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Okay do you get. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Point seven. Matt McAllister slow Joseph check in on Wednesday the seventeenth to January. It's weird that it's already Wednesday the week's season flying by and we were here Monday. Yeah edited two to three day a week you know holiday weekend again it I don't know wives the weeks fly by for us we worked every day it has there quickly and tireless and on my complainant now I'm not either already halfway through it so. You know again last week may we had a really great email from somebody who. That's. For whatever reason wanted to our advice on something I never was that guy as the guy whose daughter was duties fest you know we are and where we get another email media to about fifteen minutes which is really cool another interesting situation. A lot of that the morning we'll fact is trusting us with some of these things and whereas in a Dr. Phil and this is an interesting year there were here you have to say probably not a us which is fair enough. Finals to Carolina Colorado right now the first caller of the day let's set the tone. We'll get to know you a little bit better final which is doing a pearly what's going on your life to a 6421 Woolsey is the phone number we Disney wine. Skip the leadoff. Good morning Taylor in mighty lately and we are leadoff caller today how are you. Fantastic. Taylor. How long you can listen to the wolf. Really since this may sound like me be since the beginning. I want okay yeah. Okay are you married or single Taylor. I am. I'm really not on the. I guess there is a third option there is another side reluctantly. Technically you know your relationship you're still sick and I see which are saints nearly got to respect that by how long have you been with Europe partner. On the eight year. And we've many other than we Wear and outlaw. But who seek had a re connected later. Yes. Theory and I hear the ballot and I are a lot. Hand now very and it what it. That's fantastic but to sit on and off so there's been some pitfalls. Yes it ban. Is it going it's weird going from being really really are vehemently. And it gets bigger. And that's always tricky navigating the friend zone in love zone me you know. So discuss thrown out there classmates dot com is you reconnect as. And I. Why you laughing that's what that website is more evidence I don't think I've never met anybody's actually I've seen the advertisement leg on face the but it may harm anybody's actually used plasma that's either good or aren't farmers only doctor IRA into an ad for a moment he dismisses it. I don't know all right so Taylor that's great through a relationship what's your favorite who is your favorite country artist. In. A. Yeah he's he's pretty awesome how I was reading about him yet today you need. Thank barely graduated from high school his mom was homeless for a little bit like the kids got a great story to. Yeah I'm very sorry. Great is that I really feel that Gephardt. That's our America how long have you lived in the paean WG grew up here. OK Taylor what is your favorite thing to do in Washington State. Not pilot bought out by now that I got on the path. On top of the mountains that athlete everything else. Our it was the last TV show you've been watched. Eight. Okay and see you guys you know because the imperialists Vijay I'm stuck on bloodline right now Taylor ABC and Alan. It's pretty good it almost feels like a Friday Night Lights soap opera type deal but I'm kind of hooked into it's dark in Baghdad itself it's a little twisted Taylor do you watch the bachelor. I. I think I tried to watch a lesson I don't think I can do it anymore. I know it you're like I don't hear president I don't know it was this year or just today I just can't. I don't know if you. Let me add my mom and her husband out a lot together actually where they right now you sound every time I get back. Is it. He had now for McKenna of I had to switch that one out is it couldn't do it less that are still one last question you got time for one last question. Okay what do people think he's weird about you. Agilent deep. I. I. I like though it Miller. And obviously I look I don't buy it and I'll lay off when it. What else do it. Everything I'll pop it what went wrong with you at. My wife has the same brainy guys can be best friends Taylor. Coming up down up state Taylor really appreciate you being part of the morning wolf pack actually gets a million little bit. You do and keep us posted about that relationship mode. And also as pre sell it to me I took coming up next for you this email again yesterday. And they deserve its relationship involved it's a woman asking for a little advice I think from other women and clearly we cannot help that much in that regard. You're listening to the morning the back. Alistair. Are mine the mail when I had. Saturday mail here it's mad at Seattle wolfpack come by the way if you ever wanted to check in. I'm just gonna read the email. And an amoled and hanged policy which you guys have to say about this. Jimenez those who have heard the email you guys tackle last week about the dad whose daughter is dating his best friend and I wanted to run some them by you in the morning wolfpack. Amid a great guy and we've been dating now for three months he treats me really well and I love being with them I'm being honest I'm sort of followed with a guy. Here's the problem he hasn't had a steady job and over a year. He's been living off his savings and help for his mother who is pretty well off I also pay for many of the things that we do. My friends say there's something wrong with the man in his early thirties who relies on his mom and I should get away from him now before I get hurt. He tells me he's just waiting for the right opportunity. Is not have any job for over a year a red flag in all right. Think about that for a moment where you formulated an opinion that 06421. Wolf or you can always give us a text to 46150. Just put your name on it. What BS bank. Everybody wants to get in on this one. But again if you just tuning in we have an email here from