The Morning Wolfpack - Wednesday June 13th, 2018

Wednesday, June 13th

Wednesday June 13th, 2018

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Roland hey welcome duty morning wolfpack podcast today is Wednesday June 13 MM McAllister Emily rains slowed Joseph oh yeah Andy anything on anybody else's mind they wanna talk about before we get into some bonus content to start some things off a little bit differently today you know that. Man police effort that's why I assets we're talking about work dreams. I had a kind of work nightmare last night okay. But it was about your life boat and I Matt I'm pointing amendment you know there is not a lesbian I got a I'm as we know it really are there's nothing there yet. So we've been having this thing about vacations and when we're gonna vacation and oh yeah there is like this like this at this thing. So I had a dream last night that I dream or a nightmare. Well I heard I guess there's a little bit of a name Erica is Vanessa came after me yes we were somewhere I have those all the time yeah. There's no word she came out in nowhere and she was really upset you tell us to be crying she got right in my face and she's like. You can even ask you didn't even ask them they now are sorting now -- got it's that was my world yesterday. Yeah my wife and you know there's no middle ground there to save their life. It's either the it's either getter is bad there are like oh okay yet and we've been going through because there's you know we'll work you to go take the same vacations are trying to coordinate between. Each year guys are a work schedule bowl. You know her ex husband her kids and it's like she's so I did today sometimes taking a vacation is not even worth take their Haitian effect not to mention you're just gonna go spend money in and it will be grateful to sleep in for a week and we finally settled on about it. I told you that yesterday Taylor said look. I know in the week for taking is more preferable for you than me but that's not your fault for a day we had some dates come up later sorry I yelled out yesterday don't feel guilty are you did I really did feel I don't really care. I rarely edit I thought our I thought I didn't. But apparently I did because there's like no misinterpreting his dream later yeah kinda gotten anything out now you're just being happy to kill you did you Ruder pays. Yes no that's all good you know I don't know am if you picked up on this about slow Joseph we have a we were together for many many years he's a very sensitive person and you guys spent a lot of time to get a drive and of these pit stops and you probably know them by and here harbors a lot he's guilty alive he thinks about things our way through much so but I can't take a -- still not over think things that Austin he and I used to get into these I would call it a downward spiral. Of let's say somebody our boss that they had needed to have a meeting you guys on Thursday that we would spin out for three days about the media about what I can possibly be and always gonna do this Jimenez is gonna say this amended this we would come up with like fifty different resolutions for the problem and we get an immediate like. Hey guys did a great job but it's on to say thank. Oh yeah really get preemptively. Like super pit stop and that we do this to each other tips. So I carried out in my head like I'm like like this is gonna come out tomorrow cure so Matt's gonna react based on experience and he's going to be super mad. And I'm really super mad because that's thank you get like. I go to waste of energy subtle ways to them maybe and it's almost insanity Yor Yor like arguing with situations that don't exist yeah. Never write like out like is it maybe that happened one time but like it's never an accurate prediction of the emotions I get all the emotions anyway before even happen dollars net and I think I don't know about you but I've gotten a little healthier worth my thought process about that is that some weird YouTube video somebody sent me use his public living in the now yeah NS even I sent that he had argued that it's just some guy he's part of turbine nominally is we some holding guy from India and he's like hey you know and but it what he says it made perfect sense and senator about thirty seconds he said okay. The past. Isn't real because the past is his memories RA might not have happened that way for a future hasn't happened yet so that's not really the only thing that exists is like this very second totally so spreading about you know I know where to go regrets. And yet that doesn't exist in and worrying about things that haven't happened yet that's insanity and thrilled to death is. Is utterly useless is absolutely no point carry around kill just don't be good day and night that's pretty ghetto out of worry about it but I yeah I I did and I do think I'm better now than it used to be but I definitely still over think everything comes of age. And edited I. And work and a skater miners is regular rider yeah it too well industry came up for Regis recently or general manager was asked for me and it Meehan. You know I tried not to but I kept thinking OK YY yeah I and I we sat down he has had to swim wanted to check in and see how you were doing a saintly Tony just get so I'll just I thought I had I thought I. I didn't I did the exact same thing in our meeting we drew is our bonds ripped out on one meetings last week in my I was on Wednesday and since the day that he's scheduled that. I've been working murky myself until I get here is the overall like what am I gonna like what what's the outcome going to be like and how pissed off and I gonna be in literally went in there like. On guard ready at the road yeah. And sometimes like a can make you more combative going into apparently playing because you're already on the defensive on something you think they're gonna and I know whoever you are losers right now you're probably the exact same way where it is really hard not to be I would say. Emily seems that your the most resolve about that just because I think you've had so much in agreement it's happening your life already yeah you really have learned I think by necessity to put things in a box and compartmentalize and do with your motions. Well yeah I'd be mindful of your missions in nine. Let's not get you worked out that you can't you have no control over yet and whatever is gonna happen that meeting and no control over to happen so. And every scenario that we come up with his toe rightly imaginary any free do it again I think for you. It's a case of survival I really do guys I think its necessity we can probably learn something from you but how much of that is a false facade for you were you trying to make everybody think you're cool. Or how much of it really is like you're just a piece of whatever is gonna happen. I piece actually I actually have the words serenity on my wrists and regardless of your religious beliefs in most of the of the string he prairie teased in AA. Geiger and his serenity to accept things can change. That courage to change things I can't wait no we never know but it felt I knew that I had to put on my rest and every single situation of the come up hunting okay. Can I change this if not like out and it can't let's do it and sell. By doing that over and over and over again saying to myself it's kind of me not to do basically and yeah. I'm not an alcoholic but it has spent some time in AA that's a long story that's which is an interest statement he had it is about I honestly I'm really really glad I did that because I did become very comfortable with the serenity prayer literally a man if you wake up every morning you need to say that. I find that my days were so much easier it is even if you don't think it means anything somehow gets ingrained in your subconscious and you do flow a little better than that app and really mega. Perfect sense and it's totally applicable to just about every right line and AA again even if you don't have any problem for the diction it's a great thing because you have to go obviously through twelve steps but in those twelve steps you really deep diving to yourself don't and you fix or try to like take care all the loose ends and seek a move forward healthy did you get throughout well I did ally helped others get throw I IA I went. As a key court mandated like AA classes and an eight kicking and screaming answer yes I didn't I didn't that I was not in the right head space to appreciate anything is going on I was mad to be there yet but I didn't work I was taught that camera what I got you there was not far. Yet and and by the way just to kind of really wrap folks I'm sure fearless and your goal why would you go to aid for non alcoholic headed my ex wife and my kids in summing mirror being told and it. Joshi had called somebody my family and told them that I was and so I just do everything to the extreme. Some like OK you think that's what I am threat not only in my neck and drink for two and a half years or three years or whatever was superb point I'm gonna go to a nominee go all in common a sponsor Pete and I'm gonna come home with my one year chip on the show and a draft. And that's what I did as the reason again that's a I. You know networks. And at the time to I felt like I was in a battle for my own credibility for my children don't like OK so that's what she's saying. Here's what I'm gonna show that I am no argument for that so it was that was my defense I'm not saying that it's the right thing to do what everybody is. And in fact a lot of times I was in the AA Roman granted like the year after you get divorced and I did not everybody's the same but I just partied like a rock star was like freon -- there -- drag I would know edit this affect that and it's pretty common to go a little nutty the first year in you know just don't knots but. You know I remember sitting