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He went well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not there. You 100 point seven. Wolf this morning wolf pack on a Wednesday good morning Matt McCallister tell Lebanon minutes you like kid gave me a shiner with his xylophone towing. How has your kid to hurt you. Good morning Jodi Ian Munro wire you up early I'm not very late because I'm loud lunch lady and I got to get disability fix breakfast lunch for the kids good for you Jody what schools do work yes. I read that part they went oh well Monroe Washington and Ed and brand newly constructed school. Have you been doing this a long time though the lunch lady retain. 23 years okay and have lunch has gotten exponentially better or worse what do you think I'd feel better. I'm one of those weird people that loves cafeteria food and loves that's tough so. I was always big fan the sloppy show and spaghetti and whatever else that came out this school cafeteria. Ali he said burgers. We have like a subway deli bar they have lots and lots of toys that's. Boy you guys feed our kids every day at school would be considered some pretty healthy eater it would be considered cheap day for me like a burger or sloppy snow blower. But you know we're kicking get away with Steffi you needed every day. Well there is a fruit and vegetable bar as well give it nobody goes there right government requires did take it wrapped up the third about spoke. OC forced deferred on the kids are like kids. And then we'll we'll put a lot of time it gets turned away about it. It is offered to them and Mike Berger took that they by the what's on the menu today you know well today is as clean and Varitek and foolish sounds pretty good with the Bryson iron you know I had ad age and that's the bottom side how many students do you feed every day Judy. Right now because credit contraction and that's what little weird bird in about 250 a day and lives in about a hundred breakfast you know. I can't imagine cooking for that many people I can't even cook for ten people. Why can't I go wherever you're doing just about 600 bell today man has a lot of rice yet as. That's happiness they have a great day and appreciates it RA thanks for being there of course every morning lobby Jody I thought I. I'm happy that I callous act as a front its. Value of these guys got a free donuts it's. 100 points. Happy Wednesday met McAllister here and check out DS Seattle since agreeing to see in my black guy that my one year old son gaming he whacked me with them Mallon on NAFTA xylophone totally. In his car. To a 6421 wolf how are you can hurt you also you can jump on these Seattle wolf FaceBook page. This is probably the most horrifying thing you never hear in your life in the topic of how is your kid urge you Mary says my husband was sleeping on the couch. And my son grabbed the glass Coke bottle. And whacked him on their head because he wouldn't wake up. Unlike goodness. Hello Kearin lacy we're talking about all of the different ways that are beautiful wonderful precious children can hurt us. Yeah my son you airplane airplane very laid down my feet. My fear of in the hair blood banking and wait Eleanor Odom started late on around you think it's funny. Any felons need your diet and all Miley you can't let. Geez now at the lady champs now gear now. Let go back. And don't sorry for all of you that it is. Because I do believe and I'm gonna get into a gender or your gonna do believe is a little more painful than happens to us in that area L. Name a bit but straight Unger a walk yeah yep pain pain here that's not good thanks for chicken and I love you have a great day amien Edmund Howell has your kid virtue. He has inspired game that he called the Riddick game but he doesn't warrant any book or hand off the leg related all the bad you know I've got a lot better. And then it's kinda like heat Brad but directly on my subject. How old is your Sony meanwhile you've heard about the theory also he's big he weighs a few pounds. Or ice it every cowboys' upset yet you know you almost wish I could be a little bit of a heads up for the Rivet game. Yeah hopefully next time maybe Levy thanks for being a part of the morning wolf that. Addict that you do Tonya in federal way they'll begin to notice she didn't send them back into the system Tanya how tricky it hurts you. Actually when I was a kid IE wrecked my knee but third earrings out of her ears into the station cannot Wear earrings. Oh my goodness you good to both sound the same time yeah or yeah. Tiny critics how old looking first of how is that an accident. Outlook alerted playing a round I would really young I think it was about four. And I and I could leak up any ground delicate hoop earrings then at night accidentally ripped amount she pulled her head back. Do you remember that Tanya. I don't know if you can keep bringing it up commute every kind of one admired Hillary. Is no lawyers for Christmas. Exactly I'll Tonya that is incredible what a memory thank you so much for sharing. They can't they use to our right to Colin bunny lake house your kid hurt you or in this case your husband. I'm art thought I wanna walking into Seattle we know from next couple years ago. Pat thank you Nicole appreciate that. I would but it is an act so did you listen to us when we were in Phoenix. I did that's awesome we'll hey it's their reunion it's a little country family reunion we're so blessed to be here Nicole. Now we are glad to have you as thank you thank you. And yet the right period that when my oldest with a bat hero he was sitting on my husband's lap and he. Let him go back like the one batters and hit pet Bachmann has been an eyebrow and give them a black eye. Geez you know it's funny Nicole I'm looking at FaceBook comments on morning and that is the number one kid injury. Is when it there on your lap any reared their head back without warning and its goal either breaks and knows we've