The Morning Wolfpack - Wednesday September 12th, 2018

Wednesday, September 12th

Wednesday September 12th, 2018

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Rolling hello and welcome to the podcast for Wednesday Matt McAllister here. Mike co host Emily rains and then producers slow Joseph who gets a lot more air time on the podcast and we will allow him to have on the real actual show because there's ratings involved there and there's consequences and moon. And your busy operating the yeah so TS. Hey real quick before getting to some other stuff here slow Joseph. Again how watch the news lesson for the first time in forever is kind of in the background when I was getting dinner ready in May and we you bush to news. In big scare the crap about you yeah exists hurricane. Large thing I mean bush is funny because you YouTube you've used in an email you like you're limited to be talked about like all world target amount I'm like dude I think these stories like today's the guy out like the death they and how did you. Never doubled Tocqueville look at it this way I get an email from you every night me and ten story right. When you watch the news it's all the same story but it just a wave that the news does it. Yes scare people on purpose to watch the news sorry you know people who are not of sound body in Miami very affected by this. They were in Seattle so it's not really relevant not but be I think everybody knows somebody who's probably an aspect of this a million and a half people of Natalee ground. Basically I just wanted to know what the update was for you in Sofia and your weekend travel plans ironically to the East Coast while we have so there's no update I mean honestly I like the plan is is ago. If for some reason they cancel a flight here's the thing. I don't think we're gonna know our for our flight out there are none of them are on stops our flight to New York we stop in Denver. Something hearing if they you know what's gonna hit the fan its prime going to be -- sitting at the -- grade average in that town has just say that's right yeah credit card go to -- yeah I mean I'm worried oh I love -- I would really not -- part has already started to polling by the newspaper read those I had to -- started in in Denver and in Lincoln Park and had no idea I lived there and I went to your -- before I -- was anything but I remember him -- eagle -- be like only guy you know it's funny you mention that because the other day we were to -- and I'm looking at the bag and it's like you know to -- celebrating 25 years since 1970 whatever yeah. The Lakeland they can really truly is that it around. I curl and pop Southern California is like 2005. Iris of the eye up. Anybody to pull why. On it steep icy lake the onetime billionaire Edward I don't Vinny spicy chicken and the apples are too tart and then burritos or twos vice I'm looking they're still knows or really here I don't think the top that I enjoy you know he's very valid as millions from. Georgia aka the very similar and it's. You know walk through and you pick what you want in a case same by the way I had no idea until recently I'd never been a mod pizza before kept I didn't know that was a triple layered pizza Brett. There's another 12 in Scottsdale that I used to go to called I'm forgetting the name. But basically it was the same concept but for Asian food like Asian if you can't express now now it's batters of the kind of locally owned a kind of a mom and pop thing. Cameron doesn't matter but you go through and like. You get the chicken rice and make you bowl and then they could on flat top. They wouldn't like it you noticed they just put it and it's already more and it's already warm and it just put anything but anyway to poll lay I was in college. When I went to that and I thought it was some and I think the time it was a local VF owns like yes kind of white person Mexican burrito place probably but I just remember like evil they've been Vic yeah so there on Thanksgiving Colorado I think it. So I'm sure there again Mexicans everywhere now I'm just they're not you know there's there's certain places where the concentration is enough that you get great Mexican very bright it's a polling I don't think his Mexican fare is white people for you Jack Hanna bearing this. Pretty much I mean technically is nice if you're. It's breed this year yes god gives you that but it's there's also there's fancy Mexican and that hurts. White makes it can end and again being married to a Mexican she sort of fills me in on some of the stuff we've had that. Corn tortilla debate by now I just different parts of America. I grew up with our California I'm all about tax if I get that but I think there's certain Mexican like Mexicans like cheap next I commend those places those revert goes and flow bear those in the Kearny aside at a super salty like they're all about flour tortillas and that allows for their party evercore. Yet the taste better Ali act horns beverages are for street tacos nothing there's really get so anyway. You were saying that there's a layover in Denver I asked so the next city what conversation I headed to Denver so if if we if we got to find a room we may get to New York. And then coming back from New York I think we have only ever Chicago but again I don't think I'm assuming that like. On the way back it shouldn't be a problem now really the only question is are again is our fight. From Denver. To New York gonna be like them on tiring you know I think you should make this sort of an epic journey at least and you don't post a lot of social media avail on your story or just kind of because I'll be curious to see where it goes and sometimes you know what the planes trains and automobiles yeah fun adventure so far. You know chronicle that he can you are curious to see your flight you're you're flying into the eye of the storm. And I will will see I'm still like events like I better ball for this every year I'd like pop popcorn diamond watches Hurricane Ike ravaged part of the country because like it's it's. Chris I'd love. Whether whether he's one of these things like it's not political there's no war involved like it's just an act of god. And some crazy stuff is gonna have yeah yeah like there's nothing like that of course you never want people get heard displaced or anything. Well there are different they're already displayed after his mother nature well yeah I don't mean currently. So I'm I like I don't care this is just this is like there's no no discrimination. Weather's awesome and I love it and and to how many cups of coffee you have three. It's a hasty not ramp down like five and I accessible I can't help it guy can't stop reading your might not moving you're right I know I did or did not that it just them I didn't know he really have a passion for whether -- work or cocaine not related to victory you're right now it's his whether Arabs it I would sit and have a camera ending catch the slow joint retired neighbors is yeah if I get well you EA if you hit out of topic you know me I went there yes. Like I love watching I will sit there the last hurricane it was last year it was I can't remember the name of it that I sat there in front of the TV for like 48 hours waiting for this linkage is. Demolished Florida but it never happened to the dies down he goes on this act. I remember the islanders in at Leno we had the Florida. Like the Miami people and stuff they came and used our station right until they had to be evacuated right but it was their turn out it's related yes kind of a snooze or in the first Turkey in the years always the same thing again it is high. Granted like this seems to be a new level of high end all be all racked hurricanes. But they. And it's over a three syllables Emily is gonna struggle and. Is gonna take a look it's turning south and so it's gonna hit more the top of South Carolina in the bottom part of North Carolina apparently that's worse for some reason I don't. Not edible but it's further away from New York. Daniel are you let her ask. Slugger has a good point oh the first hurricane of the year is always over hyped are always and you know if you're making these bowl predictions on Monday and Tuesday its customers make landfall till Thursday or Friday. It's like weather here anything can have her. And you know I would be it because the news cycle does that the more they hide something the more you have to tune in to get an update ahead I would be so disappointed for all those people that left their homes behind ensued left their jobs for the time being it is is news BS. I'm gonna look after Katrina and they have to it's better to over hype it and be prepared to turn your height at because a minute. I mean yeah disaster is so they'd rather evacuate they'd rather hype it up and then BO. All right right again and I get that and like I said he never want people again heard her dire lose their homes or whatever yeah. But man nature is awesome well and speaking of weather here. I'm trying to figure out if it's time to pack up the air conditioners because the weather for at least my overpriced weather app says is going to be cool in the sixties for the rest of the week in the next week. Next week and this is maybe seventy. I think the air conditioning bottom line so be maybe turn up the fans the oh really yeah I had the fans on even if it's 33 era I kind of used to it but she's like no optical McCaffery drill there. Well so yeah I guess this is that he wanted to by Greg yesterday and I was kind of