The Morning Wolfpack - Wednesday July 11th, 2018

Wednesday, July 11th

Wednesday July 11th, 2018

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Rowling's hey welcome to the morning wolfpack podcast for Wednesday July 11 my name is Matt McAllister. And Amelie ranges here of course I. Are lovingly refer to is oh I shouldn't say anything because yes you have to listen to the show yet and you're getting your seventh when he what do hurry embarrassing guilty pleasure is yes. Big announcement in by the way it was cool. Then you're not alone. Eight and my mommy called and the ship docked that was awesome yeah I was not as large over there are saying I pay so how did that happen she called and you didn't call her now she has called I also spoken whether in person before the two Ian I was gonna give my mum on the phone but to your moms are like the sweetness we. I love having your mom's on the show did bring this this. I'm just jealous can they have this air of just in and says mom gets together Purdue they're a pretty chill Austria. I didn't realize the amount listen to the show Lima achieves that that podcast there. And your mom yes. I don't I don't know what my mom's attacks case. I think you said it is rhino we have a sweeper that talks about your mom I think he say I mama was OG she listens time I think she does that sometimes she wakes up some that is not consistent yet because we can't we have to be careful look at sometimes you make your mad and then she liked. And yes he gets on united during the show I love my mom mom if you're listening I love you know you love me load Africa but she doesn't have that in I think she would acknowledges that bush doesn't have that sweetness. That your mom Seth. And there was a friend a minor high school Embry grabber his mom had that sweetness to him on satellite data bake cookies all they sweet yeah I think. And mama what is form but that was in our household item buzz a raise like that explains why I'm like the way I. And so he did it's always this it's nice to hear now is get a little jealous and I was told a grown up like Alicia really missed ever. You know so sweet it's a fact after the attack. Yet your mom's you guys are lucky and I tell the same thing to my wife is her parents my in laws are amazingly sweet as Ireland you know one thing I told my mom a long time ago I don't think it's ever been a factor Breaston hey if I ever say anything about it. You on the show it like exaggerated or something like. That's just there's a reason for that night. Yeah I don't call me on Madden next day I got something wrong. Well and you're in good position where you're not on the air as much as I am right so there's some times where I'll exaggerate or straight out fabricate and and she gets all crazy Italian leather might even be a conversation about what I just said well I think in the truth sometimes it's a mad did apple will get everybody's got a different. Perspective answering. Yes and I think to the old that you get the the worse your memory gets is there and I was totally Bibby things I'll bring up and civilly. I don't even remember you have been asleep that I have the scooter my moms or two like she she is off by decades of my. I think no I think your my. Hey by the way just a little behind the scenes and we never mentioned this on the air and I'm not sure where we would have gone with a bit. You know we're in downtown Seattle and it's a crazy place I mean slow do you live down here you get every day there's been a couple of weird things going on lately one of them is a recycle bin that miraculously appeared on the freeways well overlook every yet it's on the on rampant and so. We have we talk about this recycle bin endlessly trying to figure out the mystery of who put it there because it's full of recycled product. Well we know that knocked over onetime spilling out yet and we saw a guy walked up the Mike collected a game. A guy with a broom so get up and put it back in their cycle it and then the next day it was tipped over again yesterday around after it was over yet silly question but now sitting upright and who transports a full recycle bin. Because you when you call you set up residency they delivered a new house there empty nobody ever picks them up full so we just can't figure out to be stole it and they're gonna live and it or heavily I think a one time you speculated maybe somebody's gonna used to collect water and arraignment yeah. That's a bit odd jobs. It by the way if you're not local as Seattle's homeless population rivals San Francisco or LA or any other big left coast city. In it's a part of the city's culture it really is an to the point where a lot of these biz is a very liberal city. They support homeless people they give a needles for heroin they give REI gives these guys tenths yes. I see some homeless people this can encampments everywhere covered in trash and I personally hated I'd rather give these guys that hand up then hand out her. But it's a part of the culture to be part of Seattle thing noticed the homeless people thought you lived that life Sayyaf. But what happened today was it was tragic and I don't think anybody can I mean it was freaky weird would happen today yes I asked. And I feel bad for Gregor who does the morning show on the end because he saw it. Before the tarps were over the dead body yet. And even the corner office basically the corner studios and he overlooks kind of a different part of the interstate them Wheaties so we couldn't see it from our studio. But I know Mac he said they they're dead body on the interstate. Yet there was a guy and I didn't he would look like an early details but I am just assuming part of this homeless population because nobody else is walking around freeways 5 in the morning Iraq. And a dump truck hit him and killed him in right out in front of our windows so lab that's how Miley down and I'm I'm grateful for this he was covered in yellow to RS. And in the ambulance was there but the police had been shown up on anybody dies on a freeway it's a it's a homicide I mean it's yes. There's as an investigation city shut down the freeway and it. It's been awhile and not happened what and IBM right around six and they're just now he had waiting there and I they cleared it out but it's interesting because. Although none of us wanna look it's the whole like Robert Decker think as we all would like. Take glances at the window and couldn't stop here they are dealing with that block out all of. Sudden I'm looking out I've got windows they go in several different directions from my city on I see everybody pressed up against the windows overlooking the freeware right there my relief has taken up every morning show on our building was a humanitarian and even later only nine cheeky minutes enhancing gonna move the body. All right and I don't know what it is again morbid ships passing out and I don't wanna look at a dead person but I sat there and look to wait for them to remove the tar like al-Qaeda was. A look at which they did for me of the time they miss him with him covered so I cannot see him. You know now is I was interested to see to that it wasn't medical personnel that were taking the body it was just the freeware workers the WS dot workers who I am assuming fill pot holes and fix freeway well they weren't the ones taking the body that they are the ones holding up the sheets. There were. Blocking the trapped there for you look at that yeah yeah and I think they are the ones who kind of picked it up. Right and helped the coroner here I mean is there. I don't and I see those flag years or people fix and the freeways I don't assume that their job entails. Holding lifting and moving it dead body or at but I guess if it happened on the freeway that's under the jurisdiction right and they have to block off the streak. I'm a California. It and seen it from fourteen floors up is a little shaking new candidates. Be right there and yeah well and I'll be interested to see and this is because I live there's like a three block radius strata around here that I live with and and then there's one particular homeless camp and that there's a food bank in and there's like there's just there's a life easier a lot of the same people. So I see these guys and girls. Multiple times a week there's a few I see. Yeah every day is partly why they wave and say hi to me in like say Kosher or whatever yeah I don't know these people on and I'm not a first name basis by the way they wouldn't say that's me. Even homeless people know that the shirts I Wear not a school or evidently now wouldn't fit in but. I'll albeit I'll definitely be wondering if anybody's missing over the next couple days if I might want your regulars is in Iraq until now and then and an end and that they are. I'm gonna feel that like it's you know. I guess that they're they're neighbors you know like it or not Dick and Ayers that well in an economy family was you know I'm that guy may be mentally wasn't ride aid and he was a street transient and part of the problem by you know and it's still somebody's brother is somebody's dad or signer and whatever is sick it's really sad how mean this didn't have his podcast insured to be too depressing. Now I'm glad you highlighted traffic on I five south after the Seattle sucks that's why they've shut the whole freeway. And it was deadliest sobering dose of reality for an Allah will mean. Ever know people die on the interstate every day they're accident that he'll easily seen it happen it did her and have them not be