The Morning Wolfpack - Wednesday March 7th, 2018

Wednesday, March 7th

Wednesday March 7th, 2018

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Hey welcome back to the podcast for Wednesday march 7. My name is Matt McAllister by the way if you knew the show Emily is really new to this show we're loving having you here annaly yet. And now of course slow Joseph in the room as well thank here who has had to pull back on the air quite a bit now that miss sadly comes. That's the core are jam I know you do what you love your behind the scenes there. So your about the new show from David before we get there just a few things that we didn't get to talk about today which ran out of time. But I think your look forward to hearing share your salary which is a new segment Emily brought to the table today they get thank well now we appreciate you dealing with Russian car traffickers so we can happen segment. Yeah and all wanna know what other people make but it's one of those questions you can't. Because it's just brute or. I don't know you know it's so funny is for some reason my mom does not have that filter in she's always asking me what I make it out and I don't think that's a conversation we should have well. I think it's okay with yourself and other son is okay to your parents know how much you make. My mom does okay. I don't know the leopards than ever asked but I certainly wouldn't now I wouldn't hesitate to tell them if they did well there's something very off putting when somebody's direct about it they sell really how much do you make out already yeah. Arrows very crass and rude yeah I think your mom is by the only person and it would all pass them that you haven't had to think twice about it when she first asked mimic an opium OK I guess I can tell DA I'm momma are you gonna tell itself. Anyway so that's coming up I think you'll enjoy the rest of the show the first couple things like I say we didn't get to talk about. Nobody is very messy black panther current correct I'm not simply keeps she wants to Agassi's though man really act. Hence not interested but that's me is breaking all kinds a records in terms of hard money it's making it's ridiculous the 400 million the first week art gallery again. Well I like the story about a seventeen year old girl who went to go see the movie and a stories kind of twisted. She broke her retainer. Because she got so excited. Win the black panther do it now in his name is Michael B Jordan he's he's he's the villain Knoblauch is hey I am sorry if you're right you're right. Michael B Jordan he plays the villain kill longer. Kill monger he took his shirt off she gets so excited about it that she cracked and broke the retainer wow. So this is the part that really gets interesting. So this guy posted on Tumblr quote one of my patience is a dentist came in for emergency visit because she snapped the wire on a retainer watching black panther. What do BJ take a Shura she clenched her teeth so blanking hard she snapped it keep up my this is dentists. Right Tumblr what is he 22 it had he said that as the blank and funniest blank ever to meet his tiny seventeen year old girl thirstein so blanket hard she busted CEO. Or are. Get your dent is is not supposed to talk like that or share your glory yeah I'm not that I want Tumblr well. The girl sees it on Tumblr. And then response to this by saying hey wait a minute this girl is meet the is this post about me I'm gonna kill myself. Likely she wasn't serious in fact she kept joking about it and her dad gets in on the act tweeting we RD of set aside funds sufficient to purchase yet another retainer in anticipation of mr. Jordan's next film I loved that about her dad played along look it's not over and then Michael B Jordan himself joins the conversation he tweets. Since I feel partly responsible for breaking your retainer let me know if I can replace them. Not all of it due to our attention yet how is that coming full circle where the star of the movie is gonna buy you would be retarded his seventh team I think it worked out well but I would still be a little disturbed if my doctor or dentist or anybody and like that treated be medically was sort of posting on Tumblr about my staffing problems which isn't there Arthur hippo laws to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Your name though. Is she hadn't commented saying that means no one like you would die right there are no one would announce so true community and especially bread on herself but it worked out or hurt. But you have the solution when you go to the doctor or dentist trust me I was there yesterday that you're anonymous. And especially when those doctors' appointments. And is a woman entry can respect and about to say. Get personal private argue that information not getting shared great yeah let me say this. Should be kind of sensitive about this but now and it nevermind I'll get my ex girlfriend was radiology tech she worked in the hospital they X rays. Which you come home occasionally. With these crazy ex race. And I'm pocket like these kids put in all kinds of weird stuff but Iowa friend of mine's a doctor yet we are stories about stuff about stuff and not just this you bring natural home that I need to get fired at heart yeah Herbert yeah obviously got a Mac Goliath I can't see it land in length Tony hey Hillary is small weapons and you know I'm a couple lucky. Jocular athletic. Hood on emily's date offered here. Oh our stories that's awesome that illusion of privacy. I've been over well the worst is when I get Hannah I had a medical issue is a hard thing had a going to had to be put under had to go in that big room where it's really cold I have read. I understand now down and right before they put me under in this lady had to go into mind growing with a hammering go up in in my heart and I forget what that arteries called but it's a big one right there. And right before she's like oh hey. I listen to your show every morning coming. A big fan and I just love this and started talking about things we did on the show on my this is the last thing I wanted to hear you just shrinking more more medicine yeah. Before I go under and emanated a fan and I don't I'm not showing well anyway and she's good I know he's smacked straight here and I know she's gonna go like. I just knew I like this chick who brokered dinner that she went bad had a girlfriend or minority. And. Now he did call and make sure she didn't do anything. Now I really haven't and and I just man you just you hope at that level there's some professionalism. That this story clearly shows there isn't brown if something's funny and getting it likes on Tumblr follows on Twitter you know they're gonna blast absolutely yeah yeah. All right so that's one awesome story that we didn't get to talk to and that's why because we don't have time and showed an eight minute conversation they ask us about my little shrunken up. Act an enraged by what people yeah yeah shows mag light but. All right and I've another note an ordinary on net effect that we know. What is his growth and was an extra second Malia may tournament. So in this is all it'll start with a little bit of personal story but it it goes to another story about what a guy given the loss of power but I don't know occupancy in Earnest Graham show that a guy that we used to work with our math and enmity and deaths mark median it was a program directors Z 100 in New York which is. You can make an argument probably biggest most popular radio station in the world that pop format yeah I mean every day's posted pictures hang analogy Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and whoever else is hot right now. He lives outside of New York a couple of hours outside does everybody does he rides like five trees to work but somehow he lost power. And it's freezing cold gray and he's been posting these pictures of himself in his house it's been like a week with no power. Any sleeping with these these wool hats on and mats in all bundled yet there's one picture even where he's walking on house for the land turned the link from the nineteen hundreds. I think miserable oh my god I just to sit there on you gotta be kidding he's got four kids I had I don't know how he said that it was I think. The birdies some degrees outside he had. Which is not that much warmer inside not a snow no well lest they be haven't had taken it potentially could even be colder after a few days yes I'm you ad that's what made me think this next story through and I honestly had to empathize with the guy. Who went a week without power is is in New Jersey. And it's probably the same power outage I have this guy lost it he kidnapped an employee and then threatened to blow up the substation. Are really Jeb but