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Hello welcome back to the podcast today's Wednesday march 14 match here and live there and I am I any point eight. I don't get I hate you well point for you. Well you say high fat and then now slow Joseph who again is very fatigued. But listen before we get to the show you hear the show from two day including share your salary which was amazing we got to stick around for both of those. Episodes of your salary today. Wanna talk a little bit about what's going on them only because we didn't talk about it all today on the show and I don't know retirement tomorrow but she's got some dates although Mariah is idea with some news Gary you still you went out with the ruling guy over the weekend with and now the hot guy in a cop who Matt Light. And then now you're going just based on contender here I had and I bubble whatever just based on that yes or now it's doctor Meyer right. There's doctor guy on Friday and then there's another guy tonight who's a lot of I hired a guy in the mix well what do we know about this cast he's an engineer and he's just is new to the area as a cruel way to come from. Oh okay Aaron yes buckeye. Yes which is why we started talking. Well I think it's cool you're telling me earlier in the studio that tonight you're gonna go on a ferry over to Bremerton Ryan who I nor any bridge silently at a place I still have not been but everybody keeps telling me to go. Yes I'm a little nervous because it's not only a first eight but I have to do the purse very idea what I think that's a good first day I. I think that's cool it'll be fun no I agree and you otherwise be a lot later like it comes to theme eat. Could adopt works he works over there lives over there so I wait for him to finish work and then it'll be late and we are hours so he lives on Bainbridge Island. Yes you think that'll be geographically acceptable if you guys become an item you become romantic I do not think in that park how you can you know we're living it's true you end up over there as well. And up over the air because of the theory I DA Esther. But that's his problem and if he had if we have stay out of ideas that they would mean yeah I have to buy you a boat this. Sure I'd Jay Guy yes all of a sudden you just got really busy yeah socially and but I heard that alien when we moved here we read that there were. I think the population near 60% male 40% female because all the text and moved in you talk about a lot of 2530 year old guys with a lot of moaning US troop. With a lot I had about a part and that's pretty nice to you. Yeah I mean this is doubling those dating I'm done a long time I think it also helps that they don't know when you want to normal and that too when I girlfriends let's go get dinner. Al cutting proper tier so. On a date now might as well like you free meal is an ounce you to go to faring right to go to Cambridge all good things right I imagine have a lot talk about tomorrow it like it out of my eight air B&B. Mean yeah it's not my stuff it's not ending it like sitting in hotel every day like it's nice to get out. I turnaround west Seattle yesterday look amber placed on the club with pat itself. To still on the hunt for housing selfishly I'd like to see you end up over there so this summer it yes when this. They haven't bonfires on the beach outplayed volleyball income hang it Henley says yes. And then I figured out it's a great and yet have you been over there and article on the multi state beats as beautiful and again we haven't even experienced it with a nice warm weather. But it's great I mean it reminds me of a little sleepy sort of California beach town has a bungalows in cottages palm trees. Sane and yes I am not really California girl have been there wants to lake LA. But yeah I just Q how is and I drove around their ally yesterday until. I had to get back there must have yeah. A we educate pity there are no other days I have ever like get my Ers take it upper you know. Public but we didn't have the public as I elbit answering your brain and uses I don't like at camp on. Are you one of those people that needs to go in their own bathroom now I'm not I just an it was kind of like okay the timing in the rain and I have to get out there aren't that is. Get a get a lifetime ago majors Collins. Yeah as suggesting we were at that deception pass over the weekend and I I used an outhouse but it was a permanent announced it was in the national park yeah. And I've been in a lot of Puerto bodies have a lot of bike races and there's a lot of nervous stomachs and there's a lot of bad stuff going on there but I've never smelled anything is bad. This bathroom perfect and I can't explain it it was next to a lake. I'm not really near the ocean but it smelled like. The bathroom stuff mixed with salt water is it was like I I usually I'll I don't have a weak stomach for that kind of thing that I had to take my T shirt him put it over my affairs like Vista is to go gang going to be in there and you turn down undoubtedly proud of merit so anyway that's the latest with family who is I'm excited for you to get settled then yes and don't let all the dating in you know all the guys distract you from now finding a home is now have priority as a home what happens when tempering how's he runs out if you don't have a place. Yeah my car theft. Yeah I Eisner and I got a guest through your learn about it happened in the end of the through you know like the hostile out there if you need a car for a couple night I ask you are absolutely. I'd so a couple things we didn't talk about on the show today interest in survey but probably not a big surprise that when it comes to companies that we all like the most. Amazon is at the top of the list any arguments are that. I love Amazon I feel bad though because I know is not good for the environment and I know we're wasting a lot of gas and fuel and pollution by having a plane. Fly from somewhere to deliver me like hair brush yeah I'm the next day I'm like oh I forgot to order salt water pills send another plane over with that I yes I do feel the guilt about that the environment is doomed so I don't think that. Having Amazon or not gonna say event like where Watson scientific cast a dark outlook fest Shura or we get elected science to save us that it you know if it does and the Amazon will be a problem does anybody know what's economy is them to cot to conduct. They make defective airbags have killed 22 people they know most hated company in the world. Hey by the way some of the other popular companies and and they wanted to bring this up do you publix grocery store. That's what you shot dead in the south yes I love my public other ones wegmans Hershey store is which I don't know down Tesla no shocker there chick filet dismal. Wait until I. If that's also from Georgia it is an attack Patagonia. Which is here. All the grocery stores a lot of grocery stores and then let's see let's see the hated the most hated the Weinstein Co. Harvey winds and in his rise Equifax who tells you how bad your credit story is not their fault by the way out debris data breach at the three streets. Oh that's right good call gave out of fifty million people's personal information see Wells Fargo the Trump Organization Monsanto BP oil spills. Experian Goldman Sachs and Halliburton. So there you go path and by the way where's Costco I love Costco mentioned it's on the list are there any companies for you guys who were unless he just I love. That company. And I hated because they don't advertise anywhere including radio because. I would love to do commercials for cost you know I would places Marley and it's he's there all night yet it probably look at for less business analyst point there today you have really got to Peter potter man I love target. Yeah you and everyone. Act in America and Honda I've only driven Hondas and Iowa might really have okay Iran on his name is Trey next dirty sat on the Washington. Half half half half at LaGuardia your cars filled dirty trick is while yes. It's called dirty trade Benny the bull weigh in as yeah. Well I think you'll fit right in because there's no point in washing your car in Seattle in the wintertime which I love asked I've given up on that bush is here how well the perfect I in outweigh the added all the way here just not much we talk. The minister we can talk about but don't last that we're all sitting around kind of drinking with