kidding myself. That it wasn't gonna rain McCaffery well you know it's still September whatever god got caught out in a pretty good today it was pouring rain I think in a range more or eyelid and in downtown and close her out by Al to Israel is like sunny down yeah. It was a bit it was weird I've Ryder patch of sunshine policy is great a minute later it was pouring put them range economic three times to get off pentagon economic. Yeah man we have officially hit fall it's cold that leaves are changing bit. You know again we haven't really experienced is being from Arizona we have experienced seasons like that so it's kind of bun yeah I guess it's kind of awesome but then again I getting used to. Every time I go out on my bike when I come home my new routine I'm just getting back into a got to claim of like every time in me I gotta stop at the washing machine get totally naked to put all the clothes right and one half package covered in dirt and again crap and and you gotta go right into there was a shower this hour as the new routine you know is that Tammy years about. Coming up on a time hard to believe that we got here last year talking a slow Joseph and I Amelie joins us later but. We were here October 7. Yep and so that was the first summer we've gone through and now it's like all sort of looked very familiar task carries in the air and that the and you know I feel like a year. Now it doesn't but if there's certain things that you are looking forward to ending more happening it's also kind of cool like okay a year goes by pretty fast so when our were busy but so. Fall is officially here in Seattle Washington asks raising yet and I just I was talking to Gavin a biker and static of that number oh the weather like I have. It has changed a lot things we've noticed and and the only thing we've gauged on is when we started doing our pit stops. The weather was still incrementally and like bad. And anytime there is raining we get moon ya doing my UPS and anxiety about today by the we're going to be and egg cutters my copy shop intend to go to combine for free cup across villages hit me and I heard you mention it on the air there but it just it just hit me that the average average as a but I think for you do and I feel like him earlier kind of the same way as the only thing about that whether that affects you. Yeah you guys don't really unite out and and all the time. Well and I can't out I almost every day and actually kind of liked it and released on overcast days now I've been here through the winter but. I knew there marks inch. The tourist in the tons of people on the beach or not they're exit kind of call I don't just sit by the water and green so it's kind of calming like there's not much noise anymore it's just the locals I Carolina. And I get you my fireplace there. Okay here here is that I'm jealous about me I don't have one in the quad but here's my prediction because last winter. While it did rain he was extremely mild by Seattle standards that and everybody has told me. So I feel like you don't get to those general. Just like I feel like I never have too bad days in a row I feel like this winter is going to hit I mean I think already get like twenty days in a row brains okay asked I was gonna say what any mildly to enterprise or like rain I think temperature wise here it's always pretty moderate it's never that calls. Yeah it is nice regulatory bodies coast temperatures forget about it you're always in the thirties forties whenever. I just been rain. What I was told was. You will feel like twenty days of gray and that it'll be fun at first but by march February that's in your common bond you're gonna get five months of grey yeah you might get twenty days of rain in a row yeah that's another and that's when he debris in yep that's for sure. And though at first not bad on your like Italy could be it. But then it's win after New Year's hits and you're like ready for the more viewers. You know there's this ride I do on Saturdays. Out of buffalo with a bunch of guys in our remember. You know I say about half of whom were dry and I remember one of the guys saying you know use last year last winter. There was not one of these it was dry it rain hard every single time in the days that it did I mean I know some of the guys that ride there like I found one guy and a bathroom shaking so bad thought is that the rapper Warren Howland I had a river that and say hey man you OK that I think caught hail. If you. It one of them I remember going out and it had dated snowed in frosted and we were riding on ice and what the hell are we doing. Along I just got some Siebert had about as I went to Nordstrom rack over the weekend and scored eight heavy. Raincoat. And I just have a regular like. Yep then windbreaker type jacket houllier is normally I think 200 I got her seventy Cody. They had behind got to have a hood has the head it hasn't where it snaps rounder next so it's just you know you could tight end around to face so I kind of excited. We we are greater all of our gear last year at a slow to get a big one for his birthday Newton and and I went and got ski gear to I don't know if you're gonna what I have fresh ink OK I have well I have just pants and a Jack like one set of outfits or whatever and like younger you are on. Yes the only one had a long Johns let's ask you about how old are they. Three all must have that now like from college now I have to try to think of us and I use my and it's Phillies do Hinske last year did you not decide if you're seeing one of the great things musical qualities really close crystals only an hour and a half as I have is basically you know you go to throw down. And keep going out there have about a half hour in your crystal I have a feeling by the end of the season I'll probably have thought man on skis and it's and everything because. I'm so excited. You know what I would say only get the boots. Not just eaten every year they can upgrade the skis and they're pretty cheap to ray you can read for the whole season for about 200 bucks. You know it's funny is good and I think talked about this and you really bits but every time I've printed bits. They're not and console I don't know because I have beanie heat and a lot of women are wearing site six bits so they're not that morning and I never had issue with printing bits. Usually the most difficult thing for BA you have little monkey Fiat. A little bit better remember her priest. Everybody glad he can move them ahead and enter a tiny. Yeah like tiny monkey feet yeah did you hang up so clamor of ensuring that you should try to. Which is funny wallet Nordstrom rack up looking at the issues that it's she used election. And I realize I'm always there with like four foot tall Asian women because they have the same price that he doesn't like everyone else than the normal like 789. And I'm just like down here with the kids section my baby feet whereas I think is are there are less expensive the smaller issue I can't get a lot of she's into its reflection Wasilla demands. On the lot of bids anti gay kids I just when it comes to actual I mean they only heels and stuff some ten issues are women's feet for this kid steepest that. The way it shaped is different but yeah I can definitely get some good deals. Can you Wear heels with your feet it's OK just checking him yeah I he's Wear heels all the time at this moment. Who you're with your feet hood really well. Yeah I heard the theater and you turn your whole issue you know it was well the first thing I thought well look I'm I'm talking about like the movement of them yet she got like she's going do you you know like I'm re the dad happy. And I'm just flip flops but I don't like I have a if it happened to stretch out my ten you drop a paranoid and therefore my parents have a deep I just enjoy the show we love you guys if your local comes he has he can't from twelve to one if not to will be back tomorrow already Thursday love and enjoy the show by. It's he went so well the morning we'll tackle Matt McAllister is on this season you 100 point seven. Call every go to Wednesday notified Saturday to but we're gonna talk about the most expensive thing you've ever broken during an argument. We will celery pumpkin spice and forceful regularly Toby Keith third row seats at 710 with a knee injury case. And it's here your salary twice today now 610 and 810 which is really excited. I couldn't help but thinking about slow Joseph like yesterday. My thoughts while watching the news. And this hurricane Florence it's bearing down yeah on the East Coast by the way president from confirmed. Florida's hurricane Florence is going to be. Large and wet. And thank you for the scientific breakdown sir. But slow do we talk about this on the podcast yesterday. Sojo and Sophie are headed to a wedding in New York yes. Which normally be so excited for a New York weekend are you kidding me. But her. And I know it's getting hit the Carolinas and whatever but a million and a half people evacuated what do you think Earl don't. Pray and that EMD. Flight. I mean my mom is flying to Ohio same thinks the I don't know fights are getting canned powdered later. Plug Joseph have you three considered skipping this what how good of a friend does and I think it's it's gotta ask yourself I guess and honestly. To meet. Not very had. The Soviets were originally well fortunately just as childhood friends over gonna try you argue that your idea or try and at least your print I think the worst is when you are excited