I don't think that's gonna help fix. Yet I don't think is gonna help you get your power but there was a big storm about a week ago. He was so upset this Monday two days ago. He threatened to kidnap or the power company's voice and blow up the substation by the way he was arrested for making terroristic threats frivolous and I don't condone this behavior mr. Robert winters who 63 years old from Vernon New Jersey. But I understand. He has really at that I Aggies got to assume that is not. Did this not not on because of a lack of effort in alleys probably good reason floors I don't think I don't know as his Jersey. You know I mean it's important Jersey central power lights still hasn't fixed the problem by the way. Yeah they're expecting snow art and other anti yet it's like the gods love blasts. Guys crazy name Willie Pete told in lake you know we call them to complain about a week without power and he waited a week before he lost his mind I think that's pretty patient bidding went bananas and started threatening to kidnap people blow things up king doo dad on the threat either do that are down but just don't threaten. In and I know this is a stretch I'm not comparing myself to Robert Winter of Vernon New Jersey me yesterday when I went all day without painkillers. And I was waiting for my prescription to be filled at Safeway. I thought I could I might lose it now if somebody I was trying I had a focus to be nice. Because in which she asked me for my insurance card and I inhabit and I resided drive home and getting comeback in the pain. I thought have almost went Robert Winter Alice kidnapped her. Fact that drove I have to tell us they Juarez drug to United Healthcare bat and threaten to blow the building well isn't that much pain yesterday that might help these cats though. I so that's 01 last thing here and this is kind of stupid browser kind of funny they're now saying that your grandma's seeker recipe probably came from a cookbook Dijjer grannies. Cook for you to have like a family meal that was legendary Emily we cookies. Click Christmas cookies yeah he would roll out that yeah Lou from scratch from Saks okay what about he had that nothing that accurate called my grandparents my my mom had me pretty late siding get a lot of years of them at least not a lot term Ernie meals. Yeah you might Grumman and in cook so I have some relatives meter in my mom yes Graham unknown but. Anyway now they're saying the grandma's legendary piracy probably came from a cookbook and new survey the majority the city found out in an old secret fairly recipe was plagiarized her here straight out of a box. Which doesn't everybody's mom have that book I forget what it's white and blue it's like the joy of cooking probably enjoy cooking out. That came right out of my mouth and president have let it book noticed cook books anymore because if phones. I have that book you act and act I have a binder and stuff like when I first need out of my house. My mom wrote down all her recipes and I have a binder like if I see some magazine out putted and there. I have all my favorite style that is old school and I also pocketbooks yeah. That's good but I I exe file a lot of millennial have sort of who have gone back to traditional stuff because the world is so. It technological now and a lot like my wife who's just a little bit all the new Wembley Amaechi writes everything down in like a little book should hand phone proud that I. I haven't they cleaner Garrity an order in new York and the power goes out exactly you blow up of substation that we learned out. Hey by the way the most common recipes that people plagiarize are desserts. The rest of the top five stolen recipes that you thought were grannies. Side dishes breads or rolls sauces or jams for the growth and Amish country and soup. For now my mama's bridge she made peanut butter noodles. Like Thai food that yeah. OK so there's a fringe episode about this. Where Monica once he these grandma's recipe her cookie recipe in the whole episode they're trying to figure out and then it's the one that's on an athlete lost back. My dad and then play yeah that now yeah. And it thought about it before are ready everybody steals this and if you stone for me you've stolen twice is that the exact. TWA. He went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not the. Point seven. It's the morning wolf pack will come out Matt McAllister course heavily is here good morning and only power you I don't get it again you feeling good Wednesday here what do you march 7. Slowed Joes here as well he's sleeping which is again saying that the house there. The ads is solved. I listened a couple things happening first of all. And most importantly your chances a thousand bucks coming up at 6 AM Robby best chances data wind cash. Also got testimony you'll swear in the month club at 610 we're actually going to put Emily to work today. Yeah because this person knows me and I don't think I'll be able to have any problem I have I did something that all decent and never done before. Okay and looking toward that it's always good thrown out there are also coming up on the show this morning let us know how much you make. How did you screw up not following directions and most creative punishment you've doled out or receive. Like this have a pretty busy it'll take him out before we do hitting Rihanna gets out on base here with a leadoff collar that you if you're up you're at a new had a coffee let's go six OTB 206421. Wolf as if I get a Michael. They're so there's. Slow show much fat fingers hung up on rod. And we this'll set up I feel so bad bed and I think righty we'll call back. Probably the case of Rodney for mavericks and we let me let me explain thanks incident in the morning wolf Packers to a regular you guys might recognize Rodney from average he has an Australian accent he called in he's really guy's guy was so excited to be lead -- caller in his phone was so bad that we senator phone shading in the whole time him and -- -- He really is nice ways we called back we get him all cued up and ready to go and I just pushed the wrong button and hung up on him. He's asserted in his personal. He has. Their leadoff collar gods are not smiling at her oh well I wanna hear that Australian sickened by luster ice -- well it kind of goes to our conversation yesterday it's one of the sixties accidents in the world of course. In terms of what Europeans think about American accents. And we got to be feeling pretty good this southern accent was on arrow on the dog out of our I guess Friday night I called back at AA got to move on okay the most well hey you know rod he's bad luck ends up being your good like Timothy from Lynnwood your security guard heading home from work carry you sir. Deliberate fantastic cash now again security guards where he worked with building. Would it. Transit. Albeit it's good about it again great and now do you get scary any kind of weapons and not believe it but that's about it. The time and again I think about twirling in leading us some kind of the. Upgrade yes what's the craziest thing that's ever happened on your shifts like he came across something that is out of place there. Now we we just did a lot of give and access where he'll. They're good let's say you know hey I have thought that you know I read everything you do you're right let's go a minute what is at least. Will we would say did he have one of those jobs where you get people at their best of what is going on here. You're watching my fingers like you do it and that's just disconnected. It's interesting but hey here's a good what you wanna give it that's writing for mavericks. Those at least to say hi to him we could hear the accent way I'm sorry for this is a tumultuous leadoff caller. Segment. All right let's just releasing had a Rodney writing for mavericks. Good morning righty let's let's make sure the phone has got me. They. Yell and yeah. Just a river here it is I always think it's a guy Poland spring and everything my eyes lifted aren't as my. So Rodney would give at least southern accent UB and from Australia. Jerry it. See these guys these foreigners they love it so. Roddy we're what do we leave off we're function and you actually get Tony seconds went ahead and do your body lets get to the song I think it's probably the the reason you're calling back the money be leadoff caller what we play four in about six minutes. Who OK mayor in more skeletal hey Rodney we love everybody. And I'd rather learn a little underwhelming and I gotta say is voted no that was about that that was my second session are right here's what's coming up next after we play our Rodney song have you ever gotten into trouble because you didn't follow instructions well on the Italian about seven minutes why your truly an open the dentist here yesterday for that very reason and we wanna hear from you. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. It's. Here's what we wanna know. What did you screw up by not following. Directions. So this actually came out a little bit and a podcast yesterday. I ended up and Dennis Jarrett yesterday afternoon for about an hour because I overdosed on crest white strips. It's a little embarrassing but. You know I would gone and Dennis a couple of weeks ago I said it diminished in the main white enough to grill a little bit you should go get those crest white strips they work fine give me a shot. So course I looked at the directions directions and put a month for thirty minutes right so for me that means. Forever and wrong OK I think I even slept in a one night. To easily and I had some kind of bit of sensitivity reaction to them where I feel like you've got to have a veneer which is basically face to. And I feel like the bleach when he into the tooth. And got onto the nerve of the whatever underneath there. And I would just tell you that I have been an excruciating pain for the last week even struggling. Yeah as part of you first told us your teeth were hurting your like I tried crest white strip how a lot of sympathy for you the billing you told us I completely like. Watched the direction denial being warm for breed more hours than I should have been apple goes down just a little bit. Well the recommended dosages usually don't work for an average guy. Yeah right so like I say take easily uphill right there it was just like it like for Ibuprofen they say take two best throw ladies and kids. A 200 pound grown man takes for us see I am with you on that but if you if you use a different analogy like cooking a steak. Yeah benefits if you're cooking it for fifteen minutes for medium whatever and you could get for two hours again vastly different result and clearly in this situation as those of you are right. Because I overcome to my teeth to the point where I have never been so much pain in my life and I've broken some big bonus effect so here's what we wanna know what could be anything I mean doesn't have to be medically could be. Beauty care you know and we think for women there's a lot of ways you can mess yourself up but I am going to direction aria guys are legendary for stuff like this. 206421. Wolf or choose a quick text to 46150. Morning wolf back. What did you screw up because you didn't follow the directions right now. CBS yesterday ended up in the dentist chair because. I didn't follow directions on crest white strips and overdosed at the point where I don't know if I have ever been so much pain in my life and and I'm making that up I was. Over my pain threshold Emily have you gotten into trouble because you didn't follow direction. This course and the price the worst time posse the most money. I was not following directions of what size air conditioning filter to put any. So I just travel and I thought they're also wears slid one and it is she's gonna win knowingly they're not intend Amare rectangles they would vote and Bel Air conditioner. And as a whole how we get it out I heard. Barbecue tong is that. Then fell into the air conditioner I had a wire with like dumb money end. Right now I think I finally had all the guy couple hundred dollars and he still every tiny come my house big Fella and barbecue stuff in there this time just. Oh my god. She hated win no Oscars and then upn and the people that are experts just make fun of yeah the rest of your life I just. I just kept making it worse I've grown more stuff and they get it out what about caseload joked yeah I remember one time I add a new car in new to me and I needed to change tires sell but I never doubted an act car so I pulled out did Jack. I guy breezed through the instructions and then went to jacket up but it but the Jack in the wrong place that was like this plasticky part of the frame and just cracked it and. There's something really fun and challenging about not looking at the directions Jonah I need to do this so I don't or right down to figure and a sound man I got this well. Most times you don't got this. So morning woke back. What did you screw up by not following directions let's go to a 6421 wolf for Texas for 6150. Garrett calls and text coming up next. Good morning Amy in snohomish so here's the question had a disk grew up by not following directions or what did you screw up by not following directions. I totally carried out my bathroom. Thirty years ago we think a lot of fixer upper and we thought are going to be fine we'll look at all these projects write them. My husband. Newsreader in a bathroom and put them that she rocked. And he's been OK you know they're gonna do you're gonna finish that she rocked by putting the mud in the paper on the walls. And I wasn't really listening so. It says the amount on the walls and thought I was doing a great job and villainy it's time. Fan mail that mud and then you can start pain in the law of self. I'd start it says the sand lightly and then I thought again. So that I answered in the law Altman and become and then you played only thoughts what they do. What would you campaign meanwhile looks pretty. Any need to pick the construction spotlight turns on the walls and those things diablo lying. Links on. Both the light back there to this day could be where the Pete lines are confident and then on the line. Feel I can give you props for getting an airing get your hands dirty and didn't you know look elbow grease on it that's a tough projects have a thousand daily reminder every time she often happens. We didn't get back to the front Jen she's switched oil and transmission and transmission fluid in oil and her BMW. She tried removing it with the Turkey baster and ended up having to buy a new car. Olsen she basically destroyed a vehicle yes it. Have tries he'll Turkey baster trick didn't work I tell them. I asked him whether we're talking about this because. Listen when you wipe your teams in the crest white strips say thirty minutes at a time. Do thirty minutes just take my word unless you wanna wake up for the last two nights an hour after you go to bed with your head throbbing so bad you wanna die I have to go to Dennis. Yeah that have that was my afternoon yesterday firing a couple of medical troopers here checking in on FaceBook Katherine senate bill annoyed at him and can be said I was chase the dogs. I slipped and tore my left rotator cuff into shoulder muscles. I was told to keep it and embrace but was stupid and I did housework and did more damage. Now I see the surgeon tomorrow to see win surgery it is. And you know he's gonna give that look like I told you announced holds the C I think that's the doctors make a little more money. All right Michelle says I injured my ankle of still the staff for six weeks three weeks letter are expected to jam ended up injuring my ankle even worse and and I needed surgery. Yet one and a half years later I'm still and pay gap follow doctor's orders doctor's orders did say they're Smart they went to that school you know if hopefully our long the whole deal. All right listen don't forget to cash coming up at 6 AM and next only get a break it down with the Big Three stories of the day. Gag you're not believe how much money was raised. For the reminding one possible victim Imus as morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister has been brought back. Tell me also welcome a man McAllister here is heavily with the Big Three stories happening today it let's follow up on Rex the point here Doggett now if you remember Rex of the German shepherd he was beaten and shot three times. While defending his sixteen year old owner with a burger Lee Yang area amazing don't act. The yesterday he was honored IP that he has given. He had he was reunited with the animal control officer who helped saved his life that's amazing that says the F Peta is also offering. 