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Rolling they welcome to our podcast it's the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister and only slowed Joseph. Flag yet what's taleo. One man can make for the program are started rolling here it's Wednesday may sixteenth we appreciate you checking us out finest on iTunes too and go ahead and subscribe so. We know somebody likes us okay that's insecurity thing the man come on it's like getting notification from and Seagram makes you feel that there. By the way it's hot as balls in the air as this is day three and air conditioning and broken and I'm over it yeah tired so this is not going to be long but there working hard we get in apple and other Barkin on our AC so hopefully. Better tomorrow or they can find themselves a nother morning. You don't Himalayan I think if somebody else to howl at 5 AM to ask. All right so a couple things to talk about today second two things are food but the first one. I guess food relates to it but there was a sort of became out last night about the healthiest and unhealthy cities in America. And Seattle had a pretty strong showing coming in at number six on the list and that was pretty good that's all there there's a lot of cities in this N Carolina cities and made includes some smaller ones as well the number one healthiest city in America in Emily maybe you can speak to this. Because you're from this neck of the woods. Arlington Virginia. Yeah I don't know why this brief our friends that's like the DC area I know my brother was not intend yeah. Tell the cemetery inspire you went OK guys I'm not only time I ever sit were Arlington. And meet it face isn't the only thing I can think of as a bunch of foreigners and transplants and I don't know I had no idea. Yeah I don't know leader OK the city Arlington had the low smoking rate and rank highly in scores of personal health and community indicators. About a wavy unhealthy city in America Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Farrakhan hand man and this is the 2018. American fitness index. And so the day factory nutrition chronic disease smoking. But this is the par I think is kind of silly like access to parks and public transportation that is that they really about the people live in the city. Now have access to a park and never leave your house gesture but if you don't have any access to it at all yeah. At least every night you walk a little bit get to the so Blair and I are finally tell you living two blocks from the beach I had an outside more here. In like that month I've lived in my apartment that I ever was. Well and you know having just come back to the midwest and by the way on the healthiest cities this is suggesting there's some mid western and so other places because typically. I find more people smoke in the midwest in the south yet the weather is not as much fun and so like I was back in the humidity it doesn't encourage you to be outsell. But anyway so some of the other healthy cities Minneapolis. Which are real despite their winter is a really like outdoor is he cool place to be and hey prints today purple I think. I think lake minute talk. Washington DC Madison Wisconsin Portland was number five Seattle number six. At Denver which I live in Denver I love Denver mandated to have more sunny days in Denver than you and any California city. Denver's. That it is cool so cool what happen no snow but cynics fail we Sonny asked. Saint Paul, Minnesota. San Jose. Cruz would not have guessed that one and I think. In Boise Idaho are let's talk about the fun ones at the un healthiest cities in America Oklahoma City. Indianapolis. Louisville. Detroit. I don't even think the concept of exercise or nutrition has hit the tree yen down in the next couple years though or get across that Jimerson when you think mammoth silly people dying firm gun violence there you think people like begin to get in shape just shutting gala Soledad tiger should save big on how to run a heck you know it's Fries to like Kansas City right Europe is not a healthy place the weather sucks. People they're still smoke and drink like it's going out of style. Everybody's hands the rest Riordan is now I would vote playa. Side note I saw a list last night for the drug is cities in America so let's end the top ten I think almost. Every single one of them was in Wisconsin the and these are like an end so that what they do is they raided by like what percentage of the population is an excessive drinker took and it's like 26 or 247%. Yeah I wish that has a lot of people that are just losing RKR liked like alcoholic well they don't mess around enough and they have like a shut in period for winter which is I'm surprised where Minnesota has two of the top ten crash for healthy yeah. But they do so. A you know another place to San Diego where's that because San Diego where he's outside your weather 75 and sunny all year long. Every ascending pretty much the sport of triathlon started in San Diego Aaron how that's not on their butt. All right other unhealthy cities in other words places you don't wanna live Toledo. Wichita. Fresno. Gilbert Arizona which is interest in because that's kind of a suburb of Phoenix yes look I don't I know very well. North of Las Vegas, Nevada. Now Las Vegas the north part and then I think also I think. There's not many southern like Tom Birmingham. It's weird like. Knox still I mean weary like our southern Pratt say yeah you don't remember for years and years and years Houston Texas was the most obese city in the nation practice because of the food I mean like you say only so everything is deep fried. Here's the food is just really good you can't find good healthy food here. So you know now I think about it even just walking around there's not nearly as many overweight people here not there's a lot to do yeah. Oklahoma City by the way. 13 of the residents are clinically obese a third that's a lot. 31 point 2% in the city ranked last when it came to the number of recreational facilities including swimming pools tennis courts and dog parks us. Third of a third of the people walking around appearance and one kid at one of those people's obese. Yeah you know it's interesting too easy to deceive families like. Birds of a feather flock together like you see a family and kids standard Garrity mom and dad there's no the status as the double like yea yea get you know by the time they reached an age really got I was shank indecent thing about this it's almost impossible sat right in wall and I you know that's a whole another conversation but anyway so that's that our last two things are gonna discuss today by the way our food related. One good one bad the bad edge series has inspired Heinz Ketchup ice cream crunch why age a lot of shop and Ireland has an ice cream made with Heinz Ketchup now and honor based urine because he loves the stuff so much I didn't know this differently travels with Heinz Ketchup so we always has his cancer with him like ketchup ice train. Yeah so they decided. Of the bubble blew OK so he is on Tor in Ireland right now so it's a lot of shop. Decided to honor him with ketchup ice cream I think what they're trying to do is lure him in yeah they a lot of it is have for some free public. The only days left in our earn Dublin and where this is his and it's grown which is in the opposite side of the country more than three hours away I don't think it's gonna math now. Besides that you do love cats or does that mean you like ketchup ice and I'm all about strangling you. Flavors of stuff that you liked all those new Oreo o's did you. Arab media OK not great not great but to track I did I'm not trying to spice yet and I love I do love ice cream mostly Vanilla casino. I'm white like the white as white guy ever says embrace a note no question I'd like Vanilla as I look at you donut that's I'd so if you're not healthy eater. And you hate vegetables. There's a doctor in England saying if you really do despise veggies that much there's really only one vegetable you should be eating and it's broccoli. And honestly like I am. I get the stir fry frozen veggies it yeah Costco the Kirkland bag is a super easy and never go bad. I hate about baiting you by veggies go bad two days you never Coca. But these keep frozen throne in the walk with some butter bone so where he's saying today by the mid point of that was that it has broccoli in it. Well I feel pretty good weekend everybody broccoli your that you have eaten either that it did if you're going to force yourself to eat a vegetable. Eat broccoli and yes it's got healthy gut bacteria it lower your cancer risk it's got a ton of vitamin K. Which helps