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Wednesday February 21st, 2018


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And welcome back to the podcast for Wednesday February 21 match here sludge goes over there on the air cheer loud enough Joseph ideally low volume I lonely out here podcast know you're actually get and by the way yesterday's podcast intro was phenomenal in that it Davis material for today show here is by doing the update to Jose shampoo going. We found this morning and mostly from women on the show that got a whole month his would slow Joseph goes before a champ loses there is a little much I think second but most women and some guys will shampoo only twice a week yet. I like text to be in the middle that's his do you wash your hair every day that is gross so I didn't yesterday. I didn't notice that there is a little bit of the goofy curly thing and it's not there today at the flatter cents a I didn't I need a little bit as a natural agrees America's it's too puffy and freeze the it by the way analysts into our podcast entry is do we Celek a couple of girls can point that out talking about her hair for twenty minutes but I would say to you probably need up that maybe once a week being good shampoo protocol Syria. Cannot now tell us push yourself man how often you're better than that man or Arnold the one adjustment to the show which you're about to hear by the way we had a big announcement planned for 7:50 this morning that freedom we found out right we came in this morning last minute that that 10 AM watershed lineup announcement that we were supposed to make got bumped up to 8 AM right so we made it. A judgment call you're gonna hear that in a show. It tend not do the announcement a 750 because it would have been lost everybody was thinking about watershed of the gorge in the three day concert in it would have been. Watered down. A theft so winner tomorrow at 750. And in that conversation we're gonna be introducing the newest member to the morning wolf pack air finally having a woman joined the show. After five months of exhaustive research we've looked at every available candidate high and low in radio from here -- whipped out recalled right and I am pretty DM sure that we have come up with the very best option I'm really really excited I act and I can't there's I'm so tired right now that didn't sleep at all but just that every ounce of me is beyond excited for you as your extra slow Joseph today because I only such an hour last night couldn't turn the brain often sound yes that's not that I am flying off the rail and examine you went on like a bobsled that didn't get the right wax on the Huskies on Red Hat. But anyways so tomorrow morning we will introduce you to Emily and you'll have her on the radio for the first time at 750 so if he can't catch a blow our live he was in the podcasts you'll hear it anyway yes we're really excited and I'm gonna let the audience the morning wolf pack kind of get to know her as we approach her start date which is march 5. Yes I want everybody didn't know her and be comfortable with there including us when she walks in the studio that first day on that Monday and we go with a three person wolf pack my first time Q in that way I can show up a little bit which is. He's thank I think no actually I can showed up a little bit which whoever they had months and looks slow John are sick of pretending we know about. Women and coddling and shampoo and nails and craft we don't know about and how women feel and know we he need a woman on the show we actually at a Texas and McCain no offense did what he gonna get a girl on the show my health trust me it's not because we haven't been looking votes are so excited to announce Emily. Comedy show and introduce everybody to her tomorrow. And by the way you podcasters are the only ones and owning and we have only been said on the radio today. You know it's funny about this to my dad. He like I hate you know he had a stroke he had hit yet a stroke in 2009. He's remedies is recovered he's gonna be but you know every once in awhile like I I think he has trouble getting the question now. Yes OK at my mom really helps a lot of that but every once a while he'll ask me to Wear you out for your saudis say. You know gee you went what's what's the story with the with the lady in -- -- announcement that having active man says he isn't or some side ASEAN I got handsomely dad I'm you know primaries I downloaded add but every time he brings that up he means winter you know woman on the show and he asked me literally every time we jocks or at least twice a week you lastly about that for months now so they nobody is more excited about that yeah other than me and year than my. Prayers and well we've always had a woman and Jonas been a long haul but we wanna make sure we had the right one I'm really excited for a Emily to join us from Atlanta where our where this relocating hers from. Aren't soak up things we didn't talk about today we talk a little bit about the Olympics later. But we didn't get to this it's a couple of quick fun hits about the Olympics. Did you know that that Germans are drinking beer instead of Gatorade. We'd like while they while they exercise now granted it is non alcoholic but there are also drinking a lot of alcoholic beer too. It's a German brewery from barker. They sent 3500. Liters of nonalcoholic beer of the Olympic village for the 153. Members of the team Germany. That's just under 925. Gallons of nonalcoholic beer. And they have been drinking it like instead of Gatorade in fact their coaches are telling them. To drink it and I get it in terms of mr. Karr herbs yeah a lot of really like high quality endurance athlete so carve up with a few Beers tonight before big event in of that now yes that thing that's an act NB I think you can't I think. By the way Kirstie Alley pissed off everybody in the curling community today when she tweeted it. I'm not trying to be mean but curling is boring. Well she's not wrong but a team USA's curlers I had written I. And give them credit they had a little bit of a sense he listened to their response this is team USA's curling team who by the way speaking of beer and cigarettes yes therein. Okay quote we're not trying to be mean either but your movies were exactly riveting. I the only move Reagan think other issue is into is that. With or with the talking baby look Cousteau and it has to. Yeah I just think of her in cheers Sam Malone and that that was her Tebow wasn't she on that moment Bruce Willis to was a moon landing I am. She was a pretty good sitcom actors back in the day as well eighties. Yeah yeah but anyway then she tweeted back cam and given another chance muzzled by some loves watching curling no it doesn't think we need he doesn't love figure skating which I do so we can make each of the give second chances today thing you know hey it interestingly enough and I just assumed like you know a curling kind of boring no offense anyway but so be actually really likes it I think it's a Canadian thing but yet even that plague have been on a minute effort. I would have a blast just like any other bar game playing I a lot of fun to do it there but to watch it's still I am and elect anybody do that have bossy ball at a at a restaurant editor. Up by the way the South Korean curling team to have nicknames like pancakes stake in any which is a reference to yogurt by the way the other girls nicknames are Cho Cho and sunny and his team they call themselves the garlic girls. That's South Korea there are a couple of teams I can say from which countries that they haven't really really good licking curling team review existing. Hadn't noticed I can't watch it that long enough to notice. And by the itself the Olympics on Twitter are back hash tag self the Olympics started back in 2014 but. Maximal dot com has some of the best ones so far but it's it's herb it fairly complex game if you wanna get involved. It needs to be in yourself be and it does require props so to get in there on that. What else what else what else did we get to today oh there's a topic of this and I'm not sure. Where you stand on a slow Joseph but if you were at a restaurant and you order some food in it comes the wrong way do you send it back leaving the liked prepared incorrectly. Yes or even the wrong order for that matter if it's the wrong order yet for sheer and end. You know I'm not that picky benefits you know there's certain instances there's no wrong bank yet have you been brought food that's the wrong order and you just hated anyway could you were hungry. Yes I think they used to be less. It would it was just just me out in the world doing thing you know I've probably put up with that more than I would now play Edna and it. Do you remember the story and I was the pizza place. And we waited for like 3540 minutes for this pizza there and now I won't do that anymore they've earned the wrong order I know it's somebody else's but I wasn't thinking our kids were hungry and honing in Atlanta. And the lady brought over a pizza and it was pretty close to order but not exact in a bubble we could totally live within your starving for like jackal. And then all of a sudden there's this guy and we seem standing by to take out he's been there for an hour. And finally we figure out that the lady brought us his pizza that and then he would want our pizzas and to wait another hour hour fresh pine hill felt terrible that's the downside and taking an aura that's not correct. Anyway 39% of people in new survey said sending back food restaurant makes them uncomfortable yes 39%. I get it. 3% said they won't send food back even if the entire order is wrong and I would do that and got a look at it got a net Taylor and them. Let's see here according to see surveying lets see lets the OK if there was hair in your food would you send it back yes. I would not. 50% said they would not either summon a small minority that. 7% say they were sure I'd say this is gonna sound awful bombs going to be honest with you depending on how hungry I was in when I eat. I am starving that I was pulling her out and keep beating. I don't care in germs are gonna her game and you bring on your bacteria you're -- virus your Third World country virus out digested and keep on going to bring that make me stronger at a bears don't bother me baby I would analyze it closely and if it was