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Wednesday February 7th, 2018


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Hey welcome to podcast for Wednesday February 7 this is our little let intro before we get the meat of our show today which overall. Pretty exciting indicated to get here about 139 out less bad kind of a dominant conversation today but I wanted to start. With another email in assist to emails for two days in a row slow joke from two different people yes. I mean we I have speculated that. Actually nobody listened to this podcast so to get feedback on it is really great mad at Seattle wolf dot com is my email address of one person today could just verified at they're listening to make us feel so much better parent. How about it all worthwhile now this is from Nate who is a fan of ours from that air zona and says hey hey man my name is Nate I wanna email you today about my love for your podcast to listen to you when you were on the air in Phoenix allowed to show then and let the show now especially the podcast. Give me a chance to listen to you and Joseph here in Phoenix during my long workdays. I really like your improbably intro which is what you're listening to right now thanks to the podcast and drove all the segments on the show the not fake news is a great addition to the show when our elected back and forth continuous load Joseph on the weird news. Oh yes wanted you to know you do a great job please continue putting the podcast up on the ask you email any time -- well and with that being said I'm previous thinking man and a severe kissing my own asset if you ever have -- -- constructive criticism is not -- a positive I will also read that yeah we handled that pretty and I actually think that's sometimes win more fun yes so I a couple of things that we didn't get to today they were pretty interesting to start some country music news and this is pretty historic man we don't look Chris Stapleton what undermined our entire going which it does not player over the loot Dirks I was yesterday that we actually talking up on the vodka we did Erica ad nausea or it. They're notices about Chris Stapleton and you know this kind of increase Stapleton week around you're giving away tickets twice today. In fact tomorrow morning we'll have two pairs of tickets 710 and 830. But tag Chris Stapleton. Now for the first time since Garth Brooks did it 1992. Chris stables and is the first artist holds top three spots on the top country albums chart. Since back in 1992 and just to refresh your memory and I wasn't even in country music when Garth Brooks was the king of all things. But gone back to that. It was Garth Brooks rope in the win no fences. And his self titled first LP just Garth Garth Brooks or whatever. They had a top three for eleven weeks that your Arantxa not since then has anybody been this popular in country music yet and that probably says a lot about his surge in popularity you have is people are gone back they're finding traveler which is phenomenal. Round which is first album and their fine how alignment. Well and you've got to from a room volume on a volume two rats and the point this article is basically. After Stapleton pulled off a clean sweep at the grammys. Winning all three of the awards for which she was nominated album of the year best country solo performance. And best country song with broken halos. And his performance is Emmylou Harris stated Tom pennies while flowers his popularity surged and after that he went to the top of the country music charts a billboard. Pretty unbelievable Dan and he is he's a special man and I and I remember we talked to Vince Gill. He just said no because we ask ms. write in Crist able that was brand new we do we think about this guy he said not only is he the best voice in country music he's the best voice anywhere. Absolutely enormous soulful are indeed yes it kind of a blues guy but he an end if you don't know this or he's to be for a few years you as the front man for a band called the steel drivers. And they are from Manama on and absolutely love that voice go back and listen to a couple of albums where he was the front man. And it's it's kind of like a bluegrass blues band. But they're amazing yeah with a little bit of Iraq thing too little bit yeah when we saw him my wife and I Vanessa we saw him at the mesa amphitheater that we got in the car we started like pandora and all his songs and we can we stumbled across some steal steal our stuff that yes really amazing they're still a great band but you can imagine even better resentment on is that lead vocal yes so. And -- may be to back in the day he was also part of a rock band. I think I don't know maybe anyway Chris Stapleton dominating country music the other stories about football and this is just weird to me but. When out Rob Gronkowski that tied him for the New England Patriots was playing in the Super Bowl have in fact they've now sort of timed it down to write about when he scored I believe it was his second touchdown somebody was robbing his house. He had back in Foxborough Massachusetts. It's Sunday. Almost 9 PM at night somebody was in his house literally within minutes. A when he caught a touchdown pass at the beginning of the third quarter somebody robbed his house and we had the 91 call from ground. Two you know the dispatched to play on the on the showed him wheezing gets it yeah it was pretty basic is saying this is Rob Gronkowski. And somebody robbed my house. Yet you know it's funny to it would be cool to be able to be so famous as you can call 911 tie that in just given your name yet and like okay we'll be right there guys write his quote was this isn't an emergency visit just Rob Gronkowski calling FF FF and while I was gone my whole house got robbed while on the Super Bowl trip and I just got back. Police are disclosing any information on what was stolen or they don't have any possible suspects but. Burglar stole safes from the home and who knows what assays I think clutching guns to their guns right exactly so. Well and yeah I think that's pretty Connie and I think nowadays. You gotta be really careful social media because if everybody knows where you bar and you're not at home. You're open target well that's that I just about to say in terms of athletes specifically. In musicians to this is not common at all. Because people know exactly when and where they're going to be so they can say okay a thousand miles a way. You know price stake out their house a little bit obviously yeah if they have like you know. Anybody staying there to yadda how it happens a lot I think he's the most famous. Athlete thus far that this has happened to you. You know it was they have denied Immelman Collison began extort I've read a lot of a lot of athletes get robbed while they're in game what happened to was it LeBron James or was it there was some football player can Murphy was admitted homes had vandalized with LeBron James is a leader that racial up Italian any Cameron that. But you know for me is a criminal and Joseph used to be some major can chime in on this a little bit more than I can't. I think I would rather robbed just. John anybody then go to a house that had all that security and probably Mission Impossible lasers possibly shotguns. Pit bulls they can afford the best security yes while you know where they are it's also the hardest. House to rob I think there's there's another if there's another side of that coin now and I think they even though they can afford the best security a lot of them don't bother when it. Because. Money and possessions are not that like important to them so they have they can spend a lot of money they're gonna fill the house is really expensive stuff. And they're not necessarily think you know got a little idea of this stuff gets stolen because it is an okay area that's probably all shirt exactly Saudi and I think there's there's opportunity there for the for the cunning criminal mind to prove I guess say that is a very bold pull up to go rob yeah Rob Gronkowski Allison and rob rob rob and think come but that is ambitious yeah no yeah. In fact it in this will wrap it up and let you hear our actual show from this morning but you know I told the story right out of the gate about leaving my house this morning yet and I actually had to go knock on somebody's window because they were making out blocking my driveway. But I thought as I was traveling there were a couple of kids out of maybe twenties or something like that I nominee get on deserted there's cans all of my Friday RS. But I was really nervous they saw me Lee totally they don't know if there's anybody else in there or not Nebraska smacked a window so my thought leaving was man I hope they