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I think he would know the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not there. He then you 100 point 70 look. The morning wolfpack Kathy Wednesday Matt McAllister producer Joseph wire you up early 206421. Waltz. Don't be shy this is the did you call in and then tell us what's going around with you throughout the show is all about you. More -- come status today. Joseph I have a big announcement just a second half until 7 AM hour. I don't know why is. But here's what everybody's going to be talking about today your and your first. Matt will allow war has been fired from NBC news. He was fired early this morning after an employee filed a complaint about yea you got it inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. And I guess they started The Today Show in New York this morning with this announcement it was a couple of minutes long Savannah Guthrie very heartfelt. Very emotional obviously they're probably best of friends I had no idea working again he's been there for ever for twenty years as you and I remember reading an article about media celebrities and how much in the week. Hit TV he's one of those guys it takes like a helicopter to work from Long Island and makes a you know. Half a million dollars a day just to show up. NBC news chairman Andrew Lack said in a memo to the staff that it was the first complaint lodged against Matt our in his career at the network but. He said we are also present him with a reasonably this may not have been an isolated incident. Matt Lauer by the way. Not immediately reachable for comment. Yeah I'm sure he's Gloria and up and try to spin controls is huge. In I guess reporters. For the New York Times have been investigating Matt Lauer for the last couple weeks. According to sources who had been contacted by the times. I don't I'll be honest like I should beat a point were not surprised by any of this anymore I think we're really remarkable stage. In our history where people are being exposed for who. Doing things we just never knew was super going on now there's this movement going on in in a wet. Sixty Durbin says it's kinda good it's a cleansing in a way it's a really that's going to be people at. But I'm surprised about Matt Lauer I was just keeps like this he nicest. Guy I mean I'm plus he's not a nice guy but it's you don't mean a long shot. There's got at least there's got I mean there must be like a mountain of evidence because most of these other B analysts like they are you know there again like they're eight complaint or the other twelve complain and then they're getting fired. Well it's to your point Joseph exactly what I thought. For them to fire him so quickly that the stuff they're talking about where hey we had some information there as Maine out of this may not be isolated. It must be that and whatever he did recently must be really bad because that's like there that's there you know that's their friends center their biggest talking head and that's a huge decision for them to mix and at that AM and they pulled the trigger -- again and ask Matt Lauer 59. By the way he was named co anchor of The Today Show back in January 1997. And you know a guy. Has been there for a long time when he started with a full head of hair now he's. Think he does it look like a single person added twenty years yeah it's it's pretty shocking bit you know you guys. CBS has. Charlie Rose now NBC has or Matt Lauer. I'm telling you what may in the rest of us guys look pretty good right about now and that's the headline Matt Lauer fired from NBC news this morning on The Today Show. I sore moving on to you guys next to a 6421 wolf wire you up early let us know check in now. Hello Jeff van Q while why are you up early. I can do in order so that there's. Not as much traffic at this hour. So do you get to work early on purpose just because you know you're gonna save time stuck on the freeway there exactly. Yes a what do you do when you get to work that you don't necessarily have to veto that early. Well I do actually start work in this diplomatic I think the yen down. It sometimes dynamite time Q because there's only a couple of us in the outlets that are like yeah that's nice what he did Jeff supply chain manager Monte. Okay out what does that mean exactly. I hate to make sure that all restaurants coach gentry know what they need I mean I may be incorrect in assuming this for the sound like you're kind of a big fish you work that seems like a big job. Again this time. Responsible for. Quite a bit of dollars. You said mod pizza how many chains are there out there how many restaurants 278. Right now man and probably grown fast. Very best shall. Hey Jeff did you hear us talking about Matt Lauer in or use a little surprised by that. Locals. And he just you know you never can tell but I just that's the last person I would've thought that what happens here. It's that both your dogs yet done after twenty years. We'll Jeff listen I appreciate you working hard and now being a part of the morning wolf pack thanks for checking in early. And I appreciate that they'll stay indoors or on their. You know 167 on the he's back. Yeah like today we get the best trapper border in the business thanks for being a part of it in that have a great day YouTube. Good morning Shannon in San payless what are you doing up early on an island but yeah at them or. Man that's seems to need. Like such him I know it's an important job but it also seems like kind of a cool fun job where you hear something different every day. That this true. I. And how many nine Malone calls do you get as we always hear about this you know in the media that are absolutely ridiculous that I can't find my phone charger or. You know Burger King forgot my Fries. Am sporadic please at least one or would you say for the most part though it's pretty serious but not right. If you inappropriately the AC three series Shannon I think it would probably affect your personality as a whole duke doing what you do for a living. We have our markets such as he usually had bad or you know not much phases Sheehan and I've no not much. Our Gary what's the most memorable night and one called that you can talk about it. Are these days. So many different what. Analysts talked about at and down its insulin but it's kind of funny land where people call it there have. I talk people you know FBI's search near it's it out like that. Well god bless you for what you do stand because you helped a lot of people every single day so. Aids it's in a really important job. Thank you Shannon are coming up next if you mr. conversation with Garth Brooks yesterday the podcast is available on line but you're gonna hear a little let out and about three minutes. Here that morning. I smell a party. 