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Wednesday May 9th, 2018


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Rolex they welcome back to our podcast for Wednesday may ninth I'm Matt McAllister some portable vacuum Lehigh. And they might be a little bit tired choosing one week last night you'll hear me why on the show here in the second slow Joseph hello hi so let's talk about a couple things as the bonus contents by the way who bonus won't that we didn't talk about a shattering including the latest trend it I guess you would call at the latest of fire rolls. Traders are all challenges to tide Todd was away big one they're stupid they're also to beyond but. But if I think about all that when it went to get into this but all the stupid crap but it is a teenage boy yet again it. Yeah I should have been announced the minimum numerous times that I wasn't. And probably had technology bin not way back then and there was viral videos they would have been challenges as opposed to just. I don't know I was on the rise again totally. I shudder to think what Mel I've would be like if social media and camera phones were around when I was can't wait didn't I see video viewer one point lighting your fart on fire with a bunch of guys a backyard drunk was they had totally without them like my twenties. Yeah yeah yeah we've been ever doing all that kind of jackass out stuff but man that that we had to like get of actual video camera for that guy is up in tripod paths easier now southern new what is called the deodorant challenge which dearest kids to spray deodorant on their skin for as long as they can. That's of the ever thought about but apparently if you do that and leave a really nasty third degree burns that opens up and starts to pots and burn NF freezer burn actually airs Sunday it's so cold track the crazy thing is is that big of the story I read last night OK first ball is really popular in England and the girls do and not the voice. Started late Q good deodorant on for so long they realized. I'm burned them I got -- issued a challenge to the youth of America I mean you can basically look at it anything in the studio and I could figure out a winner her myself with that and call it a challenge important on the Internet and some other idiots gonna do it I feel like the first person that did it accident and they don't feel dumb as they are old look at how cool light and you do it you so they don't have learned like in their arm yes I want to that would burn your hair off your arm pit first or burn skin under which frees you Harry yet to come off so a fifteen year old and England suffered second degree burns after doing the deodorant challenge and kids all over the place are now doing the same thing a there was one. That was so severe she had to get skin grafts from other part of her body put on her arm in and of course. There is a permanent scar yet in women are so beautiful Achille Laura walker of the bills like I don't know scars all over me from bike and run accident and Barnes are dual purpose no had to get that sky there. Dissipated and agree go to theater at Joe's attorney H dean I know you've been following and I think most of your stupid I I think it will end of the day right here and like that is the dumbest thing all of this might be dumber. But if it works well this we've talked about this a little bit and annaly had already heard about it but it's called the vampire facial. And for some reason it's really popular in North Carolina but it's starting to spread throughout the rest of the country. But it's basically I guess I North Carolina I would think California LA and OK so I have a friend really good friend in my shadow to rest looks. He was a friend of ours in California and he had a lucrative plastic surgery business and he actually got lured away by a company in Pinehurst North Carolina. Where it's like this whole plastic surgery compound. There's a lot of money in North Carolina there's a lot of money in north and there's a lot of plastic surgery places and I know he's been living their last ten years doing really really well worker for somebody paying him to do boob jobs. So I think it's one of those retreat type place. Her Jeff Kim Kardashian went in had a stun the vampire facials when they take your own blood. And sticking into a facial within putter all over your face yeah the reason the platelets in your blood are supposed to aid your own skin in some way I'd I don't know. I have that he's Exel speechless you know what I would that be curious as to as to how that actually works or if it does are there just like is is I just don't think you'll see that drastic threat differences that it's just another. You know I think it's a way that you can feel better about yourself could you doing something right. But if you think about the way celebrities spend money and that's the stupid vein things they spend money on for example. Kim card ashy and press on nails for the met gala were flown in for her from Los Angeles on Katy Perry's private jet. Meaning the attorney nails look to bigger carbon footprint for one night than most of us do. In our lifetime. Yeah that's ridiculous and you think she like accidentally left in the home or were they being me at the time and we're ready in time already materialized here again you're Katy Perry look at it two totally like fly my jet it's like 200 ran back across countries and emails and so worth it right I get it on my god I hope the nails are the only passenger but I am. I've I worry that anywhere yeah I mean what other item or person would happen to be in the same place and our TV inevitably someone had to carry the needles. Yeah sheriff. So Joseph to answer your question they say we simply take somebody's own blood we process it and we use their own platelets and fuse it back into their scandals. This is at the Biltmore restorative medicine. And I don't know about you but whenever I hear the word billboard it's expensive it's nice it's fancy that okay. Once it's all separated put amendment came on your face they begin the micro needle which is crazy that sounds my wife does that RO NG but first was like a little tiny baby face roller which I think so yes another gallon now it's this micro needle that she has it looks that like that has these little tiny isn't she's like rolls her face in it I guess it cuts your face like that to very small degree. So it's like air raiding the lawn he puts fertilizer down and basically your eye and what is the end result. Well case of the skin and absorbs the platelets from your own blood in the vampire facial. Dubbed the bow of the boat were tricking the scan into thinking you have damaged it helps to repair areas to have wrinkles and little finalize. The blood is left on your face for a few hours and then the deed is done. By the way cost about 800 dollars to the vampire. Finale have a nice glow like the rest of an act. Problem I mean I wouldn't I I just can't imagine this. If it works like that's it's impressive and like. Does somebody came up with that night hurry you know I'm I just wonder if it works it seems though like in the world officials that people put basically anything on yeah race head and it supposedly helps track. See we remain as a gimmick for Abby is going to be horse crap pretty soon coming out of team boss I get a horse crap facial. Out of me and cloth asked 300 dollar other value on Harsco Apple's there's an earth speech you know what people LA the people would that are doing this are so stupid and they have so much money then do it though not yet they Cingular ads is ignore the smell matter of this attacker a brawl or you face similar a mullet you percolate for a couple hours and make up some big fancy words and say why am airing your skin at its. Process or scratch how we've treated his or her. In the back regatta trader who think in. Anyway I'm moving on something a little more funny. Is if that's not funny enough but. There was a guy apparently there was taking too long at a McDonald's drive and so in 91 year old dude behind him and the drive your pet fired a warning shot. With a gun over his car and. I mean he did how much less he's got to get the birdie gap quickly listen you yeah you were you when you go to those terms by drive through isn't somebody's sister and their just ordering for like. Fifteen minutes and their constantly talking to somebody else in the car and getting corrections you know. I going to be there for awhile and that's frustrating yet and I always have anxiety that I am taking too long so I mean I may make sure it's you know we've got the kids in the back and Vanessa and I never did get a different order no pickles and I want any. So I try to get all of that died anxiety about being you know ideally on anyone that italics don't the AT&T got a heavy ducks in a row before you get to the machine well my theory tee on the likes OP wants to check everything before we drive away my no Burton well yeah. Oh yeah lately do you pull around and check it like a giant IKEA are on the you have bullies don't sit there now that that's great etiquette and nobody has great etiquette. So this guy by the way it was in Richmond Indiana this was Monday his name is Johnny Douglas he was at the McDonald's drive through. The guy in front of it was 39 year old Philip Bailey he was I'd I'd maybe there was a little bitter back and forth before this happened I don't really know. But Johnny starts you on him to get a move on and Phil appeals back in and have thrown a drink at him. He provoked it. That's when Johnny pulled out his gun luckily the bullet didn't hit anybody police showed up terrorist Johnny shot. Yeah over the balance is gone. He got arrested for criminal recklessness and putting a lot of flyer permanent person about a Phillips also facing some charges for intimidation yeah and disorderly conduct. A by the way these guys look like a couple of real winners. The mug shot of the 39 year old Philip Bailey he's got like. I guess it's a Mohawk and as only has hit east does hair it's