Carolina but definitely. We well there's that I think either way what exactly is gonna about housing and urge you to touch a piece of food and Italy so it's in between your teeth aren't as a whole different ball game they could end there. But I'm longer now I'm just I'm on the grind it out nine I think about it I'd if your food came out and a dirty play we descended back. Slowed that see that's typically were like policy smudges on my glass or something like that number is there a winner yet 12% would not I would neither. I'm not very picky by the way if you're screwed his undercooked would you send it back. Depending on what it wiser master because it's like a super rare steak only tech is better for you anyway. If the entire meal was wrong to send it back yes 3% said no most that's in 97%. Net. Said yes. Excuse me yeah and there's. Speaking of food at my eggs avocado hand peppers and nine is just talking to him up a little man as a all right so that's it and now look at him what one thing I think we should we should because it's coming up so soon in the podcast we should be totally transparent. We started topic at 5:20 AM. I wasn't even imagine how I was gonna take you edited out of that time out of there are why I didn't Sarasota Dallas and Tampa. Say you know what that's what the 5 in ours I am sometimes go and I like we come up with an idea. And we test drive it is like you said in if it works great global Roland primetime it doesn't well and on there right we need an address that we moved on marriages we had it won taxed now 81 phone call it. I'm like Joseph I'm not wasting any time trying to make this work again it's not low hanging fruit her enough and so it yet about but tattoos you hear that unexplained trend transition that's of the yet it was a little. It was a stretch to think and I told you before we did what I says it Joseph this if this is 5050 guys that I don't know if are listening to get a grasp the concept of tattooing something on your five Tony it's hard to grasp anything about who I do like he will be put just a little bit of country music news in here meeting to talk about this but I was really engaged in an article last night that you sent Biggio. About a newcomer although he is not new he's 38 years old Diane and Al walker Hayes and how he is an alcoholic dad and I didn't know that and only thing any of us knows his once so hey you broke up with ring book and SA bid. Uga having me. He meaty me he and we love the song everybody starts happening sound he's a really good looking guys you haven't seen him he's Garrity he's very conservative looking for the song I thought. But he's 38 years old he's an alcoholic. And he's two years sober but the article was basically. Not hey life is great level lie I was man I struggle every day and it's really hard for me and what happened was he moved to Nashville. Nashville chewed him up spit him out he was not successful he drank to cope he's got a family. And and the more he drank the more he drank because he felt bad about drinking and it was a downward spiral from there but. He's two years over which is great there's another country artists have struggled with alcoholism Joseph Nichols being one of the most notable while at the top business to be in for an addict or alcoholic and any kind how do you not drink every night and because we see those guys. Wherever that's like our night to go out can we have a couple Beers. They do it every night Grasso is like for example we had that. New country night I would Jordan Davis yes. And couldn't wait to have a whiskey with them or beer or whatever and he he does that every damn I totally and everybody and their crew and every yes flick you know I don't know why you're not an alcoholic in that industry at least you get real comfortable death and the fact that some of those guys remain in really good shape like the Florida Georgia line guys Tyler covered him for terror. I don't know how that happens either because you're drinking every single night and you're on the road you read crap tonight I don't understand I think they get on down time like before shows and stuff like that site you always see him run and like the hills in the stats yeah the menu says that yeah and you know there's guys that have in actually it's injury walker Hayes said the same things that I've turned my obsession with drinking and other things as I spent a lot of time in the gym right now because I want to Jack just distracts me from wanting to drink again and that's what Tim McGraw does that he does I'm trying to think or some other notable. Country artists have struggled with sober I Christian Hanson's on the Wagoner you know wagon dad and he's got stories to that I can't wait to ask about it like party with Axl Rose from Guns 'N Roses Baghdad today with like a bunch of cocaine. Strippers and like he was a wild man happened now reserve Christian family man. He made the switch. Michael Ray might have a little bit of a thing with his DUI recent series went on party when he's had a bad night bathroom and maybe it's been pretty sloppy in our hometown holiday two mile I don't speculate net but. There's one name off Randy Travis obviously. That's probably the most notorious falling off the wagon ever yes that is I mean when Joseph was staying with me for a week. He locked himself in the gets better ms. watching the Randy Travis arrest video you front license five times that are out who it was amazing that you feel terrible for the guy but some of the things he says of the cup so these naked being arrested like they are brilliantly. Easily there he is whole layer yes and obviously now like not doing very well black. Man. Yes it is such a lot of I was very into for reading god it was so hammered right that he went into circle K or gas station to buy cigarettes totally naked correct. He was very elusive and I don't citizen were the president sit down like on quick wit and then just leg and contrast has. And so anyway just a lot of respect I guess is the whole point of that for walker Hayes and Abby into your sober and death sharing that being open enough to say. Manulife isn't peachy for me it's a struggle every single day and and I I really appreciate the authenticity with that in his honesty so. And just a little love for walker has meant. All right that's it tomorrow morning we introduce you to annaly our new member of the show as a B iPhone of course she's not going to be here until March 5. We got more FTL tickets at 710 and 830. Tomorrow's Thursday game I think that's all we kind of now that the others to shout out real quick to tangerine travel. In bar full because we're headed up there and a little bit maybe like an hour. For the mug club so they sent us a mug gonna go see an amber some domestic Alex 75 employees this travel agency rig on the all of them. So if you wanna get some mud 805 avenue suite 14100 Seattle 91 before we would love. To swear you in as an official member of the morning wolf pack mug club thanks for listening guys we love you see tomorrow. TWA eight. Do you think he would spell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this game then you 100 point 70 look. Wolfpack on the radio here at 10505. AM her early on a Wednesday. About that Wednesday got a Chrysler Joker and is now at. Man here thank you for starting your day with us we appreciate him and unloved latest polls. 28 degrees in the call and left the squatting zoo as cold block to work this morning that really warmed up all that much yesterday either Mac can do the same today I think 39 is going to be the high today forty may be means. I had a frozen face amount by great yesterday but he had got out that's important part part. Some highlights and assured it's actually going to be really fun compared to yesterday of course. We'll get used to call of the day coming up at 550 the mud club August where somebody new in the local business at 610. Cannot fake news 65710. Gets real fun with Florida Georgia line tickets and beat the street. And then we have a need sure makes you have two big announcements back to back slow joke 750. We have a big morning wolf pack announcement very excited to make it in the right after we're going to announce a line of for watershed everybody's been asking for months. Pretty much since we got here who's covered the doors this year now we know lineup bonds they'll hold it up at 8 AM so we'll try to hit that is close to eighty yen as possible but. Right now to get the show started medium bodied. Tickets off get a some base course talking about a leadoff caller if Saatchi name by the way Chris is fantastic yesterday. 206141. Wolf again to a 6141 wolf right now. Analysts they had Johnny in lake Stevens who was a milkman is going to be a leadoff call this morning get a sub base Johnny how aria. From get very fantastic. And by the way how you stay in warm delivered the milk. Our guidelines on it and I think that at an error I love and those those red lungs with a little you know dump her thing in the back hurting. Two separate pieces. If you ever this got the black one. OK gotcha John. That's a little bit colder than normal life I would say officially releases a couple of years ago unit the weather that seemed to go through different slang words that he's still a cold snap. Gotta look cold snap going on right now Johnny. Editor that you bet I would say if if there today picked. You know what it's all perspectives on it when you get sixty with the liver milk Lance guest it's pretty much you know water under the bridge at that point. Pretty much out there for the military after being felt I got some attention. And by the way Johnny thank you service brother appreciates it. Hey no problem. Couple questions for how long have you lived here in the Seattle area. Fourteen nothing big country fan obviously how long have you listen to the wolf. Everything that's on the base and Forte who I loved that all right we're gonna place on Gloria in a couple of minutes Johnny but a couple of other questions to get to know you a little bit better. It was a last TV shows that you being watched. The last TV show. It was actually program. The win. Sojourn he seemed that needs a look at Purdue and his in his blood line which is crazy good but I need something new so I'm asking everybody Johnny you married. The Gramm the Gramm is pretty good yes I am okay couple kids. Two better than what