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Wednesday, August 8th

Wednesday August 8th, 2018

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Rolling they welcome to the morning wolf pack podcast Matt McAllister here Emily over there I like Joseph pack I was listening to this yesterday yeah I do think we need any production value to this like camera. Some music in the background or maybe they're fancy intro pattern as far as podcast go and I do listen to a lot of them ours is pretty bare bones at least here in the beginning before all the fancy bells and whistles start about Emmitt you know honestly I don't have a ministry kqed. I don't I don't I don't think we need music under the now a lot of users a reason that we do that and that reason does and a true applicable here all right I think noted that on a fancy intra sheer. Yeah really although we did have now diminished we didn't somebody. Like call that are email in about how birds is awesome production value and our vote is the most professional podcasted ever heard asked president but I thought the role. Yeah and I don't think we lose that because has become part of the tradition but maybe a little open and then you know maybe some music fades out and put an order of their production to average 778 months OK yes so today it was interest staying you guys and when I was gonna do and you'll hear later on if you listen to the show. But I gave out my cellphone number on the air gaffe and it wasn't sure how that was gonna go I've never heard of anybody doing that before I may have just wrecked my entire life. I don't know yet the bold move Calhoun and but I did that there's FAA gotten back but I definitely have been pleasantly surprised by the response yeah. People seem to enjoy having my cell phone number which by the way is 2064517766. If you are calming effect send me attacks I will get back to you it's might take a while they ask. Are you overwhelmed get your phone has not stopped going. I don't know yet. But also I've I've been really honest about saying I will get back to every single person that text me. However I I don't know the time frame that's I don't know what. So here's the thing it just says you have more than 99 text messages that stops our I don't know how many are really I don't feel that overwhelm affiliates like the male. Just always going to be there when I have. What my plan is to take and I'd like an hour a day. In just go through and respond. Yet able to see where that gets me my email I come I'm a little email icon on my laptop says thirteen 1600. And Florida seven something that. There was a time that would have bothered me that I just learned that is fine and I've gets image junk mail in night. You know I I I keep up with the guys don't do these policies that would cause me anxiety and stress me out I had when I look at my phone you'll never see the little numbers. Need to do you roll out now I will always something that I will have to overcome Barack you the same way I like I don't like having all those notification that. I even going to like pandora and now have like it's something new pops and the feed there's a number I got a clear that out yet I don't like it I guess of I will forever now have a numbers. On my text message like. However that have led me tear issues because I don't like the notification numbers all go end. I tap on the actual text message to the notification as a way. Knowing can't he responded the right now don't get back till and then there's no notification to I completely forget yet so it does lead to that. TV or through each got happy to line to get rid of the notification right yeah he's never again yet here you have no chance for others also I just who is you know there's a bunch of voice mails to and I went through a couple it was a nice lady drive through Nebraska listening to us and bringing an outcome happened. So I think we should come up with some kind of a feature where it's like text object Matt's voice mail to pass messages in just. You know just read some of the stuff and listen to some of the voice mails that are randomly coming in from the middle of Nebraska I asked. Just can't wait till you get your first your first muted. Yet you can't throw a male or female I don't care stop saying that because now and there have been images sent to me I'm afraid to open every any any message with. An image I'm really afraid now that it's so far got a dog named biscuit and I got a picture of the Olympic. National park yeah it's beautiful some say comes hike here you know I'll show you around. I haven't gotten anything lewd or lascivious and no offers so I and it all that's not what this is for it's a family show slowed just try to ruin it keep meet us that people listen if you want Dick pick speaking about your phone number. Yeah if you had. Your I'm not knowingly gave alma number yet to be here inevitability the you're gonna have. The faith that I just wanna know an app I actually don't think so because of people that listen to country music to listen to our show there they're just not the kind of people not only that people off sometimes and onetime they're gonna say I make about the value that they gonna pull the pants down your picture there wink I had committed imagine having their way anchor and also video maker. Well not only that but I think Kaiser or mail your lot less like I think I gave my number out in B a lot more likely. I'm not as I mean are not that I'm about male genitalia here I'm just curious I don't get it owns and do pitchers and often as guys and Dick panicked yeah. It happens it out. It's probably going to happen dads are probably going to cause stress in my marriage is happy and that all I can tell you is that I'm sure the stuff I get a stuff I don't wanna see Brett it's not like some beautiful person out there is gonna semi picture of their body. It's gonna be. You know whatever it's gonna be the leader right away and saying they're spun like please don't get out. And then I'm just gonna to leave because if you engage in behavior and leave I T it's like they got their hook in the end though sent another wants a bigger picture I saw as just a random picture look like two Chinese people mom and daughter but didn't look like. And a photo a family and I LC. No look like Yoko Ono or zones is completely random so it's accurate I just responded OK then I don't know what's that backpack but it is really cool I like the fact that you guys now that listen have my cell phone number you get old whatever you want. And when we're at water shatter some concert or throw down coming up pretty couple weeks Tuesday. Techs make a come find you you know if you are interested if you give a crap behind about meeting us are saying hi or whatever. Text idolized and I I was surprised shocked Aaron would Aaron literally shocked at how many messages you got within. Five minutes is saying and on the rainy break we hadn't even finished talking about you getting out I mean of boundless we spend all today saying hey text that's that you have an opinion on this or text us and and you know call us that we get some response has been nothing like yeah well that's a radio station and everybody has the same number this is my cell phone and I think it's different it's personal to the blue there is no. Filter between myself. And the people that listen anymore and that means us I mean he's got text me to get to you guys so good amount of regular your numbers yes. My dad. Think it's kind of a crazy idea I may end up regretting it but I just you know sometimes you got to try something different. And I'm not afraid to do that in the could be at a bed and bath at an African Bruce Willis immune to the guided does the radio shows over getting in and a number that's too much of Vanessa. It his color hair well I mean I say Bruce Willis yeah Ed I am a citizen and a little bit hipper and cooler great. I did I mean I yelled are you sure you did ask but. Your early and do it but I'm super excited that you're doing it. I mean listen live vicariously theory it's no secret to your family is not here right now you went to a concert reject from as a cry aged ever met in person before last night. I think that M is this is it's a really fascinating way to cope with loneliness in my psychological opinion yet well there's there's no doubt in it to be honest though I'm kinda like the week that they left I was really the sad and really lonely because it that's just like I just miss the miss our estimate then. I now kind of gotten back into. But like that they overwhelming. Sadness of it is over threatening I'm gonna see him on Friday and super stoked come to keep on we know we will will have that. But I got used to it again after the first week yet and I just try to keep really busy and I think this is one of those things will help me do that yes yes there well guess what who here's the messages tell feminine. In oil one of the things they got to stop deleting after respond because in the thread goes away and I don't have to go to a new one here. Chartered Jason just as below. Thanks for letting me join such as OK that was our army recruiter me go back to want to have responded to already. This Brandon in Bremerton Isa Samad I just received orders to PCS to Virginia with the navy is there a way I can listen TO show alive while I'm there. Thanks and I'm loving your personal cell call idea. Cod and every so I asked hell yes and I'll definitely tell an attitude on the radio Beckham map or even iTunes. High for Matt in Tacoma. Let's see the dark. But the Pope. I