Loren spent a way she says she met a guy they've been together for about three months some summarizing here. He's a great guy she thinks he's fallen in love them. But to do doesn't have a job and hasn't worked in over a year he's getting supported by his mom and some of his savings. She would like to know if that's a red flag when she wants to know she wants and what you think morning wolf McNamee will chime in here but obviously we have death. Resources of many things and obviously before it's taxing calls request. My thoughts. Yet big red flag why would this guy work what since incentive to get off the county day Lauren. You're paying for everything you do and being what your campaign for he's getting from his mommy. I mean. Seems ridiculous to me over a year. I think it I think it all depends on what he does what his career as Dziena I mean you and I both know it's hard I mean I've nick a year ago I would had probably different opinion that I know how hard it is out there especially if you have a specialized career. To find some things. And you know the fact that he has savings may be he has a specialist career he had some money ticked away and he's just waiting for that opportunity. You know make it. If if he's just like if we just has a normal cannot you know retail job or something like that and then he's not working in now would be red flag but I think he kind of depends on what he did. It's right in the united ray asked a budget question back but didn't get a response. My thought though is who need it was say about the guys work ethic he's not doing anything began doing Indy in slow Joseph I appreciate what you're saying because you know we were in that spot it is it's a little desperate when you're in that spot correct however. I also knew you were doing some part time stuff right your data you know what I mean we were making ends meet however we could rag so I don't know and if this is going to be a tough one to defend. But I actually. There is something about he's a great guy he treats her fairly well and so everything else is there. But I think for me personally it affected the guy has no work ethic and he's happy now organ for every year. That's a big old red like what's your review morning wolf pack to a 6421 wall for you can always Texas EZ 46150. Sailor John in Everett you wanted to jumpy or on this sang email I get any advice for Laura and spin a line thrill. Of say yeah I don't know if we're gonna get a lot of people that are gonna tell her to hang in there for the long haul because it got red flag written all over and done it. Oh big time I was bit I was with McDowell and her and I want to get married and have a good daughters my daughters out and and she hasn't worked in years. Okay in your relationship is expected that both of you were gonna work. Duchess John well appreciate your feedback on that thanks for colony and eight Q by the way you can jump on her history and story we got to poll of about this would you date a guy that doesn't have a job. Twitter there's a poll as well Tony social media marketing bill what do you think about the situation. I've. Oh my how or why broke orbit. Did the job so long. Rides OK here another one like I said look confer the other side of things if there is one Robert at Tacoma what's your opinion on this would have Lawrence barely do about it added and have a job. There. How do you cannot tell you lie soon Kyle's home. What happens when she doesn't get winning and then our money's gone and he continues you'll be doing. Taken out there will be formalized our callers looters bleachers they hang on scene hardest hit regularly connect. Well the problem is she's got feelings she's emotionally invested as they say she's in love with this guy and it's a lot harder to think clearly if we you have emotions getting in the way of common sense I mean Robert. Yes sir I do business Haas. It is very task I am glad somebody. I'm that would lead as saying wait opposite sex. You know centers. Harlem my ex girlfriend but you say wait. Yeah I appreciate the call Robert thanks so much to look at some of these text messages you guys are sending in here. I'm not seen a lot of people that are supporting this epic red flag in today's economy does no excuse run. Another text you to wait for the right opportunity you go out there and find kids have to pay guys Taylor I was just your leadoff call this morning if she needs to drug she's draw a line and not fall into helping support him all that's gonna do is give him more reason to not go out and get a job. If she's got to continue to pay for things for him and he's not doing anything good job she should get out while she can. The case who hears it may be one that might be the other side. Is it sort of a red flag because you have to wonder why he hasn't been working mayock says it worked. For about a year in his mom supports him but it's because he'd been battling an addiction that needed his focus rather than working so. Why don't why hasn't even working is an important topic if he's just lazy red flag we have to be battling addiction that's matter they get to advocate your relationship she's. Dude is a matter of fact if you know if you know any about treatment that's the number one terrorist they do not be in a relationship right now because you can handling teenage years I. I just I I empathize the guy because you know. There was nine months reeker said the exact same thing about me you know didn't have something going waiting for the right opportunity in and it wasn't for a lack of trying is just so much harder out there even get basic work than people realize thinking well if Lawrence in a way is listen nearly she's hearing a lot of us support to status relationship. Aren't coming up next we get serious is for minute because we wanna honor fallen deputy McCartney and the funeral procession is today they're encouraging everybody to come out and lined the streets or we give you that info next. Back with Matt Stairs. Once once the walls. We look at this on blast today there's wanting that we can actually do and to try to help out the family of fallen pierce county deputy Dana