that teach you how old's your son Johnny. He had ten of the eleven and December rules what's he into what's his things you have like that somebody's really passionate about. Oh my anger. Yeah I think experience. You know basically my draft men and so I've got a twelve year old. Bonus on as well. He can spend days on migrant he watches videos of guys are going YouTube yet about how they can develop go bankrupt world exactly the same thing and it. Yes well you know it played them for a little bit but any level. Yeah in there's a new move move us do we just held wonder there anyway next kids and I kinda thought so I think I Jason you don't take about a Rihanna and I remind craft it's pretty funny zone Wilson's like. Let's take a look at that world to build son does we'll probably going to be living their pretty soon. That would really in the event. You have meets you a great family movie we talked about that a little bit yesterday how biggest celebrity Johnny you ever met. And I. It don't say a radio person police were not celebrities. This is true. These jobs if they met at the airport yeah how was Tommy Lee. And normal really have any of that airport clippers. That's cool people yet as far as life at a cost go must lookers I'm not Tommy Lee he can pull off airport slippers man. He's trying to do at a Wal-Mart Syria. At he's got a very funny dry sense of humor today it I like daddy I'd so last question for Johnny what do people think he's weird about you. Who's. I don't know a prayer and book I mean. I think I think what does that even mean in rim like he kind of hyper. Yeah but they have an iron ABC OK and I think that's just a gay Johnny B what song can we play a few to get the show started here. Taking very. We. Yeah right get a romantic dead heart here with John. I do I do I love it rambunctious romantic yup. Johnny thanks for good they go a good dad a great step dad sound like you're good husband based on the song you picked and hardworking dude in. They look your veteran to so god bless you Johnny. All right they've got to get that we get picked you to call any time really appreciates and thanks Johnny. Good man they're good the great lead off because that tune to for 2 dads love this morning wolf pack we are going on your right coming up when I heard that are. To Dylan won the Daytona 500 that's not new news well at the haven't heard what he did to celebrate you gotta be shocked were talking about it less than ten minutes you're listening to the morning call back. But Alastair. Our mine the mail whenever I had. Here's the real talk conversation this morning if you were going to tattoo your greatest excuse me the greatest accomplishment on your butt. What would it being Catholic and I know it seems random right but Austin Dillon who's the young guy that just won the Daytona Daytona 500 over the weekend. He would now if you've heard this or not and the the biggest NASCAR fans try to really hear about it until yesterday that he went unanswered he got a tattoo. On his life. That I don't even know what it says is say I won. Daytona are yeah I think you're not hurt your last summer like days that show anybody even him in a bunch of his crew members got the same thing. So instinct because I mean obviously Joseph you and I both have tattoos I to me there are I want everybody is missing grad I have got my entire arm covered general life that are valuable to waste of time there's a rug is why are there they are going to see this furlough. Then I guess it's a senate metal whatever I had a lot of guys in the in the world that do the endurance athlete a world that I live in today heavy Iron Man tattoo on their cab I had which is significant abide Vinci who's I think ism. Ultimately like you gold in. But the question you morning wolf back in in the usual I don't know if you're gonna tattoo your greatest accomplishment in your life. It could be having children it could be training and doggy and what ever whatever you the most proud of it's another way thrust is to get to know you what would that be well dead but Ted to look like slow Joseph for us I think it's the same one. Yeah I had a battle I don't know I don't know if you have something different nab a test vote Joseph and I set a Guinness world record back in 2000 zags six. I put on the most T shirts worn by one human beings. At one time with a 155. T shirts to just four hours. It would hundred total pounds. IE. Lost I think ten pounds is due and just letting a W became one of the most watched videos on YouTube you can still Google it up. We went on Letterman you know reading okay well yeah. Dad that is our bigs sadly enough that is darker this accomplishment. A 155 teachers and whenever any time you set a Guinness world record that qualifies for a blood test similar yet we've probably should've gotten. So morning wolf pack here it is and I know it's early and I know it's cold. But we're looking for UT who call us right now to a 6421 wolf. And share what's your biggest accomplishment would be what was your butt tattoo look like you can also sends a quick text as well. 46150. Scope morning wolfpack has get it together. I'm happy that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got a free donuts it's. 100 points. The latest from Dirks Bentley on the new one better point 70 wolf. Woman named and love nest on highway speed and hurt badly we mentioned a minute to go slow Joseph we're going to be announcing the watershed line of an 8 AM this morning. Everybody's excited you know who's going to be the gorge. I've never been to the court I can now what you mean you don't waters did falsely one of the greatest concert venues in the world literally and have been a red rocks in Denver and from what I'm told is way more beautiful that in red rocks is pretty spectacular Jose has the news that I always get Marc is like the best venues not not just for beauty of it for sound to you. So. Dirks Bentley gone back. That song for a second we have him on the show last Friday. And I had loves playing this part of the interview it's only about a minute long. I was told that he was going to be. At waters and I'll tell you right now he's not going to be there but he sure played along like he was dead and I don't think he actually now listening back in this. I don't think he actually knew when it was going to be an odd I take it stayed with a seven on Friday. I'm just getting handed a note that you might be on the watershed lineup do you know anything about that the gore. And that a big CR I don't wanna keep this secret too well I've. Heard it in there well sorry about that little thing around is that ultimately up. It's very possible very close the bullet didn't favorite apple. The moment interviews country you know we're announcing their line up next Wednesday so. Thumbs nice little heads and subdued like just project some positive vibrations that I'm going to be announcing your name on Wednesday. Please do and it is anything and go to watershed. If you had to go down into the gorge. But from my drone because last two months there. We gave it a play at red rock with a pretty good drought it was basically. Look I tried giving the order it can't let Kemp let's throw but I won't help the poor local Evernote can't see it you know out lost contact radio signal. Yes I. Wait around what and then it started I got off to a black. The closer. There's jerks I had no idea who ideas that I told valued or talk an injury justice and what was it would jerks like golly goes I don't think he knows what next gig is so. Anyway 8 AM the full watershed lineup we can't wait hopefully he'll join us then there. So the morning. Oh I now. 1047. Cell walls Texas anytime 46150. Containment as cancer and say hi to yet. But texting you guys are gonna love watershed is the event of the year for the POW country fans it sells out every year. In twenty minutes or less that's thorough job and the bit that's from a L intact coma. Guild. I love country music and a slow just feels the same way. You don't even need all of the splendor that is the natural wonderment of the gorge to enjoy what this is in. I'm speaking from a frame of reference very you know weird Phoenix for ten years there's a little thing they're called country thunder they do it Wisconsin too and Akira country standing you know. It starts Thursday and he goes all the way through Sunday night and everybody dreads the middle of nowhere Florence Arizona you know it's out there there's a jail. There's a lot of dirt. There's some tumble weeds. In a lot of us rednecks drink a lot of beer and honestly it's not pretty at all now it's and half the time it's blowing forty miles an hour or is death's door with its. I'll be honestly it's awful. But. It's cool because once a year for country thunder which you know again watershed the same thing it's a country music festival. Just happens to be looked beautiful places on earth whereas you know. 101000 people go out with a RVs and campers and you spend all weekend it's everybody's vacation. And you spend three afforded all you really need is a lot of beer you need this and corn hole. You need some food a little bit of water are a little little water there and you'd go hard for 34 days and you take years off your life but. That to me is fun. I can't even imagine actually adding in a beautiful backdrop and a beautiful town a year there right so. Again today it doesn't take a whole lot to get us excited but I have I have been excited about watershed for many many years and we'll tell you when you live in a different state as we did for many years. In your country music's and you see the pictures come up from the artists every year when their at the gorge I had and I remember sitting there look at those one point is that. Man that is spectacular. And I'm here and it does hold a heck I'd actor that murders. You know today I didn't warm where I am and there's a jail over there about fugitives. And Owens are we woke up slow Joseph. And there was a steelworker. Sleep get a golf cart to get us around and it was I don't ever there was a steelworker passed out take another nearby farms take it easy get a live look there were like hey bro. You know you can't. Just sleep in our golf cart because I think they're effective they're saying that's bad. But really game but yeah I we cannot wait for watershed that's where we're excited to analyze every and and given in a