you absorb calcium and makes your bones stronger which for women Emily is a much bigger issues. And I mentally out women face well what's it called osteoporosis yeah my mom's doing that right now. And listed as it is a I. That. Is one of the few things that idea like yeah like raw and cooked like outcrop cared but not cut that you know. So most of them I don't like that but I do like broccoli complaints when brought. He's tough to eat in the she could get my purse highlighted problems he really activities. Here and and actually the fact that's what they say that broccoli is a crew separates vegetable which means it's in the same families Cahill cauliflower in Brussels sprouts which by the way. Gorbachev was figured out that Brussels sprouts could be good yes when you kind of unhappy your wife says REN there I did you just fry him up and olive oil on some seasoning and make him kind of Krispy app delay ish. These types of vegetables have been linked to lower rates cancers well especially colon cancer and lung cancer. And the rest of it's kind of boring but if you get it eventually eventual zebra. That's all I got a certain sweat I hated it and I love you guys I love the podcast but god give us American issue ads ovens can arraf. Hard enjoyed enjoy the show we'll have more I'll have more energy and have tomorrow. For the song do you do you. I think he would spell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Hundred point seven. All morning wolf thank Matt McAllister LE range going. How are you free of don't sound weird and human excellence I don't the 1000. Except hollowed team teaching knowing some might sound normal totally normal. Okay sojo I think they're learning a move forward yes good good okay. Couple things here first ball six temelin is where somebody new into the mug club it happens to be the place where we were yesterday Sumner the year would timber coffee shop how great was that. There's so much fun I didn't beginning who's gonna compete with maple valley. Louisville auditioned Sumner comes out to parties and and had a whole crowd and our. First persons are permitted to different pit stop yes closer name again that's actually a new era of that. She was great in Dutch came to one of the first ones we ever did the very first that was really cool it's very very first month came all of a down forever or she's moving. Now so can't by the way and that's pure luck OK yes he came to Koenig I copycat. Did anybody say Puyallup she was swore it was Puyallup and I like I was so confused or might we did we wouldn't give Puyallup twice so close together out if after three hours that they Atlanta a whole conversation on the way home admits that it can Clinton. He's Joe's comments seemed a little level yeah alternately talking effectiveness of Puyallup tied 7 AM we actually got the wolf the work paid your kids and a thousand bucks a nimble continue to aid in the dining tent and every hour for the rest of the day. Chris Young tickets 710 beat the street knew Sam wants song today and really excited about that Ali excited for you semi and then your Big Three got a Sam hunt's story about how maybe. His trip to become independent. And well adjusted to hear that and. You need somebody for sharing your salary today so if you're willing to share your salary give us a call right now and double gets you locked and loaded also we need seven of your leadoff caller right now too and that's coal. Because you get to get us on base get the show started and pick the next song that we play. I to a 6421 wolf if you ought to be lead off collar we'd love to hear from the get to a million little bit. And shadow TJ TL for calling into the lead off but we had to go the first threw take a morning Justin comment from Randy and thanks for Abby and up and be an early enough scholar body. I don't aren't. I think we're great release feel really good we haven't mentioned this just him but this is our third consecutive day with the air conditioning being broken here in the studio which. Is so ironic gambling that the air conditioning decides to break the three hottest days of the year yes it's a little oppressive just out of that we're we fight through the baby. Getting here yeah men tell you do is I'd gotten an attendant work OK woody do you Justin. I am not plumber and a local very cute unions. He's makes good money we know that some serious salary needy residents are kind of commercial plumber that the company you work for. Corporate company called new entity god bless the union's right Justin. Yet players how much more money do you think you make your because you can use our target them I'm a pretty good money but it might have the money it might benefit intentions that are not. Albanian family else guys are rare thing these say yes and yes they definitely are Justin that's fantastic man you married. I am I am married litre kid you get three ha boys girls will be doing. All boy speaking here all year olds and after on the one Euro well why the big spacing between the eighteen and the other ones. Well he'd like to eat my stepson and asked. Let's get your mind let problem in elect is mine that's great your bonus son is a political mind. Yet there. All right Justin will greatly to know you little bit mail we appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf Thanksgiving you know the deals we likely to pick a song so anything you'd like to hear headed into your plumber job. They're routed them right yet it seems to be favored in Laker days now they need you on the ludicrous president straight regular. Every hour right do you like to over that elude us. Kenny Rogers pennies so fifth super stoked to see them talking about handling. Played look at me like I guess I haven't heard it you don't have the ludicrous heard I heard it and let navy man. If you ever want her in alluded record gets it she can no longer combing the white as white guy she's never met them down with Luna. There you go sell the finest white guy ever Kenny Rogers through the Soka. Heyman Justin and happily do that for you have a wonderful day and take care of those kids are brother banks you. Today. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister or your parents like to listen on the pod cast my mom likes real time she's OG. You can't Emily gray and this I'm pretty named mine mine is starve them they have the tide goes I don't know what she did not judging. 147. That. Also I'm wondering how many do you saw the video that went viral and it was everywhere yesterday but I've probably watched it sixteen times. There's there's nothing funny the little kid go to the bathroom is not supposed to. There was and dad. His dad proposing to his mom dad were on a fountain. Indicated in the backer of the video when you know you're proposing to woman you want to be perfect and goes right. Well as the guy drops to one knee the kid jumps off the sounds got to go to the bad you know little kids are grab in their PP yes got to go. Floyd just pulls down his pants and says go the bathroom right next to his dad as he proposes this is how is it dead of course had the whole thing on video. I think it's. Eighties. Yeah. Part of the reason it's so funny is because in the kids go to the bathroom they pull their genes all the way down around their ankles act so the little books are out half. It is the funniest thing. So we got to thinking you know it is prepared to there's a million times when your kid embarrasses your may do in your kid you embarrassed to Paris area. You wanna hear from your morning will bag I have a feeling the stores will go on for days. How did your kid in various U2 06421 wolf creek in Texas right now 046150. This is going to be a lot of fun we know it's early the time to check in. How did your kid in bearish view right now. Good morning aired in lake Stevens so we're talking about that little kid who ruined his dad's proposal by taking away and says he dropped to one need to present the beautiful. Engagement ring. How is your kid bears do you Wear and. We were at a wedding and the reception within a beautiful place when the ball around but because it's where you know in another room there to play area. And their windows all round matches and all the kids besides that all the kids. Just plain out of that room and started very strange and all the candidates and freaked out Ambac. And mind. It involves I told you know better. Still young enough speed dial on the outside the against the windows. So all the kids in the inside are seeing him beyond Iraq. Exactly. I can imagine the little girls do that was somewhat horrifying. Yeah yeah. Now there are well we appreciate you sharing how your kid American men have a great day saying. You don't so either way. The video of the kid doing this while his status try to proposed to his mom she is up what are Seattle FaceBook page that these calls to not have to be about little kids peace and now okay. The topic is the conversation how need your Katie bearish view or if you like in the lead you haven't had kids yet. Do you remember story when you were kidding you bears your parents. It's that I'm about 45 years old and we were going to place to have are like so vote re upholstered and my momma told me like we're going to the hole in the wall place. So I would add to the owner not like commercial law. That many mean but there's a lot of thought. You might call like how do you recover from that. Right and I think that's probably more to deploy the source good guess and I'm looking forward to hearing her right now for you morning wolf back is his kids repeat everything yes that he just don't think they're gonna repeat. 