don't go rob Mir and a riot. Is anybody who's gonna be like going for second base at 4 AM in front of my house probably my gonna steal my watch well let's just that men and people do they play anything's out pretty well below you know that your home alone and New Year's very worse you know they are pretty much it's easy to figure out as far as the crazy way to start today again that's the career that's the first thing you're getting here in the podcast and tomorrow morning again we guard recovered at the attack Crist able to take its. I don't know my misses all tomorrow's going to be really cool. We're gonna get in the Olympics for the first time yes because they officially been artificially but they start there's a couple of probably lesser events in a pinch on delta area officially start but there not just tell IA building -- your mind a mere Friday night Brett and that's -- to -- him drinking games and really get into the opening ceremonies. But we are gonna have for the first time AAR correspondent is an old friend of ours from back in the California days has bred. Hi in the scenes stuff that's really fun gives you the broad today yet like that condoms there hanging out who parties artist and I got left behind Iggy isn't. Well China won three medals and that boring -- 750 will get our first Winter Olympic Games updates slow dirty for for summer or winter. Summer for have a winner guy yet I I you know I like that that Winter Olympics I just. You know mired in my brain for Olympics because immediately to track and field. As prime my favorite event even the gymnastics in I don't know about here I got more favorite summer events and winter I love the scheme that they downhill I also really for some reason it is the one. Time in four years ago get excited about figure skating yeah otherwise it doesn't exist. I caught motivated stresses me out in after the I'd Tonya movie FOI all in this analogic figure skating camps in their thought oh my god she's gonna crash is gonna crashed and we she does act like it's my ball on the air will yeah I did it's hard as a head and I think so that they tomorrow at 750 look at four to talk to Brett. We've got a new mug club at sixteen and another useless poll of the day and we're looking forward to it so we'll see you tomorrow at five guys have a great day. It's. He went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. 100 point seven. All the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister good morning slow joke that morning that McAllister got the big show but wanna start with a little story funny too because you don't we leave the house it and you're listening right now you get up early to. The world is pretty much dead place so I get up this morning opening garage like now is due to this music it's like. Jewish Jewish issue. What's ahead. So look out and there's a car blocking my driveway not in my driveway but parallel you know facing a road. With him. On I can go back out so I walked toward the car and there's a couple of hands around the door but the passenger side beer cans yet. Dish dish you've. It's almost thinking man do I really wanna look in this car like I have to because I had I gotta get out. So I kind of Peary and Enders that guy he's in the passenger seat. And there's a girl behind the wheels but she's for climbed all the way back if you don't and a and he's getting after. This is this morning I'm not making this up is so well. Right there in front of the cottage so I thinking pink. Not gonna glass and took him a hot minute ticked kind of disengaged. I might even knock twice now that I think about. Dish dish dish. Thanks. And you love the window. And I just kind of you know he kind of looked at me and I kind of pointed to my car in the Buena Purdue non verbal student. So they need you they kind of got themselves together and enrolled four of us think of myself who is making now. In front of my house at 3:45. In the morning and I mean they must have been like teenagers your day today was darkened as I'm looking through glass. But then looked at him. And I think it in the school play there and that maybe they were cheating. Maybe there every place possible. The events that we're asking has got to be a stairwell of a motel around your head out to watch as much you can and that's after. Eyes and those are sort of my morning. I we want to get a lead off Colorado right now somebody to get us on base get the show started right at that you we'd love to get to know you little bit better to a 6421. Wolf. Softy just in who is in hoarding this morning at least he was we woke up Justin you're going to be early off color how're you today brother and more it. Okay were times your alarm go off Justin. Green more OK you can slow Joseph have me beat by a half an hour so what time do you go to bed. I'm not caught a lot of yes see that's it meant when you know on my Fam and I were kind of go back and forth between two places and when my wife and senator here in 9 o'clock is about as about right. Davey goes to bed at 730 building right here I go to tonight. Yeah Justin so there target. It is not so would your window washers out what I understand. There are welcome. You and your company okay DD residential or commercial. I don't actually residential. As a do you do this group or. Court. Well we work in a really tall building in downtown Seattle and there's guys have a clean these outside of these windows they're asked fourteen stories off the ground it freaks me out I can't imagine. Being those guys and as you do that Justin. No I don't repelled and I think it. Yeah. Just in your phone just went underwater do you do something different in that young speaker did you go. Not. Able to better see you don't you don't go super high up on the side of the bill. No article. Or. I just a what is your favorite thing to do in need PNW. What's not. Let patient but OK all that's cool held his son Justin. To sit out at least seven in the summer OK so what are you guys good idea what's your favorite spot and you don't have to say if you don't wanna give it away. We it would present other. In where. The carbon river appellate aren't yet here you have thing. Pat pat pat hey Jack your patience citizens as well and they do you minor hits your or something you think it who listens to it but I just him what really makes you mad but really ticks you off. I can't show you that I am driver here's Seattle yeah I think. Now we get some news on that later there's a breaking story Everett Washington is making international news for their traffic it's not good news if you live there stay that's cool asylum I've got a picture from a political thicket. Yeah I understand music they think they can portal for fund. Justin who's your favorite country aaron's. Got so I'll like Jason nodding yeah AA yep all right you must place and Jason on the coming up next that's long gone with this we'll let you pick the next song. Oh gosh you know I I'm terrible song and I really am like this case nothing. But Jason and he got a million good song so how about we just pick one of them for does that work. We know it that's all right Mandy keep the wolf on all day. So yes there. Proud wolf pack member team that heat lead up older say that again and think we want people who writes a song. Well receiving your lawyer that we have so low demand thanks for sticking around for our show we really appreciate that. Our cost him a bit more. You do the same guy I see down the carbon act. See for me it's of his car but I think about bike frame and we're a different plants there I Jason now being coming up next for our men just stand at the window washer leadoff callers. Yeah Alex rate and these here and 100 points. So wolf all right here's a wanna know right now morning wolf back here's the daily conversation other than your job what are you a total nerd about. I mean everybody's totally nerdy impassioned about something. It typically maybe it's not something that you find. Your surrounding group of people also enjoyed it and for me it cycling fan last that I had been courteous night out ever actually left the cottage. And faced rush hour traffic all the way back in a downtown. So I can go to the Rafa store which is like this high in cycling gear storks to listen to a lecture from Andy hamster and who won the 1988. You wrote the Italians which is a it's a grand tour of course it's it's like the toward France and Italy. And put it that way. Get more pub the first American cyclist to really breakthrough over in Europe twenty years ago is now like the second biggest bankers is well. All depends on if you want to call them votes there's three grand toward Joseph we don't have to get into all of that right now the point is I enjoyed my