in that room feeling kills you a lot of times because the stories these people would tally. Wow like. You wake up in the morning and go in the shower in chart vodka before you can even start your day grind some meat and then I might have one too many have a hard time saying no to things aren't but that's not an alcoholic I learned what a true alcoholic really want yeah I have a lot of empathy for those people that I missed some great people you are never depended. No but I I definitely have some unhealthy tendencies this I do everything to the extreme right does that make me an alcoholic no. I just know that I could go that way if I allowed myself. I think there's a lot more discipline involved with stuff like that then people wanna believe anyone believe. If this is my opinion but I do think a lot of people wanna blame everything else for their problems. Including labeling certain things a disease like obesity. Alcoholism. I do think it is. Then again I've walked the walk have talked the talk I do think it's possible. To put more regulations and discipline on yourself and ask more of yourself and challenge yourself than some people are able and willing to do. That is as in my opinion I think people are stronger. And then they think they are well and I think when you all the power that disease you're basically saying I'm helpless while yet and I today. I agree with you. Almost a 100% I think. I think people do you can get to a point you can cross the point of no return and you're essentially living with the disease and that same with the obesity and stuff like that like if you. Raise a child and there obese by the time they're in their warnings or whatever like her closet there you have the odds of them bouncing back from that are really really sure really tough journey and seem like if you're fifty years. Drinker unity they can't even just stop drinking because physically they're yet they they might die but I see people that have like my ex father in law was a whiskey every night guy and he just agonize I wouldn't confirm or he was eighty right when he did that and again I realize there is some. Hypocrisy to what I just said because they just that I went to AA and I sat with real alcoholics and realized I wasn't one of them Brett however I do think that people are stronger than they think yeah I agree here and I saw I think for the most five I angry that a lot of people in that situation are. Pinning the blame on something that doesn't affect them and that's a little bit of a cop out I think a lot of people. That are there is a real disease yeah I think I don't you cross appoint you can cross a point out the I think that's the minority for sure yet but you can buy us a point well and into at least when I do you share because I know when your house you dealt with all that two out and you know I think there probably is something that I don't have that people deal with that I don't fully understand because it is a series like genetic. All cleared for genetic. Predisposition I mean it goes very far Akamai keenly on my grand range triggered her all addicts alcoholics. And I also think that and mental illness aspect goes into it you come. If you have both mental illness and addiction it's super her to be both rats. Where is it you're just fanatics you can have the strength to overcome that but fighting both usually is a lot harder but I can see how some people are. Not necessarily don't have actual disease but say they do just push off on but I think that actual disease doesn't it. A lie I agree with you I don't wanna come off insensitive to that because I do know that people who struggle is war really a lot of heart whatever mom I know mine is. But you know we live in an age where there's so many things that are real problems that have become real problem because people want to pin stuff on the yeah I'm new to talk about food allergies and all of these victims things now it's like. I just watch this documentary called rotten on Netflix which is pretty interesting I basically. The science as they talk about peanut allergies act in which it like peanut farmers in Georgia and twenty years is no such thing. And basically the end result was. This and this is hilarious these scientific resolution after all these years of studying piceance impede analogies like. Just eat the food. That was what that literally what they said they go so what is the blood test what is the challenge just how do you define if somebody has allergic reaction always bring him in a lab and we make them eat the food. And they were saying look. If you didn't if you deprive your body of something. It's gonna be sensitive way. But if you see it's the same is like a flu shot or. People used to much anti bacterial soap like to be sterilize your body. To a certain point where they don't have any evidence and we have a whatever it is gonna make you sick say with raw milk probe by onyx all that stuff. So they're they're. They had people on the were like yeah I thought I was peanut allergic but it basically my parents were so sensitive about peanuts are never had any. So asserting small amounts of overdosing myself with peanuts and by the time 125 brownie you peanut butter like it's gone out of style. Well I do you feel sorry for the people that are. Could there aren't very few that think he can't you 2% it is very few but I feel sorry for those people because everyone's like well you're just you know. You're not actually allergic to gluten or your not the dairy is a few percentage that it actually is a biologically. Genetic very small cell very small like but it diminishes what they're actually going there for all of these people think well I allergic but I can crush. Yeah if you're gluten allergic you're in the ER when you eat it's a big wheels it's a different thing people are just. I you know I ended but the whole thing kind of spot off into how we were so sterilized in disconnected from. A lot of stuff even likes going out and let our kids play in the dirt yeah. You know kids are gonna get sick release it that I exposed to germs and stuff like itself. And it's pretty interesting documentary rotten I've advance and are now on for months now because it's always on the recommended on Netflix I think you'll like it and analyze your dance and I don't I don't know I really Smart as well done yeah I have I have I just have pulled the trigger but I am a Arab I feel like water are wanna watch it but it's never I've always been looking for something else in that mode what Alison out to think it's fair bet it's not that one sided right it's not a liberal or Republican agenda in this series there weren't as a series and so every series they pop to a different food industry in grass so -- talk about chicken army no talk about peanut farming needed milk. Fish that pretty interest again I definitely thought it was something different I thought it was one of these like canned. You know ally. Vegetarian. Intervene in seemed like this is how yeah this is how cruel this industry is or whatever you know I think it's more just education for here is how the food industry works right now compared how it used to work in years maybe some reasons why certain things are happening to me if you look at obesity. Disease and things even autism a lot of people feel like on its nutrition related threaten. I mean that's a long conversation and help a child advocate here what are we just tell how to Yorkshire I had at least we'll miss your worst fear about Salmonella half. Forget and I thought. I forget and to somebody's point. When we come in and we don't have a lot of stuff on paper to talk about in this intro sometimes it goes longer than. I don't know we have we're already longer than normal and we know even got I think we have one story didn't you know arcade and nothing I actually really just enjoyed our conversation. Was in China via. Yeah we're definitely we should different in on a high notably we shouldn't talk about the fact that people are getting dumber. And that's not cool. And honestly the ten home repairs were most likely to put off and not do alliger Matt let's let's just I don't read or go to the math for so let's wrap it up take a listen to show we had today just a little heads up to if you are local. Will be given out those free military breakfast passes tomorrow at blue steel coffee in Parkland. It's the Parkland Lakewood area right it's right across the freeway so they're like it's bright on the border so pretty close to where we were yesterday and in span away debts like on the other side AGB Allen and you'll notice were doing all of our pit stops in the JBL Marion because the pond is where the free military breakfast is on Saturday. So a good show and we'll see you tomorrow. He did you. I think he went well to morning full tack with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. All morning wolfpack Matt McAllister good morning Emily rains morning sludge gallery happy Wednesday June 13 everybody how we do and I'll leave good I'm ged got my jacket on ready to get. Thought they are bundled up at BAC's work and it's really it's nice. So by the way yesterday great times fairway really appreciated Mary Mary's wonderful lady by the way I love that place. Can see while locals go there yet de fund posting up the spin away yesterday for a little bit given away the free morning wolf pack military breakfast passes today. Just a little heads up we're gonna have wing now given the same passes away he's going to be in downtown Tacoma. He's going to be a handsome coffee break their downtown some Pacific avenue will be there from seven to eight just show with your military I. Plus we're gonna be talking to me needed dream detectives trying to figure out some of those recurring worked nightmares that people called and right yesterday including my own it's about Deanna Lee stealing a much credit cards I