McCartney. We're gonna let you know about this funeral procession today and after reading the article that was posted death on king five dot com last night. It's really important and I never really thought about it for what it means to the family to the police officers to see so much support. From the community. When something like this happens. The details are up at Seattle wolf on our FaceBook page. But the recession is gonna began at 11 AM. And will travel from the north gave javy Alam at 2 Pacific Lutheran university for a memorial service. It's gonna last about 45 minutes so if you can do get on your lunch break in Tacoma today. That'll mean a lot they're just looking for people to kind of lined the streets are well yet and you know it's. You watch movies like. American sniper. Or any other movie where there's a fallen hero graph and you see the procession home. You know it's it's a moving those moments those of those movies Riley's choke up when you see people. That are out there were signs arm American flags like he had I don't know I can't imagine what that must mean for. A family but just is somebody who's watching. You know to know so many strangers really cares pretty Johnson yes so pierce county detectives sergeant Jerry Sanders his brother in law was actually one of the four Lakewood police officers killed in 2009 he also worked. The deputy Carney who lost on January 7 in that shooting that robbery. His quote was pretty powerfully so you know. You don't watch the news you don't wanna watch a news you don't wanna relive the incident the first time your at a public you see the support of people. They didn't know you but there there to show you that his life mattered. He says it's heart wrenching but you gotta go forward. Can't tapped out gotta keep moving forward but he said the that is the most powerful thing for the families to see all the people that appreciate what. You know officer McCartney's live forum what he died for. So again. May sit here and tell you left turn right turn all that stuff but the map the procession is on our FaceBook page at Seattle walls Disco checking out. If you're in the area if you can do it. 11 AM today in Tacoma I think it would mean the world to a lot of people so thank you and Avaya. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister yeah. Now on another episode. Club. And got a couple of great look and coffee mugs here with a note. Very professional at dear mister McAllister. I am writing to you and providing two mugs for your consideration for including in your morning wolf pack mug club. Orion industries is a social enterprise in the mission of helping those barriers to employment such as learning disabilities low income and mental health barriers. Several members of Orion staff are motorcycle enthusiasts have formed a group called the Orion riders. These guys organized toy drives and food drive for the Auburn food bank. They also raise funds through the year to donate to worthy causes. Says oh like a great company. Chemical income for the month. Good morning thank you for trying to land at that mere incoming director Karl Matt McAllister calling for Chris had to guard. I'm Richard Riley chanting thank you hear Malcolm X. It's. It's. This gross acres is Matt how are you. Hi Matt how are you ungrateful man and I am all bliss doubt now I'm just asking his end of your old music and how I hope we have good old music hey you know that was a yoga class not that I yes go to yoga class though as very relaxing dress well you would have you'll probably be able to improve our music bought Accenture are well you know a couple little Brantley Gilbert and there maybe some just in more I don't know liven up a little bit but. You know it's funny because we're in a radio Burnett very professional sometimes that it's always fun dealing with very professional companies like you guys let's get hookers how did you hear about the mud club obscure its arms so and so the paragraph it talked about your Ryan writers yeah AA had the the motorcycle group you guys have yet. So does that kinda deep fault leader of that little clubs. They. One of these. He pretty much ride his motorcycle and all the time to let a couple weeks ago. It was a really really stormy rainy day so he opted to rise in the in his wife's car and get dropped off then does their listened to station. And suggests it clicked for some ridiculous I guess we'll see you guys frequently but for some reason it just clicked and you wish attendance among them and so that's what he suggested to me I did just a touch or researching how much does the good idea and besides the total package didn't sit and off key guys. Well I appreciate that get a mug club is just about the community and it's always important to give you guys a little bit eleven I love the Orion riders man they're doing all these Teddy bear runs in helping out kids and it's his cool it's cool to big companies have a hard you know. Yes they actually make my job easier I'm on the marketing guy here so whenever they do something like that it gives me good story to tell soon it's my job easy I love it. Yeah I concede that will listen like a symbol of the month club and day if you could do us a favor and let somebody else knew about it. And you'll get a coffee mug from a when he your friends in the business community. Absolutely naturally active forward let us know. Next time name you know you guys are gonna go do motorcycle run in your gravitate bears for kids would be levied the word out okay sounds great. Yeah Alex rate and these here and 100 points. So wolf horrifying story out of England this morning about a guy. Who tried do you stifle a sneeze and the words and he's just trying to hold that Ian. Don't wanna spread his germs all over the workplace where he ended up rupturing his own throat. By holding in the sneezed blocking his nostrils and his mouth completely I don't hold the ball try to hold in esteem maybe your church or you're at a wedding red huckster identity though. Anyway the consequences could be bad. The unidentified man who by the way said he was a really sit dude like a 34 year old sit guy. He felt a