evening thoroughly. I sat there with a bunch of other dirty cyclists there's not a lot that's gonna give you at decried it as things began it was a tough poll while was didn't go there I'll be honest bottom again so once in A lifetime opportunity means. And instant dude way what is the election here about woods talked about cycling the race it was pretty epic mountain stage to be one in the snow anyway. Like nerdy question. It was a it was a dream come true man is to get to meet any Hanson and that's actually I didn't get to meet him is this nerd mob was so strong and and it must stay super late to get a picture. They got there he wasn't out talking need arms AA but anyway that's who we want to know right now it's very simple. Other than your job what are you a total nerd about. Time to share morning wolf pack 206421. Wolf it always shoot us a quick text to 46150. Good morning naked if you olive so the conversation is a good and you job what are you a total nerd about. Yeah that would do it out throughout well though I in the best beeline brand that the case and trip airplay is if that explains why. Anything that I can view view. Go out I'm very tired a lot less money. Yet you feel like you're winning like you're almost stealing from the bank at that point. Tell me a couple of the web sites or apps that you use nick do you help you in this. Yeah I hear that it put your thoughts and he. And that AM. So you out of that view by different critic hired bonus point sign up off grade fuel out reduced your travel about the we would have a wife or hurried. I'm November is to stop put up quite an air flight voice. Very cool I you know the one the only thing I could contribute make is that he's an app called hotel tonight we've heard that yeah. Actually. It's pretty sweet man year old into a town if you have no reservation it'll give you all the open rooms at that moment in the usually really cheap because paid hotel revenue boy the room that have nobody in it. Yeah. Spot so nick what's the best deal. You ever got since this is your passion your super nerdy about discount travel bullets time you're like yes I I I won the. Though a couple of years ago black and Thailand in May act like. Eight in the time of the and night and 900 Alley. All. An idiot so much more enjoyable to vacation when you know that your getting a great deal. I tend to stress on vacations dictum it's always so expensive. Our next thing you know there. Hey nick thanks for being a part of morning wolf bag man we love you have a great day. A couple text here. I'm very dirty about astronomy in just science in general is Brad from lake Stevens. Let's see. And your premiums as crossed it which she and vows so many of my friends are junkies for that. Our other than your job what are you would total nerd about 206421. Waltz or text 46150. What are you a super nerd about other thing you Jerry potter and Harry Potter okay how nerdy are you about Harry Potter. It's pretty easy. If things don't get out there leading all the books at. We knew each. Day until. And then. This blocked all of these all in one day you know I'm not. All the movies. How many times have you seen Harry Potter movies. Are god and other times a thousand times now where we get on the whole thing and coming out with new ones or is it Harry Potter done. I think. Literally the other the needle I want it at GE. But just not the same anymore he stick you for being an admiral Harry Potter story Universal Studios and LA. Felt that I have been food fat client that OK there was probably way better do you Florida's better bit Mary Kate thanks for being part of morning welcome back we love you. And it theories Michael and Olympia other than your job Michael what are you a total nerd about the. So in Michael based and go ahead go. But anybody yet yeah advocates are Michael got to go ahead buddy. Outs are so I just basically find in general both let's say edge universe at Serbs. Model rocketry anything to do it back at a but yet not this planet that's me. OK so last night was minority night out I got to go meet Andy Anson with a 1980 jury did tally here in Seattle. But I'm sure is a big Jeffery tube because SpaceX launched the highest powered rocket ever. Any Pau what do those cars on and I'm sure you were all over that Michael. Hello sad that was like Michael Super Bowl yesterday. But it Michael can you not hear me what's problem. I think it get it out so. I was mentioning the SpaceX rocket last night that must have been a pretty big moment friendliest and mark I like I guess I've got an. And they actually have and just combine all of it last night. Yeah like that that was my view the ball out ends. Or you know I'm happily ya eat you give you love mud and the yeah relent. You got anything. FF I'm Mike I got a little nuggets forests and your total nerd about SpaceX and Elon Musk. Took him my brother in law so my wife's brother. No was this six higher Tesla says he's been working for you amongst all these years attest. Oh my god I hate me and certainly that yet but I didn't double GL. I mean and it just it let me give media the story here if you. He moved to Germany just recently he was setting up a new plan for Elon Musk to commit to build the new Tesla. They just quit he just couldn't take it anymore and you probably heard this before but whenever you're a genius like it Elon Musk. It very difficult to work for it eventually just got too many just wasn't happy working with Elon Musk anymore so he just quit after. I don't know it's the only job he's really ever had out of out of Stanford. While debit he's got some great stories and a man that Michael great to I get to know you Little Havana thanks for sharing. Every city target cover embodied YouTube. All right there a couple of text messages coming in here again of the job what you would total nerd about. The nerdy thing ever got to it again this isn't the nerdy as I think it can be completely un nerdy like cross says her but what are you a total -- about slugger how would you answer that question. Have to be like video gaming and and you know just high end PC gaming. Yeah you're VR headset I had some pretty up believable if they had their petty and federal ways that a complete nerd about Pokemon cards. Jeff Graham says anything and everything automotive which I can totally see I'm so jealous of anybody that can get into an engine really fix anything there I was never given that skill set. Another look I'm a total nerd about recording dateline 48 hours hard evidence and didn't watching them on the weekends. That's Amanda from black diamond but see another one net astrology got a full binder of astrology tapers and it put together I was doing my work and school. It sounds like a cheesy pick up line. I can dig it all right coming up next we get the you useless poll of the day. You are not gonna believe what Boeing workers are getting in the next two months it's unbelievable that would get us where useless poll that a. You're listening to the morning call. McAllister yeah. Our mine the mail whenever I had. Good morning wolf pack. And McAllister sludge. And that time for our morning wolf thank useless poll of the day and I can give it up for Boeing. And I have a feeling this has to do obviously was that the new tax laws that trumpeted the place yet but Boeing. Boeing workers occur in this is about Bo. But Boeing workers all you hardworking men and women net debt clock in for Boeing every day. You're gonna be getting nearly 600 million dollars in bonuses over the next two months. 