like a full in the it's the faux hawk that your twelve year old boy and a half athlete than they actually use like homers. I don't care I care or happen I'm on the side of the manual on your. And Eva buddy and you put me in jail now are they. Well anyone year old is just 91. My Khamenei even nineties T Moore is a crotchety old me yeah and the other guy Mexican mean person there it is again he looked like around now sets and there's no need to throw the during the gap become especially look at it there's. If this happens to me yesterday I was back in up the car out back knows cost goes two days ago. And there was a car to can really long time to back out so I can see even the camera in the back and who's waiting only Jesus. Sec kind of starts have like. Back now a little bit Lebanon commonly let's go let's go on my normal leg gets gifted you know stuff done retained thickness that I cells are really old guy there and like okay. On the brakes at all dude like that's gonna be me one day today respect your elders are yeah absolutely give a more Jim given more room to breathe in saving the average person. Okay in terms of anything else that's an interesting that we didn't get to talk about there's some kind of cool good news and I and actually read the story but the headline got my attention there was a guy. Who I guess he didn't know who is birth mother was but found him. And when he found her. He realized that she was missing him too because she had named her restaurant after him out immediately are hot you know the right here I think. I. Okay air force colonel is name's Bruce Hollywood what a name that's a nice name he was adopted in Japan in the 1960s. And when he tracked down his birth mother. He found out she knew his name because his adoptive mother sent her baby photo. And she owned a restaurant that she had named after him even though she never had a chance to meet him. Were only here and about it now because of a site called the war bride project. And the Washington Post picked up the story Bruce Hollywood has a 57 year old retired air force colonel he was adopted by an American couple living in Japan. He was it was adopted that a he never wanted to meet. In many wanted to get to know or anyway he found out she owned a restaurant called Bruce and you named after him well. And now they have a pretty cool relationship lovely story and then Heisman and a dissident in the second half a percent to. And quite honestly today show I'm exhausted from that Emily I can't even imagine you feel could you were exhausted come an end. Ams I'm slowly shut down again yeah I can a series like Andrea. Has MM newcomer on me all your almost I and a couple assets to get home by the way my wife can do that and I don't know how women or anybody can like take so long to consume a beverage or amount of food and you have been working on an under for five hours why I chug those things. Also growing up like it would take me. An entire heated drink it can't coax I don't know what flat drinks were like I don't typically put ice my drinks because it would just watered down so it's just I've always been telling these nurses and then I mean by flat during treatment water. I didn't opening can't Coke yet. They think it's flat you like it flat no I just I didn't realize that I would take into hiding need to drink at. So like I mean that whatever does not care carbonated and current added navigate I was so used to it that I was like. I'm so confused why am not. OC don't have ice because over the course of a long day it would help comes water there OK Adam no lies. So you drink it wet and hot and flat drinks don't bother me because I just keeps you drink like a flat tab in the middle and it isn't not at this bottle or not is not carbonate anymore and opened it enough times just this year it doesn't taste any different to me I did mutual coffee though because I I find is a little less crash because there's no sugar it's just caffeine. Because we can't be Iraq coffee why. Now it's I hairs and it's yeah its. It's so much better way I I know it is just the way I would do it there'd be sugar but. They got it I it's an acquired taste and I yet at the start slow but if you're gonna use a stimulant to be awake in the morning I would rather have you have the caffeine and the black garbage because the crash comes in the sugar yeah I enhanced with the caffeine. He's got to get away from the sweet yeah yeah I don't think there's anywhere you're not crashing today PR I was planning on net. You're gonna take an app. Why is it yet it's like you're gonna outlaw yeah okay don't squeeze in a stupid date please and you have one. They the much mentally I really don't like I hate you you're lying right now. I know you like I can tell. I was rusty but I ironing your blinking too much and in my back at the ID but I Arie Nelly and on and pervasive rough as of right now you have a standing day. Now. I attended it like hey whatever but we didn't candle lit up I clean and so he's not humane and you may not sleep again tonight. So you can't I now know what they carry yourself. I feel like I can think care at. Work and I am not seeing anyone I am still a fine sees it all right I got this all right you got it in any help Obama I. I'll talk you down if these guys it's it's quick coffee morning noted. All right enjoy the show and we'll see you back tomorrow. If you do you believe. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not. Point seven. Wolf the morning wolf back to back on the radio Wednesday may ninth good morning I'm Matt there's heavily Raines did pretty slow joke around. The normal stuff in zoos today six tend to talk about the man I'd say there's similarly off the change. Hostage business knowing that you went to park your car that actually pulled back. Often is old now. Can you so much final tired run down little bit later Taylor Swift dig at 710. And share your salary every single day now and aged ten which is so cool. But the big thing of course cash. Seven Miami for a shot at them money money money 7 AM Emily will you be if you were detected in and boom he could be a thousand dollars richer than it's every hour for the rest of the day. Okay and I got an email. Direct did you miss Emily rings a million a good way. Somebody it misses and as somebody misses Tacoma Tom. He says please let Emily know. It's she's not alone I've lived in my house in Tacoma for almost two years now. And I still have an entire bedroom full of unpacked boxes mostly stuff I should have tossed instead of moves but still in boxes from so cal. Two years. Attending a ladder you know what I was looking and all the boxes last night I think I might tee box free. By Friday and I'm. Really. And so that would mean that I would lose the that. If you can be boxer yeah digital music box three do you mean the boxes we impact of the box and be impact and out of your apartment. Will depend on how me act. It might Clark is I did find a place that I can take a long yeah that's good. But I don't know how many can fit in my car well you know any broken down I mean and what part of the data known and an. Mention dad out just trilateral fire and eager and motivated you know why now I just don't want to be right relevant and it worked and I think it worked. So that's good that I've that would be happy for any know what more than anything as a parent and have your mom. Gas incumbent enjoy that Pacific northwest that's unpack your crappy box lost not decorating to view but. No unpacking and that's fine. You know I listen we really don't collar before you do anything else. If that's your year up and get some coffee union maybe. We'd love to hear trying to get to know you of course that you take this on to get the show started right get a some base to a 6421 right now 141 wool. Alright everybody say hi James he's in Tacoma this morning delivering newspapers James who kind of idea house. And don't agree that it it's a good and run the diesel through that sucker. Now do you the paper over the top of the car. Or you drive on the wrong side of the road to question. Little bootable depending on which airs at. I would think that you know sometimes the police give motorcycle gangs a little bit of a break comes our motorcycle clubs. I would think they would take it pretty easy James on guys like you work and hearted. 5 in the morning delivering papers yet so critical I would think so I know so what I mr. root start James and what time he's done. As well coached at dinner at midnight around. 830. Just a little sleep Mortimer manager looks okay you one of those guys. Here front and got a fairly good start for failure good man Jane I can hear his voice is against family kids you guys Jane's. Little boy I'll move a lot of what ages not just. Two and ten and almost will still be deliver in the papers James both have been a little bit with the to look okay because I wonder. If you just notice that number of papers being delivered slowly declining with the people that reading them slowly. Not being very more experience. Where is of course and I wanted to say I did not sound harsh but who reads the paper anymore. Mean I'm really right at him and I think maybe the Sunday paper I know people that so it's just the Sunday. Oh yeah it quote. Don't ask hey is one arm bigger than the other now James from through the papers. One always been bigger than the other 212. Guys who look at how they wrote. And what the Braves games got a woman in the room here yeah. I think all current policy meant enough I got yeah I think and and thirty nine's. Thirty nines well James we really appreciate you starting your day with us I'm glad we're on the air we year working hard body so we can try to maintain. And I appreciated here. There. Starting with. It's just just. Make me blush would like to play use songs what would like to hear James. You know accurately says it is stable and keep them to a kind of yeah yeah let's go to other. Ones. OK and you to change your mind our product and don't start I. Not you know what this is live radio and I respect