5000 dollar reward to help find those burglars who shot Rex. It's so did you ever find out how much money in the family ended up getting there was a goes on we counted it was over sixty grand at the last knowing they were all issued for ten to cover medical. Yes and yet one of the things we actually talked to mom and issues in every takes him a money get out of that neighborhood they got robbed. Again wow when they were at the bed trying to take care are wrong none this night he shouldn't get robbed him twice Allison Tony for those than their sets and more of that and I excesses junket to a bad hood pass. Well speaking of don't find me you know there's ago funny accounts set up for the U reading 91 tragedy and all the victims of the Stanley decent breeder Ralph Reed. Root route nine US at. So debris like root canals and probably did you you say rally around. And it's amount and I know yeah matte around that nobody got the root canal joke and I putted I am not now. Your thoughts are I hate shopping you need guidance yet. I pay out there was 31 point five million dollars raised for those victims and their payments which I think is amazing. So they're gonna start and spreading out that money 532 families are going to be getting money and they can do whatever they want to lost. Well that is good and I know there's a group here in the POWs that our route 91 survivors because. Mandy sends me periodic email letting you know they get together they have support of office because really only they know. What was I was like yes and we've had guys call in the served in the military that have not seen that kind of traumatic stress to be fired upon like that so god bless and that's amazing. Asked very cool 31 point five million dollars and this just kinda creepy Alexis started laughing and people. But really elect say is just started without even meantime we'll just start tackling is either which slapped her human laugh no prompts. And it's really creep into glad Amazon hasn't responded because I'm guessing they don't know why she's doing it. My dad middle of the night so we'll just start tackling him. Yet no thanks nobody here has one now I don't know set fire to my whole apartment and I just. I'm okay. I've ever had like one of those dog toys are just that kids to events that the batteries dying a malfunction adult suddenly it creepy poltergeist I laughed a motion sensor garbage candles is open in the middle and say that it I think I've got my dress again. Yeah I'm more concerned with having something in my home that gives people access to my voice in what I am mask right or I mean I can think about a product in RD shows up in my mr. Graham C minus five minutes. I now and now she's possessed and nothing yet you yet it's crazy and this is the morning wolf packs with NASCAR sex 100 points so well now on the episode out. No case so we got a couple of great coffee mug here and a note from Heidi who says hey man funny what happens when you pick up they hitchhiker I'm sitting in this mode for youth of the month club so you can share with the world how awesome the evergreen I sinner is. Making good my friend of your new comer and friend hiding out Heidi think we have bows out on the bike ride it blew out a tire so I was surge hits striking. What she meant by that associates ninety waiting for the uber she and her husband rob pick me up you know talk and they used to listen to another country station now got to listen the wall so now she wants to join the month of the problem is sometimes we like to have a little fun with these folks. She knows my voice I so and limit put you to work a little weird. This part of the book clubs sometimes have a little fun. You are cleaning hurting innocent implant can appeal to. Tell how he instantly costs. I think district are in every girl yes I okay if she gave you a chronically how to lead her own yes. OK. And I can help you let that it. Now I just speaks to her personally placed. And it cantonment he. In an accident over the weekend that nineteen might be able to help me. Actually is riding horses eat and Jack kicked in the head. And my eyes have been messed up ever since their little. Cross eyed. By a little I mean why not go away eight but I didn't see burned areas like he even leave my house I'll enterprise on Miley it's so embarrassing. In my friend Robert me to call you personally and maybe could help me point in the right direction. And and help me figure out what to deal. Well let's see what we can do have been hearing and ask some questions first what's your current state it is the 1265. He didn't feel good form now in your name again it's Stephanie. So is there like. I'm hoping just clicked a link is poor. Like you said it's super rare seeing I don't really wanna go out how I mean my eyes are going the right direction more one's going east one's going Lance. Well OK. Then. I'm right attempts to me go run an ethnic you know listeners about the you sit in the head and think that like is there you know. Did I don't think you know I don't think that's that's not put it into my head and anatomy that I probably yeah it's good equipment. OK okay hiding. Yet does deputies voice sound familiar to you at all I know you've heard her before you know her. I know her this Emily and because of Matt commonwealth. Oh good lord. Didn't punk so. We kind of figured you might recognize my voice because I do you recognize your weight Matt. And on the radio right now well maybe maybe he would be no matter where it was in. No I didn't hear it they get I'm Kenya had a job security. They'll let. Not dwell more on the radio that we're not gonna go out there we don't know there. You. Oh Matt yeah piety yet and a small talk we have some business intensive. We do I can swear even of the month club is you were gracious enough to put together this wonderful box and send it in UK cool. And we appreciate everybody over there at the evergreen I centers has got to make this official are you ready hi I am ready allocated raise your right hand and repeat after me I state your name. Hi Heidi. You hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf back. You hereby pledge Miley didn't do real bad and as a proud member of the month club. And proud member of the month club I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning I pledged to crank up the wolf every morning and night to grab the decided by the power vested in me I Debian official member of the morning wolf thank me and thank you. Picking up detractors driven cars. Thank you for where in the spandex. Affect on me think yeah yeah. On the truth comes out. I'd aren't you curious how it to the people make. Of course you're marked as we all are so coming up united believe how much these Russian guys are making it transported emily's car at the Washington State. With the palace raid and these are dug your hole and. So while also morning wolf pack Matt McAllister and new girl Emily is in a good mood today. Yeah I finally got my car here from George. Big truck other cars there and it. And yesterday ask talk and that is Russian guy pulled up with my car. So funny because the guys the ship my car world Russians do or ukrainians are yapping and must be dairy industry right such talk of either the Ferrari on there. Like a couple of other cars not like are you are these all coming to Seattle and they know summer going to Canada and I thought. Has a deal on that long drive from Georgia. All the way to Canada. And he's like gathered at the worth it I think when he when he needed it I mean you can six figures like. 100000 dollars myself. And in the real industry and how many drop in salary I am right well let me show went off yeah watch majors sleeves and pulled up Josh Bashir put steeper impressed and could have been totally wrong guess and that's how I am no idea to make that much money well it isn't cheap Ukraine you know that yes did you are out. You know like I loaded up my car when I chipped it with a bunch of extra stuff in it I urged me another I think it was 500 bucks avenue and I have over pack the car of course right. But you know it's funny when you do the same thing for a living for a really long time like we have I'm fascinated by what other people do for a living and how much named meek. By two guys yeah I'm told I don't think I. Know what people they can I think I'd be really got attacking well and there's some people that work really hard to tell me that much money I make more like teachers and some people there hauling cars that are. Make an admitted yeah after the gulf fancy watches he'll be fun to do. And we're gonna need one person to call list. And tell us what you do for a living it until she named you don't tell us where you work you can be pretty anonymous that way to just just what you do what ask a couple questions about your job huh. And then we should guess what they may. And then we'll let you tell us I like that yet but we just need one person when brave soul here in the morning wolf pack to call in and just kind of breakdown you know. And not be embarrassed about telling us what the salary is right again you can use a fake name you don't tell us anything truthful other than what you do and how much you make to a 6421 wolf right now. Apparently. You guys aren't shy about calling in Jerry how much you make for a living residue this again. Based on the amount of calls we got but we decided to go with were calling her Karen in Bremerton that is not her real name to morning Karen's. Worrying though Kerry in