Peruvian hundreds a transparent which I think we aim to do every day. I don't have any idea. I went to see the list nobody's emailed us though let a list I wanted to puzzle lover on the mound we weren't supposed to announce it and told 10 AM. And all the sudden they bumped it up to 8 AM so we were even thinking that we're gonna do it which is why not press down. Right. And and attacks people swim down at the river at watershed every day. I don't even know what that means either there's a river peoples' limit president naked like hippies I just there has to be candid and admit he did he do it and they weenie as a candidate of festivals and and again taken naked benefiting it was a low earth is it you need everybody takes a page out of the Woodstock can't when your best of all that's. I get to peace and love Jason lefties. All right coming up about getting into our morning wolf thank useless poll of the day Annie get if I didn't say at 8 AM will be announcing a watershed today's huge. Really excited about that I don't give a huge announcement right before that some fifty very personal. All of a twelfth. So when it comes to pets there's no such thing as access. The net includes names so coming up in seven minutes. With our morning wolf thank uses full of the day we're going to be celebrating pet names and by the way I went to the dentist yesterday afternoon I have the definitive word. On whether tiger's post cold water on your brush. Or on the toothpaste after you put it on the brush from the expert from the dentist it was perfect timing yesterday. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister yeah. The morning wolfpack Matt McAllister slowed GO got some Lou Combs coming up here in just a few minutes give us about a minute and a half to break down a morning wolf thank uses poll of the day before we dropped today. A little update on yesterday. According to do on Easter Graham in this again was do you wait your toothbrush. After you put the toothpaste on 66% of you say yes 34% said no Twitter is pretty much the same 56% yes 38% no. 6% driver. No water at all by the way I noticed this morning when I was brushing my teeth that was wrong was arrested yesterday. I actually went the brush and then I put the toothpaste and but I did have. And the opportunity to ask the dentistry doctor Miller at the Issaquah highlands dentistry whatever hand indeed laughed at me basically the way things now than it is we have red. That if people water on the toothpaste some times it can render it useless to lyrics that are eagle what do you think he happens when you put your mountains water and to face mixed together is as a matter. It was basically laughed me out of the chair guys candidate plead guilty mr. Anyway today's is real simple. Does your pets or pets. Have a middle name I don't slow Joe's dogs have like 35. Several. Blitzer what so peaceful and open Stein Frederica Esteban long bodies on my nose candy just as pan Arab petty and you have a last name adding we have no middle. And a very basic does your cat or pets have a middle name remember these are useless poles of the days and look for deeper meaning there is nothing and expect him and so far on Twitter at least and again go to Seattle social. 29% said yes. 57% say no and 14% as wanted to make it fair for everybody. Don't have pets. This is the morning wolf packs with NASCAR star 100 points and the walls now on the episode out. Club and smuggler was blowing up so great to see all these boxes pouring in from local businesses here in the Pacific northwest and won a little love on the radio it's all about. Mine and local man pocono to local businesses trying to make it now. So we got a mug and far. And it's the first time my believes he'll do that we have gotten a coffee mug from a church is the father's house foursquare church. The card is for the assisting passable in the back of the note written by Kelly case uses hash tag mug club. This is my church and. Iraq wolf man are you okay. To track down generally think the. And though is actually their pleas. Can I have a colleague actually doesn't know me but I got a number from father Josh overture. No way is this Matt McAllister guy. Yeah. How do you recognize my voice I was gonna try to pull fast pneumonia. I see every morning Matt that's how I know you're slowly my dad you're the greatest Kelli thank you so much and you know land calling. No I don't you send a coffee mug. All. You though that now. You answer yeah. Can you don't remember sending via a coffee mug. I do I send him all of blue and green candy as well. I got to say you know slowed as a handy not so all that's over his studio he's smack down right now. But I loved your card I love the note hash tag mug club Eackles magic Kelley Cain heart PS this is my church they rock wolfpack gaze at a super sweet coffee mug from the father's house a foursquare church so cool. Not you know I love yeah I left it helps people heal healthiest life. I'll I'll I just great to share share my church with yeah I know you're new to that area and everybody at my church loves your radio station so I just wanted to. Support you in and. What she knows. Go wolfpack. On the door to the south we appreciate. Well I appreciate that so much it really warms my heart that so generous and soft Libya and what I need to do though your Caylee before we get to deepen this conversation swear you in the month club officially end and I'm do you buy that as we elsewhere in your church. Listen to me being a well Kelly let's get to it are you ready to be sworn in the month club I am ready to take the load good club pledge yes. Then repeat after me eyes featured game. Hi Kelly son Burke do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack. I do buy here pledge my allegiance to the morning of that. And as a proud member of the month club and as a proud member of the month club and I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning. I pledged to crank up the wolf every morning congratulations. Kelly by the power vested in me identity an official member of the morning wolf pack mug away and put out. Below 82 Matt thank you Joseph now thank you and propped everybody over the father's house foursquare church again. That is so wonderful that is great Matt. Thank you can't a guy coming up next. Slow Joseph blew my mind yesterday we were doing our podcast and it regarding personal hygiene stuff first handled everything the audio and talk Champloo. In nine minutes trust me this is mind boggle the morning all sat with Matt McAlister hasn't tried. Though wolf sneak through 100 point seven of all the boarding will bag Matt McAllister slow Joseph. Whether it's on it quick. For our question for yeah. Am a my the only guy that still uses Champloo every day but still washes his hair was Champloo every day only guy now. So yesterday and to see you know to lose a podcast every day itself but about ten aid and if you ever can't hear the whole show you wanna go back and listen to something else is a podcasting nestled Joan I put about a fifteen minute. In throw on or talk about some things that we didn't get to talk about. This came up yesterday I wanted to play it for you because. As you can hear it pretty much blue Obama and Joseph and I were talking about whether people wash their hair when they get a shower first a lessons totally stupid but listen to this you know wash. Well I literally washed my hair probably when I get Erica so maybe once a month why he had and I am facto source told by Barbara that race to have his idea. Don't wash your everyday in fact don't watch every week way way way way and I am lucky real this is tomorrow show by a guy hey you know we had not gotten around talking about what we're gonna talk about on the show tomorrow I guess but my mind right now is Bono I'm telling me there's what are you talking about better for. We're a wash my hair every day learning you're you're doing yourself a disservice to this baby news Sophie your wife being a hairdresser. Yeah saying came from somebody else it did come from somebody else I had out is on this program prior to meetings. 206421. Wolf for tech's 46150. I know this is stupid but I might completely relate to the party here is nobody using shampoo anymore. I should pull my hair literally every day to night men. Well after you said that I didn't last yesterday for the first time. And I would tell he was feels out of feel a little bit in the neuter he feels weird but I ask I was asking everybody when Eleanor I just say like hey do you Champloo you're gonna. I think you're watching how your seemed to loyalists around the win what are you talking about and know this is stupid but my mind after all these years of doing things one way it was kind of blow yesterday. Do you shampoo your hair every day to a 6421 wall. I got NL west in Puyallup is this normal. I'm 64 years old are forged by every day. My life. I'd and I get that bit. I'm hearing out there west there's a new thinking involved with hair and that you shouldn't be used in shampoo every day. Oh I don't got to my Teddy bear bear little break ins and I don't watch on every day it's O orderly about it. I happen. West appreciates executive here in the morning wolf tag everybody Christa sober dale what's normal to use shampoo wash your hair every day or not. Every single day again have you ever heard of people not using Champloo arm only female. Okay and I think he needs some women on the phone here right now stats to a 6421 wolf what kind of ships who used their crest. Use. Little wild. Ha ha swap fancy I'm Pasco man myself I got the Kirkland signature. Nice. Ditzy goes on real nice but I don't know if it's normal not to be. All one and are really wanna know if it's better not to wash your hair every day anyway Chris thanks for being a part of morning wolf back today brother. Any kind of gave brandy in granite falls Champloo every day Cornell. Every payday every an awful. He's got enough Foster care every error overly. Jonas tells afloat are yesterday by the way I didn't you shampoo yesterday after my biker but it really sweat a lot but that's one thing that concerns is that I work out every day. I'm winning my hairs you start to smell funny shampoo and. Yeah I you can go to the gym a lot and I would kick ish I would rush here everyday. But when I stopped when the gym a lot it was every other day. I didn't think about slow