100 points. So wolfman McAllister here talking to Garth Brooks for catching up about everything Garth until banner I didn't even mention our last little conversation about the anthology park won the first of five. Which is a hardback book everybody issue again which covers the first five years of your career and it's out now. Thank you know what I love about the book it is the truth that that I'd love because they just interviewed the guy that's played on all of this same five guys that played on the first five records same engineers same producer same manager same song writers. They just interviewed all of the people that were there every day in that little house all crushed together and the stories that came out of it we're just phenomenal they're they're exactly where remember but told from the other side so that I got to learn a lot of stuff about Garth Brooks and the first five years that I had no clue. About like almost not getting friends in low places almost not getting the thunder rolls. All these things just seemed like serendipity made but now when you read the books you realize a lot of effort went in those for those little salt to actually you know records. Yeah it's crazy how one small decision could have gone a bunch of different ways I'm sure. Yeah that's that's the cooling and again mad but let's talk about Trisha Yearwood you know we've we've known each other now for over thirty years and she's been in on before we were at a record deal is one of us. So an interview her she brings a whole new light this. If she's got a female's opinion of it and she's got a female artist watching the same time we are so that everything around us is the same. But the story of how the climb works is in her eyes and it's it's it's it's it's a really cool toward the region itself. And you know speaking attrition as good as my Thanksgiving dinner was I was what are yours it must have been off the charts for the gourmet chef and house I mean Garth. You must to gain ten pounds. It's phenomenal mentioned today Chief Justice Singleton missed it Thanksgiving she's very aware others put it that way which is a wonderful characteristic of somebody but art art industries kind of packed with people that moved here just for the job so they don't have family here. So she finds all the people that don't have anywhere to go over Thanksgiving opens up the door. And in Canada everybody considered cable and it was packed this year is Travis and of course she's gonna make sure buys got more than enough to eat and more enough that. The greatest stuff on the planet he. So how many folks would say had. I think we had a problem between twelve and eighteen at the table at one point. It's grapes are scattered all of that out to watch a football you goodness. But the greatest thing everybody waits for it that second meal because what she does she takes all the leftovers and makes this Castro which are getting to play these shoes obviously in the cookbook here common sense. Which you make this thing called leftover Castro which is even better than Emilia hadn't started so everybody kind of waits for. And that's ridiculous are Garth the last question in you you may not answer to there's a little rivalry up here in the Pacific northwest. So yeah Tacoma. Or Spokane who do who did it better 'cause I know Spokane was on top of your list when you came to Tacoma. They're cannot tell you this let's throw another what hospital in Portland so a lot of people there from Portland that it comes from the two million winner you know that we were there. Couple years ago yes and you say they're gonna I don't know how it's better than Portland's and it's Tacoma comes out and that I I kid you not those were five of some of the most serious shows ever got the art we got. Time of the live record there waited to Spokane where Spokane got all of this was. But Tuesday night show to they had been sold committee showed you know say an eagle on the weekend yes. Tuesday night. Was rocked and harder than this Saturday night was there in Spokane and so these guys are everything yourself really well ever won their nose their country music and we got a ton of the live record from those forms. Well thank you for how you treat your fans here's a little story OK so there's Iraq station here in the building and one of the guys on the afternoon show his wife was there and she had really cheap seats like that she'd been up at the top you know and I'm same behind behind the stage this ticket stub you what are your guys grabbed her and putter in the first couple rows and she just went home and said you know what this doesn't happen in rock radio these guys are so awesome. Thought that is sweet Manny has been that's been a tradition is they want it as long as nobody that anything in return as they were. They may say it makes me very proud at that thought from there I'm glad to hear that thank you don't. Garth thank you for a all the incredible shows appear in the pow we love you brother and death have a fun time in January doing nothing. If you read Merry Christmas here in your family Merry Christmas I'll read your book over the holiday thanks Garth expect. I could hear the full interview that was about half others about a ten minute podcast available at Seattle dot com. Yeah calloused as the progress. These guys got a free donuts it's. 100 points. Saddam way too lazy for red box I think the thing had been I'd rather pay a couple of dollars and ninety user in a movie. But god bless everybody that uses red box I guess it must be pretty cheap that. Lord Elsevier motivation to actually get dislike going to blockbuster back in the day in a media release the Internet. Dennis church soup that's true too I actually haven't had a dvd player and a really long time meaning there has to kind of eliminated that technology but. Red box founded back in 2002 still going strong. As so this will be their fifteenth anniversary they came out with a list. Of the fifteen most rented movies. In red box history. And again. Did the people the guys that I know my friends that do do red box it's the same Ol blockbuster routinely make their money only things. In Mississippi I we see those red box dvds later around the house we did that's a fifty dollar and rental of Titanic or whatever you for instance I had people sometimes they'll even -- in account because they have a bar code on the top of the dvd yeah and that's all they know when you return instantly guess some people will scanned like at that piece of paper or whatever is sticking in there with the Barca and on it and then just returned from a piece of paper here so the end of next got to try to renting gets nothing else it's a should've known that Joseph you have a dvd hatch I Red Sox I'm not guilty of doing it but I am aware aren't so the fifty movies the fifteen most rented movies in red boxes history. Joseph Europe movie hound. CDT VS one in the top fifty. And again eighteen