206421. Wolf as the phone number you can always check into on the text 46150. Based on this video of the kid being how did your kid embarrass you. Station in Monroe jealous I kid embarrassed you. So me and my three year old daughter were in the middle of Wal-Mart and we are looking for a layup by her accurately. Well Italy up I'll Wal-Mart they're the clock. Fishy go to Bonnie what. Like Kelly equally shocked CD clock. Love Wal-Mart you answers they were talking about a mad house. You know roosters and stuffs for us pumped 3011 alarm and that's the 1 day exactly and we love you think should be a part of June. Yeah let me get thank you to my game sandy in mount lake terrorist target about your kids and how they embarrassed he got a good story. My granddaughter and it still you go to break through all okay deal and asked. Well I think you made a department store and I don't went straight teacher might drink it manner you know how we were talking behind eighth. Whether it right lady and my granddaughter like that showed trauma we don't can't keep up that rightfully. He has a new crop about us waiting it out to buy outs you'd like all about it. That's our NATO is nothing you can control comes out of your kids now they're reminds me historian who my daughter was I think Chelsea three million I would take her to the gym. And there's an agent and tell you he can no longer walk your kid through. Locker room like for example of that about says I can't taker through the boys' locker door. So we were going through the men's locker to get to the daycare area. And there's a guy in there you know he's making eighties did his clothes on yeah. And I don't of the sudden he's just asked him why Cecil hairy. And our river the guys that he looked right up the right avenue lake. And do that nobody should like why is you know I kinda hairy man you know look at med T Ed just accident she's every at the Hershey store with my son and he is Bob Bork. We blocked by the beer island Yond. Tom don't work for pro club right. Yeah. Oh drunk you mom they're not home it's dusted a Port Orchard how major kid embarrassed you. Don't MySpace deal wanted to make no light Donald. We heard it departments start to lock my large lady and I looked at you eat a lot of McDonald's your back. And praying. Yeah hold it I. There's nothing you can do there's nothing you can now you just today I've been married. Yeah. Lock it. Think that's our. I don't know I don't know where the kid comes up with a he's been noses are not right with the head of weird does demand they reject it and rely everybody. Today I got a victim is gonna drop the Big Three stories of the day what do we get fit is Sam hunts music career becoming too that any. Say it isn't so on the day were playing when it was brand new so high now just after 7 o'clock simply didn't have the same time. This is the morning. Alastair only do 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger than a princess cat fight in their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. I am hunt for lost interest in music. Now you know were releasing his knees sonic downtowns dead today here for the first time at send money and protect Richard just move it. It's in delegates evidently tired and I'm not exactly. He's grown up a little bit since his first record and that he's at a point where he's gotten into some stuff outside of music that he really enjoy eighth. Humanitarian efforts and his wife yes largest in Honduras and yet getting out and you know overseas Dooley and you'd almost say it's like peace course yet. Bill investors Third World countries FedEx is really cool. We've got he said he just has other interest instead that have nothing to do with music and that he's been experiencing with some IDS and defines an inspiration on the road this summer. But you never know I mean I do I just saw as soon as he got married and they didn't go yeah do you manage your I could totally see him just. He's not about the pain like he was one of those more so about it for the music and all about his right now so I can totally see them going to go ahead. And I remember too he said you know at their first album came out it was all about he and his now wife breaking up. Because I can as an asteroid about some on the road and play as such I gonna material yeah an error saying that some you know as a signal. But now. And also if you are the and a book related water. You are not now other look relayed dating see it coming out isn't this the bloody east that you didn't get wavered but I like to so much I don't like him but I know it's huge yeah bubbly water via baby teeth actually looked just like decay and and they come with as short and guys you're left. They have minced trunks steel. The one pieces sell for about fifty bucks the transit route forty and if you ordered them by may seventeenth so pitchers for Memorial Day is it a one piece of the ladies or want peace for the ladies OK and then there's the shorts and the guys have trunks took him why yeah why this weekend. I like you begin work Coke but he thinks and I. Hope before I don't know just because of the new trendy and whatever and be seen them. Yes the did that they would look just like the camp like they're different colors and they just like the differently or do you like the water would you Wear this would be funny okay funny but I don't know if I'd been thinking box so bright but it's Campion cool not yet okay yeah I get an extra fifty bucks to spend thinking more eyes wearing it just to be funny than maybe earlier. I'm of course began in Cinderella wedding yes yes Saturday so what A list stars can you expect to see at the wedding. Of course tennis champion Serena Williams and her husband will be attending out of Harvey from suits is going to be there. Because I loved that show suits and your marbles on hated that you know they showed you mega Merkel has invited. All of our tests are good isn't it great show prince theory has invited British singer and cheering an out and John Chris Martin and all five of The Spice Girls. And also at. Pending it's funny that you mention The Spice Girls in the same conversation is. Elton John is mark I mean that says somehow they're bonafide they're calling it I think about did I don't know his name anyway I'm married to David Becker and how I know I mean apparently then there is a big fan one song. Did you would do all immunity but I think. I felt and of course George and a mall cleaning it will be there yeah we had a. Probably the biggest car company you talked about yes of the known John and his husband. All right. Coming up next we're gonna swear in the coffeehouse into the mug club where we were yesterday in Sumner got to meet so many great people run that down almost shout out to peoples that came by and said hello for the mud club pit stop next. This is the morning wolf pack with now you're down 100 points off the wall now on the episode I know. And before we swearing in the turbines ever top 2000 somewhere we just have to thank them for having us yesterday between new one. That's me a lot of great people heavily got to buy a lot of coffee which is funny and you. Hi Megyn and Kelly right owner and manager Kevin Dallas going with Fox News day. I appreciate everybody's fear what a cool spot manager anywhere near that area like north Puyallup on relay some very dense urban timber that's a great spot. Yeah and there was Kelly that stopped by Kelly and her granddaughter Isabelle and there severstal wishy. Which was kind of the highlight of the whole thing everybody loves the dogs they see in his puppy Tino. I'm Chris didn't bland cam actually do. Actually was actually the first person we had to stop ITU yet