got a bunch of Boston noses. Or gives you a black guy or split lip. Yet. That seems to be the number one or there's Jessica who says my son broke my finger by by eating it while I was trying to give him a piece of food. I'm grateful. All right Nicole hey great to hear your voice thanks for checking in in and that raw here in Seattle together. I hope so look for technical things. I sat with Matt McCallister. Got this. It's almost Matt McAllister producer Joseph and I really can't go another day without or. A day I should say or does somebody being accused of inappropriate behavior. And of course were talking about men here. Danny Masterson is the latest but I will tell you this is the first accusation that at least that I ever had. Where the person being accused is saying wait a minute. I didn't do this this is crazy and I'm gonna fight this until my name is cleared this is the first person that's actually said. This is wrong it's not true and didn't just flat out say yeah I'm sorry I did it. I'm resigning. And Danny Masterson fired from the Netflix comedy the ranch which is a pretty good show it's kind of I tried watching it it's a little to sit Tommy for me he had never given it Shaq it's Ashton Kutcher. Danny Masterson from the seventies show and and I think what's the guy's name with the mustache and a big about Steve's got a great voice say Sam Billy Elliot. He's in it as well. But a lot of people watch that show and I remember one time just saying on the air right what Netflix ocean I watch on board and everybody cigarettes is pretty good. But these claims are from fifteen years ago. And Danny Masterson says look law enforcement investigate these claims when they happened fifteen years ago and determined them to be without merit. Well they had Netflix had a big gust up a couple of days ago because one of like the executives that Netflix was at a soccer game. And just carrying on a conversation with some woman there. And he said yeah we don't believe all these accusations against Danny Masterson. What's another woman he was talking to was one of the women who had accused day master oh your kidding so they had I think I I you know I at direct can't speak for any of this but today they fired him immediately after that neck came on the news or maybe they're just trying to save face somehow on the fact that more proactive and they were I don't yeah they it's. He's obviously not gonna let Disco we some really. Obviously very disappointed in Netflix is decision. I had never been charged with a crime let alone convicted of wanna look forward to clearing my name once in pearl. And maybe is to be the first one where it's sort of a bandwagon things. And he actually does vindicate himself I don't know how I'll be honest I didn't shocked me when I came out IEA IEI handlers that I haven't seen. You know this completely judgmental and superficial as a kid I only gets run just a river embryo that seventy's show like OK I'll buy that have been they feel like if I. I mean I don't actor iron out there on yesterday. We'll see how it goes up but if you're a fan of the Netflix comedy the ranch. It looks alive he'll still appear in the second half of season two which comes out next Friday in parts of season three and by that time who knows maybe nuclear his name and get into the rest of season during dad ever started on the gift well in the meantime pick up the publisher. They ask us another episode less than after roommate Joseph went to bed I was half spectacular slippery that. Yellow on the CB kills like 38 people there's no agent Joseph I'd definitely woke up I was tired. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister here. Now another episode oh. Your club. And if you are news radio station need to show this little something we do every day as a great to get to know you to bring our community together it's very simple. Just send us say coffee mug from wherever it is that you work. And will enjoy our morning copy out of a hole did you call will thank you for listening welcome you to the month club. We'll take a mug shot because it over all of our social give you the love there to Seattle wolf mr. Graham Twitter and FaceBook which. I'm overeat sorry don't with today's months. However I think Colin all morning even yesterday. And that nonprofit folks can be a bit busy as we know. But I wanted to thank Ken Mays said the executive director of the actually house in federal way for sitting in a beautiful traveler mode which we haven't got a lot of and down day semi a little kind of a letter about the actually house and from what I can understand. It's compassionate care for medically fragile children. So that means kids. With severe medical diagnosis when they leave the hospital. They often still need pretty complex medical care actually house provides that transition between hospital and home for kids. Who are technology dependent. So there are doing good work for kids with some pretty serious problems which god bless my love that which is why we did this even though I couldn't get him on the phone. Now one thing ornaments real quickly here their big morning wolfpack loses which is awesome but there are also looking for some donations. Special gifts this time a year. No they can get said the kids and presents from Santa that kind of thing so. Anything you can do to help would be really really wonderful play introduces Dooley actually house. Everything is tax deductible. And the staff has a ton of people to work over there taking care of these beautiful children so anything can do to help would be highly appreciated especially this time a year ago. And up by the way you an idea in the mud globally at a news go to our website Seattle wolf dot com. You'll see mug club pictures mug shots and you can get our address and send us a coffee mug now. Alex rate and these here and 100 points. So wolf it's the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister producer