this man and I really like him in since the he's the former fits here. We're gonna make that work for your brother I'm a player right now okay. Our guys look at you Jane you have angry Jane thanks for being a part of the family all right memory company into mama knows best and doing the best advice you ever got from mama because you know Sunday is Mother's Day and all that. Hi James here you go about. You're listening to the morning call. But Alastair yeah. Mine the mail 100 my own Mother's Day is Sunday. Really have. Before Emily range because she's one of those women that has a really close relationship with her mom and she's coming out for the first time on Friday of Italy was so excited she didn't sleep last night it felt so bad this morning before I dragon in here like I'm so excited I couldn't sleep. All is like. Christmas is coming at it this is long said that without seeing it. I know you your mom and in the a lot of women have that same bond their mom which is very cool best advice mom ever gave because that's where goma this morning wolf back. We just one now mama knows best mommy always says the best advice so what is the best piece of advice your mom ever gave you 206421. Wolf. Or it's easy to text to 46150. Some I'm not a given tons of great advice that huge pieces of advice and they're very similar seldom does team. One is don't let someone rent space in your brain. That shouldn't be there. Meaning it. You gonna have you're not married till on that you're not related to home like if it's a Boston that the co worker at some bugging you like you can handle on and just be very polite to wash their shots. Don't let somebody wash your socks oh no you don't have to even endorse anybody so I remember you don't have to wash their socks like you're not there wife haven't picked up after on the have a deal on a daily basis so if you're being a total. You know led to Emily can't just sit there take it deep breathlessly and in the senate have to watch yet so at least like you're not here. I can just deal if you work and go home and get away from him. But that might be highly prophetic I would tell you why because the best of my wife had an issue is watching the Celtics. She's like why do you. Alt keys no she asked me very nicely she said. I when I'm folding mounds and mounds of laundry when it with you in the kids and all the stuff. I have to flipped everyone your socks inside out to the right way to can you just when you take them off could you not have them be cracked you know what I'm saying what. Urge Vanessa be literal but it had no and payroll data comes saying it's brilliant because it literally I literally. Asked bath all right so we ought to know the best piece of advice your mama ever gave you right now morning well thank you got the number the scope. Good morning Ashley lake Stevens we all know Mother's Day is on Sunday so mama knows best of the best b.'s advice you ever got from your mom. So I got she gave one from I actual mom and want my ears of any tell me all the time and a no into the field I was like commission which if I'm correct Queen Elizabeth says that. Lose. Yeah. Very important to me yes and my money to tell me it would actually Golding bank now that. I think about it aspect are growing up I matured with the actual name was not always about. I think that what is really strong cash that cycle at least for me. I embrace your brain opens up it means seeing the start looking at people differently in treating people differently everybody give him. Eric may give her some type of love and respect. Can anyone of those motivational feel good don't tell I like him and acted like right all these down and its freedom when your have a one of those moments you know when your ball up actually. Anyway I love it thank you so much for being a part of the show. They are a Dick Cheney in concrete is it concrete Washington. Yet. I mean am against the just stupid is questionable times like the name game we cities in Washington today make a lot of concrete there now. Okay where is it located at the thought out article it hurt yeah north or south north sounds pretty charming OK best device smiling media. Bottom the best I've ever let that doubt it was. Head and I solid not too tricky not too complicated. I'll have you created ordered to have you ever dated a loser and realized she was right. Yet. I think how many times did you that a one time thing or give a habit of dating losers. Out. Why human toll from the IOS. That run our name don't get losers. I now. You know why I bet because your mom's a good mom you have that maternal instinct you wanna try to take care of these losers always gonna fix that. The ethics of. Well hopefully you guys are mature enough to handle that together without it being you know contentious and whatnot. Yeah tool to fight gave us and we bloodied thanks after listening and tell everybody concrete Washington that we love them. Thank you don't have a given day. I left the bottom there slow Joseph. Dispensing wisdom I hear her answer is unconvincing about you know handling it Richard say well I think we need just. Add something today it's okay. What's the best advice your mom ever gave you and did you listen. It adds and I think that needs a part two yeah so. Because I know and I can shared a moment here in the gallery yet RG three pieces of wisdom my mom gave me when I was growing up and and I think the second more interesting question is. Did you follow it then for me can definitively say no as well 206421. Wolf for Texas for 6150. Now. Hey good morning fan instead motor talking about the best device that momma ever gave you and did you follow it. Okay now my mom always told me to always tell the truth. K you can lose. Your good faith and online and trust in one act and it takes years to get it back. Standard device in May say to the average person lives of 5610. Times a day just little white lies to make certain situations easier. Oh yes and night right here at first I did not follow it but with my kids. I learned that outlet that did the best advice you ever it. So it took you awhile to come to it I think like most parental advice you brush it off in the beginning but they realize when you get a little or. Man these people been around for a while innocent things I got to hear a couple tie here that we got to make your mistakes like Sam did right. And so when you look back on it think about time we should have told the truth and you didn't and it fits you winning you know what do you remember that. Yeah or like my dad about something really bad and. He found out about it and it's you know I think it would I knocked out of the house for something and I lied about any charity you might get. You finally confronted me and it took me he'd probably get your arm I get rarely talk to me again. That's tough and resilient when you break that very man is broken wheel fan thank you so much for sharing now daycare mama this Sunday okay thanks yeah. In a bunch of great Texan won that my mom always told me to pick the job that we'll change the world she is a spouse that will change your life. Can raise a child that will change history set ever plan like I think I picked a job in the military had to change the world and I spouses averaging highlight my kid is pretty. Awesome not to say that's a pretty lofty piece of advice to live up to that you get back but I was Abraham Lincoln not as we're not gonna let. And get a paycheck think back off with the pressure I made it doesn't whine your speed OK don't cook bacon without your shirt off. There we go now we're talking about some solid parental advice with picture up guys mistakenly made one yeah. RA what yours now what did your mom my mom had fourth bank's fourth and get report things that you just always citizen in their lives as mama. She's these are the rules so look imam what do they don't do drugs. I never go bungee jumping thing she did mommy go bungee jumping she's awesome but he died doing that OK I never use the C word. And she said there was a reason for that she's that is not because it's an awful horrible bad word it's a word that menus that hate women and I don't ever want you to hate women and when I went to college she said calling on Sunday. That was it. Adds yet color every Sunday at a boy and everyone bungee jump on them and loosely duress the bad and I. They can't save the drug man. I get the Big Three would Emily next this is the morning. Alastair on you 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger than him princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. Looks like Andy Taylor Swift Katy Perry beauty is officially. Over bank. Don't you ask me to keep it thing going on forever and I know that we ever. Officially got the word of white started there were rumors that Kate I know what dole summit Taylor's backup dancers from her tour. You know I think it was more basic than that and maybe year probably more qualified to speak and I have been it was when Taylor Swift went pop. In it was a Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry who's the biggest pops out. I don't think we're starting him sit tapped Biden well I think there isn't a lot more to it to be that big of an actual feud I don't think it was just just slipped in Katy Perry are both pretty good about like T Anthony team leading game. Champion Andy chin Indian Nino you know I had a hard time yesterday and I turned Syria did Don course gave thirty is yeah because then flip burgers. Whether the net outing giving props other women's I don't think it was just done but anyway. Then I Katy say it's an actual all of pre ants to Taylor at the Ares found that arena where she was kicking off her reputation as stadium tour anti bush dropped the package number he had written note. And you can read little pieces added that hailed friend and in doing some reflecting. On past this communications and feelings between us I really wanna clear the air at this is the Taylor responds. I just got much classroom and found this actual home and branch. It's means