popping feeling in the back and just throw and all the sudden swelling in his next Danny couldn't speak or swallow. And by the way if you I don't know if you've ever heard this release these air comes out of your mouth and 150 miles per hour sing your heart stops to like momentarily easy answers where things kind of a radical experience even though it happens all the time. How could you imagine the game and what do you the hospital for I have run over by a bus what are you in the house Roy got it. Just tried to stop from sneezing at you never established in these now I'm never I again the alleyways of you hurt yourself like in this due to this dike. When you look back on an. I it. Probably the most notable story this. Showing off going to be an X fight on Christmas Day with my stepson went off and jump a grown man you gotta be a next fight but there my in laws mimic daylight and it's. Ended up in the hospital with a broken hip I had it like to change your life and a hundred different ways. You it's gotta fund do it anybody wants to jump near morning wolfpack why it. Is the stupidest way that you have hurt yourself. Not somebody else hurting you you hurt yourself you did damage to your own person. 206421. Wolf there's a phone number you can text fitted 246150. Let's have a little fun list of the dumbest way you've ever heard yourself. Good morning JJ we were talking a minute ago about this guy that ruptured his throat holding in its knees what is the dumbest way you've ever hurt yourself. I was walking and hurt my pocket well and well. A well when you hit it out what's going right. Shortly to fall off a building KJ. L skit that Democrats I. Ate at. Or. Edit. Oh my goodness I this is kind of askew requesting KG goes it cold for something like your bones elected to shattered. You know you're number. Eight but it Neal and why it. JJ yet that's the thing to you were even haven't fun when you injured yourself so when you look back on that how many times you sit there and think yourself Mike gotta fight just for the stepped. You know one foot to the right like what was I thinking. Quite object that's. I worked out. I don't believe a lot and out the ball. Or eight and. Skated for so many reasons this is one of the best stories have ever heard the fact that your bouncer. And which makes you one of the toughest females I've ever met and youth they had twelve surgeries is he tripped on the side wanted out of it just. I'm sure you hate you wrestle with this every day. Right. So much out pretty great export it ever got beat up I JJ appreciate executive great story and have a wonderful day. It. CLO crystal in Savannah ways that we were talking a minute ago about this guy who ruptured this road holding and sneezed let's assume this wave ever hurt yourself. I woke up I was really ready to go normal villain has been in my dad's my best friend and I went out. And I thought it hurt I don't know what he ill and that no I'd fallen near and Rondo. And and I got really speaker and I didn't and I did I made just explore it and bad. Where. You play you don't really know your area at all white. And that. Next thing you know I am. Don't stray off the lip then next thing you know you're waking up. Let's split with. Blown need it broken rib like that and a oh my god are still is it safe to say that you're likely to be alive. I'm actually I am I asked you at the I would volunteer firefighter and burned and it out though I am loudly that they are. Actually. An expert. Readable and I got in the hospital so yeah I'm lucky to be alive well. And this. Looking back on things that you think it was worth it just wanna get a closer look and a porcupine. I didn't know. On the field. I don't blame you I don't blame you Kristol thank you for sharing your story and I'm really glad you're alive to tell at that is a crazy crazy thing I am. It is no you're scenery at. What. You Christa you know what happens in Minnesota all the time Zagreb in the midwest is it when people are snowmobile links they don't see those. Bob more offenses. And there's a lot of decapitation every winter like in the northern part of the middle of the country and probably here to just people executive fly around they don't understand unit nor the census. Absolutely. And and I think the scary part about it. Who would know enough that expecting slipped after that when that doesn't drop off and adults who knew his. I think god was on my right. Hell yes can you imagine if you evil can evil that first one and landed a seventy footer and and you don't get animated. Oh boy. It was this. Yes that's all right crystal really appreciate the call have a wonderful day and thanks for being part of the morning wolfpack. We appreciate a couple of Texas came in really quick here and we got to move on to beat the street coming up. Here's a great win stupid way I hurt myself I slipped my hair and pulled a neck muscles so that I could look to the left at all to think it may driving extremely painful it took about a week to feel better. Here's another great one. Not me but my sister broke her leg in three spots going down a kid's bouncy house that's Marion lake Stevens. And I permanently damaged my clavicle but over vacuuming my home. I think. That was eight years ago I vacuum that seven times in two hours which has got to be I don't know I get all the data center OK you know Guinness world over vacuuming record. Excesses from what happened that McAllister has been robbed and then they tell you these guys got to bring donuts then you know 100 points. That's hit the pavement with Jack could be history. Hello Mike in Bremerton how're you today or tomorrow and Matt I'm also. My guy you're working naval shipyard Richard out of the navy your 66 years young and you wanna beat the street. I won't be as street okay well before we figure out who you gonna be playing against. Let's give you. August 31 which happens to be a Friday night. All the mab tickets go on sale this Friday 10 AM the let's teach you their first what he's saying Mike I am ready now let's do it your fired up I love it here we go any 62 thought molten and can only give you thirty. Thought I hit