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Yeah. He went so well to morning we'll tackle that Alistair is on this gives you 100 point seven. All the morning wolf pack what's up guys happy Wednesday. Matt McAllister here producer Joseph that there are getting things started I joke it's. It's only Wednesday and now it doesn't feel like it should be at least there's things to me really sometimes you know I can get in that it feels like a Friday or whatever but it feels a coincidence cram it into good days in a three halfway through. I mean I'm not saying I'm not discounting how you feel it and it's just let him and Natalie earlier this and a that's as good a good week so far. By the way a little bit later probably the 6 AM hour we find out why you guys are cruel recap what happened yesterday I want to thank. Boland figured. All on. Had McGrath who works for king five news. Six you reached out to me on FaceBook last night at 840 which is like the middle and I don't think they went to bed probably closer to 730 last night that. She reached out about Alex or tire changing here on the I five and dinner running a story last out of the 10 o'clock news. And it's on line which is pretty cool but. Kind of went through the whole thing and if you missed it again we're gonna replay can be ended it. Probably this exam our it is it happened closer to 8 AM yesterday but very cool in defining Alex is that started with an email that is just from somebody who say they wanna recognize. A good samaritan in the community we happen to track him down and is a country fan and long story short. We're gonna see in my hometown talent yet so cool to see him get the recognition and I maybe in my favor par at Raymond effort told you this that the media relations for the company he works for reached out yesterday. And they want it all the info and follow up on us I think keep prying got a nice reception at work you know he always yup it always feels good to get recognized by your peers that were I just read a study about how they're talking about the five things employees want and their business and number one was just breaking news yeah. More money now a little extra Medicaid M and it feels good it was funny you know you come at a from a corporate angle which I'm sure Alex is pretty stoked about Brad. But I was on FaceBook during the show yesterday and his wife was jumped to him I ask. And anti said that his seven year old son was following him around the house telling his dad out Braude was. And I go come on me and good kill me which doctor about how great his parents worry his mom got on down our FaceBook page it with us the idea yesterday Hughes talking right up front she was that's very cool yeah. It's it was it's kind of a feel good being a part of the story that I kind of missed. It was that it was national kindness day grant the data he was doing this he would actually found out earlier in the day and I think as I said straight up when we found and got on the phone as of what inspired you to do this in Zeta. But a little bit later on I read the news article on king five and everything else and I think he was kind of inspired by case. Maybe a day to do something for other people whatever it today and right. But that's a great thing I was doesn't from an old days I had to school that it's not like there's an Aston. It is just something so small that they get so it's not like this is any complicated. Engineering feat here is just somebody being nice to strangers and and that's apparently so rare these days like it becomes this becomes such a big big media story in airing well maybe it's. Kind of par for the course to that and every time I'll look at my social media there is another. Creepy perverted. Celebrity or politician Joseph Biden. Golan down. With these allegations now just being creeps idea to scenic guy who's 25 years old. Who's married. Seemingly just nice do. Who stopped on as well we set an hour to go on as a commute to change other people's flat tires in the rain in the storm I think that's pretty unique. I was honest yesterday yeah. I don't think I would have done. Fact I know I wouldn't have done and I mean I just don't but I think Alex inspired me a little yesterday just be okay. You know on the team when your being selfish and thinking about yourself and now you wanna get on your family you wanna get home to dinner and you wanna you know we showered in beer. In your favorite Netflix ago. You know here's a guy to stop and spent and how much time a couple of hours our aren't out of Italy. I don't know. They kind of they kind of inspire aided resent me in the early yesterday maybe that's the attractiveness of the story yeah I think in and it ever regular from that is wherever whatever you can do to offer you know if you re out there needs help. Troubleshooting their Wi-Fi network that read my I guess you outlook I can't figure tired though they can't over ask. But. You know you said it best Joseph. The simplicity of it is what's beautiful Villa just nice thing to do. You know I think we've lost a little bit of that and our society were all little selfish were a little cells consumed absolutely world little too into our device and whose texting and instant Graham and I'd just a simple thing I don't know that it's a beautiful story so it is if you did miss. The end of it total shocker in and it did make one prediction yesterday. That when I heard about a guy changing tires for people in the house and I guarantee that the country. And I realize it's over with so impressed your predictions yesterday am I crazy and know how Smart and she knows that nest of its announcement path. You you you like related to know that like Tivoli. No but I I'd I'd just that's to that's what country music's all about yet at them and that is definitely what the morning wolfpack is all about is just creating a family and Joe's right he needs something let us know and and it's it's a great thing that we care about your more importantly if you see somebody like that definitely list now is will shine we'll analyze them that all of it absolutely rather do that and talk about Harvey Weinstein had the who's the other one yesterday this joke. I was up militia structural John Travolta rises the mail masseuse. Day. Yet you it's starting to change the mindset of you assume everybody is normal to find a different now and if you if your celebrity of sort of assuming you're not yet to laggards if exactly. All right morning of bag wire you up early as sticky and shows dollar value to a 6421 wolf those which are doing right now. Don't they just after 6 AM to we're gonna welcome somebody new into the mug club seven tenure shots good activity in July when it comes Seattle. Beat the street. By the way the official scorecard today this morning reached fifteen to two. Oh and I might have put a little