since 2002. You're thinking blockbusters here but there's also some movies on here that aren't good. That are in the top fifteen under some blockbusters. You know Oscar nominated kind of movies and and there's like. The popular ones the air renting I'm gonna say something like Lord of the Rings. Laura Barings is not in the top fifty. Big big. Bigger than Lord of the Rings that was pretty good and yes think of us are neighbors. No. In May be the point is people goes he goes in the theater because they're such big blockbusters the fourth now. No no and so if I have to come out after Torre TJ AF so that's the deal all these movies came out. Between 20102014. So they're all pretty new movies a given number one of the DB is it is a chain of movies it's a series. But much kids so you were far I would act no matter broader note. The other one. There's. Kids killing kids. Her game yes Hunger Games is number one. It never tutorial and jump street which by the US that was hilarious that we can we see it together I think we may have. Number three though I did anything which I mean. I'm not mistaken I. Jason Bateman and the other girl who's really really funny for bridesmaids and can't navy again that's what that is. The avengers that's pretty that's a blockbuster again. We're the millers and number five. Number six the heat could even say what that is that's another that I think you're thinking a Melissa McCarthy era yes yes she is also and that was so she's big and red box it. Fight. Grown ups. Just go with it like this is not a there's some movies and hearing her and I think the mentality is alumni gonna go paid twenty dollars in a movie theater row watches don't earn a dollar whatever. Of the wolf Wall Street awesome. Unless you're watching with your parents not clear Hillary did you have no good that's an appropriate a captain Phillips and of the great movie to Hunger Games. Catching fire was number twelve CO2 in the top fifteen. World war Z. Divergent which. Too complicated for me and then White House doubts that I should tap red box fifteen. And pretty like not a that a high a run tomato skoler in there and I. Again if you if you're red box renter godless because you have more energy united get down to the grocery store in your head red box vending machine. Now another episode of them and get through. And before we welcome somebody new in just wanted to say thank you again meant to be incredible people none of the federal way police department. Yesterday Joseph and I rolled down there was a couple of dozen top pot donuts for men. They actually let us take real mug shots. Which was cool not just the mug shots that I take every morning with your coffee mugs but and we got a little tour of the holding facility. I was bummed they don't have you you know like all the classic mug shots he holed up though little slackers that I don't like that Dade the you bet I posted if you wanted to get ASEAN mobile social it's up there FaceBook Twitter face there mr. Graham but yeah Dave. Modernized quite a bit there's there's no by the way if you get arrested. You don't roll your fingerprint in in Katie Moore put it on a piece of paper to all digital heads and things have changed the Caspian crude and then you guys are amazing and I listened we're always looking for a copy must come visit to bring donuts say hi welcome yen big family here. A speaking out got a box little note on it. From a Ford middle school in Tacoma. Case it got about 900. 67 days graders down there. This sandy. Good morning and it anything I don't feel sandy Matt McAllister calling from the wolf. Good morning and power you. I'm doing fabulously Neil well I'm doing even better than you because I got you beautiful coffee mug in the mail and I wanted to call you and personally welcome you and a mug club and just give thanks to you and everybody their Ford middle school. They all listen to an amount that the Leino they have to listen to my country music and that's. How viral. You know what's interesting is when I was a kid my mom was in the country but I never thought it was cool to like got a little bit older but you know my fourteen year old stepdaughter she's loves country and all her friends are Kirk kind of into it my point is I think country has become cool again. Yet as tomorrow rock and country than what we I don't know about you but let's and I grew up five with Johnny Cash and Merle Merle Haggard and and try to crash. I think he's Alec hardened older as a whole country felt. So sandy tell me what you do their four middle school. I'm actually an intervention case managers. And I'll let my job as kids that have your keyword history which means there. Plotkin and academics or behavior or attendance are all of the above. And then I've Holloman my office one by linemen and try to get him to regroup and get there I'm greatness is their attendance good behavior and control. While good for you sandy that is such an important job trying to help these kids stay on track. Missed quite rewarding time I try to close the Sumner. Their academic park and there attendance and get back on track. India's. To their education is so important. If you could just say something broke candidly to all of us parents maybe just a little perspective from your point of view what we can be do a better. Honestly I think that and Kerry needs to rules stop and take a look at what kilometer child and I'd been at the day's hurricane Alley today when he worked and on and beat the target of that student this can't be picky gatekeeper at 50% on the part of they have to be higher percent support that we don't have parents partisan home. And that work as hard academic it's hard to deal. Get involved all the teachers everything's online now you can go online and everything like that's what we recommend parents need to be more involved with their kids' education and relates how important. There education. It's great to hear you say that I was actually think it's something totally different so I appreciate it. I'm and that issue is difference for the Kansas Phillips so important we don't think they don't educate kids we're screwed because there's. We have nobody could gonna take care of us they have nothing to secure our world who don't take these kids to do at the right way. God bless you for doing what you're doing to help these kids get back on track in you know we really appreciate you also just on a side note of course listening to the wolf been a country fan being a part of the morning wolf pack here and officially city welcome to the month club. I'm excited and I got this big Marlins filled out mine because there was no my legs in the film and laugh and there was one glad that the girl secondly even for straws by the populist economic come on I mean does for those wolf and for me well we appreciate. I'm enjoying my coffee out of it right now