responded to Amanda in some water she's had a picture of herself driving a car there's Amanda Amanda C. That's cool to you take a cell CNN will know we are in sort of like okay now we're we're buds yet. I'm coming in or has it kind of dwindled since the I kill me see I can't tell I think they've sort of slowed down the last when I got was four minutes ago. So the depth is so down. And then there's some of these were we already have like a full conversation. So now I know the Nestle assist your podcasts are you going to you text or call mark Unita older. About to get a new phone because like I did turn her heart Parker the wife the gas doesn't just fine Goddard just kind of let her listen to. Probably as I always tell Joseph in his relationship. It's always better that wives find out about things from us ran from the radio ethnic dialogue caller on the way home and say David Justice letting you know this is going on in your welcome to go through many time but you know my phone is now. Filled with strangers and who are family members and not call you at 6 o'clock because you're going to be Delilah. Yeah I will be yet that's gonna be off limits time good morning Matt this is Sam mostly from Olympia you guys are doing mug club pit stop down here are some time again missed you guys when you were in Lacey says look you know that's up for you that's a call for Olympia. Down there which is always nice responding and yeah this densely. At least you're our great thanks and we sure will. But Peabody. I like they're lined out and he would find it probably not but it's the guy drives a huge lifted white shark and he dances in the car even let got to be called back and I want to live straight day us. Did he wanted to live stream out on FaceBook of him dancing in his car on the way home busy he's so good added that other people sing and dance with him I support this guy in his quest for eight I met Kimball from Portland I traveled work and always stay tuned in to your show I love it well and all that and make Syria Iran and Cambodia is the as a bartender earnings Boston Diego Campbell's are pretty cool yet. Let's the EU may wanna get a separate line for your family so they don't get lost in the masses when they're trying to get ahold of you in this case are there another good fair comment so anyway. Says here you're nuts and what you already have to make calls to respond. Yeah kind of aim at its Gordon way to put yourself out there can't wait to see how this unfolds hello well go it's this is William on JB LM thanks for the great musicals and yell every morning keep up the good work. Hi my name is Tyler love to see do you guys in the morning while at work here at JB LN Moses came in back to back life. They are sitting right next to each other I'm probably Mori met does from dump truck Terry. NC good morning nap from Tim listening from Redmond so. There's just a lot of those are real quick I think most of this wanted to see there's actually real angry like you're crazy you're announces that sustain him yeah yeah promised that you give back to each and every one of them well. There. I'll do their delegates setting in its gonna take harder than if probably and I think my reading game is gonna take a hit here behest. You know math. It's going to be fun. And I'm I'm listen IA this is the kind of stuff that I like anything and I'm trying to do something a little bit differently would this job and and I think. For radio people with egos there's always a wall between then and listeners and so this was just an attempt to knock down the wall like we did with the Soviet Union. And Reagan ten I now call wall came down on the American farmers or was carrying. Call there you go so. Anyway that's that's going to be gone on in my world an inning any updates for you guys. Now I mean you've heard I have played on the shell eschewing talk about that through nearly get into us here there is. No spoiler alert about hiker in Emily and that's going on their relationship and a slow Joni for your world. You know and I really. Caddies I am so excited for this weekend because it is the first weekend in it seemed like a long time we don't have any work obligations yes I get to really like do you know a thing. I'm dogs. Dogs are getting better there again battered at the bottom I had around all day yesterday at like cat's obese pee in a cup how did you view that yes Emily asked the question that's right effort I am sorry I didn't are funny but yes that they needed a they needed a piece sample. They gave us on these cops they give you like you take a drug test and yeah and that. Am like a cable that should be interesting. Check out I'm really getting hit a speed test I got it first try really gotten none of my hands flat leaving any on the outside of the things I think mr. call I'm like holy (%expletive) about how did you know when he was gonna go get that would be the hard part I think plumber because they do like a little like. The do like a little shift densely east this idea is like I hit the news in the in this alien now am I give he's going pitched starts gone. And he didn't have been behind a piano and Ghana had no idea how much travel is their between the and it ended his Wiener in the cops are allowed for stability you get right up on water and there was there was there maybe an inch. And not just for you very good short leg of the sport and that's that's the one Iannetta and aggressive and I've iron kind of impressed myself out so but the clean bill of health. Yes there you know these guys they'd be he's got bag and gastrointestinal. Issues and Harry's taken and staff to kind of repair they think there's damage in the intestines out but nothing major hopefully it's Maria and that will be what about the other. That's OB Dell seems to be doing better they never he never tested positive for anything but he was. You know it's it yet he was six. But he does seem union matters that idea is they gave him some medication that the sickness maybe that's. Can be of interest in who. All right let's say we rabbit up. He had an ex president yeah I feel like MP in his anxiety to respond of people but and OM look at foresee what this brings us as a show I think there will be some another avenue of contents as of literature and figured we get some of these voicemails on the radio going to be fun to I can't wait are enjoy his show we love you guys embassy back to our file. Yeah it's he wants. Well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. And here we go and Alexander going Emily good morning so I think it's with since it was canceling sick a solid drive and they're good guys. Big day yesterday will be talking about a month club stop in Milton coming up here it's extant right after by the look at a big concert announcement. Gaffe in not only doing it today whose common but were you with your tickets to so some good things happening in the 6 o'clock hour plus for those few who do love lives country music got more tickets to Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker. Coming up at seven Timothy street fact that. Few of town coffee house yesterday. But a couple of nice ladies there there there with the kids have a luncheon noon. So damage or any concerts sometimes wolf one of Lady Antebellum go very tasty there. I'm good I'm very cool and even mention the fact that there were on the cake pops your face summit. I got a and it's really that was a nice ego boosts yeah like now that I have a K pop. Sort of like having a Bobble head. You know made and they are militia that's absolutely. Everything that goes picked up the good you bring me a lot of my. Denied emanating thinking about it they gave us and they go to the net income and if there was an entire trade I took the little ones that had my face on that there are so funny though they give they'll be blaming me these they forgot to bring your wife hey if I. I took. A whole public is a black bag them down of these concerts the park last night I went down men it's accord Geoff Bagley and that. Has he detonated by the way he is not apparently all party Eagles you last night after he and his wife and ID like to the bunch cake pops down not the ones with my face on them. And I gave them Issaquah Jeff and his beautiful wife. And I gave coupled look kids run around us don't be blaming me or your lack of weight while we're gonna do that with a different. I don't know. I think he should take them out Yemeni I would never give him being you know every it's almost like a campaign button here's a look at our expert say that's mom's birthday was yesterday eighty going to see here this weekend I think he's taken a bit. We'll get bigger over your birthday at the yeah. Here's a well today and I talked to the gal who's really cool that made them yeah Alison hey I think that's really funny thanks this has to. It's either really creepy or really funny that I think it's creeping up that it's funny feeling never be a day original series this hand anybody can hop right thing. A lot of lip of the wolf logo so yeah I ask you under with just your basement I did not give us a budget his wife Annie was my thought process. You know on the way down there is walking and a bunch you'll walk becomes a little girl I don't you a cake pops again you may vote to handle my face on not always viewed this I clear she. This stranger handing out any it's fair. I said he's got a check with your mom if that's okay and another reason writer editor big milk through a bit edgier faith he did. The history and I did and that's me. We can be friends. See dead