nearly have a 62 timer in the mix so I think you're gonna do just fine Mike I got all the faith in the world to gonna handled us. They met okay here ago question number one. Which movie starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a killer robots. That culminates. Who was the first man stepped foot on the moon. Neil Armstrong which show was about a teacher turned to Mexico. Little breaking rat named Seattle coffee company drew became the largest in the world. Starbucks commercial commercial Starbucks global. Hussein's Tennessee whiskey and nobody to blame. Didn't. Mark Brooks which. All right we're gonna find out how you did as we have met the challenger. Mike. I'm just gonna tell you pretty solid outing I think you already know that but it all depends on how the challenger does indeed the street now. Joseph was out a diverse fish bar lets me to challenger. What's your name wave broke nobody here. Ominous PC I'm from federal way and I'm an electrician. Okay it's you against Casey here we go for the Zack brown band tickets let's start with question number one. Which movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a killer robot. Terminated. All right a couple of due to torture both get a note terminator so yeah I think that based on the border with fell one point strong start here we go question number two it was the. First man to step foot on the moon. The. I armor. Casey didn't know it but Mike you did Neil Armstrong was of course correct nice job Mike. In release date nobody two to one heading into question number three beat the street for Zack brown band tickets here we go. Which show is about a teacher turned back. Breaking that. And ask you both got that one right it's funny I'm glad actually we have two guys for this because they're very guy questions right. You still had the lead three to two which is a good spot to be in let's go to question number four. In the Seattle coffee company to begin the largest in the world. Starbucks. Everybody's got to know that right c'mon Mike you both did you both get the point so rainy cool. Any ill ask question looking really good for you might guy you've got four for four your perfect either way I think you're gonna fare pretty good and I can my gonna hide this one might cure and a good spot here for three heading into question of five. Who sings Tennessee whiskey and nobody to play. Dolly Parton. Harden is almost as bad as your guests got Brooks and that's I apologize the wolf pack I'd Dario is under pressure. Chris Stapleton. And it's all you hear is voice though it. You'll movements moon. As nervous you were skewed. I listened to slip a little than the last one might have been married we beat the street Florida three from Casey in federal way you're going to see Zack brown band my brother. Yes and no love for the wolfpack. And that they love you Mike thank you for the love and up for those tiny person tickets. We're gonna give away and it appeared 8:30 this morning on the kick in two hours of nonstop country might rely everybody hang in there wolf back coming up next we got and emails over the different advice from you. It's a girl. She's dating a guy she really likes him but there's one little sticking point is it a red flag or not ladies Republican firm to you for advice coming up next morning. It's callous. You 100 points. Wolf the email address if you ever have a question about any game that Seattle dot com. I desist from Lawrence fan away she says Heyman and slowed Joseph I heard Jews talking about that are heard and we start over. I heard that he knew you guys tackle last week about the dad whose daughter is dating his best friend. Yeah that was something I wanted to run. Something by you in the morning wolf pack. I have met a great guy and we've been dating for three months he treats me well and I love being with him the truth is I'm starting to fall for him. Here's the problem he hasn't had a steady job and over a year. He's been living off his savings and help from his mother who's pretty well I also pay for many of the things that we do. My friends and there's something wrong with a man in his early thirties who relies on his mom and I should get away from him now for a get hurt. He tells me he's waiting for the right opportunity is not have a job for over a year. A red flag help. Okay. We obviously have some thoughts about this but before we see anything we wanna hear for new morning wolf back to 06421 Waltz get on the phone right now a little advice is needed Horry can send us a text 46150. Just put your name on. Just got an email from my lord it's been away about a guy she's falling for me she's got real feelings for this dude but. He doesn't work hasn't worked in over a year slow Joseph Amish are my thoughts were quick woody horse. You know I can empathize that the guy. Almost all of 2017. So we gonna set the exact same thing about me you know I have a very specific jobs in this its eyes and never would have imagined how hard. It is out there trying to get work in LA experience that for myself so. You know he's got a savings he obviously did were so maybe just waiting for the right. The right career opportunities so your saying Europe more than full let's be empathetic give the guys ahead that we were missing a few details obviously to Seattle I don't think that that's just out of these these are red flag is I think some people do what I did emailed back and it can get a response I don't know the questions for you obviously hell have the same questions we want more of the story my initial thought dudes work that's what we do red flag as a Moochie. Not only see it. Get a continue to move to your pain for everything maybe he's. He does mama's money lady and the good motivation these guys have to ever get of the county by playing halo. Blackhawk down or whatever video games ago the view it's what he's doing all day in no way of mom part worries me think you know what is as evident as work ethic zero do the I took a 6421 wolf okay Blake in east lake what do you think about Lawrence situation. I mean I think if I'm ever red flag if that guy really cares about his well being and he did