi Tina dad Brad and David. And smell any and Melissa Rodney. Ellis stopped by and said hey had tons of fun talking to them. By the way congratulations to many do you live in a mill creek area that's a beautiful little spot right it's very cool so. Body count coffee companies are we were a lot of great people. Aware of it. Good morning good morning Michelle how we use men and Emily can only from the morning wolf backed. He didn't grow he. They start awake yet so ungodly early but then again you gonna copy shop piece to get number I have a right and captivated crowd gonna say she's tired she can still an inch or yeah welcome right you have a great spot there and we know that because it was packed everybody was saying now. Yeah yeah how we view them reasons I was certainly local news customers and we love having you guys figure it is well. I gotta tell you were shell in the near the coffee business I've discovered cold brew recently in the in the afternoon it's kind of a great thing to have in the summertime. Exactly I had a glass in your nitro cold brew which I've never had before I couldn't sleep last night I don't know if you. Everybody's looking for a strong cup of cold brew my god that was beautiful. I I have to tell you the a lot of east it's fast I've never seen Matt considering typically how delicious that goes down to fit that and I think that's the problem is like guns legal cracks were found no. Well I'm not only that but we approach early copies so reaching yet exactly the right recipe. So do you think it's a little stronger than other cold brews. You know I think it does happen because just sit on Orton threw for at least 2.4 hours before it even goes on tonight turtles so. Listen it was a great day we had a lot of fun and we really appreciate you letting was given us the space for a listeners can hang out what we looked nothing thank you so much for criminals. Course now we still have to see where you Lindsay you ready for best I am ready deafening official please raise your right hand and repeat after me nicely to name Irish now. Do hereby pledge my allegiance you hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolfpack did that morning wolf as a proud member and as a prop ever loved the mud. Good luck club I'd like to Greg globe every morning I pledged to crank up the wolf everywhere tonight. The AIW an official member of the morning wolf pack mug club. It's official thinks he's so much that is not thank you for letting us come to this body count was fun. OK if you've been following the torrid love affair between Emily and her boyfriend hi Kerry. Think you know it's only a matter of time before they move in together in fact some of the dirty you have my yes CNN. Yeah I only found out something about him. She was a little shocked by and you're gonna find out what that is and about five minutes I gotta say in the IQ away its value accords and levees up to now finally. Read the good day. I'm happy that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. All right Emily reigns let's dig in names of those view are news show. And Lee started dating a guy name hiker to record probably I think it's been two months is in number right kind of hold on to. And it's gone fast and furious after a bunch you're just rejected fumbled dates for you. I had no interest. All of a sudden it was on and on like Donkey Kong yet. So what does this thing is we were always peppering you with questions trying to find a little bit more he's you know you've you've hole on that information pretty tight. Right wolf so. Told me that he wasn't much of a video game where he had a PlayStation but the other ninety we'd just get excited yeah. Three he was like oh gift decent work announcement outlining I'm gonna run out that. Where he's going he never goes out once he's and he's had a good GameStop the new Madden is out with a weighted and like wind have you Eagles still play that. Apparently isn't Dino members of the valley a hundred years ago you have it clicking an annual release and also he's in rehab to GameStop to get Madden and calling did not. I'd finished I worked as going through a couple of the foxes and I found. Every single match. Amid an. He doesn't lead do you give but he only has this thing for Mac. Okay beats you remember we had this conversation where guys and girls everybody does this when your new relationship. Sometimes you will obscure the truth a little bit right and flat out lies that you've likening member of the guy you dated you pretended like fear you don't terrain of Syria I bring you there in a hole Embraer you know yes -- it yet it's an honest portrayal of yourself but sometimes it's exaggeration sometimes you just omit information on how many Madden video games and have ever seen what and so how many I thank I don't know like slow joke I'm pretty sure it goes back to like 2001 and yes they've heard our SA guys are playing missing collar staff that in that. Hockey when anyway gas so I don't know if it's say hey I don't play video games until we Maddon got a few that are are worried now because. The Sino U convention like anybody's way it's been Olympic sport you get a gold chill effect for quite some sometimes that can be kind of like to think well. It's funny because first of like oh crap like is this really I'm never dated a gamer I've slowed of course I don't know do you play video. In the okay no okay must like Mario Kart would you play if you think K we be got a dog Moreno and thanks so and I don't think like that's not my game I don't want and I'm glad I realize last night he is a time to play out like I can really eat it. So now when he's playing video games is perfect answer meter heat. Sailors I've got to another question for you and it doesn't mean immunity with Matta and it has more to do with another word that you said the search of the beat. I'll continue this in two minutes. I can just do again and we found out that hi Kurt apparently subjected to be mad and video game maker. But that's not really what I wanna ask you about and I'm wondering slogans and anything else stick out to you as odd about that last conversation yup OK let's play Mario Kart. Two things first of all. Is his video game system