the family and somebody pulled out of domestic political on the phone. It's just your about the puppy. I'm in the overhead bin he had. Am so sad what the hell and dealt says that strikes again a man it was kind of a bad day for animals you're here than not fake news there was a major exit tell fun. Let me double check that I knew he's united added added to the united delta yet you'll hear that big new users a teacher and Idaho who's in trouble because he fed a puppy to a snapping turtle in front of a classroom full kids. Now this store United Airlines forced to woman put her puppy into an overhead bin on Monday night when the plane landed in New York the dog was dead. United issued a standard apology and said they would brief on the woman's ticket. I am I gonna be on more and yet our going to be a lot more and that has now it's all over and people are all. I. And by the way about eleven months ago it was brought up in the same article the united hired goons to beat of the poor guy and drag him out of C paid for our remember that's an area that age head how. OK so the story was a woman and her two young kids and my god just as worse. We're flying from Houston to LaGuardia they had their French Bulldog puppy with a Medicare he was so Q did you see a picture of him on my goodness it was a lot like Guillen has done. So and I'm assuming that this was some kind of a support augur a therapy to. They had a mini carrier like you're allowed a very regular small animals don't at least port animals and he's a carrier wants those to go under the seat. And for some reason flight attendants had no and they protested the Clinton and I guess said she did note dot was in there. But some of the other passengers that no she knew like it was very obvious the woman was protesting that it was barking and yeah. Oh my god you think at some point you were just taken out well they kind of see they're such bad turbulence they couldn't get up during the flight off. I'm so sad about this meant was kids now dead puppy out of the overhead bin they said that the woman just like sat down and I'll I'll think of the L united gas you you a thirty need to make some big donations to some animal what I was thinking amounted Deanna Lee she so insane about underdog is an at a French below yeah yeah okay same kind of what she's revised our -- colored every half or is there it's identical yeah I'm depressed I'm glad we didn't talk about that a passionate Taylor -- every. Killers. That's terrible. All right to some of the things I don't know old hot dog flavor rescue of Taylor. Emily you brought up this story today since that dead puppy stories such down is all. What do we end with a can you Carter recap the story about the text message and ended up getting 40000 dollars for the family and we want the kids had leukemia if not I've got it here. Yes there are there with a text message that went viral basically this girl was trying on dresses she texted it to the wrong number. At a picture for an address that I was like. I think is the wrong number herb but my wife's not here to ask how you look my kids and I love it though you should give it my accident picture back with tennis kids like calling. So that text when I roll and then it turns out one of his kids he has I don't believe I'm one of a missing key well. And he was able to use star and go find me and raise money to help with his kids to well six. 66 kicks ya okay and they've raised 40000 and so armor order now. Yeah that's kind of awesome that was a good store entered on you talk about that on this morning so yeah you know sometimes as misfires can be good most of the time they're non. This is the one k's and a billion or ended up being great that's just amazing Garland with a good story about that I like all right any comments suggesting Angeles Heidi and the only allow you to Stanley at Seattle wolfpack IRI and NGOs is saying and I'm mad at Seattle's dot com sent us an email reach out say hello connectors on social media sent us a mug for the mug club. What else I don't know next week we're getting a global won't talk about quite yet we think of an official name for the next week we're gonna be out in about. At coffee shops take in the mug club on the road yeah I'm excited to announce that for a bit and enjoy the day and we will see you back tomorrow. He's doing anything to do things he wants to help them morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this is then you 100 point seven. Well we're able Pacman McAllister Emily rains NCAA do ordain and slow Joseph of course. Let go so mentally I was today yesterday before we get to the rundown of the show. Dave went to look for a place to say it Durham west Seattle which I loves. The dinner last night around 9 o'clock my upstairs neighbor at the near the end beat decided to start giving frontier and hanging painting and this lasted till about midnight while some multiple time yeah I mean it was one of those like. As soon as I would start to drift off it sound like they dropped a bowling ball let's have a different way of course that the air sea and feel like I don't live theirs I keep it like hey excuse me right. Right so I just stuff. So yeah you know look all things and men do like venues in big drag us did know that while I don't really. None at all. How your bag holding up not good more family stuff everybody pulls out of town today to thank for my wife and my little boy that in laws and hello party house last night so yes yeah I'm a little thank you very. And in a good way right you're you're tired in a bad yeah I'm tired India annoyed about it and act after I took the lead after bad. Are out of it is slow doing sleeper cells are finalists and here's a guy coming up today I'm looking forward this all week long share your salary coming up here in about twenty minutes. Also what is the most awkward thing that's ever happened to you on a date emily's got a great story about that. Lydia ML dares to rough listed species Darius Rucker tickets 710 and what did you miss because of a hang over all good things happening today but right now. We wanna know. Who can be our leadoff caller who's up I see the phone lines ringing that's a good sign to a 6421. Waltz if you're up give us a call right now get a sound base. And here we go with our lead off color. The closing high to a Jeep grand thanks for Conan. By the way so to shout out for the ladies for tomorrow we head into the guys for two days in a row which is not a bad name but ladies who are yet. It's time for a chat and and and and and I'm trying but you know sometimes I. Got to remind you ladies to check in with a leadoff collar powered in Port Orchard good morning sir Harry you. Did the earlier time doing just fine Howard it says your driving around a military base which one. Don't do indeed believe them. Okay and what you do and on the base and you know your driving around obviously you've been on us to. If you don't don't wanna put on alert level so I don't know what that much money yet on. How long even looking for up. Faces about a hard to find. I'd bet big on big focal include eight. Just mere you have an hour earlier every single day yeah muffled getting at the muffled like. Go to Barbara from the mom river town I get trouble finding parking because where I'm staying at street parking in its peak 45 minutes and. He used items articles on a military base of these have a the moon dust basis if it was here what you say earlier anyway Howard well we're glad you're up early thanks solicited to DM morning wolfpack. You up though I'm listening Doug Overton what that's fantastic thank you for your service tower where you from originally. He yeah. Howard. You think you may have found a perky I know I got excited but lots of. All right Taylor yeah we're here now there are you there. The Howard. Alright we're gonna little hour ago I think he's. I think it's phone's signal died since Seattle plays at target of the actually the littlest like you know I'm here a Steelers right so listen I never got a team says Karen what song he wanted to hear but there was a text that came in this morning. And it's a little random but there's a good morning wolf pack on a long drive this morning could you please play David Lee Murphy's dust on the bottle. Please and thank you that is from tending. I got a problem that's a great song that's an oldies but goodies kind of part of the fun is living leadoff call epic the first somberly and get that so Tammy for you. In your car gonna play that song and about eight minutes and then we're gonna jump right into it a new study reveals that 20% of adults keep their salaries secret. No wonder we're also curious about how much other people make share your salary is coming up in eight minutes. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf on thank daily rain for bringing this to us last week I don't remember why we started talking about it but I've been waiting an entire week to do it again because not the guy didn't drop off my car I shifted here. That's I found out how much is made and I was shocked and out like they're crazy Russian car shipping Russian yes who make over a hundred K year driving cars around. Different states right awesome so we started talking about how much people make and how sometimes it's surprising. May you have a job that sounds really important beat him to pay very much sports really obscure. Yes not many people do written so we have no idea how much. And I would love to open subway talk somebody who. You know has a job that doesn't sound really important if they make a lot of money for gas I think we're all pretty fascinated by what are the people make us be honest are hearing to talk about. Read some the last night 20% of people will not share their salary of anybody. It's funny even when my mom blasting a question that's what moms do so right so how much do you make anyway. It just there's something a little off putting about right but you did stay anonymous. Yes so usually like that if we need this wanna be at one person to call and especially if you do something that's pretty interesting W last week we talked a woman. Who takes apart submarines app really cool. And we're gonna ask you some questions about what you do for a living. Two minutes were the questions find out as much information as we can't about what you do for a living in the end we're gonna ask you to share your salary in the gas and we'll see who can come close to not. To do my norm but I believe I was closest last time he had you were so I sat there first time as for beginners luck that. 206421. Wolf we just didn't wanna be to call lay in and share your salary with us right now. Higher ago we'd share your salary and first of all or what they gin in granite falls for trusting us. To call any shares salary Jim how are you today during well are you were great thanks for asking and so Jim what you do for a living. I'd do nondestructive testing toward United States maybe. Okay that could be any nondestructive testing gal like what does that entail. So it and they'll using different. Met bit the visual arts thing. Magnetic particles that being liquid and district testing and ultrasonic that thing. To our checks or defects. And well the materials and or just about based materials. So is this done in a lab or. It done in the lab in the soft environment. Can be done location a serial. Okay I'll be honest with the I still don't know what and that means for what you do that for her. So it's for quality assert street took. Our production work done. Are you a civilian or you actually enlisted. I am in this. Hell even do this gem. Six years now okay do you get a salary or you get paid hourly. Salary. Bonuses. No. You can by the river trying to asking many questions as we candid about two minutes and I'm gonna all of guess what we think Jimmy granite falls makes for nondestructive testing. Do you are you in charge of anyone or UN aid group of a certain amount of workers. So right now it's just myself and another inspectors that I'm in charge of so you're the boss. Yet okay and how longer how much special training does one required Jim to do your job. So I there's two separate schools that I had to go through prior to do it. The first one was roughly. 45 months. And then the second one was three months. Did they pay for you go to the schools simple that's correct OK anyway a slow Jody questions. Now I think again it. You think yet I'm still not entirely sure what it is but GM does nondestructive testing and league lead in last questions before we take a little break and we'll think about this. Now I I just got to think about where I wanna fall on the salaries health Yale it. I'm fine I'm saying it is because it's it's very unusual him how did you fall allergies start doing this or fallen this line of work. It's so thin. 2012 I was thinking about getting out of its military. And Mikki Taylor gave me a call and the vikings QB this school that you wanted to. I wanna go to the only caveat is you have to go to Japan bore hole wasn't. I'd that's going to be a long story and we're gonna take a little bit of a break or to come back and we're all gonna try to guess what GM makes for a living and he is gonna share his salary in three minutes. Welcome back to share your salary we have got Jim on the phone he lives in granite falls. And he does nondestructive. Testing the whereabouts all I guess what we think he makes for a living so let's recap really quickly Jim correct anything that's wrong. They're no more questions allowed by the way press. Six all right job he's on a salary. He required a couple of different two different schools for special training and he is the boss of one of the guy who basically it's quality control. But I'll tell David Jim makes it all sound very important. What I'm sure is important. It is for the wage and speaks of his job. To correct me from all but he makes it. Seemed in announcing it's not important but when Jimmy talked about his job I feel like he's testing nuclear weapon right you have to I don't feel. So it's it's that was the closest last time to share your salary I'll go first I. Emily you're gonna second Joey gonna break a career. A little hitting on the high end things here I must say that a good friend Jim for nondestructive testing makes 83000 dollars a year. Emily I mean ghetto way lower and importing sealed. 42000 and slow Joseph finally what you think you make 6868. I'm gonna wide range here. Jim who is closest to your actual salary how much do you make year. Well now I wish it was you and I make just north of 60000 dollars a year yes all right okay. Oh nice job there. I am not good at this game but I. I think that's half full last time I believe you that way too high yet over corrected that I did around. All right so Jim you make a little bit north of 60000 USS. That's correct I column to be made the same amount indeed think to you'll make more hours this kind of here at the top of the game. So eventually wind up making more of it depends on how long you've been. Doing this game. But unfortunately for me my family I we're about to move to Florida. In a month so I ultimately blessed there because the living. Starting about that him and it's all right for starting your year you leave in the Pacific northwest. I eat I just came without your head into the south cook about mine Jim. It worked out perfectly the weather's nice down there JG change your plans Jim we just got here. That I think what about us. I got it or not but I understand that Jim thanks so much for a trusting this the salaries share that would as we appreciate Jamie. My problem invest in the family and listen to a Sunday app you can download right to your phone Seattle wolf. Why it's so much and I love nobody ever go to salute the north congratulations go again. Hey I mean you got to go first next. Yeah we'll do it again a little later in the show with a new salary and coming up next to be to stick around Amelie range to get a break down the Big Three stories of the day. We use an artist canceled the show it's due to illness but that's not the case for why can't hunt recently canceled an entire festival sort of needed a leader. Well there are a handful of peanuts doesn't Donna examine dollar all here's Matt McCallister yeah. 100 points out though Lowell Finley reins at take a look at the Big Three stories that the numbers are in for how this season premiere American ideal weight. And it was the lowest rated season premiere ever it fell 23% from its prior season now ABC is. You know ABC gonna spin it to make it look not that bad. They fit into the best Sunday in almost six years that ABC is had that overall looks like not many people are watching American idols. The man and I can't think kind of agree with them not. I don't know the singing competition show thing I felt it already yeah I felt