Joseph who moved into my house on Monday he's they're acting tonight's your last night Joseph you move into your real place tomorrow through it all goes well I'm excited for you menu been like kind of transient. My fourth place in the last tumor that I know I am so excited for you to have your own stuff happen. And it's been great having you out in the plottage and it's been fun man I love it I have one question for you and I don't mean to put you on the spot. And I don't mean to embarrass you either he can't do that which you notice things about people in use live with the and you've been in our house for two days this is day three. Yes unites. Correct me if I'm wrong you have not showered. Since you've been in my house I keep thinking the media to be getting up before me in doing it but I noticed the bat that was still paying an over the bathtub the. Now it's camping rules do it but. I couldn't go two days of that showering I can agnico Moore of I needed there had I I honestly actually thought this out. Because you have one bathroom yes that your entire place. So that I feel like it it would unit you saw how hard it was for me to even ask if I could stay with idea yeah you're you're really weird like I just I can't I am really sensitive about encroaching on other people's place and I think I'm probably I act get. You know Richie about it if somebody's in my world so I think I just am hypersensitive about it but yeah I knew. I knew I was gonna go at least two days without share hollering why there's a perfectly good shower just because hey I don't think it matters like I'm not I'm not at have to shower everyday kind of person. Like I'm I'm easily every other day in the cellar work out that I have to of I've worked out then moved care itself. So plus the big thing for me is the only have one showers are just like. Like that's yours your bathrooms basically kind of sacred no it's not it's a bathroom and Kelly you've been in a rental spot for awhile you don't read hundreds of people abuse that shower you know in a hotel did more than doubled home they had the hotel showers easy because I don't mind messenger at all and you know getting water all over the floor is it just the showers at the synch to was it the whole bathroom area no idea I mean is the hold up there -- I'm like whenever I go in there to brush my teeth I have to like I just have -- Clean up everything after myself like I'm sensitive about like. Like water hidden Amir in my eyes just the thing that is so we're now I feel bad like that makes you feel like you're now welcome to rush hour now you don't need it zero Marceau I may number I have my and in but and it is just does not have listened to be with you feel like that is my personal space senior in well. Somehow encroaching upon and then I I don't wanna take a shower before you wake up because I don't wanna wait Q. Yeah and then I'm not I did I just you know at night here you've just taken a shower so like volley right in there I'd listen. I think this is it's weird thing that's what I I don't think is so weird. I would like to hear from the morning wolf pack on this says there's any view the cannot understand. Joe's way of thinking I don't 206421. Waltz. Hello Mary in Puyallup welcome to the morning wolfpack head Joseph just admitted to me that. He's been doing camping rule since he got to my place on Monday no showering because he feels like he's invading on my personal space any thoughts of this marry. That though I feel the same way what I they let other people like everything I can not weight and the not meant that their days. Not to get like that flashed on the marriage but totally let them. Well Bo what about a shower I mean there there comes a point where you just need to take care personal hygiene thing I got only don't feel bad but I guarantee that cat smells. I think that if I I I wouldn't let myself now. But I I would beta whoever they let Taylor did it's are not that I'm that work you know I I just don't want Boehner of other people's lives game. And so I thought I would do it. Man I don't understand that way of thinking you know maybe I'm really selfish in and I'm not very thoughtful but if somebody's gonna invite me to stay at their house I assume that means I can use a shower and I even told him when he when he came in on money that dude here's your tile. It's on hook number two. Here's a you know everything that she need let me know he's been eaten the food and men I've been away after a bad that he's that sensitive about me like maybe come off like a jerk. Now now Albert you put them in my house I figured that what you are I don't I don't. You know they're bound tightly at their house. Interest and will marry thank you for Colin and in Nash sharing your thoughts on this. OK a bunch of people on the phone everybody wants to talk about Joseph and his weird camping girls in my house to a six more to what wall. Joe's been in my house since Monday he hasn't showered. Thank you sort of brought it up on the air to him this morning and he's going with camping rules disease sensitive about my personal space. I Jessica in Tacoma is this of the you can relate to it makes no sense to me. Yes. I've gone it's true sleep over my because themselves. And I will lash out or just if I do now want to wake everybody up in the morning. And that's her place gesture area. No it's not it's a bathroom that bathroom and a house has not been designated to one human being it's a bathroom I mean I was going yesterday. I took a three hour bike ride dirt you could showered three times once and now has visiting Athens you could've been me walking around air dry and I'm sorry Jessica yes. Took her temple I eat my hair off file. That Dutch shell will be covered and here yeah no matter how much I try to clean it there's dozens of the year all of that area. Jessica Levy thanks for checking in being a part of the morning wolfpack. Our can you just angry you do you do