so very real meet customer yet either way you're not getting around it. Urban timber made the dog a puppet chino. The dog had a coffee yep I bought a dog coffee and yes yes I happen. And other people without bias so much front everyone pretty much stayed getting all kind of saddening. Little area that have like a couch and chair and it just kind of the big mainly catering fireplace yeah. It was neat and we did get him some things out to the coolest moments for me and Leah hope you don't mind me bringing this but. One of the women McCain she had a granddaughter who had just moved in with her and made a transition she moved here from northern California get this her father had committed suicide yes. And since you have the exact same story just watching you reach out to that girl gap and extend a hand and say look if you ever want to talk about this more. I don't think that girls at a place yeah where she really even knew it was gone he was still. And shell shocked that you got to recognize that you talked about some of your own therapy in death horses and how to get you know that was that was his. You wanna talk about real conversation yes that was pretty meaningful act I don't know that was really special that you reached out to that girl that was that was pretty incredible. I mean I know is having a tough time I get a itself yes let's not many people do yeah and deep conversation now we have some light or ethnic. OK so I talked about it unicorn and Ginsburg you know we've got to have experts I guess so lets us Wear a nerve in his call another. Other producer here and want to yes earlier on about the infamous happy that kidney relativity Manley calling from the morning wolf back. I Tiffany and nineteen payless and it was so great to meet you we were just talking a second ago about all the people that we got to meet him we. Boston copy for some listeners we just wanna do eight. Thank you personally but also swear even of the month club because you know we got to make an official member. Great all right so you would not raise your right entity repeat after me I state your name. I hate it in a few hereby pledge my allegiance. It mainly to the morning wolfpack. And why you all and is a proud member of the month club. How many bad enough I put to crank up the wolf every morning. At 8 o'clock every morning and gradually deputy. I mean I dubbed the and urban timber coffee throughout the world as a member of the morning wolf pack much club. LA. Thank you so much deputy all right coming up in let's call lips five minutes I'm kinda. We've got the official word. I'm Megan mark his dad and the drama and whether or not he will be attending at the royal wedding the drama there are around her dad is great. He had an earlier realities coming up Braly Gilbert first. Here that morning. I'm still a party. Though wolf so we have. A royal wedding update dead there some drama as with everywhere even if it's royal there's going to be some drama mega Markel and her dad. So this whole thing we talked about yesterday your dad in his heart condition and which of athletic faked a heart attack turns out and didn't. This day surgery yet to staged paparazzi photos. We'll turns out Thomas Markel. Actually changed my first it'll make an iMac coming. They change minds that he wanted to be there. In any found out it is hard Dotson a man you gotta have surgery yet you learning about now getting on planes. So it turns out he is going to miss the royal wedding he's not traveling to London. This is free in this last night to get myself you know obviously there's some issues there between meg Marco and her dad and she seems like an interesting character yes you put it that way. But what a missed opportunity I don't care who you are pouring wet and you care about the royals to be invited. Two royal wedding guests to be related to somebody who's marrying a. Bring in 68 is part of it yeah. You can still walk down the guy will meet the qui you will be on every TV station and done. Yeah things the last sort of was the highest rated anything in his salary and packages to thank him. I think he's gonna wake up and a couple days. I could've hit or watching it on TV app. I could have been right there next to Prince Charles like looking at his nose. Police and the meat he's sold some some staged opera tickets or for a hundred grand the interviews and everything that follows. Something to the magnitude of a royal wedding would have so far surpass that financial. Yes I just think he's gonna look back on that and you guys have any stories like that missed opportunities were you look back on I don't wanna use the term regrets but missed opportunities. Sojo I think. To Tim's about a buddy of yours I could have made millions I've got one of the greatest so a friend of mine who's Hughes your east artist he's like a mural are either graffiti artist basically and he was given the opportunity to paint a mural at FaceBook when FaceBook was really young. He's so anti establishment and they were off for like twenty grand that was an upper hand till like you're paying for face but he's he's so anti establishment. Or they offered forty grand or stock options and a guy then end up doing is another artist named David show he did the stock options. Her forty grand at that point when they went public it turned it like 85 million dollars. A. That is a missed opportunity I don't even figure out you sleep at night I know that we don't even bring it up to them if it's a thing by morning wolf back story anatomy and acted but missed opportunities what I hear from you right out to a 6421 wolf where you can Texas for 6150. So we're talking about lights missed opportunities based on the fact that Thomas Markel make a mark is that now can't go to the royal wedding. It was gonna go change mine in the doc says naming got a heart surgery can ago. Just looking back on that. What else your life could compare to being. In the royal wedding walking your daughter down the aisle marrying a prince. Yeah I'm not saying it missed opportunity slow judges told a great story of morning wolf pack wanna hear from you to a 6421 wolf or 46150. I missed opportunity to be investments could be. Of things that didn't get to go to move that you haven't. You know I do. It's gonna sound a little funky it's not something I think about every day but my dad was actually working overseas when I was born so I was born in France. That's coming I was eighteen I had the opportunity to have dual citizenship. I could have been French citizen and an American citizen which is not something I ever thought I was adding I don't speak French but it does it really never know it all comes in and he gets a wine not. Yes but and knew what about parents encouraged me to do it and I thought it was stupid at the time my friends change yeah. Actors ask. But it would pass down All My Children there. I had it like I could have openly traveled or lived there for a year adds I look back and I think it was really dumb that was a free opportunity that was right there in front of me and I just chose not to don't know. We'll have to do I think you just have to go probably thought to pay for workers applied it and ship maybe you know take a testament or the fourteenth at. But you have. I'm as so when I was little I eat and still am a huge gymnastics and I did it for a long time as well who's not snapped and of course the 96 Olympics or in. Georgette now does the Kerri Strug out of this hearing start Olympics. Felt I was out like playing with friends when my uncle called and asked if I wanted to go. Watch this why it happened of course I miss the causing it to be healthy at the venue not only beat the thing. I got to sit with president Jimmy Carter. Because his son lives across the street from my uncle. So Jimmy Carter called my elbow and said hey you guys when it you know come and bring the kids who got all my niece above list. Oh my god you CPR VF spacecraft and a half hour. But this is why don't need about all I'll ask. Anabolic presidents I was a Jimmy Carter would have been like the coolest just mellow peanut farmer guy yeah I mean that's just icing on top of the cake and after the hearing straw yeah if Xena gymnast Mary do if that would she like her ankle that yes I can only one gonna look at this yeah Olympic moment and you miss hello we didn't play enough guys. I was like I'm Brian around the neighborhood they do enough in the morning wolf back to us exports UN wolf right now missed opportunity. Good morning Gary Port Orchard so based on Megan mark goals dad Thomas Markel now having to miss the royal wedding what do you missed opportunity. I'm my father in law. Here's a year