about a trip invade you hit some unforeseen problem and sucked the air force for ten hours at least and no yeah he had the bar is pretty low well and you never know with these things like it sometimes they just like all of a sudden just thought fizzle out going to be a category of wine or something you know what I mean yeah they're saying it's growing and strain I had remembered big and aware of their election is less than a figure that out her. There is precipitation involved now with I don't know I thought. Well that's impressive man and now we yard gonna miss Monday I hope you don't to miss more selflessly that's my biggest I I think if it goes and affects anything or be on the way out there witches practice it lands I think Thursday we're flying out Friday's you know analyst and we have missed a slider tank are whatever no big deal at least we're not you know on the coast and at North Carolina. Quit speaking at a bad I have my cousin had a beach house out there on the coast North Carolina. Been through a couple of these hurricanes and they hunker down but the last from their golf cart in their washer dryer are down. Like it's one of those the breeze houses they still does a lot but they've gone through a couple of golf carts in the wash and dry and sunny with Eddie eagle and yet in the neighbors your accent her so hopefully that's all that's gonna happen this time does or like that we can he handle. But they said it's gas they have no idea what to expect this time. Good time to live in Seattle yes and and you wonder too because you see those folks on the news that always ride it out I believe and I've banners and not that it departed and then you know but then you hear the presidency you've got to get out of there don't mess around with two which ones he takes seriously. You rode out I did I wrote out her Amy thank you mr. Outlook in my twenty's I was living it was a summer as some buddies are gonna house on the island of Nantucket which is off in a Massachusetts coast there East Coast. We could go anywhere anywhere on idol is great we didn't have to work we went down the beach. We know we'd like played in the winds here. Yeah that's been on the news like really. Is yeah. You know he's the thing is we begin at East Coast mentality you just party. You go by a couple of cases appear. Delight of a two candles or play board game purity go to working parties awesome plus just the in every year talking about as a guy he's actually from Ohio is with his wife he's got no shirt on he's got to pay and that just like looks like he lives in the Florida to graze on vacation in South Carolina on the beach and he's like really it was not a vacation happened and I don't -- I got it right here at the time. Anyway well you know we're thinking about all of you that you have to yes flee their homes and what are they gonna have suddenly a bag it's all very serious nasty stuff and hope for the best slow Joe's wedding is the least of anybody's got a personal. Why we're looking into see attacks from you guys this morning 46150. You get a text back with say hello to you on the air and we do need a leadoff caller. Don't make this work for this morning wolf pack those go to a 6421 Wolfowitz pick a song gets a million little bit to say hello but a leadoff caller help us get on base. Good morning sergeant first class three until sour you sir. Demorrio under younger you are JB LM correct. I am a big yellow well I appreciate you calling in we know you haven't called him before because I've never says sergeant first class Rancho Santa. Before I would remember that a man of your stature and prestige we got to thank you for your service first of all thank you that you. And hopefully you were putting it together now but we're gonna have another one of those military breakfast coming up November 10 which is veterans day weekend. Hopefully. You a lot of respect coming by with your family and having breakfast with us on Saturday it is absolutely free. And will be a showering you with our. Some room gratitude yes. I will be here do you demand so tell me exactly what you do we JB LM. So I am me. Would be guarded. And clearly going to me. Three people. Aboard air higher Lola. Cools guys government is written all over. Can you go ahead and put family through the paces as if she were fresh recruit and you are the platoon sergeant. I would try to have a I am so there are no tears it JB LM. There if you know that's always at the reason I said I couldn't I don't think I could make it to basic training is 'cause the second yell at me I just try do you. Well that the the issues it would come up like my ear hurts and things like that. That's the only eight states but you know do you doubt though. Two week a lot of the Eagles I don't know if this week to week yet turn a unit trim the fat man. It was just those that are not. Wolf let it I would step on the bus and lit it and David Faye turner I want yes. And believe we need a holes like emotional support staff are gonna through bankruptcy and where you from originally sergeant first class oral dose. Regularly I'll go home or we go okay. And does well I don't dog Bo before. Puerto Rican hasn't been affected by foreign tab it. I know the last. Thirteen that you look harmless. What Leo love your. Inept that it looked at being co op board they. No never nothing you. You know what's great about Seattle. No tropical storms no hurt Jay asked. All about that one opening. They include about yeah LA please feel when the many think that we play you a song just to get today started right sir. Yeah of course saw the Berkeley only by a ordered the what's a good line and nobody is requested dad in a while so absolutely. God bless you for your service and thanks for being a part of a morning wolfpack we are honored to have you in our family. Thank you guys DR Garber. It. You're listening to the morning the back way back McAllister yeah. Our mine. The mail whenever I had. Well today is hash tag national video games day so your gamer today is all about you or not the slow Joseph needed anymore motivation. Has played video games. But guess what I've got the top ten they put out a poll in honor today for the top ten most popular videogames of all time that I just. Recently I'm talking about the millions I played. Like ball in the arms at jungle pit that caught on his own. Sorry Tony the better they're a Baghdad there was one clear winner one. It was almost half of everybody said yes this is the best videogame of all time and only rains and you're not really a game or B you know. Course I did a Seattle couple gas gas gas I. I could go either like Super Mario brother number on her dad's Super Mario Brothers 47% of the people to the polls again that's the best time is Mario Kart on. Garcia of course he had flipped the page for nine intent is not a time they know couldn this list is worthless. And what about half. Felt it and believe just call this worthless she did Saturday this is list based come I mean more current and escape and Zelda yes melts number six. And the way that Don and number three. I Diego hello Debbie Domingo I. I feel he'll finish out the top ten about two seconds I just Alberto which which which. Version of these are they talking about and I don't get too specific that doesn't assailant Nintendo or PlayStation I just as the name of the game what about the new ones like college DD Colin Judy's number two annaly Salinas. Sony and I. Getting a big week weekly I'm. Now I'll and it. Interestingly enough there are. No in the sports games. At all in this crash and Likud is a sports game that is not a birthday outing never even heard that halo is number nine. Oh ironic ahead tag number seven. You guys are missing number five which is having and number four means number four. Acne you know. That is the adding that the video game yeah oh yeah like street fighter. No yeah by the way I used to love Gallagher I still do find an anywhere like an old pizza place and getting Gallagher machine I'm actually really good as I've got coming to bring in free than I've got it a little hand held device and got a gal again attacking him and everything on it and put it in your team hall and really act. I'll mail you get to double ships and I can blow talk challenging to do outpace the what are high school or at the arcade. Yeah OK so number four is Grand Theft Auto. Which huge videogame franchise number five is Pokemon. I forget the thousand. I guess into the U. And then the other two days guys that come up with Sonic the Hedgehog or seven he's not getting actively go through yeah okay architect my memory. And number eight I don't believe anybody since Final Fantasy now rated how can so that's a top ten but Super Mario Brothers is by far and away the most popular videogame of all time almost 60% of everybody go to the top three yeah Amelie have very impressed I am in a lot of time playing video well I can't tell you must. Happy national video game day in and I hope I didn't steal when it your Big Three story. You did not he asked if we had a talk about what shoes are going to be on trend this on I think you're gonna love that god that I've been struggling with an angle of this while they next. This is the morning. Austere than he was 1470. Yeah. This is a big series with only. I don't paid that much attention to what's going on Fashion Week in New York because the trends are so outrageous that they don't really apply to everyday person but I actually really excited about one of the tree and that's