600. Million dollars as I deleted. If there member of the bug. Well no no no mug club privileges aside but we're gonna welcoming a new member here in about fifteen minutes can't wait to call somebody. And I noticed in reading this article to this just shows that we all work together we can't be beat feet president and CEO of Boeing is named Kevin McCallister. I gotta put the call of the day there and Elan lost because Kevin. Look me a few bucks so that is the morning wolf today do you get a bonus where you work. And I think an overwhelming the answer is going to be no. But he from a lot of people to get really cool Christmas bonuses and it's like that. There's also worker incentive bonuses I'm sure in the tech industry that we get any of those little jump on nest. In a way to vote on this is you just go to our social media thing. Is to Graham and Twitter. At Seattle wolf by the way the results from yesterday overwhelmingly in favor. Of an in and out burger coming to Washington State yet I can imagine that turning out now I well I thought it could go either way because there is a feverish. Localism here drag and it's a franchise is not from here there's a lot of good burger places here's a thought that might give a little push back. Made Dick's drive in people we're gonna. Boycott clearly some people have tried it and 82%. Of you that took the pole a lot of people voted on this yesterday are excited about the opportunity. I mean now and I just not happening and that's. I just rises curious if we talk about a triple stack protein style if you were gonna get excited Aniston maybe brief mention of an. Panic onboard. Have got to get a hold of that she's a 35 day you know there's like five time he had little aliens little bit of a train wreck their evidence in the Thanksgiving your life together I don't care it's a great burger Fries and the milk shake tomorrow. But it was that only left about 18% of units at that. Not so I sat there. I'm like I said coming up next it's really happy about an opportunity here. To welcome another member into the sounds most exclusive coffee club course for talking about feet mug. Hello this is the morning wolfpack with NASCAR star 100 points and the walls. On the campus O'Donnell. Love and I am reading right off speed you look we just got an email yesterday from the artists danger complete framed art supply store. It's true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. Michelangelo. Nature is a revelation job art is a revelation of men Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. So Smart we can all become if you just sit in coffee mug. More ever does it she works. Cars or get all the Sheila Peterson you're. Out in public and for Sheila Peterson please I think Pelosi the Peterson Matt McAllister calling from the wolf RU. Yeah hey I'm great I'm just gonna thank you for the bugs get help Kenya and Sheila tell me a little bit about you how long you've been listening the wolves. Our offense before you get it on their oh. 2006. Oh wow so your life for your and you're the long haul you are out of what we call a good customer. I. Offense. Well thank you I know there was a lull there in the action so we were we feel so blessed to be it's a two great station Basque Country station in the world no lessons. It is that by doing this is the artist edge shipped to stores over bill and polls well. Your complete training in art supply store which I think is great but I noticing your business cards this year the Peterson designer and he wrote in hand underneath it manager. That actually amana and dad and managing a store for probably about well at least ten. Yeah in the don't have an on the business card that for now I just leave it can't just play it if they called I want to. Complains and you know wants to talk to the managers they're trying to develop something man. Now I'm just get I have. As far as I made. I love it well that's great I thought maybe you were newly promoted I was gonna say congratulations but you've been doing this for a long time. Yep but they edit a long time. And what's your favorite thing to do in the Pacific northwest. I'm a lot on the I love gone out picking up and it gets for not some rookie you're gonna have to educate we want to thank you. But multiple kind of I guess and candlelight. A lot of and make it fun on the beach you'll be able to see through them when you called him up against it did Eminem have little gets things that this man. OK I got on Korea. He ever heard of defense Toski stone up in northern Michigan I'm not only with. Yeah we used to find him on the beaches and harbor springs and at the task he Michigan area and you can always tell a northern Michigan night because they have the task he stones announced that it give up the mountain. You polishing Mitt look really beautiful to kind of look like they're fossilized. And I got Jessica dad and my grandparents as time was a mile west of the white stone battlefield where they had about all believed to have. It out and error and this stuff like that we give Obama the field to find them. Oh that's beautiful you still do that do you think they've been cherry picked by now. Big entity that element I now you got a little bit of the North Dakota which is not I'm an assailant similar to the northern Michigan you know if you got. Howard Johnson's over there you know we got the bug me with a pink cheeks and sausage. See I'm not to cut out we'll let admin and I always thought they don't just like my grandmother I'm your business. You know I don't know much except that well you know those the most important Buffy that she can't navigated it well it can be viewed Germans rumored. Well it's and it sounds like oh yeah. And it's that BI TCH. Whom hold him and saw it hit that added more that he just said what I would basket now. Men like ETC Libby had a bad girl in school it was great getting to know you little bit thank you and to everybody over the Artis says both stores over dale and polls though thanks for being in a mug club and I hope you feel the wolf loves today that's all value I do it all the time we love you for that. What happened that McAllister visited Prague. Tell you these guys get a free doughnuts. You know 100 points no more bad news for the. And here's where we're going with a morning wolf pack one life events was ruined for you because you've got six. Imagine trading. For the Winter Olympics for four years only to have the Norah virus wipe out your chances. Now this officially hasn't happened yet. But there is a headline this morning vomiting and diarrhea have hit the Olympic village big time right now it's with the security guard's 41. Of the 12100 private security guards have gotten menorah virus. And so they're trying to protect the athletes as best they can that this could be something that I mean you got to know. Man these Olympic athletes do you imagine the measures that they must go through to not get sick I am now and then they're off contains like a cruise ship their own that Olympic village. I know. And there they eat in the same places that they must be a logistical nightmare. Mean I still remember as a kid we took a family vacation to New Mexico. And we went to the Carlsbad caverns. Which. I couldn't wait to get in their man defense flunking me. We stopped in dairy queen on the way and I had a blizzard and I don't know if it was the blizzard or I had been getting the flu. But I just remember I could even go inside I was in the call or. I vomit all over the place I was laid in the backseat sweating everybody else got to goes flunking with head lamps I got to sit in the car to this day. I'm a grown man U and children I still regret not being able to go into a look at this still black tights and still lag my I don't I'm talking about the million man. Morning low tech what life event was ruined because you got sick to a 6421 wolf is in number time to share or can text 46150. Good morning Katie and brothels so the nor virus is at the Olympic village in Kyung chain South Korea what life event was ruined because you've got sick. On my birthday I. That 88 this is my birthday and that night he got there I got the chickens are. Oh no no no I. And as a ten year old girl go to Disneyland in the princesses and all of that I can't even imagine the harper. I may have eaten in. And it can't be as bad rip Bartlett and may god eat it up and agent. Yet you know I've had friends that have taken cruises and others tell if anybody slated to take you cruising he starts feeling sick don't tell anybody because. Once you tell them that you are sick they quarantine you mean your camping in battle out the league. Now yeah it would but where does that mean my birthday with. Katie and in here you are you're grown woman driving to work. And you still thinking about that trip to do some intensity to get to see any evidence that trip. I did not and I caught and backed him alone apparently. You've got to go back. I believe it'll. When you go back to you that address like a little princess like you gonna dress like aerial had to go to get a Little Mermaid area in Indiana agreed that the ten year old stuff. And I want pictures now allowances program. I appreciate the call to those 6141. Wolf. The conversation. What life event did you miss because she got sick you can also issues the text to 46150. Again to 6020642. On wall. If you haven't heard the nor virus has officially hit the Olympic village in Pete tong and South Korea. Right now it's only security guards 41 of them a fallen ill to the vomiting and diarrhea. So they are quarantined the athletes try to keep them from getting sick I can't even imagine. Four years of training I've always thought the Olympics were a little nutty that way way. You know by our race bikes. But there's a bunch of different races where all your lawyer in this one you got another when they get. I can't imagine train for four years for one saying or longer for their