think enacts an amount. He went to find out that night. Yeah you know those dreams remember what you think they are there's always cited meeting to ask them like fans but. As of that to have fun today the let's get things going we leadoff caller somebody gets on base. If you're up. We're looking forward to a 6421 wolf and don't forget to hit us up on the tax Emily got an up and running today. We do have a bunch detect certain covenants we had every technical glitch pop music but we're good at 46150. And attack so let's hear from you right now. Erratically before we talked early enough caller Chris. How the text looked. We got a bunch of them payless says good morning hello early birds bring on the coffee I'd get. Gan SA eighteen O'Connor an ordained tap a tiny neck then Kyle every. And Mike from saint Elway says good morning. Wolf stagnation we're halfway through the week hope you have a deadline that feels good president he'd eat that's a valid point it is Wednesday yes. He doesn't stay in a way to written every day pain. The we us and they had at Theo and you while upstart legs and down. The amount of Elop says good morning my son is in the military he'd appreciate all the sports have that day. And nick and buster ever nick said good morning had a great it was nice seeing Ali yesterday. Everett in its class hung up the whole hour yes I know makes life stories Caspian that. Gonna happen okay Chris Intel water every day about. Thanks for being our lead off caller. I've seen your name on the board a couple of times this week trying to get him but somebody has always aged you out for the photo finish at certain wire you up so early. Some don't work. All Chris do you have children. And you have five kids. Just certain rules boys and girls mix. Oh lord what are the ages on these kids. Or your old five year old looked sick on Friday. Ed hey eighteen year old girl and then. I have 118 year old son and they're dope sheet on. How this is a busy man. You have good out of that well that's where I was go with all this Emily crystal wanted to know what your plans were for Sunday. Well hopefully it horrible weather Lola. Well it will be the urge your Lola and. Older but even know about stats. Recheck your letter ask Matt yes I am checking my whether effort by the ways the most dependable weather app available I spent twelve dollars on and it's cold weather line get it if you want to know the real weather baby. So I'm looking at. Hey I need you not familiar. I'm just not the conversation yesterday we are plus or rather ask how Leningrad is no I didn't know. I am showing as of right now 83 degrees and totally sunny on Sunday for our. Up. About a I 64 and partly cloudy today 56 and fifty cent dancing humidity occur at least 56 degrees in the downtown Seattle area and sat Iraq. Thank you for being laid off caller we appreciate you can we play UH song. And Ed brown. You've got to command power play that do and how is it a little bit was a good dude. Hey Chris have you but you have your ball you throw down dig it yes sir today our Chris gale warning September man. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister did involve nudity yes I did and eventually able to take user. Those two go hand in hand sometime Amelie were AI slots in my car but I pulled Brent. 100 point seven. Also do you guys have a fun fact that you with bows to at parties to impress the people family. There's one that I without a lot it depends on him around but usually there's a left handed person in this situation. And you know that they're 10% of the world's population liking this. I did none of that but Vanessa my wife has left him. Well both my parents where can I best friend is I think. Almost every guy I've ever dated is so there's always seems to be a less be somewhere around me who. Aren't left handers either their serial killers or there and geniuses what are the tit. I don't look it up but there's something unique to the personnel are there any Leyland though whether there. Yeah yeah that's. As though Joseph fun fact. Man I got a bunch of a bag coming up guard here well I'd be admitted to think about their gear head you haven't. Well I like it this is you know sometimes you get the stupid one stuck in your head forever and ever. But everybody I think knows the iconic cracker Jack box of candy to proxies to get bigger baseball gas credit and this is old like when I was a kid. But everybody knows that Jack is that the kid on the box. What are the dog's name is being. How many people know that. Yet cracked again voted to die nowadays I remembered the one I've probably a lot of those stop thinking that always comes out and I've I've drawn up to you a couple of times it's the Napoleon complex. When in reality Napoleon wasn't short for his time here is actually totally average drivers time that's right up propaganda moves or people think you are sure. Here's a couple. In the 1830s ketchup was sold as medicine in the US Ohio physician John Cook claim to secure for indigestion. Half with that one out the next time at a Barbeque Vick. You know to see see this kitchen where eastern Justin medicinal effect perfect science shows that sandwiches do taste better when somebody else makes them yeah believe that the prolonged exposure to this sandwich while it's being made it makes it feel less novel and less desirable that's totally true. Sometimes I make my breakfast sandwich sometimes Vanessa will make it if she's cook and couldn't. And when she makes it I get excited eats I don't know what's in it you know means you are a little bit differently. One more anyone here for new morning wolf back. This one I think is really interest if you would blue or light colored guys have a higher risk of alcohol dependency. Compared to those of brown or dark hazel eyes. They've confirmed the correlation research but they don't understand why. They know what exist but they don't know why did our guys over there and he had an iPad you can get a guise of a T tiller. Simmer and add. Our morning wolf back to what is the fun facts that you pull out at parties to impress people we wanna hear. 206421. Wolf. Hey Jim in Arlington and how are you. Sure it more good morning Jim so what is the fun fact you used to impress on the people. Our doctor or it's gone totally. While it quote act in the dark ages during the wait doctors were afraid golf. We'll take. So that you and there's this out very vicious or delete doctors but they award these last this is old (%expletive) like surgical let's look coaching in that it looked like it. You know and I love that conversation of where phrases and words yes I'm here like three seats to the wind and all that kind of stuff they'll have a meeting like that. Oh yeah both spoke actually yes equities is that it's actually quite Suzuki. Those close Boca sort days. Do you tell me that there was any at one point there was a bud bellows with a plus pension and Jim appreciate your funds back Nancy take care good morning. To a 6141 wolf for the fact you without too impressed people or you can Texas 46150. M eleven know what's happening there. By the way Leo fender of the guy that invented the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar couldn't actually play guitar. That's weird that is they are how do you invent an instrument and you don't know how to play. Gap I don't to be reading a song if you didn't know how does seeing it's just weird to me. By the way. There have never been more than six living presidents at any point in American history right now there are six. Yeah like at bat to add that I think George H. W. Bush is the first. Ex president ever to reach the age of 94 just turned and yet he's one of the six living. Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton George W. Barack and of course Donald Trump. And this one blows my mind. The most successful American industry for investors since the year 19100. Is tobacco. It's an annual. Earns from annual returns heavily. A 15%. Every single year since 19100 plows out about it would have declined more recently went right it probably in the last couple decades and cures starting Paterno said yes so that's the average her annual returns of at least fifty I'm sure one point it was way higher tolls and maybe now it's down under threat present because a it was a pack of smokes tossed out ten bucks a lot of tax men nitty everybody kinda knows today it's not good for you man. But like a friend of mine told me one time he's very Smart. Always bet on people's vices I asked. People session earth people tend to to lose that battle hey what is the fun fact you used to impress someone. 206421. Wolf or can Texas 46150. Right now morning woke back come also have a little fun. How does that McAllister has been progress. These guys got to bring donuts. 