happening in the air. And that is how boy did. They say they cowboy beads are gonna be really popular this ball not just like the high regular probably did the cowboy duties. Everybody from India all the way down to like czar and top shop GAAP talent kind they're all gonna have cowboys did so app. I'm with him back out. Do you Wear a Buddhist idea. K I saw a fashion trend of the date they are now making these are boots to go over your knees Allied Nevada they're pretty crazy look in just a boots. By themselves are a little bit nerdy look invent these. I'm all for comfort we have wouldn't I don't know if you noticed I had them on it on third down on course I know no one else was looking to win the cowboy. About how the award shows lately to females have kind of been left out of this DNA isn't. So they Asean's while CT is making up for that they only see their artist of the year telecast where they celebrate fibers six honorees this year in isn't all that. Female cast they're gonna celebrate Kelsey dollar rainy. Maria and Italy amber clearing forest Carey under way to. Little big town cared Yale child and Kimberly Kimberly shot and and then Lee in a balanced Hillary Scott I go to school that again at all when it's going to be October 17. On the NT RI Nat. Yeah it bed maker make you read every morning everyone I'm not that maker. Yeah right right so I have little list are found a list of personality traits for people who make your bed and people who don't some little easier than others but I wanna see. Which category you can be silent so basically lazy not lazy I got I mean. And that's not how I see it but aren't. Right most likely to hurt in helped her technology fields make their. People that work in business finance we're likely to not make it. Be telling me you guys can we don't tell OK Ari how about this uncanny and night person. Economic event for the people who make their red typically be more of a morning person. Ari what if you you're averaging nap time is fifty minutes. Not make of it. Yet the average person makes a red is 43 minutes behind at the end by doing your ideal match potentially do between I know how to write more likely to enjoy jazz music watch house thunders and remain to meet meet. Not make you let people make their bad. I'll really get a. It you know it'd jazz music should he got me the other way out of gas and more likely I deeply don't make their better more likely to enjoy rock music watch episode the Steinfeld and comedy maybe hole. Which I'm watching a lot of signed elf I did one last one and personality traits are shy in the beauty curious and sarcastic. In. Big bad dad he could make their beds and me indenture is confident sociable and high maintenance. Math math math and. But overall like when you ask people that don't make their better high maintenance people make their read our I think that's right because you controlling and he got to have everything a certain way and trust me those are much her dad yeah there are really right people who make their bed and take that output match yeah good Omega red Italy. An hour yeah I share your salary coming up at three minutes they let us. Morning wolf that with Matt McCallister 100 points and. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura particle scraper on the Bainbridge scary dude you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we all wanna know what everybody else makes reliving that has never okayed ass console now the last time we played share your salary figured out that says Kevin who delivers the Seattle times 365. Days a year does pretty well he made 48000. Dollars a year and you should be yes slow Joseph with a win on that one pelican and a play later but first let's say hi to sapphire sapphire is in rent and RS and this morning she is a union. Electrician. Did everybody hear me say then the garden DeMaurice sapphire. And mining. How are you today I am happy to get knocked steps value now at the big banks okay not too much information now because we're gonna put a minute the clock we're gonna rattle fire as many questions as we can your way and then will. Take a break we'll come back pools guess what we think you make an annual share your salary with Seattle are you ready for the sapphire. Yeah Emily are you ready for this is ready okay you're gonna kick off the hardline questions for. No holds barred take no prisoners yes one minute on the clock here we go again Emily. How long and he's Indians. I have been missed by year's B how old do you sapphire. I am 27. Great and you always hurt and I just. I don't go to Greg and I just I actually our make shift. Is there a big difference in your line of work the electrician between being in the union and not being in unions. They're not a big difference. Besides having a union backing. You work for a local or national company. I want are able local companies load you won't your house. I did not. Are you mainly working on residential or commercial. I only work commercial do you have a killer tool belt and fight yeah I have particular tool bag. Some journalists are you the boss is anyone's. I am not yet do you train electricians. Idea I trained. Ears that are younger than me and you're trying to missing new insults are you fixing stuff it's broken. How all titles up by a letter Actuant let's hear that answer. Question sapphire beautiful job I give us about three minutes replace all come back we'll guess who we think you making you share your salaries that sound good that aren't perfect. If you're just joining the conversation we have sapphire from rent and on the phone she's a union electrician heavily what else do we just learn. She works for a local company and worked on and all commercial buildings. She it works the night shift because she asked for them to 27 years old just didn't even after five years she got a sweet tool belts it out. You mentioned that we had was well I think tool bag and I still bad guys what kind of look at a bag you run and sapphire. I I call her at the EPI is about twelve by twelve minutes about 600 dollars or tools and all right yeah. You have to be careful that if anybody tries to steal that it is stealing tools is a thing if you're in the straits. That is really huge fame on one thing about incredibly union is our contractors reimbursable if there are so in my cell on that union may be all right slow Joseph you one last time we played you got the closest to Kevin the Seattle times deliveryman sellers eagles' first reading sapphire Macon he's. Man okay. Muses I donate go to or out of the worst. On Wednesdays every fact. OK seven I believe only I go now it goes. Well listen I'm always based on the union side of things I'm gonna go 110. Even though she's young guy that's the only thing is getting to me she's when he sent scrambling. An arm and one kinda clean and doll that's what I thought there's an eagle on eleven. You crisis invited me. All right sapphire we have reached that point where you need you here your salaries sapphire or. It. What do you make it every year and the guy and making about 89 dollar air right now. Yeah. Yeah. Sapphire congratulations on making great living in DC happy to meet you seem like you like would she do much wrong about that. I and I love what I do and I am currently a kiss your credit though I am not light and then turned out yet. When I do turn now I'll be making about a 1101000. I remember it. Yes remember that only working forty hours a week Seattle is looming what we're right now I don't working all the overtime making get and we don't notice I'm gonna happen doubles I'm not say why didn't I ask if you didn't turned out to. You know that we now like thoroughbreds. Wanted to. Helmet is somebody Mae gained like walking up the street never touched a tool in their life how much good sentiment. A brand new first Erica does. And NSA yeah you know. How 43000. Dollar yeah that's great yeah guys hiring we aren't really know what Republicans are all licensed electricians. That I nonunion you could join me yes and we are looking for a pregnant they're let you know good construction experience and aptitude. Sapphire thank you so much for sharing your salary and be a part of a more remote back rely Libya. Thank you rarely if you wanna share your salary we want you on the show we'd love to have you 206421. Wolf call right now. You hear that the good morning globe. I'm still a party. So wolf we have one of the coolest thing in our vending machine right now Matt when he noticed we have pumpkin spice cake cats had not seen that I. Over the pretzels were pregnant and they pumpkin spice can can yeah. Yeah did you know that existed I mean everything exists I'd say I'm on nagging piano I know you do it in your right it's a there's been an overload has been a saturation in the pumpkin spice market is there even at a pumpkins vice in the world to satisfy the craving do you know what is pumpkins and I. Nothing remember we did this story that was a guided came up with the labor enterprise lot at Starbucks now part of a group Vivendi even said this is a long shot than a million abide. Somebody infuse spice and a pumpkin program. Frank what I know you guys aren't very insular pumpkin spice and sell every time I talk about it he's trying to give me this looks so I can't McGahee to get you more into pumpkins I OK okay go on did you excited now on we have play. Pumpkin spice brace isn't right. Yeah and our guys did an eye out vomit by the way it's easier to you whenever the woman in America rank the