in a car. You know again be out. Well it did made me think you know when I drive to work I get off line nine the and there's this long wraparound on ramp onto I five gonna get off right here in Madison. But there's a spot there are where there's the homeless tense yeah what nine yes. Most of these guys are on heroin or whatever and yet they might stumble out I might hit one of all might had just occurred to me. And of course model card probably the one to sustain all the injuries not a guy that doctor Erica well I gotta be careful. Yeah I feel so sorry for him I mean. Probably it was unavoidable you know like he said to me just stumbled out of a program yeah and he if the straight up the krill and I could mean and like I tried other Crowe also imagined hitting someone I mean I just promise ties. Well and then we don't know the other details of it ever really different mining college to willingly stepped in front of a train to take his own lines are issues. So we don't know if there was that arrow is like a drunken sad drug east double lane. But it could have been even more dramatic for the dump truck drivers and at peace on company like couldn't stop because the guy was at one yes I do that he had. I don't know what's worse but again that's another morbid part of our past. But yeah. I think it's staffer and that a flip it up banana segment unicorn and puppies a threat Wu. Yeah anyways that's what's going on and if this morning if I know we all over the news tonight here in Seattle but if that's. Why you relate to work you take I five through downtown southbound that's why I'm. But I thought to it really interesting to see it unfold how cautious. All of those people were not to let anybody in traffic see what was going out there. Why be respectful that body was covered right away I am and in her columns put all around there's no way it could have flu at a flown up mussina dead head or whatever dad and then when they were transporting the body on the stretcher. There was about ten guys around the body holding a white sheets just and -- people don't see that at the big thing for them I've seen I've driven by accident scenes were they actually raise these big black heard sounds that they put like all or around this we have more alert about that this is this is decide no but my dad lived in Germany 1000 kids or to go over there in the summertime and spend those in that's when I discovered the auto bond and how you can drive as fast running out on and all that kind of stuff. And that's an alert is he told me when there's accidents on the ought to monks have been 750 miles an hour there are never any survivors as in never. So that's when he told me with a what they do in Europe and and into me in Germany. They will close down the freeway like five miles before the accident five miles out there. And there will come in with a helicopter and they were just pick up everything and move it and nobody ever sees any thing because it would ruin. That faith and trust in effect that you can drive a 150 miles an hour to see what it does say don't want anybody knowing that a potential outcome of going FS is death and that's the only out cuts for now let's pitch. Audubon I heard like if you try ass and kill some one you're in jail for ever give you survive the wreck like that's the consequence who've now I don't know that. And I'm guessing not a Pulitzer Prize. Knew him at there gas companies are Irish. But I will tell you yelled as they remember about that is there's a whole system to it so if you are in the fast lane in your back on fast they're very civilized about it. And you pull up behind somebody. You put on your left bleaker. And that tells the car Freddie to move over to the right yes and then they do that in its really its us and it works really racing in round about people are good about you know her absolutely like they understand that arguably alternating daughter native and I it's like yeah see an alternate. It is crazy is it seems it all works out for them very well same with then no drinking age. There would they're not uptight about nudity they have add the guitar when I was get a billboards of topless women don't you go to by Iberia tentative but there was. Dornin thank there wasn't. A lot of problems went down to seem this seem to handle it's definitely. I mean it's an old school way of getting things done and and teaching people respect on the especially with alcohol Jeff and yeah I think get when you stigma tie something like for the first forty years in real life. It ends up causing more problems in the line oh absolutely when I got to college the kids they were taken away on stretchers for alcohol poisoning on what to boarding schools where they were allowed to have any alcohol couldn't get out and they didn't know how to drink they would talk about all of us can think and that's aid drinker meanwhile these kids in Europe. They have wine with dinner and a copy with Brecht is that like none of it is our vice Nebraska talking about that it's just what you do address. Who cares so it almost seems to breed more sponsors will be able to. So all right listen enjoy the show could you probably waiting to get to emily's guilty pleasure. Which will discuss some adjoining room. And any feedback on that or on the podcast in general to send me an email Matta Seattle wolfpack out. He do you have. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not the. Point seven. Well here we go Wednesday July 11 and people are detected in a league really excited about the big 720 revealed yet. And I suppose it's safe to say you missed yesterday's show were no longer calling this of violence of yours were calling this whatever is your guilty pleasure that you were too embarrassed to talk about yesterday yes. Did you rated talk about today. Yes because I realize people are gonna as they get much worse things than in this. But I'm surprised. Me not surprised no one guessed it and we got thousands our business and I went on throughout the day on FaceBook and everything's self yelling get into. And I think the best part is the reason you were embarrassed to talk about it because of how I'm gonna react to a so I'm looking forward to it and I tell you this a safe space I can't waste your reaction are anything to say say this is this is the treachery of trust I don't trust each other. I'm going to be supportive no matter what it is and McCain appeared to him I gotta laugh. Or make funny little bit but I'm just excited to hear what is what's the big secret is in the life I have the safe space was you don't make economy have well I'm not millennial so. Hi slow job let's go how would you rather I think I ran all right this I got a funny story about a break it don't buy anything coming up at my wife also gets him and fake tickets 710. What else you got Delonte Hogan fight a little bit later on a show what emergency vehicles technicians Zack makes for a living we share your salary they tend. Jennifer and pretty fun little Wednesday night they're quick anecdote there. I don't even know it led an anecdote is matured and well you ever Mike to guide the door guy that we had on your salary yesterday yes and you say were looking for people of you know anybody. Blood that when he said that he said so we're we're looking to hire. Yeah Greg and I said man I know a guy and it's not Q outside and I myself saw it and I won't do you think. Everybody calls and it makes overlay Gaby you're like to entire game busy. I actually knew a guy and I connected than yesterday and their phone calls turned into an interview in the inner returning to go are you being serious. The only thing is it that guy that I the F are good about yes OK well that's that's a whole other layer to the store and I. But that's an with a friend of the show we metal long time ago that struggle and we actually helps find jobs way back when some of you who've been with a since the beginning Moammar member chuck so. It's a done deal that sedan dealings Geller got growth passive background check or similar session here from. Well that's great NASA really good wealth so a judge does a lot of good work over there is little film movie studio. And I know it sounds like meanwhile Italy's monitoring text messages they're flooding and we'll get to those in a couple of minutes you wanna jump in there we love to have you 46150. Give it a little love on the radio and we're liberally enough scholar. 