100 points. That we just got that text asking where our next stop that we're going to be at its. Meaning that for the military breakfast the pit stops are doing absolutely. So today we add is actually Vic going to be ESM cop in downtown to come of their steel won an old town one in downtown make she guided the downtown plan. I'll leave air from 78 get two tickets and then won't be out of we still coffee company in the Parkland Lakewood area up for me into one tomorrow also stop by there. And yes. And again if you don't know this Saturday from eight to 10 AM we are having eighth absolutely free morning wolf pack military breakfast what is it it's just our way of saying thank you. That's it it's just taking salute to service to the next level inviting you and your family if you're active military or veterans. To come by and let us serve you. You sit down and you can come by the way anytime between eight and 10 AM and enjoy the spread of the home course and applaud. We also know it's a lot taken right now so if you didn't re able to break down Murray gonna be it's all at Seattle's dot com absolutely and. Every day were going to be given way to three tasks and again Hillary's are gonna take its own and how much food to make when I can have anybody leave there and didn't you know and I'm saying yes I wanna fill you up and again thank you. For what you do for our country in this is our way of personally. Saying that to you shaking your hand giving you a hug love and up. Plus at the event. We're gonna be doing everything on social media so if you nonmilitary that you appreciate what this is. You be able to watch on FaceBook live and Twitter and mr. Graham global make you feel like you there academically is going to be a special morning good time cannot wait for Saturday to get free passes if you are military or veteran. Yesterday and spent only we had some amazing people come by. I'm thinking of the eighty year old ladies aside on her way she just come from Bible studies have looked elevate that elevated Janet I really unique amazing game. She's from Kansas so we bonded on that deal emerges from the midwest. And go to the park to walk the dog two miles an eighty some years old. I lost my husband to Agent Orange the Korean War she can I come and bring my kids. Absolutely yes so that's the case where maybe you don't have a military ID. It's okay right we got you Emily what do we targeted an exit to victory. Counselor red parties. Haven't heard them I'll play I'll out of Mike Green hatch chilies catch our attention to our eye we got that in three minutes. This is the morning. Alastair only do 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on a Saturday night liars and this is the big screen. That baby showers are so yesterday now you trained is half solar parties. So bachelorette parties is basically where a group of girls go for it get away you could be expecting mom before the baby comes. Like a baby and then you've heard the baby in Wright and TV news yeah. At no and I had a baby I should've heard that they will. The eighty unions are like high Nieminen before the baby so of the mom and dad go off oh yeah you know we we didn't call it dental we do some Baghdad that this is basically they knew that with her and her best d.'s okay now like then I'm like this again get away with the hatched thing I make catching up. But she's Baghdad hatching an fascinated dating aren't you Ellen and I have to be honest I like the term better than a baby shower which it never really understood that on the liberal thinker sixers don't water to rush hour gap showering her with gives idea added but yeah let's update down a little bit. He liked the hats aren't I'm not against ray you know Father's Day obviously this Sunday said there's a list that come out and be miss popular. Debt TD dad's first date the most popular dad I think you'll like this gives you like to show this is asked. Jack Pearson. Got to me every time as a dad when I watched that show I feel like a crappy debt he is the better now that he's like the best husband. It's tough show to watch with your wife Europe if you're Dan trick. That's what I'm turned to live up to from forget it. Even number one in six states I states picked Gomez Adams from the how unseemly since we expect that to who even watches he. Yeah yeah I Q but it's a hundred years old I know. Irate when he think the state of Washington Haiti think they. Al Bundy they're now is gonna say how I even know he didn't make the list. The mayor bill Hancock county that's the problem they're done now bunnies and Archie bunkers there are 200 and make or did you really not for Washington he would sit Idaho. Homer there we Homer Simpson and he actually was number one in a poor state another interesting data the urgent isn't aware Walter weight from everything that the and then start from game brown. Come on and heads and it overs of the literally shook his kids like it yeah answered right back but Washington is a stable we have legalize marijuana is a cart too bad actors that. Charles Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie which includes. That he was a good dead man he was Philipp thanks up Fresh Prince of Bel Air. An Arkansas picked and G eighty clamp it from the prince really know who. Yeah. I in the bottom made early may use that he's. Others say this Sunday yet the TV dad I've got the perfect gift for you Kraft Cheese is in doing eBay bid. I've highest bidders and they will make eight. Bust of the damn. See you know like the stats you bust like shoulders I got a T may not achieve its forty pounds the forty pound block cheddar. And they will actually did it to you by Sunday at auction in today CQ what a forty pound the fun of your dad's face it cheese. He didn't come as the perfect after it different cheesy yeah I hit record how long it would take care are scrambling you know forty pound block of cheese before went bad I mean I would feel like I was just fighting the clock you know looking for Mowlds chipping away and all right eating my dad stinks Eagles is that him I think it's just about us and it is a note to make us now it's just a Family Guy is designed as a Big Three stories he merit love it. Thank you recovery yeah I appreciate you and everything you do I coming up to get the mud club baby this is a morning wolf packs with Matt Harris 100 points. Yeah well. On an episode it. Yeah and we love getting your runs and a man although he's yet enjoyed the Pacific northwest fastest growing social club it is the morning wolfpack month club to get him to us our addresses in Seattle dot com in just a little heads up heavily. We're having a pit stop this morning it's not a traditional mud club pit stop but it's wing net out and he's got some special. It's a military breakfast pits after the pick up this free tickets tee this Saturday's military breakfast but nets in idiotic eat some copy in downtown Tacoma. Hamid air from seven to eight just stop by the military ID. Got such a great stuff in the mail from a company called zealous which is a local company that makes. In sole source onyx but also the spring pads that you could work out on that are better for your core and stabilization. Fact I'd already stolen the McCain team there at home you are Chad guys Solis worm at a nightclub. Close to Chad hello Chad it's a man in Italy calling from the morning wolf pack carry but they're getting married or upgrade it's good to connect with Q thank you so much for a deadly care package in the coffee mug and for what he needed the month club. You've got to let. Enjoyed the travel mugs and that nasty gave us I know some matches are you Matt Matty do you think the mats there is using the but I did hear a tough stuff. I thought well it's funny you're talking about fourth on accident souls not exactly cool but I think which are doing here trying to make it cool and it's working. Terrible thing yet and that is kind of a goal of developed brand we're kind of pressure different your right to our club has got it felt like. On our guard up like the old I'll there's like. The doctor scholl's the only other old stuff so you can you know like for air right so Yarwood and get more yeah Mort you're younger person. People are more active and healthy and athletes in your everybody really but just some more active healthy kind of first look at yeah I was a little. A little cooler than the old bill violent episode you're right. Pay zealous equals winning and you need more information as zealous and souls like come let's get you sworn in the mud club jet make it official okay. Both are but there are I'd raise your right hand and repeat after me ice feature name. Hi Chad you hereby pledge my allegiance. Is about wetlands and to the morning wolfpack. Suitable back and as a proud member. Into the crowd member above the month. Hello football. I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning five pledged to crank up the wall every morning. Current that a mere thirty official member of the morning wolf packed month club. Also think you have to be a part of it. Cool man I took you miss the bachelorette on Monday night what the dudes ended up an intensive care because of us leap in jury. 115 minutes who wanted to know how you hurt yourself sleeping. Morning. Yeah palace raid and these are harder and so wolf so Vanessa and I finally caught up with the bachelorette. Last night it was on Monday night didn't you didn't see it morning mall back. I want to know how common this is is anybody listening ever hurt themselves while they were asleep. In other words you logged asleep injury to you woke up in the morning and you were hurt you went to bed and you were not. I just wanted to know if this is ever happened anybody listening to a 6421 more for you can text us 46150. I don't know if you guys on an oh George Joseph Coe or court gutter. And you had the cable I don't know if you commit to the show you read all the stuff you pretend to be in the vaccination battle I think you're really there I'm watching fast court. So I see glimpses I don't like the date thirteen you fishy romantic you don't like feet ten seconds and getting to know each other and and a thirty seconds of make out right but I like the draw I like what happens in the house well there's a character on the vasser at this year did I forget his name but he's a male model and he is one of the greatest characters of the ever on that show and I don't know if he's putting on a joke is it. What he says it's so laughable but that's not the point the point is so the male model this early get a date here in this little bit of a few right right. So they set it up like the male while the amount the what happened was a guy was asleep in a top bunk bunk bed and he fell out of the funk that in the middle of the night. And landed on his face plus it is. And apparently he comes back next week but apparently he is disfigured like it's bad he was in the intensive care right and I I don't know if their up