whole lives that's true you pretty much happened to start nurturing this talent you know as a young person but to have some things roll off the game plan like just getting sick regardless. It's just. A nightmare to think about. So the question to you. What life event for you was rude because she got sick. That's tech's coming up 461 fives here if you are jumping on that okay James and polls Bo would like to that was ruined because you got sick. What they need my fiance got that our wedding and let me play her house without you. Herbalife. Home man and so was she able to enjoy the celebration afterwards in the honeymoon any of that stuff. I'm a little bit might shoot you're pretty wiped out and they. In the hotel for a couple days. You know to cancel the plans though no way to get blown away and you're watching the video and pretty funny voice meat and I was gonna say whenever you look at those photos you don't think the wedded bliss you think coming yeah yourselves and your back to pass out of Reggie did. Yeah appreciate the call slow joke and he had a life event that you missed if you were sick yes there we are -- I was probably fourteen in mad dad and I got invited by one of his bosses his company to go to fishing trip in Mexico the life private plane like everything and it's like this super awesome chartered trip and I that's totally simply I still win is invisible it's funny how we still think about these food MI was that this bowling team there in Carlsbad caverns. Slept in the car for public text message Mercedes from Puyallup synagogues food poisoning and offended vacation Disneyland. Thanks to me we couldn't go to Mexico either or not very far business twenty years ago my siblings still taught you it. Evident view all of and it's making tamales are and Chris is in my step mom and my dad because I was too hung over and I don't know that that's. I Crist able to take its coming up with beat the street to a 6421 wolf if you wanna get a head start on that. But coming up next in nine minutes it's been not fake news stories this sounds faked an art. And today we're gonna congratulate the Scottish man who caused a police standoff over a stuffed animal fat from. Into the morning. Oh I now. 107. Cell Woolsey it's a new one at a point seven the world's number one for new country and the morning wolf back here on Wednesday with the not fake news stories that sound fades but shockingly arts. He hangs driver let's mega drone is now carrying passengers around China at eighty miles an hour in test flights. So you gotta ask yourself. It's basically a giant drone landed Friday with no pilot utility Gideon and push a button. Would you go absolutely. I saw the video it's actually pretty cool and a possible. The company says it's fantastically he came 184 mega drone which thousands of test flights even in category seven typhoon gale force winds no thanks. It's still not known when the company will make the mega drug available for people apply. But the company claims data demonstrate the service at Dubai World government summit. This month I concede this being the way of the future hole thinking we are in the future right now this is it's like Lugar say they'll be little station to be just like press the button and it comes again tipped a driver let's make it throws it's pretty unbelievable what's the entire video. Quite an odd big news story never too glamorous beauty contestant who beat 4000 other women to reach the final of mr. virtual Kaz Zach Stan. Show's judges after. He's actually a dude yeah. Crazy story either a particular have unlimited visas or when he too. He fooled organizers by polling is posing as Alina media. Beating four higher than 4000 other women to get to the last stage of the competition he said you know my friends and I we had a debate on beauty and I decided to take part defensive. Have always been a champion of natural beauty. I got a yes. And then. Yes like like stunningly easy and beautiful you have to think he's as sick kid that's. I'm not happily married guy and I don't care how break down the barriers and is a beautiful woman would have fooled me to you know get me and in just so you know obviously a very feminine looking men were a lot of very feminine features that when you put the make up on but he. Real thick lips. Yeah a lot of feminine features made these crossover. I just feel really bad for the other 4000 women need hey dad even as a guy. He doesn't say much for the competition now for missed virtual does that stand you beautiful guys that are. And our last story in the not fake news these are real headlines. Toy tiger sparked armed police standoff on a Scottish farm. Armed police were sent to Aberdeen show our farm after a farmer chickens livestock thirty spotted tiger in his cow shed. Bruce grub to a report called the police during the predator would attack his pregnant cows but became suspicious when failed to move during a a 45. Minutes standoff it took you 45 minutes to figure out it was a stuffed animal like one of the big anti carrier in the here in the UK TV commercial level and its downs now the don's got it it's a hard place that heavy drinkers our men. And out of work in the land and open up a stuffed I don't know. After driving towards these stuffed toy in his truck he didn't realize who's looking at a large that cuddly toys. Can you imagine how are the police left the right anime shows up at the Pope later for a pint. Sorry you're buzz me. When the truth emerge police Scotland said. They were regarding it as a quote false call made with genuine good intends. At. That's the best. There's not fake news news stories that sound fake but really art and coming up next is beat the street Chris Stapleton tickets up for grabs if you want them. 206421. Wolf this is morning welcome back with some accounts act 100 points happened. Laughs hit the pavement and Jack could be history tour. Good morning Connie in certain column how are you today. I scenario fantastic thanks for asking you ready to beat the street yes I am OK before we do that let's get to know you were little did I understand you or 64 years young and Europe permit specialist what does that exactly Connie. I ain't I paid the piper building permits or you signs do you enjoy your work eat well. As I'm getting ready you're tired so I am I any kind of winding down now yet. Let's get you five questions with thirty seconds on the clock in and we'll see how you stack up against the challenger today on the street who slow Joseph found at the kings street train station are you ready con I am. Question number one. Which war served as the backdrop for Saving Private Ryan. War war war. Who sang the National Anthem at last weekend's Super Bowl game. Which countries hosting the upcoming Winter Olympics. Courier so Korea. Which park on lake union has a retired gas plant contract. I guess work. Who sings barefoot blue gene night and alone with you act. Oh. Okay time to show kind of let's find out how you did beat the street when we asked the same five questions to the challenger who again slow Joseph found at the kings street train station so this could go anywhere. What's your name right what he did take from these harper on the kids. Katie from gig Harbour eastern challenger dental hygiene and it sounds pretty sharp to me. Let's go through the same five questions and we'll find out if your gonna go to Chris Stapleton the white river amphitheater on July 21 obviously counting your huge fan Chris. Yes I'm actually seeing Chris in concert he's pretty special I think so chill here or go question number one which war served as the backdrop for Saving Private Ryan. World works. And World War II was the correct answer Connie since World War I which was incorrect and no no worries you're down one but we have a lot of game left there's still four questions ago. Here's question number two that saying the National Anthem at last weekend's Super Bowl. A game and was right way to go Connie so you're on the board. And now Katie from Gig Harbor only has a 21 lead on need you right in the thick of things. I know I don't be nervous you go question number three. Which country is hosting the upcoming Winter Olympics. Korea. Or Korea South Korea was the right answer Connie got that one right to sue your boat sharpest tacks. But tag Katie still has a lead on you three to two by the way tomorrow morning 750 we have our Olympic correspondent will be calling us. Almost every day from South Korea giving us behind the scenes updates as name's Brad. 750 okay. We have a 32 lead for the challenger yet to get this one back here questionable for the local question. Which are how leaky and as a retired gas plant. She didn't know it chink in the armor Connie three do. If