then at your house and already his. PlayStation and it only to watch Netflix in the living an innocent gesture. And you said you discover that he was a mad junkie because you found all of the Madden games in a couple of his boxes. Would you like to go and that a little bit further wire their boxes of this stuff that your house and his video game system now you know. The conversation we had insofar as yes we talked about moving in together we haven't decided on a day I think it's time to cut you know. You got boxes over there he's moved his videogame system. Well this morning he had spent and that is how yeah. On June rumor Jim Leo idealize their Emily Fox can't have a good did we ask that man. Well okay is he living there already yes or no please don't seem to think he was a couple of weeks ago he I'm mad enough at. That and that answer you guys the league where are you still get there is no date and we don't even a if he's and he stopped clearly there's an aids to eat it's like. Okay why are you. Being a base but I think this date was July 1 half I think you might be right. Unlikely just let's there's no judgment here man is even an irony. I okay the reason I hate to say yes because he still has his old place so it's I don't feel like it's official official until he has no other key. Any other place no other boxes at any other place all right Emily. The nonsense is over. Wins are moving. Officially. This hurts you so much to say because your rate. What he's gonna be what did you say before that last or this hurts -- here you said you're right okay slightly higher than any mid day and I had a September of and I. I notice you dog and hash tag Libyans in judgment yeah. And I do our industry if trust the trust tree the trust street where and you know why I'm having him right back at those hash tags a real so. My point is. Look we've been down this road with you and hiker we're happy freed hiker found a great guys I still haven't met him I didn't mean to back. Hi eight Minnesota says he's an amazing guy you there's nothing not to like about a I didn't even know we had a PlayStation okay now he's like at 1009. Or everybody's happy for you. We'll do is do I think it's a little click yeah I do but whom I'd say anything. You don't and say yeah. I've made mistakes. He and I and I and right now it's gonna happen it's it's on its official right it's on its official okay. Do we wish you know some of the best I mean it's better to figure it out now and then three years now I guess. Hey it is what it is in the fact is being viewed what ever Wear thing. Is this good goes south and you know he turned out to be some crazy serial killer were still here for you know with its back and yesterday yeah obviously I. It's like my funeral to try to avoid that. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister one guy do another likes beer you kinky Disco for twelve hour is Emily pray to hydrated it would sun screen and bring and they. 147. Oh yeah hours talking about agree. Pit stop yesterday in mill creek if the spot account coffee company always great to meet people that's what are big things here on the show we'd love to get out in the community and just means many people as we can't. But it's always envisioned get reaction from people when they need us to death and I commonly used phrase there are businesses. Face for radio stuff and let's face it ready it was a place for ugly people can also be famous. Not just actors in TV people. That's true we always get people coming out I think I just wanted to putt at least your name and he. What I expected especially slow death yeah. It may never hardly meter radio person it's always a reading a book. And you see the movie I wait that's not how I envisioned yes and never is. But you always listen a little bit differently if you met the person that's on the rating right it on nine of it looks like it sounds a little different gaffe yet for some reason I think slow Joe's older 300 pounds. Why it's got to be the nickname slows Ian have you are always talking about how to elected doing everything and play video games right now. People always say enemy that's ripples of which I always taken huge insult her voice sound like Graham Paul on the radio or something. Half Belmont then yeah there was a study just came out I was pretty fast any also strongly disagree with some of the stuff and again. This is a little bit inside our world I hope this is some ways interesting you brought talking about are simple to do they were great. But they did a study for the first time. Of 11100 radio hosts around the country. And 28% admitted yet this and I've got a face for radio okay. By the way more men and women were willing to admit that I thought and I would tell you I've been in this game long enough to know that just like everything else music and country music especially. The people in radio have gotten better looking because it had to because there's so much digital face Bush's brand of country music the same way. I started in country music genome member like the artists used to be someone an attractive but the songs used to be incredibly good right. Some people say that might flip flopped I don't know but do radio people have gotten better look. The first radio commissioner Roy chose like whoa yeah. I would like it sounds like I think every guy had a Hawaiian shirt on in some kind of form and click on her like I. May I am crazy Larry I am like what is going on. A bit anyway some other things 39% of radio people said they have dated a listener before Emily Deaver data listen. I've never date analysts are especially I mean I specifically would not be a listener but I have become really good friends the police are completely girlfriends. I didn't want to that he felt he turned out to my and adult dancer I don't know but I remains at the time recognized her from the club that tees today is that now so way of that and of that real quick hello again. So in here are some reasons why radio gives litigated in this business a very odd line of work that it. It and I strongly disagree because the top three reasons I know why rating if you get in radio anonymous list but here's what people said it's fun I grew that. They