playing it because they never do that. But I. Yet again messed up a strain semi newest they went into the room and the one guy Colton other football players likes it looks like a bear attack this guy there's blood all over the floor. Well I'm broken noses dude. Cause a lot of blood draft but can you would think after a certain age are on fed my dad's safe and. Well the male model when in the next morning in baby first it which I thought it was hilarious as a parent because he tacked up like a little too by force they couldn't fall out of the bunk bed this morning rolled back that's what I wanna know right now have you ever injured yourself while you were asleep. You look at the morning you're hurt you went to bed York. Rimes and stuff I didn't mean to do that so good this morning and 206141. Wall for you can Texas 46150. Let's open it up right now. Hello attrition Olivia weirdest talking about the vasser and have a guy David fell out of bed and broke his face in the middle and I have you ever hurt yourself why you were asleep. So yeah I'm pretty bad actually oh look half that number well first off it was I was a little child but I am used to walk in my sleep. And I fell down an entire flight affairs. And never woke up during the incidents well. Fish species. What he means that your your parents found the bottom of the stairs all bashed up if you were still sleep in. Wow factor into the gold and Davey. The pull out my parents when they know I had through the dollar from a body yeah. Oh did you break any bones or just cruising. A lot of Britain until about eighth he turns off hey you still sleep walk as an adult and that go away. And I thank god it went away but I don't talk endlessly. Wow aren't we got a great call coming up by the way. If misty Libya says that she actually woke up in jail. What's yes we'll get to that in a moment but Emily what we see another text messages again how did you hurt yourself while you were asleep. Second Whidbey Island also sleep walk she went to the bathroom broke the toilet lid rolled her ankle and fell into the tub. She woke up who with the mobile version of the very swollen ankle you which is not fair but it's one thing and leave your extremely clumsy Merlino and your bruises and all of your cat it's your fault that a my parents sleeping has not at all. I'm not not your fault again other tech they hit element to the face by their husband is you really hard sleep first bush gets black guys how much gas. The meals further toe by kicking the ball in their sleep. You know it's in going to the husband won again. I would think and I don't know that it would be hard not to be mattered and even though he didn't do it on purpose is nothing can do about it. And they got a don't explain it to people yeah isn't a bit but I ice or they really didn't mean a death. Yes 46150. If you wanna text in at least got those 206421. Wolf for the calls again how did you hurt yourself sleep and hello misty and Olympia Esther we're talking about the vasser in a minute ago and now one of the guys David fell out of the top bunk and broke his face on the show Monday night have you ever hurt yourself sleeping. So it's actually not me it was my I thought that moms and two different occasions but it was on the same man manifest my mom has center issued a backseat disability is that a lot of issues and I have unchecked after. So many years apart. They both begin in the end which it was sleeping mat and no we don't family. Here dresses at USF is so bad my mom woke up and LU I and my step mom well well. Well thanks a lot. It is breeze over that did she have any memory as trying to dry. Now know that she was anarchist Emma. I had no clue. What it happen and doesn't let have been dealt. Okay now misty I've taken Ambien and a slow Joseph went through a hole spell where he took it like every night for a really long time. But nothing even close to what you're talking about this or she will happen. I just sex race I could attend weird side effects are from you look at my problems I guess. And complete my dad and spent on the endlessly but the sound machine right kind of like me sir luckily they didn't have it on my step mom got us to go to restaurants no night. And I'll hit her head on the corner of the fast and feel like so all. And he's put up a hospital my dad had a proper head in a panel of fifty people get that in your head it's herself back. And she just stayed asleep through all of us. She went yes he had no idea and I don't think he think it's an awareness to people access except it's so bad. Doug misty your family needs a padded room to sleep and gals don't take it out easy way everyday and they need and not. I don't think that it means aren't they are dead misty appreciate you checking in on these sleep related injuries have a wonderful day Kay yacht hit it keep in mind. Forget it Tenet text Matt somebody rolled off their bed and split their head open on the icy and because of the bad dream they are adding you know trying to in watching the show you know money there were around cinema sometimes rises and more often. So what does keep us from rolling just a little bit too far left the right yeah I mean it. Week your sleep the. No you don't know somebody else had a nightmare woke up the campaign against Max they're based on the wall. That this guy we talked about a woman used husband L love her he got elbowed in the face got a black guy same couples. And I don't think didn't work out summation I felt he feels that a cat ran across his face while sleeping on back to back out of Libya to get the lead units. So yeah actually just not a one that Vick had injured made me realize that I do have one. Yeah I got stung by a scorpion on my chest while I was asleep while sleeping yeah I wait you love this team like yeah yeah you know actually woke me up was it scary your -- Asked top five top and I was swipe my hand in I didn't know what it was I had just moved to Arizona said he knows scorpions were all over the place and it sting you. So whatever was a much as an auto despite her thirtieth to Waltz. And then I started to feel the sting it's like to be staying and I think something's got me. Anyway I found little bugger under the bed that killed this. And iron on the sorry columnist and I'm item called a moment. I think I'm right on doing a midwest guy though to die in the west did I don't know I'm not dying. Hello Lindsay and Bonnie lake load Joe's saying make you hurt yourself in your sleep last night only. Breaking news Lindsay what happened. And I couldn't look at. Make it a part of it in wild incurable well all day. I let me ask your question let's see what's worse. You know keep your doing some mundane tasks like pulling weeds in the front yard and you break in the next day you're ungodly sore and you realize how out of shape you are or waking up in the morning like you did being injured after doing absolutely nothing they didn't get what is worse. The bear waking up and realize you're injured without any treatment I didn't eat it. Opening. Bell and it took off about what we. That's true but I always feel like man my body should be able to do this without being sore I'm bending over your body should get to sleep without her and another good point on but you could be incredibly active and physical in your sleep without even knowing. All all about certain Lindsay you could've been like fake running a marathon and hey you're a little sore baker an. You know picking Obama to at least. True story the only reason any of us get married we just on an overdue rumors league that's down. Lindsay we love you thanks for being a part of the morning wolf back in now have a great day. And I'll admit it was he sleeping injury on the bachelorette they got me hooked in as if they didn't already but I can't wait to see this guy's face looks like we comes back. Next week at the hall and out of south bug. He's gonna have that hugely increased look at thing not metals Leon Israelis pretty bad. I'm Jennie L are involved city also fell out of the top bunk above that which he sent an aunt she broke her arm hitting the middle frame. China friend did something very similar. Now that's common wonder what that's like to wake up with a broken arm in so much pain yen I don't know anyhow what happens no thank you. And then if we find getting elbowed in the face of bad enough as someone said that their husband. Does Taekwondo and asleep he's actually a black belt. Path. You know that's a pretty good argument for sleeping in separate federal I don't think I like the same thing or maybe nine bedrooms but Bert and Ernie separate members say the environment that's just awful. All right we got beat the street coming up here for those meet agreed to take a Sissy Cody Johnson a Texas boy come into the show back Soto you like to go. They gotta be street first 206421. Wolf call right now. Good morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 points up on. Laughs hit the pavement and that could be history too. Hello Chris Denny and eat M law and accounting assistant how're you today and I'm. Are you doing and will do great things here in the clawed to get through it and take it yet I have yeah. Can't wait party with you in September. There will go on to beat the street the trivia contest that pits new against a random stranger we found walking around the PNW if you know as much or more than they do you're gonna win some tickets and meet in Greece to see Cody Johnson at the show box Soto Friday July 27 all part of the walls here of a million tickets sound and yes some critics can't play OK before we meet the challenger. Keep in mind we asked him the same five questions that were about to ask you get 36 to get through all five. Good luck here we go with question number one. We'll set the timer in 321. And let's go which movie starred Bruce Willis is John MacLean. It's. The first what does