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Wednesday June 6th, 2018

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Row playing welcome to our podcast is the morning wolf back I'm Matt McAllister your post there's only rains over there Allen and slow gel I am also here who is our producer Rick it's a lot of airtime on the podcast with you personally enjoyed him Leo you feel my place and I don't amount. Well that's why we do this for both of your mom there let's be honest are a couple things we didn't talk about the surety which by the way you're about to hear. Including I think it was one of the more meaningful talk breaks we've ever done it'll happen right after a pretty pretty soon after beat the street. And it involves Emily and her story Els leave it at that but definitely I think that's worth sticking around for all in for a little more on that. You can always go to Seattle dot com and read the blog that you wrote today yes I'll goes to. Suicide prevention depression awareness kind of things and obviously the story Kate's face yesterday which docked so. Very very powerful blog but I agree it's one legacy I know you and it was still kind of blew me out of my chair so I appreciate you yeah you're going there. So some other stuff here. Let's talk about how cool I. Now okay you know there are gonna start or there is an area according to I knew. Lest that sound it's a new survey you've rightful I promise you I didn't. At minimally. I woke up. Looking at this list going oh my guy. I'm not as to work he is I think what is the let okayed a list is basically the ten unexpected things that are now. Air quotes cool. In 2018. According to do according to a new survey heavily in effect I don't know where it comes from Melissa what's what's on the list. Start the bottom and get yet that this this kind of reminds me of I can hear the the size I'm right here man here. Yeah we're. Jump street where it would jump street debt member the second one. When they go back to high school. And everything that the jock you know Channing Tatum yeah isn't cool like I single strap and double stress it's kind of like that are again. All right. Let's see this are our most of these comebacks. His are saying some of them but I've never heard there's a couple things on here that I'm passionate about and I've never heard anybody else say that they are too unless there in my little tiny group of like minded you know door keep people about deaths to her anyway. Number ten and again this is a list of ten unexpectedly cool things right now. Android phones. OK so there's one for Emily if helping your family. Like that cool I like the that's cool number eight something that I was so passionate about for so long that it was in my Twitter handle. Avocados. I. Love up look out those Canada and Aaron they're they're good. I'm considered cool because Italy they are still true in the I'm spreads are not back out of fashionable wearing a gas jewelry there's no but I think if you go to a menu select hip place to see avocados toasty Obama kind of outlook cada or is like a hip cool food impaired are realizing that. I that fat of like a member with a low fat air and I'm okay I think people are now he's got to get interest I'm not getting anywhere don't believe the real thing says that avocados or are healthy for you and in some good help. Is our and they are freaking delicious number seven is cycling. Cycle thing is cool. At first and ask. That's kind of I don't have to spend a lot of time on cycling and I'm just saying it made me very now that it was on the list. And you know they're probably talking more about like you look around Seattle everybody's commuting to work I shared my planes and buy shares in. Riding a bike is a cool way to transport yourself gesture I. I don't know if they're talking about spandex shaving your legs are weighing your food and watching toward France that's probably not what they're talking about the cycle and I available on the extreme side then again they might be all right number six cutting back when you're drinking. Being a little low to moderate on your yes Emily there SAT totaling may said cutting back so far I think what you do to school that seat I think he totaling is. The emblem Italy have wealth effect at back at cutting back cut back. More moderation to you know I have to I have now I'm now on a pretty strict no drinking from Sunday to Friday. Yet and you know what's great about it is that as much as I want like every time when it's sunny here in Seattle I got the Barbeque going I wanna have a beer Brad or Metairie at this I get a good move and wanna party. Problem is fake crap the next day man but it really makes the odd man I can't wait for Friday can't wait for Friday just so I can have a cocktail and not worry about it yeah I need to drink more just because I. Pet back. I've cut back so much that now iron satellite way yeah it it takes nothing Niemi dragon and never wanna be like sloppy drive that now days are over not a good look Arizona mile paying for a few hours without like falling over other you know fortieth. Now when you get to forty being sloppy drunk is really an attractive and you and you have to stop the guys. I can't yeah you do disputing your own house they'll be out again like I know prominent tow that line on the home. Yes typically watching a show and nobody knows that I'm really bugs around and it's I don't they had like I spent many years as a as a very successful sloppy drunk yeah I don't intend to go back there while you're not voted the best rookie there you go either way sometimes you really funny but other win you can get belligerent sometimes yeah and that's not that's I've seen you in that state has not a lot of fun to be around ya that's because of my ex girlfriend and yet if that's true or whatever your feeling on the inside it is a common now. It's like like Roseanne she's not her races he's only a racist unenviable so that tells militant elect of Taylor happened last night that you're so cute age students telling me how much you love him. Yes yeah. But that's how you feel inside Bret I call this brings out whatever day moving on the cutting back on your drinking is definitely cool. Number five knowing how to cook things from scratch. Definitely cool and appreciated by others and I think all the home cooking shows a recurrent. I would tell you Vanessa made some salon drove cream sauce the other thing. That was super healthy too with garlic cilantro. And missing had like no calories and it and it was amazing. If you made from scratch and bought a blender. Number four they're working from home yeah that's awesome. I think that also like if I were able to say I think when you can work from home. That means your kinda successful throw people were unsuccessful like us we have to come into the artwork can be here and we're still flew on not so trustworthy enough. Yeah be held account yes sir mix A lot who does a morning show and it's good to say he never comes to work. He's always on the put a studio in his howls because he's so yeah important. By the way I'm all for six yourself. Brad talk says Richard call mama bear and I think number three of staying in instead of going out a cabinet Arial yes I'd never to maintaining a balanced diet. Macros CI I'm I'm telling them dominating this list and I Barack roof and our line which I don't. Reusable coffee cups. And water bottles. Yes and I know it is ice is on every day to I mean I do you think that's just being ignorant if you just relish stuff away and every guy. Thank you I used to work with a guy and every day he would stack like five coffee cups he wouldn't even reuse the same coffee cup IS dire motives and think to term and just get a coffee it's a much more enjoyable and I have a much anyway you know I leave these lazy and they were not wash it in. It's got it. I think that I didn't mean act and we get our let's. And only this can be on the quicker side of things but there's a new study out today that says. Most women and we talk about on the show Saturday you know like timing to be merry hearing. But if you're going to. Two thirds of women 75%. Or no this link 66%. Of women would rather marry a guy with a dad Bob and tabs why do you think that is org is is this makes sense to you. As. For a couple of reasons if it's not necessarily the dad bod to me it's more with the answer present like app is typically summits in the gym a lot. That don't have much time for years like the male model on the bachelorette yeah. Every one of those guys there are of African rift and let your Brit usually if you're with someone and thank you nexus someone has actually a crap look at media Amy Schumer and secure and so they're just you know Lockheed and other cuddle and don't have to worry about. Yes and they don't care they don't take themselves so seriously. I will tell you and Abdur. Okay have yet and so it's not bad album but usually the mentality becomes a labs right for the work out routine at a I don't think it's ours is tabs what they represent. I had a friend. Backing California who was personal trainer but he is also a former professional tri athlete and he became Lance Armstrong's. Personal coach for awhile and so he would fly him to Austin, Texas. And he would work out with Lance and at the time he was. But he Rama Matthew McConaughey hey in Austin now is when those two were like the coolest dudes on the planet current economy still kind of is a throws Lance not so much. But. I remember talking to his wife when dad said because the crash site. Yes dad reciprocal. Totally normal and Sosa trainer and I America's Vanessa late loves Matthew McConaughey has it what's he like can rely musical that. You know. He knows he's really good looking. And he there's something kind of unattractive about it absolutely when he walks around he's like liquid a day like he. Is confidence sure there's swagger but he also knows he's handsome and there's something about that she found to be terribly attractive and I think. For both sexes that applies. Yes I wonder I wonder how he manifests that because he's obviously are going around saying I am super handsome and I smells a lot. That there yet he's earthy dude like live in his air stream for awhile yeah he showers time he was that he was like a beach bound for awhile his hair does appear to be somewhat on the greasy side I think you're right he does probably smells that knocks although I was heading over a long time so I'm sure that they in his I think I don't know if he's married or not he's been as a kid with a girl he had a furlong time. So that probably should prime has Russia are right. But you know and I could see that so some of the