cuts of submarines. Into into your question heavily ships not Sam which is okay and she's 27 years old we get two minutes. To ask her questions and they were all gonna guess how much we think she makes her living OK okay go ahead I. A public gamers jump on it here and how money even getting this job. Our peers okay and do you physically handle the machinery that cuts up to submarines are you a manager. Physically and missionary. Buckets here out there on the job working hard with the in and that seems overwhelming to me to cut up a submarine. It takes. It takes here and so which so these are out of commission submarines that are no longer. Qualified to be in the water. How much training did you have to get through for your job. I'm. Just gonna keep continual Aaron trading aren't that initial training take that power for me. Do you work for the government. Yes. Do you get bonuses. How many hours daily work. France is there a seven point eight to sixteen. Suspect and salary. Rate for hourly. Hourly. Use a blue George Dick. It has ever end. Narrow island we have different groups so. Those would be a yeah hot record that kick out like outer shell. We can't I'm fascinated stand by Karen from Bremerton and we're gonna talk to you about three minutes and find out where you guess how much you make a living Catan up decide. Lot of tank air quotes Karen from Bremerton for calling in and letting us guess how much he makes. Here's what we know. She's been doing this for about two years she cuts up submarines as she physically is out on the job doing it the labour. Sheen is see hourly no bonuses were for the government. You Wear any kind of hard hat safety device Karen. Okay the world gonna go around hoarding your guess how much is in the him leaving out here in Houston and it takes them a year to kind of a submarine says she's probably too says in her career down around our and so handling. What do you think Kerry Burma to makes for cutting of submarines but I had no idea so I'm just gonna go like honest this 47000. Four to 7000 years slowed joked I'm thinking like 65. Move 65. Undervalued and that I would go a little bit lower on now on I'm gonna go 38543. Dollars series as a cat like yeah. I'd like to go right down to the numbers by the way I'm great this game at the women's coach at the cost go check out different game for a totally different there. All right Karen in Bremerton is time for the big reveal. How much do you make a living for a living cutting of summaries. I have made between thirty and thirty I'd. Oh. Can't we did you go is that I only get you know America I will we all win over I was 38 dose of I was at your doorstep yes so you you wins this means I want right you do best and head. Unfortunately he'd be right all the time. And knowing I had connections via how was it right I you know I was little bit over what he did a little slow Joseph guessing you made 65 forgotten of sub scared. I presented. As well I think you should make 65 yeah I think so brings like a dangerous work. Hard work. Very very dangerous and very attacks on is how do honestly I'm surprised there aren't enough out of commission submarines to sustain that industry. Opt out are pretty aren't. There's a way to make a living it's always a Java an album man and I and I thought I can't project was overwhelming GI showing up later okay there's sub yeah everything. They think I take care and we love you thanks for calling in Indian sharing your salary listen have a wonderful day. Nobody's you know NB save on the job cuts them close us down with its look I didn't know that's the thing I had very cool. Fox couple things coming up we have got beat not fake news in less than ten minutes. Now if you have a small child and home. Who loves to mess with your phone okay that's me yeah. Stay with us for about eight ministers were to tell you why that team could render your iPhone locked in useless for 48 years. Not hours. Years that actually happened we got to coming up and announce big news and don't forget about beat the street to a 6421 wolf if you wanna give him a little bit early for Scotty mccreery in Jamey Johnson Vegas. The morning when needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts but doesn't help until now does that and I don't. All here's Matt McAllister. It's no walls morning wolf pack that Matt McAllister welcome great to have you here and Wednesday. You know in a day and age where we talk about fake news all the time it's nice to have not fake news yeah these are news stories that sound fake but our. They start with one and it's close to home for me because I have just about two year old son as well toddler blocks iPhone for 48 years. And the same David have a New Year's Smartphones early this two year old in Shanghai shut down his mama's iPhone. By repeatedly entering the wrong passcode. You know yeah a monsoon or some was allowed to use the phone to watch quote educational videos. These two things that baby and I thank him. But she return home to find and even the wrong path for so many times that it locked for 25 million minutes. It's tough. Yup the woman said I couldn't really wait for 48 years into my grandchild of your father's mistake. One Chinese technicians said he's seen phones that have been locked for up to eighty years before loud. Now theoretically the same thing could happen to your phone to somebody spent long enough typing in the wrong password. Apple's security system locked the phone and you increasing increments of time when the wrong password is entered iBook I had no idea. Starting with a small amount and he quickly growing with each incorrect attempts. And again just to be kind of relatable like my son he's fascinated with phones remotes. Emil little device. That's all he wants it and my. But we would never leave the house and leave skid with a foam which what does mom did crash my ex girlfriend tried again in my phone one time I woke up I bet I did slow Joseph we're on vacation Elvis and look at my phone in the middle of the night and it's locked I can't get into Michael's. It's going out of her he'd been up all night trying to crack America. I and now you know. Hide in the not fake news daycare workers charged with giving laced gummy bears to toddlers placement. Melatonin. Now they ask. Three daycare workers by the latest happened in Chicago. Have been charged with child endangerment they allegedly admitted giving gummy bears lace that melatonin to a class of two year olds are probably trying to get you were flown. To get them to come down for nap time a manager told the police have more than teachers had been distributing gummy bears laced with the melatonin. Without the parents authorization will yet no parents and again that's cool. But it's melatonin. Accidentally injure you know slugger when it comes to children. Yeah can't mess with the other people's kids like the other day. When the couple dumps the popcorn on material girl and I meant touch my kids don't give my kids melatonin. You know whiskey. Am tomorrow. Whiskey guest shot on the city got yet and here's the other part about this police said there were four gummy bears left in the container they found that originally held a hundred and win easy. Gummy bears. You know the one and a heightened lacing gummy bear with militant. He's trying to soak it in at like you do without all right but melatonin that you aren't tell us he's like a powder pills that I know I that's an awesome question but they have with a syringe and liquid melatonin and makes you wonder what else they're gonna all right Diego they're not big news news stories sound fake but aren't. This is morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 points and flack hit the pavement and that could be history tour. Hello Ryan good morning how are you sir. I'm doing well ride here in Auburn this morning your ninety guy 48 years old am I correct on all those things you sure you're okay and you'd like to go see Scotty mccreery and Jamey Johnson to come into the Washington state fair back to back nights September 7 and eighth. You're gonna go to both shows if you can beat the street. Nobody calls you get to ninety country music can you can you do that can you can go back to back nights. I don't know a lot of young ladies you better than that and it's hard to go big two nights in a row anymore. I was one needs you'd be dead challenger who we found at the sprint store in fact Torre yesterday. You're gonna go see bush shows so let's get you five questions thirty seconds on the clock rod are you ready to beat the street I am already that let's do it question number one. Which movie won best picture at the Oscars. It's sea water which president is on the five dollar bill. And hacked. It was at least and