like you kind of ran its course a few years ago. Yeah I love Luke Bryan yeah. Kind of break. I looked like the M hunt's new national music festival will be happening after all NASA music festival is best take place April 20 and 21. And in addition to CM headlining both nights the festival lineups was festive created a steady walk but brother Osborne exude an ally and my income and more. So if the festival I guess you designed to bring different kinds of music and artists together. The reason or giving for the cancellation is on pristine circumstances but not at different take on why you think they cancel one out. And I don't know that just my opinion of you cancel anything that your putting a lot of money to it's there's nobody bought tickets. Yeah after me country artists and I go to see Sam spoke nights but don't really care about that he walked I don't know that he just. Fans are gonna come in and sit through Sam hunt and I mean the idea of day hey let's bring everyone together all the genres is great but I don't think it really. I think Sam hunt probably figured out that he's not a big enough star yet to be able to. He's so diverse and your whole festival right that Zack brown band it's a little bit different of a story Esther okay so I don't know I think Sam might ahead. I think he's got a great idea but you got to get people to care right now I don't think we care that much yet about Sam runs vision for music. To go buy tickets for Freddie wahpeton. Some Judah in the lion average is like money. Agree IRA and saddening yesterday world renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has passed late agents 76. Talking who was one of the most famous scientists in the world he suffered from AL as the Gehrig's disease and it left him unable to speak for reasons lends you know it's interesting to. Haven't discussed that of course up you have holes. Boy what they appear only took wrecks and we're Dole's. So he always had that voice that was a ways to use for frank OUs using English blunder he was bombed in the beginning today and have a voice and editing this accident or is he super happy that he did talk again. It's kind of that's the optimistic we'll look at those things. Yeah that he was just. He's host number being a scientist at more recently he had been in the Big Bang theory a bunch I think that's how much the younger. Audiences can know him. Is he was the one that Sheldon really looked up to of the day at the idea I need to see the movie that it was based on his life recently the theory of everything instead Eddie read manner that was awesome I heady run and actually won an Oscar for playing. I am talking in the. He lived along lie for somebody with Lou Gehrig's disease I believe 76 yes and he contributed a lot so he will be messed spaz are really really Smart people understood just talking about I'm not one of those people. This is the morning wolf packs with NASCAR star 100 points off the walls now on the episode out. Yeah don't forget to get your copy drugs please he'd love to have you in the month club but it's where you and make it official keep your business a little little love here in the BMW and only is noticing a little ski down because today the coffee mug came from not only the bike shop that I go to on the cycling heat but the team that I race for. Yeah I normally check out this month this time but I know look at this team this hour. Yes I don't know what to go oh my god he's so excited. I think people excited about well you know it's cool they're great but you guys and it was the first place I went to when I first moved here so on the call David richter bag because. You guys in Amman as we know each other written letter grade do. Many recent count it is so big that hey David it's Mac going from the wolf are you man. A great match well listen I'm calling to thank you sang in a mug make it official I mean I'm a part of the team and I'm a party or club but. Now you guys are part of my clubs. I appreciate that it's great to be part of their clothes well man it's so funny how things worked out when I moved here in October many gay was right across street from our temporary housing and I was like look honey. There's a bike shop right across the street. Turns out it's a great job with a bunch of good news. And I. Yeah Howard great to have you mended it and that's why we're here we want to make it as important to me and for those of you who don't know it's a great bike shop right in the heart Capitol Hill but also great restaurant you guys have beer coffee is still my producer Joseph. Who lives right down the street it's gonna walk up their first. For a meal once analyzed food is great and a full service spikes up to boot plus Jim and all of the stuff. Yeah that's right we wanna make it see you don't know he's just been my wife already has this been way too much time and way too much money hanging out your shots. Well hope you enjoyed a copycat men and help we're really do and have a forest where you into I heard a buzz about a route reopened up and wouldn't bill. That's right yeah we get that kind of a new adventure for instance day come capable of an open but for now we actually have a -- going to take them. Can keep it here on tap here and made it seem that's why do in his season debut geeky guys like to raise vice would have a couple of Beers too which is next right. Yet it's the lifestyle and it if you serious mammal facilities where UN officially too much club and make may be a part of what we got going on yourself if you just raise your right hand repeat after me. I state your name I gave a director you hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolfpack. Do you place Miley teaching him when he wolfpack and is a proud member of the mug club and is a proud member of the mud club. I have pledged to crank up the wolf every morning I pleasure crank up the wolf every morning congratulations David richter by the power vested in me I dubbed V an official member of the morning wolfpack Muslim Brothers. The great arms tonight that any anomalies that are cool mug on an open all over social with a mug shot here but great copy two men they are mad. Glad you're seeing the light soon. All right talk about dating natural spacing dating is awkward and open now we got the listing the seven most outward things can happen on a day for this year with you in less than ten minutes of the course we wanna hear about yours. Yeah palace raid and these here and. Though wolf it's the morning wolfpack would Matt McCallister. Emily is here as well and we wanna know the most awkward thing that's ever happened you on a first date Amelie tell me if any of these things is happening UK okay because this is the definitive six most awkward things that can happen on a date scenario list right number one unit has something in their teeth. Know that I have from the Mikey did they tell you he acted under I'm like yeah I keep Alley that are open about asked okay well if they're not you're supposed to use a little gesture. I'm actually no piece of partially there between now by customs. All right you don't recognize your date which can happen in this day and age when you're dating yes it online dating DN that is not happening now that. I actually when I was little period of time and I was single and it was a gal that had pictures and have on her FaceBook she and I think any of you so I heard yet that was a little strange. Your date shows up super late snow never happened. Your date gets super drunk. Yet how that happened he replied that's an easy what is your nervous in the course a little you don't drink at all right an earth number five eBay goes in for the unwanted. Kids not having more than one Rea we ask strategy. Yeah I try to avoid it all together now I've learned of what distance to keep but yeah you just turn the cheek and back into the possible. And finally your Dave's legs to say offensive things whether they be racist or sexist brain know that ever happening again that's probably. Funerals. I think that's been used as a you know what I think article I got tapped out yeah. Yeah see all or awkward things but they all happened. Pretty calm then yes they are. I had an awkward date that tops all of those things something not on the list something a little unusual he had a bad. All right well I wanna hear about it now lots of questions of course we'll do that and a couple of minutes but we also won here to new