other numbers that came out of the study anyway with the dad bod. 83% of women say they think that Mehmet dad by the more confident 67% said their attractive and 62 to team parties at their sexy. I think that's a little much 21% of men admit they've got a dad bought only 21 present Willis got a 99%. Of dads are dead by 62% of us say that giving in and having one has improved their lives. I will tell you as a dad. It's hard let me just say it's so easy to have a dad bought because it takes a lot of work and you get an a lot of fights. With your significant other trying to carve out that time I'm just so you can go not be fat. Yeah it's a lot of effort and I I don't blame many dad for having a dad thought I really don't. God is not morbidly obese it's just not step muscle cells could still be. Yeah I mean a little monthly but not in in Britain the funniest friends I have are the friends that have a couple of extra pounds Khatami and honest and drink a couple of players don't. Wait there it. Exactly the I didn't say that I lose in the norm man but your record is really good. A survey of Matt's friends so they re you guys despair that's so cool art would you guys rather for the last story and I think I should do this I answered asking your opinion about the stuff we talk about any kind of picket. But they're open to if there's a woman who bought her boyfriend her she's being who did her boyfriend says. She blocked him on FaceBook or he blocked terror and then there's these five ways to curb your cellphone addiction belligerent talk about the five waist as he could hardly get just. First look at this. You that I think he had recovered everything well yes that's either doubt there yeah me telling her where she's from and her name and its crazy did you got it. I would like an addiction yet his man. Here's the thing we're all addicted to our phones. And I get into trouble every time I remind the message that she's on her phone too much. Because I do the same things so it's like this vicious cycle that goes around and around her like. Hey you know could do not have your phone at dinner you wanna talk like yeah yeah we even talked about how you key go from downstairs in the parking garage to appear. Like elevator ride without what did you yet it's it's bit and it's. I can blame it on our jobs but I I just think it's part of that I just addicted to it but so I was inched actually read this right away. Apple announced a new feature called digital help this week is designed to keep you from getting too addicted to your phone five mile android has been doing this for android is not a bad little thing man and I'm doing your cool if we have an android phone. He may let you things like track usage and limit how long you can use specific apps. Obviously they don't want to work too good brightness that's counterproductive to the business but here's a couple things. Number one turn off some of your notifications. ID that yeah I hate I hate having them at the top. So I see them have to get rid of them he had it make you address it before he can do anything else on an android. Okay so they say just reducing the number of dings and alert the pop up and scream will actually help you a lot. Trashed the ones you don't need and only give notification for stuff that's actually urgent. Like maybe email and texts up like that I turn out every notification in my iPhone except for text messages. That's good and yeah I recently did that I think I still had the likes of getting Twitter and FaceBook yeah there's a blow up cost. EA anemic of one person that's in charge of a couple of different accounts. Head nodding to the woman who's on the air right now. It can their be forty notification and it makes me anxious Stan. OK number to be mindful about scrolling it's easy to lose track of time we are scrolling through endless posts sadly true. Face producer Graham twitters the worst is Graham into where the worst. Don't get sucked in by using apps for everything. So. They're recommending that you may be jot down a note. And do it kind of old school instead of putting you and your phone which I like that's our I called her mom cleaner. But I saw like the hard copy in my. First I noticed that and I think it's not a common for her. Anybody in their thirties bishop known as women do in this accounting. Purposely do things in an old fashioned way I think you're subconsciously trying to get away for your for. They a lot of people like writing letters again element that. Writing notes is the biggest thing posted no gas in Mecca stuff. Let's see. Let friends and family call you out. He probably noticed you're using your phone more than you'd like to use or give them permission to pointed out we go overboard I heard a study on the news of the night. They asked like eleven year old kids. What is the one thing the UA issue. You're your parents didn't do or didn't have been like 80% of them that it was an iPhone is or on their phone all the yeah. And I feel is guilty around student sometime though like wanna take a picture of him but then I get sucked into his program feel in my. Yeah I was gonna say and take a picture these for kids they have bones in their face costly taken pictures. Are now they don't have to after remember them I had but it's like the phone down and just enjoy. Yeah if you can you find them underneath 101000 other pictures that chemical and and yeah I resolve and I was and actually Vanessa kind of dummy yesterday connect came home from work we got back from our pit stops it was like 2 o'clock hadn't seen anybody. I walked in and sit down and Jude's eating dried join him. And then I had a couple of work email that popped up well as driving and and you ahead answer so I start doing that and you'd. He doesn't say rigorous high high in if you don't acknowledge him you keep doing ahead and so and this is in the bathroom. He hi hi hi tech and a white student attendance like I'm getting annoyed with him attic babe he he wants to your tension in my. I cast. Start adults are back on he's just anger is I know in an at bat total guilty parent moment land that email is more important in my son at them on currency all day like it was really kind of an eye opener for me. OK and last but not least in this is what maybe I can I Joseph maybe you can help me with this then it says make your screen black and white. Most phones give you even a gray scale option. And studies have shown that the bright colors are part of why we're so addicted to our phones I tried to do with my iPhone I couldn't do it soon I know how to do. You said this me this morning I didn't know what context it is and that you really do it turned gray scale. I have heard that that it does help with started itching its not so visually appealing ya but I looked at night on this morning I cannot figure it out I think it's one of those getting Google it. Well and you have an android. Slow and ire on the old iphones here so I went to display brightness and went to wallpaper I could now find out what they're talking about. Because that's true. Hey that's one little thing that's gonna get the dope I mean popping the last in my frontal lobe of my cortex arena mice or rebel held remains and he got a general and assess ability okay hold on just like I. Under are getting back on the ballot guys' ability. And then turn on option for race. Is there option. Bu I got there're really where it. And now I'm just not seeing the grey scale keyboard touch is turn out one more button to push. 3-D home. Switch control Richard Billy the we know this is who were born. And the one thing I do you know what I feel like maybe were helpings of ones and I are really don't see anything it's history that's very key or better there's got to be one more. Like go here kind of thing. Inversion. And speech and I don't know I just in mind. And you see android is cooler. I don't know I'll keep look at on that but at least that's where we know where to be and Arafat. Hearing aid compatibility how many that's pretty similar. Systems that reach ability hmm I don't know it's not in my accessibility. Maybe they moved. Language added I think okay wait wait wait we just further really good example we're sitting here talking about a phone addiction in that moment. Where oh where according alive podcast and we just went dead air yeah. Because we're all looking at all and nobody cared effective right now our job is to be entertaining you who's listening to this damn thing let's it's. Ernie and who reached our eggs and life just imitated art. I just wrap this bad boy up enjoyed the show and the beautiful weather you're local 77 cited in Seattle gore urged remain lower urged adored Jimmy seems like tomorrow. Yeah. He wants well to morning bulls with Matt McAllister is not. Point seven. Also morning wolf thank Matt McAllister good morning Emily Mardy look joke about things have to be what is it Tuesday June Fifth Amendment abolished and the. It's six. And you didn't look at the schedule and I should know that because I stayed up late last night catching up on the bachelorette. You can watch that M only I don't cannot. He do watch it though I would sparks. OK I didn't what does that mean OK I would like you're either in your outline. But I didn't kind of bored with their romantic than she dates other terrible so I passports or death yet why don't blame me for that but so that's a counts watching. Yeah knows all about the Taj and the guy that. Archie just so what my bona started as a show just like scroll through her whatever feet under phony just read health stories. Welcome home in a saint tonight let's sit down and let's Stanley time. What's the bachelorette shows Al I've read about this this in this and called dated this TN back. With particular need stuff to given way to close out. But yet those. The ones so last night. W dogs like it's not important let's or lower going to be. They don't show owls got sent down to vasser red vortex. Gonna slow Joseph gets very quiet he sees a real man act you'll watch such nonsense. But I'm proud of myself. That when Vanessa was an appeared during the bachelor was Arif. I didn't watch I have to say female in the room to justify watching on TV Pratt that you know why is American members of its funny it is fun to make fun of it. There's no and make fun of the news watching. That's why women want to together and are right by myself but that's good that your woman can do that I don't have a license to do it every won't fly today. Mudd club we're gonna swearing in doubt the loft off your bar where we were yesterday we had an awesome pit stop in Everett thank you for coming out if he did. What else we do today when you deadly the singles