get an easy part time job maybe. Grocery stores Starbucks while he's looking floor. Another job but then again there are some people in their thirties could just need a little extra help get go. OK so. You're saying may be somewhat but you're not definitive in that same walk away. Now I mean you really love that guy but is it gonna continue for year number excuse that you might want to lock away. Like he doesn't care he might be a bit. Blake really appreciate your feedback on this one have a wonderful day S thinking yeah I Kimberly if you wallop your comments about this email from Lawrence. Yeah I do not run don't walk yeah I mean. He's our he's already happening as mama I'm part enhanced doesn't need to take on that baggage are now why is he is here he's the man. Good morning Isaiah in the on the you had a comment about Lawrence family situation. I I encourage the red flag but it also about why situation I was out of work for a year and a half I did go to school I did certified partner jobs but. I had a situation getting out of military and other Pete gives the you do and by the way do you get healthy looking for a polygraph definitely I just had to find a way and oh yeah definitely. Sonic clear path and everything else and kind of focused on something that I needed it did. But it's definitely a red flag just as he's not doing anything with his life. Any focusing on just relying on his mother because after ten years in the mirror in my life she wasn't very happy or not worth it for a year out west it is important. Don't have the answers for the wide but it sounds like any email. Then he's just not really look in real hard but you know you're an inspiration to other people that are maybe go to the same thing in terms of getting out of the military and have some. Having trouble find their way so thanks for sharing that party story no problem I got it. Well it can log into your brother have a great day all right Ichiro and I think the real valuable information to his come from a lot of the women there have been a similar situation. A couple of text messages for you here in a Florida fearless a year ago Casey from Olympia says hazy looking for a job. Why did he lose his last job he's now putting in effort to find a means to make money leave no motivation will show later in relation relationship if there's issues. At Tyler Ernie and plus says hey it's a good skin pre nup. My best friend this for Michelle my best friend found herself a similar situation is paying for everything in their relationship and he treats her like crud. He's mean you're in refuses to work I constantly told her run but she loves him and refuses to leave. This is a bad situation. She needs to leave now before she stuck. And that's the hardest thing when you are. In the fish people in your in the relationship. In your heart is making decisions Yan your head gets out of the game you can't see the common sense of it. Sounds like it's pretty. Pretty much universal run inning and the only one that's an amen not true our first caller said yeah. Here's some event she is on the fence me again I think without a couple details that we don't have it's hard to saying I am hesitant to judge just having been in that position before about you know I've maybe if he's just lazy he's really mention others mommy. Well but in all fairness you know we knew were innocent situation receipt you were out due in part time work right I did where you sit around it took a long time to get that even that part time work in she did say an email that he doesn't have a steady job so I'm kind of taking that as maybe he's working part time. Mountain. I don't know. I think that the problem lies in the fact that he's getting some support from his mom grass so there's not a lot of motivation I really hustle that's the tough part yet bomb thing he got two people that are basically. What's the word I'm looking for here's supporting NASA any learning enabling Aaron Adelaide Garnett and Arthur. I'd Susan Lakewood and attacks she's to lay down a lot of it's due to do a quake he still young enough given ninety days to get a job any job. I think he's also live out his mom and as soon as she passes away guess what. Always loses her situation you live off we laid on the lost to him or dump him another text I'm a guy he's a loser typical millennial I think that I. That's really interesting. Outages had a point that I completely forgot it all my other point. And in this is needed here or there again we have to speculate a lot because we don't have all the answers how ever. I know from women's point of Newsday and have a guy who is like the little too close to his mama you're talking about a mama's boy relationship isn't really all that great free new relationship I either because guess what ladies he's always good you ma am I sat with Matt McCallister. Brought. It's no Woolsey if we could be. Serious for just a second out exiting more important and we can do today then to get the word out. About the funeral procession it's going to be happening at 11 AM this morning in Tacoma to honor pierce county deputy Daniel McCartney who we lost January 7. And you know the story because everybody's been talking about it it's news. Tragic when things like this happen to our law enforcement first responders military. Our heroes our community when we lose one. It is a tragedy to think about a fan only think about the small kids that he left behind his wife and today at 11 AM. There's going to be a procession and the police department is asking people to tweet about it yesterday. To come out and lined the streets to show support for this fallen officers so that the family knows that his life was not taken day. His life had meaning we all care we all love this guy and we all appreciate. Our law enforcement so 11 AM you'll start to the north gate JB LM and it's gonna travel about 45 minutes to Pacific Lutheran University. What I'm asking you to do. If you can news go to our FaceBook page Seattle wolf. And we posted the article early this morning trying to get the word out to everybody and you can see the route there. So if you're anywhere in the area 11 AM