Donald Trump's eldest daughter's names. It prompted some of what's TV showed a best in future replace Charlie sheen's. I developed. What is JB LM stand for act I think equipment worked to a sings the song one number away. Only Christen Indian law let's meet the challenger and we'll find out how you did when he answers the same five questions. What's your name where you're from what idiots. That from Parkland and hammer school bus driver. But to every mitnick yesterday and Mary Mary's campaigns stand away given out those military breakfast passes great guy appreciated media which movie star Bruce Willis as John McClain. Diehard Aaron was right answer Kristen nice job he got that right as well. We got a one a one time starting off here what is Donald Trump eldest daughter's name. I don't know. But you did great answer Christen a would you know Manley a bunker again he's an who's excuse. All right so right now you have 8221 lead nice start Kristin pinkie on weights TV show it Ashton picture replace Charlie Sheen. I believe that was Two and a Half Men. All right he got that one right. He said sign filled which is you know you can yes yes really although we could have been Cramer we use all cracked down really great to beat you. Could think Cramer is equal that you know that's a good call Aysu we have a 22 tie what does JB LN stands for joint base Lewis McCord. Hallelujah amen that's yeah yeah right next door at DuPont on Saturday with a military breakfast you got that one right twosome to 33 tie heading into last question how's this gonna end here things the country's one number away. And remember it's. All that's too bad for you look but it's great news for you Kristin can usually comes you have line that take you. That out and yes he did our mail by interest and also thank you so much no thank you for listening thanks for being a part of the show we'd love you and we'll see his show let's go to the seat go to John's point seven. I. All right coming up next we get a check in with our man way. Nine who is for you waiting for your right now. In downtown Tacoma and and them coffee with your free morning wolf pack military breakfast passes. Again if you are active or veterans he got to get over there and pick up these passes for your whole family for free breakfast on Saturday it is our turn to serve. You breakfast we'll take you are doing now and five minutes stay with us. I needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts and it doesn't help until than a dollar. Paul yeah McAllen are. I know wolf this Saturday it is our inaugural meeting first ever we plan to do many of them in the future. Morning wolf pack military breakfast RTS to say thank you to be active military and their families and veterans and their families. For example we all know the military Burke is going to be at the home course in depart right next to JB eleven to receive lots of active military hand yes. I'll moms you got all the kids in her husband's deployed com please. You may not have the military ID will be watching their anyway like your making huge sacrifice as well as your hobbies is deployed god bless your whole family like we said. Yesterday and spent a Wimbley we get to meet a pretty amazing woman look look they made. Whose husband was in the Korean War and elevate his eighty want stop by Mary Mary's cafe you'd never guess you they weren't. Nice to stay as far after one of the party would there. It's probably put away some shots Diego after Bible study probably. Any issues in Ashe who lost her husband after the Korean warning Agent Orange it's really we're gonna have those thoughts and she actually straight up said. It's so important for the veterans too because nobody to thank them like they think our military today right our military today is think they are love to yeah but. Vietnam vets and Korean War vets they added they got spit on. Dad Joseph also stopped by he served his brother serve and his dad served in Vietnam and they're all gonna come together. Military breakfast this Saturday we want to they're gonna have passes wing now you're helping to sell that we appreciate your man. Absolutely mad I heavily Joseph I'll bring her in a copy correct all the I beat people are amazing and it deleted and we played them the that they knew that I look at a real big coffee drinker so they had a red ball. Strawberry drink made for me ready to rock I don't like out of my mind. Right now she was well it always goes to the food and beverage write the songs. Priority and then Jimmie talk about the important stuff right now we have to talk about something they really think it would waiting for me. And your decked out in the look like you're writing your map. Writing here spandex spandex aren't Diana I would like what does it you know what the deal here come over. Any other virtue like hawks. Donna hugged and Obama and military after the Michael Curry didn't get a lot out we may did you get awkward hug and a guy in a thank you only wanted. He would like you click next three so look like bill. Piloting a little it pretty dopey it was it was honest I don't. I thought they took what we've heard going to be people are now I'm at them opt out there any kind of awkwardly but I didn't hear you gotta go in Utah State and you know what else. I love Tacoma so much uniting everybody who has to endure that I five traffic every day I'm north and south of that construction project we'll seemingly never anything else. See you today if you have any affiliation with the military police we'd love to just shake your hand to instinct countless and that's it that's a thing every day gaffe which. We got to play a practice I will they posted up here until we get through all of these are cannot wait Mika got it it's a great cause. At its gonna be a lot of fun Saturday thank you win them again for pulling double shifts course ma'am we appreciate you would argue again. Downtown Tacoma and the not the old town the downtown at that cabinet there it is go get your free military breakfast passes. Right now coming up next to me need to dream detective from yesterday. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister movement dot org here we go okay. And and and secondly bring a different look you can insert the CNN Pelosi knew numbers don't they would give us something to do. 100 point seven it's okay as they. Follow up to yesterday's conversation. About work related nightmares. You got me need to dream detective on the phone to get his answers stood pretty exciting and ideally we need your professional help right now we need. I'd be happy to give it and isn't it true that most dreams are really about what you think they're about. That's very true or not later on most of the time we think they're literal complete the the thinking well hell I. I had a nightmare about a co worker she's the DJ that comes on after us at 9 o'clock my name's Deanna Lee. In my dream was very vivid and very upsetting us. Then Deanna Lee had stolen all of our credit cards my wife and his credit cards and I. I've put about 80000 dollars worth this stuff on our credit cards and I'm gonna try to teller hey that's not okay you can't do that she just laughed and laughed and disregarded me and I. Told me that day it was her you know and whatever. Who blew me off basically. Yes and dreams are not politically correct so wouldn't it. We'll be the most likely has nothing to do with her that we can about the shared with her seat. I'm saying yeah give me three words to describe to Diane Lee how would you have she. Is energetic optimistic and fun. Okay I'm optimistic and I'm and do you have any association. With either the number 88 Allison south that I am aware. Oh I mean we could spend a whole hour going to really end up on a dream that you intend Shelly can here if somebody is. Stealing your credit. You might wanna look at if there is. Some way in which the energy that she represented which is high energy animated energetic to begin on. If there's anything or anyone or any part of your well. That you would describe like you know animated energy energetic and that may have don't leave your current at the loudest. Not necessarily accredit. Martyrdom hi did you like maybe simply trying to take credit for something and I've done food. Me it's possible you know with Jean Marc what's most important is. Does that resonate with the injuries are though. Think that's not the right fit for you really need to explore more that it sometimes doesn't quite quite right away and then later we realized oh yes you know. Going through a little while the other day or minute it happened eight years ago when we don't don't tax credit for my project or. You don't maybe they have some similar characteristics. The other person you dreamed of. Meaning the dream detective you're actually hitting on something I think is ballot because the radio everybody steals everybody else's idea. And they just like the same top forty shows in the same dumb bits and every city in America but we're doing the mug club beat the street share your salary and a military breakfast. All of which are original ideas and nobody's ever done before maybe I'm having anxieties it was gonna come steel might this gain access via. Please we we can take the easier road to do so to have some weather roses so we are so that when the latter so yeah now Bryant all right yeah that's Lincoln's sense as. True boy that's so much nicer than dearly stealing my purse. And and then maybe later something will come here and number eighty or eighty pounds in numbers are thousands significant. There may BMW WR and bonuses for me coming up with all its original best and I. They out. I mean eatery detective part to your call shall answer your nightmares next. If you are just tuning in we got meanie to dream detective on the phone as a follow up to yesterday's conversation and Alina so cool. That's so what