206141. Wolf right now as we say yet I guess I'm based at the show started the cool thing is only to pick some. It is are you wanna hear him play for yet again to a 6421 wolf right now. Silencing at a some folks who are take the time text and Emily never get a lead up caller ready to go it's Caron animal lane. Yes we have some of them says good morning it's my Jaffe says help you guys have a great day stay cool it's gonna be on in the eighties the next. Ten fuel oil I teetered on mud Jeff last night we decided to throw away our diet for the last couple weeks in the summer so night we went to flying pie pizza in Issaquah which we found the extra thin crust election to our love and Democrats are much peace to chip away. That dies out for the Russians and really bill were to stack going to be as anal electability pizzeria and repeats I don't mean to enjoy each other before the summer ends. An enemy. Fairly and says he wanted to wish you all a happy Wednesday if she listens every morning to say belated happy birthday to her. Come and minute big ring mix can just got back off for crease and that if he ever get a chance to experience the fourth of July and a cruise he is on for two weeks so welcome back. They had miss. You know we'll say one thing is now Micah fatigue but you do kids. You have to try beverage guards it's free drinks free item free ice cream guy and I'm sorry out there's a big rig are big rain big reaganesque big rig yes. Out of our rat race. Hello care to deploy and how are you today I don't think you don't table thanks Barack calling in being our lead off I don't believe Weaver spoke to you before you have not appreciate Cambodia to this morning. I'm just driving to work what do you Gary I alerts per fourteen more days where an electrical company and what I read varying. After 31 years how congratulations. Killed. Yeah that's amazing you don't sound like you're old enough to retire you have a very young person's voice to people tell you that's. We know are not very often think your fourteen days out how at what did you start the countdown. And here's the oak I'm gonna say. Oh my father in law's doing the exact same thing Karen he's retiring at the end of the month and he's been counting this down to four have bird and I would imagine these are long days care. I guess they are like the week before you go on vacation were actually gonna go on vacation next week. These days get longer a longer knowing all you can see that light at the end of the tunnel you're almost there. Obama there but it kind of scary at same time you ask him my mom retired and she said the best advice she got. Was volunteer but don't take on too much in the first six months because everyone's like I gotta stay active and they volunteer for budget different things. And then you're overwhelmed so chair what you things after six months you kind of figure out the schedule. But good advice and help to cement. Always got dealt figured out she's the what are you looking forward to doing the most after you retire because you'll have more times. Traveling okay we're gonna go or anecdote my husband and I are gonna coach every ballpark. In the country. Now more power to him so much fun and you know its audience that sounds awful like this the last Oregon as is baseball to me is so boring you go to the stadium to I would hate dead but I'm. But it and I'm glad that's gonna make you happy this if you wanna do. Yeah but what I would have had a very good for you to tears exactly I'd wanna go to the Tour de France and watched by greasing every. You know I don't like at duke probably go to bed together care take baseball stadium and then go to Matt and I threaten. What careless and we are sad to see ego he's prob an aggregate listening this early so let's play loose on. To salute Europe pending retirement Karen. You know I would love it here humble and a great song timid girl by that we demonstrate this Friday and you'd be there. No I'm not real you'd like to go given away their tickets at 710 with beat the street. I'll try right care we love you thanks so much for being a part of the morning wolfpack okay thank you. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister I don't care what you what my fingers thinking about youthful. He's an early grave I dropped. Every day it's not very gracefully into another. 127. Also. And made a really weird observation yesterday based on Soviet happened my wife is being well okay I really really really really good. True well. Anyway this happened to Vanessa she was at hobby lobby which is what the favorite stores in the world that's a good source command she'd know how to work that plays but anyway she was up the front I can't remember what was she buying miss a little glass Chatzky she broke it. And she sort of said. She stoop I have pay for this right now is that now in the you don't want that is broken got an excellent. And it just we had this conversation last night over dinner that. When we were kids growing up that's what kept us honest we restores the parents if you broke something you've had a bye that was the rule out a standard rule. What did enforced by the storm. Or was it just amenable like parents say. That's a utilized its well I don't know what I grew up with the U brave you break do you buy at rule yeah. I'm pretty sure and I could be wrong in morning wolf back feel free to check in on this. That's no longer exists in the world we live and I think you break something they don't care they put the dumpster go get another one. Yeah I think I definitely think it's a shared act in in basically mom and pop store still like. Being you know national or international Kia operations because they have the big ones have like. They account for breaking agent shrinkage which is people stealing stuff yeah I mean right for the mom and pops I think that was like they sent signs and stores that would say exactly that. Silly as you this question so we are in an antique being over the weekend. Right there in black diamond. And that is in that as a mom and pop right locally owned store a couple of ladies dinner forever. Now if we would've broken something in that store which they have asked us to pay for. I don't know I feeling now all the stores are so worried about bad publicity and especially the system social media and yell final that's that they're like. Yeah what is one and teapot compared you. All the bad stuff it's gonna be put out there right and also wonder how much like at what point they hit the 7000 dollar rainy. She's gagging. Gotta buy it meant that with dad says though Joe's point too the big box stores or I'd still blows my mind you can return anything or are gonna cost go you buy dad a 55 and still to watch is a bold brave magnetic state and even ask you question a Christmas tree after Christmas yeah I mean. And we've talked about that in the ridiculous things that people will return like he used underwear it's it's insane but I do wanna know if anybody has more. Information on that door or a slow Joe's right it's a mom and pop thing. Does anybody still uphold if you break that you buy it in America well I think like your antique store I think I would almost feel obligated to hear the pzena Diaz like it's a big part of their inventory that's money out of their progress in some of the stuff is on consignment to it on its own by other people. Yeah so to a 6421 wolf or you can Texas five ski before 6150. They'll be we we we we go wait you can Dudek. Are the days of break it buy it over my wife Vanessa growth something obvious obvious today asked the actual register that it that's gonna Owen Daniels has ever buy if you break it anymore which is not how I was raised. And really what people say on the text. As somebody said little artisan and shops and mom and pop shops still make you quiet if you didn't get it depends on if it's. An employee or like a manager owner baby who like the employee at the cashier I knocking out her. Somebody else says if you had any sense of honor writer Romney should absolutely pay for something if you break it. Even had a big store like a hobby lobby had they say Tyler said he is on vacation in cod Nile Mexicana. And they had achy breaky and diet signed and they strongly enforced at his six year old niece accidentally broke a pair kids sunglasses. Let's see him getting kicked out of the store. Well we knew another country sometimes like last time we or Mexico or member Natalie they enforce it they make a nice extra living on match if you actually break would be stupid the last stretch loses hobble on it. The Georgia 400 dollar as best they withers is drunk people everywhere yeah. After all and I that was our most expensive limited edition ashtray in my friend's dad and I are going to Mexican jail for a lot of extra peso. I would've done it NYNEX and a Big Three Emily. It is a national holiday that you're gonna wanna celebrate I'll tell you what it is and odd. Do we ever wanna celebrated these national Ole miss when you're gonna want to bigger than take a Teddy bear on a picnic day this a lot bigger. Our. This is the morning. Alastair he was 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger than the lives of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night and waters and this is the big street it's. Right it is then national holidays and see you guys are not like this funny it is all of American pet though it every day. The data get patriotic. I just listen and I know it's dated big picture your pets and every means not done this even you you've taken pictures of your dog penny yes photo I know you've taken everybody takes pictures of their past. Please thousands today's data posted and had no guilt it's hash tag all American pet they noted day. Up a couple of tips story if you're gonna take on again make sure I mean obviously use it treats hurtful ways they did on their eye level it'll give you the best shot. And make street focus on their ice. He cried you give me this look I mean keep going to. When you're taking pictures make sure your quiet in this slowly eat and they need a quick shutter speed and you'll get the best pictures of your pet and I know the next tiny take a picture penny yet you're going to be thinking at this you're gonna be like why did I make fun of her. For giving me tips. Listening Cheney is almost a professional. Because my wife's or for tiger for our dogs smiles for pictures and I'm not kidding she smiles for pictures she knows how to close. I don't have the use any attempts to I don't secret front I posted that I will because it's all American pet photo posting day all American patriotic picture. On a pet