so much and. Yeah well I think it should be noted that Katy Perry is the one who initiated that she's. I know she's using the all of producing I think Katy Perry deserves a lot of credit here she does it very much that I think spurred the purse that takes in need deserve a lot of credit. Absolutely and I hate the knot eastern between eighteen and he empty awards are out and taste now dean roared in Georgia line Carrie Underwood are leading the pack with or not teach which I think is interesting is Jason dean can't Florida Georgia line. Are typically left out of certain award generous CN maze in particular yes yeah. Yeah yeah I was kind of thinking is Carrie and Miranda had a thing go on that Miranda wins always react CMA award but Kerry. Holds the record for the most. CNT awards at seventeen and little big town is going to be. Our host for the awards show watching June 6. Both the outdated in just from somebody who has hosted a lot of stuff. I think we'll be so incredibly difficult to host anything with four people I still Lacey you do buy stuff I set up split up. Like to do like Nixon I guess it is a lot even interviewed for people who want to and is alive it's faster freight that I'm sure they'll do a great job. A great and you know we place your your salary every morning at 810. Totally fun game or we get to learn what people make well to play a bit with some actors. We know what actors make her maybe not including it bonuses. That they made when the film surpassed the box office or social media can then yeah. Number one Dino Fred. For bond twenty I would just coming out next year so he's the top the list he's at more than any of Billy the avengers in no this isn't one specific maybe okay. No bonuses and pleaded what do you think. The bond ten. Ten million laying the all time and no it's just one mile you know just bonds when he saw Kevin I mean is is it is the list all time magazine says that most being paid the most threes yeah. Okay. Well about a running a tires and wait I. I really think it's one of the 5 that I am here waiting for slogan of yes he was talking to let this go 25 million that's ridiculous. Playing Don and it made it 22 million for red notice and in diesel for the fate of the serious twenty million. A camps are but I cannot believe that Vin Diesel is even on the listener but that fast and that strange wind now home. Bad fast and furious franchise made eight on it dash is dead all right we get your mug club coming up here at sixty and stay with us. This is the morning wolf pack with that you're down 100 points for the world. On the episode all of the. And before we swear in another local business and the mug club gonna talk about our pit stop yesterday we took him on the road. Maple valley thank you for showing us the love I mean we go out to reach yet to buy you a cup of coffee it's so nice when people show up in droves we have a lot of people today and we were just reminiscing here in the studio about some past pit stops you dead in different areas. Yesterday's. Re straight nose pit stop in maple valley rival Marysville deliver your copy. There are a lot of people laugh Miki Curtis Brett to codec. She read healthy doctor Kelly came in May and then marry and the list goes on and on and off. Yeah it was really fun read from job to job showed up I appreciate that all of a little maple valley friends by the way whenever you leave the place and Gina and Dave thank you so much gift baskets is that going to were stressed I got home with like three bottles of wine. Well I courts applying. T shirts hats that what is this and it was really cool and we're going to mean they all non-GAAP the other way or don't you don't need to buy as Prez please comes we get a chance to hang W buy you coffee and that's what the pit stops are all our way here a year lacquered over it surprisingly well yes and let us. Yeah but here's the thing. Our morning wolfpack listeners are so nice when I went to close out the wolf credit card again it was only 25 dollars. Oh yeah I its way and people aren't letting us Biden called the buying your own coffee so next time I'm standing by the cash register to make sure that you don't pay for your crawfish out I'm not have any more of that. All right let's get to you about today's swearing got a letter here from advanced technical services. Usher Reese says have elicited the wolf for years Atlantic can submit to the mug club for my company a. The TS for sure I swear around it. A fisheries there. Yeah a very serious it's man mentally going from the morning wolf pack good morning good morning and it's not too early for phone call as it. You know now all look good we wanted to call and thank you so much eight soliciting compete for sending in a mug for the mug club on behalf advanced technical services. Oh so what exactly is it be it technical services like Gandhi. Well and leaving the technical services but they're very advanced and I'm sure yet an electric theater there isn't it. Actually it's because you cannot agree left. Arrow. Think since their you know your enterprise free though they've been flu or let's say they're getting that. Obama got that is important what would happen if you who will be calibrated its ruling correctly a lot of it's a good question to him because when I saw the note I was looking advanced technical services accredited lab. I think they did blood work like you know you really hectic all right we'll before we can do anything else let's get to sworn in mayor in Cannes this morning soliciting are you ready to become an official member of the mug club. Time her. Nurseries reiterating a repeat after me I see your name actually. Do hereby pledge my allegiance is your backpack apparently entered. To the morning wolfpack seven more people aren't like that was put that up I went out with some people it's it's a lot. I'm shortening the segment I say OK good and as a proud member of the month club. And as a member at Smart aren't I pledged to crank up the wolf every morning. I let Craig go at the world everywhere. While I'm recalibrate in mind what's capacity at least this is. Hey congratulations. Series welcome to the okay yeah I could be an official member of the morning wolf back mug club yeah are you. Happy that made her. All you have to do is get a mug for more ever it is that you were consented to this man and we didn't managers already. It's 805 avenue suite 14100. Seattle Washington. 9810. Yes I haven't made you do that and why I Gallagher as you nailed it. Join a mug club and you'll receive all the benefits or privileges Wear and they're too. They're or something. Like a capacitor curious we love you have a wonderful day and we hope to me to impersonate shake your hand when they immediately go hugger some. It looked Arab bloc that have a big gig as. Now I'd stay with us for five minutes we've got the seven ways to guarantee your co workers will hate you if you do these things is coming up next. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister there's a very popular term with your generation Emily it's called adult thing. This is step one it. Pamela you rain hail I have a couple of things they honestly done yet Hamas and yeah. 147. Walls are more we will back a what do you think about. The most annoying person that you work with right now and think about what is it about them that makes them so annoying. And then. We would like you to pick up the phone calls and tell us about it you don't have to say your name you know save their name just what it is that they do that drives you by name and has had worked. And sometimes it can be very subtle some of that passive aggressive stuff he asked. Which is the same thing everyday it's built up yup anything big that can be justice toxic is stealing your lunch out of the refrigerator Aaliyah so. What is the most annoying thing. You can call invent the most annoying thing your coworker does to a 6421 woefully in Texas for 6150. I'm looking at a list. Is the seven ways to guarantee. That your co workers are good natured and it guys wanna take any guesses before I tell you what they are an Indy again. Morning wolf I do wanna hear from you when your real life experience to see this list is on point Emily. It's got to be stealing lunches or having a Snelling life's. That is nonetheless number set have been kind of a no brainer men met some of the people's flu ask because somebody took my food I'm so hungry by the time I'm gonna eat at second and die and you get a studio to studio figure I would I would do a full on shake out. I slowed joke I would about like the brag here likes him he's always disliked talking about country there are no longer alone. Bragging about your accomplishments. Us. Put a sock in your mouth hole and I think nobody wants to hear it how great you are men need to advertise for yourself if you back grade at thirty out and certainly had another long what a person always called in sick. That on the no but there's been kind of a falling down on the deadlines person and I now ask somebody who's doing data constantly smoking. Probably isn't making deadlines. It's got a much of smokers McNamee it can feel it feel that you had coming out of Seattle dot com. Four meet. The most annoying coworker habit are people that seemingly don't do any work at all. And in doing that they wanna sit and talk to yes. And I'm a little Taipei you know that I yet I like to get my work done and get out of here if people come and they just want acute channeled their long about their lives. I want to stick a number two pencil in my ear. So there's number two is you know it all number three. People that failed to give credit where credit is do yelling your ideas that work is of England. Needless whistle blowing. So in other words throwing other people on the bus. If I get. The brown noses. Now I don't have the ground nose running through you know I. Yeah okay. And then got an element to the people that complain constantly acts also adjusted the car and number one for home for a mirror. All right Lisa in Renton I see you