it called up and shared their recurring work nightmares you wanna run a few of those by mean he's huge comes out when. Won't matter reentering nightmare that he was late for work and that seems the common line to that just. Mean anything specific. Yeah it kind of follow spender than bill holt performance anxiety kind of training can be I'm not on meet up with being an actor. Got the line or in a plane and I forgot the words. That kind of a usually it happens to the kind of person who would never let. The kind of person who normally always prepares because that's their worst fears and not be Kirk. Boy and that's how Jared sounded too like he is and I would never relay. Yeah and once and awhile it comes up your mind at. Maybe we do need to do little preparing but then we got that opportunity to the dream kind of car and so. The we also at a preschool teacher who has a recurring nightmare that she leaves a child outside is that sort of the same thing. Well actually the child outside could be a little different because he leaned and we injury. Yeah children or animals that we forgotten a out if he usually some part of our stuff some very tender part of ourselves. Like the media are only your child or stem. Kind of new project that we were starting at babies and children can be new beginnings. Of something that's been very important precious to her. Fishing sort of maybe they're too busy with work or other like responsibility that she's kind of neglected. I have got one more for yet shy and it was in the army five years ago and it's having a reentering nightmare and these three listed. But he's getting the worst jobs to dealing he has to scrub the floors and that sort of thing. Well okay so that would be where it be interesting to talk to Sean there could be a couple of things like this one. He could be in the job now where he's maybe having to do some of those Monday. Catholic she used to do when he was starting out back in the army. We are triggering those feelings or sometimes when we hit a personal breakthrough like maybe he's just got a promotion or something. And who we did what what makes it's called the risks either back to where it's almost like we're going forward they don't secure that all of its poignant battle. So it really only a year like dictate some of the richest man in the world you grew up tore. They always have that kind of therapy horrible amount they got about him that this. If he's hit a personal breakthrough or milestone recently. Bad sometimes that. Hitting the next level can bring out some of those old oh my gosh what I can hear how you feel not kind of. Theater well meaning the dream detective you've been extremely helpful thank you for letting us follow up our segment yesterday and give yourself a plug how can people get ahold of you if they have any questions about their own dreams. On the West Bank is three words does history detective dot com. And I were put client over the phone as well as in person. I over the cadets there you go all right Emily Big Three coming up next yet. Baby showers are old and is all how you look in the Trenton. The morning. Alistair you 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three are bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on a Saturday night at large and this is the big story. That baby showers are so yesterday the need trend. It's called a patch Laurent party I like you better already I'm all in for creative name just as the name you don't catch our party are basically getaways for expecting moms and her best teeth. You're waiting for the becomes it's similar to a baby news and where the couple goes and has. You know I get a wave affords us here did you guys have a baby. We did as. So we tried it we did like a weekend cabin we got away for the weekend. In. It ends up being more challenging thing because you got extremely pregnant woman who really uncomfortable doesn't wanna do a lot except be pampered oath maybe that works out better she's got a girlfriends that. I don't know use details Natalie around the pool so I'm all for hustler parties I think it's great whatever makes the pregnant woman happy. I'm into you answer it yes. It is Sunday being Father's Day and there was a pull blowing around about the favorite TV dads Kirstie. I know he's not real guy but the best dad and the best husband in that's one of the shows that have an S and I watch together. It is just you just can't compete if you like chance I'd say losers did you lose your husband loser dad. And not very popular dad surprisingly got five states with don't ask don't mess Adams from out of state. Me supportive cousin. And ten minutes. Hundred years old and where would you watch that show thing and relevant anymore I now. Some other want facility here in Washington. This fund is funny. The most popular data homer. Listens as the end you know I dug into that one a little bit I also notice that Oregon and California Washington all the states that legalize marijuana Colorado Homer Simpson their favorite theater and it is a cartoon so this is tied at two Leandro and great I mean he strangled birds and the like every every can counts. Another interesting ads that made the list was Walter White from breaking that's who by the way it was a very dark dark character. Yeah bodies do when he first family you know B member and avenue B I'll remember that horrible listen to show it. New Mexico like that and then he killed people overspend in my head start from David around and that standings eighty claimed that from the Beverly hillbilly is in what state. Birds JD claim that yet Arkansas a team that makes perfect sense of and we've also been eating other day you looking for guest I've got be perfect gift if you got a really she beat dad likes to make this TV Jeff. Kraft is dimming and each day online auction and the top five bidders. Are going to get 840 pound block of cheese that is all stayed until Carson there plus so basically you know shoulder. You send a picture of your data and yeah and as we only went though an option that's perfect on a bit yes and you know it's funny guy to ask for that to the screen playing you guys are super incident so auction does close today -- -- OK good billionaire yeah but you look at it get ice and what he's supposed to keep it nobody is afraid to be tougher than it. It's forty pounds achieves a lot of county hunting and. Oh my goodness that the pressure to eat the cheese for mold to do much more than I can handle okay. Alistair one class that. I think this Space Needle window washer mixed or of particles recurrent nothing in particular it not supposed to ask someone how much money they maintaining that big gas let's play share your salary because we ought to know what everybody else makes for a living minister broken ass. Until now. On the phone is Laurie she lives in Seattle she is a child support enforcement officer and she is willing to share her salary coming after a few minutes hello Laurie. Yeah how are you today. Gary how to draw feels fantastic despite the weather but it's probably clear up this afternoon according to my perfect weather let them play. So here's what's gonna happen if it's okay with you lord gonna put a minute the clock Alaska's many questions about what you do for a living as we can one minute animal take a little bit of a break we'll guess what we think you making here in the new talents. Share your salary nearly rains are you ready to start I'm ready one minute on the clock let's make him get right to what exactly do you easier. I establish and enforce order church capital where potentially I quit chapel where. OK you know go around door to door you make phone calls and emails that kind of thing. Abstract egging on the door to door everything over to our troops that may now get. And how many cases are you typically working at once. I haven't occurred at approximately 660. And do you have a job glory or is it a career. It is that her career are you a government employee. Yes fans and how long you do lose. 28 years. Old and a half hours of the eighteenth worked. Working credit government I don't get overtime for territory. Do you own a home. How long did you two meet. Blues. And out. 45 minutes to LA yeah. And there's every time. That's why what does it matter where issues a mansion and ran away she lives in Seattle I feel like the longer that you know you're means more money you're willing to drive that if you bacon so Joseph I find it obscure I Wear it -- yeah I I you know I bet you I don't think that you would anybody but got a little but you asked your question I asked my campaign ace John. I am. All right Lawrence yes I did a tremendous look up backing guessing you share your salary sound good. Gossip. Welcome back to hear your salary because we don't wanna know what everybody else makes reliving but it's never OK to ask until now on the phone with us. Lori in Seattle she's about to share her salary after we guess who we think she makes year. By the way she's a child support enforcement officers so she collects the child support from the deadbeat dad or maybe could be a mom never know what else do you know Amylin. And that says she's been working their third twenty years she's government employees so it's a career not a job she works out of an office and has about 650 cases at. The year that he's working on her at a time sorry. And Turkey meat is forty minutes long at this. A preference doesn't matter if the glory do you think it matters how long your commute is based on how much you make here to answer the question yes no. Why now turn people against. I just US get every time visiting any sense I mean Oscar rain though dumb question but I'm trying to get a giggle. Don't look at me put your RBS four dot I guess now I think I did not win yesterday yes you did at. A power efficient and there's so long and well at 1998. Where it I like death. I hear