cheat sheet of for you on the Seattle wolf it's two grams story. And tweeted about a minute ago hey we want you wind we wind you'd go to dinner Wednesday. Hello Howard good morning wire you up early Sergei Lori and Matt I'm mattered that might throughout. I'm over it again or deliver it well what do you Holland there what's the load he really want to know it's. About a Becker or. Yeah no I'm curious about stuff last a lot of questions how to apologize I stepped over my mental health problems. At you know about girlfriends so where you delivering I didn't do it with you. Don't know I'll be one you know club and I. It late it below. Well god bless you Howard I had to do in you know good hard work just be careful man it's coming down on how it is where you are right now but it was pretty nasty get to work. Think we don't all night out only on that Tacoma area all night long yes those things are a little jacked up so take it easy out there Howard. I sure about 8880 yeah yeah I agree got appreciate you Howard thanks for being a part of the morning wolf attack we love anybody. Are about alike they might in Sumner what are you doing up early. I'm headed to work in my car that are doing a 167 interchange on or five. Wow I didn't realize it be carpentry involved in their projects well yeah that's great man how long is that gonna take. In all your years. Who slowly since consistent steady work for you Mike. I had definitely what are your hours but. And I think seven at 330. Okay what's the best party job in the worst part of your job go all best part is a unique Arcandor. Worst dog is you got to work out here you re seeking death. Well it is they have meet your carbon dirty it's raining what do you do just sort of a TARP you know if we do our reindeer in order. And so damn manly my gotta love that Honda. Oh yeah I brother Nate they Sabena part of the morning wolf that might we love you reduce agent trying to stay dry out there a cameraman. Here is a Jake in average Jake why are you up early. Are driving down so work can it go oh. That's a long commute Jake what do you do for a living. Life. How good for you man you qualify as one of those first responders. Yeah. Well. And you know firemen. Yeah pretty much. We usually get the caller had a dime that it that popped the ball that we might need to go and we gave it everything. You know like these men had to wait for being ready and then you'll get the green light ago. Yes they you've always got to be prepared what are you doing the downtime Jake. A lot of scoop it up McGuire a body is yet. We like if a guy though. You are up to date training a lot of stimulation and most of us are going to school eat burger courier. Though well there's a lot do they doubt. Jake thank you for what you do you saved a lot of lives in. Man Freddie but he's urban and a really nasty situation. You know they depend on you so thanks Jake for being ready. All right thanks for being a part of a morning wolf thank Jake have a great day be careful the traffic okay. Earlier this. According needed a leader. And well for a handful of peanut design doesn't help until Senegal. All here's Matt McAlister knee. Though wolf Wednesday the rain is coming down pretty good so take a little extra time to work you probably didn't need burst shooting and afterward that he walks to work. Thank you got a good jacket handy so again and again I Etsy where how why are you up early little slow this morning not penalize teachers got a hangover from yesterday's show. It took at all unless you. 206421. Wolf if you wanna check in and maybe you'd ever have before here in the 5 o'clock hour. We are one of the few shows do alive radius we love to hear from you as well early grinding it out. In the meantime great local stories from spin away. You know I think we probably all had that situation. Where you walk out of the place he needs to remember where you put your car experts at the airport I've always take a picture of the parties. Is that can be just downright confusing however. We don't recommend especially given spin away that you call 9112 record Asik carjacking if you can't find your card that's not the way. To get it done now Matt these people. The vocal local nine Milan about anything. It's okay cable goes out of the can't find their Netflix password that call 911. I just can't believe this. Somebody thought that out and figured out this is a good idea and you'll have the cops who 359. I thought well. I wanna go ahead and say that there might have been some alcohol involved I hope he this poor guy. His name is who's in series 46 year old guy. It's kind of funny to he said on Sunday evening that he had just been carjacked at knife point anti Wal-Mart there in spam away. And there was no carjacking city actually idea they could not remember where he parked his car. So he's I thought the deputies would be able to help him find it. We have even by the even provide the fake description of an attacker to the nine woman dispatchers so it would seem more real steady later said today. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry you wasted your time he had earned it they charge you with a in the U. Eight million was booked into pierce county jail for investigation of false reporting. Game yeah we were really guys it would lose his car. All the time yeah like he just he was so absent minded about about things like that that he got the point I remember we an event in downtown Phoenix once he went down their parked his car. Could literary market. Let's put her probably two hours for his car to buy anyway this is sober is Susie and mourning process and then it's over. Then finally decides he's given out takes and Hoover about sixty miles to his house. Goes to bed where except exit Hoover the other sixty million upright about you honor guard for the movers to go back there somehow the next they find it well and other cars there. So at that point the event was over and all the cars and left so he could find a variety Agassi is little. A little more familiar yet. By the way deputies wasted no time to put to gain Hank Johnson drove around the parking lot until the man found his Dodge Charger right where he had parked it. The man told deputies he always fears his car has been stolen may be a chimera maybe there's no alcohol involved I had no idea. Hideki just be stupidity I don't know you're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. 