quiz. About lift those you've been following this aren't typically. You were taken Enqvist whether or not you should be singled out people actually believe it or not shouldn't be married are. Beat the street 710 Sugar Land if you've been following the story about the woman that I came across over the weekend who had a really nasty bike accident were actually talked to her today. She's our hospital and feel about it Gatt and by the way she got our flowers and Emily thank you for that idea that was awesome. Really meant a lot to work. Also will be talking about. Kate Spade obviously instead pointed out is crazy yesterday to share your salary UPS said drivers Jack and Luke comes joining us later. Get on that big name and flu comes 8:20 this morning if you wanna catch up but Luke will be asking him all that is their number wand and why didn't graduate college. I right now we need to lead off called help us get on base late pick a song to 06141. Wolf right now. I grab in Natalie don't colleague here at about two seconds it don't forget we love getting your good morning Texas makes us all feel connected a little warm and Fuzzy right analyst day. 46150. On attacks good morning Vince in Puyallup power you'd anybody there. I think we're all doing really really good thanks to read early enough caller we appreciated so. What did you think of the bats are Radwanska clearly you have a lot of thoughts about it because every guy watches the show I know this. It never seen an episode I think god bless you your man card is intact Vince what are you doing right now where you had a. I am heading to work. When he. I don't look at it one of Amazon's warehouses and kept watching it means that a good company to work more. I don't want it it's been although I I get to about probably org board. He did did they were talking about the best perks of people's jobs do you have a great perk working there. I did get on eight I guess they're. Just trying to see how everything worked and how I look forward to thanks ultimately hurt. I know everybody does so much of the community it's just might be a part of. You know I think if I had a lot of money I do a lot more for the community to yeah I don't be given away money I've thrown around. Gotta have asked that a terror around. Yet did you hear actually speaking of and this is off the subject but. It's pretty cool local story there is a bar that just opened up and snohomish a couple of opening up and you can go into the bar and you can drink. And you get to pick the charity that you want your money to go towards is a nonprofit bar the first I've ever heard of the guy wow yes pretty cool. That it Dublin mutual they have never. I didn't have weird. Yeah well it's like you've. You know you can get hammered for good cause. A NATO or better about a hang over me and I think that it really expensive tequila and I would like this to go towards. Hey hey Gary. I wonder if that's okay just a putt. I doubt about it oh Italy's under ordinary I would agree that I don't need that man spends. Bowl bans what do we play for you know the lead of college his eggs on the Levin. Oh look well it might have hit. That sounds good I think I like to do that for a massive fun upbeat like let's wake up kind of a song yet. Yes it always bring it back slow. I. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister UW to reduced our minds are okay. My real sister stuff amply ray history like Christmas break the ice cream icing on a couch well you do that anyway they asked me and I just. 100 point seven the all our let's talk about friends you've never met Emily explains. So I have that this lady in public call her friend by this point. When we started off suggests having twittering her actions back when I was in Georgia says she is a listener of the previous station I was on and she would tweet me every wants a while. We noticed he had some things in common we're both Ohio State cans which is rare in Georgia. And we didn't tweeting her and years now for three or four years. Did she ever cited your DM's latest on the regular and we did so. We'll connect. Secret isolated but never met Florida Georgia let's admit that's taking it to the next level when he DN that it became and we just taken off doesn't you know also the main right platform here. But it was like that's a cannot toll on the up I don't think it's romantic now. Now I'm but I just found out that she's coming to Seattle for business hurt her husband own a business and there are some. You mention I don't know but so we're actually gonna me tonight for the first time which is funny that we both Lyndon. Georgia for so long and never met then never match yeah annual tonight I feel like I know this woman I know about her family and you know. So you would put her into the friend cannot or even you've never met right which is a concept that our parents would never understand. But in this digital later social media and technological advances in communication with the email there are people of follows categories. I think I mean I held back today I Isa the pen pal did not have the pin is telling you the answer most of them didn't write like tennis all eyes tonight ten format and back. I know IE returned to sender know and here's a dress. The idea of a pen pal I had one when as you like kids you would meet over summer breaks are OK so my parents are divorced and do my dad somewhere I didn't live in a media kit. He had that we write letters during the year. That's a humane. What we had I know we would have like a sister city in like Germany. And like a third grade elementary school class of right to ask that we write them so I can help I never met. Yeah I never considered him a friend it's a it's only now packaging communicates so much etc. I feel like you're. You know about then you grainy you'd be daily content right of the fact is you can communicate soma yeah. That you can become the restaurants I've got a whole group of friends and I've never met that I talk to you. More than most of my normal for they come from where from from gaining on the. I. Ames began destroyer right. It's so interesting to me I can honestly say I do not really have a well. Other than everybody that listens to this year that's a I feel like every single person we communicate with a databases like taco time nick. I never met taco time that we text him every morning yeah I guess. You know what. Let's open it up I'd love to hear morning wolfpack right now from you and who is the friend you've never met. I remember you know my wife has one she's a graphic designer my wife in a photographer David working intimately together on projects for five years and in. And it was shocking to me was she said you know I had never met Lindsay likely was the issue as he talks. The week. You know we communicate Marciano we have that we're buddies but I never matter like this is so mind blowing I think Joseph 642 what he can Texas 246150. We're talking about the friend you've never met 206421. Wolf again frank you've never met. And I think Emily your example is perfect somebody connected with on Twitter you never met him but consider yourself friends. Great we've been tweeting back imports for years and they just happen becoming in Southport Serena and I. I wonder how many people and again we wanna know about the friend you never met and how that works but I wonder how many people are content never meeting. I need example my wife working with this graphic designer in Utah. I don't know if she has any desire to ever like go and have count yeah I I don't they're just fine the way they are they don't need to meet to be friends. Yes funny stout told you about that my game friend. One of them was in town he lives in Portland and he was it down on Friday night is negating AM relieved as are gonna meet. You know but it was like 11 o'clock and nine it was after set up after particles at heavy metals my guess gave me. I do like mad. And you just keep it right there you never going to be sprint zone. We have got a couple of text Issac the apprentice says good morning everybody. For meet that person with my uncle and Tennessee each have only met him once I six. But we stay really connected to it based on looking or watching each other Stanley's grow up. How would mail him otherwise and the heat plus. I can't decide if it's too lazy. Like slow Joseph Gordon I know you're down there are apartment I don't really get to that or it takes a lot of dedication and a little more energy to stay connected even though you never met. Don't saying like hey I guess I'm thinking about you in you know Thomas and you attacked. In general long distance error. Not convenient green or not can be yeah you don't see them every day so you're not forced to interact with and I think it does take more effort. What if you don't like this woman that you've been friends with for five years tonight what if there's something about you notice of either you either like rice like based on their social media what if you don't like her blog that is one of the scary isn't meeting. Can I thought your cool your tweets are funny but I'm not doing this at all while and just not speaking to break up the. Oh yeah followers are what else my left habitat governor of Texas and I didn't Italian prison. Lab do you live on the East Coast and after six months that they met and three years later they're getting married about that that's a whole. Their conversation as far as I'm concerned that's a little bit different of a topic it's interesting the president you have that every do for every dude imprisoned there are six women writing letters. And I don't know what it is there somebody about incarceration that some women finding. Credibly track we he keep on you with another woman I mean well I guess you don't end up guy asked him to do that that the bubble over there and sell over eight years that have. Morning long. I'm still a party. So wolf Erica and Rainier how're you today. And Carol are out your grow a great it's early but the sun is already out it's going to be a gorgeous day I think I saw 77 degrees among whether yeah. Get some of that out I know I'm. Hey it's nice data have a birthday. You know anybody whose had one of those. I care oh my daughter is turned sixteen today. The things I. And is there and yesterday issues are very excited. What are you getting her for gift is that like Hanley says that's a pretty monumental driver's license kind of a birthday. Angel she can't find out of this leak and diets. And my concerns and along those lions. Pool. Aaron go now issue and those like I remember the day I turned 16 December 3. I went down in the DMB and I got my license on that day I could not wait to have my independence