who was married Justin Timberlake. All right so it all world in which city is the emerald queen casino. The it felt like it took a lower life but I Tacoma about it who sings bottoms up. To Britain team you're. Time is Zambrano number in the ninety guy how do you think you did. Young. That the great question I think get get adjusted. Well all depends on how the challenger did. So let's go ahead and meet him again we found in yesterday due to sell the Bellevue there in fact Torre at the sprint store. Which are namely trim the way you plan is Jimmie and I am from Everett Washington. And I am a store manager express. OK let's give the same five questions and see if you're going to Osi back to back country music at the Washington State's failure to go number one. Which movie won best picture at the Oscars. High end. The idea I have two kids so distressing news there and I was. Not always get the excuses already doesn't have a good sign for you rod. That they love it evaluate you did get that one right the shape of water when best picture at the Oscars so Europe one to nothing nine Jeremy to store manager at spring you go question number two. Which president is on the five dollar bill. Put them. And Lincoln was the right answer that's a funny I so rarely have cash anymore it's all on the cards that's one of the as you should know that then when your ass straight out like I don't know why I would've known it via a great job you both get it right so you've got a 21 lead now run heading to question number three you're off to a great start here we go beat the street who is married to Justin Timberlake. My wife admitted. Night at night. You know and unfortunately you said the wrong Jessica we're halfway they just can't deal with the Yankees and Jessica Alba so okay no point their freedom whiny that's fine you're still up to one let's go to the local question. There which city is the emerald queen casino. It's a chronic. So wildly incorrect. QC is in Tacoma and you're juggling that fight which came over the right answer rod so yeah. Just like dad great job man you are up three to one heading into the country question and I think you can breathe a little bit easier now that. This is gonna end well for you at the year ago last and final question to beat the street. Who sings it bottoms that. Her ready. Come on man that we were hurt that much listings in me and ask you about birdie Brantley Gilbert. Ride you get a ride that means the final scoreboard you had four importance here read this crystal only got one right I mean that was lambs to slaughter you have 18 street got there they did against rod thank so much. OK okay thank you very sparse thank you for being part of a morning wolf back I have never gotten in trouble because you just didn't follow directions. Well three minutes or even seven minutes why yours truly and a for the dentist chair yesterday for that very reason and then we wanna hear from you will be asking how did you get into trouble. If he's just didn't follow directions. You hear that every morning long. I'm still a party. So wolf what did you screw up. Might not following directions yesterday and deducted the dentist's office sitting in the chair in your slippers in my slippers thank you. I'll be honest who isn't so much team the thought of putting on shoes seemed overwhelming at the time. A lot of pain. I overdosed on crest white strips I went to Dennis about a week and a half ago got the cleaning. Up to like but he drew little yellow Dennis today you'd straddles white strips it worked great. The other direction said that a month for thirty minutes at a time. Well to me. I think the required. The dosage your prescription should always be doubled or tripled so I would put him on four hour and a half two hours and ISO one night I was like I'm really completes these deet it as slept with him and not a prescription. Yeah I know it. It will next thing you know you know I've got this excruciating. To think it's one of my engineers it's a fake tooth great bleach got in it means on the in her persona and I felling my head is gonna explode and it didn't date now yes it's been a week before I went to the dentist so I've just been loading up on Ibuprofen ride the lightning but. This is dumped Unisys thirty misty thirty minutes course I do now I have to say I'm done how many agri through friends and even taking. I take 800 milligrams every four hours and wolf what it took seven. In one sitting yet and it wakes me up Panetta go to bed at 8 o'clock a wake up at 9 o'clock with a throbbing toothache after he just took for Ibuprofen. I mean we opposite ends up Matt that we've all done that we all ignored it. The directions and ended up messing something up. And it. Well so room and said let's open it up a little bit have you guys share may be off a little bit better too and that emily's slow Joseph wanna find out how you screwed something up as well by not following directions. To a 6421 loss of phone number let's go morning wolf back I mean there's a myriad of categories here or you can Texas 46150. Things you screwed up because you didn't follow instructions or directions I ended up to the tennis seriously because overdosed on crest white strips. Now my proudest moment the numbers to a 6421 wolf creek in Texas for 6150. Natalie got a couple of tech's Josh from Marysville ignored instructions on IKEA furniture and his wife had a bill now would we cannot do that I think we've all been verified yet again. Jenna and lake Stevens says that she's the world's worst cut because she doesn't read directions and knows. Think she does better. Right right and made Jen net ruined an entire car she switched oil and transmission and transmission fluid well in her BMW she tried removing it with the Turkey baster and gender bias in you car. I give nicer to her parents. You know I got -- Prosser didn't and I'm afraid didn't touch my car engine and so am I give her respect for that Emily what about you what Andy screwed up because you didn't follow directions. I tried to put the wrong air filter in my AC that in every directions on what side I needed it fell into my eight C. After trying to get it out and they barbecue tongs ended up in the ACP and Dow is that cost a lot of money. Thanks I've been slow Joseph DiMaggio Jack and a brand new car all brand new to me I was changing a tire on a for the first time didn't read the instructions for the Jack in jacked up the wrong part of the car and completely snapped off some very important piece of the frame. So we do have cost it didn't end up costing it was more cosmetic than actual mechanical side in next end up fixing. Now right morning wolf pack your turn what are just grew up because you didn't follow her actions we've all been their 206421. Wall. Good morning show on in Everett I read your crane operator what did you screw up by not following instructions John. I don't know if you will I mean they paid the doctor if you you know what most birds. I snap my ankle into place. Pol. How did you that you can't I can't tell you about what life or you won't hear how good. It. And he ended up all aboard you mix that in the last hour. Sometimes you just don't pay attention we don't listen or everything we know that well yes he got to learn some lessons the really hard wish John and it's a painful way to learn that don't walk backwards let's eat at school aren't fortunate you know metal plate. Cost John hey thanks for sharing your story though brother appreciate it snowballed out of there is good morning Amy in snohomish so here's the question what did you screw up by not following directions. I totally accurate up my bathroom. Thirty years ago week and I picked her up herb and we thought well it's going to be fine you'll what you Ali's project write them. My husband. Newsreader in about her and put them the Xerox. And he is that a case it may gonna do you're gonna finish the Xerox I put in the mud of the tape on the wall. And I would literally listening. I says it took them out on the law. All of them thought I was doing a great job any silly at times CNN. Fan mail the mud and then you can type Pena wall. Felt I've got it says the sand lightly and and I thought pretty good. And a third Jim Walton. And become a fan and you played only response would achieve do. The reporting opinion and local looked great. And he'd pick those instructions spotlight turns on the walls need as if he also lining. Normally I'll. No. The my back there would do it today you can see where it would keep lines are the defendant and now the mud. And every time you go to the bathroom you're reminded of he asked you awful hacking computers for the effort. 