you got it right gas works park of course was the right answer yeah heading into the last question we have three to three time kind of now the next questions about country music which tends to favor in the morning wolf thanks. Here we go for Crist able to take it all comes down to this. These things barefoot routine night and alone with you. I don't know. Know that one county but you needed it Jake photos cars and you have done you have gone forward. Beating case from Gig Harbor in the streets Schilling got three out of five writes that you are going to Chris staples and I quote to have a beer with the economy well thank you. Connie you drink beer all. I think we'll Hank Connie Lehman had a shotgun those bad boys and and we need to Connie can be a lot of fun great thank you got coming up next I have been thirtieth nine out of all time last night. I'll tell you what I was up to in less than ten minutes and we're gonna wanna know what you are a total nerd about cornered. Is the callous. You 100 points and wolf here's the question to you other than your job what are you a total nerd about it. Last night I left the body checks into rush hour traffic. I braved I ninety common and got in the heart of downtown I would to the cycle in store called Ross oh this'll cycling clothes and whatnot. And I sat there were two hour presentation for Andy's hands and he won the 1988. Bureau did tell you what the Americans broke down the barriers for us in Europe cycling. No idea who my name's miss my name is Matt McAllister and I am a huge cycling near in the last night and where it made me realize what a nerd that I was that I was going to leave my house and get into rush hour traffic. To go your guy talk about a bikers you and twenty years there's literally nothing that I have ever come up with that can get you to voluntarily leave at that hour down I mean if you had to go to concerts of Baghdad. This is great idol and bomber is heading get a picture because afterwards he was mobbed by other total nerds cyclists like me and it was RD 8 o'clock at night so I'd fail what kind of turnout is huge through Iowa or as deep seed advance. Yeah last week. Made sure I had a ticket to get and baby are here and culture and there are hundreds of people any hands and sing hero in my book never even heard that name in my entire class Joseph we'll sit down over lunch had a long conversation about it that's. The question to you right now time for you share morning wolf back other day your jobs what are you a total nerd about and it's funny what is non dirty stuff. 206421. Wolf protects 46150. Notable fact Matt McCallister and Cary in federal way a undated your job what you would total nerd about that ought. Really a piece obviously your an author yeah that's LA OK why they have to be independent authors and books. Yeah. Well even ten years ago independent author and publishing your outlook quick fight it out they'll look like Gephardt. A bad mark on him yeah and it didn't sound horrible and EO James published if it gave the great. Independent author. All of a sudden became a big. Though he kind of paved the way more. People the public bell bonds. And the bear on the about the air and then take it. Really they. Don't know I mean I've read those that are not by independent audit that the public creek traditional model and got my. I have a little I have acute it in my heart that does independent office that's which crashed in the absolutely because I already have a very good Ellen everybody should be able to tell him. I think that's fascinating I've never heard that before I didn't even know that was a things that care really appreciate you sharing that would. Make it you have a wonderful day. You can take care thanks so much quick text from Elliot Q while I am the biggest game of throws nerd ever whom. People don't expect it for me because then you typical blonde girl who look shopping festivals in girly cocktail that mention game of thrown around me and I'm all about it. I get talking about it nonstop Aussie all seven seasons about five times already crack under the side knows that I'm not a videogame player and I'm obsessed with playing Zelda breath of the wild how much time involved bank played and then it. Okay you know I'm married her LA yeah I'd say hello Joey is taken and power lines men EC speaking your leg. She's got to read all the books. All right other than your job what are you a total nerd about 206421. Wolf or he considers it takes 46150. Great calls coming up next. Last night I am braved rush hour traffic I drove downtown to here lecture from. Any hint of the data when 1988 here in the Italian cycling nerd a total nerd. And it was a great two hours since investment beds or grab off. Good again you go to dinner tonight. Good morning naked if you wallet so the conversation. Is under the new job what do you a total nerd about it. As though it did not route both though I think that that's you know on different that dates and trip this play is if the plane fly. Anything that I can do you view. Go out about it I'm prayer a lot less money. Yet you feel like you're winning like you're almost stealing from the bank at that point. Tell me a couple of the web sites or apps that you use nick to help you advance. Yeah I that they put your and I. C and that they would know you that you different credit tired quoted only sign up operate fuel out reduce your travels up the wee bit that the white furry. I know I'm very. Adult point there. Oh. Very cool I you know the ones you only thing I can contribute nick is that I use and have called hotel tonight you've heard that yeah. I've actually got a couple it's pretty sweet man you roll into town if you have no reservation it'll give you all the open rooms at that moment in the usually really cheap because paid hotel rather give with a room have nobody in. I need to insure a total nerd about discount travel what's the best deal you ever again. Though a couple of years go wife and I went to Iowa and in case that it I like it though alternate date him there at the right deals. And night that it led to 900 dollars. All. And it did so much more enjoyable to vacation when you know that your getting a great deal absolutely. I tend to stress on vacations nick is it's always so expensive and let it go out there and nick thanks for being a part of morning wolf bag man we love you have a great day 8 Q good morning Jerry Jones other than your job what are you a total nerd about. I am very passionate nerd about the course and of that country. Well there's somebody great trails around his little cross over to between cycling in the horseback riding I ride my bike through horse who all the time. An ankle you know I can't. Dwell on the gonna go ahead and say that I had and I think that we all need to find are packed and are not eight that's happy and better people. You know I couldn't agree with you more for me and I know horseback riding featured Joe's exactly the same riding my bike everyday is the only thing I can control down my husband will say. I am. Being an unlikely. That's all my wife says let's have it teed up or anxious you know what I mean a little edge decency that take arrives I always Dominique come back in a better mood because as the one saying every day that's all about me and I know that's really selfish but I kind of depend on we knew we need we need you need that and so yeah it. That. All right Gerri Joseph thanks for being a part of a morning wolf thank you for sharing and whenever you get on your horse next have a great round thank you so much have a great day appreciate it guys. I appreciate you Cathy from drone attacks on a self proclaimed birth nerd. As a birthday to Lola I find everything about pregnancy and labor fascinating and exciting women's bodies are amazing I could agree with you more it's unbelievable. The other alien Puyallup chicken and I'm a line dance nerd I tell myself over 150 line dances over the course of six years and it's all been through YouTube mostly. They got an Apple iPhone to store all the names the dances I've learned I don't ever forget any of the 150. Line dancing with the capital she's gonna get together we're dealing I had Cassandra in ever I am a water nerd. Everywhere I go ahead Strider from bread water to see which we're like best I can every water hazard every day's that is something maybe that's why not a -- I can't taste the difference Ryan water I didn't McCain and I always feel. Fall below a little bit because people are so into it am I missing. Sean from Everett. On the nerve when it comes to where I get my coffee a drive out of my way just to get gore made a lot days and go into a closer stand closer stands unique. I'll drive on my way just to find the