man. That's tonight and yeah like you hereby and I asked a guy will we can do that we got to move on here though quickly I would check the text here and a minute quite early on is that attacks if you never have before we lived here for a before. Or 6150. And we're the number leadoff scholar. So that's huge today we'll let you pick a song to a 6421. Not wolf skin looking for a good leadoff caller right now. Sire before we Doug's got to fuel up our leadoff scholar we had to pick a song let's say hi to our techsters them that are up with a certainly. Yes actually black diamond is the first time met text or tolerate their it was so bad today I didn't mean beat holy areas that someone hit her cake topped with their face on. The steel and all about it. I was just downright flattered I know that might sound we're at a map pop was all right with me he missed opportunity you handing out Matt cops. I think about it earlier. When I run the City Council I'm gone on her back up platform says. Yeah he's DO. Ron and snohomish also first time text your inner peace as good morning expect a first time text your inner okay that's the Internet. It takes an hour yup. Good morning Emily match and plenty of happy Wednesday morning and map Stacy cake pops sound awesome they are delicious. I'm telling you what they're funny too so go ahead check it out it's all over our social role on Seattle wolf. Yes I gotta say hi to you as failed EMI and Jaffa. Your weight jacket is caught a second and we got to get into Vatican did. Hey Al talk about that in a minute because at a great time with him and his wife Rebecca last night halos got a few wallet happy Wednesday for Al how are you. Great you have a dramatic cast the vote. You know I'll call a little weekend rental kind of things are haven't had the opportunity to rant against Scott. And and how archer cooking doing what you being. Virtually single wide bandwidth out in Arizona this. Wells got all these questions are wasn't quite prepared for the the interview huh. Luckily for you for everybody's got to be very simply and I make a lot of rice to make a lot of vegetables and I'm barbecued chick in you know it's it's pretty it's pretty basic in my house. There tonight are gonna get it cooking but the fifth if you give them. Now on I gotta go that route I can make what needs god I'm pretty happy with the thank you god that's my that's fine. Scott how are you today I'm fabulous in my own mind every morning and it just got a great fail on the way to work. We act to the cooking things or are you. A self acclaimed chef or do you just have like a certain dish that year very good at making. No I've. I just really really really loved good hobby and every I don't go for a living here because like do it. Right what do you do for a living Scott we do for your voice before your Europe regular. Better yet they're I drivers flatbed in my attic yet. And I just work local so I spend a lot I spent a lot of time under those cranes up there and yell. Guys here that's pretty cool tides gobbled listen we double play a song for you we appreciate you listening what you wanna hear any thing from art broad view of me. You've got to album do that we a lot of Garth request here really so. We'll take care of that voice got to have a wonderful day amen on that thanks again fills in the morning wolf pack we appreciate it have a great show thanks Greta. The morning will need a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts doesn't sound fundamentals and a guy. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. You know wolf. And again we appreciate all of you we can for the servicing the morning it seems a lot of recent attacks you call and say hi Peter act anyway it is truly appreciated. And that so you know I. Can be the third real date last night. Which I'm kind of kicking myself because. I live in a supply every season and so many of these concerts and Clark and I think a lot of little communities do something similar to they have in Baghdad and out kind. And they believe they have some bonfires on the weekend yeah not like every week that I know. Right at the weekly rate is it was very family it's very community. And I'm just kicking myself that I never walked down the street. And went to one of these things and our families here. Because that's what it is alleged families picnics and got hot dogs hamburgers goes have a musical act gas and now that they've you know and Arizona were commuting back and forth. On the permanently out of a walk down there by myself and sit in the park yet so. Issaquah Jeff 1 of our early morning regulars like came in you know got to come down and hang out he was so generous about it he does it look. Can we throw some ribs on the smoker numbering some baked beans that nominally. Dungeon dad so. I walked in last night in. Ended up sitting with you his wife Rebecca and just ended up Chad little time to citizen throwback classic rock. I can't remember the name of the band but they actually had a standup drummer singer which at the machine breaks are there many drummers singers. Oh I don't know islands yeah build Genesis done faster. What DeVon is funded check in this morning he sang great last night on and the cake costs he brought we're delicious. Did bring some mad props that none none none of my face on them but I was say. They were sitting way in the back kind of off to decide not in the main area and who hate you guys are really kind of far out of the action itself. And Mexico this is the best for people to signal that we get this old white dude gains in front of us the best thing he was a Larry Sherry even there the former. Yeah I yeah. It's. I'm a huge lead that's what I love about as a funnel it to it's it's very old school it's very throwback there's this hill met for the community center. It is mostly dead grass and dirt. And there are. A hundred kids of their sliding down on cardboard boxes yes I like you know that's not 1950s entertainment. There was no phones that you know video game due to sliding down dirt and karma boxes inhabit a great time. It did look like small town yesterday it's made it's all they know something more of these is this just a summer thing I'm guessing yet to summer you know I think through August up so I'm definitely gonna go down in every Tuesday night and now I guess some people hang out yeah. You know banks in the morning wolf back against friends David who. It was a lot of and so anyway Issaquah Jeff thank you Rebecca think he was well that was kind of nice to have some of the dynamic. I can't promise takeoffs every week they panda Libya cornered. You 147. Wolf not to talk about divorce but let's talk about divorce from the minute okay part of. Last night I was reading it that says that one that out of every eight divorces have been divorced. Are caused by this particular very specific things it was interesting to me because it was not the case in mind divorce has. Now I didn't wasn't a factor. But however what is one innate about 15%. I'm not a math guy but I. One at a table B ten so it's a little bit more than fifty guests and we left and it's look at them and had a pretty solid and outwit you grow and then 50% of group. Anyway so 50% of all the horses are caused by this instead of just telling you a photo Mike Mussina have you guys guess this morning walk back. If you did you got an answer for this one and again it's a little up. Off the beaten path we all hear certain thing does face a solid cheating. Not there is nothing I assume you gonna have to think a little bit outside the box on this one but I thought it might be fun to take some guesses daddy what you guys think in those of you who have been through a divorce. Unified way yes twelve point 5% of nice nice bowl army has pretty thoughts. Fed now most sober thirteen or should I back. At 206. Or to what wall for you can Texan into if you like 46150. Again what an eight ever atom one out of every. Clinton everything closes are caused by this Abbott on and on and off. Oh Doug imports downs and how are you today brother. How much is well. Do and well Mann appreciates you asking and so one in eight divorces are caused by this would be to get his Doug I'd say they don't agree on oil resources. Is that the way it is now counseling and Manuwai for the same page are we we quote totally agree I guess that's. Doug is not the right answer Mandel we appreciate him picking up the phone given us a call are ordered the ACL LO Branson in Centralia you gotta guess here about twelve and half percent to 13% of all the horses are caused by this very specifically what do you think it is Branson is there in our. Together as a collective who. I was in your marriage France and America nightmares okay Johnson. Yet in laws can be tricky especially if you don't get along but it's not the right answer all right think yes Daniel wonderful day before the date of the call to a 6421 wolf by the way and let's check the text messages and. Best in the Whidbey Island says video game addiction. No slow joke better watch out Mac social media. I met a couple boarded and Needham. I don't think even that's not the point the point is and a couple and they were young and cool I'm in law and Dave both said we got rid of all of our social media. There in relationship to have a child asked if they just don't do it to you because it causes problems in a marriage I guarantee that divorce rate because the social media something like. Forty year yet I wonder what and I agree and how about that the toilet paper roll being upside down dip that's no grounds for