Vicki building you're there you wanna texted 46150. Were coming back morning well thank you just event. About the most annoying things that those co workers do that makes you wanna him. Good morning begin Bellevue so minute ago we are talking about this list the seven ways to make your coworkers hates you vent about the most annoying staying one of your co workers dusk. Why wouldn't it should fit better and throws everybody editor of the bat. And I guess that's sort of like in slow Joseph was saying the brown nosing some nice to brown knows you make other people look bad so you look better right and sort Jay get up early guys didn't know. Her own apartment you try to run. See if we you know wise if she does have to be responsible for your apartment she can tell you how to do yeah. A big. Doug and that's good I mean not our yet. The age I tried so you don't scream the car on the way home new way to get home and then you screamed. Okay. PT I he could have my eagle warm water polo or. Your neighbors here and the like up yet she tells why that I think consists. As death Vicky they have a great day Vicky. If it. It gave blood you Vicki every day I hop but I didn't at a time and add text to Texas for 61 by now clicking I think Ernie Els at work. It boggles the mind than anybody would do that yeah. I guess there were really bad you know submit snowing if you type gonna keyboard I can see me going to the bathroom but don't get it to ask how does anybody that's flossing its easier to ask. I am now as the world's gunmen how other people that show up late to meetings constantly and expect the whole meeting to start over don't repeat we galleries that oh yeah. More media and starts at the same time every week to ask questions just like come on we are even over this. You mean the personal that the question that really only applies to yeah but everybody's got to sit and wait for the answer out. Yet those are nice gift you love those Linda whoever's the boss leading the meetings like you know we can you do you talk about that later just to us yeah don't we need to do this in front of everybody as. Every time I'd like Yan man we also got a pirated dentist office and one of the girls that. They work with his digital assistant has the worst selling breast even with the masks on they had eight patient. All lean amounted alone they have men's. Yeah and how about the person that is constantly it's creeping into the younger canister nonstop. Wait a blacks like when you're down to the bottom video working in a stirring you're just kind of scrape the bottom the fruity part down and I truly lead is they did nonstop. Sprite who makes that much knowing I was like really react. And okay. Hey listen this is all that you morning wolf back what is the most annoying Zain what are your co workers does to a 6421 wolf for Texas for 6150. To keep it going. Mary in Puyallup like good morning good morning in alt a we're doing great so we're talking about the seven things that people do that make their coworkers say that. And that includes things lying prone to the people on the bus. Bragging. That being you know at all failing to give credit where credit is due. Heaven forbid stealing somebody's lunch. It's. Tonight say it one day we just gonna Texans tried novelists the people that reply all bowl. That is the worst team. And subscribe. Yes please so Mary what is the most annoying thing one of your co workers tell us. But hate is attacking back looking fingernail men. It's important that he or her own home. Take her out of her. And put her up on the planning cabinet and went urged Sony push her own office or was this like a cubicles but it doesn't matter. Cubicle betting. Something that you wouldn't even be at her own cubicle couldn't even come out. And making watching her and then in the outlook that it can appreciate it might start being hurt you don't car. I have a question for both of you went yes now Vanessa my weapon to do that because she goes to a place they do manicure and pedicure and something that I didn't think women cut their own Tony has that. I doubt that that's a dude did in the bathroom sink. I mean cranky child had its yours that I don't cut him in the middle work yeah Mary you dial the view clip your toenails. It yet again. You'd use the way to you're describing this woman is like she's a guy like she's just click and actually it did then had a Duncan Stanley no and I know I know my doorman saw enough Mary anyway that is disgusting. It was pretty bad these oh and help her better. I don't I did work at home I thought well wait till people pointed out to her in she's still this. So you can't or don't you know it worked. OK so how did this side and did you leave this place and go work somewhere else did she get fired what would ever happen in the toenail clipper. It yet. Actually and then only pregnant women got Omar Al. Yep probably to work at a gas station or something where you can click your toenails were you want. I don't know why some. Network I don't mean there. Are a part of it. That the author of hiding the clippers Mary that's great about this call we get we appreciate siren that thinks Mary. I. And I think that big toenail clipper went to where Melanie works to get a text from Melanie saying she had a coworker that puts her toenails so. While or there's more than one of them. We just issue a mandate right now. You do to cut slipped anything. Or have adjusted anything you do in the bathroom at your house yes don't do it work is that pretty safe to say. That's freezing day and Aaron one of the BI tech Smart my co workers got so comfortable so quickly that as soon as bell fossil leave for the day she the plot and gallon tub of ice cream. But in our best start eating proper speed up. Way to set I am just so confused by human behavior and galvanized his. Like here's a map even meet again I don't. Before it melts and work just chill and Andy have extra spoons I mean you're sharing Aaron Denzel like a distant put mad downtown yup. Okay Libya Puyallup tell us about the most annoying coworker that you have worked with in the past we were to win now. I portrait Perry in the house and aren't we work ethic and thought and and the TEU. I think that's eager. I'll talk to other kinds for Pratt and back out you can hat and he way. Try you get a college at all but I say she licks in kidnappings. Are the manager. And it aping about all of that and add it Thanksgiving plans are you outraged that even at. Everyday that cursing cutting into her ads overt acquisition or that China Citic dot. The key and it popped back in the UK are wealthy you about all of the rest tip my hat. For I would imagine all of the other women in the office you're going to that messenger and you're trying to snoop and Suu Kyi saying about it. Much. Yeah that's another okay so don't do anything personal hygiene work and don't be a mean girl I work. Talk about the people in Italy stay away from the guy act pretty. All right let me greatly and I thought you know but maybe worse because your grownup and you should know better it's way where it's went worse. I let you we love you thanks for being part of the morning wolfpack. Got a great Ethiopia Obama stealing and we like we should come up with the morning wolf pack office rules. These are you mean this is the text messages. Obtained by the hundreds slams because you know people wanna get in trouble. You think there's any common sense but apparently they need written I don't let your dancing and eating out of ice he's. People are crazy. That they can be detected and she's that she's the lead preschool teacher and one of her coworkers. And other teacher always says store I know this is named. The war for Auburn job but it is mine ending gives advice that some kind of says he says that riser. Bill Walsh. I actually had a coworker of my old job that way to turn the radio app on his own. Blair and in his back pocket and walk on the hall. I'm like why. Normalcy here that battery usage and radio station it's even more ironic yet again as the media outlets for in a pretty awesome and then to be co worker and that floss is thirteenth while they're talking T. And that wonderful. Well I think that falls under the if you would do any of that human home won't do it work office ruled yet this is morning wolfpack with some accounts after 100 points and laughs hit the pavement through its active league history to. Hello Jeff did Olympia howry and anybody welcome to beat the street under a great guy you don't have a fantastic we've got Taylor Swift tickets you already know that she's coming century link field and just around the corner now may 22 part of the wolves year of a million tickets. Are these tickets for you jets or are you trying to win a try to win for somebody I'm trying to order for my wife on Mother's Day. All. All right we'll help you as much as we possibly can out sheeting and breaking the rules okay Jeff. Awesome before we meet the challenger who we met yesterday maple valley lets you view the same five questions that we asked her yesterday if you do as well or better you'll win those tickets in you're gonna make mama real happy. Outstanding we all know happy wife happy life. They go if mama ain't happy nobody says I got a hundred yeah you go and I will know you guys really got to get point. Yeah here we go get thirty seconds on the clock here are your five questions for beat the street are you ready I'm ready and you mark. Get set. And got. Which Disney movie featured princess jasmine. Aladdin. In which country would you find the Eiffel Tower looked. French. Which classic TV show stored Lucille Ball. I Love Lucy which city is home to Boeing's biggest building in the world. Everett what year is also the title of the Taylor Swift album act. 1989. Like wow block away yep just dropped the Mike and walk away. Now that I got knocked you just made beat the street you're being. Look pretty easy. Yeah that you need to use all the time now I think we all know you did pretty well all the things into bigger now is how well the