gourmet. I've won last I'll do we have to. It's got to be really quick though super quick regularly via other than your job what are you told her about. Greg. Our winner of that's that's all right comment out next. We I had a really great mug club this morning were to give that local business a little extra love coming up in just minutes. The morning when I needed a leader in the well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't help my donuts and a dollar ball here's Matt McCallister yeah. It's no lol so excited. Because the Olympics. Deep Winter Olympics from painting South Korea Kim Chang in the same right moment start tomorrow although officially not really till Friday night then you have the opening ceremonies in the right. But tomorrow morning at this time we are gonna have our official Olympic correspondent Brad jail on witness. And he's been an old friend of ours for many many years in fact the last Winter Olympics he broke the story about the a livable housing conditions the Olympic village from such again so we'll have behind the scenes that not boring. Who's winning what metal. But no like what it's really like to beat him who's the drug here's freestyle skier exactly. And he covers all the fun party stuff is kind of a party guy himself anyway. He's the announcer for all the snowboard events now that experienced things that yet. So that'll be tomorrow at this time just to give you little heads up about something to look forward to. In the meantime we wanted to welcome the artists edge into the morning wolfpack mug club and if you sleep in every day and you miss 610. This is just a chance for us to highlight use. Local folks working at local businesses could be some free love on the radio that. And started when we got to Seattle I realized slow Joseph that I didn't have a good caught him parents or if anybody sends me coffee mug from where they work. A local Seattle business I'll give you some love on the air so it turns out now that. Every day since we've been here for four months we've gotten a mug from a different business. This morning was Sheila Peterson said he unit from the artists edge two locations in silver dale and polls both. Framing and part supply store to get if you hear us say these names on the radio. That means they're one of us he's a good people right we should support these businesses in the conversation goes call the people and thank them for sending in a mug. And sometimes the conversation gets a little weird. I'm not to cut well like German and I I always thought it sounded like my grandmother behind you have to yeah I don't know much except the oil and you know those the most important book in a teacher never hit it well it Aoki gave me German swear words. Open. That and it sounds like they'll Yahoo!. And it's been BI TCH. A long OK he's done it then that is who admits he just said what I would basket now. A Smart girl who's got me so. This by the mug club businesses that have been sworn in. She Juarez salons and cause every therapeutics that are actually house nature's stage gardening from idea specialty projects beauty products. SS roofing Boeing. Tactic aerospace thank you all for listening via a part of a morning wolf pack and more importantly being in the mug club. Now the little part two to this as well what we called we can tell your fans actually love the show when you love the wolf. Welcome it's it will bring you some the top but don't let's say thanks for you know listening to the show will have a couple copy with you. And and gas sediment get our address at Seattle Walt dot com right now get a sure mugs cornered. Callous. You 100 points. Wolf our morning wolf pack here's what we want to know who spends the most time every day commuting who has got the longest commute. That listens to the morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf you can Texas right now 46150. The reason we're bringing this out this is not gonna make anybody happy who lives in Everett. And it's a little shocking for anyone who lives in the Pacific unless it's not my honest opinion Everett's prices are going out we knew this we told this totally or at least your thinking and your own. Is this normal way. Everett is the worst city in the United States for time spent in traffic gridlock. The worst. City. In the United States. This thing alive that includes LA that includes New York that includes Atlanta cities that don't are notorious for their traffic problems. A revealing new in depth study said traffic congestion. Send the commuters in that part of snohomish county. It's the worst for you guys by the ways the city of Seattle was ranked ranked ninth most congested urban area in the country. But it would cost city drivers five billion in indirect and direct and myself. Man ever its number one status turned up and researchers ranked the amount of time commuters spent trying to get in and out of a city. By the way is 28% of your time in gridlock. Commuting from saying that's twice as high as New York City which had 14% gridlock. Seattle status is number nine in the country. Came at a different data set was ranked showing how many hours the average are restraining congested conditions during the peak commute hours. You know it's all how you look it's a slow joke right so many people come up to me say oh. What time you get up in the 330 all so miserable I came as I can never live with it you I'm thinking. I don't ever to do with traffic and I'm on the road for him by myself I'm on the road going home at 11 AM or noon Obama's self it's worth it is worth it. I know so many good and there're so many people listening right now they're stuck in traffic on dude I would kill for somebody detain. To get up at 3:30 the morning. And go to work and paid me for those times so I'd have to sit dressed like that a lot of people actually do that even though they don't have to be worked till like eight. I've met people like Rick they'll come in you know head into where they got to work in to get it worked out owner to do some things and then work and then. People or people stay late to avoid that may drive home. Anyway you knew traffic was bad we all knew traffic was bad. But did you know it was that bad Everett is the worst city in the US. For time spent in traffic gridlock sojo pyrite and had my mind blowing a little bit like but I was shocked to see an effective as Everett not Seattle proper way. Our 206421. Wolf. Who has the longest commute let's honor you. Let's salute you let's at least give you some love for those hours that you sit in the car every single day and if it's easier Texas find 46150. Just Richard Ayman el. Back with Matt Stairs. One place. Oh well next here from my Gina she says by the web lived in the Everett area all my life the traffic is caused by congestion on 95 forcing commuters to alternate routes through Everett. PM commuter traffic northbound is terrible. And again if you missed our conversation a minute ago Everett has been named this is shocking. The worst city in America Everett you right there I can see you are fourteen always know. For time spent in traffic gridlock. So we're looking for the morning wolf packer with the longest commute you an honor. All of you this morning and from an empathetic place of course to a six ports he won the wolf good morning sandy in Kirkland are you today. I'm tired Harry I'm. I'm probably better than you are you're stuck in traffic right now yeah. OK so what is your daily commute I found heartland Redmond OK so give you some times here yesterday it kept me. Hours and twelve minutes. Today it's been an hour and 55 minutes so far. Celeste is average that out it's probably give or take two hours door to door would say that's fair yet. OK so let's just call it four hours give her take in the car every single day yet and it plate you don't know I know I can't even imagine how do you do without losing your mind. I'm a lot of coffee inside our energy. Good. God bless you Cindy that's what I say you know we're gonna honor the commuter and those of you who are stuck in a car for so long so city right now you're at the top of the list with the longest mourning wolfpack commuted for hours. Well that's our jobs is to make all the view people happy in some small way if we can't thank. You too thanks to being a part of reporting wolfpack we love via paid Jaffe in mossy rock what is your daily commute we're looking for the morning wolf packer with the longest commute. Iams and I have 4 hours every morning one way in and usually about four and a half five hours. There's no homes. Yes you've got to be kidding me okay where you start and where you finish. Might start monster are usually a vote 3 o'clock in the morning okay Jeff ware is mossy rock