and say thanks so much for being a big part of the show in we let him give our best everybody there for middle school had a great day you sent us a mug its release these go to Seattle wolf dot com to get the address. Snowboarding and needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts I'm doesn't help until than a dollar. All here's Matt McCallister you. Go wolfpack amend McAllister there's producer Joseph by the way Sam on got a Grammy nom last night we'll cover that later. In the meantime I got to let you know I feel absolutely terrible. I I feel really guilty. And awful lie. Well I went says Phoenix for Thanksgiving I got a haircut from the dude has been cutting my hair fur. I've three or four years too good dude family man works really hard. And then Joseph sends over this article from town and country last night is the definitive. Holiday tipping guide. How much you should tip the people that help you every day in your life you forgot to have them. No I tipped him and I thought I was tipping pretty good. But I'm looking at this list. And it turns out I totally cheap on the holiday tipped his. It says here that whoever cut short hair and I think women this is way more important DP your haircuts are way more elaborate a more expensive. You should tip the cost of the haircut. Now I'll tell us a little embarrassed to admit this quote were I go to my wife Vanessa told me to go there's where she gets her haircuts is a little more expensive but it's a forty dollar haircut it's pretty expensive that this is just during the holidays are just just there and how the how the holiday tipping guide catch. And I tipped him ten dollars and I thought I was him really. Generous tipping ten dollars and you know I don't have a lot of money but it is an expensive Erica and according to this. Which again town country's pretty reputable and they got all us from this Emily Post Institute this is really the definitive holiday tipping guide read I totally should step I feel. Awful 'cause I really like is dude well he's a great guy. I can give you some and perspective as to how important that is heard her stylish and yeah secular as Sophie is hairstyle. She would be out here already. In Seattle with meet her family. If it worked for the holidays this holiday season and how important that is for them so that the holiday season you know Thanksgiving through New Year's as their busiest time of year. So machine when she was gonna transfer out here she said listen I will wait and finish out the year second cover my holiday is our clients are really important New York. That's like when she sees most of them if not you know the only time during the year so what about the tip to. The tip being is that's part of the reason she stayed because she makes so much money during holiday tipping it's like that that previous four months. Combines you know may be feeling better and I hear him anyway I feel terrible. They may be I'll go back and give them a little gets carted sums up my wife culinary travel some for me but. Anyway here's here's a we'd like to do. If you have a question about somebody in your life and how much you should tip them give us a call right now to a 6421 wolf we've got the list include people you don't need to test. But everybody deceive our question about who should ire should nine how much call and if you're somebody the service industry he won't talk about the best tip you've ever gotten call us as well. Hello Tom in Puyallup by you had a question or comment about holiday tipping. So I dirt tow truck for a living and it's. It's not a really did chipping area for a job yeah. But the biggest tip whether gun was funny books. You sound a little depressed about the amount of tips that you get Tom and in that as an industry where you're you're saying that you know you people could be a little more generous. I think so. Today I mostly do Tripoli falls yeah so there'd spoke on the side of the rotor flat tires and it I don't think people really understand how much. Took her drivers do we yourself on the side of the road there you're saving grace. You know I would say Tom just from the customer perspective sometimes the tow truck goes one place in the customer goes another. And that's why I've been in the past sometimes not been able to give you know the guy used cash but. Probably best to do that up front when you pull up and you start working on the vehicle. Yeah and it'd depend on the drivers led legitimate I love that Tom in if I ever get a flat and you roll up come to drop and at least 29. Well thank you you got to town thanks for checking into a 6421 wolf that give a question about holiday tipping we've come across a great list as the definitive guide according to town and country. We should tip. And how much and more importantly. Who you shouldn't yeah. Yes an interest in part I know I to a 6421 wolf if you have any questions about anybody in your life and how much you can tip them here's he can skip a towns CPAs. Attorneys. Auditors bankers book keepers. Doctor that Dennis. You're executive coach. Don't have one of those you're seamstress or Taylor. The board of directors or trustees I mean again to these people are more important and I'm clearly and your veterinarian. I would actually think can slip in the red and her coach and uncle and their regularly I guess that's the the point I'm sinden minor. Kate yourself than absolutely no be is cancer free and walking around without a two and a half pound tumor death but. For the most part in you can go to the Seattle wolf FaceBook page to grab this article haven't as a reference but it's so important to remember to tip the people that. You know make our lives easier every day like and think about the list goes on and on and on but. Basically. If it's somebody like a personal trainer or daycare baby sitter pair Carter housekeeper. I'd newspaper delivery which by the way they say ten to thirty bucks. You basically should Tim whatever cost for the service. So if you get a massage once a month in the holiday you should tip whatever that massage calls it which is kind of expensive but. Like your girlfriend joke people rely on these holiday tips like Christmas bonuses on the yeah exactly. Teachers. Maybe get a group gift with other parents. To guard mirror giving Gardiner a week's pay. Let's see garbage recycling. Ten to thirty bucks. See I always wonder how you go about doing that like I thought about doing that one year and I was like I guess that his tape like a five dollar bill aside the cash and well so for us we don't like to put cash on the trash can Grasso will put Starbucks gift cards or something like that as we please go back Tunney gift cards and we put him in little. Thank you were you know happy holidays or put him yet but we just take corrective again today killers and everything that's a retina right. But it is