and a I neither did I yesterday and it tastes now dean and his wife Britney are expecting another day eat Isa congratulations then there's then this is only. Seven months old right and you know my wife's first response that was they are screwed yeah it's in nine months there's still a mobile in their cute and you love them. Judith your hands he's a terror our strategy they haven't gotten to the point yet where it's really hard to. They're gonna have seldom have to deal that pregnant yeah there there are ready taken vacations with out there I know they've got an 88 afford a lot of help and we had that conversation too but. If their hands on it all like normal people right to challenge. RAN. Iffy challenge at I I get Gary Karr sick Purdue can attest to that and motion sickness. Still in the free and to come out these glasses that can cure motion sickness which is great I know a lot of kids had it in the backseat. Don't think it's a really dork you looking. They're like actually got four circles you on your parade for real and two in the right thing and here's why that's a liquid in the rim apology that helped down you think you only have to Wear for like ten minutes they say they completely your Mitt motion sickness you can enjoy the rest the ride. So I mean. Hey if it helps you tweet and are known for you have to yeah well that's if you have even you family get motion sickness that's. At least my observation it happens and look at the phone trying to read yes not while driving rain you'll give motions they use when your operating vehicle only gotten it. The motion sickness twice while right. And it isn't going around and. Why instead of an era passage typically when your is unfortunate is that he would strap on these. Ugly looking glass out of here by yourself or would you be the only pretend it to twelve minutes unfortunately they're sold out that they will have more in stock in September Hogan. Fantastic well thank you Emily you're locked up at fifth and gesture and I'm still really over the first or how to take pictures of your head at the tips great job ma'am I'm right there we are we have a mud club coming appear to hunt him to stay with us this morning plus tax with our staff 100 points. So well. On an episode. Yeah you have to break it down to get real here for a moment this is a little bit awkward. We actually do not have a phone call to make it we do not have anybody swearing at the moment just because the July 4 holiday and even sand. Hey you know we. And to use your coffee mug right about now the closets look a little empty and. Yeah we've worked hitting like he closet is completely and deep. And we means your month fell and it does have to be enough and it could be any lead to an eight frenzied density cups we've done high writers or local. Forgetting the most important. The most important. Alternative to a coffee mug is clear about how we got great well yeah yeah. So it just in the US they treat Atta contacted bell a ball call you and swear you when you get some free publicity. We might even show up and give you some don't that's when they can't. Love it and that lessens an opportunity just for us to get to know you little bit better find out who in the audiences listening where you were supporting local businesses most important thing right. So I can get us those coffee mug to the finer address at Seattle by comets really simple and will handle everything from there. He got a call from Emily will schedule of the call will swear you win. We'll make you sing a little bit about the mug club there's not a big deal we aligned GA and so I guess those mugs today don't wait another day do it right now. Mean yeah talent upgrade and he's dug your hole and G. Go wolf all right what did you have left to the professionals that's the question be right now morning mall fax 206421. Wolf or you can text us 46150. It's funny after and that it has. Usually chiropractic staff people turn to pop their own backs. Instead of going to do chiropractor actually bit the chiropractor in the right thing when the special but he made the mistake. He actually end. While discussing me her talking and said that he. Did his wife here at home as a wake. You dig your wife there bold move friend and yet even those she wanted to get and die didn't like hello honey we did as well. Might save some money that heart. Yeah I like that I don't need like and so had to go somewhere to get it. Get it done in public with the fact that he hit it what green and lending real. I mean Steve like forged here in ya know. Even dream and I don't know how happy and a half an. We're not exactly an investor drain out. Well how much the cost to get your hair done professionally if you're gonna have a color like a couple hundred I don't know I see the motivation to try to do something and all but there's a much different categories here to. Do yourself home project yes I think one auto repairs. Personal hygiene which I think this would fall in that category so ladies that. Beautification process that you go through high gas sometimes you got to leave it to the professionals also medical issues. At this fingers in my little pinky finger it's not it's not straight shooting got to see a doctor been set amid a homemade popsicle stick to try to straighten that guy Athens. That didn't work out no didn't work area got a weird thinking now but against the should you have left to the professionals we know this great stories we just wanna hear him right now again to a 6421 wall for Texas for 6150. So the question to you is what should you have left to the professionals do we all try to do things are a little above our pay grade save some money and end up having to spend twice as much and to fix whatever it is you're trying to do and we had a story about go to chiropractor he admitted to her that he ruined his wife's hair try to home collar job. That's another thing home surgeries come on now to say what you want wolf or you can Texas a 4615. And zero. Carla Sadr has been tried to put up a basketball hoop in the like with cement in the driveway the first time the kids used it it Eleanor caught. Not you know in that did it. It affects your manhood realities home projects and you screw it up because there's nothing man earlier than I did now the tools and creating a fixing our. Think all. Or in some quick hurried yeah. Thirty Strider placed a garbage disposal and basically ended up flooding their kitchen. Yeah that's a once again still not comfortable with is is the plumbing don't ask him a water because the downside of that is. Potentially near total house yet what I you have you done. The list is long but I would tell you probably the one that sticks out the most this was a long time ago yeah in my home project miss has gotten better wrestler John pretty handy. Yeah tools. I was there you know I was raised by mama outside nobody told me like how to do things right. I didn't know Simon with a one time I was trying to build an office in a garage and so I was gonna frame walls drywall. Tape the whole thing a thank you know how to do any of it I go home people like gas so I mean drywall but how do you cut the drywall. The egg and all you need this special blade for your saw meanwhile all you have to do with drywall is you take a little razor blade. And you've got a super thin little line he's break it it's crazy they. Right amount they're cutting it with the hand saw so all of that powder is still around that. I must have been hailed the forty tons and until a body mind finally came over like on day three to help me finish up music. To me but I'm cutting the drywall I got this special you know saw ended. The guy at home because just when he I think he did it just didn't like have a fun happy go out that's the one that sticks out in my. I probably took five years all my life. So what should do you have left up to the professionals to a 6421 wolf or you can Texas like I said 46150. Good morning Weston if you wallet so what did you have left to the professionals. I was actually my brother in law actually at a breakaway basketball hoop. We want to make his son want but where only. Hunted these plywood to the parliament Barack got injuries. But the basketball hoop on it took to brought Porsche brings back room. The first time his son jumped up. Swallow refugee camp and loved it acquired. Or. Breaking away at all but Ortega is. Hoping is okay because those things are not life you get fired me up there like that is there. Did he tried to put it back up we're just let it go. Boy oh. Brother over our group or. Sometimes you gotta figure things our way thanks west appreciate the call and by the way this all started because at least chiropractor lose a guy admitted to her during her just yesterday that he threw and his wife here turning green try to home dye job. Yeah more complicated than it looks of things need to be left of the professional. And in the cost more money in the long run. Someone tried to you save money fireplaces their own iphone's screen the worst thing ever attended many little pieces. Sludge or you're a tech guy would you ever did out heck yeah. Yeah I mean it's even the guys in the late little you fix it or you break it we fix the place and they don't get. Rate Amy tried to wax her own eyebrows she said she heard her face and not have. Have a ground wherever I can as a woman how would you even do that at home do you normally I mean there's heat you can find little waxing kits and especially the kind that heat up this pretty hot and if you don't know