ago facts aren't out but. It would not hurt either or whether it's an artist that he was offered an opportunity to work for Disney and eat it ain't that they would go anywhere. Featured job down. What did he end up doing besides working for Disney M and was at lucrative at all. I think what I'm trying to have been many years but I don't eat. Helped design an opinion on him on an airplane but he wasn't ever really well you know I mean it was all right eighty at a career. But yeah he did early artists that he did the it would break it they chant that Disney wouldn't make it so it will look like our man I bite on. Yeah I hitting a draw the next Disney movie drying things. But you know we all have those moments ago we passed on something negative of being just like you know larger than life. Exactly we'll carry we do appreciate you checking in thanks for being a part of the morning wolf pack thanks for the call. You up every YouTube. Got a couple of text he'd always text Estes 4615 though. On it says when I was nineteen which was then in 1976. At the beginning of the computer world they were offered and sales management job it IBM. But it nineteen they thought they knew everything and who once or with computers to ever know again I think that's going to be a days at a Disney being stupid to open up. Rich in the name as was said his data offer eight trades in at Telluride Colorado back in 1970. It was one dollar and a jerk with a minimum of a 1008 curse a dollar. Donate a dollar an acre with a minimum a thousand acres. That now it is sold for one million dollars an acre. That's that's the million. My. It's guys is not a one for myself it's funny is you don't. Wanna think about these things you often you don't wanna do well no you don't know well you ruin your life sorry I was introduced to pick coin when it was less than less than I think it was like. Twelve cents a bit coy and yet and I could've bought. And you know however many like hot thousands of them now they're worth almost 101000 dollars per Vick going to I'd be risks. I. I reality get it. Yeah that's the unfortunate part about this great conversations jarring some rope painful memory out but god here I missed opportunities to a 642 on wolf if you wanna check in all are you citizen takes 46150. Let's go bring it. Good morning jog a leg where it's over talking about the fact that their mega market is that it's gonna wake up got on and win a Buick and I can't believe I missed the opportunity. You beat in the royal wedding don't walk my daughter down the royal Lyle Samaria brings the US main missed opportunity story just. I didn't fall by a mile and GT. Before she met my just due to air force. And I actually skated ball well. We will mercy oh the weird meter guy you know mr. happy trees yeah. So is he dated Bob Ross okay. Yep and he had offered to some gold and each order. And you know we are told she didn't know any better. And it so she turned out. And by the way bought crosses a millionaire like a couple of times over in any Bob Ross workable or is worth millions. Oh. Are not a huge stretch or even more. Now that's unbelievable hey what'd she say about Bob Ross and by the way if you don't agree is an inlet activity face you don't really crazy I as the Afro yeah it is Google above Russ. Did she say use a good dude. Yeah she's got a great the problem was Sergio. Those under wraps to begin went. Cam makes business and pleasure baby she's so ethically she did the right thing financially not so much and all the man you know that would trickle down of the whole family to that's not being rich that's wealth and wealth last generation absolutely all the oh coach doc are everybody today thanks for checking him and have a great day. It's a good morning Robin and a lot of we're talking about missed opportunities you have a story. I get out facts and and migrant that public my momma bird it on the radio. That and it just got public. She had 88000. Dollars in a copy it can't. Unheard grocery money and big mistake she made all of my caddie he didn't know about the money it's his eighth. Those after the Olympic called in and out him when he spotted it eagle you greatly. You enter the Monday spot. It's that's. I'm not aiding and ask given an appealing picture that doesn't matter how that is and say hey thank you for checking in. Yes morning welcome back with. 100 plus yeah. Black entertainment. This story to good morning Teaneck in lake Stevens congratulations on getting through four beat the street sometimes that's the hardest part of the contest yet. It made it all right I'm sure you're excited for Saturday nights ago we don't get Chris young and kaine Brown's part of the wolf here the million tickets and we'd like to hook you up if you can beat the street are. I don't need to step relax don't press yeah I think you perform better you're relaxed absolutely in everything so. So we ask you challenger yesterday we found at urban timber coffee and some of the same five questions we got thirty seconds on the clock. Here we go question number line on your markets that go. Which actor got to start as a front man for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Mark over which country is home to Stonehenge. Eight what is Ryan's last name from live with Kelly and Ryan. And or is it. I remembered. To put it he left which lakes around Mercer Island. And who sings the song Peter changed. And I don't we I don't know. And I kind is. Idea we're gonna find out how you did right now when we asked the same five questions yesterday. To this gentleman that we found at the urban timber coffee house and summer and the mug club pit stop it was amazing. What today Moyer for other what do you do. And it's clan from golf and on the truck driver. OK great to meet Glen by the way great duty delivers corporate stuff for Domino's. And we asked in the same five questions so let's find out how you did when he answers a near ago quits after got his start as the front man for Marky mark and the funky bucks. Our welfare. Mark Wahlberg was the right answer congratulations you knew you were on the board it's one to wounded started to go rich countries home to still ahead it's. I don't know him. A good guess what Jeannie you did in England was the correct answer so. Yeah maybe you take it to lead heading to question number three what is Brian's last name from live with Kelly and awry. No doubt but she did it took awhile which came up with a seat press on and by the way there's an ox include going around him hitting on Katy Perry he thought they were in a commercial break that he's actually. I owners live on television. I want my real removed from the me to move would remember that yes okay so you're looking good TV Europe 321. Quiz late surrounds Mercer Island. Think Washington. You both do that because you locals. Oh you are up late watched it was a right answer for a total want him. And I think you can breathe easy genie cannot relax yet I think you can be relaxed right now OK okay. He's the song Peter Pan. It could facade and I should know that I've. Both miss that when Chelsea bella reading things to your pain and banged her hubby is opening for came round and Chris Young Saturday night Tacoma dome. Which is why I beats notre threw that in there but he didn't wind up winning fortitude she go to Chris. You're gonna go to was going to be perfect in that we can't wait to meet Gina. Two pitches to ultimately get there eagle. Awesome yeah Alexia hard so coming up next that you see the viral video yesterday of the kids peeing while his dad was proposing. Coming out of five minutes we ought to know how your kid in various U morning wolf back. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister you were then entitled to all the benefits and privileges whereabouts cards ballots with in dirt to. Highlight how there core I guess it barely raised he has never got he's someone that she's been taste which not apparently important how much you may absolute. 