but. I'm finding there's a lot of sixteen year old nowadays. That don't do that they don't even if they're not that interested in this I don't know why that is. Or she can't worry Annika you're talking about it we are shifting aspect that he can't get a driver's test today. Maybe by the may be that different whenever you know four hour. Again but she's ready to go yet shivered a house or parallel parking I'm not agree. It'll be present and recessed. You know above everything else against. The effort that's what I failed I'm fine but TrueCrypt let it what us military what's her name Elisa Alyssa we'll have Ebert daily. And reloaded the cardinal in wolfpack Erika think Hogan the Big Three coming up next deadly what are we talking about free and oh yeah cabinet. Just up and. This is the morning we'll. Alistair only be 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three are bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night at large and this is the big. Not their two words they go together more perfectly than three Pete says pizza and beer. Can't get to the free but. Okay do you asked him to I'm not gonna get hung up on semantics here in the US to not ask that question we aren't as to where they go together well pizza and beer peanut butter jelly. Free is not normally go with pizza. But that's why it's so amazing is you begin creaky for today I think it's a wonderful thing so last year up only Wal-Mart tweak the arrest me for the three new frozen pizza and everyone heeded it I personally didn't try it but. I don't hike mess at pizza I guess they did not switching back to old breast tee and a celebrate their giving out slices today for free so I have to deal is get ill Wal-Mart and other devious place beats a. Today were they shoot themselves in the foot is having a little caesar's right there when you walk in a lot of wal mart's do then. So why would you go get a frozen pizza when you can have little Caesars had raised it goes like eight cents. It's not all of that some just have some glee club if you tuned. Yeah well but he gonna get a plumber every day for a little sees you don't want that. Frozen pizza stored away I think it goes at the time and place. Creepy that didn't actually go on the Big Three and edited IRA. Did you miss American pageant is no longer a pageant. I saw that it is now competition they're getting big and be swimsuit competition. Hard and so instead of assisting competition contestants will participate in a five session her five sessions with judges. And they're also getting rid of the evening gown. Of course and now women are contestant I guess it's fake Q where would ever make them feel confident and what reflects their own style. You know. I can buy into the argument that the model of debt that whole thing is antiquated yes it does get rid of exactly don't try to transform into something it's not it's not a spelling day I agree if it does well no longer be judged on their looks that rather. What their brains have to offer now I do we all know that that's not much yeah just get rid of that I feel like you're just grasping at chopped it we're not exploiting women if women sign up for it and they can have a lucrative career if they win now Guerin get paid a ton of money it's like. OK if it's too if it's too much for us now and I were all too sensitive to have a woman in her baiting suit finds get rid of it. Well he do you wanna watch this a mile. And that's when he teen Miss America. You spin it chairs and that's immigrants in the day after it turn out. Listen nobody is watching for the error dynamic answers to those worldly question us now unless we can play the audio back the next day. That's it and can I don't forget tonight is VC in team he's gorgeous sit up by a little big town their cup bid to. Performances tonight dares Sprecher is doing to form with Jason now deemed that Bryant and Charles Kelly. Which I think will be a big clap. And then a bunch of people dealing with the songs for the first time like Florida Georgia line will perform simple. A little big town of worms Summers eager Sam hunt in the form downtown dads that's all going on 8 PM eastern on CNT. Those performances usually pretty good it might be time to go by Wal-Mart to get one of those frozen pizza is exactly or you can just take twelve samples. What in her purse and call it a pizza. And freedom front detained as a close to the task item mug club is coming up next you can't wait to day about our pit stop yesterday I think it is these days as the morning wolf pack with how. Our staff 100 points. So well. Yeah it before we get to be swearing in. Yesterday we were on the road again for another mug club pit stop this time we went to Everett. And had a great time at a loss coffee bar which used by the way we're gonna swearing today just kind of make it official lonely but. I gotta say integrated was in it was awesome to meet everybody and know what you wanna know right now you wanna know. Did Everett beat the clock. Did you have more people at this pit stop then the flaw had a week ago today out yesterday. How well since I grabbed the receipt and put it on the company's credit card I can tell you that while it was an amazing turn out even close still holds the record. Boom I wonder it didn't matter that there were children at this one so like their copies in cost as much that they just have a little hot talk. It's an interesting point and but I would say that it was it was about half. So implied an edge you because they had legged dental office right next door in the whole collection and can't hurt it was also the day we announced threw down. EA and even club celebrating that day so right now leading Boston does telethon to say that privilege came by yesterday man it was great to meet you and love that little downtown every spot. Gab Mary Ann LC a Michael Mike in a meal to RC GE Favre and Kurt greens impostors guide. And ready us that sometimes it's great to see some repeat customers to add some old friends we made it of the pit stops they keep coming back out. Let's wary devil run talk shop there a lot Scott Byron Barrett. And those seven. Or eight DeVon it's mad and Emily calling from the morning wolf pack now for you I'm getting married I. We're doing great it was so nice clean EFA the last copy bar Andrew Lanier was over friendly is so nice to meet. We really enjoyed having her pit stop there. Yeah they would say the company that is well and we really appreciate it coming out does that make up apart in my class absolutely look Everett came out in full force it's great to see death. But you know props to you first having it locally on sit down coffee bar and a coffee shop is. You know we found out from duties pit stops there really are medium you guys left it's a dying breed Devin. I now I know well yeah I ever kind of you know rebound right now that's nice to see a lot of our local. No coffee shops and other retail click opens up on man and stick media feeds and such a huge support Hillary got to be there. Well that's that the Muslims all about his local business community family but had to make it official you know definitely got us where you win if that's okay. Yes absolutely so hopefully unit plays Rebecca the mayor's yourself we just need to raise your right hand and repeat after me I state your name. I haven't gotten by the way cool name. DeVon and also they can't I do here but I do hereby pledge my allegiance you hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack. Good morning wolf pack and as a proud member. And as a proud member of the month. But. I think to break up the wolf every morning. I floods to crank up the wolf every morning gradually. And try to power vested in me and to be an official member of the morning OPEC mug club. You better sell off some. You are awesome so are you of those people who feel like they should never get married. Find out of five minutes we have Emily the official singles quiz cool you're gonna unqualified or taken shareholder and acts. I look at with Matt McAllister has been trying to. That adult wolf all right so here is an excellent person on the show this qualified to take the singles quiz that would be the only single person. Miss Emily and it needs. Emily do you think you want to be married someday. Eighth but he's not a golf. It's a goal if I me I'm not posted it I need the right person but if I don't get married I'm okay affecting its crazy to think our parents generation that wasn't an option. If you were single I had an aunt who never got married you and everybody thought she was legit crazy what she was. But that's not the point that the point is back then just not getting married he wasn't an option for a woman who's glad you go to college may be. But she just. That's what she did you gonna get married pop up kids gallium even thought about it it was like that's what's expected and if you don't do that there's something kind of wrong with you. And then every woman you know. And honestly if you gotta be empathetic towards us like the you think there's everybody in the family think there was something wrong with the woman she wasn't married this is the generation right wire using all right but now they did some data last year in 201761%. Of American people under 35. Choose to be simple. Not because they can't be married they just don't wanna. Times have changed drastically. And then there's the people. If you're one of these people we definitely wanna hear from you to a 6421 wolf who don't know. They don't wanna be there. Who have that awareness that I am not. Gonna be a good married person I want to be simple and this is not someone that are even married want the system that's ever been married and we're not getting ever. Correct and there's a pretty cool article I was reading last night terrors I think eight. Signs that you should be singled you shouldn't be mayor Greg is not for everybody look at the divorce rate yet mr. All right. Family get like having complete control of your time I didn't get when you're married especially you throw a kid and there you have no tax. As my wife that he's got the add like my time to shower. Number two you enjoy seeing who you want when you want. I feel like that death if so when your married you have to compromise about that. Yeah I do easily out eat well. All right so your significant other has friends that they wanna see so therefore you seek via their family that's all yeah Natalie one tally to study your family a two sides of their family that's Jeff and holidays are split all that stuff vacations. So hard to predict China. Number three your focused on personal and professional goals more so than anything else at the moment yes Coca managed