Joseph not easy shampoo for a month. I don't know how the brother doesn't look like Bob Marley you gotta have dreadlocks over there you tomorrow night for whatever reason in my hair it's better when I had Chandra IRA you initiative and brandy love you thanks for being a part of the morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf ladies especially is it normal not to shampoo every day or text 46150. Hello Jennifer in shoreline you had a comment about using shampoo every day apparently a lot of people don't. Yeah you know the more I think about the topic I really feel like it depends on what I agree I. You have very fine hair very clearly here you might have to watch tomorrow is that I'm right here. Well for me a lot like that the league victory and here we healthier and it feels better as dial better. If I go to the gym more often if they might as global about dad is worth more or any part hairstyle that Barbara we'll tell you that. In Washington if they're making it more than what secretary how. Give what's the drawback of using shampoo every day when you challenges like soap right. I want number one can dry out your hair the natural oil and number two I didn't go to what you have to agree that it is. You know chemicals a couple of guys in it connect it to your hair potential. Want to cutie yeah yeah what can have that I mean I gotta have my yeah yeah. Feet at a Denver thanks for checking in on this appreciates it. Thanks so those are not your married Indiana haven't changed your bed with somebody who Sofia earlier and they didn't pierce knows got to Washington and you know the funny thing is yes because yesterday got America and that's typically running its launch a wash it just hasn't watched every damn I got a cat. Or if I put something like if I put like Jalen of them for whatever act I watch it. But yesterday she easily Eddie eating too much air time have clearly among like the extreme side but I do you are about a month honestly and I would never wash him more than once every week it is. Mary in Graham what do you think about slow joke not using champ through or washing is here for a month at a time is that normal. I can meet his own making an ethics and a team that's very little to do you think that what Mary. All that I don't think I can go. Outlined I didn't mind twice delete key and miss it starts to get a little. Keep the baby powder in your hair. Yeah if it helps to plug some loyal. Okay and got out of and a I don't know anything about what you're supposed to do I think the only air rule we're learning is don't wash it we can't do every day maybe Everett okay all right let's go to some text here ham with Humana wash my hair every day if I don't looks and feels oily there's Cassie from she inhalants. And other techs I do every day another text 52 year old female here the last couple years shampoo twice a week because my hair is very dry. It was very free skiing. That it takes Joe's right it a wash mine your every day. But the tax is a girl with curly hair I Champloo my hair maybe once a week my husband's barber told me to shampoo and once a week none of that two and one stuff is so popular. I don't know yet. Whatever. I literally never wash my hair looks and smells bad or something gets in and I describe my scalp would my fingers and how Waterman good to go. That is Michael from JB a lamb what's the soldier talking right there c'mon name. Yeah I only wash my hair every two or three days is supposed to be good to lick your natural oil is just getting here hair get a narrow oil. It's Amanda from Covington. And starting to see. A trend here. And again I'm just a (%expletive) mail I did not know. The detects not good to ship to every day I am a girl who washes everything David uses dry shampoo on any north that is or beta Fahrenheit degrees that they both made my hair smells a dead. No need to wash daily I still shower daily that's good and I do endorse that by the way I shall ever be days a good thing they agree with. So I guess we can move on. Joseph I think we've established that you might be on the long end of the spectrum really analyze comment go ahead and say like whenever you wash your seats on your dad go ahead and shampoo your hair agnico each and service goes back to Europe the quad for a couple days and you didn't show folio we can go ahead and he broad. And those leadership theorize that they have when I finally did I couldn't figure out there I think your cave man and let them I think your your hygiene is a little off the market. And now I'm being your friend man all right couple things here beat the street Florida Georgia line tickets coming up at 710. You know the number if you wanna get in on that a little bigger lead but coming up next. In eight minutes while a bath bomb might sound like a good idea ladies you may wanna hold off on a particular brand after hearing the not fake news coming up next. Yeah Alex rate and these here and 100 points. So woefully low pragmatic analysis logo here as well a little reminder 8 AM. We are announcing the watershed lineup completely non sale information and everybody who's coming to the gores this year 8 am. But now listen to not fake news stories this sounds vague but aren't we'll start with a woman whose viral warning will make you think twice before using a ban the bomb. Kind of like the great Champloo debate of 2018 I don't even know what event bomb is but I imagine it's like a I think it's just like a soap thing that you toss in the bath JA. You know you take a bubble bath it's a Google her appellate here OK but it's C news. That this woman. Had a slightly bad experience for back above it took to Twitter to share her story into warn others. Against succumbing to the same fate which is basically turning into a human Smurfit. If yes he said okay so ladies don't you dare by the galaxy bath bomb from Kroger seriously. I was in the bad for a Seles five minutes and now I'm African Smart thing. It's seriously dyed my skin so to everyone I snap Chad enjoy looking in my forehead so I'm no longer ace Murphy. And yes Butler was dyed blue everywhere except for her face and neck and now I believe. She is going to take some legal action against the company I would be surprised galaxy bath bombs. Other not fake news China wages war on funeral strippers. At the and that is the OK so the country has launched its latest crackdown against the phenomenon which just won't seem to die in rural areas funeral strippers. The ministry of culture said last month it was targeting strip tease another scene in vulgar performances at funerals weddings and traditional Chinese new York public. New year public gatherings. The war on strippers at funerals has been a long one for China. A serious. Let me Bob was a good man he's. He's the victim of our dollar restrict this to ask you about this stuff for routine now as you know amendment. That's great a day last but not least and not fake news suspected drug dealer now hasn't been. Four approved flew in 34 days as prison toilet strike continues this is actually an update slow fan and we told you about this guy who swallowed a bunch of drugs and he was holding out on go to the bathroom because he didn't want to. Cough up the evidence so it was like 21 days or something like yeah. I have checked in on him in the record for not doing that was I think 23 days. This Fella has now gone 34. Lamar chambers. It is 24 years old. 3040 behind bars while the toppers are waiting for him to excrete the drugs that they believe he has swallowed. The last week it was revealed he beating frosty cereal bars and it's time on newbie get to eight of them a day. I would think that would be the opposite of what you wanna do well until I birdie NN today. However he has since swapped his diet to one of fruits and veggies. Plan they like letting Amy whatever he wants. Yes he's in jail for a U dictate day. Maine given some prunes. Dried apricot cellulose. He was also revealed that suspected drug dealer chambers Eddie and fish made by his mother. But he's good at math there it. Anyway I Tricia McNair from the primary care society for gas through inter Ali G says say there's only so long you can hang on there. I can't imagine how long comfortable in miserable that would be so awful it sounds completely awful anything got a new world record. Right so I regret the bright side nice sludge Joseph loitering around so it's a positive you guys including 34 days and some how good news. They go in and out fake news. News stories this sound fake but art are coming up next beat the street yes we have Florida Georgia line dig its coming out this is. Morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 point seven. Flack hit the pavement I'm sad to beat history tour. Good morning Samantha in Lakewood how are you today. Phenomenal Harry you know I'm so good do you go by some man fell or do you prefer stand there Sam welcome to beat the street you think he'll sure you're excited about the Florida Georgia line coming to. OK let's get to those tickets you know have a game works and the thirty seconds up on the clock and you have five questions to get through. If you don't know you don't know and I'll move on the next one just so you don't lose time. Perfect okay after that will go down at Seattle Public Library were slow Joseph founder challenger. And we'll ask them the same five questions it you can beat that person. You win the tickets are you ready saying yes I am ready as I will ever meet I like the attitude let's stabbed the who started jacking Titanic. Leonardo DiCaprio who's saying that terrible version of the National Anthem at the NBA all star game you tonight. Burton who is famous for founding FaceBook. Art collector and hurt the Seahawks around by the co-founder of what company act. Oh my god I have an idea that they can't see which country star sings the Sunday Night Football theme song. Carrie Underwood a daytime is up. Samantha heady feel like you did. I think OK and I didn't get to see question and what's this blasphemy about not like in the COK. It's raining all day all raider nation in a month. All they ever. Eight playoffs eight justice yet listen my finger almost at the dump button on the letter Rolla let's meet that challenge let's examine ignore the comments about the raiders act. Half let's get to that challenger against look Joseph found this person outside of the Seattle Public