you just like my wife she's got this long black hair she's Mexican and we see showers it looks like somebody had a dog fight half and I to a 6421 wolf hello Mary on it in rents and talking about effort user Joan not showering in my house because he feels like he's invading my space would be bank. I kind of have to agree that happen. I don't know that it could go more than today in that I I would feel like it would be encouraging at this event it there's a second back and I'd be out. OK with it but has. Being the only asked him I I've. I'm kind of like him I'd be wiping things found then. In well. I'm with him wiping things down I do the same thing I like to keep the clean house but showers shower I mean it's tile and it's. You know there's nothing personal about it I mean the only thing I could see would be like using a bar so it is you know that goes in and out all the parks and we don't need a dad. But I beg including bars this open the shampoo is not personal I don't I don't I feel bad I'm like man. And and I condemn it and I could get that day but more and hit that. I can keep an uncle yet he's gonna get right here Grayson of he did tell me just the second ago is let's look I got a real plain dumb and I'm gonna do it tonight I'm gonna shower tonight's the night and I think. Hand okay. It's just I just I didn't I I didn't realize it was such a mental thing for him now I feel kind of bad issue I'd. The hospitable. I'm I'm on his side I've been split indicated it get a get a scrappy got to take care business. Oh my goodness I marianas thanks for checking in Libya have a great day UK bank. Joseph let me ask you one last question and get a move on guard. It's as if my place had a separate bathrooms it was for earth like the guest bathroom yeah. Which you have a problem that. Now an underdog it's just because my ships because it's your show out there and I think personal by the way you shouldn't feel back that would be would be the same mentality anywhere I was staying well somebody else's apparently you're not alone and now when I stay over civilian customers don't think twice about getting their shatter it and that's personal space. All right beat street 710 Christian tickets you wanna get in line to a 6421 Waltz you can call right now. I sat with Matt McAllister and try. 100 points out though wolf it's. The morning wolf back on Wednesday comment McAllister welcome great to have you here. Went through the morning wolf pac man you are spam producer Joseph is over there and some pretty amazing news yesterday. And Joseph I wanna give you all the credit the world evenly won't shower in my house. You will on who turned me on to probably the best. Definitely the best documentary that may be the best movie I have ever seen in my life it's called it chorus I am and Joseph hey you know wash his because it starts out about a guy. Who's interested in doping. To see if they can improve how he does as an amateur cyclists which avid cyclist for twenty plus years I race or do all that stuff. I'm like okay because but be prepared in the middle of it and it goes crazy. It's a now I recommend this movie just about everybody can. What this guy ends up Brian focal he ends up discovering. He gets this Russian. Scientist who's in charge of the anti doping lab in Moscow. To give him a doping program. Well turns out this guy ends up defecting. And admits to him which they turn over to the New York Times in the FBI that Russia. Has been tilting their athletes since the beginning of time systematically. Yet it it says government sponsored doping program so it's not. Lance Armstrong in the US Postal Service team doping to win it towards France's Putin's orders yes. And this guy this Gregory F forget his last name he's now on the witness protection program. This guy he grew up as an athlete and is mum starting given steroids and he's fifty tickets is the way that it is in Putin's. Is to not only does he know about it. But he uses it to his advantage in in I'm going somewhere with this is there was some crazy breaking news yesterday about all this and I think he does have to do with the movie. But. You know yet I think about it win a country does well in the Olympics it pretty much opens them up to doing a lot of different things the president of that country or the leader of the dictator whatever his approval rating will go through the roof. And at that time right after I forget which Olympic Games. That that Russian dominated might have been Sochi pretty much most of them they do there they get. You know they're from usually first or second on the narrow path yet he used as an excuse to its flat out invade another country right after the degrees approval rating with like eighty. So the Olympics are just about sport they're about political power. Russia has now been banned completely. From the 2018. Winter games. Which is unbelievable. What I don't think it's ever happened I know in the road this summer games they'd stand maybe Russian track stars or something in the the last go around. I don't know for the country and ugly certainly not one on the scale of Russia in terms of size has ever been banned from Europe was last podcast I heard of Brian fogel. He said. They they came out and they banned for Russia's track and field team like your saying but did they reinstated them. And now they've banned every athlete from Russia yet they apparently they said that the athletes. Can apply to compete under a neutral flag meeting they don't represent any country but no would dare let their guy out pending death. No it's it's. Pretty unbelievable it's pretty historic and imagine being this independent filmmaker or do you make little documentary about doping in amateur cycling annexing you know you've unraveled. One of the biggest plots. Historically ever pretty insane and I and like you said I I don't care anything for recycling but it is just a really good. I can get the analyzes and now that I