Lewis is really interest things. And it against on Seattle faced with a gimmick question gives golf. Say good morning Joseph whenever you had a question about holiday tipping. Why are there more important character and holiday Hughes I worked for a job and I don't get tips so why should I give somebody. Getting more during the holidays and I do any other time of the year. Well Joseph obviously that is personal choice but firm media I think it's the holidays and it's Christmas and it's time to give to unto others. So I think it's just an opportunity to say hey thank you for what you do for me all year long. And I hope this gives you a little bit better of a Christmas maybe he can buy a few more days for people your kids your family. That's just around that is just doing something nice for the people. I have I agree would be a nice for other people bought. You know are the same time I do my job year round and nobody should think you were doing. You're not any different at the holiday and they do during the rest of the year. What job that doesn't mean you can't be a better person in there. Well I don't know but there. Because I don't get it I asked. Hey Joseph I don't I don't mind the question I don't get holiday tips either. But I enjoy giving them tell others and sometimes it feels better Joseph to give than to receive if you know what I'm saying there. Yeah I do now Iran I always. Always took a medal won't want it at their lowest it ever via Heathrow will then Joseph you're tired you're generous big hearted guy you wanted to spread that love in the holiday season come on now. Daycare I don't YouTube buddy mad and you wallop you at a comment about holiday tipping. Yet so they're here at I mean I know about it dot we're broke on me that the company. What words to get me for a bit or like that. I'm trying to find the category that you would fall destined to. And honestly there really isn't one other than a building superintendent I think we've fallen to kind of that category do you take care of that. Building that somebody lives and and they say anywhere between twenty and eighty dollars. Well that's the only other thing on the biggest that I ever got it was a a couple of years ago. I got Gunner but I'm not there at the bit. And it major hole Christmas I've been dignity she just felt really appreciated for doing it's a pretty dirty job. Yeah sure they had the I just think for in for me to it sometimes you gotta get that mindset when you're thinking about yourself all the time and think about others in the so many people would help us every day. You know throw little bone on Christmas but. Matt appreciate you checking in. Well let it out today about. It gonna check out that holiday tipping guide it's great it's on the Seattle FaceBook page for how much to tip during the holiday. Good morning yeah mortality rate and these are dug your hole and 100 points. So low flat hit the pavement and Jack could be history. Melo Julian Puyallup welcome to beat the street how are you this morning aren't buying it and Julie you're good human being we love you are you ready to win some delegates to be sold out Luke cone show at show box Soto April 19 courtesy of our good friends and AEG -- you betcha that's what I'm talking about I love your energy Giuliani fired up for you you're getting me going. That's kind of go five easy questions they're pretty easy. Thirty seconds on the clock is value beat the person Joseph found on the street you will win the tickets global start with you first are you ready. Right here we go which American actor became famous playing Rocky Balboa. Which pop star's most recent albums are read 1989. And reputation. All like. Which social media platform recently expanded to 280 care interest. Washington State produces more of this fruit and any other state. In which country star jurist earned his sixth entertainer of the year award. Cash all right let's go down and find out before I tell you how you did let's go down to the streets of downtown Seattle here's producer Joseph. What's your name where you're from what are you name's Jason. From Fort Washington. Currently homeless. Tank we've got a guy out of work on the street is named Jason let's find out how he did compared to you here is question number one. Which American actor became famous playing Rocky Balboa. Sylvester Stallone and Aaron got to write but so did you Julie so right now after and we had a 121 tied a team game find starts. Moving into question number two beat the street. Which pop star's three most recent albums are titled read 1989. And reputation. Sean Mendez. I'm prestige on Mendez but. The correct answer and you didn't get it right either Julian kick yourself for this when Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift read in 1989 and reputations for latest album that just came out. So. We have I wonder one tie heading into question number three. Which social media platform recently expanded through allowed 280. Characters. That's a Twitter. Twitter is right. So it's sitting at step one right you said emote g.s which is incorrect. So that means as about three questions in. Old Jason on the street has two and you've only got one Julie got a little catch up here. You can do and I got faith in you here's question number four. Washington State produces more of this fruit than any other state. Perhaps a grapes. Rates in correct come on now everybody knows that Washington is known throughout the world for their apples Julie Guy right. Nice yeah. So headed into the final decisive question number five. It is a tie this last question is can decide whether or not you win the tickets to see Lou tomes. Which country star just earned his sixth CMA entertainer of the year award but. Guess. Deserving. People its a pretty good guess I gonna take Jason's a sharpshooter there civilian to give him a job but it's incorrect. You did not get it correct either I believe Lisa Blake Shelton. Garth Brooks just got his sixth inner retainer of the year award at the scene amazed by it he got it wrong. Even though you get it wrong you finish and a tie tie goes to the morning wolf pack congratulations. Julian Q all of you have one ticket and. Don't know if I don't it's gonna run can't wait to see you their Julie and made. Okay yeah well we love you thanks for being a part of the morning wolfpack in we'll see the show. Morning all sat with Matt McAlister hasn't brought us news. It's almost all right dead Joseph it's time. Make this announcement. In morning wolf pack we need your help because we have a sixteen year friendship on the line Joseph because his temporary housing runs out at the end of the week and his. Permanent department is now ready dad. Joseph is moving in with me for a week. We are about to become bosom buddies and two grown men are about to be roommates. His girlfriend's nine a beer my wife isn't