Library. What's your name where you from new idea. Did see the program they had just bad. DNC from Tacoma and slow just sound like faster today all right let's find out how you did compared. Two DNC from Tacoma question number one Bruce started. Jack can and can't. Doubt that what they. Leonardo DiCaprio. OK you guys are times when a piece because you both got the first question right nice yeah seeing him. Already let's go to question number two. He's saying that terrible version of the National Anthem at the NBA all star game last weekend. That was very issue beds that have so glad talk about blue. Yeah. Yes did you are right he messed that up real bad. Sam that you got that right as well it was birdie saying that horrible rendition of the National Anthem so we're tied to a peace let's go to question number three. Through its famous for founding FaceBook. I forget his neighbor he has clearly after I knew that this. Well I think he's not wrong Mark Zuckerberg does have some curly hair but you got that one right so you had the lead now sand nice job you pull into a three to two position here. Talk he had great job well let's go to local question. The Seattle Seahawks are owned by the co-founder of port company. I don't know out. Been. Microsoft. Microsoft Paul Allen was the right answers so. Neither wanted to get that one right Sam so right now I get 32 lead heading into the last question so it's looking pretty good for your knowledge and feel as you do wrong if she gets you write them a little bit of a problem. I think you're going to be OK you're gonna. Which country star sings the Sunday Night Football team side now he argued too much I don't know that. But anyone thinks she may not have beat you know beat the street but I love being you from Tacoma she's got some personality. She didn't know that one but you got it right Sammy was carried into accurate and that's what I'm. I'm talking about congratulations. Finished four for five outstanding. UV god to the latest Errol. If you go to Florida Georgia line. Awesome job sandy Iraq that you came you conquered. Bloody thing to be a part of a morning wolf pack. By the way not that it really matters is that there and he was the heat and if you owe them. Really bad enough my bad Hannity the sincerest apologies. Monroe the yes all right you guys and asking us for months whose common of the gorge this year well we got the lineup for watershed common up team. 8 AM. But next we're gonna wanna know food do you want there. The morning when I needed a leader. And well for a handful of peanuts but doesn't help until than a dollar all here's Matt McAllister. You wanted to voice. It's no war that McAllister and slow Joseph and today is watershed day. Since we got here and yelled and ask you might win a Wii and I was coming of the orange court today we're gonna tell you at 8 AM not only that. We're gonna start giving away tickets this week in every power all weekend long and remember watershed sells out in twenty minutes so. To be your only shot to get tickets plus next week seventeen and we've got to beat the street every day next week tip. So here's what I know right now who'd you want to come before we tell you whose common. Put you wanna come now I've got the list and chronic non may or may not be able they hints and some of your guesses. But I'll tell you threw me he was on Friday we talked to our pal Dirks Bentley. And somebody had told him he was common and he basically said he was there I'll tell you right now. He is not on the Latina and I can't days coming yet not isolating him but I can tell you who's not listening Dirks. Throws smoke in Mears hide your badly. I'm just getting handed a note that today you might be on the watershed lineup do you do anything about that at the gorge. That'd be so I don't wanna keep the secret to well I've heard. Email well agreement that would probably go around the it's nothing it's very possible very possible it can't favorite best schools. The moment interviews country you know we're announcing their line up next Wednesday itself. Thumbs finished little heads in some like just reject some positive vibrations and I'm going to be announcing your name on Wednesday please do and it is any fans go to watershed. If you had to go down into the gorge. Looks in my room because last month there. He gave it a play at red rock contributed colonel who was basically. Looked at. I credit because you're. Like Tim Clark tomorrow but I went out poor local Evernote can't see it you know out all of the ball contact radio signal. I but wait around what a minute thirty minute I dislike the thought went back. Yeah threes teach him added flying drones. Yeah. I don't noting about that but. Here's what we want to know right now morning wolfpack who do you want to come this year for watershed or if you have any legit straight and guesses. We wanna hear that you may ownership wish list flew out of deliberation to a 6421 wolf right now or you can text just 246150. Let's put together the wish list before we actually tell you. We've been teasing it all morning coming up at any. Watershed 2018 we finally get to announce the lineup. And I would say slow Joseph conservatively. Since we arrived in October. We have been asked this question is how bad constant. And I'm also going to be fully transparent with you this is such a guarded secret that we don't even have the full lineup yet and it will not be delivered. Until 8 AM there's a carrier pigeon. This flies over from the watershed HQ here downtown and has seized the smoke signal from running right candidate noted we are not to be trusted with any inform even thirty seconds before 8 AM. But we do have the big names. Other good news we're gonna get two tickets all weekend long every hour and it's huge you're on the wolf and then next week for beat the street will have an at 710 so lots of chances for you to win tickets. Even after watershed sells out in nest Lejeune I talked about this earlier being new to the Pacific northwest. You know worked country thunder veterans that's a big festival in Arizona that we used to go to but we never been in the course and I said this again earlier. Give me staged. And a bunch country artists a ton of the year some corn hole. And an RV or whatever a tent and good. This. This is because this is what it was before for us in Florence Arizona Brett you're middle of nowhere it's the middle of the desert in there's a jail. That's it. And it still awesome so I can't imagine being wondrous natural splendor behind the stage at the gorgeous backdrop I can't even imagine how insane now they have a they're gorgeous routinely named for the top two you were three concert venues in the world. So here's a resting right now morning wolf back. Any guesses on who's come on before we tell you very simple let's just hear who you want and who he thinks common. Got a few text message right now are Garth Brooks. Dan in shape please please I'm begging reforms to how much account called poison to on the get out of here wanted to make it over here for watershed. A Blake Shelton and Alan Jackson. Good morning boys as Zack brown band that's Tammy. Also Luke Bryan and another one for the Zack brown band Justin Moore BC adjusting getting some votes here. Early in the morning wolf back and love that guy and he doesn't get enough credit. And Kenny. Joseph from Gig Harbor it would be cool to see Brad Paisley or may be Chris lane couple of the newcomers. Some ways a lot of these Arthur Russell Dickerson Bob Bullard Russell. I'll vote for came brown a watershed. Alan Jackson Blake in Alabama. So that I can speculate a little bit yet but I wanna say one thing go ahead I was very much names and out of those names that you just heard on the radio a few of them are coming. Yes go ahead look like I'm just think in just practically typically if somebody's coming like I'm talking about the does background bands in the Kenny Chesney is that they're coming here for a big stadium show they're trying to gonna come again professed. Miss goodness you know what I did Intel right there are 206421. Wolf let's talk watershed are set as a text 46150. Boarding essay in Renton how are you today. Fantastic appreciate you asking so we're talking about watershed are about to announce a lineup coming here at 8 AM and not a minute before. Who would be on your watershed wish list to would you like to seek common. I. Aimed row. On the idea why. You're eating dog part. News. Yeltsin seemed to I'm looking at the list of people that are coming which were gonna share with you as soon as we humanly possibly can. I can't say anything to a site I just keep. Enzymes needed a watershed. I. Only and error that it is now. Right and as we get get it ain't got a. Okay yeah we I can't wait to go this year going to be a lot of fun August 3 through the thick. And as I love this. I'm I'm sorry go ahead. I am IIE. I think it. Yeah it's it's one of those things in your countries and even though it's an August is like OK all right I gotta on the calendar icu uncommon for. I all right does this analogy to have a wonderful day enjoy the sunshine even though it's cold and kind. Thank you thank have been a part of a morning wolf pack we'd love you to a 6421 Waltz if you ought to put together you why. Or send wishlists gonna guess on who you think his comments some text messages coming in a 46150. Terri says Ned Lou do. That would be interesting but the sex as long as came brown and Sam hunter there than I am so there about the past five years is the greatest. I get to go as a married lady this year as you you know that needs to get somebody to buy you beer Hilton with her hubby. John and chuck Weller who's on your what if they wish list but it. Brad Paisley. Hey John. Yeah the going to be eliciting an 8 AM. Yeah yeah you might wanna be the city and 8 AM and down get to Sainz and you you really about wanted to see it and then. I'm very 8 AM John what are we doing in NAM. All of us and 101 and Smart bet on the wolf I think daddy taken up when I'm putting down here. I don't OK good I'm devastated the same unwritten language of country music come everybody thanks for being a part of the show. There you do the same. Got a text please tell me that she's is coming nets Jody in snohomish of course she's talking about Eric church is also one of our favorites. Let's face it every guy you know the likes country