divorce and and I get to that not the right answer ride their all right dad Robert in Tacoma so. One out of every divorces is caused by this week actually talked about this a little bit yesterday on the show ironically about something else. Robert what do you get as. Well all I had a friend of mine called me this morning we talk and I was like while I got a question or use repeatedly questioned. He says he got a divorce because to me speed and moans you had that conversation this morning. I just slightly yet but I'll let us I got the question for you. Nicole wow OK he's exactly hundreds are right out of way and out later Robert is your friend's name Google. And health care. So did he go into detail about Z it was just the stress of paying all that often by the way student loans and an all time high of one point five trillion dollars in this country I mean. I guess just the pressure of paying off. We you know before you into the marriage whether they had student loans or not he got a Riley didn't realize how much it was. Good Robert Hewitt is so at ease. All. You all know will be Portland as they can't see him on the down low on setting the average outstanding down. Is currently at 34000. Dollars per person that 62%. Over the last decade 62 hours a few guys in the room. You know I deny it now only I am lucky to get our shifts. And they have a great in state tuition policy in Georgia or she were math camp obligates you model or so and our doctor Jane you demand doc I ansari doctor campaign Howard Hamels Marty face over there to your Big Three coming up and a few minutes they let us. This is the morning. Alastair on you 147. Oh yes this is the big screen with only. It's only August 8 but we are are already seeing a pumpkin spice items hitting you. The stores. And here's one that I'm actually kind of excited about it pumpkin spice busted play. Any frosted flake and fiercely Doherty impact now think Syrian leader now. I say about this just did I love frosted flakes I don't try and it'll be better not bad. People party seeing them in target snaps you're wondering wind of course the big. Daddy of the mall be a Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes are they just come out people are predicting August 28. Which I mean. I'm Matt ever talking about wind at pumpkin spice to come out I think it's okay does that almost September. You'd think maybe what a little later in the year. Look I think with the school to give you back to school after Labor Day we are talking about companies vice a little bit it's August is a ninety degrees or you fall after highest hundred prices after after you after August and September is fun. Well they he's digging there clearly hidden selves then I read there was a department store in London to that RD has all the Christmas stuff get absurd a little distant. As ridiculous. Item benching did it country stuff come into TV CMA fest it's how special it's airing tonight at times threatened Kelsey dollar rainy co host. And it's basically just eight. Long concert shows silly case now being Carrie Underwood Blake Shelton honored to be on to that's on tonight I'll sit keep in mind right your calendars September 3. That's an XTT crust threads is going to be and it's Brett Eldridge and meg and trainer. And Peterson labored together before they did some on Christmas collaborations I think they're gonna be easy to get absolutely to make sure you watch tonight and in September 3. And indeed you did today is international cast DNA did not know that Emily 40% of people say they're happy. Some of the drug knowledge on me only 14% that's a pretty low number 30% say they're both the go but 14% say they're. Only just can't you know dogs I guess that you're saying your anti dog at that point you know getting a lot of people I guess yeah I'm OK so obvious what are young cats called. Kittens okay what is safe you know tackle. I'm Molly earth clean and did not announce the male cat is it Thomas and a group they cast you know that is. She's louder and louder and louder. Jerry hey you know I don't acknowledge I don't know on international that day well thank you Wembley for that yet. Do you know what my mom just got to new cats self that's I had that to look forward to this week. We're celebrating your birthday play against him fight coming up next we got that huge concert announcement plus the mug club swing area and this is a morning wolf packs with NASCAR stack 100 points. The walls. On the episode it. Man what a pit stop we had yesterday to just keep getting better and better and really critical missing your right now on swear marine getter in the night club officially but. Uptown coffee in cafe right there in Milton representing the FMA fight Milton neighborhood yet know what that is now thank you miss. Set six U atmosphere was Yankee no other restaurants for the mother and a bit of a threat to use but they're all about the community yeah and the whole community showed up for itself is issued an advertising eternal friends it was really cool. And she greeted us at the door with wolf kicked ops gaffe. And yet there were a couple of with my face on and so now officially I have mad props and they are at delicious I can retire that's all I know. Also are done it ever. That's right. And we was holding a baby. Fifth seed Agassi now evidently calling from the morning wolf pack now are you. You know hey where fantastic end up so grateful that you open your doors to us and let us come Hank respond yesterday that was great. If I got some good having it happen all the locals coming out well that's what it's all about you know having coffee you know people. Right and we actually. Thank you all for sending muddy and originally that's how we found out about CPU wanna join the month club we thought ruled then we have to go have a look on that topic your case. Exactly that's a great way to get people to come check out of their commitment then invite people from small local communities we need husband had you guys out. Get our country music dance together. Alone I love the way you think how long did you and John owned uptown coffee and cafe we will be in business two years. As well as he could go into great spot and you tell the people in Milton love having you there yet. We're gonna have a locals from edgewood and fight that wells. Love that half yes hey listen it's a great spot we loved me and our people there in your neighborhood in. We just have to make it official here you know minus you'd swear you in the mug clever you up for that we're ready now right so please raise your right hand and repeat after me I see your name I know. Do hereby pledge my allegiance. I hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack for the morning wolf pack and is a proud member and business class member. The moon he. Son I want cool. I've led to crank up the wolf every morning I pledge to open up the wolf every morning I do. This is about a power vested in me identity an official member of the morning wolf thank mug club and thank you so much for listening supporting the wolf. And we're just proud to be part of your little community to quote until they. Your wedding dated eight. You descend as everybody else are coming up next we have got a huge George harmony huge concert announcement in five minutes sat with Matt McAllister and product. You know wolf all right ladies and. Gelman big concert announcement time and when we're talking about big I don't think it gets any bigger scale lists top of the pyramid. You like from the valley all the way they get a layup I did go on for days but I won't I'm just wasting time. That is in German we are pretty excited to announce that coming to be Tacoma dome we're talking about. May 24. 2019. Miss Carrie Underwood will be here. Like I ended up all the girls tour which is. So cool she's green Brenda wade June and that he entailing there. Pre sale by the way this is why we're talking about now is not that far away August 16 got 10 AM to 10 PM a pre sale Thursday in the tickets go on sale officially Friday August 17 at 10 AM. And you're right. Girl power the past G innovative. By the league go to Seattle wolf dot com for more details and to sign up for the wolf pack email to get our for code for that resale. Now we actually have a pair take is that we wanna give you right now and because Carrie Underwood is Steve before he cheats. Gal. We wanna hear the story and again you're gonna have to work a little bit for these is the big so big prize how did you catch your chief. Emily Deaver caught a cheater I have caught a cheater from OK. I went into his apartment and all my pictures were put away you know what. Well why do that a whale the picture is the kind of cleaning up like but the pitches keep you still love the but just like picture. But it all came get this is the guy you drove an okay job than it was there before or after you I it was right around the same. I don't think it was it was a bad thing about the bad guys about it OK and we don't have to relive that story about how Emily drove 300 miles and was waiting for his bed when he got there I asked at the remains Slattery and in kind of freaked him out. And boy that's beside appliances. Actually it's exactly on the fact that I. This isn't about you and put you on the spot we went in a morning wolf pack right now how did you catch your cheater our favorite story. Is gonna win a pair of tickets to see Carrie Underwood when she comes in May two. 6421. Wolf phone calls only please. I don't believe we can really came caps late inning attacks Aaron how did you catch