100 points it's. The morning wolfpack MM McAllister have. When David Sobel election time today it's coming down out there it's a little dangerous on the freeways in the what nots I joke which raised take couple things about Blake. I read an article last night about two actually the necessary to make is where blended family we both were married before it's her second marriage. So you know you have some awkward situations that happens. So it looks like. Quinn is gonna be in Oklahoma with Blake leading up to Christmas and then they're flying back they're going to be at wins house on Christmas morning with her three boys until like. Luminous. The jackpot and gamblers like I forget their names path. And her acts Gavin Rossdale is going to be there on Christmas morning with Blake can win the three boys. Which I've heard and listen and you gotta make that work. Well when it comes down to that you just got to get over some stuff for three ego aside he got to make that work so kudos to Gavin Rossdale for. Doing the deal they'll one of you with the goods on Christmas. But they're going to be sitting in there Vijay is drinking champagne opener and a presence as close as kids having their every parent is just filthy rips. It just probably rains down on them partially out of guilt for having. Slipped the family I know that it's probably. Way over adult and at that point but we're speculating around out. Other news for Blake Shelton this is probably the news you've already heard about because it's all over social media that Blake Shelton is now officially. The sexiest man alive. According to People Magazine yes then there and this is where we need a girl on the show because we are not qualified to. Make comment on what guy is six years. Another guy's stats speak for itself is I got this daily show Larranaga and take great for our country music exposure. Math and know lake on the cover of People Magazine and and I'm not I'm I'm sure that Blake isn't considered to be like. Traditionally like the most good looking guy you know what I mean he's probably not like one of these movie star can category guys. Whose personality is amazing. And I think that goes a long line dude if it goes of really long way in hell you've had this experience before you meet somebody. And you find him neither attractive or less attractive on the onset that they needed to know them. And that person can become very attractive and so based on the personality as the media there're really good looking person male or female when it's their kind of a jerk. They get lesson must attract only added a uniting adjusting it here there's a lot of things about somebody's personality it makes it especially for me when I was single for two years and did a lot of dating it was playing it playing girls that were. You know a certain level attractiveness physically but then their personality is just killed ignore me do that and vice Versa and Blake is one of the funniest most charming. And you know again we can't speak for women racquet for ten to but it when it reads like the surveys of what women want. In in a potential mate actually sense of humor is right there at the top yet I want somebody who make me laugh and he's got that in spades when he and my wife is beautiful and he's seen me you don't have find him. Well my point I'm being deprecating and I'm not good look Baghdad but I can make a girl vehicle that's are right here is a Blake on winning these sexiest man alive award. You were going to take me over it while we have run out of celebrity's. Would vote. And things that was down to somebody who's. Somewhat symmetrical that must be all you have to. And I can't wait she this. As proud as I am and honored that you guys ask me that's really the only thing here. I'm owning this moment. I've been ugly in my whole if I can be sexy is that it could. Big guy and of course get ready for the ribbing for your body says he's he'd probably when I got it in this moment is that this year don't things. I coming up next the mud club. Now another episode. That mode here. Club and by all means keep sending us your knowledge or wherever it is you work give us a moment to celebrate June. But John our social with mug shots did you call maybe step I was some doughnuts I know today. I Joan are finally getting it to go out on it's the ducks in Seattle amphibious boat ride it's a tour hopes well the weather is not good they can slow some money because the wind drag. But this is just ran it wasn't windy at chem lab. Up by the way today's coffee mug brought to us by the what the people that cold Jack designs. And by the way I guess on the final more what to do but. The notes is hey man here's a couple of our mugs we offer on our website thanks so much for adding this to the morning wolf pack mug club let us know if you need anything else. And if you wanna check out the social media just goes to its degree in Twitter or FaceBook Seattle wolf and you'll see the mugs next a couple of them. Faith family and football and that and the one for around my wife there the next. Beautiful. Looks like I'm totally. Looks like some no good local T au while. Yesterday and try and your. Parents take care and how are you today current OK that hey it's mimicking ouster calling from the wolf today he wouldn't quite go quiet I don't know. It could. The world get to work voice on. Yeah. Well I know you're coffee mugs came in a while ago India opened up the box is the other day from cold Jack designs and we just wanted to cause they think you. For the really nice note in welcome to the month club. Oh yeah or I'm glad they feel like Aaron knows all greater looks like this is kind of what you guys do for a living is designed stuff for businesses whether the mouse pads coffee mugs are all kinds of stuff. Yeah we lost toll it will. Specializing Torre like cotton during a gun is on Mon oh sure like maybe you maybe some turquoise earrings pierced my ears again. Take it back to babies and yes it's that he did that well I love the compliment that I'm using this morning it has faith family football. And then Vanessa my wife's gonna love pumpkin spice clean yeah OK so tell me here is this a family business and see the card says here and in theory. My husband and I are on the Internet together current period mother kept at a time and she meeting you guys in Puyallup yes. It's amazing how long you've been in business. Firm tried years that's great housing Dolan it's a little mom and pop shop there working hard rain it's going really well armed might have been very that we. What his insurance career content. Electrical Jack faltering and it's going reluctant front. Way to me does that mean you're the boss in the family. Always your eye well and that's how it is anyway but now you have to literally it's as boss on the door. Ray yeah that's yeah workout process well good for humans and other appreciate you listened to the wolves and taking the time to put a care package together was really sweet and it was one of the first ones we got so thank you for doing it so finally after we started the mug club. A proper journalists and I'm gonna take a mug shot sort of Pall over our social media a tag you and everything are you on Twitter mr. Graham and all that. Weren and stick around it dates back I'm wearing sweater here actually. Or of course Jack not a popular on the Twitter. Now the murder or for what we do I think again I think Twitter honestly is more for guys seems like women lovers to Graham and love FaceBook. Yeah yeah totally Annie well you definitely do that for you guys in appreciate you taking the time and say hi and the hubby and say thank you to carry as well. I well think you know I you have a wonderful day in Puyallup then thanks for being part of the month club they Tokyo. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So Woolsey it's the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister thank you for starting your day with us and yesterday. Right around 8 AM and we had a moment. And before we complain that back for you. We need to explain kind of how this all started and again we wanna thank Pendergraph over king five news. Four are writing a story about this last night putting and on the 10 o'clock appreciate it. So the email that came in this is how I'll start. And you got to remember too this was an apparently obvious we read this email that was national kindest thing. When this all happened. So she says hey my name is Christie. Last night and about 7:30 PM in the windy rainstorm. Approximately thirty more people including myself had a very large hole that it opened up on my side southbound near the highway sixteen interchange. No one could see it to avoid it because it was dark and stormy in the state patrol is trying to find the cause of why so many cars revving flat tires. Was I hit it immediately in my tire went flat as a look for a place to pull over I realized that I was one of many many people flat tires. I called my hubby I told the miles gonna try and get the tire changed. I then got everything out to change it briefly got into my car straighten up the tires. As I got back got a tall young man with a smile says hey would you like some help. I said sure the first I thought he might be a tow truck driver but as he knelt down again changing my tiring driving wind and rain I began ask him questions like if he was almost own. He said no I have another hour ago I live in Rochester work in Seattle. He said he had also hit the hole. And it also had a flat tire that he changed many decided to go along see how many people he could help out mine was the six tire this young man had already changed. He had RD had a really long day with so from the rain yet. Well along this line of cars tired cold and wet with a huge smile on his face trying to see how many other drivers he could help. Many finish at my tire I told that I wish I could pay him but he didn't I didn't have any cash so the sweet hero then said are not doing this for money I'm doing it to help people. He then said did you say you work and hospital and I said yes and he said well then consider this my thinks. I paid him with a big hug and they tanks as he continued on down the line of cars. All I know is his name is Alex and he works is a fuel or for Puget Sound energy in Seattle but he lives in Rochester. I would love for him to you recognized for helping so many people after a long day at work. Changing the tires of strangers in miserable conditions. And was still a long drive ahead of them. He's an amazing young man and he is our tire changing hero. That's for Christie beat her and so that's how it all started. And and we decided yesterday morning missiles on a mission let's find this guy let's use the power of the morning wolfpack deceived we get Alex on the phone well. Lo and behold it worked out. Joey returned the phone rings get involved I think is gonna be Alex we got from you sound energy with his music a federal could stick democratic like Canada set us up to this next deal here. Who knows maybe we'll get lucky if that's Alex I'll stop what I'm doing. Is this superheroes changing tires last night in the wind and rain on I five south which by the way. I don't eat too far in that again I'm so impressed by what decision ended. The jays attire on the freeway it's kind of an intimidating thing to do it's not fun at all it's kind of scary cardinal by eighty miles an hour. Stated that in joke. You had to do we wanted to idea here is you know it's are you kidding I'm not getting seriously ask him a hundred residents here. Again I'm so excited we have time for this we have time because right now I need quite honestly I think hopefully some people that heard the first part of this right. Can you can hear the wrap of the so let me just. Reset quickly. I'm so are you kidding nice whereas you're messing with me man are you bigger mess around with them yes I do think she totally my emotion I would I would. So we got an email from. One of our listeners Christie who said last night. Going home and I signed a pothole opened up and nobody could see it because this crazy storm in car after car after car was hitting and getting flat tires she pulls over she got a flat. It she said this is nice young man was walking up and down the road cars. Helping everybody he could change their target RD teams like six tires. And he still had an hour ago before you can get home to Rochester. Which kind of makes his due to superhero. He says name is Alex. Any work for Puget Sound he was a fuel or Alex is this really you. Yes that is dude. I feel like hold on a minute here looking for the right. This may be sound a little bit better. Kind of the right. Superhero music fair. Food and say. My men. How did you find out that we were talking about you on the radio this morning. Com one of my way and co workers. Called me and said hey my daughter says that they're looking for a guy named Alex. We'll be informal view that lives in Rochester. And that happens to be you last night on I five south where you walking up and down a role cars helping people change tires. Yes Iowa. Well Alex one of those women are name's Christie. She so appreciated what you did by the way she's the one who works the hospital I think you guys had a conversation. Yes I thinker or weakness you well absolutely the people of organ hospitals and nurses the doctors. Their miracle workers. But she let us know about you she's the reason that we know about you. And all we wanted to do was find you when we did to say thank you man what inspired you. Within our left to do when your commute you're cold you're wet you got a flat tire yourself with what inspired you sit there and help the people. SI with duck out with all the way to had a like tiger and I didn't know how that changes. I would have played if somebody would give loans or. We'll all format hopes more people out. I'll argue wet and cold from changing my own tire in my book people. Alex held a guy area. All I'm point 520 fives and I'm just gonna assume that your mom and dad raise you the right way he's your guy like this with a big heart you're thinking about the people