147. Oh. Well if you didn't see yesterday in your feet somewhere there's a viral video it's so phony it's have a guy proposing to a woman very romantic. Backdrop for the fountain he's on one knee and he's doing it all right it. All of a sudden and his kid decides to pull his pants down and go to the bathroom. It's. The eighty. Well he was almost hard. Zip yeah. And outcome was the little people. So yes. It's not a FaceBook page Seattle wolf by the way and the best part about it the little kids go to the bathroom they pull the pants all the without their ankles and yeah. A little but to show execute this thing in the world. To a 6421 of wolf is our number hello Gloria Ed JB LM showed tell us how you're kidding embarrassed you. Well I opt. We gotta order that they. We can bring them here nor is Kendra I turned around and actually the bush. So how old is your son at this point. You know it a year at a key moment. Chaos. You know that's about how old my son is they don't know what they're doing but forty think you pick that up did we guys and spank him my guess. Yeah. You have me that's kind of shocking would the way teachers do nothing suggests. And why do you think your son spank the waitress and I hop a big invite it to about or see cannot now that I. I asked that we Internet and you'd get top thousand of Corey that is a great story thank you for sharing that they are all local data techs are rolling in and we got through kernel calls to just about three minutes away and if you wanna take it howdy York kid. In bearish U2 06421. Wolf. A timid sea bag we're talking about how you get embarrassed you you got a good story. I guess that's cause I'm the principal at my friends schoolmates said a man impact your suns pulled down his hand in the middle of the cafeteria today. And I said well. And so anyway inked. You know here's kind of a cut up and so it does sound of their bottom of this. And they can't think he's he's past gaffes and we can't accuse him as scooting in his pants. So he was an improved ever Betty. You cannot continue to print. Right there's only one way to prevent that is through this case. You know him my mom used to pack egg salad sandwiches for me when I went to school that was like go to lunch. And they smelled kinda like that so I was in the same situation a lot so I. Tell your son I've done the same thing. Okay well I did not train them by eight sending egg salad and a kisses. My go mom why is my lines smell like a far nobody else's license yeah. Because they're delicious egg salad they were delicious K okay we love you thanks for checking and think I'm right by it. Good morning Mary lake Stevens how did your kid embarrass you. He hit my can actually embarrassed my access their. She'd taken him and her daughter so it's cuss them out to present the other. He is a kid likes to talk everybody except trying to talk with sky and the guys have talked less and they're. Just trying to ignore them. And my son entered is everybody's so like my need them hand and my sister and all The Who everybody was. In my hip people has looked at her ability to keep alert there's like a bit. You know degrading by kids married or not wrong they do they they have no filter and they say whatever they gonna send. In fact you are truly have notebook they're cracked Emily you had a great story about something that you repeated also that your mom said. Yeah we went like an upholstery store or something and my mom told me we're going to this hold the mall finally have an owner and I'm like where's the law. What I think I'm on political law while you. In other words miraculously the dump before we got the job and so are very sorry Mary thank you for sharing your story we appreciate you and thanks for listening. Think let me love you and I got to stick around because companies got a great call from science over him says it. Her kid actually embarrassed her at the border at customs I don't know and it led to some serious problems. Good morning giants over dale so we started talking about this because of the video that would viral yesterday. It was a very touching romantic proposal until the kid polls and down and decided to go number one net. Pretty much almost on his dad proposing so shy and how did you or did it bearish view we've all been. The real irony trip and we're going into Canada. Still linger in your car at customs. And the officer. Noted there's only three of those in the car and they still only three needed at all. And Lily yeah. And then my daughters at bath time template knowledge is. In reality suit talking a person got animal. Well you could see no working gala at. Will again Heathrow but that you were trying to smuggle some illegals in the trunk or something. I'm not dispute that apple loops. They search your car makes me get out everything. No you three all the way in the back it was a jinx don't eat. Things we cured and she's just talking about Buffalo's. Polish guy and you know I live in San Diego for a couple of years and I would tell you that happened on the Mexican border as you were trying to give back in the United States. That would have been a different situation they would dismantle your vehicle that promises. And in light yet we'll candidates a little bit different no we try to sleaze candidate at an alarming rate. And the thing is you can't even warn your kid like Cain don't painting the crime though then all that money set I can't say anything right the last thing what are you what I hear side. Saying great story thanks for checking in this morning. Let sandy in mountain lake terrorist target about your kids and how they embarrassing got a good story. Well I think you made your department store ads I've always try to teach my kids mannered you know how we were locking behind eighth. Well Larry eighty and my granddaughter like Joe's grandma we don't copied that right. Yeah yeah we don't copy or fax mail lady Internet on a mild humid early. Thought about it he didn't. And young Bonnie lake said they were walking up to a grocery store around Christmas time in the Salvation Army volunteer is out there. And out of her little sister Alyssa for moms and not look at the better. I found gainers that hit a stun embarrass him when he is about three years old. Like me went to shake his hand and he reached out to shaking and then looked and it said in your teens dirty. So ruined her saying. You know that little kitty accidental racism thing when I was a kid I thought everybody was that was different to me was Chinese montella restart went to a black woman on buses are you Chinese. Among kicked it over it stop Anderson to a 6421 wolf. Hi good morning Joseph again so tell us how did your kid embarrass you. Well that might work. Particularly my paycheck in my garden wintertime when these different critical love to see that this will certainly saint. And middle finger happened that both logically but some of us of what the old school football ball soft. They can help them my boss was she the police. Hello and joint Joshi had no idea what the middle finger meant. Null they got a speeding he realized that it was early to have the second where he looked into awkward. Not oddly enough he looked up my daughter liked what it was much single woke up. Settling in handling great obviously somebody with kids does this say brought India down. Love and you go pick a series doorman have a great day for Florida today and we kind of hit the nail on the head there as apparent. There's a big difference when something embarrassing your kid does happens to somebody with kids without yes because the people with kids get it. And there's nothing you can do they know within his colleague walked in an airplane if you have kids you feel sympathy if you ask the people who don't have kids feel annoyed at. So there's this thing all the gyms where some bench at the walk through your locker room to get to the daycare or the work at area gas. And up until the kid is like three years something you could walk through the opposite sex is locker room. So nice to bring my daughters through the men's locker room polar world. Wall until one day when walking through and there's an older gentleman naked in addressed after the workout might out of his dad Dan why's he so hairy. And again elected me and I would tell you that he was a guy maybe they've never had kids is that look he gave me if the melted MySpace is like. Run out of their you know he UT should look pretty and did you are coming here even collected from the united stand and asked to give her grooming and where you have a bigger issue story with her son and you had about two or three he's in the shopping cart. When he grabbed one of her Maxi pads out of her purse screened or what is this and the limit the economic past years he. You know it's awesome and then as somebody else's plan that was a couple years or electric Ford. They were in Victoria's Secret he'd have a black song put it on its head yelled I'm that he and Hillary and Apple Store in the mall. That's great series yeah okay listen as USC to video start this conversation a little kids team during the proposal is on the Seattle FaceBook page and Emily is gonna drop the Big Three stories of the day coming up next. Emily what do we got. Kid Sam hunts music career becoming too NN on the day we dropped the new single I know all right we're three minutes