just moved here got to focus on our better be professional right. I mean that it's an. We knew we got we have some portion to get. If you feel like you need to be alone to be who you really are. I don't know that I need to be alone do you I am I. You get excited when the person you're kinda hang seeing is not available to see you. After that I I agree activity Kansas I need I ask me do you prefer to make guilt free decisions yes you don't make a lot of time today. Yeah and an asterisk. You're still learning who you are. Pretty much there but. Given how confident in that I got half points or you wore out of those possible I think you re now about a nine. I strategists say singles Yale has success so morning wolf thank you if you are listening to this and you are somebody who knows they never wanna be married didn't quite honestly I think the younger you are in your aware of this decision the more interesting it is for us to a 6421 wolf that's completely self serving by the way. Poitier thanks for 6150 right now we deathly do want to hear from you. Hello Brittany in Marysville so we just gave him a Levy single square is how did you do on that quizzed by the way. I pretty close. It's in the normally he held you bring you my plans to I don't credit myself I'm 28. You're 28 and you think you are probably never going to be married or you're not sure. Comedy I think up until maybe. Last year I really it was. That's that I never getting injured one. I don't I don't think just growing up my a parent that have a very clearly. And I just watched a lot of marriages fail. And I am content. A private health expert and abolish it and Kansas you know so it's. And the hole and it was typical cover really that happening. But then I moved here in the midwest and I'm not until after they are asking. At the same interest being not getting there. Not not not being married but you know being outdoors see kind of focusing. Our little world around you know giving out doors lead. You know kind of being held it together and it just kind that now we're we're really good place. We've got a house. Many hand it in on. It down arrow there it might eat and and the car. That it's not so. You know we've they'll get together. I didn't. So in other words you're happy being single for your entire life until you met. The right person in that perspective changed. Yeah and that I would really bad that I like I was the only girl I leader in college and I made birdie but has not bat in high. Never even really not about marriage he. Well and especially coming from the midwest which is I came from its very traditionally the same in the south yet. I'm Mike but garlic. Everyone I know popping out there are kids at my age from my home out. This is legit to like it here for Missouri and you don't eat meat in your single like there's something really wrong with you I gather some. Since she do your. Crazy. It ain't exactly ma'am I'm thinking that he does it really does but you know you support him to kind of after patter around it and understands like I'm proud and you. I live kind of a bit I I mean I don't live and they can't hurt it but it's good I'm not not. But you know I. Just you know don't really didn't really he'd gotten in the cards let you know that sanctions really Nat. While Brady we appreciate you sharing that with us congratulations on site and a great guy. An entertaining married thanked them letting. Okay. Yet certain news saying we decide we're going to be morning wolf thank waiting thrashers but I am I as long as there's an open bar. They are at church near the net and I know that math. I Brady will have a wonderful day congratulations and have fun and selfish together like bad sad thing is taking the next two months I. So coming up next. Sort of a story we've been talking about all week because over the weekend. I'll buy try to stumble across a woman who got into really nasty bike accident during this triathlon issues participating in right. Turns out AI and never got her name she was unconscious but I was there with her for twenty or so minutes and I kind of helped out and and I just kind of left Warner whatever happened we'll we heard from one of her friends. Yesterday who said she was in the hospital it was really serious and I'm not that good. And then you know and integrated notes that are some flowers did and she actually reached out we're gonna talk to her next hit her name is Heather and we'll get the update. You're listening to the morning the Alistair. Are mine it's. Like. And I appreciate Emily is logos patience on this one because. This is something that happening over the weekend on Saturday and by Greta stumbled across this triathlon and it was a woman. Lane in the road who would just crash really badly coming downhill. And I stopped and held that there's only one guy helping around it. Anyway abducted I think in a matter since well ever since you told us even investigate and how she's doing. Well the school lose is because he gets the radio show here and I talked about it we got a hole for an average Joseph yesterday in minimally had a great thought to Centre some flowers in the hospital which we did a foot. My email on there and she reached out yesterday as it was great to know she went home from the hospital. And apparently she's doing much better as we heard from her friend that her injuries were really. Ask the whole time I was whether about twenty minutes shoes and conscious as I never you know he. You just I was just look what are all we can like them again she going to be all right but she's on the phone right now. Or hello Heather Mac calling from the wolf Ari. I am playing San Heidi at least two she does the radio show with me here on the wolf in the morning. I worry there are you steely. Oh my gosh I've been better think you're. So much America you know Heather I appreciate you see in a but I really didn't do anything I was just riding by and stopped to help out if I could. Do you remember anything about the accident. No I I did out actually and I was coming back and I remember thinking. Really thin and then the next he has in the ops and I. CA I write that wrote almost every day it's beautiful right there between. Ravens stale and hope bark will whatever happened when you're coming down that. Downhill which is kind of technical there's some loose gravel on the right hand side and somehow you got over into it so when your front tire hit it. Your bike went to the right in and you went straight down payments wo man. All I did Heather was stopped we kind of got you covered with some blankets and I talked to you for about twenty minutes and another guy. Really nice dude pulled over and he stopped traffic so nobody came and ran us over because you were still in the middle of the road is we're just trying to keep you still and you. Unconscious for the most part except he kept flailing your arms in trying to move. Not knowing what was broken or what was wrongly we're just trying to keep you still that's that's basically all I did in this and other great volunteers helped out him as soon as the police and paramedics firemen showed up. We got the heck out the way I don't mean. I so appreciated that coming I had no idea I think and I got a a couple of key though I know that tells arts. Yeah these yeah I did notice that when we were sitting there talking to is just trying to get selected to be comfortable. The better I gotta say it is really great to hear your voice and know that you're going to be OK okay. Yeah and that became then on a sat wondering what had happened to you and we mentioned it on air and then your great fringe all called and can he heard us talking about it he kind of gave us the update on you and he was super concerned about you it seems like you have a great friends there. Yeah cute they're great guys can overlap and I mean dinner at a blank and I will say though Emily was a lucky with the idea to see some flowers so those were her idea. And I thank you guys and looking at a rate now they've made me happy. Well I know and I've been in the position that you're in people stop and help me and I was forever grateful so. I was finally in the position that wasn't me. On the ground was broken bones and settle those though I was. Grateful almost and I was helping somebody else. That's so nice going guys. I can't say enough and I I only hope that I returned eight Irwin day. Look you don't need to my only hope is that you don't let this scare you away from triathlon is cycling get back on the bike no I love that I can I'll be thrilled to do it wants. You know everything's settled down the. I have to say I think friends he sounds like gearing great spirit and a great mid says sounds like you're handling Alice very well. And let's move shell shocked by the idea that it did particularly well. Well organized is getting your voice it's nice to meet you and keep in touch and I'm sure our paths will cross at some point. Upgraded thank you so much man mentally I really appreciate all you did as they say keep the rubber side down next time this. Action in the that trip as a. Yeah. Hey good morning welcome back with some accounts are 100 points happen. Last hit the pavement and blue history tour. Download Christie in 109 you know Larry today. I am now or doing great welcome to beat the street security contest that pits you against a random stranger here in the PNW. Now Dino as much or more than debut you're going to he's deceased Sugar Land tomorrow night. Assassin show where senator. In camp now it's all part of the walls here of a million tickets has SN. I think you have like the energy I like the positive in this very direct. Okay you'll meet the challenger here in a minute ago we asked them yesterday the same five questions that you are bound to answer and you're gonna have thirty seconds to get through all of them okay. OK let's go question number one on your markets and go. What is the name of the forgetful fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. Door including Donald Trump how many US presidents have we had. 42. Which legendary rock band was led by Freddie Mercury. Oh I have no idea what is the famous clock sign above pike place market's saying. We don't know who sings the countries on you haven't. It's easy burned out. Favor. All right yeah I would say time is Kristi but said they were a little more challenge to date her or had slowed it must be in a bad mood. I usually do I don't I don't look at the morning I. Well it's always different when you're under pressure but the questions were harder today I think gamely and I both agree with you on that one. So let's leading challenger we found the loss coffee bar in every yesterday. What's