exactly. It is down himself off both highly twelve jets lost to Norway to ask. And you're commuting appear what do it to the city. Four hours or you're basically spending eight plus hours a day in the core correct Jeff how mentally do you deal with that every day. Allen says it is it is hard. It is hard especially trying to do my job during the day. I I have nothing but empathy for your brother I just makes you realize how grateful lucky I am that I don't have to do death that is crazy. Well Jeff I appreciate you calling in thank you for spending your time with us when you're in the car. No problem is an editor morning welcome makes me realize how important our jobs are four and on point your four hour commutes going to be a lot worse. It's half past and no pressure all right Jeff we love everybody and hang in there okay. You it is nine ballots pro. And a lot of ways talking to Jeff Skilling kissel is this how does like how can. So he's got a gig you know what I mean that's eighty hours a day it doesn't seem sustainable that's an entire work day that you're spending just getting to work right at that point maybe you gotta look at me something until closer to home have moved need the helicopter hunter or whatever but sometimes things he needs is just dictate what you do what you gotta do what you gotta do. I own that man oh man I gave you wanna everybody get mad and throw quick here. For all of these that a lot of time new cars every day. Slowed Joe's commute to. But again I give you credit because you set your life out this way Bryant he lives right across the street from the radio station he walks to work every day takes him five minutes or less a day the agony and you I'm appear like a magnetic contributed traffic problem -- drier but that's sustainable that totally should be do then is it is now ladies so far away so. I commend you. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Check the morning wolf thank useless poll of the day you pop which was. Do you get bonuses where you work in a result based on a story became I yesterday. That Boeing. Over the course of the next two months is gonna handout. 600. Million dollars in bonuses. To their employees. Which I love the fact that these huge companies thanks to meet you trumped tax break are taking care of their workers that's awesome so. Very simple you get a bonus for you work. Happy to report that more people do than I thought on our is to grant story Seattle social course. 30% said yes they get a bonus to 70% said no on Twitter it was a little closer 38%. Said yes. And 62% said no bonuses where I work. He added to it well on Sunday Taylor's performance bonuses they're like wheat can potentially get bonuses if we do some extraordinarily. Ridiculous thing I was about to say you did said it would perform and that's that once they were up against sure. Here that morning world. I asked how hard. So wolf the morning wolf Pacman McAllister slow Joseph I don't think Luke Bryan. For making me feel like I'm not alone on my island of misfit toys. Games are big topic today was how amateur. Total super nerd when it comes to cycling a cyclist but I also watching it I studied I know all the guys thanks yard at all tricky last night I drove into downtown. At the height of rush hour traffic so I can beat Jamie Hampton who won the 1988 you're the Italian courts for Americans are really breakthrough in Europe at. This is that this is a shocker to some view people. Luke Bryan is a cycles now the lines are again he borrowed by a couple of years remember Lester he fell he had a pretty nasty crash sounds familiar. Well he just posted a picture it's been since copied and shared on my FaceBook page about 300 times. But it's him in bike shop he's holding his new track. Which is a road bike so you don't know if everybody parties polian got his manly look like here we go on my game I think that's why they accept that a long time ago recycling is a beautiful thing does not exactly the most manly and I mean like we shave our legs were spandex and it's not like which you don't put like deemed a face on winning here right now. I used to leave the the old college fraternity don't judge me I was him. With my road bike in my Spanish I had heckled every single that all ahead on all of that but I still betting can I loved him but yeah lieutenant Neitzel tried again disc brakes and he's got a power meter which shows me he's trying to getting into training now not just riding. OK so I can now wait thanks Sam we give Luke gone I tell psychic and a so you can link there as our area he had. If you don't give you power meter. Did you ever go to the hill man which is three minute interval. Did he nobody illicitly and you're listening to the morning call them back way back but Alistair. Our mine the mail 100 points. Let's. Well let me believe as well. Iran or point seven money wolfpack is going to Leonard takeover I love you believe she's a startling that music he's so fast and I don't like it. If I didn't love Medina never escalated again it's sort of like him nicknamed the many say please don't use that nickname in the afternoon into the risk your life. They did good everybody the update from yesterday because we had a little hot barn burner drive with a gal that showed up to show you which can delay message to Letterman. Well when it's happening in had she taken. So I went out and I told her I was like hey you haven't made a very good impression on the people inside so you really can't I would that was garlic and are you not left you Ubisoft. You're like you're like countered a hug him and do not hug. Learned a lesson but that's okay. So which she took her legs I mean I told our sister kinda coming into the lions didn't hear you haven't made a very good first impression she goes yes ma'am I'm very sorry. Michael do you still want it coming it was absolutely education and here it took her legs. And she's amazing she sat right here where I'm sitting right now. And I put her on the show all day long and tell you. Elaine for maple valley she has some natural talent for radio really math. And she might be next she singer favorably Shelton song with me we went live on FaceBook she did all that and she did her best three seconds voice. In the afternoon to tell you made a famous for the day. It was like well I'm glad she Indian the days had a good experience but I'm also glad you said it's a couple things Stewart writes you know and you probably did that the perfect way so yeah I'm glad I what do you got going on today. We'll today's my husband Kurt there. It's. In who had a. And so think about the day that we met and I don't know how did you me it's your mate that. Well she was dancing this little club gold Jerry bomb and a half it's like to go there after my morning shifts. With a target below one hour. Give me a bloody Mary and 1030 and and I always have my hair tonight this little Mexican Obama. His tenure and it will make an honest woman out yet it's is wrong you know we actually. Met through mutual friend OK and I had been divorced and had to single for a couple of years dot dating I couldn't do the crazy. She was just coming out of her relationship her marriage. And we went to lunch. And then I screwed it up and she still fell in love with the I told her I said if I didn't want to date to end I was having I was enjoying it so much so I like kind of blurted out nervous it was to see a movie yeah. Meanwhile ocean drive back to San Diego so I extended that drive two hours in she hates movies. In the movies the worst thing you can ever do in the first Denver he's doing talk know what it was the stupidest move ever. She still took me after world. They'll just it just alone she was very honest it was a great story to tell the kids you know as opposed to answer about story you Johnny. We met at a barbecue restaurant in NASA bill and I'd. Things don't noted is where did you meet and who broke the ice first right. I had at you know madness of influence again and as they would need to see this little section and I slid the paper over two and any me and laugh at them like might have happened. And I used to have when you really didn't know we didn't do the only guys want you. Hey man. Well you put on that weird southern like 1900 number of boys. It isn't easy and it's a terrific and yeah. In the south that to be fair who we yemen's you're not southern so used impostor in somebody else. The other thing about Arkansas I don't get more southern than right dealings coming up she got a lot of fun for you so that's a topic how to do need to significant other yes. And who broke the ice yes or I'd love it. Morning actually not a killer day morning's from Clarksville and I'm only telling you 100 point seven the world.