challengers gonna do okay all right let's meet the challenger we met a maple valley yesterday one of our best mug club pit stops ever at restrain us coffee in line with your name where you're from every year. My name is Nicky and her that while Washington and I am a parent educators admit that possible sister. Nicky the club put. But then he hung out this almost the whole hour and had coffee and chatted very cool girl awesome girl Nikki that we can call you a friend. Here we go the same five questions let's find out how you did yes which Disney movie featured princess jasmine. Aladdin. Aladdin was the right answer inject your on the board it's time wonder why in which country would you find the Eiffel Tower. Paris. While she's not wrong about the city does not country. And neither Taylor Swift tickets out Eddie. Well and we would evening. Happily. Ever happened half point nines Mickey's a friend and she came to a pit stops. So now you have a lead yet because you got it right you did say France so now Europe. Two to one and a half all right. Rich classic TV show or start to feel ball. I have no idea. You do it so now you've taken 321. And a half lead you're running away with the Taylor Swift tickets were Citi is down there Boeing's biggest building in the world. Rent them. And it is not the right answer whatever it is and Jeff another point for you my friend like instead do you own beat the street all day long yeah you have got a 421 and a half. Point lead on the challenger Nikki from the cloth. You can just chill asks what year is also Taylor Swift out. 8030. He went forward heavily. 2003. He closest to go for the yellow press like maybe Asians and is so silly and that was the one Jeff I thought you're gonna miss that you can that would write to you that every single day and oyster right you finished five. For five Nikki goes one and a half out of five it was lambs to the slaughter brother my wife and if so are up eight. Thank you as anybody we've beginning and that leaves and misusing her name her name Barbara. All right well Jeff Barbara have a great time at Taylor Swift we bloodied thanks for being a part of show thank you and by the day as this Sunday and mama always knows best right rough and within five minutes we wanna hear the best advice you ever gotten from mom. And impart to. Is whether or not you followed it. Best advice mom Gaby and did you listen to a 6421 wolf that you wanna jump in now here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf good morning Ashley in lake Stevens we all know Mother's Day is on Sunday so mama knows best of the best piece advice you ever got from your mom. So I actually being one from my day I tell mom and once from my ears terrain east tell me all the time that. You don't want to make it feel bad by your commission which if I'm correct Queen Elizabeth and that whom. Yeah. Very important to me yeah and then my mommy tell me it would actually golfing break now that. I think about it now that are grown up I've matured with the actual saying was flat if not always about. I think that what is really strong cash that second one place for me. And you're worried your brain opens up to it means the angels start looking at people differently in treating people differently everybody give him. Everybody gathered some type of love and respect. Gonna do one of those motivational feel good doing well I like him and had to like right all these down and it's freedom when you're having one of those moments you know when your ball up fast. Or edit or I love it thank you so much for being a part of the show. Very Arctic Katie in concrete is it concrete Washington yet. I mean am against the just stupid is questionable times like the name game we cities in Washington today and make a lot of concrete they're now. Okay where is that located at about Robert yeah. North or south to north sounds pretty charming OK best advice and alligator. Bottom of the best iPod ever maybe you let that doubt lately is there. Any advice pretty solid if not too tricky not too complicated. You know I'll have you great lowered to have you ever dated a loser and realize she was right. Yet again. How many times did you do that a one time thing or give a habit of beating losers. I don't have to beat losers one. Oh yes there are no pain don't date losers. Now. You know why I bet because your mom's a good mom you have that maternal instinct you wanna try to take care of these losers always on ethics that. The ethics of. Katie. Well hopefully you guys are mature enough to handle that together without it being you know contentious and whatnot. Cool I gave us and we love you thanks for listening until everybody concrete Washington that we love them. After getting paid so Emily was so excited about among Cummings we can from other thing we can you sleep at all. That's ask mom I love right there. Tell me and then we'll get to tax we have more calls coming up into once song though but I want another best fees and vice the year mom ever gave you only because you guys do have a really special relationship. Dad don't let someone know rent space in your brain if they don't deserve. These guys I don't waste your time thinking about people don't deserve to be bright enough and if you're dealing with someone it's annoying maybe Abbas or coworker. Just be grateful that you don't have to wash their socks meaning you don't have to be very then you don't have to. Gillick now fireworks took it always be worse than just be grateful for. OK so if there's the biggest jerk ever at work keep in mind that you don't have to wash their side. Yet I'll tell you my wife hates washing myself it's because I never turned in the right side inside out so she's always like I spent an hour getting your socks the exact thing and I'm around the backwards so to be so much horse I don't wash your socks all right you he adds to a 642 on wolf right now. Best advice mom ever gave you did you listen. Hello Alex in Port Orchard are you today didn't hurry pay ma'am great Mother's Day is Sunday hope you're right take care mama. So what was the best advice mom ever debut and did you listen to. They're written by a not be met. And edit it. Now you're not giving him a round of applause I would make sure it was not even that methods in the drugs don't do mess but it wasn't like you that right Johnson clearly where you grew up meth was kind of the problem is mistaken on say don't do drugs and not I was on was one of my mom as a specified that tiger aren't worried though access. Which is Portland the meth capital of the world I missed that memo I don't know what I mean it it feel like it's that he could affect you know. Your mum probably watched a documentary about methods and T phone now and ended the routing their lives which it does by the way and say hey. Look there's one thing I don't what you do with math. I'm sorry if I leave here you know aren't all all. I know she did. OK so now we just. To return to the real thing your mom struggled idea but I am adding that also there's no joking matter class and they didn't and you know I think two as kids we always do the opposite whatever parents do or want us to do. Yes why you made their faith and yeah it's true no gas in me for the most part you can skips a generation not so you know feared. Mom is really into it you see that you see the effects and the and yet he you know first change. Sometimes. And sometimes you out of three in my family and I know he had a brother that didn't yeah I get it Alex it had a little real man that we appreciate you sharing that. And I'm sure you've been attempted in the past but congratulations for staying on the straight road here. Thank you hey Alex is mom doing okay. Yes she has been going so I think here's a thought what do you do for her to celebrate that is awesome what do you do for her on Sunday. I don't know very senator. Okay brother do some discipline governor caller gifts and flowers. Here you have a guy jump out of the cage and little the name. We'll okay love and I don't know the love that's a football knowledge on this note we are different don't listen to you yeah. Yeah that make it might take a step backwards and her recovery media now if you look anybody. Hello Laurie enroll I tell us the best advice mom ever debut and did you listen to it. My mother always said embattled. And yes I somebody got to remind myself that when I'm like he really irritate him Obama and I wanna jump all over the I have figured out not affect the battle that's not what I wanna you know know. What about all that advice you immediately think. Significant other it works for kids it works in any situation absolutely. Mama's advice that she always knows best right Lorie Laura. Definitely don't think those battles wisely Lori have a wonderful day opium grates on their mama's day. Thank you Tracy and Bonnie lake mama's. Best device mama gave you Tracy in did you listen to it. Aides to collect. Mark how active market like eating get hit it keep it that he is on. Can you say that again Tracy and may be slow it down a little bit flat. I mean it's it's like a tongue twister. I thought I wanna keep eating what it didn't get what are. Heard various with the Pittsburgh Kuwait and got like you feel. Don't do what you can't do it may never get it to do it. Oh OK then what really did it tongue twisters apparently it was your mom Dr. Seuss. Yes on the issue is some kind of a philosophy visor you. Okay by the way it is to dumbed down a little bit of love detect this and don't cook make in the future off I'm not a good. Well that's the opposite your selves those of the people who the other contracts. The idea of me and I map and what was your mom's eyes. Emily she had four things Joseph Jesus I go back to our caller from Port Orchard issues that don't do drugs. Never go bungee jumping feel okay. Do not use the C word ever and call me on Sundays sales and look for college he said by and did you abide. I'll that's let's see I never went bungee jumping on skydiving instead chosen to have you got that. I don't use that