maybe take a little bit of an early lunch break. But there are lined streets. I know you've seen this win. Whether it's news coverage or movie or whatever. When there's a procession and the streets are lined with people with American flags and signs going. It's powerful. Yep so in this article and read this morning traffic could really hit this home for me was pierce county detective sergeant Jerry Sanders is. Brother in law was one of the four Lakewood officers killed in 2009 yen and he worked with deputy McCarty sold. You know he asks he seen this company go on now for a little bit. And he said. The outpouring of support during the Lakewood procession helps his family. Helped his law enforcement Brothers and sisters he'll. I mean it never understood the power of just standing out there. In the cold showing support again I think when you see strangers. That never media actually knew you'd shown that they care that's got to be pretty moving for the family. Yeah he's over the same kind of support today 11 AME said the department needs it. And this is a quote he said you don't watch the news you don't wanna relive the incident and the first time your at a public to see the support of people. They didn't know you but they're here to show that his life mattered. He says it's heart wrenching but you gotta go forward you can't tap vouching got to keep moving. So. That's all we wanna do is get the word out for as many view in that Tacoma span away area if you could be a part of that is go out on the street stand for ten minutes you know as a procession goes by. It means a lot so against Seattle FaceBook page for the exact route to make it as easy as possible for you look. And if you're gonna do this god bless you and thank you in advance. Someone who needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts and doesn't help until than a dollar. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. It's no war also I get all my good TV recommendations from slow Joseph who has got his finger on the Netflix button. You weren't stalking me to second ago about documentary. That you were watching last cent on net Netflix yeah this is like that missed Dallas. Volcanos so it's a series called the toys that made us it's only four episodes. But it says each episode does in some toys are made in the seventies and eighties sometime even further back so the first one I think was about. I GIG. And is on about Barbie and it's all about the company in a crazy man that went into making these toys. But it just it it it is such a flashback for me because for me either one they're really hit home was episode on heat and the masters of the universe which. Was my world when I was like you know 45 years old. Answer every single toy they flashed up there remember playing with my dad it was a site is literally like a Parra who Iowa it's crazy that are heard of dividends and also goes to show there's now a document her TV show that about any bright and then it's they're so shockingly get I avoided watching for a lot of them again how interesting is it going to be it's fascinating. A gag out on forecasts and now morning wolfpack going to jump in here too and then tell us. You was their what was the choice of your child a depending on when you were born rat pack to a 6421 wolf he can Texas and 46150. When you first mentioned this asset you're thinking to myself I don't remember having a toy in any kind of came to meet you really you have to think about it for second the toll. That I remember playing with more than anything else and it was an eight toll it was green argument. I had and having you go by a Baghdad are your momma did you bag a hundred green army men in I would sit there and set them all looked a little in the dirt in the certainly little tour in Iraq is. You know now I'm a little little in use of that was due to the toys were not that great Baghdad and in health act and he had lawn darts and throw these like javelin things up in the air opening today pairing it I thought I. Yeah but is there an episode have you seen it on green arguments they didn't have won nine green army man it was RV GI Joseph he man and one. Other line and I can't think but I like I've been the mall and a four hour period execute that all right morning wolf back again what was the toll of your childhood. And I think it be great to be get you know the male and the female perspective threat you know because I had an older sister is she a whole different. We'll house and toys to a 6421 wolf Texas 46150. That's who calls coming up next about those the Dutch boy that defined your childhood the colon Wilkinson text message she says Teddy Rex then. We get star very short Jake this is just don't overload stretch Armstrong with marbles pickup sticks Africa about ticket six became an adult to. Great game. Six Million Dollar Man action figure and of course we get the act cabbage patch Dole's to affect the a Lincoln logs moon shoes Claude skip its and don't forget the adorable but creepy Fergie. Good morning care in Basel Dario and will have a great hey did you ever heard this documentary to slow Joseph was talking about before you just mention of the radio I had. Yeah might be kind of intercede checking out the toys that made us into what was the toy. From your childhood and starve to tell me how old you were now I think that'll help us define the timeline. I don't aren't any sort sounds funny very OK and what was your tour yeah that I was an American girls. They learn. 