like to entertain people it's the only thing they know how to do true path yeah. Being able to connect with a large or he'll support the community that's a big one yes I mean absolutely. Hey it's a living some gives it I wanna be on the music but the top three things I have found that why people get in radio. Number wasn't the freebies and hookups. Yeah unbelievable. People take care you it's really nice people. They're really that's. Also I don't know. If you guys feel semite and every radio person ever met wants to be in effect they wannabe musician and a radio to be close to the artists in the record people. Think about it did you wanna be nab her I didn't either now but every other radio person I know we might be the only three that doesn't want to be in some kind of thing. Just think about asking if you'll notice. Number two brawl in securing a maniacs with a inferiority council. We love your view people thing earnings and only our troops were all insecure with all the perfect these weird trust. And I because of the three of these that I had here. I miss him. Well answer Matt told us before why he got radio that you were going to be journalists tracked. Thought about it and then ended up in Berea yup my dad once he worked for time magazine for thirty years yeah. Thought I would going to be freed journalist and then I realized that those that business was kind of windy dwindling down and thought about TV you know it's a TV guy when didn't wasn't that exciting for me. I was 21 years old that about radio and it was party and have a good time. There was like crazy like yes I am in. Anyway I thought that was really interesting. 30% of us are willing to me yet we got to look at MySpace. A man while we're alone. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Just little heads up don't they we've mentioned it to about going to be talking to Darius struck this morning at 820 he's going to be here in concert Sunday night white river amphitheater with a Lady Antebellum and our good pal Russell Dickerson and of course. All the gonna talk about it a two when he is the Seahawks. Darius as the biggest animal animal time and he's really knowledgeable about the team's on a note he thinks about the Seahawks there's a little speculation is a rebuilding year got some new guy is is the defense Donald. Anyway Darius to give you the answer a twenty. BM the NFL Madden Bud Light is doing the fourth Cleveland Browns they anti. Nobody anybody doing anything for Cleveland Browns fans is probably well affect much appreciate it and yes the Cleveland Browns they don't want they have one single game last year and they only on one game here reports it they've won one game in two years it's almost kind of awesome like I hope the street continued rates. So I decided at that they're gonna put victories bridges. Also ice beer bridges and a couple bars like ten different pars in clean lint. And if and win the browns finally win they will. Unlock them through Y I everyone it's free about life. Even the fringes are sitting there with free bug bite and side right will not be unlocked until the browns went. So these people in the bars or you're staring at not only are they believe in a nod to entertain the kids on TV but they're looking at the hearing that they cannot hack out so I wonder like if our Cleveland fan in Cleveland I would start going to one of the bars to watch the games just in case. They absolutely can on the off chance they end of that things pop an open. Not unlike the Build-A-Bear. Rioting Tacoma like that I can see that also going very wrong can you got a much have drunken if I anyway and you open a fridge. Somebody's gonna get trampled in you know like if they're up at half time. That are idiots so awful lie and people are gonna start like hovering around the beer freely free beer is a commodity. Like feel like if you browns finally when that city although I mean they had a parade of for going it's completely different eat it and like I mean that's that's town is videos so crazy anyway. That I don't know that people really didn't notice. The very clear that in mind. How long does it today people who want an NBA championship grand and the brown eyes and he left. But anyway. I wonder if they're going to this this could go on for wireless downstate name and I went into the game I wonder if Atlantis to go back in there and resell because after awhile everybody's talking about born on dates and Fraley doesn't like you're stuck at Harry he can't leave a beer and every two years finally it's Tony Tony there yeah. Are worried acting weird and I don't that would be so pathetic but I think that is a great idea I think that's really I think it's not really. Clever yeah now of course like fan myself but I think it's really really clever with the argument. It was makes you wanna. Well op. I'd be curious as he has some plays out right yeah all right we got to act cash money coming up here in. Five minutes with a keyword a thousand bucks just are given where the money and beat the street right after 710. If you're those Randy Houser tickets call right now 206421. Walt says. Morning welcome back with the countdown to 100 points off. Flack hit the pavement and Jack could be history too. Hello Christie meaning and blah how're you today. I'm very you know we're actually gonna be in your name address in every scene in caught on Sunday at 2 o'clock at the local. Real copy shop and I never know what's gonna happen there for a month club sits up yeah I can't quite get I'm off I'm right get. Kristin welcome to beat the street the trivia contest that pits you against a random stranger here in the PNW if you know as much or more than eighty you'll win declared to Agassi Randy Houser and Michael Ray at the evergreen state fair in Monroe August 30. All borrowed all part of the wolves here of a million tickets Chris. Humble wonderful all right you're gonna need a challenger in about a minute we found yesterday despite account coffee company mill creek that lets you view the same five questions we asked him you've got thirty seconds to get through the five questions Crist in the in the claws are you reading. Yes I bring it ought cool. Like the company is. All