music Eric church is probably one of their Faber the yeah and so many women to out of me doing you know gender as. But dudes love their church ideal Scott. FTL. And I guess four colts win down by the it's a pretty good guess. But he did go in and out of their city unit you know him pretty again and descendants stood stood out like the way that it sounds that flows off my tongue against. Midland. Had a lot of middle and in the Pacific northwest last few months can always have a little more. Rascal Flatts. It's funny how somebody in the same text but Rascal Flatts and damaged day. For my money they're pretty much the same thing. I really name one you got vote you guys younger version in demands. Brad elder age Blake Shelton's. I listen this is attacks I'm not saying that somebody saying that online there are already same place going to be years and yet on his website we didn't do it we didn't saying that. I'm not saying you're wrong. Walter understand I don't know any about that. Let's see other guesses on the text for 6150 we're talking about a watershed wishlists Chris Hansen does the link to some Gina and Michael PO. Like I said. Puff in AM as the big announcement I've won more and I'm gonna take a little break here and that he intends welcome to the morning wolf thanks how are you sir. I'm dead who would like to see coming a watershed this year. Alabama. You'll do not the first one to say Alabama which is nice to see some votes for you know the old timers. It. Kind of funny story for d'antoni but I don't I don't think I have time to tell you that I would just say one time I was in Nashville. And now Rand. Okay made a special trip to white castle just to get me some hamburgers. Out of his speaks to the human being and he is and how nice is he didn't know me by the way we just did an interview. We are debating the best sliders you know in Nashville when Bobby so I came back I was like you've got to be kidding alleged in just bought me white castle like what is going on here. Well it's pretty amazing all right you do this again to talk right Anthony yet third we have a date right you me everybody else morning wolf pack 8 AM. Yep there's the beautiful thing thanks for being a part of the show here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf as were sifting through. Pile on the mountain of tax act for what does look Joseph aptly named the watershed wish list and im gonna make big announcement here at eight minutes who is coming this year Tuesday gorge we now know and we can't wait to share with you including how you can get take its values and win tickets all that stuff like this that. As I'm sifting through the text messages and by the way this might surprise some you maybe won't. I read every single text message that comes in I respond to any of them that warrant a response yet questioned anything common in Carroll responded love it. No offense to you guys. But when I'm gonna hear a female voice on your show in the morning SX. And I have already had a little text back and forth with this person dead. And it's so interesting to meet at that text came in this morning this is how the universe works I am convinced that others. Scenes floating around there's energy as men I ever. Because. Right now. This morning we were going to actually make a really big announcement of our own. However originally watershed was gonna get gas at 10 AM with the alien so we are kind of wide open to make our own announcement however we found that we're doing and AM. We just decided to push our announcement is tomorrow because it would got buried so this time to mark this time tomorrow. We are gonna make a big announcement about the morning wolf back and that exact thing. That I don't know her name but who texted dad and and I have to tell you this has been extremely long process for us yes we have gone. We have searched high and low far lie in the spectrum of the universe Raleigh energy is live man that's a and it has not been an easy. Thing but. I'd like to say we are we were at the end it's it's a done deal. And we're gonna actually introduce you to hurt to morrow I'm so excited I can't aiming at and yes I feel the same way and it's funny because. Slow Joan I have worked together for sixteen years we have never done a show without a woman on grass and if you think we like speculating about shampoo bottle and half half and that's a and try to pretend how women think and I understand your crazy because we don't know and we. We love that so it this is something from day one and it's always been a part of the plan is we're gonna grow the show we're gonna. Add up wolf pack members are too man wolfpack it's gonna become three you know the deal. But we just decide not to do today because of a guy various too important threat areas here so you'll meet her tomorrow and we will make that big announcement as we do with some fanfare in the whatnot. And we are so so excited plus we'll tell you exactly when you will be. Hearing this new member of our show on the radio news and not that far away which is another miracle. Ride coming up Davis six minutes were announcing watershed baby. You're listening to the morning wolf. But can Alastair and I know. Nevermind. The meal when you're playing. All right Marty wolf snags here we get. Such harsh she. Is is working. Is that is that actual. Rebirth notices me. Sash and yet look at 2018. The splendor in nature the wonderment. It's all happening August 3 through August 5. And before we tell you a lineup for 2018. For watershed Vienna today and all week long every hour. The wolf is gonna give you three day passes. Are you kidding me. By the way tickets will officially go on sale Friday march 2 at 10 AM at Ticketmaster dot com I think live nation for revenue of the tickets all weekend long the next week to. She. We're gonna have to beat the street every morning at 710 this is so exciting so Joan I have never been to the door. Are you kidding. We are so Elaine it's us. We're so how only really know how. I hear the names here's mine have been by the way for all of you do were calling and texting him guessing a lot you've got a pretty much right in nailed the lineup. When we start with a three v.'s challenge. Is that working years and I think we're gonna OK okay thanks appreciate that and good friends can tell each other shut up. Blake Shelton. Brad Paisley. Brantley Gilbert. Goes the three knees come at a watershed. And then we'll get to the next letter in the alphabet coals when Dell. Oh wait there's more b.'s. Big enrich. And it's oh there are OK so Dustin lynch. Those are your headlines. For watershed 2018 at the gorge. However slogans jumped on Lou waters says it said web page yet Anderson warning them back come got a guy bright young and other V. Cassidy poke Chris lane which I'm pretty sure a few people gather a lot of people react DJ silver Granger cement. I Julian Jack the need low cash Morgan Evans brave land. Go on and that's all I got a no matter I know those are great those will be like the day acts and more to be announced they are okay. And these festivals and again you know. Joan I mean going this thing called country thunder and Arizona was one Wisconsin won an Arizona we go for ten years. I remember going to Thursday 2 o'clock show and as Dan was up there playing and I'm of the mind. Josh is Dan is unbelievable and I've never seen anything like this before in terms just up and playing instruments and sounding great. And you were ten people watching this show. It was a Zack brown band that marijuana vendors myself to that prison and he picked him call me sir mr. closer pitcher. So that's your watershed lineup slugger thanks for getting all those day acts virus it late Brandon Brantley bigger marine spokesman bill dusty lanes. Any game really be tickets all weekend long maybe it's gotta be honest from what happens that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. Save us eligible for a get the email you sent me last night when you're very upset that. Thank you I guess some feedback on FaceBook Irina says maybe it's me but your watershed whispers on the wolf this morning sounded a bit like the Friday the thirteenth movies. Just saying I think she's right that. Yes I had a crayfish. Yeah I was trying to make it to a dramatic day and that she says sorry that also I did enjoy yesterday your singing voice when you're describing how much you truly enjoy musicals. OK so maybe doctor maybe someone for its air ahead an ideal so. Every nice slow if you and I exchange a couple of emails back and forth about the show the next day and last night at the beginning of your email was just a kind of a personal. Sense which I know you didn't intend for me to read on the radio but that's the best stuff. This is to know affirm affirm him dead to me last night figure skating commentators are the worst they literally sound like they hate every skater. Even when they're being complementary they sound like it pains them to say so at least the main lady she blank blank blank and half half that. She is though world who are you talking about because it bars leg in by the way we figure skating comes on I'm sorry Olympics. I turn it I cannot take it but. I its Tara Lipinski and Johnny we're her but yet there have Hunger Games and they're great they're fine this is like the adult commentator she's one woman she's British and she is told words and I I spent about two hours of that last night I was getting ready for work. And she's just like. Honestly she is nothing do you see them looks like they're doing a perfect job and she's like road oh well. That's going to be very costly move and I should accept disappointed but I can certainly understand why that was tragic yet there's. She was just brutal out she's got nothing to smile about note that was just it dreadful routine. It's like and even like I said even when she's being complimentary since well that should school are pretty decent medium. But literally nothing like nothing impresses air and almost everything seems to anger. Again we. This moment I have my own Olympic revelation. The two of them actually in the beginning of the Winter Olympics I said that I enjoy the Winter Olympics more in the summer games he's dead after spending two weeks with them I don't because it's just too much figure skating rink dad and to be honest thing I like racist yet because there's no judging the rights