Richard and the wonderful black and on your skin you're like I grew up I don't know. In DeVon from every it she tried to save her boyfriend's head once she's that to be honest he looked even on something he really shouldn't be off. That reminds my wife through a source to try to cut her son's care if you. He's the twelfth and the clippers are never sharpen up so he just sit there and screams in agony and I are hurt so bad she's like just. By now ball. Thank you might demand. I what she did you have left to the professionals morning wolf pack to a 6421 Wall Street in Texas for 6150. Cornered. You 100 points. Wolf we just take a moment just stop. The nonsense for a second and talk about how incredibly good that song is quite a storage brittle I like are you kidding me dance song. I can't tell you the last time that we played a song. That everybody in the studio stops whatever it is they're doing. And we just wanna sit listen to the songs I don't wanna. Do anything except that sit and listen to that song. Yeah I can't help it DX two kids I mean like Bob your head or you know who just makes you won in this. Still good. And you I'm gonna be really honest here there's a sign and read it really doesn't wanna like the Florida Georgia line because. At times they. Can appear a little like cheese balls to get a little boy dandy for me for the country world I'll be totally on late. But they got it figured out how they will know how to write a good song they are so talented. I think strip away The Backstreet Boys collaboration or whatever is that they did. That song is probably one of the best country songs I have heard in the last ten years. Right and it might not really please. Their best song but it's okay excellent it is really and there are no I disagree with you there on the dad didn't care about lyrics I dislike and Melanie you know it's got Texas I'll man's sounds good the second Touvier. I Google the lyrics this idea because. I'm like you know. I just kind of the the song is simple the lyrics are seeing any song is called simple I love this I love the lyrics until they entered the spelling the highlights I dig out or this idea works and there isn't much to it when you do with the lyrics but. Those guys got it figured out we were talking about this today and and we did she say that they travel. With a bus full of songwriters everywhere they go. As slowly so they have their own rating coming it's called tree died records are free guide something and they have a blast that their writers stay on and has a studio. That they can report in the back so yes they're always prepared to keep writing. They are a machine failed attempt is the spitting out these songs but I gotta say that's my favorite till Sunday river down. And if you haven't seen the video for it it's pretty cool TI posted on our blog page to check out out of Seattle dot com I haven't liked the country song this much since. I'll be honest at the lesson was cruise when I first are true I'd think you'd like this on more yeah I've kind of guide I haven't seen you react likeness and there's I guess I get excited to play I hope you guys have listened get excited to hear I think it's the greatest sound you played. Ever in the history of the world. So much. I don't know I just had to take a moment to say that. I have a love that song but I think universally yards and a green and I think him I don't know riled everybody is as well so I'm let's get beat street get Tim and faith tickets for Friday night. All you have to do is call in right now to a 6421 wolf by the is to be great shows Key Arena were key way to hang with you guys again. But you gotta call right now if you wanna beat the street next. Morning welcome back with yeah. It's 100 points. It's okay this is. History. Analytical in Marysville are you today. Perry are lower great welcome to beat the street trivia contest the pitching against a random stranger here in the oh my god that's on talking about to understand how beat the street works tickle. Think so okay you'll meet the challenger here in a minute we gastric these five questions the other night at our Kenny Chesney beat partied century link field if you know more than she does you'll wind it's even fake tickets we Juliette thirty seconds to get to all five questions cool. All right we're starting to timer in 32 and one. What does the name of the laser powered swords used by the united Star Wars. In what month is Memorial Day celebrated. Which TV series takes place in west erodes. Stepped. You know what whose face is on the Washington State to attract. And who sings the song need you now act. OK you are all done how you feeling after B street Nicole. Parra I think you should feel pretty good let's meet the challenger. What's your name or your brother when he did. And I'm old I have from Berlin Carnegie and I am a good time. A food technology to act. Nicole do you have any idea what that is I have no idea of food technologist that's a new one for us let's see how you did when she answers same five questions. What is the name of the laser power sources thank you guys and snow was coming. I may not sit out and I guarantee that it unmarried. The iconic late savor the right ankle nice job and yet one nothing lead and good luck this Memorial Day is celebrated number as not an accurate. To me it was the right into your vols got their rights are you of a 21 lead risks TV series takes place in west arrest. Winds and maybe learn Lou. Now let me ask him how my gun game against. Tomorrow. OK so just like that we have a two minute to tie with two questions left through space on the Washington State flag Washington State flag I. George Washington was. It's clear that could be as simple guess that he did now allow Yale or a trick question and that is yeah NN medical you got to ride so you have a three to two lead with one to know her since the country song needs about. I says yeah I don't know. Getting dizzy incorrectly junior Nicole is the Lady Antebellum of course I am I'm a little drunk and I need you now the congratulations you're gonna go to an event on Friday. Do you way to go to call a happy and beyond America and we can begin Friday you may not thank you. Are being a part of a morning wolf thank you for listening to us that's awesome. By the way we have finally arrived at the moment of truth family after three days. Of digging probing scrape paint asking. It's not advice it's a guilty pleasure it's apparently totally embarrassing Emily is gonna admit what it is finally next. Here that morning war. I'm still a party you. So wolf and I'm really not sure that we have ever had a conversation that has gone on for three days. And that is exactly what has happened since Monday and again gone back to be getting just really quickly just in case you're new to the conversation. A guy offered by Emily Beers Kenny shows you sit Mac don't drink never have said okay cool so just out of curiosity what is your advice. Well we spent two days trying to find at least vice. And vice by definition is kind of a dark saying yes so when we visited two guilty pleasure you said yesterday finally. After two days of us asking questions and every person in the morning wolf thank seemingly guessing what they thought of him. They say you know I do have a guilty pleasure but I don't want to admitted because. Of the UMass I'm afraid of days you're you're gonna make fun and like I thought it was a little weird because I kind of make funny you for a lot of stuff that we need we go back and forth. Right well and I. Didn't think of this until we say guilty pleasure to I don't think that as a vice it's not coming absolutely need this not mean I'm addicted to it. I don't necessarily think it's terrible for me. But he is definitely guilty pleasure I indulge in a and once I realized what it led to this I mean it's theory typical make fun. Bites you did say that Kurtz the new boyfriend noticed it as well actor and a comment so it's not normal it's not normal okay. For the amount that I ice. And consistent I say here is all right you listen I'm gonna tell you one thing because it was so predictable for me to make funny I'm not going to under today whatever you say right now. Told this is a space I might laugh I might ask questions but I am I gonna mechanics that's a predictable thing and everything to my to do. As you say it can be silent on the planet and I don't know. Not only here I'm not a mean person that we give each other crap does what we do big bro little sisters all right Emily Blunt as to what he's guilty. When she's eight. Apple Dee is right I love the novelties. And I realize like this. I I like the big men sit gallon that it and I have. 83 of them my house right now a lot of. Our apologies. Okay I'm tying this and also to your side of breakfast have always thought was weird I've never really actually ever seen Amelie eat. Because she says she consumes a little one of those kiddie cups of applesauce on the work which. I don't even understand it's a Doleac have a good jello shot. I eat apple thought every neighbor I have for eight years now so apparently I haven't seen before. Apple drop the likes it it's why I did you have made funny couples science and I know apple and use is considered kid's dream. Knowing yes ask your questions of course we have three gallons in your refrigerator right now yet so how many of those featuring like you know week. I don't through a lot of that I try eighteen do you like just one class today and try to drink water the rest of the time I think big