your name where you're from memory here. Minus the mile and from Seattle Washington Howard a boy. Okay immutable employee here probably pretty sharp. Let's find out how you did we answer in the same five questions what is the name of the forgetful fish toys by Ellen DeGeneres. It was live. Move is the right call in and out the right name that you got it right Christy congratulations dory was the right yeah and in many. So there you go you got one and at the lead heading into question number two. Including Donald Trump how many US president that reacts. We though authorities very. 43. Cause incorrect which is good news for you Christie could you got that wrong as well. I used to 49. The correct answer is 45 up 44 if you count Grover Cleveland twice for his two consecutive terms. A all right so he's done a one to nothing lead. Which legendary rock band was led by Freddie Mercury. These the queen. Queen was the right answer and the nice thing is Christie didn't know that you didn't waste any time on an even so. Just like dad we have got a 121 time what does that famous thoughts I had about Pike Place Market say. Like please mark. Pike Place Market is incorrect you gonna keep yourself Kristi can I know you can see in your head it says public markets and. Hello all. Google I benevolent wrote apparently died. We you know life is as annoying is there's a million cat it's often so attack in loses Taurus crap everywhere in. It's kinda cool the first time we always take out of towners. But I hate Iran you can't Parse it out and that's when I'm talking about we have a 121. Time let's see how this plays out this thing the country song haven't. Leann Rimes. And rimes who's a pretty decent gas but the wrong answer and you got a little help from your friend Emily with the answer came brown team at a time. I heard the lifeline it's all good help you win 21 congratulate Chris okay. We're gonna see you Sugar Land in my in Idaho who rated apart. All right have you ever had a friend that you've never met think about that when affirmative because coming of a five minutes Amylin gonna tell you about how she's meeting a friend. She's actually never met before this weekend here in Seattle so. Needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't help my donuts and I don't. McAllister. No wolf you wanna know right now about the friend that you've never met morning wolf pack to a 6421 Wall Street in Texas and 46150. If that makes no sense you we will as soon as Emily explains what she's doing tonight. Yes that there isn't more than doubling call her my friend by this point. We have and communicating through Twitter for a couple of years now she was the listener mile radius agent lives in Georgia. We never met bawling Georgia. But we have a lot in common in same sports teams we love have gotten to really now are. And she and her husband happening coming to Washington and for some work convention and their and company. And they're actually gonna meet. You never took the time demeanor while you're in Georgia now you're probably five minutes yeah probably tear slide and we're GM's never DS okay just on the regular yeah platform cool. But yeah I got excited. In this day and age with social media and the way to we can communicate so easily whether he facetime or just email or whatever. There's a hold the category of friends that we all have that we've never met before I consider every single person who listens to the show that bothers to reach out. Via text or whatever a friend but strip but a lot of them on the army which is why it's so cool we have throw down in concerts would. It's great stops it's doubly Darcy Estee like she felt like a friend ever matter and a slow Joseph threw his. The world of gaming I had as a bunch of friends and true related gang. My wife has this gal Lindsay that lives in Utah she's a photographer she's a graphic designer into working together for RC ten years. Their friends' friends they know it they know about. Each other's husbands and gas in their pals. And temperament now which you totally that it blew my mind the CD ever wanna go meter sixth a move may be that it's not a good thing we don't have to meet. To be friends and I'm telling you right now our parents. Would never understand that come right. What hasn't been easy sake it's communicate back let's face to face but now. Mean he could communicate some meat differently. You don't actually have to which is crazy it's easier and not communicate face to face right yes where marketing and what if you don't like this person. Assembly even communicating your friends here in the digital friends own. I mean I don't think that'll happen but one of the best it's still sitting at the pullback could tweets I guess it doesn't matter are. Our morning well thanks so maybe now you are still talking about little bit better it's pretty fascinating we will I don't know about the friend that you have that you have never actually met and how that works out. Again 20642 on wolf or Texas 46150. Do right now. So we're talking about the friends that we all have that we've never actually met which is kind of a new thing when it comes to social media and digital communication you can have great friends that you never actually sit down and talk with faces he's. Which is pretty crazy I think we can all agree our parents just don't understand that concept so new world and actually needing someone that I've communicated with on Twitter for accurately now. Healthy as belonging person. It and that's a whole another conversation. That there's people that you get along with veterans in person and his people that I at least for me I like them better. On a digital space after. And there's also people that are really really like and then I start following them and a social media and all of us and I can't like him anymore yeah I can work the other way anyway. We're getting a lot of text messages which isn't surprising from people that have friends that aren't real the. Answer because I mean that's kind of rather tax. Anthony said I have a friend at a time deeper over ten years they've met ending down huge factory and admit to MySpace and then they. You model not a little dog magazine estimated your marriage as divorce. They used to live across the country or across the world now they live in the same state they had actually met and they that I don't actually know I want to meet at this point. Well you know how there's people who have been here for a long time and and I'm married yeah. And you always ask him he's Iranian very thankful. It's not broken so it works for them you work so yeah eight I think that dynamic and I'm interested to find out tomorrow how goes tonight. Guess it just could be weird. Another girl was actually on an online dating site. And she sought a girl common he's been on a guy's profile says she is look that guy's profile another. She's that I clicked on then met just because she was curious about what other girls posts on their profiles. And agro we should back out that ham actually indie guys that thanks Phillip I microbiology is like Nana and you know I just what is he in my normal is that would normally gets posted it and they're they've started talking about guys they've been friends for years now. Some interest in. And in Amanda said she have a friend who lives in Oklahoma. They've had been in touch since seventh grade and they never match. I don't know pals like a pin helping her lack. But that's kind of a blast from the past for a pen pal. You need a friend over the summer and he's become pen pals forever. All right coming up we're gonna talk about the biggest story yesterday Kate Spade and what we know right now. I'm happy that I calloused as progress. These guys got to bring donuts. 100 points. And I'm sure in your house yesterday a as probably the same is in all of our homes whom our conversations were about Kate Spade. And the suicide and how tragic that was yesterday and in ally this. The only reason it's so funny because slowed you actually says who is Kate Spade. I said wait your wife doesn't buy her stuff at target of the issues of the purses right psychotic. She is iconic she started with who like he's a person and need to accessories and. Incredibly successful yes I didn't realize until re mr. yesterday that it. Kate Spade here she was married to David Spade older brother yet nobody there and no idea anyway incredibly successful she sold the company a couple years ago. For billions started to differ wine and but I think it was shocking for over that scene that logo and target or whatever on a cursor on some sandals. And not knowing that she had problems Brett and her sister came out yesterday and said hey listen my sister has struggled with. You know depression and mental illness for years and of course nobody knows about it as a revenue living Arab. Yeah I and it's just a reminder that as a matter. How much money or fame or fortune and that doesn't matter. Well and nobody is more qualified to talk about this and Emily and you know we said yesterday and only having suicide in your family and depression and all of this. Would you mind riding a blah and then so other people out there that are struggling assist it's a great opportunity to remind people that this is not an isolated incident has really common and you're not alone and there's people you can talk to him and try to get some help. And so Emily wrote this blog Astor minute ago if I can read it before we went on the air to talk about Kate Spade and I will tell you that why it took my breath away. Because I know you and I know your story and I know about your dad suicide and your Brothers and and your family in your crush I had lunch with your mom and we talked openly like. But. I didn't know that you had a one point attempted suicide and and that is in the blog and you were open about it you describe exactly what happened and I I had no words I spoke shocked. Yeah I had asked and the blog is very detailed and and we're posting he could find it at Seattle dot com or posting links on base that and others if you wanna go read it. But you know ice first started having suicidal thoughts of four years old and to know why thought it was normal. That was in the back in my mind like today could be the day. And then after my dad passage is that to heart and I just. Tried to take around my cytec waiting any subscription pills and important fortunately it you know I survived. And realize that that's not haunts this ago. He and thought okay. Meserve biting that's going to be my story. And then after that my brother committed suicide and I realized like it's not just me surviving like I need to share my story and I can help someone else