going to be here is just going to be two dudes living together. And I got to be honest we did joke I'm a little nervous. Meet cute we both like our space and ended people I've you know been roommates is one thing that's fine but we. We'll literally be spending 24. Hours this date again. I put this on FaceBook last night it's a visit don't do it save the friendship don't do it but you know the cost what 5600 bucks for uterine someplace are we can I said I can't have you do and Abbott the same point. We need some roommate rules ray and I think the morning wolfpack can help us establish a couple of ground rules and boundaries so that we don't kill each other gas I think we're higher risk situations. The only good thing is we're gonna do probably if FaceBook live every night from the cottage ahead as the Issaquah cottage. But I think in the meantime morning wolf back we need your help right now we need some room rate rules recent healthy boundaries are open here right now by the way Greg set on FaceBook. Beer is to be shared. But the last year always goes to whoever bought the beer. A case and that's that's a good one to start at 5206421. All morning wolf fact if we if we ever needed you is right now let's go. Good morning sandy if you wallet you have a room a rule for Joseph and I. I have two of them number one now highly looked at heartland cannot touch my alcohol. It's not yours by your own stuff off limits. So you're going against what Greg said on FaceBook and all dearest to be shared. Now he by your own what every injury that the what I thought that I knew that's not know. You know I tend to agree with you because somebody's gonna take advantage of the other ones generosity food or movies. Yeah I hear all of I'm beyond that sandy okay. Remember hill if I make fit to put it in the refrigerator. It's not up for grabs than what they tell you to eat it. I'd make foods to up today tomorrow whenever it I think hey probable that it happens. Old spaghetti dinner at Oakland bat booted off limits and left I tell used to eat my food. Yet in just a little background about us you know I like to cook food prep I've got to kind of food. Joseph is like a burrito all day guys so if I could see him getting a little hand Z with my homemade food in there which I'm not know about that hobby honestly. I think she's smarter 7-Eleven oriental guy yeah it has lady helping to totally misses. This is like the odd couple coming to life in city. All right those are great roommate rules thank you. And by your own bathroom supplies don't don't don't let him know my shampoo and conditioner and tar paper your pitch hit him. I thought I know on that note to arm is gonna throw this out there because I only have one bathroom I live and are really small 900 square foot homes. Oh lord how much I don't touch my bar so I think that's right hiding it and bars of soap are individual that's like using somebody's toothbrush. Yep yep by your own bathroom supplies including Tara paid for by a package term paper on by attacks into Turkey and Armenia this. Have you rolled out but just make sure yours Sharon but as far as this campaign and that's about the appear on your own guess in these lines Al. I love you sandy I love how you know you very firm you're definitive there's no guesswork here it's black and white there's no breath. I had more than one roommate that I rent and my health after my divorce and that was my sister twelve stay away from alcohol deadly food by your own damn about. I'll let you sandy thanks for checking Andre thank you to I all right to a 6421 wolf. Hello Archie inland worded Joseph is moving in with the this weekend actually he'll be living in mind. Get her so I am a little different perspective about food and sandy does it maybe even here. I think real should be shared so here's a rule what facts you make cork. Well you may claim which you may not your ball like that it's more of a family style approach so we we can do things together. OK I like us that we know works win you know events and I in our house and our marriage that's the way it works if she makes dinner I'm doing today since I mean that's that's. That is a great remain rule. Immune cure. That's really new here figure out what you visited I like to you know level kind of turn the quad agent like a fire station you know we make dinner together he did you do dishes together. I love it all right RT appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf pac man thank you. Yes you're welcome sir order that. You to finally do meet your comments on the Seattle wolf FaceBook page and again if your roommate situation. I'm sure there's some things and saved to your friendship for your relationship with the person you love. Couple and I'm looking at here. I Kelly says communication. Although it's only a week don't let stuff build up so it bothers them both DNA you have an explosion. Kendra says her camera this should be interesting. Rule number one leave house as clean as your wife leaves it this may save you both and I'm gonna tell you to enjoy OP take this with a you know. We're having a mature no no kid glove conversation have to economist lob and I am my house this you know super neat and super anal everything has a place. The we have we did live together when we first moved to Phoenix. You actually live with me in my apartment it was Erstad out through her. I think have come along where some of these got a clean. That's true this is free Sophie is that the true bachelor days are. Elects in Centralia you got to remain rule for Joseph and I. Expected do you not let and I did hit on the floor and create dog eat your leftovers off. As we get yes in very specific to you that they get a dog rear yeah luckily we don't have any pets so it's just the two of us but as image before. Eleven a very small home of the one bathroom which I think in the morning rumor will be car pulling in car pulling off. I think that bathroom situation my guilt tricky in the morning well you know I wake up earlier and you saw just continued to get up earlier and get out of the way. OK I don't mind that Carol says do not under any circumstances. Put the seat dad owned. This could be your last opportunity to live like bachelor's and get away with a that's funny until I go in the middle and I'd fall through the U into the toiled around. Anymore FaceBook comment your seat of their job at a lane says no work talk at home clean up after yourself and doing the hot water. I don't think it's going to be possible for us and not talk about work now that's just what we do. What's the at Teresa says stay fully closed in common areas. And I'm gonna throw this out there. I do sleep in the buff. So it just something you need to not be aware and by the way you need to walk through my bedroom to get to the bathroom house is a little funky down some action is seats are