big glasses. Of apple juice as you realize salt sugar right I know but it was like alternative to Coke or carbonated drinks and then I just. Kind of got. They did but not really really there's healthier alternatives and now don't you think there's less sugar in apple users in Mountain View all the have to look it up to turn out exactly. B I know this is why Indy you would think some things. Well I just want to know that you're on the fast track to diabetes but an economic funny but. I all of that think I could be doing if my guilty pleasures apple and he is I think you know. Yeah and you're right I mean it's not advice is not darkest night drinking and smoking drugs are a thing yet gambling you know those things we associate the vice. But it is a strange almost child like well guilty pleasure and I realize that hurt the very first time he came in in my apartment opened the refrigerator and he's like. And there's nobody sitting on top the bunnies that. I do you have so much tablets it's. When you take a bagel swing the other India like that I know what I like my battery you know 5 o'clock at night baby boom barbecuing. When he liked to drink your apple juice which. When do you partake in this cute like I get quick dinner and name on the weekend I like in the morning with my breath this. Thank you are for all the time did in the if you reared its leadership or were you got like 45 now I like that apple juice bag lady Kelly just assume I have that I thought. Yeah I've actually noticed at least since you sort of were gonna get that you and Jude my one and I have to have a lot of common yeah. But it only certain brain and TI don't just drink any average is I'm I'm in a month. OK hate and why does she go now that you you know you here in Washington State we are the largest producer of Apple's in the world right term buying some local even off that like the fruit stand side of the road apple juice demy make it a little more acceptable. I have I don't know if that's gonna be I'll try it by the league of the alleged eating an apple Apple's PR yesterday there you go if if apple freak apparently but I'm not gonna funny port. Let's just say it's just just like you I'm I'm proud of you for admitting it doesn't feel good it does. Alec is. How do you skeletons in Attica. Well let the guess is that we beginning for three days were equally as ridiculous that we all know Emily is a self proclaimed goody goodies yet to come out and say she's making meth and a trailer and I desert with Walter White. We knew it was going to be something ridiculous apple Apple's news hey but listen as a health conscious guy I do think it's a problem. Not talk about that later Seattle cystic one thing at a time either way since Italy's gonna head and opened up pandora's box here. If anybody else would like to call in and make her feel a little bit better and admit your embarrassing guilty pleasure. Do it right now to a 6421 wolf 46150. She was great you can be brave. You like her a better job Cuba better it's a circle goes round and round. Hello Vince in Seattle how you'd anybody yeah yeah yeah we do great finally the secret is out families guilty pleasure is apple Jews. Well you don't feel well bottles and all the lobbies and ran out of apple juice apple use so you're saying the your embarrassing guilty pleasure is apple juice as well I drink every day. Not itself euphoria on debates you've till you die of diabetes and Alan Vince but you know I'm glad you admitted it. Well I during apple juice and they're so it's the hey you know if Vince is not alone by the way Amanda in Port Orchard your guilty pleasure is also apple juice yeah yeah oh my goodness. Yeah I didn't know what could be. And I did. Hello about what it. Yet Emily I guess has been kind of a closet apple juice drinker and now she's out and well you know let the games began. Yeah I mean I haven't on Larry I don't know why I like it happened I can see gay marriage right okay. But you look kind of apple juice do you drink and how much of it Amanda I have like 1888. Doc they are. Every day every day for breakfast or for later like a cocktail and usually. On the weekend but not really value phone that I could you repeat that Amanda added I have it like at Nat. Frank they'll eat and then dangles it like we get. Bump and men were let you go on for your phone is is cut now I can understand where example we love you we appreciate you calling. Yeah I haven't gotten hello Mary how are you today. Matt how are you I'm doing great you know this is Emily. What is this mom is he your mom and I don't know how fast. This. I just wanted to comment on Amelie guilty pleasure yet how long the apple juice thing thing going on. Well when he was a toddler. She finally got out of the crib and with an irregular answers to get out of bed in the middle of the night and I would wake up in the middle and I would hurt standing beside my bed thing apple do you. A little. So this is a forever obsession yeah. Yeah that the live forever open man so. Are you surprised that she admitted it on the radio are you proud of. I'm so proud of her I told us he had not vices you know I think she's perfect so long I think that's every month job to write that but have we all have. Something new and listen we had to dig pretty deep to find apple genius Richard Wright we came over Syria now. Yes she did but I want you don't know that it was from at least toddler. That is insane and NASA something it's going away either and they like there's not a party that saying I'm I'm gonna nip this in the budding get rid of the Apple's snow on get with it I can get it'd be my heel if Clinton. Which is a lot but to applesauce the apple juice then you're saying you read apples of the snack it's a lot of apples but you're in the right state freight in the path. Yeah well gray is great to hear your voice merry was wonderful meeting you here in town and LT come back admitted as soon. Ally well I will bid to talk. Levy on. Let me kid I think I know all I what he's your embarrassing guilty pleasure every fall line is Foley these calls coming up in about five minutes. Hello Jennifer lacy how are you today hello Matt editorial book grades so Emily just revealed that her guilty pleasure is. Apple's use we've heard for some of the people to feel the same way that what is your embarrassing guilty pleasure. I. The hot there. Think Kyra I thought might. But it's okay listen let's be real and honest for minutes. Thank you followed doctor pimple Popper and all that stuff on social media. I have been known to watch where what is that doctor pimple Popper is a dermatologist you've got famous for posting videos of her popping this them popping says and sap and now she even has a PLC shift no yes. Wow millions of politics. I didn't know that Jennifer would make you feel better because my wife is the exact same way. And Eminem is gonna emit something it's a little embarrassing since Emily you did that as yet well. I don't have a lot exit some a grown man but I do you have on my back just like your son there's a little area that my wife refers to as the village. And she likes to get the black kids out of it she's like I don't know what it is about your little village but he keeps getting populated so I have to unplug that he lives for their home and I know like the shower. To start looking around adores you like. Is there anyone in the yeah. Cracking out of it she can't wait to get it in check it out when we go visit her family. The first thing she does is go to her grandmother and she clears out this little more on her nose to ask the Vanessa loves that to get a personal feel to them and we're. That look you know loan if there's a TLC show yet. I listened generally Levy thanks for checking and hello Mike in Bremerton in your calling in about an embarrassing guilty pleasure. Bacterium is here to support Emily Leonard no it's not a fight. Clinically it's described as the addition. Or. Compulsions and we do have meetings for this. To play out I. Like an apple juice recovery. A group. Yet they're a good I don't think Jane you know we can help ya and we might even write songs. When not changed out its huge. We'll play to a 6421 gulf is the number or you can Texas forcing 150 for your embarrassing guilty pleasure. We have me and then he says that her guilty pleasure is deadly. Peanut butter cups she had been everywhere her freezer her covered her car and worked. Everywhere that you live in a state that's earth hotter than Washington because they would melt that's street don't know said there is guilty pleasures and play. When they stressed out beaver eat ridiculous amounts of a plane. Okay conservatives going down the food. Who wrote a lot of even though the Fiorello yeah else thinks a lot of chocolate milk they can go through a gallon every humid day. That's so much I've won. Really quickly and never got to move on your Big Three dead Ian Munro real quick what is your embarrassing guilty pleasure. Ears I don't know anyone involved I'd love a tip that avocado lacked in this area. You love cleaning ear wax. All cousy years do you claims random strangers. We know. I don't think I can me out like how the moral. Hate those deer come things work. Well I had a big big time the country is next this is the morning. Alastair he was 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three are bigger than the lives of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night at large and this is the big story. Today's no today is a holiday was that happens is the key here