your cheater we want your stories right now let's go. Highs are just announced that carry it what is common may 24 of next year to be to come and go home she and giving away tickets right now for the best how to educate your Jeter story in by the way this is just coincidental. We just announced carrion was coming in she just announces to the world the cheese bread go with number two up. How does that affect her date doesn't it. Should be kind of the due date around when she's coming your mate correct. Asked if she is pregnant like got pregnant day so I don't know. How long wait to announce so he's usually primates the boy and. She'll be on the Ricci other rebound yes. Good for her well congratulations to carry two or Mike Fisher on number two that's also look Kelly and Rainier so how did you catch your cheater we get a pair carry it with tickets for the best story our favorite story that we here this morning. Okay it's that tiger is so I called him bedridden he has and never look it is bone it actually fill in mining and and I got out. I look at it. And there's pictures of this woman. In Monterrey in my bed and my Andre bit. We want. Yeah the worst. He's just kind of nasty guy lol anatomy you know hygiene out all of it but men talk about a slapped in the face right. You think it will that wouldn't. Think that pop up right there you know in from the meal. Wearing my wife's laundering because if that's what I was attracted to I'd be having my wife's from where the launch. Actually wouldn't say it is makes sense exactly I don't have her in my bed at home because like perfume smells and I'm totally. Getting caught obviously. Well jelly sandwich he might have won many might scumbag he sent to you might wanna get caught Kelly we appreciate you so much for sharing your story sorry that happened Terry thank you think you do the same Devi in Tacoma had to catch your cheater. Well we both worked their radio station do you live on air personality I was reception has. I'm my and it's bound and a girl talk to him. Tonight that master calling. That well. It dipped. Well I met with mr. and then you're like. And I was like. How old kid. You really get out there and. Everything like that so he would come out there like on the black and white wine. OK so you think about while I don't let me she says oh we think that it blew it. And do it and do all the Telecom might say yes. Yeah it just blew it. Davies and his wing net is. Well now did I. Got a I got asked what radio station damaged. There okay violence and Kris who currently adds query OK Debbie we Levy thanks so much for sharing your story. Of course aren't more stories coming up including one that involves the baby sitter and somebody's friend get pregnant turns out. Her boyfriend was the daddy store opened five minutes. All right Mandy Abbas poll we got a very Carrie Underwood tickets right now for our favorite how did you catch your cheater story go ahead Manny. So a friend of mine baby sat for me as I had and you weren't. And he found their relationships. My baby daddy. On faith that told me about it and carried out the woman. And it turned out that while they Wear hockey Eric hair. They ended up getting married and age. Well. It though a lot of questions. When babysitting and I'm guessing you used your computer and your boyfriend at the time was still logged in is that how we found on FaceBook. Yeah I bet. You had serious privacy protection right yeah see you a lot on my computer. And Platte. City there is a computer and found pictures of him. Right in mideast and baby daddy so you guys weren't married that he was married to somebody else while you had a relationship. Well we are engaged OK I get so expert and he said there how to explain and gave it to her. I mean this is a little heartbreaking go ahead and what I do you take in the ring off because you're pregnant and did this yeah. Look I'll Emily can just put all the pieces and get a hold together me Mullen described in my head be you'd like kind of know how this works a I just don't understand his. In game hugging not and it in the if nothing else this just means it's it's it's real ugly Mandy did she have any clue about you. Well. Stage didn't last long after I told her. What happened well that's surprising because you know the relationship really gets started on solid foundation trust and honesty yes so what's shocking that it didn't work out right now. You are. Her and I have been friends middle ears. I mean going to hate a guy mutually will bond you follow. And I actually quarterback that hasn't seen similar story and we kind of how is. This likely be John Tucker must die. We're like all the girlfriends they end up against them that's a pretty nice yeah. You know I think people just have to realize in 2008 teams with all the technology and all the social media now are all interconnected. You cannot she app you just can't you're gonna get caught eventually you will get caught and to be on IQ it can't start pictures. Parents here. What's with the picture taking I don't know what any evidence of active dummies. All right Mandy we love you thank you for calling and sorry that happened to area. I got a little girl. Ground SA you know if you've been through divorce and there's kids involved you always look at that and say OK that's that's the silver lining here. All right appreciate the call we have time for one more probably in about five minutes Emma got to declare our favorite had catcher cheers story. And we are about to declare a winner giveaways and carry it overtake us for a while more call to take here OK Jessica in Arlington and how did you catch your cheater. Me and him more laying on my tactic errors in on normal my aunt and he was. Acting on a Barbie it's old girlfriends gays is a boyfriend or husband boy okay good okay. And and she lives you know grew up on McCain's straight at me they were in the same grade and all that we are older than me if I think it out an at a really high. Need. I try not pregnant I don't know what that big hill and he set out our you know our. Really crazy I need are your time anything like fat. Let me put this on the way and I got kind of the actress we get fat. I think I followed him I grabbed him on current panic panic at her you're the only one I've been. Wounds. All right so how quickly after that did you end things with this guy. You know I handed them but I don't lanes. Are tired and man he can and clean out it was a onetime thing and I think gala parent. It let them for about another year how few years. He went off in sort of military yeah. They don't have about the current era back. The week I grow about what can. I thought they that he was marrying somebody else. Clearly keeping that relationship for really long time while you are together so you got burned by kinda. What do they say. You know burn me once shame on you burn me twice shame on me will be on at six. I like them the hard way all right generally we got to get a winner here reform law and you always have money get a act he would come to view inside it is worth 1000 dollars. Am omelet you've pegged. Yeah I mean every every hurdle some heartbreaking stuff and I can get right now are we gonna call the. Those sojo we'll get on sushi today can thank. Based on how they found out and I'm have to deal with Kelly and finding a picture of another. In your bed in you're lying you may. Many either off terrible story yeah that's just. It's truly awful and ridiculous at the same time Kelly and Rainier congratulations you have won tickets to go see carrier good when it comes to the Tacoma down home nice job. Q I'm excited that the need and your kids who writes were immediately hey I got her general ticket thank you very much I believe that's making a negative and positive thank you for listening we bloody Kelly and yes enjoy Carrie Underwood you gotta before they even go on sale. I know you can't cite a well. And dvd of oil and obviously your and in the offense right now OK you're a big Kerry fan did you hear the news that she's trying to go with number two. Oh no I don't want to be eating up at the security source thirty items Bono she's not a way to do two months. Big have a perfect little family unit. Eats Turkey so much Jelena we love you guys know we love you and thanks for being a part of the morning wolf thank being a part of our family okay. Okay thank you or ID. Coming up next cash money stay with us for the keywords now. This is morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 point seven. Flack hit the pavement and that could be history tour. Good morning Martha and can happy Wednesday how are you I am very Harry you know we're doing fantastic welcome to beat the street security contest that pits you as a random stranger here in the PNW. Now as you know is much more than they do you're gonna win tickets to see lady GA with Darius and Russell Dickerson. August 19 at the white river and the theater. Part of the wolves here for a million tickets sound good that sounded great I will meet the challenging and a couple of minutes we founder watershed and yes to the same five questions you've got to answer right now. In thirty seconds are you ready Martha I hope so how can we do too good like started a timer 321 and let's go who has the male star of dirty dancing. Skeptics say these companies' eyes to the stop sign hands. Eight which social media at this represented by a blue bird. Twitter what's the name of the ball where I live in for a five converged. Quite ill at self tanner who's in the countries on doors. I don't know. Martha how he