away. This is the morning. Alastair on you 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them heroes ladies this is the big story. Sam hunt who lost his interest in music not even though he's released it. Releases Nissan downtowns dead today that premiered it just after 7 this morning going playing eight. Holiday in any rush to give people takes back both audio sample like Costco but music. And this is the first song that he has released in more than a year. He says I've grown up a little bit since I first record and at this point I've gotten into some things outside music that I really enjoy ain't just other interest of mine have nothing to do with music. It seems he's kind of lost his inspiration. Ever since he got married he's been you know doing community here to mean these are restrict to Honduras a humanitarian action mission trips three. Around a little bit this year with the Bryant and he says he hopes defines an inspiration on the railroad but. I can totally see him just going off and being happy married guy you know it's a funny as women are all going on. Because as it did with no money they make you gotta go to work every day. We have money to make you were really successful one album Dili I think they'll go to Zimbabwe that he can retire now you you know I can get it I'm searching for deeper meaning that you. Most of us are just searcher for a paycheck right. Yet so we'll see I don't think this will be the last song you release is below sea where his career goes from here it's great if you are in a book for Ole. Water which you are not I am not it's so many people are I don't and the only one that's not they have now come out of the quiet bathing suits. They actually it looked like the different flavors he can get the different colors. A woman the one piece film. Murder. Is that a water didn't seem to. Then my Youkilis that is. Hottest bathing suit I've seen this summer. Well you're in luck because guy probably is a lot on mad. But this fronts over about forty bucks women the one PCs go for about fifty bucks yens and if you ordered them by tomorrow the seventeenth executive for Memorial Day. Among her up and do it. I'd like to teach the courtroom really short short shorts like John Stockton sparrow a shorter. I don't know how you can so much see a woman wearing a teen in doing it as like a funny joke. Applicant isn't it yeah they are let's be honest you showed you pictures I think it's again if you netware and it is it's kinda go look I canceled my order for your dad has I. Of course in royal wedding is out cars and what. A list stars can we plan to see there look tasty pianist Serena Williams and her husband will be there mega Markel has invited. All of her pillow or 'cause stars from the these. So seats which you and I loved that show and I don't even know man is still lawn they cancel when she left. I don't know I never I never thought it's great show Prince Harry has invited British singers like Ed Syrian. Elton John Chris Martin and all I had The Spice Girls can you image in The Spice Girls in the same sentence at Elton John and Chris Martin and really look at Prince Harry thinks they're special enough. Then they belong and that entity is telling David Hasselhoff in Germany The Spice Girls and England are still kind of something. Mean as a reason that one posture whoever got to dig on Loria know GAAP. And we don't know what to believe that it won't let me call me exhibiting all the bad. Days royal wedding I think this will be more on your payless and George economically and yet they are a power contact Dina. And OK moving on your share your salary this is gonna be great today ready to find out how much Caitlin makes being a behavioral intervention specialist. And before we figure that I guess we'll figure out what that means. Is do you think. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 foot putt downhill. How much do you think a Space Needle window washer makes Laura particles scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do agree not to look at someone how much money they make and they need to be aghast let's play share your salary. Because we don't wanna know what everybody else makes a living but it's never OK to ask until now. Suburban say hi Kate Lynn woods Galen good morning behind. Nike and Kate thanks her Sharon salary this here a couple minutes. Before we do have put men on the clock re asking many questions as we can. To try to figure out what we think you make and Daniel tells by the way you worried behavior intervention. Specialist is this correct me. Okay great answers and questions. Are. Emily are you ready to kick it off I'm ready to go right so what exactly is a behavior intervention specialist good question. So I work at AA had an alternative for is a lot Karen facility for your children with mental health and behavioral disorder Helen have you been there. I have been married for almost a year and how much schooling house. I am one earring in my master's degree. Who was this your dream job. Yeah. Kyle would you recommend this job to other people actually that. Do you get any kind of bonuses or bumps and peck. At I get debris is why we. Are you are part of a union. Now. Three to breadwinner in your friend. I got. How long is your cameo. Ash OK okay Al sounds pretty reasonable to me and give us the second gonna formulate our guest is here will come back and I Kalin will guessing you share your salary a guy. All all sounds awesome all like Calif. Welcome back to share your salary. Because look. We don't wanna know what everybody else makes a living but it's never OK to ask until now we have got came and on the phone she lives in Lynnwood. And she is a behavior intervention specialist Stanley before we guess what we think she makes a year loyalist who now. Fish she works at it tell the alternative school she works with the kids there she's been doing it a year. She is not a part of the union she gets paid hourly but she's also one year into a masters she does not recommend this job it's not her dream job. And she gets a raise once a year. Okay. Caitlin to be listening. At. Thanks majors tiller. Emily Emily Nagle first and she win yesterday I dipping okay what are your own I am I know just because she sounds so unhappy with the kind of a little low. Yeah I can't tell who's more unhappy her Jeff Drucker staff meet normal wanna do their doom I'm now 39. OK and I bet for Kalin. Driving a truck sounds pretty good some days we try to deal with other people. Back in Athens he would him and make a decision in his truck and nobody bothers me. And OK Emily goes 39000 a year on the go 56. Sank because I'm hopeful like a little more respect. Slow joke I you know I worked at a place like this before I'm gonna go for 545. K 45 all right give and be ready to share your salary. Already have our I would Caitlin and eliminate the behavior and a specialist. Go ahead and share your salary. At the port actors I make 26000 dollars. I. May have a lower than everybody gets now. Here and I that you put up with a lot of the craft. I do it start the filly is a complete lockdown facility can't answer any door without eat. And that's because my CDR and can be extremely aggressive in being your. Well Adam I get a couple that's pretty regularly. A you have to children because or strength often. And it's rough and I don't look at all. Oh yeah that sounds a lot like a place that I worked for a couple years. So you know Q and every day it's it's scary like you have the. Seriously hurt. Oh yeah. I am an October at a single effective diet apology out this crap. Whoa okay Caleb why don't they get into what why do you keep going back for Tony come easy you just got to bump up in salary. I got Aaron. I. Sixteen and fairy. I eighteen cents. Fixing them well. Have some good stories and and there's got to be some kids that are you really making a difference in their lives. Absolutely and that's that's why keep coming back as they love the way it's probably part of your continuing education. I am partially. I want to end up working went added. Children I'm getting my masters in counseling psychology is I'm looking to becoming a better this time. So I'm not to work with children I'd like to be on the track my mental well look for eighth on the credit. Well listen you take care yourself and we appreciate what you do and as kids we know how hard that is in we're gonna slide you just the truckers number we got. We underestimated drive short haul you know we're also create known talk about it. Is it true there is a truck stops a real fun after midnight to let imparted data we log yeah yeah yeah. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf this is the new dress that's breaking the Internet do you remember that Emily with the dress whether what color of the dress was was it like white and older white gold heard back Hillary Akerson in exactly. So this is the new clip that is breaking the Internet somebody posted it I don't know why but the debate is whether or not in this clip. You hear the word moral. Or Yani. OK take a listen tunnel which bank. I hear laurel all day long Emily Donnie. You hear Yani when you hear that I don't I don't know how you hear laurel. Slow Joseph I can't imagine how anybody could not hear laurel exactly my life last night same thing Yani. Don't tell me this is a gender problem listened to one more time. A. Laurel you don't hear laurel I hear Yani Emily. Laurel Donnie laurel. Donnie okay we pitched it down and we pitched it up I tell me what you hear him. Yeah funny okay weird I hear Yani there to ask you that's weird that's pitched down here's pitched out. That's floral. Here tomorrow pizzicato. You know that's fascinating when we slowed it down I can hear Yani. The Dow recent sped it up. So you hear Laura I your laurels since that is bizarre. If you're listening right now just this is so stupid but Colin tell us what you hear you here laurel or Yani 206421. Wolf. I. All right so this is. Audio clip that is breaking the Internet it is the new dress they're calling it dear laurel or Yani. Yeah. But to a Yani just tweeted he's changing his name to beyond just the world damn I missed the mud slide. I actually did declare he what do you hear laurel or Yoni now Emily here's Yani I Don I think he's so weird I can you're nothing but Laura go ahead ashes. I'm here laurel okay. Informal poll that have you checked the text here there 6150. Andrew and spent away laurel or Yani. Your lower auto liberty or not that's what I don't know how anyone here in laurel. Let me Andrew. So here is pitched up in pitch downtown we hear anything different but laurels is actually do you. Do you hear the Johnny. Column and I am not hear it here now and I knew it wouldn't give up or call but I heard Johnny little bits. Yes. It. Gotta hate they protect it and you know. I do here young either gap idea all right that's pitched up and as well. So they Mike in Lynnwood what do you hear laurel or Yani. All alone for oh no cracked. You fidget yeah you hear Yani. I don't know why this is I Google that there's a whole article a speech pathologist has played in center is a reason why people here are certain different things yes it's pretty interest it has to do with age and pitch and which were you more comfortable win. And I mean neither of those words I was comfortable at her and her partner I wonder how we should come back this tomorrow because for me with the dress thing was big. Our member I can't remember which way flip flop but it did for me. I saw it one way for about a week and then it flip flops and it was the other caller the dress never flipped for me really and it's so I can change I'm Doug what is your resume attacks. Almost everyone is hearing Loral up you people are hearing Johnny that you heard it all world both female and males. But I think everyone has dropped. When your. Could really wonder what's wrong with you I figure like and beat the equivalent of being color blind except. In your ears yet your ear blind you all are all your blind you know it's going to be nineteen things Andy Martin and really help us. Good morning sat with Matt McAllister has been trying to. You 100 point. That thing though lol how about this during yesterday's former Alaska state senator Johnny Ellis was here taking in the sights and sounds of the Puget Sound. In on his flight back to Anchorage. He sitting in seat chilling. And all of a sudden. A naked guy runs by him in the aisle on his way to the cockpit Emily rains what do you get. Cried I mean shocked I don't get good right sojo. As a guy. And maybe a more prone to actually induces a big dude what do you do. I think you gotta you gotta at least get out than liquor around and make eye contact with somebody else decide if you're going to end you know prevent anything very. Yeah you've got to say let's roll you gotta take this guy down even though he's making his jokes all over the place. You gotta do something with these corridors got good which by the way I don't think you can get into the cockpit anymore it's all locked in barricade as they make it with nothing to get in need and then there's like a secret Covert and knocking stuff they have to do to get an. Well that's exactly what day in good Johnny Ellis man because that's what did he got up and tackle the dude he was among a few passengers who witnessed and made that naked guy. And suddenly he did on the descendants. And what's even more Odyssey was watching that weird movie that James Franco made the documentary about the rear documentary guy who won't point the movie is totally naked the disaster yet he was watching that movie and somehow. High on something was inspired to be naked. I rushed three guys yeah if he's pretty sure talk that I get it but if heat maybe in the front running towards the back. Yes Dell Catholic areas like like yeah those videos well I mean they can open the emergency exit door checking cause that series they just really have got a bathroom. By the way they can't confirm because they never do that there might have been an air Marshal on board who also has that helped in need. Boy you know that's like playing outfield. For really good baseball then yeah thank you don't get called on much I know whenever you put out once every ten years. I think about the I mean that's a local Dhabi just right on the plane all the time when you're needed Maine and you're needed and it's good thing too is the plane was on the descent into Anchorage so it wasn't like he had depending naked guy down in lightly on top of them for two hours is an element I just locked the door and when you you know I think they just held him down and in like 45 minutes later they had a guy detained so Ralph yeah I think he got a let's roll. And now I'm I'm really. Chicken myself and I can't remember the name of the heroic 9/11 guys and said let's roll fan and now it's a name I don't want to forget. Getting to that community texted to me for 6150 that's here I never wanna forget his name and I forgot it. Not to compare this to an island but it wasn't making very good morning. You 100 points. Wolf by the way let's roll Todd Beamer let's not forget the name Todd Beamer let's roll even when you have naked guys in an airplane used to go to every minute deal. By the way before we do things over to Deanna. An air play any event then. Another was in naked guy actually a former senator from Alaska was flying from Seattle back to encourage hope and as the plane was descending. All of a sudden and naked guy runs down. On the right out there and and I would think demand you know our role 9/11 hero Todd Beamer let's roll again take big guy down it's so they did. The state senator takes the first down and then you're right in the name of lock him in the laboratory. I met. No on a plane for some reasons a lever to ruin I don't know why New Zealand police miracle of the laboratories on an airplane except Cooper. It is died so I was little reminder to gotta tie against the to get the 10 o'clock on the app for Seattle wolf dot com or on iTunes. We'll be talking about the fact that Seattle as the six healthiest city in America in more importantly let's say the least healthiest city in America. No shocker and Leno offensive in the south. Brad Elsa. If you hate vegetables hotel DD you only vegetable that you ever need to eat. And also white is a new ice cream inspired by an edge here. Yes it dearly would be good and a lot of fuel there. Most area air BAB Reynolds go perfectly and yes but then there's the air being the host that we had in Kansas City. This woman would not leave us alone she was banging on the door early in the morning she was pollen as. She was so nosy and we could not escape this woman known now so in the Caribbean v.s that didn't go so good for him. I mean that's the only one every every other time it's been very Friday it is like checking into hotel you say hi to them at the beginning or. They even justly the lock box thirteen don't even have ever have to see them usually the way it goes right. Yeah so we're talking about nosy people nosy neighbors today and I'm gonna share my air BMB story it's also on. The lunch party the podcast with between now and again very cool yeah. NORAD to a 642 when wolf it's Hillary tattoo DT also 46150. Z day you know around here. Actually not a person. Marty I'm still.