right started the timer in 32 and one we side by movie featured Neil and more see its. Director who was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Abraham Lincoln who serves as a host on Indy who serves as host on NBC's the voice. I'm not sure what is the tallest building in C act. And it at 802 sings the country's armed sunrise sunburned sunset. Can't. And it is how we feel about you beat the street performers today and not think headache. And let me guess when you hear in the car and somebody else is going to all the answers and actually. Think they put them. All right let's meet the challenger put your name where you're from and Chordiant. David yeah I'm from buffalo Washington an idea of mosquito. All right Jay your ladies David today let's find out how you didn't he answers the same five questions scifi movie featured neo and more TS. The matrix and majors was the right answer usage Star Trek so no points for you Christen the start and a little bit of a whole David is up one nonsense who was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. A Grammy can. Grandly and was the right answer Kristin you've got that one so you're on the board with a point yet I am. Does that make you come back first serves as a host on NBC's the voice. No idea. I nobody got that one right is Carson Daly. And not let it nobody to point there's still two to one what is the tallest building in Seattle. I don't know. One either Italy you know what it is the clock tower you strike you've been in the top of a shoot. This rights of Columbia tower Columbia's center that would have been the right answer so we still 21 and hissing as the country song sunrise sunburn sense that. Activity that would be the right. Brian who even knows the highest paid country store in the game overtaking Garth Brooks was the right answer you said Luke homes which was not. So unfortunately today christened its laws you go down three go on into the hands of a David a bottle of the test control. I had an opponent and yeah. So confident mouse little overconfident if you ask me I'd like to confident we can't let it leave MD. Our accuracy and we're gonna get anywhere because we love you licensee reading out through my career you've got the tickets off from thinking it so I guess they're open. You know you are awesome thank you for listening luggage. Of course they let you keep. All right it's safe to say we've all been dumped right. But the question is what did you do after that what did you do after you got dumped on five minutes here notably when a guy did to his ex after she broke his heart broke is starting to. He got his revenge and probably the lowest way ever let's say the story coming up next. Here that morning walk. I Estella party. Though wolf okay morning wolfpack what have you done it. To get back and annexed after they broke up with you there is a hilarious story that's breaking this morning. Exe don't know where this is from. But it doesn't really matter if there's an anonymous on read it sooner we here's kind of a setup. Guy and a girl they're living together. And by the way if you I won't get into that. Conveniently announcement earlier in what happened it'd be I don't use very soon know what do you tiger like her okay so. The girl's boyfriends a plumber they're living together at some point in their relationship their toilet had broken. He says hey look I'm a plumber I'm a gonna pay some got to do what I can do so even out he bought the toilet he installed at toll took care of the problem yes. However. Things took a turn for the worse and she dumped him. So he said. I'm taking the toilet with me the toilets mind I installed and I've bought and it's my toilet. So for. She didn't think he was being literal. So I daybreak. She takes a nap which is an answer the first thing that I would do an alum and packing she must have really not cared about him at all if you can nap after breaking up with a dude sure I get mad enough about it hole. As ice cold. So anyway. She takes an app to do literally steals the toilet on his way out the door also quiet plumber and yeah. So she wakes up without a tour the toilet is daunting picture of it it's on red as proof of just having hologram would enjoy it used to be. So now she's got to go and and a Taco Bell and use their toilet which I gotta tell AS lets you mining gore. And I analytic news now forever now again many times you go database 56. Right from flooding is hey Bennett toilet as a man's thrown myself. Well look at brown and. I honestly think that is one of the worst things you can do get back to body because you don't really realize that you take for granted have a toilet until you don't have an oh yeah our fifth Hinske can try to realize you don't have it tell you need it. Right exactly. So the question is what did you do to get back at the next. To a 6421 wall 46150. I know emily's got a story to tell a little bit later on Sara engram false what did you do. Yes vote vote Monday night and blow. A little load balance those actually my son the apple it quite that make sense then and there. Oh my son went over without one day it was netware and all of the air out of his RC that it yet. And also get all the little. Sort of your column that keeps their hand and threw them a little bit here in the tires and you're retired. The day you build up but tired and all of that you are. Oh my feet hit the end can that little. Whatever you want it all out did he know candidate. Know him wow no it didn't go it and I feel courtside jump duke already. You know yelled at him for doing that but it was pretty funny. Secretly on the inside you like cas to have. No I'm talk about it Leno has spent spent the past three and those bets red hot here. And his dog house to finish yard. Everything they could go out they'll get it out. It. That's a layer mask there thank you for sharing your story that's as awesome. Does that they are what did you do to get bad and then back in and accept that they broke up with the up for a could be anywhere around to a 6421 wolf or you can text in the story. 