think he did pretty good except for the last time are you kind of limited the finish line but but that's okay thank you sir I'm real strong I don't think. All right we're waters and on Saturday let's meet the challenger. What's your name where you're from memory here. Like fit I'm gonna ever and I are pretty much airlines. Let's find out how you do when she answers the same five questions for the male star of dirty dancing. I think maybe the drag nobody puts baby in the corner you've both got a point we had a 121 time. How many sizes stop sign out. Six is not the right answer it's an octagon and has Dave Marr the guy that would right yeah. Really nice job now you have 821 lead with social media assets represented via Bloomberg. There was a right answer yeah both got that one right we have a close match here that you had the edge right now Martha in camp three to two. What's the name of the mall where I five and borrow five and birds. Obviously. Square is incorrect decent Westfield excel Centre we just were taken so senator that's sort of been calls and so. You get another lane two you are on fire Mark Dayton in right now. You have no way of losing this it's it's unattainable for the challengers 42 ballistic glass bush nearly he'd know that one who sings the country song I'm yours. Press. Russell is and was the right answer in your gonna know that after. Goes see him in concert with Lady Antebellum Darius Rucker August 19 white river amphitheater but he's you have one that's taken Martha I. Thank you so much and I thank you for listening you did great way to beat street mark hey. All right coming up next. It's time for another update for those of you who've been following the height hurts. Are we moving in together storyline here on the morning wolfpack. Will only be co have a T eating insane soon with her boyfriend. And there might be some breaks in the case will present the new information coming up in five. I'm happy that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. And Emily rains. Let me get a first two wish you a happy two month anniversary to your new boyfriend hiker. Anything else to a whole mindset in the rearview mirror yet. Yields salty dog do you have mark the anniversary of the things we that because basically they're together by split hairs or something like that. I just wanna make sure you're comfortable you feel good. And we talk about high Kurt your little bit again. Actor which by the way I'm still the only guy in this building I think that he's not met hyper. We'll tell you that some of our listeners are starting to find out a little bit like maybe there's something to doubting him wing nut. As men hiker I mean if a guy's got his own cake box targeting I mean I care exactly I mean it's just scheduling is sealed. Why don't we see we hung out on we had lunch on Sunday Sofia on my wife and family and high Kurt pocket calculator you west Seattle on Sunday morning in. Like coaches the families here and so as of recently attacks and not only was she eat better and willing to come Madeleine for us. Hiker with their clear and I'm like now what works candidates that turn of event. Well for those of you who have been paying attention the storyline here slow Joseph and I have a running bet on win hiker who's next gonna move in with families she denies it. I say September 1 whose lease runs out Iran and say Joseph is saying more conservatively Christmas. You know it's funny that out. Is I am like oh and when we actually got to lunch and like oh how cool these guys are here available he's like you know I was thinking and have heard is doing the chores like that way. That's why you guys hang out you know happen is June 3. He kind of feels like he lives there are already. That hasn't happened right you know he is not named in honor he still has a place he's so I'd like to see sleep at his place occasion. What's occasionally let let's put a visit when was the last time that high Kurds slept in his own bed. Today Wednesday. Just last Thursday. So he's basically living there. Maybe he comes home from work to you now he doesn't go home to his boys and ring while there's still a discussion of where he's getting go after work. Think we still discuss flickering cut it might play three going is that awkward. Well. There's stuff I mean. And he's got a government and you and you still have not discussed moving in together or not once even on your two month anniversary of most people are married by around. Well. I have to be honest because you guys in the prodding and whenever we did have a conversation. Because we're talking about so much on the show yeah okay and what was discussed. Are you ready to talk about that facility. We have to take a break and thank you had a discussion we have had I think you're willing to discuss with us what you discussed the hiker yeah. Cared okay gives a couple minutes I guess that we do got a quick break little bag and Amelie is gonna talk about there's and there's been moved in discussion. There have been a gang will be here next. Got to set the mood. And I guess this would be one of those instances where life is imitating art we'll get back to the story line of Emily and hiker moving and get here and second. Those attacks came in all I gotta kiss up laughing slow Joseph you are my favorite part of the show. So there's a vote for use look Joseph here's also the FaceBook message somebody offered up their wedding photography services for him only. That's how we're not fast and mine it's been two months and I did tell the look through the wheels are in motion the car is going down the road. The days of needs your big broad trying to caution you about taking it slow and really getting to know each other are gone so yeah this is happening and that doesn't matter what I think which is the way should be whom my anyway and just to metallic California and I can't appreciate that. What's that job against the guy kicked. Nobody knows if you talk about the time of the 6 this morning item and nobody knows that we would took us out yesterday and they had kicked out of my face and nobody knows that. OK and yes. So now you mean you're willing to admit that because we talk about so much on the show all right you UN high Gergen and had a conversation. About moving in together what we had a Deco. Well. He doesn't he didn't hear it on the air because he's actually working and so but I brought it up to on this I said you know. Close match. Seem to think like permanent and together we had bad now adapt they have a baton and I think we even talked about it on a year and ask people how quickly they moved in together. And I mean people as early as like day one and four days and hours yeah four hours and pretty stories I mean married 41 years. I said Seoul. I mean how do without. And basically each you trust in the flash yeah I mean basically we decided that that's kind of where headaches we both want to live together. He ends and Federer it's gonna happen. But we don't know win exactly the process I had to get approval from my landlord. You know PS figure out what he's thinking with this stuff in so it's not like we printed and moving and yeah. But we decided like that yes we are moving in together and just don't know. Speak news staff do you feel like you might have forced his hand a little bit by Bergen and. No I. OK with us I don't wanna. Sort very much in the same and he's been married before he had. So it was kind of been down this road. He just had to first big fight again. Now. We had a putting. Were not this one years old by the end if we're gonna fear and without might as well figured out now. Can seize the L word alive again you do yeah along zen thing going. Couple weeks. Instead of first heated in eSATA right back yet. OK I can ask your question. You said you have to get approval from your landlord how have you submitted percent approval. I eat out ten asking what process as I think it's just that Tenet application. And I want everybody to keep in mind that hikers lease runs out September 1 thicker as he renewed said les is not. Movement now if you were just a betting person on the sidelines would you bet with me or slow show on the time. September 1 Christmas hate to say at the pal you. This is so happening I think he's already living there are slow Joseph I think well we were happy for US. Good morning Lindsay and Bonnie lake that you had a comment about a high Kurd and Emily moving in together and now looks like it's a go we just don't know win. I'd you know I think you need a horrible yellow book this one is and we're underground her son is Lindsay we're just asking questions is an. I don't think I got hairy after five on the and how long's it been. I'm married for nine years to graduate students elude there's no rules and there's no rule book and I'm Millen has meant hiker that everybody who sees Emily and hiker together they love this guy and loved them as a pair so we're judging miss asking questions last. One I can't imagine you're just coming at you want need to be safe thing you want need to be careful in your protective I totally get that. But now I think it's almost you want Heston even together Siegelman that. Well yes there's a little bit more of that too. Now we're not talking about that yeah that's a whole another level of tell. Us and the one thing in in you know at least you've got to hear them at least look annaly. Listen to be. Giving here at. The Aaron Lindsay and well thank you for your interest your concern and for being part of the morning wolfpack were big family here we have discussions