know this is partly responsible for what have absolutely they have an indisputable evidence that they've cheated in the beginning of time even says it's impossible to win a medal without doping era. And it writes craze it's here that morning or. I'm still a party. Solo blast hit the pavement and. That could be history. Hello Gordon in south Everett how're you today I am Sam passed and it's Wednesday morning. Bright and we were almost home free. Hope so close what is it alright Jordan I like your energy brother your fired up. I love it. I love it all right so here's the Helio welcome to beat the street's thank you good to be here you are playing. For Chris Young tickets at the Tacoma dome Saturday may nineteenth courtesy of HEG live. I'm sure you understand the contest works who we have already asked some random person on the streets of downtown Seattle five pretty easy trivia questions. How many do you thirty seconds on the clock asking the same five. And then we'll figure out whether or not you can beat the street all right dude spirit as he fired upgraded to go thirty seconds on the clock here we go Gordon. Who started baseman Terry in the nineties comedy Ace Ventura pet detective on my god. I don't like when you do. And yeah I tentatively named. In football how many points are awarded after a touchdown and extra point. Stan Kyle butters in carbon characters on what animated TV series. Ticket which city is the capital of Washington State. Olimpia which country singer played herself in a sitcom Reba. I wish I had. All right Gordon time's up let's see how you did it by going down the street with producer Joseph let's meet the challenger. Average anyway from what do you do. My name's Steve risen out of Colorado. Had been here's Seattle 24 years thanks to watch football. Oh he likes to watch football he may be well on question number two Gordon. Yeah they can get that one out all right let's find out how you did and how our good friend Steve out on the streets did. And question number one producer Joseph with a microphone. Who starred as Ace Ventura and the ninety's comedy Ace Ventura pet detective. Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey is right. And I knew it too little sore right there I know Gordon acted acted feel you searching for but he didn't come up with a so. As of right now Steve on the street has he won two nothing lead on you heading into question number two which is yes. The football question a year ago in football how many points are awarded after scoring a touchdown and kicking the extra point seven. Seven is right chord in you said to which I think you were thinking of a safety year whether an animal. With a path. Are you at the data earlier sort I. Do I Iberia I think you were blinded a little bit by the lights you know your on the big stage everybody's watching and so. Right now your little bit of a hole you're down to move to steal on the street so let's go to question number theory yes. And child voters and Carmen Barack characters on what animated TV series. I don't know. He didn't know that one you said Ren and stimpy the correct answer is South Park. Yeah I never watched that told me and they couldn't be there well that's good because it's not about kids' cartoon stuff proof. Unfortunately Gordon. Right now you are both for three and our good friend Steve has two out of three. If we can do that and not real. Question number four which city as the capital of Washington State. Olympia. Olympia is right so according got that right moving into three. Out of four correct you gotta write as well so you're on the board anyway 32 lines. In these. Are let's go to question number five. Rich country singer played herself from the sitcom Reba. He didn't know that jordin nets a little break for you. But unfortunately you know he got that one right that was a probably the easiest question you've ever ask you beat the street. Yeah that was the Steve on the streets finishes the read you finish with two correct answers that means you did not beat the street today Gordon. And it looks like got to go to work. Well you know what you got to go to work either women on to tell you what we don't let people walk away here empty handed were part of the morning wolf thank Gordon nine joy darkened Dijjer funded. I'm gonna hook up for the tickets anywhere you go see Chris Young Ashley Tacoma dome. Believe me he always. Cannot value what went so cool they. Appreciate it's our pleasure garden we love you. Many thanks for listening and by the way case you're curious the total so far in league history morning wolfpack 26 street three. You're listening to the morning call. But Alastair I know. Nevermind. The nail 100 my. Kathy Wednesday met here Joe's over there Joseph your girlfriend Sophie high maintenance. I would say no okay certainly not compared anybody else that I've been way. What about it. Your book. I would say may be on the tat I tell her that she is high maintenance and she fights me on yet. There's something that is going around yesterday on FaceBook I thought it was hilarious and actually. Pretty accurate. It was a high maintenance quits. So here's what I'd like to stick strictly for women are for men there. Felt just for women are if you're a dude who's high maintenance I know that you've got to hand written well I guess that's probably right. But I would say most people that listen to this radio stations and their guys are probably not I mean that's a period to take you three minutes to get ready for work that's. You should not have a hair dryer. You should not be spending more time in the bathroom then your significant other who's CNET and these these are not rules apply and and hopefully. All right so here's what I would like anywhere I want to run this quiz time and one woman. Part of the morning wolf pack you listening right now and in the past somebody has told you you are high maintenance you've been accused of being a high maintenance