46150. Right now. Hello Stephanie in maple valley we're talking about the woman who had her toilet stolen by an ex boyfriend is to get back at her. Have you ever done something to get back the next. I don't a couple of state. OK let's get into it Stephanie. I am I broke up with this guy and he wouldn't let me add delete I have to live with him for another month following. At least that's the worst stuff I get a couple under it saying he had some legs and energy drinks mixed. That he would keep the counter. And no I never happened at least eighteen so analysis is the I'm done it's not. The kicker Blair is evil. Date night yours that I knew eventually yeah we're at eight. Noted pets that button in the middle button on the flight. You could only get seven that is so petty it's all sorts. I don't. Well I know listen when I don't think we're all proud of some of our past behavior especially when you've been scorned you know earnings. Yeah yeah. But you know as a guide to you have a cure I call my hitters they're like my A list when Barack. You know you call them Dane Richards and to have them but that would make me so mad Stephanie I guarantee you thought the reaction you were looking or you achieved this. Yes Stephanie really pizza to chicken and have a wonderful day hello Chris in Monroe so what did you do to get back and annexed after they broke up with you. When I was so does my divorce lawyer gets there so I'm very go previously forwarded split up though he has changed bank account we get so. Other checks sushi treat science and checks for me so I sent by. Six to buy a divorce lawyer who would their signature on the Jack yeah. Doesn't another error failure attorneys' fees. Per let. Love it you know and you've you've been through divorce which I have you know that's a big thing comes up in the court is who's gonna pay who's Japanese. Pleased to hear that you know to go fast to address. Where does create. Chris thanks to take anybody. Have a good day. In a ten attacks a month as my ex wife was cheating on me since the day and married her and finally had enough after five years. And went to the bar and I gave her number until all the bartenders to pass out and when I don't then they gave her number out uh oh that's. Clever yeah Indian view on said she covered her ex husband's car with bumper stickers because he hated a bumper sticker. To have instant fan and Henry another and it caught my ex cheating on me to twelve weeks before the wedding when I miss Dow the only vindictive thing I did was take it can opener. I know he wouldn't notices for a couple of weeks. This low birth day. So you know unfortunately I don't know how many guys have noticed the canto when I was there we know open your beans and we either. I beat you got to stick around this call we needed to coming in next involves pictures and Craig's list. Say good morning Rene and maple valley so in honor of the woman who had a toilet stolen by her ex boyfriend ex as way to get back eager Beaver Dam and things like that to Max. Yeah I heard it okay relentless series I was married for thirteen years and I only knew my husband what he taught me. But you know whatever it what it is so he leave Myanmar. Quote about all the count take all the money on the vindictive ass yet right. I don't really account. An idea what I read it. Leavenworth October that is a big reservation yeah I didn't like 600 bucks and I Baghdad then you'd gone well flagging and somebody's wedding and a couple of elements that all know it for a few your reservation. And I football game when I'm not buddy wedding. I had another friend of my colleagues say that he would have canceled reservations so he gets over eleven where we're letting you know in October that you don't have a rooms did yeah. The one can't. And I don't know all black. I can tell you that that's not even anything did give me. Well I ain't got. But the fact that I think and the love affair the year put my name a couple of security number although little thing. Thought I did pretty. This the games the now very hard games. All right her name we love you thanks for checking in have a wonderful day here is Kayla and any Millar came in what did you do to get back in an X after they broke up with him. So I actually broke a hand like an IQ it's ORT good ex girlfriend before that so few that he would not. Dirty pictures so I looked at them on cream plant on the eighth game. Okay. Got all lie I thought a little. Sandy in legal Mayweather and illegal. And it's only illegal if you can group. And I told him I'd like you'll have any I don't know where did that. I'm like wow that might be the best yeah and managed that we have heard the best I can't imagine the influx and especially these are pretty good looking right you know I mean nets. Did you have to changes number I'm actually know an NF picking up are done out there about a weaker you and I like you got to understand because. You clearly didn't get a hit yeah. It out he can ask you question it's related but unrelated. Do women really ever wanna get those pictures even from guys they're dating. I think I'm a guy the year beating him here actually like. Even then yeah I don't mind getting them back in it and the Olympics are again. Easier that way handling it and it toll depends on the situation in out of the blue absolutely not but if you like in the middle conversation ten minutes and you're kind of leaning that way back with a full frontal. A lunar like upper body now oracle are always it's just never in my mind that have never send my wife that picture nor would I am. If you have that it they're not a competent you're gonna like that and a certain anatomy minutes perhaps maybe live. I love you think you're being part of morning wolfpack have a great day. Yeah I got an exam is gonna drop the Big Three on your hand and who are we talking about gross. Scout cookie season just got a whole lot better not tell you my morning. Faster than you. 14701. This is the big series with only. And this Saturday is a big day for weddings and back is the most popular day Indy here for people get married and I don't know if it's that has its. Eight when he. Oriented because this one will last remaining Saturday of the summer but regardless it is a huge day for weddings. No one of those people we got married on a date that has a meeting which went 1213 