with what we do Lindsay. All right all right take care let him about being site. Okay the next half hour. Sure gonna be really funny guy thing I think you know what's coming up that this the regular stuff at least got the Big Three. I believe there's a pumpkin spice mentioned they're somewhere yes OK after that get a shot a thousand bucks community shares salary they tend to normal stuff. But he twenty it's going to be very. Abnormal. It's well speaking of just being a family and sharing things I'm gonna do something on the radio at eight when he that I've never done before and I've been doing this for. Twenty plus years house some excited about it almost a little bit nervous about it I don't know of any other radio person that's ever done what I'm gonna do and I'm excited. It seems to share them put it that way I say I'm. Glad I just I. Domain heiress is actually going to be pretty cool I think it's just an open up a whole new avenue. For the morning wolfpack can talk about us you guys have listened. Just OK it's going to be exciting 820 domestic. This is the morning. Alistair and he was 100 point 701. This is the Big Three which normally have. We be only like a week in until August that it is already eat pumpkin spice season were starting to see products on shelves. In the first one that they had I seen that popped up on social media is a limited edition. Pumpkin spice frosted flakes is that seriously something that your considering eating absolute pumpkin spice cereal yet okay I love drastically to begin with. So the idea pumpkins ice frost played I and and very entry now can I knew it into ice seems to be a eat nothing but add. Do you like the pumpkin spice flavors no now the down the drain and a senior not into an audience I. I like talking about an August I find it offensive I know the starting your we talk about. I don't know that it's 92 degrees it's August 8 I'm not talking about pumped his vice can we talk about this in September. Vicente after Labor Day. How about I his 28 and that's win the OG pumpkin spice the pumpkins iced lattes Starbucks. That's under rumored to hit they'll too soon said after Labor Day can we just make a deal on the war pumpkin spice talk til actually I can not make bad deal that I can try your victory are right. Government pitcher DVR is we got some great country artist Cummins TBC. Eight that's the highlight special airs tonight that's the hottest red and healthy outlook rainy hosts. And it basically just a show all that concerts get CDs now dean carry and a leg. He just announced her pregnancy can elation. Blake Shelton key third and third that's fun I love seeing Thomas read Kelsey dollar rainy together I think they did a great job. And in September 3 at the next seemed to processor it's cutting out and it's gonna be Brett Eldridge and meg and trainer of a pretty good. Add it actually worked out I think they did a Christmas collaboration and sell. At a crossroads have been really cool and Combs and I forget the other guy's name Leon Russell yes. One mile an Alley on bridges yet amazing yeah so I and that's against September 3 but did day. Is international. Hack day oh good fourteen I have so excited 40% of people are. Yeah I'm actually has been a lot of them with cats this week it is my mom's birthday so be hanging out of her house and. She just got to catch you adopted rescue cats and I actually have not been a telecast and really look I don't believe it this celebration of world catch David international don't NCAA that's right they got 600. Million small cats in the world so that's not inflating my tires and tutors that. But just spin no drop some knowledge on you eight of course they did have kitten. Eight male cat on the cat is a Mali or queens. And they in a group just can't it's all cloud her a cloud but never heard of that in my life learns avenue every there was a litter. I think that's just the kittens. Retention yup thank you only you're well celebrating everything pumpkin spice and world Kat de done in the Big Three I love. Morning well that does not Alistair 100 points and you'll see how much. Because Space Needle window washer makes Laura particles scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make Naimi that begin gas let's play share your salary be. Israel wanna know what everybody else makes reliving that it's never OK to ask until now today we have Zoe on the phones only lives and everything and as always from what we understand you are an executive assistant is that correct this. Getting more and yes I am no good morning to you happy Wednesday thanks for being a part of a show and for being willing to share your salary with the city of Seattle. What they drag me out of it OK good well we took. Here's what's gonna happen at 10 o'clock we're gonna rapid fire as many questions as we can about what you do. Will display a funny do you gave which I guess we think you make for a living and then you share your salary some goods. Yet ER do all right Alex always energy and now the fact that Emily are you ready to kick it off go. Great he is an executive assistant to one person or an entire office. I and then the executive to the CEO and president as well as the optic admin and manager. You lose how long have you been in this position so we. One year with that company and fives two consecutive totals. Sat deep have your own office. Check legally yes I'm kind of the front desk person as well. OK give a team of assistants underneath the use and you're the executive assistant. But no I doubt. Unfortunately I wish I can either hand and a half hours a week or you typically work. Fortieth. Which some weekends and evening email work. Okay how well he's the guy that you work for. Oh man actually the woman and I'm sorry he's. OK maybe sound like it dirty I love it. Yeah. They help me out Casey doesn't have to know I realized my mistake. I should have said personal matter I I. And well you know one time she actually left. Left her key grab on my dad when you edit me out back people work like soccer match she made as you make probably court fight. All the followed us this morning so we know there's an average season executive assistants. And if you just during the conversation what do we just learn and. He she worked her day as CEO president is that email has you and air. Hi I'm here but has been giving this kind of doctor Bob I years she works forty hours the B plus email come on the weekends and she is not Abbas and. And I'd like to personally apologize to any female CEOs. For any generalization of terrorism and I may have just made. At pearl and the C yeah yes this we just like the ultimate corporate. Sometimes I generalize and sorry okay those are real fun game plan studio riddle to guess what we think you may see negotiate your salary sound good. Now ride to Italy you want yesterday see the first I. I know. Seven ET's house likes. He says it sounds like it she's happy in her job and Dina CEO takes care and other females I don't much like we had is that I don't think she'd do a little bit better net. Plus I'm gonna make up for the well generalization and a lot of those seven I had a little bit higher slow justice on the cover the low and you're sixty and been to all right the time this comes only the executive assistant to a very powerful Smart dominating woman. How much you make every single year. You cut down on paper I made up less than 40000. All are now moving in slow Joseph for the window and I. Is six all right -- paid by the way I got a little nervous for you at the end of our last conversation because you. Admitted Hillary that you took a sneak peeking your boss is paycheck I think that's a known. Why I didn't realize when it let me sell like I have to read all these documents anyway it's like no this is nice eight. I was hanging well in the morning troubles they talk about salaries all the time it's pretty much public information anymore is now even taboo. Anyway knowing we appreciate you being a part of a morning wolf thanks we love you and X guys they don't have a great jobs this. Hey thank you so much he got out of Brady's knee are day UCL. So he's cracked OK if you ever want to share your salary to a 6421 wolf and stick around for about five minutes because. But it is something I'm really excited about animals a little bit nervous about this I've never done it before I've been in this game why Olsen doing morning radio for twenty years. And I've never done that it's OK okay our eyes but I think it's gonna be really cool. It's either really really cool or is gonna backfire terribly and I will be back at horribly remorseful. But I don't know I think it's a great idea I can I'm excited to share with you guys the morning wolfpack coming up here in five minutes. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So low are similar get an idea and the idea it. Actually came from an experience ahead last night you guys know that Issaquah Jeff is one of our listeners he Texan every morning right when he gets out Coast Guard guy really cool. And we have is content in the parking Issaquah every Tuesday night now my family's in Arizona were commuting back and forth for the moment. So am I gonna go there by myself so Issaquah Jefferson went to come down and join Republican I'm a wife and you know you can hang up to Greg's telling you find you. She's a well. It's like our it looked to be your number here's my number and we'll connect that way. Thanks so I was drawn upon that experience how easy it was to connect with its accord Jeff and his wife last night at the content in the park vs watershed. Where we're trying to go through FaceBook or Twitter DM news. Horror in mr. Graham make it right it is sometimes it's like looking for needle in the haystack we have so many social media platforms to get touched the politics right. So my idea is very simple although I've never done it and I don't know anybody on the radio that's done this before. Wine and eliminate the middleman if I'm gonna give this accord Jeff my phone number why would not just give everybody my phone numbers. So I have what I'm thinking. Is giving out my cell phone number on the radio to anybody and anybody that wants it and I will be available. To connects 24/7. OK before you get it out can we talk about this for sure what can episodes ago you could hear a million in your personal number my number Q. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people or how many people listen the strength and not be very measures so lonely right now like this is getting extreme okay. Have you know we have a text align right. The evidence only available here at work so we leave work you have to log into a web site you have to be in the network. It's not as easy I want everything on my phone and I want inaccessible that we fork out some you you don't mean. Okay my other question have you. Okay this with your right the NASA no I have not because I know you would. Say no but they're not like you or it would be argued it could be blowing past. Yeah but I think you can turn up notification is up like that I can check it when I want I can I didn't address these what I wanted to but I thought this is this a direct communication line. To the morning wolfpack I there's no separation between us anymore when that I'm not simply the I don't care. I'd be flattered if I blew up I. I can't wait yeah and there's so many pros the guys here are you prepared for the inevitable influx just like yeah. I firmly believe and I've always believed is that people are inherently good. And I believe that the morning wolfpack has been nothing but open honest loving to us to all of us Emily mussina felt absolutely so. I'm not even worried about me that I got offended you or drunk tax yeah that's a good. That's fine I don't I sleep with the phone turned off by I use it when I wanna use it okay but I can and I have another idea to let up. I'll talk about here in America is about to run a time and we'll get a all right. And this that you have I've got my phone right here you text me I will respond to you and say hi do you on the radio coming up next our promise across the board of no return. I if I I can't wait okay. So my number is about a write this down or putting your phone I you can text me or call me or whatever anytime our this is my cell phone number to a six. 451. 7766. Former time. 206451. 7766. Had to think about him that don't even know I don't know about the wrong one now don't. And I'm pretty sure that's my number a random person it is hard index you don't believe me Sammy text right now or call me it doesn't matter who's gonna play some commercials come back and say hi teapot to have another idea. About a nightly phone call thing that I wanted to get even better against better. An Akita dismissed it I just gave out my personal cellphone. Work on the air if you write down or put your phone it's 2064517766. And I was pleasantly surprised I guess my big fear was that nobody would text or call came in just me and insecure that's a real thing but. I got to over as soon as you get to Hungary just it's a 99 text messages doesn't show you anymore right so I've got some work to do today your phone has blown. Up. Other street do a couple of these and I don't wanna tell you how wanna use this later in the day when we're not at work at a press. To comes gonna flip through a couple windows. Hey but I did name is Elijah how you doing this this real or just some type of a scam. Oh well love the show I love you guys also your brave man for doing this always just realize now you have my number forever oops because. And I said no scandalized did just keeping it real and he said well I'm talking to a celebrity and I am delighted you must get somebody else's number number nine. But CEO Tom says let's go salmon fishing. Yeah and have nots well you should try I love salmon. Let's see in time I've got a guy you know via KOC hey Matt this is Larry from the Marysville PD your crazy but it only rock and a phone with your new and creative idea. Yeah again I just don't want any separation while the terrorists. Well I'm watching I mean tech sector except for texts coming and so it's all before I mean you replying all bets are the form because there's so many calls and that is all going stick with yes and that's that's another thing I don't know if I'm gonna be able to handle that I'm a little surprised by the influx. But I will. I will send anybody in. The text message if you take the time to send me one I'm totally flattered I will personally respond I promise you that's gonna think you're gonna be. Just yet all day. Let's see here. By the way this is Elizabeth Delores just good morning your brave on the new real clear for KWQ walloped. He's a member of the blood anyway you guys doing great semi real estate referrals. I thought. One as they had a ran the avenue I can go on all day but it's kind of funny here's what I wanna do with a little later on. And the reason that I decided to give my phone number Texans great and I'm I'm loving getting enough due to connect with you guys yeah. But I want to do a little happy hour hotline. So every night I think 6 o'clock probably a good time in five them ideal to really deep traffic son home from work yet 6 o'clock I'll go on FaceBook lives. And I will just call somebody who has called me and let the messenger whatever and thank you just. Those calling. And hope they'll be able to get a hold somebody problem having a Metairie dental distress. But every night I get to personally talk to somebody who listens to show answer any questions about anything in a dispute like a little. Even be another thing we can do. Still it's ever called him a few ways bell or is that something that just cause you're at 6 o'clock. I think I'm on call them. OK yeah I think or I don't know I haven't figured that part of floated it up slightly Palin barely eleven I go on the huddle on the Seattle's famed bit FaceBook page size 6 o'clock. I will give up my phone number and analysts into the first all the time. That's easier. So can play again to a 64517766. It's a pretty cool number to remember it's easy. Only takes me anytime I will get back to you it might take meets the rest of my life but I can promise you I will get back here. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister I could get meg giant hug right off the bicycle I would have but I was green spandex and I think you might beat me up Bryant and ray I get up and I got a couch and I suspect down and it took some on TV and then I just kind of round. 100 point seven. Whoa hello do you believe how are you today every I is that right there I just. Literally dig vilified in the car but sitting at my desk I love it. So does pretty much right on cue that yeah. I double file things here before we go cash money coming up in six minutes a thousand bucks Steve he's got the key word for you also. Emily slow Joseph I'm gonna need your help because after he gave up my phone number on the radio. I'm gonna be really distracted his eyes you know that open mean release you get when you see attacks gas. I'm getting thousands so I'm you gotta like I can't do this during the show how well great show alone you know. Against Simone here she's tell me that it becomes hike in the Olympics. She doesn't Lacey Simpson knew little picture so economic that he got this afternoon and I thought. Anyway tonight 6 o'clock happy hour hotline. I'll be on FaceBook. At tickled to the phone call have a cocktail have a chat him up this decline of the a lot of fun I've got your number bats are dealing you have my number before I love the way you send me a text to like Davis and I got it down a bikini in my testimony regarding attitude of the oh thanks thanks for jumping in on you know the fun to do what your listeners Matt and his. Our kids we love you. We'll even help me settle a debates and I think Italy can probably help ST because she is a mole in me all the news. I'm so friends celebrate birthdays. Months yeah. Right now and some people celebrate birthday weeks I heard that a lot of watershed it's my birthday we get your birthday month do you get a month. To get a weaker. Well most men don't even really wanna take the day I find and a lot of my buddies and I'm included in this I don't really care. At a big deal. It depends a line and now. What situation you're talking about like a big huge party get one day but habits like shotgun in the car not have to be DD year whenever you get the whole month. But you get it one per person and he could only pull that favor one time and then they've celebrated a given year again. Are you one of those people who celebrates half yearly birthdays and I yeah. Yeah. Math class how my witty you know what it is to use X so you celebrate what exactly would have birthday celebrate. I don't know but our company celebrates that they sent in emails and happy half birthday. It's just let me know what to say about this. All right so you know ideally just talking about Unita get older you we love you guys Lucy back at 5 AM tomorrow morning actually not a jealous. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 point seven the world.