you're not thinking about yourself. I don't turn out to. Alex have you ever done something like this before. Not on the big of the scale the third how many opportunities mentally and it you know ahead how many tires do you think he changed sides that. Well we certainly. And every time did you nail it I mean did you have one we couldn't get to lug nut off for some like that in you get every single one. There was one. Weird. There's always one though didn't have the blood runs tool. I was unable to help them because mine's not distinct sides. But they've changed and only changed another tired and hers happen to be bean ball eight ball the ball loose change the other. Alex let me ask you fury country music fans. I am you are delisted the wolf and it doesn't matter if you don't ready to be honest. Although I do what I can get their radio station some of them okay. We are having a big concert on December 13. It's called our hometown holiday we got Dustin lynch Michael Rey big and rich Chris Janzen. Midland. Two to Minsk he who's in new guy but did the point of all this is because of what you did last night. A morning did you heretic ranked giving away tickets everybody testified it's gonna be sold out. It's gonna be this SO show where senator Kent I'm gonna get to a pair tickets even if I have to buy them. I was often and keep the mind you a US single guy Alex continue wrestle the date. I can I can write a book but they have a ticket after this interview my guy that women are line and up. School alum and are in Obama will always hang up act or even better that's easier let's keep it on the confidence. All right Alex is an input and hold Joe's gonna take carrier get all your involvement. Say thank you for what you did last night for all those people that you helped especially you know like Christie out there by herself. No idea how to change entire. God bless you Manny did a beautiful thing. Thank you thank you rather it's the morning. Oh I now. 107. So long as the morning wolfpack down Matt McAllister thank you for starting your day with us Joe's over there. Real quick before we get to 7 AM interesting story at a time magazine's you know is legit. Paris' time magazine. Through these central Baghdad that this right back and actually did real news and now they're talking about what this is not to serve for Thanksgiving yes. They've kind of People Magazine it up a little bit Iraq today it was a pretty hard news magazine anyway. So this article I thought it was kind of interesting with Thanksgiving you know a week and a day away. They can all agree now all they you know the biggest shifts in America including guy theory. That there is one dish that should not be a part of your Thanksgiving any guesses jail. Is it some things that typically is at Thanksgiving dish yes. In fact I'm pretty sure we've edited our house before I never thought it was I mean. Thanksgiving is pretty decade and anyway you can even every month than any guesses on what they're saying this is that this is a terrible that she should not my apartment and began loser some sort of that you're not too far off with yams but it doesn't come and can you can't beam. Cranberry. Gel at the stuff the comes and IEA an outing here that is how. I am not a big fan Thanksgiving food mentally if things it's. This is some sort of cancer off. Check yes again I'd everybody knows this dish as soon as I say it's sweet potatoes topped with oven browned marshmallows have you ever had that happening says. It's almost like a dessert did you get suite atop the sweet Brian and everybody stand and answer how this became so popular. In fact they dated back till like may be potato putting. It back. Never heard you there but it's April Bloomfield Chester New York City spotted pig says it's adding Swede on top of sweet. There are so many other satisfying ways to prepare sweet potatoes I prefer the more natural sweetness of sweet potatoes anyway. Can we you've never panicked. Maybe I haven't I just don't know I'm really bad it food the side. I just remember the first time I had to like wait. This is indeed a marshmallows. Why are they in the mean just I would I would hire something I'd remember marshmallows and large spells meat potatoes I've never had twelve time magazine is putting your foot down saying no more not this year not 2017. Mom when your your whipping up all those dishes and working hard the kids you can just avoid that altogether occupy that man to an egotistical and if you Thanksgiving answer. Morning we'll chat with Matt McAllister has been trying to. 100 points that thing though Lowell slapped hit the pavement and that could be history. The luxury in Bremerton and how are you today I'm getting great REL like the energy I'm doing wonderful thanks so much for us starting your dental. Problem quiet you're excited about Tim and faith coming in July it's gonna be great show at the Key Arena July 13 to be exact sold soul you know the deal extreme. Add up okay by the way the score in beat the street so far is morning wolf -- fifteen the street to Solis. Okay I've five questions thirty seconds and then we'll go out to the streets of downtown Seattle with Joseph and a microphone we'll find out how they did. But here we go are you ready for your 5 questions I am there already are I Syria like the competency we go question number one. What does Harrison Ford's character searching for any Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. To its feet thirteen Florida that's got it they can you be a little more specific term technical. Which famous Seattle landmark is located in Fremont. I'm the troll twit superhero was rendered powerless by the metal Kryptonite. Which country star is married to Tim McGraw. Paid out in which state is the San Antonio international airport located. Which. OK let's find out who you're going to be playing against down on the streets of Seattle producer Joseph out the Mike your ego. My name's DeVon. Where if I place now from bomber. Okay there is Devin let's see how DeVon doesn't start with question number one nimble find out how you did as well jury okay. What is Harrison Ford's character searching for in Indiana Jones and Alaska say. Gold. Correct. The actual writing answer is the holy Grail. Sure reuse in that goblet thingy so I gave you a half a point on it. I thought. Imagine yeah exactly so you're up by half a point to nothing on DeVon going into question number two what famous Seattle landmark is located in Fremont. Patrol. She got their right and so did usury so. He still got a half a point lead on DeVon heading into question number three doing great so far which superhero is rendered powerless by the medal Kryptonite. Superman. Got that right and so did you manage to read this is close to didn't beat that to half a point ends up making a difference and I think it's going to be all