fourteen ask my wife's idea but it's cool other forget it give an 88 when he when he. Palindrome yeah it did down zero way way way first you have to go to palindrome is an answer. It is the ground you go 81818. A big guy does he know about 30000 couples are gonna get hitched this Saturday and if you include their guests for a million people. And the weddings on Saturday. Fourth is about to be highest paid country stars listed 28 teen of course people you think would be on it like Kenny Chesney is at number three. Background at number four oblique shot but I. The big news is Garth Brooks is no longer at the top like he was last year I don't know that door and he's so they get 45 million. I don't have a bake sale for Garth. Live Bryant and now sits at the top the highest paid country star's attorney team but they eat two million dollars while yeah and that didn't easily comes to grossed out picking season and that week. Need yet another reason to get excited about girl scout cookie you know. Again an innocent you know there's a lot of guilt that comes with girl scout cookie season for me every time I go to Safeway or Fred Meyer or any bigger story can pass a little table with the little kids to. In primarily in only because he's and I just a bad times. Well I've got to tip for that that burst yeah there's a new cookie coming out this year it B Carnell chocolate chip cookie can he be second gluten free option that Girl Scouts they're adding I'm excited about fat divot you've not a gluten you know sealing. Disease time. If big if I had to get blamed for inning rather ugly freak that he did you know the only 2% of the population actually has Celia disease underestimates is the sensitivity that the new girl scout cookie and eating isn't that why got to me go to adding one gluten free cookie is good enough but did you know that doesn't that you 2% that are an easy job and you're not even landing not a problem about feeling guilty about what all has dropped out all right you know you can deal is I boxes of Girl Scout Cookies for the trips. So when you walked past than you could still buy cookies from the N and just happens in them to the troops and they say and the second he oversees. Think usually that's wonderful solution to legal problem fix your problem in your Melanie I'm gonna be broke but all the troops in Afghanistan. The new car all chocolate and I'd standing there gluten series you are older they get gluten they need. I know. How are blue and white eagle didn't. Yes yeah okay. I'd been asked your favorite but now I'm a little scared to sell OST friend what's your favorite. Well let's not you can't go wrong with a frozen sleeve of thin mints says but I like the ones and after I think they're called caramel delights in these because Somalis I ten remains much to do the little Coke and donuts I think it depends on what coach Hugh yeah NATO I know it. They are absolutely spectacular and Ricky I got I got us a little weak spot for that. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and that we'll. How much to get Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Can we don't wanna know everybody else makes for an agreement is never okay asks until now yesterday we learned it's indeed a parent coach makes 50000 dollars a year today we have Laura who lives in north gate area on the phone and good morning Laura. Innings OK am I correct in saying you are an account manager for an insurance brokers. Yeah OK Laura will welcome the show appreciate you being willing to share your salary which reading it did that part of it in a second. But first we ask you a couple of questions in about a minute. And then then we'll take a quick break welcome Michael guess we think you make an and you will share your salary are you comfortable with all that Laura. I love it love how many people are willing to do this I now kind of awkward and it's great that you will Laura Lovie for that. 1 minute 9 o'clock Italy and always got a hard hitting questions go right what does simplest way to explain your job. I didn't it middleman between Anne and O'Leary and the carriers for ensuring that they okay and now what kind of insurance are we talking about. Medical dental it is like Jerry. I. Is this a local or national. Company in national company OK are you dealing with individuals or are you doing company policies. Ideal Turkey who it'll the company called the do you have a people or an office. The golf Hannity Leo work underneath you lore. United who. And how you find this job. I work how old do you Lauren. When it how long he he worked for this committee. Let any graduate from college. Connie county meeting right now. It. Okay. It allows sixteen accounts Tony seven that's a big numbers there Laura we're gonna take it during a break. If we're to discuss will come back well guess what we think you make and you share your salary sound good. Floors on the phone she lives in the north gate area of Seattle. And she is a accounts manager for an insurance broker would also you know heavily. She's 47 years old she's basically the middleman between insurance companies an HR department and she works of like medical dental life insurance. It's a national company she works or she's been narrow less than a year and she has cubicle. Okay before we guess what we think you make it make you share your salary to organize the honesty about something. If I'm on an airplane and somebody asked me what I do for a living and I don't wanna talk to them anymore I was tell them that I working feature set and so forth. I get that at. Know if there is no follow up question because nobody wants to talk about how appearance so if you don't sit somebody down you don't talk on insurance. Just give them Laura's job description and I will not get another question that's. I can't believe yesterday. You hated on the nose fifty grand so you got double points does that also mean you have to go first. And Alan this is tough play and I think she hasn't been there that long ago forty I sort of found the plane into the 27 years old can't attain what I eat at. Well and only. Think you might have overshot that one a little bit but if I'm being an honest since you've got double points here's