Alamo. Ditty about pumpkins by god did not as an item you have to guess the price the whoever is the closest about going over who can be against slowdown you don't. And to play our game and I and I are excited about funded by his great great start with pumpkin and all these things are things that actually they. I pumpkin thing that is gonna make it easier against and I hasten. Right between east. Good to closes with a few. 715. Milliliter bottle of captain word N and Jack so blast pumpkin spice around 32 dollars. I'm gonna go in 1989. Both went over. Then 1999. And added I gave up when I don't see that's a plastic bottle RA. I guess he ninth she is this is the seven inch something's right don't bring your dogs seven Miami men knew the end of the expense of 999 though only. Are you can't go over there actually jump right dollar not undergone Williams-Sonoma. Pumpkin spice for peace stats and physically and and so I hand lotion and a bullet did so in that period. Who Williams and Sonoma. Williams and Williams you know. There's no added. Just FF 2483. What about guns. 40 order I am. So cars floated yet do you got guys busy Shania Williams and Sonoma are trying to keep him elsewhere. And they got any Smith and wasn't. The last one count this earned triple complete trip to the point that even come back last one. And regular Eric saying a McCormick pumpkin. It's just the pumpkin spice is the pumpkins what size contain one point twelve ounce so regularly like well. Yes so regular bike if you go to the person's story in the spice racks all right I think when points twelve by a guy got to. Given pressure one point twelve is that a correct the number is there. One point well OK I'll look I've got. I must say. 390 day program food how many oh no idea that. Mad I really well. Seven dollars and thirty guy that then so we didn't. You got no strip. Mostly I read and I count. Shrimp news hazing is the well they've got and ride prizes drive. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister hello. Hello work Alexander an immediate family were hey I'm actually not things are I'm not. 100 point seven. Walls you know tonight is don't you. Wednesday night yes it is Wednesday night Emily it lottery latter day bad day. Elegantly luck in my side before Vanessa headed back to Arizona we went into our little gas station aired Issaquah. I bought. Five tickets she bought five tickets we both filled out a card. And I think I told you before. Mine was on like eight seconds it's like filling in the test and high school that you do you do if she was doing kids' birthdays memorable days. It took her about ten minutes to fill it out and as a favor you done yet. Don't rush me if you wanna win back. This is only going to be encouraged me men and a New York guy is living large thanks to his decision to buy some slim James for his dog. New York lottery officials say that on Monday 73 year old dale for an recently won that ten million dollar prize. On cash spectacular scratch off ticket. Both afforded remand that he bought thirty dollar ticket at a local Cumberland farms can be how wild by Al slim Jim is next for his dog boots. Which should not give your dogma. He scratch the ticket in his car and realized he was a winner friend says he drove straight home and had his wife checked the ticket out forms to make sure that's all guys do like on him I'm not stupid right right. I think it's a brand said he opted for the lump sum payment of six point seven million dollars after required with holdings is gonna payoff is mortgage. Make home improvements and helped his children and grandchildren. Thirty dollars for a ticket is seen kind of my alum like I'm brand new lottery I'd I'd play power ball that's it yeah I'm finally figured out that ticket but I didn't know there was a thirty dollar scratch off ticket in his yeah it looked like the slots and Vegas are there cheaper than payoff is smaller what I think was scratch off the more you pay the higher pay outs can be. Okay eight quite frankly I find that part of a little overwhelming to you walk in you look underneath the glass counter and there's 600 tickets some like okay. I've got one thing figured out. Powerball yes did what I expected him. Give it to me but I find it's only this is a good signs tonight. But I will tell you against some new lottery player and this is my retirement strategy. Every time I lose I get less and less excited about the next drawn up yeah more realistic that I am not actually gonna win the you have a you know also notice was sent every time you lose you spend more money on Annika. He's live for yeah I think any to come over the system run not just throwing more money at Eric has clearly that doesn't where else. I need to come up with the numbers and play right you then no errors in the end but it went a time yet anybody has any good lottery advice to 06421. Wall. In the morning Megyn now Bernie and what can we do for you. I can't bring lottery story you've picked or not. You play the same number Cuba where each trying each week like. It or Sunday morning. You know mom and air now appear on my. It won the lottery your. But it but Washington State lottery meg how much did your dad wins couple and L yeah. Don't Stanley nudity squander it on cars and women now now now they were very responsible. That's what here Al. Oh wow they've all retired. Great that yes. A strip and all year retire my mom fall on Monday morning. Well today yeah lottery. Well you write out what he called back consent. It then that you know off since often thought if I ask a dire outlook beyond out. You questioned the wind. Is that as the bathtub and your dad what is the two dollar same ticket Irsay number every time. Yet they weren't dollar gate Sony play. He bought to check it. Why wait and Baylor and like you allow up or something and it does stopped at Duncan beat it soar and you don't get them can't get here but they didn't turn up Sunday morning thank you looked numbers so. Got to play the same numbers every week. That's when I was questioning examine new lottery player and I just pick random different every time but I should probably stick to the same numbers. My other question is that when you go to the lottery after they look up one how long before the checks reaches your bank account. I think they just get you. Want to get your play out right I would think they have the cash it's all right there. And I was always told to get the lump sum not to pay out of wonder why they do that would make. Well what you thought it. There's the termed an accounting and it happened to do live. We're gonna make your money on myself. That I'm in my pit is I would probably make the whole pay out because that I would dollar spy. Some apartment building our income you know I'm not inherently good country. Love it love it and mega mountain Vernon thank you for sharing that story its inspiration for me that's that's you win the lottery so I can chairman millions. All yes. Don't have a great thank you I am you don't get any security won the fan yeah. Thirtieth I have song farming. Depends on what it is that's bodes well I like so what you think that brought the girl fall. Christian Hanson would be happy to play that for you for Chris one of the great guys in countries may have a wonderful day thank you there. All right also coming up here and I'm afraid that's on right now format. But now we have third row seats for the Toby Keith concert on Saturday night plus. You to go to the VIP party hosted by our very own we need not so if you want to let you got to play beat the street coming up at 710206421. Walt. Call us right now and thank you again meg this is. Morning wolf pack with an accountant Jack 100 points up on. Laughs hit the pavement and that could be history tour. Taylor Syria to come good morning happy Wednesday how're you I'm very it's okay are you ready for beat the street the trivia contest is gonna pitch you used to windows stranger here in the to sit in the third row at the Toby Keyes show at the Washington state fair this Saturday night plus tickets to our VIP three parties all part of the wall's year or a million tickets here you are saying hello Toby and we all do you going to be challenger we found throw down eighteen and about a minute that -- suvs and five questions we asked her but you've only got thirty seconds to get through all five are you ready Sherry Arnold so generally any thoughts for a sister here journalist Toby Keith take it deep breath and don't know as they pass okay are here we go started the timer and 32 and one. The movie the Dark Knight is about what's superhero. Which US city is known as Beantown and no idea. Our spirit of truth which reality show gave us Snooki and the situation. No coat. On rooftops which city is home to the Washington State's air act. You're out there who sings the country sound you make it easy to. I can't figure it to ash have a Sherri enroute. And I believe this is. And these are Hogan went on to land near where. You know I know it's always easy when somebody else's in the spotlight and it's yet that was a rough go of it I'm not gonna lie let's just hope that we get a challenger. Who is having an equally bad day or so. Now here's the good news she was it thrown around so she could be inebriated laugh let's meter what's your name where your brother pretty clear my name is Amy heartthrob and I worked at auto parts. Clearly go the same five questions we'll find out how you did that limited our ideas about what superhero and that