morning wolf pack the most awkward saying. That is ever happening you on a date. Got heavily story coming up in about five minutes who wanna hear yours to us export to one wolf for tax for 6150. Curtis talked about. Yes that was my first state with a guy and I have a crush on for a long time we've worked together I was a server to sports bar he worked there. Football we are working there his girlfriend or there's lots of free of effort together. And then they did that in itself is awkward right at a press on this I am a and then now that they ended up he laughed and I had to work with her for a little while longer which is awful but it. Obviously yeah Iowa and but. They ended up breaking up and she left the restaurant as well so he and I finally went on our first date totally different restaurant not even thinking. She walks up as rserver. A home when. It's our first day what do the size of that and I many restaurants in the city and really had no idea like nine meter at had. And what they didn't of course is not a must address the situation. We be mentioned it no I mean we knowledge back that we knew her but didn't say like yeah I like you would've been better prepared to. Word yet the entire time. Like he and I did discussing it really she didn't know it. Tell me also it would somebody was that hey. School planet of the play this right a little odd to. You vote in Africa that Reyes you notice the first day you know notion that well right you just pretend it's not happening I had about an awkward the entire time the entire time and she. I mean for like competitor who she just kind of nasty or how was that. Even tell she was like overly sweet like that is sticky sweet where she was just I was crazy price that might fit the one. Wouldn't be anywhere you he had a still awkward and I wonder how he tipped. I sure didn't discuss that with you now I didn't see that. That's awful what the odds of that I don't know of anybody can beat Abbott if you wanna try to a 6421 wolf percent of the text for 6150. What is the most awkward saying that's ever happened you on a date. Is slow just as we have an amazing call coming up at three minutes. And morning glory and Monroe were talking about Iraq were dating got a story for us. Now I. And my gate at. I would think I end. He went into it check arrest art Barrett at Gwinnett degenerate I'm. I can tell I couldn't realize why. The lines immediate. It can't. And that's it. I'm sure. Clean. Up and the track. I came out that there's no really not having eagle and I. Egg dish then later laughed a lot well that comment. It will not laugh by. Comment. And I am told me and I laughed like I don't eat well yeah it's patently don't flat primary yet. Wow yeah I think that's got to be the first story where somebody groups in their hands on a first day in and get married and it worked out yeah you know I I don't. Did your stomach flu would do to get some bad chicken little what happened. I don't know Egypt it was like ignited let me start you know. I was you know that I had no clue what's going on us all. You know I guess the other question I have as a parent of a one and a half year old who put their hands multiple times today didn't she smells something odd yes it is as a president figured out afford to. Check it out. OK guys I'm not sure anything is more awkward to them and David thank you for sharing your story Lori. The yea ditto glory be my story we have gotten text editor pretty get. CD SQ Lott said. She went out to a restaurant and saw her best friend has been on his birth state that they another woman schools didn't end well for him gaining euros in an awkward situation do I tell my best friend Brian risk being the enemy for life for breaking the bad news or heard the opposite Theresa Murray and you're the female at the table with big guy he's just got caught cheating us. And and then we got another text someone. With they else sleep in the mid eighties and woke up and were walking out kinda halfway half asleep holding their dates hand or his they thought was a date. Being some rain an elderly aunts and day out like a couple of feet I don't. Fans should be able to go I was stoked right hander. A good movie. All right let's say a couple things coming up here you know beat the street 710206421. Wolf if you wanna get a little bit early this lady eight series tickets and they're not fake news parents and Idaho furious. Over something a teacher there expose their kids to cash yeah you're going to be too especially if your animal over the not big news coming up at about eight minutes. I sat with Matt McAllister and product. Yes. It's no wolf this morning wolfpack could Matt McAllister of course sadly ranges here as well and though stickier than a fake news these are stories that sound fake photo aren't the first one is a little bit shocking but I promise you it is true. Idaho teacher investigated after allegedly feeding it live puppy to snapping turtle as the student and whites. Yes. And I probably everything that's so as you can probably imagine there's some upset parents and kids in Idaho. I have learned in the last four days is disgusting it's sick it is sick allowing children to watch. An innocent baby copies support me because it is being fed through an animal. Robert Crosslin who works in Preston a small city near the Utah border fed the puppy to the reptiles as students look done now. In his defense if there's going to be one this was a terminally ill puppy. So this puppy was not going to live anyway however that doesn't mean you feed it to a standing turtle in front of kids I don't think that's the most humane way to put it down. Yeah traumatized as for kids not. Zia so. That's what's going on and Idaho. Story ever do in an update news arson suspect claims he was trying to kill a roach with fire in housing authority lobby. Nike any mean not out of the that's not a big fan of road to I mean if Christopher Joseph Reidy is a 55 year old man from Huntsville he's accused of setting fire to a bulletin board in the lobby. It happened Johnston tower apartments. Police haven't said what they believe prompted restarts fire he told investigators he just trying to kill Roche. Mean they haven't found out what prompted them the kids are roaches. However you say that in the beginning about a candidate win but it measure if you live there Ali burn down your apartment building if you try to do Roche. Then again the what you roaches I don't know ugly day inevitability for a new place. Also and an update news. An American student now faces a 121000. Dollar fine for urinating on historic arches while visiting friends in Italy. 21 year old is now facing a 121000 when he relieved himself on a famous Florentine landmark colosio DN lands the arches. He is thought to be student visiting visiting Italy with friends and his claimed he was caught in the act next to rest at U of Hercules. By the way he's from New Jersey not that that matter I'm guessing he's intoxicated at. Probably on the first day we can imagine making that. Let's just say Erin judge maybe have a couple of drinks he's 21 probably Emily you're probably right about that. 121000. Dollars and you know we had to call mom and dad well I guess that's better than being in prison abroad I mean this is true. And he's better than being in a prison in Turkey yeah. Like to say this is morning wolfpack with some accounts are 100 points off. Laughs hit the pavement and that could be history too. Good morning and in Olympia how are you today called it a while. And were great your twenty years old and slowed it tells us your bookkeeper where you work. Couple that I'm old their old that's an awful lot of responsibility for twenty year old and a good for you. You know king and let's give you chance to win some tickets to go see leading development series record the white river amphitheater on August 19 it's going to be an amazing show and all you have to do is beat the street are. Let's keep the five questions with thirty seconds on the clocks. You know my advice is always the same if you don't know what I would move on to it's been a little more time with a question that may be due now. All right Dana are you ready for beat the street's. Here's question number ones what was Kevin's last name in the movie home loan. Act and that helped. Yale. It was gonna go with your first instinct. That helped how many holes are in a full round of golf. A senior night eighteen