a look at a box you in I'm gonna go 44. Who. Some 1000 dollar does slow you I'm setting you up I don't know I think again I am box an area we get an alliance come ons slowed our boys. I think I actually think Laura is making and probably more blame us but I have the whole I have the whole topic that goes on to go for sixth all sales or. Hope they can Clijsters are the F unless I said I got it right on and that was a fluke. All right Laura we played our silly little in studio game let's find out what you make. Hi Laura it is time for you to share your salary. Yeah guy. Look Joseph full or though we do you think. Sixty got. Think just now he's. Yeah well you know slow Joseph good call there good win and I think you're right and every talking about insurance. That the league you know use a lot of money in that day in nineteen Laura good for you 27 you pulled 65. We give Herby yeah. Audrey awesome. Your problem no matter how much money making but that's just as an added bonus for so now I know the follow up question if you're an airplane and somebody asked you don't have anything on them insurance and watch how much you make it's sixty Boris Max I can't. Question how well does a half on an airplane. Laura thanks so much for sharing your salary be a part of morning wolf back okay. Becoming a throw down. I am I not help. How Soviet coming vile beer I'd I would love yeah today Darius Rucker joining us next morning. The palace raid and these here and 100 points. So wolf Darius Rucker what's is going on body mogul W. You know a man insinuated for you to call cut. There you are more important to do it will be without reporting your day now steers him and we are looking forward this serious and personally I can't wait to see you for the first time up here in the WVU Sunday night. I know wearing yellow and he is major moving mile so you'll you'll call nobody's. Got a New York. Data for me in real c'mon now I have my public. Jerry's is one of those guys in early on it's nice to give you cell phone number and I over Texas and now he doesn't text me back and I got too excited about the blocks right which you've got to do with an overzealous text earth you know clean up so yeah. He shot and Honda okay no doubt Brad yeah he didn't. You wouldn't be the first person as our. I she's right yeah. Their sister's family and I have the same yeah. Like I think were friends are lower now none of them and but there is how are you Ben bella how's the family has everybody built. Very good let's get a you know you know Jones scored Lydia over the last let go like get out completely. Well a lot of people excited to see you Louis Sunday night at the white river at the theater and our bodies waiting for the last song too little purple rain drops prince on everybody. You rarely play anymore there you don't outlive put. No we have yet retired he played like eight years where those bad retired both. Was that just because of his past saying was that kind of a deal. The those still he's played so much Speedo and there was this tour would do you know of course would alleviate those like. If get image you know you know really got to get our of that being ablaze but we still we conclude with that. How much of a difference does it make to be inter somebody you actually really are friends worth. All make big flexibility here I mean do you wanna pay out more. You're doing it together you want to teach others your all all the crews did together there and get along great and I love love you know those got to look good and. All right well and only wanted to bring up such topics that we know you hate to NFL football. So hopefully you can bear witness for a couple of minutes and talk about flag. I own wolf first as an act and Ewing and Charles have led Georgia South Carolina bank going on. Oh of course always always always you know a bit lower year to over but gave up. A Q what's the running bad between YouTube. A low you go through Tibet to a system it's a good number of you didn't come on guys know a defined number and I tell the bottle whiskey. Oh it is spelled W board that. Our right and when it comes in about how do you think are Seahawks are gonna be this year honestly. By the immigration advocate of the good that the defense didn't you know give back to where it was the middle how to move big event where was you know dolphins could do they do. We'll try to pick growth we will see that every step we got play and stuff. All of you'll be great when it's really there'd be a good go to see you go to do. How about this rookie because she keen Griffin who plays football in the NFL at that level with one hand. Oh what their kids in the coma is going to be just if it's great feedback that great to see. Some some somebody who sort of typical suburban handicap but he didn't see abilities do you go low and please football level I mean I'm so proud that I got to get back at what we've what. Yeah well we can't wait to what you up perform Sunday night my friend were going to be there you got Russell Dickerson opened up to Yahoo!'s. An amazing guy so we're just excited to see back man and I know. The PNWR country fans appear passive they're excited for it. Thought it would get there you're also. Especially if all of it I just say that's just than that but agreed to look at some of the public's got to prove the most futile but the. Someone who needed a leader. And well there are a handful of peanuts doesn't. And that's not all it's Alistair. 