right Iraq you've got to you gonna he's in DeVon does not seem like it dumbing so. You got you got two and a half he's got to. Moving into question number four which country stars Tim McGraw merits there. Carrie Underwood. Here in new wording in correct its Faith Hill obviously Tim and faith tickets up for grabs are you gotta write some now. You are at three and a half to his two and I like your chances heading in the last question I really do going out and took it. Every state is the San Antonio international airport located. Ohio. Okay he got that wrong San Antonio of course you gotta write isn't Texas so. Well we sitter about it really Smart maybe that you once you. You do it then and only if you you got four and a half almost aced beat mr. The morning. Well you know what for us as well three thanks for being a part of more than wolf pack congratulations. And Caylee to meet you at Tim and faith we don't. This morning yeah. Talents her rate and he's a hugger whole and 100 points though wolf is. The morning wolf thank Matt McAllister in the new one point seven wolf let's say what I love Joseph. I love tradition. And traditions. And so whenever somebody throws a new in my way I get a little jumping in the where you can because I think you know fur is the holidays that's what it's all about is it having those yearly annual traditions while love Thanksgiving because. It did not that much fanfare it's not commercialized so much it's just about family and whiskey and eating Jewish food and watching football it's real simple it's just about spending time with the family that did I feel again and I'm very non traditional base now I just it just seems every year's a little bit different except for now with so PS thing Christmas together they've got a ton of -- traditions that they're like Dyer are about and they're fine with me their fund that -- -- just nice to fill their Filipino yes so. Outing and I would need to know to they have different is our food traditions they do like all their presence at midnight stamp drinking until midnight on Christmas he looked another man party and that's and all of opening of the presidents have been that a few other things that are really nice formal dinner on Christmas days the well when you finally make an honest woman at a Sophie Geisel has to develop a couple of your own shared traditions like I know for us for Christmas Eve we always have Kansas City Barbeque. We'd be tossed a little bit of money but I have this one place shipping out. My mom does. And she joins us and we insist that Jack stack barbecue on Christmas Eve which is they shifted from Kansas City yeah I mean you know from this one Jack stacks barbecue there that's impressive I'll. Creamed corn collection but saws on the phone last night was Vanessa my life. And she's like Helen tries something new for Thanksgiving this year we only have like a lock down. Thanksgiving tradition. Yes it sure woody finish as well when he outside. Won't have a little bit different we have a big long table the backyards don't wanna eat out there and there's no don't have of the bonfire and owner went to sit out there is that a sitting inside the house. And I said you know that sounds a loss it's a little less formal which I liked. We whisky goes outside here there's a fire right that sounds awesome that's it's something that I would come off so I think it's gonna be our new. Weather permitting Thanksgiving tradition a campfire thanks again the outside. You know but I'd love to hear about other people. And morning wolf pack really know each other I would really be curious to hear some of your maybe they're a bit unusual Thanksgiving traditions. I know a guy whose family at I don't know what why they do this started when they wanted to call taken the bird for a walk. So every year they may eat their big Thanksgiving meal the car to Turkey. They takes the carcass he puts it on a dog leash. Any walk around the neighborhood they drag the Turkey carcass around the neighborhood that is the weirdest thing ever and I don't know why did they called hey who's ready to take the bird for a walk in the dragged us here and I can imagine a couple of stray dogs go along for the ride as well then no doubt if that is their steadfast Thanksgiving tradition. With Thanksgiving next week let's lighted up morning wolf I can dine and always your family does maybe nine usual Thanksgiving tradition to a 6421. Wolf give us a call right now. A before we jump on your phone calls quick tweet from Jackie she says my husband's family has a giant battle with toy guns on Thanksgiving if you're old enough to hold a gun at. You participate. They are there are no teams no point two winners we literally do issued each other all day and but no using babies as shields. But he says that's a rule because it actually happens. Put down the baby. Yeah yeah I didn't. Here's one quick on on a FaceBook. My axis Stanley had a four to look like a regular fork but you could pull the end of it out to make it four times as long. In the middle of everybody eating whoever was a new guest at a table. The uncle what is always the uncles and there would extend the fork in grabbed some food from the person's played across the table needs by the way. I'm pretty care IA and the uncle in my fans and yes I get to direct feature the UMEQ I mean not days are probably drink too much definitely the black she got. Load to a 6421 wolf let's start with the Indian Puyallup Andy strain out how good how are you this morning. So what is your due Stanley doing Thanksgiving it's a little different. After everyone's bags eating out that are on the living room and we play a game called app involved. And that is basically living or am volleyball with eight wadded up snapped and put together with Scott's case. Path as his fund is yeah I exactly do you guys keep score is it like around Robin how does that work. I don't like popcorn so we we basically. It there's no team during evening at popcorn and app involved or whoever. You know it doesn't make them hit it. Art in Ireland like. I've 08 and that's how much alcohol is involved with nasty ball. I. Italian island field and make act yeah I understand that's funny who came up with a do you remember where it started and how long have you been doing. I think my brother and my cousin a few years old in a I think they start that and October. Stick around play basketball you know what any that would avert a couple calories FT to big meal you know. Yet anything like sitting down there. Hurst CNN but the pants and and get after it Andy thanks for being a part of the morning wolf thank have a wonderful day out Wayne and Bonnie lake were talking about on usual Thanksgiving traditions. Yeah us. Ever hear what reduced personal political warrior Thanksgiving dinner such as little walker Bush's. I'll retreat. We do baton of