man was the right answer is sound familiar Nash here in the Dark Knight Batman year and you ask him ratchet down long which US city. There. The jury. Right you didn't know the right answer is a city I know it is not bean town is Boston. Model all law. OK so nobody gets a point that's good news for you share you still are just down one nothing which reality show gave us that here in the situation. The real world. When you took a pass on that one Natalie Jersey Shore GT LDB nobody to play again good for you you're only down Lauren and year old from three. So a year ago the red city is known to the Washington state fair. Stop watching and allow everybody knows that you got that one right she Aries so you get a pointer on the board but it's two to one in favor of eighty firm Q walloped the challenger here is the last and final question and you're there has done you rig anything. Jason outings and is now mean sharing boys on the tip of the tongue president Leo. Well Sherri listen I got some bad news for class. The challenger Amy got three you know unfortunately had a rough go beat the street you only got one out of five. Still hanging in Puyallup challenger. Now that's bad for the he actually sounds so display and she's so excited it's got on the announcement happened when you know I absolutely cannot zevil that there are there's no participation trophy zero in the morning. It's our main goal sent me the news third Rosie and actually I think she should get it yeah yeah DC area I two kids and yes I think I can thank you candidates now being just turned saying they have seen half. Again goes against my better judgment but because endless gonna make you look at the bad guys. She area I'm gonna let Emily giving the tickets so Emily is giving you third row seats to Toby key tonight plus. They get to the VIP party. Aren't all that figure pretty awesome and congratulations horse sneaking by players and feels like temperatures officials are. We eliminate anybody at happy around here aren't coming up next what is the most expensive thing you've ever broken during an argument emily's got a great stories here come on 75 minutes we wanna hear from you. Alex rate and these are harder and 100 points. So wolf and right now we wanna know what's the most expensive thing you have ever broken during an argument. Let's be honest if you've ever been in a relationship you've probably got into an argument and if you've ever been an argument you've probably broken something we just don't know what the most expensive thing is. 206421. More free in Texas for 61 finds here yes. They require some honesty yes. It requires us to get a little real we have to unpack a box yes let's take a journey Emily. Yes and hell I thought you know what my girlfriend and she told me that her and her boyfriend were in if I eat. And they her cooking dinner at the time and making them setting the table in Siena played in her hand and she got so angry she threw at the ground. Shattered the plate and he immediately stopping needed doing and look better not like salad grandma's China you distress. And apparently these plates the big thing is every they've played. Because I guess guys don't pay attention that kind of stuff well I commend them for being the only couple in the world ever actually do right to China they get when you get married but it's day eight. Are had been appealing for generation and and were basically priceless heirloom the mean he can't find him anywhere they don't make them anymore and yes. That's all that was accident. Been. Dave I think can be to your hand and making dinner it's probably from target. Yeah past couple block as she wasn't sure I didn't mean to break get like at a time of my hand and angry at bridge downloaded on I didn't like her did she thrown at him. Or at the floor she says she heard the floor but I was out there. She downloaded the house floor near his feet. And look we've all been there in fact I'll share a story as well. But we want here for you right now morning wolf back like we said this is all about you let's get into it. The most expensive thing you've broken during an argument to a 6421. Walls Cuba's called right now here we go. Hello Lauren in Seattle we're just talking about at least friend breaking some priceless China in a fight with her significant other. What is the most expensive thing you've ever broken during an argument Lauren. Well it wasn't me it was great actor and and it does what other people like you impact. Oh it's so he broke himself in an argument. It. I didn't know how to get things ready and you've failed to read it in multiple slate bit. Had a happy Hollywood it's based in Denver it. And I'll tell you is somebody who's lost his temper and broken things and I'll share that story here a little bit. There is nothing worse than the feeling of stupidity after your emotions get the better view. Can you break something especially when it's your own hand and you know your hay out of work out of commission out of money for the next three months. And a half and then he tried to say thank. Did it is there any. It does that here or else. You got bit by Lauren is detailed look at. GAAP as it hit it arrived at an art. Are what is the most expensive thing you've broken during an argument. Reset at a wonderful woman just take since she broke her husband's Rolex. Tennis and don't gonna end and we'll see cool kind of stopped well. I'm not kind of let that fool out. What is OK I don't know at least ten period okay you and I ran all the way up to like a hundred Danielle like dessert yeah. Yeah and then huh. Disney says Al we've been married 36 years in about our six or seven year they are humane. Doesn't know what of course by sending stupid and she drove over speed bounty fast and broke her power steering rack up all the peasants are getting nothing in ten. Prominent figure you've car. Right right realise he gotta make you bring a guy out there though it would do another Reagan his due but right now guys running every morning wolf back. And again we're looking for the most expensive thing that you broken during an argument it also could be the flip side. Like we just got the call from what it could be your significant other and that might be an easier story to tell. Cars are type a minute ago about at least friend got a new it was her husband boyfriend boyfriends. And looked smashing a priceless. China platter. Or something in in the daily for jittery it's a disease of detectives you replacements dot com or something yes. Theory if you actually want to replenish your Chinese you came. Couple more tax and and I got to ask Lejeune he said he had a memory gap in this conversation tonight. Advance for a lot of people are punching stuff and breaking yet someone punched their windshield luckily they didn't break there and that they didn't drink the windshield. It's impressive I'm at that I've always wanted to try that he's seen the movies and holding shatters the daily special shattered black yet to deliver real. And the Phillips play and the sliding glass door so hard it's shattered. That's why these last little yeah scenic it's dangerous duties are worried about getting cut or whatever gas. So mine broker can before we jump to slow Jody if you wanna get your morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf for Texas for 6150. We're looking for the most expensive thing you've ever broken during an argument. Mine wasn't that expensive to existing convenient back in 2014. I had broken hip. So I had gone off to the front that's not what diverted argument now I don't know what I was in good. A bike accident so. I go from the crutches. To McCain meant Anna had a cane in Vanessa and I got into it about sums it and I took the key like I lost my temper totally my dad I threw the cane at a door. It would put big hole in the door. Meanwhile this is parents are on their way to our house so on McCain I gotta run at The Home Depot and buy all the stuff I need to patch this wooden door. And then conveniently. Hang out spoke over the whole. Because it was so obvious that that's what was going on there for sure I Randy in Libya was it was expensive thing you broke during an argument. Well is there. Why aren't. There two years old old are. Completely. Out. Our. A car. I have life. They get back here wherever I go about our. Okay Randy so fast do you have any idea what the bike was worth FDA has been a that time rebuilding and court ordered or. Wolf Randy and knew what did you do at that moment because I'm sure you wanna retaliate in some way which can we do. Well we're here are right here. Yes I understand. I. Walked away. There. There aren't slowed Joseph I got to hear the story the news of how we jog your memory while you may read and I used to drive his legacy Toyota little made easily little van you know he's got a from his grand finally end a license plates and I'd rather be clogging me. Patrick's explosion that str car and driver I would might might go over that time we got a big argument on the road ever so angry I just like it to my face I just slammed it on the whole learned. But then they broke the horns of a lower but mass iPod game. We have little harm as good as Mike. Me OK I am. And Pete and Andre ever ever fifteen you have had nothing remotely and that might had a beard for like another fifteen minutes and had never worked again. You broke the clogging map on nos said they don't know. To the morning. Oh I now. 147. So low saw maybe I am fired up it was Wednesday that means