drive like. Because I meet. Looking Kate Spade like for looking at our lights I mean we have an amazing job and I need to even at the time like. Everything is good yes my data passed away but I you know was in college has great cranes and have to worry about money didn't think. Didn't matter what and you just said you had the dark cloud you had the thoughts at four. Before anything in your life had read that you're still just a kid and and most people can't relate to that yeah are some others say something. It is hard to relate to I mean I know my mother's very open and learning about it but if you've never and you look at situational depression. But he never had lakes severe depression. It is hard to brats your brain around like how can it be that that Saturn and a person like me would would want to stamp out exactly as sunshine act. C'mon and it doesn't matter hammy acting rationally tell you. Yeah average entry I want to die and so luckily I had you know the help of a psychiatrist in getting medication and talking to a therapist and having great different feeling to come through it but. I'm proof that I mean identity low as simple and if I can can come through that than any. Well and to your point having lunch with your mom to give them the most the biggest takeaway I had from our lunch together. Was when your mom said. You know it's hard for me because I live in a famine where everybody has the same disease that I don't have hand and I was depressed and sad when my husband took his own life and when I lost my son the same way in in a short amount of time that I was extremely depressed. But it wasn't like they are. Because I you know I can work through that right in most people can know is extremely difficult. What would Jesus family to people because I think we have a unique opportunity Tet. You can tell people a year you're not alone and there's a way to get up PGE. You know my guess that you beat something is always a fight pressure for you but yes you used so far you've done incredibly well. Given that you have the same problem the Kate Spade that rate so what would you tell someone. Obviously get help that's so much easier said than done when your in that true pit of despair it out because you just want to wallow when it still. I wish I'd known to get help when I wasn't at my lowest. Like when it was a bright sunny day and I wasn't feeling that bad go to summer date book suicidal thoughts. Because when you are and that. True darkness you wanna talk about it but when you have moments of clarity and that's when you can ask for help. Because that's it does you have to be suicidal at that time obviously you are in UP and reach out that's amazing and get help. But if you've ever had darts and those spots at some weeks now is the time to reach out. While I appreciate you on the blog that you talked about and you can you just. Have to go read this conduct I commend you for being so open and honest it's so powerful but you put a bunch of different links a bunch different phone numbers. So if you are in a place place take emblazoned by she's the only one qualified to give you advice in the zone and and it. We are well and eight year one of those that doesn't understand or doesn't get that I have also. Listed where you could educate yourself and look for warning signs and the because it's not just someone saying I wanna die and need so many other warning signs that you could see in others. And that maybe it's I hate you need some help. You can reach out yes and I just one more thing and we'll move on here but there's the little girl who's been coming to our pit stop she's come to tune up whom I don't think it's important issue to the same thing you did she lost her dad's the same way just suicide. And it's so cool when she comes in she looks for you. And you guys go off in the corner and you guys you were the only two people that can have that conversation and she knows yeah you understand. Yeah it has really no interest in talking anybody else and she wants to know what you know and I think that's amazing so again and a place Seattle alt dot com. Check out a ways blog super powerful on a day like today. That it's a racing just to really get reminded you're now alone and there's help out there thank you meddling of course as the morning. Alastair he was 100 point 701. How big are the big dream bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night at large and this is the big story. Matt and empty words story at ya three people that I like both. You get ahead of Wal-Mart today and get a free slice of pizza really last year and eight tweak to their breasts deeper they're free and a prison keep bad people hated it. Which I and try it and on a heightened messed up pizza and apparently they did yeah and I still stay. And by my words I've never had a bad piece of pizza ever. My kids will argue with me on an all day long I've never had been a pizza I guess anyone who tried the old are you yourself they're going back to the original recipe and to celebrate they're giving once. The spice to it. One place for person I guess to bring a lot of cost in the U animal beef. Go to Wal-Mart saying get free slice of pizza which by the way and Wal-Mart that's gonna happen there's going to be somebody trying to get twelve free samples to complete one free pizza to watch the scene you. GM received the awards it they are tonight because of my little bit down. Couple local things look out for a dares wrecker is going to form with Jason now dean elite frank and Charles Kelly. And then that people are going to perform songs for the first time like boarding door to mine will perform their new sounds simple. Little big town will perform summer for ever and The Backstreet Boys are going to be performing as well. Hi this is super random but I like everybody else through my follow all the country artists on their social. Did you see the picture that those four guys you mentioned that are collaborating tonight tweet in awhile ago in two grand they're all wearing all click wild wild well hey it's all the same guys ranked I think Darius Charleston are making says so. I wouldn't be surprised if they came out in like tombstone here in some kind of issued a month at the OK corral cool Albanian. Couldn't gather up all tonight on AC NT and then if you didn't hear the Miss America pageant is no longer pageant it's now considered competition. Near scratch. Scraping the split apart they instead. They can dozens of participate in a live session with the judges they're also re they've been eating down portion of the ladies will now be able to Wear whatever makes him feel confident and reflects their own style. I like that they're portraying women as more than just be objects but it's a beauty competition I feel like he's just letting it felt like. Yet don't try to take something that's been a brand for fifty years and more fit into something it's not. But keep the same name right just get rid of it yeah it is going to be a beauty comes as it was is always been. It is in by the way I. Do not believe the argument that it's exploitation of women because all these women. Would die to be Miss America and they get a lucrative contract for one year after really travel the world. And they just had to be a celebrity get paid a lot of money are good things must isn't it didn't think so and I again OK if it's an antiquated model we don't wanna look at women like that anymore great. But like you said only yes scrap it and spelling being looked. Wanna see the need to when he teen Miss America competition. He'll be on the day after threw down that September 9 no thanks. I think will happen with McCallister 100 points and that plus how much. Think this Space Needle window washer makes more of particles recurrent nothing particularly to and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make naming that big gas let's play share your salary. Because you don't wanna know what everybody else makes for a living but it's never OK to ask until now today we have Brent on the all members of fossil and a break a morning. Morning how are you sir. I am already yourself. Were fantastic man appreciate you being willing to share your salary which relate to do here and admitted that we try to guess what you may. A year and your retail sales manager. You wanna say where or we'd only eighty but he troubles. Our order artillery. Cold. Even cooler it was Bed, Bath & Beyond. Parity bred a boffo Bed, Bath & Beyond. Consideration I got along just have to ask you feel me and I I got my quest just like the CO2 is currently using out of there. Right brand here we go to put men on the clock we're gonna ask too many questions as we can NM we will try to get your salary okay breadth. It's since at least job and the bid go right ahead how people are you the boss of how long have you been in the manager there. I'm nineteen years did you start as an engineer at this and company or did you start at a lower level. I started seldom worked his way out do you have a vote yet I don't think. You get paid hourly salary. I salary and bonus. Thing. Kind of car you drive. And I have a sixteen Silverado or just in my mom are you always at the same story in the ground. Mood around it is do you Wear a lot of expensive jewelry. You know decent at any commission. Yes do you have a time share Condo anywhere. With no. How can you. 35 minute are you married. And I am. Time is up thank god asked the good questions ready I'm ready I'll get. It is a staggering comeback in reds gonna share his salary next. And welcome back to share your salary on the phone with us his brand in brothel he is a retail sales manager for car toys great company by the way bred big fan which you guys do over there. And we appreciate you being willing to share your salary. Before we guess on what we think you make a year let's find out what else we know about a mammoth. So he gets paid by a salary yells at its bonuses ignition and he's been there nineteen years and started as a regular self timer to lay out. He's in charge of 28 people now he does have a boat but he doesn't have a tiny share any. Yeah I went a little lost the rails but it helps me paint a picture and since I have a winning record I'm going to stick to my madness I'm not even a question and that's it anymore and by liberated must be good company even if for nineteen years you know there must be taking good care of you but Emily you're gonna go first to you at the last win. Yes because there's a lot and 87000. Clueless. Okay. That it. I'm gonna go this one's tough I mean I've no idea I never worked in retail. But he's a manager and twenty people we've got to take care. Brent that's a lot of daily again I