woman before. I need you give us a call right now 206421. Wolf it only takes a couple of minutes. And no will actually see and act like this I think this is pretty accurate. And and now we've already posted it on FaceBook and Twitter you can go take dead attest to post your scores ladies but to a 6421 wolf right now. Hello Hanna in Port Townsend how are you. And do a fantastic Hannah how old area. Let's find out we have a definitive test to see if you or a high maintenance female in 2070. Do you Wear high heels. Okay that's six points do you own twenty plus payers of shoes. Well now okay do you shave every day. Now do you Lazar your hair. Now do you Wear make up every day. Do you have any permanent make up. Okay that's a point is short hair dye. That's two points you have hair extensions. And tank are your nails painted. Yet. Okay that's two points do you have acrylic nails. OK are your brows waxed. Now you have lash extensions. Do you spray tan. Do you have a designer purse. Okay that's a big one that's ten points to do you buy high and make up. That's six points you were a lot of jewelry. Okay do you own more than 25 scarfs. And finally do you get massages regularly I think that's it's a funny one that ended on. Okay I'm gonna bring up producer Joseph in here to add up the total producer Joseph. Bringing your abacus my friend wants acting cards Joseph is doing the math here now here's the deal. If it's anything over twenty your time maintenance if your fifty your really high maintenance and if you're around a hundred. You are the freaking queen of the castle could. It. Judge Joseph what are we got buddy 12828. So. You are in fact on the high maintenance side of things and how about that I saw two answered no to a lot of these as well. Yeah I and I know a lot of women that. You insult babble on about it and need but. But no way can be a little that I mean and yet. Look straight cadre. Absolutely I mean if you're dating or married to a woman that's a zero. Look every once in awhile you got a lot of little makeup and a little fancy enough some pretty right. Yeah Panama. To clear this I end. Actually it right the tax return I walked out the door and it clicked no make up Byron Matt Harris. That. Well listen I can totally relate because we've got a one year old and I you know as if Vanessa can take a shower or go to the bathroom and privacy she's pretty epic. It. All right and a Columbia thanks so much I'm surprising here on the high maintenance gambit thanks for Conan. Love you thank you our job accused speaking in my life or her being high maintenance and I Metairie to find out if she is knack. We have posted behind Maine as quiz on the Seattle wolf FaceBook page I've sorted out on Twitter will follow openness to grab my wife is on the phone right now Vanessa. From Arizona and I have accused her since day one of being a high maintenance woman you are here to receive those accusations. Yeah a little bit a quarter. Joseph you know my wife seaside Maine yeah. Saying she's been the ice and now she's got to be fifty I think you're a 75 honey I think. And but I but I do think my definition and high maintenance in this quiz that we posted are two different things. I may think your high maybe it's because everything with you has to be an exact certain way where I'm more of a go with the flow guy but according to this the true definition high Maine this is how much work you put in your own self. Okay all right so that more in our home and myself but let us here. -- able let me just you've taken the -- his arm in him back Iran throw the questions but what scored did you get when you took the quiz. I got an eight team look. No way come on come twenty plus pairs of shoes. If you let and I think there was one question right on the fence and it lit it on me I can go to. Six point hearing about when he hit point four I did joke you do some math here yeah I was gonna question earning couples thanks okay. Twenty plus pairs of shoes then. Yeah okay that's for. You shave every day. Be sure to get a guy I know you're hearing gets Lazard. Yep that's the next question that six you Wear make up daily. I don't I don't usually every morning you pull something on your face. Current. Males or pain and yet you don't have acrylic though. No. Nails. Nails it's too. Okay her hair sent died no hair extensions. You don't use it starts and you don't whacks the browse you did to have lash extensions which you no longer do. I do not it's just knew I don't think that would have been eight points. Okay mussina one of those big speaker tanning booths but you don't spray tanned so I can accumulate points for that. Hello I tell you this I think is the same thing. You know you're gonna get beat cancer typically it great hands aren't designer purse yes ten points are you know that a boy you won you. Hi and make up definitely that's six points. You don't Wear a lot of jewelry kinky B to ten for that. No and I know you don't know mourn 25 scars to is you know you're still in Arizona. Yeah and you don't get you do get a massage but not regularly so I could indeed they're so Joseph. Would that end up to be the Tony let's listen Torre allocate 28 which means they've. Your high maintenance. Any they are trying to say I'm right I knew it there you go. Further ahead but like the last lady said and I can't disagree your beautiful I love you I wouldn't heavy anyway so. I guess I'm okay with a 28. I mean I think I see the woman the guy that he carry yourself look bad. You do for sure and guys too you know got to make sure it termed out cleaned up you know remain. Doesn't show in two days I love you so. The morning when I needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't help until than a dollar. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. It's no wolf okay where Millen and we hate Matt McAllister. Hometown holiday seven days away I am so excited Joseph I know you're in the same boat how mad after I get there. America sleepover at the assessor assures that are well that's where the cuts there's going to be a week from tonight seven days to get two tickets at Seattle wolf dot com. We're talking about right now because Midland is going to be there Graham and dated two times this year and you gotta believe they're on top of the world after being recognized by the grammys and out of nowhere I mean this is that literally their first year grade. Well absolutely and it adds this is like a Chris Stapleton your for the program Casey mustard there and Jason is felt like breaking the scene. Everybody loves and we Pannemon studio here before and they're going to be there and they were here a little bit ago but not for the walls and work cited in for all of you that are out brand new listening from came TN OK MPS welcome. Nothing but respect for you welcome to the wolf number one for new country and were having a concert next week humanity even know it's going to be a lot of fun. We've got a Dustin lynch big and rich. Chris Janzen Michael Rey. Of course we talked about middle there but Kaminsky is well oddly that's all six could you got him to hang its first time to relax me out of work but it's going to be a lot of funny in the you know where new morning show we've been here for two months we cannot wait to get out there in just to meet every single wanting to so. That's why we're so excited about it. All you gotta do. Is key to tickets don't miss out I know there's some left but not a lot don't wait till last minute to see this guy dostum lanes hometown holiday next week I sat McCallister. Brought. It's. No walls very sad article in the business insider holiday office parties as we know them are dying. It's kind of like fraternities just not the same as it used to be back in the day nobody cared to be dealt a solid party is where you cut loose. Jaeger kind of inertia self defense and drank too much she danced funny Atlanta lamps on the head lamp shade on that to happen in the wake of all these harassment scandals and news survey finds that fewer companies are actually planning to host holiday parties and all I know for a while Joseph where you and I worked. In the past there was no party at all so now I'm always grateful to have any thing. We're having our wolf holiday party I believe in a week and a half minutes. 65 to eight it's tier work it's going to be pretty chill I'm quite happy hour to drink maximum yeah well that's the other part of the article talked about as the ones the companies that are having a holiday party or serving whale us alcohol. Besides drinking too much other office party folks cause include dressing inappropriately. And Joseph I'm assuming it just talk about you and ugly Chris waters there row now women's. Don't get wasted in bad mouth colleagues. That's always a bad idea. Here's another company holiday party reminders. No matter how hot she looks do not dance with the bosses wife when she asks you to. Make up an excuse now like I have a torn Achilles tendon. Thanks for asking. This is then another company holiday party reminder. Never been an ongoing series leading up to your office holiday party but if anybody has a good story like from back in the day a really embarrassing moment somebody get out of control Ali who's one call on that to a 6421. Wolf right now. Matt McAllister there's producer Joseph answering your phone calls. Looking for those horribly embarrassing. Office holiday party stories and by the way just figured out what really. Makes it a good night. And now Lucy in Seattle but its edge I just came up with a if you actually do something at the office holiday party that gets you a nickname. That sticks the next day and for the rest of your timing bad business that means you qualify for good story. So Lucy yeah you wanna share story let us. Yeah my office manager at the Christmas party years ago I'm not there anymore. He got completely hammered president maybe had a lot but why. And ended up like playing on the floor to run of the are bad. Until I gave her right home happy getter in my cart getter your own house and he grew up on her now. Yeah mom and you're the fool me slowly Elop does not account manager wasn't ever. Not a good leg for a manager. Yet you know here's a thing about our cellar parties you there's nothing you're gonna gain other than just you gotta go not a team player. The tank to gain anything that you could lose everything yen overnight. Yeah he yeah it's quite a hot today collar like you Kimi pewter pants the next day and that's what I would do them totally and. Oh no you know like how it does Turk. I'm okay being done and don't keeping Gerry and I don't integrate an I four person Jerry and Mike Bryan manager. Yeah. I don't even O'Grady they nightly. Well I make less and you don't lie and yeah Lucy awesome thanks for Wright being a part of the morning wolf thank base for sheer lunacy we love you. Have a good time I do. Melody in Basel how're you. I told you about yourself fantastic you know I got that nickname theory from an old. Gala used to work that a radio station back in the day her name that I wanna embarrass on where she is now Ernie was he needs earnest. And after the holiday party Sarah Connor Amy the furnace turn up and let's just say she did some fancy dance moves and she was an. She is on fire there was a song there has nothing else and everybody's like blow. Anyway not only know how about your holiday party story. Okay this is when I was first married. We were at age after party at my my now ex husband but since Al. And we he would deal with the company. And he got really drunk and we're all ban saying he'd have a good time. And we couldn't find the most that he disappeared. And it's like okay where are they and finally somebody found him in the upstairs bathroom laying on the floor only naked as the. You know election. To tell you think you always kind of wondered why making again we're