is lottery drawing I yeah. And I got lady luck on my side this time Vanessa picked out five tickets I got five tickets in the next powerball 132 Mega Millions 227. Lotto just the regular Washington Lotto two point eight you can find that a hundred into an ad. And I think we're in our power ball right I'm playing powerball Sealy ticket I can actually figure out on the announcing your cash option would be sent each each week six millions. We're on breaking off to jump Orleans saints cannot wait and you guys know how I get access to stuff us. Fatally yes. Understatement of the things I don't. I go when I go in I go only and I'm throw an elbow. And a pain to no matter you know lady get boxed out. I'm reading a book now. It's by this guy in Thor he's the guy that invented count cards cap Clark County. He's the one you got eventually banned from Vegas to see movies rain mix yeah figured out visas brilliant mind. Not I'm not brilliant but I'm read the books try to get some of that. He also was on Illinois head to head with warm both on Wall Street's and figure that out to basically everything in this world is an algorithm it all comes back to match. So does he talk about the lottery. Not yet pounds but I mean keep creating a good morning Andy in Marysville you got some lottery advice for. I'm making it ain't playing the. That also apply and you knew it then so how are all hot that's how airplanes and it multiplies your ticket by race. As it by it's different numbers like I am lying. Did not super big but when they win the powerball it multiplies and it winning by three or four times depending on guys. Okay what is your powerball number first of all I don't quite quick but that's our fault because they. It but it's about Tutsis letting us in on some insight into massive here in Ann how do you pick the multiplier. That box and I. Oh OK there's a cost more to play the multiplier. That is an extra dollars it gave. If you're playing our ball and they asked saying it. It's it and relax out weary here if you're just playing in the lottery. And let them minor league numbers. You're not gonna hit the Mac the. Though luckily it's. OK guys that hit the multiplier one dollar more a check the box and come in handy. Tied you're the best thanks for sharing your insider tip now I appreciate that in net again I said this for the morning wolf tackle long. If I win you win you know I'm talking about. Our job we had to be careful about how my word assessment tests does it put this week free puppies for the entire cities Seattle if you don't mean. Hannity and many have a great day we'll log you out Italy's victory coming up in about five minutes what are we talking about a link. How insider tips on what she used are gonna be trending this fall and yurigan a lot of. Finally I've been losing sleep over this. This is the morning. Alistair only do 100 point 70 lord. This is the Big Three with family. Usually pay much attention to New York Fashion Week in the trend going on air because the time they don't make sense for people like. Everyday people the there's one trend happening that I am absolutely lighting and that is how boy beat them here seeing how many. Everywhere there and not just the normal land and thanks cal down but eight leading. As well you can find him everywhere and in each is our ranked top shopping GAAP super excited cowboy boots are back this fall. Smith but the New York thinks it's high fashion. Meanwhile run your own words presumably from the beginning of time I had a monitor down to LA you know you love when you running thirtieth in your closet is considered on trend agreed. Irate if women are not getting enough respect in. The country music awards ceremonies like this Ime is Asean's. You're pretty happy about this CT does there a you'll artist of the year telecast and they celebrate. Usually five or six artists every year this year they're doing an all female group they're going to be all Kelsey dollar rainy Marie and Mary Morris Carrie Underwood Ed and Karen Fairchild and Kimberly shot and little big town and Hillary Scott Lee eight normally it's been like Jaycee now dean Sam Hynes. This is the one where either dating on and perform a song or someone they like performs on their songs that theory pool. I ceremony go watch October 17 to be on the eighteenth. Matt you aren't you ultimately like exterior type her this is what somebody like if I see somebody that makes their bed. Yes what are some traits do you think they would happen. Neat organized. Probably have an investment portfolio. Always on time. These are always done in here you go on for you wireless with her. Rate yourself when you make that read I'm someone who doesn't sell you make their bets on what kind of job keeping GAAP. I would say. An accountant may be attacked job text and yeah their most likely to have a job in the health technology engineers. What do you think some critics event of a kind of music they join. I would seek to classical. And Jack has yeah jazz blues maybe even what they watch on TV that. I would say they watched probably gave us rooms. The History Channel. A lot of documentary on. Our current health Paterson romantic cock maybe are typically get people England and in their bed while surround sound a death probably just to make your significant other happy because are also us market does not see Matt is an advanced placement I think I'm general I know live and they've got legally and don't make their debt they watch porters they were twenty and state he had to probably have multiple alarms to get out of bed they're late to war. I don't know make much money by a bed bug. Don't cleaner house I have six microwaves only the top one works but I'm not the renew it because hey it's free but he got one so far and now it's neither alarms before getting out kind of multiple lazy and they like a rock music or watch episodes aside delta dot com lazy lazy lazy laser show I mini series the sarcastic. But they work in the business refining industry shy and Moody's sounds of tolerate to me and they were in the what. Business are finding ha I was gonna say there reporters but okay. Works. Very informative yes are you proud you know make your bed now I'm proud I know you are my coming of share your cellar return to Luke who works at Amazon corporate. As a security guard. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and he'll. How much because Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to again not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we all know and everybody else makes for a living but it's never OK to ask until now. The last time we played share your salary real Wheeler that sapphire these union electrician not only has a sweet tool bag. She makes 89000. Dollars a year to be closer to a 110. You have like I said today a Salma got Luke in Tacoma who works for Amazon corporate as a security guard is that right look. Orbit it does provide that security but yes. And certainly. Listen we're gonna put a minute on the clock fluke that we're gonna rapid fire as many questions as we can add to try to figure out what we think you make you menu will share your salary with the city Seattle sound good look. Doubt it all right let's do this heavily one minute on the clock to get to get started go I how do you live. Allenby then that Amazon corporate Luke. And New Year's. How many people are either Boston. Directly. Dictated that any given chip. Do you have a military background Luc. Did not give a college degree. Yet and what had a background in security do you have the media qualified for this job. It didn't work that security job prior at hat off its current part. So were you recruited by Amos on. I was not get hurt there. Birdie attempt by Brett back at beaver shot up her. I'd bet that it negative so are you this supervisor for all of security or just one area like one building. We do you have multiple did the right expert ship that it here. Been there haven't had a candidate backed union there are multiple people left. Okay time is up blue give us about three minutes we'll come back well guess what we think you make him he was share your salary does that all sound good look. By ambassador it is the only good by the way do ever wanna share your salary we would love to have you read slot and in this week or next. 206421. Waltz you can call right now. I think we got Luke in Tacoma on the phone he's an Amazon corporate security guards what else do we know about mentally. Series when he seven years old yet the college degree. He's working about teen years but has done security before this and he is Abbas a sixty to seventy people are looked is that also a good. All right Joseph you go first this is a telephone we've never had any was kind iron as sixty to seventy. Okay I'm gonna goes. I'm gonna go to. 80000. Even saying now is are and I do believe my next car in order about overall wins because I am the winner I am the greatest captain Mohammed Ali felt like a butterfly sting Lindsay and yes. Amid a 95 I think he's doing a little bit better than that just because he's in charge so to people of Amazon's got bugs coming out of their nose hair. IRA and I don't think yeah are a little higher at 96. Saw. She's doing that to me again young guys lyrics are I'd lose that time has come for you to share your salary what are you make it depends on her. Wish everybody got hurt it more like that you. Well listen 72 is still outstanding yes. And Natalie dad Richard given slow Joseph another much needed win is a