think the fact I think 72000. Gold 72 listen no joke I'm gonna prizes right he'd just back up the bucks America seven. You. All right without further ado Brent about those share your salary what do you made. I'm sure should be under in court well. Hello. All green hill man. Brown glad that you you know and I guess we should figure that even at a company that law you're gonna get those raises along the way right brand. So how how long have you been making close to batterers at a relatively new bump up for. I was in the last year it was a pretty significant. Made it usually arranged right. Mark is. Well congratulations good idea I think it's time to get that times here that is my thing. Good for cargo and then Kate Brad thanks for sharing your cellar but we lug it. Yeah take care all right if you wanna share your salary with a two morrow or India this week we would love to have you to a 6421. Wolf right now. The palace rated and these here and 100 points. So wolf suppose that Gomes Sato a good man how you doing well armed. Was say you're better dandy we third number one song congratulations on that Luke and also we wandering in to pick up on the country music passion when you were here and at the NW. I did and did and it was really cool and you their and the crowd was. Well may mean the guys we're talking about that we've goes how surprised are you worried at how Boston fans or they're and it it really else. The thing I love about on that you're shows Lucas you're like manly man up there and a lot of your. Heidi it's a very vehement in the third just belting your songs out like little school girls because they know lots. Yeah. That's all we have we have some super awesome die hard fan and but it's been really cool to kind of see at least bush reiterated money chose because. Diversity of people that issue up every night and it's really cool to see your music and connect to that and different people you know. So Luke you and Amelie actually have something in common. You both almost graduated college. You both got like in the fourth year of college in decided to leave to pursue other things hers was Georgia Tech and radio yours is appellation state. And you left to be a country music star. I didn't let her do it. Right did you do and men now I you know and and I we have this conversational time giver feel the need to go back and complete that thing do you feel that way Luke. You know I think I would like to just to kind of leave no stone unturned but I don't I don't think it's thick of earnings. I think it's not something that I had to do right now I do you play time for that. I think at this point apparitions ages get him honorary degree at. On the phone with us Luke Luke comes on the phone is right now you're just tuning in and a college are talking about is appellation state where you went almost graduated. It's also where Eric church wife who is one of your idols armor between got a picture you read one of his concerts as a teenager how big an influence did he have on you. Tolerance and tolerance he was the kind of already and I got in the business you know office is such that. Big fan of what he did and and everything that he does still weren't. I think edict incredible live performances I think it. And that's kind of they're just saying that I wanted to wanted to be was was. Agree entertainer and in its owners hopefully I am working toward that goal and on her ankles hurt her father and his music. Asked if going into your relationship be you're gorgeous girlfriend Nicole when you walk the red carpet I always wonder you're obviously the reason you've been invited. Like your girlfriend in the pictures so does her outfit choice comes first urge you pick and then she kind of so what we look good with you who matches who okay. I I don't know I guess it's kind of she manages me that I does she have a lot more options it's like you're aware this. Dark blue suit or this blacks do it is kind of snapped out of it terminated. Right you know it's funny because in the country world now there's there's two kinds of artists there's Luke comes. And then there's the guys that go to like the Nashville blow house and spend two hours doing their hair. Probably more than their significant other people that the guys that probably Lew Coleman is never gonna drink a beer with but I'm glad that we have both. Because it attracts a bigger party to country music. That doesn't and you know and everybody does their own thing man outsourced. And what I'm trying big bonuses if you're gonna sit here and do your thing to do everything in and don't apologize about it. Amen brother and Luke comes we are all looking forward to having you back up here in the okay my friend Melissa and take care best wishes and appreciate the time appreciate you don't thank. In other and they got a that was a big hand because that is happening we just can't say when or where yet. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister have seen some Ive seen parts unseated up. And Emily grace success and it just so you lessen their little. It's point seven. It's so last night. Gotta look quality family time you know watching a bachelorette. I I qualities I watched him with my wife Vanessa and my bonus daughter Alexis fourteen is all about it now that she's old enough to every computer in the finer things in life. Like the bachelor did that experience I don't know she's old enough for that Serb terrorists are adds another level of smut and give her another year together. But I got to say last night we got so aggravated watching the show I rate in more than normal this is like a high. Okay. When we we talk about this all the time we always have these lists of red flag things or things that you're not supposed to do on a first date. Name one. Treat that. Waiter or waitress carefully that's always on these usually is a tough spot right that's on attack politics that's always on their do you get thrown out. And that's on there too which uniting on the one and I'm talking about about our next area code talk about NN. That is the number one. We were getting so annoyed last night this poor girl. And I cannot forget her name of that packet thank you I didn't watch I couldn't stand the our guests at a much faster but. The to the point of this is that everything they do on that show like this poor woman got dumped. On national. Television people poster and then came back and that no blind side either she thought she was getting married I was happy any. Doctor like it was brutal member of the fallout was insane Ariza most hated bachelor ever. So every day they have every challenge everything you do has only been two episodes so far. Is about him. Asked last night and imagine being the guy how awkward is this you go to some warehouse and LA. In just Richard Davis your data smashing things that were part of her last relationship with our. Yeah like they're not letting her have her own sees no in fact. In the first cocktail party the first day rose whatever some guy brought a cut out of our. Is that not the stupidest thing you've ever contact her like would you go on a day with a guy and bring a cut out of his ex absolutely not you look what I found. In this puts you at a good mood like I held on daily news I think this girl back as she looks she looks kind of normal to me. Think she's way out as I am crazy that all arrest them. I feel really bad for casino the producers history and out the story line. And you know that he's gonna make an appearance sometimes I have a feeling they'll wait until like down the final few and then our aerial show up like I just and apologized he should. You know don't let it hamper whether you're gonna get engaged this site you know that. Happening that's. A really good calls and I can almost see the tees now like John league bachelorette. And they have like the footsteps getting out a card yeah also try and get those rebellious passed up. That's a good call anyway like this and I'm watching I admitted main card taken but I do feel very bad her lawyers. New 100 points. So wolf I'm gonna get out of here and let the. Lee takeover about before we news a couple of quick reminders we have a huge announcement tomorrow morning at 720. If you are active military or a veteran you're definitely going to want to be listening tomorrow morning 720 our podcasts and MB up at 10 o'clock. We're talking about some bonus content things we didn't get a chance to discuss today like the fact that there are ten really unexpected things that are now cool. In the year 2018. Florida helpless thank thank isn't one. About the fact that two thirds of all women would rather marry a guy with a dad died at the hands. Ladies true. And nice but it adds a nice right but let's you believe what a dead body on six fax. I want I dude who is loyal and who loves me and treats it like a princess I don't care yes dad bought or not. And that's I think a lot of would agree that yeah her and Ellie Ellie says that sentiment you laugh yet nobody's complaining about it's expect yeah. If you gonna all the other stuff and then never expect and that's the thing get the guy with the personality and get him in the gym. All right and I also find ways to curb your phone addiction something we all suffer from so. Will be working on that today ideally what are you talking about it you showed today beards. OK yes go news for guys that beards because beards are not that popular with women. 43% of women would not seek the sheets and Amanda Beard I really. Now are you talking about design and there's the super cool Seattle beards is really lol are you. But we we went to go to that maritime group replace Loge again we had beard and because every few bear had a cool long beard. But then there's the shadow and stuff are you talking about like the real. I mean yeah the real beer yeah no it used to be kind of a thing where people really and they groom these beards and Alia steadily decrease stapled to look I guess you know the mountain man look basically Dallas nope his B or counts or not. And listen any thing when your married early trying to impress one woman anymore and it Vanessa did make the comment today it is yeah. EDT it's like trim that up a little bit of summer type summertime now. I keep it needs to get so I don't just ride on a subtle hints at how much he'd take that clever from attend a like a five. For the summer. I believe has done a Mexican embassy guys back tomorrow at five K and enjoy the beautiful day to get a chance to get an hour or two later today man take it it's gonna be beautiful is gonna rain all weekend so enjoy us. The morning it'll actually not a character weekday mornings from five till. I feel 100 point seven the world.