which show star Bryan Cranston as Walter White. What is Washington's official nickname. Everything faith in which country star was in Hootie and the Blowfish. Or they're sure. Okay time is up and do you feel like you did. OK I think eight victory. I think he did better than okay but let's find out right now we meets the challenger who again slowed Joseph found and Denver but they can best last Saturday a little inebriated. What's your name or your program. Here from one village doctor. Okay air from wouldn't build dump truck driver let's see how you did. When we ask in the same five questions here we go question number 100 Kevin's last name and home. Colin. Poland is in interact in and and you had a right to second guess yourself yes. I have the same last and is the kids until looking just tiny sneaky with these prices a little bit of Richard quest to intimate she figured it out. Dallas there was a right into Europe one to nothing let's go to question number two. How many holes are not Paul round of golf. Team. Dean was the right answer and you vacillate between 1819 but she's so alone ATT get deployed there as well nice job. Gotta do it Europe to the one now heading into question number three. Quick CL a started crying and it's all their life. I know I like I don't know. I don't know. Suburban taken over his brain right there and you've got that one right to breaking bad was the right answer or. So just like data three questions you are up 321 and it's looking really good for you here's the local question. What brought its own neck and better answer. Every state is right so he got that one by so did you. So you have at the moment in any forward to two lead in beat the street I don't think anything can slow you down from one of those tickets. It's merely academic at this point let's see questionable five always about country music. Rich countries armored and he and the I can't think his name. Darius Rucker of the guy we're given way concert sixty got the right into their as well and so congratulations. And we not only did you do OK you're perfect you win by. And you got yourself and think if you go ceiling DA and Darius white river amphitheater August 19 and you have one. All idyllic land. And awesome congratulations. You will see you lady Mary's great job beating the street you were perfect. Thank you for client. I'm used to Republican on the story just 20% of adults keep their salaries seeker well no water so curious about how much other people may. Here are your salary is company admitted he don't want miss your listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. It's morning wolf pack here on a Wednesday met McAllister and I've been excited about this for an entire week. And it Willis thank you for bringing this to the table last week is part of the movie processor out here yeah. Yeah this final game we came up with Selassie when I was in my car shipped out here. I ended up finding out how much the guy made shifted. And product team me and it was surprisingly. Like hundred green and and so we got what other people may. If you don't share their salary. No in fact 40% of people keep the salaries seeker I think it was always something. I don't know off putting about somebody asking how much you make the right at the end of the day world really curious though I'm fascinated. About not only what you do for a living but how much you make do week. So called right now do you think we might be surprised. By how much you make. For example you can do something that sounds really important but you may be don't make that much money for doing it like the late last week dismantled submarines. That's kind of important. Rader sending a bit everybody are due time yes and we Augustine got her something totally obscure this. We wouldn't even know. Yeah exactly so here's how it's gonna work. Think of the vote give us a call to a 6421. Wolf right now if you think we might be surprised by how much you make the year. We'll ask you two minutes' worth of questions to figure out kind of what it is it's due and Allen even unit etc. setter. Double take a little break and we'll all try to guess how much you make. It's called share your salary and if you don't mind we love to hear from you right now again to a 6421 wall. Welcome back to share your salary and we decided to go with Josh who lives in snohomish but he works for Boeing. And now all we know Josh so far here we share your salaries that you builds parts for the 767 so. Emily less than two minutes. Getting to know Josh a little bit of what does salute for a guess how much he makes here are slow Jo jumping to any questions you might happen to have go ahead and like Harry are you paid. Our elite. Calorie hourly. Alec how long have you been there Josh evolved. Of America and appears now who that's gonna play into a long term and by the way even with all the tech moving in Seattle. Boeing is still the largest employer in Washington State to. There and rhetoric so you've built parts for the 767. Are you an engineer percent. Any degree ear training needed for the stop there are no did you go to college. Now. Would you consider yourself kind of working on a factory liner to or do you work at blueprints designing. Factory line yeah pretty much factory job. Okay is a dangerous and it have you lost a yes well Smart dynamic MB yet the current aren't you were hard. Can you did bonuses. Now I did you receive any special training. Yes. But what was that like. It took a couple of we can classes I had basically 32 hours worth of training credit for the current job that'll itself. Right in the two and a half years you've been there had he ever got promotions. We will do everything. Group routine. You know. Basically union negotiated great display yes. And the cost of living raises yes okay so you are union worker. Yes OK anybody else to that they were about out of time. Think that cover this all right all right Josh stone which works for bone he builds parts for the 767. Give us about two minutes of formula our guest is gonna come back and you are gonna share your salary will see who on the show he can come the closest. Welcome back to share your salary toward percent of adults keep their salaries secret. That's why we're all curious about how much everybody else makes right now on the phone we've got Josh in snohomish she works for Boeing. He builds parts for the 767. What do we know he's been there ten and a half years he's got some cost of living. Increases in salary. No bonuses. We'll hourly hourly union guy dangerous job kind of more of a factory line dude jive where we're trying to figured out here and since show it. You know came the closest last time you're gonna go first that's kind of in the same ballpark I'm thinking about 65000. Dollars you know skilled labor union job for ten years that means a lot of regular raises says 69 does come into play hard 65000 a year jocks don't say anything yet Emily what is your guess how much as you make any year. I'm a lot lower running at 36000. Okay 36000 why. I have no idea I don't know about yeah I didn't have a unions earlier yeah you never bull we never in radio there's no union yet there's no he has our back so. Okay 36 a little a little bit higher here Josh. And again a little more credit you gonna pretend and a half years although what scares me you haven't gotten any big raises and sound like. Kind of cost of living no promotions. But I must say it's Boeing. Boeing treats people well. Among the forty. To look a little bit little bit bigger than family and that Josh in snohomish. Go ahead and share your salary sir how much TO make. I think that you can be very surprised last night roughly. I average about a 120000. Yeah. And snubbed Matt oh my goodness yeah. Nearly all all you guys are way off. Yeah that's pulling that off by a hundred great hey let me just say first of all thank you for calling in and share your salary that takes courage but Josh I'm sure you're just what you like. Might drop yeah. And and I. I I do feel very blessed to let BI and I make pretty good banana didn't go to. College and I think that's. I am still and Joseph was the closest my feeling none of us to get a point about one layer also are often well it's the closest to the added millions of my salary I got over yeah I mean. Joseph is that this is how sad we did Joseph was the closest that he was off by half yeah they had signed up so Josh that we you've