206 were two on wolf you can text 46150. Gonna question is what racecar up did you didn't follow directions Kathy from maple valley said she kept facial hair remover cream outer space. For just a tiny bit longer than recommended an ended up with a chemical burn in the shape of the thirteen C I can relate that's just like those white strips man yeah I figure hey. Here's a here's a thought process right eye candy casting I can be friends. Think if it works a little bit and thirty minutes to go agrees that look at the that I power. I didn't write it out give the white misty ever. About a little side note to this story and may need to root canal and she won't know for a weaker through the just. I'm telling you people's feet careful with those white strips is an amen news just pop my ideas come right the light of day before. I come to Nextel to get a break dash to get the Big Three stories of the day yeah I can't believe how much money was raised for the average 91 victims I was shocked. Into the morning. Oh I now. 127. So long morning wolfpack Kathy Wednesday looked at as well there is glorious outside and we have got in only here to deliver the Big Three stories happening today. Yes look sir a follow up on Rex the Dwyane so he red dot if you remember Rex. With the German shepherd he was beaten and shot three times while defending his sixteen year old owner during a burglary last month. I think yesterday he just honored IP that they gave him that Pete as a relic Don ward. LC despite. Well as a radio show I'd like to give an award to the parents. Who live in that neighborhood they get robbed twice in 48 hours right that they deserve a hero award from the southern human beings for that and by the way slows how much they raise and I go funding I was up around 60000 dollars yeah I think it's enough to move out of that neighborhood really keep getting Robb DN AB Rex won't get shot again. Yeah Allah so not yet speaking to go underneath to sit there and go find me account that was set up after reading 91 and the tragedy. And the shocking amount that was raised you guys ready for this 31. Point five million dollars was raised those victims and their families it's. Man I wonder how much each victim is going to receive. They said active they're gonna start doling out when he 275000. Dollars will be given to that each scaling the fifty people killed. 275000. Also go to ten different victims who were paralyzed or suffered permanent brain image injuries injuries and the rest we'll go access. The rest that you have we knew we had some people here in the studio slow join your member the woman who shot in the states and who she's never going to be the same I would say the same goes just for the traumatic. Mental stress some people will never know money is gonna make that better now. But it helps a little oh absolutely and I was thinking for the woman we had in her family's just to be able to cover those the medical bills against huge. Yeah. The vehicle that three yes or anyone like five million I and tiny creepy elect has started the last thing that people are starting to report that Alexa we'll just start laughing either human crap we're like oh which tackle all new. No I'm not now and I don't just like in the middle of the night each new. It just are letting yeah I would GO I think I'd be. Free that's even creepy here damn box that's in your house records everything that you sang and delivers the information to somebody else who's it gonna target advertise you on your Easter ran a path that's the scariest part about it above them a check that thing up and let you. Yeah Amazon have no response yet for why Alexa flattening out as. My guess is they don't know what she's having us and nobody in this room has whenever I go out there I don't think this is gonna make anybody run on bio and either. I've had enough trouble sleeping without being laugh and a guy AME whoever else. The Montana in a warning Unocal and about a Lexus. I thought about what might get whenever I'm on my ultimate hero. Ornate and allowed a lot in the air as they say that randomly. Do that by. I don't know at the time so I don't unplug it. I'm. So damn I got to ask for first of all that's frightening and disturbing. Well it went in it was a fellow parent why did you think your kids needed Alexi in their room at six years old. But it is. Like a big one for. You and I mean and I thought the line. You can tell it like that we in the story. And then you can communicate between you. Like you could help elect it down near the populace that. But hey it was like if you'd like them. Up I would put it that you pick it. The public. Or. So I thought of pulling. Yeah. I get it from junior correctly it's nice electronic baby sitter. And I think. Right exactly a bit of his loving parents yeah we wish Alexa can do for a simply put obviously. Yeah exactly well that might it might. Have like me. They're white noise there what I. Yet it's interesting how many people are actually checking in with us who's Alexis are doing weird stuff the middle tonight. Well you can do rock and so if you haven't gone in elect. And disabled the drop in insert other people can say dropping in on phone out and applicant can you stop on what ever put on I. Okay I'm back at us. Too much that's frightening. Well you have to that they bought the drop in feature and if you're not able usually you can pick who can do it. I didn't write them equipment that they are in need of what the heck is going non. Yeah I repeat all our Montana. They appreciate you jaded about the Alexa. Okay. And 262642. On the whole purpose detectors or 6150. And you were talking about this because apparently in Big Three and luge is talking about the fact that these things now in all -- start to laugh that you receive it. And we got a call too from gal who had a run long but. I mentioned if there was that time denying communion significant other were shaken the seeds and Alexis there's a laughing. Opponent recover. Yeah yeah Gruner and I'm kind of surprised to celebrities you are the guide it says when they come out with a chip. And they are gonna come out with a chip that you're gonna putting your head yet and it's gonna have all your phone or dog impressions GPS involve blood that's coming. Ai is on the way this is the first. This is just like dipping your toe in the water on the lights and finally you always say you the guy for that totally and and and that some harbors serious. The only thing is I can't have it pre police loving it yeah. And I agree yeah. Well apparently that's all part of the program I if anybody else has those. Funny Alexa stories and by the way we did talk to a late last week whose name was Alexa. Are you as she hears the jokes all day long to a 6421 Wall Street in Texas for 6150. Hats that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. When wolf pack Matt McAllister of course Emily the new girl who we put to work hard this morning. Now the mug club if you don't know regular morning at 610 and it's a very basic simple premise wherever it is that you work European W we wanna give you some love to support local. Businesses here in Washington State scramble those coffee mugs sent to us in the mail. But the millionaire. Will call yet in what to say thank you for listening we appreciate you know we plaster a mug shot all over social media and sometimes when we call. We might have a little fun with the just to spice it up before we swear you went to the mug club officially. Now Heidi we call this morning and every night senator she knew me because she pitched camp hitch hiking when time that's a long story not to get into. And I was we're spandex. So I said look Emily you're the new girl anathema to W bush and you're gonna have to have a little fun with Heidi here's a little bit how that went down this morning. It eat me Stephanie and I different Robert told me to call you personally. In an accident over the weekend that I think you might be able to help me. Actually is riding horses he and got hit it in the Hank. And my I have been messed up bad person they're a little. The process I. My little I mean why not go away. But I didn't super embarrassed by keenly my house outlook hi Todd Reilly it's so weird thing and I for. Robert me to call you personally maybe could help me put it in the right direction and and and help me figure out what to do. Well let's see what we can do to help you hear an African. Questions first what's your birthday it is the 126 in fact. He's imminent if people are now. In your name again it's Stephanie. So is there light. I'm hoping just cracked a Lynch's or like you said consumer rare saying I don't really wanna go out how I mean my eyes are going the Great Depression more one's going east one point one. I'll okay and how good. I'm a right temperament O Ryan asked me triage nurse