to meet a real competition is Mon we mono. Or twenty people now like to cross country skiing for this elected downhill skiing that. There's no judging this is not America's Got Talent well it's just easier to digest did. Yeah in this new very right and I can't speculate and say OK I won the race I'm better than you read and I'll take that Czech Republic again so that those are the two relations acumen and therefore I think I do prefer summer just because. A lot of it's the swimming again or is slow Joseph put it 1 morning really early you know they do that racing in the water. I have they've held underwater is the path out of a I feel like that snowboarding in the skiing half five events those are cool you know you're kind of photo why they geared jets have been enjoying watching the skiing in like I watch the downhill last night with the women it's kind of fun. But I wanna play you this though Joseph based on your email and how upset you are over the one Olympic commentator yeah see there in their critics right. And there's nothing really pleasant about it some mystical a game but that can change. Listen to this now Dino who I can get her right it's less lead Leisle Jones let me just as she is yeah I easily held areas and then you know Adam riff on who's one of the figure skaters he's a very outspoken openly gay and I pray like. Flamboyant as personalities like Johnny Weir correctly guys gonna be a star as soon. He was accommodating with her and I don't know where they're doing this but listen to how it could sound. Yeah program. OK let's probably win the and that's isn't out. I obviously don't want to. Yeah yeah yeah. Steve didn't. Get in trouble how sexy they are. Never not once but when I watch her sentence I feel like I can feel like my hair. Out right. I went out I. Yeah. Nailed on a woman I get that. Yeah. Again there's no way you can do. Get together. My favorite line right here and there. This is like yeah yeah so that's the extent that now. And hats and your television journalists just Lynn. See that's how it's under then that would be fun by the way real quick she they invited her because she just on mr. Graham just like takes videos of the TV I -- sit in it they guided her out at the same thing in the Summer Olympics she has with great in analysts inning quite honestly having experts in the Booth aren't necessarily good things I don't know what they're talking about. Like even bode Miller's talk about them means nothing to the average person. What they're talking about that makes a lot of sense in it and that's that's a language that we all speak right there so it doesn't have to be that way. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. That accounts to slow joke time for our morning thank you so hole of the day before to be a new one. Yesterday's results. Pretty ninety down in your Grammy and Twitter on the Seattle social media by the way it was about systems against that there was debate raging all weekend long about Wendy's and let your two version before or after you put toothpaste on. So 66% of you say different the water on after the toothpaste on to Graham 34% said before. Twitter about saint 56% after 38%. Before and 6% said oh my driver maybe. Why do I went to the dentist yesterday afternoon. Two hours in the chair by the way let's. My first time in the new danys returns is but doctor Miller said it is probably the stupidest thing you've ever heard any based in Latvia this year. There's no difference what you put it in your mouth is all water and toothpaste. So today. Another useless poll of the day does your pets have a middle name. Slow Joe's dogs have like eighteen names apiece what's so he's all name opens I Frederico Esteban long body ridiculous. Our dog is panic. He hasn't won any effect what would you give a hug from his own name and that it's a waste of words. OK so according to be in two grand so far 20% of these and yes. My dog has a middle name that's only 20% 72%. Sojo are saying no. Does it feel to be a minority I didn't you don't want your dog to be rebuilding famous. At our dogs are all adopted much. A 35% on Twitter say yes 54 cents and a little more even there and 11% who took the polls and animal care because I'll have pets. I'll also so it's a grand and to undergo vote on our morning wolf thank useless poll of the day. Back with Matt Stairs. When it plays so well so happy when Santa morning wolf pack Matt McAllister. Slow Joseph right now it's too man wolfpack. But we have a big announcement tomorrow morning at 750s. That is about to change. So when it comes to weddings. I think a real easy way for the anti. I think you get ruined is the pictures. Well there's a couple in England they're suing their wedding photographer. Stefan Paul and wind from just. They're suing data until of course he was the official wedding photographer because we got their wedding photos back. The only thing he took pictures though were bridesmaids boobs and butts. In fact. He didn't get any pictures of anybody's parents and there were only eleven photos of the grove who need it seemed like almost intentional sabotage. OK so my wife's a photographer has actually do weddings which in a Stanley porches and stuff like that so. It's just funny simulated you're gonna do that and you're the wedding photographer like she'll take 700 pictures of me she'll get the client a hundred threat. Why wouldn't like I don't condone this behavior in any way shape or form. But this is looking to get caught right is why would you take a bunch of pictures and give them to the client ray oh by the way here's all the booted away. He's got drivers just like that I'm not a professional photographers will know clearly he is okay so they sued the guy they won they got 800 dollars back from them which doesn't seem like quite enough. But now they found out he still working as a wedding photographer there. Actually the agility in the system you might be right he probably isn't a photographer he's posing as a he's a pervert and posing as a photographer I'm sorry you were right action to sit down. And you are now they've gone public in an attempt to save any other couples who might hire this guy and have him ruin their wedding pictures as well by the way. This is the stupidest creature of all time. And you know it actually kind of opened this little thought for me I bet there's a lot of waiting photographers. They do that but these don't give you that these keeps on man. Is actually look at the pictures it seemed like there was one woman in particular use especially drawn to in the bridesmaids. And is that he followed around him prisoner by the end at this stage it's a long way to go for pictures of him but. Has he not heard this little thing called the Internet yeah. It doesn't make a lot of sense that that's the story anyway that's our job is to inform so they're going yeah. Callous. You 100 points. Wolf it's a new one at a point 7 awoke the morning wolfpack that now. The tornado just came in an area that you want it do right and hey I want you to. And they'll tell you sense that could carry the Y. Ideally before I turn it over I just have to welcome in the newest member to the month club and it will is these fathers house foursquare church. Courtesy of Kelly K percent of some mugs of hey this is my church they Iraq and have been on the mug club. And I wanted to say to that gonna be headed out to tangerine travel is impossible today slow tonight at a donor dropped. This is they sent us a mug last week I'm gonna go say hi need a 175 employees. Know how they know they did for us in seat were coming for you baby baby but I want those like. Tangerine travel welcomes and they blew up our wolf logo really dig zone. It might be the most official professional welcome we've ever had most times we go we'll listen FaceBook live they've they've barely won is there and they can take you don't think it's. Give me the donuts again regularly but it's not leaving the scene yeah. A lot of pressure and very hey yeah I have known to have a couple of Red Bulls on our. And I got a card anyway do we get the mud club three plugs for local businesses to sinister motives 805 avenue suite 14100. Seattle. 91 of more bone deep they go over to you hey. So watershed it's kind of a big deals seniors are freaking out right now because this is. The biggest. These hottest the most insane the weekend of our summer and we look forward to it on your lungs what do the temperatures traditionally at the gorge for that August weekend first we can in August well let me go from zero like ice like it is right now to help probably really close to help okay. And they don't David does nobody wears it to close a number in all seriousness. You can't scare us with temperatures because we begin in Arizona for ten years to 125. Degrees in the summer blue dog and eighty. Now no no I don't get up around a hundred or so okay so we're gonna go he's sure that Far East yet you. Re aiming a beat you muck it all right you get lucky and met while wearing shirts and. And so I like Anthony flick clearly via Lee has not see me with my shirt all I ask you peacemaker. I know. Clearly. Lane deal is Garnett and man did it and anyway alien at yes so where you go with it this morning a new show will what are you doing well obviously everybody wants to talk about watershed in their favor watershed moment what happened at watershed was that while I was at wacky was the musical moment. Did you get an autograph from someone did someone touch your hand Eric did you stay in their by the stage for eight hours all day long seated secret opens up about it. Things one how much seniority. What happens. Arrested tossed out. And yeah I into for the wolfpack yes I'll be listening. I don't really wanting your meet and greet stories and I got zones and autograph I only hear how you drink 43 Beers how you washed your drones and tiger sister ended up in the back of the pickup truck in Nevada who got pregnant out wanna hear these kind of things. I want to hear like how did you lose one cowboy boots yeah yeah I. Cowboy boot why is that story right there we lost a tooth and watershed let's break it down. I do a 6421 wolf as we turn things over to the lovely and talented misty and leave or you take a text messages right that's right 46150. Morning actually not a jealous. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 point seven the world.