reason and share your salary salary. That's great though offered a 27 year old guy make it seventy miles an awesome dude. You're crushing you get to carry guns. Port port helped him. It is supervised attack. You never actually thwarted the robbery Amazon. At this somebody when the prime a little bit earlier this. They're Taylor Smith thanks for being a part of the morning while back we love you and I congratulations again on I'm making a fine living here in cities Seattle yet they keep it. Our samurai is labor deal to share their salaries that. Union have a job as a little out of the ordinary say to a 6421 wolf right now cornered. It's callous. You 100 points. Well I this of one of the greatest stories for sold many reasons but it involves a bunch of women named Nicole in a guy named Carlos. I onset appear extremely desperate and sad. But secondly what would you think if you were in college he met a guy. And somehow. And I would you williams' story. But it would appear that. When the guy asked for your number yes and you went to put it into his phone via just took one number wrong view I did at every ideal loser line so we can actually reaching that. And that way you. Run into beginning at all if she was I so close dire Meister yeah so into you right. But then what if the guy who you were suddenly trying to just say look I don't phrase from the guys' perspective the next day you wake enough you know like. Man Michael really likes me and I really like her. I should just take your number and all of the accident yet here you believe what the heart wants and anything can you believe the girl let loves you yeah and she scooped it. Was happening Carla okay girls' names to call the number one and it was phone wrong at a bar the night before a though like a lot of guys. He just assume that she tied to Enron and eight OK so then he'd. Goes on the offensive he finds every Nicole. That's the University of Calgary and Alberta. And sends them all in email I think every single one of love that's in the school director either 246. Nicole off in a director I. I am a musical Thompson and I mean yeah five million medical student. Yeah every time that Colin in my second here. My name any commonality and Ayman thank you Steve it's my name is Nicole I am a second year undergraduate student and a fine man collects. I have received an email is one of the better. 200 him. 45 to 47. That pulls or neglect. And it is sad and I think Carlos two ways really eager to get to remember. A lovely Nicole from. Right there at this point you're thinking this guy. That's it I'm embarrassed for him. Exactly this is a desperate plea if you finally general was our deal she gave the wrong number and now you're gonna search the entire school directory. That's almost harassment daft. Well the story takes a weird to list first of all. The Nicole he met wasn't actually in the directory so she never got the email but all of the Nicole's dad did yeah starting communicating with each other. And decided they were gonna have a Nicole parties and to. Also now all the Nicole's at the University of Calgary and Alberta our buddies and hang out in Atlanta Carlos that's not after I what are they invited Carlos critical part well here's the other interesting thing turns out at the end of the day Nicole hurt Carlos is not a loser. So the girl wasn't Greg if you got the email but a friend just give us the very rallied and I don't know if that again. Anybody know this yes is desperate and needs help but anyway. One of the Nicole's did actually know Don Nicole that any real at all the real deal Nicole. Turns out she did put her number in his phone in correctly on accident. And has now agreed to go out with Carlos because she did actually kinda like him at the bar. Do you think that the case or is it more the case of okay now that the story is every winner of the oil and. And that's exactly I think I think she did it wrong on purpose like I said because of the guy come back keeping you could say oh this is on accident and now that it's. Gone viral she's like he'd turn this guy down again. Ovals and greatest ghosting from. Not ghosting the story of all time is endless he now that we keyboard and now under a. I knew of fighters okay. Yeah it. Even though it's kind of a win for Carlos it's. So bad does it putting a billboard up on campus and I'm single and a mile day will you please help me. Really throws she'd only girl that virginal teen mom come on it's you better than apt row. Wolfpack with met with Alastair. One quick point though wolf dad dragged to her today Wednesday. Get a mug club to step past leaving kids and we are looking forward to meeting news if you're anywhere in that area hopefully it's indeed for you to stop by on your lunch break for comedy U is close we can get. And you know at least funny I think about all the relationships that we now have from the east itself all the wonderful people that we meant I'm not gonna go into great detail but. We're planning a couple things coming up like a military breakfast half. And a lot of the reason that that's happening. And where it's happening and who's gonna be there or because of people in the community we've met just by going and having coffee. Yeah and I let each one is different I mean some weeks we will have a huge interview people we sit in a circle. Some only one person shows up we talked to him but here she the whole time and some it's like. I minute by minute by minute the new person and they need to say hello only does it make you might not be it was in the whole hour with gusts that. Just getting to say hello Gil and in buying you have a copy of only really once you. Yet seen thank you for listening to biggest thing for us so we appreciate you want to make sure you know that. We hotel room we're going to be ever any cutters point copying canned it's right on Pacific highway we'll be their friend in the into wants. And by the way we did becomes pointing Gig Harbor before this is a different one owned by different guy yes let's get Brooks had a really big boat has invited to town and yet so broad. You know that's close relationship and a little blossomed yet really into the next. Whatever. They break. We'll know the weather might not be great today and we may not feel like getting out your office in coming but three not being as. So no and stay warm coffee and a cold and it's actually come on our end if you worked in the area gonna bring by mud we will swear you in the month club and make that happen for you as well so again Carter's point coffee bean candy we will dip from noon to one and we are looking forward to seeing you. Sat with Matt McAllister and try. That's still low most 9 o'clock between Rihanna here and let the alien takeover. Ms. Dee Lee woody got cooking today okay batter hey how about the power ball earlier yeah I'm gonna win it. That's often that's another thing that really frustrates me the most about this is that you keep promising all this money CN slowed Joey namely where's my cut them give you a bit. We give you a little bit of course I thought that. Most importantly. You know we'll take called attended day after a win which will be tomorrow when at 72 when he chooses to Tony democracy and neck call attain is gonna break up a big chunk of pact ninety Everett. Saying yup. Hey I'm not gonna deny my people. I might get sued by my own company Obama can and I'm a people they told me to phrase it like OK puppies for everybody. 3-D forever that's to me that's not even give out you won a populated jealously because. Anyway TV yes talked about locker room pull aside from the obvious your spouse when you win the lottery yeah. Who do you tell first and who do not tell. OK I tell nobody is not an option I mean I would tell Vanessa but I would tell mills buddy else. I think I'm with you man I tell my mom and then I wouldn't tell anybody I know especially not dollar box. It's an I'm one of those yeah yeah yeah you never get a raise no. But I'm one of those people the firmly believes like. You know you retire at age thirty year whatever you going to be miserable. You've got to have a purpose in life and people to get money think that's they don't have a purpose purposes that in their man. Yeah I. Your brain at the besides I got this little thing called an ex wife and I'll even tell you the last time that we went and bought a lottery tickets I'm with Vanessa were in the convenience store. She does give me the money that neat. Handicapped children to do is to get video cameras in here and you know who's gonna come knocking at that and Aston Villa. That's sounds crazy but she is in your ads. And a live their right mind really you buy you in my life is brilliant man seems like dead detective show. So anyone about CD anybody you purposely wouldn't tell. I would definitely keep it to myself and then you would not see me I would disappear you really you just leave you flat out I would ninety meaning about my life. No one thing and I was still be dancing. With a mugger again so you've probably seen me yet but you wouldn't see me here. One aliens are not here we know why people like serve makes a lot back easier but I never see him. All right you guys daily coming up next if you articulate their 206421. Wolf you can also text 46150. Have a beautiful day enjoy the fall whether we love you would back tomorrow at 5 AM. Poll and now have won the lottery by the. That's the morning it'll actually not a military weekday mornings from five till. My real 100 point seven the world.