acting head misty says to stay in your room. Charles has respect each other you'll be. You know I. I think. And and one more from Kayla privacy they must respect each other's boundaries. I do like I feel like I'm going to be in the room reading the entire time and we'll see we'll be lots of updates again to start this weekend so come back Monday will be officially roommates. Are listening to the morning call. McAllister yeah. Carmine. The mail what it's like it's. The morning wolf pack a Medicare. Esther welcome thank you so much for having us on starting your day here. So you may or may not have heard about the map flower situation by now I'm guessing it's almost 8 AM you probably saw it on Twitter. But Matt Lauer and shocking he was fired. This morning. From NBC news after billionaire since 1997 obviously he is mr. NBC. And Savannah Guthrie started The Today Show this morning with a 23 minute very emotional. Very heartfelt. Announcement that. Somebody had made an allegation. Obviously of misconduct. Like it like what's going on right now with Matt Lauer and he had been terminated. And she simply don't know anything else other than that there's a couple stories that you get a read the one that I have here basically said. What happened to in any here's what I'm gonna read into this and I think it's a pretty safe bad. They say that there were other things. But this one saying it would area was they must have pretty definitive evidence. Either audio or video. To fire a guy like Matt lark is let's face it he's our number one guy he's their top ratings getter. He's also the most expensive down the staff but everybody loves Matt Lauer for them to fire him so quickly so immediately it must've been pretty hard evidence slot. Not just not to stage you know harassment thing not just saying inappropriate things. To staff and they're now some pretty they're now saying that it was actually an incident at the Scioscia Olympics. And I think I was torn fourteen Winter Olympics. So this incident they fired him for was that yes and it was and pure speculation but an actual assault. Physical saw. You know it's must be crazy to. Work with these people. As long as they have like Savannah Guthrie it and I color coded Adobe and I know senator named. In all the sudden if you if you really have no idea and have suddenly this pops up. Aids it is shocking is it is too honest and I'm shocked by it. It must. And mrs. rock their whole world. Yeah it. It's hard to wrap your minor and I'm like you said I think for them to let somebody of his of his stature go it must've been really bad and they must have defended him. I would say so too and I know there's the other side of that argument where. That there's some people that feel like you with what's going on right now and always harassment claims and that date you could easily probably get away with just accusing somebody if you wanted them to lose their job. But I don't think NBC would and do something so drastic unless it was pretty obvious that it was Yang and and there's a lot or is it a lot of. These situations recently are where there's smoke there fire kind of situation so it cycle once they get you know ten different independent reports of something that they're saying it came down investigate this this is like. Case closed they aren't figured that's done today whereas shocking news to wake up to as much has this been going on in that lately this one relieve kind of shocked me and they said yes there were other incidents that. In impacted their deceased morning all sat with Matt McCallister. Brought. 100 points out though wolf I think I may have figured out how to beat the real estate problem in Seattle it's so expensive to live your. May be your one of those people look at a glass house one day segment of your money well here it is. All you have to do is look for a house on a street that has a really embarrassing name. Because apparently they go for 20% below their market value 20% 20% and the study also found that 33% of us wouldn't live on a street that had a really embarrassing name. I totally get that I think you know we are also well and that's maybe where you are different and evidence it would never go for. In there or roads like that for example. In I'm not gonna be childish and sophomoric and read all of these but in Fort Wayne, Indiana you can live on but I wrote it. But road in new Portland Maine that thirst Katie crotch road. And other Sutherland director and then there's some other ones that I and I get a rebate she and you also gotta wonder how and who named streets. There's a couple I won't read it is isn't it different and I don't think. No the one I'm not reading because it's a family show did only means one thing Erica. But that could be. The way to get around some of you know these these real estate escalation problems but here's what. Joseph when I don't know is yet we're gonna Heidi we are new to Seattle we love it. But when you don't call us and tell us if you live near. And embarrassing street gamer if you live on an embarrassing street name that would be even better. But for the most part. We got no idea what's out there and you know if you live in a little they were you don't know what's in the neighborhood next door either. So it's chance for the morning wolfpack do I share a little bit but an embarrassing street name to a 6421. Wolf. So again we're just look at this article gonna jumping on a morning wolf. Pack about some strange street names in the Seattle area. Let us know to a 6421. Wolf is the number or you can always sent and email Matt at Seattle think Communists openly social media. And the reason we're talking about it is because gets really expensive to live here. But if you find history with an embarrassing name those houses on average a cell for 20% less than other homes in this area. And 33% of people said they would not live on a street. With a funny or else let's just say suggestive name it seems for the most part when we're talking about embarrassing street names. They kinda seemed to go of that what he rat which is a lot of them were not gazette the radio but. That kind of the way so there's an area sequim that apparently has a couple of a usual names. For example poker road. Is right there I know for argue they right now Vanessa my wife would never live on the road. Really think Giffords 40% off I live on any road give me. Did do Joey we talked about this yesterday that you and I are very different day. Now very traditional know what I have that conversation every time somebody gets a feel a letter from us or you know. Yet to entering into a web site every time you online job and again there's some other names in that area too. Just sitting here in my mind having this internal debate whether or not to read some of these. It's funny if they're actually. That suggested that I would have a hard