200 dollars a pop ANE eight hours each way to house and terror while I didn't how well an all let our play I'm. And I had to give a fake my mother extra that there. In you know that when your parent is so tough because you're right those things are pricey and everybody's got. Nine and you download in mommy I have that look like me doll. Yes as an adult and I feel a little absurd guilt and that to buy one but actually expressed that every year we got like that yeah. And I admit my body actually at the gym or eighty M I'll read it pays off opening night out every year. And Karen don't they have the stores all over the place where I don't they still have a bit of one point you could like take your goal winning pitcher doll's hair done and get it in new outfit and end. You can't and that one who then lipped out but. That I'd be happening you are hot or not. Ali kick it chipped it goes there and my mom didn't like told me that beta that but we are way. Can you imagine basing an entire family vacation as a parent now. I can't but link spending money the plane tickets this old just a go to adult shop yeah. It would have been ridiculous. I did not like oh they don't need to like out I. You know it's gonna happen if you're gonna have a daughter and she's gonna want the iPhone 23 and it's going to be a thousand bucks and you're gonna have to pay your dues that debt state base for being a part of the morning wolfpack dearly love it yeah. Hello Zack in Everett what was in vitro away from your childhood and Joel Pineiro or else letters yeah I had a couple of hot wheels myself brother you know he did it crazy that Legos have stood the test of time kids now still play with Legos help slow Jody that it told me he still plays with Legos sometimes. I actually. Every day at work aren't I at all met my five year old John just me. Actually asks me to play you're gonna talk oil is Elizabeth and I spend at least an hour a day of partly. I love that's that good for you for being a great dad does he have like the to see at the hot wheels track you actually yeah. It didn't hear who always knows architecture. Bu I don't know what that is and sounds awesome. How and not just the let between life so I quiet my family and port Stanley might trying to. Overt and I was not wills and over 20000 flag and. Totally yeah exact chemical place your house and it's rainy Sunday. Into the morning. Oh I now. 147. So wolf the morning wolfpack Matt McAllister and I don't recall ever lately hearing anybody really talk about tennis. Tennessee is buzzing and I think we're gonna have to save one of the things for two markets are running out of time. 2018. Australian Open. There is drama galore. There's a new grunt her on the scene Maria Sharapova move over. Serena Williams probably starting out like the Americans are fumbling but here's the part that's really great. Will Ferrell is a big tennis fan I didn't notice when he crashed and on court interview yesterday with Roger Federer. And did the interview took the microphone from the dude from the sports station and interviewed Roger Federer as Ron Burgundy. If you missed it this is just classic. In the immortal words soothe. Ron Burgundy. Straight to be here with two tennis legends. Roger Federer and job Macintosh. Roger. Tonight you seem to Erica electric is now out there on the court. Would you describe your game as a silky is there. Yeah. Maybe. Maybe maybe not. And don't they get eaten at the end. Not if they're fast enough. Quick question Rogers you thirties refusal to receive ageless argue wish or a vampire. Now presume there's. Rumor in the men's locker room that you loved coming to play down here in Melbourne and your secret to fitness as you only law that. Is that true. And is on June. Have you ever tasted. Well should die but it is delicious. The national food of Australia this morning wolfpack with Matt let's scare them off 100 points the walls. It's the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister and slowed Joseph happy to see. Five minutes hour you do Indiana I don't get today takes that you the better and better every day I know you're getting through this situation with pops and right I know things going well and you're gonna share that with your fans and I'm I'm as happy as you don't FaceBook they do yeah it would SE Dixon for the first time yesterday she's doing grades and so. I'm wearing my sixteen else sweater in honor her today that you have is that actually is a custom sweaters with your. Is that a real picture of your dog and all let's all I've basically a free she. From head to south thank you are I've never seen anybody so in love with their daughter. And it is great. Art out are now she looks very cute. They weed and eventually take over then we you mentioned a couple times and I and I know you're probably going to anyway because Andy got a blog about this but at. We're encouraging people all morning in Tacoma that area and span a way to get out in the apart his funeral procession that's happening during your show today. Yes it kicks off at 11 AM they're gonna start of the north gate. Add JBL land and the local police are just really encouraging people to come out and show support and really it's for the family and the other police officers to. Make so many sacrifices. And of these policeman who risk their lives every data keep us safe we as the public they're asking us to come and show support and show pay our respects today for a this incredibly tough job that they deal yeah and for his life. Isn't it crazy when you're young and some people have a mentality of like the police there the bad guy skis you're trying to break the rules if you're young you're stupid if any need a little bit older and get some brains. And you realize that when something is happening in your scared there's one number that you call him and that police officer the save your life. And sometimes they lose there's this tragic number one year old son handled deputy McCarty had small children. And I can't see my son every day I just I can't even imagine that position there and where that. Widow you know those kids they've lost him forever so at least we can do is go stand out there on the street corner and don't care if it's dumping rain and student at seven big show. I think we can do it and you know this is our way of wrapping our arms around. Deputy Dana McCartney's wife and the children and showing them our love and respect in if you want to get. The funeral procession where since starting and how it will to go through that until they get to the funeral. Location you can find it on Seattle dot com. I love you. Have fun thing to look at you. Michael Ray we'll see guys back tomorrow morning at five A Arnold that's another car. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 points or so far.