about this to you sick in the head and fix it like is there. I don't think that I don't think that's that's that's so eventually we let Heidi in on the joke swore in the mud club that's how it works so this right now and by the way nice to think about my very first I call her I did not know if you had that level in new pictures right there. So all you gotta do is grab one of those caught emerged as a matter where you works and it too is that we would love to get that we don't give you little radio love and eighty cent to 805 avenue suite 14100 Seattle Washington 91 before and on that note. If we have a great call we can tell you listen to the show and your you actually would like to meet us that's shocking and itself. I'm Rick come say hi T one afternoon we're gonna bring some doughnuts for you in the office. And I wanna think Jeremy at the sprint store in fact Torre because that's exactly what we did yesterday yeah actually got to go meet him which is Super Bowl my first time getting to go meet some analysts are self and I was adjusting to because we get to get into your office and see what goes on their created dude that was showing up late hour and a half laid everything everything I could do in sludge or you know me. That's like get involved are aware of the consequences here are we gonna do about this true and employee trying to set that he maritime accident. Hagel two balls sometimes. So that's it sinister mug right now let us where you go to the mug club that we can all be best friends. You're listening to the morning welcome back we're back McAllister yeah. Nevermind. The mail whenever I had. Welcome so glad you're here thank you of course Emily brand new wording stand on pizza I slow Joseph it is I think is six's your favorite food percent. Dug out some most people's and its love Pete I think that's my go to comfort food. They deep dish are you a thin crust girl I'm Purcell PN. So in the middle. While they knew I liked the story. Everybody's talking about the elect Saturday and how does creepy stuff again as odd about that is well there's something a little bit on the lighter note of technology. Pizza Hut just dropped their pie tops to sneakers. Wait a second model. I'll be limited edition sneaker has these same pizza ordering button as the first. So yes I repeat you can order a pizza from your shoes higher anyway yes. But the footwear is also connected to defeat to how to act. So when you pressed the button it automatically orders to medium pizzas they'll show kitchen door for six dollars a piece. But what are you doing the pieces around. Mean you might actually have to move the this is a problem for a lot of people so you don't got to worry about their missing a second the bachelor or. Maybe the NCAA college basketball tournament. You simply press the other button which is on the left shoe and it will automatically are you ready you ready yeah. Cause your TV. Gas high and away the future of technology has finally arrived with a pie jobs to cedars. You can order pizza and pleasure TV with the same pair shoes and then yeah and yeah morning wolfpack with Matt Matt Stairs. Once or twice oh well that McAllister Emily is here slow Joan just occurred to me. There we have three different generations represented on this morning show now. Emily with your addition this week you are millennial I am 32 years old sludge or you're Xenia. Senior O'Neal that has the people born between 1977. And 1984. Yeah the group watching Star Trek apparently passed Xenia as you describe them as people kids you were born in analog world they grew up in the digital. Which is a pretty good is they're always out there and I'm a boomer. Which you know people in my generation we all had the traditional links. Yeah you know Max Johns Jason's bombs Chris is that tiger all my buddies have the same name in fact you're like eight match it's always a matter where. As at any given time. So rests on this list. I don't that I would ride by especially UN only as a millennial. What would you think some of the more popular girl boy names were for millenniums because they just came out with the official top most popular names for your generation. When you gonna go girls or boys go girls disaster which you know probably okay well I think maybe some of the new world wine lake Addis then or. It's harmed her. Yet they're definitely days in my opinion I thought we shifted away from traditional hey you know announcing their biblical. Right exactly reminded my parents named me that YouTube which verse of the Bible yet John that's it. Well it seems that. We've kind of gone back this way this is a little surprising the top ten millennial girls name's Jessica Ashley Amanda Sarah Jennifer. MO lead anchor number six Samantha Elizabeth Stephanie Lauren yeah. The ad does her all girls I went to school at a that does your bridesmaids read yes exactly and for the boys it's when he traditional Michael Christopher Matthews. Joshua Daniel David I mean we're back to the bubble here gas. Again guy that would put Michael is actually my first boyfriend and his fate now. My goal that he treats you well ZILE dummy on the Latino RA and hot night. So by the way may be what I'm thinking is the generation that's now below. Below millennium gas what is your what is now man I just I just read it isn't it generation. Lying. If they must happen Aden harbor Leon's Mason's Isabella Olivia Ava media Brooklyn. You know those of you to listen to the morning we'll expect what you need your kids yeah any ideas and edible figured out cornered. You 100 points. Wolf it's the morning wolf back my name is Matt of course CNN Alina slow go hand things over here to Deanna Lee was operated takeover hello deeply. Reality. Yeah. What's happened mama okay well I'm just super excited that it's O setting and it's going to be in the sixties this weekend. So tomorrow is supposed to rain and I think it's gonna get really nicely by saying. Really nice I would say that yesterday and I do my afternoon bike ride every day just having the sun it changes everything that's about right around in the great for six months. And I can original date was. Office. It's definitely a mood lifter and you'll you'll see Emily Seattle wolf chains yeah it's amazing people will literally be laying like lizards on part. I'm so I want to soaking up the stuff you wanna smell district the first time what that. Cut grass roots I love yeah I really don't like none of lag time and I went by this little baseball field who's got there must sit down tractor ride around in that smell of freshly cut grass as I explained has grown baby it's here. It was an awesome it's I before we hand things over and don't forget here wolf that we got a thousand bucks coming up in four minutes. What do we do today you showed Dili were to listen into. We know what all this sunshine in the sixty degree weather has got me thinking about burgers and beer Coke down like that half. Having sit and slide coming up right yeah we want people to get tickets for that come eats burgers and drink some beer with us in for outsiders and all of that. So we try to find where's the best burger in the Puget Sound like I'm not. Yes sludge and I both had hit Dick's drive in right where we gotta just everybody talks about that that's like you're greasy spoon. Guilty pleasure hung over you get five Obama. I would tell you I had this conversation yesterday was one of the rock guys deeply and he brought up displays right by my house. And he said it's fantastic it's called triple X birders who and it's almost hearkens back to the day of like ANW drive ins. And so that gay says news training I think it was Mount Rainier. The B seven hours on the mountain and they would always stop there right in Issaquah xxx burgers like old. Adam still remember a billion stuff into the burgers the size of your hands full cleanup. Kind of us. So I haven't even tried it but I know when my kids my whole family's here this week we're definitely doing triple experts sounds dirty but it isn't. It's it sounds amazing. All right so that's intuitive for that's what I'm looking toward today and I want some hole in the wall like. Nannies junkyard grill in Arlington Washington of this place imports counted that's committees and sort of an a hole in the wall at bats admitting that some midi but the wood fat in your burger joint. Gotta be here after yet at. But nobody likes skinny people and murders. The month and by the way our agenda here at the wolf is pretty clear Bergen and taken to. Years in Berkeley and welcome. They try to kill a heart attack here combined then 206421. Wolf or you can text. 46150. C tomorrow. Arnold actually not a character. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 point seven the world.