Max I know Emily Ari. I would say just because look if you're government employee that's it I don't believe there's that child support enforcement officer. Union. I'm gonna go sixty which is still doing great even for so long. Anyway sojo value Demi checked my guest right and am well that's the problem with dominant black guy now and I'm torn because Lorie did say oh you're going to be surprised her a dummy movement and I love I'll have to go right in the middle of say 75. Way. What would put him. Well no men almonds and I'd president. Okay Laurie in Seattle lot of debate about how much you make a year or so wanna go ahead and share your salary. Well do I. I wish and we let them break and I don't even make you speak out and a year. All right so what are the going to be. Lori. Credit forty out OK nice nice to yourself. OK. Well that's going to be Lori you sent a movie surprised at that it was way low her way back. If that gets wet it yeah yeah a lot of decisions he thought it affect people lives and they don't. Really wanted to do very well I. You know it's hard to believe but again. That's why I went with what I went with even though I thought it was slowly lower than my thought government jobs no union. You want SO right as strongly worded letter to your boss Lawrie. Dribble ardently outside yeah. Out and it ended de Britney and I mean spirit of the year and no I think you'll you. Have a terror terribly tough job that's I guess a high or not that we currently held a 28 years. We and I'm just saying in your caseload 650. At one time mayor. Dealing with a child support we do it and our house side it's not easy it's not so Laurie we all appreciate what you do so are you don't make a little more more but we love you if that helps. Yeah we Laviolette do you regularly share your salary and if you would like to be on for share your cellar we need somebody for tomorrow. And as somebody for Friday we'd love each loaded up you Tony Matthews your real name if you don't want to. But again serious salary it's a lot of fun 206421. Wall for like a seven under have you checking in with Wayne mad mad about winged I'd miss heads. Here that can bring war. I'm still a party. So wolf and we are all getting so excited for this Saturday it is our inaugural morning wolf back military breakfast is just our way of thanking all of you that have served or are currently serving in our military and not just you. But your entire family. Mom or dad or wherever has to stay home and take care of the house in the kids everybody's making a sacrifice. We just wanna say thank you. I think if you listen to the wolf remember times you know how much we salute your service in this is the next step free breakfast in DuPont at the home course. This Saturday from eight to 10 AM all you need to do have a past yet. When that has been out all morning long forest pullen these double shifts when not yankees so much mail we can't thank you enough for what you can do enforce this week. It's pretty often because what you said and like you and Emily and still are but it it's sort of beating odds and it's our way of saying thank you. And I got to speak something here I am really thankful. Or. Federal police officers hot debate terrified me they all walk in after installation. Is about three blocks away and they're all kind of in a street clothes and I was told. That I just let the captain of the federal police officers that but I'm going to jail it is. It could definitely help that. Do we have impacted them like only I can take a picture you will go to jail if you take pictures unanimous hey. No problem but we outfitted in every single one of those folks. That work over here into coma without the military breakfast. So that's who made awesome here we handed out a bunch yesterday afternoon and stand away tomorrow we're gonna be out again. Emily let's throw quick hit on that just so people need to know something deal. Time to plan so. Right Sid Mark an idiot blue steel coffee company in the park blend. Lakewood area. From noon to once the right during your lunch hour he gets up I think. So wing net. How many tacit do you have left how long you'd be there in case somebody serious right now there's around the corner from downtown Tacoma. I literally have three eat. Left him free but I will stay here until they are gone since you demand winging still Lolita debt you guys. Appreciate you buddy thanks for helping us out this week. And again thanks to all of you who have served and protect our freedom yes seventy reign as. Leno will be added in a Friday morning in Q while you can get all the locations are gonna be at its yellow dot com. You're listening to the morning welcome back we're back but Alastair and our mine the mail whenever I had. So if you're somebody to get angry there's a new study out of the University of North Carolina today. Did they claim to actually figured out why that is and it's not your stomach dismissal. What so why are paying very by the you know that is when your angry and hungry. Vanessa my life is like if you look it up in the dictionary under the were angry cutesy pictures were out at. Receiver and yeah she just hits the walls and she's got to eat nothing else can happen until that happens. But apparently they have found that when people get hungry little things can quickly put them in a bad mood and then from that point. They started doing everything more negatively felt. People who had just eaten didn't do tests. Emily I see you as somebody who contain I well I agree that the slowdown I did not get angry yet I don't know. Whom I wonder if that's gender. Specific issue. So previous angry I don't. At them. You did you get. Well Alan my wife from the votes you big yet you do you get grumpy and be a hit that wall youth DD BE yeah. Anyway. Next time you're angry you know this it's not your fault. Just like everything else is wearing out its failure to your lack of food is just messing around with your sweet innocent brains. So in other words. It just makes it easier for you to get anger about everything else is happening to you win you are hungry does that make any sense at all yeah okay. And it really explain why yeah I agree. Rancher hasn't India with chemicals in your brains. There seems to be something special about unpleasant situations that make people draw on their hunger feelings. In other words your hunger isn't making you angry your hunger is is messing with your head and making it easy for you to get angry about everything else. When you're angry about something else you're blaming it on the fact that your anger yet this is kind of a stupid story. Iran has got to run for your brother you're like I wanna eat it so yeah you get mad about not have and have a snowflake. I think the great story is basically just that it's your Hungary it's not your. Right in in your generation nothing's liberal so everything everybody else's phone streets are yeah awesome Barack. We're a victim of my own ring man cornered. Is the callous. You 100 voice yeah wolf some weird to hear that it eight hits you again. They welcomed the morning wolf that. Where little drunken we need you now say thank you your new slogan OK. Emily and slow joke what's that stuff out there that appears to be blue. But is that. Oldest guy on here in the blues yeah that's a decent luck and don't tell you that was gonna happen today yeah it was pouring here there but nobody forecasted any area it's not whether dvds these two and giving me grief all morning long about my super accurate a 100% always correct whether apple has not yet twelve dollars. So I'll defend it to the death even to the throne yeah I live and die by that Zuckerman. Told here is gonna rain after it started grating. It was a wrong. May be a little delayed away. Anyway is going to be beautiful and from here on out it's gonna get nice or nicer right in the Father's Day weekend self. Plain excited about oh good thank you have to carry out. And jump on my grand my ideal date. Oh down whenever these two all day it's good to see here that I didn't let up without. Drag that right now I believe what is happening in your world today like not originally in the hallway earlier and I think she set on your podcast a couple of days ago you had mentioned. That sonic was gonna do something really out of the box they are hopping on the dill pickle strand and as of now you can go to sonic. And you can get a dill pickles slushy idea it's disgusting. If you don't like pickles and I delegate to the sludge I love pickles I have no interest in his own and I I don't know. And I went at it closely you do yeah I will yeah Emily was the only one he decided she was gonna go try that easy is it is happening right now. Have you tried a no no I didn't try to get it out though right I guess it is outs and I am dying to go and try. Have you heard of anyone he heard anybody herb you. I've read about the reviews and they say that as you begin to drink it. It tastes kind of suites which is offsetting a little bit but then I thought yeah. You're probably get a likes that funny and it's gonna be a big pucker her salty yeah it's not the and that is you continue to drink it there's that nice to Brazil after duties and. I know what is happening and then. Wherever they are coming out I didn't hear why would anybody drive out of their way to get something to put their mouth it was all said it. Cameras from I. It's. Still have to imagine. Oh and attentive. And he chance. If you really follow through with them you know the Pope free of the Carolina becomes an app that. No thanks. I'll take my chiefs in the form of like a top pot doughnuts you know hook me up every day of the week aren't Dili is here to you guys we are out thank you so much would back tomorrow morning at five in enjoy the sunshine. I told you was coming. 1 morning it'll actually not a military weekday mornings from by the film.