is that. It's it's not national averages say that would you not half its all American pet extended day since today all the aid to get patriotic. Don't think you're ahead of me it all American pets go to days that you take pictures of your pets would you do anyway. And just hash tag with that it makes it OK to post like. I'd let me buy into this ridiculous thing here for second at its all American pet photo day. What do you have a German shepherd you allowed to post a picture what is the all American meat just American pets that are living here and I don't know but a piece of fiction or migrate pets allowed. Like why are honored as I if you have some kids do is not American but he lived here until Golden Retriever is only since his all America when it. There are welcome ID have some tips make cheese treats into ways. And you shoot from their level. I level not yours to get a better picture and make chief focus on their act is this I get the best pictures of your patents are ideally no French bulldogs either hanging it's just all American pet today it's all Americans in all season grow months. That's strip. We all like you wish you congratulations. And is in order for days now dean and Dwight Freeney. They announced yesterday that there adding another child now they just and their son meant this seven months ago. The their I had two little end in the house at the same time after time. You know Vanessa and I were talking about this last night is we got a one and natural mint is like zero to one years actually looking back on it kinda easy. Right Dara mobile policies are crawling in ran around. Your life is gonna cheat and I'm glad to have enough money where they can have a bunch in any my stuff is having a bunch of young kids that are running that they don't know pictures of Britney still had his before. In Jason bright remember. Dave Berry and her rude awaken or being. Believe pregnant trying to chase around a toddler if David waited another six months they might rethought the troops to Hussein but we all know car sick Mac now. Well I everybody else in my family that I bury cars fixed Phil I think these are steeper schools and engineers free hands. Have made some glasses at that your car sickness or motion sickness now there's Hubert dork you looking. Goes out like say they can't be cool out there like the poor there's actually four rims they're two and a friend and a chilling your peripheral and nears. Signed a minute there's liquid in the rims that help Valentin out. Even mile dork you only have to Wear for like ten to twelve minutes ending your game did first six hour road trippers fix our Richard. That you do get car sick I know this about yes closure this to actually. You don't now and I think she did a tournament does that type of vehicle influence car sickness for you. Half does that vessels where it's the windshield like the angle of the wind's. No facts at some time. I know necessarily about the windshield act closer to ground. Yeah obviously is not get into meat temperature really affects it like I have to have the windows open and fresh. Fresh air on meet instead Ernie your phone that seems to be a worse absolutely but now with these classes. Do you like anybody's gonna where you would become a venom I and it. Well the problem is to most the time it's when you're the passenger gas you have to Wear them in front of somebody else you can check these out I'd post them on our blog page yellow dot com and you know actually gonna take about half I mean how ridiculous our scale of 1%. Eight are ragged. Coming next share your salary we've got emergency vehicle technicians Zach standing by you're gonna find out how much he makes coming up next. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and hello. How much do you think a Space Needle window washer makes Laura Barnicle scraper on the Bainbridge fairly junior not supposed to ask someone how much money they make you may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Together we all wanna know what everybody else makes her Libby was never OK to ask and tolls now. One nice comments came in on attacks yesterday slow Jordan called deal. It said hey how come there's three guys on the show little to leave less questions for shares salary as college you know the were invited to that conversation whenever you want to the end and I appreciate that at this time and we is on a minute's not my stats yet but we although sometimes I can brain fart in MO wouldn't. And so those moments that you know if you wanted to bid Jeffrey I know you're also busy kind of behind the scenes so. Joe's low Joe's always included in the fox but by the time slow Joseph got around Askgreta at Torrey second term there Zach in Auburn good morning sir. He's act had your radio is on pretty reason please turn it off. Not much better so Zach you are an emergency vehicle technicians are correct this. That is care act OK and you willing to share your salary tell everybody in the world would you make for a living. Sir when and why not only live once right 41 minutes on the front shirt and earlier he ran and ask questions I'm ready let's do this Harry are you like by the government. I am not the case he works for a private company. It bring you our earlier salary. Early so. I dealerships and you out when somebody's car is on the Fritz is that how worked. Now I work hard chart explicitly. How overtime he worked. Development on the workload and fluctuate credit what car dealership has fire trucks. Yeah that's gears manufacturing aids day manufacturer just. Archer. How long you worked there. I purchased company for about a year now a days you go to the fire stations and repair their vehicles. Yes or bringing that to my option how many guys working your shop. About size speed had guys. Now I'm not how many vehicles are in your shot that went time. Anywhere from 516. Card that's all the time we have Zach organizer for about three minutes we'll come back well guess what we think you make and he shares salary that sound good. Sure my brother many tickets have me amidst fear exactly what you. We got Zack from Auburn on the phone Vienna's an emergency vehicle technician if you just joining the conversation what else do you know family. So you're in the dealerships that works exclusively on fire trucks and he's been there about a year pass he gets paid hourly eat there are five guys need shop and they're working on anywhere from five to sixteen trucks at the time. And Zach from all of us to you thank you for what you do because I think you know if you listen to the walls in the morning wolfpack. We love our military we love our firefighters we love our police you guys are heroes an acute your helping them do their job yeah thank you for that says. Certain. Okay let's get to business. The pleasantries are out of the way yes you won yesterday and image are gonna go first we think Zacks bull and any. I have absolutely no idea so I'm just gonna there on a number out and get it saddens. And Karen since you won yesterday. Among do little price is right on your legal 56. I'm gonna play defense analysts. And slow down don't do it. Now this you gotta do it. Boxer day you said 58 I she said 57 I said 56 I'm go to 58 years ago I hate out. There and behave itself when he had a target on your back don't you know come on our I would use and help further news that. What do you make in every year doing what you do as an emergency vehicle technician. And they tricky QK here. And we were all over not by Catholics like I get a win there at 86 have no idea how tight as it is he said that he says he has is Hillary's. I like to tell you I think everybody gases into the number I think Michigan double point say great let's make cellphone I executives at 57 that would you know I think that would have been very well Zacks guide to say yeah I feel good do what you do man helping out our firefighters and it you know accident trucks I think that would feel good every day. Sidestepped plant but now they're really and I did it work is not a lot. Yeah I can see that well and we appreciate a colony Ambien a part of show and be willing to share your salary Zack that's awesome shows you're a real man. Couldn't ever want to protect our hat. Besides that rely everybody have a good there right. Yeah having gone. And if you like to share your salary any time this week below Jim we got a couple days left. 206421. Waltz or next week whatever it is one note you may come home beta. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister I was pretty happy to figure out that I could get an alcoholic beverages every terse attraction I went to my age and Emily gray can make the golden girl of our relationship you're never a lot of things we're behind you give him time. 100 point seven. All can't be just tuning in he missed the 720 announcements it is official from. Emily's embarrassing guilty pleasure is that apple. Jews as turns action alone either as a whole support performing at the moment for all things apple apple juice apple sauce even real apple here in Washington. There are a lot of mud and add that I revealed my guilty pleasure and I else revealing doors because actually been doing it all morning. And that's watching the tour to bring yeah. Actually is lapped up the Fed up I know I can't see this but. Not present all the buttons in the studio but he also has two laptops set up great next Justin again watched. The Tour de France alliance. God bless you Comcast. You can actually watch it through so it's pretty amazing. That way I don't have to make my wife sit through four hours of toward different coverage right at home and his death planning you exactly consider it a guilty pleasure cracks. I don't know but what. Can we wrap this up because there's only two point six miles left of today's stage unlike deceiving him if you know it's funny I was rocking the studio and you're sitting there explaining this and things to Amelie and out whatever it is you're watching the newer TVs and nodding yeah. Right well. You for being honest we had a meeting we talked about things in the show and you guys explicitly said we don't ever wanna talk about cycling or the Tour de France and I don't think anybody cares so it'll bring you know design exactly like I guess it's my guilty pleasure because they do it over here in my own I consider it like my own free time I just glance senator hospital yes but it. Like just said and you also talked about it to me. Incessant a lot I loved July in fact I make sure as a show we take a vacation in July so I can have a week of uninterrupted morning watching of the sort of France I live for Evan Washington for twenty years which I know amazing all the cyclists idle all this or that. Well she's a patient woman and thank god she loves me a lot. But can I tell you guys one thing that's cool in American about the sort of friends and I think my. The listener of the morning wolf pack I think they'd like to now. OK can I make this deal if you if it is not cool we don't deem it cool enough you're never allowed to bring up cycling ever again. Any idea ever again yeah just the tort of France. Every. Janie thank. Dale and I see cellmate at thirty seconds long you say cooler on correct but you know at the enemy take tend to go on and on about that sort of glance as you know. There's only five Americans in the tour this year there's a Texan whose name is lost and crack. He crashed the first day. I'm gash desire terribly blood running down his face at ten stitches to hold residing gather. Any broke his shoulder blade he fractured his scalp heal Africa thank you. Anyway everybody expected him to quit right he stays and he says look the only reason I didn't do all this work can get all the way to France to quit I'm I'm an American I'm from Texas we don't quit. So he said the five finish tomorrow's stage which. I know he has to understand this but this can't do that controls that your entire Orman movement in the shoulder. It's impossible to write a bike when it while riding a bike with a broken bone doesn't sound fun so we put that on Twitter says look for every stage that I can just finish and I can well I'm not even gonna you know I'm not trying to win as wanna finish the next day. And these are four or five hours stages. I will donate a hundred dollars to this youth cycling foundation that I started in Houston for underprivileged children okay so he tags JJ watt he tagged the Houston Texans a bunch of really famous people. Next thing you know he's finished now for today will be staged five. Of riding with a broken shoulder in the toward a friend asked and he's raised it last time I checked his go funny page it was over 35 grant. Great for underprivileged kids in Houston to get them bikes and they can cycle how cool all right. I'm not gonna try to sway you. Amelie cooler not cool. I'm torn does that actually was cool but if I admit that then you'll get did talk about sort of brand again briefly yeah sojo. It was interesting and Emily Klein you're you're going to use music room. I do I get into it as far as cycling in various guests had to work those pull anywhere. Don't worry this will not become daily update I guess I just thought people that don't publicize human won enough. There's an American doing so to really release of spectacular. In France. Even the commentators like this is some believe that if how is this kid riding with this pain and he's still an economic data now. And instead. How does that McAlister hasn't progress. Tell me these guys got a free donuts it's. 100 points. You guys ever heard of a show on PBS called breaking big. Now I need to I don't spend a lot of time on PBS gaffe but. It's. I guess to show the interview celebrities and musicians that have made it big in May get their back story they did Jason out dame. And I thought I play a couple of clips and adjusting things he had to say and we all know everybody's talking about Jason Brady right now because they're gearing up for baby number two with a nine month old home yes. Wanted to know what did you think. For one thing cash but here's Jason talking about the early days in what was popular when he got to begin to Nashville and what his record label try to get him to do. I do know Tom Daschle's a little bit of a different game he had a lot of boy bands that were hot so they were true random. You know meg artists sort of look like. Oh boy band member but I'm always Ortiz and Janes and that was like you. Had a Alston Kansas was that guy wasn't comfortable doing that stuff them. I was dropped from the label seals art. When you get dropped to a record company euros going blacklisted all the other labels are like all right well something's wrong and he must get referees. I love the fact that he never give up on the cowboy hat even though you don't you go back to you look at some early country stars. They clearly more than half in and it sort of phased out their look great Gary Allen. Blake Shelton Kenny Chesney yeah seldom most of them actually sort of move away from that but they all start without it any wonder. Palace which for the strict company to McKinley you look a certain way oh yeah and they're all about Jason days maybe some little bit older by welcome they're scared to get dropped to her act Craig Campbell. Yep he's to come he would like his Beagle like guitar case for his hat and all of a sudden now he it's gone he's got like style hairdo and it's it's never been singing and NN for some people that had becomes their trademark like I was there with Dustin lynch. He's proud he traveled with a with a man like chat box after he protects is that. But like Chris young's concede yes sure in some of them get a little touchy when you ask about the hand though Dalai noted I don't know creditor then they ask well listen we're not idiots we see the pictures of the first album we see ambassador to look at gas so. And we all know you pay attention to you looks who was it recently. Coming to throw down contest help me out here it's almost no no no no this can't end Andre Carter days. With saying he has a movement Carly app when he's on stage tells him how to move. When he sing in so you know they're paying attention to every little detail chaos that switching gears a little bit this is Jason I'd be of course talking about life since Vegas in the tragic route nine when shooting. Afraid to work in makes me very much. Aware of us round. You know it's the difference engine on stage not having a care in the world and Duma and now its yield stays in your your lift him. Life shortly and you'll live in fear. And I this is something I'll always remember that it will keep me from doing. No matter what happens you know don't always go out and play much. This thing to do is just get through it play a role and I salute you for me I'm. Oh about gamble in Sonoma. Particularly. Back with that scare them off 100 points not go well. And we'd like to cordially welcome dearly for the studio hello BA and does any before we talk about your show and hand things off to be just a little reminder our podcast will be today. Radio back comer iTunes please subscribe life watch listen enjoy. To the best finish this trillion dollars in the past and it really what's happening in your world. Well it's it's we found out that emily's advice is. Apple's all know is guilty plea deal price advice is to darker over the last I heard that you whenever you guys talk about myself. I have my. But seriously knowing it because it is apple juice at that we stick with fruit because today is national Rainier teary de young. You know and I just noticed. I usually take December Mike write about every day don't out of Issaquah hope our road to die just popped up for the first time he's selling his series out of his truck he's got a big old sign this is rated series for sale. Well there are only available a couple of weeks out of the year theirs they were developed at Washington State University. In 1952. There a hybrid of two different Terry's I was cutting edge back in 52 when I don't even think the engineers for the honey Chris Babel together until seven file. They are solicit them I'd so what's the best way to enjoy a Rainier cheering them. Well and is this like somehow. Compete with your apple fetish Emily and no be cheating on your apple now there. Is there room in your fridge for a million shares on the cutting smog ideals that one or two and there. He's Yoshi temples and applesauce as we'll see apple uses it it's an apple thing yeah Hillary's. I'd so you can hear the people probably the best way. To consume and how long do we get to enjoy every teacher is before they go away just a couple of weeks a game that if they make a little lamb what intermittently along. Don't make it mid Atlantic thrown out there it is not luck Dagestan. Put your batteries dad's dearly she's taken over forests to a 642 on wall for a tax for 6150. Guys enjoy the beautiful sunshine incredibly reliability Arafat. Morning journal actually not that you're weekday mornings from five till. He'll be 100 point seven the world.