100 points out though wolf so the biggest thing we learned today on the show and this came about around 62630. This morning. Henley was telling a story about how I heard her boyfriend. And how she found out that he's addicted to the Madden football games he's video game got a little bit of a surprise to area well and not being specific Madden yeah again. Well unwillingly she gave herself up to start talking about looking in his boxes and so I mentioned we've brokered downing got it to finally admit that. Not only is it going to be officials that her first but they are pretty much already living together I had already moving the stuff over and they lived together now so. With this information yet you have moved in with a guy after two months yeah. We both live with other people yes. And there's always those things that you figure out about those people and some of them you know there's a bad hole compromise thing McCain's. Do you think he could put the camp back on the team faced a little animal. Do you think he could pick if you're underpinnings on the you know and not leave them there or you think he could fold the laundry right. Ending like that coming up for you guys since you have been to have a dating incidents. I mean he's great when it comes like. Cleaning and putting stuff away leads. Look what he's tidy he has now when you're inside me I am now I am I it's it was he tied you do and you could you kind of slot now. I didn't tie he went from living with me because like here I have to walk over my pilot clothes that I don't want anyone else to happy so I clean a lot more in our guys collectively and as a team making the bed. You don't make event and has never and other back and had them. And only one day you can make me very happy man because they're making your best but everything else is clean under what I have noticed is the amount of food in the house. There's so much do and it's not like. Nutritional now he does make this dinner and he makes like we had steak salad last night Phillies. Ice food yeah but there's no doubt did he make the salad too. Yeah I couldn't all aria now. Let's put like clean and do lunch OK I'm all right but there's also he'd L and chips and ice cream and pretzels and so there's so much junk that you and I. The new relationship weight gain is a real man. It really is is all you wanna see you still love you ought to sit around and eat drink all the time I have. Money shoppers eat like he wants ice cream like you know that I watch Kenny get a much okay. Any you know well first I think you'll agree dancing or dining but he also he's like a tall lean got dizzy this guy's guy can get away with hitting a bunch this bad. Yeah I would like to eat out every day I guess I'll bet you're not a lot of rain could veto in the house senior dummies of these brief hit a yeah okay but. Where did when smoking I first got together values that make me get on the scale every day because I was zippers you name it at all lighter weight I gained like forty rounds and yet we know that the love scale it yeah I think affect every day we women. Well you know digit gain fifteen I think it's this I've lost that now that I can they were the things at the freshman fifteen Israel into college you when you get into a new relationship you're. Guaranteed to put on ten pounds. It's pizza it. Doesn't seem like he's gaining weight mom out because I mean I think I think I can eat more not gain weight typically and you know you move to a new city your idea routine now think you've really got mechanism working out so but I well now you can. I mean I didn't play like I can at a time like the Zardari galloped out again. Interval type yeah okay and I used by anyone. Yeah. And no more picky don't mouth. Boy that's that's an abrupt ending that's that's a great days of a new relationship just thinking gaining weight be happy face and and you wake up to get a fat Buick. I think I don't feel good anymore he ads are working out together and that we hits that it's not and Khomeini desks or hiking on the weekends are signs him is he into them. Not railing and the outlook poor work itself. I don't care. Now doesn't it have to be on you wolf the good news is only you have all afternoon that's there and I know firsthand what you did yesterday was binge watch below deck for four hours so I'm pretty sure you can squeeze in a work out I'll try to figure then. Well you're gonna have to have an all out panic attack it sounds like you got serious about it yeah. I lived together that is the official. Italy and hiker. Have moved in together and are now sharing space morning. Yeah callous. You 100 voice that this. Wolf how I looked at before we leave just a couple of quick announcements. Again we announced a pit stop that's going to be on Sunday in the claw at the local coffee house at 2 o'clock. More on that as the week rolls along but it's going to be a really special mud club had stopped 2 o'clock on Sunday to bring a whole family and yes will be by and some coffee. Podcasts ago about 1030 will dig deep dive low impacts of hikers boxes on the contents. Emotionally and physically and a cash money come up you know five minutes Deanna leaves got a key word for you worth a grain and missed dearly I hear you reduce some really cool on your show today I'm excited about this well you know it stems from the fact that they can't really see you right now it's a smoky air right now. It's crazy like even driving home where you know there's mountains you kids out mounds. Yet no we are an embrace at the smoke is everywhere so what we're looking forward today is the best country cell phones. About smoke and fire and we're gonna play Emporia all day long let's hear what you get so far as I know you you probably got a few prepared. We'll what are my favorites that we're gonna play for you today is airy church in smoke a little side. And regularly during. Me a great son and I source Darden brought standing outside the fire right Kandahar and that announcement is burning house is that it can't play. Meaning meaning a hang. Like now well how about the classics. I mean he'd ultimate song about fire left from the men and left. Lynn who have burning ring of fire see this going Johnny Cash snatched their bodies I can't. And down down down and about. Deep to get kind of oh gee George Strait the firemen. Tears streaming into the night Manny you know. I had that once you get Golan and the wolf thank chimes in is probably more than you remember. Never gonna have fun with that yeah embrace the smoke is it is surreal isn't. Mining accident played he comes right you're not what we're played on canceling Dillinger radio and honest we're going straight smoke and anti okay. That doesn't try to. You wanna get all the Dee Lee with your smoke song. To a 6421 rules or you can texture that's a really easy way to do this from workforce 6150 Levy got cozy back tomorrow by. Actually the car. Mornings I don't. I feel 100 point 70.