different things are rare privilege to bite before they get the Thanksgiving dinner is your rule when it has to be nasty like that. We've only had one nice thing but you are straight or something new so awesome though like it sometime. I check out time it's pretty end. Somebody children don't Wear accessory tricked me needing it. So I you know he had those memories of pop out from your childhood that seem to traumatize you my mom was a fabulous cook I remember anxious single mom Emmerich came home from school and he Wayne and there was something boiling on the stove and Michael good to stimulate investment leverage starving it's 330 in the afternoon. I opened the pot. In a giant tong is boiling in the water would nothing else and I'm like. Oh my god my mom's a serial killer she just murdered a giant man that guy from kiss with a ton and it's boiling and I got to eat. But it was cast. Terry just comfort stone resort every are different things are almost anywhere in do you have any idea what you guys will be trying this year. Prosecutors showed little. Hello our programs but there are trying to turn that on down proof yet don't blame them but to actually did do we have favored don't invite me over the Thanksgiving okay. Okay. I'm kidding man I love your you know you you're unusual Thanksgiving tradition thanks for sharing now with a slain guard have a great time next Thursday. He. Yeah calloused as progress its value these guys got to bring donuts. 100 points. The morning wolfpack on Matt McAllister producer Joes here also and again net Twitter is blowing up because. Our country guy Blake Shelton has now people magazine's 2017 sexiest man alive. Before we get into the controversy. That's surrounding this I mentioned earlier you know who's waking up really happy about that's not necessarily play for it. Gwen Stefani and you know is she losing in LA and her little world and you know. People like we leave you dating back he's like the countries can do with the Deere tractor had too late check out really well this was her reaction. There is a rumor that he might be people since his no crime well nine. I got and a handful wow they got Farah I love and that's. Instead I need to know I knew I was on some of the yeah. If you are under way India is what what's the reaction if you wake up and that's the news wow I'm analytics really did not. Parity has scored but not really school and then you know I think. Video by the way they also ranked these sexy body parts ladies. As sexy as size goes to Bradley Cooper which my wife would agree 110% that's her new like. Man crush. Yes sexiest arms is Jason the mullah I don't even know who that is. He's the guy he plays opera man he was also the the lord of the dot Iraqi in game Thurmond and that's why don't angriest but it sexiest smile. Barack Obama. Sexy is but can Harrington. And the rest you know whatever what's the controversy Joseph while people are all flatter because. Blake Scots and tweaks here he is basically during Tweeter and has no felt there. So he's got tweets to go back backfire six years that are perceived as homophobic. Gorman sides in this stick thirties like. How can they how he possibly have this man lake which is ridiculous like it's a prestigious award or something eases People Magazine. And it's there like there are there are superficial sexiest man alive I guess is not like a Nobel Peace Prize at. You know I think you're exactly what's funny people forget to the Blake was one of the first guys that really blew up two under oath TN. Who's them. At Ashley could ask you could hear those are the two guys that like on there and you know you gotta take get ready with a grain at all. Into the morning. Oh I know. 147. Though wolf I'm Matt McCallister goes here to. Curious to here to think about this go back to the well here's your phone back today email. Yet so we found changing hero Alex trying to match at Seattle wolf dot com. They guys could be your opinion on something real quick this is from mark by the waist and have a dating a girl for about a month. She spent the night last night for the first time. I woke up to go to the bathroom around 3 in the morning she wasn't in bed I walked into the kitchen and near she was in the dark looking through my phone. There's really not much incriminating stuff in Arizona Maine hide. But it weird me out that she was looking through my phone I mean could we be getting along time may be but what do you think. Huge red flag. My you know I don't really think so are you seriously the end no Internet dating and you can go to your phone well yeah I mean I. Listen I can only say that because it happened to me with Vanessa before we were married. And just a make this a quick story but some meat on the cyclist I got into an accident and a breaking my hip this was 34 years ago. And we've been dating for awhile but at that point she knew that I was gonna have to move indoor house. And because I couldn't date equity for McCain play I had going for emergency surgery back today. So she knew the doctor said are you gonna have to take care and so our relationship was about to go from zero to sixty we were dating I had just matter kids. And I was gonna have to move it. So. She had the thought OK I need to make sure and he took thoroughly vet this man to make sure that before I take this kind of stabbed make this commitment to home. If he's not some crazy person so. She told me a lot later I didn't find out until way later down the road she finally said yeah when you were in surgery I went through your phone. I just wanted to make sure you were some kooky crazy person I could have my kids exposed to that in my house. Yeah I mean I I say hey that's certainly different is the the they just started dating and Sam I I would. For me it's a red flag at any point your relationship for me personally I just I think that's a necessary but and especially when you're just starting skating and you know sleeping other furthers them yet and I can see why you would say that I guess. If you got nothing to hide you know that I but I will tell you. Some guys forget about stuff. So there was stuff in my phone that I wouldn't want her to see iron but I wouldn't necessarily qualified as bad because I had been single for a long time there but she was like hey I saw some stuff from the speakers don't like. Yeah just out of sight out of mind I don't go through deleted NN. You have to have the same problem that the verdict as I've right so what you should get now that you guys are. I gotta tell you how many years of nine cents a president of women will scroll back if theory your phone to use she's not back to colonize that's as I would never go through her phone Alex you're never going to be mine I here's what I'd like ladies listening in the morning wolfpack. What do you think about going through your boyfriend's