time sitting on the radio but it's a name of the street which is public domain I think I'll air on the side of caution. In despair you guys. Right to a 6421. Wolf. Here is Cheryl in Olympia Cheryl keep in mind it's a family show we're talking about embarrassing street names in Seattle. Well I to implement my boyfriend and as our form is far from jumping stump lane. Guess that's and you have to know him you know it just happened that it. OK I got it so would you ever consider living near long term with a funny name like Jones don't. Yet I'm Alex yeah it. But now I. And I think yeah I'd love in the history of it because as a kid with the dirt by accuses me you know it had great have to treat. Yeah right I like Delano I Cyril thanks for being a part of the morning wolf thank appreciates it. Side we're talking about embarrassing street names in Seattle because if you find one. You combine a house on the streets four on average 20% below market value 32 simply won't live on a street name like it has a weird name I totally get. Joseph does not Joseph icy looks for the next step. For me on Michael on FaceBook says I live near. Rick reg dole road. Which obviously sounds kind of like something. You say yeah we don't need to get into that we're not five years old to a 6421 lost is the number. Hello Christie in Marysville. We're talking about embarrassing street names in Seattle you got on it. It. I. She you know it's funny is that's the one Christie that I was. Iceland zags Ifill even though is the name of a street in Seattle it's. Kids to live on kitchen wrote I didn't wanna say it on the radio it's crazy. Well and apparently and I got a message on FaceBook from hasn't. Has he says also right there there's wood road right next to 22 roads I imagine it accurate and treat him. All in sequim so I don't know the perverts that surrounded that town bird. Their needs to be some investigatory research. I think adding Matt Lauer was born in sequim. Maybe that's what they dug up on all Matt Lauer this morning and NBC Garrett of them yeah. Kristy thanks for calling and being a part of the morning wolfpack mile via. Right and. You're listening to the morning the Alistair yeah. Our mine. The mail whenever I had. Big thanks again to the federal way a police station for making us feel so welcome down there yesterday. I'm Kathy sent us a really great like official police officer police department coffee mugs or from the chief these yet had the number one on it it is designated by a number it's really cool all the rules that are inside of a police station but. Anyway we call this what we do at 6:10 every morning we welcome somebody new to the month club somebody that takes time to solicit coffee mug for more every is they were being gimbal love on the radio social media. And then if it works out it does probably two or three times a week we'll take these people donuts and if your what are that's true in a police officers like donuts. We cannot confirm that when it comes atop pot doughnuts is we took him two dozen yesterday is to show the love for the you know back the blue. They were all over those playing white rice there permanently. And if you wanna see it. I'd Joseph is running a FaceBook live video the whole timing has been a forty minute tour and visit meeting everybody there at. You check it out just go to the Seattle wolf FaceBook page is still lives there they could not have been any nicer there that you have your mug shot this Genesee inside of deterrent today in the holding today. I get a tape to it really was a good reminder sobering reminder you know it comes to going out with friends may be having a couple Beers and driving home. Let's be honest that's what most of us would probably get locked up for the came down to address an error in judgment that way. You don't wanna be in those places and I mean you you're sitting there your your handcuffed to a and a chair in the toilet foot away from here and and rattlesnake it's the real deal it was a nice reminder. To keep that on the up enough to write his own worst night he. Men but they were so great in and Kathy general staff down there thank you. For joining among clubs animus the mug and make us feel so welcome yesterday. That was really cool I didn't ask them to get my speeding ticket taken out. Not that anybody knows veteran talk about that scenario and I mug club Seattle wolf dot com. Here that morning. I'm still a party. 100 points. So Woolsey about you see morning wolf pack up Matt McAllister producer Joseph is here to prove and Indies FYI category and Alice wanna put it on record. I'm a married man I did not watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show last night. They taped it last week in Shanghai which happens to be the hometown of Chinese model mean gee I hope I'm pronouncing that right. Who by the way I feel so bad for her because she became the first model in fifteen years to actually fall down on the runway. During a Victoria's Secret fashion show which kind of I'm not surprised by these scenes of the elaborate get ups they were like. Giant eight foot Wii music and yes Dana they're pretty and I know mine on now guys your one job is to walk. But we all make mistakes yeah you can't have. And math empathy for that she was at. Really upset after his. Here is the call as it happened live on the runway about a way to guessing in the background is Leslie Odom junior he's one of the stars of Hamilton. But here's how went down. It's. Really okay. Gisele got it. And bullet down seven. Yeah there was a lot of grief counseling and therapy going on Sarah by the way I have decided that if you want your daughter to be a supermodel beverage itself. That was leaving Giselle bunch and there was no Olivia or that I've always yes so it. Did you ever think that maybe there's more life than being really really. Really ridiculously good looking you know it is yeah. How does that McAllister has been progress. Don't you think you guys got a free doughnuts to the name of 100 points. It's time for us to go drew is coming in next but we'll see you back tomorrow morning at five and again we only have time to talk about it and gone on Joseph just congratulations to all of the country artists nominated for Grammy last night. Including for best country album Kenny Chesney to first Grammy nomination he's never won Ingraham yeah. Lady Antebellum little big town Thomas red Chris Stapleton. Four from a room volume one. And for best country song yet Sam hunt. And the song we're about to play. Little. Little big town the better man nominated for a Grammy last night examining a lot of wars finesse I was pretty cool Midland. Nominated actor's hometown I know it's crazy hometown holiday artist also Marino Lambert anyway congrats to all of them we'll see you back tomorrow five. Arnold actually. Warnings from cartel. I feel 100 point 7010.