got hired there what was your salary. It started out making 1172 hour. Oh now I'm making over 42 dollars and hours. Laughs so you say most of that these union or its Boeing. Well it's it's all union negotiated. So and then there's a lot of overtime opportunities and I don't even work a ton of overtime have to fight kids should lead us. Yeah so I mean but he's been very good to me and my family what color your Ferrari job. I know wish everyone gets a yellow one of the red ones are well I guess what I'll have plenty of yeah library. Because we get that part of it too was us that's awesome and I think that's really great that a hardworking American man. You know who maybe didn't get an opportunity go to college can still put away a 120000 dollars a year astle. That's great well just thanks again soliciting be a part of show and death for sharing your cellar with a management means a lot. Thank you very much all right manhole was second they go by T here but before we do anything else I know we get cash coming record twenty minutes but at least at the Big Three stories next. In just six senator about American Idol the numbers are in. People are watching you. Into the morning. Oh I now. 147. Fell wolf Stanley arranged with the Big Three stories of the day. Very American Idol they know I am not now I feel bad say that because the Luke Bryan and all that and I mean I'll be honest and I'm kind of alone received into but. You cannot take anymore reality singing show ray I am with you I really wanted to invest because it would Brian but it's just I'm over the and a fairly so are a lot of other people. The sixteenth season premiere of idol is the globe. Sorry is still willing to read it even Vermeer and Bernard. I'm calling 23% from its prior season and I eighty feet says they saw the best Sunday almost six years but. I think that's just ABC trying to make themselves feel better. Well you know it's funny too as we talk about the so time now with all the cord cutting is going on in and most folks nice having mainstream cable. Ratings are down for everything out but I have to believe in median crazy that just. The reality singing shows in general have kind of jumped the shark I got on the voice train for a little while the that for some reason I got kind of offended. When fox came out with a another one. Yeah okay how many of these we're gonna have to put up with. I think they brought American Idol back TCU and they should've let all of this seeing shows die down and then come back with Simon cal right exact everybody's too nice now that's in and they got away with a bad auditions there's really no reason. High gas now now. I looked like CM hunts at near Nashville music festival is happening after all the national media festival is this take place April 20 and twenty burst any. It was gonna bring together musicians from different genres don't see us have lighting both nights. But also in the line up with steady lots of Brothers Osborne Zoubek and the lion and me and count. The couple others the reason for the cancellation they say is on for seeing circumstances. Malone leaders that are sounds like a Providence and any tickets if I'm being honest I mean Sam hunt is. Sam hunt rate but he needs another round we need some more songs and then you and ask their countries and go buy a ticket for Freddie walked in Judah in the lion. Dad I don't think Eddie Watson and you'd lesbians are gonna come once in hunt for two nights in Sam is probably the humbling for him to juries look at Zack brown band going on mammal they can do all these rank eclectic stuff well. They've got a lot. More number one sun's rays and their fan base is a little different anyway. Yeah like I think he like he said CME it's your own little list before he can I have been so big I I I admire the vision. Yet we're not quite ready for that Nihon not ready. And we got as bad news yesterday world renowned physicist Steven Hocking has passed to lead the age of 76 professor hawking was the most famous scientist in the world. And he has AL less than neurological disease that left him unable to speak worries that plan. Nonetheless I use this is a very old hardware speech synthesizer. Made in 1986. I eat it because I have not heard a voice I like that are under caused by an I had to identify who had that. Evidently was telling a story that that's the same voice on the speak and spell machine and well I had kids and that purity you make that he is. You did anybody you don't see what it sounds like. I think for those of us that are not genius is that I mean he's known for like black hole and south but. His new beer the midi based on his life the theory of everything he will know him that and also he's been on the Big Bang theory about. So yes and I think too we've always heard that voice associated with Steve not right you forget these English. Possible when you switch over to an English speak and spell pace slowed or did you receive absolutely amazing I figured you priorities are smarter than both of it's worse in. Or no rest in peace Stephen Hawking you know for somebody with as many physical OZ had hit a pretty long full amazing life. That's like Palestine as a progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. I'm morning wolf thank what did you miss because of a hang over the and I almost wanna saying not including work because I think that's probably the most common thing with little or something totally different here what did you Minsk would big event did you miss because of a handle. To a 6421 Wall Street in Texas for 6150. The reason we're talking about this. The entire Golden State Warriors basketball team missed practice yesterday because of a team wide hang over these included the coaches by the now I thought I guess I. Would be that there used to party and so it must have been a year ranger it sounds you know this is living large I show Paula Zahn HBO yeah this this is basically in real life version of that who stepped Curry's thirtieth birthday party on Monday night so according to TMZ sports. They rented yacht. If that's what rich best cars guys do there was an. Because Stefan curry got into some Rick James karaoke it got a little sideways. There's a video circulated shows the head coach Steve Kerr and assistant Mike Brown getting down on the dance floor. Floyd and relate to that's kind of like the worst party ever. The twelve dudes guesses are hammered in dancing with the sensor and then like your coach who's you know 50 lawyer Alan I am doing that little chicken dance there. He asked. Now I never drank so maybe this is Ciba questionable what exactly did the hangover feels like. It's cool points that's a good question Emily you know I'm cynicism you you're so glad you never know. Is itself. In a little nuggets that like I mean well with the de basically what it is is your. Inside and biggest divot for everybody right. But some people get super no purchases. If you can't beat the overseas somebody with a little plastic safely bags that are under arrest that's a little puke bag video of it just hope we can't think straight you're Don you feel dumb. That's a good way to describe it dehydrated dumb tiger did. Not only to play basketball apparently yet and it's right in the worst part about it is that all you need to do is drink water. It's like the hardest thing to drink just water are you wanna have like another beer or Coke and a cheeseburger. Dad says. They by the way so yeah in the story. Kirk the coach Steve Kerr canceled practice for everybody on Tuesday. That's pretty awesome everybody in recovery mode for his thirtieth birthday we've already got our first text someone to miss Thanksgiving dinner. Started a little bit early yeah that's rough to his Thanksgiving dinners usually like 234. It's pretty early. A quick call before we break and we'll get in a more of these what did you miss because you were hung over candy in shoreline go ahead. They can't. Maybe he's right yeah. And I'm McGee didn't do it a year Kent yeah I'm here okay cancer eleven what did you miss is your hung over. I cracked up to us are several war sort of about it in front of the Vatican. Yeah that's good so you did you ever get to go inside and see you miss it completely. No I never made it electrical as simple it's the night before it. I'm gonna put him on the pole I just had to think he's gonna swear and he said yeah I had every only one with candy might be drinking right