phone. Without him knowing excessively you would do is sesame that's okay union girlfriends talk and no. Share that perspective where this to a 6421 wall. Email me mad at Seattle's dot com. Standing before marquee say hey we're staying at a news or about a month she spent the night I got a little and I to go to him and there she was in the dark look into my phone. Is this a red flag on us. To a 6421 Waltz. Did anybody think about this girl going to her boyfriend's phone after a month. I think it's a little bit but that's our plan I think inherently. Where I. Why they got that at a meeting with Billy protective over at bowed. And an entire people say you know what you're swinging and I have known him for a long time I really want you to look at this as. These things that just like that's cleared and the public that it but it outlook. Opener bound. Well I mean I'm hitting it bad that I have a Andrea found that I found them for a long I don't every want it got it on I don't. Feel like there's anything that. Without. I think that's probably the best thing that you said right there is if you have a suspicion. There's probably something wrong. Yeah an island where they write and might get and I let that wasn't very long. Yeah absolutely and I was thinking too just a little old fashioned me like. If I'm if I'm a female nominee go through a phone on the duke before I spend the night over his house and sleep over you know remains. Grant and I think that one thing that gave us all really realize that it Arafat outlet for something you will find something no matter how old is six years old it was repugnant you'll find out that this elegant or something you're gonna get it whenever. He had absolutely Genevieve thanks for column and being a part of the show. Now problematic it used to stay dry here's Julianne and spin away what do you think Julianne. Well I think that it is OK absolutely. If you guys defended other girl I don't. And it's been something that has been discussed before who became a studio. Kind but and the way that this girls doing it shady in the middle and I aide says I'm not okay. Yeah that's definitely weird I is that they have been together that the fair person and is that I. Haven't seen him that look I know that's great. Yes okay hey thanks so much for your opinion Julian have a great day Elaine at an average what do you think about this girl. Is it sketchy issues gone there is thrown in the middle of the night. Now I don't think they'll only reading it because as when it. We are kind of on the alert I would look for Mac a lot of experience in the past. So I think we have to always get their phone thinking that confidence there that comfort in that there are that he. Yes or some insecurities there and I gotta be honest with you with all the stuff going on right now with. These celebrities and Hollywood and now politicians like Joseph Biden. I had no idea that there were so many creep for men out there I'm I am and Darius to be a guy right now. Or. I like I had no idea that men with that. Creepy like the Louie CK stuff and probably my. Eyes. It. I'm always on alert and always. Important to let you know like it was because I don't happy been concerned about that. In the past that we got together. You actually tried it you know you're the good guy. Yes Nigeria and Elaine thanks so much for being a part of the morning wolfpack and have a great day today OK I take it. Good morning Catherine in needn't bill we're talking about at this guy who sent us an email he woke up middle of night is new girlfriend about a month long was going through his phone rethink. I am I eat is that there are certain situations where it's appropriate for your quick writer had in college I personally Hewlett hearing has its own it. At. He is addicted to hockey and we have I'd die for a quick to eat has brought it at all. Air and almost every night here on its military to meet up with someone and I am not here. I thought. I. It's a you have to monitor. It is a puppy purchasing otherwise your house is gonna get overrun. Yeah I mean we get or are we need to channel like an island cat and a lot of women which replaces the that's a pretty awesome problem to have her back a I don't know another basket full of puppies did you pick. And I love it hey thanks so much Katherine yeah no problem that you. It's the morning. Oh I know. 1047. Cell walls leg on the new one out of point seven the wolf that's right the sexiest man alive. According to People Magazine here's our broken news to his buddy Adam Levine who. You're not only this I gonna show you stuff I can't do anything at all coming around wanna have given out your hand out your hand yeah I trust issues. Their hands are solved a different nowadays or realize this is a great source crowd and I win. The rating Damron take up on this is pretty. Read that assists sexiest man alive which means. I in the sexiest. Man that's living rat that. And I'm proud anybody because I'm only friends with the other estimates we know he just went down having dinner with all the guys tonight wow. He has a maze like you're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister. 100 points. Matt producer Joseph were actually headed out here a couple of minutes pretty good ride the ducks of Seattle it's an amphibious tour that gives you a little. You know a taste of around town and you go get in the lake union I guess in you're on the water for a little while I'm excited about it before. Seattle another thing I know. You without a car seemed like three buildings that at. It looks thereby. It's going to be funny by the way the reason we're going because they were kind enough descendants and coffee mugs and join among clubs so. We're gonna repaid them by stopping by will bring some doughnuts for the staff and we'll take a little tour which is I know nothing that locals ever do. But I'm always. Excited did you learn stuff yeah I mean if you lived here for your whole life you probably never none of connected through again and by the oil and apologize because I said the and yes or some. Folks the inner hate mail segment last week. It was brought up to me that I sometimes. And it's the H word and he lets me. Well Tammy on the FaceBook she just checked in Sydney morning man oh man you just said blank. So that I replied to her but I actually swore my replies I had apologized to Tim faced putting up a little. It's taken I don't know I don't know man do you guys listen have a wonderful day we will see you back tomorrow Simon speak in the mud club with his organs coffee mug from wherever it is you work. We definitely need some more mugs so I do go Seattle wolf dot com ticker at the mug club segment earned. Feature in aaron's got the address and you can hook it up that way in anyway stay dry and we will see you guys tomorrow like you sit back at five in the AM.