word ever. In. Caffeine and alcohol or drugs or no Surma. And I do check in with my mom at least once a week it typically on Sunday so three out of course not it's not that you know in I stood up the hard stuff mine and I said no to I don't know Nancy Reagan Toby that we're back. Christa in silver dale best device momma gave you and did you follow it. Bad good guy who as we speak your truth and EU near where we. And yet I use them all the time and I had pretty good communicators like to thank. The biggest planet that I think is important is speak your truth you know a lot of women you know they're like oh you're finding here I'm fine. And it warns though anecdote or I would. Well and people that are a bit. Yeah you know it's like okay now if you're not okay we'd have a conversation about that because you know you can't just keep pushing up into question not think he thought that and all of that while you know. Christie is you hit the nail on the head for me in my relationship right into a lot of trouble and I've been to therapy for this. I tend to not check in with myself with their kids serviced only entity that you know. And when I'm not okay. I'll Sany. In a bottle it bottle bottle at the resentments grow and grow and grow and and I will explode likable Cano like Mount Vesuvius or something really small stupid but it's not the thing. It's the ten things that you mentioned before the thing. So it's great it's so unfair to my wife when I could explode because it will be tough this is nothing like no it's to attend these are the things that have been bothered me for the last month. Fetal followed your past and I doomed I am not good at it and learning about a mile driving my wife crazy the same time. So I mean my primarily by lap I like it up to back it. Up. Any. Sometimes easier said than done when it comes advice and limit this and that's that's really good about these. Well thank you one more edit as a quick thing that's pretty good remember jerk. As an agent that virtue virtue would agree that it together and I'll. Somewhere probably is that I have probably because we love you thanks for being part of the show and being part of a fan. Glad to do. Are you the best Chris thank you for listening and if you stick around Italy's gonna drop some knowledge next as the Big Three looked like he oh and we go ahead looks. I did Taylor's split Katy Perry feud is officially over to even. First the agony yet we did anyone get into who checked in with themselves like that who's using their words yet. The morning. Alastair he was 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger than it princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. Looks like we get all breathe a little easier today QB Taylor Swift Katy Perry even. Is over sleep finally have been a truly I don't of the never ever decided what officially started the feud I know there were rumors that. Haiti Peary stills and Taylor swift's back up dancers or whatever it well. But I think deeper than that it was a cat fight to see who's going to be the biggest pop star in the world when Taylor Swift went over to pop yeah and I remember the roots of this man it was right there I was the trenches I know and elbows blacks and our bodies. They are and just kicked off her reputation as stadium tour and got a package from Katy Perry in an actual. All of brief answer with he had written letter he could kinder read the letter with Taylor swift's post and it says about. I'm I've been reflecting on the past the miscommunication. I really want appeared here at this like Taylor said when she saw. The Katy Perry has. Dressing room and found this actual home branch. Distant and so my soon. Wealth and what that tells me is that this is probably initiated by Katie fair catch that about some things that she but again going back to the roots of it. It was when Taylor came over to pop and think Katie pulled out of you know work things miners in my world. To wait and see here the next big huge is that that we are out there and waited so standard. I do not need pretty Tunney eighteen feet keywords that Wear out her announced yesterday aides say he's not mean. According to are lining Kerry under read it lead pack with or not eats little big town is gonna I'm going to host the show it takes place in June 6 and he can vote right now. Oh by the way in terms of awards shows for country music in order of importance CMA is always the top number one DC and number two everything else nobody cares for three CE NT is number three to nobody cares there's another one on fox that people carry less about it. But in the country music world and I don't now and knowingly and know hey I know parent I'm not notice it is important to mention it's a good Big Three story. If what I'm telling you he's just in Nashville or just think it's a throw are asking me on an Exxon has no it's not a reflection of your sorry we. He'll help me out I I red. Trying to explain to the listener how in Nashville values these awards. CN days are like the Cadillac inning yeah ice well dating this GMT is that like a goal in this little. Or to the big buckle it's like the lunch box that we noses called. All right I. In the studio I mean does the third yeah as a matter. I was here yeah and you would have real quick we cheer salaried eighteen everyday is such a fun game and so I got a list of salaries for certain actors what they've made on movies like this would be fine. Obviously they're doing a lot better than our share your calorie contestant and fortunately but the highest paid actor. For one maybe was Daniel redwood bond when he I had not even out yet how nasty can you say. Ten 1015 when hill. 25 million and that doesn't even clean bonuses. Or social media like endorsement and he is good when he five million spicy isn't saying anything now he really good at night saying in Austin Hahn and yeah I salute our quick units on next but as doing Johnson with red noticed when he tune million. Morning wolf that with Matt McCallister 100 points and hill. How much because Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we all wanna know what everybody else makes her living but it's never OK to ask until now. Everybody say hi to Kendra she's from Great Falls and she's an employment specialists which means candor correct me if I'm wrong on any of this. You find jobs for people with disabilities. I Gil and I create inventions that are not national L it was then that. Okay say Nomar because we're gonna have a minute of the clock to find out as much as we can about you and what you do for a living abroad to try to guess. How much you make for a living in you're gonna share your salary sounded Kendra. In my goal today is not to suck and asking questions. Our national optical it's got your best it's turning into Matt that's you are thank you can't appreciate you. Piling on thing. Could be a great day. I can't positive affirmations are little. I'm and so do we decided at the end of one minute it's there's something that you wanna ask that we didn't occurs please do we'll live OK one minute on the clock Emily are you ready yes go. I can to how to schooling you have to. At local bakery who how long have you been doing this job. I'm here I how long did your commute. Our it did then today salary hourly. Now. How much vacation time he get here. Chile what are you going alas vacation. They. Won't. How did you wait guardians that do you see yourself still doing at this job in five years. Maybe you get bonuses when you find people jobs. Had you done this job for a different company before but. Do you own or rent a home in the BMW. Brand. Do you own or lease a car. I. There was no answer to last question I'm not a measure of the dollars or did act again just remember. I'm death onions and yet sojo was very question that we didn't ask that you would like to now I've gallon I think it's unfair some not casket OK fair enough. It's fair that it's not fair to Kendra. Please stand by we are gonna play one song. And the we'll come backlog or a normal try to guess which you make in your share your salary sound good candor. Are rag. Welcome back to share your salary because we all want to know what everybody else makes for a living but it's never OK to ask. Until now Kendra in granite falls is an employment specialist she finds jobs for people with disabilities which by the McCann is really really cool good on you for doing that I don't care how much you make that's also at this amazing what else do we know about early before we try to guess what she makes. She gets paid advice salary she has multiple degrees it's two weeks vacation a year and her last vacations at a baby. On her commute time depends on the day eight she's been doing it for eight years. She may see yourself doing aside here's how she rents a house and the car. Okay Kendra wriggle around the horn here and take a guess and they negotiate your salary sound good. Okay since I won yesterday almost to the dollar. From coming to go which this. 42000. Dollars a year which is a nice living. I think candor is one of those people that is really good really Smart in making her job sounds really important as it is meant but I think she makes less than what she should. I'm I'm kinda on the scene meant happy is you not so I'm gonna go forty lack of enough slow jump thumbing your 55. Our candor we have gone around the horn who were either right on it or way off. Sandra go ahead please. And share your salary and they can't back. I may. 37500. Hours. So I don't this game where false. I. Were holed a little bit disappointed when somebody makes less than we all think especially for somebody with a really great job like yours candor and your health and so many people. But that does mean I get the win now and that's important as far as not focus I'm winning my question is gonna be is it a labor of love but I think that kind of gives it awaits him at hand you do it for the love obviously right Kendra. I'd you know and I think I'd been asked me or her nonprofit. I don't know. Think that no we're dom that's why that's. And then the simple answer we always go with the union question but it didn't apply that that's right nonprofit people. Money. Because it's for a title if we have one and our heart keen eye and says he can do and I love that we need you your going into that job it's a non profit you know you're not gonna make any money. Yes this event. Look at it why not a note and I'm sure every time you play somebody with a disability in a great job and you change your life that's worth more than money. Really is the best feeling. I can't even imagine we'll go on a candlelight we say give an awesome job be doing great things for good people thank you for playing share your salary is well. They candor we love you. Already know. Aaron I don't. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister movement dot org here we go ahead and can only pray a different look do you get your CNN. Senior members don't they would give us something to do. 100 point seven. All I'm Laurie will. I quote the last thing you were so excited about that you couldn't sleep. To a 6421 Wall Street in Texas for 6150. And the reason I bring it up is because pour miss Emily over here is so excited about her mom come at a Seattle this we can for Mother's Day weekend she did not sleep. One minute. Well I've she's not come until Friday I gotta tell you that this is not looking good for the rest of the week for us as a show. I know I'm a honest I'd best friend and this is the longest I've gone without physically seeing her in two months I'm just so excited I just show her. Seattle and Washington and where I live and missed it sell it. Thank you guys it back in Georgia you've lived together or next to each other or in the pretty close up at the way. That's not that starts at a different site tethered like once a week I'm. Well listen I've told this before moving across country to take your job with the a couple of big bats like us and a city where you know nobody have a family very brave thing to do. I think we thank awesome that she's coming and she can impact on your boxes I daily or a year gas and I didn't get invited the media it's. You have. Not official she's coming she loved that. Tim Allen at Oak Creek a new country now okay yeah and we got a party into. All right so what was the last thing that you were so excited about. That she's literally couldn't sleep and the values of one minute left not a single second if you think you'll see tonight. How I'm sure we need better and a crash I get to get it down my Alley can sleep it's important I nomads to help. Don't listen to gloat over them to a 6421 wolf for Texas right now 461 fives are we really what do dole is lasting you were so excited about. And we didn't see the minute last night as you so excited about her mom coming into town. 206421. Wolf to get through Friday or yes OK to Texas by the attacks are blown up 46150. We get some of the time they won't be able to sleep tonight they've got our early. Flight tomorrow morning for their nieces graduation and she's graduating from the university Arizona where she had to inner built. So cheesy boy who waved congratulate out of that. But don't you think that's really cool that somebody's that excited about their knees. It's not their daughter or their son. You don't I you know I'll ask DA is now a direct connect to and she still that excited for her I feel guilty for my disinterested in my nephews and I totally flat like a baby didn't necessarily have a feeling bad that I have you know interests other than is there a party afterwards it is there an open bar. A lot of women are not able to sleep before their scheduled assists area and he it's the C Sanyo was his eightieth comment and some other not sleep after. Mix it's good for the next year I'm and then I think the close ones are getting are so many women are saying that they couldn't sleep tonight for their husbands got home from deployment. Especially being I wracking being on for six weeks and you know those are. Love that I don't know how you deal with sleep either. Yeah I guess you're getting your data and the worst thing is when you're so excited and it's funny you brought the subject is last week I have one of these nights because I had the big bike race over the lead just. Estimate brain gets thinking about it you can't turn off your brain and I'm sure of the class averages. Al are running in your mom's arms coming up at the gas and an old kids honor I was complaining out like what we're gonna deal. Each day and then you check the alarm and you do you heard the clock in just hoping that the clock has moved a little bit but it's still 1:30 AM I know I did athletes such going to work. Now I just like your tennis get I mean this points. I what was the last thing you were so excited about that you couldn't sleep what are your some really juicy stories to a 6421 wolf. Good morning Danielle and carbonate or are you today. They were great we are talking about the last time you were so excited about something you literally couldn't sleep and at and Emily last night for girls she's upset about a mom come in for the weekend she didn't sleep one minute last night. Marvel that I am about two months ago I had to I app is my thought archer. Hopes are that he had been his Alabama. I. That have been that responsibility of the speech activist or an act. That was. The anticipation that I couldn't clear the air fares. I sat back and realize is Greg long a lot of friends. These are the best people to apple support yeah but when you come to that realization did you get any sleep tonight before. Yeah. Our entire or just pouring out every and that's that met with emotion. That eventually will memory. That. Trying to figure out what was important to get Al leading some pressure. You know practical I I've never had to do that but I remember all my dad had to do it for his mom when she passed my grandmother. And he was a wreck for a weakening your basically summing up somebody's life in what 510 minutes and make sure that he's become behalf of everybody that loves that person I mean I can't even imagine. It falloff. Annually. Later. But OK yeah yeah important part him he needs that would be happy. But then at the way you don't wanna be tacky MB going around asking people like he how to guide you can yelled I mean it's not all that. You know with the record that yet but she wants or reviews page that I do justice. Here to my dad went down. And you don't want to find people that. Out a lot of guide you through jokes in nearly half of these Deanna and I. Are. Right it's not a roast it's a funeral. Danielle I don't envy that position that is a tough one and I can honestly I'm surprised it was only one night. Losing sent a week now that the whole we well that sounds right that's downright Danielle. Hey listen thank you to share we love you. Back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice the loss. And we're gonna turn things over to Deanna Lee just to remind the podcasters of the Teddy and including fifty minutes of bonus content that we didn't talk about on the show today and how good we were so busy I'm exhausted them only want to. But there's a news done dumb viral crazy out there we'll talk about parents you should know about the deodorant challenge. Just they're not eating it are they know it's no worse. Lore but as important as well putting kids in the hospital so she should know about it we'll discuss also the ten most and least valuable states in America. The vampire facial and a guy shooting at a car in front of them in the McDonald's drive through because he was going fast enough. Hey we've all wanted to men that you just can't stray. Too big as Baghdad the prize to the morning I might add video as it's been beaten. OK idea Italy is in a by the way so yeah I hit the podcast that's on the app that's on the website it's also an eye to find it subscribe we love you deeply what are you talking about I'd love. The head on now come on now love is all me. It really is not nice it's just that system and turn off the stupid. Okay Darius is god niceties to look at her radio station where everybody likes each other and makes. I'll let him in the number of these games for over 25 years I never had a and I really appreciate yap so dealey we love you beloved brands deep around here you know can't go back and yeah. Thanks Max yeah it's receptionist day. They know is a topic. You know our receptionist out there Veronica we love you got out of Iran amounted casinos Robin bodies are buried the teacher everything that's going on in the office unique hidden their season everybody's she's in our boxes she knows all this disturbed. She knew she citizen email messages Hank. He's got to box the we're already opened and the. It's tough to. Say go and do my person and tell us who's dating do it in the no no room. Who's in only dating that's an element. No she tells everybody on the so yeah I well yeah I tell you my sister I clear them enter office romances that hearing. Well I mean there are a couple here memory and mostly we know about them. Now now I know okay. And you and I will. Only this is just we're talking about dating coworkers today company. If it. Lessig did topic because you know we've all seen success stories and you know we've all seen it blow up in people's yeah. I'm I tried it one time and it blew up in my face so horribly that would never ever go back there. That's worse than dating somebody that Jim. The island it. Ever dated a co worker absolutely. Not even Smart from day one that sometimes I think for you in for at least for me I'm so stupid I have to learn from my mistakes I learned one time. Yeah and in India and somebody losing their job. And it wasn't me. You remember that amendment and nobody got dampened at best it was so. Not that well I. And Casey newsreel men at the temptation Israel. Aren't you a ticket with the Emily please do to a 6421 wolf where you can shooter text 46150. We're out of here Osi back tomorrow morning at 5 AM we love you. Actually the car. Mornings from Clarksville.