now. Tied to a 6421 Wall Street Texas 46150. What did you miss because you run over. Kaiser talking about the fact that the entire Golden State Warriors NBA basketball team missed practice yesterday because Dell would step Kurds thirtieth birthday party. And got way too hammered including all the coaches so the coach has called practice isn't like Nomar criticized over done so what have you missed. Because you were to run over to attend it. To a 6421 walls takers in Kirkland how are you today where did it. Hey Chris before you tell us what you missed because you were too hung over to go how would you describe being hung over walking. I. Chris I would if you miss because you were too hung over. Oh it. The regret you have for missing something because you were too long numbers pretty Steve Tamara about decorous. Yeah. Murray made up that I actually did go it got autograph and everything else. He knew exactly like that was so stupid yeah. Our Chris thanks for sharing your story about him today. We got a couple of texts and missed a Bon Jovi concert. Let their sister's wedding. And shot way way way. It's almost what he says the same sense as what sounds like Bon Jovi fans when her sister's wedding I mean for some people to Bon Jovi concert more important maybe you're right about that especially New Jersey inhabit that's almost like one of those unforgivable Stanley things like. Yeah wedding I'm never gonna freeze that. And Josh Everett almost missed his wedding. Let me miss the college graduation and missed a flight to which led to missing a volleyball game and we're supposed to coach Bo we're on the net a lot of Christmas dinners been Christmas parties. What did you not had the interesting thing is. The other. I have been in a weird story I think I was talking to Chris about that I don't regret it. Say what happened was is bright when it started out in radio I was living in San Diego they sent me out to spring training in Arizona to cover the Padres hot so. I decided well sneak in a mountain bike race while there are brought my bike and all that stuff. Anyway I end up in the outfield this Trevor Hoffman's home. Half of the great closers and based right of all times but when your pitchers you know pitch every day so he wasn't pitching plus it was spring training is accounts let's look at some Beers. So we end up in the outfield. Watching the Padres I'm Cindy drinking Beers Trevor often we get hammered pray he just keep our measly 250 pounds Broderick thirty Beers. Just party had a great time. Slept through the mountain bikers didn't go colitis and I don't really that I have had such a good experience and I can get to hang out with a famous baseball player and drink Beers. Again OK yes or that yet I was in a rarely says is its its rigid and twist that I regret it one day. I'd to what did you miss because you were to it too hung over to a 6421 wolf where he can take 46150. Back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice. No walls Matt McAllister and earlier names to a 6421 wolf is the number if you ever need any name you call you taxed we got June's. Cassie humanitarian day are you we do a fantastic what we do for a Cassie. I don't look at and really durable. Here I'm pretty neat yeah Florida during a tiny again as I can't wait to ask all the concerts or meet dies while that's not me it's you know out another eighty on. Absolutely Cassie and is about timing hello girl power rep yes and here it took awhile but. We have no doubt in our mind that we found the best woman for the job ma am quite. Yes he's pretty awesome Cassie and it was really kind you'd call. Yes so kind think so I Heatley to meet you I hate when Britney. You're listening to the morning welcome back we're back but can Alastair and I know. Nevermind. The nail 100 my. On a wreath at the mug club really quickly -- slipped in because they only get to see need to eke out this morning a little bit. I mean excited about a month club and he companies like look at this thug but today aids like look at it now you're looking the other side I mean. Well. It just so happens when I first moved here in Europe and Capitol Hill in temporary housing like you are now yes heavily. And right across the street. Was this amazing bike shop. Course my wife role arise right over him like they didn't think shuffled their honesty and our bridge you can hear it. All you guys like yep exactly. So I wrote over there it's called many game racing in coffee turns out a great restaurant a coffee shop it's also a dope bike shop fast forward six months. I join their team obliterates forum this year the kind of my boys so. They sent me in a coffee mug enjoy the most clubs more excels kind of cool site. I join their club and now they're in our club you know what I'm saying. Yeah and if you don't if you know one thing about that it's that he the cyclists though. He's so excited about the night she it to and I think of it he keep like well it's gotten it cresting at moving yet beautiful sitting in. I took here's the point at. I'd get just as excited and Emily can attest it was so slow Joseph. When I get a mug for many go to Leo boxes like order an Amazon prime becomes how he asked. And right now we're looking for you to join a book club if your business here in the PNW you want the love on the radio all you have to do. Is send us a coffee mug from where you work. That's it it's so simple. Family unit dropped the address. It's 805. Avenue suite 14100. That's 98104. Absolutely well done so just those documents will swear you would of the month club every morning we do it it's sixty and just a great way for us to connect on yeah. Callous. You 100 voice. Wolf that the morning wolf thank Matt McAllister and dean joining us in the studio and happy when saying the and though Matt Kelly and everybody here. It's kind of funny actually we're talking about same month. Had this idea for a new kind of music festival in Nashville at the had to cancel that abruptly due to unforced seen circumstances. Nobody bought tickets. But it's funny because. Yeah this you two women sitting next to serve their I would describe it as which you call swooning. Whenever salmon comes as the poster it's weighing ban. Ask don't really and to unite and of the CM hunt would be amazing I just don't think he wanna sit through the city block and GM lion or whoever I mean. Not because it's a little too far out of the wheel house yet yes. Worlds and I believe that your thoughts I mean I love Sam hunt every time I hear on the radio this starts where I live my head and UT to sink into the Santa. It's almost like let's just followed the lead. Anyway. Well I do today deep you know I'm great man I just want to let you know the only math. That I will be doing on national pie day today is counting the pepperoni on both. It's kind of funny like. Smart people it's national PO I days into the rest with the PIE day rest the hallway teen fans that are anti you know. Sad today I totally get it Leo more about the peace or is supposed to be apple hiding if they cannon that I attend time. Imus savory person honest I'm not a sweet gal so it's. Key guy eat pizza I gourmet pizza DeLia would you ask who makes the best pizza in the Pacific northwest. I mean that and we wanna know where is the best pizza I've been. Putting together a nice little blog here got some choices where you tell me if I've got it writer I've left something off the list also. On this list we've got review can get all the free pizza today who brief Ayman. I think that that's good free is always good dealing. Prius for me by the ways we'll follow up punishing missed this yesterday and you talk about burgers yes and I said I've never been this xxx burger place innocent loss and I keep. People keep him we took the whole family there on Friday. It's amazing. The burgers are the size of your head yeah. Giant in the make their own root beer it's like the only homemade root beer in the state it tastes like. Crack cocaine elect who's got to be more than just Rubin and make their own sugar or something all you gotta go to xxx burgers on the Internet like gas. And it's tied it at the burger phones. I let's give voice and cash ready. So many analysts see them again UAD he's gonna take over. And she's gonna give away some money here with a keyword in about fiscal. Three minutes Dili is next to see you back tomorrow at five guys bad guys. Actually the car. Mornings from Clarksville.