delighted clothes that I thought. If you're dead drunk who's got time to take to close obviously so to work through their plan on taking a shower head that's yeah I'm Iranian and when you really really caught co worker that found them special envoy to pay one more question did you say that was your ex husband. Yet no airline and a large indicates that you had your leg machine of the party for a couple of cars. Oh yeah well I'm glad it wasn't me yes. And I slowly through now you can like snapped had a couple pictures and it's all goods kind of fund yet Beriault Melanie W thanks for being a part of the show. You know but I notice the engines and the view that. And it hurts everything I personally it's a little dagger I'd stay with us reviews of the really really cool for the holidays if you are a pet lover of probably more a dog lover I think in this case she got to stick around here we're going to be doing. Yeah Alex rate and these here and 100 points. So wolf my name is Matt McCallister goes to the morning wolf back producer Joseph is here so excited for tomorrow actively starting your general as we've been talking about this forever. But it will welcome we do we can do something for the holidays to give back be part of the community it's what it's all about the end we came up with an idea. The twelve strays of Christmas we are both huge dog lovers in fact a little. I tidbit about me I have never. Bought a dog from a breeder ever I have always adopted dogs I hit or miss you know I've had some things. Definitely some kind of sketchy dogs that work great with others because they just came from it's a bad situation. But I've always adopted I've always gone down the shelter or the humane society and picked out a dog indicated just for me. That's always been so important to give those little puffs at home for boarding and go to Joseph is the biggest dog lover on the planet his dog Obie is like his. Sun and solar that's how you feel about your dogs anyway it says it's. Devastating to think there's dogs out there without homes so we wanna give twelve strays home and Joseph you've put together with Motley zoo. Correct gather. Real big kind of dog fostering organization in the Seattle area send everybody that we work with. Said there's the bats well and I know Elena is that a tunnel work for them and when we brought it up. Is I think you found my heroes are coming out of Foster dogs for the so again that there there hiring and he recommended. So we are gonna have a dog in studio tomorrow that at this time is why we're talking about a 25. And my goal and join you feel the same way is to adopt out. All twelve. Dogs if so let the lofty goal it is certainly possible I know we can do it we got this I mean you know I go right to read and Claude. I see all these homes or C to treat dogs run around this big open space effect has this country there's got farms defenses got grass. We were howls we're gonna do are bad for us if there denied any respectable country person has at least three dogs and so if you've only got one and it might be time to get another. And as a lot of you looking for effect can't wait to kick it out tomorrow the to a twelve strays of Christmas. How does that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts. 100 points. This is the morning wolf back up Matt McAllister is wanna say thank you to Gordon he played beat the street this morning oneself from Chris Young tickets. And just immunized message on FaceBook to San pain and I'm. GP NN Cain and PS listener I'm new to the wolf they went away so you got me I'm a member of the wolf pack now. And I wanted to thank Gordon for doing that for all the rest of either joining us for the first time. We're all set around here about half and came he has no doubt about that but we welcome you with open arms we are family here and now you're part of this event. And I think we have a really cool situation right now we'll get to become one big family which. Has never happened in Seattle before we get to be one big country family we all fight for the same army now so welcome aboard all of you great to have you here. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. It's actually had this loaded up yesterday never got to it scientists have now waiting Joseph on what is the best happy Easter Christmas Carol. Ever had according to science and so they have audio alleges. Actually they constructed a song received this hits all the neurons he gets all the you know whatever is. Iron up in your brain a better began well. Here it is. Are your endurance iron. Now I really didn't Marlins. Kind of sounds like who Mariah can mass murder case it's not they found random singers you never heard of before you. And not feel we. Sing in the choir banning. I took care of whatever ails me. Yes I insist. I'm not come up with what they think is the perfect Christmas song and you deserted so you should be a good mood science well spent and tired as. Producer Joseph. Corrections in complaints judges got one today it actually falls on my shoulders you know I give you a lot of grief about your math skills I have none but apparently it's not my strong suit either during our our you know I'm maintenance segment. Can't I gave her score of 28. She was actually 32. Alone so little bit higher on the timing and scale than we have we give her credit for you know but I I praise of mistakes because it that I would've come down on the department issue I would have been like you're and his. The so I think after a good now. Next thing you don't pay by the way if you missed any part of our show today remembers a podcast. The easiest way to get it is just download the app the Seattle wolf Batman is right there on the front page every single day it's good way to catch up and you might have missed something like high maintenance quiz ladies are you my main easily can find out take the quiz let us know. We'll see you back tomorrow morning at five. Yeah how. 45.